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3rd Chromosome: First Love
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Emma Stone sighed as the hotel door shut behind her. Home again. Not her real home back in LA. This was where she grew up. Arizona. Already the hot dry air was threatening her lungs and the sun beating down on her near porcelain white skin. She was home, but why was she here?

That is a complicated story. She thought to herself as she shuffled into the room, tossing her suitcase onto the bed. Emma laid back next to it and opened the top pouch withdrawing a slender envelope. A small stack of photos flopped out as she opened it. Chris. Her fingers traced the people in the photo. It was herself and her best friend.

That was so many years ago. You've moved on since then. A little smirk crossed her face as she looked at the photo. She and Chris were smiling, the cheesiest grins on their faces. Was this prom? They went together that year as friends. It was always as friends.

Emma and Chris, short for Christine, met each other back in elementary school. Emma started having panic attacks and Chris was the one to hold her. Every single attack Chris would hold onto her until it subsided. As they grew older their interests diverged. Emma went into theater, Chris athletics. Yet, their friendship remained. When Emma found out about her 3rd Chromosome her blonde friend didn't leave. She held her close while Emma cried her eyes out.

Chris would be at every one of Emma's shows. Always clapping the loudest as the cast took their bow. Just the same Emma was at every meet or game for Chris; cheering so loud she'd get removed from games. They were inseparable, and both thought it would last...

Emma sighed and put the picture away. It was all her fault. As usual. It was after prom, well on their way towards graduation when something happened. An argument, a petty word that became so much more, but the relationship changed. Chris walked away that day. As she had every right to. Emma didn't even get the chance to apologize to her best friend. The day after graduation Chris enlisted in the Navy and disappeared.

Emma cried throughout the summer. Not a day went by when her pillow wasn't wet by her tears. Chris got the last laugh too. Emma reached into the pouch and pulled out a necklace. Chris worked on it all year in shop, never quite happy with how it looked. Yet, she finally got it right. After their fight, Emma opened her locker up to find the trinket inside: A sea turtle pendant attached to a long leather strap. She cried even harder that night, necklace in hand. Emma always kept it with her, if only to keep the memory of her friend close.

Emma left soon after, headed for LA to pursue an acting career. She kept tabs on Chris through the years, surreptitiously spying via facebook. Chris seemed happy in her pictures; often posing with her fellow crewman and smiling. Emma had to laugh though, Chris was nearly 6'4" and every bit the amazon woman. She towered over her friends much as she did her classmates back in high school.

Yet, all that didn't explain why Emma was here. A few weeks ago she received a letter in the mail. She recognized it immediately as Chris's nearly illegible scrawl. The note only gave a date, time and location.

Irish Oak Bar

7:00 PM 11/25/16

It didn't take much for her to figure out that Chris wanted to see her. The question was however why. Emma put the trinket way. Maybe she's the idiot for wanting to meet. Maybe I'm the idiot for doing it. The redhead let out a long sigh and rolled over in bed. 4 hours. 4 hours til I see my first love again.


Emma must have stood in front of the mirror for hours before finally deciding on her outfit. She knew from research that the Irish Oak was a more casual affair, yet that didn't stop her from tossing her entire suitcase in an attempt to find the ideal outfit. She settled on a blue button down shirt with a white undershirt. Despite being after labor day, she also rocked some white jeans.

The redhead was as nervous as she'd ever been upon entering the bar. The lights were low and some old song played out from a music box. Off in the corner she spotted her friend. Chris was hard to miss, despite trying her best to blend in. Chris was tall and statuesque. Nearly 6'4 with a frame that easily showed off her well honed muscles. As if that wasn't enough, she had a shapely figure with large breasts. She was a D-Cup in high school, and a rather large ass. Emma recalled telling her that is merely grew her hair out and dyed it black she'd be a shoo-in for Wonder Woman. Emma cautiously approached her table.

"I didn't think you'd show up." Chris spoke as Emma appeared.

"I almost didn't." That's Chris; always too the point. "Can I join you?"

Chris pointed to the chair next to her and Emma sat down. For a while neither said anything. Finally, Emma spoke.

"So is that your boyfriend I kept seeing?"

"Boyfriend?" Chris looked surprised, then she turned up a brilliant smile. "Emily Jean Stone! Have you been spying on my facebook page?

Emma bristled at her full name being used, but took it. She was caught. "...Yes..."

"No. That's not my boyfriend." Chris replied taking a swig of her beer. "I never had one."

