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Revival starring Selena Gomez
« on: May 16, 2019, 10:05:30 PM »
All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not single word of it occurred, nor would it.

Revival starring Selena Gomez
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Oral, Cons, Exhib)
Chapter 1: Sick of That Same Old Love

It had been an interesting couple of years for Selena Gomez. A rollercoaster of exhaustion and disappointment. Running back into bad habits hoping they'd be different. But, things were the same and the promises of change were that same as always, stale and unreliable.

Then of course there was her physical health and flat out being exhausted in every way possible from her lifestyle. Physically exhausted? Check. Mentally exhausted? Check. Emotionally exhausted? BIG check. So big in fact it made her have to check herself into a hospital for a while to get away from everything. Away from never being entirely well, of people calling her fragile and crazy for needing to take time off, for blaming all her problems on a broken heart like she was still a teenager working for Disney.

But she'd been out of recovery for a while. Rested up and feeling fresh, and living on her own terms. She'd just dropped into Coachella for a quick one off performance, and was now on her way for a relaxing week in Sin City itself, Las Vegas.

Selena knew Las Vegas had a great many things to offer in terms of entertainment, especially for a successful young woman like herself. But the one thing she really wanted was just a week of pure relaxation. No obligations to anyone or anything but herself and just being good to herself.

She was on her second day in Vegas and it was just what she needed. She hadn't left the hotel and had no intention to. Selena's only outside destinations were the pool and the balcony on her suite. No walking the strip, no club hopping, just time to herself. Everything was going smoothly. Selena had just finished up at the gym and was ready to relax with a hot bubble bath in her suite. Two days had already melted away so much tension within her, she could only imagine she'd be walking on air by the end of it all.

She had her gym bag on one shoulder and her cooling towel draped around both when she got in the elevator. She pressed the button to her floor and waited for the doors to shut, but before they could a man joined her in the elevator.

He was certainly cute with a killer smile. He looked at Selena and recognized her, but only smiled and nodded. He set the case of bottled water he'd carried in down and pressed his own button. From there he settled into ignoring her. Not in a mean way, not by any stretch of the imagination. It was just the traditional elevator etiquette kind of ignoring, done out of politeness. It was something she rarely got in public. Not a lack of politeness, most people actually were. It was more....being allowed to just kind of sit back and relax, to act like a normal person for a few minutes. Most people, understandably, couldn't help but ask her for a selfie.

Selena liked that. On the first day she'd posed for more than a couple selfies during her stay and today had been no different. She didn't mind, not really, but she couldn't deny she liked it when people were a little more stand off or waited for the right moment. So in addition to meeting Selena's cute requirements, his test on manners went off with flying colors. Maybe she'd bump into him in a more suitable environment where she wasn't fresh from working out and in such a rush she skipped the gym's shower.

It was right in the middle of that thought of a possible future meeting with her elevator-mate that what appeared to be the first bump in the road of her personal vacation.

The elevator slowed to a stop by the fourth floor, but was between levels. Though the stop wasn't sudden, it was still a shock to its occupants.

“Well, this is perfect,” the guy said. He sat down right next to his water. “You better get comfortable too, this could take a while.”

“What makes you say that?”

“This isn't my first stuck elevator.” he replied. “It usually takes a bit. Safety stuff, mainly. They're going to follow a protocol of course. See that panel over there?”

Selena looked and nodded. “Behind that is either a phone or something like an intercom. It'll start buzzing or something. We either pick up the phone or press a button, depending on what it is, and then let them know we're in here and we're fine.”

“They can't use the security cameras?”

“Unless they're hidden in here, I don't think this elevator has them. Not all of them do. But we'll find out when they call, I suppose.”

One cue with his final word, a buzzing came from the panel. Selena motioned her head towards him and he opened the panel, taking what did turn out to be a phone in his hands. Just by listening she pieced most of it together. The elevator was indeed down and would e for a bit,  security cameras were out too but everyone was aware that two folks were stuck in it and were working on it as fast as they could, etc. Nothing to worry about but not the best situation to be in.

“Well, I guess you know our situation,” he said after he hung up the phone.

“Yeah, couldn't really not hear that.” Selena replied. “How long did they say we have?”

“About an hour. Which honestly isn't that bad.” He leaned back and opened the case of water, taking two bottles out. “Want one Selena? It's that flavored, sparkling kind.”

“Sure,” Selena said. “I mean, as a celebrity I kind of need to love sparkling water, right?” She smiled at him. Of course he knew her name. She could tell he recognized her, so knowing her name was a no-brainer. She however didn't know his. “I think I'm going to need your name before I take anything. I never take bottled water from strangers.”

“Evan,” he said, handing her the bottle. “Evan Thomas.”

“Well, it's nice to meet you Evan.” Selena. She unscrewed the bottle and took a sip of the water. “Mmmm, raspberry.”

“You know your sparkling flavored waters.”

“I have a very cultured palette.” They both laughed, totally relaxed. “So Evan, what brings you to Sin City?”

“Bachelor party. Not mine, a friend's. Everyone but me is sharing a room because I don't trust a bunch of drunk dudes not to fuck with the first guy to pass out using assorted shades of magic marker. So I got my own room. Strictly for safety purposes...and not wanting to sleep on the floor.”

“Smart move.”

“What about you?”

“Nothing as fun as a party.” replied Selena. “Not that I want one. I came here solo to just unwind. I've had a bit of a rough time and my therapist just said to take some time for myself when I need it. There's no shame in a little me time. So, I'm taking that advice.”

“Can't disagree with that.”

“So...what do you do when you're not stuck in an elevator? Asked Selena. “I mean, you know what I do...”

“Yep, Olympic ping pong playing gold medalist Selena Gomez, right?”

“Bingo,” she laughed. “But seriously, what do you do?”

“I work in a book shop..kind of.  Mean there's more than books. We have movie stuff too. A lot horror movie stuff. It's called The Dark Dungeon. Don't let the name fool you though, the lighting in the store is pretty impeccable.”

“I'll keep that in mind,” she said, smiling at him. A true genuine smile at that, not one simply to be polite. “Horror movies huh? I LOVE horror movies. I used to watch those all the time with my dad growing up...honestly too young to be watching them. Which of course made it so much cooler. What's your favorite?”

“Hmm, let me think,” Evan said, taking a moment. “I gotta say Hellraiser if we're talking a movie I love because it's so good. Gory, creepy, sexy...it's got it all. First and second one are honestly neck and neck.”

“Nice. Totally agree on the sexy and gory stuff. It's great one. I really, REALLY love Suspiria. That was one my mom would actually watch because of beautiful and colorful it is. Still she tried to cover my eyes for all that gory stuff but I was able to pull her fingers away.” Selena laughed as she spoke, mimicking the motions she would do as a child to keep her mom's hands away from her eyes, which in turn got Evan laughing as well. “What about the BAD ones though? Those are just as fun aren't they? But they have to be REAL bad movies, not “meant to be bad” fakes like Sharknado or anything.”

“Oh that's easy, it's gotta be be Return of the Living Dead II. SUCH a stinker compared to the first one but I can't take my eyes off of it. You?”

