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3rd Chromosome: Miley’s Life
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A/N: The following happens after Alpha Omega


Sunlight filtered into the bedroom filling it with a warm glow. One particular sunbeam landed squarely on the face of the bed's sole occupant. Angry, she swatted at the offending ray, but found little success. With a groan she pushed herself upright.

Miley Cyrus brushed a stray hair back as she pushed her feet over the side. Her balls, bloated in every sense of the word, joined her legs and her member followed suit. She looked over the bed; finding her lover long vanished. With a sigh the 3C pushed herself upright, carefully making her way to the bathroom to begin her morning routine.

The blonde pulled open the shower curtain but didn't enter. Instead, she hefted her cock with both hands. What today? She thought as she stroked the length of her 17 inch member. Ahh I know. Miley pumped faster as the image formed in her mind.

Ariel Winter was bent over a table, her large ass dangled in the air while her mammoth mammaries splayed over the surface. Behind, Sarah Hyland was thrusting into the nonfuta 3C with reckless abandon. Her thick member causing Ariel countless orgasms as she went a long. Her hands dug into that oversized behind even as balls rhythmically slapped it.

The scene was from Ariel and Sarah's latest porno tape. They were quite the couple; not only were they stars of Modern Family, they also starred in their own series of porn tapes. Miley and her lover Rachel had watched the latest one just last night. Now the visions of the 3C, futa and non futa, lovers filled Miley's brain, giving her much needed smut to coax her cock onward.

The vision switched now, Sarah was holding the camera while Ariel was kneeling before her. The lap filling mammaries working up and down the brunette's thick cock as Ariel coaxed her on. "You want to cum now don't you? Spray me with your seed? Cum on you bitch, coat me with your cum! Hose down my tits!"

Sarah came in a torrent of cum. Her cock reared back and showered her lover with a thick layer of cream. The first blast caught Ariel squarely in the face, the second and third meandered down her chin while the last squirt arced up before landing on her tit. Ariel greedily sucked down the jizz. "You're extra tasty today."

The camera shifted as Sarah moved the camera around. "Anything for you. Ready to go again?"

"Fuck my ass you slut!" Ariel was already twisted around presenting her buxom booty to her hermaphroditic partner.

The scene played over in Miley's mind as she stroked faster and faster. Suddenly, she hit her peak and came. Her cock went off like a cannon, shot after shot of cum splattered in all directions as it hit the tile wall. Miley kept cumming, nearly 30 seconds of continuous orgasmic relief washed off her. Finally her balls dropped back down, truly spent from an utterly average morning release for her.

The blonde caught her breath and began to cleanup, directing the shower head back and forth.

"I never get tired of seeing that."

Miley straightened, surprised at the voice. "Where'd you go?"

Rachel pushed a stray lock of red hair aside. "Breakfast. Come on, you need to eat."

"Almost done." Miley finished up her work and shut off the tap, grabbing a towel and wiped her member clean. "Didn't we talk about this? No heavy work?"

"I wasn't gonna listen anyway." Rachel patted her gravid belly. She was 7 months along in her pregnancy and it showed. "Breakfast isn't hard work. Besides, I need pull my weight around here."

"Uh huh." Miley followed her naked save an apron lover as they jointly walked down the stairs.

"You know it. I'm not the one making albums." Rachel led her into a kitchen where mound of food worthy of a feast was arranged. "Was it Sarah and Ariel again?"

Miley nodded and she sat down, adjusting her dick and balls to a comfortable position. "It was. They're latest tape..."

"That's why I got on blu ray." Rachel watched as Miley piled her plate high with food. "Do you know what you're doing today?"

She had to wait as Miley chewed a mouthful of pancakes and chased it with orange juice. "Vaguely, I haven't read my mail yet. Why?"

"I have a doctor's appointment."

"Do you want me to go?" Miley refilled her glass for a second time. Being a producing 3C she had to constantly stay hydrated. It wasn't uncommon for her to guzzle down 3 gallons of water in a day. Her greedy balls took most of that; constantly producing sperm. Unlike most producers she didn't have a 'spare tank' to store her seed. Instead, Miley's balls store it directly. The end result was the constant growth of her testicles.

