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Re: All-Star College
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Thursdays were always a busy day for Bella. She didn't know what it was, but they were always the busiest days for her business both for her and her girls alike. With that being the case, she never scheduled classes for herself on that day. While that meant some Saturday morning classes, the money made more than made up for it.

And while she was dealing with business matters today, it was not the kind that usually ate up her Thursdays. Instead, it was putting the finishing touches on the whole Paul Affair. While the money situation had been handled, she now needed to deal with the potential connections Paul had made with the for heads of the crime families in town. These guys essentially ran the underbelly of things locally, along with Bella. Yes, Sophia ran the kind, gentler house of ill repute, but the only person she negotiated with was Scarlett.

Which made Bella the woman in charge of sins of the flesh locally. And at her age, that was quite an accomplishment. The others respected her enough to allow her to sit at their table. Her business sense and killer instinct had earned her a great amount of respect. The Four knew that Bella was like them. Good business person that you don't want to cross. Se'd proven it multiple times, Reggie being the most recent. Now with Paul, it was time another example of Bella's golden rule:

Don't fuck with the Boss Bitch.

They had agreed to meet on neutral ground, a hotel locally that they all had a bit of a “stake” in. The hotel was a hub for their services but owned by an outside party connected to a Vegas family. This means meeting were always a snap. A presidential suite reserved for far from presidential activities.

Bella was the first to arrive. She prized punctuality from others, so she'd be a hypocrite if she didn't practice what she preached. Besides, she preferred to make the space nice and comfortable for the the other Four. That amounted to preparing drinks from the bar provided. The room was posh enough,it just needed a little garnish.

Bella didn't mind preparing the drink. She had gotten there first. It was just good manners. Besides, they all knew each other very well. She'd fucked them all.

That wasn't how Bella got in with them. If she'd done that she knew she'd never have gotten their respect n mater how good she was. No, it was more of an exchange of goods, scratching each other's backs. If Bella wanted free or discounted weed, she'd fuck the right person for free or at a discount, or have one of her girls do it. It was business. And that was respected.

Right as he poured the last drink, a different one for each of her guests, the door to the suite opened and the Four headed in. First was Nikita Kolonov, the head of the Russian/European sect. He was a gigantic mass of muscle topped with a perfectly coiffed head of near platinum blonde hair. All wrapped up in a three piece suit with a red silk shirt and no tie. He wasn't the kind of man who wore a tie. The Russians handled some of the drugs in the city. Not all, per a treaty with the other heads, but some. He covered the hallucinogenics and coke. One hell of a combo with some gun running on the side.

After him was Tyson Dixon, the man who ran the African American contingent. It didn't matter what colors you held elsewhere, under Tyson, you were united or else. Bella didn't ever think what he did to get such a position. The only thing she figured was his current position was  a form a retirement for him. Heading things up in a quiet college town and living a life of luxury. What could be a better retirement plan for a gangster? The clothes he wore reflected a life of leisure. No where near as business-like and Nikita. Just slacks, a polo shirt, and a light leather jacket. Weed and banned goods(within reason and the rules) were his trade. You want some good Purple Haze of real deal absinthe? He was the man to see.

After him cam Michael McIntyre, the one who ran the Irish section. Business casual was the order of the day for him as well, sans a leather jacket. His group was the muscle. Protection,underground fights; anything physical was their game. He was the youngest of the group, having replaced his brother who got promoted and sent New York. Bella knew both brothers very intimately. If there was an Irish curse it certainly did not afflict either of them.

Rounding them out was Bobby Sanchez leading the Latinos. Much like Tyson, no matter your colors, in this town you answered to him and did it with a smile. They handled any and all smuggling to and from Mexico. Of course, again within the limits set by this council of Four, Five including Bella. Everything had to be weighed by risk versus reward. He was the hat trick of business casual, wearing a blazer over his polo.

“Gentlemen,” Bella said, holding her martini high in a one woman toast to the men. “Welcome to this little meeting I've called. Please, take your seats, I'll be with you shortly.”

The men walked in, each taking a seat from a row arranged in a semi circle, separated by a small table with a drink for each of them, still chilled and ready to go.

“Why did you call this meeting Bella?” Nikita asked. Straight to business, always his style. He hadn't even touched his scotch.

“Business of course my dear,” Bella said. She came around the hotel bar to the front side and leaned back on it, giving the group a good look at her dress. Blake of course, and hugged her body so wonderfully perfect.”Just a bit of an update.”

“Then what's the update?” Tyson asked.

“Paul's out. You guys know Paul right? He was working really close to me, his dad's in the music biz, and I'm pretty sure he was trying to be enterprising by talking to you for while attempting to take my business out from under me. That about sums it up.”

“You know Paul had been meeting with us?” Michael asked, getting a glare from Nikita. Michael was always shitty at hiding his hand.

“Of course dear.” replied Bella. “Once I saw he was siphoning funds from me, that would have been the next logical step, would it not?”

“Very smart,” Nikita said. “Always liked that about you Bella.”

“So that's what this is about?” Bobby asked. “Bring us hear to chastise us for investigating a new business opportunity?”

“Oh no no no Bobby-Boy. It's to tell you he's done. His capital is gone. He's not getting any of my girls without that. And the music connection through his daddy? Mine now. So if you want that music business, he execs and stars who want their hungers fed and thirsts quenched? That's through me now. Turns out they love hot pussy just as much as the rest of us and certainly value it over keeping the son of a music executive happy. Another thing Paul didn't think of. He never did ask me exactly what happens to my girls when they leave me. I mean you all know. Some of them go on to live normal lives and that's that. Others...well, we all know I've had some prime up and comers in porn recently work for me, graduating to the Performer of the Year category. Hell, some have even gone on to be legit celebs. And all can be called in for a favor or two if the price is right. That's loyalty, something you can't buy. Just ask Paul.”

“It was just business Bella, nothing personal,” Tyson said. “We had to hear his offer out.”

“Was it promising?”

“A little.” answered Nikita. “But he was fool. If I had been outvoted in taking him in, then I would have gone along with it. Paul...cocky fool. The kind that would have brought trouble. But still, must listen. Risk and reward.”

“Gentleman, I understand, it's business. However, I would have liked to think I garnered enough respect from you to at least get a heads up on all this. Not that I needed one obviously. I can handle my shit.” Bella sipped from her vodka cran. “And Paul has been handled. So, I thought it be only proper to tell you all, in person, his deal, whatever it was, is off the table. I have everything he could have offered you. And so much much more.”

“So what is this Bella, you want to renegotiate some terms or something? Little disrespect tax?”

“Not at all Michael. But I would like to maybe add one addendum. Which would be, anyone knew tries to “buy in”, we all get notified. Fair enough?”

The men nodded. Bella smiled and downed the rest of her drink.

“Good. Now, gentlemen, I do think it's time to...well...sign the contract. But let's do it with someone a lot more fun than pen and ink.”

The men all began to grin, and those grins got wider when Bella slid off her black blazer and undid her blouse, leaving her only in her skirt, heels, and a black satin bra. She got to her knees and began to crawl towards them.

“Gonna be going clockwise boys,” Bella said. “Sorry Bobby, that means Nikita is up first.” Bella looked up into the Russian's eyes, a sly little smirk coming to his usual stone face.  Bella had a cocky look on her face as she began to undo his fly, fishing his cock from his pants.

“Yes, good little shlyukha,” Nikita sighed. Bella new how he liked it, and that was with no wasted time. She started with a full on, no bullshit pace, working her mouth all over Nikita's engorged prong. Deep in her throat, then back to bobbing up and down. Running her tongue in quick little circles just under his glans, then back to bobbing p and down. It was dance, well choreographed at this point. When it came to getting head, Nikita lied it a very certain way. Almost a factory built blow job. It should have bored Bella. If not for Nikita's penchant of calling her a whore in Russian and spewing various Russian profanities at her. It made the blowjob a lot more unique for her and shlyukha was now her favorite Russian word.

She finished the blowjob with a sweet little kiss at the very tip, then turned her attention to Tyson, who's cock was already out and standing at attention. Ever the eager beaver. As she crawled over to Tyson, Bella already was prepping in her head the battle plan for Tyson's dick.

Tyson was a very visual lover. Sometimes how something looked mattered more than how it felt to him. Seeing is believing and all of that. So when Bella got to his cock, she was ready to give him a show full of sizzle and spectacle.

Her tongue began at his balls, the slowly dragged upward to the base of his chocolate cock, where she planted the first kiss before slithering up the length, stopping just before the head for another kiss before getting to to the tip where she flicked her tongue against the bulbous mushroom tip. All the while keeping eye contact with Tyson. Eye contact was beyond key with him.

He waited with baited breath, watching and waiting for Bell'as next move. When Bella blew him a kiss, he braced himself. She wrapped those luscious lips right around the onyx crown of his pole, sucking hard and attacking it with her tongue. Her cheeks billowed and Tyson groaned in approval.

She started to suck in earnest, eye contact never breaking and making a show of ever single moment of it, exaggerating everything just a bit more. She could have done even more, but that would have taken away from the show, which was now what Tyson wanted in the least. The visual was the experience.

Once Tyson had had enough of a show, Bella crawled over to Michael who was also ready for her.Michael, he had an edge to him, but not a cruel edge. Not even a dominant one. The only thing he wanted was for to match him. Unlike his older brother, he had no interest in domination. He wanted Bella to match him. Match his aggression, match his desire. Bella LOVED that. Equality among perverts.

She winked at him before giving his cock a quick smack other her hand, which made Michael chuckle. He then reached down and grabbed her by the back of her  head making Bella moan a bit. “Suck this fucking cock,” he demanded. “And do it now.”

She grinned at him before spitting right on the bishop's head. From there, she went right to work, sloppily sucking on his cock with a salacious amount of saliva and slobber. This was a hard and furious suckjob. No place for a slow pace. Bella's mouth bobbed up and down on his cock with a nasty fast pace that was everything Michael loved in a blowjob.

Michael's hands went to Bella's head, holding her steady as he began to fuck her throat. Hard, fast, hungry. A strong essence of urgency behind every thrust. And Bella loved it. Getting as good as she could give. And Michael new when to quit. When Bella's hands went to his thighs and squeezed just a bit hard, he stopped. They had a system. It was called respect.

Bella removed herself from Michael's cock and laughed as she caught her breath. She squeezed his cock with an extra bit of tightness, making Michael wriggle a bit from the snug squeeze.

“Too tight for you?” she teased before spitting on Michael's cock again. She pumped his dick so fast her fist was a blur. “Then how are you gonna handle this mouth?”

“I'll take my chances.” Michael answered. He reached for her head again, caressing her face in a surprisingly tender move before bringing her back to his cock, where Bella resumed her ravenous sucking of his prick.

Soon though, that sloppy suckjob was done, and it was Bobby's turn. Like Nikitia at the start, his cock was still under wraps. Bobby liked for Bella to do the work, to unwrap her present like it was Christmas morning.

That was Bobby's thing. Sensuality, almost a worshiping of sex. Which meant when it came to sucking him off, he wanted it to be cock worship. That was fine with Bella. She wasn't much for organized religion but sex could certainly be a holy experience.

She smiled up at him, her eyes full of lust and wonder. Bella's hands danced up Bobby's legs until they got to his zipper, slowly tugging it down. Then they moved up just a bit to his belt, meticulously undoing it, giving Bobby a show of his own. The anticipation was part of his menu.

With all obstacles gone, Bella opened up Bobby's pants, exposing his hard cinnamon stick. Her eyes sparkled a bit, eagerness all over her face and spreading like a virus to Bobby's.

Bella lovingly began to rub his cock all over her face, making sure that throbbing cock head made contact with every inch of her mug. She moaned, she cooed, nothing but sounds of immense pleasure escaped her lips as she rubbed his dick all over her face like a paintbrush, little streaks of pre-cum making it a perverted game of connect the dots.

Then she brought the cock to her lips, running the tip along them, moaning with every complete circle. Bobby could hear it in her voice, the cadence of every moan and groan. She needed that cock.

“Take it in,” he said. “Do it now mami...”

“Thank you,” she said, her smile sweeter than sin. She took Bobby's girth in her mouth, slowly taking more and more of him n on every stroke. And Bobby began to get his moans in too. The deeper she went, louder her got. Ever stroke down and up, her tongue almost made love to his dick, carefully caressing him with every suck, getting those spot on his dick he himself didn't even know were that sensitive. She do anything to please him. That was his desire, which made it hers in this moment.

When Bella began to take Bobby into her throat, she felt someone creep up behind her. She smiled a bit with that cock in her mouth. The real fun was starting. She felt her as-yet-unrevealed lover begin to unzip and remove her skirt while Bella held Bobby's cock in her throat.

When she released his cock an gulped for air, she gazed over her shoulder to see Michael as the culprit, his devilish grin wide as can be and nude as the day he was born. She moved her legs just a bit so the skirt could be completely removed, leaving her bare save for the pumps.

Before she got back t sucking Bobby, she looked at Nikita and Tyson, who had similarly undressed, Party time.

Bobby's cock once again found it's place of worship in Bella's mouth. And while it was going to church, Michael's dick decided to find refuge in its own den of sin as he thrust inside of Bella's cunt.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned, sending a wonderful little vibration through Bobby's cock. Michael began to pump her hard and fast, giving her everything they both wanted. Bella removed her mouth from Bobby's fuckstick just long enough to feed Michael the words of encouragement she knew he loved to hear.”

“Ohhh Mikey yes,” she moaned. “Just like that...use it baby...use that cunt....mmm,  fuck yeah...do it...'cause I'm using that cock....using it so fucking good baby....” Then Bella's mouth went back to Bobby's cock.

Bobby knew as Michael had a grand old time fucking Bella with the same fervour with which he took her mouth he wouldn't be getting the same treatment as before. After all, now Bella had a bit more stimuli to deal with. That was fine for him. They'd all get a turn. That was how business was done.

Bobby left his position and got in line to take her cunt, and with that open Nikita came in to take his place, shoving his hard fuckstick in her mouth and fucking her face as Michael took her from behind. All the time that magic word that made Bella wet fell from his lips in lustful desperation, “Shlyukha...”

Michael tagged out and let Tyson get in. His onyx obelisk filled her cunt and Bella's eyes fluttered a bit. She was far from a size queen but sometimes big just felt good and Tyson had some length on him.

His pace was hard too, though not quite what Michael was doing. And Bella knew why. Tyson was all about the visuals in fucking and well. He needed to get that perfect view for himself of his cock driving in and out of her cunt, watching how every flesh-to-felsh collision they made sent ripples through her ass. Bella gave him a sexy look over her shoulders, licking her lips before returning to Nikita's cock.

Tyson was leaned back ever so much as he kneeled, his eyes only leaving the view of his cock slamming her cunt for the views of her face when she would look over at him. No words, just looks and it was all he needed.

Still, Tyson wasn't greedy. That wouldn't have been right for a meeting like this. He looked to Nikita, and the Russian stood up, then bent over, grabbing Bella by the end and lifting her to her feet.

“Lay down on the couch,” he said. “No more floor.”

“You got it,” she said, giving him a kiss before heading to the nearby couch and doing as requested. Nikita then climbed on top of her, sucking her tits a bit before bringing his cock to her opening.

“Ung yesss,” Bella moaned when Nikita's cock entered her. And he was a completely different kind of big. Tyson had length, that was true, but Nikita? The Russian had girth. Her hands gripped the carpeting tight as his thick cock filled her up, quickly settling into a rhythm.

“Nnng shlutkha,” he growled. “Mmmmm yes....”

“Oh fuck it...fuck me...oh my god YES!” Bella cried out. He mouth was free for the first time, and now she could really let them all know how she was feeling. “More...more Nikita...don't stop...oh baby yes!”

Nikita grunted, his eyes looking at the beautiful harlot writhe beneath him as he fucked her. Factory standard but amazing at the same time. Those steely blue eyes of his went from her face to her bouncing tits. He brought his hand to her face, where Bella once more revealed her oral fixation and sucked his thumb into her mouth.

Hard and fast, guttural growls were the order with Nikita, but he knew when to stop. He wasn't ready to cum. Now it was Bobby's turn in her pussy. Which meant a position change once more for Bella.

As Nikita left Bella and the couch, Bobby took a seat on it. Bella grinned. It was time for a ride.

Bella had an eager smile on her face as she climbed on top of Bobby and let out a very satisfied groan as she sat down on his cock. “Ooooh, papi,” she moaned. “So good baby.”

“His hands moed to Bella's plump booty as she began to ride. She was in control, and built up the pace on her own, making that cock work for her, worshiping at the altar of lust for Pastor Sanchez.

Bobby was doing some worshiping of his own, sucking on Bella's delightful tits as her paced built while keeping him guessing. Sometimes she would grind him, other times she would speed up and work his dick like nobody else could. Squeeze him, milk him, pretty much massage him with her otherworldly cunt muscles. It was a sinner's Heaven and he'd lost track of who was preaching to who.

Tyson and Michael though wanted a bit more. As Bella rode Bobby, the two stood up on the couch,their cocks presented to her.

“Oh, Hello boys,” Bella said when she spotted  them. Since Michael had gotten first crack at her pussy, she sucked on Tyson's cock again, tasting a int of herself on him. Michael still got some attention, her delicate but experienced hand pumping him.

While three men were being please, there were four in the room, and Nikita quite literally saw his opening. He came up behind Bella and whispered in her ear,” Hold still shlyukha.”

She did with an anxious grin. She knew what was coming and was glad that it was Nikita to start it. His girth felt just right in her ass. Eternally tight. She hungered for it it in a way she did few other cocks up there.

Every one froze in place. Nikita had a tube of lube in his hand that he grabbed from the bar. Bella had known all along where things were going to lead. She knew them all too well. She knew this meeting would in like this, with Paul on the outs and the five united once more, as if they would have ever split. Nikita never would have gone along with someone like Paul. And Bella knew that...but she didn't need to hear it from his mouth. Doubt was always necessary. It made things like this so much more exciting.

He squirted a dolop of the lube on his cock and worked it in before pressing his cock against Bella's back door. Once he pushed through, he and Bella let out an audible sigh of relief.

Unlike before, Nikita took a bit of time building up a rhythm both because he was sharing her body with another and the location was a bit more sensitive. But with every pump both men took inside of Bella, the more she got used to it. It never took her long before her moans began to echo throughout the hotel room. She utterly loved being filled up completely like this, especially when the men knew exactly how to do it.

“Oh yes boys,” she moaned. “Oh my GOD I fucking love this...keep going...I won't fucking break...fuck me...both of you...Mikey and Ty..bring those cocks back over...my mouth hungry!”

Bella was a very busy girl from there on. Her mouth and hands busy with two of her favorite cocks and both of her holes filled with two more of her favorites. It wasn't bad for the men either.

Nikita had built up his pace to his usual piston-like rhythm, grunting with every stroke he gave her while Bobby stayed with sucking and mauling at her tits, letting loose a series of profanities from both sides of the border.

From there positions switched so seamlessly Bella didn't even know how it happened. Now her back was to Michael, who's cock was up her ass and she was facing Tyson, who was deep in her pussy. Showtime once more, though there was no need to exaggerate. She rarely got DP'ed and when she didn't, there was no hiding how much she loved it.

As Michael ravaged her ass and Tyson took her pussy, she looked right in Tyson's eyes, her own almost daring him to do more. And that look was soon back up her her own voice.

“Take it boys...fuck yes...harder...faster...fucking use me! I'm fucking using you to get off so let's make it fair! FUCK FUCK YESS FUCKING FUCK ME!”

Tyson leaned forward, kissing her and sucking Bella's tongue, his hands groping her tits. He and Michael began to go faster, their rhythm it total unison as they brought Bella higher and higher plains in the realms of pleasure.

Neither Bella nor the men knew how much time had passed. Positions had changed frequently to the point everyone was delirious and on the verge of orgasmic explosion.

When the first of the men said they were going to cum, it became a chorus of agreement. They all withdrew from Bella and allowed their harlot of a business partner to take her place in the center of the room on her knees and playing with her pussy.

“Sign on the dotted line boys,” Bella said, pointing at her face with her free hand. “Right...come on....seal the deal....cover me....right now...” her voice began to trail off as she felt the embers of her orgasm beginning tog row into a full fledged fire. All she needed was that one last bit of heat. And when the first shot of cum erupted from on of the cocks, she got it.

“Oh fuck YES!” she cried out, cumming as the Four came all over her face, covering and coating Bella's beautiful visage with layer of their cum. They shot more than expected, spurred on by watching their whore of a business partner shiver as she came while being utterly covering in cum.

By the time they were done, Bella was a sexy little mess. Her eyes were pasted shut and she was laughing a bit. “Wow,” she giggled. “Fuck that's a lot of cum... so warm... good job boys.”

“Don't mention it,” Michael joked.

“Which one of you shot last?” asked Bella.

“I think Mike,” Tyson said.

“Luck of the Irish,” Bella said. She began to scoop the cum from her face into her mouth, sucking her fingers clean and cleaning herself up enough to actually open her eyes. “Looks like you get to join me in the shower.” She then looked at the rest of the men all of whom were sitting down once more, wrecked. “How about you guys order some room service so we can talk a bit further about the future. Eggplant Parmesan for myself.”

With that Bella led Michael to the shower while the three remaining just laughed.

“We were never going to go with Paul for real, were we?” asked Tyson.

“Of course not,” Nikita said. “Use him up and spit him out. But Bella beat us too that.”

“So are you saying we just played Bella?” Bobby asked, which made Nikita laugh. Which in itself was an event so rare it actually disturbed Bobby a little.

“No. Bella knew exactly what was going to happen here tonight. You can't play Bella Thorne. If you thin you can, you're probably in the midst of being played by her.”

Eric could not remember the last time he'd been so happy on a Thursday of all days. But sitting with Vanessa Morgan in her apartment finalizing the ideas for their script had done just that. Then again, every time he had seen Vanessa since that first day of being teamed up had done that to him.

Of course Chad was always there to bring him back down to Earth or lower, reminding Eric that a girl like her would never waste her time with a guy like him unless she had to. Hot women didn't go for fat asses. The usual stuff to keep Eric in line.

It worked too. Right up until he saw Vanessa again and those feelings melted away the moment she smiled at him. He knew a guy like him could never be more than a friend to her, but that would be enough. Plus proving Chad wrong was an amazing bonus.

So, that's where they were, talking story ideas, eating chips and homemade guacamole in the comfort of Vanessa's one bedroom apartment and enjoying each other's company.

“You really think we should drop the noir stuff?” Vanessa asked. “I mean,we both do it so well. Seems like a slam dunk, you know?”

“Well, not completely ditch it,” Eric said. “But maybe look at ti from a different angle. I'm thinking a spy kind of thing. Same basic ingredients, just remixed a little. Emphasis on different things.”

“Okay, I could go with that... I'm still going to say with throw full on, Cyberpunk sci fi in their as a setting. I just can't let go of the Blade Runner thing. Just love it too much.”

“Blade Runner by way of James Bond sounds like a real good idea to me. Possibilities seem really endless. Maybe impossible to shoot, but that's not really a concern for the class is it?”

“This si going to be so much FUN!” Vanessa yelled, almost jumping up from the couch she was sharing with Eric. “The ideas are just rushing into my head right now. I can't wait to get started. A big intergalactic conspiracy, a handsome living weapon, ravishing women...Let's write the whole franchise!”

“I wouldn't mind, but then we'd probably be spending even more time together.”

“I don't know, that doesn't sound so bad to me.” Vanessa smiled at him, making one form on his own face as well. “I'm gonna clean this stuff up unless you want a bit more.”

“No, I'm good...but...you know, I could help with that.”

“Sure.” The two stood up, Vanessa holding the bowl that was once full of guacamole and Eric the bowl that had housed the chips. He followed her into the kitchen, where she turned around to grab his bowl as well, putting them both in her sink. “I wash, you dry.”

“I think we can handle two dishes with that system.”

She turned the water on and drizzled the dishes with soap. “This has been really fun,” Vanessa said. “Makes me wish we'd known each other last year, you know?”

“Yeah, that would've been great.”

“Well, how come you never said hi?”

“I..I wouldn't have wanted to bother you...”

“You wouldn't have.” she replied. “I mean...I don't know. I look at the stuff you and I like to write and it's different, but we hit a lot of the same notes. And we've had a lot to talk about since Monday. All of it good. You're funny when you're not being so quiet. At least to me. We could have had a lot of fun. Beyond just, you know, movie stuff.”

“Yeah...maybe I should have. I don't know. I get a little nervous sometimes...kind of prevents me from being social.”

“You don't say!” joked Vanessa, getting a laugh from him. “I get it. Nothing to be ashamed of. I mean...it's not like you're nervous now, right?”

“Not particularly. Great company helps.”

“Good.” Vanessa leaned her face over and pressed her lips to his. And after that initial shock, Eric pressed back. From there instinct took over and the pair embraced each other tightly.

“Couch,” Vanessa said, taking a brief respite from Eric's lips. She jumped into his arms and let him carry her over. Before he could lay her down, Vanessa got down and softly pushed Eric down on to the couch. Once her was seated, she straddled him, removing her shirt and leaving her in a white bra.

Vanessa grabbed Eric's hands and brought them to the skin of her stomach, guiding them up to cup her breasts. She smiled a bit. He was still hesitant, a bit nervous. She was going to fix that, cute as it was.

Vaness'a hands moved for his pants, beginning to undo them. However, she was a little surprised when the formerly enthusiastic Eric stopped her.

“Ww-ait, just hold on a second,” he said.

“What's wrong?”

“Nothing it's just...I...I don't know what to do. I've never...done something like this...”

“Like what?” asked Vanessa.

“Like...this,” he said very sheepishly, which when it clicked for Vanessa.

“Oh...ohhhh,” she said, laying off. “You mean...”

“Yeah...and like an idiot I killed the mood. I'm sorry, i'll go.”

He began to get up, Vanessa rolling off of him. But before he got too far away, she stopped him.

“Whoa, hold on. I feel like we skipped a good portion of conversation,” she said.

“What's there to talk about?” he asked. “Big fat virgin loser made an ass of himself in front of the awesome woman he's been crazy about for a year. I'm so stupid!”

“No, you're not. Just because you haven't had sex yet doesn't make you stupid or anything like that!” She held his and softly and look him in his eyes, which was a bit of a challenge with Eric in this embarrassed state. “I might have come on a bit strong. But...I do like you. After Monday I reread your script and...I didn't want to say this because ti would have made me sound weird, but even after talking I thought I knew you from somewhere beyond the classes we had. So I looked up that short story anthology the English department had last year for the best writers in the department. You wrote the sweetest story in there. That story about the childhood crush? It actually made me tear up a little. And you're just...I can't even put into words because it makes it seem to analytical. I just like you. I mean I kissed you so that's got to count for something.”

“Yeah, it does.”

“Then, how about we just forget what just happened? Let things take a slower pace?” I'm cool with that. If something happens, it happens. I don't want one of my nights off to end like this.  I want what started off great to end great. Please?”

“I just...I don't want you to think I'm a loser.” Eric looked down at the ground, avoiding Vanessa's gaze. She wasn't having that. She lifted his chin up softly with her fingers and kissed him again.

“You're not. You're smart, sweet and pretty funny when you let your guard down a little.And I like that. Just because you haven't had sex yet doesn't make you less of anything, and  it you're not a loser because of it, okay? I was a little surprised, but it's not something to be ashamed of. Look, I like you. And I really do want to get to know you better. So, let's handle that. So, please stay?”

“Sure,” he said. “I overreacted. I'm so sorry about all this.”

“Don't be,” Vanessa said. “Just sit with me. Talk some more. I think we could probably actually get a few pages done by the time the sun comes up...I mean, neither of us have anything to do tomorrow, right?”

When she smiled at him, he knew there was only one answer he could give her. “Sure.”

And all that tension melted away.


It's was 8:00 PM on campus.Not many classes were open and many of the buildings save for the dining commons and the food court of the student union were open. Students were still walking the campus, but at night there was a stillness to it. It was almost like no one was there, despite the groups of students going to get food and going back to their dorms or leaving recently finished classes and heading for the parking lot. But from the ground, it all seemed a ghost town.

However from the fifth floor of the business education building, all the activity was easily observable. That was Anna Kendrick's view as she waited for a very special guest.

She played with her work keycard with her fingers, shuffling it between them. She was was looking out on the surprisingly busy view. It wasn't prime time for people, but there were enough people for her liking. If any of them had looked up at the building they would have clearly seen Anna through glass, even with the minimal light of the two desk lights to either side of her.

The office she was in was dark apart from that.  Behind her was darkness. In front of her was the view below and her reflection in the mirror. It was all she needed. Well, almost all the she needed. She was still awaiting her guest. He wasn't late by any means, but Anna was just anxious for him to show up. And very wet.

Anna was part of a small group of women on campus; herself, Laura Marano and Alexandra Daddario who gave themselves a bit of a job. That job was essentially, relieve tension on campus in the most fun way possible: sex. They all saw it as a bit of charity. A way to good for people who they thought needed it. It was giving back. Of course Each of the girls had their own little niche in the realm of giving back.

Laura was the mysterious “Glory Hole Girl” on the campus. Her focus was mainly on  the often overlooked and overwhelmed grad student TA's and janitorial crew of the school. Alexandra like to focus on the outcasts, the ones who had a hard time fitting in at a new school. The Freshman Fucker.

Anna had, in her words, everyone else. Which was fine. That was part of the thrill she got out of it. The other part was something she shared with Laura somewhat. That was anonymity. Not so much for her, but for the men. She never, ever wanted to see their faces. They either fucked her from behind or wore ski masks. Anna loved that they knew who she was. That they wold see her in campus, maybe even in class. Either right next to her in the seats or up in front lecturing. Student or teacher, if they'd had her, they'd know her and she'd never know it. Something about that, just the idea of it, got her off.

The girls each had their own way of getting the word out at first for themselves and different ways to be reached, if that was there game. Laura played it differently than that. Anna and Alexandra had another way they got the word out and by this point their reputation did the advertising for them. As a result, anyone who needed them had the number of their burner phones.

They got no payment out of this aside from the experience. It was more than enough.

So there Anna was, awaiting the latest user of that phone number, her back to the unlocked door and her pet and bare. She had no use for underwear so she declined putting them on under the skirt she wore. Dressed as the perfect little fuck toy secretary. Now all she had to do was wait for him to be on time.

Five minutes later that seemed more like centuries, she heard that door click and a smile came to her face.  The door opened and the light in the hallway silhouetted her guest. He walked towards her but paused to say one thing. One word. It was a form of safety, so Anna new the person who was there was supposed to be there.

“Pumpernickel,” he said.

“Butter side up,” Anna said. And that was it. With one awkward little word it was opened. He unbuckled his pants and Anna hiked up her skirt, showing him her bare ass. She bent over, arching her back and pressing her hands against the glass window. She braced herself. “Fuck me.”

Anna grunted, a wicked grin on is face when the man held her hips firm and thrust his cock in her. No tenderness, just lust. Just what Anna wanted. As he sped up, moaning and grunting, Anna decided to talk. It was something she did outside of this. She was a sarcastic motormouth usually. Now that mouth of hers was going be busy spouting filth.

“Yes...oh give that dick baby...oh just take me...I want....just don't stop...just take...use that fat fucking cock...feels so good in my cunt...oh fuck yes that it!”

He was almost pulling Anna too him with every thrust, making every moan Anna made sound like she was in an earthquake. Her hands began to skid on the glass in front of her, making low squeaks on the surface as she moved with every slam of his pelvis.

The man's hands moved from her hips to her chest, grabbing a firm hold of her blouse and tearing it open, making Anna laugh through a moan. She loved when they did that. It gave her a extra bit a jolt with how hungry for her body the men were.

Her secret lover was no different. His hands ravenously pulled her bra down then grabbed and played with her tits. Anna rolled her head back when her began to tweek and pinch her nipples then go back immediately to his rough manhandling of them and back again. It was utter lustful chaos and she loved every moment of it.

He leaned forward, his breath hot in her eat but no words fell from his lips, just the growls and grunts of a caveman, his brain gone completely primitive for guilt-free pussy.

And still in the reflection Anna couldn't see him, just the outline of him, maybe his chin at most. But she did catch glimpses o what he was doing to her, how that pulsing cock pistoning in and out of her pussy was making her feel.

“Harder,” she growled. “Fuck me harder....FUCK ME HARDER!” He sped up, going faster into the danger zone. This was a hot and frenzied pace that he knew he wouldn't be able to keep up. But as turned on as he was, Anna was there as well but so much more intense.  She was ready for anything, especially if it meant surprising her mysterious lover.

“Mmmmm my pussy feels so good with your cock in it,” she said. “But you know where it might feel even better?”

“Where?”he whisper-growled. “Oh baby tell me where you want my cock!”

“Stick it my ass,” Anna said. “Fuck me till you cum....fill me up with cum...”

She couldn't help but smile when she heard that excited little moan from his mouth. She loved that sound. Every man she was with made it when she said she wanted it in the ass.

He pumped her pussy a few more times before pulling out and placing his slick cock right up against her tight starfish and beginning to press forward.

Anna grit her teeth and braced her arms against the window. That first thrust in was always her favorite part. The pressure, the anticipation and sudden feeling of being full. It was worth the entire act just for that moment. It was second only to the orgasm in her opinion.

Those first few getting to know you strokes were also right up there. The slower strokes as he got used to her tight canal and she got used to his lovely cock. It was a nice calm before the storm. Of course, the storm still hande to come.

And it did, just how Anna liked it. He pushed her up against the window, her tits and face pressing against it for all the world to see if they only bothered to look up. Which was another part of the thrill for Anna. She could be fucking just anyone and just anyone could be watching her get ass-fucked. It was a delight.

Her lover returned to being a man of few words but a varied amount of grunts and groans. He pounded her ass like he'd never get a chance again, growling like depraved madman with every pump

“Yes...fuck it..fuck my ass...oooohhh FUCK give it to me...just like that...mmmm and don't you fucking stop until you cum...shoot all that nasty cum up my ass....ohhh yes, FUCK!”

With that kind of encouragement the man went faster as Anna began to squeeze her ass together, making his fuckhole for the night even tighter. She loved knowing what she was doing to him, pushing him closer and closer to the point where he'd have to fill her ass up with every last drop of that wonderful cum.

His arms wrapped around her lower waist, holding Anna tight as he made his last desperate series of thrusts ending in the final explosion both he and Ann utterly craved.

“Ung...ung uuhhhhhgggh,” he grunted. It was music to Anna's ears. With one last might thrust the man froze as he unloaded a tidal wave of jizz up her ass. And that first scalding bolt of pleasure set Anna off as well, her asshole squeezing even tight on his cock as she moaned and groaned in pleasure.


As Anna's body convulsed and shook as the man released the last of his cum in her ass. He had no more to give, her ass made sure of that. All he had left as a satisfied sigh and a slap on the ass to Anna before he pulled out.

Anna was breathing deeply, a smiled on her face. “Have a good time?” she asked, gulping for air. He grunted in affirmative. “Great! So did I. Now how about you get out of here and let me clean up, hmm?”

The man got the hint. They always did. IN a few minutes Anna was alone and her grin got even bigger. She turned around and pressed her well fucked ass against the window before sliding down, cum still trickling out of it when she hit the carpeted floor.

“It's good to give back,” she said to herself, smiling.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #46 on: November 01, 2019, 07:30:49 AM »

Friday morning at Asteroid M, the college town's local comic shop, was usually slow. That's why Lili liked her shift there. She could catch up on a lot of things. Sure right now it was just reading, writing, sketching out FX ideas and prepping for the D&D session she had to do next Saturday for the store's club members.

No one really came in though, so essentially she was being paid to hang out in a store adorned with things of all natures of entertainment, including horror and wrestling, which made this working environment perfect for her.

That didn't mean people didn't come in on Firdays. Not everyone had morning classes. So when the jingle bells attached to the door rang, she didn't look up from her sketch pad. This didn't phase Peter one bit. He'd gotten used to it for the few weeks Lili was staying with himself, Hailee and Sabrina. At first he thought she was just brushing anyone off she didn't know. Then Hailee clued him in on the fact Lili tended to just get lost in her own head, it was nothing personal. And of course, Hailee was right on that.

“Hey Lils,” Peter said, getting the blonde to look up from the sketch pad.

“Hey Peter,” she said. “You got something for me?”

“Indeed I do.” He took off his backpack and took out a notebook, handing it to Lili. “The last of Zero's notes and designs.”

“Awesome!” she took the book and set it down next to her own. “I have a pretty good idea of where I want to go, but this is still going to be super helpful. Thanks for picking it up. Zero's been...hard to get a hold of. As in I maybe have spoken to him once. When I got the first notes. I'm pretty sure he thought I was a cop or a narc or something.”

“Eh, that's Zero for you. If you want I can pick up the bust of the actors he's scanned. We're going to try and get everyone scanned and printed out by Tuesday, so we can get them to you on Wednesday.”

“Thanks. You can just hand them off to Camila for me though and she'll drop them off in my room. Next Wednesday is going to be a little extra busy. Picking up an extra shift here.”

“No problem.” Peter gave a quick scan of the store, then turned back to Lili. “You know, for some reason I never would picture you working in a place like this.”

“Me neither. I'm not really in to the comic stuff. But I kept hearing people talk about this place as as the best place to get horror merch. So I came in, and they were right. This place has a genuine, used on set Jason hockey mask. SIGNED by Kane Hodder.”


“I know! Also, they had this.” Lili ducked behind the counter and brought up a box with a big plastic window to show of its contents, which blew Peter's mind, especially after he saw the signature on it.

“NO WAY!” he exclaimed. “Is that?”

“An 18 inch Pinhead complete with Doug Bradley's signature?” she tauntingly asked. “I do believe it is.” A victorious grin came across her face.

“How much?” asked Peter. “i am totally willing to sneak that on the movies budget. I need it.”

“Oh, don't worry your pretty little head over a thing like cost Petey. Because it's mine.” Lili stood up triumphantly, holding the large toy above her head like a trophy before setting it back down behind the counter. “And with a sizable employee discount.”

“Oh that's just cold,” Peter said.

“Live with it. Besides, I'm sure the 18 inch Ash you have signed by Bruce Campbell will console you.”

“Well, it doesn't hurt.”

“Also, an idea I had should salve that burn as well.” Lili came out from around the booth and got right next to Peter, getting her notebook and flipping through the pages. “You've seen the original Day of the Dead, right?”

“Look who you're talking to.”

“Of course,” she giggled. “Well, I was thinking of maybe doing something like Dr. Tongue, but on a person instead of it being a puppet. I sketched out some ideas for how that would work.”

While the two were huddled together, they didn't hear the door open, which meant neither of them turned around to see Jake, who once again felt a small bit of jealousy seeing Lili and Peter getting cozy.

“Hey Lils,” Jake said, announcing his presence. The moment she heard his voice, the bubbly blonde stood up, turned and smiled.

“Baby!” she said, walking over to him and greeting him with a kiss. “To what do I owe such a wonderful surprise?”

“Had a free period, decided I'd spend it with you,” he said, then looked to acknowledge Peter. “Hey Peter. What brought you by?”

“Dropping off the last of Zero's notes,” Peter said. “Then Lili taunted me with her Pinhead and was showing me some of her sketches for the movie. Lili you have any scans of the Dr. Tongue stuff to show Sabrina?”

“I can get some scans done tonight and send them her way.”

“Sweet, she's gonna flip!”

“Can I talk to you for a second?” Jake asked in a whisper. “In private?”

“Sure,” Lili said. “Hey Peter, I'm going to go check on figures, make sure they're priced right. You good?”

“Yeah, I'll just flip through the rest of the sketches if you don't mind.”

“Knock yourself out.” Lili replied. She took Jake's hand and lead him to a series of bookshelves. “What's up?”

“How long has he been here?” Jake asked.

“Peter? Probably about fifteen minutes before you got here.”

“And what has he been doing?”

“Exactly what he said we were both doing.” Lili replied, her voice getting a little hard.

“Is that all he was doing? Nothing else?”

“I don't think I like what you're insinuating,” Lili said. “Because it's layered, jealous bullshit.”

“What? No...”

“Don't give me that. Jake, I love you but I'm not in it for the jealous boyfriend act, okay? Especially when it's so insulting. Because let's unpack this. You assume somehow that despite the fact I'm in love with you, someone else is going to swoop in and sweep me off my feet. And that person is also dating my best friend. So then the logic you using is saying not only am I willing to hurt you to fuck someone, I'm willing to hurt one of my oldest and closest friends. Does that cover it?”

“No, of course not.” Jake answered.

“Then what am I missing?”

“Look, I just think, you know...it's just you two have a lot in common and he could always try something and...”

“And what, I'm going to slip and fall on his dick?”

“Look, I'm sorry okay? It's just-”

“No, let me finish this conversation. I don't appreciate the jealousy first of all, and secondly...” Lily reached into her jacket pocket and pulled out a small plastic capsule. “See this? Know what's in it?”

“I'm guess you're going to tell me.”

Lili nodded, opening up the capsule and letting the contents fall into the palm of her hands. “These are my earplugs. I never had to have pair until I moved in with Hailee and Peter for a few weeks. Do you know why I needed them?” Jake shook his head. “Well, to try and say it with the smallest bit of decency, Hailee's a moaner. I found this out night after night.”

“Every night?” Jake asked, genuinely shocked.

“Yep.” replied Lili. “Hence, earplugs. Those two are crazy for each other. Peter and I just...get along. We have stuff in common, but so do you and I. He and I are friends but I LOVE you. No one is going to take that away, okay?”

“Yeah, I get,” Jake said sheepishly. “It's just.”

“No. No 'it's just'. How about you see for yourself, okay?”

Before Jake could ask what Lili meant, she had already taken his hand and lead him back to the front of the store where Peter was still looking through the notebook.

“Hey Pete, are you and Hailee free Saturday night?”

“Um, yeah,” he said. “Auditions are until four in the afternoon and after that she and Cami are going into the office for a couple of hours. She's done at around six. What's up?”

“The Greene Theater is having a double showing of The Hunger and Bram's Stoker's Dracula. Romantic vampire films and stuff. You want to double date it with me and Jake?”

“Sure, sounds awesome.” he replied. “Probably going to be the last real date she and I can have before production starts. Then it's going to be all work no play for a bit. I'll let her know when I see her. Which reminds me, I should get going to now. Meeting up with her and then we're going to class together. We decided to take that baking class you told us about. We're lab partners.”

“That's so cute!” Lili said. “See you later!”

Peter waved goodbye to Jake and Lili. The moment the door shut, she turned around to look at Jake, a confident smile on her face. “They are having a date day every week in class. And just in case that's not enough for you, you're going to see them in the wild. No group movie night in an apartment. All to calm those nerves that somehow despite all logic someone is going to make me shatter yours and Hailee's heart at the same time.”

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Jake said. “Jealous douchebag.”

“Jake, we love each other, right?”

“Of course.”

“Then you have nothing to worry about. Except for one little thing.”

“What's that?” asked a very concerned Jake.

“Well, since I moved in with Camila and Jose, I've had to continue using the ear plugs. Jose's a big moaner.”

The words hit Jake like a vat of sour milk, the instant disgust at the thought of his best friend in mid coitus with anyone. “Oh god....WHY would you tell me that?”

“Well, one: as payback for the jealous boyfriend schitck. Two: because I think every couple should have a cursed image they have to share. Now we're going to share our dreams and our nightmares.  I don't know about you, but that sounds like romance to me.”

“Would it help if I apologized profusely about the jealousy to make sure such sharing never happens again?”

“Well, that and a carne asada burrito from Savio's couldn't hurt.”

“Skipped breakfast again?”

“Look, these earbuds may block out cursed sounds but the side effect is my alarm becomes a lot harder to hear. But if it's between waking up late and trying to sleep through Camila and Jose fucking like jack rabbits, I'll take the extra ten minutes of sleep in be in a rush.”

Jake shrugged. “I can't disagree with the logic.”


Camila Mendes was in a very good mood. She woke up with a smile on her face next to the man she loved, no work in the afternoon, the first part of the weekend being spent helping one of her best friends achieve his dream and on top of all that she was walking out of the one class she was worried about the entire semester with a new sense of confidence. If she felt that good about learning French, nothing was going to break her stride.