“Oh the best bad horror movie is Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation So fucking awful and goofy and weird and I just can't stop laughing at it every minute of the running time. I almost die laughing the moment Matthew McConaughey comes on screen and chews up the scenery Nic Cage style.”

“Oh I have to see that with you sometime just to see that smile.” Evan said, making Selena blush a bit. “Was that a bit too far?”

“Not at all.” she replied, scooting close to him. “And if I may say so, your smile isn't so bad either.” Her smile changed moods. Still genuine, but a little more inviting. What Selena was thinking wasn't that far out of left field. The thought of a one night stand with him had already passed her mind before the elevator stop. She just thought it would happen after bumping into him again, not in a stalled elevator after some small talk. But she liked what she heard just as much as she liked what she saw. She didn't want to be egotistical, bt she was pretty sure he did as well.

“Getting kind of close there Selena,” he said. “Not that I mind.”

“Well, that's good. Because what I'm thinking is...security cameras are out...elevator won't be fixed for at least an hour....and while you're a great conversationalist...there's something else we could do to pass the time.”

Selena moved closer to him now. Real close, straddling him. Getting a warm feeling as his hands roamed her back, Selena locked her brown on eyes on his greens.

“You sure you want to do this?” he asked, savoring the feel of her skin in his hands just in case she wanted to stop.

“Definitely, she said. “I mean we're in Vegas, and you know what they say about Vegas.”

“Something about being the home of the twenty-four hour all-you-can-eat buffet, right?”

“Something like that,” she giggled before kissing him. There was a little voice in the back of her head was cautioning her about being so reckless. However, the moment he kissed her back so fully, so deeply, that voice went along with the chorus of approval that the rest of her body was singing. The two of them were in their twenties after all. What better time to have a weekend fling?

Evan grabbed the bottom of Selena's top and pulled it off. He paused for a moment, his eyes getting their first full view of her perfect breasts. He was almost hypnotized by it wanted to take the time to soak in the view. After all, this was Selena Gomez. The odds of him even meeting her like this were astronomically large, and actually having sex with her would break any oddsmaker within seconds.

Still though, looking wasn't as much fun as actually getting in on the action. Evan's hands slowly crept from Selena's back to her tits, cupping and holding them before he brought his mouth to them. He flicked his tongue over her nipples before closing his lips around it, kissing and sucking the tender flesh.

“Oooh,” Selena moaned with a smile. She loved this, how attentive he was being. Evan wasn't rushing. The opposite rather. He wanted to savor everything Selena had. The sites, the sounds, the taste of her. She had frankly expected him to dive right in, go full blast. This wasn't her first fling and that's how things usually went. This was a nice change of pace, feeling every kiss and stroke of the tongue on her breasts.

Soon enough though Evan leaned over, laying Selena down. She watched intently, sharing one more kissing with him while he got back up again, removing his own shirt before moving back down and meeting her lips again, chest to chest.

From her succulent full lips to her neck, then once more to her breasts.  Selena's back arched a little as he moved down, Evan lovingly kissing and licking her tummy before getting to the hem of her workout pants. His fingers traced their way down as well, gripping the fabric and beginning to pull that off too.

Evan rose to his knees once more, pulling Selena's sneakers off so the pants could be fully removed. With that done, once more Evan took a moment to take what might be the single most beautiful sight he'd ever seen; Selena Gomez,completely nude and wanting him. Then came that smile and giggle, the kind where the woman's tongue sticks out ever so slightly between her teeth.

That was the gigantic green light telling him to go. He got to his feet in a flash just to remove his pants and underwear. With that done, Evan returned to the ground and gently grabbed Selena's leg, and kissed his way up, from ankle to calf, lowering himself down the further up her went.

Selena let out a content sigh, loving how each kiss and lick felt as he moved up her body. However, once more that negative voice returned to her head, whispering doubts as he moved to her thigh where her scar was. Despite everything she was still self-conscious about it. However, that concern simply melted away as well when all she felt were his lips and tongue, kissing the flesh with the same hungry affection as the rest of her body. Once more, that voice was drowned out by sheer enjoyment.

Evan got to her pussy, running his fingers over her pussy lips. Then came a a few slow licks, Selena letting out soft moans with each graze of his tongue. His arms hooked around her legs' pulling Selena close right when Evan began to get to work.

“Ooohhhh yessss,” Selena cooed. She hadn't expected this either. Once again, she expected him to go right for the prize, to already be inside her. She was never so happy to have been wrong. Another moan escaped her lips when his tongue began to graze her clit, which gave way to an even louder moan when his lips closed around the hard nub, sucking on it while one of his hands brought the fingers to the party.

He worked his fingers inside of her, twisting and turning them as he thrust them in and out of her. He wanted to make her cum. He flat out needed to. For all he knew this was his only shot with Selena and he wasn't going to waste it by being a bad lay.

His tongue caressed and danced on her clit as he sucked on it while his fingers found their won rhythm inside of her. All the while Selena was enjoying every second of his focus and attention, every moan and plead for more came from a mouth that couldn't contain its smile.

Her back arched, her head rolled about. Selena's hands darted down, grabbing Evan by the hair, holding him in place as she began to grind against his face, right on that elusive edge of pleasure, waiting to be pushed over into orgasm.

“Oh...oh..ohhh fuck cumming!” Selena shouted. Her thighs pressed tight against Evan's ears, but he could still hear her pleasured howling. When her legs parted once more and the wave of pleasure was receding, Evan moved up Selena's body and met her lips with his once more, Selena eagerly returning the kiss, loving tasting her own orgasm on his lips; the perfect spirit to add to the cocktail.

Again, Evan was ready to be a little bit slower than his body wanted. He didn't want to rush this. His cock was hard and throbbing resting just at the entrance of her velvet box. Selena had other ideas.

“Fuck me now,” she demanded. “I want you inside me...mmm I need it.”

“No problem” he said, giving her a quick peck on the lips before  reaching between them and lining his cock up proper. “Oh fucking wow....” he said as he entered her pussy. “Holy shit Selena...”

“Ohhh feeling is very mutual,” she moaned. His hands returned to her face, brushing the hair from her eyes so he could have the best view possible as he began to fuck her. His lips went to her neck, planting kisses from there to her shoulder as the rhythm was set. Evan's breath was hot in her ear as her's was in his. It didn't take long for them to be in perfect sync with each other.

Selena's arms wrapped around Evan, holding him close. One of her legs caressed his calf, while the other hooked around his waist. When their lips met again she sucked his tongue into her mouth, breaking the suction only as Evan lifted her up slightly.

He rose to his knees, his hands under her back while Selena hung backwards, her hairs dangling and moving in motion with his passionate pumps inside of her. Evan leaned forward, burying his face in her breasts once more before pulling Selena completely up, the lovely Latina now ready to give him the best ride over her life.

Her gaze locked on his once more, her sexy little smile adding a couple of sparks to the kindling. Selena placed her hands on his knees steadying herself as she began to rise and fall on his cock, here eyes fluttering a bit with each drive his cock made into her.

“Oh...oh fuck baby,” Evan moaned. “You...you're fucking amazing Selena...oh fuckkk this is the best day of my fucking life....”

