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3rd Chromosome: Photoshoot
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Lucy sighed as the warm water cascaded over her body. Last night was exactly what she needed. Initially, she was stuck at a London party for media executives. She expected it to be filled with slapping people off of her as they tried to make a play. She wasn't disappointed in that regard; the beginning of the evening was filled with people that tried to make a pass at her.

Then Emma came. The redhead was dressed much like the caterers and to the casual inspection she was. Yet, she was not serving food. Instead she was looking for people that needed to escape from the boring affair. Lucy willingly followed Emma away from that party, away from the boredom, the bad jokes, and the people so shallow they may have well been 2 dimensional. The night turned fantastic as Emma lead her into a club owned by a friend of hers. Dancing and other mayhem followed, leading up to an orgy between herself, Emma and two other ladies. It was the stress reliever she needed.

Lucy watched as the water washed away the suds on her skin, leaving it glistening. Already her nipples were rock hard and her member, sore as it was, valiantly tried to gain an erection. She wanted to rub one out then and there. The images of Emma Stone danced about her head. The precocious redhead bouncing up and down on her cock while Emma's own rod waved between them. Dominique also flashed before her, the mocha skinned goddess with the thick cock. Oh how she loved watching as Holly deep throated that monster.

Discretion got the better part of her and she turned off the tap. She grabbed a white fluffy towel and started to dry herself when the phone rang.

"Hello?" The voice at the other end was her manager. "Yes, I was there last night...yes, I was fending off drunks...why? That's nice of them to think so, but next time he thinks of grabbing a melon to make sure it's real tell him to go to the goddamn grocer!"

"So what do you have?" Lucy sighed but listened patiently as her manager explained things. "Well, did you talk to Michelle? I'm sure she'd...no? She's not a good fit for it? What is her cock not big enough? Fine. As long as it's someone I can work with. Who?"

The phone call ended leaving Lucy slightly more puzzled than when she answered the call. Lucy was hired to a photoshoot for 3C Magazine. That was fine, she worked with them before. However, her partner in crime Michelle Marsh was not hired on for this one. Michelle was a blonde, while Lucy was a brunette. She was not quite as busty as Lucy but they still performed well together. It's probably that she wasn't selected because of the size of her member. Lucy herself measured in at 11 inches rock hard. Michelle was almost but not quite 8. For the size obsessed subscribers, Michelle would be a letdown. Not that anyone's complained before. Lucy sighed once again and restarted her morning routine.


Jana Defi. The name rolled around in Lucy's head as she retrieved her carry on from the bin. She had heard that name before somewhere, but now that she was trying to remember it, she couldn't place it. The brunette sighed and resigned herself to not knowing for now. It'll be a surprise! How fun.

The trip from London to Hamburg was boring. There was no in flight entertainment and the staff were dull as well. Fortunately, the flight was missing the usual gaggle of screaming toddlers. Lucy practically bounded up the boarding ramp to escape the jet and entered the airport proper.

Almost immediately at the gate she was greeted by a driver. A nondescript individual that spoke as much as a mannequin, Lucy wasn't sure if it was a man or woman. With only a carry on the duo left the airport and into a waiting car. From there, she got a view of the city as the driver careened through the city streets until abruptly stopping at a nondescript building. The driver was kind enough to open the door and help her out, but by the time she turned to thank them they were already far down the street. Lucy shrugged and walked inside.

3C Magazine. The words were written in a bold text right above the reception desk. The desk was flanked on both sides with a magazine cover. The left one had Madam J, who Lucy had to admit was quite attractive, despite the tattoos on her body. The right side featured Helene Fischer leaning against a fence, her 10 inch bulge showcased in the shot.

"Can I help you?" The blonde receptionist spoke English with a light danish platt.

"I'm here for a photoshoot." Lucy leaned over the desk and got a good look at her. She looked incredibly petite, though very attractive with a wide smile.

"Ah yes, Ms. Pinder." She punched something into her computer. "Down this hall and 2nd door on the right."

"Thank you." Lucy passed magazine cover after magazine cover as she went down the hall. Each one had a model or celebrity on the cover. 2nd door. Here we go. Lucy turned the handle and stepped inside.

Bright lights made the white stage seem even brighter, almost blinding, as she wandered in. Already somewhere was waiting to greet her. "You must be Lucy, my name is Sylvia. Come right this way and we'll get you taken care of."

Sylvia spoke a mile a minute as she lead the bewildered glamour model through the maze of people and set pieces. "...and here we are. Just drop your stuff off and get in the chair, the stylist will be by shortly."