"No, this is all routine. You were there for the important ones. Besides, I'm going to yoga afterwards."

"...and I'm not allowed." Miley fumed. "I lost my favorite pants that day."

"They said if you can keep your cock under control you can come back." Rachel joked.

"Yeah that's not gonna happen." Miley drank down a glass of water. Several months ago, Rachel succeeded in dragging Miley out of the house and to a yoga class. Yet neither were prepared for her reaction to all the insanely hot women in form fitting outfits. Miley's cock burst from her tight pants like monster breaking out of prison. Unlike a porno, the room did not descend into an orgy of epic proportions and the 3C was forced to flee with her tail, and cock, between her legs.

"Have fun, I'm sure I have something to do."

"Just leave the house okay?" Rachel got up and kissed Miley on the cheek. "Are they bigger?"

She was referring to Miley's boobs. When they first met Miley was still an B cup. With Rachel's pregnancy they swelled up as she did. Miley thought she was at least a D by now. She cupped them experimentally. "I think so, I haven't paid attention lately. I do hope they stick around though."

"As do I, they're so... yummy." Rachel gave the closest one a squeeze and caused her partner to moan. "Try to wear a bra too."

"If I find one that fits."

"Use one of mine."

"Yes dear." Miley added with finality. She watched as Rachel sauntered away, her wide hips bouncing with every step. With a sigh, she returned to her meal; a dick as big as hers took a lot of energy. Reaching over, she snagged the iPad off the table and logged in.

She scanned through the day's news and gossip; purposely saving her email for last. Miley was bombarded with messages in her private Gmail account and the blonde took several moments filtering through it all. One particular message caught her eye.

Family meeting; Swift, Taylor

Miley chewed a piece of bacon thoughtfully before opening the message. Why is Taylor calling a meeting of the Five Families?

When people thought that music was controlled by someone behind the scenes they were actually right. Though it wasn't someone behind the scenes, it was the person on stage. Five families was also a misnomer, there were seven in reality. Music, at least the female side, was divided into the genres of pop, rock, latin, country, rap, electronic, and classic. Five families simply sounded better than seven families.

Each family had a head authorized to speak for the family, and several lead members. Made women if you will. Sometimes, there were people that cut across the families and were used as moderators. Miley was just one such individual. It was a mafia mentality, but everything got handled with the utmost efficiency.

Resigning herself, Miley opened up the email and read it's contents.


"So there are five families of music." Rachel asked between bites of her salad.

"Seven actually, but five sounds better." Miley explained. "Each one has a head and calls meetings. Generally, the heads are expected to show up if able."

"And you said Taylor Swift called a meeting?"

Miley nodded in confirmation. "She did. She heads the pop family after Britney Spears left."

"Don't you guys hate each other?" Rachel asked, arching an eyebrow

"Nah," Miley dismissed the notion with a wave. "That's all staged, we were actually fuck buddies a long time ago. That girl is a nympho."

"Ah." Rachel responded flatly.

"So," Miley continued. "I have to go on a business trip."

"I understand."

"Will you be okay?" Miley questioned.

"Of course, I'll be fine." Rachel put down her fork. "Go have fun, fuck a girl for me."


The meeting was in full swing when Miley walked in. The meeting room was dignified to say the least. Wood paneling ran the length of the room and fine oak tables stood at regular intervals. In the center, a large table ran the length of the room. Around it sat the representatives from the seven groups. Rather than interrupt, she stayed silent as she made her way to her chair. Taylor acknowledged her when she was done with the current agenda. "Miley."

"My apologies, my flight got delayed."

"It's okay." Taylor adjusted her glasses and went back to her notes. "Next up, Lindsay."

Lindsey Stirling, representing dance and electronic music straightened up. "Yes?"

"We've gone over your request and it's granted. You'll have one new album, and at least a top ten hit. Each group has agreed to collaborations with their members. Get in touch with the family heads so we can make the arrangements."

"Thank you!" Lindsey thanked the assembled group in the room. The redhead's family was small and nearly subservient to the other families, so requests such as hers had to filter through the group.