“Mmm hmmm,” she hummed. She licked her lips, focusing on the pleasure from every one of her senses, letting the fire build in her once more. She'd needed this work out more than the one in the gym. And these results were a lot more quick to show up.

“Take me,” she said. “Take me how you want me....all yours Evan...right now I'm all fucking yous...make me cum again...I'm all yours....”

Evan traced his hands up her spine to her front, holding her face in place before touching his lips to hers. He did want something specific from her. He couldn't help it. His desires were what they were. And as much as he loved watching this face be in the throws of passion...he hungered for a different view.

“Bend over,” he gasped. “All fours...”

“You got it,” she said, that sexy and sweet smile on her face again. She got up from his cock and spun around, getting on all fours. He crawled ehind her, leanign over and kissing her shoulder before once again placing his cock in its current favorite place, right inside of her. “mmmm ....yes...take me just like this....”

And that what Evan did, and quite happily. He thrust inside of her and kept that steady pace they had already built up. His hand roamed her ass before taking grip at her hips. Not too hard, but just enough. Her flesh felt right at home in the palm of her hand.

“Oh....oh fuck yes Sel...mmm god damn this is a fucking dream...” he sped up just a bit to the delight of Selena. She was just as hungry and in need of this as he was. She needed this release. She needed this pleasure. No pressure at all...only pleasure. And that pleasure was only added to when she felt  his hand at her clit, working it as his cock took her sopping pussy.

“Oh my GOD yes!” she yelled. “Oh fuck that's it...oh yes yes yes!” He pumped faster into her, taking small break to work his hips with the thrusts, hit every thing her could inside of her with his rod.

With his free arm Evan wrapped around Selena's waist and pulled her up until her back was pressed against his chest. That hand then moved to her breasts, holding and massaging those perfect tits while he brought the other hands from her pussy to her mouth, letting Selena suck her juices from his fingers.

“Bring you hand down with mine,” he grunted into her ear, still fucking her pussy. He gently grasped her hand and moved it down with his own. The two began working her clit together, Selean's moans getting louder as she got closer and closer to the edge once more.

“Yesss!” she hissed in between rough, animal-like kisses. “Oh...oh I'm gonna cum again...oh fuck Evan I'm gonna cum on your fucking cock baby...all for you...oh just don't stop...please don't stop!”

And he didn't. With his free arm he held Selena close to him, giving her every last thing he hand. He didn't even care about getting his rocks off. That was a foregone conclusion. He just wanted her her voice as she came again. It was a drug and the first hit had addicted him. He needed his fix.

“Oh...oh...OH FUCK YES!” screamed Selena. Her body quivered and shook in Evans arms as their lips met again, every kiss messy and quick, broken by moans as Evan continued to work Selena's clit with his hand and fuck her pussy through her orgasm, her pussy squeezing and milking his cock, making him ache for his own release.

“Me too...oh shit Selena I'm going to cum too!”

“Not in me,” she gasped. She may have been lost in the moment but she wasn't quite prepared for anyone to finish inside her let alone a stranger.

Selena pulled off of him and spun around to face him before getting on her knees. She took his cock in her mouth, savoring the flavor of herself on his cock and sucking him until the dam broke.

“Ohhhh FUCK!” he growled as he filled Selena's expectant mouth with his sperm, the sex goddess swallowing stream after steam down with seductive yet warm look in her eyes.

With the well dry, Evan pulled out, almost falling on his ass from exhaustion. Selena crawled over next to him, curling up in  his arms.

“What room are you in,” she asked.

“1312,” he said. “You?”

“Suite on the top floor.” she replied. “So, here's what I'm thinking.”

“I'm all ears.”

“How about later...let's say when all yours friends are passed out drunk, you play a real disappearing act on them and say...come up to my suite so we can continue this little encounter? Then...I don't know...maybe tomorrow we can continue it further in your room while they're still recovering from a night of hard partying?”

“Oh that just sounds like the perfect weekend in Vegas to me.”

The phone began to vibrate again, startling them both. Evan went over to answer it. The conversation was short and the phone was hung up quickly.

“We should probably get dressed now, they're about to see if this little love den is ready to work on its primary purpose again...which also means the security cameras are probably going to be back soon.”

Selena nodded and within minutes both were dressed, if not still a little disheveled. Within minuted of that, a hum came over the elevator and it began to move up again. All was right in the world again.

They reached Evan's floor and the door opened. He was about to walk out when Selena stopped him, handing him the room key to her suite.

“I'll give you a call when I'm ready,” she said sweetly. “1312, right?”

“That's right.”

'Great...see you then.” She kissed him one more time before he left. She was alone in the elevator with a big grin on her face. A weekend fling wasn't really her style...but what could it hurt? It's not like it was anything more than that. It wasn't like she was ever going to see him again. But for now, for this weekend, she ouldn't help but just accept that Evan was going to be on her mind for the majority of it.

This trip really was exactly what she needed.

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Re: Revival starring Selena Gomez
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Great work my friend, you are on a roll lately.
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Re: Revival starring Selena Gomez
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I love an elevator for a setting.  Fantastic and fun story!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Revival starring Selena Gomez
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Great story! I've always wanted to use the stuck on an elevator story concept. Don't we all wish we could be stuck in an elevator with our celebrity crushes and have the scene play out like that?

P.S. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Generation was an awful movie. I wanted to bleach my eyes out after watching it...  ;D
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Re: Revival starring Selena Gomez
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Revival starring Selena Gomez
(MF, oral, cons)
by MaxwellLord
Chapter 2: Hands To Myself

She couldn't stop thinking about it. Selena Gomez was weeks removed since her Vegas getaway and still it wouldn't leave her head. Not even the whole trip, just one specific part. The elevator...the best elevator ever.

It wasn't particularly big or ornate...but it had a great memory. And that memory didn't just have a an elevator attached to it. But  face.. a name. Evan. Selena kept telling herself since she saw him last it was just a fling. Not even the first fling she had. Yet, he wouldn't leave her head. Not even weeks removed.

Still, it wasn't as bad as it has been and Selena was brushing it off with ease. Again, despite the fact she remembered it in great detail, it was still a fling. So when she was in her local grocery store that day, Evan and their elevator adventure was the furthest thing from her mind.

Of course, as luck would have it, that memory was about to come crashing forward.

Selena was simply in one of the aisles of the store, going through her shopping list when she heard a familiar voice call to her.

“Selena?” the male voice said. A familiar male voice. Evan's voice. She turned her head, shocked to see her weekend lover in the flesh once more.

“Evan?” she asked. “W-what are you even doing here?”

“I live here. I mean, not at the grocery store but in Orange.  A couple blocks away actually. What abut you? What brings you to the neighborhood?”

“I...I actually live here too.” she replied. “And this grocery store is, well, my usual stop.”

“Same...how have we never seen each other before? I would've thought you lived in LA anyway.”

“I did,” Selena said. “Got tired of it. Real tired of it. So I moved in with a friend here in orange, pretty much keep to myself unless I have to do work stuff, then I make the drive down to LA.”

