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Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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“When given the chance of a lifetime, splash it with a huge bang!”

Authors: DarklordZ, Kash the Priest, BeeWhyDee, and Money

Celebs: Lacey Chabert, Sarah Chalke, Elisha Cuthbert, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kristen Bell, Hayden Panettiere, Allison Mack, and Erica Durance

Codes: MFF, MF, M+F+, FF, M+FF, F+, cons, rom, oral, anal

Disclaimer: This is only a fictional story, so events like these have never ever happened to the celebrities or will never ever happen to them. Remember, the keyword is fictional! If you are under the age of 18,
leave now and go somewhere else. Where you say? I really don’t care as long as you don’t read this.

If you need something clearer, here is Kash:

This story is a work of fiction and should not be read by anyone under 18 and is not a representation of any of the celebs mentioned.

From ByD:

If you’re under whatever the applicable age is for your region to read this, I suggest you close this window, because it’s illegal! And clear your history and cache while you’re at it, you don’t want mom and dad to find out what you’ve been doing! Also, celebrities don’t act like this in real life, blah…blah but, its parody so I’m protected from your litigation, bitches!

Ok seriously, how much clearer can a disclaimer be?

Last time from Money:

The story you are about to read is not true and never happened. This is total fiction I’m sure the celebs don’t act like this in reality. Anyone under the age of 18 or can easily be offended stop reading now please.

Sorry for the long disclaimer but it was needed. The authors are not responsible for any actions if you’re caught and if anyone is offended by the story, we’re sorry and how could you be? Now after that long disclaimer please, enjoy…

Oh, before I forget, don’t copy this and pass this as your work! No, I’m fucking serious! None of these authors want to go to that fucking experience ever again and if either one of the authors finds that does happen, oh so fucking help me… I don’t even know what I’m going to do. In total, don’t fucking plagiarize!

Now seriously, enjoy… and don’t plagiarize!

This story was originally published on September 14th 2008 on CSSA.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 1

“Daniel, I have the meat ready” Lacey said as she pounded the last of the meat and placed it onto the huge stack of meat on there.

There was steak, ribs, hot dogs, sausages, meat for burgers, and chicken as well. Daniel came out in his swimsuit as he walked down from the stairs and saw the meat was ready. He walked into the kitchen as he saw Lacey still fully dressed in a shirt and pants.

“Come on, you couldn’t tenderize the meat in your swimsuit” Daniel said as he gave her kiss onto her cheek and then smacked her ass lightly. Lacey gave him a dirty look as she laughed afterwards and then kissed him onto his lips.

“Seeing that we have some time before our guest arrive, how about you and I…” Daniel seductively said before Lacey cut him off.

“Daniel, I would but… no, we just made love last night. What more do you want?” Lacey said as she lightly slapped him onto his chest. Daniel then pulled her pants down to see her beautiful well-toned ass as he pulled her red thong back a bit and then let go as she let out a small moan sound.

“Stop it” Lacey said laughing as Daniel bent down to kiss her ass cheeks.

Daniel moved one hand onto her other cheek and lightly squeezed it as he continued to kiss the other cheek.

“Mmm yeah, Ahhh yeah…” Lacey moaned as she moved the place of meat to the side and placed both hands onto the kitchen counter. Daniel started to move one finger into Lacey’s cunt as he passed her thong and inserted his finger in.

“Ahhh….fuck” Lacey moaned as Daniel continued to thrust his finger into Lacey as she started to moan louder until someone walked into the kitchen and saw the two as Daniel quickly got back up as Lacey’s face was completely red.

“Umm, I didn’t walk in on anything, did I?” Sarah said.

Lacey then turned around at him, giving Daniel the evil eye look.

Daniel said in his mind, {Boy she looks mad, hopefully she isn’t saying “I’m going to fucking bite you dick off”} and then Chabert thought, {Next time I suck your cock, I’m going to fucking bite it off}

“Oh look, Kash is here” he said as Daniel quickly ran to the door as Lacey was still staring at him with the evil eye look.

“So, you ok?” Sarah asked. Lacey turned her attention back to Chalke as she then bent down to pick her pants up.

“Yeah, why do you ask?” Lacey asked her.

“Because, it looked like you wanted to kill Daniel” Sarah said as she placed the bag she brought onto the kitchen table.

“Nah, just bite his dick off. So, what is in the bag?” Lacey asked.

“Well, some chips, mustard, ketchup, pickles, and soda.” Sarah said to her as Lacey and Sarah were talking, Daniel came back into the kitchen with Kash, Scarlett Johansson and, Elisha Cuthbert who was both giving each other evil eye looks.

“Hey” Daniel, Lacey, and Sarah said. Kash said hey back but Scarlett and Elisha didn’t as they were both still looking at each other as the four looked around at each other as the three turned their attention back to Kash.

“Hey Kash, buddy but umm, do you mind if we ask you something?” Daniel whispered.

“Yeah, sure what is it buddy?” Kash asked.

“What is the deal with you, Elisha and Scarlett?” he said to Kash but before Kash could explain, Elisha spoke right on up about that.

“Kash, sweetie, you don’t need to explain because I’m the only one for you” Elisha said as she planted her hand onto his cheek until Scarlett pulled her hand away from his cheek.

“Oh whatever, you know that Kash can’t resist all of this” Scarlett said as she moved her hands all over her sides as the five watched in awe as Lacey turned her attention back to Daniel, who then looked at her.

“I umm… not… umm… you know, I think it’s time for me to cook the meat” Daniel said as he quickly grabbed the plate and went outside as Lacey just watched in excitement and then laughed.

“Excuse me, I need to go get dressed into my swimsuit” Lacey said as she went upstairs to her bedroom as Sarah was left with Kash, Elisha, and Scarlett, who were still looking at each other.

“Ok… I’m going to talk to Lacey then” Sarah said as she quickly left to go upstairs. Sarah walked up the stairs and she reached the top of the stairs and opened the door and saw a topless Lacey Chabert, gasping at Sarah finding her topless.

“Seriously, how hard is it to knock?” Lacey asked.

“Sorry, but nice breasts” Sarah said as she closed the door behind her.

“Thanks… I guess but umm… what are you doing?” Lacey said to her.

“What, you want someone else to come up here and see you topless” Sarah told her.

“Eh, good point” Lacey said.

“Besides, I don’t want anyone coming up while I’m feeling you up” Chalke said in a seductive voice.

“Wait, what?!?” Lacey yelled as Chalke then ran her hands onto Lacey’s breasts and rubbed them.

“Oh yeah, these breasts are so soft” Sarah said as she then kissed the left nipple of Lacey as she just watched Sarah kissing her nipple. She then ran her hand onto Sarah’s cheek as she rubbed her cheek softly.

Lacey then placed her other hand onto Chalke’s other cheek and brought Sarah’s face up and planted a kiss onto her lips as Sarah reached behind Chabert’s back and slowly began to lower down her swimsuit thong but then, Lacey stopped her from doing so.

“Wait, as much as I would like to experiment, I would really want to talk to Daniel” Lacey told Sarah as she stood right back up and took a look at Chabert.

“Well, I could help you two because from the looks of things from earlier, you and him were having some relationship problems” Sarah said to her.

“Yeah, but how could you help us?” Lacey asked.

“Get Daniel up here and I will show you” Sarah said to her as Lacey quickly tied her bikini top up and left the room. She walked down the stairs as she saw Kash trying to make peace between Cuthbert and Johansson. She looked outside and saw Daniel standing alone, cooking a bit of the meat first. Lacey opened the door as she walked on outside as Daniel as Lacey’s nipples poking through her top.

“Hmm, nice day for poking” Daniel said laughing.

“Oh ha, ha” Lacey said as she walked behind him as she ran her hands onto his back as she looked above his shoulders and saw him flipping the meat. Then, all of a sudden, Kash made his way out of the house.

“Oh boy, those two need a fucking chill pill” Kash said.

“Hmm, they seem to say that they can please you better then the other” Daniel said as Lacey then reached inside his swim trunks and grabbed his cock, which surprised him and Kash too since she grabbed in front of him.

“Hey, if you two want to fuck then go, I will cook the rest of the meat for you, buddy” Kash said as he took the spatula from Daniel’s hand as Lacey dragged him back to the house by her hands on his cock still.

“Lace, as much as I enjoy fucking you, what is going on?” Daniel asked.

“Sarah said that she can help us with our problems” Lacey said to him as she opened the door back into the house as the two heard Elisha and Scarlett yelling very loudly. The two passed them as they walked up the stairs and closed the door behind them as Daniel and Lacey saw Sarah sitting right next to the bed.

“Ok, why don’t you two sit down on the bed” Sarah said to them as Daniel and Lacey listened and sat in front of Chalke.

“Really, I see no problem with me and Lacey” Daniel said to Sarah.

“Oh really, how about this… I told you not to pull my pants down earlier and then Sarah walked in on us. I was so embarrassed” Lacey said to Daniel.

“Ok, there’s that” Daniel said but then, “Or how about the time, you didn’t listen to what I said, and I was left alone” Chabert added.

“Ok fine, maybe we do have problems” Daniel told Chalke but then Lacey added, “Oh but I’m not done yet, and this is the icing on the cake… you always pester me for sex every freaking day” as she left both Daniel and Sarah speechless.

“Ok, so when you two make love, how is it for you two?” Sarah said to them.

“Uh well…” the two said at the same time as they were remembering last night…

“Ohhhh fuck, fuck me hard…. Ahhh yeah” Lacey moaned. “Uhhhh yeah… ahhh Lace, ohhhh I… love you… ohhhh fuck” Daniel moaned. “Fuck me harder if you love me…. Uhhhh fuck…. ahhh shit” Lacey said as she moaned louder…

“Neutral” the both of them said.

“Hmm, well then, Daniel, take your cock out” Sarah said to him.

“Eh, what now?!?” Daniel said to her as he turned around to look at Lacey who was wondering what Sarah wanted.

“Come on, take you cock out” Sarah said again as Lacey moved her head for a “sure” sign as Daniel got up and lowered his swimsuit down as both Lacey and Sarah had their eyes locked on his semi-erected cock.

“Wow, umm… now Lacey, sit back and let me enjoy this” Sarah said as she got up from the chair and then got back down on the floor as she grabbed his cock with her left hand and slowly began to stroke him.

“Sarah, what the fuck!” Lacey yelled out.

“Lacey if you care, you will join in too” Sarah said as she quickly began picking her speed up as Lacey continued to watch someone else jerk Daniel as he ran his hands through his hair as he watched Chalke stroking him off and then, he looked up and saw Chabert continuing to look at the two. She then looked up and saw Daniel staring at her.

“What?” she said as Daniel reached his hand for her. Lacey grabbed his hand as he pulled her up and gave her a kiss on the lips as he reached behind Lacey’s back and started to undo her bikini top. Lacey closed her eyes as the two kissed as she moved her hand onto his cheek as Sarah looked up and saw them kissing,

“See, I knew this would work” Sarah said as she opened her mouth and took his cock and began sucking his dick.

Daniel finally undid her bikini top as he threw it away from her breasts as he began sucking her nipples as Lacey watched him doing so. Chabert moved her hand away from his cheek and moved her hand onto his chest as he slowly bit her right nipple.

“Ahhh yeah, ohhh yeah, that feels nice” Lacey moaned.

Sarah began bobbing faster on Daniel’s cock as she moved one hand and tapped Lacey’s arm as Chabert looked down and saw her tapping her arm. Sarah then pointed to her bikini as she was telling Lacey via code to undo it. Lacey listened as she undid Sarah’s bikini top as Lacey threw then to the side as Chalke’s perky breasts were freed.

Daniel stopped biting Lacey’s nipple and moaned as Sarah was sucking faster on his cock.

“Uhhhh fuck…. ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

Lacey looked down as she lowered herself to Sarah’s level and watched her suck Daniel’s cock from the side. She smacked her lips around as she was enjoying Chalke sucking off her man. Lacey then put one hand behind Chalke’s head and pushed her back as Daniel’s cock went deeper into Chalke’s mouth, making her gag.

“Yeah, you wanted to suck on Daniel’s cock… well now, take it all” Lacey said as she held Sarah’s head and didn’t moved her hand as Chalke began gagging a bit harder as tears slowly came down her eyes as she opened her big blue eyes very wide.

“Ahhh yeah, being a little bit meaner there, huh?” Daniel said to Lacey as the two kissed.

Sarah’s gags became more intense as more tears came down her eyes. Daniel looked down during the kiss as he moved Lacey’s hand away from Chalke’s head as she was finally able to move away as Sarah quickly gasped for air.

“Oh boy, wow… ahhh” Sarah said as she patted her chest.

Lacey then pulled her the bottom part of her bikini down as Daniel and Sarah caught a glimpse of her pussy as she then grabbed Daniel by the arms and pulled him down onto the bed. Daniel was about to insert his cock into her pussy but Lacey stopped him.

“Wait, let me suck you first” Lacey said as Daniel moved up and inserted his cock into Lacey’s mouth as she quickly began bobbing fast as Sarah got up and took her bottom part of her bikini off as well. Sarah then lay right next to Chabert as she was facing her cunt.

“Mmmm, I’m going to enjoy this” Sarah said as she then took a slow lick at Lacey’s cunt as her moans were muffled by Daniel’s dick in her mouth. Lacey pushed his cock deeper into her mouth as she wasn’t having any problem with his cock deep into her throat unlike Sarah.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhhh fuck, take it all” Daniel moaned.

Lacey made a few gagging sounds but was able to handle his cock well as she opened her eyes and stared upwards at Daniel with her light brown eyes as she continued to stare at him while sucking Daniel off. Lacey took her cock back deeper into her throat while continue to stare at him.

Daniel looked over at Chalke as her ass was up in the air as she continued to lick Lacey out. Daniel tapped Lacey on her cheek, and then moved his head to Chalke as a signal for something as Lacey looked over and knew what he wanted. She shook her head yes with his cock still in her mouth as she then took his dick out of her mouth as Daniel walked over and positioned himself as he got the head of his cock into Chalke’s unsuspecting pussy.

“Uhhhh yeah… what a tight pussy” Daniel moaned as Sarah looked over and saw Daniel was slowly inserting his cock into her. Chalke moved one hand under her as she grabbed his cock and directed him in. Daniel then grabbed Sarah’s hip and with one thrust, he got his entire cock in.

“Ahhh fuck, ohhhh so big” Sarah moaned as she then resumed licking Lacey out.

“Ohhhh yeah, lick me…. Ahhh yeah” Lacey moaned.

Daniel thrusted harder into Sarah as she moaned and licked away at Chabert who started to pinch her own nipples. He then looked outside through the window and saw three more people entering the house.

“Ding dong” the door bell rang as no one was around to get the door as Elisha and Scarlett was still yelling at each other while Kash was still cooking the food outside. The door bell rang again as Elisha yelled out to Daniel.

“Someone is at the door” Elisha yelled to him.

“Ahhh fuck…. uhhhh yeah… get the door would you? Ohhh yeah, faster Sarah” Daniel yelled out to Cuthbert.

“Geez, he’s fucking them and he can’t stop to get the goddamn door” Elisha said as she got up and walked outside to the back where she told Kash to get the door instead. He did as he ran to the front door. He opened and saw another buddy of his and Daniel.

“Hey Money, how are you doing?” Kash said. “Not bad, cause I’m here with two fine ass chicks” Money said.

