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Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Oh, Captain!
Starring Brie Larson
Codes: MF, Femdom, Oral

Brie slammed the door to her trailer, storming inside angrily.  She was frustrated.  With herself mostly.  Twelve times they had gone through that scene and she had botched every one.  During each reset, she had tried to psych herself up.  All her usual methods failed.  Finally, the directors had called for a break in filming and taken her aside.  Take a few minutes and collect yourself, they said.  She stormed back to her trailer, the Captain Marvel logo plastered across it, as she didn’t have enough pressure on her already.  She needed to relax and focus, so she slumped down on the couch.  The leather of her outfit squeaked loudly against the leather of the sofa as she took several deep breathes.  Meditation and controlled breathing were always a surefire way to calm herself.  Centering herself, she breathed in and out.  Several minutes later and she stood up, pacing.  It was not working.  Not today.  A scream of frustration tore from between her lips.

“What I really need is a good lay.”

Not one second later there was a knock at her trailer door.  A muffled voice called out to her. 

“Ms. Larson?  It’s Jim Thompson, I’m a PA.  I just wanted to see if you needed anything?”

Jim.  Jim.  Jim. Why did that name ring a bell?  She pondered for a moment before it hit her.  Just the other day one of the makeup artists had been talking about this production assistant.  She’d gone home with him after hanging out at a bar.  Apparently, he had rocked her fucking world.  A big dick and he knew how to use it, if the story was to be believed.  Well, Sharon was a tiny little thing.  She was probably satisfied with every medium pecker that came her way.  Brie was a different story.  And in that moment, she had a new plan to relax.     
“Come in!”  She called back, throwing her red and blue leather gloves to the ground.

Jim opened the door hesitantly and marched up the short steps into the trailer, closing the door with a click behind him. 

“Ms. Larson.  What can I do for you?”

Brie eyed him up and down, surveying the goods.  By any standard, he was attractive.  Tall, fit, strong jawline, pretty eyes.  There was even a satisfactory bulge as her eyes lingered at his crotch, trying to determine what lay beneath the denim. 

“Jim is it?”

“Jim Thompson.  Yes, Ms. Larson.”

“I’ve heard a rumor about you Jim.”  She said slyly.  He looked puzzled, shrugging in confusion.  “From one of the makeup girls.”

He shifted uncomfortably as he started to put the pieces together.  “I’m good friends with a lot of the crew.

“Sharon in particular?”  She cocked one eyebrow at him and smirked, watching him squirm beneath her questioning.   

“Sharon is…a very nice girl.”  He said, his mouth suddenly very dry.

“Relax Jim.”  Brie moved in close so they only stood inches apart.  “Thing is, I need to focus and my mind is buzzing right now.  Meditation didn’t help.  Sex always does.”  He gulped audibly.  “That is if you can get me off, which I’ve heard you happen to be pretty good at.”

“I…I do alright.”  He stammered.   

“Let me make one thing clear, Jim.  I’m asking you, as a woman, to have sex.  Not as your boss.  No strings attached, no ulterior motives.  I just want a good fuck, preferably right now so I can back out and finish that damn scene.  What do you say?”

“Well Ms. Larson.”  Jim said, finally finding his footing and confidence returning.  “As a man who finds you quite attractive.  And who technically doesn’t work for you.  I say hell yes.” 

“Call me Brie.”  She said, planting her lips on his.  He dropped his clipboard.  Pulling back from the wet, sloppy lip-locking, she said, “Actually.  Just call me Captain.” 

“Aye aye, Captain.”

Grinning, she kissed him again.  Her tongue darting forward to explore the far reaches of his mouth.  Embracing her tightly, the kissing quickly descended into a competitive match of tonsil tennis.  Normally Brie liked a fair bit of kissing and rolling around beforehand, but not today.  Today she needed to get off.  Her hands scrabbled at the back of her super suit, trying desperately to find the zipper and release herself from the leather prison.  Pulling her lips off of him, she spun around, whipping a few of her blonde locks against his chiseled features.

“Help me outta this damn thing.”

He grabbed her, desperately searching for the zipper.  It took a minute to undo the costume, but with a hearty tug he got it apart.  Brie started to extract herself from of the outfit.  It looked good, but damn was it hard to get out of.  Jim stepped back trying to not touch himself as the actress stripped in front of him.  Kicking the leather outfit away and now scantily clad only in the tightest of sportswear, she eyed him.  Her muscular body glimmered with a thin sheen of sweat after a hard day’s work in the hot sun.  It only made her look hotter.   

“Don’t just watch me.  Get undressed.”  She said, indicating for Jim to disrobe.

Hurriedly, he began to undo his own pants, tearing off his belt with a snap and jumping out of his jeans.  He peeled his shirt off, revealing the nice, sturdy six pack underneath.  In a flash, he was only in his boxers, the bulge now easily visible.  A nice big, girthy shaft ending in a fat mushroom head, all straining against the thin fabric.  Sharon hadn’t been lying.  He was big.  Now she would see if he knew how to use it.  In a flash, her own undergarments were off.  Naked before him, she stood with a hand on each hip, utterly confident in herself.  And she had every right to be.  Petite, but perky breasts, each topped off with a very pink, very pointy nipple.  A smooth-shaven pussy peaked out from between her legs, the lips equally as pink as her nipples.  The evidence of her time at the gym was clearly carved into every toned and fit muscle on her naked body.  Jim stood slack-jawed as his cock gave a throb.   