Before she could respond Sylvia was off again. Must be nice having that much energy. Lucy sighed and sat down in the chair. This was a process she was well familiar with; like clockwork an army descended upon her. Her outfit, blue jeans and a tight brown v-neck, were removed leaving her in her underwear. Makeup artists poked and prodded her until not a blemish remained while stylists teased and combed her hair til they were satisfied.

By then Sylvia had returned and dragged Lucy out of her chair; fending off the horde that followed attempting to fix one last stray hair or modicum of makeup. "...very well indeed. We're going to get you to wardrobe. Did they give you the details?"

"No, I..."

"Of course, you'll be modeling the newest fashions from DD line. That's short for Donkey Dick by the way. They took out a full pictorial spread and want to show off their wares. Not only do they have a wide range of undergarments, but other fashions as well."

Donkey Brand. That was the missing clue. So Michelle was too small. Donkey specialized in 3C apparel, and they were extremely popular due to the size of 3Cs. With an average of 10 inches and a penchant for spontaneous erections, normal clothing wouldn't work for them. Sylvia deposited her in front of a vast array of clothing racks where a gaggle of ladies went in and out, grabbing an item here and there and placing it next to another. The lead designer would give their nod of approval or disapproval and the whole process would begin anew.

"Ahh, Lucy." That was the person in charge. She was yelling much Lucy didn't know if she had a name or simply yelled over everything else. "Your first set is ready."

Lucy was presented with a complete wardrobe. The match bra and panties were blue, not utilitarian but definitely not night on the town. They slipped on easily over her perfect form. Considerable leeway was given in the front of the panties. It let her cock and balls dangle comfortably while still being supported. Next came the pants. Blue jeans much like own, yet they too had considerable room in front. A striped button up completed the look along with a pair of beat up Chucks. With a nod of approval Lucy was whisked away and dropped onto the main set.

Looking much like a sidewalk outside, she already was imagining the poses she'd be asked to do. Sylvia came storming up again dragging another lady behind her.

The brunette blushed when she realized who it was. Jana Defi. Standing a little taller than Lucy, Jana had much the same figure. She had flowing brown hair that curled at the tips. She was gorgeous to boot. Now I remember. A few years ago, Lucy came home drunk and horny. She spent that evening going through cam shows until she stumbled across Jana's. 3 loads later she fell asleep at her computer. It was quite a surprise in the morning when she found her laptop caked in dried cream.

Now she's standing before me. Lucy let out the breath she didn't know she was holding. Don't make this awkward.

"Hello." Jana spoke in clear, though Czech accented, English. She was dressed much the same way as Lucy, no doubt this was going to be a theme.

"Hi." Lucy managed to squeak out, causing Jana to giggle.

"Ladies," That was the still nameless director. "Let's get to work."

It started awkwardly at first, and was purely Lucy's fault. The memories of that night slowly came back to her as the pair went off into different poses. Yet, the awkwardness went away and soon they found an easy working rhythm. Hours passed as outfits were changed and exchanged. Finally the director, revealed to be named Svetlana, called it a day.

Lucy and Jana giggled as they emerged from the 3C magazine studios. From there the pair travelled across the street for a fast meal. Yet, that was not all. Upon leaving Jana came to a realization.

"Oh shoot." Jana stated, though not quite so elegantly.


"I knew I forgot something." Jana pouted. "In all the excitement I forgot to book a hotel room."

No. No fucking way. Lucy's face scrunched in contemplation, but already her decision was made. "Why don't you stay with me? Should be plenty of room."

"You'll do that?" Jana smiled and practically bounced into her arms. Their breasts smashed together as did their bulges beneath their belts. Down girl.

"Sure why not." Lucy already felt a lurch below her waist as Jana rubbed back and forth. Is she flirting with me? "I'm supposed to check in down the street."

Jana grabbed Lucy's arm as the latter lead them down the street to her hotel. Despite the late hour, there were no problems checking in. Unless you counted Jana rubbing Lucy's crotch as she tried to get through the check in process. The British brunette's face a wreck as she fought against her erection.

The situation had not improved as they boarded the elevator up. The lift, old by any standards, shook as they ascended the floors. Lucy wasn't sure if Jana was playing it up by the Czech held tightly onto her. Once the elevator dinged Lucy had to practically drag her down the hall into her hotel room. As soon as the card reader clicked the door was pushed open and the pair leapt inside. The room was small, not overly small like a Paris hotel room but not large either. A queen sized bed dominated the room. "Well, guess we're doubling up."

"I'm fine with that. Unless you snore."

