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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Twins  (Read 3374 times)


3rd Chromosome: Twins
« on: March 07, 2019, 09:03:53 PM »
The cheers of the crowd slowly faded away as the twin sisters headed back to their dressing room. Once free from the crowd they finally let out their breaths. "Another fine performance."

"Yes, how many more on this tour?" Sara asked.

"We just started." Tegan replied as she pushed open the door their room. The brunette twin fumbled for the lightswitch. "There's time for that later, I have some wood to settle."

"That's my sister, always popping wood." Sara teased, "Who was it? The redhead in the center or the brunette in the front row?"

"Will you settle for two blondes in the dressing room?" The lights flicked on revealing two blondes in their room. One was sitting in a chair, clearly in control. The other stood behind the chair at attention.

Tegan's eyes widened as she recognized the sitting woman. "Taylor?! What are you doing here?"

"I thought I'd drop in. I believe you know Chloe as well." She lazily gestured behind her. "As for why I'm here, I feel like that would be obvious."

Sara's mouth worked open and closed several times before she responded, "If it's about a golden ticket..."

"Please..." Taylor dismissed that notion. "You won't be getting one. This is a little bit more crude. I want to get laid, and you're the ones that are gonna do it."

The twins stood dumbfounded as Taylor sauntered up to them, shedding clothes until she was naked. Both of them had to crane their necks up to meet her eyes. "Drop'em. I want to see what I have here."

Tegan and Sara both froze to Taylor's annoyance. "It's not that hard, see?"

Taylor snapped her fingers and Chloe came forward. As she went, clothing disappeared off her body until she too was naked. Both sets of eyes were watching Chloe's flaccid cock as it slowly engorged. With reluctance both undid their belts and let their pants fall to the floor. Already Taylor was down on her haunches examining Sara's with a critical eye. "Mmm...very nice...and thick...I can feel the heat coming off of it. Isn't that a pretty cock Chloe?"

"It is." The blonde 3C confirmed.

"It is. Why don't you introduce yourself." Taylor motioned Chloe forward. Sara stood in her place as Chloe came at her. The blonde was cute; sexy even as her pendulous cock swung back and forth with her step. Soon Chloe was upon and their lips locked.

Sara readily returned the kiss; pushing it even further as she shoved her tongue into Chloe's mouth. Down below, her cock had hardened. A shade over 8 inches it swung back and forth as the two made out. occasionally it would hit its' opposite number, eliciting a moan from either partner.

"See, isn't that sexy? Now I can handle this wood you were talking about." Taylor grasped ahold of Tegan's member. The semi hard tool jumped in size upon her touch. The only 2er in the room wasted no time. Her tongue lashed out and slathered Tegan's cock.

Tegan moaned as the blonde worked over her tool. Taylor ran her tongue along its' length before getting back to the tip. Once there she lightly blow on it, causing Tegan to shiver. Her hands slid down the thick shaft; reaching for, then cupping the sack underneath. As Taylor gently fondled the sack she opened her lips and swallowed.

More than half of Tegan's dick disappeared in an instant. She let out a soft moan as Taylor's mouth swallowed her dick; her warm breath cascading over the member. The blonde's mouth was like a vacuum; Taylor was sucking her off like the pro she was.

Back with Sara and Chloe, they were both completely naked. Sara's clothing being lost somewhere in their lust. The two continued their makeout session, limbs crisscrossed their bodies as they explored each other's curves. Their moans filling the room.

"Watch them." Taylor removed the dick from her mouth and kept jerking it. "Isn't it sexy?"

Tegan managed a bare nod as she watched her sister and Chloe Moretz make out before her. Soon the duo landed on a couch and it was all over. They moved to a 69, each one deep throating the other. Tegan was amazed as her sister swallowed the 11 inch member. Being sisters and twins, left a lot of room for experimenting. Especially when they were both 3Cs. Tegan never saw Sara take a cock that big before. Her own dick throbbed harder; a combination of watching her sister fuck and Taylor's hand wrapped around her member.

"I'm gonna cum." Tegan squeaked out.

"Nope." Taylor tightened her grip on Tegan's dick. "Not til I say so."

Tegan grunted in response. She desperately wanted to cum. Yet, things were about to get better. Taylor stood up and dragged her by the dick to a chair. Once there she laid down on the armrest so her pussy was thrust high into the air. Tegan drank in the sight of it; a small strip of hair was just above. The blonde curls shaved like an arrow, pointing out where every dick should do.

Tegan could smell the juices. Sweet, but not to sweet. She stuck her head down and inhaled. Her cock twitched as she thought about plundering this cunt.

"Are you going to stick it in or stare at all day?" Taylor complained, her voice a deliberate whine.

I don't want to stop desire." Tegan replied as she slid forward; her cock sliding in completely in one stroke. Surprise was evident on Tegan's face.

"What? Didn't think I've had a real dick before?" Taylor asked. "You're about to see."

Tegan moaned out as Taylor's cunt clamped down on her dick. Even better, the blonde singer started impatiently rocking back and forth; stimulating her cock. That was her cue.

Tegan pulled out and starting thrusting into her partner's sex. Taylor's pussy was wet and hot, yet she wasn't concerned with that. Tegan pulled up Taylor's legs so they were draped across her shoulders. Her hips thrusted and sent her cock deep into Taylor. Her pace speed up until she was blur; her gonads banging into her partner's ass.

