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3rd Chromosome: Spa
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Hilary tapped her foot impatiently as the receptionist typed information into the computer.

"You're all set. Is there anything else I can get you?" The brunette behind the counter closed out her computer screen.

"Is Destiny available today?"

"She is not. She's out on maternity leave for the next few weeks."

"Oh." Hilary was disappointed, though slightly nervous at that remark. The receptionist gave her a knowing look.

"However we had a replacement massage therapist available. I can book you in."


"One second...and there. You have a 12:13 with Mara."

"Thank you."

"Enjoy your stay." The brunette directed Hilary Duff to the red door on her right. The Red Door, as the spa was known, was a very special spa. It catered to a very specific clientele. Hilary ran her fingers through her hair as she made her way inside. First she stopped at the locker room. An attendant provided her with a white bathrobe that seemed to be made of fluff and a pair of memory foam slippers. Once inside the locker room proper she started slipping out of her outfit. Her windbreaker went on the hook quickly followed by her top. Her pants puddled onto the floor leaving the brunette in just her underwear.

Hilary turned and looked into the mirror near her. Not too shabby. She mused. The former Disney starlet had taken decent care of herself and it showed. Spa trips like this certainly help. Hilary reached around and unhooked her bra, letting the straps slide sensuously off her arms until it cascaded off to the floor. One last thing. Hilary glided her hands over to her panties; her fingers running over her magnificent bulge that the blue material struggled to contain. Hilary was a 3C; one of those blessed, or cursed, with both genders.

The brunette hooked the sides with her fingers and slid the underwear down. It seemed to sigh with relief as it no longer had to contain her flaccid member. She stepped out of the underwear and looked back in the mirror. Her cock hung pleasantly from her crotch; flaccidly, it went to her mid-thigh. Erect, it just about reached her knee. Yet, that wasn't a good judge, as she was only 5'2". A better measurement was against a ruler, and for that she was 11". She absently pulled on the cock; letting it breathe after being trapped in its' fabric prison. Just underneath, her balls seemed to relax as well; drooping as they were no longer held firm against her body. Each one was close to a ping pong ball in size and produced copious amounts of sperm. I may want to get a paternity test. Hilary thought. That's what Gale, the receptionist, was hinting at. I'm sure I'm not the only one she fucks though.

Hilary wrapped herself up in the bathrobe and closed her locker door. The sounds of slippers on tile followed the brunette as she plodded down the hallway. The smell of chlorine and chemicals filled her nostrils as she emerged into the pool area. She heard laughter and continued onward.

"...it was awkward to say the least. When she picked herself up, I was standing right there. I had already looked down her shirt so that wasn't the only thing standing if you get my drift."

Hilary turned the corner and found two girls sitting in a hot tub.

"Hilary!" Amanda Bynes shouted as she saw her, causing Lindsay Lohan to turn. She frantically waved her hands as if Hilary was on the other side of the room.

"Amanda, Lindsay. I didn't know you would be here." Hilary smiled at her two compatriots as she approached the bubbling water.

"I had some time off after filming, figured I stop in." Lindsay responded. The redhead did a lot of independent work now, ditching main screen stuff after Mean Girls and Freaky Friday.

"Oh, how'd the go?" Hilary slipped off her robe revealing her full naked glory. She felt both ladies drinking in her form.

"Canyons was interesting." Lindsay reached over and plunked a wine glass from the side. "Everyone wants to chase Freaky Friday."

Hilary thought about that as she took off her slippers and tested the water. Freaky Friday became a champion movie for 3Cs. It was the same old mother daughter body swap plot but with a twist: The daughter was a 3C and was hiding it from her mother. Lindsay's fame skyrocketed even more after that, and she had the power to do indie works. "Oh?"

"Yeah. A couple with an open relationship and the girl is a 3C, blah blah blah." Lindsay rolled her eyes and took a drink.

"You're not impressed." Hilary slid into the water, her skin rejoicing as the bubbles cascaded over her.

"Oh come on Hils, you know it's bullshit." Amanda chimed in. "Lindsay just took the job for a paycheck right?"

"Audi payment." Lohan corrected.

Hilary shook her head, that's how it went we these two. "So what we're you talking about before?"

"Ahh!" Lindsay nearly slammed her glass down. "That my friend is a tale."

"Should we?" Amanda asked.

"We should." Lindsay scooted herself next to Hilary, pressing her body against her. "We, Amanda and I took a little trip down to Cancun. So much fun."

"It was." Amanda confirmed. "There was one party, I think went for 2 days. So many women."

"Yeah." Lindsay licked her lips as she thought back to it. "On day 2 of the party, 3rd day of our bender, we were at this pool side cabana. Amanda disappeared with these two chicks. Did you ever learn their names?"

"Nope. Just Barbie 1 and Barbie 2." Amanda closed her eyes and made a gesture with her hand in the shape of an hour glass. Her other hand disappeared in the water. "Twins, and they did everything together. Everything. I got to scratch a double off the list."

"Everyone's had a double." Lindsay corrected.

"But not twins!" Amanda added defensively. "I should have gotten their numbers."

"Meanwhile I'm at the bar, just hanging out, checking on the locals, when this black haired beauty comes stumbling up. She's a total mess, boobs hanging out of her bikini. Had a bit of a Megan Fox look going on." The redhead started explaining. "She stumbles down in front of me and looks up.