Never had one! Emma was surprised. Chris was always knee deep in boys but never showed any interest. She never knew why, but never questioned it either. Before Emma could respond a waitress came by and took their order. After she'd left Emma finally looked back at Chris. "You never had one?"

"I have standards." Chris replied, indignant, though Emma knew she was joking.

"Oh yes, such lofty standards. The Navy didn't assign you one?"

"No, they didn't. Actually, I've been discharged." Chris responded with a little resignation.

Their food and Emma's beer arrived, and before long they were chatting like the previous years didn't happen at all.

"So you've been flying around the world fucking other celebs?" Chris asked smacking away Emma's hand from her fries.

"In between acting." Emma managed to sneak a few away. "It's fine, but there's also something shallow about it."

"Maybe you just didn't find the right one yet." The blonde spoke a little wistfully. Emma couldn't help but let her mind wander.

"Chris, why'd you message me?" The question had been bugging her all night, and felt like it she wasn't going to get an adequate response.

Chris went still for several seconds as she collected herself. Despite the people laughing in the background, and the music playing, the room felt absolutely silent. Emma thought she said the wrong thing and prepared a hasty retreat. Finally, her friend spoke.

"I wanted to see you again."

The words came out in a whisper but were as deafening in their meaning. Emma blinked for a long time. "I wanted to see you too."

"I picked up the phone several times, opened my email, but I couldn't do it." Chris opened herself up. "I'm sorry I walked out on you."

"Oh, Chris honey...you didn't walk out on me..." Emma reached a hand over to comfort her friend. "I said something stupid and..."

"No...I overreacted and..." Chris trailed off. "I got discharged you know."

Why the sudden conversation shift? Emma blinked several times. "You said that earlier."

"I know, but you need to know why. I got medically discharged."

Chris started blinking rapidly. Emma knew she was fighting back tears. "What happened?"

"Emma, I'm not going to lie to you. I sent that letter because I thought you might show up. I hoped actually. There's somethings I need to tell you."

"Of course."

Chris gulped a few times, her baby blue eyes still looked wet. "That day back in high school hurt. I was building up to something and you shattered it. That's why I walked away. That's why I left."

Emma could feel the air become stale as Chris poured out her heart.

"I love you Emma Stone. That's why. I thought just leaving would be better. Shipping myself a world away would take it away, but it didn't. I thought about you everyday. I've come back to I'm sorry."

"Oooh...honey..." Emma didn't know the words to say.

Chris couldn't hold back the tears any longer. "Emma. I'm sorry, I've have Huntington's disease."


Huntington's disease. The name rolled around in Emma's head as she entered her hotel room. Everything that happened since Chris said that was a complete blur. Chris tried to explain it but Emma had already shut down.

Tears welled up in her eyes as she thought about it. An incurable disease and my friend has it! Emma launched herself into the bed and buried herself in her pillow. I just get her back and now she's gonna go away again! Forever! Emma sobbed into her bedspread, rolling around just so she could get out the plethora of emotions out of her system. What seemed like a half hour later, it was done. Emma's emotions were spent and she laid exhausted on the bed. The redhead carefully picked herself back up and went to the bathroom. The minimal makeup she wore was streaked across her face. Emma wanted to laugh, but the merest chuckle came out. Chris would laugh at this. She blinked at the mirror as the realization hit her. Chris would wipe off the makeup. Why am I not doing the same for her? Something was stopping her, She left the bathroom, leaving a hand towel coated in make. Emma wandered back to her suitcase; pulling out the envelope again. The entire stack of pictures fell out onto the bed. As if on purpose, the pendant fell on top.

Emma scooped it up in her hand. Her thumb idly traced along the plastic of shell. She spent so much time on it, and even after I fucked up she still gave it to me. Emma paused as her finger caught a corner. What the? She traced her finger again and noticed a small seam that disappeared where the shell ended. Emma dug into with her fingernails; carefully prying apart the two shell from the top until the two pieces sat in either hand.

In all the years she had it, she never knew about this little compartment. On the one side was a small picture of the two them. Their heads were pressed together. Emma studied the picture for a long time, trying to remember where it was but she could not. The other side, the underside of the shell, had a small inlay with an inscription.

'I'll always love you Emma.' -Chris

Tears welled up again as she fought back the fury of emotions pouring down on her. Emma went for the pillow once again. Several minutes later she was spent and sat up. Her eyes were puffy and red. Finally a realization clicked in Emma's head. What the hell am I doing here?


"Emily come in." Chris's mother welcomed her at the door. Cathy was always one to lay out her best for her guests, even at such a late hour. Cathy was built much like Chris, though her svelte figure was crammed into a 5'5" frame. The older woman swept her up in a hug. "I haven't seen you in forever."

