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3rd Chromosome: Reception
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A/N: This follows the events of First Love


"Let me see it!" Avril drunkenly slurred as she reached across the table.

"Is she always like this?" Chris looked over at her new wife.

Emma shook her head negatively. "Open bar was a bad idea."

"It was a great idea!" Avril declared, then pouted. "Let me see already!"

"Fine." Emma and Chris both held out their left hands for the blonde's inspection.

"Pretty." Avril starred way too long at different rings on their fingers. Finally she came up for air. "Does this mean you're both off the market?"

"Yes!" The newly wed couple shouted in unison. After their encounter months ago, Chris and Emma came to terms with their relationship and Chris's illness. The result was a whirlwind romance and wedding. Friends and family from all over flew in; big name stars were seated next to family in the large, but modest affair. The way things were going several people were going to get lucky tonight. Chris eyed how cozy her mother was getting with Jennifer Aniston.

"Pity." Avril half stepped to the side and nearly toppled over.

"Sarah?" Emma called out to Sarah Silverman, her battle of the sexes costar.

"What can I do for the brides?"

"Can you handle this?" Emma pointed at the wreck that was Avril.

"Certainly." Sarah hauled up Avril by armpits. "You owe me. Let's go blondie."

Chris snapped her fingers at a waiter. "Close the bar to Ms. Lavigne, or at least water her down."


"I haven't gotten laid in like a day!" Avril whined as she walked back with Sarah. The older comedian was kind enough to hold her hair back as the entire contents of her stomach came rolling up.

"It takes time." Sarah responded. The tingle in her loins said that she was willing to take Avril up on that offer. Me fucking her. Her fucking me. Who cares. Yet, having seen her puke, she was off limits for now.

"For you." Avril started to drift away, "I'm gonna go wash my mouth and find a lay."

"Good luck." Sarah was willing to let her go, she had other ideas for the evening.


"I don't get it." Avril complained at the bar. "It's not a bad life, you get to fuck all you want and there's no attachment. Why do you give that up?"

"You're telling me." The woman sitting next to her agreed. "I don't know how many relationships I've had at this point and they all blow up."

Avril downed the drink in her champagne glass. "Bartender! Another one!"

Mariah eyed her cautiously, "You better take it easy with that stuff."

"It's just ginger ale. The brides cut me off." Avril grabbed the new glass before her. "Thanks. It's in this glass so I feel good about it."


"So," Avril continued, "I don't feel the need to settle down. I have an army of pussy at my command."

Mariah Carey squirmed in her seat slightly. The blonde's candid discussion about her sex empire was turning her on. Already she was picturing the legion of ladies that Avril had brought to heel with her, as she pictured it, tremendous cock.

"...and I feel bad when I leave them. I had to bail on my newest girl so I set up an unforgettable night for her." Avril kept talking as she leaned heavily on the bar. Judging by how she was speaking, Mariah surmised that she was taking Emma's marriage personally, maybe too personally. Mariah's sex tingled again. Maybe she could kill 2 birds here.

The brunette rose from her seat, grabbing Avril and dragging the semi reluctantly blonde along as she wormed her way through tables. They left the banquet hall and into an adjoining hallway. Finally free from prying eyes, Mariah pressed herself against her partner.

"I think we both have needs that can be resolved." Mariah noted that Avril was practically buried in her cleavage. "I say we handle them."

Avril nodded and Mariah dragged her into a thankfully unoccupied room. "Now drop that dress, I want to see what you got."

The blonde was used to be in charge, yet after a moment's hesitation she started to peel off her black dress. Her small succulent breasts and diamond hard nipples popped into view. Mariah nodded approvingly. "Very nice, but that's not what I'm after."

Avril grinned as she dropped the dress. Naturally, she was naked; no underwear would dare contain her bulge. Her partner's eyes bulged at the sight of Avril's cock. I heard the rumors but...


