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3rd Chromosome: Love again
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"Where are you going?"

"Just to get water, I'm thirsty." Demi stated while extracting herself from her lover.

"Okay." Selena didn't complain but her tone said she was disappointed. Selena admired Demi Lovato as she left the room. Specifically how her plump butt bounced as the short woman strutted out of the room. Selena's hand drifted down her own naked body to her crotch. She idly felt up her sex before drifting a little higher. Her slender fingers traced the edges of her cock before her entire hand wrapped around it. The soft flesh readily responded to the stimulation; slowly engorging from her ministrations.

Selena thought about how lucky she was to meet Demi, another futa girl and a sexy one at that.


Thunderous applause erupted from the stadium. It was Summerfest in Milwaukee; A 10 day music festival where performers from all over gathered together to all put on a show. Several small bands were outside, but the larger names were in the main pavilion. Thursday night was to be Selena's.

The Latina gulped as she looked out at the crowd. Looks like a full house. Selena was nervous. No matter how many concerts she performed, she was always a bundle of nerves until her boots hit the stage.

"You can do it Selena!" A voice rang out from behind her. I know that voice...

"Demi!" The two embraced in bear hug. "You made it!"

"I wasn't going to miss it, cause I mean...it's important..." The smaller singer started to stumble over her words. "...now that you know..."

What Demi was referring to was the rather public falling out the pair had. It wasn't anything in particular that caused it. Maybe a text came out wrong, or Demi was acting weird one night, or Selena was too busy. They had a fallout that crippled their friendship. Yet, as time passed they started speaking again. A text here, an email there. It suddenly didn't matter.

"Later. After I get back." Selena corrected. She already had enough to worry. It was her own fault anyway, she invited Demi here to celebrate the end of her tour. After this show she was looking forward to a long vacation.

"Okay." Demi looked a little dejected, but understood her reasoning. The smaller brunette looked like she had something to say.

"Relax, 2 hours tops." Selena tried to act confident, but in truth she was starting to fracture. They hugged one last time and Demi kissed Selena on the cheek. Before she could process that the band started up. That was Selena's cue.

As she rushed out on stage to begin her act she felt a familiar swelling underneath her costume. Not now. The lights were on her and she began to sing.


Demi waited in Selena's dressing room. She was not splayed over the couch as one might expect but rather she was pacing. She was nervous. Quite nervous in fact, as she has to confront her friend about something. No, confront was the wrong word. She had to admit something.

The worst thing she can do is throw you out and never speak to you again. The small singer repeated in her head. That's the worst. Yet, those thoughts didn't placate her.

A string of shouting and footsteps echoed through the walls. Selena was done no doubt and making her way here. The noise reached a crescendo as the door burst open.A crowd of people were burst as the door as the Ms. Gomez forced her way inside. The noise died down to a faint rumble as the door clicked shut behind her. The 23 year old singer had no sooner slid through the door when she tried to shut it. A shove followed by a loud click and the room was once again silent save for din of background noise.

"Oye." The latina caught her breath against the door. A sheen of sweat coated her and made her seem to glow in the light.

"Tough one?" God what a terrible opener.

"Too many encores, and some fans broke down a barrier to get to me." Selena ran a hand through her hair. "Mind if I shower? I smell like sweat and makeup."

"No go ahead." Stupid! The plus side was it that Demi could collect herself.

"Thanks, I'll just be a few." Demi watched as nonchalantly as possible as Selena started to work her way out of her outfit. Her top was already loose when she made her way to the bathroom. It hit the floor just before she crossed the threshold.

Keep it together woman! Demi thought to herself. She felt a familiar swelling downstairs and knew she was playing a dangerous game. The shower turned on and she pictured Selena in there. Water pouring off her body while she rubbed herself down with lotion and body wash. A groan of satisfaction came through the all. Did she masturbate in there? Unsexy thoughts! Unsexy thoughts!

A few minutes later and the water turned off. The object of Demi's obsession emerged a few minutes later. Thankfully, she was not wrapped in a towel, but rather in some comfortable pajamas.

"Sorry, all clean now."

"It's okay, I feel that way after concerts. The lights feel like they're a foot from your head sometimes." Demi tried to joke.

Selena laughed, "Thanks, I knew you'd understand. Now you had something to say?"

"Selena." Demi leaned in. Now or never. "The reason it got weird was my fault. I just had to break it off."

"What!? Why?" Selena was incredulous.

"Cause I love you!" Demi proclaimed.


"My heart just flutters when I'm near you and oh it hurts cause I didn't know if you'd accept me."

Her friend started to open her mouth but Demi cut her off.

"There's something else you need to know." Demi paused. "I have a third chromosome."

The third chromosome. That was the polite way to put it. It was a genetic oddity, or rarity depending on how you looked at it. It lay dormant in a person's DNA until puberty then it manifested with gusto. Men looked forward to growing breasts and a vagina. Women grew a dick. It was not something someone normally discussed; many were ashamed by their third chromosome.