“That would explain it.” Their was a quick pause. One about the size of an elephant. AN very big and awkward elephant setting up camp in the room. “So...how've you been since...”

“Good,” she said, smiling, a hint of a blush coming in on her cheeks. “Real good actually. You look good too.”

“Well, this is a case where look aren't deceiving. Got back home safe and sound and back to work.”

“What was it you said you did again?”

“Oh, just a book store in town. Kind of boring actually.”

“Maybe I'll drop by sometime.”

“I wouldn't object.” They nodded at each other, one of those awkward nods where you don't know exactly what to say, whether or not to end the conversation.

“Well, nice seeing you again,” Selena said, getting ready to walk down the aisle and away from Evan. She wanted a reason to stick around... he just had to give her one.

“Selena,” he said, walking behind her. “I know this might be out of the question and maybe a little...forward,” he said. It didn't matter if he'd already had her in an elevator.What he was getting ready to ask of Selena Gomez was somehow a little bit more complex than a one off tryst, or seemed so to him. “You want to grab some lunch? There's a real good place down the block. Greek food. Great gyros. You know, if you want to.”

She smiled at him, mulling it over as if she hadn't already made her decision. “Sure,” she said. “I'm not getting anything that will spoil. So, let me just pay for this,you pay for yours and I'll follow you to the restaurant. Deal?”


The pair proceeded to pay for their groceries, Evan's items instantly losing any and all frozen items. From their it was a quick and easy drive to that little Greek restaurant he had spoken of and a booth in the back for privacy.

“This is nice,” Selena said. “Nice and cozy. Very...homey too. And from the smells the food should be amazing. How have I never heard of this place?”

“It's one of those local secrets even some locals don't know about.” Evan replied. “Glad to be your in to the club.”

“Well, I tend to have friends in high places.” she smiled at him, then began to scan the menu. “Now, do I go full on basic and go for the safe gyro choice, or go a little wild...”

“Like I said, the gyros are great, so if you wanted to play it safe as a first time you could be a daredevil next time.”

“Next time? You taking me here again?”

“Well, if you insist.”

Selena nodded and laughed a bit. “Gyro it is.” And thusly the orders were decided and placed, leaving the two of them with a waiting game for their food.

“So how did your friend's wedding go? Selena asked. “Any after effects from the bachelor party?”

“Well, I'm pretty sure I'm the only one who wasn't hung over or hiding magic marker tattoos somewhere on their body,” said Evan. “Having my own room indeed did pay off. Though I do believe the groom played it off well and ended up getting re-hydrated at the reception finally.”

“You catch the garter belt?” Selena asked, playing with her glass of water's straw.

“Oh no I skipped that madness. Just kind of sat back and watched the pack go nuts over trophy and tradition.”

“Oh, someone's too cool for school.”

“Not so much, I just know a lot of biters masters of the groin kick. I'm a lover not a fighter.” She giggled at this before taking a quick sip of her water.

“So here's my question,” said Selena. “We live in the same town, even go to the same grocery store. How come we had to go to Vegas to see each other for the first time?”

“Orange isn't that small,” Evan said. “I mean it's not like we go to the same gas station too.”

“Well...that depends..” she smiled, taking another sip. “DO you go to the one at the grocery store regardless as to whether o not you have to get groceries?” Evan nodded. “Well then, curioser and curioser huh?”

“Point proven. All it took was us getting stuck in an elevator to bump in to each other.”

“Well I'd say we did more than bump in to each other,” Selena said with a wink.

“Yeah we did,” Evan said, blushing a bit. Selena definitely noticed.

“So...how come you didn't come by my room?  I was hoping for more than...you know...a one off. A little weekend tryst.”

“I really wanted to slip away. But in the end I guessed I psyched myself out of it. Like...I don't know you wouldn't really want m to despite the invitation, maybe I'd be pushing my luck and just come across looking an asshole. I just got in my head way too much. So...sorry it wasn't you at all.”

“Well...”Selena said. She couldn't believe the thought was even entering her head. Then again, she couldn't believe what happened in the elevator...and he did owe her a bit of a tryst. “Here's how I see it. We clicked in Vegas. I mean we must have otherwise we wouldn't have that memory. You made me laugh...and other things. So...I guess you know what I'm asking...or suggesting I think would be a better term. My question is...how close by is your place?”

From there the food was to go and they were out the door. Once Evan entered his car speed limits became a vile curse upon his life, but after the eternity that was fifteen minutes he pulled into his apartment complex, Selena close behind. Never in his life had he considered his apartment building's convenient location to be a divine gift.

The rushed up the stairs to his apartment, opening, entering and shutting the door in the blink of an eye. The carry out was dropped on the floor and the two were all over each other. She pulled his shirt off, he followed suit one her, his grin growing wide as he saw what he suspected; no bra.

But those lips went from a smile into a kiss as their hungry mouths collided, almost tumbling on to his couch. Selena was laying on her back, Evan holding her legs up, popping off her shoe and tossing them aside while Selena herself undid the button and zipper of her jeans and starting to pull them down before Evan finished the job himself by stripping her of the denim and the underwear beneath it.

Evan looked down at her lustful form. There she was, Selena Gomez barenaked on his couch. And he had a craving.

“Oooh yessss,” she moaned when Evan's mouth got reacquainted with her pussy. “Mmm hmmm...mmm Evan just like that honey....oh god yesss...”

Selena's back arched as his mouth absolutely made love to her pussy. His tongue lovingly caressing her clit, slowly building in speed while his fingers delved into to her velvet depths. It was better than the elevator already, and not just due to the comfort of the couch...though it did for sure help. She was more relaxed. It was truly just her and Evan...the pleasure was 100% there for the taking, no concern of being caught. Everything was new with just that little variation.

Selena's arms grasped at the couch arm, gripping it tight while Evan puled her closer to him, not yet ready to stop tasting her. Selena's body rolled and undulated. She licked her full lips and looked down at Evan. Something about watching her work her over with his mouth just made her want it more, want him more. Then his eyes caught hers. Her message was sent loud and clear.

Evan got up for a few moments from the couch, just enough to toss those unnecessary pants to the side. With them gone he got on top of Selena, flesh to flesh. They kissed deep, moaning into each other's mouths as he entered her. The kiss broke and her beautiful brown eyes spoke the same language coming from her mouth, the same words.

“Fuck me,” said Selena. “Fuck me right now Evan...” And the starter pistol was shot.

They had only had each other once in that elevator but being in Selena's body was like going home again. Everything just felt right, sounded right, looked right, tasted right. Her moans, the way she said his name, pleaded with him for more were simply music to his ears, the perfect rhythm for their sex.

And that rhythm sped up. The need and hunger between the two was two much. Her legs squeezed him tight around the waste, her moans and gasps going right in his ear and lighting up every single “go” signal in his head.

Evan couldn't help but look at her gorgeous face, seeing this goddess and her smile, those lovely lips trapped somewhere between sugary sweet smile and spicy sinful snear. Every breath was a sensual hiss from her mouth with every thrust her made into her pussy pushing them both that much closer to paradise.