"No problem." Taylor smiled, "YouTube remains your main domain. Now Country?"

"Yes?" Miranda Lambert responded. The country singer was sitting next to Miley and rubbing the 3C's thigh.

"I haven't heard the latest numbers but I assume it's good?"

"Yes," Miranda removed her hand and consulted her notes. "I don't have the latest figures either, but Carrie's new album is selling better than expected. I also suspect there will be cross play on the pop stations."

"Good." Taylor shifted her notes again and snapped her fingers to one of the servants lurking along the wall. "Ice tea please, one sugar, light ice."

The woman bowed and left. "Rap. Iggy?"

Iggy, ever the professional in this setting cleared her throat. "I have a new album dropping in a few months, already there are some singles out including a collab with JLo. Nicki is being asked to write a new album by 2018 once her tour is done. Finally, Missy Elliot is enjoying her rise back up. Her popularity is still growing from the 2016 Super bowl appearance."

"Thank you." Taylor thanked Iggy and the servant as her tea appeared. She wrote a brief note on the margin and continued. "Latin?"

"Nothing to report," Shakira stated. "Everything is still set for a 2018 relaunch."

"Good. No issues with Christina making an album?"

"No." The words rolled off Shakira's tongue and filled Miley with desire. Maybe I can fuck that ass. Miranda's stroking hand didn't help matters. "We keep swapping spots on The Voice to cover each other. I've talked with my male counterpart for a simultaneous release."

"Keep us informed." She sipped at her tea. "Okay, that covers everything, anyone else? No? A few announcements from pop. Beyonce sends her regrets but she couldn't make the trip while expecting. Miley, I'm sorry to do this, but we need a music video out from you."

"What?!" Miley stood up.

"I know, I'll discuss it with you later, but I want it out there."

"Fine." Miley sat back down but crossed her arms, clearly unhappy with this development.

"Moving on, Britney Spears is finishing up her run in Vegas. We have her lined up to do an Asia tour then hopefully a new album by 2018." Shakira and Iggy both looked up so Taylor added, "soft release. No major marketing beyond what she manages."

That seemed to satisfy the both family heads.

"With that in mind, we'll need someone else to do a Vegas run. You can submit volunteers or candidates to my office." Most of representatives present nodded. Going on a run in Vegas was a sign your career was at an end.

"Now the crux of the meeting." Taylor paused to gather herself. "I will be temporarily stepping aside from my duties as Speaker and head of the pop family. I don't have a timeline for the duration."

There was no verbal dissent but a lot of murmurs around the table. Miley was surprised but as she scanned the faces, she noted that Iggy Azalea perked up immensely and studied the Speaker carefully. Taylor continued, "In the meantime, Katy Perry will be taking over as head of the pop family until my return."

The 'Roar' singer nodded next to Taylor. "As the new temporary Speaker, I'd like to nominate Avril Lavigne."

Avril nodded as if it were a foregone conclusion. The blonde whispered something in Amy Lee's ear. The singer nodded, sighed, and pulled a bill out of her bra and slid it over to Hayley Williams on the other side of Avril. "Thank you. I accept the nomination."

"I know you're busy with your other ventures, but I'll have my assistants help you out. I'll put this to a vote now. Avril Lavigne as temporary speaker."

Everyone voted aye. Avril was the safe bet. "Motion passed, Avril you'll be the new speaker after this meeting. See me and I'll get you setup."

The punk rocker bowed her head but said nothing. "Anything else? No? Dismissed. Avril, I'll meet you in my office, Miley please stay."

Miley watched as the assembled group dispersed out the door. In particular she enjoyed watching Lindsey's tight ass bounce out the door. She turned to face Taylor.

"You're upset."

"Not upset, but annoyed." Miley finally uncrossed her arms. "Why?"

"People haven't seen you in months, there are rumors. Your numbers aren't slipping but we need something else from you."

Miley sighed, resigned to the situation. "Fine."

Taylor smiled. "It'll be worth your while. I see your boobs are getting bigger, how's Rachel doing?"

"She's at 7 months. I think she wants to be done."

