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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 1  (Read 3319 times)


3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 1
« on: March 10, 2019, 04:07:25 PM »
The rivalry between Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj was reaching nuclear proportions. One couldn't flip open a gossip magazine without reading about how bad their fighting was getting. Someone said something on twitter, someone would reply and it would snowball. There was probably a website dedicated to their fighting. Nicki took things to a new level by using the d-word. 3Cs went by a variety of nicknames, but there was one that was never to be used. That was dickgirl. Much in the same way pussyboy wasn't to be used for male 3Cs. Nicki had used it and was now paying the price. The 3C community ripped her a new one, but she didn't back down. Iggy would normally be content to just sit back and watch the fireworks, but she couldn't let that happen. This was personal.

Iggy was a 3C and a unique one at that; She had a mutation on her 3rd chromosome. Whereas a normal 3C would have a single cock measuring 10 inches on average, Iggy had 2. One stacked on top of the other, each measuring 8 inches long fully aroused. Not to be outdone, she didn't have 2 testicles, but rather 4. Each one the size of a ping pong ball. Her single sack was always brimming full from their constant production. The twins as she called them were linked together; pleasure for one meant pleasure for the other.

That was all beside the point now, she had a score to settle. She heard, through her sources and twitter, that Nicki would be at a recording studio working on that shit she called music. Perfect for me. She thought, a smile on her face. Her plan had long ago formed in her mind, and now she was going to act on it.

Iggy sauntered her way into the studio; her beautiful butt quivering with each step. She went simple today with her clothing. A white button up shirt covering a blue sports bra. Modest yes, but the real show was below. A pair of exercise pants clung to her legs; showing off her curvy thighs as they flared up to her hips. Unsurprisingly, her twin dicks were on full display; the tight black material only seemed to draw attention to her flaccid shafts and bouncing balls as she went along. Iggy's upper dick barely draped across the lower one; each giving space for her testicles. Not that it mattered really; they looked good no matter how they were positioned.

The receptionist of Foxy Productions gave Iggy the briefest glance before waving her onward. The woman probably assumed she was there to work on her own album. There will be music alright. Iggy brushed past her without regard. As she went along the halls, music started to hit her ears. Following the sound she came up to the recording studios. No doubt that's where her rival was. Iggy pressed against the glass.

Nicki Minaj was singing, though based on her movements it looked more the woman was fucking. Based on how her hips were thrusting and those fake tits were bouncing, it was easy to assume so. Iggy went inside to the recording studio.

"Iggy! What brings you here?" That was Carmella the woman behind the board. The Hispanic woman popped off one ear on her headset.

"I've come by to see this witch." She gestured into the studio where Nicki was screaming.

"Oh?" Carmella rolled her eyes. It was no secret that Carmella shared Iggy's disdain for Nicki. She was one of the best though, so Nicki was forced to work with her.

"Yes, she reached a new low and she has to answer for it." Iggy stated confidently. "Record anything please."

Carmella went in for a kiss and got one with full tongue. Iggy felt her twins swell a little. "You got it."

Carmella's hand swept down to Iggy's crotch and squeezed her upper shaft. "And give her a double."

Iggy smiled at one of her lovers. "Mmm. Can do."

The latina reached down as Iggy left and plucked out a thumb drive. Starting to set everything to record, she popped the button on her pants and shimmied out of them. "This ought to be good."


"That was good, but we want to try something different." That was Carmella's voice coming over the intercom.

"Fine whatever." There still a level of attitude in Nicki's voice. It only got higher as Iggy strolled in; her voice now a screech. "What's she doing here!"

"Yell any louder and only dogs can hear you." Iggy replied coolly. "I'm here to help you!"

"What are you going to fuck me?"

"Maybe. I'm going to make you beg for that." Iggy waved her off. "Just go and I'll join in when necessary."

"Fine. Let's just get this over with." Nicki replied, obvious scorn in her voice. The music started up again and Nicki started to sing. Iggy did nothing but came up behind her. Nicki wasn't having it. "Are you trying to help or what?"

"No keep going. I'll join in." The blonde motioned her to continue. With a glare she started up again. Behind her, Iggy kicked off her shoes; both of her dicks swelled with the thought of what was about to happen.

Nicki screamed as Iggy wrapped her arms around her; her hands sinking into her fake tits. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Helping." Iggy responded flatly, her hands refusing to yield. "If you're going to sound like you're having sex, you might as well do it."

Nicki straightened out to no avail. It only backed her up into her rival. "Is that?...oh my god!"

Iggy's dual dicks pressed firmly into Nicky's ass. The girl panicked but Iggy held fast. "Surprise motherfucker!"

One hand kept massaging Nicki's tits while the other crept lower. Deft fingers easily popped the button on her cutoff denims. "You're soaking wet. Is this turning you on?"

"No!" That was a lie, one easily detected as Iggy felt her stop squirming. Even more telling was a little burst of juices that flooded from her leaking cunt.

"Liar." The blonde stuck a rubbed a finger across Nicki's sex. "You wouldn't be leaking this much if you didn't love it."

"...but!" Nicki tried to defend herself but Iggy silenced her with a finger; the finger caked in Nicki's honey no less.

"Shh. Let's just enjoy this." Iggy's slick hand slid down and popped off Nicki's shorts; her large ass popping into view. Nice, but not as nice as mine. And no underwear! She pushed the faux blonde forward, lean her a chair and exposing her glistening honey pot. "Batter up."

Nicki put up token resistance as Iggy easily slid in. Her upper cock completely enveloped in the wetness of her cunt. Just below her other member dragged in self across the black woman's engorged clit. "Oh jesus!"