Or that's what she thought until she saw Taylor Swift standing in her path in the hallway.

“What are you doing here Taylor?” asked Cami. “I wasn't aware they had classes on how to be a hell spawn in this building.”

“Cute.” replied Taylor. “I assure you, this isn't personal, its business.”

“Isn't that your catchphrase?”

“Again, cute. Would you step outside with me? Sit down, at least listen to my proposal?”

“I have time to kill,” said Camila. “But I reserve the right to get up and leave at any time.”

“Duly noted.” The pair walked outside and sat down at a bench. Taylor laid her bag down on the table between herself and Camila. “I'm throwing a Valentine's day party.”


“Not on campus. Not this time. I've taken a step back from the sorority. I have no interest in doing just another student party. Even though I know for sure some of the staff showed up. Instead, I want to do something....bigger. Better. Everyone is welcome and far less restrictive than something held on campus.”

“I wasn't aware you allowed for restrictions at all.”

“Well, I could always get some of them waived if the mood struck me.”

“Nice,” Camila sarcastically said. “What does this have to do with me?”

“Well, your father owns the Blue Oasis Hotel, correct?”

“No,” Cami said curtly. “No way. You are not using any of my Daddy's hotel ballrooms for free. We're not friends. Our only connection is Peter. I don't like you.”

“First off, feeling is very mutual.” replied Taylor. “Second of all, who said anything about free? I'm willing to pay, at a discounted rate of course.”

“Why the Hell would I try to get you of all people a discount?”

“Well, for one, you're sitting down and talking to me. That tells me that I'm not the same level of dislike that you have for Selena. And don't worry, I don't hold that against you and honestly understand it after New Year's. I also feel that once you see the business plan I have for the party, you'll agree that a charity Valentine's ball is simply a wonderful thing for you, me, the school, and your dear daddy's hotel.”

Taylor reached into her bag and took out a notebook, handing it to Camila. “I spent a few days on this, I think you'll see things my way.”

Cami took the notebook and began to flip through it, just to see if there was anything she could laugh in Taylor's face over when she told the blonde no. Instead, it al seemed to be on the level. Camila knew these charities. They were for runaways, missing children, LGBTQ+; all things Cami actually agreed with. In addition to doing a lot of good,  most if not all of the expenses on both Taylor and the hotel's end would be tax deductible. Taylor had even come up with a discounted room rate for any guest of the party who wished to also stay at the hotel that night as well a designated driver volunteer service. This was well thought out, sensible, and smart. It was good business and it almost annoyed her that it was Taylor Swift who thought it up...and that Camila wanted to go for it.

“Look, Taylor,” Cami said. “This all looks great. I hate to say it, but this is all solid. I can hook you up with a discounted ballroom but nothing else is a guarantee. I'm going to need to fax this thing to my dad to get his final approval before going ahead on anything else.”

“Would this make it easier?” Taylor asked, whipping out a flash drive from the same bag.

“Just might.” Camila answered. “Even then, it's not a guarantee. I'm not going to sugarcoat it because I have no interest in sparing your feelings. There's no guarantee my dad is going to go along with this.  None at all. I can tell him it's a good idea and he'll comb over every detail ad nauseum before he gives me a final answer to give to you.”

“Well, when should that be?”

“I don't know, Monday at around noon?”

“That quick?”

“Taylor, daddy didn't make his money by thinking slow. He's going to have a fair answer for himself by the end of his second examination of your plan then go over it five more times to try and improve it, then give me the answer to give to you. And if he thinks of any improvements, you'll do them, okay? That's how daddy rolls.”

“That works for me,” Taylor said. She extended her hand to Camila's expecting a shake which she got. “A one time partnership.”

“One can only hope,” said Cami. “Now, if that's all, I'm meeting a friend for lunch.”

“You took time out for a little friendly lunch date for me? How sweet.”

“Don't flatter yourself Tay,” said Camila. “I thought I was just going to tell you no then be on my merry way.”

“I can see that,” Taylor laughed. “See you Monday then.”


When Kelli Berglund became one of Bella's elite girls, it wasn't just top clients and a company credit card. Sure, those things were part of the deal, but so were a lot of new responsibilities. Such as she now had to stay in school, get a degree of some kind she could fall back on if the job ever dried up or she changed her mind. She also had to maintain at least a 3.5 GPA.

Outside of academia, another one of her duties was essentially being a talent scout. She had to keep her eyes and ears open for new recruits or just listen for rumors about certain girls. Some of them she knew not to go near. Anna Kendrick, Laura Marano and Alexandra Daddario were among these women. Not that the rumors weren't true, these three women, referred to by Bella s “The Charity Cases” had no interest in sex for profit. Beyond that, most of the rumors ended up being smoke and mirrors. Sometimes however, they panned out.

Kelli was hoping for a live on this Friday morning, which was why she was in the lower bowels of the gym. She was surprised at first to find out exactly how many of the older building at the school had basement levels that were somehow both forgotten about but kept in good condition by the school. The gym of course was one of them, having an extensive basement level with it's own basketball court, weight room, locker rooms and showers.

That's where Kelli was, that basement level. She was tracking down a rumor she'd heard about that, if true, wold mean the perfect girl to join up within Bella's rank. A true blue slut of all trades. Up for anything you could suggest along with some ideas you'd never dream of going along with until she had you right where she wanted you.

All Kelli had on this girl was a few things. One, she was fucking dirty. Just hearing the stuff she did made Kelli wet. The other was her location of choice...which was where Kelli was. Heading towards the exact spot actually, the unused men's locker room in the basement level.

The last thing Kelli knew was her name. It was name that was perfect for the job offer Kelli had. It had the right amount of class and sin to it. Victoria. She didn't have a last name, but Victoria was the kind of name that told a story and Kelli was always voracious reader.

She wasn't to silent steps inside the locker room when she already heard the sounds of passion. “Jackpot,” she said to herself. She followed the sounds until she came upon exactly what she was looking for.

The fit brunette had to be Victoria. And she was right in between two delicious and similarly fit men. She was exchanging kisses with them in between moans, both hers and theirs. Her hand was down one man's pants and paying with his cock while the other man's hand was down her tight gym pants, fingering her cunt. Kelli could see the wetness showing up on those pants. She licked her lips. This was going to be a good show.

Kelli hid herself just enough to be hidden from plain view. Still, if the three were paying attention to anything beyond themselves, they could have plainly seen her blonde head peaking around a corner. Even then, it would be doubtful that they would have cared.

Victoria pulled her mouth away from the men and looked at them both, a sexy smile of desire on her face. “Let's get down to business, boys,” she said before dropping to her knees, taking the pants of her playmates with her.

“Very nice gents,” she said, her fingers dancing on before closing around their engorged stalks. “You know how to make a girl feel wanted.” From the sweet and hot little taunt Victoria switched modes to full on sexual beast. Her mouth pounced on the cock of the man who was fingering her. It was only fair he be the first cock of the two she tasted. The other man wasn't so bad off. Even when distracted by sucking someone else off, Victoria Justice knew how to give a damn good handjob.

“Fucking suck bitch,” he said, putting his hands on Victoria's head. He wasn't holding her in place. Her brushed her hair from her face, holding it to give him a clear view as she blew him. Despite his words saying otherwise, there was no avoiding the fact Victoria was in charge. She didn't even need to say it. She radiated it. The fact that his cock was in her mouth was also a big part of it.

And what a part it was. Victoria's oral skills were off the charts, Kelli could even tell that from where she was. Maybe even comparable to her own. She could see Victoria knew the real secret to giving head to anyone. It was really the same across genders. Pay attention to your partner. Guy's aren't just talking shit when they say “yeah right there” or give a certain kind of moan when a tongue hits a certain spot or their cock or balls are caressed in a certain way. That's the difference between a blowjob and a god tier suckjob. Victoria seemed to know it. Moving her head and changing her pace in response to one of her lover's voices, knowing just where to move her hands and where to touch him. She knew her shit. Kelli smiled. She finally had a peer.

Victoria moved her mouth from one man to the other, giving him a wink before sucking him in.

“Oh fuck baby yes,” the new guy growled. He took a more laid back approach. He wanted to let Victoria do all the work. This, of course, was no problem for a master like Victoria. She bobbed on his cock a few times, a slow and sensual pace, her tongue making sweet caresses up and down his cock until on the last pump where she gave that sensitive throbbing crown a slow tongue massage before releasing it with a smile.

She kissed his cock, breathing deep in between every contact of her lips. She smiled at him, watching the look on his face and being happy he was pleased. Victoria was a giver. There was something about a guy who just let her work on him. Made her go a  little further for him. Both men would get all of her attention, but each one would get something just for them.

She went back and forth between the cocks, her styles changing effortlessly between them. The girl knew how to work a crowd. Kelli knew she had her first recruit for Bella, if of course Victoria wanted the job. Still, no need to walk away from such a hot show.

Victoria went back and forth between the two dicks, changing her styles between the two men and making a slobbery mess. When her mouth departed both cocks, saliva connect both men to her lips in a triangle of debauchery. It was time for something else.

Victoria got to her feet then promptly stripped her gym clothes off. She looked at her men with a smile, feeling their eyes on her. They might as well have been licking their chops.  Kelli certainly was from her vantage point.

“All right boys,” she said. “Pick a number between one and twenty. Now.”

“Um...13,” the aggressive one said.

“19?” said the gentleman.

“Sweet boy here got it right one the money,” said Victoria before kissing him. “You get my pussy first.” She turned her attention to other man. “But don't worry honey, you'll get some soon. Besides, I still have a mouth you can fuck until then.”

With that Victoria laid back on the beck, her legs open, mouth smiling, and her finger waving come hither to Mr. Nice Guy. He wasted no time finding a place between he legs. He kissed Victoria as his cock entered her. She liked that. A little romance with her lust, some sugar with the spice.

When his lips left hers they ventured down to her tits, licking and sucking on her dark nipples as he began to thrust into her, moaning at the heavenly sensation of her velvet folds surrounding his cock.

When he moaned, Victoria did as well. But before she could give him any other words of encouragement beyond huskily saying “Good boy,” he mouth was filled with her other lover's cock. Her head her head just enough to keep her steady as her started to fuck her mouth, almost matching his buddy's pace in her pussy. Almost. Mr. nice Guy was a bit slowly, really doing more than just pounding her pussy. He sidled his hips, really working his cock inside Victoria's pussy. This was all something Victoria appreciated. She was a fan of being fucked hard, being utterly ravaged.That didn't mean Victoria didn't appreciate a bit of a lighter touch, someone taking a bit more time to enjoy her body.

And that's exactly what he did. While her mouth was being fucked, the man in her pussy gave her so many more reasons to moan aside from his superb cock in her snatch..His hands ran over her toned body up to her tits, holding one in his hand as his pace sped up. But none of his attention to detail on her body was lost. With one hand on her tits, the other was at her clit, his thumb rubbing her clit while his cock filled her pussy. This man was the sugar, the sweetness of this sexual cocktail.

As much as Victoria was loving this, the more aggressive of her lovers wanted more. He wasn't in the best position to get the full benefits of Victoria's mouth, and watching his buddy have her pussy and how much Victoria visibly loved his cock made the aggressive fellow want his turn.

“I want a piece of that,” he said. His buddy nodded, working his cock into Victoria a few more times, slow and deep and bringing a big smile to the sexy Puerto Rican's face. He then pulled out. Then Victoria took some initiative of her own. Wile Mr. Nice Guy wanted that face to face from her, to see her eyes and know how good he was making her feel, the other man was a different beast entirely. This wasn't an issue for Victoria. Far from it. She loved it. It'd been far too long since she'd had more than one man at a time. Having it again reminded her why she vastly preferred a group setting.

Victoria got up from the bench and bent over now, Mr. Aggression taking his place behind her while the gentler side of lust took his place in front of her.

As she expected, her rougher lover entered her from behind in one thrust, making Victoria grunt with a smile on her face. Once inside of her velvet underground he didn;t let up. As opposed to his friend this man wasted no time getting to know the inside of Victoria Justice too intimately. He was inside her. That was enough.

Victoria didn't mind. While she sucked her gentle lover she adored the harder, rougher treatment she got from behind in her pussy. This was the spice to the sugar. He gripped her hips tight, only letting go to smack that round peach of an ass of hers.

Every hard and savage pump he made into Victoria's cunt made her go down on the Sweethearts dick. She didn't even need to bob her head, the momentum did it for her. Yet despite this she managed to add a little bit of sensuality to the blowjob. Not much, especially as the man inside her sped up, but it was just the right amount to make Mr. Nice Guy happy.

“Oh yeah...mmm... fucking slut...taking two fucking cocks...take it hard...oh fuck yes!” the man behind her growled, slapping her has again before moving his hands to her shoulders, pulling her back to meet him for every thrust.

“YESSS!” howled Victoria. “Oh god fucking damn it yes! Fucking take me boys! Oh my GOD I love cock!”

“Looks like you came to the right guys then,” the man behind her said before pulling her up and turning her face to his, kissing her in a pussy drunk haze. “We have all the your filthy fucking needs.”

“Is that a fact” Victoria asked, a teasing smile on her face. “Then how about you stick that cock up my ass and show me?”

“No problem slut.” The man kissed her again, the bent her back over. A few more pumps in her pussy and he pulled out and moved to her ass, pressing the head against her back door.

Victoria reached forward for her gentle lover, holding and gripping his body as her asshole was filled up. Her leaned down, brushing the hair from her face and kissed her tenderly, an action Victoria reciprocated. A moment of romance while behind her utter depravity was building up.

Once the kiss broke all of that tenderness was pushed out by words of utter filth rolling from her mouth. “OH FUCK YES!!!!!!!” she cried out. “God yes! Take it! Take that asshole! OH FUcK YES YES YES!!!”

“Yeah...real good baby...you're a fucking pro huh?” he grunted, his pace already hard and fast. “Tight fucking ass for slut...oh yeah...oh fuck...”

As her ass was being ravaged in the best way possible she howled and moaned. He mouth was open, empty and free. As gentle as Mr. Romance had been before, that mouth was warm, wet, open and inviting. He grabbed Victoria by the head and slid his cock back home, fucking her face. She didn't mind. She'd do the same thing if she were in his position. Besides, it was fun for all.

Kelli was loving every moment of this. She had given in to her on lust, fingering herself to the sex show unfolding in front of her eyes. Part of her ached to join in. But she stifled that voice. Besides, if Victoria took her offer the odds of the two of them having fun like this on the job were very good.

The man in Victoria's mouth, as good a time as he was having, couldn't help but look at his buddy burying hiself balls deep in her ass and want that for himself. And Victoria, removing herself from his cock for a moment, looked up and noticed.

“You want that huh?” she asked between grunts. “You... umm... want my ass to? My hot and tight ass... ohhhh... huh? You want it?”

“Yes,” her said. “I want...I want to fuck your ass...”

“Mmmm, that's the kind of thing a girl loves to hear.” The man behind her gave Victoria last few, hard pumps before pulling out. But before the switch was complete,Victoria turned to her savage lover and gave him order. “Lay on the ground. I'm having you both.”

The friends look at each other. They wanted to high five but held off, deciding it was probably better to get in exactly the position Victoria wanted them in. One scrambled to lay down on the tile  floor of the gym and Victoria sunk down on his rock hard fuckstick

“Oh god yes....,” she hissed. Then Victoria leaned over and look over her shoulder at her gentle lover. His cock was hard, throbbing and ready. “Come sweety...stick that cock up my ass...fill me up...all the way up...”

He got behind her, soflty gripping her shoulder as he pressed his cock forward. Victoria's eyes fluttered as she moaned softly freezing in spot once both men were inside her holes completely. She always loved savoring this moment. That first sensation of being so completely filled with real, flesh and blood dick was something nothing could come close to. She'd been Dped by strap ons before. While fun, plastic had nothing on the real thing.

Still, a moment was just that, a moment. Victoria had her and the men had there moment of being amazed at sharing her body the way that they were. With the savoring done, now was the time for action and both men began to thrust into her fuck holes.

“Oh yess boys,” she hiss, eyes shut tight. “Mmmm fuck I love this....oh my god one of the best feelings ever...oh such good cocks...such a lucky girl...”

As Victoria got lost in a fog of lust, the men's pace building up, so did Kelli's. He top was off,one hand fondling her tits while she was still fingering herself. It took every last bit of willpower she had to bite er lip and stifle her own cries of pleasure, especially with her perfect view of the action. Watching both men enjoy the sexual wonders of Victoria's body. The way their muscles moved with every thrust, how the one in her ass twitched a bit with every other thrust. The grimaces of pleasure on their faces.

And Victoria herself, it was really like watching a sex goddess being worshiped by her followers. She was hot, and sweaty, a sheen of perspiration on her skin. Most women would look a mess. But her? She somehow seemed more in her element than ever. Sex, pleasure, and everything in between was her realm and she found nothing but delight and comfort in reigning in them.

The men began to speed up, much to Victoria's delight. Still even with that speed Mr. Nice Guy tried to throw a bit of tenderness along with the filth. He kissed her shoulder and caressed her back, all while ravaging her ass.

The more savage man between her kept up his habits too. He leaned up to suck on her tits, sucking and nibbling on her nipples, thrusting up into her, deciding the pace for all three of them. It couldn't get much better....but Victoria wanted that one last cherry on top.

M you like my ass huh?” she cooed. “You like making me feel good, don't you baby?”

“Uh huh!” he said, his voice desperate, hungry and totally lost in pleasure. “So fucking good. Wanna make you feel good baby...”

“Then there's...ooohhhhh....one thing I need from you...I need you bth to do one thing for me....”

“Anything,” he said, going faster at the thought of the possibilities of what Victoria could desire now. Victoria liked the speed increase, moaning as he fucked her ass harder.

“oooh baby...oh fuck baby...I need...mmm...I need you both in my cunt...I want you to fill my pussy all the way up...please baby...I need it...”

Before the the gentleman in her ass could even take a moment to consider things, the rough and tumble man in Victoria's pussy chimed in.

“Fucking do it dude!” he said. “I don't give a shit. Let's fucking stretch her out! Make it even tighter!”               

“YES!” Victoria moaned, the cock in her ass going especially deep. “Do it...stretch my fucking cunt...use it...oh baby make me cum with two cocks in my pussy....”

That was all the nice guy needed. In the state he was in, he was ready to do whatever Victoria asked. He pulled out of her ass and moved his cock down ever so slightly at her already occupied pussy.

Kelli watched with baited breath, the two fingers in her own cunt expanding to three. She licked her lips, her eyes locked on Victoria's face, looking at her moment by moment as her pussy was filled with two cocks. Kelli REALLY liked this gal.

“Oh my god.....” Victoria whispered in a high pitch. Both dicks were in her to the hilt. This is was it. It did not get better for her. This is what the ultimate pleasure for her was. One on one were always fun, but sharing is caring...and always a guaranteed orgasm in her experience.

Once more there was a small period of all three getting used to the new arrangement. That didn't last long at all. Son the men were pistoning in and out of her cunt together, a fast rhythm built up and setting Victoria on fire in a way she rarely got to experience. Fireworks went off all over her body, her two lovers working together to throw her off the edge of the cliff, falling into an ocean of pleasure.

“Oh...fuck me... FUCK ME!” she cried. “Oh my god don't stop...faster...oh shit...oh shit yes... mmm faster, faster, faster, FASTER!” Victoria was absolutely delirious now and her men weren't too far behind her. Sharing her cunt was way too much for them to handle. Victoria was way too much for them to handle. Neither man knew how long they were going to last.

As close as they were, Victoria was even closer. Nothing got her off like two cocks in her pussy. Not a thing in the world.

“Oh fuck...gonna cum...oh my FUCKING GOD I'm gonna cum on your fucking cocks! YESSSSSS!” She screamed those words and in seconds it all happened, both men thrusting through Victoria's orgasm, her pussy hugging and squeezing them even tighter inside of her. It was amazing, perfect as it always was. All Victoria needed was the cherry on top.

“CUM ON ME!” she demanded, her voice hoarse but happy. “Fucking COVER me!”   

The man behind her pulled out of her in a rush and Victoria climbed off the anchor cock before getting to her knees. Both men were on either side of her, jerking their dicks while she stared up at them, her mouth open and tongue out.

“Cum... cum for me... fucking cover.... all that... all that cum is mine... gimme.... gimme it all....”

Both men began to rain their hot cum all over her, covering their sexy little harlot in their white hot lust and Victoria loving every last moment of it. She cooed and moaned as every rope splattered on her face and tongue.

Of course when both men erupted Kelli did too, sliding down the locker she was leaning against, her mouth open in a silent scream of pleasure as she came all over her hand and didn't stooping fingering herself until the well ran dry for both of Victoria's lovers.

Kelli watched intently from her hiding spot, joining in the audience with the men as they watched in a dumbfounded orgasmic haze as Victoria cleaned her face off, licking up the cum, scooping it up with her fingers and swallowing every drop she could get down, though some streaks still remained in her hair.

“Thanks boys,” she said, he voice that of a confident drunk. “Now how about you hit the showers and let me do the same?”

The men chuckled a bit and grabbed their clothes then headed out towards their showers. They got the message. Their time was up. This wasn't anything but a fling. And the fling was over.

With them out of the room Victoria headed to the showers. This was Kelli's opportunity. The moment she heard the shower turn on, she stripped down and walked in behind Victoria.

She took the shower next to her, turning it on. They exchanged looks, Victoria still having a seductive gaze to her eyes. One that Kelli could match.

“I thought I felt someone watching me,” She said as wet her hair under the hot jets of water. “Enjoy the show?”

“Very much.” replied Kelli, letting the water cascade over her as well. “It was really hot.”

“You cum for me too?”

“Yes I did.” Kelli slicked her blonde hair back, then turned to Victoria. “My name's Kelli, Kelli Berglund.”

“Victoria Justice.”

“Nice last name,” said Kelli.

“Thanks.” Victoria ran her hands over her body. Kelli couldn't tell if this was a show or just Victoria's usual shower routine. She was that level of pure sex. “So, what brings you to the show, Kelli Berglund?”

“I wanted to offer you an opportunity,” Kelli said.

“At what exactly?” Victoria asked, curious.

“Well, we'll get to that after I take an opportunity for myself.” Kelli then moved on Victoria, embraced the sexy brunette and kissing her hungrily. Victoria grinned at this, then returned the gesture.

Kelli REALLY liked Victoria.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #47 on: November 01, 2019, 07:49:38 AM »

It was a an hour before Knockers reopened for the swing shift and all the servers and bussers were were prepping for a busy Friday night. That of course included Madelaine. She sat at a big corner booth alone, wrapping up silverware in napkins. She had a lot on her mind, and at the point all the girls knew when she wasn't in the best of moods. She wasn't overly mean or cruel during this times. She was however much shorter, much more curt. Everyone but the new girls new this. Which meant of course, the approaching and very bubbly Selena Gomez had no clue of Madelaine's mood.

“Hi Madelaine,” said Selena, a spring in her step. The redhead looked up and noticed Selena was holding a very familiar flyer, the same one she had posted in every classroom building, the dining commons and the student union.

“Hello Selena.” Madelaine coolly replied. “What's in your hand?”

“What I needed to talk to you about.” Selena unfolded the bright neon pink paper and held it out. “This is you right? You're the Madelaine that the add says to email about the room for rent?”

“Yes I am.” she replied coolly. “Are you interested?”

“Ohmigod, yes!” Selena slid into the booth next to Madelaine. “I'm staying with my best friend right now, but she only has a one bedroom so I'm stuck on the couch. I really need a room of my own and I thought since we worked together that might give me an in...”

“Can you afford the rent?” Madelaine asked. “And utilities? That's literally the only concern.”

“That's the thing...I don't have the money for rent yet. Utilities I can cover but I was going to have to save for a while to even hope to get my own place and...”

“Will you have four hundred dollars for rent in two months?”

“Yes.” Selena replied. “I guarantee it.”

“Then you're in,” said Madelaine. “The rent for the place is covered for two months already thanks to the lingerie night for the Super Bowl. Paid in full until April. You have the rent money by then or you're out. And you have to cover your half of utilities no matter what. That sound fair?”

“Yes!” Selena nodded excitedly.

“Then we're good. You can move in whenever you like.”

“Oh my god thanks!” Selena said, rushing to give Madelaine a surprise hug.

“You can let go any time.”

“Oh, yeah, of course.” Selena backed up and got out. “Thanks, I really needed this. I can be by with my stuff tomorrow. Most of it anyway. I don't have a lot with me right now.”

“Don't come by any earlier than one o'clock,” Madelaine said. “I plan on sleeping late tomorrow. Understood?”

“Totally.” Selena got up from the bench and headed off to get started on her prep work, the spring in her step even greater. That actually brought a small smile to Madelaine's face, but not a big one.

While everyone went back to saying away from Madelaine, that didn't include Jesse who'd just finished his prep work. He'd noticed something was off with Madelaine when they both clocked in and was a little surprised no one asked her what was wrong out of some sort of intimidation factor. To him that made no sense. In his eyes It was plain to see she wasn't angry. There was something bothering her. There was sadness on that face.

“What's up?” he asked sliding in the booth. “You okay?”

“I'm fine.” she replied, lying. “Just fine.”

“Yeah, that was a believable read.”

Madelaine set the silverware in hand down and stared at him. He wasn't going to go away, she knew that by now.

“If you must know, I got a call today concerning my boyfriend. He's going be out of town on Valentine's Day. He got a gig he can't pass up. And I don't begrudge him that. But...it's Valentine's Day. It would have been our first together...and it fucking sucks we're not going to have that.”

“I'm sorry Madelaine,” said Jesse. “Sounds shitty, but hopeful, you know? I mean if he's getting all these magic gigs that's awesome for both of you right? He's got that, and you're primed for the assistant manager position here. Sounds like, you know, it's a bad chapter in a good book. Still kind of sucky though.”

“Very sucky,” said wit a small little smirk at the corner of her red lips. “It's just...for once I was thinking about a Valentine's Day with someone I wasn't furious with because he fucked one of my friends or got mad I didn't hook him up with a threesome because being bi means I'm always up for that kind of thing and I have a little black book full of nymphos ready to help me scratch my sapphic itch...” Madelaine cut herself off before she went any further, realizing what she just said. “...I just told you I was bi, didn't I?”

“Yeah, so?”

“Doesn't phase you? Most guys either get creeped out or creep me out by putting on a stranger danger grin the moment I say it.”

“Mads, that's your business. Whatever works for you works for you. Be happy and be with who you want.”

“Thanks,” she said, that smile getting a little bigger. “Anyway, I just wanted a REAL Valentine's Day. Now that plan's shot. So I'm stuck working a full shift here on Valentine's Day because why go for an early out jut to go home to my pets and now a new roommate...”

“Well if it makes you feel any better yo're stuck with me that night too,” said Jesse. “So the Fried Pickles are on me.”

“You're a prince.” Madelaine replied. “How about you continue to make my day better and help me finish with the silverware?”

“That's what friends are for, right?” he replied, reaching for a set of utensils. “And honestly at this point you're one of two I actually have anymore.”

“I'm honored,” Madelaine said with a sarcastic tease. “You might even get an acceptance speech out of me.”


Saturday morning had finally come. For a lot of the student body, that meant sleeping off the partying of Friday night. But for a small group of student located in the smallest theater on campus it meant audition time.

In the front row, a table in front of them sat Peter, Hailee, Sabrina and Camila. In front of them were blank sheets of paper for notes and copies of the script sides so they could read with the eager auditioneers.

Backstage was the line up of hopefuls. In that line included Selena, Jesse, and Lucy Hale. And while Lucy was too busy studying the sides to be too communicative Peter and Selena had struck up a conversation.

“I can't believe I'm actually up this early,” he said, taking another swig from his DEAR LORD THAT IS HUGE gas station coffee. “I have triple the lethal dose of caffeine in my veins and I can still barely move. As soon as I bomb this audition I am sleeping until the last possible moment I have to before going to work.”

“You won't bomb,” Selena said. “I wasn't in class much last semester but I saw the shorts you did at the film festival before Thanksgiving break. You're good. I think you'll nail it. I should be the one that's worried. I have a bit of...history with the people making this movie. Not all good. I'm hoping I can get past that. I really need to put things back on track and this would be a great first step. Besides, I'e always wanted to play a vampire. Very sexy role.”

“Well, I do thin you have that aspect covered,” Peter replied. Selena gave him a knowing smile. It had been a back and forth bit of flirting between them since she started at Knockers. If anything was going to happen between them, she needed to make it clear that for now, she was not looking for any real relationship, not after the nightmare and wake-up call rolled into one called Reggie. That didn't prohibit her from having a little fun however.

Meanwhile out front, the four behind the table made sure they were ready for the actors.

“Anyone want to top off their coffee before we start?” Camila asked. “Or tea for you Princess Pete?”

“Green tea's just fine court jester,” Peter fired back. “You good with your stuff babe?”

“Oh I'm fine,” Hailee said. “Slept really good last night.” She squeezed his thigh under the table then sipped from her cup. “Coffee is just a bonus.”

“Well with the requisite joking and flirting out of the way, let's get this sideshow started,” said Sabrina. “Let's bring them out.” Sabrina got up from her seat and climbed off the stage. “Number 1, you're up. You know the drill; hand us your head shot and resume, give us your name and the part you're reading for, we'll take care of the rest.”

Sabrina hopped off the stage and waited for the first actor. As luck would have it, that first actor was Selena. She handed her head shot and resume to Sabrina then looked at the people in front of her, faces she recognized and none of them happy to see her. But on the bright side, they also didn't look mad, not even Camila. But especially happy Peter didn't seem mad.

“Hi. As you guys know I'm Selena Gomez and I'm hear to read for the part of Adrienne. And...I hope that's okay and nothing personal that's gone on between all of us will get in the way. If that's the case I'll just step off this stage right now and not waist any of our time.”

There was a few moments of silence before, out of everyone, Camila was the one to speak up. To speak up. “Look Selena, you're going to be judged on your ability, nothing more, nothing less. I'm not putting anything person in my decision,” said Camila. “In fact, I'm going to be reading with you. Anything personal isn't the concern here. So let's get this started.” The rest of the table nodded in agreement.

Selena nodded and breathed deep. She had to take Camila at her word. There was no other choice.

For the next few minutes Selena tried her damnedest. She put everything she had into the cold read. Camila was even helping her, probably without realizing it. She wasn't getting a blank, lifeless reading from her, but some emotion. Not a lot, Camila wasn't an actress and never trained. But it was something Selena could use.

By the end of the whole event, Selena felt good. She came in with a disadvantage of all the personal drama that had gone down between her and Pete and despite all of that, she made the best of the chance she was given. She knew in her heart she had just given the audition of her young life.

As she basked in the afterglow of that, the four at the table had huddled together. Selena looked at them, ready to take whatever they had to say. Usually at this point in an audition she'd have left. However, that hadn't happened this time. Instead, they all talked to each other right in front of her.

“Selena, could you come over to us?” said Peter. She did so, approaching the table, a slight bit of nerves coming over her. This was very out of the ordinary.

“You did great,” Hailee said. Her saying this surprised her, considering the terms they were on when they last spoke in Peter's old dorm room. “And, well, in all our opinions...this is your part. If you want it.”

“You'll need to give us your work schedule class schedule, all of that,” added Camila. “We need that ASAP for shooting schedules.”

“No problem, I can email you tonight.”

“Good. You'll also be expected to print out a hard copy of the script for the table read this Monday. If you have a class, skip it. Half of us are. It's the only time we can pull it off. You'll be reimbursed for the cost of the script if you get it at the print shop. If you print it out on your own, then no reimbursement. Agreed?”

“Completely Camila. And thanks so much. This...this means a lot to me, you have no idea.”

“You nailed it,” Peter finally said. “And I know from experience on sets you're professional and their to work. You got this because you earned it. “He extended his hand, a gesture followed by Sabrina, Hailee and even Camila. Selena eagerly shook them all, barely being able to contain her happiness. “See you Monday. And d not mention any of this to the others. We still want to read everyone, just to see if there's anyone we should keep an eye on for future projects. Okay?”

“You got it, no problem.” replied Selena. “Just...give me a few seconds.” Selena took a moment, breathed deep, and managed to calm down. With one last nod to the people at the table, she got back on stage and walked out, her face and demeanor neutral.

“Yeah, okay she is good,” Hailee said. “She's the one for that part. It's like it was written for him...it wasn't written for her, right?”

“Nope,” said Peter. “Adrienne vignette is all Sabrina.”

“So if you guys want to blame anyone blame me,” joked Sabrina. “Seriously though, yeah, she nailed it.”

“Well, with that out of the way,” Cami said. “Let's bring out the rest of the happy hopefuls. We have a long day ahead of us and I'd rather not spend it continually praising Selena Gomez. She got the part, good for her. She'll do great.”

With that, they moved on. They were a lot of hopefuls waiting for their shot and only a finite amount of hours to get it done. Just because they had one part cast didn't mean the rest of the day was going to go easy.

But still, despite the fact it was Selena, who all but Sabrina still had personal issues with, the part was cast with the best person possible. The day had started off in the best possible way.


After a long but fruitful day of audition Camila was heading home. True all she had done was sit and read aloud a few times, but it was a chore at times just because of the skills, or lack there of, of some of the hopefuls. Still, they found the actors they needed, and now she was on her way home to put her feet up for an hour before she had to head to her jobs. A little extra cuddle time with Jose wasn't going to hurt either.

As she walked into the lobby of her building she bumped into best friend and roommate once more Lili Reinhart, also fresh of off work and utterly shocked that being a Dungeon Mastercould be remotely exhausting.

“What happened to you?” Lili asked, noticing how tired Camila seemed.

“Seven hours of bad acting.” she replied. “You?”

“Halfings and barbarians who are far wilier than I expected in poking holes to their advantage in  carefully crafted narrative,” said Lili.

“Congratulations, you discovered something I actually understand less than wrestling.”

“I try.” The pair headed into elevator, both to exhausted for small talk. Being as close as they were however, neither took the silence as anything else than a blessing.

Of course when the elevator door opened, one questions managed to come to Camila's mind. “You're totally off work now, right?”

“Yep,” Lili said, stepping out of the elevator. “Jealous?”

“You have no idea. What are your plans for the rest of the day?”

“Go in and nap until it' time for Jake and I's double date with Hailee and Peter. You want to come? It's gonna be fun.”

“Sounds nice but the only thing I want to do when I'm free from office work is kick off my heels, put on my sweat pants, eat horribly unhealthy food and snuggle with Jose while playing Mario Kart.”

“Which of course is somehow a step above Dungeons and Dragons.”

“Lili my friend, D&D is a game. Mario Kart...that's a lifestyle.”

Before Lili could form a reply, something caught both of their attention. A smell, a delicious smell down the hallway. The pair followed the scent until it became obvious it was in fact coming from their own apartment.

“What is that?” asked Lili.

“I don't know,” Cami said. “Jose's home though. Maybe he got some take out or something.”

“This smells way better than anything I've ever seen him or Jake order from a restaurant. It smells like something you made. Left overs?”

“No, I haven't had time to really do anything. All take out and frozen stuff.” The pair shrugged and Cami unlocked thedoor to find Jose at the apartment's large kitchen. It went with the rest of the place. It wasn't a penthouse by any stretch of the imagination, but the size of it still surprised Lili. But not quite as much as Jose in an apron placing food out on several plates. Freshly made food at that.

“Hey babe,” Cami said in a curious tone. “What's going on here?”

“Cami!” he said. “You're just in time.” He came from around the counter to give his love a big kiss before acknowledging Lili. “Glad to see you too Lili but, you know...she's the woman of my dreams and all that.”

“Understood,” she laughed. “I do have the same question though, what's all this?”

“Oh...I made empanadas. And some wontons...and I have something chilling in the fridge.”

“So I'm not the only chef under this roof, huh Sweetface?”

“Well, I wouldn't say that. You're the gourmet, I'm short order...and the baker. I'm really good at baking. My mom insisted on me learning some basic cooking skills. So...that somehow turned into deep fried dumplings and baked goods.”

“One day you and Lils should have a bake off,” Cami said, kissing him on the cheek before making her way over to the counter to look at the buffet before her, Lili in tow. “So what do we have on display, chef?”

Jose scurried to the other side of the counter. “ First three plates are pretty basic. Beef and cheese, diced chicken and Jack cheese, then a mixed seafood one wit more of a buttery sauce than a creamy cheese one.”

“Very nice,” Cami nodded. “Got my mouth watering. Plating is average but the food looks great so far. What next?”

“Next one is a lobster set...”

“Lobster?!?” Lili asked. “He's got my vote.”

“And then the last three are all desert ones. Chocolate, Vanilla, then the red plate is chocolate and diced strawberries. And the wontons are pretty much just your basic pork mix. But the folded crescent ones are crab rangoon.”

“Okay, you went all out...may we taste test?” asked Cami.

“Be my guest.” The two women gave each other a look before taking from the plates. One bite in and they were stunned.

“Oh my god!” Cami said with a mouth half-full. “This is incredible! My taste buds are having an orgasm!”

“Holy shit Jose!” Lili added. “You're a brawling luchadore who can cook something like this? Cami, put a fucking ring on that finger.”

“Okay, I get it, not that good. Laying it on kind of thick guys...”

“Baby I'm not joking.” Cami assured. “This is fucking incredible. The dough is crispy, the cheese melty, but not stretchy...and the spice...oh god it's just...wow...I need more. I need this for lunch at the office. I need this every day.”


“Yes...oh my god yes.... Lili, let's try some of the desert ones...”

They rushed over to to the other side of the counter and had similar reactions to the sweet as they did to the savory, the whole time Jose feeling a little confused.

“Baby what made you do all this?” Camila asked. “Oh my god this is mocha!”

“Well, I don't know I was feeling kind of stressed and weirded out this week...did this to kind of relax. Turned into this whole thing.”

“What did you have in the oven?” Lili.

“Oh that reminds me, I need to get it out of the fridge.” answered Jose, rushing  past them.

“You need to go to the fridge for what you have in the oven?” asked Cami, her mouth full of chocolaty goodness. “You sure you know how baking works hun?”

“Yes...I mean I think so. It's the hot box where goo goes in and comes out cake, right?”

“Well he's got the basics,” said Cami. “So why's the baked good in the fridge?”

“Well, the gaunache had to chill,” he said, bringing out something that was Camila's favorite dessert; a Boston Cream Pie.

“Baby I LOVE you,” Cami said. “Oh my god that looks amazing...you did all this?”


“You're about two seconds from jumping his bones, aren't you?” Lili asked.

“That's a conservative estimate.” answered Camila.

“Well in that case, I'm going to get a plateful of everything, some water, and go to my room and prepare my ear plugs.”

Lili did as she said, leaving the two lovers alone. Camila got up wrapping her arms loosely around Jose's neck and kissing him.

“You really liked it?”

“Yes,” she said nodded, her smile soft. “Seriously. It was delicious and I can't wait for a slice of the pie...that's a cake...Boston cream pie is really confusing. But yeah, it was all so good. Why do you keep asking me that?”

“It's just...I'm not used to having any kind of...positive reinforcement like this. I don't know how to react. It's kind of new to me.”

Jose hung his head down a bit. Cami reached her hand under his chin, lifting his eyes to hers. “You're with me now. I'm with you. I love you. I'm never going to bullshit you. I never have either. So when I tell you you did good, you did good. This is one of those many, many times that we've been together that you've done good. It hurts me knowing that people made you feel like this, questioning every time you get a compliment. But it's not going to stop me from telling you all the good things about you you don't want to believe. Because they're all true. Except if anyone tells you can sing because I still remember our karaoke date...yikes babe. Yikes.”

“I'll have you know that I have it on good authority no one can belt out Styx's greatest hits quite like me.”

“That's true,” Cami said. “But not in the way you think it is.”

“Technically true, the best kind!” Camila laughed, then held his hands pulling him close to her once more.

“This whole place is us,” she said. “I don't want people when they come in not to see you all over the place. I want them to know it's not just me. It's you. It's us. That's why I want your things up just like mine. Not just the paintings and pictures. I want your stuff on the wall. And yes, that includes your replica championship belts, though I still think they'd look better in the hallway than over the fire place. I mean they're thin rectangles and that space needs more of a wide poster size thing or a square. But they're there because this isn't a home unless it's for the both of us.”

“I know...and you also can't tell me that all that gold above the fire place isn't awesome.”

“Well, let's table that for now. I just want you know...I'm never going to be ashamed of you. And also I expect comps of every shirt you guys make from now on. I know it's not going to be an overnight thing. Just know that.”

“Okay but what if I have a stomach virus and like puke or crap myself in the ring? That's happened! Out to me, but you know, totally possible.”

“Well,” she said, taking his hand and leading him to their couch and taking a seat. “I'll love and be proud of you. I'll probably just have a solid three or four months of jokes about the subject.”

“That's fair.”

“Also...that really happens?”

“That's the business.” Jose said. “Wanna hear some of the really famous stories?”

“As much fun as scatological wrestling trivia sounds, I think I'm just going to spend the rest of my brief respite from the office world laying on this couch with the most handsome man in existence.”

“You know The Rock?” Jose asked, holding Camila as the both let the couch consume them into a world of comfort.

“If I did then I might actually be suspicious of an affair between you two.”


“Which of the movies is showing first?” Hailee asked. She, Peter, Lili and Jake were all heading into the theatre, her hand in Peter's.

“Someone's anxious to see their movie crush,” Lili teased. She looked to Peter and explained. “Hailee digs Gary Oldman.”

“As a talented actor, yes.” replied Hailee.

“Hmm, that must be why you had a big picture of him from this very movie put up right on your wall above your bed. Acting talent admiration.”

“Oh, do I need to tell Jake how Jeff Hardy was plastered all over your room?”

“He already knows.”

“Does he know what you did with the action figures?” Hailee asked with a smile.

“Don't you DARE,” Lili laughed. “If it will calm the storm within, I think Dracula is the first one up. Happy?”

“Very,” said Hailee, kissing Peter on the cheek. “A very very happy girl.”   

The four headed to their seats, Lili and Jake hanging back a bit.

“Okay, I get it,” Jake said. “HE's barely paying attention to anyone but her, she's nuts about him. I get it. I'm sorry I got so weirded out.”

“That's great hun,” Lili said. “We're still watching the movies. Besides, I want you to see exactly what I see to basically rattle the life out of any doubts you still have, okay? Besides I like these movies. But if you're a good boy we can leave once Dracula is over.”

“Okay,” he said. “I mean I want to be here with you, don't get me wrong. I just...I don't want it to be some kind of lesson. I was being stupid, I get that.”

“Jake, just relax and enjoy the movie. This isn't all about teaching you a lesson or whatever. I just want to have a fun night out with friends and my man before everything gets hectic. This is pretty much going to be my last free night until Valentine's Day, and I want to spend it with having fun.”

“Okay, I'll be cool,” Jake said, giving her a kiss. “What are we doing for Valentine's Day? I mean me and Jose are going to be in Las Vegas for a match. I know he's planning on cutting out the moment we're done to be with Camila, but I didn't know what your plans were.”

“They're with you,” Lili sweetie said. “I want to come with you actually. Do the whole road thing with you. Help sell the merch before the show, sleep in the cheap motel room, eat grease burgers for fuel on the way back. I really want to live just one day of that life with you.”

“I think that can be arranged.”

“Are you guys coming to sit down or what?” Peter asked.

“I think they're going for the cool kids section baby,” Hailee teased. “Leaving the geeks in the dust.”

“On our way kids,” Lili said, taking Jake's hand and leading them to where Peter and Hailee were sitting. Once everyone was settled in the theater went dark and the film began play.

The first scene wasn't even over when Hailee and Peter started getting closer to each other, something Lili made sure Jake saw. Hailee's head on Peter's shoulder, holding each others hands, stealing kisses. Which soon evolved into kisses. Which ten transformed into many make-up sessions in between coming up for air.

“Jesus,” Jake whispered to Lili. “Are they even watching the movie?”

“For now,” Lili replied. While Jake wondered what that meant, the movie when on and so did Hailee and Peter. Thing continued to build between them, any attention the movie was getting dropping by the minute. The fact that this was going to be their last date night for a month added a bit more gasoline to the fire that already burned between them.

