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3rd Chromosome: Golden Ticket
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Chloe had won the golden ticket. That's what people would say. It didn't come in a chocolate bar however, rather in a plain manila envelope delivered by a grumpy UPS driver. Yet, Chloe Grace Moretz didn't feel like a winner. In fact she felt like a loser.

As soon as you say yes your secret is out. Chloe thought to herself as she stared at the package. The contents were an invitation that girls would kill for. Guys would kill for it too, but that's beside the point. It was an invitation to join Taylor Swift's girl squad; A group consisting of the biggest names in hollywood, music and modeling. Millions rode on their names and anyone invited in got a huge boost in their career.

Yet, Chloe turned it down. She told herself that the squad wouldn't be good for her. That it was pretentious, and too much like a high school clique for her to be interested. Those were all lies, she wanted to join desperately, but she wasn't sure if she can handle it; wasn't sure if she could resist. So, Chloe did what she had to do. The blonde wrote that she had declined and sent the invitation back. There wasn't even a box for declining on the golden invite; Chloe had to fill one in.

She dropped it in the mail a week ago and hoped that was the end of it. Now she sat alone in her condo, curled up on her couch. The reason she declined in hand. 11 hard inches of reason. Yes it was big and quite a bitch to hide; the particulars of which she dare not think about. Her third chromosome had hit her like a freight train, leaving the massive member in its' wake. The weighty beast was supported by two large balls. Each one the size of a egg. They provided a copious amount of sperm when she unloaded. And unload she did. It seemed like not a day went by that Chloe didn't masturbate. Her giant gonads always seemed full and screaming for release.

Chloe lovingly stroked her tool; gently teasing it as she decided how to go about today's session. An adult flick? Porn perhaps? A new copy of 3C magazine arrived that she didn't look through yet. Madam J was on the cover, all 13 inches of her. So erotic.

Chloe was yet to decide when the doorbell broke her train of thought. Cursing, she packed her tool back into her pajamas as best as she could. Her cock groaned in protest as it slammed back between her legs.

Chloe prayed that her pants would hide the bulge of her semi erect monster. She flung open the door, intent to get rid of this distraction as soon as possible, and immediately stopped.

"What!...is it?" Her head tilted up, and up and up as she strained to take in the person at the door. After Taylor Swift, Gigi Hadid was one of the most well known members of her squad. That was precisely who was standing in Chloe's doorway.

"Hello Chloe. May I come in?" Gigi asked. The model looked like she was about to go for a run. Her hair back in a ponytail, her mile long legs in exercise pants and her upper body poured into a tank top. Yet, Chloe knew no one 'going for a run' happened to look this good. Especially with their makeup done so well. Pretentious.

"Of course you can." Though honestly, Chloe wished she wouldn't.

Gigi sauntered in and examined her condo. "Nice place."

Is she mocking me? "Umm, thanks. Why are you here?" Chloe asked the tall brunette.

"I thought I'd stop by and see you. You know get to know you."

"Uh-huh." Chloe didn't believe that line.

"You know..." Here it comes. "We were wondering. We got your response the other day and saw you turned down your invite. No one has ever done that. Why?"

This certainly put Chloe in a tough spot, but she was not going to back down. "I find that you're a group of overly pretentious high school girls that seem to snub everyone else."

Gigi looked amused and snooty at the same time. "Really? That sounded so rehearsed. How long did you practice before a mirror?"

Fuck! Gigi leaned forward, pushing her breasts into Chloe's face. The blonde, despite all that was going on felt a tingle below decks. Not now! "So what's the real reason? Do we scare you?"


"No? Hmm. Your eyes say yes."

Now Chloe was getting angry. Way too angry. Angry her judgment was clouded. "No! This is why!"

The very second Chloe dropped her pajama bottoms she regretted it. Her cock hung semi flaccidly in the open air. Nearly 8 inches long; the thick rod slowly kept engorging, rising to meeting Gigi's gaze.

"Oh my god!" Chloe panicked and started to pull her pants back up but Gigi stopped her.

"Oooh this is why? You know we've never had a 3C before." Gigi stated while slinking to her knees. 3C: another term for those with the 3rd Chromosome. "Especially not someone so...blessed."

"Stop it!" Chloe protested, but Gigi heard none of it.

"Why?" By now the model had a hand wrapped around its' girth; a critical eye examining her new prize.

"Because..." The blonde started to complain but the model cut her off.

"You're embarrassed?" Gigi tsked, "Nothing embarrassing about this, let me show you."

Before Chloe could respond Gigi started to lick at the member. The huge pillar of pleasure was now fully engorged: 11 inches of prick now in her hands.

"Oh god!" Chloe's knees felt weak as Gigi continued her oral assault. This the first time she ever got such treatment.

