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3rd Chromosome: The Real Party
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Dull. That was the word to describe this affair. Mind numbingly dull. Dominique Tipper continued adding adjectives in her head to describe the party she was at. She didn't mind parties, she enjoyed them actually, but not this kind. TV executives and stars milling about, each one trying to impress the other with a horrid joke or a story about who they worked with. It made the Expanse actress want to just sink into the wall in despair.

Time was at a standstill. No it's moving fucking backwards. It didn't help matters that her mind was wandering. She was in the midst of a dry spell and a bevy of busty beauties practically formed a parade around Dominique as she moved from group to group in this dull affair. Their large busts and round asses were sending her systems into overdrive; mostly her cock. Dominique was a 3C, and an endowed one at that. Fortunately, she taped everything down to avoid any incidents. Unfortunately, that garter was in a losing battle as her member surged with blood. It's like they're doing this on purpose. She thought, referring to the current gaggle of endowed ladies. Already her mind was picturing bending the brunette in the corner over the catering table and having her way with her.

"Champagne?" A husky, though feminine, voice came off to her side. It was not British though.

"No thanks." Though the thought of a drink sounded great right now.

"Old Fashioned? I have some with Jack and a bastardized one with Tullamore Dew."

Again the thought of whiskey made her mouth water. Dominique would really let go though if she started drinking. "No."

The voice persisted, this time right up against her ear. "How'd you like to go to the real party?"

"What?" Dominique finally turned and drank in the owner of the alluring voice. The woman wore the attire of the caterers; black pants and white button down shirt that was just a little too snug for comfort. A tray of drinks was held out in her left hand. Completing the look was a black bow tie. Her skin was pale, with a slight blush on her cheeks and a little smattering of freckles across her nose. Her blue eyes were sparkling behind black rimmed glasses, her lips curled into a suggestive smile. Once Dominique added in the vibrant red hair she was 99% sure she knew who she was looking at.

"Emma Stone?" She whispered.

Emma's smile widened. "In the flesh."

"What are you doing here?"

Emma shifted the tray over to her other hand. "Grab one of these and I'll explain on the way."

Dominique grabbed one of the old fashioned and followed Emma as she marched off. The whiskey tasted like heaven on her lips as they passed through the crowd. "I was asked to be here by a friend. I'm on the lookout for certain people that are 'too cultured' for these events."

"Too cultured?"

"Yep." Emma dropped the tray off at one of the tables and pointed off at one particular group. Dominique squinted and made out the busty glamour model, and fellow 3C, Lucy Pinder slap a guy off her. "She's next."

Emma lead her through a side door where catering staff shuffled in and out. The entire time Dominique's eyes were glued to the redheads tight ass. Emma kept explaining things as they passed through the kitchen but she really wasn't listening. Instead her ears were more interested with the growing sounds of a club. The duo snaked through a myriad of hallways until Emma stopped at a door that appeared to be vibrating. "Here we are. If you see my friend say hello!"

Emma was already walking back towards the other dull party. Dominique shouted after her, "Wait! Who's your friend?!"

"You'll know when you meet her!" Emma shouted back, her sexy form turned the corner leaving Dominique alone. She turned and faced the door. Well, now it never.

Bright flashes of multicolored light illuminated an otherwise dark room while music reverberated through the walls. Emma had dropped Dominique off at one of London's hottest clubs. She had to grin. This is my kinda party. People gyrated on raised platforms as the band, not a dj, jammed on their instruments. The entire event seemed surreal to her as she went around, her hips unconsciously picking up a sway as she began to relax. Dominique idly wondered if her drink was tainted, such was the way her evening turned.

"You seem a little overdressed." A voice spoke out to her side. Dominique turned and cane face to face with fellow actress Holly Willoughby. The blonde was definitely in clubbing attire. A black number that hugged her gorgeous figure while providing a deep V neck that brought a person's eyes to her D-cup cleavage. Moreover, the outfit seemed incredibly tight across the prominent bulge in her crotch; a clear indication of the heat she was packing.

"I was...at another event." Dominique tried to explain. She wasn't wearing anything crazy, just more formal. It was a beige dress that hugged her curves with a deep V that went all the way to her navel. The sides of her head were shaved and her hair was done up in a faux hawk.