"I heard stories...but..." Mariah fell to her knees as Avril advanced on her. Her brown eyes refused to leave the hypnotic sway of Avril's member.

"Didn't expect it? Why don't you touch it?"

Hesitantly at first, the older woman grasped the cock. The thick length overflowed a single hand. Mariah licked her lips subconsciously. Her left joined the right around Avril's dick, slowly she started pumping it to life.

Her brown eyes bulged in surprised as the member plumped in size. Wow. Was all she could think as it thickened; pulling her hands apart in the process.

"Why don't you suck it? It'll feel good around your lips." Avril stated, having gently taken control of the situation. Mariah nodded, unsure how to proceed. Her small hands were dwarfed by the mammoth member; thick veins almost larger than her fingers pulsed with life with every beat of Avril's heart. Mariah's lips were wet in anticipation. A single drop of pre formed at the tip before it fell to the ground. "You're letting it go to waste."

The blonde stepped closer, head was now just a fractions of an inch from Mariah's face. Her tongue reached out, haphazardly at first, dabbing at the moist tip. The flavor was incredible; a mixture of sweet and sour played over her tongue as she played with the small amount of jizz. Mariah greedily gulped it down, her heart racing as she went back for more.

Avril's musk filled her nostrils as the brunette attacked the cock. Her lips widened and she sucked in the cock. A strong gag hit her as she attempted to deepthroat the cock. Mariah tried to suppress the urge. It was her own body's unwillingness to accept the gift before her. She tried to fight it, to deny the desire to gag on the cock in her throat. It was a losing battle for her. Her partner stepped in though.

"Relax." Avril coached her, petting her hair much like she would a puppy. "Relax and let it in. Don't force it."

Don't force it. I can do this. Mariah told herself. However, telling herself to relax and doing it were two very different things. Especially with a 15 inch cock in her face. Fortunately, Avril was there.

"Let go, you want this cock don't you? It's the biggest you've ever seen." Avril's voice was practically hypnotic. "You want to please it. Yes you do. Show your gratitude at such a vessel of raw power."

Mariah nodded, even as her cheeks puffed from the member stuffed within. Relax. Relax. Slowly, she regained control. This cock in her gullet no longer triggered her reflex. Smiling, Avril put a hand on her head. "Now suck."

Mariah treated the member like an oversized lollipop; loudly slurping and popping at the cock. Avril moaned and pushed further. Mariah readily accepted more of it; greedily sucking at it as it slithered down her throat. Enthusiased, she started to bob her head, working her tongue back and forth even as the cock bounced up and down.

"God you're good at this!" Avril moaned. "I bet you've sucked a lot of cocks before."

Her partner didn't answer for two reasons. One was because she had a cock jammed down her throat and an answer would at best be a murmur and hum. The other was that the number was pretty high. Yet all the skills were being put to good use now as she worked the cock up and down her throat; humming a tune as she did so. Avril let out another moan and thrusted as Mariah bobbed up and down. The pair synced up and soon Mariah was completely impaled by Avril.

"Fuck you're good. Was that gagging just for show? Be honest now."

"Mmmmph...mmmmph!" Mariah gestured.

"You crazy girl." Avril grabbed her head with both hands. "Here we go!"

Avril switched into high gear, roughly pounding her cock in Mariah. The mixed race singer could barely hold on as the blonde did her work. She could barely registered what was happening as the cock slid in and out; up and down her throat. For all the shock it caused, Mariah was enjoying it. Her pussy was leaking a copious amount of flood. She wanted to have that beast inside her. She needed it! With a harsh shove Mariah pushed herself free of Avril. The cock came from with a loud pop and she had to massage her jaw. "Wow."

"You want it in you?" Avril asked while waxing her pole. Mariah wiped jizz off her lips and looked up with longing and nodded. "Good, why don't you lean over this chair here."

Mariah did as she requested and Avril took a brief moment to admire the scene. Mariah's ass was much larger than she expected. "It's big."

"Thank you."