“Lay down.”  She said, the authority clear in her tone.

“Yes Captain.”  He said, quickly falling down to the floor.

The scratchy fibers of the carpet rubbed against his back as she got on all fours and pulled at the waistband of his boxers.  With super strength, she tore the fabric as they came off and his cock sprang into view.  Her head descended between his legs, mouth opened wide.  She took the thick head of his meaty prick between her lips, tongue swirling and lapping at the veiny underbelly.  Entertaining herself by suckling on the head, it wasn’t long before her lips slipped further and further down the shaft.  Each bob of her blonde head took in more cock as Jim watched in awe.  He reached a hand to brush away the flaxen locks that fell, obscuring her face as she blew him, but she batted his hand away.  Taking him deep and pressing her nose against his pubic region, she gurgled enjoying the feeling of a big hard prick thrust down her gullet.  Locking eyes with him, she held him there.  Coming up for air, she released him, leaving behind several long strings of saliva connected to his hefty schlong.     

Giving his cock a few solid strokes with a flick of her wrist, she said “How are you eating pussy?”

“I’ve never heard any complaints.”  Jim said, eager to prove his words true.

Brie stood up, towering over him and squatted over his head.  Presenting her pretty pink pussy lips, they were glistening with arousal, ripe for licking.  Jim immediately went to town. Brie laid down on top of him, getting on her knees as she lowered her twat to his eager mouth.  Now in a 69 position, he jammed his tongue in and out of her many velvety folds.  He could taste the sweat gathered there from a long day on set.  It mixed with her arousal juices to make a wonderfully potent cocktail.  She groaned with satisfaction as she felt his tongue work its magic while his hands groped her tight buttocks, squeezing it tight.  His thick slab of meat stood tall in front of her as she enveloped it again.  Swallowing it down, she reached down to fondle his heavy bollocks, rolling the fleshy marbles between her fingers.  His lips rubbed against hers as he tongued her clit.  Grinding her hips, she rode his face while sucking harder on his ding-dong.  He jerked upwards, forcing more of himself into her skilled mouth, which she took like a hero.  His entire cock was hidden from view, inside of her mouth as she slurped and gagged over the prick lodged in her throat.  The pair of them pressed harder into each other, writhing on the floor like a pair of rutting animals.  Finally, Brie couldn’t stand it anymore.  She needed to fuck.  Sitting up straight and letting Jim get a few last licks, she shuffled down his body and lined up his stiff wet prick with her sopping twat.  Looking over her shoulder, she watched his expression as she sank down on top of him.  His features twisted as he felt himself immersed inside of her.  Brie released a pent-up breath as she felt his fat dick fill her up. 

“Yeeessss….”  She hissed.

Leaning forward, Brie grabbed onto his toned legs and using her knees, started bouncing, riding his cock.  Jim grabbed onto her hips, guiding her down with each powerful thrust onto his dick.  Her fit bottom slammed into his pelvis with every second.  The impact rippled through the cheeks as he clutched them tight, pulling them apart to get a glimpse at her dark butthole. 

“Thrust man!”  Brie called out.  “Use those hips!” 

Jim bent his knees and planted his feet firmly on the floor.  At her command, he started jackhammering upwards.  Brie continued her downwards trajectory and their genitals clashed together, banging hard into one another. 

“Yeah!  THAT’S IT!”  Brie exclaimed as she felt his cock drive even deeper into her cunt.  “That big fucking cock!  YES!”   

They worked in tandem, smacking groins together, as Jim gripped tighter and tighter on Brie’s hip until he holding her place.  Ceasing her exertions, she let Jim thrust upwards wildly with ball-smacking force, pummeling her cunt with every inch of his sizable rock-hard prick.  She let him bang away until he was panting like an Olympic sprinter. 

“Stop.”  Brie commanded, worried he would tire himself out too soon.

And stop he did.  She extracted herself from his prick.  It glistened in the light, drenched with her fluids.  Spinning around, she sheathed him inside of her once again.

“Let’s get a look at that pretty face.”  She said, squeezing his cheeks and staring at him with pure lust.

Brie grabbed each of his arms in a vice-like grip and slammed them against the carpeted floor, holding them above his head. 

God damn, she is strong. Jim thought as he briefly strained against her.  He was no slouch at the gym, but Brie was packing some serious strength.  He’d seen that video of her pushing a Jeep up a hill, but damn if he didn’t feel those same muscles now pinning him to the ground while she gyrated her hips, his hard cock firmly lodged in her wet snatch.  As she swayed, he could he could his steel rod strain against her vaginal walls.

“Fuck me big guy.”  She said, little more than a whisper as she leaned over, her hair tickling his chin.

Jim resumed his thrusting, using every muscle in his body to drive his pelvis upwards into Brie.  She held herself still, leaning over him with dangling breasts and a satisfied expression as she held him down.  She was content to allow his cock to rocket in and out of her with pile-driving force.  His balls smacked against her taint with each powerful thrust.

“Yea.  That’s it.  Harder.  Faster!  FASTER!”  Brie cried out, her pupils growing wide as the grip on his arms tightened. 