"Oooh yes..." The blonde purred. "I had that invitation and decided to come here instead...why don't you dance with me?"

Not one to turn such an offer Dominique put down the drink and joined her. Just as they appeared on the floor the music changed out. An incredibly fast number that had both ladies gyrating as their bodies moved to the beat. Sweat poured off the duo as they tried to outdo the other. Dominique had the advantage there, her dancer's hips rocked back and forth, sometimes cresting higher than her waist as the beat slowed down. More than just Holly approved. Hands groped at her as but she didn't care. After the disappointment of the early evening this was what was needed.

Holly wasn't idle either. She didn't resort to twerking, but instead she moved her entire body much like Shakira would. Her booty was a riot of activity as her outfit cried for mercy. More than once someone tried to mount her gyrating frame only to get bucked off as she changed the beat.

For nearly a half hour the two played this game. Dancing around each other til their skin glistened with sweat. There was an unspoken desire between the two as they draw ever nearer to one another. Near the end they were slapping their asses together. Yet, that was not the only effect. Both 3Cs were starting to swell down below. Their bulges grew in size they were both hard. Dominique, who's cock was feeling incredibly tight, suddenly felt a snap against her skin. Her dick seemed less painful as the garter gave way, falling uselessly to the floor. It was hard for her to care however.

After 40 minutes of dancing the pair finally stopped for a rest. The air around them was thick with sexual tension. Finally the band stopped to take a breather and they decided to so much the same. Holly and Dominique leaned on each for support as they dragged their asses up the stairs. The guard there gave them a brief glance before ushering them into the secluded VIP area.

Holly let out a long sigh as she hit the heavily padded couch in their private booth. "Wow...I haven't put in a session like that for awhile."

"Feels good doesn't it?" Dominique stretched before being swallowed by an equally padded chair.

"It does...everything just gets so tight you know. Sometimes you just have to let loose." The sexual tension followed them up into the VIP area. The mocha skinned actress saw an opportunity. Both of them were dancing around the issue, that is their obvious desire for one another. Yet, there was a slight issue. Their room was completely encased in glass, any sexy time was bound to be noticed and interrupted. Dominique sighed in frustration, Her cock ached for release.

"How are you guys doing tonight?"

Holly and Dominique both turned and finally noticed there was a third occupant in their room. When they first staggered in they assumed the chair looking out was empty, yet it was occupied.

"Oh, we didn't know that..." Holly tried to stammer out an apology.

"Nope. Don't even bother. I was watching you two dance and directed you up here." Avril Lavigne replied. The pixish 3C bounded out of her chair. "I'll let you two be..."

"Funny thing about these rooms..." Avril stated as she walked towards the door. "You press this button here for the lights..."

The lights in the room went off completely.

"This one here for the *ahem* mood lighting."

Previously hidden lights sprung up up around the perimeter filling the room with a soft blue light. "...and this one...well no one will see you now..."

The glass all around them seemed to darken as soon as the button was pressed. Now no one could look in and see what was going on, but those inside could see out. There was no doubt that this was meant for one purpose only.

"Have fun ladies..." Avril waved at the pair and left humming a tune.

I think I just met Emma's friend. Dominique thought. Already her body was moving on its own. "You heard the lady."

Holly watched through half closed eyes as Dominique advanced on her til she was standing before. No words needed to be exchanged as Holly sat up and reached behind the sexy actress. The music outside was at a hum as the blonde pulled the zipper down.

Dominique's dress pooled on the floor as it fell off her body, leaving her completely nude. Holly wasted no time in exploring the body before her. Dominique gasped slightly and moaned as she slid along her chest. Her hands grasped those brown globes, testing their size and feel before flicking each nipple with her fingers.

Her hands slid down Dominique's body, admiring her firm abdomen and her narrow waist. She traced the contours of her hips as they flared out. Poking at first, then kneading the large swell of her ass. Holly traced along where her butt met thigh; feeling the muscles just beneath the surface. Born from a lifetime of dancing no doubt.

