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Max’s Best Day Ever
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 Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen.
Max was your typical nerdy eighteen year old.

He loved reading comics, watching tv and movies and playing video games, so you can imagine how much time he spent on Twitch, watching his favorite streamers play Fortnite, Call of Duty, and League of Legends. His favorite streamer however was Pokimane and he loved everything about her. From her looks, to her body, to the way she would play fortnite with other streamers or with fans. He always logged onto Fortnite while she was streaming with the hope of him getting paired up with her. He had always dreamt about meeting her and what he would say to her but always felt self conscious about himself because of his looks. He was at the age where his acne was bad and he was already a little overweight due to the fact he never enjoyed sports or any other physical activities.

He always got the short end of the stick when it came to about anything in life and the only time he felt happy was when he was home watching her streams. At school he was a good student and he did have some friends but when it came to girls, either he would say or do something embarrassing in front of them or they would make fun of him.

Today that had all changed.

Max woke up  with a big smile on his face as it was the last day of school. As the day went by the same as any other day, Max did his usual routine in each class and finished his last class of the day and was now on his way home. Since it was the last day he decided for the hell of it to take a different route home. This new route took him to a neighborhood full of mansions, he would always pass by this neighborhood on his usual walk home so he never noticed who lived there until he walked by one mansion in particular and saw the popular YouTube group Offlinetv exiting one of the houses with luggage in hands. He quickly hid behind some nearby bushes.

He watched wide-eyed and open mouthed as Scarra, Disguisedtoast, Lilypichu, and Fedmyster walked towards a huge Uber Taxi van feet from where he was crouching. He was close enough to hear them talking about their trip and that they were on their way to EDC. Max saw them all enter the Uber but he didn't see Pokimane anywhere and he would have assumed she would have gone with them. However, he remembered that in her last stream she had mentioned that she wouldn't be going with them this year. Max also remembered her saying she would go to the gym before her stream today and his heart started beating at a thousand miles per hour.

He watched the Uber leave and an idea came to mind something he normally wouldn’t do but he thought that he won’t ever get an opportunity like this again.

He made his way to the front door where for once he finally had some good luck in that the front door was left unlocked. He carefully made his way inside, trying not to make too much noise in case someone else stayed behind.He made his way through the different rooms of the house admiring everything he saw until he heard some strange noises. Now startled, Max began searching for the source of the noise and he made his way upstairs, even more nervous at the thought of getting caught. However, he decided to continue to follow the noise until he noticed one of the room doors slightly ajar.

Gingerly making his way to the door, Max peaked inside where his eyes saw something he'd always dreamed of. Pokimane laying on her bed spread out with her shirt on the floor and her tights at her ankles thrusting a big dildo into her pussy. Max was in shock as he watched his biggest crush only a few feet away from him masturbating. His penis began to throb in his pants and he moved his hands and squeezed the stiffening member. Caught up in the moment however he didn’t notice her eyes open and see him in the reflection of her mirror.
He was in the moment until he heard her yell

“What the Fuck!”

He fell back in fear fumbling to fix himself as Pokimane did the same before she stormed to the door

“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing in my fucking house!”

After stumbling his words he finally got the answers out and explained how big of a fan he was and how much he wanted to meet her and that he normally wouldn’t do anything like this. After hearing his explanation and hearing that her streams always make him feel better after a bad day at school, she explained to him how bad it was to break into someone’s home. She felt bad for Max after hearing his story and she told him to wait outside of her room while she decided what to do next and if she should call the police on him. As she closed the door, she felt bad for him and with a little grin on her face, she came up with a plan that would benefit them both.

Now that she had the idea she called Max back into her room. First, she assured him that she would not call the police on him. Second, she said she would help him with his confidence. He was a little confused at the idea even as she explained it to him that he was to just follow along with what she said and let her do all the work. After agreeing to what she said, Pokimane asked him if he could take a seat on her bed and he did as he was told. After she made her way over to him, she slowly got on her knees smiling up at him. He couldn’t believe what was happening, seeing that he was still nervous she said to calm down as she unbuttoned his pants pulling them down little by little until his boxers remained. With one thing left to do Poki grabbed the waistband of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. When she saw what he had in there, Poki looked at him with wide eyes.

