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3rd Chromosome: Shorts
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Alexandra sighed as she entered her trailer. Filming Baywatch was a new level of exhaustion. Wearing full makeup on the beach was bad enough, but add in the water, acting, and the sun being a foot from her damn head just seemed to bake the brunette. She could pass out now for all she cared, still in costume. And what a costume it is. She thought to herself.

Her legs were on full display, with just a pair of red sandals covering her feet. Her legs seemingly stretched for miles until her thighs flared into her lower region. There a blue bikini bottom, and that's using the term generously, covered her sex. It also had a tendency to disappear into the crack of her firm yet supple rear end.

Above that, she wore a red vest that was a size too small; squeezing her waist and stomach. Even better, or worse depending on the opinion, it seemed to push her boobs up and out. She was already a large C cup, but this made her look like a D at least. Doesn't help that Zac is perving on me either. He's in a relationship too!

Alex was snapped out of her reverie by a knock on her door. Glancing around she went to the door, wondering who would come knocking. That was answered quickly though as she opened the door. Ilfenesh Hadera, her sexy modelesque costar was outside.

"Hey." Alex managed to mumble.

"Hey, are you busy?"

"I was just about to take a nap...I'm exhausted."

"Oh okay." She sounded disappointed. As Alex examined her fine form it appeared she had something to say. Her exhaustion won out however.

"Sorry, gimme like 2 hours, then we can have some girl time."

"Right." Ilfenesh fidgeted with her hands. "Girl time."

Alex watched as she went away, that was a saunter in her step but her stride seemed a little bit more unsure. Am I missing something?

She shut the door of her trailer and dragged herself to her bed. The brunette was out as soon as she hit the pillow.

Alex licked her lips as she came to. There was some weird taste in her mouth, probably from her sheets, and her body was in a position best described as traffic director. She rubbed her face as she sat up; bones popping as did. "That didn't help."

With a grunt and groan Alex picked herself up off the bed. She shuffled to sink and sunk her face in. The cold water splashing over her made her feel somewhat better, but didn't replace the ache she was feeling.

"Ilfenesh!" The brunette realized she left her co star hanging. Still in her outfit, she rushed outside, displaying more panic than was required. With a gasp, she ran to her trailer.


Ilfenesh heard the approaching footfalls, and the knock on the door. As the black woman neared the door she heard panting. Whoever was there was certainly out of breath.

"Alex!" She drank in Alex, how her bosom heaved as she sucked in oxygen; how a fine layer of sweat made her body glisten. "You didn't have to run over here. Come in."

"Sorry," Alex panted as she entered into the trailer. "I forgot about you."

"Don't worry, it happens. Can I get you something?"


Moments later, Alex was down on a couch, greedily sucking from a bottle of water. "So, what did you want to talk about? Zac hitting on you?"

"No." Ilfenesh sighed then wrinkled her nose. "Wait he's hitting on you?"

"All the time." Alex confirmed. "That promo shot when he tripped he was a step behind staring at our butts. You're lucky you wear shorts all the time."

"Yeah. Lucky."

There was something about that tone that threw Alex off guard. Disappointment maybe? "You did choose to wear them right?"

"Sorta." Ilfenesh went to one window and looked out. "You have to understand that I'm proud of who I am."

"Of course."

"And well," she fidgeted with her fingers. "The producers don't see it the same way. So they've asked me to cover up."

"I'm not sure I understand." Alex felt a suspicion creep into her mind and start to worm around in there. Gears were slowly turning in her head. Always has to wear shorts...cover up...who she is...

"Maybe it's better if I show you, but what happens doesn't leave the trailer ok?"

"Okay." How bad could it be? She's probably a 3C. I mean I know several it can't be that... "Oh my god!"