The blonde doubled back when she reached the knees, tracing her fingers up those thighs once again. Here was her ultimate goal. Dominique's dick, which was painfully erect was staring her right in the face. Holly tested the weight of each plum sized testicle in her hands before pushing them aside. Just behind them Dominique's feminine sex was puckered and wet. The Expanse star moaned again as Holly traced her nails around her sensitive lips. Finally, she decided to return to the beast before her.

Holly admittedly was good when it came to size, but this cock was impressive no matter what. One hand could almost encircle the thick member, while it took more than 2 hand lengths to traverse its' length. Holly's mouth watered as she marveled at it. Even now a bead of pre formed at the tip.

Holly didn't say anything as she slowly jerked the cock. Her tongue reached out and started to dabble at the tip; the sweet taste of Dominique's cum splashed onto her taste buds as her musk filled Holly's lungs. She wanted more.

What started as a dabble soon became full licks. Holly's tongue slid along the surface of Dominique's cock; feeling the contours of its surface. She felt how veins crisscrossed the entire length, how big they were and pulsed with blood to the beat of Dominique's heart. Holly herself was painfully erect, her outfit was struggling in vain against the 12 inch monster in its' quest for freedom. Yet, there was time for that later.

Holly returned to the head of Dominique's cock. Already it glistened from a mix and saliva and pre. Holly couldn't resist any longer. Why should she after all? Her lips parted and the dick slid in.

The mocha skinned goddess let out a soft moan as 6 inches disappeared into Holly. The blonde started to suck and bob on her rod; Holly's warm mouth providing just the right environment for this blowjob. Her tongue swirled about the thick member as she went. It danced along the underside eliciting gasps of pleasure. When it moved up and circled the head, those gasps turned to cries of delight.

Dominique began to unconsciously rock her hips back and forth, willing more of her member into Holly. The blonde actress took it in stride, several more inches disappeared as her cheeks bulged and her throat seemed to expand as the cock went in. Dominique's hands, which had been placid to this point finally joined in. They stretched and encircled Holly's head; her fingers giving an impromptu scalp massage as she moved Holly's head back and forth.

There was no way she was going to last long with this. Her dry spell and the sensuous nature of their lovemaking was having its effect. Already waves of pleasure were crashing upon her shores. Her cock tingled in the warm moist confines of Holly's mouth. Her blowjob was exquisite. Already her dick was aching for a release, her balls too vibrated as they cried to release their cargo.

Dominique looked down at partner, her chocolate brown eyes meeting Holly's blue ones. "I'm gonna cum."

Holly couldn't speak from the cock in her mouth but her eyes said it all. "Do it! Cum for me baby. Fill my cheeks up with your seed!"

The actress needed no further invitation. Her entire body tingled as her testicles dropped. Her cock gave one shake and went off. Fireworks went off before Dominique as her dry spell ended, her dick shooting shot after shot of her hot sperm into her lover. Holly's cheeks bulged as she tried to keep up with the jizz that Dominique unleashed. Finally, after what felt like a minute she was spent.

Dominique's entire body felt like she just had a massage. Everything was that good sore you get from a workout. Maybe it was the storm that signaled the end of her spell. She pulled her softening member out of Holly's mouth. The blonde swallowed, making the copious amount of cum disappear. "Tasty."

Holly finally stood up and the pair stared eye to eye. She moved forward first and kissed Dominique. She responded in kind, opening her own mouth and letting their tongues duel one another; the faint taste of her jizz caught her taste buds.

It was Dominique's turn to explore. Her hands glided around Holly's body until they found the zipper. The zip of the teeth pulling apart was all that could be heard over the noise of the makeup session. With a final click the zipper came undone. The black top pulled away from Holly's body and Dominique ripped it free. Her body, now free from the confining clothes, became a wonderland for the Expanse star to explore.

She cupped at Holly's tits, noting the heft of each one and purrs that escaped as she rolled over the diamond hard nipples. Holly suppressed a giggle as Dominique's hands slid down her mid-section.

The dark-skinned actress finally broke their kiss and slid down Holly's body; pausing briefly to give each breast a suckle as she went to crotch level. Holly couldn't move as Dominique grabbed the zipper of her pants with her teeth and pulled it down. Holly's member sprang free as Dominique pulled down her tight pants.

Suddenly free, Holly's cock bobbed happily until it came to a rest; a critical brown eye examined it. "Mmm...so pretty..."

