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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Kiera’s Orgy  (Read 9778 times)


3rd Chromosome: Kiera’s Orgy
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Kiera went over her notes again; making sure everything was setup perfectly. There can be no mistakes here. The British actress was throwing what was called a grand gala. In reality, it was a pool party. Yet, even that was lie; instead she had planned to turn this into a massive orgy: One that would make Rome proud. The 3C checked over her list again; OCD striking home. As she did her hand unconsciously traveled to her groin and her flaccid member.

The idea for this came naturally to Kiera. Ever the voyeur, she wanted something where she could relish in her fetish. Setting that aside for now, the brunette wandered into the kitchen. "Everything ready?"

"I believe so." It was the husky voice of Rachel Ray that answered. "I have a mountain of food ready to go. By the way, I had to add in your 'spices' afterwards. I wasn't sure what cooking would have on them."

"Excellent." Kiera scratched item off her list. "When everything is set out, come out and join us."

Rachel smiled in response. "Gladly."


The party was, as one might expect, a blast. Kiera stood by the door for the beginning of the day, welcoming guests as the came in. It was a who's who of Hollywood with one notable exception: Everyone was a 3C. Kiera bulged out of her striped bikini as she welcomed in Jessica Chastain. It was a constant struggle for her to keep herself in check as the ladies stripped down to their swimsuits before her. The brunette constantly thought of other ideas to keep from bursting from her bottoms. She was however showing constantly; her 'small' 10 inch package pressing out against the thin material. Her condition was made much worse when Cheryl arrived. The singer had whispered that she was now a 12 as soon as she walked in. Now Kiera was still dealing with that instant hardon. As Jessica moved in Kiera checked the list. That should be everyone. Time for phase 2.

The British brunette shut the door and locked it tight. No free show here. She then snuck upstairs to her office. There a singular computer was setup. It was receiving inputs from every camera that Kiera had placed around her house. More importantly, it was recording everything. Kiera, for lack of a better term, was a voyeuristic opportunist. She loved watching people get off. She loved getting off on their getting off. She gave everything a glance, noting how everyone was mingling around. "Excellent."


The party settled in and people starting mingling about. An iPod somewhere set to Pandora blasted out appropriate music through speakers arranged throughout. One by one everyone had made their way past their tables lined with food. In addition, everyone had a drink in their hand. This was all part of Kiera's plan.

In one corner, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence both stood. The two actresses spoke of the business while idly staring at the pool and its' inviting waters. Jessica ran a hand across her brow. It came back covered in sweat. "Is it hot in here?"

"Mmm, it does feel that way." Jennifer replied, pulling at her own bathing suit. "Not of all of you seems to think that though."

"What do you mean?" Jessica looked down her body. Her nipples were solid; two diamonds pressing out against the thin red cups of her bikini. Worse yet was her bottoms. They struggled in vain to contain her member. The 3Cs cock was not fully erect but certainly heading in that direction; the large head pulling the fabric away from her body. Jennifer could look down and see into the bottoms; Jessica's fat shaft and full balls becoming increasingly in view. "Oh wow...it just feels..."

"...So good." Jennifer completed her sentence. She was feeling the effects as well. Her blue one piece sit highlighting every detail of her body. Jessica watched, becoming increasingly aroused, as Jennifer's member hardened. It bulged straight up her swimsuit; thickening the entire time as it went. It crawled up her torso heading straight up to her chest. It wouldn't get there, Jennifer was maybe 11 inches at most, but it was still quite arousing to watch.

"...Yeah..." Jessica moaned out.

Jennifer dropped her food and drink to a side table and approached her partner. Licking her lips, she wrapped herself around Jessica. The brunette did little to resist her efforts. Instead, she embraced them. The duo fell back onto a pool lounge chair, the padding cushioning their fall. Their mouths interlocked and their tongues wrestled inside; each one competing for dominance. On the outside it was the same situation. The two starlets rolled around on the chair, each one fighting to come out on top. It was Jennifer that was the winner. The dark blonde star came up atop Jessica when the two broke for air.

"Let me just get out of this..." JLaw moaned out as she pulled at her suit. Lust made it difficult for her to squirm out of the material, but she managed successfully. Jessica pawed at her chest as her breasts came free causing Jennifer to purr. She started to rock back and forth atop Jessica, simulating a titfuck that was about to happen.

A fat log of a cock hit Jessica's chest as Jen managed to squirm free of her suit. The confining material hit the floor revealing her gorgeous figure. Soon, Jessica's red top followed. "Come on...let's see this in action."