Evan slid his arms under Selena's back and picked her up as he sat up. Her legs were still wrapped around him tight, though the action had paused momentarily. His mouth was at her tits, Selena letting out soft moans as her tits were worshiped. Then she began the action again, slowly rising and falling on his rod. Faster and faster she rode him, her arms holding him as tight as her legs were”Yeah...oh yeah....just that that baby,” Selena whined. Her voice began to crack a little as Evan began to match her thrust for thrust. She brought her lips to his ear, breathing heavy and licking the lobe. “Mmm Evan...oh Evan make me cum...just...oh yes...just like that honey...so good...mmmm then cum in me this time...I want to feel it...don't stop...mmm don't stop...keep...oh baby yesss....”

Selena leaned back, bracing herself on the arm of the couch, letting Evan completely take control fo the pace. He watched her, a rapt audience as her body glistened in sweat, her erotic moans providing the perfect symphony to their sex. He held one hand at the small of her back while the other roamed over her hips to her pussy, where her began to play with her clit.

“Oh FUCK yes Evan!” she shouted. “Oh....oh keep doing that...mmm right there baby...gonna...oh fuck make me cum...make me cum baby oh FUUUCK!!!” Selena sat straight up, pulling Evan tight once more as she came one his cock, moaning directly into his ear as her body shivered and shook  in his arms, her  own personal orgasmic Earthquake. And she wasn't letting go of Evan, who was still thrusting and pulsing inside of her.

“Evan...mmm baby cum in me...oh please...please...oh Evan fill me up...yess baby....mmmmm fuckkkk...”

“Oh shit Selena!” he groaned, holding her even tighter as he let loose, coating her pussy with his cum.

“Mmm yessss,” she said, smiling as she felt every pulse splash against her inner walls before he was finally spent. Evan collapsed backwards on the couch, lying down with Selena on top of him, cuddling close to him and kissing his chest. “You know...at some point we actually have to do it on a bed.”

“Good plan,” Evan said. “We should talk about that in...let's say an hour?”

“Count on it,” Selena said with a laugh, before giving him one more quick peck on the cheek. However this whole thing had begun, this wasn't just a tryst, not by a longshot.  Trysts don't have this much cuddling...or take-out Greek food.

Whatever it was, it was going to be fun to see where it went.

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Re: Revival starring Selena Gomez
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Not of lot of hands kept to selves in this.  Great job, loved the feeling behind the sex in this.

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: Revival starring Selena Gomez
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Revival Starring Selena Gomez
by MaxwellLord
(MF, Cons, Oral)
Chapter 3: Do It

Selena never would have guessed it herself. Who would have. It was just supposed to be a weekend trip to Vegas to relax, to get her bearing on life again after an extended chaotic period of stress, hospital visits and heartbreak. That's all it was meant to be.

It became so much more. She was all smiles lately. Having fun with friends, on better terms with her family, a lot more stable in her own mental health. And as for heartbreak? That was a thing of the past with Evan in her life. The idea that a sexual romp in an elevator would produce what had so far been the most stable relationship she'd ever had was a little mind-blowing.

Evan was nothing like the guys she dated before, especially not the big one, he who shall not be named as Taylor always spoke of him. No games, no flirting with other women, he got along with her friends and she with his. Well, the ones they'd met at least. That reminded her, Taylor needed to meet Evan. It'd be great if Evan got the best friend seal of approval alongside everything else.

One of the things that had really made this a solid relationship so far was the fact that Evan was not remotely connected to show business. He worked in a book store. That was as close he got to the world Selena had to navigate for her career and she loved that. She always thought maybe the reason her past relationships had never panned out the way she'd hoped was because of that. Some kind of naturally born obstacle in a show-business relationship that could be impossible to overcome for some. Whatever it was, the issue did not exist between the two of them.

In fact the only complaint Selena had about dating Evan was they had still not had sex in a bed...they could never wait that long to get to one in either of their apartment. So it was a complaint, but a fun one.

Another fun thing about Evan not being famous was they could just do stuff and not have paps follow them everywhere. Selena learned the hard way that if you date famous, double the paps decide that your privacy is their business. That problem just didn't exist with Evan. Sure, they'd still follow her around sometimes, but when she was with them she could avoid him. Normal didn't move tabloids or get the gossip sites clicks.

Which meant Selena could visit him at his job. His normal job without security passes and sign in sheets and trailers and all the other hang-ups. She could actually surprise him. What a concept.
It was a fairly easy task. In conversation Evan had told her the name of the the place, The Dark Knight's Dungeon. Wasn't too hard to google that and get the address. With that, Selena had all she needed to surprise him at lunch. And find out more about his job. All he ever said was it was a bookstore. With a name like Dark Knight's Dungeon, it had to be a rather unique place to have a name like that.

She googled the place and looked just long enough to jot down the address before she dozed off to sleep the night previous. That was all she needed to know, how to get there. And the next day, after a quick stop at her and Evan's favorite taco truck, she was right in front of the store, lunch for two in hand.

Selena paused to look at the outside of the store. It wasn't what she expected. The glass windows that displayed the stores wares were filled with comics, toys and table top gaming things. Some anime and video game stuff too. It wasn't quite what she was expecting from Evan's description of "just a book store."

Selena pushed forward on the door to the store, bells ringing signaling her arrival.

"Welcome to the Dungeon," a clerk said. He was around her age. Tall and a little stocky with blue hair that was perfectly coiffed in contrast to it's punk rock coloring. He wasn't looking at her, he was reading from a notebook, his back turned. It looked like he was doing inventory of some sort on the merchandise behind the counter. "If you have any questions just hit me up."

Selena looked all around the store. This was indeed a comic store, as if the outside window display didn't give it away. Racks of single issues, bookshelves of thicker ones, t-shirts, posters, and statues and toys of various characters. Some of which she actually recognized. Why didn't Evan tell her about this place?

She was taking it all in, some of it actually kind of cool to her when she bumped into a couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend in anime t-shirts.

"Oh my god I'm sorry," Selena said. "Didn't see you guys there. Just kind of checking the place out."

"Oh it's no problem," the girl said. "We're fine, right babe?"

"Sure are," the guy replied. Then the couple both actually got a look at Selena's face. Then a look that was all too familiar to Selena came on their faces. "Are...are you?"

"Yes." she replied.

"Oh cool," the girl said. "What are you doing here?"

"Brought lunch for my boyfriend."

"Your boyfriend works HERE?" the guy asked. "Seriously?"

"That's what he tells me," said Selena.

"It's not Tony is it?" the girl asked, motioning towards the blue-haired clerk.

"No, it's not." answered Selena. "It's a guy called Evan."

"Oh Evan?" the guy said. "Yeah he's here. He opened actually. I think he's in the back doing inventory on some back issues."

"Just ask Tony," the girl said."He'll help."

"Thank you both so much," Selena said. "I'm sorry, I didn't get your names."

"I'm Gretchen," the lady said. "This is my boyfriend Jimmy."

"Hi," he said, blushing a bit.

"Well Gretchen and Jimmy I appreciate your help so much. I really wanted to surprise Evan so I guess I'm lucky I bumped into you two first. Now, I guess I have to talk to Tony over there to complete the surprise. Again, thank you both."