Jim obeyed her shouts, fucking her faster than any other woman he had ever been with, holding nothing back as he jammed his dick into her with as much speed and force as he could muster. 


Jim was sucking in great gulps of air as his heart pounded and his limbs threatened to give out, but he did not relent as his ever-hard dick continued drilling her.  Fingers tightened around his arms until it was painful and she dropped down on his frantically thrusting cock.  Suddenly her snatch had his cock in a grip as tight as the one she had on his outstretched arms.
“CCCUUUUMMMMIIIINNNGGGGG!!!”  Brie screamed, throwing her head back calling out to the ceiling. 
Jim sank his dick balls deep into her one more time and held on for dear life as she spasmed and twitched on top of him, shaking with each surge of orgasmic pleasure coursing through her powerful frame.  When her gripped finally loosened and her eyes opened, she smiled contentedly, blowing the hair out of her face with a puff of breath. 
“Hmmm, good job.”  She said, clambering off of him and falling backwards onto the couch.  She spread her legs wide, two fingers spreading her lips apart.  “Now get over here and do it again.”

Jim scrambled to his feet and practically dove onto the couch.  Lining his throbbing wang up with her pussy and kissing her, he slid inside with a hard grunt.  No warmup.  Just go.  Brie wrapped her legs and arms around him, gripping him tight as he pummeled her pussy.  His powerful pelvis slammed into her over and over again.  Nails dug into his back, hard enough to leave marks as the couch shook beneath them and couch cushions shifted.  Her head banged against the arm of the couch, but she didn’t care.  She only cared about the hard stick of manmeat going in and out of her, doing its best to make her cum again.  Sweat began to reform on her already glistening body as he began to perspire as well.  The kissing didn’t last long as Jim buried his head in the crook of her neck, all his attention devoted to fucking her as hard as possible.  The wet clap of their banging genitals could be heard throughout the trailer.  It could probably be heard outside the trailer.  Hell, the whole set could probably hear them.  Brie was grunting with each thrust of his bulbous cockhead plummeting into her darkest depths.  Still, she needed more.  Untangling her limbs, she pushed his sweaty form off her. 

“Behind.  Fuck me from behind.”  She said as she got onto all fours and wiggled her ass for good measure.

“Yes, Captain!”  He said as he scrambled into position again.

He slammed in balls deep on the first thrust.  Her face was pressed against the wall of the trailer, her breasts squashed into the back of the couch.  Jim stood on the floor behind her, sliding out to the very tip of his large tool before smashing down to the base with earth-shattering force.  Each time, he moved faster. 

“OH YEAH!”  Brie grunted as he took up every possible inch her pussy was willing to give.  “Much better.” 

As Jim built up to ramming speed again, Brie could feel herself on the verge of another orgasm.  But she needed something to push her over the edge, plus she didn’t how much longer Jim here would last. 

“HARDER!  FUCK ME HARDER!  COME ON!”  Brie cried, hoping to give him the energy to just wreck her, but he was already going just about as hard as he could.

“Grab my hair.”  Brie said.  “Do it!  Pull it!” 
Jim grit his teeth as he relinquished one hand on her hips and grabbed a fistful of her flaxen mane.  He pulled back just the perfect amount, not enough to tear out any follicles, but just enough to give an appropriate jolt of pain.  All the while he never wavered in his pace, reaming her so hard she thought they were going to tear through the back of the couch and the wall behind it.  As Brie arched her neck and he pulled back even more, a waterfall pouring out of her snatch as his cock squelched in and out, little more than a blur to the naked eye. 
Jim was about to blow himself, but he didn’t want to know what happened when he disappointed the actress so he held on tight as he thrashed her pussy, giving her head another yank for good measure.  Brie screeched as the entire trailer rattled and shook, putting the shocks to good use with the force of their carnal exertions. 

“CUUUMMMINGG!!!  CCCCUUUMMMIINGG!!  CCCUUMMING!!!”  She screeched at the top of her lungs.

Climaxing spectacularly, body shook and her she went limp, letting her form fall forward, slumping down the wall as Jim felt her snatch grab him tight again.  Like a flash flood, he felt hot fluids gush over his swollen prick, flowing out of her snatch.  He jabbed her with his prick a couple of more times before he couldn’t possibly hold back anymore. 

“Oh, Captain!  Cumming!  FUCK!”  He yelled. 

He withdrew his aching cock from her trembling twat, fisted it and gave a single stroke before he unloaded.  Pointing it at her tight ass, rope after rope of thick cum assaulted her backside with sticky hot spunk.  Both cheeks were drenched in white man goo as he roared his approval, stroking his cock like his life depended on it.  And when he finally finished, he made sure to squeeze out any remaining load onto her butt, beating the head of his prick against her ass a few times just to make sure.  Then he stumbled back and collapsed onto the floor, the room spinning around him.  Brie’s face was pressed against the wall, her face being pulled upwards as she slowly slid downwards.  A bit of drool pooled at her lips before leaking out down her chin.  Both needed more than a minute to recover.  Finally, Brie pulled herself away from the wall and couch.  She stood on shaky legs, searching for some paper towels.  When she found some, she reached behind herself with trembling fingers, trying to wipe the cum off her backside.  When she couldn’t reach it all, she handed the roll Jim.

“Clean me up.”  Her tone has less on an edge to it, but it was as equally as commanding.