Jen shifted slightly til her cock was nestled in Jessica's cleavage. The brunette helpfully pushed her tits together creating a valley for Jen. She wasted no time in starting to rock back and forth; her thick cock pushing through the cleavage Jen created. The head emerged from the wondrous tit valley to nearly poke Jessica chin before disappearing again. Jessica helpfully craned her neck down far enough that she was able to lick the tip as it emerged.

Not one to leave her partner in the dark, Jen flexed her ass as she went. With every thrust her butt grabbed hold of her partner's cock and gave it a little stroke.

"Yes! Yes!" Jen declared; her cock a blur as it dove through Jessica's cleavage. "I'm gonna...!"

The first rope hit Jessica before either of them realized it. Long strands of sperm shot out of JLaw's cock catching her partner completely unaware. More and more shots joined the first in coating Jessica's face; her tongue greedily lashed out trying to get what it could.


Off in another corner, a group of girls were talking. Naturally, the conversation turned to their blessing.

"Come on, it's not all size." That was Gal Gadot. The sexy Wonder woman was in a metallic monokini; it shimmered as she moved. Maybe there was something at stake here, as she was only 8.5 or 9 inches depending on arousal.

"Of course it isn't. There's girth as well." Anne Hathaway replied. The swimsuit wearing brunette's response made perfect sense too; she was a 'standard' 3C at around 10 inches, but she was thick. As thick as a baseball bat in some regards. Even now it pressed out against the material; Anne was a show-er.

"You need both." Jessica Chastain said. The redhead was in a retro fifties style number, the bottoms where practically shorts, yet skin tight. Jessica could be considered an 'average' 3C by any means; 10.5 inches long and a few inches thick. "Ariana, you haven't said anything."

Ariana Grande stood towards the outside of the group, shadowing the conversation. As soon as Anne called her out all eyes turned towards her making her want to disappear. "I don't care for size...or girth really...there's also technique."

"Oh you prefer someone who's not one and done." Anne replied.

"There's more than that. Someone that's skilled and not just in it for themselves." Ariana fidgeted. "I just can't think of when size would be better than that."

"Come on," Anne stretched, show casing her body and her semi erect member. "A big thick dick can hit all the points."

"Not if you're tiny like me." The petite singer responded, her mind was thinking back to one time with herself and Demi Lovato. That was before Demi and Selena went exclusive. "A big cock can rip me apart. I think 8 inches is the best I can do."

"Oh, you just haven't pushed yourself yet. Come on, let's see what you got." Before Arianna could react Anne had reached over and yanked down her boyshorts. Arianna's member was on full display for everyone to see.

Much like Arianna, her cock was small. 6 inches long and quite slender. Embarrassed, she tried to cover it up but Anne was quicker. "Stop..it's..."

"Fantastic." Anne had slunk down her knees and took up the small cock and similarly sized balls. She licked her lips and dove in. Arianna's complaints turned to means as Anne swallowed her entire member in one go. Her ruby red lips moved in and out; 6 inch of cock coming and go with her bobbing. And bob she did. Anne's pace only increased as she went along, the cooing Arianna only encouraging her further.

"That's..." Jessica began, her hand unconsciously snaking its' way down to her own swelling member.

"...sexy..." Gal finished. She turned to the redhead as she fished out her member. "Want to fuck Wonder woman?"

"Fuck me amazon." Jessica challenged. Already she was shimming out of bottoms; her hardening cock already peaking over the top.

Gal wasted no time in foreplay. Her hands firmly wrapped around Jessica's waist; her cock rock hard and ready. The pale flesh of Jessica's skin contrasted with her dripping pink pussy. Yet, her horniness would not let her pause and admire such a think. Gal gave a guttural groan as she pushed forward, her solid girlcock pushing aside any resistance as she sank into the redhead's cunt.

The pair moaned at the same time as she drove in. One clean thrust was all it took for Gal to embed herself to the hilt; her balls slapping in congratulations as she smacked Jessica's thighs. The redhead wiggled her rear, anxious for the Wonder Woman actress to continue her assault. The pair started up at the same time, Gal pulled back and Jessica moved forward; reversing just as Gal was about to slip out.

They came back together with a loud smack and another cry of sexual delight. Jessica has to cry out as they repeated the motion. "Get to that chair! I'm gonna fall over if we keep this up!"

