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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Friends and Lovers  (Read 2812 times)


3rd Chromosome: Friends and Lovers
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:01:55 AM »
The hot water cascaded out of the shower head turned the bathroom into a sauna. Angie didn't mind though. A long time filming on set left her drained both physically and mentally. All she wanted now was to take a scalding shower, wrap herself in a fluffy robe and bury herself in blankets. Angie ran her fingers through her hair as the last of her clothing hit the floor. Even my hair feels sticky. The brunette gave her body a once over in the mirror and stepped inside the shower.

The water felt wonderful against her skin. Droplets formed and rolled down her body as she turned about. At the age of 44, she was still proud of her body. There were a little blemishes here and there, but nothing that couldn't be blamed on an active life. Her prominent breasts still had a youthful perk and bounce when she stepped, while her butt was still able to cause traffic jams. All in all, not bad.

If only Sasha was here. Sasha Alexander was her blonde costar, friend, and confidant. And lover. The pair had shared a bed since day 1 of their TV show. Despite being just a year younger Sasha brought a youthful enthusiasm to the bedroom. Just the thought of their bedroom activities was enough to pump some energy back into Angie. Already her pussy was starting to tingle and she felt a familiar rise in her loins.

Should I risk it? Angie fondled the handheld shower head in thought. Her mouth watered at the thought. The shower head massaging her womanly sex while her other hand stroke off her cock. Her dick had already made that decision. It swelled from its 8 inch flaccid state, well on its' way to a full 14 inch hardness. Angie sighed with delight as she wrapped around her package. Just below, her full balls drooped; each one the size of a small orange.

The brunette had barely unhooked the shower head before she dropped it in surprise. "Fuck!!"

"Is that anyway to treat your lover?" Sasha replied, a smirk plastered across her face. The smaller blonde had ripped open the shower curtain, exposing Angie to the rest of the bathroom.

"Why you!" Angie reached out and grabbed Sasha, pulling the fully dressed blonde into the shower with her. Their lips mashed as Angie pulled her partner to her, their tongues dancing as they dueled for dominance. As usual Angie won, pressing the smaller 3C against the tile wall.

Sasha finally broke for air, she was completely soaked and her clothing was plastered against her skin. "You're going to ruin this outfit!"

"You should've thought of that before you ripped open that curtain." Angie responded. Sasha was almost concerned about her clothing. Angie was definite the more dominant one in the relationship. She started it after all, taking Sasha on that very first day of filming. Angie was blue jeans, Sasha was dresses. Despite that difference though, she could ask for a better friend. Or lover. "So why'd you come barging in here?"

Sasha smiled again with that mischievous smile of hers. "I found got something for you."

"Another toy?" Angie finally shut off the shower. Despite Sasha's angelic experience, the blonde was almost up for experimenting in the bedroom. The brunette grabbed a towel off the wall and started wiping herself off.

"No, something far better." Sasha didn't lose her grin, even after she started peeling out of her soaking floral dress. She accepted the towel and started to wipe herself down. "Come here."

Sasha, now fully naked, grabbed Angie and lead her out into their bedroom. Angie had to avoid looking down. Sasha's full ass shook with each step and Angie had to use all her willpower to avoid grabbing or even smacking that pert behind. Even better, Angie knew that her shaft was bouncing around in front of her, smacking those lovely thighs. It made her own cock twitch. Sasha was a fellow 3C; nearly endowed as well as Angie, her shaft hung down 7 inches flaccid. It tended to slap her thighs when she walked, even as it bounced over the her oversized lemon sized testicles.

"What did you...bring..." Angie started and immediately trailed off. Idara Victor, one of their costars, was sitting on their bed; a bemused smile on her face. "Hello."

"Hey Angie." Idara waved. Her white smile was beaming.

Angie was suddenly aware of her nudity and motioned to cover it up. She hid behind Sasha, though her cock was still achingly erect and poking her in the butt. "What are you doing here?"

"I invited her here silly." Sasha moved aside and let Angie be fully exposed. "She knows all about our adventures and wants to join in."