Hailee's lips went to Peter's ear, whispering something to him and giggled. From there their hands unclasped and Peter's went between Hailee's legs, making her have to stifle a moan as he penetrated her. Right on cue on screen when Dracula sees Mina on the street, Peter's fingers were working over Hailee's pussy and making his love softly bite on her cheek to silence herself.

They usually weren't like this on dates. They were affectionate, very PDA heavy. But right now there was an extra little spark. The combination of this being an oasis before a drought during the filming of their movie combined with seeing one of of the most erotic and romantic monster movies ever with Hailee's movie crush opened the vault and letting all their desires free.

Of course, this was all in few view of  Lili and Jake, no matter how stealthy the amorous couple were trying to be. While Lili pretty much just giggled, jake was shocked at how into each other the two were. Yeah, they were kssing, holding each other in the car on the way over but this was just plain over the top.

Hailee whispered into Peter's ear again, he looked at her and nodded. Then he leaned over to Lili  and Jake. “Hey, um, me and Hailee are going to go get some snacks and stuff, we'll be right back.”

The couple went out and left, trying to hide the rush. Lili leaned over to Jake. “You have a stopwatch thing on your phone?”

“Yeah.” he replied. “Why?”

“Start it now.”


Hailee and Peter knew this theater very well. It was to the point they knew the owner. It was their favorite date spot. They'd even get allowed in early if the owner got an old school 35mm print of a classic film. The whole theater to themselves.

They knew it in an out, including the old projector room where the 35mm were played. However, prints were only stored there during special events when they were played. Right now, it was pretty much empty save for a bean bag chair and the projector itself as well as most likely being unlocked.

The two make their way to this room, barely able to contain themselves. The moment they were in and the door shut and now locked, it was go time. Hailee looked at him with a smoldering smile, a look Peter matched. She hiked up her skirt to pull off her panties and Peter took of his shirt and jacket, then dropped his pants.

With all those obstacles gone, Peter lifted Hailee up into his arms, the beautiful brunette wrapping her legs around his waist.

“I've wanted this since I got off work,” Hailee said, hungrily kissing her man for that extra bit of punctuation. “So bad.”

“I love you,” Peter said, brushing her brunette locks from her face.

“Love you too.” she relied. They kissed once more as Peter carried her over to the sink in the room. Never before had the pair been so happy the owner of the theater was a neat freak.

They took a brief, breathless moment to look at each other before Peter thrust inside of, Hailee letting out a soft moan as he filled her tight pussy. She really had been thinking about this all day. Maybe not just like this, but after a long day with the auditions and a few hours filled with an unusually large barrage of calls from rude and angry guests Hailee had only one thing on her mind and that was being with her man and making all their stress melt away in each other's arms.

Of course she thought that would be after the double date with Lili and Jake and in hers and Peter's bed. But something just came over her, over them. Sure, maybe the movie did have something to do with it, but they had already been all over each other the moment she got home, to the point they almost skipped out on the whole thing.

Sure, she wasn't in her nice comfy bed, but the company was all that mattered.

“Ahhh yess,” she moaned, her long legs pulling Peter deeper into her, every thrust taking them higher and higher. Hailee slid her denim jacket off and removed the shirt underneath, leaving her bare save for her hiked-up skirt.

Peter's mouth went to her tits, his tongue lovingly circling her nipple before closing around it. Hailee moaned softly, her backed arched and head leaning against the mirror behind her. It was only beginning and it was already so good.

While Hailee savored the attention being showered on her Peter, continued to explore Hailee's body. They'd been together long enough for hi to know every curve of her body, but he always enjoyed another tour. His hands ran against the smooth, soft skin of her perfect legs before getting her ass and gripping the tight peach.

His mouth moved between the real estate of Hailee's breasts to her full, sensuous lips. He took a few detours to her nicks, worshiping her with kisses.

All while his cock filled her. Thrust after thrust he filled her, savoring that feeling on his cock. Fast then slow, working his hips. No matter how many times he experienced her, he was never bored. She was his one in a million.

“Oh good yes...or Peter yes baby!” she moaned, her voice echoing in the enclosed room. Even if the 35mm theatre was being used, she wouldn't have been able too keep quiet, not when she was feeling so good. Every lovely inch of Peter's cock working in and out of her wet velvet folds. How he felt, how he moved, how he sounded, the taste of his lips on hes, tongue to tongue...it's was all an intoxicating cocktail she knew she was addicted to.

“More more more,” she whined. “Don't stop Peter...oh baby please keep going...mmmm...” Her moans got even louder. If anyone walked by the room they'd have been discovered for sure. At that moment neither of them cared.

As her legs pulled him even deeper into her, making his strokes into her faster, deeper, and harder. Hailee's mouth turned up in a smile, her lips pursed together and she moaned.

Peter couldn't tear his eyes away from her face as the pleasure was taking over her mind. “You're so fucking beautiful,” he said. “Wish you could see it...see how beautiful you are.”

“Well there's a mirror behind me, babe,” she said, a sexy little smile on her face. “Got any ideas?”

“A few.” He replied, kissing her again. Hailee released him from the heaven;y grip of her legs and Peter pulled out. The moment Hailee was on her feet again Peter pulled her close, holding her in a deep embrace and kissing her once more before spinning her around and bending her over, getting an excited laugh to escape from Hailee's mouth.

“I wonder what idea you got?” she teased as she bent over the sink. She looked over she shoulder, flipping her dark hair. “Come on baby....mmmm, been waiting all day for this... we're not stopping now.”

She shook her ass in front of him, the single best green light he'd ever seen in his life.

The pair moaned in harmony as Peter re-entered her pussy. It never stopped feeling amazing. After that moment of savoring her was over, Peter's pace returned to what I had been, much to Hailee's delight.

“Ohhh my godddd,” she hissed. She gripped the porcelain of the sink as Peter started to give her all he had. He held her by the hip with one hand while the other glided up the flesh of her back, the kind of almost-there touch designed to give a person goosebumps.

Once that pace was built up, Pete'r hand moved from her hip to Hailee's pussy, plaing with her clit while his cock took her pussy.

 “Ohhhh yes...mmm don't stop...make me cum Peter...cum with you...I want to cum with you...”

Hailee rose up, her back to Peter's chest. She turned her head to the side, kissing him tenderly. Tender, but with heat behind it. Affection with searing heat. She breathed deep, licking her lips as moans fell from her lips, her brown eyes desperate, wanting a simultaneous release for them both.

“Mmmm Hailee...oh god baby...so close...I want you...always...oh...oh my god....”

“Yes..yes...uh uh....do it...cum with me...” Hailee's moans were getting more hungry and desperate as well. His free arm wrapped around he waist holding her close, his head her  shoulder and her arm circling it. Her words of encouragement continued, their dual moans of pleasure intensified. They were getting closer and closer to that one last explosion of pleasure together.

“Oh my GOD!!” Hailee yelled, a big smile on her face as her orgasm hit her like crashing wave. Her body undulated and shook in Peter's arm, a tsunami of absolute pleasure rocking her.

That was it for Peter as well. He struggled to hang for just a few more moments, but it wasn't to be. He kissed Hailee, moaning into her mouth as he filled her up with his cum, his voice shaking with every pulse.

“Mmmm, yessss,” Hailee cooed with a smile, a dreamy look on her face. “Mmmm baby just like that...all of it....”

Peter pulled out of heaven, his cock spent and wilted. His legs wobbly, he tried to step back a bit, tripping over his pants at his ankles and falling into the bean bag chair. Hailee giggled a bit, the crawled beside him, laying down and resting her head on his chest.

“That was amazing,” she said. “As usual.”

“We're not getting stale, are we?”

“Never.” she replied, kissing his chest. “I love you.”

“Love you too Haiz.” He replied, kissing her forehead. “Think we should get back to the movie?”

“Mmm, just hold me a few more minutes. Then popcorn...then we go back.”

“Sounds good to me.”

Once Hailee and Peter returned to their seats, a thirty-five minute wait according to Lili's time keeping, the two were still incredibly affectionate towards each other, further driving home Lili's point.

The four had decided to leave after Dracula was over, all heading out to an empty concessions stand with the overbearing scent of fresh popcorn.

“I thought you guys said the popcorn machine was broken,” Lili said with a knowing smile.

“Um...well,it was when we went,” Peter answered. “Right babe?”

“Totally.” nodded Hailee. “And...well you're not gonna get soda without popcorn, am I right? Huh?”

“And there was the HUGE bathroom line...for both of them,” added Peter.

“Uh huh,” Lili said, giving Jake a look which made him chuckle. “Any other tales to tell or are we going for some food?”

“I could definitely eat.” Hailee replied.

“Because the popcorn machine was broken, right?” Lil asked, that crooked smile turning into a full on toothy grin. “You're getting a Cami-style appetite, timing and all.”

Hailee's eyes got wide, remembering exactly what triggered Cami's big appetite. And Peter soon followed suit in that, as having dated Camila in high school he caught on to what Lili was hinting at.

“Uhhh...well...you know...” Hailee sputtered out, with Peter also trying to get some kind of retort out.

“Guys, calm down,” Lili said. “I'm just messing with you. It's honestly kinda cute, isn't it Jake?”

“Oh, totally adorable,” he agreed. “Like a basket full of puppies.”

“How about you lovebirds head out to the car first, relax a little, stop blushing,” Lili suggested. “Me and Jake here will talk to the staff, asked how that popcorn machine magically fixed itself and spit out so much popcorn so fast.”

“I think we'll take that offer,” Hailee said, taking Peter by the hand hurriedly leading him out of the theater lobby. With them gone, Lili turned to Jake. The two of them were smiling wide.

“So....point made?”

“Yeah, completely is.” Jake replied. “Were you expecting all that?”

“All of it? No.” Lili took Jake by the hand and began to walk with him out of the theater. “I have known Hailee almost all my life and her having sex in a movie theater is not something I'd ever guess. So, surprises abound. I proved my point to me and I was never in doubt.” When they stepped outside Lili turned to face Jake, looking up into his eyes. “So, are you officially retiring the jealous boyfriend gimmick? Going back to my preferred loving sweetheart?”

“Totally retired.” he replied, kissing her forehead. “But in my defense, you're you and just...wow. That's the only word, wow.”

“You know you could have tried flattery from the start,” she said. “I mean I probably would have missed out on embarrassing Haiz but I think I would have managed.”

“Well, since I don't think I said it before all this, I did want say this,” he held her hand, kissing it. “I am so proud of everything you're doing right now. The make-up jobs for Peter's movie, balancing that with school and work and your writing as well. I'm endlessly impressed.”

“Baby...” Lili said, tearing up a little. Her lips touched his softly and sweetly. “Thank you. I mean it's not getting thumbtacks in my back nightly, but I had to let go of that dream long ago. See I discovered lonely like watching that and not actually doing it. Though I have gotten a bit of a soft spot for picking tacks out of your back after a match, I have to admit.”

“So yo're saying you're looking forward to Valentine's Day.”

“Yes.” replied Lili. “And dinner. I actually am pretty hungry.”

“Well then...your chariot awaits.” The two headed towards the parking lot, Jake's arm around Lili. “You're totally going to keep going at Hailee and Peter in the car, huh?”

“Oh of course. Your lesson is learned but I can still have some fun. Besides, it balances out the ear plugs.”


Eric was not a fan of strip clubs. It wasn't that he didn't like them completely. He had no moral stance against them at all. A person's body is theirs to do what they want with. That had always been his stance. There was no grandstanding there. He wasn't remotely too good to go to one either.

His issue was far more personal. They tended to make him uncomfortable. They had a smell to them. Not necessarily bad. It was a mix of hospital sterility, expensive perfume and cologne with a lot of bargain bin spray on deodorant. It put him ill at ease.

He was sure the women were nice enough, just doing a job and hopefully enjoying it for what it was, especially with all the sure fire dipshits they had to deal with, which was the other half of why he didn't necessarily like the place. The assholes who loved to take things too far.

“Come on Blimp it's time to see titties,” Chad said, the living example of those assholes. But he was an a amazing talker, a born salesman. He had convinced Eric and their other two friends, Michael and Carter, to go to the local strip club to celebrate the beginning of the school year and celebrate how far he and Eric had come with their screenplays.

Of course for Chad by celebrate he also threw in reminding Eric repeatedly about what he thought of Vanessa Morgan.

“Dude, just listen to me alright?” he said as they walked through the door of the Last Resort Cabaret. The signs shined with a pink and violet sign reading it's name, showing a bikini-clad girls dancing back and fourth in a herky jerky animation. The inside was bathed in a mixtures of violet, blue and pink lights. If the furniture was any other color, Eric couldn't tell. The only exception was the stage area. The lighting was more muted so the featured girl on stage could be more easily seen. There was still a small tint of color, but the real person could still be seen underneath.

 “You guys are like ten pages from finishing?” Chad asked. “Great. She kissed you? Cool. You got further than I thought. But listen to me when I say this. A girl like that will never genuinely want someone like you.”

“Yeah, you've told me this several times Chad,” Eric said, trying to contain himself. “How abut you move on to something new?” He looked to Michael and Carter for help, but to no avail. They didn't agree with Chad. No one agreed with Chad unless somehow he stumbled on to a very basic position that it was impossible to argue. But everyone followed him. And it had nothing to do with Chad's size. Despite is propensity for tank tops and other sleeveless attires, Chad had the guns of a pacifists armory; nonexistent.

He could, however, talk. Talk talk talk talk talk. He never got tired of it. Everyone was honestly surprised he didn't attempt to become a lawyer due to his ability to win arguments simply by exhausting the opposition, which was how he managed to keep everyone in line. So, Eric was alone in Chad's line of fire.

“Because I see a little bit of hope in your eyes and buddy, I just don't want to see you hurt when this bitch dumps you the moment you get a passing grade. Which is exactly what will happen. Girls don't like fat dudes. Blunt? Yes. But also true. Women like the alpha types. The lean mean FUCKING machines like myself. When they want dough, they'll order a pizza, okay pal?”

“Fuck you Chad,” Eric said, his boiling point getting reached. “I don't know what's going on between Vanessa and I and you don't know her. I know it's something I want to explore. I like her.”

“Uh huh.” Chad replied, finding a set of seats close to the stage. “I don't know her? Newsflesh lunchbox, neither do you. So you made out with her? Awesome. You know about as much about her as I do. Meaning you know jack shit.”

Before Eric could respond, Carter butted in to soothe the tensions. “Guys, how about we just drop this subject, chill out and enjoy the titties?”

“Finally, someone other than me says something smart,” said Chad. The group sat down, Carter and Michael between Chad and Eric.

Eric settled in the surprisingly comfortable chair and simmered a bit while Chad and the others were swept away into the magical world of ass and titties. They hooted, they hollered, they spouted profanities(mainly Chad) and threw dollars at the beautiful and very flexible young blonde working the stripper pole.

Honestly, Eric knew he should have been enjoying himself more. Despite his feelings on places like this he loved tits. He loved women. But Chad's bullshit brought up every insecurity he had once more concerning Vanessa. He knew he should trust his instincts and his instincts told him that, as usual, Chad was full of shit. He was just being Chad, trying to force his warped view on reality on the world and trying his best to make the world agree with him.

“All right gents, that was Candi getting some love but I hope you have some left over for our next girl she is a popular one doing her last show of the night!” yelled the club's DJ. “She will be doing a few more private dances so if you like what you see let her know in the way only you guys can! Give warm, warm welcome to...TOPAZ!!!!”

The lights on the stage started glowing pink and red and the spotlight went on. Men in the crowd began to go nuts. Whoever she was Topaz certainly was a favorite.

When Cream by Prince came on, that's when she burst on the stage. She was curvy, her skin smooth and mocha. She was dressed in a very hot black number, leather and lace meeting somewhere between Transylvania and Salem.

The way she moved was nothing short of sensual and a miracle on those heels she wore. They didn't look like the cliché stripper shoes that Eric had always pictured; clear plastic with nothing but height. Theist were glittering black, more boots than anything else. But she moved, swayed and worked her body like she was walking on her. 

All this behind a small domino mask, black and glittering just like her heeled boots. There was something familiar about her. Something in her face. And if Eric wasn't so completely distracted by her beauty and her moves he certainly could have put it together. However, he was under Topaz's trance she hadn't even gotten to where he was near the front, she was still working the beginning of it.

Her hands caressed her own body, teasing the removing of clothing. First came the lacy, barely there skirt covering her bodice, removing it and tossing it aside, leaving her  exposed flesh now bare. She bent over, slapping that round bottom before working her body back up, er back arching on the return.

That was when Eric could have sworn she saw him and smiled. He dismissed it as bullshit immediately. Just the magic of the strip club. This was what they did, how they made their money. He was begrudging it but he also wasn't falling for it.

However, Chad and the boys were. They were screaming for her attention, raining ones on the dancing floor, she smiled and got on all floors crawling to them, her booty bouncing in beat with the song. When she got to the pile of bills she slithered down forward first, pressing the money against her cleavage. She looked at Chad and the boys with a smile then flashed Eric a big grin and a wink. They didn't notice anything odd, but Eric did. That wasn't something he just imagined....and getting a closer look at those lips, puzzle pieces were beginning to come together.

Topaz rose to her knees, rubbing the money over her body, rolling her head, whipping her hair back and forth. Then her hands let the money slip back to the floor and she began to unbutton that top she was wearing. The crowd roared at a fever pitch.

One button. Money thrown at her. Two buttons. Even more...then she stopped at at the last one and got to her feet, her starving audience willing to throw their assorted bank accounts at her for one peek at her ample tits.

Topaz leaped on the pole on the sage, swirling around hen hanging upside down, her hair hanging down and her eyes on Eric one more. Did she know him?

Topaz went for her mask then hesitated. That was her dance. Tease the tits, lose the mask, then show her tits. Her regular knew that, it worked for her, but looking at Eric she hesitated. And it wasn't so much because of him, but because of who he was with. However, any hesitation she had lost out to the fact that her regulars liked her routine. They were the ones throwing fives and twenties at her. So off with the mask it was.

The moment it fell, Chad did a double take then looked at Eric and started to point and laugh. It was what Topaz thought would happen.

As for Eric, he wasn't paying attention to Chad. He sat there, jaw dropped at the fact that Topaz was Vanessa...HIS Vanessa.

Vanessa however couldn't take any moments to react to Chad's assholery or read Eric's reaction. She still had a job to do. So, with a smile on her face she continued her dance. Popping her booty, humping the ground. She let her body go with the music, let the money fly at her and blocked out anything else.

Then, with her back to the crowd, she popped that final button and let her top drop to the floor. Vanessa then turned around, her arm covering her lovely tits, giving the audience one last tease before they got what they came to see.

She removed her arms, making each second last an enticing eternity. The moment her chest was left totally bare for all to see, the crowd went wild, all except Eric, who covered his eyes then got up.

Vanessa was hurt, confused, but couldn't show it. And when she saw Chad laughing his ass off at it all, all that got mixed in with anger. But all with her perfect smile.

Vanessa continued dancing for a few more minutes before leaving the stage, giving her audience a wink before disappearing behind the glittered curtain to the backstage.

Eric was at the bar, enjoying a club soda and lime on the house. The one good thing he could say about the strip club was if you were the designated driver, you got free non-alcoholic drinks. Doing their part to end splattered brains on the pavement. Before he could even finish it off though, Chad came a-knocking, out of breath from laughter with Carter and Michael on his sides. However neither of them were laughing.

“Does that count as an I told you so moment Blimp?” Chad asked. “Because I think it does.” He took a seat next to Eric. Chad was locked and loaded, ready to riff. “I think that proves my point about her, doesn't it?”

“How?” Eric asked.

“Well, to put it simply, she's definitely using you. That's what strippers do! That's literally their job you dumb bastard!” Chad was laughing while Carter and Michael got more and more uncomfortable. “Oh I love to be right. Girls like that REALLY don't go for guys like you. Unless its to get formula for their sixth kid or bail money for their boyfriend or some shit.”

“Shut up Chad,” Eric said, getting angrier. It wasn't like Chad heard that in is voice or would have cared, he was on a role.

“I'll give her this though, AMAZING tits. Think she'll give me a private dance? Bet you it wouldn't take much.”

“It'd take more than you have,” Vanessa said. She was back in her gear from before, totally covered up. “Hi Eric. Can we talk?”

“Um, maybe later babe,” Chad said, getting right in front of Vanessa. He took out two one hundred dollar bills and waved them in her face. “How much for a private dance?”

“Sorry Chad, I'm on break.”

“Oh, so you know my name?”

“Yeah, Eric was telling me about his “friend” who overcompensates for his lack of a cock by being condescending and insulting. I'm guessing that's you.”

“Oooh, the lady can bite!” Chad exclaimed. “I like it. Let's make it two hundred fifty.”

Vanessa pushed past him and got to the bar.

“Hey, Bruno,” she said to the bartender.The friendly hulk of a man walked over  to her. “Tell Lou I'm going on break. Only one I've had all night. Is it cool if I take it out front and talk with my friend here?” Vanessa's hand touched Eric's shoulder, squeezing it softly.

“Yeah, sure thing Nessa,” he said with a deep Jersey accent. “Ain't you almost done for the night anyway?”

“Yeah, just another ninety minutes.”

“Yeah, I'll let Lou know.”

“Um, wait a minute,”Chad said. “What about my private dance.”

“Maybe you didn't hear the lady, Stickboy. She's on her break. Talking to her friend. Which means you stay away from them both no matter how much money you got. Capiche?”

“UH...yeah...sure,” Chad said, cowering. “I'll just talk to the blonde that was on before you.She was way hotter anyway.”

“Whatever,” Vanessa said.  She took the seat vacated by Chad and grabbed Eric's hand. “Let's talk.” Her voice was sweet, and soothing. “Out front?”

“Y-yeah, sure.” he replied.

The two headed outside of the club, just within view of the bouncer. Vanessa gave him a nod, letting him know Eric was cool.

“So...thanks for visiting me at work,” Vanessa joked. She was actually shocked it got a laugh from Eric. “Look, I'm sorry I didn't tell you. It's just, well. It's not easy to tell someone you like that you show your tits for money. That's like...like...”

“Telling someone you like you're a virgin.” he answered.

“Yeah,” she said wit a soft laugh. “I was going to tell you. You know, if we became more than a maybe. It's just....well, loo at your buddy. Some guys are not the guys you tell you're a stripper. They just assume you'e a whore or you're dumb. That you're dirty, easy, shameful...”

“It's not,” said Eric. “It's just a job.”

“Yeah, exactly. You're actually taking this a lot better than I thought you were. I mean you looked pretty pissed.”

“Because of Chad.”

“Okay...but you covered your eyes when, well...you know.”

“Oh...oh shit.” Eric began to pace, nerves overtaking him. “I'm sorry. It's just...it's weird, okay? But...I don't know. It just felt like...I shouldn't see that? I know it sounds crazy. This is a strip club and all that...but it didn't feel right, you know? I don't know, it just felt weird to be seeing your body like that for the first time in public. I know..I'm crazy.”

“Well, a little,” Vanessa said. “But I think it's cute.” She paused, reaching her hand out for his, grabbing it when he lifted his own to join her. “You're really fine with this, right? I like you...but if this bothers you I need to know.”

“I'm fine, really,” he said, squeezing her hand softly. “Chad was the problem, not you. As usual. It's just a job. A jb with a lot of cardio...and balance. Seriously how do you dance in those behemoths?”

“Practice,” she laughed before moving into to kiss him. “Want to go for breakfast after my shift? Just about on hour and I'm off.”

“I would but I'm giving Chad and the others a ride. Designated driver.”

“Well, let them get a free ride back then,” Vanessa said. “The school has that sober driver volunteer program for a reason.”

“SO...just wait at the bar?”

“Uh huh...just as my ride now,” she said. “Save me the ride's share money.”

“All right.” he replied. “Anymore stagetime?”

“Not tonight. Just some...well...private dances. Part of the job.”

“I get it. Totally. Just...can you...not...with Chad and the guys?”

“Oh god no,” Vanessa said. “ESPECIALLY for Chad. He even asks me again I'll have Bruno kick his ass to the curb.”

“Well when you say that you make me hope he asks.”

“Why do you hang around with someone like that?” asked Vanessa. “You're better than that.”

“Bad habit.” Eric replied. He took a breath and looked around the parking lot trying to gather his thoughts. “You ever know someone that you just end up stuck to no matter what? That's Chad. I mean I used to be able to excuse it with moments of him being a decent person, but that's so long ago it might as well be a myth.”

“I don't like the way he treats you. I overhear the names and stuff. I really, really don't like that.”

“Can I ask you kind of a similar question?”

“Sure,” Vanessa said.

“Why me? I mean...you're...you. I'm..well...know what you said about being better than someone?”

“Don't you dare say that,” Vanessa said, getting closer to him. “I'm not hearing it.” She held both his hands softly in hers. “Look...at this job I see all kinds of guys. I've dated the usual type. The movie star looks, the bad boy musicians...all of that. But because of my job, they think they get to treat me different than they would any other girl. I must be a slut because I take my clothes off for money. Which means I'm the threesome girl or I'm going to fuck them on the first date. That just seeing a dick is going to make me drop my pants and bend over for them. My favorite though is they all think I'm stupid pretty much. You work at a titty bar? You're an idiot. Only stupid people sell their body in any way. You...don't do any of that. Even now that you know what I do for a living, you don't look at me any different. It's in your eyes. I can see it. And when we first started talking before that for the class...it was just nice to talk to someone who saw me as an equal...and who could talk to me about more than how good my tits are.”

“Well you are an equal.” Eric answered. “You're an amazing writer. Probably better than me. There's a lot more tot talk about than your breasts... though they are nice, don't get me wrong... from what I've seen of them...”

“Thanks,” she laughed. Kissing his cheek. “Why you? I like you. That's all that matters.”

“Okay.” There was a small moment of silence before Eric spoke again. “So...break over?”

“Just about,” said Vanessa. “Only about an hour left on the clock. So...meet you at the bar in an hour? Then breakfast? I'm buying.”

“Sounds amazing,” Eric said. Then he went on instinct. He moved is lips to hers slowly, giving her enough time to back away if she wished. She didn't. Their lips met in a kiss again, but it was also all new. It wasn't the first time their lips had met. It had happened many times before. This though was different. Sweeter, softer, longer. His arms wrapped around her body and her his, holding each other tight until it broke.

“Wow,” Vanessa said, her eyes closed, she opened them slowly, seeing a similar look to the one she knew she was wearing on Eric's face. “We gotta do this more often.”

“Big yes from me too.”

“Come on, let's head back inside.” She took his hand an led back in the club, the paid having a matching set of dreamy, happy smiles on their faces.

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #48 on: November 01, 2019, 08:16:01 AM »

“YES!” Lucy moaned. One more she was riding Ben like the cowgirl she was deep down, buck her bronco while he sucked and kissed her hard pink nipples. Her arms were leaned back, bracing against the heavy table behind her, Lucy's chest stuck out for easier access to her bare breasts.

They were in a library study room, one far, far away from the main section on the third floor of the college's library. Even then, they would have normally been far more cautious about making such noise...but this was a Sunday. A Sunday morning. No one came to the library on Sunday mornings, at least not in a great number. Which was how the library at this time became known for such activities. Whether it be Bella's girls having clients there or people who just wanted time away from their dorm mates, somehow the library on Sunday became fuck central.

And the study rooms were the best places for it. Far more sanitary than a sleazy motel room and also surprisingly sound proof. You could scream in one and not even be heard on the main lobby of the third floor and definitely not above or below it, which allowed Lucy and Ben to be as loud as they wanted.

“Ride it cowgirl,” Ben growled in between tastes of Lucy's tits. His hand cupped her cute little ass, guiding her a bit as she worked his cock feverishly. She was an intense fuck, a lot like Sabrina, but with a country girl flair to it all that made her an experience all her own.

Lucy was a rowdy girl. He  had fucked her in every position since meeting her, but the girl loved her rides and news how to work magic like few others on top of him. Whether he was laying down or sitting down as he was right now on the vinyl cushioning of the study room bench. Lucy knew how to work that position. Southern charm and Tennessee heat.

“Oh riding...oh fuck baby riding that dick,” she gasped when he gave her a few quick thrusts. “Mmm,  more of that... just a little... mmm fuck me....oh fuuuck, yesss.”

He had to smile. He loved it when she couldn't help but slip into a little it of a Southern drawl. He held her tight by her hips as Lucy gave him control for a fleeting few moments giving her the power she asked for.”

“Ohhh GODDDDD!,” she howled through a cracked voice. Her petite tits and shoulder-length hair bounced with the force of his penetration. Every yelp and groan of pleasure escaping a mouth that couldn't help but have its corners turned up in an pleasured smile.

“More... oh Ben, just like that... just like that.... oooooooooooo.”

He chuckled to himself. He had no idea a call from last night would end up like this. He thought we was going to have to be running errands today for the movie production, buying gift cards for the actors to print out their scripts. But then Lucy called last night, said she wanted to celebrate something. And the moment she mentioned where to meet her he knew exactly what kind of celebration it was going to be.  He couldn't say no to a fuck like Lucy.

No that Sabrina was bad in the sack. Quite the opposite. And Jessica...that was just a whole new level. If you're at a buffet, why settle for one dish.

Lucy moved her arms to Ben's shoulders, stopping him. She leaned forward and kissed him, biting his lower lips playfully as it broke. “My turn now... gonna cum on your cock...then you can have me however you want me.”

And with that Lucy was back in control. Her body began to rise and fall on him once more, her body rolling and swaying once more as if she were at rodeo and Ben her bull. And Ben just sat back and let her do all the work. His hands went back to her ass, holding those sexy buns, but he wasn't even going to pretend he was in control anymore. His sexy little cowgirl was running the show and he was just going to sit back and enjoy the feast for the senses Lucy Hale was giving him.

And it was a feast. Her body in motion was a sight to see, the absolute erotic chaos of it all. Every move looked random but it certainly didn't feel that way. Lucy knew exactly what she was doing with every motion made on his cock. Up and down, grinding, back and forth; it's tight, wet velveteen grip was something that was near beyond description. He may have been getting something out of it as well, but Lucy was the one using him to work herself up into a frenzy, building up to a crescendo she's been hungry for since the night previous.

Still, Ben could only be driven so crazy before her had to give it back to her every bit as she was giving it to him. He began to pump up into her, meeting her at every motion she made, tasting the flesh of her chest once more, now very wet with his saliva and her sweat. The finish line was in Lucy's site and she rode her bronco hard and fast, her steed talking her on this fund hard ride until that line was crossed.

“Nnnnggggaaaayesssss!” she cried, her body going frigid then loose. Ben had to hold her up as she came, a delirious smile on her face as her body shook and her cunt spasmed on his cock, milking him desperately, though Ben wasn't quite finished yet. He had something on his mind for himself to finish this little celebration.

“Mmmm, Bennnn,” she said, her voice making her sound a little sloshed. “Made me cum so good....” She was still moving on his cock, albeit a bit slower. She wasn't letting him go just yet. “You cum for me? You give your cowgirl some hot cum?”

“Just about, baby,” he said, licking at her smiling lips. “I just want give it to you someplace special.”

“Where's that?” she teasingly asked. She had a good idea of where he wanted to do this. He'd been wanting a taste of it from the first time they were together. And right now, she was in such a  good mood, now doubled by her own orgasm, she was going to give to him. But still, he had to say it. She wanted those words first.

“I want you bent over that table there so I can take that ass,” he said smacking her ass. “Fuck your ass till I cum, cowgirl.”

Well I'd be happy to help with that,” she said, a twinkle in her hazel eyes. She got up and then did as he wanted, shaking her ass a bit as she bent over the table.

Ben got up with a wide grin on his face. He gave that cute little peach a quick smack before spreading her cheeks and exposing her tight little brown eye.

“Much obliged Lucy,” He said, placing his slick cock right against her back door. They both breathed deep as he pressed forward, moaning in relief once that bulbous head popped through. “Very much obliged.”

Lucy's fist clenched and she sla,med it own on the table. “YES!” she growled. “All the way deep...don't stop...I want to feel it...I want to feel your cum...”

“Well how could I refuse an off er like that?” he asked, bending over to kiss her shoulder.

Inch by wonderful inch he pressed forward, then pulled back,loosening up her asshole until he was finally in to the hilt. From there, e knew it was already almost over. Just getting into her ass and getting to this point had sapped him of any reserves he had left in terms of stamina. Now it was just time for him to enjoy riding her.

“Ohhhh god yesss yes yes!” Lucy whined. “Faster... don't stop... ohhh yes Ben, right there... so good... just cum for me baby... right in my ass... cum for your dirty little cowgirl...” The dirty talk was perfect. She was purposefully adding that drawl now. She knew what it did to Ben. Lucy was well used to the anal intrusion by now and was reveling in it, getting off again to what he was doing and what she was doing to him. She was going to make him cum. He had no choice in the matter. His thrusts were desperate for release just as his grunts were, it was only a matter of time for this celebration to reach its climax and Lucy couldn't wait.

“Come on...so close aren't you Ben...faster...just like that...come on now...” Lucy was grimacing in delight as Ben was doing all of that. He was going faster and harder in her ass, a cocktail of pleasure with a tiniest bit of pain keeping her intoxicated in a purple haze of lust. It was  fog that only grew thicker when she began to play with her clit. Then her moans began to break just as his were. She wasn't going to cum again, she knew that. But it was just a nice little cherry on top. Sweetener for the tea.

“Oh..oh fuck Lucy,” Ben moaned. “Gonna cum...gonna shoot in your ass baby!”

“Mmm fuck yeah,” she laughed. “Music to my ears!” She pushed back against him, meeting him thrust for thrust and throwing him off the cliff he was already racing towards.

“OH SHIT!” Ben yelled, throwing his head back in total passion as he began to pump Lucy's rump full of cum. He froze in place, his cock pumping rope after rope of his hot inside her rectum, all to the delight of a cooing Lucy.

“Mmm, just like that baby, just liked that,” she sweetly said, a relaxed smile on her face. She really did love it. There was just something about the feeling of a man coming inside her. She couldn't explain it other than it was a full body warmth that that hot cum started. It was the perfect way to end their little celebration.

AN utterly wrecked Ben pulled his wilted dick from Lucy's ass. He sat back down on the bench, catching his breath and trying to remember how to stand again. Lucy slid off the table and went to the carpeted floor like a puddle, laying down and looking up at the ceiling in a orgasmic dream state.

“Fuck Ben,” she said. “Mmmm that was so good. This has been the best weekend ever.”

“I do think that should be the official only way to celebrate anything ever,” said Ben, who then surprisingly had a relevant thought enter his head, which was a rarity for anyone this early in post-coital bliss. “What exactly were we celebrating?”

“Oh shit, I forgot to tell you!” she exclaimed, sitting up with a grin on her face. “So I had an audition on Saturday morning. Some students are actually going all out to film a real movie on campus and around town this semester. All of February. So...I read for it. I mean I'm studying music but I also want to act, you know. And it 's a horror movie and I love those.”

A feeling of dread began to overtake Ben. This sounded dangerously familiar to him.

“So yeah,I auditioned, and I didn't get the part I read forgot offered another part that's almost as big. I'm playing Gwendolyne, Servant to the Oldest Vampire Sister Lilith. Pretty cool, huh?”

“Yeah babe, awesome,” eh said nervously. Who was now beyond worried. He was just waiting for the other shoe to drop and confirm what he already knew in is gut. “How did you find out about this?”

“Oh, well there's this girl in my Women in Film history class, the one taught by Professor Chastain? Well she's not in the class she's in Jessica's editing class but Jessica allowed her to pass out flyers in the history class for it. She's one of the movie's directors. Sabrina something.”

And there was the nail n the coffin. Sabrina. Sabrina Carpenter. His girlfriend. Who was going to be directing his side-chick Lucy Hale in a film he was going to be assisting with the editing on. And they BOTH were students of Jessica. All of a sudden he went from the smart little pig in the brickhouse to the idiot future pork roast in a straw hut.

“Babe?” Lucy asked. “You okay?”

“Huh?” he said, snapping out of the visions of utter Hell he saw in his future. “Oh, yeah. Just kind f, you know, coming down and all that.”

“It was pretty amazing wasn't it,” she said with a smile. She got to her feet and began to gather her clothes, then kissed him. “You should come with me to the Whisky Casket before I start my shift. Lunch is on me.”

“Sure,” he said. Sabrina would be in the editing lab with his brother all day finishing up their last commercial job before the first day of shooting, so he was in the clear on that front. And Jessica wouldn't be caught dead in the Casket.

“Well, how we both get cleaned first...or as best we can in the library bathrooms.”

“Good plan,” he said. He began to gather his clothes, but waited for Lucy to leave the room before he went to his pants, taking out his phone to check for any mixed texts for Sabrina. Nothing. He breathed a sigh of relief. Today was going to be fine. But he was about to enter a minefield. He could maybe, conceivably end this now. Pick one girl and stick with her.

Then again, Ben just loved buffets too much.


“In the projection room?” Cami asked, bursting out with laughter. She, Hailee and Lili were in the living room of Hailee's apartment multitasking between work for the film, studying and just generally having one last bit of social interaction before it became all business.

“I had no idea she was so frisky,” Lili teased. “In all the years I've known you. You dirty girl.”

“It's not that out there,” Hailee said, no embarrassment in her voice the slightest bit. “I mean...it just kind of happened. I mean it's not like you guys ave never done anything like that? I mean, you have, right?”

“Well, yeah,” Cami said. “I mean Jose and I, the first time? It was a storage room at the school print shop. Then a bunch of times in his van. Like a LOT in the van honestly.”

“At work?” Lili asked. “You two are insatiable.”

“Oh don't look at me and Hailee like that Ms. Mask,” Cami teased.

“Okay one of you guys is going to need to explain to me this whole mask think because I'm definitely missing out on a story.”

“Well Lils?” Cami asked with a knowing grin. “Anything you want to tell good old Hailee?”

“Fine.” replied Lili, tapping out on the whole affair. “Okay, so I told you that Jake and I knew each other for a while before started dating, right?”

“Mmm hmm,” Hailee nodded. “Lab partners or something.”

“Yeah. And he was all the things he is now. Handsome, sweet, gentle, all of that. But I wasn't looking and he was too tongue tied to say anything to me. So a semester goes by, and in this time I get into a tag team called Callous Pain and think the big one of the two is super hot.”

“Isn't that Jake's team with Jose?” Hailee asked.

“Don't skip ahead and spoil things for yourself,” Cami said. “You'll ruin the surprise.”

“As I was saying,” Lili continued. “I was into the big guy, Magnus Pain. A lot. They would wrestle around me but I could never get to a show where they were at. So then next semester I bump into Jake again, and Cami also met Jose.”

“And sparks flew immediately”

“Uh huh,” Lili said. “I was lookng, Jake was still into me...but then I finally got to see Magnus Pain in the flesh and...well...”

“What Lili is trying to get at is she blew Jake in the bathroom without knowing it was him under the mask.”


“What? It's true.”

“Oh my GOD!” Hailee laughed. “Seriously?”

“Yes...that's what happened. Join in the laughter. Even I think it's funny at this point.”

“I still think it gets funnier when you realize you doubled down and fucked him on Halloween and still didn't know it was Jake,” Cami added.

“Wait wait wait,” Hailee said. “Why didn't Jake say anything?”

“He thought I was only into the wrestler. No interest in the guy behind the mask. Which, yes, was true. BUT I thought he felt the same way. Meanwhile I'm falling for Jake outside of the wrestling stuff and he's feeling even weirder because of the position we put ourselves in. But...all worked out for the best.”

“I still think you take the cake for weird sex story Lil,” Cami said. “Though I gotta give you points Hailee. I never in all the years I've know Pete would ever think he'd go for something like that.”

“Well, what was it like when you two dated?” Hailee asked. “You know, if your comfortable with that.”

“Well, it was high school. You don't really have time for weird locations. Half the time you're just hoping your parents don't bust in the room so your eyes are on the door or the window to see the car pull in.”

“True.” replied Hailee.

“Where is Pete anyway?” Lili asked. "I thought you guys had the entire filming schedule ready to go. Isn't that why we're here?”

“Well, I have it,” Cami said. “I just wanted us all to meet here. And to go over it with Peter and Sabrina the make sure I got everything nailed.”

“Peter left to go grab coffee and a couple groceries like ten minutes before you guys got here. Sabrina is passed out in the office. They were editing all night.”

“Wait, Peter's getting coffee?” Lili asked.

“Yeah, that what he said. He sent me a text like twenty minutes ago saying he was in line about to order. Why?”

“Well, when Lili first got her Ben was rushing out. He said he was going to grab some coffee.”

“Huh.” Hailee replied. “Maybe they're meeting up? It's a big order and Peter was getting some groceries too.”

Using that as his entrance, Peter entered his apartment carrying a bag of groceries in one arm and a cardboard box with a handle full of coffee in the other.

“Morning folks,” he said. He put both the bag and the box on the dinner table behind him then went to Haillee, kissing her forehead. “Hey babe.”

“Hi,” she said. “You got my caffeine fix?”

He nodded then went to the box and pulled out a cup holder of six drinks. He pulled on out and brought it over. “One iced mochachino with an a shot of espresso and almond milk.”

He returned to the cup holder and then handed a drink to Lili. “Iced Chai tea latte, also with almond milk.”

“How did you know?”

“Hailee texted me saying you were here, I texted her back asking what kind of drink you liked.”

“And obviously didn't ask for me because....” Cami said, her hand out expecting her own cup of caffeinated goodness.

“Large black coffee, two splendas and one of those honey stick things.”

“Correct,” she said, happy as can be when the warm cup and stick of sweet goo filled her hand. “It's good to have friends.”

“Why didn't Ben tell you we were here?” Lili asked

“Why would he?”

“Wasn't he with you at the coffee shop?”

“No, I haven't seen him since I finally went to sleep at four last night. Why?”

“Oh, just Be being Ben again.” Cami replied. “With all that entails.”

“Sounds fun,” Peter said. “Haiz, is Sabrina up? Gut her something too.”

“I think she's still asleep on the office couch.”

“I'll just put the ice coffee in the fridge then.”

As Peter put groceries and coffee away, the questions about Ben resumed. “What did you mean about Ben? “ Hailee asked.

“Oh, you know...” Cami said. “Look, I like Ben. He can be a nice guy...but, look Peter and his brother are two very, very different people. Peter's the one who has your back, doesn't cheat, all of that. Loyal to a fault honestly. Ben...not so much. I'm sure he can be a great friend and a good brother but...let's just say there's a reason your man has been my longest standing friend.”

“He's not that bad Camila,” Peter said from the kitchen.”Just...his own person.”

“Look I'm not trying to trash talk him. I don't hate him or anything. But if he wasn't your brother I would never give him the benefit of the doubt and not at least warn Sabrina what she might be getting into.”

“Well, with that gossip section of the day done with,” Lili said. “How about we see those schedules?”

“Hold up,” Peter said, grabbing his cup of hot chocolate and taking a seat next to Hailee on the couch. “Okay, let's see what Producer Lady has for us.”

“That's MS. Producer Lady,” Camila joked. She reached into her back pack and handed out a packet of pepper to each of them. “I did some revisions on the basic structure you and Sabrina laid out taking into account everyone's work and class schedules as well as the classes people think they can miss if we need for something unexpected coming up. I was up pretty late too. Didn't get to sleep until two. First with the schedule from about 50 to midnight... then... well... let's just say I had a big breakfast this morning and Jose is still asleep.”

“It was an earplug night,” Lili said. “Almost a double one.”

“What's an earplug night?” Hailee asked.

“The schedule looks great,” Peter said. “You even put a premier date down for June?”

“Tentative.” Cami replied. “I mean we'd have to determine whether or not we want to premiere on campus or do something at a local theater.”

“Hailee and I know the guy who owns the place we went to last night. Could talk to him if it would help.”

“Well, let's not get too far ahead,” said Cami. “There's a lot to do. Shooting, editing, all of that. Once we hammer that out, we can definitely use that connection. One condition though.”

“What's that?” asked Peter.

“Well, at the premiere you're going to have to do your absolute best to stay in your seat and not go desecrating projection rooms. Pinky swear?”

“Ahhhh...huh...” Peter said, turning beet red and struggling for words while Hailee buried her face in her hand. Lili on the other hand burst out laughing with an extra bit of joy from the joke not being made at the expense of her lucha libre experience.