“Oh Max…you really are a big fan.”

What stood in front of her was an erect 10 inch girthy penis that not only made her blush but also made her more aroused. Max quickly took notice of it when he saw that she wasn’t wearing any underwear and had a cameltoe showing through her tights which made his penis throb even more than before. Seeing this, she complimented him on it by saying how big and pink his penis was for someone his age. After seeing him follow her orders to that point, she continued her plan giving it a couple of slow tugs followed by kissing the tip a few times until she locked her lips around the head of his cock slowly moving her head forward, bobbing her head a slow pace. She resumed masturbating, rubbing her pussy through her tights. Not long after, she looked into his eyes releasing his cock and removing her hand from her soaked pussy, not saying anything she got up and began to remove her clothes giving Max a little show.

She now stood in front of Max with nothing on.. She didn’t know how long he would last so she had him get on the bed on his knees as she followed him and got on her hands and knees with her head down giving him the greatest view of his life. She reached underneath her guiding his cock to her entrance getting a moan out of him as his penis felt the warmth of her pussy. She started slow rocking back and forth on his cock, when she felt they were both ready she told him to grab her hair as he did she started slamming her pussy on his cock twerking in between thrusts. Feeling his balls slap against her clit she moaned louder and louder until she felt his cock throb. Knowing that he was close, she stopped and removed his cock from her pussy.

Poki had him lay down then at the head of her bed as she hovered over his cock teasing him even more. Seeing his cock stand as erect and pink as when they started made her more aroused. She asked if he was ready and he replied with a nod. With that, she slowly lowered herself onto his cock gasping at the feeling of his meat entering her again. When his cock was fully inside her, she began by slowly grinding on it wanting to get accustomed to the feeling. When she was ready she started bouncing on his cock letting out one loud moan after the other, Max was not far behind groaning and moaning just as loud and as much as her.

Poki then leaned over to him grabbing his face and placing his mouth on one of her tits moaning even louder at the sensation of his mouth. The mix of his cock bouncing inside her, the sound of it and his mouth licking and sucking on her nipple as his other hand grabbed a handful of her other breast got her very close. This went on for five more minutes as max did his best to hold it in until he felt he was close, informing Poki he was close to cumming. Quickly getting up she turned around lowering herself onto his cock again but this time she squatted onto his cock and began twerking on it giving him the best view of his life. There he saw Pokimane’s famous ass bouncing on his cock, grabbing a handful of both of her ass cheeks giving them slaps in between thrusts he started moaning loader, hearing that Poki felt better knowing how happy he was and that he was at his limit.

In between moans she turned her head saying she close too, she told him she had one more reward for him. That reward began when she started furiously rubbing the clit of her pussy clamping down on his cock she started screaming out that she was cumming and max was not far behind. Squirting all over his cock and lower half Poki gave max his last reward when she screamed.

“Cum inside me, Max!”

That was all he needed to hear, those words were all that it took for him to let loose shooting ten thick ropes of cum inside of her waiting pussy, feeling Max’s cum shoot inside her and into her womb resulted in her squirting her juices all over again. Both Max and Poki continued moaning until Poki fell over in exhaustion giving Max a great view of his cum leaking out of her pussy. After they both caught their breath, Poki started getting dressed again not cleaning Max’s cum out of her pussy telling Max to get dressed and go home. He did as he was told and before he left he thanked her for everything. Grinning, she then asked for his phone and keyed her number in and told him that if he ever felt down or in need of cheering up, to call her. She gave him a kiss on the lips and let him out the door.

Max smiled to himself and walked home whistling, knowing that there were going to be many more days as good as this one.
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Re: Max’s Best Day Ever
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Great work with this story.
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