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3rd Chromosome: Alpha Omega
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People cleared out of the way as Taylor Swift strutted down the sidewalk. Strutting was absolutely necessary and really the only way her gait could be described. Her heels clicked against concrete as went. Taylor was a 3C. Perhaps even the ultimate 3C. Yet, in her mind she was more than that. Genetics proved that, she was a 4C. Born not with 2 or 3 Chromosomes she instead had 4. Her doctor said it went XXYX, not that she cared. If someone were to look at her, they may start at her legs. Their eyes would travel up her mile long legs to her fantastic body. Her hips flared out and carried a full, womanly ass while tapering down to a narrow waist. If one could see her stomach they'd see a set of abs worth of any fitness model, yet those were obscured by her boobs. Her perfectly formed orbs sat high on her chest, with enough sag to declare that they were in fact real. Each one projected at least a foot from her body; with her semi erect nipples projecting several inches past her slightly puffy areola. Her face was that of a goddess, with puffy lips like Angelina, and a sultry smirk like Kat Dennings. Blonde curls fell luxuriously across her face. Each individual strand glistening in the light. Like it or not, Taylor was the ultimate woman.

Almost. Jutting from her groin was what made her the true alpha. It was a dick. Not just a dick, but a truly massive fuckrod. Taylor couldn't remember the last time she measured it. When she did it topped off at a whopping 34 inches erect. Her mammoth member was a whopping 16 inches around and more than 5 inches thick. One would presume that such a size would preclude her from taking partners. Yet, she had no such inconvenience. Ladies were at her beck and call, anyone she wanted she was able to have. Just below her massive shaft was a pair of truly impressive nuts as well. Each testicle was as big as a basketball; constantly sloshing as they endlessly produced buckets of sperm. Such things would be expected to weigh her down, but she didn't suffer from that either. Instead her tall 7 foot frame was nicely muscled, not body builder level but certainly at the level of a top fitness instructor. With all this, Taylor was certainly the ultimate person.


Taylor eyes snapped open as she woke up. A layer of sweat permeated her skin, dampening her sheets. That was in addition to the juices that had come out of her cunt. Her right hand was buried in her snatch knuckles deep. With a shlorp she extracted her digits and licked them clean.

Taylor sighed as she sat up on bed. That was the 3rd time she had that dream and she had no idea why. Taylor had everything going for her yet still found it lacking. Was she jealous of 3Cs? A bit, but they seemed just as susceptible to her domination as everyone else. Did she want a cock? Possibly, yet genetics weren't as kind to her. Taylor stewed on that for several moments. Unsatisfied with the answers her brain came up with she laid back down. Slowly, Taylor went back to a fitful sleep.


"Are you ok?"

"Yeah I'm fine." Taylor flipped through a magazine at lightspeed, not even looking at the pages. "Why?"

"You just seem distracted lately." Chloe responded.

"I have been, but it's nothing I can't handle." Taylor tossed the magazine onto the coffee. She let out a huge sigh and leaned back into the padded chair. She wanted to tell her companion, she really did, but she held back.

Chloe stood up with a wry smile on her face.

"I know what you need." She advanced on Taylor, stripping clothes as she went. Taylor didn't react. Instead she inspected the nude 3C through half closed eyes.

"No. I'm not in the mood."

"Not in the mood?" Chloe redressed. This was concerning to her. Taylor didn't give her time to ponder though. The blonde 2er shot up out of her chair.

"I'm going to lunch." She declared.

"I'll just get my bag..."


"Oh..." Chloe frowned. "Ok."

Chloe did move until she heard the door slam. Now safe she pulled out her phone. "Hey it's Chloe. Taylor isn't acting like herself and I'm getting concerned...Thanks."


"Thanks again for meeting on such short notice."

"It's perfectly fine, I'll always make time for you." Iggy Azalea responded. Taylor needed someone to talk to she could trust and while Chloe was trustworthy, Taylor wasn't sure if she'd know what to do. "So what's bugging you?"

Taylor looked around the cafe, ensuring no one was listening. "I've been having these weird dreams lately and it's freaking me out."

Iggy paused mid bite of her blt. She chewed slowly, "You wanted to talk about dreams?"

Taylor just stared into her salad. "It's more than that. I've been dreaming about being a 3C."

"Interesting." Iggy swallowed, "And I'm involved cause...?"

"What's it like?" She finally blurted it out.

"You're asking me? The one with two dicks?" Iggy asked but could see Taylor was serious. "Where's Chloe for this? Or Katy?"

The 2er squirmed. "Katy would just laugh, and Chloe wouldn't be the best I think."

"Leaving me." Iggy put down her sandwich. "Okay, I'm game. I was a late bloomer, but that didn't stop me from masturbating or anything. Before my 3rd showed up, everything was fine. Normal compared to what my girlfriends discussed.