“Kash, this is Allison Mack and this one on my right is Erica Durance” Money added. “Nice, two hot ass babes” Kash said as he moved aside and let the three to enter the house.

‘So, where’s Daniel and Lacey?” Money asked Kash but before Kash could answer back, “Ohhhh yeah…. ahhh Sarah” Daniel moaned and then, “Uhhh fuck… ahhh lick me… uhhhh shit, right there Sarah… ohhh fuck yeah” Lacey moaned.

“Guess that explains that” the two said. “So, who are you here with?” Money asked Kash.

“Well…” Kash said before Scarlett came in the living room and wrapped her arms around his neck. “Kash, come back to me and forget Elisha” Johansson whispered into his ears. Elisha saw that from the outside and stormed right inside as she pulled Scarlett away from Kash.

“Oh no, please tell me that you weren’t flirting with my man” Elisha said as she wrapped her arms around Kash as the two continued to stare at each other as if they wanted to kill each other right there but then, Scarlett walked away as she grabbed her bag that was next to the door.

“Well, if you excuse me. I’m going to get dressed into my bikini so Kash could stare at me longer” Scarlett said as she went into the guest bathroom.

“Hmm, if she was smart, she would have gotten dressed before we got here” Elisha said as she took her blue t-shirt off to reveal her big breasts in her tiny black bikini top that barely contained her breasts. She bent down as she took her jean shorts off the show everyone her black bikini thong as Kash looked over and saw her ass until he then noticed the smoke coming from the grill.

“Oh fuck, Daniel is going to kill me if I burn the meat” Kash quickly said as he ran outside as he left Elisha, Money, Allison, and Erica alone as the four continued to hear moaning coming from upstairs.

Daniel now was lying on the bed as Sarah mounted on top of his face while Lacey was slowly riding him. He moved one arm onto Chabert’s hips while he moved his other arm onto Chalke’s hips and began eating her out.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhhh fuck” Sarah moaned.

“Uhhhh fuck… ahhh!” Lacey moaned

Daniel flicked his tongue quickly at Sarah’s pussy lips as she rubbed her own tits for excitement. Lacey bounced harder as she moved both hands of hers and rested them on the bed as she continued to ride Daniel’s cock.

“Ohhhh fuck… ahhh yeah… uhhhh!” Lacey moaned as she took breaks during breathing.

“Uhhhh lick me… ahhh right there Daniel” Sarah moaned.

Daniel moved his hand that was on Sarah’s hips and moved it towards her pussy as he inserted a finger into her cunt while still licking her. Lacey then flipped around while still on Daniel’s cock as she was facing the two now. Lacey told Sarah to lean over as she did and when she did, Chabert planted a kiss onto Chalke as the two moaned while kissing.

“Ohhhh fuck… ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned as Chabert was riding him harder as she moved her hips around in joy.

“Yeah… ahhh, uhhhh fuck… ahhh Daniel” Lacey moaned as she broke the kiss with Chalke. She then moved away from Daniel’s face as she crawled over to Chabert and got in front of her as she then started to lick her pussy again while still riding Daniel.

“Mmmm yeah, look at you, riding like a pro” Sarah said laughing.

She took a small lick onto Lacey as she moved her hips around again as Sarah was having a hard time licking Chabert as Daniel moved both hands onto Lacey’s hips and thrusted with every ounce of being he had left.

“AHHHHH FUCK….UHHHH YEAH!” Lacey loudly moaned.

“Stay still, I’m trying to lick you” Sarah said to her as she resumed licking Chabert.

“Ohhhhh fuck… uhhhh shit… I’m coming” Lacey moaned as she came all over Daniel’s cock as Chalke licked her girl juices off of Daniel’s cock.

“Mmmm, you taste good” Sarah said as she rose up and kissed Lacey as she tasted her own cum from Chalke’s lips.

“Ahhh fuck, can’t hold out longer” Daniel said as he quickly took his cock out of Lacey’s cunt and without warning, came all over the top of her pussy as both Lacey and Sarah looked down and saw him shooting his load on her. He shot in mid air as some landed back down onto his pubic region and onto his fingers as he moved his hand away from his penis.

“Uhhhh yeah… whew, oh that was intense” Daniel said as he laid there. Sarah moved down and licked the cum off of his pubic region with her tongue as she then licked around the top if Lacey’s pussy area as she got the cum off of her. Chalke kissed Lacey with her cum filled mouth as she then swapped it over to her as Lacey was surprised at that but, she swapped it right back to her. The two were having a cum swap kiss as then, Sarah swapped half and broke away from the kiss, leaving Lacey with some in her mouth left over.

The two then swallowed the cum as they kissed for the last time as Daniel looked up and saw them kissing as Lacey finally got off of Daniel and grabbed her bikini set and got dressed back into them as Sarah did the same.

“Well, that was quick” Daniel said as he grabbed his swim trunks and put them on as he grabbed Lacey by her ass again.

“Damn it, you must really like my ass” Lacey said to him as she planted a kiss onto his cheek as Sarah looked at the two as she laughed for no reason at all.

“See, I knew that would work” Sarah said to them. “What?” the two said to her.

“If I sucked you off, she wouldn’t like me doing so but will squeeze in to do so” Sarah said.

“Uh huh… right” the two said as they walked downstairs as Daniel and Lacey saw Money, Allison, and Erica sitting on the couch as Elisha was reading a magazine and without noticed from anyone, Sarah walked into the other rooms for a look around.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 2

“Hey Daniel!” Money said as he got up from the couch.

“Hey Money, whoa, nice choices as they look smokin’ hot.” Daniel said as Lacey lightly slapped him on his chest.

“Ow, I’m just kidding, geez cut a guy some slack” Daniel said to Chabert as he stared at Erica and Allison as they were dressed in nearly matching bikini outfits of red and blue tops and alternating bottoms.

“I nearly had a threesome in the backseat from the airport.” Money said to Daniel “Sounds hot.” Daniel said as Lacey wrapped her arms around him.

“Yeah, Allison is my little sex kitten and Erica is the horndog but I’m not splitting hairs over talent in bed.” Money said.

“Who’s better?” He asked as Lacey gave him the stink eye. “Oh come on, I’m just asking” Daniel said to her as he kissed her.

“After the first time we had sex together, I called it a tie so now they try as many tricks as they can think of to outdo the other one as often as possible.” Money said cracking a huge smile.

“Allison’s in the lead at the moment.” Money added.

“Money?” Allison asked in the cutest little purr she could do. “Yeah?” he asked.

“I’m a bit spent from the ride over here so I’m going to relax by the pool ok?” She said as she walked outside and waved to Kash as he waved back before turning back to the cooking. Allison relaxed on one of the beach chairs that were already set up.

“Great that means Money and I can catch up on that quickie he owes me from Dallas.” Erica said.

“Dallas?” Lacey asked.

“Yeah, we kind of borrowed the pilots lounge between flights with Allison as a lookout.” Money said to her.

“Nice” Daniel said.

“Hate to break this up but where is the nearest bedroom?” Erica asked looking around as both Daniel and Lacey pointed to the nearest doorway as Money was feeling a bit frisky himself so he decided to have a little fun with Erica and beat her to the doorway. As they entered, Sarah came out of the room for some reason.

“Sorry, was just looking around” Chalke said as she left back to the living room as Sarah moved to the side as Money entered the room from his side. Then, Sarah gave out a big grin for some odd reason as she turned her attention back to Daniel and Lacey.

“Who wants a foot long sausage?” Money called out.

“ME, ME, ME!” Erica said as she ran to the door like lightning as he found a nice little room overlooking the pool. Money saw Allison lounging in the chair by the pool stretching out those smokin’ curves which is probably why he didn’t hear Erica behind him.

“Now, where were we in Dallas?” Erica purred in his ear.

“Right about here.” he said as Money took Erica’s bikini off as she had already made short work of his black shorts as he started kissing Erica behind her ear, Money slowly went down to her neck getting her to moan as he massaged her chest sucking on them for a moment before continuing down to her abs and thighs.

“Oh shit.” Erica groaned as she gripped her chest he had her going but he hadn’t even started licking her pussy yet. Money laid her on the bed on her back when he then inserted two fingers from his hand into her pussy.

“That doesn’t feel like your dick.” She moaned.

“It isn’t.” he said as she writhed on the bed, her body shuddered getting more into the stimulation Money was giving her.

“I need an fucking orgasm, give me your dick.” She moaned again. Money continued to tease Erica by licking her pussy as she seemed to be between being frustrated and bliss as she clawed at the bed.

“OH…quit teasing me…OH GOD…and fuck…OH FUCK…my brains out!” she screamed.

“Well you asked for it.” Money said as he grabbed onto her rather sizeable chest. Money drove his foot long tool into her dripping wet pussy as he slammed his cock head into her clit, nearly driving the top of her head into the headboard.

“Drive it in as deep as you can!” Erica cried.

“Somebody likes my big, fat, dick filling them up.” Money teased as he kept pounding away.

“Just keep going.” She moaned as his dick started to throb. Money figured he couldn’t hold out much longer so he slowed down a bit.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop!” Erica yelled as he kept pounding away as Erica rolled Money over on his back.

“My turn, I want to ride you until you blow that hot creamy load in my pussy and look at Allison while I do it, knowing I am fucking you raw and she’s not here” Erica said to him. Once Erica got a good pace going, he felt her tight pussy start to quiver in a sure sign of an orgasm building.

“Oh god, I forgot how huge you were, this thing might tear me apart.” Erica moaned.

“Aw, is the stacked TV star scared of my monster cock?” Money teased.

“Hey, I’ll show you.” She said as Erica started slamming her pussy down on his shaft. Money pushed his hips up, meeting her thrust for thrust as she worked his dick over as she shuddered again.

“More, I want to feel every inch in me, I can see Allison from here she has no idea how slutty I’m being for you.” she groaned.

“I’m gonna blow!” Money yelled as he grabbed onto her chest as he let his load fly. Money felt like he was being drained of all of his strength but it was so worth it when Erica suddenly arched her back moaning.

“FFFFUUUUCCCCKKKK!!” Erica screamed as she shuddered moments later letting her pussy cream flow out.

Erica’s moaning could be heard around the entire house as Lacey, Sarah, Daniel, Elisha and Allison could hear them from both the living room and the outside as Kash put the spatula down for a bit.

Erica rested on Money’s shoulders as he pulled out of her pussy and sat there with Durance resting on him.

“Damn!” he said out loud as he looked over and saw Allison looking over the window to the bedroom as she saw Erica tilted backwards as Money had his eyes closed as she walked back inside.

The four saw Allison walking back inside as they resumed what they were doing before as Elisha kept reading her magazine as Lacey and Sarah continued to watch TV as Daniel got up and went outside to check up on Kash but then the door rang as Daniel ran to the door to get it. He opened and saw Jennifer Love Hewitt in a very short revealing bikini top that could barely contain her big breasts.

“Hello….whoa… holy crap, that’s revealing” Daniel said as Lacey got up from the couch and walked to the door and saw Jennifer’s revealing top.

“Holy… shoot, what the? Jen, why something so revealing?” Lacey asked.

“For the hell of it” Jennifer said as she winked at Daniel as Lacey quickly looked over at Daniel.

{So help me, the next words out of your mouth better be something that won’t piss me off} Lacey said in her mind.

She greeted Chabert and walked on over to the living room where she greeted Sarah and Elisha. The two looked at Hewitt walking as she lifted her light dress skirt up to show the two that she was wearing a tiny g-string that disappeared from existence of her ass.

“Oh boy, something is telling me this may not end well” Daniel said.

Meanwhile, back with Erica and Money…

“Hey, we need to get back to the pool party before we are missed.” Money said as he shook her a bit to wake her.

“Uh… just give me a few minutes to wash up.” Erica said.

Once she was ready, the two headed back to the pool to meet everyone else who was scheduled to show up as Money and Erica made it to the door but then. Allison was standing in the hallway with her arms folded over her huge chest.

“You heard that?” Erica asked.

“Almost everybody within half a block heard you two.” Allison said.

“Damn.” Money said.

“Well at least, we were better than an audio book.” Erica said.

“Oh come off it Erica, we both know I’m better sucking Money off than you… hell I even swallow.” Allison said with the old stink eye look on her face.

“And you really do deserve a medal for it as far as I can tell.” Money said.

“So why are you here?” Erica asked.

“To watch you two go at it again since I think you were just making noise.” Allison challenged.

“Challenge accepted what are the stakes?” Money said.

“Well since Erica is probably still sore from what you guys supposedly did, I’ll have you suck her tits” Allison said.

“I don’t know if they can take that.” Erica said.

“I’ll take it easy on them so you will enjoy it.” Money said.

“Oh no, you don’t. I want you to suck hard enough to draw milk and give me a good show as well.” Allison said.

“How about you masturbate while Money and I go at it?” Erica asked with a grin.

“I’m game.” Money said.

“Well, get cracking you two.” Allison said as Money took Erica’s top off Allison settled into the lounge chair at the end of the bed getting a good view of the events unfolding. Money took Erica’s left breast into his mouth as he started gently sucking on it getting a light moan from Durance.

“Oh wow.” she said.

“Suck harder, Money.” Allison said as Money increased the pressure on Erica’s chest as she started to rub Money’s dick inside his black shorts.

Allison got an eyeful and started to rub her pussy at the spectacle in front of her as Money started sucking Erica’s right breast and caressing her spine which caused Erica to arch her back slightly.

“Wow you two look so hot together.” Allison said as she took her top off as she took her left hand and stuck two fingers in her pussy.

“Wow Ally cat, I didn’t realize you were so stacked until now.” Money said.

“Hey, I’m even bigger than Erica if you were paying attention earlier.” Allison said.

“Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” Erica moaned.

“Are you serious?’ Money asked.

“I’m almost there; keep sucking my tits just a bit more.” Erica said.

“You can’t, I really want to join you two like right now.” Allison said.

“Come on get with the program.” Money said as Allison got onto the bed. The vibration was too much along with the added pressure on Erica’s tits she orgasmed hard.

“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” Erica’s back arched and she stiffened up as she convulsed and flopped back onto the bed spent as Allison looked at Money and she was pissed, very pissed.

“You owe me a threesome.” Allison said with anger in her tone.

“How do you think I feel? I have a hard on and one person to use it on?” he said but then, Money heard his name was being called from outside.

“What the?” Money said puzzled.

“Go, someone had better be in peril.” Allison said as Money left Allison as she started masturbating again to the memories as it wasn’t the same but she would get some satisfaction today.

“Hey Daniel, someone had better be dead or in serious trouble to breakup my threesome just now.” Money said as he ran outside to check what the commotion was.

“Uhh, well no… Just wanted to know what kind of meat you want. Steak or Burger?” Daniel said.

“So you drag me out here for that? Making me miss out on my own threesome? You owe me big for this later.” Money said.

Just then, Money felt a hand onto his shoulder as he turned around, he saw Hewitt’s revealing top as he mouth was left wide open.

“Hey you, like what you see?” Jennifer said as she noticed a bit of drool coming from his mouth.

“I will take that as a yes” Hewitt giggled as she licked the drool off of her lips as Money was left speechless.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 3

Elisha was still inside as she finally put down the magazine and noticed that Scarlett never came out of the guest bathroom. She got up, leaving Chabert and Chalke alone in the living room. Elisha found the guest bathroom and surprisingly, the door was opened. She took a peep and saw that no one was inside.