"All?" The sexual adventures that the duo have had flashed through the brunette's head. Fucking in the Signature lounge in Chicago. Having a threeway with the XXX 3C Christina Hendricks in Vegas. Even a sexual session that lasted for days and featured some of the choice pussy in Hollywood.

"Well, not all of them." Sasha leaned over. "I didn't tell her about the mile high club."

Angie crossed her legs in a vain effort to hold back her erection. It only succeeded however in launching a wad of precum across the distance to where Idara was sitting. The black beauty stood up. "I heard about it, and I wanted in. I've been told you two make a fantastic duo."

Clothing hit the floor as Idara advanced on her. Soon she was naked before the two 3Cs, her nipples puckered upon her chest and a slight mist forming around her sex. Idara was ready and wanted it. She grabbed a hold of Angie's member and pulled her close. She gave the cock a squeeze and whispered in her ear. "I hear you can fill all my needs."

Angie shuddered and let out a long breath. She didn't speak, instead she grabbed Idara and shoved her back to the bed. The beautiful black skinned woman lost her footing and fell back onto the bed, bouncing once. Angie was already upon her however. Her hard cock swayed as the brunette mounted her; lavishing the surprised woman with kisses. Cruising down her body, Angie grabbed at her small but firm breasts.

Idara moaned as the 3C planted kisses and sucked on her teats. They were very sensitive, and Angie's actions only caused intense pleasure, even as she bit into her breasts. "Oh god, keep that up!"

"She has no intention of stopping." Sasha had come up onto the bed just behind Idara; that thick cock of hers swung mere inches from Idara's face. "Angie is a machine once she gets going."

The brunette agreed as she traveled down Idara's body, finally reaching her destination. "I am. Sorry about the lack of foreplay, I haven't taken a woman in..."

"...Days..." Sasha confirmed.

"Mmmm, and you're just...Mmm!" Angie lapped at her sex, her tongue diving in and out of the glistening pussy presented before her. Idara shook violently as the brunette went down at her. Men and women had done it before, but few had the talent or enthusiasm that Angie was dishing out. Just behind Idara, Sasha was waxing her own cock. 13 inches of solid girlmeat just throbbing with anticipation. Already drops of precum were splashing on their partner's face, drops that she readily drank down.

"You guys taste so good." Idara moaned out again. With a free hand, she reached out and started to stroke Sasha's cock. "So big."

"You bet your ass!"

Angie tired of merely licking and prodding Idara's sex. With her legs spread wide, Angie moved up until her diamond hard cock was at the threshold, and pressed in.

Both parties gasped in pleasure as Angie's 14 inch member slid in. Several inches disappeared before resistance actually caused her to stop. "Wow you're wet."

"You're my first 3C." Idara announced.

"First and second." Sasha corrected.

"I'm flattered." Angie proclaimed, already she was rocking her hips at her receptive womb; her cock slid in and out, picking up speed and several more inches slipped inside. "Now you get to see what you've been missing."

Angie matched actions to words. Picking up pace and steadily letting more and more cock into Idara's receptive pussy, and she was more than willing. The beautiful black actress spread her legs wide open; inviting the 3C and her 14 inch cock to pound her into oblivion. She moaned out in pleasure. "God you're so big!"

"It's not just the size!" Angie commented.

"Yeah, wait until you see the technique." Sasha stood above her head, waxing her own magnificent cock; her balls drooped until they smacked Idara in the face. Taking the cue. Idara lashed out with her tongue, grabbing a hold of one of those large testicles and sucking in it. Sasha moaned and pumped her cock harder; a small trickle of precum emerging from the tip and cascading down on her partner.

Angie started her technique. There was no name for it, but every woman loved it. She started with a thrust the took her cock halfway inside her lover. She'd then pull up on her hips and push the rest of the way. The result was obvious; her cock smacked a g-spot, then scraped along it. Most girls couldn't resist a single thrust, much less an entire string of them. Idara was no exception. Her eyes widened as pleasure shook her system.