Avril ran a hand over Mariah's slit. "You know, I've dreamed of this ass. Ever since you did the Christmas shoot. Crammed into that red dress, material crying for mercy. Your huge tits pouring out of your top. I jacked a lot to those pictures."


"No need for words now." Avril lathered her cock up with Mariah's cunt juices and gulped down the rest. "I'm ready to claim this ass."

"Wait, wait! That's not my...!" Mariah's brown eyes enlarged as she realized what was about to happen.

Avril's member sunk deep into Mariah's ass, far deeper than she expected in her first push. "Oh wow!"

"Oh god!" Mariah came immediately, a shower of juices coating her partner's balls.

"I didn't realize you were such a slut." Avril commented, slowly beginning to pump her cock in earnest. "God, You're loving this though."

"I am!" Mariah admitted, already she was shaking her mammoth ass and pushing back against Avril, letting several more inches slid in. "Yes, this feels fantastic!"

"Do you want all the way? Do you want me to destroy this ass of yours?" Avril punctuated her demand with a large thrust causing Mariah to cry out in pleasure and pain. Only a few scant inches were sitting outside the large booty.

"Yes!" Mariah screamed. "Destroy me!"

"Don't mind if I do!" Avril doubled down on her grip. "Buckle up, cause we're going for a ride."

What followed could only be described as animalistic passion. Avril pounded into her paramore with relentless passion; the built up lust of a 3C denied sex for...hours. Mariah held on for the ride, but it was far too much for her. She rode waves of pleasure for seemingly hours on end. Each wave occasionally punctuated with a body shaking orgasm. A sheen of sweated coated her body and her voice and long since lost its' luster. The singer's cries of passion now emerging as a timid mewing; a noise much belying the pleasure she was receiving.

"I'm gonna cum my little slut!" Avril announced, her own pleasure building into a crescendo ready to come crashing down. "You ready for it? It's going to be a big one!"

"Mew." Mariah squeaked out.

"What was that? Come on, if I'm going to dump my cream into your waiting ass I expected a better response." She punctuated the request with a long thrust and a slap on Mariah's ass. "Are you ready for it?"

"Yes." It came out as a whisper, one she barely heard. Yet, that was enough for her.

The sounds of Avril's assault filled the room. The thud of her cock slamming home echoed around the room; Mariah's ass quivering with every impact. Already a large pool of girlcum puddled on the floor; a testament to their primal passion. Avril slowed down as she neared release, but her strength did not wave. A guttural cry of pleasure escaped her throat. "Here it comes!"

Mariah screamed in orgasmic bliss as Avril unloaded. Cum caused the large cock to flare even larger as it reared back and unleashed a torrent of potent spunk. The member bucked inside Mariah's ass with every little drop of cum unleashed. After nearly 30 seconds of cumming, the blonde was spent. She withdrew her cock with a loud pop. With a single hand, she milked the last of jizz onto Mariah's bare butt. She sighed contentedly. This was exactly what I needed.

Avril slapped Mariah's ass again, enjoying how it quaked. Her spunk dripped out of her ass, and a few scant ropes hung off her ass cheeks.

"This was fun. We should do it again sometime." Avril wiped her cock off with Mariah's dress before getting back into her own outfit. She reached into her purse and pulled out a business card.

You've been served

by Avril Lavigne

Underneath was all her contact info. With a shrug, Avril tossed the card on the singer. "Later."

Mariah managed a groan as Avril walked away. Today was awesome! She mused, idly wondering how Sophie's day was going.


Emma leaned heavily into Chris as they danced to a slow number. Her head practically in the taller girl's chest as they moved around the floor.

"Honey, something's been bugging me."

"The flowers?" Emma prodded.

"I got over it." Chris sidestepped that conversation. "You said you invited Miley Cyrus, but she didn't show up."

"Chris, I know you want to meet her but, Miley doesn't leave her house much."

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I believe this is our first Mariah Carey story on the site, great work!
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