"That's how I'd feel." Taylor collected her things. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I have to meet Avril. I also have an idea for you for your video. I'll send it later."

"Okay." Miley felt a little better with Taylor having a plan.

"Tell Rachel I said hi." Taylor stated as she walked out of the room. Miley sat in silence for several moments, only to be broken up from her thought by her phone buzzing.

Iggy: I need to talk to you. Come to my office.


"She's going to do what?!" Miley exclaimed.

"You heard me." Iggy responded. Moments ago, the Australian confided the conversation she had with Taylor weeks ago. "She's going to try gene therapy to become a 3C."

"Why?" Miley asked, leaning back in her chair.

"Beats me. Jealousy perhaps? The woman can be a bit of an egomaniac."

"I know. I know. So why are you telling me?"

"I was curious if you had any thoughts about it."

"It's stupid is what it is." Miley also thought about such a treatment. Could that cure my producing nature? The thought of not having to empty her balls twice a day appealed to her.

"Beyond that."

"Call the center?"

"I've done that. I got the standard 'client interest' response." Iggy stated.

Miley tapped her chin in concentration, trying to remember high school biology. "Okay, here's a thought for you. You read up on the extra chromosome yes?"

"When I was 14."

"So, genetically the chromosome has to be in there right?"

"Of course."

"And Taylor is looking to become one."

Iggy slapped her forward, realizing her mistake. "So if she doesn't have the chromosome she needs a sample from someone who does."

Miley started checking off fingers. "Me, you, Avril, Katy."

"Hayley, Carrie..."

"And those are just the ones here." Miley put her hands back down. "What do we do?"

"I haven't got a clue." Iggy responded, a look of concern across her face.


Miley shuffled back into her house completely exhausted. Her flight was on time, but she unwisely got an early morning trip out. The result: red eyes and a complete lack of focus. If she was thinking more clearly, Miley might wonder if she parked the car correctly, or just took a taxi from the airport. Right now the only thing she wanted to do was say hello to the bed, and kiss Rachel. Order didn't matter.

"Hey honey." Rachel said as Miley zombie walked in. Miley grunted in response, grabbed her pregnant lover and kissed her. Then she breezed right by and hugged the bed. Within seconds of hitting the pillow she was out cold.


Miley stood before a mirror examining her body. For once, it looked normal. A normal woman that is; there was no huge cock jutting from her groin. No monstrous, constantly growing balls. For the first time in her adult life she could see her feminine sex without the aid of a mirror. It felt strange, yet at the same time good. Her hand felt her sex for the first time in years.

Just like that, Miley was awake again. She shot up in surprise. What a rush. I could be a woman again. The 3C looked down at her massive member and bloated balls. Do I want to give that up? Her thoughts turned quickly. What would Rachel think? Miley sighed. Why isn't life easy?

"Morning." She said as Rachel walked in.

"Afternoon actually." She corrected. "Did it go well?"

"It went. Interesting. Let's say interesting."

"Care to explain that?" Rachel looked dubious.

Miley quickly filled her in on the details, including Taylor's decision. Rachel said nothing for a long time. Finally, "you're stuck on this."

"I am." She admitted.

"Not for Taylor though." Rachel looked away.

"Yeah." Ever since Miley met Rachel she was amazed at how the redhead was able to read her. She didn't know it at the time but Rachel was turning out to be more than just a one night stand. In the silence that followed, Miley's brain flittered to that fateful day.


Miley Cyrus stood a mere half second in the London club entrance before the bouncer let her in automatically. The 3C was on a quest for pussy this evening. Her cock was willing and her balls at a manageable size. She looked around the club, examining patrons through the flashing lights and pumping music wondering how she should go at it. A familiar face passed her by leading a hesitant dark skinned woman. "Emma."

Emma Stone's smiled flashed. "Miley."

As Emma worked past her, Miley decided that she would get them worked up, and maybe a little drunk. People tended to react oddly when a futa came onto them, but a little liquid courage went a long way. Her cock twitched at just the thought. The blonde eyed up once girl in particular.