“Yes, Captain.”  He said with a smirk, mopping up the remainder of his sticky mess. 

Brie relieved herself in the bathroom, gulped some sports drink and picked up her crumpled uniform.  Jim got dressed and helped her back into her super suit. 

“Will that be all, Captain?” 

“Yep.  That’s all.  My mind’s totally clear now.  I’ll tell the makeup girls you said hi.  Bye-bye now.”  She said the last bit playfully.

He smiled at exited the trailer with a silly grin on his face. 

Several Months Later…

It was premiere night.  Well, the end of premiere night.  Jim had been running around back and forth, catering to needs of everybody.  Now he finally had the chance to relieve himself in the bathroom.  Just as he was approaching the restrooms, the women’s room door burst open and out stumbled the star of the evening, Brie Larson closely followed her costar, Gemma Chan.  Their eye’s connected and recognition dawned.
“My, my, Jim…Thompson, was it?” 
“Yes, Ms. Larson.”
Gemma looked on expectantly as the two exchanged unsaid things.  She cleared her throat.  Brie turned to face her, “Gemma, this is Jim Thompson.  He’s a PA with the studio.”
“Pleasure, Ms. Chan.”  Jim said, nodding.
“Oh!  Is this the Jim?”  She said with the loveliest posh English accent. 
Brie nodded as she leaned into whispered something into her costar’s ear.  Jim watched as grins spread slowly across both of their faces.
“Premieres can be quite stressful.  Wouldn’t you agree Jim?”  Brie asked. 

“I would Ms. Larson.  I’ve been running around all night.” 

“I’m afraid I have one more job for you, if you are up for it.” 

“Of course, anything you or Ms. Chan require.”

Gemma giggled at that.  Brie shushed her. 

“This evening has been so terribly stressful.  We need to blow off some steam.  And we’d like you to do that.  What do you say?  Can you show the both of us a good time?”
Her tone and smile was clear enough.  Gemma waited expectantly for his answer.   
“Aye, aye.  Captain.”

The End
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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Right in time for this movie to come out, what a treat. I really like how you write femdom themes, that's a lot of fun. Now you got me wanting to write about Brie!
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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Aye aye Captain, indeed! Nice work with this one.
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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You have officially made my week and quite possibly my month with this story. I hope Captain Marvel kicks ass tomorrow. Thanks for writing about the sexy Brie. It's great to see her getting some love.
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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It is always good to read about Brie! It was great! Thank you! :)
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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Right in time for this weekend. I'm looking forward to this movie and you got me all revved up for Brie now, excellent work.
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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If PAs are this lucky then I need to fill out an application soon! Thanks for the story on one of my favorites! I might have to go back and watch Captain Marvel for a third time with these lewd images of her fucking in my head  :D
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Re: Oh, Captain! (Brie Larson)
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This was so fucking hot
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Disclaimer: This a work of fiction.  It is not real.  It did not/will not happen in real life and should not be mistaken as such.

Oh, Captain! Part 2
Starring Brie Larson & Scarlett Johansson
Codes: MFF, Anal, Femdom, Oral, Titty-Fuck

Jim would never forget the night of the Captain Marvel premiere.  Brie and Gemma had taken him back to their hotel and the three of them fucked until the sun came up.  More accurately, Brie used him to fuck Gemma before taking a good long turn herself.  Utterly in command, they both did whatever the Captain ordered.  Flashes of their sexcapades still appeared to him whenever he closed his eyes.  Brie pushing Gemma’s head up and down along his cock as she gagged and spluttered, forcing him deeper with each bob.  Clambering on top of Gemma as Brie pulled her legs further and further back, demanding he fuck the British actress harder.  And boy, was Gemma a screamer.  Eardrums rattled with her orgasmic shrieks as she climaxed spectacularly.  Jim promptly followed, blowing his first load of the night deep into her gushing snatch.
Then Brie took her turn.  She held him down and rode him like he’d never been rode before.  Gemma’s hands roamed over inch of the Captain’s body, tweaking her pointed pink nipples as she kissed any and everywhere.  On all fours, getting railed from behind while Gemma licked at both her sopping twat and his swinging balls.  And when he emptied his balls for the second time that night, Brie forced Gemma’s head down between her thighs to greedily slurp the cum out of her freshly fucked cunt.  But even then, Jim was not relieved of duty.  Countless positions, humping and grunting later, the night concluded with Brie jerking him off directly onto Gemma’s face.  By the time she was done, Gemma resembled little more than a heavily glazed donut, blinking up at him from beneath her coating of goopy man goo.  Utterly worn out, Jim left the hotel in the early morning light, walking gingerly in wrinkled clothes.  But that was nothing compared to the bowlegged shuffle of both actresses when they checked out much later that morning.
Now about two months later, Jim found himself working yet another premiere.  This time for, Avenger’s Endgame.  The biggest movie ever.  He was far too busy to have any expectations about what might happen afterwards.  He glimpsed Brie from afar, looking stunning in a shimmering purple dress with an array of infinity stones decorating her hand.  But that was it.  And it was only once the premiere was over and things were wrapping up that Jim found a moment to himself.  He felt a tap on his shoulder and turning around, he was suddenly face to face with Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow herself.  The blonde bombshell was eyeing him something fierce, looking hotter than hell in a sparkling dress that struggled to contain her curvaceous figure.  She likewise wore her own array of infinity stones.  Standing right behind her was a grinning Brie Larson. 