"Now I know I'm not the biggest out there, but little Lohan was at attention; my bottoms were busted trying to hold her in." Lindsay starting laughing, "Her eyes go wide and a place a hand on either side of my crotch; making him stick out that much more. I tell her 'Where'd you think this came from a pill bottle?'"

The entire group busted out laughing. Lindsay loved taking people by surprise. "So did you?'

"Of course I did!" She shouted. "There was nothing that girl wouldn't do."

Hilary felt Lindsay's cock beneath the water. The thick member glided along her body as it hardened; inching her thigh to her own engorging member. A hand went with the dick. Lindsay's paw slid right along with it along Hils thigh.


"Everything." Lindsay leaned in close, going in for a kiss. Hilary was ready to return it.

"Ms. Duff?" A staffer broke them out of their lust. "Your massage appointment is in 10 minutes."

"I...erm...thank you..." What rotten luck. Hilary went it for a kiss anyway. "Looks like I need to go."

The redhead was already over at Amanda, her hands deep beneath the bubbling waves. "Suit yourself."

Hilary climbed out of the pool, her skin puckering against the cool air as water dripped off her body. Time for a good rub down. She mused as she redonned her robe. As she left the pool area she heard Amanda cry out in pleasure. "Give it to me you slut!"

Hmmm, those two.


Hilary approached the door to the massage room and knocked.

"Come in." The voice was decidedly feminine, dropping with sexuality.

Hilary walked inside, only to be greeted by a pixie of a woman. "Hello, I am Mara."

"Um. Hi." Her eyes worked her up and down several times. Whereas Destiny, her previous masseuse was a tall elegant woman, Mara was sexiness compressed. Her hair was a brunette blonde swirl in a pixie cut. Her brown eyes sparkled with mischief. Her full lips looked perpetually curled into a smile. As Hilary traces her eyes down she noticed her small chest confined in a sports bra. Yet, that was not a problem for her. Hilary was surprised, floored even, by Mara's mexican heritage showing. Her ass was a thing of beauty, bursting forth from her thin frame, yet still managing to be contained in her exercise pants. If she had to guess, she'd imagine that her butt was bigger than Iggy's and Kim's. And very slappable.

"Please, remove your garments and get on the table. Cover yourself up with the sheet. I'll be outside." All business though. She left as Hilary started to work herself out of her robe. Her voice was commanding. It promised naughtiness and seduction, it filled her body with desire and made her loins tingle. Her robe was quickly tossed aside, she slid onto the table between the sheets.

There was a knock on the door. "Are you ready Ms. Duff."

"I'm ready for anything you want to give me." She responded, ideally hoping she'd give all she wanted. Hopefully she wouldn't stain the sheets with her desire; already little Hilary was plumping up. Hopefully it wouldn't lift her ass off the table.

Suffice to say, the massage was heaven. Hilary was practically gripping the table for dear life as Mara worked her way up and down her body. Her strong oiled hands slid across her receptive skin. Her touch: electric as she worked out her muscles, replacing dull aches with a pleasant soreness. She was putty in her hands, and these were the hands of a master. Was she as skilled a lover as she was a masseuse? Hilary wanted to know. She was going to know no matter what.

Mara finished her back with a gentle pull on her neck, leaving Hilary was complete jello. It was almost like her body refused to move after experiencing such a delight. "Flip over."

That worried Hilary. Her cock was painfully erect now. All 11 inches were pressing hard against the table material, denting it nicely. Her mind flashed to anything that would help; baseball, movie scripts, her ex's cooking... Wait. Why am I worried about this? This is a 3C spa. Surely Mara knew that going in. Hilary thought to herself.

The brunette suppressed a moan as she rolled over. Her dick, now free from its' resting spot, sprung free and now slid along the thin fabric that covered her. It tented the fabric nicely as she came to rest; the sheet was pulled into a tent that even now started to darken. Mara didn't say anything however. Instead, the masseuse continued her work on Hilary, her hands gliding across her flesh.

What surprised Hilary was when Mara leaned in over her, giving her an eye full of her breasts. Yet, her hands were what garnered the most attention. A moan escaped Hilary's lips as Mara wrapped her hands around her breasts. Her fingertips teased the supple flesh, making Hilary squirm.

"Mmmhmmm." Mara confirmed as she continued her rubdown. Her hands toyed with each tit in turn, rubbing it throughly before cupping it; delicately squeezing each one and flicking at her engorged nipples.

"Jesus!" Hilary declared, her whole body shaking. Destiny was much more direct when it came to their love making. No Mara was more like putting a pot of tea on to simmer, and Hilary was going to boil over soon.

Hilary left Mara drapped across the table, her legs splayed wide and her cum leaking out of the latina's abused pussy. Satisfied, Hilary put her robe back on and rifled her fingers through her hair. "Great massage!"

Noise once again proceeded Hilary as she entered the locker room. The sounds of moans, giggles and sighs filled her ears as she once again entered. Given the sounds coming from the room it came as no surprise when she came across Lindsay and Amanda.

The pair were going at it again. This time Lindsay had Amanda shoved up against the wall; slowly facefucking her brunette companion. Amanda was meeting each stroke in time while her own hands played with her own sizeable member. Based on the mess all around the duo, it was obvious they've been going at it for sometime. Off in one corner the attendant sat with her skirt hiked up to her waist, knuckles buried in her leaking cunt.

Despite her earlier orgasm, Hilary felt herself rise again. Little Hilary wanted more, and as she shucked off her robe, she was more than willing to comply. She took a step forward, her hardened cock pointing the way. "Girls. Ready for 3?"
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