Tegan's brow was furrowed in concentration. Taylor was tight, and her cock was just of so stimulated. Her brain was in overdrive as she kept fucking the blonde. It took all her effort to avoid blowing her load, but that's what she wanted to do. She felt her balls tighten up. Baseball stats blurred through her brain as she tried to stop. Tegan could have slowed down but she didn't want to. Her desire kept her going, pounding Taylor's honey pot despite her brain saying no.

"Switch!" Taylor backed off Tegan and moved away. Tegan breathed a sigh of relief as her aching cock sprang free. That was too close. Already Chloe pulled herself off Sara and advanced to her sister. Their tongues danced as their lips met up. Tegan could taste her sister's juices on Chloe. It felt so dirty, yet right at the same time.

Sara eagerly plunged forward into Taylor's sex. The singers honey pot beckoned her forward, demanding pleasure from her. Her thick cock slipped inside the canal, causing the brunette to moan out in pleasure. The moan turned into a shriek as Tegan stepped up behind her. Tegan's own cock was nestled between her legs; her cunt lubing up for what was about to happen. Tegan grabbed at her breasts, squeezing Sara's rock hard nipples. "It's been a long time since we've done this..."

"Fuck me you slut." Sara moaned back, like Tegan needed an invitation. Her diamond hard member slunk into her sister's sex; joining the growing chain of sexual deviants.

"God you're tight." Tegan moaned out as she started thrusting into her sister. She continued to pull on her tits as well. "I need to fuck this more often. I forgot how good you are."


It was the sound of dick on flesh: Chloe decided to join in. Her mammoth member slapped down on Tegan's small ass.

"Joining us Chloe? Let me prep you." Taylor moaned out as Sara started ducking her in earnest; her face contorted in pleasure. Chloe complied, moving to her blonde Dom. Taylor reached out and stroked Chloe's dick firmly for a few pumps, pulling it closer to her before swallowing it whole.

Sara stopped for a second to watch as the singer gave it two sucks and released it. Obviously this girl was not just a talented singer. With her cock good and slick Chloe moved back behind Tegan. Once again a smack let out as Chloe put her cock down. This was quickly followed by a loud cry as Tegan seized up. "Oh god!"

"You like that?" Chloe asked innocently.

"Ye..y...yes" Came back a stammered reply.

"Then you'll love this." Chloe shoved forward letting loose in animalistic pleasure. Taylor felt the power of Chloe's fucking through Sara. When Chloe got wound up she was a taut spring. Now she was going at it full force, a piston running past the red line. And nothing was going to stop her. Save Taylor.

Taylor mused on that while getting fucked. Chloe was originally going to be just a member of her squad, yet when Gigi reported she was a 3C it changed everything. Taylor saw her potential. She broke and reformed Chloe into exactly what she wanted. A sub, slut, fuck buddy and confidant all in one. Screw her albums, Chloe was Taylor's greatest success.

Back in the present Taylor was reaching an orgasm. Partly from her own thoughts and partly from Sara's efforts. Her cunt clamped down as she let loose a howl of satisfaction. A tidal wave of pleasure washed over her as her entire body spasmed in relief. God she loved this.

Tegan couldn't stand the relentless pounding from Chloe. The blonde 3C was a machine. Her 11 inch tool ruthlessly fucked Tegan, showing no mercy as the brunette seized as her pussy contracted in pleasure. Tegan grabbed a hold of her sister, straightening as she did. Sara too howled in delight. Her sister's rod was buried deep in her sex, far deeper than it ever had been before.

"You like that huh?!" Taylor screamed at Sara. "You like fucking me while your sister plows you from behind?!"

Sara only whimpered in response, but that was not good enough for Taylor. She clamped down with her cunt muscles on her cock til Sara responded.


"Such dirty little sisters. I think we made such a good choice here Chloe."

"This is choice cunt." The blonde responded, her pace had not slackened in the least.

"Excellent." Their fucking chain went on for several more moments. The twins trapped in the center experiences the greater and greater heights in pleasure. It was time for that to end.

"It's time for the finale!" Taylor announced. She pushed herself off Sara and got to her knees. "Gimme your seed!"

The 3Cs all lined up around Taylor. Each one stroked their cocks with fast strokes."Mmmm, that's what I like. A bunch of 3Cs all jerking their cocks for me." Chloe went first. Her entire body shook out as she orgasmed. Thick ropes of 3C cum shot out and blasted Taylor. The first rope landed on her nose, splattering across her face. Chloe walked her shots down the blonde's body, her final spurt going between Taylor's breasts.

Sara and Tegan both went off at once. The dual cocks unloaded in a barrage of cum that further painted the blonde singer. The two yelled out in a chorus; inadvertently harmonizing as that came. That was music to Taylor's ears. Even better was the spray of cum that coated her body. "Yes! Yes! More!"

The twins complied, pumping harder than ever; pushing the last vestiges of cum out of their dicks as their orgasms came crashing down.

"Mmmm...that was fantastic." Taylor declared as she idly played with the cum on her chest. She scooped some up and swallowed. "Delicious too."

The twins were leaning on each other for support, their bodies spent from their exertion. They were sweaty and exhausted. Each one gasping for breath from their separate, but simultaneous orgasms. Never did they experience anything quite like that. Neither could react when Taylor abruptly stood up. The blonde wiped the cum off her body and got dressed. Chloe, her little 3C servant did much the same. "This has been fun ladies, I'm sure we'll do this again."

Just like that Taylor and Chloe were gone. Sara and Tegan looked around the room, then at each other. The bizarre situation finally settling in. "What just happened?"

"I have no idea."
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Twins
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Tegan and Sara are seriously quite hot and it takes zero suspension of disbelief to imagining fucking beautiful women(of course, they aren’t 3cs irl as that’s not a thing). 
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