“This him?”  Scarlett asked, her raspy voice little more than a sensual purr over the hubbub of the crowd.  Brie nodded silently.  “Jim Thompson.  The Captain here tells me that you are quite the stress reliever.” 
“I’d like to think so.”  He said, a big shit-eating grin spreading across his face.
“Whoa, don’t get too cocky.  You haven’t tried me yet.”  She handed him a crumpled piece of paper.  “Here is our hotel.  Room 616.  Midnight.  Don’t be late.  Come on Brie.”
And just like that the two gorgeous actresses disappeared back into the crowd.  Jim was left clutching the note, marveling at his good fortune. 


11:55 PM and Jim was standing outside room 616.  He took a deep breath and knocked.  A moment later, a fully nude Brie Larson opened the door.  Jim gawked at her naked muscular form before she dragged him inside. 

Pulling him close, she placed a hand on his hardening crouch and whispered, “I hope you can handle Scarlett and me.”
Before she could say more, Scarlett’s voice came from the bedroom.  “What are you waiting for?  Get him in here, Captain.”  The last word dripped with sarcasm.
Brie grabbed his hand and led him to the bedroom.  Scarlett was sprawled out across the bed, equally as naked.  Her fingers gently toyed with her clit as she stared at the pair.  Both their dresses lay discarded in crumpled heaps on the floor. 
“Well?  Get back over here.”  She said, pointing to Brie and then to her pussy, peeling her pink lips apart.
Brie dutifully climbed back onto the bed, burying her pretty blonde features between Scarlett’s smooth thighs.  Muffled licking and slurping noises began immediately as Scarlett smirked and turned her gaze to Jim.
“What are you waiting for?  Strip.  Let me see if the Captain here was telling the truth.”
Jim quickly disrobed, getting naked in record time and tossing his clothes in a hasty pile.  His dick was standing at attention, ready for duty.  Watching Brie obediently munch away on Scarlett’s slit already had him as harder than a rock. 
“Closer.”  Scarlett beckoned him to the edge of the bed, with one finger.  And as he approached, she grabbed his cock, inspecting all nine girthy inches.  “Not bad.” 
Scarlett stared up at him, grinned and opened those wonderfully puffy lips wide before cushioning them around his shaft and sliding downwards.  Jim groaned as her green eyes watched him.  Inch after inch disappeared into her mouth with the greatest of ease as her nose pressed flat against his shaved pubic region.  Her throat bulged to accommodate him.  Sliding her lips back along to the tip, she released him with a *POP*, a single strand of saliva connecting them.

“I hope what Brie said about you is accurate.  You’d better not be a one-and-done kind of guy.  Or else I’ll have to punish her.” 

Scarlett placed both hands on top of Brie’s blonde head and pushed her down further, grinding her pussy against her co-star’s face with renewed vigor.

“MHHMHMMMPPPPHHH!!!!”  Brie’s muted cries came from between her legs as Scarlett squeezed her thighs tight. 

Turning her head, she took his dick back between her lips, sucking and slobbering along his length.  Nestled between her plump lips, Scarlett took him hard and fast.  Her appreciative moans and natural born skill had Jim trembling from head to toe within minutes.  Brie was equally as enthusiastic, chowing down on that pussy like it was a five-star meal.  Scarlett never once gagged or coughed, as she inhaled his entire length repeatedly.  She used his dick like a straw, seeking to suck the cum straight from his swollen balls.  Surprised and somewhat impressed that he had withstood her oral ministrations, and feeling her dick-sucking craving satisfied for the moment, she released him.   

“Let’s see the Captain have a go at this dick.  Come here.”  Scarlett snapped as Brie emerged from between her legs.

Her chin was a covered in a combination of slick pussy juice and saliva.  She wiped it off with the back of her hand and laid flat on her toned tummy, her head level with Jim’s hard cock.

He remained where he stood on the side of the bed as Scarlett feed his spit-soaked prick into Brie’s mouth, one hand on the back her costar’s head.  Quickly she forced her mouth further and further down the shaft, Brie coughing and spluttering as each fat veiny inch of cock was stuffed into her gullet.  Flecks of saliva sprayed out as she choked down his thick prick.   

“Come on, Captain.  You can do better than that.  Take that fucking dick.  Swallow every inch.”  Scarlett said, showing absolutely no remorse as she continued pushing Brie’s head further along the shaft.

Spittle poured out over Brie’s lips, running down her already wet chin as her face turned a brighter shade of red than her Captain Marvel costume, choking on the dick securely lodged in her throat.  Scarlett let go with a tut-tut.  Brie took a huge gasp of air as more ropes of spit slopped off her chin. 

“You disappoint me.  We need to loosen up those pipes!  Go on Jim.  Time to fuck her face.  Grab that pretty blonde head!”

Jim glanced down at Brie.  She squinted back, eyes watering and mascara running.  But there the hunger of fiery lust burned there.  She gave the slightest nod of her head.  And so he grabbed a two fistfuls of blonde hair and pushed his cock back between her lips.

“Open wide.”  Scarlett commanded.  “Now use her.  Fuck that mouth like you’ve fucked her pussy.”