“Huh, that’s strange? Wonder where that bitch is?” Cuthbert said as she then heard something coming from the other room, next to the bathroom. She turned the knob as she noticed that it wasn’t lock as she slowly turned the knob to open the door and was shocked at what she found.

“Uhhhh yeah… ahhh yeah… fuck me faster Kash… ahhh shit, uhhhh… finger my ass harder, Elisha” Scarlett moaned as she was fingering herself in the guest room as she had one hand into her cunt and her other hand in her asshole as she cried out the names of Kash and Cuthbert.

“Hmmm, I could cook something up with this if she actually means it” Elisha said quietly as she closed the door quietly. She then turned around and looked through the windows and found Kash standing around, doing nothing outside. Elisha walked up to the glass door as she pressed her boobs up against the glass, making them a bit bigger as she tapped on the glass. Kash heard the tap sound and saw Elisha pushing herself up to the glass.

“Holy crap, Elisha” Kash said out loud as Daniel stared at him.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” Daniel said.

“Oh nothing, just Elisha pushing her tits up to the window” Kash said.

“Fine, go on and fuck her then” Daniel said.

“Really, you don’t need my help then?” Kash said in excitement.

“Nah, if I need help, I would ask someone else. So, go… go and fuck her” Daniel said as Kash quickly ran into the house as Chabert and Chalke saw him running towards Cuthbert. He stopped in front of her as she kissed him all around his neck. She then whispered something into his ears.

“Follow me, and let’s have some fun in a good place” Elisha whispered into his ears.

She slowly walked as with each walk, Kash saw her hips moving up and down, side to side, and her ass cheeks jiggled as he felt his cock being more excited as Cuthbert opened the guest bathroom door and slowly undid her top to released her big breasts as she shook them around for Kash’s enjoyment.

“Oh my god, holy shit… I’m going to die while having sex with her” Kash said out loud as Chabert and Chalke overheard his comment. He turned around and saw them staring at him as they then giggling like schoolgirls.

“Eh, right… I’m going to go now” Kash said to them as they were still giggling. Lacey then turned around as the two turned around as well. Chabert took a look outside and saw Hewitt flirting with Daniel as she moved her hands around his body.

{Hmmm, why is she doing this?} Lacey said to herself as Money walked back into the room where he found Allison and Erica sleeping peacefully as he felt tired and slept right next to them as he dozed off to sleep.

Meanwhile, Kash opened the door as he then noticed that Elisha was on her knees in the guest bathroom as he looked around and saw it was rather small.

“You call this a good place to fuck? Can’t we go to the room we’re staying at?” Kash questioned her.

“I have my reasons” Elisha said as she heard the faint noises of Johansson moaning in the guest room that was right next to the bathroom they were in as Kash was too busy thinking with his dick to notice the faint sounds

“So, lower your trunks” Elisha said to him. Kash first shut the door behind him, but Elisha got too impatient and pulled his trunks down to his ankles quickly, revealing his already semi erect cock.

“God! It looks so good!” Elisha said as she held his thick shaft in her dainty hand. She moved her head forward and took the tip of his cock into her mouth, wrapping her lips around tight.

“Fuuuuckkkk!” Kash let out a long, low moan. Elisha worked her lips down his cock, only managing to fit about half his length into her mouth before the tip hit the back of her throat, so she worked her lips back down his shaft, only leaving the tip in her mouth as she flicking his sensitive cock head really fast with her tongue, causing him to moan even louder.

“You like that?” Elisha asked, looking up at him with a pleased smile.

“Yes!” Kash replied and Elisha let out a cocky laugh as she started to flick the tip with her tongue. The site of Elisha’s face right in front of him with her tongue caressing the tip off his cock made him so hard that he felt like he was gonna explode if he didn’t get his cock inside her tight body straight away.

He reached down with his hand and grabbed her arm, his fingers pressing against her arm pit, which caused her to laugh as he pulled her up to her feet. He squat down as he pulled down her bikini bottom, revealing her shaved cunt and the scent of her womanhood started to invade Kash’s nostrils much to his delight as he stood up straight. Elisha jumped forward, wrapping her legs around his waist and her arms around his shoulders and placing her lips on his.

Kash reacted quickly and wrapped his arms around her to hold her up, but the initial surprise of her jumping up caught him off guard and knocked him back against the door.

‘What was that sound?’ Scarlett thought to her as she heard a loud thud sound, which was Kash’s back hitting the bathroom door.

She listened for a few seconds to see if it was anything more and when she heard nothing she went back to fingering her pussy. She would’ve much preferred having Kash deep inside her with his weight on top of her as he fucks her fast and with intensity and sends her in to bliss, and with that thought, the loud thud was already a blur as her fingers started to splash in and out of her wet pussy.

Meanwhile, back outside…

Daniel had about only a few more pieces of meat to cook as Chabert and Chalke walked on outside. Hewitt was laying down on the chair as then Lacey walked towards her as Jennifer lowered her sunglasses down to see that Chabert was mad at her.

“Jen, we have been friends since Party of Five, have we not?” Lacey said.

“Yes, we have but why would you… wait, are you mad at me because I flirted with Daniel?” Jennifer said.

“Who said anything about Daniel? I mean… this is a talk between us” Lacey said as Hewitt gave her the look, trying to get Lacey to tell the truth.

“Yes, a bit” Lacey said as Jennifer continued to give Chabert the look again, just to be sure.

“Ok fine, completely mad; happy now?” Lacey said to her with tears in her eyes.

“Look, I won’t take Daniel away from you. So you have nothing to worry about, ok” Jennifer said as she then hugged Chabert as she accepted the hug. However, in Hewitt’s mind, she said; “But that won’t stop me from letting Daniel and his buddies fuck me” as she looked and saw Daniel and Chalke, preparing the food.

The four heard the doorbell ring as Lacey ran towards the door and opened to let ByD and Kristen Bell into the party as ByD hugged Lacey as Kristen noticed that Lacey was a bit upset.

“What’s wrong, Lacey?” Bell asked.

“Oh… umm, nothing Kristen” Lacey said as the three walked towards the backyard.

“Hey” ByD and Kristen said to the rest of the group as Daniel, Jennifer, and Sarah waved hi to them.

“So, how long would the food take?” ByD asked.

“Not too long, maybe about… 10 minutes tops” Daniel said to ByD.

“Cool, me and Kristen will be inside watching the ‘tube while you are getting it ready” ByD said as he ran towards the couch as Kristen looked over at Lacey who was looking at Hewitt as she looked at Daniel with lustful eyes behind her sunglasses.

“Are you sure everything is ok?” Kristen asked Lacey as she placed her hand onto Chabert’s right shoulder.

“Yeah… just fine… and dandy” Lacey said as she was trying not to shred a single tear again. Kristen then walked back inside the house as she bounced onto the couch as ByD caught her as the two watched whatever was on.

Meanwhile, Kash and Elisha were engaged in a passionate kiss as Elisha pressed her lips against his, hard and had her tongue deep in his mouth. Kash sucked her tongue hungrily as he felt his erect cock press up in between Elisha’s legs and pre-cum spurt out, getting the part in between Elisha’s crotch and thigh wet with the sticky fluid. Kash reached down with his hand, holding his cock as he guided it into Elisha’s waiting pussy.

“Nnnnghhhmmmm…” Elisha moaned into Kash’s mouth as he thrust his hips up, getting as much as he could into Elisha.

He continued to try and thrust his cock in and out of her for the next few minutes, but the position wouldn’t allow him to get any kind of decent speed, so he lowered his hands and gripped her butt cheeks tight as he walked over to the toilet. The toilet seat was down, so he bent his knees and placed her on the toilet, not pulling his cock out of her.

“Don’t wanna leave my tight little pussy?” Elisha giggled.

“No.” Kash replied, placing her feet on his shoulders as started to thrust into her, his knees bent slightly, but he was in a comfortable position to build up to the speed he wanted. Elisha was moaning quietly, biting her bottom lip as she watched Kash’s thick cock penetrate her cunt. He started to go faster and faster, his nuts slapping against her thick ass cheeks hard.

“Oh fuck! That’s so good! Mmmm… unnnnghhhh….” Elisha moaned as he went at a very fast pace, causing her to curl her toes tight, the tops of her toes pressing against the side of Kash’s face.

“Suck my toes!” Elisha moaned. “I love it when you suck my toes!” She said, her eyes opening wide as she moved one foot to the front of Kash’s face, her heel resting on his collar bone. Kash moved his mouth forward as he placed his mouth over her big toe.

“Yeah! Get it nice and wet!” Elisha moaned as she spread her toes apart, allowing him to lick in between them as he continued thrusting his thick cock in and out of her. Elisha reached down with her hand and started rubbing her clitoris furiously, getting off from watching Kash sucking her toes one by one, seeing his saliva hang from her toes to his lips.

Kash wasn’t going as fast as before as Elisha took his concentration towards her sexy feet, but he was going at a steady pace and with her fingering herself as fast as she could, Elisha could start to feel her orgasm fast approaching.

Kash held both of her feet together so that they were side by side and randomly poked his tongue through, in between two toes and the fact she didn’t know which toes his tongue was gonna go in between turned her on even more. He started to lick across the soles of her feet, going across horizontally, sucking the soft balls under her toes that made her curl her toes so tight that they went bright white from a lack off blood running to the tips of her toes.

“Fuck me fast!” She moaned as she felt her orgasm was close and Kash took her two biggest toes into his mouth as he slammed his cock in and out of her pussy as fast as he could, Elisha found that he was going too fast and this was causing her to lose grip and slide around, so she place her hands on either side of the wall for grip. Elisha kept her fingering pace at the same level with Kash until she felt her pussy start to quiver.

“I’m cumming!” She moaned, throwing her head back as her pussy clenched tightly around his shaft and her hips thrust up, her juices splashing up and onto Kash’s lower abs as she had thrust her hips up and off Kash’s cock.

He knew that she had a sensitive pussy and any touch made her hips thrash around wildly so he spread her legs apart and moved her feet together, lowering them onto his cock and rubbing his shaft with her soft soles, feeling her the fleshy balls under her toes on his shaft, squeezing him tight making pre-cum start to ooze out of his cock.

“God! If you keep getting that much pre-cum shoot out, your gonna have nothing left for when you cum!” Elisha said moving her feet off his cock and placing them on the floor as she leant forward and took his cock into her mouth.

“Mmm…” Elisha moaned, rolling her eyes in pleasure. “You taste so good” she said. Her mouth just millimeters away form his cock, her breath going onto his dick.

“I can’t wait to taste you when you cum.” She added with a devilish look in her beautiful blue eyes.

“Turn around.” Kash said to her.

“You wanna fuck me from behind?” Elisha said with a huge, pleased grin on her face.

“I just love seeing that ass when I fuck you.” He responded and Elisha turned around, bent over, her hand going on to the water tank, her legs spread apart.

Kash held his cock and rubbed it against her pussy. He was just surprised at how wet she was. He knew she had just cum, but she never ceased to amaze him with the amount of cum that she manages to release every time she cums.

His cock was literally soaked in her juices and when he looked down, he saw Elisha’s pale ass cheeks parted and he could just about see her asshole. With the amount of cum he had on his cock, he figured it would work well as enough lubrication for him to fuck her up the ass, so he started to rub his cock along her wet slit, getting closer to his asshole each time until he felt went up enough to feel her warm asshole against the tip of his cock and he gently, and swiftly thrust his hips forward.

“FUCK!” Elisha let out much louder than she intended. Over in the other room, Scarlett stopped in her tracks as she heard someone swear and she could her voices.

“You got it in the wrong hole there, babe!” Scarlett heard the woman’s voice and recognized it instantly to be Elisha’s.

“Your pussy is so tight, I just wondered how tight your ass would be.” She straight away knew whose voice that was. She knew that Elisha and her both fucked Kash, but she’s never seen or heard them at it.

“Ok, you can put it in but it’s so big that it would just hurt too much if you tried to fuck me, so you’d have to take it back out. Ok?” Elisha asked him.

“Sure.” Kash said sincerely, without meaning it.

Elisha reached back with her hands and spread her thick butt cheeks apart. Kash already has his cock head wedged in her asshole and now that she was giving him easier access, he slowly pushed his hips forward, forcing more of his shaft into her rectum as his shaft slowly inched past her tight ring.

“Oh shit! OWWW!” Elisha moaned as she felt the entire full length of his fat cock in her anus.

“Relax baby.” He whispered into her ear as he hunched over her, his chest pressed against her back.

“That’s it!” He said as he felt her tight asshole loosen around his shaft.

“That doesn’t feel so bad now.” Elisha said.

“It kinda feels good.” She added. Kash took that as a sign that she was ready for more and he started to slowly pull back, only pulling a couple of inches out before slowly thrusting it back in.

“That feels good Leesh?” He asked her.

“It hurts a little, but it feels good.” She replied. So Kash continued to give her a couple of slow thrusts, letting her sphincter get use to his girth.

Scarlett pulled her bikini thong back up as she walked out of the guest room. She knew the voices were coming from the room next to the room she was in and when she went out of the room, she saw that it was a small bathroom.

“Ahhh yeah Kash, fuck me! Uhhhh yeah…” Elisha moaned as Scarlett moved her head to the door as she pressed her ear on the door and listened to the two.

“You want me to go faster?” Kash asked her.

“Yes!” Elisha moaned as she strained to make her asshole gape as Kash started to pick up the pace. Despite her best efforts to make her asshole gape to make it easier for Kash to get his manhood deep into her bowels, her sphincter was still wrapped tightly around his shaft as he started to pound her asshole pretty fast now, his groin slapping against her round butt cheeks and his balls slapping against her pussy hard, causing her cum to splash around.

“OW! Oh God! NNNNNGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH…. That feels so fucking good!” Elisha moaned.

“Damn!” Kash moaned.

“You asshole is so fucking tight!” He moaned as he continued ramming into her even faster until he was fucking her tight little ass hole as fast as he could.

He was already feeling his orgasm start to approach a little when he fucked her pussy and now with the tightness of her ring and the fast pace he was going at, he could feel his cum about to burst out.

“Fuck!” He moaned “I’m so fucking close!” He said, moving his head closer to hers, his cheek pressing against her cheek.

“You’re close?” Elisha moaned her question. “Than fuck my ass HARDER!” She yelled at him thrusting her ass back to meet his thrusts, getting him deeper into her bowels.

“And when you’re about to cum…” She said, sticking her tongue out and licking the side of his face. Kash stuck his tongue out as the two flicked each others tongue’s with their own tongue.

“…Pull out and cum in my mouth!” She said with a wicked look in her eyes.

“You wanna taste that cum?” Kash asked her as he pounded her ass fast.

“YES! GIMME THAT FUCKING CUM!” Elisha yelled her answer.

“You wanna taste that ass?” He added not sure if she realized what he was saying.

“Mmmhmm” Elisha moaned. “I wanna taste my ass that fucking hard cock!” She added as Kash slammed into her hard, feeling his cum shoot out of his balls.

“It’s COMING!!” He yelled pulling out of her ass and Elisha quickly turned around, placing her mouth on his cock and gripping his butt cheeks hard as Kash shot out load after load of cum into the blonde’s mouth.

“Mmm!” Elisha moaned approvingly as she swallowed his jism and sucked his cock head hard.

“That tasted so good!” She smiled as she licked the side of his shaft up and down.