“Oh settle down dearest Petey, just a joke. It'd be your premiere do whatever you want then just be back in time for the Q & A.”

“I hate you,” laughed Peter.

“Love you too,” Cami said with a wink.


“We actually did it,” Eric said. “Completely and totally.”

“I told you it was going to be a breeze. Feels good to have it behind you now, doesn't it?”

“Totally. I can't believe we finished a full length screenplay under a week!” The happy pair were exiting their class after having turned in their screenplay a full week early. It was ready for their scheduled reading time for the Monday after Valentine's day. It was finished and they were confident in it.

“Well, we had a great idea and two people very passionate about it.” Vanessa replied before stopping Eric and pulling him to her for a kiss. “Very passionate.”

They walked hand in hand out of the school building and into the parking lot, deciding on what to do next.

“How about we go by my place and celebrate?” suggested Vanessa. “I mean...you know...if you're ready for that kind of thing.”

“Very ready.” replied Eric. But before the pair could flirt further, Chad decided to enter in, once more flanked by Michael and Carter.

“Hold up,” Chad said. “You two really finished?”

“Yes,” Eric said. “First draft at least.”

“Cool, then you can come help me with mine,” Chad said. “Follow me Blimp.”

“Don't call him that,” Vanessa said. “That's not his name.”

“Lady, you can drop the act, all right? The script is done. You can stop the act now.”

“What act is that?”

“Acting like you give a shit about tubby there.” Chad answered. “You can drop it. You got the script, he probably did all the heavy lifting anyway.”

Vanessa had had enough. She got in Chad's face, ready to throw down. “Listen good shit heel because I'm only saying this once. I'm not faking a damn thing when it comes to Eric. I like him. A lot more than anyone would ever like a little slug like yourself. And secondly, I've read your writing. You have no room to call anyone lazy.”

“Look bitch, this isn't your business. Your business is giving gross guys lap dances.”

“See, you're wrong again. Gross guys. Didn't give one to you, did I?”

Michael and Carter cracked, both letting out muffled chuckles. Chad did not like that one bit.

“Hey, you do shit for money right?” Chad said reaching into his pocket and throwing a ten at Vanessa's face. “Be a good whore and fuck off OOMPH!”

Chad was silenced by Eric's fist to his face, knocking him down and out.

“Holy shit,” Vanessa said.

“Nice punch, McFly!” Carter said with a laugh.

“That was AWESOME!” Michael said. “Oh my GOD that was cool.”

“Uh...thanks?” Eric said, very unsure. He turned to Vanessa, ready to apologize when she ambushed him with a kiss.

“Usually I hate violence but thank you SO much for that,” she said. “Is your hand okay?”

“Yeah, I think....oh man I'm going to be in trouble when he wakes up.”

“Nah, don't worry about it dude,” Carter said. “If he starts talking lawyers or anything we'll do some convincing to get him to drop it and beg you for forgiveness.”


“Dude you just did what we've all wanted to do since sixth grade,” Michael said. “I want to fucking hug you man!”

“Oh...cool.” Eric looked to Vanessa. “You want to get out of here?”

She smiled, then dropped down to pick up the ten. “How about coffee on Chad?”


Hayley Atwell paced back and forth in her office. She felt the urge to bite her nails, a habit she'd kicked years ago. But her nerves were overtaking her. Ever since her first class and what occurred with Adam Andrews.

She still couldn't quite piece together what happened. How she just let all that lust overtake and have her do something as insane as having sex with a student.

It made no sense to her. Why? Adam was an intensely handsome lad. That sandy blonde hair, the bluer than blue eyes. Muscles. Movie star good looks all around. He even reminded Hayley of her ex-fiance.

Was that it? Was that what overrode all of her senses? What sent her sanity into remission? Hayley couldn't help but smile a bit at the thought of going from zero to a hundred kilometers an hour with him though. It was so unlike her. But it all clicked.

But smiling at it did not mean she planned on It happening again. She loved her job and did not want to lose it as well as her whole career over a fling. And while the classes since had been going well enough, it was still a little awkward whenever her eyes met his. And she could tell he was a little bit confused by it all as well. Her dodging him during her usual office hours didn't help matters.

However, the dodging was done. They had agreed to meet now. Not her usual office hours at all but that would also mean no one would interrupt them so they could hash it all out and end whatever weirdness their little fling had created.

Yet here Hayley was, pacing back and forth in her small office wondering about the litany of things that could go wrong.

Before those thoughts could dwell with her a moment longer, there was a knock at her office door. He was here. Hayley took a moment and a breath. Time to straighten this all out.

“Come in,” she said, sitting on the edge of her desk. The door opened and in walked Adam, and once more Hayley felt a draw to him. However, this time she was able to control herself.

Adam was under control as well, despite the incredible draw Hayley had over him.

“Hello Adam,” she said. “I'm...glad we were finally able to to meet to discuss...well, you know.”

“Yeah, of course.” he replied. “I mean...I don't know what to say really.”

“Well, I understand that. It's certainly a rather unique situation we find ourselves in.” She got up and began to pace again, but not as nervously. She was able to contain that a bit. Of course that was helped by Hayley feeling Adam's eyes on her. She couldn't but get a little bit of seduction in her walk. It was a reflex.

“I really didn't mean for it to happen,” Adam assured. “I don't know what came over me.”

“I think we both lost control,” Hayley said. “Nothing to be ashamed of. I mean it wasn't like it was bad. Just rushed.” She could feel a little heat within her build. She tried stifling it. “It of course can never happen again. Ever.” She turned to face him, letting him see it in her face she meant it. She hoped that's what her face was saying.

“Oh yeah,” Adam agreed, finding himself getting closer to Hayley. “I totally agree Ms. Atwell.”

“Call me Hayley,” she let slip. She tried to tell herself she regretted. “It's just gong to make thing easier. It was just one time.” She stepped closer to Adam.

“Yeah. On really good time.” He got closer as well. “It's just too bad.”

“What's too bad?”

“It was so rushed. I mean we had to, I get it...would have been nice to have more time.”

“Well, yes I can see that,” Hayley nervously said. The two were dangerously close now. Sparks were flying and it wouldn't take much to set off the gunpowder. “It was an amazing few minutes... but.. it just can't happen again.”

They got closer still. Any objections from either were becoming simply a show. They were both becoming aware of how their quick rendezvous happened in the first place. Pure animal attraction. It was an explosion. They both just wanted it.... and they still did.

“You're right of course...this would be the perfect place and time for it, wouldn't it?”

“Oh yes.” Hayley answered. “No one would come knocking in my door as these aren't my normal hours. No window on the door is also a good thing for privacy. Walls are... surprisingly thick.

Adam got closer to her, backing Hayley against a bookcase. “I would think almost it'd be a waste to not take advantage of it....you know...to really get he full experience...”

Their lips were incing closer and closer to each other, all resistance gone. “I'd...I'd have to agree...but this would be the last time...the absolute last time.”

“Totally agreed there.” The damn burst and the two were all over each other. Lips and tongues colliding , hands frantically all over each other' bodies.

“Lock the door,” Hayley said when she got a moment. “And drop your pants.”

Adam nodded and rushed to the door while Hayley did her own work and lost her panties and hopped up on the desk. When Adam turned back around, his hands unbuckling his belt, he saw Hayley Atwel, sitting on her desk with stocking-clad legs open.

“Come here,” she said, red lips smiling. “If we're going to take our time this time...let's really enjoy it.”

“Couldn't agree more Hayley,” With how she was mpositioned, those lusciously thicc legs open and inviting, he knew what she wanted. If they were going to take their time this time there was no reason not to go for it.

Soon he was on his knees and under her skirt. “Oh my word yes,” Hayley moaned. She closed her brown eyes and licked her lips, letting herself fall completely into the pleasure being delivered to her pussy from his mouth.

And Adam was very eager to deliver. He hadn't stopped fantasizing about Hayley since that day, of all the things he wished he culd have done with her.  Eating her out? That was right on the top of his list. He loved doing that to a woman and in the case of Hayley Atwell, the reality was turning out to be better than the fantasy.

He moans and her cries of pleasure were so much sexier than he could have imagined. “More...oh yes...oh my god Adam,” all sounded even more erotic with her accent than he could have possibly imagined. Sophistication and seduction. Upper crust and the red light district. The perfect mix.

Hayley's legs pressed against Adam's head. She was gulping for for air, hissing it from between clenched teeth, and hanging her head back while his tongue worked magic on her cunt. Sucking on it, writing novels in various languages on her clit with his tongue.

“Mmmmm...yes...more...more just like that, Adam....oh my word, yes...”

With that he doubled down on his effort, going faster, inserting his fingers inside of her and working hem in out and all around. Hayley got louder. Her hand grabbed the back of his head as she began to hump his face. She was getting hot, heating coursing through her body. It would have been a good orgasm. But good was not enough. Hayley wanted more. And for Hayley nothing beat getting off on a real flesh and blood cock.

“Adam..get up..and fuck me,” she gasped. “I need that cock...”

Just the way she said cock...the way the “o” sounded and the “k”...irresistible. He got to his feet and dropped his loosened pants down to his ankles. But before he entered her sensual cavern, he went for her blouse, unbuttoning it. When the last one was undone Hayley slid it and her jacket off, leaving her in a black lace bra.

She looked at Adam's face, a sexy little smile as she reached behind and unhooked her bra, letting her wonderfully full, massive tits free for Adam to feast on. Which he did, after a quick and sloppy kiss to her lips. Before bringing his mouth to her wondrous globes.

Then, with his face buried wonderfully in the flesh of Hayley Atwell's tits, Ada thrust his cock back into her wonderful wet and tight cunt, moaning into her breasts as she did into the air.

“Oh....oh Adam yes!” she cried. “Oh...have it...suck my tits...fuck my pussy....oh dear...oh yes...yes yes....”

Adam would have replied but his mouth was having far too much fun worshiping her stupendous tits. Squeezing them with his hands, kissng and sucking; tasting every inch of her tit flesh. His tongue softly circled her nipple before his lips closed around the, sucking them hard. Being between her tits was perfect. Very few things could top it. Save for also being balls deep in her amazing cunt.

Hayley not only had the single best tits Adam had ever experienced, her pussy was beyond compare. It took some major league willpower to to just lose control and and go full blast inside her velvet wonderland. Adam kept it together though. Hayley wasn't making it easy.

She looked like a ex goddess as he took his cock, leaning back, tits jiggling with every thrust. The way her face looked as they fucked. She was on the greatest high of her life. Her moans, her smile...it was all a feast for the eyes and ears. Hayley herself was a treat for all of his senses.

“Harder,” she gasped. “More Adam...give me more...” Hayley laid all the way back on her desk, giving herself over completely to Adam's lust. She wanted to be taken. She craved it. But only from him.

With Hayley laying back, Adam took the signal she was given very, very clear. His pace went full throttle, giving in to the lust, the desire that wracked his body and mind. And Hayley loved it. Loved every moment and every inch of his cock.

“Oooohhhhh yes!” she cried. “Just like this...just like this...don't fucking stop...oh Adam make me cum on your cock....do it...make me cum right on that perfect cock!”

He went hard and hast, focused on her demands. His eyes kept scanning her Hayley's body. Watching her stomach rise and fall rapidly with every desperately gasped breath, her tits bounce and jiggle with every hard and hungry thrust he gave her and her face perpetually lost in a haze of pleasure.

Adam reached forward, bringing one hand to her pussy and playing with her clit and the other to her tits, grasping it tight as he fucked he with wild abandon.

“Hayley...oh fuck yeah baby...cum...just fucking cum for me...I want to see it!”

“Oh yes...oh my...oh my Adam....ADAM!” That was it for her. She was on edge already but the moment her clit got that extra bit of attention then hearing Adam's demand, Hayley lost it.

Adam kept pumping into her through it all. The sight of her thrashing through her orgasm, how her pussy clamped and milked his dick in an arousingly chaotic manner. And through it all he staved off in her paradise of a pussy. He quite literally had his eyes on another prize.

“I want to cum on your tits,” he growled. “Gonna fuck your tits.”

“Mmm do it Adam” she said,her voice soft, tired, but still full of desire. “I want your cum on my skin... I want to see you cum for me.”

Adam pulled out of Hayley's well-fucked twat and climbed up on the desk. He placed his rock hard rod in the valley of her tits and she gave him a wink as she pressed her tits around him.

“Fuck my titties,” Hayley said, the proper tone of her British accent making his cock twitch. “Fuck my tits and cum all over them...”

And Adam began to thrust. Fast and desperate. He was already so close and now between this heavenly valley he wasn't even going to attempt to hold back. He wanted his release and so did Hayley.

“Yeah..yeah fuck them...just like that Adam...nice and fast...give me your hot cum...want ti on my skin so bad.”

That sentence was the last straw for Adam. With a few more thrusts, a bit slower to savor the feeling of being wrapped in Hayley Atwell's tits, Adam finally came upon his last motion forward.

“Oh fuck!” he grunted as his cum began to rocket out of the tip of his cock and on Hayley's neck chin, pulling his cock out of that valley of paradise to get a few ropes on her perfect tits.

Mmmmm perfect,” she said dreamily. The lusty pair basked in the afterglow for a bit, certain this would be the last time they ever had a tryst....until the next last time.


“That went great babe!” Hailee said. The table read had just wrapped up. It was the last bit of work that they had to do before they started shooting on Wednesday night. And, as Hailee said, it had gone amazingly well. The chemistry between the actors was perfect, the laughs were hitting and the scares created silent tension and gasps for those who hadn't read the whole thing. “This is going to be great.”

She stopped him just as they exited the student union and embraced him, giving him a sweet kiss. “I'm glad we're doing this. Our first movie ever...and it's together.  I mean duh, it's together but you know...it's you and me. I love it. I love you.”

“I feel the same way Haiz,” he said. “This is my dream...and now...you being a part of it makes it better. You're going to kill it. We all are.” The two leaned into each other for a kiss, but it was about to be paused by a surprising voice.

“Hi guys,” Selena said softly and cautiously. “I'm sorry to interrupt, really I am.”

“What's up?” Peter asked, Hailee still holding him but moving to the side, giving her attention to Selena as well.

“I just wanted to say thanks,” Selena earnestly said. “I...I really needed this. You have no idea. And I know things aren't right between us Pete. They may never be right between us. So...thanks for taking a chance on this with me. I won't let you down. Not with this anyway.”

“I know you won't,” said Peter. “Like Cami said, you got the part because you're the best person for it. Nothing else.”

“You were great in the table read to,” Hailee added. “I'm..I'm really looking forward to working with you. I think we clicked. So, thank you for that.”

Selena smiled at them both. A real, genuine one. “I appreciate that. And, sorr I interrupted you two. Again. See you Wednesday.” With that Selena was off leaving Hailee and Peter alone once more.

“That was not as awkward as the last time he interrupted us,” Peter said.

“Well yeah,” said Hailee. “I mean we're in public, fully clothed and your head isn't between my legs. It's kind of hard to out-awkward that.” Hailee got back in front of Peter. “I think she's going to be great. I wasn't lying either. It just kind of clicked with her and Liz.”

“You three did come across as sisters pretty damn well,” Peter admitted. “I just hope she can really keep it all together.”

“I don't know exactly what went on between you two,but she seems okay to me,” Hailee said. “I don't know, maybe she's trying to turn things around? Give her the benefit of the doubt.”

“I am. Just...cautiously.”

“Well, how about something you don't need to be cautious about?” Hailee asked, that sweet little smile of hers having a bit of spice behind it. “I mean we both have a lot of time today. We skipped class for the table read. I don't have to be at work for a couple hours...”

“What exactly did you have in mind Ms. Steinfeld?”

“Well...I was thinking we go back to ours place...” Hailee began to walk her fingers up his chest. “Get into the bed room...” When she reached his neck she slowly drug her finger up to his chin... “Then maybe do a little private costume fitting for you..you know...that scene in theater...backstage...”

“Oh, you mean the totally not-gratuitous lingerie scene.”

“Uh huh,” she nodded, biting on her lower lips.  “That is unless you have some better use of our spare time.”

“That sounds like the best and most efficient use of the rest of the morning.”


Paul Simmons was not having the best of days. He hadn't had the best of weeks, now that he thought of it. School wasn't the issue, not this early in the new semester. Instead,it was business. He couldn't access his credit cards he had through Bella or the company bank account. He also found his “special” bank account he was putting together mysteriously empty of the recent deposits he'd made.

He already had a pretty good idea about what had happened. Bella was not subtle. However, he knew he could talk his way out of it. He wasn't an idiot like Reggie. Bella would have to listen to reason, especially with the connections he'd made with other heads of the town's vice scene.

He got into her a[apartment with no problems. She hadn't changed the lock just yet, but that didn't mean anything. Reggie could still get in before he was formally kicked out. Bella liked doing that kind of thing face to face.

He went straight for her office and there she was, sitting behind her desk, going through paper work with a joint in an ashtray to her left. She seemed to not notice her came in.

“Don't bother knocking,” she said, stopping him from doing just that.

“Was I expected?” Paul asked.

“Sooner or later.” she replied. Then she looked up from her papers at him, her face stone cold. “Let me guess, you're locked out of your accounts and your secret one seems lighter than it should be. Am I right?”

He nodded. “So you know about the account?”

“Do you think I'm stupid Paul? Do you think I just fucked my way into all this? I know my business. And I know when I'm being stolen from. I'm not one for poetry and prose but I know my numbers. And I can read people. I'll give you credit though, you went about it a lot smarter than Reggie did. You're trying to put together the capital and local connection before trying to poach my girls. But it's over now. All over. And the money you took is back where ti belongs, with interest.”

“Bella, I don't know what you think is going on but...”

“Save it.” Bella said, taking a drag of her joint. “I talked with the other four. I made my case. You're out. And not just with me, but with them too. Not as severe as Reggie's punishment. You cans till use the services in town. The moment you try to start on your own here, you're out.”

“You're good Bella,” Paul laughed. He walked forward and took the seat in front of her desk. “A little too cocky though. I want in and those guys, they want me. They want my connections. You got no say.”

“Really?” Bella said with her own laugh. “I built this business up from nothing. I started when I was seventeen years old damn it. You think I haven't seen idiots like you come and go? Connections? HA! They're mine now.”


“Really? Let me pose a question to you Paul. What would you prefer? Being fucked out of your money on a daily basis and having to play nice with the son of the guy doing it...or is it paying money fair and square to fuck your choice of the finest pussy on the planet? I got co-eds. I got vets...I have porn stars. You haven't even seen my velvet book. You don't know the girls I have access to, who owes me a favor. Who's just plain loyal. So, what would you prefer, getting fucked or being the one doing the fucking?”

Paul nodded. Bella was right. A lot of his dad's clients that e brought to Bella...they only tolerated him at best. They didn't want to piss off his dad. But Bella wasn't remotely scared.

“I'll take your silence as agreement. Your pull doesn't mean a god damn thing. What are you going to tell your daddy? “Hey pops, the woman I was fucking and becoming business partners with before trying to fuck her over by freezing her out of her escort business screwed me back twice as hard!” Good luck with that.”

“Bella,” he said. “We can talk about this like adults.”

“Oh, this is a very adult conversation in my book,” she said with a smirk. “And you're on the verge of crying like a baby.

Paul got up. He was angry now. “You don't want to discuss it? Fine. There are others ways to handle this since you won't listen to reason. And I'd like to point out, since we're talking about smarts, how truly dumb it was to let me come in here with you being alone. Anything could happen to you.”

“Like an idiot threatening me with violence?” Bella suggested before pulling a gun out. It was small, but that didn't matter much to someone who wasn't wearing kevlar. “Motherfucker do you know what I've been through? You think I haven't seen worse cocksuckers than you in my lifetime? And you come into my house, I welcome you, then you try to burn it down and fucking threaten ME? I'M BELLA FUCKING THORNE and I don't suffer idiots like you if I don't have to. You're should be kissing my feet you're allowed to even look at my girls in this town let alone fuck them. You're lucky you have any privileges left. And you have the gall to threaten ME?”

“Now come on Bella,” Paul said, backing away just a bit. “How about we all calm down.”

“I am calm.” she replied. “You're just so used to flirty, giggly Bella that when you see the other side, you don't know how to react. You think I'm just a whore. Even after seeing what happened with Reggie. You never stopped to ask how I got in this position. Why I got the respect. It's not all about the pussy. You gotta have balls. And you? You don't. You're an opportunist, I'll give you that. But you don't know what it is to earn a god damn thing. So, how about you do the smart thing, get out of this office, stop trying to play Scarface or Godfather or whatever the fuck movie you have in your head and go back to school and troll for empty-headed Freshmen girls.”

“And if I don't?”

“Then I blow your fucking kneecaps ff for starters. Then if you don't crawl out the next bullet is a coin flip. Now, since I know you aren't Reggie-dumb, I know you're going to take this loss and walk out with some kind of dignity. This wasn't personal until you made it that way. Now go. And do not even think about calling here unless you got the money and the means to pay for pussy. Now, see yourself out. Unless you want security to.”

Paul nodded. She had him. She had him bad.  And he wasn't an idiot like Reggie. He wanted into Bella's circle, he wanted it bad. He wanted to have her business. Hell, he wanted to have her under him as both an employee and someone to fuck.

But he knew this was a loss he had to take. Besides, like his dad always said, there's always free pussy in the music business.

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Re: All-Star College
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“You can't keep running from everything,” Jesse said, chasing after Selena. “I swear, your more scared than I am.”

“Then maybe that should tip you off!” Selena yelled. “You think I want this? That I want to walk away from what we have?”

“You could have fooled me.”

Selena's face was over come with fury, the moonlight betraying a dark fury behind her brown eyes.  “How dare you?! I'm doing this for you. If my sisters find out about you...they're not like me. They're still predators. They like it that way.”

Jesse got closer to her. Selena wanted to start leaving again, but she culdn't She began to walked toward him, the pair falling into each other's arms. “They'll kill you,” she said. “And that's if they're nice about it.”

“You're worth the risk.” Jesse replied. Their lips go closer and closer together until finally they met in a long, deep kiss.

“CUT!” Peter said. He then turned to Sabrina. “You good on that one or we ready to move on to close-ups?”

“Moving on's fine with me.” she replied.

“Moving on!” Peter said. “We really should have gotten an assistant director.”

“Too late for that now,” Sabrina said. She then turned to Zero. “Close up on Selena then we're going to get it on Jesse.”

“Got it,” said Zero.

“I'll take Selena, you go with Jesse unless you want to switch it up,” said Peter.

“Directing arrangement has worked so far, let's keep going with it.”

The pair broke off and Peter headed towards Selena. She was at the craft able, drinking a water and snacking on a granola bar. “Hey Sel,” Peter said. “Your close-up's next. Just setting up the shot now.”

“You need me at my one?” Selena asked.

“Not yet. Just...this kiss...it's the last warning. For you and him. Got it? It's the goodbye you can't tell him.”

Her eyes lit up. It clicked for her. She understood the scene before, but now it all fit together. Peter always had that knack in directing her, saving the best bit for her close-up, if she didn't already have it already.

“Got it,” she nodded.

“Great. Now, go to your one and we can get you and Jesse out and wrap for the night.” Selena headed back, Jesse behind her after having talked with Sabrina. The pair of directors then looked at the monitor while Zero set up the shot. From there it was a few minutes of rehearsing the blocking and then it was go time.

And Selena nailed it in two takes. That was it. Peter and Sabrina were more than satisfied. Even Camila who had been siting back and letting the two director direct had to admit Selena delivered.

From there, the reverse shot was set up for Jesse's close up. Like Selena, he got his done in a short amount of time, three takes. However, what sunk the last take was even a line, it was that kiss.

Every kiss before had lit something in Jesse and Selena until finally, on that last kiss it all went beyond performance into reality. Where they flirted with each other while they worked, both at Knockers and on set. And that last kiss went way longer than anyone expected.

The time was endless was Selena and Jesse. They were far too into the feel of each other's lips. For everyone else, there was just silence. Zero looked back to Peter and Sabrina, motioning and mouthing the question of whether ot not he should cut. Both shook their heads. This was great stuff. This was pure, real. It was just what they wanted.

“Cut!” Sabrina yelled a few seconds after Peter and Jesse stopped kissing. They were silent at what had just happened, but for slightly different reasons than everyone else.

“And we are wrapped on night one folks!” Peter said, getting a round of applause from the crew and two cast members remaining. “We came, we saw, we kicked ass. And let's give an extra loud round to our actors Selena and Jesse!”

Another round came and the actors jokingly took their bows then headed towards the craft table. Sabrina and Peter came up to them, Camila in tow.

“You guys did great,” Peter said. “We're off to an amazing start.”

“Fuck yeah we are!” Sabrina added. “We're going to crush it every night. You guys set an incredibly high bar.”

“Thanks,” Jesse said, a bit embarrassed at the praise. “Felt...good. Natural.”

“Obviously,” Camila said with a sly smile.

“Yeah..um...I gotta go get ready for work,” said Jese. “Still giving you ride Selena?”

“Yeah, sure thing,” she said. “I'll meet you at your car.” Jesse nodded and headed off to the parking lot. “Thanks again you guys. I feel...really good about this.”

“Thank you for kicking ass,” Sabrina said. “You're killing it. You both did.”

“And I double on those platitudes and would even triple them if Sabrina and I didn't have to go and start dumping the footage on our hard drives,” said Peter. “But, duty calls. Have a good night.”

Sabrina and Peter headed off, leaving Selena alone with Camila. It was not a position Selena wanted to be in.

“You know, I need to reiterate this, “ Camila said. “You're the right woman for this job. This is the first time in all the years I've known you I've actually seen you with your head straight.”

“Is this supposed to be a compliment?” asked Selena.

“Yeah, it is actually. Don't worry I'm not used to it either when ti comes to you and I.” Camila got a it closer, trying to thaw out her demeanor towards Selena. “Look, I'm not going to pretend we've ever been friends. We've barely been cordial to each other. But...I'm glad to see you turning things around. Your new roomie Madelaine? She's a friend of mine. And she's also your boss in addition to all of that. I was almost tempted to give her a warning about you. But she told me...well...you're actually being responsible. Showing up to work early or on time, actually made your bill payments in time, volunteering to cover shifts for other people...you'e doing good and I wanted to congratulate you on that. No sarcasm. I'm glad to see you're doing better than you were.”

“Thanks Camila,” Selena said. “I appreciate that. New Year's was a huge wake-up call for me. And I'm trying to turn it all around. I'm just glad I'm getting the chance to.”

“So...truce?” Camila asked, extending her hand. “I'm not saying we'll be friends or anything. But I'm not going to actively dislike you or anything. Just...acquaintances. Friendly acquaintances.”

Selena took Camila hand, shaking it. “I can live with that.”

“Good.” replied Camila. “I think I'm gonna go over with Peter and Sabrina. Check what they have. Have a good night Selena.”

“You too.” As Camila left, Selena smiled. Despite the history they shared, that actually felt good. She never expected to make peace with Camila. She honestly didn't even know if she fully did just now. But it was a good start.

Of course as she walked to the parking lot to meet up with Jesse, she couldn't help but smile. Not just from that experience with Camila, not even from the praise given to her by Peter and Sabrina. Selena was smiling off the high from the kiss. Turns out there was something more than flirting between the two. Or at least that was what Selena was hoping. She wasn't looking for a relationship, not right now at least. She was however, looking for fun. She hadn't had sex since the last time she was with Reggie and was craving a touch that wasn't her own. Jesse was the prime candidate. The only question was when. Selena also had an idea about that. She was all smiles as she approached his car, Jesse leaning against it.

“Ready?” Jesse asked.

“Definitely,” she said. Once she was in the passenger's seat they were off to Knockers with time to spare.

“You didn't want to change on set?” Jesse asked.

“No, I'll just use the backroom at the restaurant.” replied Selena. “Why, were you hoping to sneak a peak?”

“No. Besides, I can also do that at the restaurant.”

“Touche.” She wasn't taken aback by this. They flirted like this all the time at work. She wouldn't have allowed him to say anything she didn't think was funny or she was uncomfortable with. After Reggie, Selena was determined to stand up for herself. Jesse was just fun. And cute. And an amazing kisser.

“SO...what did you think of the shoot tonight?”

“I think it went great,” Selena said. “I feel so good about this project. I couldn't have a better romantic interest either.”

“Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. Pretty good actually. Like amazing.”

“Amazing?” Selena asked with a laugh. The perfect time had just arrived. They had time to spare. It was 6:30. Neither of their shifts started until 8:00. “That's just acting. Amazing...I think that'd be more akin to the real thing.”

“I guess I'll have to take your word on that.”

“Why's that?” Selena asked with a sexy smile and a slight purr in her voice. Jesse looked at her, curious. Into the idea, but very curious.

“Are you serious?”

Selena moved her hand to his crotch, giving it a squeeze. “Very,” she said. “All my life, I've been looking for a relationship. I don't want anything like that right now. Sex? Just causal, fun sex with someone that is cute, funny, a great kisser....and is also apparently packing some serious heat.” She squeezed Jesse's cock through his jeans, making him cough in surprise.

“So..um...what do you suggest we do?”

“I suggest you pull over under those tree coming up...I think we can figure it out from there.” She added punctuation to her idea buy beginning to unbuckle his belt. After that it was almost autopilot that got him to park exactly where Selena had directed him. The moon shining just enough to give them light, especially on her and the trees covered them enough to hide them from any onlookers from the road.

Once the car was in place the seat belts came off about as quick as Jesse's regular belt did. Selena and Jesse's mouths met in a hot collision of lips and tongue, breaking only so Selena could remove her underwear, tossing them in the backseat. She moved over to the driver's side, straddling him and resuming their passionate kissing.

Selena had a sly smile on her face as the kiss broke. She reached down between them and unzipped Jesse's fly. She grasped his cock, her beautiful brown eyes locking on his as she rose up only to slowly sink down on his manhood.

“Oooh shitttt,” hissed Selena. “Fuck it's been way too long.”

“God damn,” Jesse said in agreement. His eyes rolled in the back of his head at the feeling of her snatch. Warm, wet and tight. Perfect fit.

As they both savored the moment, Selena took the opportunity to remove her shirt and bra. Jesse was very happy with the reveal of those tits, so happy he simply couldn't wait to get a taste.

While Jesse got familiar with her tits, Selena took charge herself, starting to ride his rod.

“Oh...yeah baby,” she said. “Mmmm just like that...suck those tits...oh damn...I fuck your cock feels so good....oh I needed this so bad...”

“Oh fuck Selena,” Jesse moaned. His hand held her hips as she began to speed up. The car's shocked were being put to a real test; Selena was showing no mercy. “Damn girl...oh shit....”

“Yeah...yeah....mmmm such good dick...oh fuck Jesse...shoudl have done this way sooner...”

“No...ohhhh no argument here....”

“Mmm fuck me...” Selena said... “Gimme that cock...”

Selena braced herself against the ceiling of the car as Jesse began to thrust up into her dripping snatch, doing his own testing of the shocks. Listening to her moan and beg for more of his hard cock, the look of excitement and ecstasy on Selena's face and how her tits bounced and jiggled with every motion. A sexual feast for the senses.

Jesse took on of his hands and moved to to the level next to his seat, lowering it all the way so he was laying down. More room to play. Selena took this opportunity, slowing the pace just enough to grind move her hips, her cunt almost swirling around his cock. Slow at first, letting him feel every inch of her wet pussy. She began to build up speed but never not giving every inch of his throbbing fuckstick the right amount of attention. She wanted to set those sensitive nerve ending afire with pleasure.

Selena leaned over the reclined Jesse, grabbing his hands from her hips and pinning them above them “Don't move,” she said, licking his lips. “Just watch...”

Jesse nodded. He had a basic rule, when a beautiful woman was riding your cock, you do what she asks. It was a rule that had yet to fail him.

Jesse nodded. He had a basic rule, when a beautiful woman was riding your cock, you do what she asks. It was a rule that had yet to fail him.

He kept his hands above her head as Selena began to speed up, keeping that confident smile on her face before it gave away to moans. Her body moved and swayed to a rhythm only Selena could hear and dance to but one that Jesse could easily feel through her.

“Mmmm you have such great cock Jesse...you fuck me so good....mmm you like my pussy? Feel good on your cock?”

“Ohh...oh god yes Selena...holy shit it's so good...so damn good...”

“Yeah...oh yeah...oh gonna cum on your cock...gonna feel so good....but you have to cum in me...I want to feel it...every drop ust for me...ohhh....ohhh Jesse....”

They were both lost now, going on instinct. Going for the sins fo the flesh and the good that came with it. The fire burnt bright. Jesse rose up, and puled Selena close, chest to chest with her aroused nipples rubbing against the fabric of his shirt. It was time for that sweet release for the both of them, Selena giving Jesse everything she had and vice versa.

“Yes..yes..yes....just like...oh my. God...oh y...YESSSS JESSE!!!!!” Selena through her head back and screamed his name with a passion she hadn't had n months. This was pure lust. Something she decided was going to happen. Not being led around by anyone...it was pure pleasure and it was beyond amazing.

Selena's dive into pleasure triggered Jesse's, pulling her even tighter as he came inside of her, grunting in her ear as pulse after pulse of cum filled her hungry pussy, a smile on Selena's face as she felt the warmth enter her.

Jesse fell back in his seat with Selena on top of them, the pair on cloud nine.

“Wow,” Selena said. “That...I really, really needed that. You have no idea.”

“I think I have a fair one.” he replied. “Nothing like casual sex to clear your head...”

“Definitely.” Selena agreed. “So we're clear on that...this is just casual. I'm not even remotely looking for that right now. You good with that?”

“Depends,” he said. “We gonna fuck again?”

“Oh god yes.”

“Then we have an agreement Ms. Gomez. Nothing but friends who fuck. No attachment beyond that.”

“Awesome,” she gave him a quick kiss on his cheek then maneuvered her way back to her seat. “Well, let's get back on the road. Duty calls.”

“Gotta get those drunks their wings,” Jesse said, zipping his pants up.

“Hey, be nice. Those drunks are going to give me a twelve hour workday pay for just five hours work.”

“How do you figure that?”

“Jesse, you've seen what I where to work. You do the math.”


The first week of shooting went great. The entire week went well for the whole school beyond just the film crew. It was February by that point, the week of Valentine's day. Love was in their for almost everyone.

Included in that was Taylor Swift and Norm Dillon. They had to reschedule their date for the day before Valentine's day, but it wasn't too much of a hassle to get the reservation changed. It was a small miracle. But now they were heading home, just as was planned.

Taylor’s heart pounded like a drum in her chest as she fiddled with the keys to her apartment. Standing only inches behind hem, Norman's hot breath tickled the back of her neck as the seconds stretched into what seemed like an eternity. Both of them were excited. Excited for what lay behind that door. Dinner had been nothing short of perfection. The steak seared to pink perfection. The wine a dark red savory blend of tart and sweet flavors. The conversation playful and flirty.  Glances were stolen. Sly grins exchanged. Thighs rubbed beneath tablecloths.  It was a romance in full bloom. Dessert was a hurried affair of saliva-inducing tiramisu. But the real treat? The real treat was yet to come. Norman didn’t know it yet, but Taylor was about to make his wildest Valentine’s Day dreams come true.

The notion had come to her after one of their many romps in the sack. They lay there, naked and sweaty on the mattress, his cum still spilling out between her legs. He had lipstick marks from neck to groin. It had started off innocently enough. Taylor was curious. Any fantasies?  Fetishes?  Kinks?  Norman had been reticent at first, but after some “persuasion” he had spilled the beans. Taylor decided right then and there to leap at the chance to please her new beau. And now they were here. About to do it. Norman was quite pleased with himself as well. He had a surprise for her too, albeit one of a less erotic nature. 

Taylor loved control. Dominating the situation, especially a sexual one, gave her a high like little else. It made her feel powerful.  Norman had experienced this all too often in the past few months of their relationship.  But tonight… tonight was going to go a little differently. Even with nerves sparking like frayed wires and butterflies flittering around her stomach, it still felt right. Norman made everything feel alright.

The lock clicked and she opened the door, the pair of them tumbling inside.  Taylor’s heels clicked on the floor as she took the lead. With one finger she indicated the couch and he sat down watching her hips sway as she strutted into the kitchen. A minute later, she remerged with two highball glasses and a bottle of expensive bourbon.


“Course’ Tay.”

Her hands shook slightly as she poured them both a healthy amount. Handing him a glass, she raised hers up. Clinking the raised pair, they gazed lovingly at one another.   

“To us.”

“To us.”
Both knocked back the amber colored liquid with practiced ease, feeling the familiar and welcome burn as it trailed down their throats, warmth blossoming in their chests.  Both set the glasses down on the coffee table. Taylor’s bore the remnants of her trademark red lips.

“So, do I get my present now?”  She asked, adopting a pouting look and tone. 

Norman smiled, nodding as he hurried into his room.  He returned a minute later with a wrapped package.  Gingerly he placed it on the table next to their glasses.  Staring, her eyes two round azure spheres, she gasped at the cutest wrapping paper she’d ever seen.  Tiny kittens with piercing blue eyes dotted the pastel pink paper.

“Ohhh Normie!  What is it?”  She asked, taking the package into her hands and giving it a tentative shake.

“Open it and find out.”  He replied nervously. 

Taylor grinned and tore into the wrapping paper.  Inside the box, she pulled out an ornate golden and crimson frame, contained within it, a blank electronic screen.  She looked quizzically at it.

“There’s a button on the back.”  Norman said, fiddling with the hem of his shirt.

Her spindly fingers found it and the screen lit up.  It was a picture of her and Norman, arms wrapped around each other as they stared affectionately at one another.  It was from a few weeks back.  She looked up at him.  Then the picture changed.  It was one of her and Selena, heads thrown back and laughing.  It flashed again.  It was her Halloween party, her surveying the scene with a satisfied look on her face, the party raging around her.   

“I modified it myself.  When you want to add new pictures, you just need to airdrop them from your phone.  Really simple and easy.  Do you…do you like it?”

Wetness beaded the corners of her eyes.  She loved it.  No boyfriend had ever given her anything like this before.  They always went for flash.  Never substance.  Placing it gently on the coffee table, she pulled him in for a hug and kissed him something fierce.  Not often lost for words, she was able to convey all her feelings in that kiss alone.  And when she finally released him, he was pink in the face and grinning sheepishly. 

“Norman…I love it…I love…I love you.” 

He looked at her, surprised.  They hadn’t said the L-word yet.  “I…I love you too Taylor.”

They kissed again.  And then Taylor sat up straight, if possible even more excited for what she was about to do.  With that same shaking hand, she topped off both their glasses. 

“Ok, now it’s time for your present.  Finish that glass and when you’re done, come into the bedroom.”  Standing up slowly, she grabbed the bottle and walked away, feeling his eyes upon her.  Stopping at the door to his bedroom, she looked back.  “And Norman?  Make sure you take it slow.  Really savor it.”  Disappearing into the bedroom, she closed the door with a snap.

Norman sat there, his leg bouncing up and down, his pants tight as he did his best not chug down the liquor like a man dying of thirst. Instead he sipped, swirling the contents of the glass until the last of it had disappeared down his gullet. Hoping enough time had passed he stood up and walked over to the bedroom. He knocked on the door hesitantly.

“Taylor? Ok, to come in?”

“Of course, come in lover…”  She called back, her voice pure sex as she purred like a kitten.

Norman opened the door. What he saw might have outright killed a lesser man. Taylor Swift was spread out on the bed in front of him, wrapped up in the most expensive and slutty lingerie Victoria Secrets could buy. But that wasn’t all. Laying atop the sheets, attached to the four corners of bed, were velvet ropes, sleek and shiny even in the glimmer of the dozen or so candles placed around the room.  The handle of bourbon sat on the nightstand, lipstick marks coating the rim.

“How do I look Normie?”

Words failed him as he mouthed wordlessly, staring at her, his prick ready to burst right out of his trousers. 

Giggling, she said, “I’ll take that as a good sign. Well, what are you waiting for babe?  Get in here and take me. Take me however you want. Tonight, I am yours to do anything with.”

Gulping, he stepped inside, unsure where to look first. Should he drool over her mile-long toned legs, covered from hip to toe in sheer red stockings? Or maybe her toned torso, barely concealed with a matching crimson teddy?  Perhaps her chest, currently push-up to epic proportions by a lacy bra, her stiff nipples visibly poking through the delicate lace?  Norman moved over to the side of the bed slowly, unbelieving of his most secret of fantasies laid out in front of him, ready and waiting.

“Are…are you sure about this, Tay?”

“Yes Norman. I want do this. For you.”

Nodding, he wrapped the velvet shackles around her wrists and ankles, trembling the entire time. With a pull he tightened to them to a secure, but comfortable level. As Taylor felt the restraints constrict her limbs, she couldn’t help but shiver with excitement.  She’d been nervous before, but now in the moment, the whole experience was intoxicating. Being that vulnerable. Exposed. Total trust in your partner.  It was something she had never experienced before. And it was already driving her wild. Norman stripped slowly, each article of clothing tossed carelessly to the side until he was naked.

Harder than a rock, he ran his hands along her body, starting at the tips of her toes.  Lightly he traced along her legs, brushing her inner thighs before sweeping past it up to her stomach. Swirling around her belly button, he moved further upwards, directly between her already heaving breasts. He traced her collarbone, neck and chin before coming to rest on her cheek, flush with arousal. Her body quivered with anticipation, her panties already soaked through. Pressing his hands into her flesh more firmly, one groped at her breasts kneading the soft flesh through the bra, her nipples harder than bullets. The other rubbed across her wet panties, teasing her velvety twat beneath and soaking them even further. Taylor writhed beneath his attentions. She wanted to reach out, grab him, throw him down and ride him until the sun came up, but she was tied up tight. Her arms pulled against the bonds, showcasing her time spent in the gym quite nicely. Norman smiled as he watched her tug. Her pearly white front teeth dug into her scarlet lower lip as she bit down the sensation of his fingers driving her positively insane.

“Hhmhhhmmm...oh God! Norman don’t tease me anymore! Give me the real thing! Please!”

Smiling, he removed his hands from her body. She blinked at the sudden loss of feeling.

“I’m charge tonight Taylor. I’ll take as long as I want.”

Norman grabbed hold of the bottle of bourbon. Tilting it ever so slightly, he splashed a few drops of the amber colored liquid along her collarbone. Placing his tongue against her fevered skin, he licked it up with one quick swoop. If possible, Taylor trembled even harder. He smiled and moved lower.  Dribbling more out of the bottle directly on her breastbone, between the two heaving mountains of flesh that were her breasts, he watched it trickled down her body before licking that up too with several firm, tongue filled kisses. The ropes strained as Taylor pulled at them, gasping out loud from the sensation.

“Shhhh…” Norman whispered.

Taylor’s eyes were rolling into the back of her head as she shut her mouth tight, trying to not let any words or sounds escape. Norman moved even lower and poured one final shot of bourbon into her belly button. Bringing his lips close, he encircled her navel with kisses, moving ever closer to the alcohol-filled orifice.  Closing his lips around it, he sucked it down in one fell swoop. It was too much.  Taylor couldn’t take it anymore. 

“NORMAN!!!!” She cried out, actually feeling the budding bloom of an orgasm, albeit a small one, burst into life between her legs. 

Eyelids fluttering, she barely comprehended how he could make her cum by barely touching her. No one had ever been able to do that before. Feeling a strong finger placed between her ruby lips, she opened her eyes looking at him. Sliding the finger in deeper, she closed those red beauties around the digit, tasting the merest hint of her own arousal upon it.  Slowly pulling the finger out, he looked at the at the lipstick upon it.

“Let’s have you wrap those lips around something a little bigger.”

“Oh God yes!  Please!  Let me suck that cock of yours. I wanna suck it so bad.”

Norman climbed up onto the bed, straddling her lingerie-clad form.  For a moment, his cock was nestled snugly between her boobs. A wonderfully delicious sight.  Then he slid upwards, bringing his pulsating, throbbing member directly to her mouth. Lifting her head up off the mattress, she opened wide. Sliding inside, her lips sealed him in tight. Groaning as the warm, wet orifice engulfed his cock, her tongue worked overtime, swirling and curling around the shaft.

“Ohhh…Tay…”  Norman moaned out.  “That’s it…yea. Suck that cock. Fucking suck my dick.”