The 3C dubbed her the party animal. She wore a black skirt, a g-string under it, a pink shirt sleeve shirt and a black long sleeve under it. She was a brunette with heavy D cups, Miley's cock twitched as she stared at the girl's shirt and the glorious cleavage bouncing within. Miley stalked over and started dancing, matching the girls beat and rhythm.

The party animal was dancing with a couple of people, mostly guys, but she would always a find a way to fuck up her chances of taking a guy home. Miley observed her moving to fast, unbuttoning a shirt and then going straight the crotch. As horny as the gaggle of guys were, her behavior was off putting. Miley finally found her, their eyes met and they started dancing. They got closer as they continued to dance. Miley could see the gears turning behind half closed eyes. Is this who I think it is? She's sexy, and dancing with me! God does she go both ways? Miley edged closer to her; well inside her personal space. She could feel the redheads breath, feel the sweat and pouring off her body. They moved even closer, so close they made contact. The girl smacked, grabbed, groped, and squeezed Miley's ass as her hands roamed her body. The 3C was more than willing to let her too. She suppressed her impending erecting and grabbed the girl's hand.

Minutes later, they emerged from the dance floor, just as hot and sweaty as before but no worse for wear. The animal followed Miley as she went to the bar, Miley ordered two shots of Cīroc, one for her and the other for the girl.

"How did you know I wanted a drink" The partier questioned.

"Who doesn't want to get drunk every once in awhile" Miley said as she handed the girl the shot.

"Anderson, Rachel Anderson." she said after taking the shot.

"Cyrus, Miley Cyrus." Miley responded after she took the shot and ordered for another round of shots.

About four or five shots later, the two were completely drunk. They had started kissing each other and casually groping.

"You ever fuck a 3C?" Miley asked, going in for the kill. Rachel shook her head negatively but did not back away. Miley drunkenly suggested, "let's get ou-outta here then."

The two left the club, piling into a taxi and driven to Miley's house. The taxi driver said nothing as the two girls went at in his back seat; staying silent even as the taxi filled with moans and cries of delight. They quickly pulled up to her house, falling out with as much dignity as to be expected. Miley threw a wad of bills at the driver. "You didn't see anything."

The second the door clicked shut they were on each other again. Rachel haphazardly undressed herself as Miley unzipped her custom pants letting semi flaccid tool spring out. Quickly, the cock throbbed with blood, the thick veins that crisscrossed the length pulsed and let the dick surge to full mast.

Rachel took a step back involuntarily at the sight of the 17 inch member, but she stepped back when the shock wore off. Sinking to her knees before the godly member, Rachel took the cock in her mouth. Somehow, despite the large size of the head, she was able to cram it all in.

The redhead rubbed herself with a free hand; her snatch dripping a river of juices. Rachel displayed exceptional talent as she blew Miley; with cock in mouth, she lovingly fondled the tip with her tongue. The 3C moaned loudly from Rachel's oral talents, both hands grabbed a hold of her red hair and pulled.

Rachel gagged as inches of stiff member violated her throat, but by suppressing her gag reflex she was able to continue worshiping the 3C cock before her. Pulling back slightly, Rachel managed to get to where just the tip rested in her mouth. From there she let her tongue dance across the bottom, poking and prodding the sensitive underside.

"Oh god, if you do that I'm gonna..."

Cum. A wave for jizz blasted out of Miley's cock taking them both by surprise. The first shot went straight down Rachel's throat causing her to gag. The second blast broke free from her mouth and splattered across her face. By then the redhead recovered and took the last few bursts down, nearly choking in the process.

Rachel swallowed down the last load with a loud gulp. "Are you finished?"

"What do you think?" Miley responded. Her steel hard cock had neither wavered nor began to lose strength, even as globules of jizm splattered to the floor. "Bedroom?"

"Bedroom." Rachel agreed, taking Miley's hand and being willingly lead deeper into her house. Cock pointing the way Miley entered her room with Rachel mere inches behind. She threw herself over the bed and presented her fine ass to the blonde. "Fuck me."

Miley needed to further invitation. She advanced on her partner; raging hard cock pointing the way. Miley could feel the heat coming off her pussy as she probed it with her fingers. "You're soaking wet."