“Guess your ass made it taste better, huh?” Kash replied.

“Yeah!” Elisha laughed.

Scarlett then moved away from the door and walked out from the guest room as she got out from the way she came into the room in the first place. She walked passed the bathroom door as she hit the door with full force of her fist as both Kash and Elisha heard the thud on the door.

“What was that?” Kash asked.

“Who the fuck knows” Elisha said to him as she took his cock back into her mouth and sucked him off for good measure as afterwards, the two got dressed back into their swimwear clothes.

Scarlett walked back into the kitchen as she saw Daniel, Sarah, and Lacey taking care of the food and the table as she then saw Jennifer going for a swim in the pool. Johansson then turned her attention back to the living room as she saw ByD and Kristen, flipping through the channels. Scarlett decided to go outside to the pool as she then smacked ByD across the head for no reason at all.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 4

ByD turned his attention as Scarlett walked out from the house and into the pool. Kristen rubbed his head on where Scarlett hit him as she then kissed him in that spot. “Feel better, dude” Kristen said to him.

“Yeah but what the fuck is her problem?” ByD asked.

“Eh, who knows” Bell said as she then ran her fingers onto his shoulders as ByD looked at her pink bikini top. Kristen then noticed him looking at her small but nice and perky tits.

“So big boy, you want some?” Kristen said as she then got up and walked to the bedroom.

“Why not… I mean, Daniel and the others are taking their sweet ass time to set everything up” he said to her as Kristen stood up and walked out from the living room as ByD stood right up behind her and followed without hesitation, adjusting the crotch of his swimming trunks to accommodate his growing erection. His eyes were fixed on Kristen’s tight buns barely hidden underneath the stretchy material of her bottom.

As the two walked towards the room, Kash and Elisha walked out from the bathroom as Elisha looked into the room and saw that Scarlett left as she knew all along that it was Johansson that made that thud sound on the door.

The two walked into the living room as Daniel, Lacey, and Sarah got the rest of the food in as then, Elisha saw Scarlett and Jennifer in the pool, talking and swimming as Cuthbert walked outside towards the pool.

“So, did you die in there” Lacey and Sarah said laughing at Kash.

“Oh ha, ha, very funny” Kash sarcastically said as the five were setting up the food and stuff.

Meanwhile back outside, Elisha was now over the pool side as her shadow covered Scarlett as she then looked over at her. The two stared at each other as their eyes looked like they were ready to shoot draggers at each other.

“What the fuck do you want, bitch?” Scarlett said to Elisha.

“Fuck you and I know that you did that giant thud sound on the door and knew that you overheard me and Kash, making sweet, sweet love in the bathroom” Cuthbert said to Johansson.

“Depends on what you mean by making sweet in a bathroom. Oh wait, didn’t you do that before with 10 different guys” Scarlett said.

Elisha was really pissed off by that comment as she then jumped into the pool and started to attack Scarlett, freeing all the rage she had on Johansson as the two went underwater and fought each other as they surfaced back up and started to strangle each other’s necks. Jennifer tried to pull the two away as the five overheard the commotion outside in the pool as they all ran outside to break it up.

“Hey, hey… break it up, you two” Daniel said as he dived into the pool to break up the fight, helping Hewitt breaking the two up.

“Fucking bitch… I HATE YOU!” Scarlett yelled at the top of her lungs as she slapped Elisha hard over her cheek as Cuthbert returned the favor but instead, she punched Johansson in the stomach as Scarlett moved back a bit as Lacey and Sarah pulled her up from the pool as Kash helped Scarlett back into her feet. She then threw Kash into Daniel, Elisha, and Jennifer in the pool.

“Fuck you guys and I’m fucking out of here” Scarlett said as she shoved Lacey and Sarah by the side. She walked into the house as she walked passed the room where ByD and Kristen were in.

Kristen’s hands was roaming over ByD’s broad physique, running them down his chest and further enclosing his waist. ByD’s hands in turn rubbed from Kristen’s delicate neck, following the curves of her shoulders and waist to the ass he had been admiring just earlier as he squeezed the cheeks, evoking an excited high-pitched yelp from Kristen.

“Eager one, aren’t you?” she asked, pausing the tongue-wrestling for a moment.

“Can you blame me?” ByD answered.

Kristen smiled and gave him one more saliva-filled tongue kiss. Then she unlocked from him and ByD reluctantly let her go as well. Turning around she unhooked her top and threw it away, she turned around to cheekily pout her lips to blow an airkiss to ByD and then stepped out of her bikini bottom. She lies down on the bed and spread her legs obscenely, giving ByD a clear view of bald pussy. Using her left hand, she rubbed her clit for a bit and then opened her vaginal lips wide.

“Come and fuck me,” Kristen said, almost ordering him.

ByD practically ripped his only piece of clothing from his body and stood near the edge of the bed, between Kristen’s legs, hovering over her. Their faces close together, looking deep into each other’s eyes with a burning passion.

Kristen’s other hand grabbed ByD’s dick, jerking up and down slowly, making sure it was as erect as it was going to be. Her black painted nails atop her fingers that was barely able to completely encircle his fat cock. Never breaking her gaze straight into his eyes she used her hand to guide him into her.

With just the head in ByD slowly penetrated Kristen more fully as her tight channel was widening to accommodate his invading member. Kristen’s eyes rolled back in their sockets as they closed. A content sigh escaped her lips as ByD felt her breath on his face, as they were very close to each other.

Even having just had his first stroke inside of Ms. Bell, ByD felt more alive and aroused than he had ever been. Looking down he saw Kristen’s incredibly hot body splayed beneath him. Bell sexy legs hanging over the edge of the bed as her curvy hips were on the edge. When their genitals met, Kristen’s firm belly met along with her taut muscles, modest, but perky breasts. And to top it off, her angelic face looking up at him with fire and lust in her eyes.

ByD bent down to kiss Kristen once again, they closed their eyes as their tongues explored each other’s mouths.

Back outside, the four got out from the pool as Elisha and Kash looked at each other, wondering what was really going on with Scarlett as Daniel helped Hewitt out from the pool as he fell backwards as Jennifer landed on him as the two were looking at each other with a smile as if, they wanted to kiss each other as he felt Hewitt’s soft breasts onto his chest.

However, Lacey was not amused by the sight of the two as she stormed back into the house as tears were coming down her face as she slammed the door very hard when she ran back into the house. Lacey ran towards her and Daniel’s room and locked herself inside as Daniel went after her, leaving the four alone in the pool area.

“Lacey, please… did you really think that meant something?” Daniel said through the door.

“Look, Hewitt and I have nothing to base what our love is on between us, but I really don’t know why you are really upset with this whole thing. Lacey please, once you are ready to speak to me, I will be in my study room. Please, I love you and I know you love me too but why you are acting like this, I don’t know. If only if you could open the door, we can speak this out in the open but since you won’t, I’ll wait for you in my study room. Please Lacey, I love you” Daniel said as Lacey overheard his comment and was tempted to unlock the door to let Daniel in but she didn’t as she then completely broke down crying next to the door.

Daniel heard Lacey crying as he left to his study room. He then closed the door behind him as he walked towards his desk. Daniel sat down as he crossed his fingers into a giant fist as he placed his face closer to his hands as tears also began coming down his face as he sat alone in his study room.

Unknown to either of the two, Jennifer overheard what Daniel said as she saw him locking himself in his study room as she then decided to plan something up.

Next to the room to Daniel, ByD began fucking Kristen as his dick slide in easily in and out of her amply lubricated slit as Kristen slid her legs around ByD’s waist and locked her hands around his neck, lifting herself slightly off the bed. ByD now had to fuck up into her, making his pubic bone stimulate her clit and his cock to rub against her G-spot.

“You’re fucking me so well,” Kristen moaned.

This encouraged ByD to increase his tempo. Kristen was now bouncing up and down quickly, her breasts wobbling on her chest enticingly in front of ByD. He lowered his head to bury his face in her modest cleavage. ByD gave smell pecks on top of her mounds, moving his way down to her cute erect pink nipples. Putting the small pencil-tip sized nipples in his mouth; he licked and sucked on it.

Kristen reacted immediately, gasping and grabbing ByD’s hair. Her fingers were running through the short rough hairs, massaging his scalp.

“Suck my titties, you son of bitch!” Kristen encouraged.

ByD, still standing was getting cramped in his current position, having to bend forwards to suckle on Kristen’s boobs and having to support her weight while fucking upwards into her. He sighed and threw her down on the bed, making him exit Kristen.

Kristen reacted with a disappointed moan. ByD moved onto the bed on his knees, ready to continue in the missionary position. But Kristen wanted to reward the Dutch author for his spirited copulation techniques. She quickly moved forwards and took his member into her mouth.

“I can taste me on you,” Kristen informed ByD.

She bobbed her head a few more times on his cock. Twisting her tongue around the sensitive crown, she used one of her hands to rub his sac.

“Fuck yeah, you’re amazing, Kristen,” was all ByD could say. She looked up at him, looking amazingly hot with his cock in her mouth.

“I want to fuck you up the ass,” ByD now told Kristen.

“Better make it all wet first,” ByD said to her as Bell gave his dick a few more licks and then turned around on all fours, spreading her asscheeks with her hands.

Her puckered asshole looking tight and inviting as ByD placed his head near her cute butt. Kristen moved her hands away and began stimulating her breasts and clit with them, ByD now the one who spread cheeks open. First kissing around her anal opening and then lightly licking upward from her pussy, then using his fingers to lubricate her asshole with her liberally available cunt juices.

The strong almost sweet smell of her pussy mingled interestingly with the powerful musk from her starfish. ByD now licked her opening itself and slipped his tongue inside. It wasn’t as bad as you’d think it’d be.

“Oh God, no one has ever licked my asshole before!” Kristen exclaimed.

This encouraged ByD ever more, really probing around her sphincter now. Satisfied with its slickness, he now used a finger to prepare her anal cavity for his cock.

“Oh my GOD!” Kristen blasphemed, even after just one finger had penetrated her.

ByD then added a second finger, making Kristen gasp for air and grunt loudly. Her frigging of her clit increasing in intensity. The third finger stretching her asshole wide open sent her over the edge.

“Fucking Christ! I’m cumming!” she yelled loudly. ByD just kept fingering her ass, feeling the muscles contracting around them.

As the two were lost were they in their anal play that they did not notice there was a voyeur amongst them as Hayden Panettiere, the other petite blonde bombshell from Heroes, was crouching outside the window.

“Why… why is she doing this and with him instead” Hayden said as she was furious, yet she could not tear her eyes away from the scene as ByD was putting his cock up Kristen’s asshole. Tears ran down Kristen’s face from pain/pleasure as her bowels were stretched by ByD’s 9 inches of fuckmuscle. He bent over her to kiss her face and lick her salty tears.

“Please, wait a minute… let me get used to this” Kristen asked of ByD as he stood there, buried to the hilt in Kristen Bell’s ass, while she tried to relax by resuming her mauling of her breasts and clit to add some pleasure to the mix.

“Okay, you can start now,” she said.

ByD started his strokes slowly, easing into the fucking. Not only for Kristen’s sake, but his own. He was incredibly turned on and the friction from Kristen’s remarkably tight ass wasn’t doing him any favors either. Kristen was now getting used to the anal violation and could handle more. She started to move her hips along with ByD’s thrusts.

“Come on, pick up the pace,” she egged on. ByD grabbed her by her tiny waist and used it to increase the tempo of their fucking. Her asscheeks bouncing of his abdomen.

“God yes, come on,” Kristen yelled.

The bed started creaking under the action as ByD’s cock going from completely buried in to almost falling out increasingly fast. Feeling an imminent orgasm, ByD wrapped his arms around Kristen’s body and pulled up her upright with her back against his chest. This closeness and the increased upwards bucking of ByD’s dick gave Kristen the impetus for her second orgasm.

“Holy mother of God!” she yelled as Kristen’s sphincter tightening around his cock is what made ByD to send loads of cum shooting up Kristen’s bowels.

“Fucking hell,” he yelled.

With both their orgasms subsiding ByD fell with a plop from her and they both lay down next to each other on the bed. ByD holding Kristen tightly. Cum slowly leaked from Kristen’s ass onto the bed.

“I hope that we didn’t ruin the sheets” ByD said as Kristen just laughed as they kissed afterwards. They lay down on the bed as the two looked outside the window and saw the sky and the trees as Hayden was underneath the window as she walked towards the other side of the house as she saw that no one was around the pool area as she opened the screen door into the pool.

Both Kristen and ByD dozed off into sleep as Hayden sat on the floor as she continued to cry a bit as she then, sucked it up but instead of moving, she sat there wondering what to do with ByD and her best friend, Kristen Bell.
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Part 5

Back inside the house, Sarah was talking to Chabert from behind the door, trying to get her out from her room, Hewitt was just laying on the couch as Kash and Elisha talked a bit until Money walked out from the room that Allison and Erica were sleeping in as he woke up from his little nap. He saw Kash as he tapped him on his shoulders as he turned around and saw that it was Money who did that.

“Hey, have you seen Daniel?” Money asked.

“I don’t know. Last I saw of him, he went after Lacey after a little incident outside the pool earlier. Speaking of which, where were you?” Kash asked.

“Sleeping with Durance and Mack” Money said.

“Nice, at the same time” Kash asked.

“Nope, just sleeping and nothing more… yet but still, where’s Daniel?” Money said to him as Sarah came down from the stairs as she talked out loud.

“Ok, Lacey isn’t coming down and Daniel is somewhere in this house but I don’t know where” Chalke said to them. Just then, Hewitt rose up from the couch as she then said something.

“Daniel is in his study room” Jennifer said as she pointed the way. The group looked where her finger was pointing as they saw a closed solid wooden door as they turned back to Hewitt.

“Ok, I don’t even want to know how you know that” Sarah said as she then turned her attention back to Kash and Money.

“You two, go talk to Daniel and see if you can get him out and I will continue to try to get Lacey out” Sarah said to them as they walked towards the study room while Chalke returned back upstairs to give some sense to Chabert.

“Lacey, are you still there? Please, open the door. You should really get this out in the open. Remember our fun little time we had hanging out, just the two of us and also, earlier today. Please, I want to help” Sarah said. Lacey was still on the floor, crying as she heard Chalke’s comment as she continued the cry.

“No, you don’t know… this is really personal and I really don’t want to talk about it” Lacey said to Chalke.

“Oh come on, please, I just want to help” Sarah said again.

“LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!!” Lacey yelled as she resumed crying. Sarah then backed away from the door and walked downstairs as she took a deep breath and sat down on the couch.

“Ok, she doesn’t want to talk about it” Chalke said, trying not to cry.

“Let me try” Elisha said as she walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

“Lacey, it’s Elisha. Can we talk for a moment?” Cuthbert said as Chabert didn’t respond.

“I may not know what you are going through but please, talking about it would help find a solution to your problem” she said.

“Please, you and Scarlett were ready to kill each other for Kash and what would that achieve, hmm? Absolutely fucking nothing! So, you know what I’m dealing with but you don’t know it because you’re too stuck up on either yourself or on Kash and yet, you can’t see that our problem is almost similar. So, leave me the fuck alone!” Lacey yelled as Elisha walked away as Chabert kept crying.

“Well?” Sarah asked Elisha.

“Excuse me…” Elisha said as she walked away from the living room and walked towards the garage, trying not to cry as well.