Dominique gave it a lick. "Tasty too."

She stood back up and leaned over the couch; arching her back so her sizeable rump stuck straight out and the puckered lips of her pussy were on full display. "Let me taste that."

Holly needed no further invitation as she sauntered forward towards her partner. She could feel the warmth emanating off Dominique as she cozied up to her. Before she dove into the sex that was being offered. Her hands slid down the brunettes back; tracing the contours of the spine, the narrow of her waist and the swell of her ass. Holly squeezed that, making her moan. "You tease."

"Just a sample." Holly grabbed her rock hard member and lined up with her entrance. Dominique gasped and sucked in air as her Holly entered her sex. The blonde cooed as she entered. Dominique was the perfect combination of tightness and softness. Slowly, she began to push forward; inches of dick disappearing into her partner.

Dominique started to push back against Holly. The pace was slow, aching slow for her likes. Holly seemed to have gotten the message. Hands grasp hold of her waist as she wrapped around Dominique for support. She flexed and started pushing further. Soon the entire length was nestled inside her lover. For a moment they did nothing, merely stood still to enjoy their union. At the same time however, both decided it was enough. Dominique pushed forward while Holly pulled back.

What happened next was an explosion of lust and pleasure. The duo reversed directions and met with a loud slap of flesh. As if to punctuate this, they both cried out as they met. Now that the pace was set, the pair was off to the raves.

Dominique held onto the lip of the couch for dear life. Her entire body rocked as Holly slammed home into her. Her breasts shook with every thrust, hitting the soft fabric of the couch and sending her further into the reaches of pleasure. It was so exquisite a feeling. Her own cock was fully hard again. It too hung down and hit the couch regularly; leaving a trail of precum as it rocked back and forth.

Holly was in a state of utter pleasure as she fucked Dominique. Her cock was squeezed tightly as it went back and forth, pistoning in and out of the mocha skinned 3C. Unknown to Dominique, Holly had her own dry spell going on since her previous lover left for a film shoot. Her balls were bloated with a month's worth of pent up spunk; threatening to spill out as soon as she cum. Holly has hoped to find a release going out to the club, but she never expected to run across such a perfect lover. An orgasm was already brewing within her and soon that kettle was going to boil over.

Dominique let out a low cry and that raised several octaves as her pussy clenched tight. She was orgasming, her entire body spasmed as her feminine sex vibrated in delight and released a fluid of juices.

"Oooh did you just cum?" Holly teased.

"Yeeeesssss..." Her partner hissed out. Dominique felt a little dirty not waiting for her partner, she her body craved it.

"Naughty, not waiting for me...but...Mmmmmm...you're about to get it." Holly increased her pace until the sound of flesh slapping together was almost deafening. "Here it comes!"

Dominique felt Holly's cock swell in size and then let loose. Shot after shot went off inside her as Holly's cum cannon fired volley after volley of potent jizz deep into her. The receiving 3C moaned out as she orgasmed herself; a few shots of cum blasted out of her own dick onto the couch.

Holly gave a few last pumps, milking the last few pints of sperm from her spent member. She let out a long sigh as she came down from her orgasmic high. She leaned forward, breasts brushing Dominique's back. The duo met in a long sensuous post coital kiss.

Minutes later the pair was slightly more presentable. Their clothing was on but looking slightly disheveled. Yet, they didn't care. With the last of their strength they rearranged the couch, being careful to clear up the cum Dominique shot onto it, so they now had a view out into the club.

The duo, with the bodies draped over one another, as Avril performed on stage. To them, this may be the beginning of a beautiful partnership. A warm breath came over on Dominique's ear.

"Got space for two more?" It was a decidedly husky American voice. Dominique turned to see Emma Stone. Behind her in the form fitting white cocktail dress was Lucy Pinder. Both of them had smiles plastered across their faces. Smiles that implied they knew what happened just moments before.

"Sure. Always more room." Holly and Dominique squeezed in tighter as Lucy Pinder went on Holly's left and Emma on Dominique's right. The newest pair did their best to make them uncomfortable. Fingers traced along thighs as breasts were mashed together.

"These rooms have a lot of secrets you know..." Lucy began as she prodded Holly's growing bulge.
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