"Don't know, I'm not awake at the time." Lucy dropped her bag on the floor and sat down on the bed. The weight of the day suddenly hit her. Photoshoots were fun but were exhausting. She no sooner leaned back on the bed than Jana announced she was going to freshen up. The shower turned on and Lucy's thoughts strayed to the girl within. She was already picturing Jana in there, lathering up that gorgeous womanly body of hers. How her hands glided along those big beautiful breasts; soaping them up and kneading them. Lucy could hear in her mind the moans of pleasure as Jana fiddled with her cock. She never saw it, but guessed it was something pretty big. Bigger than 8 inches that's for sure.

Lucy knew her member was rising. 11 inches of solid girlcock pulsing into life; fighting her pants for room as it swelled in size. Jana was humming something in the shower. Was it erotic? Was the sexy Czech thinking of her? Was she rubbing one out right now? Lucy shook her head. She was getting in way over her head.

The brunette didn't notice the shower turn off. Nor did she notice how her hand strayed down south to her pants and flicked those overburdened buttons off.

"Is that for me?"

Lucy's eyes snapped open. Jana was standing before her, a massive grin on her face. Lucy, so lost in her own thoughts didn't notice her actions. She wasn't aware that she spent the last few minutes fondling her member until it was painfully erect against her jeans. Nor did she notice the large wet spot that formed where her tip was oozing a stream of precum. She did however notice Jana, wrapped in just a towel, slide down onto her knees before her. That infectious smile plastered on her face as she took over Lucy's job of fondling the British babe's cock. Words escaped her as Jana was being so forward.

"It's so big..." Jana gave it a squeeze. "Mmmm, probably tasty too."

Jana abruptly stood up and went to her phone. A few seconds later music erupted from the small device. Lucy couldn't place it but she knew what it was. Stripper music. Jana went on to explain.

"I love being naked in front of people. It's just so liberating. Thought of people just staring and lusting after me. How many people have masturbated to my image I wonder." She started rocking back and forth to the beat. Her hips, despite being wrapped in a terrycloth prison, took on a sensuous sway.

Lucy blushed. I'm one of those people. She slid her too tight jeans off, freeing her member. 11 inches of cock sprang free and bobbled before she grabbed it. With both hands she slowly jerked it to Jana's movements.

Jana plucked at the towel that covered her tits til it came free. In an exaggerated motion she held it at arm's length and dropped it to the floor. Now Lucy had a view if Jana's bare back as it swayed back and forth; each time she did a generous view of side boob swung into view. Lucy's cock twitched and a load of pre shot onto the floor between them.

She's quite the fucking tease. Lucy thought as she stroked her member. The bottom towel started to loosen. The sexy 3C rubbed it against her body like she was drying herself. Instead, it only drew attention to her well formed rear end. I want to squeeze it!

The towel finally came free and Lucy almost came then and there. A thong, though the word didn't adequately describe it, was faintly visible against her skin. It disappeared into Jana's ass. Lucy was breathing hard as she struggled to hold back. Her body had other ideas however as the pace of her pumping intensified. Strangely though, Jana's cock wasn't visible; she expected to see it with the same timing as that heavenly side boob.

"Do you know what else is great?"

"Mmmrrr?" Was all Lucy could manage.

"Having people cum on me. A thick load that just soaks into your skin. I love rubbing it on my tits." Jana gave her an over the shoulder glance, "Are you preparing one for me?"

Lucy couldn't speak as Jana finally turned to face her. Those tits, G-Cups if not larger, looked heavenly as they heaved and shook about. Jana's body narrowed to her waist before flaring out with womanly hips. Yet, that was not what drew Lucy's attention.

A battle of wills was in progress. The contestants were that woefully over matched thong versus Jana's member. With every movement the thong struggled to contain the swelling hardness of her cock. Already her testicles spilled over the sides of the barely there covering. It was incredibly erotic to see how it fought valiantly but was ultimately doomed against the mammoth member it struggled to contain.

As if on cue, the underwear gave a final groan and snapped. 13 inches of thick cock sprang free from its' confines. It wobbled with her movements. Jana approached Lucy in a predatory stride. "Got something for me?"

Lucy's cock took them both by surprise as it went off. It gave just a twitch then shot load after of spunk into the Czech model. Jana took the first blast on the chin but every following shot went straight to her tits. She urged the panting Lucy on.

"That's right, cum for me. Oooh look at cock go!" Jana moaned out. She grabbed her chest and started rubbing the cum onto her soft tits even as more cream got added in. Lucy's member died with a feeble dribble that Jana retrieved with her nipple. "I just love a hot load of cum. The more, the better."