Meanwhile, Kash and Money nitpicked Daniel’s study room doorknob as they opened the door and saw him, staring towards the wall. They looked around his study room and saw his impressive collection of rare items. Kash looked over at Daniel’s shoulder and saw his impressive CD collection. Daniel didn’t even move any part of his body as he stood there, just staring at the wall.

“What the fuck is wrong with me?” Daniel said out loud as he knew that the two were in the room as he still didn’t move.

“Dude, it could have happen to anyone” Kash said as he walked passed Daniel and went to look at his CD’s as Kash then noticed something underneath the CD cases. It was a small black box that could possibly mean only one thing as Kash grabbed it and opened it and saw a very nice but looked expensive ring.

“Hey Daniel, were you actually going to ask her to…” Kash said as he placed it on the table next to Daniel.

“Do I go to your stuff?” Daniel said as he still didn’t move.

“Dude, don’t tell me” Money asked.

“Yes, I’m thinking about asking her but not just yet, maybe someday and when the time is right but after what happened, I’m now thinking about breaking up with her” Daniel said, still not moving as the two talked some sense to him.

Back outside the study room, Sarah was sitting down as she wondered what to do as Hewitt was still, lying down on the couch as they could hear Chabert crying away as she was in the fetal position, crying away on the floor. The crying was too much for Jennifer as she then got up and walked up the stairs and knocked on the door.

“Lacey… it’s me” Jennifer said in a soft tone voice.

“Look, I told you before that I have no interest in Daniel. You and Daniel are really perfect for each other and why you are making this into a big deal is beyond me. So, please… talk to someone or to me” she said.

Chabert didn’t respond as Hewitt could still hear her crying.

“Claudia… Claudia… let it go” Jennifer said quietly as Lacey overheard what she said as she then stopped crying. She wiped the tears off of her cheeks as she sat up and wondered what to do as Jennifer walked downstairs as Chalke called her over.

“So, is she ok?” Sarah asked.

“Yeah, she might be fine but, let me check with Daniel and the others. So, why don’t you check up on Lacey then” Hewitt said to her as she walked towards the study room. She then knocked on the door as the three heard the knock as Daniel knew who it might be.

“Come on in, Lacey” Daniel said, still not moving. The door opened but it wasn’t Chabert, It was Jennifer Love Hewitt as she closed the door behind her and greeted everyone.

“Hey guys” Hewitt said as she adjusted her bikini top. Kash and Money just stared at her when she did that, she knowingly did that as she gave a smile afterwards but Daniel didn’t even move nor looked.

“So what’s up?” Jennifer said as she placed her hand on her hips.

“Not much, you?” Money said as he continued to stare at her revealing bikini top as Hewitt then pushed up on Money’s chest as he felt her tits onto his chest as Money looked down and saw her tits, squeezed up on him. Jennifer then moved her left arm down towards his crotch.

“Whoa bit frisky now, huh?” Money said.

“Oh please, you wanted me so fucking badly ever since you and I met today” Jennifer said as she reached inside his swim trunks to grab his cock. Kash then walked over toward the two as Daniel finally moved his eyes over to see that Hewitt took Money’s dick and was lowering his trunks down with her other hand but again, he didn’t move any other body part.

Sarah then walked back upstairs as she knocked on the door again to see if Lacey was ok or not. Sarah knocked again as then, the door finally opened and Lacey’s eyes were red and still with tears in her eyes as she rubbed her eyes to clear up her tears.

“You ok?” Chalke asked.

“Yeah, I’m fine… but I need to clear things up with Daniel and see what he needs to say” Lacey said.

“But… before I do, I want to apologize to you, Elisha, Daniel, and Hewitt” Lacey added as she walked to the bathroom and washed her face with water from the sink.

“Sarah, I want to say… I’m sorry” Lacey said as she hugged Chalke and then, kissed her on her lips, leaving Sarah shocked and speechless. She walked downstairs as she looked around for the other three as she then walked towards the garage to find Elisha.

Elisha was outside on the grass in the front yard as she looked into the sky as Lacey saw her and walked towards her. She sat down on the grass, next to Cuthbert as Elisha looked over and saw Chabert next to her.

“What do you want?” Elisha asked.

“I just want to say… I’m sorry for what I said” Lacey said to her.

“No, you’re right; I was a bit too selfish for only myself and Kash that I never talked to Scarlett to see how she felt and now, she’s gone” Elisha said to her.

“Look, maybe someday, you and Scarlett should talk this out but really, I’m sorry for yelling at you” Lacey said to her.

Elisha looked over at Lacey as she saw a bit of tears still in Chabert’s eyes as she then leaned closer to Lacey and wiped the tears off of her eyes as she then kissed her as both were shocked at what just transpired.

“Did you just…” Lacey asked as Elisha then continued to kiss Chabert.

Meanwhile, Hewitt was stroking off Money as Kash was taking his swim trunks off and stood in Hewitt’s left side as she then grabbed his dick with her other hand. Daniel continued to sit there, still not moving a muscle but was moving his eyes though as he watched Jennifer jerking off both Kash and Money.

Daniel still wasn’t moving but he also knew that one muscle was moving around as that muscle was getting too excited as he was getting hard by the sight of Hewitt with two cocks in her hands as Jennifer looked over and saw Daniel staring at her huge breasts.

“Come on, you know you want too” Hewitt said to him with a wink.

“I… can’t… I… love… Lacey…” Daniel said as he was breaking up a bit at the sound of his voice.

“It’s not cheating if she doesn’t know about it. She’s crying in your room, not wanting to talk to anyone. So, you might as well have some fun.” Hewitt said as she let go of Kash and Money’s cocks as she then crawled on her knees towards Daniel as she pulled him away from his desk and saw that he was indeed having a hard-on.

“See, so come on, you know you want to… hell, I will let you fuck my tits right now” Hewitt said to him.

“I… ummm… don’t… want…” Daniel stuttered as Jennifer forced herself to remove his swim trunks off of him as she freed his cock and started to lick his semi-erected cock.

“You do and you will” Hewitt said as she then took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him off as Kash and Money were pissed that they were left with nothing around them. Hewitt looked over and signaled the two to come to her as she then signaled for either one to get to her other side as Money went over to her left side as Kash stood in her right side as she placed both hands back onto their cocks and resumed stroking them off while sucking Daniel off.

“Uhhh fuck…. I… shouldn’t enjoy…. Ahhhh yeah, right there…. This” Daniel moaned as Hewitt bobbed faster on his dick.

“Ahhh… let go of your anger or sadness… ohhhh yeah and let Love suck you till all the anger or sadness is gone” Kash said to him.

Hewitt continued sucking Daniel off as she took his cock deeper into her mouth as she made some small gag sounds. Money then ran his hands through Jennifer’s long brunette hair as he then grabbed a handful of her hair and held it for some reason. Daniel was letting his lust over his love for Lacey take over as he finally moved as he got up and stood in front of Hewitt as he shoved his dick deeper into her mouth.

“Uhhh fuck yeah…. ohhhh shit… that mouth and those lips” Daniel moaned.

Back outside, Elisha was feeling Lacey’s left breast as Lacey felt Elisha’s right breast as they were feeling each other up, out in the open as Sarah was watching from the front door as she was getting turned on by the site of the two. Cuthbert then moved her other hand to untie Chabert’s bikini top as she threw her top down onto the grass, freeing Lacey’s tits as she then broke the kiss and started to kiss her nipples.

“Mmmm yeah, ohhhh fuck” Lacey moaned.

“Ohhh yeah, you liking this?” Elisha said to her.

“Oh very” Chabert said to her as she then undid Elisha’s bikini top as well, freeing her breasts.

The two were now topless in the front yard, not caring if anyone were watching them make out as the two kissed again. Elisha laid Lacey down on the grass as she was trying to lower her bikini bottom down but Lacey stopped her.

“No, move it to the side” Lacey said to her as Elisha began licking Lacey’s cunt as she let out a small moan.

“Ahhh yeah… right there… ohhhh fuck….” Lacey moaned.

Elisha began licking at a modest pace as she looked around to see if anyone or everybody were watching them but unknown to her, Scarlett never left the party as she was watching from the side of the house as she can plainly see that Cuthbert was licking away at Chabert’s cunt. Scarlett’s feeling towards Elisha was building up a bit as she was extremely turned on by the sight of the two on the grass, making lesbian love in the front yard.

“Hmmm, wonder where Kash is?” Scarlett said in her mind as she continued to watch Elisha licking Lacey’s cunt.

“Oh yeah… you like this?” Elisha asked.

“Ohhh yeah…. ohhh fuck… ohhh shit…. Ahhhh fuck” Lacey moaned.

Cuthbert then worked her middle finger into Chabert’s cunt as she started to move her finger back and forth as Lacey moaned louder in the front yard but still unknown to the two, they were being watched by Chalke and Johansson.

Meanwhile, Hayden finally got into the house as she sneaked around the house to find ByD and Kristen as she smelled the food that was already ready but no one was eating it. She looked around the left side of the house where she had three bedrooms to find the two, along with a bathroom. Hayden then walked towards the living room as she saw Sarah staring into the front yard.

“Hmm, wonder what is going on?” she said in her mind as she was looking to her side and not towards the front as she bumped into the dinner table as she bumped her knee into the table.

“Ahhh fuck, that was smarts… who the fuck puts a table in the living room?” Hayden yelled as her yelling quickly got the attention of Sarah as she turned around and saw that Hayden was inside the house.

“Hayden, what are you doing here?” Sarah asked as she helped Panettiere out.

“I came for Kristen and I want to talk to her” Hayden told Sarah.

“Hmm, she and ByD have been gone for awhile but who knows” Chalke said.

“Anyways, what is going on outside I mean, what were you staring at?” Hayden asked.

“Take a look for yourself and see” Sarah said as the two walked back to the front door as Hayden gasped at what was going on in the front yard.

Elisha was pumping her finger in and out rather quickly as Lacey moaned away as she had both of her hands onto her tits as she rubbed her own nipples in excitement. Cuthbert then worked another finger into Lacey as she started to push both fingers deep inside Chabert as she moaned pretty loudly.

“Ahhh fuck… uhhhh god… ohhhh!” Lacey moaned out loud.

“Mmmm, someone is really loud huh?” Elisha asked as Lacey shook her head yes.

“Fuck me… uhhhh yeah…. fuck me faster, Daniel!” Lacey moaned as right away, Elisha stopped pumping her fingers into Lacey as she then looked up at Cuthbert, realizing what she just said.

“Umm, maybe you should talk to him now about what happened” Elisha said to her as she pulled her fingers out of Lacey and sucked them as Lacey looked around for her top.

“Yeah… maybe, you’re right… I should get this cleared with him” Lacey said as she kissed Elisha on the cheek as Chabert got up and walked towards the garage and back into the house. Elisha then grabbed her top but didn’t tie it back on as she walked towards the front door as she saw Sarah and Hayden, standing next to the door.

“So, you two were watching the whole time then” Elisha said to them.

“Yeah, and I must say, you have very nice boobies” Sarah said as she was staring at them. Elisha noticed that Hayden and Sarah were looking at her nipples as she then brought Chalke closer to her tits.

“Well, if you like them so much, then lick my boobies” Elisha said as she held the back of Sarah’s head as she gracefully licked away at Cuthbert’s breasts as she brought Hayden closer to her with her other arm as she planted a kiss onto Panettiere. Sarah licked around Elisha’s right breast as she made her way to her nipples and started to kiss her right nipple.

“You think we should take this into a room here?” Hayden asked.

“Eh, why not” the two said as the three walked into a room on the left side of the house as then, Scarlett walked back into the house and found that no one was around as she saw the three enter the same room she masturbated in earlier as she opened the door to the bathroom as she was listening to what was going inside the room.

Meanwhile on the left side of the house, inside the study room, Money was lying on the floor, back first as Hewitt lowered herself down to his cock as Money’s cock enter Hewitt as Kash stood in front of Jennifer as she sucked him off while Daniel was working his cock into her asshole.

“Ohhh yeah… this ass… is so fucking tight” Daniel moaned.

“Yeah, squeeze it in deep and fuck me” Jennifer said as she resumed sucking Kash’s cock.

Daniel placed his hands onto her hips as he slowly began fucking Hewitt’s ass. Meanwhile, outside the study room, Lacey who still didn’t put her bikini top back on as she was standing in front of the study room door as she was tempted to open and talk to Daniel right away but she didn’t know what to say.

“Daniel, I’m sorry I overreacted and I want to tell you that I really love you” Lacey said to herself.

Lacey then knocked on the door as the four heard the door knock.

“Daniel, are you in there, wait, of course you are, you told me… you mind if we talk now?” Lacey said as Daniel was panicking as his eyes opened very wide.

“Ummm…. I can’t right now… I’m… ummm… working… uhhh yeah… on some paperwork for the office… ahhh fuck” Daniel said as he tried to cover his moans with words and talk but failed.

“You ok?” Lacey asked as she was worried by the moans.

“Uhhh fuck… yeah, I’m fine… ahhh yeah” Daniel said as he thrusted into Hewitt’s ass.

“Well, you won’t mind if I…” Lacey said as she opened the door and found that Daniel had his cock in Hewitt’s ass as she immediately started to cry as much as before but, she didn’t leave, she just stood there, staring at Daniel as he had a “Holy shit, I’m dead” look on his face.

“Daniel… what the… what the fuck is wrong with you?” Lacey said crying as Daniel pulled his cock out from Hewitt’s ass as Kash and Money resumed fucking Jennifer as the two talked in the corner.

“Lacey please, I know what I just did was wrong but, it’s harmless fun” Daniel said.

“Harmless? Oh, I said to myself that if you say something that will upset me, I will do something” Lacey yelled at me while still crying.

Daniel took a long hard look at Chabert, who was still teary as he said “Your right, I did something wrong and I know what to do, even though I really don’t want to do it but if this doesn’t prove my love for you, then nothing will” He then whispered what he was going to do into her ears. Lacey then opened the door and looked at the backyard as she saw the grill, sitting there as she then looked at his hard cock.

“So, you would hurt your manhood to prove your love for me?” Lacey said with a change tone of voice as she was still crying though.

“Yes, now if you excuse me…” Daniel said as he slowly walked passed Chabert but then, she then stopped him from doing what he was planning.

“No, don’t do it… we can figure something else out to get our relationship back on track” Lacey said as she was trying to stop him from carrying out his plan.

“Lacey please, I will do this. Nothing you might say will stop me from doing this” Daniel said.

Lacey then threw Daniel back into the room as he held his ground as he didn’t fall back as Chabert locked the door behind her. She then stopped Daniel from talking as she placed her middle finger on his lips to silence him. Lacey then lowered herself down towards his cock as she opened her mouth and took his dick into her mouth.

“Uhhh yeah… wait… your distracting me” Daniel said as he tried to move Chabert away from his cock as she then pulled his dick out from her mouth.

“You said that nothing I can say will change your mind but what if what I can do with my mouth, tits, pussy, and ass could change your mind?” Lacey said as she placed his cock back into her mouth.

“You can try… ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

Behind Daniel and Lacey, Hewitt was getting pounded as Money thrusted deep into her cunt as she gagged on Kash’s cock a bit as he ran his hands through her hair. Money then rose his upper body up and kissed Jennifer’s breasts as they were juggling around his face.