Moaning appreciatively, she bobbed along the shaft. Looming high above her, his balls rested comfortably on her collarbone as she sucked him off. Her eyes stared up at him, never blinking or breaking eye contact as she partook in her most favorite of pastimes. Even with the many, many blowjobs she’d given over the years, this was a whole new experience for her.  Unconsciously, her wrists strained against the soft fabric, itching to take hold of the shaft.  To play with his balls. Grab his ass. Dig her nails into his thighs. Anything!  But she couldn’t. So, instead she pressed her lips even tighter, tongue tickling the veiny underbelly as he inched forward. Placing both hands firmly on the top of her blonde head, he held it still.  Norman pushed the remaining exposed inches between those smearing crimson lips. Halfway down her throat, her cheeks bulged, her lips pressed his groin before he pulled back and released her. Thick strands of slobbery red-tinged saliva connected them.  It dripped down onto her chest as she blinked up at him.  A cough cleared her esophagus.

“Babe?”  She asked. “Do you wanna fuck my pretty little mouth?”

Norman didn’t respond.  Instead he grabbed hold of her head again, a little more roughly this time and shoved his cock back in with swift speed. Taylor gagged and spluttered as the entirety of her maw was suddenly stuffed full of Norman’s fat, girthy, throbbing manmeat.   

“HMHMMMHMM!!!” She gurgled out, eyes popping.

He just held her head there as her lips and tongue worked to pleasure the cock stuck way more than halfway down her throat. Releasing her, she gulped down air.  Then he plunged back in as she gagged again. Taylor couldn’t even get a word in as he really starting going at it. He fucked her mouth, building up to such speed that his balls bounced off her chin as the grip on her head grew ever tighter, tugging at the roots. Taylor took it all like a pro. Sure, she had done facefucking before, but it was always on her terms. Now, with her hands tied and head held in place, Norman was using her mouth like no man had ever dared before.  It made the furnace between her legs roar even hotter. Black tears beaded in the corners of her baby blues, ruining the perfectly applied mascara. The red lipstick, long since smeared all over his cock and groin was gone. Spit leaked down her chin, a sloppy mess as her face grew redder and redder until it matched her crimson lingerie.

Pulling out of her throat, he fisted his spit-soaked prick. Taylor drew in great gulps of air as the saliva strands connecting them drooped lower and lower until they broke, added to the already wet fabric of the red teddy she wore. Grabbing hold of his prick, he rubbed the slimy cock head against one of her cheeks, across the trail of black tears there.  Smiling at him, he did the same to the other cheek. With a little extra force, he smacked it into her cheek, sending spit flying. Beating it harder, she pursed her lips for him. Doing the same thing, he slapped the head of his cock against her red-tinged puckered lips before he fit it between them and slid back inside until his balls were once again resting on her chin.

“Do you want me to continue?” He asked, his voice stern and serious.

“MMMMHHHMMM!!!” Taylor mumbled cheerily.

Norman continued humping her face for another few minutes until her was face was truly a slobbery mess. And when he finally pulled out, Taylor blinked out through red-rimmed tearful eyes. He got off her chest and knelt on the bed next to her, his fingers running along her lingerie clad body.

“How do I look babe?” Taylor asked, her voice hoarse after the long session of face-fucking. “Still pretty?”

“Beautiful Tay.” He said and he took hold of the red teddy and with an almighty pull tore the garment clean off of her.

“OOHHH!!!” Taylor shuddered at the sudden force.

Reaching underneath her, he popped off the bra and wrenched it off of her, exposing her tits to the open air. It was like unwrapping a present on Christmas morning. Only better. He grabbed handfuls of the perky titflesh, squeezing it tightly and feeling the hard nubs of her nipples rub against the palms of his hand. Taylor squirmed beneath his touch, every nerve her in body on fire as she struggled against her bonds, desperate to reach out and touch him, to grab hold of his fleshy member and have her way with it. His hands moved down her body, inching ever closer to her dripping twat. As his fingers came to rest on the soaked and ruined fabric, he grinned at her.

“Is this all for me Tay?” 

She let out of a loud puff of air. “Yes Normie!  It’s all for you!  This pussy belongs to you! Use it however you want!”

Norman grinned wider and slid down the panties until they were stretched taunt between her smooth long legs. Then he hopped up onto the bed and leaned over her, lining up his cock with her wet, burning cunt. Taylor was shaking was from head to toe with the anticipation.

“Please Norm. Stick it in. Please-please-please. Oh gawd. Put it in. Put it in. PUT IT IN!”

Norm was taken aback, never could he have imagined Taylor begging so eagerly and sincerely for cock. Normally went she wanted it, she took it. Without further ado he pushed his mushroom head between her slippery, soft folds and slipped inside. Groaning as Taylor screamed, he filled her up completely. Arms holding him aloft, he began thrusting, a slow and steady pace. His lips lowered to find her smeared ones and they swapped spit, tongues twisting like a knot. The steady rhythmic smack of flesh on flesh sounded throughout the candle-lit room as his lips moved lower, sucking hard on the flesh of her slender neck.  Picking up the pace, his member thrust into her harder and harder, taking every inch with each roll of his hips. Taylor wanted to wrap her legs around him, dig her nails into his back and urge him to go deeper.  Instead she was spread eagled. He was too much. His lips on her body. His hot, heavy form on top of her.  His fat, girthy fuck-stick thrusting in and out of her. They had only just started and she was already cumming. Again. He kept the same pace as her cries intensified.

“OH GOD!  NORMAN! FUCK! I’M CUMMING! I’M CUMMMMING!  FFFFUUCCCKKK!!!” She squealed as every muscle in her lean form tensed up before the orgasm hit her with the force of a truck.

Norman kept on fucking her through the orgasm, moving to his knees and grabbing her by the waist as her back arched. Humping her with a frenzied, fevered pace, he extended the orgasm with each crash of his pelvis. His grunts became heavier, quick as he reached his peak, her hot cunt wrapped so tightly around his throbbing prick, he couldn’t hold back anymore.

“Taylor.  Gonna cum!  Cumming!  CUMMING!”

All she could do was scream as she felt him swell inside of her before he unloaded. Hot, thick creamy cum pumped out his twitching cock deep into her steaming snatch. His prick jerked inside of her.  Once. Twice. Thrice. Depositing what felt like more cum than he ever had before in their entire relationship.

“Yes Norman!  Oh fuck yes!” She yelled, as he finished and pulled a wet slurp. He was on his knees, cum still dripping swollen his piss slit onto the sheets. “Ohhhh honey, that was soooo good.  Are we all done?” She asked in the sweetest of tones.

“Not by a long shot.”

She smiled. The answer she wanted. Not ready for his fantasy to be over and deciding it was time for something a bit different, he untied her from the bed. 

“Thank you for untying me. Now just lay back and I’m going to go bananas all over you until the sun comes up.”

“Uh-uh.” He said, holding up one finger. “Turn over and lay on your stomach.”

Shivering at the authority in his voice, she complied with his instructions. Taking one of the velvet ropes, he tied her hands together in front of her and then to the headboard. He then retied her legs so she was spread wide again. He admired the curve of her ass, she had been killing it in the gym recently. The hint of his pearly white load still oozed out of her freshly fucked pussy. 

“What are doing now?” She asked.

In response, he pulled those plump butt cheeks apart and stuck his tongue into her backdoor. Taylor cursed as her felt him tongue-fuck her most exclusive of holes.

“You wanna fuck this ass?  Hmmm, just like you fucked my pussy? You treat me so good. Please fuck my asshole. Won’t you, dear?”

He pulled his tongue out of her butt and pressed her head down into the sheets with one strong hand. The other lubed himself up and pressed against her puckered backdoor. Taylor let out a puff of air as she felt him poking it. That exhalation of breath quickly turned into a scream as her sphincter stretched to accommodate his thick prick.


There was no gradual build up. It was full steam ahead. With her snug sphincter wrapped tight around his dick, he fucked her good and hard. The symphony of orgasmic shrieks and groans emanating from her only encouraged him to go harder. Something tickled his toes and he turned to see Taylor’s wet and discarded panties. Snatching them up, he dangled them in front of her face as he slammed into her backside with booty-rippling force.

“Bite down.” He said, the heart-red undergarments soaked through.

Without hesitation Taylor chomped down on the panties, the fabric muffling her cries somewhat as he continued his butt-fucking. Hooking his fingers into either side of the g-string, he pulled back as Taylor bit down harder. Pulling further and further backwards, she found herself neck arching backwards as the fabric stretched, digging into the corners of her mouth. Norman was like a mad-man pounding her rear. Her arms stretched out in front and tied together, legs spread wide and a mouthful of underwear, Taylor could only succumb to the pleasure of completely releasing control. 

“You like that Taylor?” He growled between thrusts. “You like it up the ass? You like taking this fucking cock? I’m gonna use this asshole all night long. Tell me who’s asshole this is! Tell me!” 

“Issss yyyyuuurrrss!!! FCCCKKK!!!!”

Her headed nodded, despite its wrenched back position and as her body contorted, she could feel herself on the verge of another orgasm. No words were discernible. Only pleasure. Pure carnal pleasure. 

“AAHHHHHHH!!!!” She shrieked as Norman thrusted into her ass one final time, about blow himself.

Their orgasms hit simultaneously. Taylor felt her pussy quiver before unleashing a torrent of spray across his mattress. Norman felt her sphincter lock his cock in an iron grip as he blasted out a load, just as thick, copious and virile as the first up her rectum. Living out your wildest fantasy with a woman as hot as Taylor tended to have that effect. Spurt after spurt of hot cum up her butt matched the torrent of spray squirting out of her pussy.  Collapsing on top of her, both just rested for a minute as he kissed her back gently, and panties fell from her mouth.  But he still had one surprise left for her.  He pulled it cock from her butthole with a wet, sticky plop. The jizz from her asshole dripped down to mix with the cum from her pussy.  Shuffling up next to her head, he presented the member to her open and drooling mouth.

“Clean it for me Tay.  Suck your ass off my cock.” He said, his member twitching in anticipation. 

“Is that what you want Normie?” She asked, her eyes still glazed over from having both holes fucked so well.  “You want me to be your ass-to-mouth slut?” 

“Yes. I want to watch as you lick my cock clean.”

Flashing one eyebrow at him and she opened wide, accepting the flaccid member into her mouth. She recoiled at first, the taste of her own asshole overwhelming her taste-buds. She’d never been a huge fan of ass-to-mouth. But as she dutifully slurped away, she found herself actually enjoying it, watching the expression on Norman’s face as she spent a full two minutes sucking him clean. Releasing him only once she satisfied, his cock was cleaner then when they had started. 

“Good girl.” Norman said, utterly spent and finally reaching down to untie her.

Stretching her limbs, she reached for the bottle of bourbon.Taking a quick swig, she gargled with it, rinsing her mouth before swallowing it down. Norman flopped down next to her and pair snuggled underneath the damp sheets. Neither could be happier. 

“Happy Valentine’s day.” She whispered to him.

"Mhhmmm…happy Valentine’s Day indeed.” He replied sleepily.


It was Valentine's day morning, and in the parking garage of Cami and Jose's apartment building there was some activity. Jose was packing up his van with his gear for the day and saying goodbye to Camila while Jake and Lili waited near his car.

“I promise I'll be back before the day ends,” he said. “I'm not missing our first Valentine's together.”

“Babe, don't worry about it,” she assured him. “Don't rush home or anything like that, okay?  A speeding ticker or a car crash is not a present I want. I want you back safe and sound. Well, as safe and sound as you can be with the kind of matches you put on.”

“I'm not doing that tonight. That's my other present to you.”

“Better be careful with present like that. A girl could get used to it.” She kissed him and hugged him tight. “Just be careful baby. I love you.”

“Love you too.”

“That is so sweet,” said Lili. She and Jake were watching the two other lovebirds say their farewells. “I'm actually choking up a little.” Lili reached into her purse and took out a tissue to dab a bit of the tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

“Well, I just hope our Valentine's Day can match up after seeing this.” Jake replied.

“It's you and me so the answer is yes,” Lili said. She kissed his cheek then rested her head on his shoulder. “I've always wanted to do this. Go on the road like a wrestler does. I don't know...always seemed so cool. Even the fleabag motels seemed awesome. Like a rock star but with thumb tacs. And...I'm doing it with boyfriend who's a wrestler. This is the best Valentine's gift a girl could ask for. And the flowers this morning were awesome too.”

“Well I felt I had to get you something tangible.”

“I would have been happy with dinner and Joey Ryan t-shirt.” replied Lili. “But I love the classics too. Doesn't get more classic than red roses.”

“Well I almost went with a bouquet of actual lilies,” he said. “Then I thought that might be a bit too predictable so I went with the non-cheesy choice.”

“Good call...but I'd have been happy either way.”

Jose then walked up to them, having said his farewell for the day to Camila. “You guys ready to hit the road?” he asked.

“Yep,” Jake said. “Alison should meet us there. She has some stuff to take care of, then I think is leaving even earlier than you. First match on the card then back on the road for her so we're doing the meet and greets ASAP.”

“Got it,” Jose said. “Why is she cutting out early too?”

“All she said was it was personal stuff, nothing serious. Just a favor for someone.”

“Works for me,” Jose said with a shrug. “Let's hit the road.”


To say the semester so far had been kind to Eric Shimp would be underselling things in his view. He was in an elite screenwriting class, doing amazing in it...and even more important he had met a woman. Vanessa Morgan. Just her name brought a smile to his face. And she was his girlfriend. Not just that, but his first girlfriend. She liked him every bit as much as her liked her.

She laughed with him. Thought he was funny. Kissed him. She just liked being around him. And he thought all that of her and more. He didn't think things could get much better. Sure, they hadn't had sex yet. It wasn't for lack of trying at this point. He had to pick up more shifts at the pizza joint with a couple people quitting and Vanessa already had a full schedule with her job. But still, they found time to get together...and have phone sex as well. It wasn't the same as touching her, but hearing her voice guiding him as he stroked, hearing her get hot and moan....it was something he'd never experience before. He was walking on clouds everyday.

However the moment he saw Chad walking towards him while Eric was heading to his American History class, it became a cloudless path and he fell right back down to Earth.

“What do you want Chad?” he asked.

“Look man...I don't want any trouble,” said Chad. He was still sporting the remnants of the shiner that Eric had given. “I...fuck I can't believe I'm doing this....but I just wanted to say...sorry for the shit with your girl, okay?”

“Really?” Eric asked in utter disbelief.

“Yes, really. Look man, I was read to fucking sue your ass for that shit...but Michael and Carter did two things. First off, they asked me if I'd take that kind of talkif anyone talked about my woman like that. Which, you know...would be a gigantic no. Not ever. The other thing was they said if I even thought about suing they'd just say I threw the first punch...so...yeah. Sorry man.”

“Anything to avoid litigation, right?”

"Well yeah, but I mean it.. I took shit too far. Treat you like shit way too often. So...sorry. We cool?”

“It's a start,” said Eric. “And I doubt Vanessa is going to be so easy to apologize to.”

“Yeah, well I'll worry about that later.” They paused for a moment, then went their separate ways. There was a better understanding between them now. Or at least that's what Eric hoped. He'd hate to have to go through that again with Chad.

As he pondered this, he got a call from Vanessa.

“Hey Ness,” he said. “It's kind of early for you to be up, isn't it?”

“Mmm don't remind me hun,” she said, audibly groggy. “Totally forgot I set an alarm last night to call you. Going right back to sleep after we're done.”

“What's up?”

“I was hoping you could come pick me up about an hour early tonight at the club?”

“Sure, anything up?”

“Nothing bad bae. I just wanted to spend a little extra time with you. Valentine's Day. You know it's weird, it's honestly really slow on Valentine's you'd think the opposite would be true. So...extra you and me time.”

“Sounds great. I'll see you at 10:30 then?”

“Perfect.” she answered. “Bye.”

First Valentine's Day date. It'd been one heck of a year.


Before heading to her cubicle Camila decided to go the ballroom Taylor had rented for the evening. Just to check on things. She'd sold the idea to her father but that also meant her name was attached to it. It had to be more than Taylor's usual college rangers. While fun, they didn't fit the hotel.

The moment she stepped through the doors, her fears were surprisingly put to rest. The colors that adorned the room were pastels of pink and blue and yellow as opposed to the garish red she was expecting.

Red did make an appearance, but for more subtly in the form of rose pettles sprinkled on the buffet tables set up, and even they were mixed in with white and pink pettles.

Even the scent  Taylor somehow got to cover the room was impressive. Vanilla mixed with the roses themselves.

“So, what do you think?” Taylor said, startling Cami a bit. “Everything is set up just right. All we need is the food and drink.”

“The banquet staff is preparing it all as we speak.” Cami replied, turning to face her. “I have to admit Taylor, I'm impressed. Looks very classy. “

“Well this isn't a kegger,” Taylor said. “Like I said, I'm trying something new. And I'm booked to capacity as well. Which means big a charitable donation which is good for everyone. A saintly side of partying. Virtue with just the right amount of vice.”

“I like it. Good job.”

“You're being suspiciously nice,” Taylor said. “Well, to me at least.”

“Taylor...I have a lot of positive changes in my life recently,“ She said, smiling a bit at the thought of Jose. “The kind of positivity that makes me...it makes me want to just cut bait with the bullshit and resentment. So...while I don't see us ever approaching friends it doesn't mean I have to be mean or sarcastic if you did good. Which, let's face it, you did.”

“I'll take it,” Taylor said. “I mean you're right, we're not built to be friends with each other but honestly I have enough enemies. I'd be more than happy to lose one.”

“Then, I guess that's that.” Cami nodded and smiled at Taylor and began to leave before turning around to say one last thing. “I'll be at the party tonight. For about an hour. Just to make appearances, photo ops. Another one of the catches Daddy insisted upon. Will that be an issue?”

“Not at all. It'll be good press.”

“Exactly,” Cami said. “Good luck.”

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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #50 on: November 01, 2019, 08:41:34 AM »

The day had gone by all too quick for Jake and Lili. The road trip up to match was an amazing four hours of singing along to a playlist he made for her then one she made for him, stuffing their faces with popcorn and power bars, just getting some time together before she was going to have to share him with more than few rabid fans.

That went amazing as well. There was something amazing for Lili in being on the other side of the mirror for this, seeing people waiting in line to meet her man and Jose. It made her proud, excited...and a little nostalgic somehow. She was never really going to be on that side of the equation anymore. She wasn't a wrestler by any means, but she wasn't just a normal fan anymore.

The match itself was off the charts. She'd rarely seen Jake and Jose play the part of the good guy, but they pulled it off well. Lili also had rarely seen Jake be the one to take most of the damage. Jose was keeping his word to Camila for sure. However, it wasn't that bad for Jake. A few chair shots to the back and a dozen wacks with a kendo stick. A light night for them. The other team ended up taking most of the damage. All of that wrapped up in the sound of a roaring crowd and smoke that she was confident wasn't all tobacco.

After the match was done, Jose kept up to the other aspect of his agreement, rushing out with a quick goodbye to Lili and Jake before getting on the road back to Camila. Lili sat at the merch table, handling the cash and taking photos for the fans who wanted to meet Magnus Pain.  All that plus she got a picture with Joey Ryan!

Finally the night ended at a cheap, but not sleazy, motel. Four walls, a shower and a bed. It was all they needed aside from each other.

“This is the best Valentine's ever!” Lili yelled, sitting on the bed with a bounce. “The car ride, the the fans, the violence of course...and all with you.”

“Nothing like gas station hot dogs and and violence to bring a couple together.” replied Jake.

"So what's the damage?” she asked. “Let's see?” Jake took over his shirt and turned his back to Lili. Her hand ran over his muscular back, her tender touch feeling so soft and sweet on some of the more tender flesh after the match.

“They got you good with that kendo stick,” she said. “No bad welts though. Just some bruises that are gonna stick around a while.” She kissed on of the marks  before backing up. “And I have to say, it's good to not have to pick thumb tacks from your skin for a night. This truly is the greatest gift you could give me on Valentine's day. Some of those suckers get in DEEP.”

“You're telling me,” he said. He turned around and looked at her. Even in the mediocre light mixture of a couple of lamps on a nightstand and a fluorescent bulb she looked every bit as angelic as the first day he saw her. The blue eyes and that cute little crooked smile of hers always made his heart melt...among other reactions. “So, what's next doc? Closer examination?”

“Maybe,” she said with a wink. “First, I prescribe a shower. Just to clean those marks up just in case there was something I didn't see. So, you strip down while I get the shower running...and take your time. I love the fleabag aesthetic but that water might take a bit to get ready.”

Lili headed in the bathroom. Right when he heard the echoes of shower water splashing on the tile he began to remove the rest of his clothes. He felt certain aches and pains he wasn't selling in front of Lili. He didn't want to worry her. It wasn't anything new for him. Aching knees, a nagging back pain. It was par for the course for him. He didn't even want to think of the nagging injuries Jose had to have after the crazy shit he did. A hot shower was just what the doctor ordered.

Once he was stripped down he turned back around to the bathroom only to see the single best sight he'd seen all day. There Lili was, standing in the doorway, stripped bare as well.

“You didn't think you were getting in there alone, did you?” she asked. She walked towards him and embraced, nude flesh against nude flesh. “I mean if I'm gonna help with all those war wounds I have to get up close and personal, don't I?”

“Logic is the one thing I refuse to argue with.” Jake replied. The lovers kissed before Lili led him to the shower. Jake stepped in first, Lili behind him. She began at his chest, running, the water cascading down both their naked bodies while she ran her hands over red marks on his chest.

“These actually look worse than the marks on your back,” she said, kissing the red welts softly. “They hurt more?”

“Well, they certainly feel better now,” said Jake. “People always underestimate the power of a good knife edge chop.”

“You know, treatment isn't always something delivered from me to you,” she said smiling. Lili softly grabbed his hand and borught to her breast, moaning when he softly began to squeeze. “That's it...you can go a little further...”

Jake leaned forward, his head getting the full brunt of the warm water blast from the shower head as he went to kiss and worship Lili's delcious breasts. She moaned, softly holding him close while his face found a home in the valley of her breasts. It was so sweet, so tender that is was a pity it had to end. But Lili had other pieces of flesh on Jake's body she needed to make better.

She maneuvered to his back, once more looking at the red mark on his back, kissing each one sweetly while her hands reached around and softly caressed his abs. Then she went a little further down and took hold of his cock in her hand, getting a surprised moan from Jake.

“I think this might take away any other aches and pains you might have,” Lili said before giving him a soft love bit on his back. “Still, you tell me if you need a bit more.”

“Oh I think I might definitely need a bit more babe.”

“I thought as much,” said Lili, kissing his back once more before releasing him frm her touch, but just for a moment. “Physical therapy is always a bit more...intensive once you get to something that works.”

Jake turned around to face Lili once again, giving her a deep kiss before gently turning her back to him. Lili got the picture immediately, bending over slighty and placing her hands firmly against the wet tile of the shower. Her leaned for ward, kissing from her shoulder to her neck, stopping at her ear.

“I think I might want to try something to ease the pain a bit,” he said, running the head of his cock over her pussy lips. “If you approve, of course.”

“Well, I think we could give it a try,” Lili said before moaning when Jake entered her from behind. “For what it's worth I think this is goig to work out great...”

Jake had one hand on Lili's hip and the other on her shoulder as he took her cunt. His started slowly at first. No matter how many times he'd been with Lili, he always started slow to savor every single sensation she sent through him. He waited so long to be with her, every moment counted.

This was a treatment Lili didn't mind at all. How he caressed her body, hitting all her sweetest spots. He never pushed her beyond what she wanted. He just knew what was right for her. He wasn't psychic or anything. He just paid attention. That made all the difference. It never felt less than superb.

Which meant he knew just when to speed up just a bit. How she moaned his name, they cadence in her voice. The way her stomach felt against his hand as she took in air. Her body was sending out signals only he had the cipher for.

“Mmmm...Jake...oh yes...yesss,” Lili moaned, far beyond any pretense of a fantasy. Whatever characters they were playing had faded way to the raw and real them. Her back arched more as her went deeper. Faster, harder, but he never lost the tenderness. Stroking her neck, sweet kisses of fire and whispers of passion in her in addition to his own cries for passion that always included. Her name. Lili's back arched when his wandering hand moved to her clit, giving her another reason the cry his name.

She leaned backwards, her back to his chest and resting her head on her shoulder. Lili's blue eyes locked with his, giving him a open mouth smile, more cries of passion escaping her mouth. Then Jake saw it. A little bit of blue flame in those eyes. Lili was thinking about something fun. He saw a lot of that look during their Mexico trip.

“Jake...baby...I...mmm...I want try something...just for you...I want to do it...only with you....”

He maneuvered his lips to hers, kissing her before asking, “What is it? Tell me...you've got it...anything...”

“I...I want to take you...in my ass,” she said.

“Whoa...you sure?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she nodded. “Never done...but...I trust you...I want this with you...mmm...just...oh...take it slow...”

He nodded, kissing her lovely lips one more time before pulling out of her pussy and moving his cock towards her virgin asshole. Before he pressed forward, her took her hand and brought it between her legs. “It's gonna help, trust me.”

Lili nodded and began to play with her clit. With her busy with that Jake got ready behind her, his cock still slick from her pussy. The shower itself had also provided a fair bit of moisture.

Lili tensed up instinctively when she felt him press forward. He hadn't made it through the breach just yet, but the pressure was intense.

Jake noticed her wincing. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked, rubbing her shoulder. “I'm fine if you don't. It's not important.”

“I'm fine baby,” she reassured him. “Nice and slow though, okay?” She kissed his cheek and looked in his eyes. Loving and trusting. He nodded as she turned forward again, bracing herself.

He pressed forward, his hand joining hers between her legs. Finally, his head popped in, both of them letting out a sigh of release.

“Oh fuck,” he said. “Oh my god Lili...you're so amazing...so good...”

“Nnng...Jake...oh my god it's tight...so fucking tight...”

“You okay?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she nodded. “Just...different...hurts a little...but it's okay...keep going...slow...nice and easy...”

Lili brushed her wet hair back, her eyes shut as inch by inch Jake worked his cock into her asshole. His moans worked in tandem with her hand working her clit, aural and tactile sensations creating a cocktail of pleasure in her body. She loved being able to give this to him. Something no one else ever got from her. And Jake wasn't going crazy or overboard. No hard and needy thrusts into her backside. He was following her lead, giving her the time she needed to get used to the intrusion. Listening to her gasps and winces become moans of pleasure. Loving her.

“Little faster,” Lili said, surprising him a little. “Just a bit...starting...mmm starting to feel good...I like it...”

“Sure...mmm Lili...”, His free hand glided down to her hip, getting a soft but firm grip as his pace increased.

The water crashed won on them both. If it had gone cold, neither of them had noticed by virtue of being far too focused on each other.

“Yes....faster now...so close...I can't believe I'm close...holy shit....” Lili moaned and gasped. The look on her face was a mix pleasure and shock. Anal was never going to be a regular thing....but it was definitely always on the docket for a special occasion.

“Lili...I'm...oh my god where do you want me to...” Jake got out.

“In me,” she said. “Do it in me baby...”

“Uuuunnngg LILI!” Jake cried out, thrusting inside her ass one more time before unloading. And that sudden feeling of liquid warmth ina new place set Lili off, her cries of pleasure joining Jake's in a chorus of indulgence, her tightening ass milking  a few more streams from his throbbing cock.

Jake slowly pulled out and turned Lili around to face once more, giving her a tired and passionate kiss. “You're incredible,” he said. “Holy...wow.”

“You too,” she said dreamily, kissing him on the chin. “I...I don't think I can move my legs...all jelly.”

“Well, I think the holiday...and circumstances, call for me to carry you to bed.”

“Who am I to argue with that?” Jake turned the shower off and scooped Lili up in his arms, carefully carrying her out and on to the bed. After that, it was a quick trip under the covers and they were off to dreamland in each other's arms.


“Point of no return, eh?” Margot asked. The night had finally come. Threesome night. The night she been looking forward to. The night she'd hoped would open her fiance Jay  up to be a bit more wild in the bed. She stood in the bedroom, dolled up in red and black lingerie and heels. Jay's favorite. Margot wasn't exactly nervous, but a little anxious. She had no idea if this was going to work. Jay loved the idea of a threesome, especially when he found out it'd be with Scarlett, who was in the room with as well dressed in basic black lace lingerie. Bra, panties, garter belt and stockings. Classic sexy.

“You ready?” Scarlett asked, her smoky voice tinged with a devilish bit of glee.

“Ready,, definitely.” replied Margot. “I just...I really want this to bring something out of him. I want...I want to be dirty every once in a while, you know?”

“Of curse,” Scarlett said, giving her a quick kiss. “And that's what we'll do. Just...how about I take the lead, hmm?”

“Yes...I think I'd like that,” said Margot.

“Then my first little bit of direction...lose everything except for the stockings and wait in the bathroom. Door open. I'll bring you in. Okay?”

Margot nodded, stripping down and giving Scarlett another look at her nude body. She'd both seen it and experienced several times but never got tired of it. Margot had such a fit, tight body. It was always a joy to play with her. Throwing a cock in the mix just made it all the more fun.

With Margot waiting in the restroom, Scarlett took center stage on the large bed adorned with elegant silk sheets and the most comfortable down blanket she'd ever laid upon. It was something out of Lady Chatterly. Regal but just waiting for a little bit of the red light district.

Scarlett positioned herself just right on the bed. Inviting for sure, showing off all her wares for the waiting Jay. But just the right posture to show she was going to be the lead. He and Margot would be following her. Margot wanted a different side of her man unleashed and Scarlett knew just how to get it out of him.

“Come in, Jay,” Scarlett said. The door opened and the guest of honor entered his own bed room. He was somewhat ready for action, his shirt removed which left him in his slacks. He was a thin man, but not without tone. A swimmer's build. He definitely kept himself in shape and that swimmer's build just screamed stamina. And his face screamed what he was feeling; he had just hit the jackpot.

“Wow,” he said, jaw agape. “You...you look amazing.”

“Thank you,” said Scarlett, running her hands up her stocking-clad legs. She licked her lips as his eyes scanned her body then the room itself.

“Where's Margot?”

“Oh, she's just around the corner,” Scarlett said. “Do you want to see her?” He nodded. “Margot dear, would you come out please?”

Margot stepped out, clad only in those black stockings. She blushed a bit when Jay's eyes came upon her. It wasn't the first time he'd seen her naked, but somehow he never seemed tired of it. And now, like this, there was something more behind his glare. It turned her on more than she had been in a while. What was about to happen was going to be amazing no matter what came next.

“Well, she certainly came ready to play,” Scarlett said, grinning. “In fact Ja, I think you're a little bit overdressed. How about you take care of that for us?”

Scarlett noted how good Jay took orders. In no time his pants were a thing of the past.

“Good. Now here's how we're going to do this. Sit down in that chair over there. Nice and comfy like. Just...watch first. Watch me and your wife fuck in front of you. Jack off if you want. Cum.  But just know you're expected to last through the night. So pace yourself honey. Understood?”

“Yes,” he said taking the assigned seat, his eyes darting between Scarlett and Margot.

“Now Jay, you have a very big decision to make,” said Scarlett. “What do you want to happen first? Do you want your lovely fiance to work me over first...or do I get a little taste of Margot?”

“I want you to eat her out,” Jay blurted. “I want to see that so bad.”

“I love man who knows what he wants,” said Scarlett. The buxom woman turned her head to her lithe compatriot. “You heard your man...come here.”

Margot smiled and nodded, winking at Jay as she made her way to the bed. She crawled on it, her ass in perfect view of Jay as she made her way to Scarlett. The moment Scarlett's lips met Margot's Jay's hand was on his cock, slowly pumping as the night's festivities truly began.

Scarlett sucked on Margot tongue, caressing her tanned skin before rolling the leggy blond onto her back. Jay had a perfect side view as Scarlett laid on top of his love, kissing her lips before moving down her tone body. Teasing her nipples, licking her flesh before getting down to the ground zero between her legs.

“Ooooh...oh,” Margot's moaned. Scarlett got right to work on her pussy. IF they were alone it'd have been a different story but this wasn't all about them. That was both the fun and the drawback of a threesome. New rules. It still felt amazing, all the same.

Scarlet, for her part, adored eating pussy. She loved sex with women. It was a completely different experience from men, but not just in the parts department. A man was like a raging storm. Strong, power movements, and explosive finish. Both parties ending up wonderfully wrecked. Scarlett loved that. Women were more of a slow build. Ripples in a pond that built up to a tidal wave. Step by step raising things higher and higher until it all boiled over. It was a process. And Scarlett loved that.

She sucked hard on Margot's clit, giving the blonde several jolts of pleasure while her fingers deftly worked inside her. She teased Margot, just barely brushing her g-spot.

“Ohh...oh Scarlett!” she gasped. “Oh yesss...yes!”

Jay sat, watched and stroked his cock. He was hypnotized by the site. His wife-to-be, writhing and moaning as her curvaceous boss feasted on her pussy. The paler skin of Scarlett clashing with the bronzed tan Margot had. And Scarlett had no interest in slowing down.

However, Scarlett did take a brief pause, rising up to remove his bra and drop it on the floor. Then she slithered up Margot body and kissed her, the submissive blonde tasting her pussy on Scarlett's lips, her smaller tits now skin to skin with Scarlett's D-cups.

With Scarlett's lips pressed lustfully against Margot's her fingers were still in her sopping pussy, pushing Margot closer and closer over the edge.

“You're going to cum for me Margot,” Scarlett said, licking at her secretary's face. “Cum on my fucking hand right in front of your man...give him a show...fucking cum...cum for me...cum for me!”

“Oh...oh....ohhh my god yess!!!” Margot screamed. Her pelvis bucked against Scarlett's hand while her mouth was smothered by Scarlett's kiss. All while Jay jerked himself like mad, trying to hold back while his beautiful bride to be came from her hot boss fucking her. It was the kind of challenge that would have made Hercules blink.

Scarlett's gaze went back to Jay. “You cum yet?” she asked.

“No,” he said with a head shake.

“Good, you earned yourself another choice then.” Scarlett got to her feet, losing the underwear and making a show of peeling her stockings off. She looked at him, fully nude and hands on her hips. “Who do you want to fuck first? Your one true love? Get her fresh off her first orgasm of the night? Or wander into new territory and fuck my cunt?”

“Margot,” he said. “I want her first...so fucking bad.”

“Making me wait huh?” teased Scarlett. “I'm fine with that...just be warned...I get kind of ravenous if I have to wait, huh Margot?”

“Very ravenous,” smiled Margot. Then her gaze went to her man, a lust-crazed grin on her face. “Come here and fuck me.”

Jay was like a flash of lighting from his chair to in between Margot's legs. They moaned in unison as he filled her up with his cock.

“Ooh, I like 'em eager,” Scarlett teased. “Now fuck her like she told you.”

Once more Jay proved to be very eager to please. It didn't take much to unleash that beast inside of his. Just what Margot wanted. He gavve it to her with that roughness she was hungry for. And Scarlett could see it in her eyes, on her face; Margot was definitely pleased.

“Fuck...oh  fuck me harder...harder Jay...fucking pound that cunt!” she yelled, the corners of her mouth upturned in a smile. Scarlett licked her full lips then crawled in position behind Jay, still thrusting like a madman inside of Margot's tight pussy.

Scarlett pressed her chest against against her back, sandwich her tits between them. “Give it her,” she said, her head peeking down at Margot over his shoulder. “Hard....fuck her like a slut...that's how she wants it...give your woman what she craves...do it....doing so good...so fucking hot, both of you.”

“That true?” Jay said, giving Margot a couple of extra hard thrusts. “You want me to fuck you like a cheap whore?”

“Mmm hmmm,” she said as she bit her lower lip. “Fuck me dirty...fuck me like a trollop...oh yes baby just like that.”

“Told ya so,” Scarlett said, licking Jay's face as she moved to the other side, laying down right next to Margot. She looked up at Jay and smiled before beginning to kiss his sex drunk wife.

“Oh my god....” he grunted, speeding up at the sight. It was one thing to stroke himself to Margot and Scarlett together, but to be inside of Margot while the two made out was another matter altogether. “Shit...oh my god...”

“You gonna cum honey?” Scarlett asked in a sexy knowing voice. “You gonna fill up your woman's pussy with some hot cum? Would you like that Margot? Have him fill you up?”

“Yes...I want it so bad....”

“There's your green light,” Scarlett grinned. “But that doesn't mean your done, remember that.”

“Yes...yes......oh FUCK!” Jay cried. He buried his cock to the hilt inside of Margot and came so hard he almost collapsed on top of her.

“Mmm baby yesss,” Margot cooed, loving every pump of cum she felt slash inside of her. “So good...every drop...mmmm...”

Jay gulped for air, savoring the afterglow for a few brief moments before Scarlett once more took charge.

“Pull out,” she said. “Pull out and get on your knees.”

Jay pulled out of a still delirious but happy Margot and turned to Scarlett groaning out loud when she pounced on his cock with her mouth.

“Oh...oh fuck...shit...too much,” he stuttered. His cock was still extremely sensitive, Scarlett loved that. It was so hot doing that. She'd been with men before like this, who popped and wanted more. And she was always happy to oblige...under her conditions of course. And that condition was they never got the chance to be soft. And seeing them twitch and moan at her mercy as she sucked them was treat unto itself...with the added bonus of sucking off a mix of Jay's cum and Margot's pussy from his cock.

This wasn't a focused, “make-him cum” blowjob. It was just enough to keep him ready for what she wanted to do next...which he was sure was something both of her lovers for the night would enjoy.

“You're gonna get a real treat now Jay,” she said, still pumping his now recharged cock. “This is how it's going to go. I'm going to bend over and snack on Margot's well-fucked cunt, get a little taste of you two together. While I'm doing that, you're going to fuck me up the ass with that lovely cock of yours. Got it?”

“Hell yeah,” Jay said with a grin. The animal was uncaged. Scarlett freed his cock, the hard throbbing rod slick with saliva, then got into just the position she described. The moment Margot moaned once more, Scarlett was back to work on her pussy, doing some clean-up duty as well.

Jay's view was perfect. His woman, his Margot one again in the throws of passion. Her pussy was filled with his cum and Scarlett was bent over in front of him, wiggling her ass as she snacked on Margot's cum-filled pussy. And then there was Scarlett's tight little asshole. He literally saw his entrance.

Scarlett's body froze, a smile forming on her face and she felt him press against her backdoor. She looked over her shoulder, her eyes smoldering. “Do it,” she said. “Don't tease, don't wait...fuck my ass.”

“Sure thing,” he said, pressing forward and inserting his cock through that tight barrier.

“Oh my god YES!” Scarlett growled. “DO it....fuck it hard...give it to me Jay....take it hard and fast and make me fucking cum...”

Once again, Jay proved amazing at taking orders. He went hard and fast, pumping his dick with a ferocity that brought a lusty grin to Scarlett's face. She'd never get tired of moment like this. It wasn't the first time she was in a position like this. She loved back then in college and she loved it now. Nothing beat a hard dick burrowing deep inside her asshole. It pure and dirty.

Margot was now playing the part of the audience, Scarlett still trying to eat her pussy but being far too distracted by the obviously wonderful feeling of a dick in her ass. She fingered her pussy while she watched her fuck her boss up the ass. The look of pleasure on there faces, the moans...it was everything she wanted, everything she craved. And she hoped just the beginning of what she and Jay were going to do together.

“Mmmm...yeah Jay...take it...take that ass,” Scarlett grunted. “Little bit harder honey...just let fucking go...do what you want...use that asshole...use me...”

The train was well off the rails and Jay was ready to start acting like it. He grabbed a handful of Scarlett's hair and pulled her up. With her back to his chest his hands reached around to squeeze and maul her tits. He thrust up into her with everything he had. He was beyond words at this point, but that was fine with Scarlett. She'd learned a while ago the only thing hotter than a good shit talker was someone so lost in lust they were reduced to cavement in the realm of language. Grunts and hot breath hit her neck.

They continued like this, Margot a rapt audience while Scarlett was jack-hammered by Jay. Her tits bouncing, her face contorted in a pleasure beyond belief. “Yes Jay,” cried Scarlett. “That fucking cock is gonna make me cum...you hear that...your making me cum with a cock up my ass...such a good boy, isn't he Margot?”

“Oh yes,” Margot said smiling. “So good...that's why he's mine....fuck her Jay...I want to see her cum because of you....do it...make Scarlett cum...do it for me...” Margot scurried to her knees, sandwiching Scarlett against her man, kissing her and rubbing Scarlett's clit.

The added attention was all Scarlett needed. She moaned loudly into Margot's mouth, her asshole clamping down on Jay's rock hard dick. It felt amazing, but he wasn't ready to cum...he had other plans...and Scarlett was ready.

He pulled out and barked an order. “Lay down,” he said. “I'm gonna fuck your tits.”

“Mmm sure thing,” Scarlett said. Margot released Scarlett form their embrace and Scarlett laid down, grabbing playing with her tits. “Come on Jay...don't leave me waiting too long.”

“Margot, lay next to her,” he said. “You're gonna watch.”

“You got it babe,” she said, giving him a surprisingly sweet and tender kiss before getting in position. From there, Jay got in position was well, straddling Scarlett's chest and placing his cock right in between her magnificent melons.

“That's right,” Scarlett said. “You've been thinking about these since dinner ahven't you? My fat fucking titties...sucking them...kissing them...fucking them...so...fuck my tits....and cum all over them...cum on my face...I want it all...”

Scarlett squeezed her tits around his cock and that was all Jay needed. He moaned and Scarlett did along with him. Margot's eyes were entranced as she saw her man's pulsing penis glide between Scarlett's luscious tits, the bulbous head poking out from between the valley with every thrust.

“Cum...cum baby,” Margot said, her voice a perfect mix of dirty and sweet that Margot had perfected. Her eyes were pleading while while her smile was seductively depraved. “Fucking paint her tits...paints her face...please baby...let me see it...”

Jay began to moan louder, thrusting faster and faster between Scarlett's tits, the night's activities finally taking their toll on him. With one final thrust her exploded, coating Scarlett's neck and chin with the first blast before pulling out and glazing her face and tits in his hot white spunk.

“Mmmm yesss,” Scarlett hissed, writhing underneath him as the warm liquid covered her from tits to face. All while Margot licked her lips at the scene.

Drained and wrecked, Jay fell back on the bed, ina daze but still aware enough to watch as Margot licked every drop up then deposited that precious fluid in Scarlett's mouth giving it to her in a messy cum kiss.

The two women did this back and forth a few more times before swallowing their share of his cum.

“H-holy shit,” Jay said with a laugh.

“I think he had a good time,” Scarlett said.

“He's not the only one,” Margot said, kissing Scarlett one more time. “Better than a box of chocolates.”


Jose was almost out of breath by the time he made it to the door. It was 11:30. He made it just in time. He kept his promise. He wouldn't have had to sweat it if he didn't stop by his and Cami's favorite sandwich shop to get Camila he favorite gut buster sandwich as a Valentine's gift. Some girls liked chocolate, his girl like a twelve inch hero with the works...and chocolate which is why he also stopped by the grocery store to pick up her favorite ice cream.

And still he made it. With a half hour to spare. He opened the door, a big grin on his face. The grin of course turned into a dropped jaw when he saw Cami waiting for him.

[/url] [/img]

The lights were off, the entire area lit with candles. A lot of candles. The living and dining rooms were lit perfectly. And in the middle of it all, waiting for him was Cami. The candlelight somehow made her even more a dream to him. She was clad in nothing but a t-shirt...one of his...the same one she had been wearing lately of his and Jake's tag team. It was larger though, hanging lose, stopping barely at her thighs.

“Hey Sweetface,” Cami said. “Happy Valentine's Day.”

“Ahh...ummm...wow...okay...,” he said, trying to form words. “Got you a sandwich.”

“So thoughtful,” she said, walking towards him. Camila grabbed the bags, then looked in. “And chocolate ice cream?”

“Double chocolate with a brownie core.”

“You're so sweet.”Camila softly grabbed his face and kissed him. “You're a little of breath...I hope you didn't rush home for me.”

“No...kept that promise too,” he said. “But...I just felt I had to get you something...so that took some time...still made it. I mean I know it dumb...just a sandwich but.”