Jim made it about three-quarters along his length before she gagged, so he pulled back out.  Slipping back in, he quickly found a rhythm getting another centimeter further down Brie’s throat with every thrust of his hips.  Before long his balls were bouncing wildly off her chin as she gagged on his poking prick.

“GAWHHKK-GGGAWWHHK-GGAAHHWWK-GAWHHK!” The squelching sounds coming from Brie’s throat were enough to drive any man insane.

As if that wasn’t enough, Scarlett shouted above the gurgling, goading him to go harder and faster.  Scarlett watched greedily, playing with both her own pussy and Brie’s as Jim beat Captain Marvel’s tonsils into submission.  Tears spilled down Brie’s already bright red face, as her throat struggled to accommodate the fleshy instrument of pleasure.  With a clap of her hands, Scarlett called an end to the face-fucking.  Jim stopped immediately and Scarlett laughed, relishing her control over the situation. 

“She’s soaking wet down here.  I want to see you pound that pussy.”  Scarlett said.  “Would you like that Brie?”

“Yes Scarlett…”  Said Brie meekly, her voice hoarse.

Her fingers found her own lower lips, teasing the velvety folds.  Her aching twat was dripping after the intense facefucking session.  Scarlett spun Brie around and gave her mouth something to do as she buried the blonde head back in-between her thighs.  Brie thrust her ass up into the air and Jim climbed onto the bed, getting on his knees.  His cock dripped with saliva as he lined up.  He sunk balls deep as Brie gave a loud moan, muffled by Scarlett’s velvety folds.  He remembered all too well what her pussy could take, so he didn’t ease into it.  Holding onto her hips tight, he pounded her from behind, each powerful thrust hitting the deepest reaches of Brie’s cunt.  Before long, she was doing little more than yelling expletives and grunting rather than properly eating Scarlett out.  The bustier blonde didn’t seem to mind as her eyes met Jim’s.  She smiled slyly and licked her very full lips.

“Come on Brie.  Let him know how’s he doing.”  She said mischievously.

Brie brought her head from Scarlett’s crotch and turned to face Jim.  Her hair was disheveled, blonde strands sticking to her sweaty forehead, face flushed and makeup ruined.   

“HARDER!  I want it harder!”  She yelled.  “Really fucking give it to me!” 

“You heard her! FUCK HER HARDER!”  Scarlett yelled as Brie let loose a loud moan.

Jim pulled out and stepped back off the bed, planting both feet back on solid ground.  Brie looked around incredulously at his audacity and the suddenly very empty feeling inside of her.  Jim grabbed her by the legs and pulled her close before ramming his cock back into with such force it sent a single wet, sweaty smack echoing around the hotel room.

“OH YES!”  Both Scarlett and Brie screamed out as Jim jackhammered away, humping Brie as he spread her legs wide, giving her pussy the pummeling it so greatly desired. 

“YES!  YES!  YES!”  Brie screeched. 

“Yea.  Fuck her.  Fuck her good.”  Scarlett growled, her fingers a little more than a blur in and out of her own pink snatch.

“OHHHH GOD!!  I’M CUMMING!!!! I’M FUCKING CUMMING!!! YEEEEESSSSS!!!”  Brie shouted as her entire body tensed before the orgasm exploded into being with the force of a photon blast.

Her pussy quivered and convulsed around his prick as Brie balled up the sheets in her fists and collapsed forward, a jibbering, drooling mess.  Scarlett smiled and slithered off the bed, stepping behind Jim.  He could her feel her large soft breasts pressed into his back. 

She nibbled on his ear and whispered, “Good job.  Now how about that cute little ass?  Ever fucked that?”

“Nuh-uh.”  He said.

“Go ahead and fuck her ass.”

Brie’s head perked up, looking back at them, her eyes struggling into focus.  “My ass?”

“That’s right Brie.”  Scarlett said.

A smile split Brie’s face.  “Yea.  Come here and fuck my ass.”

“Fuck it hard.”  Scarlett whispered. 

Brie lubed up her own butthole with a bottle produced seemingly from thin air.  Jim couldn’t help but marvel at his situation.  How had he ended up here? 

“What are you waiting for?”  Scarlett asked, cutting through his reverie. 

Brie pulled her cheeks apart, revealing her winking brown hole as Jim pressed his shiny cock against the tight sphincter.  It struggled to stretch, trying to accommodate his bulbous cockhead as he pushed.  It was tight.  So impossibly tight. 

“Ohhhh, Captain…” Jim moaned as he slipped past her anal ring with a small *POP* and slid inside until his balls rested against her wet twat. 
Brie panted as he filled her up backside.  Clearly not her first time with anal.  He started slow, but at the behest of both women revved quickly up to ramming speed, plowing her snug little asshole with his rod of steel. 

“HARDER!”  Brie demanded.

“Come on man!  She said, HARDER!”  Scarlett yelled.

Jim grit his teeth and slammed his prick in and out of Brie so hard that she clung to the mattress for dear life, lest she be propelled across the bed with the force.  He rammed her asshole, pummeling it as he grabbed onto her shoulder to hold her tight in place.  All the while both sped at light speed, closer and closer towards an orgasm.  No coherent noises could be heard from Brie, only the most primal of grunting.  Scarlett yelled at him to fuck her good, while her nails dug into his back and Jim panted like an Olympic sprinter, trying desperately not to lose his load.  But it was a lost cause.  That asshole was just too tight. 