“Mmmm yeah… Daniel was right… those lips and that mouth… wonderful” Kash moaned as he opened his eyes and saw that Lacey was bobbing back and forth on Daniel’s cock.

“Ahhh fuck…. tight cunt… uhhhh” Money moaned as Jennifer slammed her hips down as she felt her cunt tightening around Money’s cock as she twirled her tongue around Kash’s dick.

“Ohhh yeah… ahhh” Kash moaned.

Hewitt took Kash’s cock out from her mouth as she told him to get his dick into her ass already as Kash walked behind her and slowly inserted his cock into her ass as he grabbed her hips and began thrusting into Hewitt’s ass.

“Uhhh yeah… fuck both my holes, you fuckers” Jennifer moaned.

Money grabbed Hewitt’s tits as he thrust deeper into her cunt as Kash fucked her ass harder as she moaned away. Jennifer looked over and saw that Lacey was now placing Daniel’s cock between her tits as he began moving back and forth.

“Ohhh fuck… uhhhh yeah… ahhh” Daniel moaned.

“Yeah… fuck my tits… ahhh yeah, that cock between my big tits” Lacey said as she looked up at him. She wrapped her arms around her tits as Daniel held her arms while fucking her tits.

“Uhhh fuck yeah… you really are changing my mind” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm yeah, less talking and more fucking my tits” Lacey said to him.

Hewitt turned her attention back to Kash and Money as they pushed deeper into her holes as she moaned. Jennifer moved her right arm and placed her hand onto Kash’s backside as he then grabbed a handful of her hair and began fucking Hewitt’s ass faster.

“Who likes wearing revealing bikinis?” Kash said.

“I do” Hewitt moaned.

“Who?” he asked again.

“Ahhh yeah… I do” Jennifer said, moaning.

“WHO?” Kash asked again.

“Uhhhh yeah… Jennifer Love Hewitt… ahhh fuck” she yelled as Kash kept fucking away at Hewitt’s ass.

Back over with Daniel and Lacey, Daniel was now on the floor as Lacey went down as she was facing his cock as she then took his dick into her mouth while Daniel was facing her pussy as he worked one finger into her cunt.

“Hmmm, were you having fun by yourself up there?” Daniel asked, not knowing what she did in the front yard.

“Uhhh… yeah… eh, you find out later… ahhh yeah, ohhh right there” Lacey moaned as she took his dick deep into her mouth as she didn’t gag one bit on his cock as she lifted her head back up as his dick was completely covered in saliva.

“Going a bit kinky this early, huh?” Daniel said.

“I’m going beyond kinky, Daniel” Lacey said to me as she then resumed taking his cock deeper into her mouth as his cock was hitting the back of her throat as she didn’t make one gag sound as some tears came down her eyes. Lacey then pulled her head back up as she gasped for air.

“Mmmm yeah… oh, no matter how much you and I have sex, you still have this tight cunt every time” Daniel said as he smacked Chabert’s ass cheeks for the heck of it with his other hand while he was pumping his finger in and out of her cunt.

“Oh, ha… dee… fucking… ha!” Lacey sarcastically laughed as she then licked around his cock.

Back over with the three, Jennifer was now lying on the table as Kash was inserting his cock into her pussy as Money was on the other end of the study table as Hewitt was sucking him off.

“Mmmm, suck that cock like the slut you are” Money moaned as Hewitt bobbed her head up and down.

“Ohhh fuck… your cunt is tight but I must say, your ass is tighter” Kash moaned as he began fucking Jennifer at a normal pace.

Money then moved his hands towards her breasts as he rubbed them as she was sucking him off as he moved her tits around as he then slapped them together as Money started to pinch her nipples. Hewitt looked up at him and saw him, really enjoying fondling her tits as she then took his cock out from her mouth as she then, slapped his cock around her tits.

“Fuck my tits, just like Daniel did for Lacey” Jennifer said as Money placed his cock between her tits as he pushed them together and started to fuck her tits.

“Ohhh yeah, your tits… are so soft” Money said.

“The softer, then more fuckable they are” Hewitt said to him.

“Ahhh yeah… tight cunt… uhhhh fuck” Kash moaned as he picked his pace up and fucked her faster.

“Mmmm yeah…. fuck me Kash… ahhh yeah, ohhhh” Hewitt moaned.

Kash grabbed the edge of the table on his side as he used that for support as he slammed every inch of his dick into Hewitt’s cunt. Beads of sweat came down from his forehead as some landed from his face and onto Jennifer’s body.

“Uhhh yeah… ohhh fuck… tightest cunt I have fucked” Kash moaned as he took deep breaths.

“Ahhhh yeah… come on, fuck me already, you guys” Jennifer said to Kash and Money.

The two picked their pace up as Kash slammed with every ounce of energy he had as Money fucked away at Hewitt’s nice soft fuckable tits. Hewitt looked up and saw Money’s balls, moving back and forth above her as she tired to suck them. Hewitt got them by her lips as she started to suck away at his balls as Money pulled away from her tits. He then stroked his own dick above Jennifer’s face as she continued to suck his balls.

“Ahhh yeah… suck my balls… uhhh fuck” Money moaned.

Meanwhile, back over with Daniel and Lacey at the other side of the room as Lacey was now off from the floor as she bend over on a chair as Daniel inserted his cock into her cunt as he began fucking Chabert doggy style.

“Mmmm yeah… ahhh Lacey” Daniel moaned.

“Uhhh fuck… fuck me already” Lacey said to him.

Daniel began fucking Lacey at a rather quick pace as she moved her hand towards her own cunt and started to rub herself while Daniel is starting to fuck her. He had both hands onto her hips as Daniel thrusted away into Lacey.

“Ohhh yeah… uhhh… ahhh fuck” Lacey moaned.

Daniel took deep breaths as he took a break from pumping his cock into her cunt, every few minutes He looked down and saw her butt cheeks smacking around his pubic region as he resume thrusting into her pussy.

“Ahhh yeah… uhhhh” Daniel moaned.

“Fuck me… ohhh shit…. Fuck me… uhhhh fuck me” Lacey moaned.

“Mmmm yeah, tight cunt” Daniel said.

He then moved his hands away from her hips as he moved his hands upwards to her breasts. Daniel grabbed them with a tight grip on them as he resume fucking Lacey’s cunt. She looked over and saw Hewitt and the guys are in a new sexual position. Lacey turned around and watched Daniel’s chest, going back and forth as she moved her hands to her back as she had her arms behind her in the air.

Daniel moved his hands away from her tits as he grabbed her wrists and started the fuck her as he held Chabert’s wrists.

“Fuck… ohhh yeah, keep fucking me… uhhhh shit” Lacey moaned.

“Ohhh… ahhh… uhhhh yeah…. fuck… ahhh” Daniel moaned as he thrusted with force.

Meanwhile, Money now had his cock in Hewitt’s ass as the two were lying on their side on the study table as Kash was standing right next to the table as Hewitt sucked him off. He had one hand on her face as Jennifer sucked his cock with full sucking force. Money placed one hand onto Hewitt’s ass cheeks as he thrusted away into her asshole.

“Ohhh yeah… fucking tight ass!” Money moaned.

“Yeah… suck that cock like only you can” Kash said as he pushed his cock deeper into Jennifer’s mouth as she slowly gagged on his dick.

Her eyes opened wide as Kash held his dick deep in her throat. Hewitt moved her eyes upwards and saw Kash looking over at Daniel fucking Lacey at the other side of the room. Kash looked back down as he saw Hewitt with her eyes staring at him.

“You want Chabert, don’t you?” Kash asked.

Hewitt shook her head yes as she took his entire cock into her mouth as her lips was now touching his pubic region. Kash moaned as he felt the head of his cock, touching the back of her throat.

“Ahhh fuck…. that mouth is… fucking awesome…. Uhhhh yeah” Kash moaned.

“Uhhhh yeah… ohhhh fuck” Money moaned as with each thrust he took into Hewitt’s ass, he moaned louder.

Jennifer looked over at Money as she saw sweat really coming down his forehead. She moved her arm backwards as she wiped the sweat from his forehead as she then placed her hand onto her cheek and patted him. Jennifer moved her hand down towards his mouth as she moved her finger around Money’s mouth as he started to suck her fingers.

“Ohhhh fuck… I need to fuck you again” Kash said as he took his dick out from her mouth and walked up to her as he quickly shoved his dick into her cunt.

“Uhhhh fuck… fuck me in both holes again… ahhh yeah” Hewitt moaned.

Kash thrusted with a quick rhythm as he reached for her breasts and groped them as he was fucking her as Money then started to smack Hewitt’s ass cheeks with full force as he left some red hand prints on her ass. Jennifer moaned as she looked at the two, groping, smacking, and fucking her senseless.

“Ahhhh… uhhhh yeah, fuck me…. Ohhhh shit” Jennifer moaned.

“Whew…. Goddamn it…. Fucking tight cunt… uhhhh shit” Kash moaned as he thrusted deep into Hewitt’s pussy.

“Yeah… fuck my tight cunt… uhhh… ahhh shit” Hewitt moaned.

Money was slamming down with force into Jennifer’s ass as he felt her cheeks smacking against his legs with each thrust into her ass. Money then flipped over to his back as Jennifer was now on top of him as Kash moved up on the desk as he kneeled onto the desk and resume fucking Jennifer’s tight cunt. Kash placed his hand back onto her hips as Money moved his hands towards her tits and grabbed them as he used them for support with each thrust he took into Hewitt’s ass.

Daniel grabbed his moving chair as he sat down as Lacey mounted down on his cock. She positioned Daniel’s cock right above her asshole as the head slowly made its way into her tight ass.

“Uhhhh… fuck yeah… ohhh shit… whew” Lacey moaned.

Lacey lowered herself down more as more of Daniel’s cock made its way into her ass. Daniel grabbed her hips and helped Chabert lowering herself down as she grabbed the armrest of the chair as she finally got most of his cock into her ass.


“Whew… ohhh fuck… nice tight little asshole… uhhh yeah” Daniel moaned as he began thrusting his cock into her ass.

“Uhhh… fuck… ohhh yeah… it’s too big!” Lacey moaned.

“Oh come on, last time we went anal, you enjoyed every fucking second of it” Daniel said to her.

“Yes, but I’m still sore from the last anal experience” Lacey said to him.

Daniel resume fucking Chabert’s ass as she looked over her shoulder and the chair and saw Kash and Money fucking away at her best friend and former co-star, Jennifer Love Hewitt senseless in both holes as she looked over and saw Lacey, staring at her getting fucked. Hewitt then blew Chabert a kiss through the air as she pretended that it hit her cheek.

“Ohhhh fuck me…. Ahhh yeah, guys” Jennifer moaned as she turned her attention back to Kash and Money as Lacey turned her attention back to Daniel as he fucked away into her ass.

“Ahhhh shit… I’m coming Daniel… ohhh fuck… ahhh!” Lacey moaned as she squirted her girl cum out in the open.

“Uhhh… mmmm yeah, ahhh fuck… ohhh yeah” Daniel moaned as he looked over and saw that Lacey had her orgasm as she was rubbing her own pussy for added fun.

“Ohhh Daniel… I… I… I… love…” Lacey moaned as she felt her orgasm was building up again.

“Uhhh yeah… I… love… ahhh… ohhh… I… love…” Daniel moaned as he thrusted deep into her ass.

The two moaned out a bit more before saying what they wanted to say at the end of their incomplete sentence as Daniel fucked faster into Lacey’s ass while she felt her orgasm was building up really, really fast.

“YOU!!!” the two moaned out at the same time.

Lacey came again as her hand got most of her orgasm while Daniel fucked away at her tight little ass. He felt that he won’t last long so; he stopped pumping his cock into her ass as he rested on the chair as he was catching his breath.

“Uhh… ohhhh god… whew… ohhh shit… ahhh” Lacey moaned as she moved her hand away from her cunt and rested back on Daniel’s chest. Lacey flipped over as the two were now facing each other face to face. Chabert went for a kiss as Daniel accepted the kiss as they rested before resuming their fuck-fest.

“Daniel… I… love…you” Lacey whispered into his ears.

She rested her head on his shoulders as Daniel moved towards her ears.

“I…. know… you… do…” Daniel whispered back into her ear as the two rested away on the chair. As the two rested on the chair, behind them, Kash and Money were now fucking Hewitt’s tight asshole at the same time as Kash squeezed his cock in while Money still was fucking her ass.

“Uhhh… you guys just love my ass, don’t ya?” Hewitt asked.

“Who in the right fucking mind will not have to fuck your big, soft, round, fuckable ass when giving the chance?” Kash asked her.

“Shut up and keep fucking me” Jennifer told him as the two fucked away at her asshole.

“Mmmm yeah… ohhhh fuck… uhhhh” Money moaned.

“Uhhh… goddamn, you still haven’t had your orgasm yet?” Kash asked Jennifer.

“Getting there… now, just keep fucking my big, soft, round, fuckable ass” Hewitt said as she laughed afterwards. Kash then leaned over and kissed Hewitt as the two kissed away while Money was still groping Jennifer’s large tits.

“Oh yeah, Money… you just love my titties, don’t you?” Hewitt asked as she broke the kiss with Kash.

“Ahhhh yeah… whew… uhhhh fuck” Money moaned.

“I will take that as a yes then” Hewitt said as she resumed kissing Kash.

After a while, the two still continued to fuck Jennifer as she looked over at the chair and saw Daniel and Lacey, still resting as she noticed that Daniel was going down a bit and Chabert was wide open for anything. She told Kash to move out of the way as he got off the desk and stood while Hewitt mounted off of Money who was now resting still on the table.

“What are you going to do?” Kash asked.

Jennifer moved to Daniel and Lacey as she got down on her knees as Hewitt was facing Daniel’s cock and Lacey’s cunt as she grabbed Daniel’s dick and jerked him back to full erection. Hewitt slapped his cock around her face before slapping his dick across Lacey’s cunt before finally taking his dick into her mouth. Daniel let out a small moan as he still had his eyes closed.

Kash walked up towards Chabert as he noticed that she also was resting with her eyes closed. He opened Lacey’s mouth as he shoved his cock into her mouth and began moving his cock back and forth in her mouth while she was slowly noticing it.

“Ohhh yeah… Lacey… nice mouth” Kash moaned.

“Uhhh fuck… ohhh Lacey” Daniel moaned as he also noticed that Hewitt was sucking him off but he didn’t know that it wasn’t Chabert sucking his cock.

“Mmmmm” Hewitt moaned.

Money then got up from the desk as he walked towards Jennifer as he got back down and inserted his cock right back into her ass as she let out a small moan as she then took Daniel’s cock out from her mouth and looked behind her.

“Goddamn, you must really have an obsession with my ass?” Hewitt asked.

“Ohhh yeah… this ass is legendary” Money said.

Hewitt took Daniel’s cock back into her mouth again as she pushed his dick deeper into her mouth as she made some small gagging sounds but handled his cock perfectly well. Kash ran his hands through Chabert’s hair as she was slowly opening her eyes and noticed that Kash’s cock was in her mouth. Daniel opened his eyes and saw that it was Hewitt sucking him instead of Lacey.

Daniel looked over and saw Lacey sucking Kash’s cock as he turned his attention back to Hewitt sucking him off.

“Whew, ohhhh yeah… uhhhh that mouth” Daniel moaned.

“Both of their mouths are perfect for cock sucking” Kash said to him.