"I knew it!" Demi slapped her hands again her thighs and bolted upright; tears formed in her brown eyes as she leapt for the door.

"Wait! Demi!"

The brunette had nearly ripped the door open when she paused. Tears were streaming from eyes as she turned to face Selena. "What? Do you want to make fun of me now? Look at the dickgirl!"

Dickgirl. That was one of the worst things to call someone with the third chromosome. Women were called that. Men got the moniker pussiboys. Neither of them really appreciated it. Selena stood up and came up to Demi. The smaller girl was practically shaking violently as she approached. Selena made a decision in that instant that would change everything.

For Demi, time seemed to slow down as Selena approached. Both of her secrets were now in the open. This is worse than I thought! She hates me! Her entire body shook in a combination of fear and embarrassment.

"Thanks, I just wanted to know. If it was me. Because I do too." Selena grabbed Demi's face and kissed her deeply. Seconds stretched into minutes as the pair kissed. Demi gained enough composure to wrap her arms around Selena lest she come to her senses.

Finally the pair broke off for air. "If I'm in a puddle on the floor, I'm doing a good job of thinking otherwise."

"Shhh." Selena kissed her again. Yes she did indeed love Demi, though she never admitted it til this moment. When they broke off their friendship, Selena thought it was for the best. Yet, she couldn't get Demi out if her head. So she sent a text.

"What about my third chromosome?" Demi complained. She was going back to her worrisome self.

"What about it?" Selena grasped Demi's hand and guided it down to her own crotch. Through the fabric she was able to feel the slight bulge of something lurking beneath.

Demi's brown eyes widened. "You're a..!"

"Yes, I'm one like you." Selena confirmed and Demi squealed in delight.

"Let me see!" She started to pull on Selena's pants until the brunette stopped her.

"Easy now. You don't want to send me to the floor!" Selena admonished.

"Sorry." Demi wiped her eyes and blushed like she was in high school; her arms locked in front of her. "I'll show you mine if you show me yours."


A flurry of clothes went into the air as the girls discarded every scrap of clothing they had on. If someone were to observe, it would look like some old time comedy but. Yet, in under a minute both of them were naked.

The two futanari stood opposite each other, drinking in each other while also comparing. Obviously, Selena was a little taller, and more slender; yet Demi had a booty that just ached to be squeezed. Selena's chest was perkier, but Demi had her beat out in size. Just barely. Demi wanted to suck Selena's gumdrop sized nipples badly. The main thing they were comparing however was their dicks.

Selena's was long, maybe a shade over 8 inches and 1.5 inches thick. Demi's was shorter but considerably thicker. At about 6 inches long and 3 inches thick, it was a sexual baseball bat ready to pound any pussy into submission.

Their inspection over, they fell into each other's arms. Hands and limbs went wild as each competed for dominance. A butt was squeezed here, a nipple pulled there. Their lips mashed together in a frenzy as their tongues danced around one another. Even their dicks dueled each other as their bodies rubbed. Moans escaped both sets of lips as their cocks rubbed up against each other.

It was Selena that lost this contest. Her knees went weak as Demi squeezed a tit. The shorter girl took advantage and knocked her flat. Selena landed on the couch and bounced before Demi was on top of her, lavishing her body with kisses. She stopped at Selena's member.

The brunettes' cock was standing out like a beacon. 8 inches of girlcock and it was all for her. Demi stuck her tongue out and licked it tentatively. She was nervous, she never gave a blow job and this would certainly be a challenge. With one hand around the base she licked it again, slowly finding a pattern. Judging by Selena's coos, she was doing a good job. It made Demi wet to hear Selena cry in pleasure. Especially when she ran her tongue around the helmet of the cock. She lapped at the drop of pre that formed at the slit.

Now or never. Demi opened her mouth and took in Selena's member. Almost immediately she gagged as the long rod hit the back of her throat. Bringing it out, she tried again only to meet the same result.

"First time?"

Demi nodded, embarrassed.

"Try not to force it. Just ease in...ooh like that..." Selena gripped the edge of the couch as Demi sucked on her cock. The smaller brunette had done as asked; the head was just past her lips. Her tongue tickled the sensitive underside. Soon, she established her own rhythm. She let her tongue play with the cock for but a moment before she'd bob her head on it; slowly taking more of it in. Yet, try as she might her throat was still the limit. Selena rode this pleasure train for awhile before pulling Demi back.

"Let me see what you got." Demi's own cock dripped in anticipation. She crawled up Selena and straddled her chest; her thick meaty member just inches from Selena's face.

Selena was able to reach up and grab it. Her hands barely encircling the girth. She stroked it tentatively; eliciting a moan and a large glob of cum to burst out from the tip.

"Easy now." Selena dabbed at the tip before stroking the underside with her tongue. "Show me what you can do."