“OH, CAPTAIN!  FUCK!  I’M CUMMING!!!”  He yelled as her snug little sphincter milked his cock for all it was worth.


Jim gave a final few thrusts, before exploding balls deep into Brie’s asshole.  She screamed, limbs flying every which way, eyes going cross-eyed and tongue lolling out of her mouth as she climaxed, soaking the sheets with the flood of spray from her pussy.  Rope after rope of hot cum burst into being, painting the insides of her rectum a murky white.  When he felt his cock give one final spurt of jizz, he pulled out and stumbled backwards, collapsing into an unoccupied chair.  He stared at the big dark hole left behind and watched as milky, white spunk leaked slowly from Brie’s most forbidden orifice. 

“Eh-hem.”  The sound cut through the hazy silence like a knife.  “I hope you don’t think you’re done.  Because I haven’t cum yet.  Well, you haven’t made me cum yet.”  Scarlett said.

She sauntered over to him, hypnotizing him with her jiggling jugs.  Leaning down, she wrenched his head back, forcing her plump dick-sucking lips on his, her tongue aggressively seeking his tonsils like a heat-seeking missile.  She pulled back, the grip still tight on his head.

“But, I’m not going to fuck a cock straight out of another girl’s ass.  Brie, come over here and clean up your mess.”  There was a low groan from Brie.  “Brie?  Brie!  CAPTAIN!”

Scarlett moved back towards the bed and pulled up Brie’s head.  She was still cross-eyed.

“Good God.  You fucked her senseless!”  Scarlett bent over slightly and stuffed her breasts against Brie’s face, nuzzling her face in the soft quivering flesh there. 

Brie snapped back to life as she felt Scarlett’s hard nips rub against her lips.  “Yes.  Yes.  I’m good.”

“Clean his cock.”  Scarlett commanded and turning back to look at Jim who was already halfway back up after watching that display.

“Oh my.”  Scarlett said, biting down her lower lip.  “You like that little show?  You like my tits?”

She moseyed back over and Brie slid off the bed, crawling between Jim’s legs and taking his half-chub back into her mouth, slurping loudly.  Scarlett leaned down and buried his face between her world famous ta-ta’s. 

“Tell you what Jimbo.  You make me cum.  Twice.  And I’ll let you fuck these titties.  Deal?”

“MHMMHMMHH!!!”  Was all Jim the affirmation he could give with a mouthful of Scarlett’s titflesh.

Brie popped off his cock, now fully erect and clean as a whistle.  Scarlett pushed her aside and sat on his lap, lining up her own steaming pussy with his prick and sinking down.  A hard grunt from both of them blew hot breath into the other’s face as he filled her up.  Scarlett rode him fast and hard, the clap of her asscheeks against his thighs echoing around the room just as loudly as Brie’s had minutes before.  Jim grabbed onto that bouncy booty, a hand on each cheek, squeezing the free-falling flesh there.  Her hot, tight, wet snatch slid up and down his pole with ease.  Each repeated penetration hit her g-spot with his swollen mushroom head.  A quick look around showed him Brie with her legs spread wide on the mattress, fingers teasing her pink and well-fucked pussy.  He could still make traces of his load leaking out of her butthole onto the sheets, but she seemed not to notice as she watched the rutting pair. 

“Come on!”  Scarlett said, yanking his attention back to her.  “Show me what you got!”

Jim wrapped his arms around the actress and with a mighty push he stood up from the chair, holding Scarlett aloft.  Wrapping her legs around him, he suspended her on his cock, bouncing her upon it.  Each descent of her smoking hot body, split her pussy in two as it hit deeper than either of them had thought possible.

“OH FUCK!”  She screamed, her husky voice cracking as it reached the higher pitches.  “YEA!  FUCK!  JUST LIKE THAT!  GIVE IT TO ME GOOD!”

Jim craned his neck down and latched his mouth back onto one puffy pink nipple, taking it between his teeth and sucking hard.  He continued fucking her as he spun around and slammed her against the wall, rattling the generic looking pictures there.  Scarlett gasp with pleasure as she felt the cold wall press against her hot skin.  Jim adjusted his stance and fucked her hard, thrusting up into her cunt with renewed speed. 

“YES!  FUCK!  OH MY GOD!  YES!  KEEP GOING!  I’M GOING TO CUM!”  She screamed.  Jim fucked her harder.  He really wanted at those tits.  “YES!  YES!  YES!  CUMMING!!! CUMMIIINGGG!!!”

“Oh, fuck that’s HOT!”  He heard Brie say from behind him.

Scarlett twitched as the orgasm tore through her and suddenly her snatch had a vice-like grip on his cock.  He jammed it in as far as he could and held on for dear life as her suspended form threatened to flop to the floor.  She rode the wave of pleasure out and as she stopped spasming he turned around and dropped her onto the bed next to Brie, who immediately started sucking on her right tit.  Scarlett brushed her blonde hair out of her face and beckoned with a finger.

“Good boy.  Now get over here and finish the job.”