Lacey began bobbing back and forth on Kash’s cock that was in Hewitt’s ass before as Jennifer was sucking Daniel’s cock that was in Lacey’s ass before as well.

“Uhhh yeah…. ahhh… whew” Daniel moaned.

Hewitt took his cock out from her mouth as she slapped his dick onto Lacey’s cunt again before, taking some licks onto his cock. Jennifer licked around the lower part of Daniel’s dick as she moved her tongue upwards as she was licking his cock like a lollipop. She made her way onto the head of his cock and started to lick around the head.

“Mmmm, my favorite flavor… cocky vanilla” Hewitt said as she laughed.

Jennifer then positioned his cock towards Chabert’s pussy as she inserted his cock into her cunt as Daniel let out a small but loud moan. She got his cock in as she then grabbed Lacey’s hips and brought her downwards as Daniel’s cock got deep inside her. Daniel grabbed Lacey’s hip and began thrusting in her cunt as she sucked Kash off.

“Mmmm fuck… whew… ohhh god… ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

“Ohhhh fuck… keep fucking my ass, Money… uhhhh shit” Hewitt moaned as she started to lick Daniel’s balls. She licked around before grabbing a bit with her mouth. Hewitt was now sucking away at his balls as Daniel thrusted away into Lacey’s cunt as she was sucking Kash off while Money was fucking away at Jennifer’s ass.

“Ohhh fuck… screw this, I need Lacey’s ass” Kash said as he took his dick out from Chabert’s mouth and made his way to Lacey’s asshole as the head of his dick slowly made it’s way into her ass.

“Ahhhh… holy shit… ohhh fuck yeah” Lacey moaned as a bit of tears came down her eyes.

Hewitt’s head was underneath Kash’s penis and balls as she looked up and saw them moving back and forth under her face. She then resumed sucking Daniel’s balls off.

“Uhhhh yeah… ohhhh” Kash moaned.

“Mmmm… Lacey… whew, ahhh fuck yeah” Daniel moaned.

“Ahhh… fuck… fuck me… ahhh yeah… ohhh right there… uhhh… fuck… uhhhh yeah” Lacey moaned as the two fucked away in both of her holes.

Money was still fucking Jennifer’s ass as he looked up and saw Hewitt sucking Daniel’s balls as he then pulled his cock out from her ass and walked up towards her as she stopped sucking Daniel’s balls and started to suck Money’s cock.

“Whew… ohhh fuck… ohhhh yeah” Money moaned.

He looked down and saw Hewitt bobbing really quickly as he looked over and saw Lacey moaning louder as Daniel and Kash thrusted into both of her holes with intense speed. Money turned his attention back to Hewitt as she bobbed away on him.

“Uhhh fuck… ohhhh” Money moaned again as he ran his hands through Jennifer’s hair.

Jennifer made a few gag sounds but was able to handle his cock deep in her mouth as she moved her right hand and started to grope his balls while she sucked Money off as he moved his hands with her hair into a ponytail in the back of Hewitt’s hair.

“Whew… almost there… ahhh yeah… come on, almost… uhhhh yeah” Money moaned again as he knew that he wasn’t going to last longer but then, Jennifer took his cock out from her mouth and left him hanging, thus leaving him disappointed.

“What the fuck!” Money yelled.

“No, I don’t want you to cum for me this quick” Jennifer said as she looked over next to her and saw that Lacey was still getting pounded in both holes as Chabert still had her head resting on Daniel’s chest.

“Uhhhh… oh shit… keep fucking me… ahhh yeah” Lacey moaned.

Jennifer then crawled on the floor towards Chabert as she was now facing Lacey’s right side. Lacey moved her eyes upwards as she now saw Hewitt was facing her with a smile on her face.

“What is it?” Lacey asked.

“This” Hewitt said as she planted a kiss onto Chabert.

As the two kissed, Daniel and Kash kept fucking Lacey with every ounce of energy they had. Money walked over to Chabert and Hewitt as he waved his cock in front of them, trying to make one of them to suck his cock. Jennifer broke this kiss as she let Lacey take his cock into her mouth.

“Ohhh yeah… both Hewitt and Chabert… ahhh, wonderful” Money moaned.

Jennifer made her way in as she was kissing the side of Money’s cock as Lacey sucked him. Money looked up and saw her cute and innocent face, sucking his cock.

“Ahhhh fuck… tight ass” Kash moaned

“Uhhh yeah…. fuck… uhhhh… ohhhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

The two were fucking away at Lacey as she was sucking Money off while Hewitt sucked the side of his cock. While the five were going at it, over to the other side of the room, Allison woke up from her beauty nap. She looked over and saw that Money was gone as Erica was still asleep.

“Hmmm, wonder where he is?” Allison said to herself.

Mack got up from the bed as she walked out from the room that the three used before. She made her way into the living room as she saw that the entire living room was empty. Allison looked around outside and saw no one as she turned around and looked inside and saw that the food was ready and was covered in tin foil to keep the meat warm and hot.

Allison grabbed a hamburger bun and grabbed the tin foil that covered the patty as she was hungry as she placed the meat between the buns and ate it. She looked around to see if anyone was still around or not. She walked around the entire house and heard nothing as she then walked outside and saw the cars were still there.

She walked back inside and walked towards the right side of the house and heard nothing for some strange reason. Allison walked back into the living room as her burger was halfway eaten as she walked to the left side of the house. She heard a few small moans coming from a part of the house she hasn’t wander to. As Mack was walking towards that space, the moans became louder.

“Ahhhh fuck… uhhhh Lacey” Daniel moaned.

“Uhhh… fuck yeah… ohhh shit” Kash moaned.

“Ohhh yeah… suck that dick, Lacey” Money moaned.

Allison overheard the guys’ moans as she knew now that Money was in there with them, fucking Lacey Chabert but then, she heard another voice inside that same room.

“Oh yeah, look at you go, Lace. Suck that dick like you did with Daniel” Jennifer said.

Allison wanted to break in and drag Money out from there but she didn’t. Instead, Mack listened on through the door as she was slightly getting turned on by the moans of the five.

“Whew… ahhh fuck…uhhh yeah… ohhhh” Money moaned as Lacey sucked him faster as Hewitt watched on.

“Mmmm, something tells me that you like sucking things off” Jennifer whispered into Chabert’s ears as Lacey moved her eyes towards Hewitt as she gave her the “look” as Jennifer laughed and then kissed her on her cheek.

“Ohhh yeah… I’m coming… ahhh fuck… I can’t hold it back” Kash moaned.

“Guys, shoot your loads all over our faces” Hewitt said as she pulled Money’s cock out from Chabert’s mouth as Kash pulled out. Daniel pulled out last as Jennifer and Lacey got on their knees as the guys formed a circle around them while stroking their dicks off in front of them.

“Ahhh yeah… here it comes… uhhhh!” Kash moaned as he was the first to shoot his cum as his load landed onto both of their faces as the two laughed for some odd reason. His load landed onto Hewitt’s lips, nose, and some shot onto Lacey’s right cheek and eye as his last shot landed onto Jennifer’s forehead.

“Mmmm tasty” Jennifer said as she licked Kash’s cum off from her lips.

“Oh, more please?” Lacey said with the cutest smile.

Kash kept jerking his cock to see if he was truly spent as Money jerked away in front of Hewitt while Daniel jerked in front of Lacey.

“Are you going to cum on my face, hmm?” Lacey said still with the same smile.

“Do you want it?” Daniel asked. “Yes, please” Lacey said to him.

“I don’t think you want it” Daniel said as he slowly jerked his own cock.

“Oh, I do, please” Lacey said.

“Beg for it then” Daniel told her. “Oh please, give me that nice hot sticky cum, please, oh please” Lacey said with the puppy dog eye look.

Daniel started to jerk his cock fast as Lacey opened her mouth, waiting for his load to shoot out while Money jerked his dick violently in front of Jennifer’s face as she wiped the cum off from her forehead and sucked her finger clean from the cum.

“Uhhh… ahhh… fuck!” Money moaned as he shot his load all over Hewitt’s face as her face was now covered in his cum.

“Woo, look at that cum shooting out, ohhh yeah… all over my face” Jennifer said as she took his cock and sucked him off for one last time.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhh and I’m spent” Money said.

“Come on Daniel, where it is?” Lacey asked. “Whew… ohhh… it’s coming… ahhh… almost there… uhhhh yeah!” Daniel moaned as he shot his load all over Chabert’s face, covering her face with his sperm just like Hewitt.

“Ohhh, nice… ahhh, all over my face” Lacey said.

All three guys stood as they were exhausted from the sex as they all took deep breath for relaxation. Jennifer and Lacey looked at each other and saw that their face was covered in cum as the two kissed, still with the cum on their faces.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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“Oh fuck… now that… that was a true Party of Five” Daniel said as the five laughed away at the comment. Jennifer then looked over at Lacey as she ran her hand through Chabert’s hair. Then, she leaned in for a kiss on Lacey as she also leaned in for the kiss as well.

Part 6

Outside the study room, Allison overheard the finish as Erica woke up from her nap and walked outside to the living room as she saw that the room was empty. Erica looked into the hallway and saw Allison near the door as she walked up from behind her and tapped her on her shoulder.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Erica asked her and then, Allison planted a kiss onto Durance’s lips, leaving her completely shocked.

Allison was walking towards the bedroom where they came out from earlier as Durance walked backwards as Allison was walking forward into the room. Allison then made Erica lay down as she was still in shock but she didn’t want the break the kiss. Durance then moved her hands onto Mack’s butt as she rubbed her cheeks around.

Meanwhile, back in the study room…

Daniel, Kash, and Money were putting their swimsuits on as Lacey and Jennifer kept on kissing, still with the cum on their face. The two were locked in a deep passionate kiss as Lacey moved her right hand onto Jennifer’s left breast as Hewitt did the same to Chabert. The guys watched in awe as the two continued in that passionate kiss as Money was starting to get hard again.

“Hmm, wonder if the two are up yet?” Money said in his mind as he turned his attention back to Chabert and Hewitt. The two moved their eyes and saw that the guys were staring at them as Jennifer broke this kiss and whispered something into Lacey’s right ear.

“We should clean our faces up and probably tease the guys” Hewitt whispered.

“Your right, there’s a bathroom behind us so, we can tease them in there” Lacey whispered back to her.

The two got up and walked towards the bathroom door as the guys turned around and saw them, closing the door behind them as Daniel walked to the door and opened it and entered the bathroom. He looked in the shower and saw the water running down their face, cleaning the cum from their face as Kash and Money walked in and the guys resumed watching the two again.

“Hey guys, now who said you could come in with us” Hewitt said with a laugh.

“Yeah, you just need to sit back and enjoy the show” Chabert added.

Lacey ran the soap around Jennifer’s face as she rubbed the soap downwards towards Hewitt’s breasts as she was getting soapy. The water poured down, washing the soap off of her face as she watched Chabert soaping her breasts. Lacey then moved the soap down and started to use the soap around Hewitt’s cunt as she let out a small coo sound.

“Ohhhh yeah” Jennifer moaned as Lacey continued to run the soap onto Hewitt’s pussy.

Back in the other room, both Allison and Erica were now naked as they felt each other breasts first as they resumed kissing each other. Erica broke this kiss as she lowered her head down and started to lick Mack’s right nipple. She licked her nipple for a few moments until Erica decided to suck it instead.

“Mmmm… yeah… that feels… nice” Allison moaned.

Erica sucked away at her nipple but in her mind, she wanted to skip the foreplay action and go straight into the hardcore action but she wanted to play it safe for the time being. Allison looked down and watched Durance sucking her nipple as she ran her hands onto Erica’s back and rubbed her back while she sucked away.

“Screw this foreplay action” Allison said as she pulled Erica from her nipple and kissed her first before telling Erica to lie down on the bed. Durance listened and was taking her bikini bottom off as Allison was now looking at Durance’s cunt.

“Too bad Money isn’t here” Allison said to Erica. “Eh, what are you going to do?” Erica said to her.

“Eat you out instead” Allison laughed as she lowered herself down onto the bed in front of her Smallville co-star’s pussy. She slowly began licking Erica as she cupped her own breasts.

“Oh… fuck… ah” Erica moaned.

Allison’s licks became a bit more intense as Erica watched Mack licking her pussy out as she looked up and noticed that the door to the bathroom door was a bit open as she then saw a man like figure standing in the bathroom for some odd reason.

Back inside the bathroom, the guys continued to watch in awe as Lacey was soaping Hewitt’s “legendary” ass as Jennifer was leaning up against the shower wall as the showerhead was above her and the water was pouring down her head as she then looked over at the guys as they were completely speechless at the sight they were watching.

“Mmmm yeah, you guys like watching Lacey washing my ass with soap don’t ya?” she said to them as they still didn’t respond as she laughed afterwards.

Lacey then planted a kiss onto Hewitt’s soapy butt as she then smacked it around for a bit, causing her to moan out a bit. She went between kissing and smacking Jennifer’s ass for a few minutes.

“Yeah, you and that ass like to go out in revealing bikinis” Lacey said to her as she smacked again.

“Oh yeah… I do… keep smacking my ass” Hewitt said to Chabert as she smacked her ass again. Jennifer’s cheeks became a bit reddest as Lacey’s smacks became a bit harder.

“Ah… fuck… oh, that’s hard and I like it” Hewitt moaned.

Lacey kept smacking as hard as she could on her former co-star’s ass as she turned around to see if the guys were still speechless or not. Lacey saw and they were still speechless as she giggled. Lacey turned her attention back to smacking Hewitt’s ass.

“Mmmm, enough smacking” Lacey said as she stopped her onslaught slapping. She rubbed Hewitt’s cheeks first before spreading them apart and made her asshole open up a bit along with her pussy. She kept Jennifer’s cheeks apart as she moved her head forward and started to lick the top of her asshole and licked downwards towards the pussy.

“Uhhh… yeah… ohhh fuck” Jennifer moaned.

Chabert began licking Hewitt’s pussy as she was flicking her tongue on her cunt back and forth, causing Jennifer to moan a bit more. Lacey then stick her tongue out and started to move her head back and forth as the tip of the tongue was penetrating Hewitt’s cunt as if it was a cock.

“Ohhh… ahhh shit… uhhhh yeah” Hewitt moaned.

The water from the showerhead poured down a bit more as Jennifer turned the knob down a bit for cool water as the water hit Lacey in the face but that didn’t stop her from pumping her tongue back and forth.

Back in the room, Allison licked away at Erica’s cunt as she was now licking faster then before. Erica moaned louder as she planted her hands onto Mack’s head and pushed her head down, buried her in her pussy.

“Ahhh…. whew, ohhh fuck” Erica moaned.

Allison licked harder as she then looked up at Durance as she looked down and saw Mack staring at her as Erica then pulled Mack from her cunt and as she was raising her up to kissed her again. While the two kissed, Allison moved her hand to Erica’s cunt and inserted one finger into her pussy as her moans was muffled by the kiss.

Mack started to pump her finger faster as they were still kissing. Erica then broke the kiss again as she let out a loud moan.

“Uhhh fuck… finger me… ahhh fuck!” Erica yelled.

The yell was so loud that the five in the bathroom overheard the yelling as Daniel, Kash, and Money heard the yell but Jennifer and Lacey only heard a bit as they were lost in their own little lesbian world. Lacey stopped pumping her tongue into Jennifer’s pussy as Hewitt turned around and looked down at Chabert.