She tried to shout out in pleasure and utter surprise, but a testicle in her mouth made it just come out as a hum.

"Oh wow, Angie! She's a hummer!" Sasha moaned with delight.

"Is...she?" Angie grunted. "I'll have to try that! God she's tight!"

"She hasn't had a cock like yours! Have you?"

"MMMMmmm" Idara tried to shout again; yet only caused the blonde 3C above her to groan in pleasure. Finally she managed pop the ball out of her mouth. "That's...oh...god...incredible..."

"Right!" Sasha moved over to her other testicle popped into Idara's mouth. Idara's entire body shook as if possessed as she came from Angie's actions. Cum shot out of her pussy and coated Angie's groin.

"Fuck that's sexy." Angie shouted as she sped up. Her cock was pistoning in and out like a machine now, shaking Idara and the bed. Rocking the bed so much that Sasha was nearly unbalanced.

"Watch it!" The blonde shouted, stabilizing herself with a hand. "I nearly fell over!"

"Get a grip, you didn't fall." Angie replied, refusing to let up her assault on Idara.

"I'm cumming again!" Idara announced, ripping sheets of the bed in the process. Her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat of precum. It was too much for Sasha to bear. Watching Idara writhe around in orgasmic fury, thrashing while spraying out her love juices was too much for the over eager blonde.

"I'm cumming!" She announced, pumping her cock like a woman possessed. Her hand sore and her cock raw, but it was worth it. Sasha exploded in orgasmic fury. Her balls churned and contracted unleashing a torrent of cum from her throbbing cock. The first blast smacked against Angie's stomach as the second splattered against her cock and Idara's pussy.

"God someone's been holding back!" Angie commented as she kept thrusting into the black beauty.

"It's been days!" Sasha commented as she kept cumming. Her shots lost their intensity as she kept pumping. Steadily, they landed closer and closed until the last few burst dribbled down onto her partner's chest.

"Ugh! I'm gonna cum!" Angie announced to the room. Her pumping was sending her dick farther than Idara have ever been penetrated before. Further than she thought possible.

"Do it!" Sasha cheered her on. "Cum into her!"

The blonde leaned down, accidentally slapping Idara with her cock. "You ready for it? Angie doesn't hold back when she cums."

"Oh jesus!" Idara rode out another orgasm. "Give it to me!"

"Are you sure?" Sasha asked again, smiling deviously.

"Yes Goddamnit! Give me your spunk! Fill me up!"

"You heard the lady!"

With a few more pumps Angie was ready to go. The brunette panted several times before unleashing a loud grunt. Idara felt the cock stiffen within her. For a moment time slowed down as the cock surged in size, flaring and bulging against her abused pussy. She could feel the cum pumping down the member. Time speed up again as the first strand of cum poured from Angie's cock into her waiting sex.

Shot after shot rang out as Angie's balls contracted and unleashed a torrent of pent up cum into the receptive woman. Her belly swelled as cum filled her receptive womb. So much jizz that she looked to be pregnant. Angie's knees went weak and she practically fell atop her newest lover.

For several moments no one said anything. Everyone was merely basking in their post coitus glow. Finally, Angie disconnected from Idara with a loud pop. Almost on instinct the black woman shut her legs to keep all of Angie's precious 3C cum within.

"I have plenty more." Angie commented dry between deep breaths.

"I bet. I just want to hold on to it."

Sasha went up to Angie and cleaned off her flaccid member with her tongue. "So how was it?"

"It was..." Idara played with the cum on her tits. "...much more than I expected."

"Welcome to the family." Sasha announced as she cuddled up to her.

"That's one hell of a welcome." Idara stated as she slurped down Sasha's spunk.

"That's nothing." Angie said, sliding up on the other side of her. "Wait until you come to a party."

Visions of countless 3Cs in countless sexual positions danced through Idara's head. "Wow."

"Soon dear, very soon."
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Friends and Lovers
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I really like reading stories with women in their 40s, this is great with Sasha and Angie.


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