Emma fought for air and freedom, though the hug was reassuring. "I know, Mrs. Stevens. It's been a long time."

"Come in, come in. I have cake." Chris's mother practically clamped down on her arm and Emma inside. It wasn't like Emma was going to resist her though. Soon a piece of yellow cake, with chocolate frosting, was sitting before Emma. A cup of coffee steamed as well. Cathy urged her on."Eat eat, we need to get some meat on you."

"You've told me that since preschool." Emma started in, unwilling to be an impolite guest.

"And see what's it done!" The blonde responded smugly. "There's not a problem that can't be solved without cake."

"You always said that too." Mrs. Stevens, ever the food pusher.

"So how have you been?"

Emma and Cathy went back and forth over the next half hour exchanging details on their lives. Finally, they got to what they were both avoiding.

"Chris sent me a letter." Emma blurted out.

"I know." Cathy sipped at her coffee. "I imagine that's why you're here."

"It is." Emma looked down at her empty plate. "She told me everything."


"What do I do? I mean I love her but..." Emma started to explain only to get cut off.

"Then go tell her." Cathy looked at Emma, "I knew you two were in love for years. Look, Emily...Chris was getting ready to tell you. Really she was, but after that day I was left with an emotional puddle of a person. Chris barely got in the door before she broke down crying. I was ready to march over to your house and set you straight."


"Chris begged me not too. She wanted it to be a secret."

Now Emma felt such a fool. Mrs. Stevens continued, "I didn't like it but I followed it. She enlisted hoping to find another one and move on, but it didn't happen. After her diagnosis, Christine needed to know."

Emma stared at the empty plate until it was removed from her sight. "I'm not going to tell you what to do, but she's upstairs."

Cathy cleaned her hands in the sink. "Try not to make too much noise, I'll be in the basement watching my shows."

Emma found herself walking up the stairs, her hands firmly on the bannister as she went. Music filtered through the walls of the hallway. Emma vaguely recognized it as Linkin Park. Finally she stood before Chris's room. Her inner sanctum. She knocked.

"It's open." Chris's voice came back. The redhead carefully pushed the door open.

"Hey." Emma shut the door behind her.

"Hey." Chris didn't look up from the bed. Instead, her face was buried in an old photo album.

"What is that?" She took a seat at the end of the bed and studied her friend carefully.

"Memories." Chris sighed and Emma swore she sniffled. "Just thinking about it."

Her eyes were watering now but Emma interjected. "Honey, honey, it's okay..."

"It's not okay!" Chris finally screamed, slamming the book closed. "I'm a ticking time bomb and everything will just pass me by!"

Emma scooted closer and put a comforting hand on her. Full blown sobs were coming from her friend. Friend. That isn't right. Emma knew ages ago that Chris was the love of her life. Her first and maybe only love. Now it all finally clicked. "Chris?"

She only got a murmur as a response. Emma scooted even closer and pulled Chris's head out of her lap. Her blue eyes were puffy and red. Tear stains streaked her beautiful face, but that didn't matter. Emma went in for a kiss.

The sobbing stopped; silenced by the their lips meeting. Chris's eyes widened in surprise before she started returning the gesture. Seconds crept along and turned into a full minute before oxygen became necessary.

"Oh god I look horrible!" Chris complained, desperately trying to clean up her face.

"Shut up." Emma went back in again and this time Chris was ready. The photo album was pushed off the bed as the lovers started exploring each other. They'd seen each other naked before, but now it was like they were seeing each other for the first time. A soft moan came from Chris as Emma cupped her breasts.

Chris pulled off Emma's clothing, piece by piece; much like she was opening a Christmas present. The blue shirt went away, and the white top soon followed. Chris traced the outline of Emma's member before her pants were kicked away. Emma broke their kiss and got up off the bed.

The blonde got to the edge of the bed and gaped at the sight before her. Emma's baby blue underwear clashed with the paleness of her skin. As she watched, Emma reached behind and undid her bra. It fell atop the growing pile of clothes on the floor. Chris's mouth watered at the gentle swelling of Emma's chest and how each breast was capped by a cherry red nipple. As she continued watching, Emma slipped her fingers around her underwear and pulled them down.

Emma's member was already semi hard. It was not as big as many other 3Cs, but to Chris it was perfect. As she continued to stare, the member swelled larger and large until it was at full mast. It pulsed gently with the beating of Emma's heart. Emma looked slightly nervous.