"That's the spirit!" Iggy wrapped her hands on her meager waist. "let's go!"

The Australian rapper plunged deeply into Nicki, loud slurping noises erupting between them as they fucked. Her partner's greedy sex swallowing her cock whole before reluctantly letting it free. A steady stream of honey dripping out of her sex. "God you're leaking so much. Turned on are you?"

Nicki managed a short "Yes!" Already she was pushing back to meet Iggy's thrusts; her body betraying her for pleasure.

"Want to see a trick?" Iggy asked her partner, but only got a moan in reply. "Suit yourself."

The blonde withdrew until only the head of her member was inside. Then she flexed causing her lower cock to thrash. It violently bounced; banging against Nicki's clit and causing her to spontaneously orgasm.

"Time for a position change." Iggy announced. The blonde pushed Nicki even farther forward until her ass was sticking up. She pulled back until her upper dick came free. It dripped juices as Iggy realigned it and it's sister.

"What are you going to do?" Nicki asked, her voice tilting from her recent orgasm.

"Just giving you what you need." Iggy started to push forward.

"Wait! No!" Nicki tried to struggle as she felt each cock, acutely aware of their destinations, yet Iggy held fast.

"Nope. You're getting it and you're gonna like it." Iggy slapped Nicki's substantial ass; a grin forming as she watched it quiver. "Just relax and this will go soooo...much better."

Nicki tried, but didn't get far. The thought of being double teamed pressing into her. Iggy, for her part, didn't let her partner dwell on that. Instead, she pushed forward as soon as she felt Nicki relax.

Nicki screamed as both dicks entered her. Each once pushed along their assigned orifices; their thick lengths easily splitting her open.

"God you're tight." Iggy shouted as she starting humping Nicki's massive booty. "I bet you've never had this done before right?"

Nicki didn't respond to that, causing Iggy to give a hard push sending her dicks even further into the black rapper. "Did you?"

"I have..." Nicki croaked out. "but not by some double dicked..."

Iggy pushed forward, bottoming out into Nicki before she could finish her sentence. She wagged her finger at the dyed blonde. "Language. I'll just have to drill it into you."

Iggy gave her butt another slap, then another. Her hands sunk into the pliable flesh and just started kneading. "Mmm, so doughy. Is this as real as your tits?"

The blonde pulled out a little, then starting massaging the two cheeks of Nicki; essentially she was giving herself an assfuck. "God this ass is great! So plush and...*thwack*... slappable."

"Please..." Nicki mewed out. Iggy had starting in again; both dicks grinding into in.

"Please?" Iggy paused, when she didn't get a reply she thrust her hips. "Well?"

"Please...more..." Tears streamed down Nicki's face as she cried out. "More!"

Iggy beamed. "More?! Buckle up buttercup, cause you're in for a ride."

While Nicki was positioned over a chair. Iggy managed to move themselves so they were better suited. A conveniently located piano provided such a position. With all her strength the 5'10" blonde haul up the much smaller Nicki. She carefully walked them over to the piano, making certain not to disconnect herself. Unceremoniously, she dropped the black rapper on to piano; a dull thud as Nicki's orgasm wracked body puddled over the lid.

"Let's go!" Iggy started spooling up, much in the manner an engine would. Slow at first, her thrusts consisted of a solitary rocking motion; barely moving her twin cocks. Yet, as time went on the tempo increased the motions go larger. Inches of cock now moved in and out of Nicki; her hands clinging to the lid edge for support. Still the tempo increased.

Iggy's ass quivered as she pounded her rival, her pace increasing step by step. The pounding was becoming rough, each time she bottomed out her gonads slapped Nicki's thighs. Her breath came out in short ragged bursts as she reached her top speed; pistoning in and out with such force the piano started to move. It only made Iggy move faster, turning her on even more as the musical instrument slowly slid across the floor.

Her cocks throbbed violently as she went; Iggy had never been so turned on in her in her life. She felt a spray of juices on her thighs. "Just came again didn't you? You little slut!"

The piano, rather violently, hit the wall with a loud thud. It now banged against it regularly; providing a beat to the banging that was going on. Iggy was merciless, "You gave a song for this? Lyrics? Come now!"

Nicki could only manage a bare squeak. "Too bad, we're about to reach crescendo!"

The large sack under the Aussie's two cocks churned; vibrating as they crept up her thighs. Not that she felt such a thing, her mind was too wrapped on the feelings her dual dicks provided.

Iggy seized up as she came. Her twin pleasure pillars firing off in sequence; each one trying to out do the other as they dumped seed into each orifice.

Rivers of cum poured out of Nicki as Iggy pulled out. With a loud pop both of her dicks came free; still drooling cum as she wiped them off on Nicki's shirt.

"This was fun. Let's do it again sometime!" Iggy stated as she put her pants back on; carefully positioning each member as she went.

"Mrrrrrr..." Nicki managed to squeak out; her body laid out on the piano refusing to move.


"How was that?" Iggy asked as she emerged from the studio.

"Excellent." Carmella held up a thumb drive between her fingers. "I saved a copy for myself."

Iggy grabbed the stick; noting it was sticky in her hands. "Did you...?"

"Twice." Even now the latina's fingers were slick with her juices. "Almost got the third."

Iggy smiled; her members starting to stiffen. "Want the three?"

Carmella was already sliding down her stained pants. "Like you need to ask."

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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 1
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2019, 12:26:53 AM »
Count me as a converted futa fan. I'd love to be caught between Iggy and Nicki's giant asses.
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Rivalry 1
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Oh yes I would like to be caught in it too!


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