"See? Why don't we move the couch?"

The blonde flopped onto the couch as the brunette crawled between her legs. Both hands barely encircled the massive member as Gigi took ahold once more. Her plump lips parted and began to lap at it once more. Chloe moaned as the brunette worked her over. The model had obviously done this before.

"Like that do you?" The blonde futanari could only nod. "It's about to get a whole lot better."

No longer content with simply teasing, Gigi starting in on the massive head. Her lips spread wide as she struggled to get the cock into her mouth. With an audible pop, it squeezed in.

It was tight, incredibly tight. Gigi had a big mouth, but it couldn't handle something this big. Yet, she gave it the college try. Her tongue danced and tickled the underside while her hot breath cascaded over the the head. Her lips pulled at the helmet causing Chloe to shudder in pleasure. Chloe inched forward, wanting more.

"Oh god, I want this thing in me now!" Gigi said, disconnecting herself from the mammoth member. "Please fuck me!"

With these compelling statements, who was Chloe to resist. She got off the couch on unsteady knees, allowing Gigi to take her place. As she lay down the model spread her legs wide; her moist pink pussy on full display. It called to Chloe like a beacon; draw to it like a moth to a flame. She subconsciously licked her lips as her cock led the way, pointing to Gigi's womanly folds.

Chloe wanted to slam it in, but Gigi practiced restraint. "Easy now. My boyfriend is a fraction of this size, and he's a tight fit."

Tight fit. Chloe glossed over the boyfriend part; her mind was focused on the sex. She pushed the head forward until it just barely made contact with Gigi's lips. It was clear who was going to win this contest, and Gigi was going to be split wide open. After a moment's hesitation Chloe pushed forward.

Gigi Hadid screamed as the colossal head entered her snatch. It filled her, stretched her, yet felt oh so good. Another inch entered.

Chloe was immediately overwhelmed with pleasure. Gigi was like a vice, so tight and absolutely refusing to let go. With no choice she pushed forward. More and more of her dick entered the poor girl.

In her head Chloe had a running commentary going on. A play by play announcement as she showed this model who was boss. "That's right! Work that cock! Pound that little slut!"

Chloe wanted to laugh at that, but was too busy concentrating. Despite all logic and reasoning her member was nearly fully inside the poor model. Gigi gave a steady stream of moans, cries, and probably curses as the blonde futa rammed into her clearly intent on filling her up completely.

With an audible slap Chloe's bloated balls hit the couch. She was in completely. Her partner's belly bulged where her mammoth member sat resting inside her. Now wasn't the time to celebrate. The blonde began to thrust, slowly working her hips in and out as far as they could go. Almost a foot of cock entered Gigi's abused sex only to cram itself back inside.

Gigi screamed as she experienced her first orgasm. Her canal was so stretched, so full that she felt every little bump of Chloe as she pumped in and out. Every bulging vein on her colossal tool seemed to rub the model; inflicting her with pleasure. As best as she could she held on for dear life.

Chloe's brow was furrowed in concentration. Gigi has her first orgasm and was starting her second. Her pussy was getting tighter by the second! It wouldn't be long now before Chloe herself had an orgasm. Stars began to form before her eyes as her vision grayed out. Oh dear god!

Chloe pulled out of Gigi was an audible pop. Before she could say anything the blonde crammed her dick in Gigi's open mouth and started thrusting. The brunette gagged but she didn't care. Chloe was so close...

Chloe slammed her cock into Gigi one last time; the head buried somewhere in her throat as she came. A tidal wave of cum shot through her dick, bulging it as shot after shot went into into the brunette. Gigi tried to struggle, but Chloe's grip held fast as she cried out in pleasure.

"Yes, take it you little slut!" Swallow my cum!" Chloe shouted at the top of her lungs as she came. Stars popped before her eyes as she continued to release her load into the helpless model. Finally, she finished and pulled away. Her softening cock leaving a thin strand of cum between it and Gigi's lips. Chloe plopped onto the couch next to her, exhausted. Whelp, guess I get to save that magazine for next time.

Gigi coughed, her throat thoroughly trashed by the face fucking she just got. Her stomach bulged from the cum in it. Everything about her was in tatters; the model looked like she just walked through a tornado. Her cunt was wide open still, a steady stream of juices poured out onto the plush floor. "You can't say no to joining the squad now, We will love to have you...and this."

Gigi grabbed Chloe's softening member. As if she needed to show what she was referring to.


Chloe joined the girl squad after all and instantly fit right in. Her and her 11 inches of girlcock made her quite the popular lady within the group. Chloe enjoyed it too, it was nice having a group of the sexiest celebrities as her personal harem. Or was she their personal fucktoy? It didn't matter to her.
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