“No, it's my favorite. Which you know. You didn't have to get anything. You being back here was your present. That's all I wanted. Still, this sandwich is definitely going to come in handy in about an hour.”

“Heheh, wow, okay...so...is this my gift?”

“Part of it,” she smiled. “Let me show you something.” Cami put the bags on the dining room table and led Jose to the living room. Where his championship belt replicas were once hung now hung a medium sized frame. Or that's what he assumed. It was covered with a tarp with a small bit of nylon rope attached.

“What's that?”

“Your present. I had to move the belt to the hallway...where they look better I might add. I think your present looks better here anyway.”

Jose didn't know what to say. He thought she wanted to keep the belts where they were, The whole “this is place is us” speech. And now it was replaced with something. Maybe a big photo of them both? A painting. He was a bit nervous about it. He had no clue why. He also knew he'd be more than alittle hurt if all the him in the apartment was wiped out to make it more presentable to Cami friends and family,who probably weren't all as open as her dad was to the idea of him being a professional wrestler.

When Cami pulled the tarp off however, Jose was surprised in a completely different way.

“DO you like it?” she asked. “I asked Alison for help in getting it. That's why she cut out so early.”

“Where did you even find this?”

“Alison, like I said. I asked her if there was any promotional stuff, like those posters you have in the hallways of all those wrestling events. But, you know, with you. And she had one.”

Jose couldn't believe it, but there it was, framed and on prominent display: a poster of the first wrestling show he and Jake ever headlined. The promoter had gone all out too, using real poster paper and everything to promote it. He didn't think any had survived that night though. The crowd was appreciative but rough. He didn't see any kind paper that had been stuck to the wall survive the night. But there it was.

“So...do you like it?”

“Oh my god yes,” Jose said, trying to keep it together. “I..oh my god I love you.” He went to Camila puled her close and kissed her. “Love you so much.”

“Like I said before, I want this place to be ours. But I also want anyone who comes in here to know I'm proud of you. And what you do. I don't understand it but that doesn't mean I'm not proud. So whenever anyone comes in I want them to know who you are, and what you do just like they would me. And I think that poster does it better than belts someone else won. But those are still up, didn't get rid of them. Just moved them. They really do look so much better on the hallway wall. It's just so symmetrically pleasing.”

“Cami, fuck the belts. This is so much better. Wow. And all I got you was a sandwich and ice cream.”

“And you,” Cami said, giving his butt a quick squeeze. “That's all I wanted. But I have to admit the sandwich and ice cream, AWESOME little cherries on top. But there is one thing you can do for me in the future?”


“Two free t-shirts with every order you guys make for a new design.”

“Cami, you seriously don't have to do that.”

“Yes I do.” she replied. “Same principle as the poster. Except not orange. Really not my color. But literally any other color. Oh! Yellow. I love yellow. Make some yellow stuff.”

“Damn, that's a shame because we just got a deal on nothing but blank orange shirts. Big Halloween overstock, couldn't resist.”

“I think I might have a proposal to counter that offer,” Camila said before kissing him. Jose wrapped his arms tightly around her, lifting her up. Camila wrapped her legs around him before breaking their kiss for a brief moment. “Bedroom.”

“You got it.” replied Jose. He held her tight, walking her through the hallway to their  bedroom, stopping in the half for brief moment when he saw the new location of his belts. “Huh, they actually do look better here.”

“Thanks,” she laughed. “Now, can we get back to the sexy stuff?”

“Definitely,” he said. The pair went through the threshold to the bedroom and fell on the bed in a deep embrace. Clothes were shed as quickly as they could they could and soon the lovers were flesh to flesh.

Camila was on her back, Jose on top of her. His hands roamed her body while his lips passionately met hers. He then began to work his way down her heavenly body, the candlelight in the room giving her an angelic glow.

Camila's moans were music to his ears as his mouth made trip down her neck to her check, then kissed a trail down her stomach and rode the waves of her breath to his final destination. All the while his hands joined him, caressing her smooth skin as they came down as well.

“Oh...mmm Jose...baby don't stop...” Camila said. He kissed her thighs while he softly caressed her pussy, his touch almost a whisper to her sensitive skin. Tracing his fingers up and down her pussy lips before finally pressing them forward inside of her. “Ohhh....mmmm perfect....just like that.

Jose kissed both of her thighs one last time before his mouth decided to join the party. While his fingers worked their way in and out of Camila's pussy his mouth began to lightly work her clit. Softly sucking and teasing with his tongue.

“Oh shit!” Camila said. “Oh god Jose...mmmm...doing so fucking good...” She rolled her head, back arching from the pleasure. Love by candlelight. The perfect Valentine's day.

Little by little Jose turned it up for Camila. Her moans, the way she called out his name was nothing but fuel for the fire. His fingers were deep in her, grazing her g-spot with every other thrust and turn inside of her while with his tongue he signed his autograph on her clit over and over again. While he signed his name she kept crying it out.

“Jose...oh holy shit...get up....fuck me...I want you now...”

Jose moved back up Camila's body, kissing her before saying, “One fo these days you're going to let me finish the job down there.”

“You almost did,” she said. “I just was a little hungry for the real thing.” She licked at his lips. “So how about we get down to that, okay Sweetface?”

“Well don't twist my arm or anything,” eh said, kissing her as her reach down between them. He guided his cock to her moist slit and thrust forward, Camila releasing a pleased groan as she was filled.

“Mmmm just right,” she said. “Come on...do it baby...oohh yes...” Camila's eyes fluttered  as Jose began to thrust. He knew just how to hit those sweet spots in her. He knew her body so well. Just were to kiss, when where to slow down and work his hips. His lips, his hands to just where to touch and caress on the outside while his cock took care of her on the inside.

Jose took hold of Camila's leg, lifting it up around his waist where she soon hooked it around his hip. He kissed her again, sliding his arms underneath her back and pulling her up as he sat up. Jose held her tight, looking at her beautiful face,amazed she was with him.

She brushed some hair frm his face before kissing him during this brief pause in their action. In mid-kiss she moaned in his mouth as Jose began to thrust into her again. A little faster, more insistent now. But never without the tenderness.

Jose's mouth was at Camila's neck, then as Camila began to lean back, he lowered to her breasts, planting sweet kisses all over her bare chest. Her hand gripped his head and pressed im close to her chest.

Camila also began to work her hips. She loved letting Jose be in control. He knew just what to do...but that didn't mean she liked being 100% passive. She began to work her hips, Jose squeezing her ass when she began to move.

“Mmmm yeah...you like that...like how I move on your cock?” she asked. “I love it...how you feel inside me...so good...ohhh Jose...oh my god....”

Jose held her tighter with his arms and Camila's legs wrapped tighter around his waist as they went harder, faster. Their mutual climax in in sight but still wonderfully distant.

Camila pressed her lips to Jose's again slowly pushing him down. With Jose fully reclined, Camila fully took charge. She ran her nails over her chest before bracing them there, wokring her hips, rising an falling on his cock.

“Oh...shit...Cami...oh damn baby...” Jose groaned. His hands held her hips loosely , running them up to her tummy and around her ass she she moved. “So close for you honey...”

“Yeah...mmmmme too...oh yes...Jose...” Cami started moving faster and faster, fucking his cock with her pussy. Her hands left his chest and moved to her own body, running up her stomach and breast, fondling herself. She loved giving Jose a little bit of a show when she rode him. Something about watching her caress her own body drove him wild, once again proven when her held her tightly at the hips and thrust up into her hard.

“Oh...oh my god....I'm gonna cum...Jose...gonna cum..gonna cum for you...please...cum in me...cum for me...ooohhh yessss!” Camila bucked wildy for a few moments then froze, screaming out his name as she came on his cock, falling forward onto him.

When she did that, Jose held her tight once more, thrusting into her spasming pussy, racing to give Cami exactly what she pleaded for.

“Yes...yes Jose...do it...,” she whispered in his ear. “I love you.”

“Oh fuuck, CAMI!” Jose growled, thrusting one last time and unloading inside of her. “Oh shit yes baby...”

“Mmmm good...thank you Sweetface...perfect Valentine's present.” Camila softly kissed his lips and rolled off the the side, kissing his shoulder and cuddling close.

“I love you too,” Jose said with a dreamy smile on his face. “So fucking much.”

“You better.” she replied. “You know what I'm thinking?”

“Gutbuster sandwich time?”

Camila paused then smiled. “You know what? Hell yeah. Good thinking Sweetface.”

“Thanks.” he replied. Then he paused. “Shit!”

“What's wrong?”

“I forgot to put the ice cream in the freezer.”

“No problem. I  like it kinda gooey anyway.”

“I think I'm just going to leave the gooey joke on the table,” said Jose.

“Aww, and I set it up so perfect,” Cami said in a mock pout.

“Good lord you're perfect.”

“Thanks for the compliment. Now...feed me that sammich.”
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Re: All-Star College
« Reply #51 on: November 01, 2019, 08:48:26 AM »

Before Jose had made it home for his Valentine's rendezvous with Camila, she had been at Taylor's Valentine's day party. She'd left by ten, just long enough to make the rounds, take pictures, make announcement of how much had been made for charity, then left. She'd left by ten o'clock.

The early exit didn't bother Taylor. She knew exactly why Camila came and appreciated it. No snide comments directed at each other or any such childish thing. The night was truly going perfectly. People were having fun, money going to a good cause, her best friend on one side and her magnetic force of man on the other. Though right now it was only Norman with her, slow dancing on the dance floor.

“You did amazing baby,”Norman said. “Really, this is amazing. And it's only ten o'clock. Party's only just starting.”

“Thank you Normie,” she said. “I'm...I'm actually proud too. It's weird. I liked the fact I could throw a sick college party. Something like this though....it feels different. Good different. I think...I think I want to do more of this.”

"Finally found your calling?”

“Maybe...I mean I found you...why not find the other thing I'm meant for in the same few months?The pair kissed again, staying on the floor for a few moments after the song ended.

They then headed to table, Norm pulling a seat out for Taylor. “You want a drink?”

“Yep. Want to guess?”

“Bourbon, neat...and since it's just after ten I'm going to say make it a double.”

“You're getting a very special reward when we get back to my place,” Taylor said, confirming his guess with a kiss. “Oh, and if you see her, could you get Selena to come over here? I haven't seen her in a bit.”

“Sure thing.” Norman replied. With a quick kiss to her cheek, Norman was off with his mission. With him gone, Taylor's mind drifted to Selena. She wasn't worried or anything. Far from it. She'd been...different lately. A bit happier, far more confident. Freeer than she'd been in a while.

Still, even then Taylor knew that at her core, Selena was a hopeless romantic. She needed someone watching her back or else she might fall back into old habits.

As to where Selena was, she was busy doing what she'd been doing all semester...having fun.

What was that fun? Currently it consisted of Selena bent over in the men's bathroom and being fucked by some guy she had met fifteen minutes prior.

“YES!” she cried out, her hands planted firmly against the mirror in front of her. The top half of her dress was down and her breasts were out and bouncing with every thrust of her lover. They were still covered in a light sheen of saliva from his mouth.

His name was George...or Gerald. That didn't matter much to Selena. All that mattered was he was cute and had a hard cock. And that cock was buried deep in her tight, hot cunt.

“Yeah...of fuck yes baby....mmmm fuck my cunt...fuck me...make me fucking cum on that dirty fucking dick...oh YES!!” Selena looked in the mirror at her temporary loved.She licked her lips as he gripped her hips and drove into her harder, faster. He was every bit as desperate to get off as she was.

This was new thing for Selena. Purely raw, casual sex. And she loved it. No hunting for that Mr. Right, no relationship hopping. Just the fun bits. After last semester, all she wanted was the pleasure, and George(or Gerald) was giving her exactly that.

“Yes....come on...give it me...better make cum...aahhh mmmmm,”she said, her eyes closing as he started to strike gold, every pump of his cock like a pickax uncovering a new vein of pleasure.

“Oooh naughty fucking boy.” Selena teased when Gerald(or George) slapped her round ass. He was pretty silent except for his grunt and groans. Selena didn't mind. Took all kind and as long as the dick was hard she could do without the words.

She'd lost track of time. She didn't know how long they'd been fucking. Timekeeping wasn't important when she was having so much fun. And when she felt the first rumblings of an orgasm begin to form in her.

“Mmmm yes....make me cum...make me cum,” Selena said, almost chanting it. “Don't cum in me...not in my pussy...I want to taste your cum...can you do that baby? Let me taste your cummmmmyeeeeESSS!!!!” And that's when her orgasm hit her like a car crash, wrecking her in the most delightful way.

“Ohhh shit gonna cum too,” her mystery man finally said. He did as was asked and pulled out of her pussy. Selena kept her word as well, spinning around, dizzy and delightfully delrious from her orgasm.

He presented his cock to her and the horny Latina opened her mouth dutifully, sucking him off to a wonderful explosion of pleasure and cum in her mouth, swallowing it all down as quick as he shot it, refusing to let go until she got the final drop.

Exhausted, he pulled out of her mouth, stumbling forward for the sink to stabilize him. Selena swallowed the last remnants of his cum then got up too, beginning to put herself back in order.

“That was fun,” Selena said, grabbing her purse and touching up her make-up. “How about you give me a bit of privacy to lean up cutie?”

“Huh?” he asked, still a little loopy from what had just happened. “Oh...yeah...sure. Will I see you again?”

“If you're lucky,” she said with a wink, blowing him a kiss as he stumbled out. This whole free and clear thing was turning out to be pretty fun. Once she looked good enough to eat once more Selena stepped out of the men's room and began to head back t the party. As she turned the first corner she saw a familiar, if not friendly face. It wasn't that she didn't like Ben Farrano, but her feelings on him was one of the few things that she found herself agreeing with Camila Mendes on...Ben was trouble.

Despite that, Selena still thought it'd be nice to say hello. I mean if she could play nice with him, maybe she could get back in better with Peter himself. However that was soon halted when Selena saw him with a woman. An older one at that, but still beyond gorgeous. A fit and hot looking redhead that seemed very familiar to Selena, though she couldn't place where she'd seen the woman.

When the pair headed into an open supply closet, Selena figured giving him a quick hello was far from the best option, especially considering she knew that was his girlfriend. With that course of action blocked, she headed back to the party only to see a few more familiar faces at the bar. Those faces belonged to Sabrina Carpenter and Lucy Hale. While she knew Sabrina somewhat well from being directed by her for the film, Lucy she'd only met in passing. She still seemed nice enough though.

“Hi guys,” Selena said. “What brings you by the party?”

“Hello Selena,” said Sabrina. “You know Lucy, right?”

“We met briefly at the table read, where she did great.” Selena said, extending her hand. “Nice to see you again.”

“You too.” replied Lucy. “And thanks.”

“As for what we're doing here, well I can't speak for Lucy but the moment I heard “open bar with Premium ticket purchase” I took the bait. Peter and Hailee ae back at the apartment, and my man got tied up with something about his editing project at school. But hey, the free tequila is numbing that.”

“And I'm supposed to be here with my boyfriend, but I don't see him anywhere here, yet at least,” Lucy said. “He sent me a text saying he was here though.”

“I'm sure you'll find him.” Selena answered. She then turned to Sabrina. What she had said confused her. Last she heard, Ben was dating her. “What exactly is Ben doing again?”

Before Sabrina could reply, Lucy answered. “I said he was here but I didn't know where.”

Selena and Sabrina looked at her, utterly confused. “She was asking me,” Sabrina said. “My boyfriend's name is Ben.”

Lucy paused. She began to feel a bit queasy. “So's mine.”

“Um, Sabrina...did you tell Ben you were going to be here tonight?”

“No...I figured he had his own thing and I'd meet him back at the apartment.”

Selena breathed deep. She weighed her options. She wasn't going to say anything when she saw Ben with that woman originally. But now...it felt like the right thing. And ever since what went down with her and ready, she was more willing to do the right thing. Because she'd want to know if she was being cheated on.

“Um...I have something to show both of you, I think.”

Selena led Sabrina and Lucy out of the party and back to the supply closet. “Just open it,” she said. “I think you guys will find what you're looking for...and I'm sorry in advance.”

Sabrina and Lucy walked closer to the door and Sabrina took the initiative and opened the door. And that's when they saw it. Ben. And he was balls deep in Jessica Chastain. Sabrina knew who that was since she was one of her professors.

“You son of a BITCH!” Lucy screamed, tears flowing from the first word from her mouth. Sabrina was silent, shaking with anger. Still, she had her own share of tears flowing.

“Holy shit!” Ben said, pulling out of a similarly surprised Jessica. “Lucy AND Sabrina? What the fuck?”

“You FUCKING asshole!” Sabrina yelled. “I knew it...I fucking knew it!” That was all she had to say before walking off, trying to keep her composure, Lucy following Sabrina.

“I'm so sorry!” Lucy said through a veil of tears. “Sabrina I swear I didn't know, he didn't tell me...I'm so sorry!”

“It's not your fault,” Sabrina said with a shaky voice. “I believe you. You didn't know...so I'm not mad at you...not really....but I need to just go home right now...”

“I get it...I'm just...sorry,” Lucy paused, then walked ahead of Sabrina in a rush, embarrassed and angry. Sabrina however, was just angry. Hurt...but it all crackled with anger.

“You guys okay?” Selena asked, catching up.

“No, I'm really not.” replied Sabrina. “I want to fucking kick his ass. I feel so fucking dumb. I KNEW something was off...but I pushed it to the back of my head. I trusted the motherfucker. I'm just glad I know.”

“I know we don't know each other too well, but you need anything?”

“I think I'm just going to head home. But thanks.” Selena breathed deep as Sabrina walked away. Part of her felt guilty. She knew telling Sabrina was the right thing to do, but seeing anyone hurt like that, it didn't feel good.

Still, it wasn't her fault. It was all on Ben. Which was usually how it went with the man.


Ten o'clock in the strip club and Eric was marveling at how right Vanessa was. Valentine's day was surprisingly dead. The girls were all there but the only people there for them were the hardcore faithful.

He'd arrived early. Better that than late. At this point the bartender knew who he was, and since he was with Vanessa the drinks were free, as long as they weren't alcoholic. That wasn't much of an issue for Eric. He wasn't really a fan of alcohol. Club soda with lime worked fine for him.

“Slow down baby,” Vanessa said, sneaking up behind her man and kissing him on the cheek. “Gonna need you to have a clear head.”

“You're right,” said Eric. “If I got for a third Club and lime I'm just going to become an animal.”

“Is that a promise?” she smiled. “You're early.”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, not at all...might be better actually. Didn't take a break all night...probably because, as you an see, my whole shift has pretty much been a break. So this last hour IS my break. Not like it matters tonight though.

“Yeah I saw. You weren't kidding about it being dead. This is a whole different level of it.”

“I know. Still made a little of off tips but tonight dinner's on you.”

“Well, if that's the case, want to cut out early?” he asked.

“Not quite yet,” Vanessa said with a cute little smile. “I have a present for you.”

“I have one for you too,” He said. “ts in the car. What about mine?”

“Well...follow me.” Vanessa led him away from the bar and up the stairs to a room cordoned off by a velvet rope and a large, mountain of a man.

“Hey Luther,” Vanessa said to the burly man. “I'm looking for a little privacy with my man here in the champagne room?”

“No can do Ness,” he said. “You know the rules. Private dances, not private time.”

“Well, I have three reasons why you're going to let us in and close the door.”

“I'm listening.”

“Well, one, I got fifty dollars with your name on it,” Vanessa said, taking a fifty out from between her tits. “Two, it's dead. No one has even come up here for what, an hour?”

“Hour and a half.” Luther replied.

“And three: We wouldn't want the boss finding out you did the exact same thing with Nicki and Lindsey WHILE they were on the clock on Tuesday?”

“Seriously Nessa?” Luther said.

“Well? How's that fifty sound?” Luther held his hand out and took the money then handed Vanessa a key. He was about to walk away when she stopped him. “This is the playlist I want. Let the DJ know. And this is for him.” Vanessa slipped the list and a ten dollar bill to Luther. “We cool?”

“As a cucumber.” Luther replied. He walked past Eric. “You a lucky man, you know that?”

With Luther gone, Vanessa led Eric into the private dance room. Like the rest of the place, it was a mix of trashy and high class, just a bit cozier. The lights were mainly red and violet and moving a little bit slower than they were on the main floor.

“What's going on?” Eric asked.

“Your present,” Vanessa said with a smile. She led him to a big red couch, the legs and frame of it colored gold. As he sat down she kissed him, sucking his tongue a bit as it broke. “I think you know what it is by now, don't you baby?”

“I'm starting to piece it together, yeah.”

“You want to?” she asked. “I mean, are you comfortable with it?”

Eric answered her question by getting up and kissing her holding her close, his hands roaming her body like they never had before. “Very comfortable,” he said.

“I can see,” she said with a laugh. “Then sit down baby. The fun's going to start any minute.”

Right when Eric sat down, the speaker's started blaring, starting with a scream. That scream led into a song and Vanessa began to dance just for him. A few lyrics in, he recognized the song as Kiss, by Prince. However, any thoughts of what music he was listening to faded to the background when Vanessa really began to move.

She had taken a few steps away from him. Firstly to lock the door behind them, But the moment the scream came on she turned to him. She worked and sashayed her hip in beat with the music, strutting her way to Eric. She tried to keep in her smile. He was making that very hard with how he was looking at her. It was almost like how the customers did, but barely. There was lot more than lust behind those eyes.

Vanessa was no more than a foot from him when she stopped right in a break in the song, spinning around and bending over, jutting her ass out in front of him. When the beat picked up she smacked her ass before flipping her hair over her shoulder, licking her lips as she stared him out.

She slowly got upright again, grooving her booty to the music and grinding her hips. She turned back around and bent over once more, giving him a peak at the valley beneath her cleavage, rising up once more and running her hands up her legs, over her crotch. Then her toned stomach and her breasts, throwing her hair back and moaning as her body moved with the music.

And Eric was speechless throughout it, utterly hypnotized by this goddess of a woman dancing for him. How she rolled her head, her eyes shut, running her hands over her body. A body he was hungering to feel again. One touch was all it took to make him totally addicted.

The song ended but gave way to another. If Eric was paying attention the the music in any tangible way he'd be able to tell it was Darling Nikki, once more by Prince. What he did notice was the dance getting slower, a bit sexier and raunchier.

Eric watched as Vanessa brought her hand to her mouth, sucking on her middle and index finger before sliding them down her body and under her thong. She began to undulate her body, moving like a wave. She moaned softly  before removing her hand then brought her fingers to Eric who sucked on them eagerly. For a first timer he knew enough the moves to keep the dance going.

When the song got really heavy Vanessa whipped her hair side to side and reached behind to unhook her bra, discarding the garment right into Eric's lap. While she couldn't see his eyes on her bare tits for the first time, Vanessa swore she could feel it. She knew what it was like to have eyes on her and his had been having a road trip on all of her curves.

Before the song ended she was finally on Eric's lap, riding him without riding him. But she could definitely feel his hard cock through his jeans. As the song broke down, she moved faster and faster, rubbing her tits in a very appreciative Eric's face. He couldn't resist, he had to give back a little of what he was being given.

He began to lick and kiss Vanessa's breasts, holding them in his hands. Vanessa stopped moving for a bit, savoring the attention and moaning. He really was ready. But still, she wanted to give him more.

As the song faded out she turned her back to him, sitting in his lap and grinding her stupendous ass into his crotch, pushing the limits of stamina for his virgin cock. Refusing to make things easier for him, she grabbed his hands and brought them back to her breasts, having him hold them once more.

“You like this baby?” she asked. “Because it's all for you...all of it....I'm yours...this is all for you...”

“Love it,” he grunted, trying to keep it together. “Oh shit Vanessa...oh fuck...I can't believe this...”

“Believe it.” she replied. “Because it's only getting better for you baby. For us.”

Darling Nikki faded out and gave way to another Prince jam, If I Was Your Girlfriend. With this new song came a new trick for Vanessa. No dancing this time. She got up from his lap and turned around and dropped to her knees. She crawled towards him, bopping her butt to the beat until she got back to him. She grabbed his knees and slowly parted his legs.

Eric was stunned silent as he watched Vanessa look up at him, a sexy smile on her face while her hands ran softly up and down his thighs before going to his fly, unzipping it and pulling his pants down. He raised ass up for a moment to help her and soon he raging hard cock was out.

“Oh Eric,” she said, gently touch and caressing his dick with his fingers. “You cock is so nice. Good size. Not too thick...but enough to have some fun with...”

“Ohhhh wow,” he stuttered. She was really making things difficult now. And Vanessa new it. She liked seeing him like this, putty in her hands. They both knew what was coming next. Neither could wait either. And in Vanessa's mind, it was a necessary step. She knew he wasn't going to last long in her mouth...that just meant when it was time for the deed to be done he'd have a lot more of that same stamina for her.

“OH, my god!” Eric groaned when she took him in her mouth. This was unlike anything he'd ever experienced before. Ever. Nothing could match it, or so he though. Still, it was magic. Her lips, her tongue, all of it performing a miracle of pleasure on his mouth. Teasing and pleasing. Playing with him. Making him feel pleasure he didn't know he could feel.

Vanessa was having a good time too, getting off on what she was doing to him. So appreciative, sweet nothings combined with filthy gibberish. He was utterly stunned as he tongue licked and teased his glans, when her nails lightly tickled and teased his balls. When Vanessa took him all the way to her throat, she thought he might have shot on the spot. Somehow Eric kept it together. But that wouldn't last. And that was fine with her. He didn't need to last through a blow job anyway.

“You can cum in my mouth,” Vanessa said. “Don't be scared...it's okay...just do it....I want you to baby...”

“Oh god Vanessa!” he cried out the moment her mouth returned to his cock. He filled her mouth up several times over, Vanessa working overtime in gulping down what he had to give her. It seemed endless until finally it all slowed to a dribble.

“Wow,” she said, wiping her mouth.  “That was...a lot more than I expected.”

“S-sorry, he said. “I didn't know and I....”

“Shhhh,” she hushed him. “It's fine.Just a surprise. Not a bad one...okay?”

“Yeah, sure.” he replied. “Good...because we're not done yet.” The song was still playing as she got on top of him again. His cock had gone semi-soft, but that was no issue. She'd get him ready again.

“What do you want to do to me babe?” she asked, grinding on his cock. “Tell me...I'm yours tonight...what do you need?”

“I....oh Vanessa..I...”

“Yesss baby...” she was grinding harder now feeling his cock go rigid once more. She was ready for what he was going to say.

“I want to eat your pussy,” he said. Vanessa wasn't ready for that, and Eric could tell. “If that's all right?”

“Oh, it's great,” she replied. “Just wasn't ready for that. But...I'm definitely taking that offer.”

Vanessa got up turned around beckoning Eric to joined her. When he was up she kissed him, jacking his cock while their tongues met in each other's mouths. Vanessa then stepped back slowly removing her thong as the song changed to another Prince classic, U Got The Look.

In moments Vanessa was bare save for the boots she wore. “You like?”

“Dear lord yes,” Eric said,dumbfounded.

Vanessa waked by him and laid down on the couch, her legs open and inviting. “Come on baby,” she said. “I'm ready for you.”

Eric surprised her again when he went for her boots, unzipping them and dropping them to the side, leaving her fully bare, not a stitch on. From there he started at her ankle, lovingly kiss up to her thigh, tasting every inch of her leg before getting to her pussy.

“Mmmm I like that,” she said. Another thing she wasn't expecting was the time he was taking. She appreciated it, but she honestly though he'd go right for the honey pot. Eric was just full of surprises.

He worked his way up to her thighs, taking a little extra time there before he finally got to his destination, his hands rubbing her toned thighs before moving forward. He was a bit nervous. Failing at this could make him look like a total dope to her, ruin the night. But he asked for it and he wanted it.

“Mmmmm Eric....” Vanessa moaned. He went right to her clit, unsure of what else to do. It seemed to be the right move as she was clearly enjoying it. He moved his fingers inside of her, fingering her while he sucked on her clit. He hoped he wasn't coming off as a clumsy oaf.

According to Vanessa he was anything but. He wasn't the best she'd ever had downstairs, but he was definitely eager, which make up for a lot. Doesn't matter how good a guy was at eating pussy if he treated it like a chore. Effort counted. All that and he was getting the job done. Her motor was running big time now. She didn't need much, not this time. She'd been wanting this for weeks.

Still, she wanted more than his mouth. “Eric baby,” she said. “I want you in me...now...fuck me...”

This was a request Eric was all too happy to grant. He quickly moved up her body, their lips meeting again as his hard cock waited at her opening, hesitant to go in. When her eyes met his, that was all he needed.

“Oh fuck Vanessa,” he groaned. “Oh wow...oh my....wow...”

“Same here honey,” she said, caressing his shocked face. “Take it slow at first, okay? No rush...we're both going to enjoy this...no rush.” She leaned p to kiss him and he began to thrust.

Just as Vanessa said, it was slow and deep at first, Vanessa holding him close as he pushed deep inside of her, trying feel every bit of her from the inside. She moaned in his ears, encouraging him. “That's it baby....mmmm just like that....so good....you're doing so good...”

She wasn't bullshitting him either. Effort once again went a long way. He was paying attention to it all, trying not to get blinded by his own pleasure. Listened to how she moaned when he moved a certain way, What made her body move, her breathing go faster. She might have said this was his present but in the moment was for them both.

Eric began to move faster now, going from Vanessa's lips to her tits once more, fully enjoying the glorious globes with a passion he hadn't been able to only a short while earlier. And Vanessa was loving every moment of it. She hadn't had a man like this in a long while. Any inexperience he had was no longer a concern. His hunger for her was just what the doctor ordered. She could feel the heat build in her. The fire started with the sparks from his mouth and was being brought to a full blaze with his cock.

“Oh my god yes...just like that...” she cried. “Oh god yessss! Mmmm...keep going...don't stop....don't ever stop....oh god Eric!”

It was music to his ears. Her cries of passion, every sound she was making. It was enough to make him lose it, but he held it all together. He went a bit faster now in her velvet box, trying to stay under control but losing himself to lust.

Vanessa was surprisingly close. She really thought the night was going to be about Eric. And she was fine with it. That was his present after all. But he just knew what do. He knew how to move. Not perfectly, but it was more than enough to really get her going. Even now when he was going full blast, he wasn't ramming her mercilessly. And he always went back to looking at her face. They kept kissing each other. Lust wasn't even the right word in her head, this was passion.

The song switched one last time to a tune called Gett Off, which was exactly what the pair of lovers was aiming to do. Vanessa was now on all fours on the couch, gripping the armrest tight as Eric took her. IT was only a matter of time now.

“Oh!” she yelped with a laugh when he hooked his arms around her and pulled her up. His confidence was through the roof now. That got her off. She liked already. She wouldn't be dating him if she didn't. But adding a little confidence to the mix...that was magic.

He unhooked his arms and ran them over her body, a sheen of sweat making her glow in red and violet lighting of the champagne room. Her skin was electric to him just as his touch was to her. Vanessa moved her face to the side to meet his lips once more. It was the endgame.

“I'm gonna cum,” Vanessa said, happiness glowing in her voice. “Oh my god baby I'm gonna cum...but I need you to cum too...mmm don't pull out...fill me...I want feel you inside me...thrusting..pumping...everything...please....oh fuck Eric...oh my GOD!”

Vanessa came, her cunt becoming a vice on his still thrusting cock. He tried to last longer, desperately, but Vanessa was too much, especially now. So Eric came, and  hard groaning in a pleasure he'd never felt before.

“Yesss...mmm baby just like that,” Vanessa cooed. “mmmm keep fucking me...every drop...mmm yesss....”

Eric tried thrusting through the pleasure until he had nothing left to give, pulling his wilted and exhausted cock from her heavenly pussy and falling back on the couch. Vanessa turned around, sweaty and smiling and crawled up on his chest kissing him as she settled down on him.

“Wow,” she said. “Okay, seriously, not bulshtting, that was hot. Real damn hot.”

“Really?” he asked. “I mean I wasn't...”

“You were great,” Vanessa said. “No lie, no pep-talk to make you feel good. Truth. Oooh boy, I can still feel it.”

“Wow,” he said. “You were amazing too.”

“Well thanks,” she said, pecking his cheek.She reached for his hand, grabbing it. “So...best Valentine's day gift ever? Scale of one to ten?”

“Oh ten all the way.” he replied. “Really blows my gift for you out of the water.”

“What'd you get me?”

“Well, I kind of got the idea you liked Prince, so I got you an vinyl of his. Purple Rain I think? Cliche, I know but...”

“I love it,” she said. “The one I have is all warped. So I needed a new one. That's a ten in my book.”

“So....you still hungry?” Eric asked.

“Mmmm hmmm,” Vanessa grinned. “Let's get it to go and head back to my place. Nothing like post-sex breakfast in bed. That and and I think we both need a shower to get all the glitter off of us.”


Back to eleven, although a different apartment now. The TV was mere background noise for Peter and Hailee. The pair were on the couch, Peter on top of her, arms wrapped around each other and lips in constant contact. His hand slid up her long, smooth leg.

“What a way to end Valentine's Day,” Peter said.

“Mmmm hmmm.” agreed Hailee. “But how about less talking more celebrating?”

The couple were about to consummate their Valentine's Date when they were broken from their loving trance by Sabrina bursting through the door.

The pair jumped up wit a start when she came in, slamming the door behind her. They could both tell she was upset, furious with tears streaming down her cheek.

“Sabrina what's wrong?” Peter asked.

“You're FUCKING cheating liar of a mother fucker brother is what's wrong!” she yelled. “He's out! OUT! Of everything! The movie, the apartment, MY FUCKING LIFE!”

That was when Ben came in, scrambling and embarrassed. “Sabrina, just let me explain?”

“Which part?” she asked. “The part where you were fucking two women who didn't know about each other? The part where you added a third, MY FUCKING EDITING PROFESSOR NO LESS? Or the last part, where girls A & B catch you FUCKING said professor and you finish up with her before trying to catch up with me?”

“...you choose.”

“Don't you fucking DARE try and be cute on this bullshit!” Sabrina yelled. She started to come towards Ben, causing Peter and Hailee to get between them.

“What the fuck is going on?” Peter asked.

“I pretty much laid it out Pete.” Sabrina replied. “Ask him. Ask you're fucking asshole of a brother if I'm lying!”

“Ben...did you do all that?” asked Peter.

“Look, it's a lot more complex than what she's saying.”

“I'm listening.”

Ben paused. “Okay, it's pretty accurate but it's not that bad!”

“Not that BAD?” Sabrina said. “TWO WOMEN! You cheated on me with TWO women and it's not that bad?”


“Shut the FUCK up Ben. Get your shit out of my room and get the fuck out of the apartment!”

“What?” asked Ben incredulously. “You're not kicking me out of my apartment.”

“Really asshole?” Sabrina asked. “Your name isn't on the lease.  Mine and Peter's are. So GET OUT!”

“Ben maybe it'd be smart if you just left for the night at least,” said Hailee. “SO everyone can calm down.”

“Hey, say out of this unless you can bring something useful to the table,” Ben said.

“Hey, asshole,” Peter said, getting in his brother's face. This was a move that Ben wasn't expecting. “Don't you fucking talk to her like that, understand?”

“Oh, I see how it is, Ben said. He began to back a few steps away from Peter. “Of course you two are being all cozy over this. I mean guess I should have guessed with how close you two are. Hey Hailee, want to know how close your man and my girl are? They fucked, that's how comfortable.”

“What?” asked Hailee, confused. Then a well of different emotions began to stir. Sabrina turned to Hailee, looking the taller brunette in her eyes.

“Let me defuse this bomb before it explodes,” Sabrina said. “It was a month before you two started dating. One afternoon, thirty minutes tops. Never again. It was a college fling is all. I had and have no interest in Peter romantically. And I'd never hurt a friend. I promise you Hailee, okay?”

Hailee nodded, then Sabrina turned to Ben, a confident smirk on his face. That just made it worse for him. “How FUCKING dare you? Weaponize my sex life? Something I told you in confidence because you asked? You mother fucker!”

Sabrina shocked everyone, rushing Ben and slapping him in the face hard enough to make him stagger.

“Whoa hold on!” Peter said holding her back. “Hailee could you grab her please?”

Hailee did so, pushing the revelation she just heard to the back of her head. She took hold of Sabrina and pulled her back a bit.

“You crazy fucking bitch!” Ben said.

“You should leave,” Peter said. “Now.”

“What? Seriously bro? She smacks me and I'm the one who leaves?”

“You cheated on her, just tried to embarrass her and me with our one afternoon stand and insulted the woman I love. Like Sabrina said, only two names are on the lease and you're not one of them. And both of those people want you out.”

“Fine.But before I go, I have question brother of mine. What happens if I call our parents and let them know you kicked me out of the apartment...the one in which you share a bedroom with your girlfriend?”

“I tell them you fucked your girlfriend's editing professor.” Peter responded. “How well do you think that is going to go over? You screwing around with college staff. After that I wouldn't worry about much considering they don't pay my bills anymore.”

“Fair enough. But you do know if I call mom and dad, they'll probably also tell Hailee's parents about it. Didn't she mention something before moving in about wanting to keep the living arrangement hush hush?”

“Won't affect me one bit.” Hailee chimed in. “I'm not going anywhere asshole. You are.”

Peter looked behind him, smiling at Hailee, she nodded at him then they all turned their gaze to Ben. Ben was actually surprised by this. His bluff had been called.

“Fine,” Ben said. “I'll leave. I don't give a shit. Arguing isn't worth it with you folks.”

Ben had thrown in the towel. Under a triad of watchful eyes he packed his stuff and left the apartment. Shortly after her left Sabrina sat down on her bed, exhausted, depressed and defeated.

“I think I'm just gonna lie down now,” Sabrina said. “thanks for backing me up.”

“No problem,” Hailee said. “I'm so sorry Sabrina.”

“I'm sorry for all the shit he pulled. Sorry if anything I and Peter did before you got together hurt you...I just wanna go away.  I just need to sleep or something.”

“Just call if you need anything,” Peter added before closing the door. With that, Sabrina hit her bed like a ton of bricks and Hailee and Peter were left alone in the hallway, the silence between them awkward and uncomfortable.

“You two really did have sex, didn't you?” Hailee asked.

“Yeah, we did.” answered Peter. “But it's just like Sabrina said. One time. Before we started dating. That's it. Never came up again. Never tried anything with her. We met...and it was just you from there. I promise.”

He held her hand, but Hailee softly pulled it away. “I...I think I'm going to go to bed.” Hailee turned around and headed to the bedroom, shutting her door as well.

“The couch it is,” Peter said, sighing deep as he walked out of the hallway and flopped down face first on the couch. What a way to end Valentine's Day.


Two in the morning at Knockers meant closing time. Valentine's Day was over and nothing could have made Madelaine happier. She never considered herself a holiday grump. While she wasn't exactly cheery the rest of the time, holidays cheered her up.

Valentine's Day this year had been an exception. Jared was away living his dream and she was at Knockers feeding chicken wings to drunks. She'd already resigned herself to it, but she didn't have to like it.

What she did like however were the massive tips she made. A lot of guys just looking for some kind of attention to go with their deep fried food tonight. It was weird, she'd thought for sure it'd be dead, all of the usual at the local strip club. However, that wasn't her concern, the near nine hundred bucks AFTER giving Jesse his cut was.

Now Madelaine was sitting in the kitchen, ready to eat her first meal of the night. She had the cooks make her vegan wings, the sauce was the nuclear option. All with a side of fried pickles. She was addicted to the fried pickles. After this, it would be one last look around before locking up for the night.

“Just finished cleaning the soda machine spouts,” said Jesse, walking into the kitchen. “Need any help with your side work?”

“Thanks, but finished mine a while ago,” she said. “Care to join me? The wings are all mine but you can have some of the pickles if you want.”

“Sure,” he said. Jesse wasn't really hungry, but as he sat across from Madelaine in the kitchen, he couldn't think of anywhere else he wanted to be. She was still clearly bummed over how her Valentine's had panned out. “You don't all right?”

“I'm almost a thousand bucks richer tonight so I think I'm doing okay,” she said.

“Yeah, that payday was nice. But, I'm talking more about...”

“I know what you're talking about,” she said cutting him off. “And I'm dealing with it. It's not the end of the world or anything. It's just... I guess I wasn't expecting this? I mean Jared's a magician not a rock star.... wow that sounded bitchy. Even for me.”

“Nah, I get it,” Jesse said. “I mean I know I never thought of magicians as a touring thing. It's always Vegas or local stuff.”

“I know right?” Madelaine asked. “But I guess it makes sense. You need to get experience somehow in any field. Still... I don't know if I was prepared for that. I just wanted...you know...someone around. Pretty selfish, I think so at least. He's living his dream and I just want a Valentine's date.”

“Sounds normal to me. But if you're gonna beat yourself up over, maybe satisfy your sweet tooth first.”

Madelaine looked at him with a smile, wondering what exactly he meant. Jesse hopped up from his seat and went to the coat where he had hung his jacket and backpack. He reached inside the backpack then came  out, tossing something wrapped in red cellophane to her.

“What's this?” she asked as she caught it.

“I went to a candy store today. One of those places that has all those weird candies you don't see anymore and just tubs and tubs of gummies and salt water taffy. They had some vegan peanut butter cups there. Figured I'd pick you up something while I got a grab bag of taffy.”

“Thanks,” she said unwrapping it. She was a little shocked to find it was heart shaped and even more shocked to see that it made her smile. “Aww, cute.”

“It was all they had in vegan, so I hope the shape isn't a problem.”

“Not at all,” she said before taking a big bite from the candy. “Thanks. It's really good actually.”

“Aren't sweet usually reserved for dessert?” he asked.

“My meal, my rules.” She winked at him before finishing it off. “I like talking to you. It's weird, but I don't really know who I can talk to about this. I mean I have other friends but...I feel like I'm intruding on all the good they have going on with my whiny problems.”

“It's not whiny,” he said. He sat back down n front of her. “Look, you said ti yourself, he's the first decent guy you've ever been with. So you want him around. Simple as that.”

“Well, not that simple,” she said. “It's almost like....I miss having someone around more than I do the actual person.” Even as it rolled out of her mouth saying that sounded bad...but it was true. “I don't like being alone. Never have. I'm used to it. I don't trust easy so I'm used to being alone. I mean I'm trying to break that habit with a roommate...but I almost feel like I'm more in love with idea of having someone than it mattering who that someone is. Even if they're great.”

“Doesn't make you a bad person.” Jesse answered. “I mean, personally I think you're the opposite of that. You're probably a lot more honest with yourself than most people would be. Hell, not just with yourself. Blunt but fair. Never cruel. At least not in my limited experience with you.”

“Thanks.” Madelaine then leaned over the table to give him a friendly kiss on the cheek. But before she pulled back,, she hesitated, very close to Jesse lips. She felt something. Something pulling her to go one step further.

Jesse was initially shocked when she pressed her full, luscious lips to his. The kiss she gave him was surprising in it's deepness and passion. Jesse hit back, giving Madelaine the same back.

When the surprise kiss finally broke, both were silently shocked. Jesse shocked that it even happened, and Madelaine shocked that she didn't feel guilty about it. That the kiss felt right.

This kiss was another thing that was going to keep her up at night.

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Re: All-Star College
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“Wow,” Camila said. “Ben really fucked things up beyond anything I thought he was capable of.”

“Is he really that bad?” Hailee asked. The two were alone in the office of cubicles, talking in the coffee room. The entire place was essentially abandoned save for them picking up a few extra hours as they both took time off for Valentine's Day.

“This level? Not in my experience. But I guess if you keep escaping consequences you think you're bulletproof. I feel so bad for Sabrina though. I don't know how I'd react to all that. But you're telling me she slapped him and Peter actually got in his face when Ben yelled at you?”

“Yeah,” Hailee nodded. “And all that other stuff.”

“That's really bothering you?” Cami asked.

“A little. I mean I didn't sleep in the same bed with him last night. That was more his choice than mine but I didn't stop him.”

“Are you mad at Peter or Sabrina?”

“Well, no. Hailee said, starting to pace a bit. “It's just. It felt weird to hear that just blurted out. “Hey, your boyfriend fucked your other roommate!”. How am I supposed to take that?”

“Hailee, sit down with me,” Cami said, pulling out a seat at the break room table. The pair sat down and Camila breathed deep. “They both said it was before you started dating Pete, right?”