"Stop teasing and fuck me!" Rachel responded. She got more than she bargained for however as Miley stuck her head in. The thick head pressing in on her sex, splitting it wide open, causing her to spontaneously and dramatically orgasm.

"Oooo Miley you're so big! You feel sooooo good!" Rachel shouted while she was came.

"Shut up whore and take this cock!" Miley grunted as she continued pounding Rachel's cunt, her body going on autopilot as she focused on her sexual gratification. Nearly the entire length of her massive member was squeezed inside the redhead; each thrust caused her belly to bulge from the pounding.

Rachel's cunt muscles squeezed Miley's cock and lubricated her pussy in a torrent of juices. Her pussy stretched absurdly as it struggled against her cock, yet the pleasure was so fantastic and extreme she could hardly care. Rachel moaned as she orgasmed again, her vaginal fluids flooded around Miley's cock and spilled onto the bed. The scent of which filled the 3C nostrils and drove her on faster and harder.

"Give it to me you slut!" Rachel commanded. Miley complied, her hips moving in a blur. Her balls smacked Rachel's butt and bed simultaneously, yet the pain didn't cause any pause in her efforts.

"Rachel I'm about to cum!" Miley announced, as if anyone was going to stop her.

"Me too, lets cum together" Rachel said as she rocked harder against Miley. A free hand reached one of Miley's tits and squeezed.

"I'M CUMMING!" The duo yelled as Miley let loose a shower semen deep inside of Rachel. Not to be outdone, Rachel let loose a spray of her own juices on Miley's cock which leaked in her balls. The blonde's member twitched inside it's prison, still releasing cum into the helpless redhead. Finally it was over and Miley spent.

Rachel started to pull off of her until Miley stopped her. "No, stay. I want my cock to feel you longer."


"Miley!" Rachel smacked her cock. "You're not paying attention!"

"Owww." Miley rubbed her cock where her lover hit it. "Sorry, I got distracted."


"Yeah. Thinking about how we met."

"It's hard to forget." Rachel admitted, rubbing her gravid belly. "I was saying that it's your choice. If you want to try it, I'll support you. It's your body after all."

"Thanks." Miley reached over and kissed her. "I still don't know what to do."

"Well, you can't make that decision yet." Rachel explained when Miley arched an eyebrow. "Taylor sent you an email while you were passed out. Something about a music video?"

"Yeah that's right. What did she say?"

Rachel said nothing but instead left the room retrieving a tablet. Rachel was smiling devilishly, "You're gonna love this."

Miley glanced at the crude drawing on the tablet, then closer in disbelief. "You're fucking kidding me."


"I can't believe I'm doing this." Miley said as a group of people swarmed around her naked body.

"You said yes." Rachel responded. She was sitting in a chair, either taking pictures or just looking at her phone.

"Yeah, I know." Miley rubbed shoulder. "Hey that tickles!"

"Sorry." One of the people said. They were slowly painting her in silver paint. Not all of her, just her balls. Part of the ordeal in making this video was that Miley had to let her balls grow; A unique trait to her genes. That meant she couldn't cum for days. It was fascinating to watch really. Everyday her balls swelled larger with potent sperm. Everyday she painfully ignored the desire to whack one off. After nearly two weeks her balls were deemed large enough. At least according to the director Svetlana. At the same time she had to endure another two days just to be sure. The end result: Miley had her very own wrecking balls, large enough that she could sit on them. Which was just what the video required. Green straps wrapped around her balls and testicles, creating the illusion that nothing was holding them up. Nothing beyond a steel chain that was. Even her cock had a giant green sock wrapped around it.

"How do I look?" Miley asked.

"Kind of awesome actually." Rachel snickered. "Too bad we can't have sex this way."

"I feel like a little Dutch boy." Miley sighed. "I'm gonna blow any minute."

That statement caused several of the paints to look up. "I'll give you warning."

"Say what's the longest you've gone without cumming?"

Miley thought over her sexual history. "Three days?"

"How was that?"

"Awful." The 3C flexed her legs to let a painter through. "I'm surprised I'm still mobile."

"Your muscles probably grew to support you." Rachel responded.

"How do you figure that?"

"I read it online."