"I think you're perfect." Chris advanced on Emma and swept her up in a kiss. As they broke apart it was the redhead's turn. She carefully peeled away the layers of clothing from Chris, inspecting each part as she did. The blonde cooed appreciatively as she cupped and massaged her breasts. Emma flicked the nipples on those E-Cups before moving on.

Emma cruised down to her pajama bottoms, hooking her fingers around the elastic she eased them down. Chris wasn't wearing anything beneath and Emma tsked her. "No underwear?"

"You know I sleep nude."

Emma's member jolted slightly. "I know."

The redhead slid a finger near Chris's damp crotch. "You look like you've been waiting for this."

"18 years."

Emma did the math. "Ever since puberty."

"Ever since puberty." Chris fidgeted adorably, "Go slow, I'm a virgin."

The redhead blinked. "You are?"

"I was always holding out...for you.."

"Oooh..." That's so sweet. "I'll be gentle."

Emma lead her new lover to the bed, slowly dropping her to the comforter. Emma started low, her fingers walked along Chris's long, well muscled legs to the junction.

Chris's sex was pink and glistening. She let out a soft cry as Emma brushed it first with her nose before it rose several octaves as Emma started to lick. Hands wrapped around Emma's head and forced her closer to the pussy she was pleasuring. She licked and sucked as one of her hands snaked inside.

The blonde let out a moan and her grip slackened as Emma's fingers swirled around her snatch. She nearly scream and crushed Emma when she poked her G-spot. With Chris nearly ready she pulled herself free. Emma prodded Chris's well defined abs as she reached her chest.

Chris had a wonderful chest. Emma was always jealous as her boobs kept swelling larger and larger as the years went by. Even after they should have stopped they kept growing. The 3C massaged each boob in turn, noting how supple they felt in her hands, and of course how Chris reacted to get touch.

Satisfied with her breast play, Emma crawled forward until she was face to face with Chris. She kissed her deeply, inhaling the scent that wafted around her. "See you ready?"

Chris nodded, those bright blue eyes sparkling. "I am."

Emma awkwardly tried to position herself; one hand was next to Chris's head while the other lined up her stiff prick. The pair locked eyes as Emma pushed forward and entered her. They both gasped as she did. The warm environment was welcoming to Emma's cock as she pushed forward. Inches disappeared in an instant as the redhead rocked her hips; her blonde partner willing the member in further and further into her sex.

The duo slowly started to make love. Emma started to buck her hips and pump her member in and out. Chris moaned as she had her first sexual encounter. Slowly, she started to return the gesture, rocking her hips until she matched the pace Emma had set. Nether said anything as they went along. In the background, Iron and Wine came on the radio; filling the room with the soft tones of Sam Beam.

Chris had her eyes closed as they went, her soft cries of pleasure filled the air. Emma was staring down at her lover as they went along. Unlike all her other liaisons she knew that this was love not sex. The memories from last week when she had a foursome with 3 other 3Cs popped into her head. The sex was great, but now felt unsatisfying. This, she realized, was where she belonged. Chris was adorable to her right now. Her face was scrunched up and flushed as she experienced sexual pleasure. We're experiencing it.

Chris bucked a little faster, clearly wanting more. Emma was willing to oblige her, bucking her hips so she was pistoning in and out. Already the waves of pleasure were washing over her. Chris's sex tightened up on her as the blonde orgasmed. Her body having done stiff and a muted cry escaping from her lips. Emma felt her balls start to tighten.

"I'm gonna cum!" Emma whispered, her own eyes were shut as she vainly tried to restrain herself.

"Cum in! Please!" Chris cried out. Emma pushed forward until she was fully inside and let go. Her member spasmed and twitched before it released her load of sperm. 1, 2, 3 shots squirted out, going deep into her lover as she experienced an emotional orgasm. Chris locked up again as Emma came, experiencing another orgasm as her partner released her payload.

Emma felt herself give one last spurt and she was spent. Slowly, she withdrew herself from Chris. Basking in the afterglow of their love making, the redhead slipped down next to her partner. She laid her head on Chris's chest, reassured by her steady breathing.

For awhile neither person said anything. They were content to lay in other's arms. Emma sighed contentedly at the steady beating of Chris's heart. "Love you."

"I love you too." Emma responded, and she truly meant it. Where do we go from here?

Chris was slow in speaking. "Emma...there may come a time when I don't remember you."

Emma, for once, knew exactly what to say. She picked up Chris's hand; intertwining their fingers. "I know, but I'll always remember you." And I'll always be there for you.
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