“Well, yeah.”

“And they weren't dating.”

“Correct, but...”

“Let me finish please. Not to be rude or anything.”

“Okay,” Hailee nodded.

“DO you feel weird around me?” asked Camila. “I full on dated him. I'd say we were in love, if you know, you can be in high school We were definitely intimate. So...does that make you feel weird?”

“That's different though. That was years ago.”

“And those two screwed months ago.” Cami replied. “Look, I'm not trying to cover for Peter because honestly, there's nothing to cover for. The guy is crazy for you and if there's one thing Peter isn't, it's a cheater.”

“I know,” Hailee said. “And the weird thing is I'm not even putting anything on Sabrina in all this. And I'm going to be fine. I know I overreacted.” Hailee took a moment, then stood up. “I'm going to call him. See if we can have dinner out tonight. Just to talk with him. Let him know it's not him. It was just the moment.”

“Cool. I'd skip the call though.”


“He's literally right behind you in the doorway.”

Hailee turned around and sure enough, Camila was right. Peter was there holding a paper bag that exuded the smell of cheeseburgers, Hailee's favorite food.

“Hi,” he said. “Brought you lunch.”

“Great timing Pete,” Cami said. “Haiz and I were just talking about lunch as I'm sure you heard us talk about that and not something else.”

“Riiiight.” Peter replied.

“Lunch huh?” Hailee said with a smile. She then turned to Camila. “You mind?”

“I insist,” said Cami, she reached into her pocket and took out a keycard. “Meeting room 62a. “Biggest table, comfiest chairs an the best air conditioning of all the meeting rooms in the land.”

Camila lace the keycard in Hailee's hand, then Hailee turned back around to face Peter. “Come on, follow me,” she said.

Hailee led the way but before Peter could follow her Cami said, “ Hey Pete?”


“You really call Ben an asshole?”


“Is there video?”

“Sadly, no.”

“Aw shit. Good luck in there anyway.”

Peter nodded, then followed Hailee out of the office down a separate Hallway. She stopped in front of a locked door and with a card swipe it opened and the couple entered the large meeting room.

“So what's in the bag?” Hailee asked as the door closed behind them.

“Cheeseburger from the Whisky Casket,” he said. “Pepperjack, cheddar, guacamole, tomatoes on a pretzel bun...shaped like a heart.”

“Oh baby,” she said with an insanely cute smile. “That's adorable.”

“Yeah, I thought it'd make a good peace offering.”

“There's no need for a peace offering,” said Hailee. “It was just weird hearing all that last night. A very awkward situation made even weirder by your brother dragging you into it. I was  thrown off by the situation. It's just....I really love you. It's not just a flash in the pan kind of feeling. I know it's real. I wouldn't be doing all the stuff I'm doing with you if it wasn't real. I was just shocked and a little weirded out. I'm not mad. At you or Sabrina. Kinda mad at your brother to be honest.”

“I know that feeling all too well,” Peter said.

“Oh I saw that last night.” Hailee smiled, loosely wrapping her arms around his neck. “It was kinda romantic, you protecting my honor and all of that.”

Peter his arms around her, his hands resting at the small of her back. “No one messes with my girl. Not even my brother.”

“I'm still your girl?”

“Oh it'll take a lot more than whatever happened last night to change that.”

“Good to know.” Hailee brought her lips to Peter's kissing him. That small kiss grew to a bigger one, the loving couple pulling each other closer and tighter. “How about we we put the burgers on hold for a while?”

“And do what?” Peter knowingly asked.

“How about you sit down in that chair at the end and we get to picking up where we left off last night before that unfortunate interruption.”

“I could definitely go for that.” Peter took Hailee's request and sat down while she  hiked up her skirt just a bit to grab the hem of her underwear, tugging it down. When they reached her knees, she hopped up on the meeting table, making a little show out of pulling them the rest of the way off of her legs.

She got back to her feet and began to walk towards Peter, unbuttoning her blouse one button for every step. She was in fuull seductress mode now. A vixen with a sugar coating. She didn't bring this side out for anyone but him. There was acting of course, but this was all too real and all for him.

“Are you hard yet?” she asked, shedding the blouse, standing only in her bra, the skirt and a pair heels. “Hard for me?”

“Yeah,” he said, his throat feeling parched. “Yeah I am.”

“Take it out,” she said. “I want to see your hard cock.”

Peter undid his pants, standing up just enough o drop them to his ankles. He wasn't lying about the state of his erection.

“You never disappoint,” said Hailee, climbing on the chair and straddling him. “That's a good habit to have.” She delicately grabbed his face and kissed him while lowering herself onto his cock. Hailee moaned into his mouth as she was slowly filled up, sucking his tongue softly before the kiss broke. “I think we're a little further than where we left off last night.”

“Is that a problem?” Peter asked, running his hands up and down the flesh of her back, stopping at the strap of her bra.

“Far from it,” she said said, licking her teeth. When his hand moved down to her ass,c upping it through her skirt, Hailee reached behind her to unhook her bra, tossing it aside. She delicately caressed her face as she began to ride him. Achingly slow at first, wanting every moment to last a long as it could.

“Oh damn it,” Peter said, his hands squeezing Hailee's ass. “Oh yes baby just like that...oh god damn it yeah....”

Hailee hung her head back a bit as she rose and fell on his cock, her long brown hair sometimes getting in her face. He took his hand her her face, brushing the hair from it and caressing her cheek. Hailee kissed the palm of his hand then sucked his them into her mouth, softly biting it before releasing it.

Hailee moved faster on his cock now, holding the back of the chair tight to keep balance. Peter's hands broke apart, one holding her by the small of her back and the other on her long leg, caressing it up and down.

His lips went to her chest, lovingly kissing her breasts and sucking her nipples into his mouth one at a time, caressing the sensitive nubs with his tongue.

“Oh...Peter...oh...Oh baby...I love you...oh god you feel so good inside me...ohhhh yesss baby yess...”

“I love you too,” Peter said. “No one else...just you...oh my god Hailee...oh damn love you so much...”

The chair was really getting pushed to its limit, the  intoxicating brunette moving faster now but every move no less loving and sensual. She licked her lips, eyes shut tight as she moved faster and faster, the feeling of Peter's cock going deeper and deeper with every stroke inside of her. The pleasure was almost radiating off of her,

Peter pulled Hailee tight as they reached Zenith. Moans and gasps for air the only sounds escaping their mouth. They were far too into the moment and each other to say anything with their voice that their bodies weren't already screaming,

Hailee moved her hands to his back, her nails digging in. She felt that fire start to burn. She was close, very close.

“I'm gonna cum!” she shouted. “Gonna cum for you baby...on your cock...all for you Peter....just for you...ohhh godddd.....” Haille began to breath fast, hyperventilating as her ride was going to come to an amazing crash landing of an end.

She leaned back, bracing her arms against the conference table behind her. Her head hung back for a bit before whipping back forward. Her eyes locked on Peter's. Her stomach  expanded and contracted as she gulped for air.  Hailee worked her hips and in sexy swirl, kicking off Peter's own unstoppable ride to orgasm.

Hailee still hit hers first, crying out “PETER!!!” so loud Camila for sure heard it...and was most likely laughing her ass off. People hearing them however, was far form either Hailee or Peter's mind.

A wide and delirious smile was on Hailee's face as she quivered and shook through the pleasure coursing through her body. It was a site to see, and the site was that last little kick that sent Peter over.

“Oh god Hailee!” he shouted. “Cumming!”

“Hold that thought,” Hailee said. The slim brunette scrambled to her knees. “I want to taste you...swallow you...”

Hailee sucked him into her mouth, her head bobbing fast and hard, urging him to a release he was more than ready to give her. Within a minute Peter groaned out her name and filled Hailee's mouth with his cum, the angelic beauty moaning as she swallowed every stream down.

She released his cock from her mouth with a pop, showing off her empty mouth before grabbing his hand, gently pulling Peter to the floor with her as she caught breath.

He was on top of her, softly kissing her while running his hand up her smooth, long legs. “Happy Valentine's Day...again.”

“Right back at you,” she said, softly smiling. “Couldn't think of a better person to spend it with. I don't know how this could get any better.”

“You still have a cheeseburger waiting to be eating on the table.”

“This weekend just keep getting better and better,” she laughed.


Sabrina sat alone in a corner booth at the Whiskey Casket. Peter had dropped her off their at her request. E was worried she was going to drink her pain away. That wasn't Sabrina's style. She wasn't an angry drinker or a sad drinker. And even ignoring all of that, it was way too early to start drinking. Four in the afternoon was the earliest she let alcohol touch her lips...Spring Break excluded, obviously.

She had however smoked a ton of weed since the moment she woke up and that made her voraciously hungry. So she decided to solve at least one of her problems with a massive amount of food.

So there she sat, stoned, alone and a little bummed with a gigantic platter of shrimp nachos in front of her and carne asada fries right behind it. And she was going to blast through it all. Not the best way to spend both Valentine's Day weekend and the last weekend before the most brutal shooting schedule known to humankind, but it was something more than sitting in bed feeling sorry for herself and being tempted to call her scumbag ex.

She was making her first real dent in the nacho platter when she saw a familiar face enter the bar, Lucy Hale. The other woman and Ben's other victim. Sabrina tried to hide behind the food. She wasn't really mad at Lucy. But she also didn't really want to see her. Lucy didn't know that however, so the moment the petite brunette saw the petite blonde, she made a bee line over to her.

“Sabrina?” she asked.

“Hi Lucy,” Sabrina said. “What are you doing here?”

“I work here.” She replied. “It's where I met, well, the asshole who shall not be named. Oh my god, I just want to say again how sorry I am about what happened. I swear to GOD I didn't know he was seeing anyone, and certainly not you.”

“I know. And I believe you. It's just...do you feel as dumb as I do about all this? Falling for his bullshit? Suspecting something but ignoring because well...you know how he can be.”

“Yeah, I do. And I feel pretty dumb and used and all of that. Can you believe that asshole actually called me for a place to stay after you kicked him out?”

“Sounds about right. I can believe that just as easy as I can him fucking my editing professor.”

“Jessica's YOUR professor too?”

“Get the fuck out of here.”

“No, I'm serious,” Lucy said. “History of Women in Film.”

“You'd have to laugh at the coincidence if ti wasn't so fucked,” Sabrina says.

“I am sorry though.”

“Look, Lucy, don't worry about it. I'm fine, you're fine. We're better off without him and you're not off the movie.”

“I wasn't even thinking of the movie. I just... I just wanted you to know I'm not that kind of person.”

“Well, if you want you can join me for this.”

“You're alone?”

“Yeah... and SUPER stoned, Sabrina said. “Still I can handle most of this on my own but I'm not greedy.”

“Thanks,” Lucy said with smile. “But I have to lock in. How about a free drink though? On me?”

“Maybe a little later.” Sabrina said.

“Sure thing.” Lucy got up and went to go clock in, leaving Sabrina alone. Again.

Still, it wasn't all bad. She may have gotten played by an asshole, but she also had people at her back. And she was working on making her dream come true, working with those same people right by her side.

Plus, a mountain of nachos and fries in front of her covered in surf and turf. Things weren't all bad at all.
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Re: All-Star College
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That awesome l read page 3 and it was awesome but it didn’t feel like an ending. Then realised their was another page. Can’t wait to see we’re it goes from here but really looking forward to Halloween again.
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Re: All-Star College
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An absolute masterpiece.  Weaving narrative and sex.  An enormous cast of characters, balanced so well.  I love everything about this story, and I'm so invested in each and every story line.  Thank you for letting me be a part of this truly epic narrative.  As always, I cannot wait to see where you take this next, but first take a well deserved rest. 

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Re: All-Star College
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Really enjoyed the parts with Scarlett and Hayley, you did a fantastic job!
Check me out on Patreon if you like my work!
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Re: All-Star College
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I was reading this again and l hope the next chapter. Involves Owen and camilla


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Re: All-Star College
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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

All Star College 6 – Spring Break
(MF, MFF, MFM, FF, Oral, Anal, DP, ATM, Swallow)
By MaxwellLord w/special guest author Slyguy
Starring: Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, Camila Mendes, Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jessica Alba, Scarlett Johansson, Kate Beckinsale, Margot Robbie, Katy Perry, Alexandra Daddario, Vanessa Morgan, Vanessa Hudgens, Joey King, Sabrina Carpenter, Camila Cabello, Taylor Swift, Victoria Justice, Ashley Benson, Ana de Armas, Christina Hendricks, Chris Evans

At the Whisky Casket, Fridays were always a busy night. However, on the last Friday before Spring Break, the final night of midterms? It was a HUGE party spot, filled to the brim with students celebrating the end of one of the most tense times of the year.

And it wasn't a normal party night. For the past few years, ever since the then new ownership took over, the last Friday before Spring Break had made the Casket THE place to be. A hundred bucks got you in for an open buffet of the best in bar food and free domestic beer, draft or bottle. The imports were discounted as were the spirits. Raffles held for bottles of good booze among other prizes like grocery store gift cards and other assorted must-haves for the college crowd.

The current owner of the Whisky Casket had a knack for knowing what the students wanted. Of course, it helped that Jennifer Love Hewitt was a student at the college once herself. A more timid and reserved one, though she did have her fair share of parties, especially as her college career went on. She knew what the wallflowers wanted and what the party-hards wanted. That was the secret to her success.

She stood in the doorway of her office, smiling as she saw a packed house, full of familiar faces from all across the board. Everyone from every possible social group rubbing elbows, having fun and gorging themselves on nachos, cheese sticks and sliders along with rivers of booze. Yeah, it was a college bar, but it was something she was proud of. And its massive profitability didn't hurt anything either.

Jennifer's eyes went from the crowd to her watch. 10:59 PM. It was time for one of the many traditions she partook in during this time of year. She made her way to the bar, the moment she came in the view of the students who knew her a roar of applause came around, making her grin and blush a bit. She never got used to this.

Jennifer got behind the bar, grinning then putting on a faux modest face as she signaled with her hands to lower the applause, on to raise them to increase it before finally cutting it off with a laugh.

"Welcome and congratulations students for surviving ANOTHER round of midterms!" Jennifer shouted, getting a roar of applause as a response. "And now, before the absolute debauchery I'm sure I'm going to hear about in some form when you're all back here nursing a beer, some nachos or whatever floats your boats, let's begin Spring Break with a BANG!"

Another round of applause rang out throughout the bar.

"Now, as you can see, my lovely bartenders who I'm sure you all are going to tip very well have lined up shots of my personal favorite tequila for everyone at the bar and some equally lovely servers are coming around with trays full of those lovely shots as well. So, nice we all have that magical elixir ready to go, we down it on the count of three and with that famous chant we all know. And as for my beautiful saintly designated drivers out there, raise your free burgers up in the air and thanks for doing the Lord’s work for all of us ready to get tanked!"

Laughter came from the crowd and in a few minutes all the shots were passed out and ready to go.

"All right," Jennifer said with a grin. "One...two...THREE! FUCK MIDTERMS!"

"FUCK MIDTERMS!" The students yelled in uproarious agreement as they joined Love in downing their shots, screaming out a loud "WOOOOOOOOO!" in unison that would make Ric Flair proud.

Jennifer looked back at the crowd and her employees and smiled her usual warm and happy smile. She never, ever could have predicted this would be her life. Single mom, owner of two bars and a hero to students across the campus. From bookworm girl next door to the cool pub owner.

Things were perfect.

And that didn't just go for Jennifer. In a corner booth of the bar Vanessa Morgan and her boyfriend Eric were cuddled together, nice and cozy with a pair of margaritas. At the buffet Anna Kendrick saw the face of several...acquaintances. She didn't know who they were but the minute they saw her she was more than aware they were far more intimate than most. That was a perfect little bit of joy for her. And over in one of the private rooms another celebration was going on.

The three private party rooms were expansions Love had decided to add for events like bachelor parties or birthdays. Some folks saw this it as crazy to advertise to a college crowd for bachelor parties, but Love knew all too well how headstrong couples went right towards the chapel with often disastrous results. It may have been a bit cynical but she figured if it ended up being a bad decision for the couple, then some good should come out of it. That good being a little bit of cash her way so the groom, or bride for that matter, could have one Hell of a goodbye to the single life.

However, for party nights like this, she usually left those rooms open for maximum occupancy. And two of those rooms were indeed free to all. The third however was indeed occupied by a more private party. Jennifer would have said no to the request but the student paid for more than a few parties passes as gifts plus a little extra to get the room to her guests. Camila Mendes didn't like to throw money around too much, but when she did it was rarely for herself. Not entirely. And this was one of those occasions.

Not only was it the blow off to Midterm season, the final Friday before a much-needed Spring Break, it was also the wrap party for the horror film Cami had produced alongside the film's writers and directors. Those being her best friend from childhood, Peter Farrano and Sabrina Carpenter. Things went surpassingly smooth. A few bumps in the road but for a first time...everything on that set, Camila, Peter and Sabrina were all more than a little proud of how smooth it all went. And with that and seeing the workprint the pair had assembled, Camila felt a big blowout to both end the filming and midterms was more than worth the cash.

And there it was, the wrap party was at the Whisky Casket and it was full of very happy, but doubly exhausted, students. Maybe none more exhausted than Peter, Sabrina and the main cast of Hailee Steinfeld, Selena Gomez, and Liz Gillies. Selena and Liz though seemed a little less fatigued with Liz on her man Zero's arm and Selena being a social butterfly. Hailee though was just as exhausted as Sabrina and Peter having taken on a few behind the camera roles as well. Still, even the ultra-exhausted were having a good time. It was a great cap to Camila first, and most likely only, production gig.

"I love this change of pace," Peter said. He was clearly a little groggy, but livelier than Camila had seen him off set in a while, especially with a similarly tired Hailee sitting next to him on couch. Anytime on campus or in the few classes they shared, he looked like the walking dead, as did Hailee. "This was a better after party than I could have put together. Thanks"

"No problem." Camila replied. "Honestly we all deserved it."

"I hear that," Sabrina said, downing another beer in the chair next to Camila. "Throwing myself into work to drown my sorrows, midterms to overtake my heartbreak and now alcohol to wipe them all out. Just what the doctor ordered."

"Good to see you're enjoying yourself," Cami said. "You doing okay though? After all the stuff with Ben?"

"Well, I still feel like an idiot for trusting him," said Sabrina before taking another swig from her beer. "But…fuck him. Honestly Once I booted him out, blocked his number and just went full on cold turkey on him it was easy accept alongside listening to every heartbreak song I know of. He really went after Pete for siding with me."

"Oh no what did he do?" Cami asked.

"I called his bluff," Peter said. "So, he followed through on his threat and told my parents Hailee and I were living together."

"Which of course meant then my parents got called," Hailee added, followed by a big drink from her Moscow Mule. "That was a lovely conversation."

"Dust settled though," said Peter. "Especially after I told my parents why I threw Ben out. You know...the whole sleeping with a professor thing. The cheating was bad, but the professor? Let's just say our living arrangement was quickly forgotten about."

"Cheers for that," Sabrina said, clinking her beer bottle to his. "And I actually spoke to Hailee's parents and convinced them things weren't what they thought they were." Sabrina took another long drink of her beer. "Even though, you know...it totally is."

"Sabrina come on," Hailee said. "My parents thought me and Peter were sex addicted fiends having sex constantly. I'm pretty sure my dad’s still pissed despite you calming them down."

"Haiz, come on. You two banged in a projector room and an office conference room. You could easily be mistaken for sex fiends."

"And what is it called when you have sex on a public park bench Sabrina?' Hailee asked, making Sabrina freeze, then nod and chuckle.

"Fair enough," Sabrina said. "Never said I wasn't a little wild."

"Wow, all of a sudden a romp in a storage room looks rather pedestrian," joked Camila. "You ladies really know how to raise the stakes on a girl."

"Speaking of high stakes sex, where is Lili tonight?" Hailee asked.

"She's at Jake and Jose's last match for a couple weeks." Cami replied.

"Why aren't you there?" asked Peter.

"Because Jose told me ahead of time they were doing an injury story or whatever so it was going to be really brutal and he was to be bleeding and thrown on ladders and through tables and I have no desire to see that. So, I get to hang with my other bestie and join in on the wrap party festivities as kind of an appetizer before for the real fun of our week-long party in Lake Havasu for Spring Break. Speaking of which, I have a little surprise for you regarding that Pete."

"Should I be nervous?" he asked.

"No…because before the party I just got confirmation from a guest that just said he could come."


"Oh...just Brodie."

"Get the fuck outta here!" said Peter. "Brodie's coming in?"

"Yep, he's meeting us at my parents' lake house."

"Catch the uninformed up," said Hailee. "Who's Brodie?"

"Well, if I'm Peter's best friend in the whole entire world, Brodie’s a fairly close second." Camila replied. "We were all pretty tight. And Brodie was the person who was always the male lead opposite Selena in Peter's high school movies. He probably would have been in The Three Sisters instead of Jesse if he hadn’t decided to go to New York to study acting. But I was able to get him to come down for a little Spring Break reunion. Of course, the women in bikinis at Lake Havasu probably helped."

"Is there going to be enough room at the house for another person?" asked Hailee.

"Babe, trust me, even with everyone coming along this house could probably fit twice as many," said Peter. "It's huge."

"Hailee, there's room," Camila said. "But Pete, it's not that big."

"Cami, I've been in it."

"Yeah, when we were twelve. Of course, it's going to be big to a twelve-year-old."

"When was the last time you were there?" asked Peter.

"Well...when we were twelve. Look, I kind of got tired of going to the same place every year. Mom and Daddy went there a bunch but I just opted to stay home at home or crash with Peter for all of Spring Break after a while. But now...I figured it'd be fun to go back. And since, you know, we're all adults and it's a bunch of couples and stuff, totally different experience."

"I can't wait," Hailee said. "Movie done, Spring Break with my man and good friends. And sleep. Dear god the sleep!"

"Just a couple days babe," said Peter before kissing her on the forehead. "Making the movie was great but holy shit that and everything else was way more exhausting than I expected."

"Well, then eat, drink, be merry and get ready for the most relaxing party week of your life my friend," said Camila. "We all earned it."


While the entire student body, and some many of the staff, were celebrating that night, not everyone was at the local bar. Some people preferred to have a more personal celebration were Camila Cabello and Owen Larshart. They had begun in his studio apartment on the bed. There was supposed to be a meal but the only thing the two were hungry for were each other.

It began with a kiss and before either really knew what was going on both of them were topless with Owen lovingly kissing and sucking on her hard, aroused nipples. From there Camila and Owen wound up in the bathroom, the shower specifically. For having a studio apartment, Owen's bathroom was sizable. Especially his shower, which was something the couple was very experienced in.

Camila had found that Owen had a thing for fucking in the shower. Something about seeing her wet. They had fucked once in the rain as well. Both of those were done without payment. Owen wasn't really a customer anymore and hadn't been since they started eating lunch together on campus. After one last paid date between them, it was all a lot more...romantic between them. Neither was exactly sure what they were and Camila was still working for Sophia, but now under the hot water cascading down their embraced nude bodies neither were too focused in putting words on to what they were.

"Oooowennnnnn," Camila moaned. She was sitting on a bench molded into the wall of the small shower, one leg splayed out while the other was draped over Owen's shoulder while the subject of Camila's lustful moan had buried his face in her pussy. "Right there baby...oh yes eat it..."

Even if Camila hadn't made a request, Owen would have continued. Hearing the moans of Camila mixed with the cascading streams of water was the perfect kindling to keep the fire within him burning. Feeling how Camila's body reacted and moved as he sucked on her sweet little clit. His hands weren't slacking either, one caressing the Cuban's lovely thigh while the fingers on the other probed her velvety depths. Every stroke of his tongue and every nimble movement of his fingers drew moans and shivers from Camila.

Camila's toes curled and her back arched right when Owen's fingers began to hit her g-spot. He had waited, lightly brushing it, teasing her before going in for the kill on that cluster of nerves.

"Oh FUCK!" Camila cried. A jolt went through her body. It was a demanding feeling. She wanted more. She pulled Owen up to kissing her, the taste of her own pussy on Owen's lips an addictive nectar that drove her wild.

There were no words now. At this point everything was on instinct with them, especially at a heated moment such as this. Camila rose up and was quickly pressed against the glass door of the shower by Owen, her round, full, beautiful booty squeezed delectably against the firm glass.

She stared him out, a smile on her face that only grew more seductive when Owen grabbed her leg, raising it with one hand while the other reached down and aimed his cock at her wet and ready opening.

They moaned in unison when he thrust inside of her, Camila rolling her head back as she cried out. When it came full circle, her brown eyes locked onto his green and he began to pull out, only to go back in deep. Every stroke elicited a satisfied yet hungry moan from Camila's lips, and that gaze never broke.

Slowly the pace built up. As Owen's cock sawed in and out of Camila's paradise of a pussy his lips made several stops. Her lips, her necks, her tits, all while the hot water of the shower ran over their bodies and steamed up the room. They couldn't last like this, not for long in this position. But Owen always needed to see her face when they fucked. She moaned and cried his name with her lips achingly close to his ear. It made even the dirtiest tryst they'd had feel the tiniest bit pure. Camila had dubbed it filthy romance and she couldn't get enough of it. It made her feel special.

"Yes...oh Owen....mmm...fuck me," she moaned, lips to his ear just as he craved. "I want you so bad...I love it when you fuck me...I love it when you taste me…now take me baby...I'm all yours..."

That was the signal. It wasn't ever explicitly said, but it was something that Owen just sensed. When those three words, "I'm all yours" were said, Camila was ready to turn control over to him. Let Owen have her body, take her and make her his. With a deep kiss on her lips, he let her know the message was received loud and clear, a P.S. added with sucking on her tongue.

Owen pulled out of her and spun her around. From there Camila knew just what Owen wanted, sticking her big round ass and wiggling it, arching back just so. It certainly did the trick for Owen. He slapped his cock on her ass, twice on each luscious cheek before plunging back into her pussy with a hearty grunt.

"Oh...oh yesss," Owen groaned, his pace resuming inside the tight caverns of Camila's cunt. He gripped her round hip as he rapidly slammed into her. He wasn't being selfish with it either as one hand went from her hip to her clit, working the hot button just as her fucked her.

Camila loved the pace, every breath asking for more in tone if not those magical words. She gave him both just as freely and happily as she did her body, bracing her hands against the glass and pushing back, meeting him for every thrust her took inside of her. She loved this with Owen. He could be all wine and roses, but she also knew how to get that sexual beast from him, what he was giving her right now. It turned her on beyond belief knowing what she could get from him. Pure desire and lust. A far cry from the nervous man she met on New Year’s Eve, but still not too far removed.

Owen pressed forward, sandwiching Camila between himself and the glass of the shower door. His thrusts became deep and slow, lifting the petite Cuban cutie off her feet a few times. Owen groaned and grunted in her ear, moaning "Cami!", repeatedly before hungrily kissing her neck.

Camila reached back and softly grasped the back of Owen's neck. Her grip tightened as his pace began to increase once more, both with his thrusts and his fingers breakdancing on her clit. Her eyelids began to flutter and her moans grew loud, her cadence desperate and decadent. Every sound making her lover hungrier and hungrier for that last moment of intense bliss. It was a carrot Camila was chasing too, and she tantalizingly close to it.

"Oh...oh baby...you're going to make me cum Owen," cooed Camila. "Gonna cum right on that cock...feels so good…don't stop...faster...HARDER...FUCK ME!"

Owen held Camila tight with his free arm and gave her everything he had. Full speed, no holding back just as she wanted. He buried his face in her neck, his grunts of pleasure morphing into intense, desperate guttural whines as he sped to his own point of no return. It was the perfect aural aphrodisiac for Camila and that last piece of the puzzle for her.

"Oohhhh yesssss!" Camila moaned, her body quaking and quivering like she was a living fault line. She cooed and licked her lips, savoring the sweet sensations exploding in every cell of her body. Every moment was prolonged by Owen's thrusts, especially as they grew more insistent. He was close now too. And there was one way this fuck session was ending.

"Gonna cum baby?" Camila teased. "Gonna shoot all that cum for me? Then you better shoot it all over my face. Can you do that for me baby? Cover my pretty little face..."

The words coming out of Camila's mouth turned her on almost as much as they clearly turned Owen on. This wasn't one of their sweeter, more romantic times together where he'd cum inside her or she'd swallow him. No, this was a whole different kind of fun. There was always a little thrill when she felt that cum pulse up from his cock and land on her face and body. A dirty little thrill.

Owen pulled out of Camila's pussy and the Latina dropped to her knees. Her gorgeous face was awaiting the cum soon to be rocketing out of his pulsing cock, the water of the shower totally blocked by Owen's body.

"Do it baby," Camila urged. "Cover me."

"Camila!" Owen said in a growl. His vocal expulsion was followed by a more physical one as his cum began shoot from the mushroom tip of his dick to cover Camila's face.

"Mmm yessss," she said. "Just like that." Camila loved the feeling as every stream of that warm, gooey warmth splattered on her face. It wasn't for show. Something about that liquid heat on her face drove her wild and made her hungry for even more. The accompanying grunts of pleasure with every bolt of cum were a great soundtrack as her face was coated with jizz.

When Owen's tap began to run dry, Camila grabbed his cock to suck out the last few dribbles of that precious fluid into her mouth.

Owen pulled his softening cock from Camila's heavenly mouth, breathing deep as he recovered from the orgasm. Camila looked up at him with a sexy, cum covered grin. She began to clean her face up, licking around her mouth and sucking the cum from her fingers.

"So, back to the wine?" Camila said with a cheeky smile.

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While many people were indeed at the Whisky Casket, no everyone could go. For them, there were other destinations. One of them being Knockers, who was having the start of their Spring Break Bikini Week promotion which was the follow up to the Pre-Party Bikini Week for Spring Break. It was an event that Madelaine Petsch had conflicting feelings about. On the one hand, she wasn't necessarily a fan of how many more customers tried to take a quick little feel of her body now that she was in a bikini. It was never any of her regulars, they knew better. But still, it was annoying beyond belief. And that was only for the pre-Spring Break promotion. She didn't want to imagine what would have happened when the actual Spring Break week really began and all the girls, herself included, were going to be in thongs.

On the other hand, the tips were astronomical. It made Madelaine really appreciate her physical attributes almost as much as her customers did. All those squats were paying off, literally.

Still, her feelings about the events this year were the furthest things from her mind, especially considering this was the only night she was working at Knockers for the actual Spring Break promotion. She'd saved up more than enough time to take off for an entire month if she wanted to, but this year she'd elected to take off for Spring Break. She'd been invited by Camila Mendes to join her and some other people on a trip to Lake Havasu for the time off of school. Madelaine and a plus one.

Trouble was Madelaine didn't even know if she had a plus one anymore. She'd hadn't been face-to-face with Jared in months. He had essentially dropped out of school because his magician career had really taken off. It had taken them both by surprise. She was proud to be sure. But she missed him.

At first.

That was the problem. It'd been so long since she'd seen him, that she had actually stopped missing him. And she didn't feel guilty about it.

Another thing she didn't feel guilty about was the kiss she'd shared with Jesse Carr. Not a hint of guilt. She actually felt guiltier about not feeling guilty about that kiss. But, it felt right. She thought about that one kiss a lot lately, a lot more than she had thought about Jared.

The fact was that she saw Jesse a lot more than she'd seen Jared lately. And there was definitely an attraction, even before the kiss. Madelaine had just written it off as workplace flirtation. That was always something that was going to happen in a restaurant environment. Then...the kiss. And Madelaine couldn't help it, she wanted more. She wanted to be touched and held and she could tell that despite avoiding the subject of that kiss with Jesse, those sparks were still flying. The flirtation had gone from a jokey work thing to something with more substance than either her or Jesse would want to admit.

And of course, after a week of wearing a bikini as her work uniform, it had all reached a new heat between them. Madelaine loved the attention. It felt really, really good to be wanted like that by someone who was more than just a phone screen.

Still, she wasn't ready to take that step. There was still Jared to think about and also the fact that Jesse was kind of seeing Madelaine's roommate, Selena Gomez. Who ALSO worked with them at Knockers which had the potential to make things extremely awkward.

While both Selena and Jesse had insisted it was pretty much a casual sex thing, Madelaine still saw it as a solid excuse for not bringing up the kiss with Jesse. Though the more they had flirted this week especially, the more that stance eroded.

Those thoughts overtook her more on her break, where Madelaine was pretty much going to get to be alone with her thoughts for an hour in the break room. As she took a seat at the green Formica table next to the fridge, she was ready to do just that when Jesse entered the room. It was his break time as well.

In he came wearing the same kind of loud Hawaiian shirt as the other male bussers and bartenders with a pair of board shorts. His shirt was blue, which really brought out his eyes. Noticing this made Madelaine mad at herself. The other thing she noticed was that he was carrying two take out boxes. She knew Jesse had an appetite, but with the portions at Knockers two meals was a little much, even for him.

"What's with that?" Madelaine asked as the door shut behind Jesse. "You looking for a massive heart attack?"

"Nah, just a minor one." he replied. He sat down at the Formica table opposite Madelaine and laid down both boxes. He opened up one and breathed in deep. "The quadruple cheese grilled cheese with spicy sweet potato fries and the coleslaw. And in box number two, the Vegan wings with the Caribbean jerk sauce."

"You know just because something is vegan doesn't mean it's healthy," Madelaine responded. "So, I'm thinking it'll be a lot more than minor."

"The wings are for you."


"Eh, you've had probably the most traffic tonight. Two parties of ten especially rowdy frat boys along with your usual crowd. Figured you'd need a break."

Was he flirting with her now? Madelaine honestly couldn't piece ti together. It was far from the first time they'd bought each other food, but now Madelaine was second guessing even that.

"Something wrong?"

"I need to talk to you about something," she said. "It's been on my mind...for a while."

"Sure, what's up?"

"It's about when we kissed," said Madelaine. "I…I've been thinking about it. A lot honestly."

"You're not alone in that Mads," admitted Jesse. "Been on my mind a lot too." Jesse shifted in his seat a bit, trying to find a bit of comfort before he started to speak. "And, since we're being honest, I think you're beautiful. Just...just fucking beautiful. And honestly your attitude is awesome. You don't need anyone to protect you from some of those grabby assholes and you can put anyone who mouths off to you in their place in about two sentences which is weirdly hot to see. You're really fun to talk to and I don't regret that kiss for second."

"Wow," Madelaine said. She hadn't expected Jesse to be so upfront about it...and be on her wavelength. The wavelength that the kiss wasn't anything to feel guilty over. "I…I don't what I was expecting but I wasn't expecting that."

"You wanted to talk about it," he shrugged. "The only reason I didn't say anything was I thought the ball was in your court. I didn't really want to press things because of, well, your whole thing with your guy."

"I don't even know if there is a thing between me and him," Madelaine said, only mildly shocked she let that out. "I feel a lot of the same things you do. The fact that you're the only busser I've ever worked with that didn't try to hit on me within the first week of working here helps. Most of the time they stare at my tits and ass just like all the customers. More so honestly."

"Oh, I still do that I'm just very discreet about it."

"Not as discreet as you think." Madelaine said with a smart little smile. "I'm just saying...we're on the same page. I think."

"What's there to think about?" Jesse asked.

"Well...you and Selena."

"Madelaine, I've said and I'm pretty sure I've overheard Selena say it. Essentially, we're just fucking. Having fun too, but nothing too deep. Which was your advice to me, if you remember."

"I do," Madelaine said, a spark behind her eyes as her red lips widened into a grin. "Lock the door."

Jesse nodded with a grin to match Madelaine's own and went to the door. Madelaine loved that management had taken her suggestion to put a lock on the breakroom door. Too many drunk and horny customers had tried their luck and getting in the back and it was a nice deterrent. Plus, it gave her and Jesse a great degree of privacy for what she wanted to do. The green light was given, as far as she was concerned. No guilt, nor a need for it. Spring Break started now for her.

By the time Jesse had locked the door and turned around, Madelaine had already moved on to the couch. There she was, Pale skin and red hair. Those full tits housed in a wonderful pink bikini top and he couldn't wait to see what was hidden behind those matching bottoms.

"Get over here," Madelaine said, more confident in what she was doing than she'd been in a while. "And let's follow that advice I gave you."

Jesse gave a little chuckle before making his way over. The moment the pair were in each other's orbit their lips collided with animal instinct. It was a kiss full of heat. The passion raw, white hot. They were forehead to forehead as the kiss broke, breathing heavily as Madelaine frantically unbuttoned Jesse's shirt and he reached to her back and undid her bikini. They backed off each other just long enough to remove both garments.

With both now bereft of top, Jesse returned to Madelaine’s plump lips, savoring them with a few more kisses and giving her bottom lips a soft bite before moving down to savor her pale breasts.

Madelaine smiled, moaning with every kiss and lick from her neck to her tits. She missed this, someone touching her like this. With desire. There was a certain heat in the way Jesse kissed her, with how he held her tits, palming them, giving them a squeeze. Not too hard, but not that lightly either. And when his lips finally went to her pink nipples it was that same tender roughness. Licking circles around the puffed-up areolas before planting a kiss, then lightly tugging the tender, sensitive flesh with his teeth. It wasn't fast but there was an urgency, a hunger behind everything Jesse did that Madelaine shared. She hadn't felt like this in far too long.

As much as Madelaine's tits were a paradise Jesse had long wanted to visit, he pried his face away from them and continued his voyage down.

“Mmm yeah...keep going...just...fuck keep going just like that...” Madelaine said. She licked her lips and began to rub and fondle her own breasts, tweaking and pulling her nipples. Jesse's lips kissed and grazed down Madelaine's body, softly biting the flesh of her stomach and placing a sweet little kiss right of her navel. When he got to the barrier that were the bikini bottoms. Once he hooked his hands around the fabric Madelaine raised her bountiful bottom so Jesse could peel them off. And once they were taken from her long legs, there was nothing more to hold Jesse back.

“Mmmm FUCK yeah!” Madelaine growled. She bit her lower lip again and ran her hands over her body as Jesse started on her. He gripped her hips with his hands while his face was buried in her pussy. Jesse's nose was buried in Madelaine's patch of bright red just above her slit.

Jesse started slowly, licking and sucking on her labia, only occasionally moving it to caress her clit. He worked his tongue all around her pussy, barely teasing the aroused nub. Madelaine shivered and groaned. The little waves of pleasure softly raking her. Then he went right for her clit, sucking hard and ravishing it with his tongue. Her back arched and a hiss of air was breathed in through Madelaine's teeth.

Just as suddenly as he started though, stopped and slowed down once more. Madelaine couldn't help but laugh a little. She loved it when a guy would do that. Tease her just the littlest bit, almost over load her then pull back completely. It made everything else so much more intense and unleashed something in her she hadn't let out in a while.

“Ahhh...yes...right there...just like that,” she said. Jesse continued. Slowly bringing Madelaine to a burn. He broke his contact with her pussy only to place a few butterfly kisses on her pale thighs, then went back to go after her clit again. Another overload and then...stoppage...then a return to that sweet slow burn. It gave Madelaine a serious craving.

“Stand up,” Madelaine said. “Right now.”

Jesse got to his feet. The moment he was upright Madelaine sat up, her face level with his crotch. The redhead looked up at him with a smirk as she undid his belt and fly in the blink of an eye. From their gravity took over and his shorts fell to the ground and Jesse's hard cock was free.

Madelaine's eyes were still locked on Jesse's a wicked gaze she hadn't let free in far too long giving only the slightest clue as to what she had in store for Jesse. While he could gather he was going to get his cock sucked, that was barely even the tip of the iceberg in Madelaine's mind.

Madelaine's hand soft grasped Jesse's dick, gently gliding up and down, giving him a slight taste of the tease, he had provided with his mouth.

“Already hard for me,” Madelaine said. “I like that. I love it when a man gets off on pleasuring me. Makes me all too eager to return the favor. Knowing you loved how I tasted...how every moan I made was yours...made you hot didn't it?”

“Y-yes,” Jesse croaked. “Like you wouldn't believe.”

“Oh, I think I believe it.” Madelaine's eyebrow cocked, a sensual confidence growing stronger and stronger. She hadn't felt like this in a while. She hadn’t been like this in a while. The sexual beast inside her was rattling the cages. With Jared she'd always been sweet and soft. And she liked letting that side of her play. The sex was far from bad with him. She had just...never let her other side out. The kind that picked up guys in rock bars and fucked them senseless in the bathroom. That Madelaine was a wild child who was just as famous for her bad choices in men as her sexual romps.

But this wasn't a boyfriend thing. This was a Spring Break romp...so that cage was unlocked the moment her full lips wrapped around the head of Jesse's cock.

“Damn...” Jesse said, his voice raspy and dry as the hot and wet mouth of Madelaine Petsch ventured down on his cock. And Madelaine wasn't playing around. Her pace started out hard and hungry, Jesse's knees shaking. Her hands held firm at Jesse's hips while Madelaine essentially fucked him with her mouth. A loud, wet slurping noise went with her urgent pace, taking him into her throat a few times to the shock and delight of Jesse. And somewhat to Madelaine. She still had it.

Just as swiftly as Madelaine had started, she stopped, pulling off Jesse's dick with a gulp of breath and a strand of saliva stick connect his member to her mouth.

She looked up at him, her gaze as commanding as her tone was to be. “Lay down on the couch. Now.”

Madelaine got to her feet and Jesse laid back on the couch. The redheaded seductress looked down at her eager lover, his cock hard and ready for everything their bodies were craving.

Madelaine returned to couch, crawling up from between Jesse's legs. She was alike siren out of a myth, her nails lightly running up his thighs before her hand grasped his hard cock.

“You're going to fuck my tits,” Madelaine said, softly pumping his turgid cock. “Here's the catch...don't take your eyes off of me. Not for a second. You're going to watch me and what I do to you every single second I do it.”

Jesse didn't even get a chance to respond. It wasn't negotiation. Madelaine told him what was going to happen. And then it did. She wrapped her pale globes around his diamond-hard rod and began to pump his dick.

“Mmmm there we go,” Madelaine said. “Feels good, doesn't it? That hot, hard cock sliding between my soft tits...I love it myself...nothing like a nice cock between my tits. A few things better though...”

Madelaine paused her titfuck to suck on his cock head, making Jesse groan, writhe and grimace from the pleasure of her skilled tongue on his cock while his shaft was encased by her tits. And the added challenge of keeping his gaze on her, not closing his eyes, not allowing his head to move added a wonderful intangible to what was going on.

“Speechless huh?” Madelaine teasingly asked. “Understandable. It's got to be so hot...being titfucked by me...feeling your cock in my mouth...hearing me say all of this too you. All with the knowledge that it's going to get better...you just have no idea how much better.”

With that Madelaine released Jesse's dick from its delightful containment and moved up his body, her wet and waiting pussy just centimeters away from his cock. She reached down and grabbed his cock, rubbing the tip against her wet slit, up and down like a paintbrush.

“Feel that Jesse?” she asked. “My pussy's so wet for you...wants you inside. Can’t wait to feel how that cock feels inside of me.” She slapped his cock against her pussy a few more times and shifted herself just a bit, placing him right at the entrance.

Jesse looked up, licking his lips. They both took in a deep breath as she sunk down on his cock. Jesse's hand went to grasp Madelaine's spectacular ass and held tight as Madelaine began to bump, grind, buck and ride him.

“Oooh yessss,” Madelaine said, a wide smile on her face. “That's what I fucking needed...mmm fuck me Jesse...fuck me with that good fucking cock...”

Madelaine's moans and demands were the perfect garnish for Jesse. Hearing those demands of him as she rode him, as she was in control was an extra jolt of pleasure. Everything was a treat of pleasures. How she moved on him, how it felt. How she looked. There was a raw, almost sinister sexuality with every movement of her body. Grace and filth and beauty as her tits jiggled and swayed, her face went through a range of emotions as pleasures Madelaine hadn't felt in far too long all came back full force.

Madelaine was in heaven. The action may have been fast and furious, sinfully sweet and straight from Hell but the pleasure was nothing short of diving. The feel of his hand gripping her ass and every animal-like grunt coming from Jesse were thing she didn't even know she missed. The way pure lust felt.