Alex had seen many cocks in her life and several 3Cs, but she wasn't prepared for this. The moment she dropped her shorts she knew she was in trouble. Ilfenesh was indeed a 3C and an endowed one at that. Her member was thick, easily thicker than a roll of quarters. Hell, Alex had no doubt it would be thicker than her wrist. The flaccid monster curved upward and to the side, following the edge of the woman's swimsuit. Why didn't she pack down? There was simply no room. Her suit bottom bulged in its efforts to contain Ilfenesh's sack. Her bloated balls were easily the size of plums. Alex's mouth watered involuntarily.

"What? Do you think it's ugly? Do you want me to cover it up?" Ilfenesh brought her hands down quickly to cover her crotch monster.

"No...not at all..." Alex pulled apart Ilfenesh's hands and traced the outline of the member with her fingers. "I think it's magnificent!"

The dick stirred under her touch; twitching for a moment before beginning to plump up. It surged to life as Ilfenesh's heart pumped it full of blood; a moan escaping her lips as it did. To Alex it was fascinating to both watch and feel; her hands being pushed out as it continued to expand. It slid along the curve of her partner's thigh, still barely contained by her swimsuit. Yet, as Alex's blue eyes watched, it started to pull away from the rest of Ilfenesh; the turgid member gaining the power to spring free from its' fabric prison.

She admired the fight really; the red fabric resisted the cocks efforts. It pulled was pulled taught and near transparent as the member hardened until eventually something gave. Neither piece lost the fight. What actually happened was the dick managed to get out from under the swim suit. It swung free, clocking Alexandra in the face before coming to a rest. The force of the hit nearly knocked Alex over, but she recovered and came up close her target. The wouldbe club pulsed regularly with Ilfenesh's heartbeat; the mocha shaft criss-crossed in veins, the head a dull crimson. A single drop of pre formed on the tip. "Wow."

"You really do like it?" Ilfenesh sounded nervous, even after her impressive display over penile power.

"I do." Alex grasped a hold with one hand as she gave it a critical eye. Her fingers couldn't encircle the member, possibly with both hands. It was nearly as thick as a soda can full aroused. Alex was wet, a dark stain rapidly forming on her meager bikini bottom. "How sensitive is it?"

"Very. Especially the he...ahhh!"

Alex blew lightly across the cock, causing its' owner to gasp and let out a moan. She had to go for it. The brunette extended her tongue out.

Ilfenesh felt Alex tongue flick the tip of her dick. It was just a taste, like a peck on the cheek. She backed herself up to her trailers counter and gripped the material. Alex followed her and went in again.

Alex greedily tasted the member on her tongue. If a dick could have such a thing. Her tongue lashed out again against the prick; the red appendage greedily slathering it in saliva. Alex's lips parted and traced along contours of the dick. She nuzzled deeply when she hit the thick base.

The brunette continued her oral exploration while Ilfenesh held on. Most people tended to get scared off by her appendage, but not Alex. She couldn't have planned this better if she tried.

Alex was dimly aware of Ilfenesh's moaning. The black woman let out a series of soft coos as she went along; lavishing the cock with her tongue.

"Keep that up!" She managed to hiss at Alex. Her member pulsed as Alex went along, the veins throbbing as her beat sped up. Good this is good!

Alex's hand reached up and pulled the rest of Ilfenesh's swimsuit bottom to the side. Two plump balls rolled free, easily overflowing the brunette's outstretched hand.

"Wow." Alex's blue eyes widened.

"Wait til I cum." Her partner responded. Alex flipped her eyes up at her. Ilfenesh had her arms up, and her hands pulling on her pigtails. Interesting. She had never seen anyone do that before. The cock before her twitched and brought her attention back to what was important.

The dark skin 3C moaned as Alex started in again; her tongue ravishing the thick member before her. When she got to the head she wrapped her lips around. Her hands pumped the shaft, egging more pre from it; pre her tongue greedily lapped at while it danced along the slit. It was too much for her lover to bare.