Awkwardly, the duo duck walked, as both were unwilling to pull apart from the other, to a chair. Jessica leaned heavily on the furniture as they began again; their passion causing the chair to slowly move across the room.

Back with Annie, Arianna was cumming. Her small cock seized up before releasing its bountiful payload of spunk. The brunette's cheeks bulged as she struggled to swallow the surprising amount of sperm the pint sized pop star released. With one last spurt she was done, and Annie was finally able to guzzle the last of it down with a large gulp.

"Wow..." Annie said, wiping her lips clean.

"I didn't mention it, but I'm a producer." Producers were 3Cs that produced an above average amount of cum, even for the copious amount of sound 3Cs were known to produce. Their balls were factories worked in constant overtime, and when they went off they just overwhelmed their lover with their thick cream.

"...wow..." Annie was still in shock from the amount of cum that was shot down her throat. Slowly, she started to rise back up on shaky knees. Yet, while she stood up, Arianna got down. "What are you doing?"

"Returning the favor of course." The pony-tailed brunette brushed aside the material holding back Anne's 10 inch member. It wasn't an easy task. The cock was indeed nearly as thick as a baseball bat and dripping with pre. The rod loomed large in Arianna's small hands; her eyes were wide, admiring the appendage. "So big..."

"Suck it already!"

Arianna spread her mouth wide as she brought it up to her lips. The meaty member forced her mouth open as it slid in; partially free but later being forced inside. Arianna had no reflex as Anne wrapped her hands around the petite brunette's head; she pulled her arms closer, forcing the singer to swallow the entire thing.

Anne wasted little time in face fucking the surprised brunette. Her meaty member slid in and out with reckless abandon as Anne noisily satiated herself on Arianna. The petite popstar's throat bulged with every thrust; stretched beyond reasonable capacity as the cock forced itself down before coming back up. Anne was grunting and groaning. Her words came out through those grunts, yet they weren't what Arianna expected.

"Yeah, that's right! Fuck that little bitch!" Anne yelled out. "Fuck that slut! Feed her your dick!"

Arianna murmured as she dealt with the oral assault. Is she cheering herself on? God what a narcissist! Anne gave one last long push, burying her shafts so far inside that her balls brushed Arianna's chin and let loose. Long blasts of cum emerged from her cock, shooting deep into the singer. Arianna had no time to react as each rope of potent sperm bulged her belly, filling it up to capacity before the star was finally finished.

Nearby, Gal too was coming. Her cock jettisoned thick strands of jizz into the her redheaded companion. Jessica couldn't hold back any longer and came when Gal erupted in her. Her own member released its' payload; long bursts of cum painted the chair that she leaned over as Jessica experienced a wonderful orgasm. Gal held fast as she continued to dump her load; what started as one burst quickly became 5 and rose to nearly 10 before she was dry. Her Wonder Woman prick gave one last little effort before quitting, yet the damage was done. Jessica's cunt was full of her spunk, and the chair was equally coated in Jessica's potent seed. Gal reached in and kissed the redhead. "How's that for a superhero?"


Cheryl Cole was one of the few actually in the pool...almost. The Girls Aloud singer was sitting on the pool edge; her feet soaking in the warm waters.

"So Donkey Dick you say?" Jennifer Aniston questioned. She was in the pool but leaned heavily on the edge; a cocktail within easy grasp.

"Yes. It's a newer brand but they make and market for 3Cs like ourselves." Cheryl gestured to her bottoms which were easily seen, such was the size of her package. "They're XL stuff is good for 12 plus, and they umm...have generous room so you don't squash the parts."

"That." Jennifer responded pointedly, "Has always been a concern. I mean I don't mind getting custom made stuff, I love my tailor and all but it gets really expensive. One bad erection and there they go!"

Cheryl took a sip of her drink and laughed. "I had that issue too. Geez, I burst out at a pool and the paparazzi had a field day. Then the DD brand people approached me. I'm sort of a spokesmodel now."

"I'll say you are. You're really pushing out there." Jen reached over and patted the bulge that seemed to be growing in size.

"Sorry, it's just...I don't know...all these ladies here...I just feel..." Cheryl rubbed her chest as if she was trying to dispel some heat.

"Turned on?" Jennifer finished for her.


"Mmmm let me help you with that..." Jen started in on the growing bulge in Cheryl's stretched out trunks. "You and Victoria aren't exclusive are you?"

"Victoria and I were never dating." Cheryl corrected as a moan escaped her lips. "We're actually not speaking. I'm dating Evanna Lynch now."