"Always a reliable source."

"Shut up." Rachel snapped, but there was little bite behind it. "3Cs can do amazing things. You could probably be an amazon if you wanted."

The thought of being a gym rat filtered through Miley's head. Could be fun. "Sounds like a lot of work."

"How's it going?" Svetlana walked up, her rich Russian accent rolling her words together.

"Wonderful." Miley responded.

"Isn't she beautiful?" Rachel asked.

"Gorgeous." Svetlana looked over at the painters. "Everything set?"

"Last drop now." The painter put down their brush and wiped sweat of their brow. "Done. Weirdest thing I've ever painted."

Svetlana waved a folder containing a stack of NDAs. "Not a word now. Ya?"


"Okay, raise her up." The buxom russian signaled and Miley rose up only a few feet. "How's the feel?"

"Different. The boys are feeling weird." Miley complained.

"The boys?" Rachel asked.

"The boys." Miley patted her balls then cupped her breasts. "These are the girls, those are the boys."


"That's a 3C thing I guess." Miley responded. "Can we start?"

"Ya. Start to move, when you feel comfortable you can sing."

Miley grunted and started up, swinging her legs until she built up momentum. Of course her mammoth balls both helped and hindered the progress.

Rachel will always remember this, even if their relationship didn't last. The sight of her lover Miley swinging from a harness, testicles swinging like wrecking balls as she swung her heart out would be forever burned into her brain. She crossed her legs to hold back the flood of desire she felt. Her hands crept to her belly, feeling the twins that were growing within. Rachel hadn't told Miley that part yet.

After a few takes it was done, Miley was stopped her swinging and slowly came to a halt. Rachel approached her with a smile on her face. "How was it?"

"Exhausting." Miley asked for a towel and got it. "I feel like I'm hanging by the balls."

"That's cause you are." Rachel turned. "Can you lower her down?"

"Even my boobs are wet." Miley grumbled.

"Oh shut up." Rachel silenced her with a kiss. "Can we go?"

"Not unless you want her balls painted."

Terror crept onto Miley's face. "Oh god."

The two women smirked. "This'll be fun."


Miley pushed into her house utterly exhausted. Rachel followed behind, a grin plastered across her face. "That was fun."

"I wish you didn't take so much delight in it."

"Your balls look fantastic though!" Complemented Rachel.

"You skinned me!" Miley accused her.

"Just picked off the paint." Rachel shut the door. "What do you want to do now?"

"Cum." Miley shifted. "I'm dragging around two yoga balls worth of jizm."

"And you want them gone."

"Reduced." Miley pushed herself up the stairs into the master bathroom. Surprisingly the gigantic balls she was carrying did not hinder her mobility. "Can you bring the tablet? I'm going to watch a video."

"Certainly." Rachel left and returned a moment later with the tablet. "Do you want me to stay?"

"If you want, I know you're exhausted."

"I am. I'm going to lay down." Rachel and Miley kissed and the redhead left the room. Firing up the laptop, Miley navigated to her saved videos. As they were loading, she dropped the floor length skirt to the ground and removed her top. "Ahh, freedom."

Miley scratched her bloated balls and picked her video. Unlike many pornos, Ariel and Sarah didn't dick around creating a plot or set up for their pieces. The video opened like many of their others; Ariel was dicking around with the camera commenting on Sarah.

"So...I was off of filming today and while Sarah was at work I went to the store. Victoria Secret has their 3C line up and I had to try somethings out." She held up a bag while talking to the camera. "This one is my favorite."

She set the camera down and walked back a few steps. Her ultra curvy body was struggling to be contained in a black lace bustier. Her enormous breasts poured out of the top, even as her nipples pressed out against the cups. Ariel gave a full 360 view, showcasing how her matching lace thong disappeared in her large ass. "What do you think? I love it, and I think Sarah will too. Let's go find her!"

The camera shifted as Ariel picked it back up and walked down the hall. As she did, the viewer got a great view of her tits as they jostled back and forth with every step. "Sarah where are you?"

"In here." Sarah called out, though not specifying where here was. Ariel seemed to know and turned to that direction. She peeked around a door and saw Sarah sitting on a couch watching TV.