Jim practically soared onto the mattress as he pulled her legs apart and sunk his cock back into her velvet box.  Suspending himself over her, he started sliding in and out of her pussy as Brie pulled him close for a long, hard kiss.  When their lips parted, a string of saliva momentarily connected them before falling onto Scarlett’s tan tattooed form.  Placing a hand on each thigh, he pulled them apart, sliding them down to her buttcheeks.  He squeezed and lifted, fucking her from a different angle as Brie reached over and kneaded her ample titflesh between her hands while she made out with Scarlett.  His fingers strayed lower and lower, until they hovered right around Scarlett’s own butthole.

She broke her makeout session with Brie to say, “Nah-ah.  You aren’t getting that hole.  At least not tonight.”

In response Jim gave her a particularly hard thrust and moved a hand to thumb at her rock-hard clit.  Scarlett pulled Brie’s lips back down hers.  Hard and fast, he fucked her cunt.  Sweat poured out of every pore as he slammed his cock in and out of Scarlett with every bit as much effort as he had fucked Brie.  His thumb pressed against her pleasure button seemed to be doing the trick.  Scarlett pushed Brie away to watch him.

“Keep doing that.  Keep fucking me.  Keep going.  Don’t you stop.  DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING STOP!”

He clenched his jaw as they stared through one another, each willing the other to cum.  Jim drove himself downwards like a piledriver.  Over and over again.  He was close to cumming again, but so was she.  He could feel Scarlett grow more rigid each time he rammed her pussy. 

“Yea.  Make her cum.  Fuck her.  Make her fucking cum.”  Brie said, sitting back to watch both of them.

“YES!  YES!”  Scarlett screamed.  “I’M CUMMING!!!”

And cum she did.  Limbs seizing up as her pussy clamped down around his dick and she shouted out to the ceiling.  He pulled out of her spasming cunt, afraid he would lose his load if he stuck it out.  As her screams quieted, she looked up at him, an immensely satisfied look upon her face.

“Not bad.  I suppose you want these tits then?”  She grabbed a boob in each hand and shook them.

Jim nodded with big eyes.  Scarlett sat up on the bed and pushed him back until he fell and laid flat on the bed, his big, hard cock standing tall in the air.  Scarlett knelt down between his legs and wrapped her hefty funbags around his prick, spitting down her cleavage for good measure.  Brie appeared next to her adding her own spit as Scarlett began to work them up and down.  Jim threw his head into the damp sheets as he watched one of the most sought-after pair of tits in Hollywood form a soft tunnel around his dick.  He started to buck his hips upwards, sliding in and out of the tight flesh tube Scarlett was making.  Scarlett stuck her tongue out so the tip of his cock was licked with every thrust.  Brie got behind and grabbed hold of Scarlett’s tits, squeezing them even tighter and gazing hungrily at Jim.

“Alright boy.  You’ve done well.  But now we want that cum.”  Scarlett said, happy to let Brie work her tits over his cock.  “And we always get what we want.”

As Jim humped Scarlett’s chest, she could feel himself growing stiffer and stiffer with each slippery movement.  Precum was squeezed out onto her tongue like it was an assembly line.  A salty globule of gooeyness with each movement of his hips.

“Give us that cum.”  Brie demanded.

“Do what the Captain says.  Give us that jizz.”  Scarlett said.

“Whatever you say.  Oh, Captain!  YES!  FUCK YES!”  Jim cried out as his cock swelled, growing even larger before firing out the first sticky rope of cum.

Brie kept working Scarlett’s pillowy mounds over his exploding dick as more and more jism was fired upwards.  The first couple of ropes smacked into Scarlett’s chin, splattering onto her cheeks before dripping down onto her jiggling jugs.  The remainder spurted out onto her milky white tits, drenching them in a sticky covering of soupy jism.  When he was done firing, Brie dropped Scarlett’s tits and gave his cock a nice hard squeeze, expelling the last few drops.  They rolled down the shaft onto her fingers, clenched tight around his rod.  Then she stared at him while she licked her sticky fingers clean.  Scarlett watched the interaction between the pair.

“Don’t just clean yourself.  Get to work on these tits.”  She said to Brie.

Jim watched as Brie dutifully sucked down every last drop of cum from Scarlett’s body.  When she was done, Scarlett looked at her.

“You were right Brie.  I feel much more relaxed now.”  She turned to face Jim.  “You can go now.”

Jim nodded and climbed off the bed, putting back on his now wrinkled suit.  The two-women laid naked on the bed, satisfied.

“Bye-bye.”  They called out in unison as he departed the bedroom and opened the hotel room door.   

He nearly bumped into someone, standing on the other side with her fist raised as though to knock.

“The fuck?!?”  She cried out. 

Jim immediately recognized her as Tessa Thompson, Brie and Scarlett’s costar in Avengers Endgame.  Recognition dawned on her face as well.

“You Jim?”  She asked.  He nodded mutely.  “Those bitches!  They got started without me!  Oh no.  You aren’t going anyway.  Get back in there!” 

She pushed him back into the hotel room, the door slamming shut behind her.

“That, Tessa?”  Brie called from the bedroom.

“That’s right bitch.  You two better not have used him all up, because now it’s my turn.”

Jim groaned and fingered his sensitive crouch.  It was going to be a long night.

The End
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Damn. I need Jim's job. Fucking two of my favorites  :D
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Great One Slyguy. Hoping to hear more from you.
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Great One Slyguy. Hoping to hear more from you.

Thanks so much!  Don't think I'll be revisiting this particular story, but check out my other works: here

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