Jana worked the spunk over her skin until her massive melons were covered. "Got any more?"

"Give me a few." Lucy responded. Her balls felt spent though, the events of last night and now today taking their toll on her stamina. Last night. Again those images popped into her head. Emma taking the entire length up her perky little butt while Holly pounded Lucy from behind. The 4 ladies could have done the quad, if they weren't so exhausted The Quad is when girl 'A' gets it in the ass and cunt by girls 'B' and 'C' while 'A' fucks 'D' and blows 'D' simultaneously. Lucy saw it before online and always wanted to try it. She shook her head, bringing herself back to the present.

Lucy dropped her cock, letting it slap against her thighs. Her now free hands reached up and grasped Jana's member. The thick cock felt warm in her hands. It twitched and pulsed as she ran her fingers around it's veined surface. Now it was Lucy's turn to be the sultry one.

"Do you want it here?" She pushed her tits together with arms creating a deep cavern of cleavage. She then released the member and revealed her dripping sex. "Or here?"

"Can I have both?" Jana asked.

"Can you last that long?" Lucy threw down a gauntlet.

Jana didn't waste time trying to prove herself. In a flash Lucy's legs were around her shoulders and Jana's member was poised at her entrance. Locking eyes with her partner, she pushed forward and plowed her cock into the glamour model.

The pair moaned as inches of dick entered Lucy's tight sex. Jana did not let up and began to roughly fuck her. The bed squeaked as her hips slammed back and forth. Her cock acted like a piston; relentlessly pounding Lucy as more and more slid inside. Jana's balls, each the size of a tangerine, slapped the brunette's butt as she forced her way in.

"That's right!" Jana declared. "I'm gonna fuck this cunt and fuck those tits too!"

Now it was Lucy's turn to respond. She worked her legs down off Jana's shoulders wrapped them around her narrow waist. Lucy tightened and increased the pace and intensity of the fucking. Now it was a battle of wills between the two models.

Jana wiped sweat of her brow as she pistoned in and out. The pace was rapid, more animalistic. Lucy got a free hand up, the other was holding her to the bed, and started pawing at Jana's chest. Her g-cups, already flopping around because of their sexual conduct, moved even more as Lucy pinched, and prodded, pulled and twirled that chest until Jana was crying out in pleasure.

It was no secret that Jana loved her chest. She'd sit at home and play with her mammaries while doing nothing. Sometimes she'd be able to cum just from nipple play. Jana wasn't going to last for both.

Lucy cried out in orgasm. Her entire body went stiff, giving Jana a brief reprieve from her own pending orgasm. The British brunette started to function again despite Jana still fucking her.

"Like that didn't you? Well there's more on the way!" Jana pulled her slick cock out and started to mount Lucy. She crawled on knees across her body to that sweet canyon of cleavage awaiting her. Yet, Lucy had one last card to play.

She reached up and grabbed Jana's jugs and squeezed. The feeling was far too much for her; she let out a wall shaking scream and came.

Jets of jizz shot out landing on Lucy's tits. The Czech's gonads vibrated and unleashed load after load of potent spunk until Lucy's chest was painted. After 15 seconds she was done, but the damage was done. Lucy rolled then cum around her tits as Jana fell to her side.

"I'll call that a draw " Lucy finally spoke.

"Next time." Jana responded, slightly indignant.

"Next time I won't be at an orgy the night before."

"Orgy?" Lucy's partner arched an eyebrow. The model went on to explain the night before and all the events that happened. By the end Jana was stroking her cock.

"Maybe I should stick around you." Jana flicked one of Lucy's nipples with her free hand. Before she could respond Jana's phone cut off it's stripper music and started ringing. Reluctantly, she slid out of bed and answered.

"Ms. Defi, this is the Riverside Hotel." Lucy strained her ears trying to listen in despite Jana trying to cover up the phone. "Will you be following through with your reservation and checking in?"

Jana turned a bright shade of red. She was busted, completely busted. "No. I found accommodations for the evening."

"Very well." A click signalled the conversation ending.

"No reservation huh?" Lucy was suddenly standing before Jana. She opened her mouth to respond buy was silenced as Lucy kissed her. Their tongues intertwined as Lucy forced them back onto the bed.

Jana found herself getting thrown onto the bed. She bounced once before looking up and seeing Lucy standing over her. One hand was on a cocked hip while the other pumped her erect member.

"Round 2 bitch!" Lucy announced as she leapt her.
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Jana is very underappreciated when it comes to big titty girls. This was awesome.


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