"When the twins arrived," She pointed at her crotch. "Nothing really changed. I just had more ways to play around. It just felt like sex, and I've asked guys about this. You feel a sense of power with a penis, or in my case 2. There's something about shooting a big load that just does something for me. Not only that but the satisfaction. I've seen it in Jennifer's face, and Nicky's. That's not to say I'm ignoring my feminine areas, the male ones just feel stronger. Especially if you get off on giving your partner pleasure."

"Hmmm." Taylor tapped her chin in thought. "Do you suppose it's possible to become a 3C?"

"Like what from a pill bottle?" Iggy cocked her head to the side. "There are pills that are for enhancement, but nothing like growing something that isn't there. I've heard Lindsay Lohan uses those."

"So it would be genetics."

Iggy chewed thoughtfully. "I suppose that's one way to think about it. What happens is there's a mutation on the chromosome that causes a 3rd chromosome to attach to the strand. That's not a big deal except if there wasn't another mutation that caused the SRY to activate at puberty."

Taylor dropped her fork. "How do you know that?"

"I read genetics books when my doctor told me what was happening." Iggy opined, "I was fortunate to have 3rd mutation that caused a double strand to appear. Hence, two dicks and 4 balls. Though, mine is not as common. I've heard Molly Quinn, much like Katy, has an enlarged sequence hence her gigantic member. There are also cases where a person could be XXX. Ariel Winter and Christina Hendricks are two such women."

"The girl from Modern Family?" Iggy nodded affirmatively. Taylor tried to conjure up Ariel's image in her head. Glasses, black hair, and tits like you wouldn't believe. They projected far out from her body and looked perfectly formed despite their larger than basketball size. Add to that a curvaceous behind and you had a bubbling sex pot.

"There's a nickname for the them...like 3C or 2er." Iggy scrunched her forehead in concentration. "Bah, I don't remember. Why the interest in 3Cs? I know you enjoy fucking them."

"I want to know if you could become one." Taylor stated flatly.

"That I don't know. Genetics labs exist, I think there's one in Sydney. Very expensive and very dangerous. Pretty sure I got sequenced there." Iggy stared at the pop star. "Taylor, can I be honest?"


"Being a 3C taints you. Sure there are several success stories, but a lot of the world hates you for what you are. You may want it, but you have a choice, the rest of us didn't. There's nothing wrong with Taylor, you don't need to be 3C Taylor."

"I guess you're right." That didn't satisfy her however.

"I'm not gonna preach to you, or try to stop you. But please call me before you do anything stupid."

"I'm will." Taylor finished off her salad. Just as they finished the waiter brought up the bill.

"She's getting that." Iggy pointed it over to her friend.

"Bitch." Taylor snagged the bill. After they had paid and left the restaurant Iggy turned to her.

"You got time for a...?"

"For you, certainly." Taylor grabbed her hand and led the 3C to her SUV.

Minutes later Taylor walked back to her own car, wiping off the last vestiges of cum still on her face as she went. Iggy watched Taylor go.

"Don't do anything stupid. Please."


"I don't get it. I mean, what's up with her she hasn't said anything to you has she?" Chloe whined. Her companion didn't say anything. Instead she continued to bob her head up and down Chloe's cock. Gigi hit a sweet causing the blonde to shudder.

"Oh keep that up...you're gonna make me..." Gigi slammed her entire face down into Chloe's crotch; the entire length of her member disappearing in an instant. Chloe continued to spasm as her cock let loose a torrent of jizz. Her hips bucked as Gigi swallowed her load.

Several seconds later she was spent and collapsed back into the chair. Gigi popped free of her deflating member and licked it clean. "Taylor's a smart girl. I just think something is bugging her. If she wants to talk she'll talk."

"I know ..it's just..." Chloe gestured with hands. "I feel so helpless."

Gigi paused. "Do you love her?"

Chloe's mouth worked up and shut several times. "...maybe?"

"Then give her some space." The model started to pump Chloe's member back to life. "You need to respect her privacy. Does she know?"


"Don't tell her yet. Wait for her to sort this out." Gigi gave her erect dick a squeeze and stood up. One by one pieces of clothing formed a puddle on the floor. Chloe admired Gigi's body; If Taylor's was sensual, Gigi's was sexual. Long tan legs lead to well formed rear. From there her body tightened into a narrow waist before coming back out to support her chest. Her boobs were not big, definitely a handful, and always soft in her hands. Her face had a sultry smirk across it. It promised countless physical delights. Gigi took her hand and pulled her up. "Forget this for now, I'm gonna fuck you til your balls are empty."