Jen's hands were all over the growing member, the very fabric starting to pull away from Cheryl's skin. "Are you...?"

"It's cool." Cheryl shifted and pulled at her bottoms. "Now get in there!"

Jennifer wasted no time. Her hands pushed aside the straining fabric and freed the British cock. 12 inches of rock hard member nearly smacked in her the face.

Already dripping with fluids, the cock was rock hard when Jennifer grabbed it. Veins bulged along the length as Jennifer slowly started to jerk it off. Her hands barely encompassing the meat. Cheryl leaned back, a coo escaping her lips as Jennifer sped up.

She added her tongue into the mix, the rough texture providing a welcome contrast to the smooth skin of Cheryl's cock. Already a stream of cum was emerging, the white fluid beaded at the tip before being coaxed down the shaft to Jen's busy hands.

"Oh god, that feels amazing!" Cheryl declared as Jen continued her oral assault. Abruptly though, she stopped. Cheryl coaxed her on, "Keep going!"

"Nope. I'm gonna do something different!" Jen hoisted her body out of the water, losing her suit in the process. While Jennifer Aniston was pushing up towards 50 her body was still in fantastic shape. Those large, round c-cup tits hung nicely offer her chest. So much so that Cheryl wanted to bury her face between them and motorboat.

They hung over her head now, each swollen pink nipple mere inches from her face. She didn't get the chance to enjoy them however. Cheryl arched her back as pleasure shook her body. Inches of her cock disappeared into Jen's tight twat in an instant. The American started to rock back and forth on her. "Better?"


"Good, cause I want to see what you can do. Jerk me off!" It was not a request.

Cheryl's slender hands looked even smaller compared to the 14 inch monster the Friends star was packing. She started to jerk in as Jen bounced up and down; their rhythms slowly matching up. Cum dribbled out onto Cheryl's chest as she kept pumping the cock, appearing in small batches before pooling between her tits.

"Mmm, you like that don't you?" Jen asked in a throaty voice. Cheryl nodded. "That's what I thought. Never thought I'd be bouncing happily on your dick while you stroke me off either?"

Cheryl nodded again so Jen kept going. She ran her fingers over her own body, stopping as she ran them through her hair. "Oooh, yeah baby that's the stuff! You're so fucking big! It's amazing!"

"Damn right!" Cheryl chimed in as she rocked her hips back and forth; pushing her cock as far in as it would go into the actress. She brought Jennifer's cock down til it pressed against her body; the crimson head getting to within inches of her face.

Cheryl brought her hands to her chest and pushed each tit inward. Jen moaned as the tan cleavage enveloped her dick; her pace quickening to account for the titfuck. Not to let it remain just at that, the brunette was able to prop her head up. Her tongue darted out as Jen's member popped through her cleavage, giving it a quick lick or kiss before it disappeared back inside. It returned just seconds later.

Jen felt a tap on her shoulder. She stopped and looked up to see Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lawrence smiling at her.

"Got room for 2 more?"

Cheryl and Jen looked at each and grinned.


"Kiera!" Rachel shouted, searching for her host. She skidded to a halt before the pool area. "Anyone see Kiera?"

The one group looked amongst themselves, no one daring to look below the waistline, nor stop their fucking. Cheryl Cole, still buried in Jennifer Aniston, finally spoke up. "No. Not since she let us in. Problem?"

"Just a food issue." Rachel was off again searching for the brunette. Finally, after rampaging through the house she found her in an office. It appeared to Rachel that she was staring at a computer screen, her hands buried in her crotch. "Kiera, we have a problem."

The brunette turned and drank in Rachel Ray. The celebrity chef was quite exposed. Her raging 11 inch erection jutted from her groin; the fat shaft visibly pulsing with every heartbeat. There was no way it would fit into her bikini bottoms. In fact, it seems they only served to cradle her two plum sized testicles. "You seem awfully excited."

"Kiera I'm serious." Rachel's husky voice was almost pleading. "I added in what you wanted, but umm...I may have overlooked something."

"Oh?" The brunette arched an eyebrow.

"It may interact with alcohol, heightening the effects." Rachel didn't add anything, instead she just pointed to her steel hard member. A drop of pre hit the carpeting.

Realization struck Kiera squarely on the nose. Her eyes went wide and she turned back towards her monitor.