Ilfenesh, with the strength her lust provided, grabbed hold of Alex. The 3C dragged her upwards and carried her back into the trailer. The brunette found herself being tossed through the air only to land on the trailer's bed. She bounced a single time before Ilfenesh was on her. The black woman ravished her with kisses before pulling back and stroking her cock. "Enough of this teasing."

Alex couldn't see because of her chest, but rather felt her bikini bottoms get torn away. Her partners fingers traced along her wet lips before plunging inside her sex. "Mmm, you're ready for this!"

Alex choked back a scream as the Ilfenesh lined up. The thick head of her cock brushing aside her cunt lips as if they were nothing. Defensively, Alex tightened up down below. Big mistake.

"Oh you want to make this a challenge do you?" Her partner practically sneered. "We can work with this."

Ilfenesh cracked her knuckles for dramatic effort; it actually kinda worried Alex. Is she some sort of sexual monster? What have I done?! The brunette felt hands wrap around her waist. "Hold on."

Gentle would not be how to describe what happened next. Ilfenesh, while sweet in real life, was some sort of sexual predator. After first entering Alex that became abundantly clear. Her first stroke bottomed out in the brunette babe, and it only went on from there. She'd withdraw til only the barest sliver of the head was in only to slam back in. Her bloated gonads slapping Alex's butt with every thrust; so much that Alex was certainly she'd have bruises later.

"Oh god oh god oh god!" Became the chant of Alex as her partner continued her assault; the thick cock pounded her relentlessly, bulging her belly with every stroke. Ilfenesh's grip was like steel around her waist, just daring Alex to try and break her grip. Not that she'd want to anyway, her partner was filling her up so much, just overwhelming her that she could care less about anything.

Ilfenesh gritted her teeth as she kept up her pace, her hips flex and her but bouncing as she pumped Alex. She wasn't being, as one might say, a gentle lover. The brunette was using strong strokes, pulling out her member completely before pounding it back in. It was crude, animalistic even, but that's all she cared about. Alex's puckered pink pussy was the prize, and she was claiming it.

"You're so damn tight!" Ilfenesh grunted out. "What are you some virgin?! Never had a cock before?!"

"No!" Alex got out between cries.

"What?! You're a virgin?" The soft gentle personality was overwritten by her sexual one, it was savage; Alex kinda liked it.

"No! I'm not a virgin!" The brunette declared, her body writhing in pleasure.

"God who fucked you last?! You're so damn tight!" Ilfenesh grunted; her pig tails flopping as she mercilessly fucked Alex. "It's heavenly!"

"Ahh!" Was all Alex could reply with it. Her eyes were rolling back into her head; her body wracked with pleasure. Was this the hardest she was ever fucked? Probably. Was it the best? Definitely.

"I'm going to cum you little slut! Get ready to take it!" Alex's partner declared; her sexual grunts coming out in hisses. Her slamming got even harder as she neared her release. With her last pump she pushed herself in harder than ever before. Her balls hit Alex's thighs with a resounding slap. Then she came.

Cum poured into Alex as Ilfenesh came. Thick ropes of semen splashed her insides as her partner's cock pulsed. Alex screamed as her own orgasm hit; a torrent of pleasure that overloaded her brain. Her entire body shook as she experienced it. In the portion of her mind that was still functional, Alex realized that this was her first real orgasm, not a fake or mini one.

Ilfenesh was spent. Her dick let loose one last burst, and she was done. Her orgasm just seemed to suck the life out of her. Her grip relaxed on Alex's waist and she slipped out; her cock making a slick noise as it withdrew from Alex's abused sex. Without any fanfare, she dropped onto the bed next to Alex; her member, slick with their combined juices, dripping onto the linen. She had a smirk of satisfaction on her face.

Alex pulled herself into her partner's arm, resting her head on on her chest. For moments neither said anything, merely basking in the glow of their sexual union. A thought crossed Alex's mind and she spoke up; her voice a hoarse whisper.

"Why'd you invite me here anyway?"

"Oh..." Ilfenesh, no longer the animalistic sexual monster, started to panic.
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