“Get up,” Madelaine moaned. “Get up and suck my tits while you fuck me Jesse.” He moved into a sitting position and buried his face in that buxom chest just as Madelaine demanded. And while his mouth got even more familiar with her breasts, Jesse’s hands went from gripping her bubble butt to sliding up the smooth, soft skin of back before stopping at her shoulders, taking a firm grip as he began to thrust up into her hungry, waiting cunt.

“Ohhhh shit yEEEEESS!” squealed Madelaine, her voice being rocked by every rapid thrust made inside her pussy. Once Jesse's pace slowed again, Madelaine grabbed his face and held it in place as she kissed him, biting his lower lip before the kiss broke. Madelaine's movements slowed to a sensual, dirty grind, working his cock and making both of them shiver.

With Madelaine calling all the shots so far, Jesse decided to throw his hat into that arena. He lifted Madelaine off of him and maneuvered behind her, Madelaine getting on all fours. She knew what he wanted, how he wanted her. She was fine with that. Here was something so hot about a man just bending her over and having her. So raw and real.

It brought back a memory for her from before she and Jared started dating. When Jesse's hand roamed her as, massaging her round cheeks she could see the man of the memory as clear as day. Some bass player at a bar down town. She didn't know the band and didn't care for the music...but he was hot. She wanted him. And within fifteen minutes of speaking to him he was fucking her in the band's tour van. Pure fucking. It led to one of her shittier relationships but the sex, especially that first time, was otherworldly at times.

Madelaine gripped the armrest of the couch, arching her back and pointing her ass out just right. Jesse eagerly drank in this view, then she looked over her shoulder at him.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked. “Stick that fucking cock back in me.”

Which is exactly what he did. It wasn't like there was any other choice. And the moment his cock entered her all felt perfect again. This was going to be a wonderful new memory. Unique to itself. Even as he drove into her with wild abandon, new wrinkles joined this experience as Jesse leaned over, wrapping his arms around her waist and kissing her shoulder. A touch of sweet tenderness to go along with the act of sex in a break room.

“Madelaine,” he growled, his cock making quick and shallow strokes in her wet, hot pussy. “Oh fuck baby...god damn...”

“That's right Jesse baby,” Madelaine cooed. “Fuck me...just like that...it feels so good...love how your cock feels inside me...every inch...mmmm make me cum on your cock...I want you inside me when I cum...” Madelaine moved her face to the side, her lips again touching Jesse's in a kiss, but a much more affectionate one. Still hot and lustful, but with just as much tenderness as he'd started to show her.

Jesse held close to Madelaine, his cock slowly down, going long and deep inside of her, working his hips with every thrust. He moaned her name and she moaned his. She was close now and there was no turning back. She could feel that starlight burn build in her. She could even almost feel her pale skin flush pink.

“Oh, shit now cumming now!” Madelaine moaned, gripping the armrest tight as her body rocked like an earthquake. Every sensation was heightened as she came, Jesse still thrusting inside her all the way through it, gritting his teeth and holding on for dear life to not cum.

Madelaine was still a daze, little orgasmic aftershocks still coursing through her veins as she started to come down. Jesse was still fucking her, a little slower, rubbing and kissing her neck and shoulder.

“You cum?” she asked, her voice light airy but still with some heat behind it.

“No,” Jesse grunted. “D-didn't know...fuck...didn't know where...”

“Mmm, such a gentleman,” she said in a purr. She grinned as an idea struck her. A particularly naughty idea that he both wouldn't expect and had definitely earned. “And for being such a gentleman...fuck my ass...fuck my ass until you cum.”

“Whoa...Mads...you sure?”

“Mmm very sure.” She reached around and grabbed his head, stroking his hair gently. “Take me...fuck my ass...” She kissed him, and that was the last assurance he needed. Jesse pumped her pussy a few more time then pulled out. But before he brought his cock to her back door, he had to do one last thing.

“Oooh!” Madelaine said with a jolt. She felt Jesse's tongue lick and tongue her ass, burying his face between her cheeks. It wasn't for too long though, just enough to satisfy an itch that he had and Madelaine never knew she had. From there, it was time for something a bit bigger than a tongue to be up Madelaine's ass.

With one hand on his cock, placing it at her tight little balloon not, the other reached around and began to play with her clit.

“Tell me if you want me to stop,” he said. “I'm totally fine with that.”

“No problem,” Madelaine said. “But I don't see that happening.”

Madelaine breathed deep, freezing in place when Jesse began to push forward. It'd been a long time since she'd taken a cock up the ass, and Jesse was more than a worthy candidate. She felt...something with how he was treating her. The sex was spur of the moment and raw, but every so often there was a little sweet to go with the heat. And right now, with Jesse playing with her clit as his cock slowly filled up her asshole.

“Ohhh fuck yes...” Madelaine said breathlessly. “You like that Jesse? Like how tight my ass is on your cock?”

“Unnng yessss Mads!” he cried. “Oh...holy...wow...mmmm baby you're so damn good...oh fuck...”

Madelaine grinned, taking deep gulps of breath as Jesse's pace increased.

“Feels so perfect,” she said with a grin. “Oh, fuck baby use that asshole and cum for me...show me how hot I made you...how much I turn you on everyday...how much you've wanted to fuck me...mmmm give me every drop right up my ass....”

Jesse's thrust in deep, going to the hilt inside of Madelaine then slowly pulled out, only to saw back in, his rhythm building up in speed as more and more dirty talk spilled out of Madelaine's mouth. All he could respond with were moans and thrusts. He was close, so very very close and they both knew it.

“Yeah baby...fuck my ass…just like that...cum for me Jesse…cum...cum…CUM FOR ME!”

With a desperate yet satisfied groan Jesse leaned and wrapped his free arm around Madelaine once more. He held her tight and went balls deep into her ass once more before released his seed inside of her.

“Yesssssss,” she hissed smiling at the sound of his satisfied moans and grunts and the slower, more labored thrusts as he emptied is balls into her ass. “Every last drop baby...feels so good.”

When the last drop dribbled from his cock Jesse pulled out of Madelaine's ass and tumbled back on to the couch, gulping for air and seeing stars. Madelaine joined him, laying on his chest and kissing his cheek.

It had been far too long since Madelaine let her more...playful side out. And Jesse was the perfect guy to try it with. And he was just the first. This was going to be the best Spring Break she ever had.


While most folks were out letting off all the pent-up steam from the semester so far, there were still some on campus at work, and one of them was Christina Hendricks. She was the last one in the film department offices and going over her last bit of work before she could relax.

Christina was very pleased with how her advanced screenwriting class had turned out. All the scripts were great and the student’s team had produced some great results. The only problem was the Midterm wasn't so much a test for them as it was for her. Their assignment was to use the notes received in the class to punch up their script for a second draft. That was the easy part. All the scripts were turned in, some ahead of time. The hard part was all on Christina. Now it was her turn to read the scripts and provide her notes for the final exam, where they'd take her notes and repeat the process.

And while she hadn't gone through all the scripts tonight, which would have been a beyond Herculean task, she had gone through a few with her trusty red pin. A couple notes here and there with a nice big page of red text in perfect handwriting on the blank back page she had requested on every script from her students.

Though right now, she wasn't reading anything for the class. Not technically at least. Right now, she was doing a bit more of a personal job for one of her students by the name of Andrew Byrne. He preferred to go by Andy but she would always tell him Andrew sounded like a writer's name. Andy was a performer. And though with his scruffy shoulder length hair and matinee idol smile he certainly had an actor's look about him, his skills as a writer were where his future lay. He had a real passion for whatever he wrote and it shined through. From the samples of his writing Christina had seen before selecting him for the class to the screenplay he and his partner had turned in, Christina could see the real talent in him.

Christina also saw a bit more than that in him. She had no issue admitting to herself that she found him handsome, sexy even. Looks and talent always knocked her for a loop. And of course, there was the flirting that had started between them. It was nothing serious, Christina was sure of it. He was just that way and it came out of her when they were together talking their favorite films or writers. They had gotten shockingly close for a student, but it wasn't something Christina had remotely considered as inappropriate. She was still friends with some of her college and grad school professors. She had never flirted with them...and definitely never had sexual fantasies about them like had happened with Andrew. But still, it wasn't something she dwelt on much.

Though if she were to give second thoughts to it, it would definitely be while she was reading Andrew's latest script. It was an erotic thriller, and a very erotic one at that. Andrew had a way with everything she'd read for him. His action scripts? Tight with quick dialogue and nail-biting thrills. His mysteries were brain teasers of the highest order and now, his more adult-themed work? Well, they definitely had Christina's full attention. This was actually her second time going through it.

The characters were rich, the words building a story dripping with sex. And those sex scenes themselves? Scorching. They were hotter than any she'd read before. She actually felt herself getting wet reading them the first time she went through. The same thing happened now, though now it felt more intense. Her hand drifted down her body, almost subconsciously.

Her brain was painting far more intense pictures now than they had before. Andrew fucking her on a bed completely with a canopy and red satin sheets. Another thought of him bending her over a kitchen counter and taking her hard and fast before finishing inside of her. Another where her face is against a brick wall as he fucked her from behind. With every sex scene she read Christina placed herself in the female role and Andrew in the male.

She licked her lips and a small smile came across her lips. It was a naughty idea that had just entered her head, but one she saw no reason not to go forward with. Not even the janitorial staff were in the building right now. So as Christina's hand went up her skirt and under her panties, she knew she had all the privacy in the world to relieve all the tension Andrew's script was creating within her.

“Ohhhh,” moaned Christina as her first finger dipped into her pussy. It was slow at first. She wanted to work herself up, make that moment of bliss she was destined for Earth shattering. Christina's eyes fluttered as her imagination began to take over. Soft moans escaped her mouth when she began to think of Andrew's head between her leg, hungrily eating her cunt like it was the only thing on Earth he wanted to do.

When Christina's fingers began to work her clit, the fantasies got more intense. Andrew's face was replaced by his cock and Christina was laid back on a kitchen counter. Her legs were wrapped around his waist her top pulled down. Her tits were being sucked on by Andrew. She could almost feel every touch he made on her body.

“Oh my god....” she whined. Her fingers began to work fast on her cock and she slumped down in her seat. Christina's legs were up and wide open, her feet resting on the desk. Her free hand went to her buxom breasts, almost tearing open her own blouse to get to her melons. She writher and moaned, her hand a blur on her clit.

Christina's mind changed scenes again. She was bent over the lip of a hot tub, Andrew pounding into her cunt from behind. Her fingers had now returning to filling her up, three inside of her, working in and out and all around inside her. If anyone else was on the floor, or at this point just in the building, they would have heard Christina's loud moans as her fantasies grew more and more intense. And as much fun as she was having using her fingers, her pussy craved something a little more rigid.

Her eyes opened, scanning her deck for the tool she knew she needed. They soon landed on just what she was looking for. It was a long, rounded cylindrical crystal paper weight. It was the perfect size and shape to help her along with her fantasies.

Her cries went to a deeper tone as her new improvised toy entered her pussy. And then Christina's mind took her to a wholly original place not inspired by the script she was reading. It was a cliché city alleyway. Fire escapes, neon lights, steam from the grates and pouring rain. She was in a white dress, soaked to the bone from the precipitation. The skirt was bunched up around Christina's waste and she was facing a wall with Andrew fucking her from behind again. It was rougher. Love bites, smack on her ass. He pulled her hair and she begged for more.

She was in a hot sweat, Christina's pale skin flush as she fucked herself deeper and deeper into her dirty dreams. She frantically removed her panties and shifted in her seat a bit until she was on her side in just the slightest. She moved a hand from her breasts to her bare ass, her middle finger fingering her ass whole and plunging it in. Within second the insertion made the curvy professor shiver. She worked her makeshift dildo in and out of her pussy in rhythm with the finger in her ass. Though now, with that added stimulation her fantasy got more explicit.

Now in that dreamily dirty alleyway Andrew was taking his cock from Christina's pussy and taking it to her ass. In the real world she took the paper weight from her cunt and sucked herself off of it, then put it in her other hand. She started working her clit again as she began to insert the smooth crystal into her ass.

“Fuuuuck. Fuck yes....” she moaned. She was in another world now. Fire and ice at war in her body. Every stroke of Andrew's cock in her ass in the daydream was repeated with the toy in Christina's ass. Her hand was a blur on her clit. She was so close, and though Christina was making herself cum, the name she was going to cry out was the one who brought all of this on.

“ANDREW!!!!!” she cried out, cumming hard and nearly falling out of her seat. She was being rocked like a screen door in a hurricane was loving every second of it. Every single fantasy came crashing in on her, an implosion of pleasure.

When she finally came to her senses she dropped the toy to the floor and breathed deep. She was still a bit light-headed and seeing stars. She actually had to laugh at it all. Being so turned on by a script...and the person who wrote it. It was almost the perfect cliché, the sexy teacher and her young student beau. It's not like anything would come of it.

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“Hendricks does NOT want to fuck you,” Chad said. “No way.”

“I hate to agree with Chad because it’s kind of makes me queasy,” said Vanessa Morgan. She was sitting in Eric's lap, a beer in one hand and her legs draped over the chair's arm. The couple were at the Whisky Casket bash, and currently centered around a foosball table, where Adam had just dropped his bombshell. “But I'm sorry, I doubt our screenwriting professor wants to fuck you. No offense.”

“Look guys, I'm not saying we will fuck,” Andrew clarified. “But I am saying...I think she totally wants to bang me. I get the vibe CONSTANTLY whenever we talk or have a student teacher meeting.”

“Are you sure that's just not your intense desire to fuck her that you're just projecting on to her?” Eric asked. “Not that I'm judging.”

“Eric's right,” Chad said. “You want to fuck her so bad you think she wants to fuck you. And nothing wrong with wanting to bang Hendricks, I would.”

“And again, I find myself agreeing with Chad,” added Vanessa. She grabbed Eric's hand and pressed it to her forehead. “Do I have a fever?”

“No, but you’re super-hot babe,” Eric said, kissing her. “And thanks for the image of you and Christina together.”

“You better put yourself there too babe,” Vanessa said. “If I landed that, you're coming along for the party.”

“Look, would I fuck her?” Andrew asked. “Of course. Hell, I want to fuck her. All I'm saying is she totally wants to fuck me too. So, it wouldn't take much.”

“Guys, can it be official that I'm no longer the one who's so self-obsessed he's delusional?” asked Chad. “Andrew might have just taken the belt.”


Meanwhile at the Casket, Hailee and Camila were playing a game of pool together. Peter and Sabrina were going around the room, thanking everyone there who had helped make the film, so Hailee and Camila decided to kill some time before it was their turn to make the same rounds.

Right now, it was Camila's shot, and she was lining it up as best she could after a few cocktails. She pulled back with the cue and took her shot, sinking the 8 Ball....and losing as it was the first ball she'd actually sunk.

“Well, drunk or sober I suck at pool,” Cami said, setting her cue stick aside and replacing it in her hand with her last drink of the night. “I'd suggest darts next but I think I'd want us both to take a breathalyzer before we decided to throw anything sharp and pointy.”

“Air hockey?” Hailee suggested.

“Nah, let's just sit down and enjoy the downtime before the real fun begins.” The pair left the billiards table behind and took a couple seat facing each other.

They sat in silence for a few second before Camila breathed deep, saying with a smile as she exhaled, “I can't believe we made a fucking movie. A real deal, full blow movie. And what looks to be a GOOD one if the workprint is anything to go by. And look at me, using the word workprint like I'm a real producer.”

“You are now,” said Hailee. “You have yourself an official credit. But yeah...I never thought I'd do something like this so early. Like, I don't even know if I really have an acting career but here I am in my first movie. And I co-produced it! And dating the one of the directors!”

“And you would not believe how much that director and I talked about this kind of stuff when we were younger. Not about me being involved, just about all the cool stuff he wanted to do. I got to help that dream come true. That...that's just cool.”

“What kind of stuff did you want to do when you were a kid?” Hailee asked. “I mean Peter wanted to make movies all his life...what about you?”

“Nothing my parents really approved of.” Camila answered. “Which is why I'm working at the family business right now.” Camila took a noticeable pause, followed by another sip of her drink. It was enough of a signal to let Hailee know to stay away from that subject for the time being. “Speaking of the office, soooo not going to miss that place for a week.”

“I'm still shocked we got that time off.”

“Don't be. When I asked Daddy personally for the time off, I mentioned the fact that both you and I took on extra shifts and filled in or anyone who was sick, including during the weeks leading up the midterm and he saw that as a deed worthy of a week off for the both of us. Daddy's a big fan of rewarding hard work.”


“Don't mention it,” said Camila. “You're not just dating my best friend, you're one of MY friends now. So…I do favors for my friends. Regardless you're welcome. You and Pete really need this. At least I got some kind of regular sleep. What was he surviving on, two or three hours a night?”

“If he was lucky. He and Sabrina actually started sleeping in shifts to get through editing along the way. I got maybe a half hour more sleep. I'm surprised we made it honestly. I'm honestly shocked I was able to spell my name on any of the midterms let alone walk away from those tests confident. I swear the movie was the most fun and challenging thing I've ever done but I'm SO glad it's over and things to get back to normal. I'm all kinds of antsy.”

“Antsy? About what?”

“Well...with work and school and the movie and all of that...well Peter and I haven't...you know...since the day after Valentine's Day. So…a bit of a dry spell. We've just been so exhausted and…I just REALLY want some time alone with him and this vacation is just the doctor ordered.”

“Well I'm happy to let you know the walls of the bedrooms in the lake house are SUPER thick so...have at it,” Camila said, getting a laugh out of Hailee. “I'm actually feeling kind of bad about Peter driving one of the vans now. I mean I could do it too, no problem.”

“Hey, plead your case to the driver. I don't think a four hour plus drive is the best idea but he thinks he can handle it. And I'll be upfront making sure he doesn't conk out, crash into Jake's van and send us careening to our deaths.”

“Well, on that note I think I might have to get one more drink,” Camila said, making them both laugh. “A week away from it all. No work, no school, no pressure.”

“Here's to that,” Hailee said, raising her glass to Camila's who met it with a friendly clink. Spring Break was off to a good start.


“Now this is how you cap off midterms,” said Taylor Swift. She and Norman were relaxing on the couch in her living room, celebrating the night in their own way. There was a good red wine on the table alongside a miniature chocolate fountain, a platter of fruit and cubed up pound cake next to it. Her legs were draped over his lap and the pair clinked glasses and sipped in celebration of the beginning of Spring Break.

“And In under a day we'll be on a plane to Mexico for a week.” Norman added.

“Couldn't think of a person I'd rather spend it with more,” said Taylor. The pair kissed, sending a war sensation through them both. Taylor had never been in a relationship like this. Not even Karlie. She was actually in love. Real love. And Norman felt the same way. They'd already said those words to each other, but Taylor wanted to say even more and she was getting ready to tonight.

“Same here.” answered Norman. “Plus, chocolate melted over fruits and cake...always a good call.”

“And a delicious one. And though I do love our current positions on the couch, how about we move it to the floor before we dig in. Spilled chocolate is a lot easier to get out of wood paneling than the fabric of the couch.”

They got up and moved around to the front of the table, near the fireplace. Taylor and Norman set their wine glasses down and leaned towards each other for a kiss.

“So, what do you want to try first?” asked Taylor. “Strawberry, banana, piece of cake? I'm thinking a strawberry for me.” Taylor picked up a nice, big and juicy strawberry, holding it with her fingers and held it under one of the streams of the chocolate fountain, covering the bright red surface in dark chocolate and getting a bit on her fingers.

“Isn't that hot?” he asked.

“Not really. Just nice and warm, just enough to keep it melty.” Taylor put the strawberry down on a coaster then dipped her finger into the liquid chocolate. “See?” She then brought the chocolate covered digit to Norman's mouth where he happily sucked it clean. “How'd that taste?”

“Delicious, as you said.” Norman stuck his finger in the chocolate now too, bringing it to Taylor's collarbone and smearing it there. He then began to lick the bittersweet liquid up, and possibly do more when Taylor stopped him. “Something wrong?”

“Far from it, lover,” she said. “It's just. I need to tell you something.”

“What's that?”

“How...how happy I am we're together. I mean, knowing my history and yours, it wouldn't seem like we even should be together. I mean let's be honest, I fucked you for favors more than a few times and most of my relationships have been based more on...well. I don't know what to call it but it wasn't love. I wasn't in love with Karlie. It was fun fucking her. And honestly, I could have treated her better. I don't miss her though. Or the constant feud with Katy Perry and the other sorority. Or any of the sorority stuff for that matter. But being with you, I know what she and I had wasn't love. I'm…I'm really happy I'm not that person anymore with you. Even though if I'm going to be honest, had a lot of great sex and a lot of fun. But this...I think I like this more. Thank you for loving me.”

Taylor reached for Norman's hand, holding it tight.

“I think I should be thanking you,” he said. “I mean you're not the only one who did shady things. And if I'm going to be honest, I can't say I saw myself ending up with you. I'm glad that's how it turned out. I like who I am with you. Still shady...but a lot less sleazy.”

Taylor laughed a bit. “Well, I don't know...I kind of like having that sleaze all to myself now. Again, full honesty...you’re one of the few people who I fucked to make things happened I actually enjoyed it. And now that we're together...I think I get even more out of you. As well as give you and only you every last dirty thing I have...unless of course we decide that maybe three isn't really crowd.”

“Is that a green light for a threesome? Because I can get really sleazy in triplicate.”

“You're going to have to show me that sometime Normie,” she said, the soft smile she was wearing taking on a more sensual turn. “But until then, how about I get all of that sleazy side to myself?” Taylor removed the t-shirt she was wearing and went to unbutton the top of her cut off shorts. “I think you can handle the rest babe.”

Norman gladly took up that challenge. He placed his hands on her ankles, moving his hands up her gorgeous legs, parting them ever so slightly until Norman finally reached Taylor's thighs. Taylor felt a hot chill as his palms glided over the sensitive skin of her inner thighs to the outer and returned to moving upward to her jeans. He gave Taylor a wink before taking a firm grip of those Daisy Dukes, also taking the helm of her panties. He pulled them down, Taylor lifting her ass up from the floor to help. Her legs soon followed, Taylor raising them up as Norman pulled them off and set them aside. He rested her calves on her shoulder. He turned his head, kissing both legs as he started to lie down and take position between her legs.

Taylor follow suit, laying back and leaning on her elbows. She watched as Norman moved between her legs, planting a trail of the sweetest kisses up her legs. He went past her waiting pussy and kissed Taylor stomach up to her breasts, still covered by her blue satin bra. Norman reached around and unhooked the stitch of clothing that remained on Taylor.

Taylor's breath was baited, watching Norman's every move. He reached back toward the chocolate and dipped his fingers in. He drizzled it from her chest down, stopping just before her pubes began. The warm liquid chocolate tickled Taylor's skin and let out a giggle. That sexy little giggle gave way to a moan when Norman began to take care of all that chocolate.

Norman's hands cupped her breasts, pressing them together as his tongue licked the bittersweet treat from her flesh. He sucked her pink nipple into his mouth, the suction pulling the tender flesh into before releasing it with a soft pop.

Norman's hands followed his mouth down Taylor's body. They moved from her breasts to her abdomen, gently resting there as he kissed his way down to her stomach, licking the chocolate up where it had pooled a bit at her navel.

And all while Norman had a dessert buffet on her body Taylor looked on at him, her mouth open and smiling. Her stomach rose and fell with every tender caress of his tongue. The lower his mouth went, the more she felt the anticipation building inside her. And when his tongue finally hit that sweet spot she was waiting for between her legs.

“Mmm yessss,” she hissed. Taylor's hands balled up tight when Norman began kissing around her slit. Sweet little phantom kisses, contact with a ghost of a tease. Every touch of his mouth to her glistening pussy was a flash of color in Taylor's head. Blue, pink, and a burning red when the heat was all the way up. Her breaths gave way to moans as her hips began to move independently of her. With every wave of pleasure, they made their own way, swaying and bucking in response to Norman's oral skills. Normally she hands would be on the back of his head, grasping at his hair, almost guiding him along. But ever since their Valentine's Day date, she'd been a lot more willing to give up some control to him. The benefits could be simply delicious.

A quake went through Taylor body when he began softly sucking and caressing her clit with his tongue. Norman's hands still held her by the hips, but gave her more than enough give to move with the waves of pleasure.

Taylor would have happily taken this treatment all night, but there would be time for that in Cabo. Now, she had a mighty need for something a bit firmer than a tongue.

“Mmm. Normie...Normie stand up,” she said. After placing one last kiss on her pussy, he did just that. The moment he was on his feet, Taylor was on her knees, her hands taking care of his zipper and tugging his pants down like she was in a race. “Take your shirt off too...step out of the pants... all of it off.”

Norman grinned, pulling his shirt off and stepping out of his pants. He was now as bare and her and Taylor took immediate advantage. Most of the time when she sucked his cock, she loved taking her time, working him up to an eruption that would make Old Faithful look like a dollar store squirt gun.

However, at that moment, she attacked his cock, taking him in to the root at the first swipe.

“Oh shit!” Norman said. Now it was his turn to balls his hands up into fists. Taylor's hands gripped his ass, holding him in place as she held his cock in her throat. After a few moments she released him, gleaming streams of saliva connecting his pole to her lips. She gasped for air as her hands pumped his slick cock. Then, without a word, she went back to his cock, sucking him off with a pace, fury and skill that Norman had rarely seen. Even before dating her he knew Taylor could suck a dick like few others, but when she was in full on beast mode, it was a whole other level. There was no tease, it's was all action.

Taylor could feel herself getting wetter with every pass of her mouth. Every bob of her head on Norman's cock making her want him inside her more and more. She removed her mouth from his cock and looked up at him. “Fuck me Normie,” she said. Nothing more. Nothing else was needed.

Taylor laid back down, he legs open and waiting for her lover. Norman took his spot, kissing Taylor's full lips as his cock entered her. Her tongue massaged his as her legs wrapped around his waist. Norman's arms followed suit, wrapping around Taylor and holding her up from touching the ground.

Norman sat up, pulling Taylor up with him. Their eyes locked, matching lusty smiles on their faces. Taylor held her hands behind her back, once more giving the keys to the kingdom to Norman. “Fuck me,” she said once more. “No more waiting.”

Holding Taylor tight, he kissed her tits and began to thrust up inside her, Taylor breathing deep as he began giving her what she wanted. Norman squeezed her peach of an ass as he drove into Taylor's velvet cavern, grunting and growling as she moaned and cooed for him.

Taylor's head hung back, her golden locks almost glowing in the firelight. Her face was angelic in the reddish orange glow, every thrust making her moan in a new pitch, a quick smile to flash over her face. And as Norman looked at that erotic sight, his eyes once more fell upon the chocolate fountain. His hand went from Taylor's ass and to the fountain dipping deep and bringing it back to her chest, almost panting her skin with the rich dark chocolate and bringing the last remaining bit to her lips, the blonde sucking it from her lover's fingers while his tongue cleaned up the mess he'd just made on her tits.

“Taylor!” Norman groaned. He was going full speed inside of her, her chocolate smeared tits bouncing with the force of his thrusts. He laid her back down on the floor, laying on top of her. Taylor's ankles locked around his waist.

“Ohh...mmm fuck me Normie! Gonna cum…make me cum…fucking make me cum baby!” Taylor’s voice echoed in her apartment. Her pleads to be fucked soon morphed into loud moans. Her arms joined her legs, wrapping around her lover and gripped him tight. Her nails dug into his back as Norman made quick, shallow thrusts inside of her.

Taylor's moans were soon muffled by Normans lips, pressing against her in a series of sloppy, hungry kisses, the pair still tasting hints of the bittersweet dark chocolate on each other.

“I love you,” Norman whisper-grunted in Taylor's ear. He slowed down a bit, giving her a few slow, deep pumps of his cock. “Cum for me.” He traced his fingers around her lips, Taylor's pink tongue extending to lick the digits. “Cum on my cock...just for me.”

“Oh...mmm...unnnngg...yes....yessss,” Taylor whined, her eyes shut tight as the fuse was lit. With every hard, deliberate stroke inside of her Taylor was pushed closer and closer to the cliff until finally she was thrown over into the crashing waves of pleasure below.

“NORMIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Taylor yelled before crashing hers lips into his once more. She hungrily sucked on his tongue and held him tight as pleasure quaked through her body, her nails leaving marks on his back as her body.

After a time that felt like both eternity and all too brief, Taylor's body relaxed, releasing Norman from her sweet embrace. But she wasn't done. Not by a long shot. Because he hadn't reached his finishing point. Taylor rose up, a devilish grin on her face and pushed Norman back. She then reached for the chocolate fountain herself and got between his legs. She started jacking his cock, mixing the dark chocolate with her own juices before bringing her lips forward.

Her burning blue eyes looked at him before kissing the tip. She then gingerly licked it, savoring the taste she had created, licking her lips after every swipe. Norman again balled his fists, trying to keep his eyes wide open and watching as Taylor worked her magic.

She gave him a wink as she moved to the base of his cock. She gave his balls a few licks before kissing the orbs and licking her back up to the tip and then back down. She kissed and licked all around his poled, licking the chocolate-Swift mix-up before finally taking Norman into her mouth.

She was slower this time. Not iceberg slow but not the rapid pace of before. Every trace of her tongue was like a laser show in Norman's head. Just the right amount of tease. Releasing his cock with a pop and blowing her hot breath on the saliva covered tip, making him shiver from the cool yet hot breath. Taylor tickled his balls and licked the tip of his dick like an ice cream cone.

Norman voice croaked out a moan. Now he was up against that same cliff, being pushed over hard and fast by his blonde sex devil of a girlfriend. Every bob of her head made him lose a couple more inches until he was finally at the edge of the cliff as well.

“T-taylor...CUMMING!” he shouted, Taylor having pushed him over with a tongue tornado on his crown. With a loud series of grunts, he shot his load in her mouth, Taylor happily moaning with every stream of hot white cum Norman shot in her mouth.

Finally, when his cock began to soften, Norman fell back on the floor. He craned his head up, seeing Taylor playing with her last mouthful of jizz before swallowing it, licking her lips with a satisfied, “Mmmmm.” She then crawled up Norman's body, kissing her way to his lips, giving him a deep passionate kiss before snuggling in beside him. Cabo was going to be fun.


While the Whisky Casket was buzzing with students letting off weeks of pent up steam, Love's other bar was busy as well. The faculty bar was where the professors and instructors were doing some celebrating of their own, and at a corner booth Scarlett Johansson and Margot Robbie were sharing a couple drinks and laughs.

“To the midpoint,” said Scarlett, raising her vodka cranberry to clink with Margot's martini. The glasses met and the ladies each took a sip from their glasses. “This semester has been way more eventful than I could have guessed.”

“Big time,” Margot said. “I never would have imagined that my boss, who I have had sex with many a time, would join me in a threesome with my fiancé all while I'm having...other fun.” Margot giggled, blushing a bit. “And it all made things so much better for my relationship, which was honestly a big and wonderful surprise.”

“Well glad to know all that fun was also helpful.” replied Scarlett. “Nice to hear things are going great for you two.”

“Better than great. I mean he wouldn't mind a sequel to that. Honestly neither would I. Then I started telling him about...you and me. Turned him on even more. I even told him about...another man I've been fucking. And Jay was so turned on. I think he want to double team me with Rick. I can't believe it. I do believe we created a monster Scarlett.”

“Sounds like fun monster though. Wouldn't mind making that new threesome you and Jay are planning a foursome.”

“You're more than welcome of course,” said Margot. “Though I thought you getting friendly with that Chris fellow might prohibit such fun.”

“That's...complicated,” Scarlett said, sipping from her drink. “Mostly on my end. There's a lot of baggage. Mostly on my end. We're just taking things slow. A getting to know you again kind of grace period. I'm hopeful. Doesn't mean I can't have some fun of my own.”

“Good to know. You plan on seeing him any time soon?”

“Tomorrow actually. Going for a jog together. Getting hot and sweaty, just not in my usual way.”

“Hey, it's something,” Margot said. “Besides, who knows what's going to happen when you have to hit the showers.”

“Cheers to that,” said Scarlett, clinking her glass against Margot's once more. “And one more thing about your next planned three way.”

“What's that boss?”

“Go for the DP,” Scarlett said with a wicked grin. “May be a bit challenging at first, but trust me Margot, So worth it.”


With both of the bars Love owned being huge successes, sometimes she didn't get to sleep in her own home. Work had to be done. Fortunately, most of the concerns a single mother would have with that situation were taken care of. She had plenty of people to she could rely on to watch her young son, including an ex-husband who she had a surprisingly good relationship with.

The other aspect one would think she’d have to worry about was sleeping. Historically speaking, no one favored sleeping on the couch save for drunks and dogs. Fortunately, Jennifer had put a solution to that in her place of business as well. Her office was less of an office and more of a big studio apartment. Halfway to a loft, she did have a traditional desk set up with a couple of chairs and a couch. She also had a small mini fridge, bathroom and a king-sized bed for when she had to work late and needed a place to sleep.

Of course, there was another, less official purpose for the room. It was another one of Love's traditions. It hadn't started out that way. The first time she had one of these post-midterm celebrations, she'd end up sleeping with one of the patrons. A student at the school. Then it happened again at the next big event. Before too long Love accepted the fact that she had become a cougar on the prowl. And she didn't mind it one bit.

Tonight, was no exception. Love had found a new lover for the night. All she had was a name, Jason. That was all she really needed. She at least wanted a name to moan out. Though when they burst through the door of her office/bedroom combo, her mouth was too muffled by his lips and tongue to do much verbalizing.

Jason kicked the door shut behind them and Jennifer had spun them so he was against her desk. The kiss broke and Love entranced him with her sparkling brown eyes.

“You're a very lucky man Jason,” she said. “I don't mean to too my own horn, but we're both going to have a wonderful time.” Jennifer pulled back and peeled off her shirt, Jason being a completely attentive audience. That attention only got more focused when she removed her bra as well, leaving the student's jaw wide open.

“You know, you can touch them,” she said with a grin, fondling and squeezing her own tits in front of the stunned lad. “And do a lot more than that. I didn't take the girls out to be just a display piece.”

With the invitation received, Jason went forward and did what instinct demanded with those tits, making Jennifer gasp in delight as his mouth covered her breasts in kisses and caresses of his tongue. There was an insistence behind everything he was doing with her tits. One of pure lust that always drove Love crazy. She knew she had amazing tits and loved when they were appreciated, especially with such gusto.

Jennifer pull his face up to her, kissing him, sucking on his tongue as she moved him back against her desk. “You've seen some of me,” she said. “My turn to see some of you.”

She squatted down until her face was level with Jason's crotch. Jennifer looked up at him, a look of sexy cockiness on her face as she removed his hard dick from its denim confines. “Very nice Jason. This is going to be more fun that I thought.”

“Thanks,” he clumsily said, words struggling to come to his mouth as Jennifer began to stroke him. It was gentle at first, just enough to send shivers up his. Jennifer loved starting out like this, watching the man's face start to lost in a haze of pleasure, not even fully aware that haze was going to turn into a full-blown London fog.

“Oh wow,” Jason croaked. Love had started to take him in her mouth. Just like when she stroked him, it was soft at first, just wrapping her lips around the head and gently rolling her tongue around the sensitive tip. Her eyes were closed but the picture was painted in her mind of him, his face fading into a look of pleasure, his hands white knuckled while they gripped the edge of her desk. It's what she loved about the whole cougar schtick. True, men a bit closer to her age knew a lot more about how to please her just from experience. But she just got a thrill like no other with these college men. Young, virile, like a wild stallion that need to be tamed.

If Jennifer had been looking at Jason she would have seen that the picture she had in her head was spot on. Jason stared down at her as the brunette bombshell began to suck him deep into her mouth, her well-manicured nails softly tickling his balls. It was really a site to see. His brain couldn't even fully comprehend it as it was happening. Something like this happening to him, the beautiful bar maid that every guy on campus wanted to fuck was sucking him off in her office. And she had made the move on him. He was completely in the palm of her hand, watching his cock get covered in her saliva as Love's head bobbed back and forth on his dick. He made little grunts and groans as her tongue worked him over. Snaking all around his shaft, licking furious at his glans. It was like she had a blue print to his cock and knew just how to work him.

Finally, Jennifer opened her eyes to get a glimpse at her boytoy. His head was rolling back as she once more focused solely on his mushroom tip, making out with the tender flesh. She felt him tremble a bit at her tongue’s sensual movements. Jennifer loved toying with her men like this. At this moment she knew he was probably thinking it could get much better than this. But it was, for both of them.

Love released his cock with a pop then stood up, her hand gently grasped Jason's cock and led him to her bed, releasing his dick only to softly push him down on it. “Now for the real fun,” she said. Once more his eyes were glued to Jennifer, watching as her jeans and panties went the way of her shirt and bra, being discarded and leaving her totally nude. “Looks like you're overdressed...you should do something about that.”

Jason broke from his daze long enough to throw off his jack and shirt while Love did the deed of removing his pants completely, his shoes coming off in the process.

“Now we're talking,” Love said with a sexy grin. She began to crawl on the bed, tapping her nails on the flesh of Jason’s thighs as she worked up his body. She gave his cock a long, slow lick as she moved up still, leaving a sweet kiss on the tip before her lips moved up his stomach to his chest.

Finally loved reached Jason's face, licking his lips before planting a kiss on them. She rubbed her wet cunt against his cock, teasing them both and making her ache to be filled and him to fill her.

“Tell me you want to fuck me,” she said. Love lifted her crotch up a little and reach down to grab Jason's dick, rubbing his sensitive head against her lips. “Say it....and say my name.”

“I…oh fuck...I want to fuck you Jennifer...mmm I want to so bad...” sputtered Jason.

“Do you need it?” teased Jennifer, almost pressing his cock against her opening. “Do you need this pussy?”

“Yessss,” he growled. “I fucking need it.”

“Good.” replied Love. She slowly slid down on his cock, breathing deep as he sunk deeper and deeper inside of her.

“FUCK yes,” Jason said. He moved his hands to Love's legs, gripping them as he filled her to the hilt.

“Mm…your cock feels so good inside me baby,” Love said, her voice sensual and tender. “Has anyone ever told you that before? How good you cock feels? How amazing it is to be filled by you?”

“No,” he said. Jennifer had to laugh a bit. There was no better truth serum than pussy. “You feel amazing...oh shit your pussy is perfect.”

“Mmm baby you haven't felt anything yet.” Love began a slow ride on Jason's cock, working and grinding hips very softly with every rise and fall. “Nice and slow...just like that honey. I want to feel every inch of that cock in me.”

“Oh shit...oh holy hell.” Jason's hands moved to grip Love's butt, squeezing her cheeks while his cock experienced the wonder of Jennifer Love Hewitt's exquisite pussy. It hugged him tight, the warm and wet caverns almost milking him as she rode him. His back would arch when she moved a certain way, Love knowing exactly how to make him squirm beneath her. Just knowing what she was doing to him was an aphrodisiac, turning her on even more.

And the more she got turned on, the faster she moved on him. And as Love moved faster, her tits swayed and jiggled. The beautiful funbags became even more irresistible to Jason. He finally moved, sitting up so he could once more suckle on those magnificent boobs.

“Yes, suck those titties Jason....fuck me...and suck those tits...” Love pulled Jason closer to her, burying his face in her tits and giving him a bit more control. Keeping one hand on her tits, her moved the other back to Jennifer's ass, gripping it tight as he began to thrust into her. “FUCK...oh yes baby...just like that...feels so good...harder...just little...mmmmyeah....”

Love let out a big, happy moan as he drove into her. Every fast, desperate stroke into her driving her wild. That was one of the many things she loved about younger men. So eager to please and hungry. They followed her lead, paid attention because they just wanted to make her cum, like they had something to prove.

Jason lifted love up just a bit only to lay her back down. He moved her legs, hooking them on his shoulders, letting him drive even deeper into Love's pussy, a proposition that made the experienced woman's eyes roll in the back of her head.

“Oh YES!” she cried. “So fucking deep! Faster Jason...give it to me baby...nice and deep!”

The pair kissed again as Jason gave into every one of Jennifer's demands. They were forehead to forehead, eyes locked as his cock slammed into her. Jennifer kept talking urging Jason on, every word making him go crazier with lust.

“Yeah...yeah just like that...fuck it...fuck my pussy baby...don't stop...gimme that perfect cock honey...every inch...don't stop...don't even think about it....”

Jason had so many thoughts going through his head that words wouldn't come. And they weren't needed. Love didn't want his words, she had it perfectly clear the only thing she wanted was his cock. And little by little, JLH gave him more control. Not too much though. Jason was all too aware who was in charge.

“Bend me over,” Love gasped. “Put me on all fours and fuck me...make me cum…I want to cream all over that hot cock of yours baby...”

With one more rough kiss, Jason pulled out of Jennifer, watching as the vixen sexily crawled to the head of the bed. She grabbed the bars of her head board and arched her back, all the while Jason watched, stroking his cock at the site. Love looked over her shoulder, and inviting gaze on her face. “Get over here and fuck me Jason...make me cum.”

Jennifer turned her face forward and waited just a few seconds for Jason's rock-hard dick to fill her once more. She felt him slowly kiss his way up her spine, starting from the beginning of the crack of her ass to her shoulders which got peppered with quick kisses and soft love bites before Jason began to resume his hard pace. Jennifer loved it like this. She always wanted to start off slow, let the embers burn just enough before it turned into a full blaze. And as Jason held her hips tight, taking her cunt with breakneck speed Love felt the heat burning all around her.

Jason slowed down just in the slightest, burying his cock to the hilt in Love and wrapping his arms around her waist. He made slow, shallow pumps inside of her, his moans and grunts growing desperate in her ear. He moved one of his hands to her pussy and began to play with her clit while his pace increased once more.

“Fuck...oh my god yesss!” hissed Jennifer. “Just like that...oh...oh Jason right there...mmm honey I'm gonna cum....make me cum…yes yes yes YES!” Jennifer cried out, her body shaking with intense pleasure. Her voice shook along with her body, a smile on her face as sounds of pleasure poured out like a waterfall.

Her pussy convulsed, grabbing hold of Jason's cock even tighter. And he kept fucking her through it all, holding tight to her hips for dear life as he tried to hold off from unleashing in her womb.

When Love began to come down, she was almost on the verge again when she noticed Jason hadn't just not cum, but he hadn't slowed down. Younger men, so much energy! And such energy and stamina deserved a special reward in her eyes.

“How would you like to fuck my tits Jason?” Love asked as he continued in her pussy. “Wrap my big tits around that cock and fuck 'em till you cum?”

“Fuck yes,” Jason said, answering the question Love already knew the answer to. Jason gave her few more pumps before pulling out of her perfect pussy and Love rolled over on her back, calling him forward with her index finger.

“Mmm take those titties Jason,” moaned Love. “Gimme that cum…all over them.”

Jason followed that order with gusto, climbing up Love's body and sliding his throbbing prick between her massive mounds. Love gave him a wink as she squeezed those tits around him. That wink was the last bit of invitation Jason need as he began thrusting in the valley of flesh that was Jennifer Love Hewitt's tits.

“Oh, baby yeah,” Jennifer said. “Just like that honey...oooh love how that cock feels, throbbing...ready to pop. And I want it all over my body baby. Neck, tits...I even want a taste...fuck my tits...fast...hard...cum for me!”

At this point all Jason could do was moan in response. The words she was spitting out were the perfect garnish to feel of her flesh. And that feel was joined by the occasional lick of his prick head by Love's tongue. Sometimes she'd even stop him for a bit to give that head a quick suck.

“Yeah...just like that baby...so close, aren't you?”

“Nnngh...fuck...yes...really close Love...”

“Then don't stop...cum…shoot it honey...every last drop...” Jason groaned at those words, speeding up, crying out her name as his cock exploded, rope after rope of cum hitting all the spots Jennifer asked for. Some splattering on her chin, more of it pooling on her neck and more than enough covering her amazing tits.

Jason didn't think things could get much better. Jennifer proved him wrong, propping herself up on her elbow and sucking him dry the rest of the way, a few precious streams of his jizz covering her tongue before being swallowed down.

His balls empty, Jason stumbled back on the bed. He was laying back, smiling and gasping for breath and every bit as satisfied as Love herself. And his cock hadn't gone totally soft. When Love saw this, she smiled. The night wasn't over just yet.

She loved her college men.

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