Chloe allowed Gigi to lead her up the stairs into the bedroom. She let the 5'10 inch model strip the remaining clothes off of her. Chloe gave no resistance as she was pushed onto the queen size bed. A mere whimper escaped her lips as Gigi mounted her. It was a sight that many in the world would of killed for. Gigi Hadid, one of the top models in the world, laying out a string of obscenities as she rode Chloe's member. Her entire body glistened with a sheen of perspiration as she bounced merrily on the 11 inch cock. Gigi's breasts were heaving as she let loose a howl of satisfaction. Her cunt contracted against Chloe's dick as her entire body was racked with an orgasm.

Gigi rode her harder in her cowgirl position; coaxing whatever pleasure she could out of their sexual experience. Yet, Chloe still wasn't feeling. Physically sure, her body reacted to Gigi and she bucked her hips in their synchronic fucking; her voice matched her partners in tone and intensity. Mentally however, she was tuned out. Chloe couldn't get Taylor out of her head. There was something there, nagging at her, that she couldn't get past. Was it a mental link she shared with her? Or just a sense of awareness she had? Her partner sped up on her cock, obviously wanting more pleasure. "Give it to me! Give me your seed!"

Chloe brow furrowed as she tried to stave off cumming. Yet, it was of little use. She grabbed Gigi's hips and slammed them down onto her member as she let loose. A howl escaped her lips as spurts of cum escaped her cock, shooting deep into Gigi's tight sex. The brunette's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she came, Gigi's own orgasm overwhelming her brain. Her body seized for a brief second as pleasure permeated every pore but slackening. Chloe's partner fell back limp. Unfortunately, her positioning was such that her dick was still buried in Gigi. Chloe did have to admit it did look kinda cute. Gigi was splayed out legs wide Chloe's cock deep inside her. Her back was arched backwards like she was reaching back for a drink, yet her head and her arms were both limp.

"Gigi..." Chloe tried to push her off, but it was 120 lbs of dead weight on her hips. A soft snore escaped the model's lips. Great. I fucked her unconscious. Looks like I'm not going anywhere for awhile. The blonde looked about, searching to see where her pants landed. Not just her pants; her phone was buried inside there somewhere. Unfortunately, they were at the far end of the bed out of reach. Fuck! She pounded the bed in frustration which only caused Gigi to start snoring.


Taylor idly inspected her nails while sitting on her throne. The word throne seemed a bit pretentious to describe a sitting implement, but in this case it was quite on task. It was a magnificent design; hewn oak legs rose up all the 4 corners. These spider webbed off as they approached the first level, each split going and meets its closest neighbors. Yet, the main legs kept going til they reached the seat itself. The throne's high back was carved with an intricate pattern of spirals and symbols. Taylor would have loved to say it was a family crest, or a symbol of her increasingly divine nature; instead it was a design that she just liked. The seat was solid wood, but a large velvet cushion rested upon it. In the front there was a large cutout that traveled towards the center, for anyone gazing upon the throne without Taylor upon it, the purpose would be a mystery. One would surmise it would be an stylistic commode. Yet, that was dead wrong. Instead Taylor's mammoth sack was able to fit through the cutout. It allowed her basketball sized testicles to sit comfortably on the lower level, again on a velvet cushion like her rear end. The entire thing was a masterful construction; laquered til it glistened in the light of her 'throne room'.

With her inspection complete, Taylor stretched, bones popped loudly as she did. Her member twitched inside her skirt. How long has it been? 1 hour? 2? No matter. The chair groaned as she pushed herself up off of it. Her hand traced the high back as she went back behind it to her private chambers. Chloe, her ever faithful confident and fuckbuddy slide up next to her.

"What do you require?"

"Entertainment. It's been several hours and I think I need another release." Taylor responded as she made her way inside the room. "Who's available."

"Everyone as always, but I think you want something unique." Chloe left to a side room as Taylor marched up on the steps to her California king bed. As she turned and sat down, Chloe had returned with someone. She was petite, very petite, with a pixieish face framed by brunette hair. "May I present Ariel Winter."

Taylor let herself smirk. Ariel Winter was exactly as she recalled all those years ago. Her melons were massively large, possibly even larger than her own. Her cock swelled with anticipation. Ariel advanced on the 4C, her shirt being torn apart as she went. Her tits were, to Taylor's amazement, firm. There was enough sag to shout that they were real. They wobbled wonderfully as she approached; hypnotically bouncing as she ascending the steps to Taylor. "May I?"

Taylor was pleased that Ariel asked, she wasn't sure if she was trained for that or if it was just her nature. "You may."

Ariel wasted no time in starting to massage Taylor's prodigious member. It quickly swelled in size under her ministrations until 34 inches of girlcock jutted freely from her crotch. Ariel's mouth went to work across her member, covering it in kisses while her tongue slathered every inch of dick with saliva. Now good and wet, Ariel's hands slid much more easily til the slick sounds file the room. They were joined by Taylor's own coos of pleasure as Ariel worked her rod. "Lean back, I'm going to send you to heaven."