"No problem, Gretchen grinned. "But before you do that, you think maybe we could...you know..get a picture?"

"Of course," Selena said. "On one condition. When you post it on social media, don't say why I was here. Just for the sake of keeping my private life as private as it can be, deal?"

"No problem," Jimmy said. With a quick pose and snap of his phone's camera, Jimmy got the picture. He and Gretchen thanked Selena and went back to their shopping while Selena made her way to Tony.

When she got to the counter his back was still turned. Tony was so wrapped up in what he was doing her didn't even here the jangle of Selena's purse of the crumpled noise the paper bag containing her and Evan's lunch was making.

"Excuse me," Selena said. "Could you help me with something?"

"Sure thing," Tony said. He began to turn around, his eyes still on the tablet he was using. "How can I help...." he froze when his eyes looked up and fell on Selena. "Holy shit you're Selena Gomez."

"Yes I am," she said with a smile. "Could you help me with something?"

"S-sure...what, you here for some research? Get cast in a Marvel movie? DC maybe? I could see you as Wonder Girl."

"Actually no. But thanks. I'm here to see someone."

"Really? Who?"

"Evan." she answered. "One of you customers actually told e he was doing inventory. I was wondering if you could...well. let him know someone is here to see him."

"Evan?" Tony asked. "You're here for Evan?"

"Yes...is that a problem?"

"Well no but...you're...you and he's not famous. How'd you two even meet?"

"Vegas. Then we bumped into each other in town not even realizing we both lived in Orange."

"Oh." Tony replied. "That's why he was in such a good mood when he came back." Selena giggled at that.  "Evan dating Selena Gomez...go figure."

"Yeah....so...could you go get him? I don't mean to rush but I don't want the food to get cold." Selena held up the bag to give her point a bit of exclamation.

"YEah, just a sec." Tony switched apps on the tablet and sent Evan a quick text. No sooner than that Evan came out from the back, shocked but smiling at seeing Selena their waiting for him.

"Well hello there," he said. That was the perfect cue for Selena to walk up to him, planting a sweet and full kiss on his lips. "What are you doing here?"

"Lunch," said Selena, holding up the bag. "From Twisted Tacos."

"Our favorite."

"Yes it is."

“How exactly did you two met in Vegas?” Tony asked, unknowingly putting them both on the spot. It's not like they could say they fucked in a stalled elevator.

“The gym,” Selena blurted out. “We met in the hotel gym.”

“You went to the gym during Jay's bachelor party weekend?” Tony asked Evan, disbelief dripping from every word. “Seriously?”

“Well I got my own room, why wouldn't I use the gym?” Tony paused, thought about it for a moment, then shrugged.

“Whatever. I guess if you'd stuck around them you'd be too busy joining in sniffing your own farts and giving Jay the usual ball and chain bullshit instead of whatever you actually did to meet her.”

Gretchen and Jimmy approached the counter, ready to purchase.

“Hey, looks like you found Evan,” said Gretchen.

“Yep, thanks for the help.”

“Tony, how about you ring these two up while I go to the back with Selena? I just have a few more boxes to go through, I can do that while eating with her.”

“No problem. I'm probably going to lock up and go grab lunch myself.”

“Cool, see you in an hour.”

Evan took Selena by the hand and led her to big back storage room where he had been. It was very much like a typical warehouse. Smaller of course, but still a big storage room. There were a few couches, a fridge, a table and some chairs, and shelves upon shelves of various bit of memorabilia from comics to toys.

They had to go down a flight of stairs as well, making this entire area very private. That gave Selena a wonderful idea. He moment she was of the stairs she headed to the little kitchen area of the basement, setting down the bag of food.

“How was the concert?” asked Evan, referring to the Kacey Musgraves show Selena had gone to with friends. “Looked like you had fun.”

“Well, those looks definitely weren't deceiving in that case.” Selena replied. “It was a blast. Felt so good to just have fun. Not worry about anything but hanging out with my girls.”

“And, if it's not too off base for your boyfriend to add, you looked simply amazing. So damn sexy.”

“Really?” she asked, genuinely surprised. “I mean I thought it was a cute outfit...but sexy? I like that. What got you going?”

“What can I say, cowgirls are sexy. The hat sunk it.”

“Well, i think I'll keep that in mind for the next time you're a very good boy.”

“I'll be sure to keep on my best behavior,” said Evan. And though the mood was light, Selena had a question that had been bugging her since she entered the store.

“So, why didn't you tell me you worked in a comic store?” Selena asked, leaning against the fridge.

“I did.” Evan replied.

“No, you said book store. You didn't say what kind of books. Why not mention it?”

“Well, to be frank, you're Selena Gomez and this is a comic store.”

“And?” she asked. “Look, I'm not mad or anything but its 2019 and this stuff essentially rules the world. Tony thought I was in here for research to play Wonder Girl or something.”

Evan paused, taking a good, inquisitive look at Selena. “Huh...you really could play her in a movie now that I think of it.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” Selena joked. “Seriously though, if you like this stuff it's nothing to be embarrassed about. I mean, come on, remember? I'm a total horror freak.”

“Yeah, but I don't think you have near the collection I have hidden away.”

“You're right I don't”, she said. “Because it's not hidden. See this is why you need to come by my place. So you can see the things I have. Like a real, and I mean REAL, authentically worn Freddy glove from Nightmare on Elm Street 3.”

“Not the original?”

“Well no, that one disappeared during filming of the second one and that's why the razors came directly from Freddy's fingers everyone knows that.”

“Yeah, we sure do.”

“See? I have my things too. And I want to show you them. So...how about you come over to my place tonight. I'll show you my world. Then, this weeked, I'll come over and you can show me the stuff you're into. Okay?”

“Well, if you're that eager to learn check out the table,” Evan said, gesturing to a pile of comics.

“Oooh, what have you got?”

“Well, when we do inventory on back issues, the owner lets us skim through for some stuff we want held back. Unless it's something crazy valuable like the first appearance of Wolverine or the death of Robin or something, we usually get it. And that is my pile. So...look through it...if you want. I know it's all kind of stupid.”

“First of all, it's not stupid if you like it,” she said, walking up to him and planting a sweet little kiss on his nose. “And secondly, Robin died? Like “Batman and Robin” Robin?”

“Well, one of them.”

“There's more than one?”

“Oh you're going to get an education I think,” Evan said. “So...yeah, look through the books. Pick one out if you want.”

“My first comic and it's from my man's pile,” she grinned. She went to the table and started looking through the selection. “See, look at this stuff. Nothing stupid about it. A flaming skeleton in a leather jacket on a bike? Awesome. Wolverine? Awesome. Aquaman...with a harpoon stuck in his hand?”

“Yeah...piranhas ate it off. He got really mean.”

“That's so gory...I like it.” She smiled a toothy grin, her tongue sticking out a little as she looked through the books and fell on another interesting one. “Vampirella huh? I guess the cover kind of explains it all.”

Selena held up the comic jokingly, the cover featuring a scantily clad brunette in what could best be described as a barely-there one piece swimsuit and thigh high leather boots.