"Long day?"

"Way too long." Sarah said without looking up.

"Awww, let me see if I can make it better." Ariel shifted so she standing behind Sarah, her feet of cleavage swallowing up her head. "I went shopping, do you want to see?"

Sarah shook her head free. "Always with you."

Ariel moved around the couch to stand before Sarah. Her lover's eyes widened in surprise. "Oh my god!"

"You like it?"

"I do." Sarah adjusted her pants as her cock surged with blood. "God!"

"I see you're not the only one that likes it." Ariel pointed out. "Why don't you free that beast of yours."

Ariel set the camera down as Sarah wiggled out of her pants. Her cock made the task harder as it was already semi erect. With a grunt, the smaller brunette heaved and pushed free of the confining denim. Sarah's member dented out her boxers as well. Already the cotton material was stained as dollops of precum flowed from the tip.

"Boxers today? Someone is feeling daring."

"Try packing this cock into panties." Snapped back Sarah.

"I'd rather you pack it into my pussy." Ariel set the camera down so it would face the action. The busty brunette strode forward and sat before her lover. With both hands she grabbed Sarah's bulging cock and started to pump it. "You had a long day huh?"

"Yeah..." Sarah leaned back into the couch, her eyes shut as Ariel started her handjob.

"Any scenes with Sofia? I know she's bigger than me."

"One or two." Sarah sighed erotically. "Keep that up."

Ariel did, speeding up until the camera heard the sounds of her efforts. The busy woman's hands were becoming slick with pre. Not one to let it go to waste, Ariel leaned forward and lapped at the time; greedily sucking down Sarah's juices. "God you must have been hard all day. She likes to shake those tits of hers around."

"Maybe." Sarah admitted.

"Maybe? Ha, I'd fuck her and I don't have a dick." Ariel went in again and sucked down the large head. The action caused Sarah to grip the couch tightly, her fingers digging into the cushion. "Mmm, yeah you'd like that. Plow that ass of hers while her tits shook free of that dress she was wearing. Was it the green one this time?"

"The blue." Sarah grunted from Ariel's teasing and oral assault. Her mind thought back to earlier today. Sofia bounded around set in her blue dress. A belt cinched at her narrow waist. Her large breasts pouring out of her top while nipples pressed out like oversized gumdrops. The slutty Colombian didn't bother to wear a bra today either and her actions were teasing at worst, torture at best. She'd pout her lips and making sucking noises. Her eyes glowed with the promise of countless carnal pleasures.

Back in reality, Sarah started heaving. "I'm gonna cum!!"

Ariel engulfed Sarah's member to the hilt. Her cheeks bulged as Sarah came. The futa's hands pressed down on Ariel's head, ensuring she swallowed the entire load. For several seconds that was the case. As her orgasm died her grip slackened and Ariel was able to pull free. Cum dripped from her lips.

"Awww, you were saving that all day weren't you?" Ariel shimmied out of the bustier and let the thing drop to the floor. "I'm gonna reward you for being so good."

Ariel stroked Sarah's cock back to life. "Get ready, we're going for a ride. A hard ride."

The sounds of Ariel and Sarah were too much for Miley. Her stroking was already frantic, her right hand a blur across her cock as her left struggled to hold the tablet up. Her balls pulled closer to her body. Her dick flared in size, the crimson head surging in size until it was larger than both fists combined. Miley cried out in pleasure as she began to cum: "Oh god!"

Buckets of cum erupted out of Miley's colossal cock in an explosion of ecstasy. The blonde dropped her tablet, yet the video still played. Cum blasted out as her balls emptied for the first time in weeks. For over a minute Miley was launched into an orgasmic high unlike any she'd ever experienced before. Her cock refused to let up and kept spewing until her balls were back to a relatively reasonable size. "Ahh, that's just what I needed."

Her member, finally able to experience the joys of relief, fell flaccid against her reduced testicles. A continual stream of jism still leaked out; the last vestiges of her orgasmic release.

As Miley cleaned herself off, she thought about her situation. I'm going to keep them for now. There as much a part of me as anything else.
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