Taylor eyes fluttered as she leaned back onto the bed. The cool air wrapped around her member as it went vertical. Yet, Ariel ignored her monolithic member and instead went for the two balls beneath it. Taylor gasped, her hands sliding sensuously down her body, as Ariel started fondling her balls. She felt them go back and forth, up and down as the 3C explored every inch of her gonads with her fingers. If she had to compare it, it was like breast play, but it wasn't her own large tits that were being massaged, it was her balls. Her twin cum factories sloshed approvingly as Ariel fondled them.

Taylor couldn't see around her member but knew Ariel had stopped playing with her nuts. She felt hands travel up her dick followed by Ariel's warm breath. She shivered at that. Yet, the best part was coming. Through half closed eyes Taylor saw Ariel's breasts start to engulf her cock. The pillar of pleasure disappeared into her cleavage as Ariel's breasts wrapped around it. Then she started fucking.

Taylor let out a soft moan as the brunette began working her boobs. From her vantage point she saw the breasts rise and fall, tightening and releasing her member from their soft prison. Where'd she learn this?! Taylor thought as Ariel continued to ruthlessly use her breasts to her advantage.

"Oh god oh god oh god oh god..." Faint rips were heard as Taylor tightened her grip on the sheets. The way Ariel moved around was just too much to bear. It was sensual and erotic. Those mammoth melons would slide up and down her 34 inch pole. Her tongue would lash out lick at the very top where precum flowed like a river down the shaft. Yet, what was most surprising was her ass.

Being a XXX 3C, Ariel had not just tits that defied alphabetical categorization. She had a mammoth ass as well. So much that her closest competitors combined wouldn't have as much gluteus maximus as she did. Yet it was not, as one would imagine, disgusting. Instead her butt was a thing of beauty to be praised and admired. Impossibly firm, tight, yet like play-dough in one's hands. Said butt was now working over her member. Ariel had crawled over atop her and started this action. Taylor was nearly to heaven as those two cheeks twerked, no that was a vulgar word, massaged her cock.

She wasn't sure how Ariel was doing it; grabbing and releasing with her butt, but it felt wonderful. Equally wonderful was the motorboating she was managing. Those two boobs shook in front of her face; knocking her from side to side in a stupor as she vainly grasped for one of those long enticing nipples.

"God keep that up!" Taylor shouted, yet her cry merely came out as a murmur, such as she was surrounded by titflesh. Instead those boobs were ripped away, much to her dismay, as Ariel pulled off of her and went back to her titfucking. Those luscious orbs bounced hypnotically up and down along her member. The much smaller brunette pushed her tits from side to side as she bounced them up and down; the warn canyon was heavenly around Taylor's member.

Ariel continued her oral assault as well, that tongue of her ravishing the sensitive head of her cock. Occasionally it would move up and fondle the slit which was now perpetually open leaking out pre. Taylor's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she felt her balls tighten up. Her mind was already slipping away as pleasure coursed through her body, forming a tidal wave that was crashing into her skull. This was going to be a big one.

Taylor went off like geyser. A fountain of cum shot out of her member, nearly hitting vaulted ceiling, before it returned to earth. The duo were drenched by Taylor's jizz rainfall, yet neither cared as more and more spunk came down on them. Her cock kept firing shot after shot of spunk until her balls were completely drained, at least for the next hour. One last spurt escaped the slit, drooling down the side and pooling between Ariel's tits.

Taylor's eyes fluttered open. Her brain slowly restarting much like a computer. That really was heaven. She thought. The 4C had countless orgasms before and after her ascension, yet it was hard to match what she had just experienced. Her entire body was a glow; flushed with color and tingling like she just had a massage. Her breathing started to return to normal.

Taylor pulled up her hand to wipe away the cum on her face, yet paused. Her hand, both in fact, were filled with torn up sheet. She stared dumbly at it til Ariel saddled up next to her.

"Allow me." Ariel proceeded to give Taylor a tongue bath; licking up all the cum on her face til not a drop remained.

"Please, let me." Taylor returned the gesture with gusto; licking the cum of Ariel's face, smiling as she did. "You can stay."


Taylor woke up again to the smell of sex tainting her room. It was a constant scent that lingered, but this was more prevalent...more recent. Once again her hand was knuckles deep in her snatch. This has got to stop. Iggy mentioned that there was a place in Australia that did genetic modification. Should she do it? Taylor wiped off her hand with her sheets and sat upright. Taylor sighed, her decision was made. She reached her phone and after a brief search she dialed a number.
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