Jessica and Jennifer had returned to the others. Though returned was quite the understatement. They came back and immediately joined Jennifer Aniston and Cheryl Cole. The pair that was fucking pulled apart and met their companions with a kiss. They ventured off a slight distance from the others and back to where JLaw and Jessica had copulated earlier. It was obvious what they were planning, despite none of them having said a word to one another. Approaching the lounger, Jennifer Lawrence spoke up. "Who's on bottom?"

"I got it!" Jennifer Aniston immediately chimed in. She sat down on the couch, her 14 inch member sticking out like a monolith from her body. As she laid down, the similarly named actress joined in; Jennifer Lawrence gave a once over of the older Jennifer's body. The elder starlet cooed as Jennifer tugged on her exposed nipples, rolling them between her thumb and forefinger. That was just a tease however. JLaw grabbed Jen's might member and mounted up. Her tight body spread wide to accommodate the girthy member as she slid down. Her own prestigious member slapped loudly against the Friends actresses belly.

"Oh fuck that feels good!" Jennifer declared as she slid down. Her belly bulged as she impaled on the cock, her face thrown back in pleasure.

Cheryl took up position next. She pushed JLaw forward until her ass was on display. There were many ways to do 'the quad' and Cheryl decided on this one.

Jennifer Lawrence nearly came as the Cheryl slammed her dick deep inside her ass. Her cock spurted a thick strand of cum over Jennifer Aniston.


Kiera moaned as Rachel plowed into her. The thin brunette had her elbows up on the desk and her ass in the air. Her bikini bottoms were down around her ankles as Rachel thrust into her. In front of them were the monitors that showed the events downstairs, and how the scene was quickly descending to what Kiera really wanted; an orgy.

"Is this what you wanted?" Rachel yanked on Kiera's hair. "An orgy of stars all fucking away for you?"

"Yes!" Kiera proclaimed as she orgasmed again. Her cock had already spewed one load that now dripped off the desk, and now feebly released another. She didn't care however, her entire body shuddered as the pleasure washed over her coupled with the truth Rachel was dishing out. She loved the orgy on screen. How Jessica Alba was now plowing Jennifer Lawrence with much the same gusto and enthusiasm as Rachel was with Kiera. The chair they were leaning over slowly marching its' way across the tile floor as they went at it.

Anne and Gal had switched partners, the brunette with the wide smile and the even wider cock was now showing Gal the virtues of her large cock. Wonder Woman was currently spread eagle across a lounge chair while the Catwoman actress was fucking her. The combined cries of pleasure shaking the walls so much that Rachel and Kiera could feel them move.

Rachel gave one last thrust, burying herself completely inside Kiera and just halted. The brunette, who was coming down from her orgasmic bliss, looked back at her. "What gives?"

"You need to face up to your schemes."


"Ladies!" Rachel sing songed as she brought out their host. Slowly all of the celebrities stopped their relentless fucking and started ambling over to where Rachel held Kiera.

The sight of all the dripping cocks, leaking sperm, and still raging erections was far too much for the British brunette. She came explosively; her 10 inch member erupt seized and let loose several shots of cum onto the tile floor. Such was the surprise and strength of her unexpected orgasm that she sank to her knees.

The ladies all surrounded Kiera; fists on their dicks pumping like mad. She looked at the ladies, pleading with them. "Yes! Give it to me!"

Jessica Alba started first. Her plump sausage reared back and started cumming. Thick ropes of semen shot out at the host. Not to be outdone, Jessica Chastin joined in soon after. The redhead cried out as she came. Despite releasing a magnificent load earlier, her gonads were brimming with sperm. Her load joined her opposite as their streams hit Kiera. One by one the ladies went off; coating the host with their cream. It was too much for her to take, the brunette finally let loose with her own orgasm. Her member spasming as her she unloaded. Those with their eyes open watched as her cum shot out. It arced high into the air, nearly above them before it gracefully splattered back down.

The last one to go was Cheryl Cole. Her pent up rod went off like a cannon. Liters of cum fired out of her overloaded balls. Each shot came out with ever increasing intensity until she peaked. Cheryl's knees went weak as she reached the apex; her unit now letting out one long stream of jizz. One last spurt got Kiera on the chin, yet she was done. Leaning on Anne next to her for support, Cheryl gave her unit a few pumps; ensuring she was completely spent.

Kiera sighed in complete satisfaction. Her own cock continued to leak cum, adding to the pile that had built up around her. All the guests around her grinned in satisfaction; their host was completely painted in their spooge. She absently swirled the small pool that formed on her chest. "Best party ever!"

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Her name is Keira.


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