“Let me guess, emotional attachment?” she joked.

“Hey, I know what it looks like...and you're right. But it's also a big goofy horror book full of blood and guts as well as T&A. Very well balanced. Also, she's the single hottest character in comics.”

“Oh I'm sure,” Selena said with a laugh. She went back to the pile and saw a couple more Vampirella books. Then an a thought came along that merged with her earlier idea. “She really got you going, huh?”

“Um...well...yeah. I mean.”

“No need to stutter or blush,” Selena assured him. “I get it. I can see why. What would you think of me in something like that?” Selena began to walk towards him, pushing him back against the counter. “Something like my red bathing suit...except of course a lot more revealing. Would you like that? Dirty little dream girl come to life?”

“I don't think I'd mind.”

“Didn't think you would.” She smiled at him flirtatiously, her hand rubbing his crotch. “Mmmm, I can feel you getting hard. Makes a girl feel wanted.”

Her lips were hovering above his, her hot breath hitting his mouth before she kissed him, then slid to her knees. She pulled his pants down to his ankles, putting his cock on full display. He was already hard. Selena loved getting instant results.

Her soft hands grasped his cock and cupped his balls. Selena gently stroked and tugged, just priming the pump as she gazed upward at him. He looked down at her. His eyes were hungry, pleading. He needed her to go forward. She had taken the lead and he was giving her the go ahead to keep that control.

“Tell me,” she demanded in a sweet tone. “Tell me what you want me to do with my pretty little mouth.”

“Suck me,” he said. “Selena...fuck baby suck my cock...”

“Sounds like a plan.” She winked at him, but didn't immediately take him in her mouth. Instead Selena went to the base of his cock and began to kiss her way to the head, giving the hard stalk an occasionally lick. Kiss by kiss, lick by lick Selena worked her way up his cock. She loved to take her time. Even with a “quick” blowjob. Besides, if she loved it, she knew Evan would be out of his mind over what he knew she could do.

Selena finally worked her way to the tip of his cock. Her breath hit it, making Evan shiver a bit. That shiver turned into a full on shake she Selena extended her tongue and swirled it around the head.

“Oh fuck Sel,” he said, gulping for air. “Keep going...”

“Sure thing,” she said with a wink. She wrapped her lips around his cock head and began to softly suck, her tongue softly working his glans before going down further. It was slow, sweet and sultry. She moaned and exchanged lust glances with Evan.

Evan gripped the counter hard. He was trying hard to ignore his instinct to grab her head, guide her up and down his cock. But by this point he knew very well that when it came to moments like this, it was best to just let Selena take over and work her magic, no help needed...but encouragement was very welcomed.

Back forth she sucked, a perfect pace picked up. Her tongue snaked, her cheeks bellowed, and her pace increased, only stopping to give all that amazing skill and attention to the tip which made al the expletives pour out of Evan's mouth from the pleasure.

He looked down at Selena, in an odd state of disbelief that this was his life now. This was beyond luck. He moved his hand forward, but just to brush the hair from her face. He wanted to see those gorgeous brown eyes. He needed to see them as Selena sucked his cock.

“Feels good doesn't it baby?” Selena asked. Her hand wasn't jacking his cock. Instead, her thumb was just under the head, working around in a circle. His cock twitched in her hands, giving her more of answer than words ever could. Still, she wanted to hear it. “Tell me...tell me how it feels...am I doing a good job?”

“Like...like you wouldn't believe,” he growled. “Fuck..I need to cum so bad...oh god I'm gonna cum...”

“Mouth,” Selena said. “Gonna swallow you...can't wait...so give it to me...every...last...drop...”

Selena went back to work on his cock, full throttle. She wanted nothing more in that moment then to push her lover past the point of no return, to feel that first spurt of cum hit the roof of her mouth, to have it fill her mouth and then swallow it down.

“Oh fuck!” Evan growled, fulfilling his need and Selena's desire. Selena's own moan joined his, relishing every pulse of his cock in her mouth, every shot of cum he fired, loving how it felt.
When the last drop dribbled out of his cock on to her tongue. Evan looked down at Selena as she pulled off his cock. She opened her mouth, playing with the pool of cum on her tongue before swallowing it all down, licking her lips, as it slid down her throat.

She got to her feet, a smile on her face, then went to the bag and took out some food, handing it to Evan. “Still hungry?” she asked with a smile.


With a lunch like that Evan didn't think could get much better. But he also knew with a woman like Selena, it was always going to get better. After they finished lunch and she left, all he could think about was going over to her place later on, especially with her roommates gone. They'd have the place alone.

The more he thought about it, the more he realized he hadn't ever been with a woman like her. It sounded so cliche to just think it, but it was the truth. It wasn't even in any one particular thing she did. It was just...the way. The way she talked. The way she smelled. The way she was. It was her being her that made all the difference.

All that made the last few hours of his shift, usually a cake walk at his job, feel like an eternity. But when closing time came he couldn't get to his car fast enough. It was even a challenge to keep under the speed limit as he drove to Selena's house. And even once he had parked and headed towards the door, his fingers fumbled reaching for the intercom buzzer for her apartment.

“Who is it?” she said.

“It's me.” Evan replied.

“Come on up,” Selena answered, buzzing him in.

In the elevator the minutes seemed to stretch for eternity before the doors slid open. His destination in sight and grasp Evan headed towards Selena's door and knocked. And whens he answered, his jaw dropped.

There Selena was, a vision of beauty as she always was, but now decked out in her cowgirl best, just like she was in the picture from the concert. Though now she had a cute little bandanna loosely tied around her neck and off to the side.

“Howdy,” she said with a giggle.

“Howdy,” Evan replied in a similar fashion. “So...going full cowgirl?”

“Well, even being from Texas I don't have much of an accent. But I think you'd agree I definitely know how to pull the look off.”  She did a quick little twirl, showing off the dress. It wasn't tight or short...but it was cute and sexy in a way Evan couldn't fully explain, especially with that cowgirl hat Selena was wearing.

“Also have a better pair of boots on, dontcha think?” Selena lifted up her calf, showing off her new boots. They certainly looked more the part of cowgirl as well and just made her even more irresistible.

“I think I'm being spoiled,” said Evan. “Very, very spoiled.”

“Oh definitely,” said Selena. “I'm feeling very generous today. Free lunch...your little present in the basement...and now dinner's on me.”
Selena moved close to him, wrapping her arms around his waist. He returned the gesture. “What's on the menu?” he asked.

“Simple. Veggie Pizza.. Tomatoes, mushrooms...all the garden treats on cheese, sauce, and crust. All those important food groups my personal trainer loves me to eat.”

“Sounds perfect. When's it arrive?”

“Well...it arrives when I'm done with you...” Selena smiled and broke her embrace only to grab Evan's hand. “I didn't send the order on my phone until you knocked...we have an hour. So...let's use it.”

“Lead the way.” The two kissed and Selena led him to her bedroom.

“Finally, in a bed.” Selena thought. She smiled, her lips slightly pursed as she laid herself down on the bed, all the while Evan watched her every move. Her legs opened, only being covered by the loose blue skirt of her dress. Then she began to lift that skirt up, showing off that underneath that dress there was nothing else but her naked flesh.