"You mean?" Demi asked quizzically.

"Fuck me."

Demi moved down Selena's body and adjusted it so. Just under Selena's hard cock and bloated balls sat her cunt. Already it was slick with juices. Her lips glistening and spread open as if to welcome Demi's fat member.

In her excitement, she nearly pressed the entire thing in at once, overwhelming her lover.

"Easy, fuck me, not roast me." Selena gasped as the head slipped in. "God you're massive."

Demi giggled at the praise and pressed in. More of her dick slipped inside; the large head clearing way.

"Oh god." Selena shouted as Demi's member pressed inside of her. It wasn't the longest, but dear god it was thick. "You're stretching me out!"

Demi wasn't listening though. Instead she was wrapped up in the sensations and pleasures that now filled her mind. She was already starting to pump in and out of Selena; her body mindlessly trying to get even more pleasure for her brain. Her member sank in and out at an ever increasing pace; her lover's sex was a tight velvet box, perfectly formed for her cock

Selena's entire body shook. It wasn't her doing; Demi was pounding her with reckless abandon. That thick dick of hers ruthlessly pistoned inside her. Her head was awash in pleasure, her eyes seeing stars as her cunt experienced mini orgasms. She did have enough presence to wrap her legs around Demi.

Selena's member was overly hard. The 8 inch tool bounced between the two bodies as they fucked; a continual stream of pre leaking out as it flailed about. Selina gritted her teeth to stave off the inevitable. "Argh! Argh!"

"Hmm?" Demi looked up, and slowed her pace. "Am I hurting you?"

"Only with pleasure. Can we switch?"

Demi nodded, but rather than moving spots she just pulled free of Selena and moved up.

"What are you...oh god!" Selena shouted as Demi sat down. In an instant her entire 8 inch member was swallowed by Demi's hungry cunt. The short futanari wasted no time in going to work on Selena. She rode her like she was possessed; she bucked like crazy while her snatch milked her partners' dick.

The taller futa managed to get her arms around Demi. First of all, she got her to stabilize lest she go flying off. Secondly, it let her play with Demi's bouncing butt. Selena got to grope it before, but it was like Pringles. She had a taste and now wanted more. Her hands sunk into the flesh as she bounced. She grabbed at each cheek and squeezed, a cry of pleasure coming from her lover.

"More! More! More!" Demi screamed, her body frantically pumping away on Selena's cock. Her ass shook violently as her lover kneaded it, propelling her to new heights in pleasure.

"Is that all you got?!" Selena threatened.

"Argh!" Demi cried out. Her cock was leaking endlessly as it bounced around. It would slap Demi on the stomach before rebounding and hitting Selena. Its' rock solid flesh now a shade of crimson as it threatened to blow.

Demi spasmed as she came. Her cunt clamped down on Selena's cock as her own began to buck. A spray of cum erupted from her dick as Demi continued to thrash; jizz went everywhere as her orgasm continued. Shot after shot landed on Selena, her chest in particular took a good painting. Not that noticed or cared at this point.

Selena's own release sent her into the heavens. Her member pumped mightily against Demi's pussy, releasing her own seed deep into her lover. Her cries of pleasure drowning out everything else.

The two girls came off their orgasmic high. Selena's body was dripping with spunk. The spunk of her new found lover. Demi collapsed onto Selena, her dick wedged between the two of them. Selena's own member was still buried in Demi. It was soft by now but Demi's pussy refused to let it go.

Their bodies spent, the pair merely held on each other. No words needed to be said as they realized the depths of each others' affection. They shared one last kiss before drifting off to sleep in each others' arms.


Selena squeezed her dick harder when she thought of that, their first true encounter. Her engorged cock was just begging now for stimulation.

"Starting without me?" Demi was leaning against the door, water in hand. Selena took the time to admire her body; paying particular attention to those large breasts and the fat dick between her legs. She set the glass down and sauntered to the bed; her shaft swinging with every step.

Demi crawled into bed and up to Selena. Her hardening dick scraping the sheets as she went. She stopped for a moment and kissed Selena's rigid member before continuing up her body, lavishing it with kisses.

Selena moaned as her partner kissed her breast before sucking on her nipple. Demi came forward and kissed her on the lips and saddled up behind her. She wanted to be the big spoon tonight.

The smaller futanari rested her chin on Selena's shoulder; down below her hard member poked her lover in the back. The fat shaft was practically demanding entry, yet that didn't happen. Rather, Demi slid her right hand along Selena's curves; her fingers electric across her lovers' skin. She slid down to Selena's member and tenderly grasped it; causing a gasp to escape her lips.

Demi slowly began to pump it; tease was more like it. The cock felt warm in her hand as she lovingly stroked it; her partner cooing in delight. Selena's own hands drifted up and cupped her breasts; pinching at her nipples.

Selena said it first. "I love you."

Demi smiled. "Say it again when I don't have my hand on your cock."

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