Evan began to make his way to the bed, but Selena paused him.

“Clothes off now,” she said. “So we don't have to worry about it later.”

Evan stripped down then continued on his path. He crawled up the bed and up Selena's legs, kissing her ankles to her calves. Left to to rigth and back again, leaving a trail of kisses up to her thighs and getting ever closer to the heaven that was her pussy.

“Oohhh Evan yessss,” cooed Selena. His tongue slowly lapped up and down her pussy lips before his fingers joined in,, softly pressing apart her labia before bringing his tongue to her clit, delicately licking her sensitive nub.

Selena began to writhe on the bed. Evan went full on her, eagerly returning her favor from earlier. His fingers entered her, in and our, crooked and turning inside of her while if free arm hooked around her hip. He held her close as he tasted the tastes of Selena Gomez and savored every moment of it. And if Evan had his way he'd take all the time in the world. There was however a time limit. Which means that was no time for delays.

Selena was fine either way. Heavy breaths, moans and satisfied sighs erupted from her smiling mouth. Her hands roamed her own body, her sense of ouch heightened by the pleasure Evan was providing her. Her back arched, her foot caressed his back, and she moaned out his name, begging for more.

“Evan!” she yelled. “Mmm...oh baby...bay yes...make me cum...oh just like that...mmmmm right there...”

Evan found her g-spot, giving Selena that delightful, extra little jolt she was craving with every second. She was slow close, aching for that final wave of pleasure to totally overtake her. His tongue went from random strokes on her clit to putting all those years of calligraphy Evan was forced to learn in school. Any questions about how it translated from hands to tongue were answered when Selena hit her crescendo.

“Oh....ohhhh...unnnn AHHHHHH YESSSSS!” Selena cried out. Her face was absolutely flushed as pleasure hit her like a sledgehammer, grasping the blanket on her bed tight in clenched fists as she rode out her orgasm, all with the extra edge of knowing it was only the first.

Evan pulled back, looking at Selena with a slick face and a knowing grin.

“Get on your back,” Selena said in between breaths of air. She rolled off the bed and he rolled on to his back. Evan watched with an eager grin as Selena reached behind her to unzip her dress. When it fell to the ground, she stepped out of it completely nude save for the cowgirl hat, bandanna and boots. It was a sight etched into Evan's mind.

Selena licked her lips and got on the bed, crawling up Evan's body, licking from his waist to his lips. She straddled him at the crotch, his hard dick lying against her opening, yearning to be inside.
Selena's gorgeous brown eyes  looked him, locking them into a gaze. She reached for his hands and pushed them above his head at the bars of her bed's head board. Selena then went for the bandanna around her neck, untying and unfolding it, revealing it to be twice as big as it originally looked. She raised her eyebrows suggestively.

“Just what do you have in mind?” asked Evan.

“How would you like giving thing little cowgirl a ride?” she asked, licking his lips into a kiss.

“I reckon we can arrange something.” Evan replied, trying to put on his best, yet worst, Cowboy accent.

“Yee haw,” she said with a wink. Selena leaned over him, tying his hands securely to the post while Evan craned his head up, kissing and licking her succulent tits before she pulled them away.

She rose up on her knees and reached below to grasp Evan's hard dick. She softly pumped it, watching with a sexy little smile as his face gave away how much he needed right then and there. He was at her will. Evan usually, when it came to the actual, full on act of sex, liked being in charge, in control. But right then, in that moment with Selena, he was all to happy to give it away. She was his fantasy, a sexy little cowgirl, and Evan was more than ready to give in to her.

“Ohhh damn that's good,” growled Selena. She began to sink down on his cock, the familiar feeling never failing to bring a smile of satisfaction to her face. It was like magic, maybe a little more tonight. Evan wasn't the only one absolutely rabid for what was to come next.

With Evan filling her up completely, Selena started to ride him. Slow at first, taking her time and driving Evan wild. She felt amazing on his cock, she always did. But right now Selena was adding a certain extra spice to it. He could help but keep his eyes glued to her. Watching intensely as she slowly rose and fell on his cock, her hands caressing her perfect body, Selena's tongue edging out of her mouth to lick her lips as she moaned. He wanted his tongue on her tongue, his hands on her body. He wanted to feel every inch of her. But the way things were now, his cock getting all the attention and tactile sensation combined with how she moved on him made this a different kind of experience.

Selena saw it all. Him struggling against the restraint. Wanting to feel every part of her. It just turned her on more, and her pace increased. She moved faster, her body rolling and grinding, rising and falling, her cute little tummy expanding and deflating with passionate moans and words.

“Oh.....Evan...oh....give me a ride...good ride...ride this dick...mmmfeels so good...”

Selena leaned back as she sped up more, her tits swaying and bouncing with every movement, a hypnotic dance of flesh.  She paused only to working her hips, grinding her. Evan's eyes didn't know where to look. Her gorgeous face, her amazing tits, her luscious hips. He wanted to to taste her, feel her and that made every sensation his cock was feeling while buried in her even more intense. He could feel every single last detail of her velvet tunnel with an intensity that he would have sworn impossible until now.

“Oh...oh my god Sel...oh shit...shit you're too good...oh my god baby...ohhhh damn damn damn you're too much and I want more!”
“Yeah? You love giving your cowgirl a ride huh?” she teased, going so fast on top of him her hat finally tumbled off her head. “Keep going...make me cum again...cum in me...oh baby let's do it together...oh Evan...Evan...”

Selena was at full throttle and way past the point of no return. She was lost in a haze of lust and Evan was right behind her.  They were riding head first into a sunrise of of absolute lust and pleasure.

“Oh my god Sel!!!!” Evan cried out. He struggled against the bandanna as his body arched up, yelling out in pure bliss as he came. Pulse after pulse, rope after rope he filled up Selena's pussy.
The sudden sensation of that hot cum filling her up set Selena off as well, her moans and howls joining Evan's in a carnal chorus, only fading out once they were both otter spent.

Selena fell forward, tired but smiling. She kissed Evan's chest while her hand reached above him, deftly untying his hands. Once free, he embraced her, pulling Selena up to his face and giving her the sweetest, most passionate kiss of their young relationship.

When it broke she rested her head on his chest. They both laid together in silence, basking in the shared afterglow. Then Selena let out a soft, slightly drunk laugh.

“What's so funny?”

“Mmm nothing,” said Selena, looking up at him. “We just finally made it to a bed. Had to tie you down but we did it.”

“So we did.” replied Evan. “Yay us.”

“Mmmmm I never want to get out of bed now,” said Selena, cuddling in close. “This is my new home. Nothing's getting me out of this bed.”

That was when the intercom buzzer went off and memories of pizza rushed back into both of their heads from beyond the orgasmic fog.

“Okay, change of plan,” said Selena. “I'll go get the pizza, come back to bed, then we're never leaving it.”

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An authentic radical writer you are, as you have a good heart in putting a good romance together with your well-written sex scenes.

Very kind of you to take the time to dedicate to your readers.

God bless you, and continue with your written wonders with Selena Gomez.


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