“Seems like we caused another lesbian action to happen in the other room” Lacey said to her.

“Yeah, but let those two deal with their world while we continue with our world” Hewitt said as she crouched down and kissed Lacey right on the lips. She then made Lacey lay down onto the shower floor as the two were still kissing. Hewitt then moved her hips back and forth as she was rubbing her pussy up against Lacey’s pussy.

Daniel and Kash walked in closer as the continued to watch in awe while Money was more concerned with what was going on in the other room. He opened the door a bit as he saw Allison and Erica in the 69 position, either fingering or licking the other’s pussy. Now, there were two lesbian actions going on with Jennifer and Lacey in the shower while Allison and Erica in the bedroom.

“Uhhh yeah, pump those fingers into my cunt” Erica moaned as Allison was pumping two fingers in and out of Durance’s cunt as Erica was licking Mack’s cunt. The two didn’t notice that Money peek his head from the door and watched the two go at it.

Back on the shower floor, Jennifer had one leg up as Lacey also had one leg up as the two were now scissoring each other as they both moved their hips up and down as they felt their pussies, going up against each other.

“Uhhh Love… ahhh yeah… ohhh!” Lacey moaned.

“Ohhh yeah… oh fuck… whew, uhhh Lace” Jennifer moaned.

The water from the showerhead, poured down onto their pussies as they kept scissoring each other as Daniel and Kash were lost beyond words as their jaws were dropped as their mouths were dried up.

“Holy fucking shit; this might be the best thing to happen in the entire world” Daniel finally saying something. “Yeah, that and video games” Kash said, finally speaking. “Eh, true, Lacey, Jennifer and video games” Daniel said to him as they turned their attention back to the two.

“Ahhh… uhhhh fuck” Lacey moaned as Hewitt moved her hips fast.

“Mmmm… ohhhh shit… ahhh yeah…. fuck!” Jennifer moaned.

“Uhhh yeah… ahhh fuck” Lacey moaned again.

“Ohhh… whew, uhhh shit… ahhh yeah” Jennifer moaned.

Jennifer and Lacey continued to scissor each other as they crossed each other legs and rested their legs on top of each other as they continued to rub their cunts up against each other’s. Hewitt then moved her right hand and started to rub Chabert’s cunt while Lacey moved her hand as well and rubbed Jennifer’s cunt too. The two rubbed each other hard as they kept rubbing up against one another.

Money decided to walk into the room as Allison and Erica continued to finger each other out as Allison was pumping her fingers in and out of Durance while she was licking faster onto Mack’s cunt. The two still didn’t notice that Money was in the room as he continued to watch until Allison lifted her head up and saw Money standing there.

“Where’s my threesome?” Allison asked.

“Right here” Money said as he took off his black trunks as Erica moved from under Mack and held Allison’s wrists while Money started sucking on her left nipple as Erica held tightly and then kissed Mack on her cheek.

“Oh fuck” Allison moaned as she melted onto the bed.

Money kept sucking away at Mack’s left nipple as Erica latched onto Allison’s right breast, getting a shudder from Allison while Money traveled down past Allison’s abs spread her legs wide open.

“Aw, is that my little sex kitten Ally cat, I hear in your voice?” Money teased as he was positioning his cock to enter Mack’s cunt.

Allison couldn’t help but purr as she was acting like a wildcat as Money started pumping in and out of Allison’s pussy. Erica was already making Allison feel a tingle in her body she couldn’t control as she got on top of Allison face.

“Eat me out” Durance said to her.

“Oh shit, I’m being double teamed.” Allison screamed.

“The technical term is threesome” Erica moaned.

“Well then, I’d better do my part.” Money said as he latched onto Allison’s swaying left breast. She arched her back and tried to crawl up the headboard like a spider as the sounds of fingernails were heard above the moans.

“Keep going, I’m fucking love this… oh shit… I’ll be an even bigger slut than Erica… just don’t stop fucking me, Money” Allison roared. Money fucked away as hard as he could but not as fast as before due to the intense fivesome he had earlier.

“Uhhh fuck… I can’t go faster or harder” Money moaned.

“Just fuck my brains out as hard as you can.” Allison mewled and grunted.

“Oh shit… Money… oh god… you had BETTER… start… ahhh… uhhh… fucking her before I… I… I… lose control of… my… my… SELF, shit that’s good.” Erica stammered. Allison was licking faster onto Durance’s pussy as she looked down and saw that Allison was just going all out on her.

Back inside the bathroom, Lacey was now leaning up against the shower wall as Jennifer was on her knees, starting to lick at her pussy. The water was still pouring down on them as Hewitt licked away at Chabert.

“Whew… ohhh fuck… lick me… ahhh yeah!” Lacey moaned.

Chabert looked ahead as she saw Daniel and Kash, still standing there, watching in awe as she then blew a kiss to Daniel. He pretends that he got the kiss as she smiled at him afterwards. Lacey then turned her attention back to Jennifer as she licked away at her cunt.

“Ohhhh… fuck… mmmm yeah” Lacey moaned again.

“Yeah… you like me licking you out?” Hewitt asked.

“Oh yeah, just keep going” Lacey said to her.

Jennifer resumed licking Lacey out as she then inserted one finger into Chabert’s cunt while she was licking her. Lacey let out a small coo sound as she closed her eyes and let Hewitt take her into the bliss she wanted. Jennifer then moved her other hand down to her own pussy and started to rub her own self.

Daniel and Kash were still watching as they wanted in so badly but they both knew that this is between Jennifer and Lacey. So, they decided to stand and watch the two go all out in the shower.

“Uhhhh…. Fuck yeah… ohhh yeah… almost there” Lacey moaned.

Money put his hands on Allison’s chest and drove his dick into her slickhole rather easily and going at a fast rate straight away if Allison was screaming she couldn’t be heard over Erica’s loud moans of ecstasy.

Erica looked at Money pounding away at Allison’s pussy as Allison licked away at hers she wanted a taste of Allison until her back arched from a huge orgasm and she fell backward off the bed grabbing something on the bed that turned out to be the sheets as Money thrust into Allison’s pussy making the whole bed lurch to the side.

“MORE!” Erica cried.

“I’m being an even bigger slut for you than Erica. Oh Money, jam your tool in my pussy hard and make me feel it!” Allison screamed.

Money pounded away again as Allison had grabbed onto her tits loving the feel of his dick buried balls deep ramming her clit every time. Erica had joined in rubbing Allison’s pussy lips while Money’s dick started to throb as a sure sign of an orgasm coming.

“Oh shit… here I go!” Allison yelled as her orgasm hit. It felt like a freight train of pleasure as her cream just exploded onto Money’s dick and out the sides of her pussy as Money’s orgasm was triggered.

“Oh boy, here comes a big one!” Money yelled as he exploded inside Allison’s pussy she screamed again a passerby 500 yards away nearly jumped out of his skin from the noise.

“Yeah, I’m milking you dick dry.” Allison said.

Money didn’t care he was spent and needed to rest as both Erica and Allison curled up on either side of him and cuddled, as Erica leaned to Allison as the two kissed in front of Money. He looked at the door and wondered what the four were doing still in the bathroom, as the three cuddled on the bed as then, Allison turned her attention to Money.

“Say, what is going on in the bathroom?” Allison asked.

“Nothing, just Jennifer and Lacey going at it in the shower” Money said to the two.

“Really? Now, that is something” Erica said to him.

“Shh, let us listen to the sounds of the moans” Money said to them as they kept quiet, listening to the moans in the bathroom.

Inside, Jennifer and Lacey were in the 69 position in the shower as the two licked faster as they also were fingering one another. Lacey had two fingers inside Hewitt’s cunt as Jennifer worked a third finger into Chabert’s cunt while the two licked away at each other as the two were now dripping wet from head to bottom as their hairs were totally wet.

Daniel and Kash then moved towards the shower and started to rub Lacey’s ass while Jennifer licked and fingered away at Chabert. Kash smacked Lacey’s ass first as Daniel rubbed the other ass cheek of Lacey.

“Ahhhh fuck… uhhh yeah! Almost there” Lacey moaned.

“Ditto” Hewitt moaned as well.

“Ohhh yeah, keep smacking my ass, guys” Lacey said as the two were now smacking away at her ass.

“Fuck, this ass jiggles like hell” Kash said.

“Mmmm, more reasons why I want to fuck Lacey every now and then” Daniel said to Kash.

The two smacked away as the water poured down onto Lacey’s backside, reaching her ass as the water helped the smacks be a bit harder as Chabert’s ass was becoming bright red from the smacks. Lacey moaned away as she continued to pleasure Jennifer with full force intensity. Hewitt kept pumping her fingers, deep inside Lacey as she looked up and saw that Daniel and Kash were carrying wood in their swimsuits.

“You guys pitching tents at the site of us two in the shower?” Jennifer asked.

“Well, duh!” the two said at the same time. Hewitt then turned her attention back to Lacey as she fingered harder, trying to make Lacey cum quickly as she moaned very loudly.

“Ahhh… uhhhh fuck… ohhh shit… ahhh yeah, I’m coming!” Lacey moaned as she came hard, all over Jennifer’s fingers and face as she was trying to get most of Lacey’s cum with her tongue.

“Uhhh… ohhh fuck… whew!” Lacey said as she kept fingering Hewitt as she pulled her finger out from Chabert and sucked them clean from her juices.

“Come on, almost there… make me come” Jennifer moaned.

“Mmmm yeah… going to make you come hard” Lacey said to her as she thrusted her fingers hard into Hewitt as she moaned louder, wanting her orgasm to be unleashed already.

“Ohhh… almost, just keep fucking me” Jennifer moaned.

Daniel and Kash walked back a bit as they stood there, waiting for the two to finish. Lacey was fingering away inside Hewitt’s cunt as she knew that her orgasm was building up rather quickly as Lacey fingered away fast.

“Ahhh… I’m coming… uhhhh shit… uhhh fuck… ahhh yes! Oh fuck yeah! Ah!” Jennifer yelled as she came all over Lacey’s fingers.

“Oh yeah, whew… uhhh fuck. That was perfect” Lacey said as she pulled her fingers out from Hewitt’s cunt and sucked it clean from Love’s juices. Lacey then moved away from Jennifer as she stood right back up as Jennifer got up as well. The two kissed once again as they placed their hands onto each other’s hips.

Daniel and Kash were now leaving the room as Kash left to the right side as he entered the room where Allison, Erica and Money were resting as Daniel left to the left side and back into the study room as he grabbed his chair and sat down and started to work on some paperwork. He noticed that most of the stuff that was on the table before the fivesome was on the floor.

After a while, Lacey broke the kiss as she grabbed a towel and dried herself off as Hewitt also grabbed a towel and dried herself as well. Lacey bent down in front of Jennifer as she saw her pussy once more.

“You little tease!” Jennifer said as she lightly smacked Chabert’s butt cheeks.

“I know you are, but what am I?” Lacey said laughing as Hewitt smacked her lightly again.

The two left the same side that both Daniel and Kash took as Hewitt saw Kash talking to the Allison, Erica, and Money as Lacey walked into the study room and saw Daniel working on his paperwork. Daniel looked at his left side and saw the engagement ring on the floor “Whoops better put this away” Daniel said as he turned around and saw Chabert standing there, staring at him.

“Hey” she said quietly but loud enough for Daniel to hear as she said that with emotions.

“Hey” he replied back as Lacey walked towards him and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the cheek.

“Daniel, I want to say… I’m sorry for what happen earlier” Lacey said to him.

“Lacey… please, I already forgive you because I love you too much.” He said to her as Lacey hugged him harder. “That and I fucked you senseless as a sign of forgiveness” Daniel said to her while laughing.

“Oh ha, ha… very funny” Lacey said to him, kissing Daniel on the cheek again as she was admiring him from her standpoint as Daniel kissed Lacey on both hands to show affection towards her. Chabert hugged harder as she closed her eyes while hugging him even more and admired him more, not letting go of him.

“Hey, where is everybody by the way?” Daniel asked her as Lacey had no choice but to break the hold. He got up from his chair as the two left the study room, hand by hand, seeing if anyone was still around the house.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 7

Elisha was fully naked as Hayden and Sarah admired her breasts as she shook them around for the two. Sarah had her eyes locked on Elisha’s tits as Hayden had her mind elsewhere. “Where the fuck are they?” Hayden said in her mind.

“Hey, giant soft breasts at one o’clock” Elisha said to her, still shaking her tits for the two.

“Sorry, my mind is elsewhere at the moment” Hayden told Cuthbert.

Unknown to the three, especially Elisha, Scarlett was in the bathroom that Cuthbert and Kash fucked earlier. She was now completely naked in the bathroom as she listened towards the door, waiting for anything to happen in that room. “I have been shaking my titties for you two for quite some time now and yet, you two haven’t done anything except looking” Elisha said to the two.

“Sorry” Sarah said as she got up from the bed and walked towards Elisha. Hayden started to crawl on the bed towards the two as she was now in front of Elisha and Sarah.

“Well, well, look what the cat dragged in” Chalke said laughing.

“Hmm” Hayden said to her as she kissed the thigh of Sarah.

Elisha started to grope Chalke’s breasts as Sarah watched her groping her. Hayden then got back up on her knees and watched Cuthbert groping Sarah breasts as she then took off her shirt to reveal that she had a bikini top on. Hayden then undid her bikini top to free her tits as she then reached behind Chalke and undid her top as well.

“Mmmm” Hayden said.

The three were now topless as then, Elisha and Sarah grabbed Hayden and threw her back onto the bed as the two grabbed her jean shorts and took them off as Elisha took her bikini thong off. Sarah smacked Hayden’s cunt as she let out a small moan sound. Elisha then crawled towards Hayden’s face as Cuthbert’s tits were shaking around her face.

“Suck them” Elisha said to Hayden. She listened as she grabbed Elisha’s right breast and pinched her nipple.

“Ow, ouch. A bit too hard” Elisha said to her.

Sarah began licking Hayden’s pussy as she let out a loud moan as she pinched away at Elisha’s nipples. Chalke slowly licked her as she looked up and saw the two but in her mind, she had another couple in thought.

{Mmm yeah… ohhh fuck} Lacey moaned.

{Uhhh… fuck yeah, uhhhh yeah} Hewitt said as she was over Lacey’s face.

Sarah imagined that she was eating out Lacey as she was in turn; eating out Jennifer but behind Sarah was Daniel as he thrusted deep into her asshole. He grabbed her hips and went deep into Chalke’s ass as she was fingering her cunt.

{Ohhh fuck… ahhh!} Daniel moaned. Sarah kept imagining she was eating Lacey while Daniel was fucking her once more until she snapped from her daydream and saw that was licking Hayden instead of Chabert. She continued licking Hayden as Elisha was now over the petite blonde’s face as she was eating Cuthbert’s pussy.

“Uhhh yeah, mmm, finish what Lacey started” Elisha moaned. Hayden ate Elisha out a bit more as she moved her eyes down and saw that Sarah was now inserting her middle finger into Hayden’s cunt as Sarah thrusted her finger into the18 year old pussy.

“Shit, this is tight for an 18 year old” Sarah said.

“Mmmm yeah… ohhh fuck… right there” Hayden moaned.

“Shut up and eat me” Elisha said to her as she lowered herself down, covering Hayden’s mouth, muffling her moans.

Meanwhile, inside the bathroom, Scarlett was getting turned on by the action outside the bathroom as she wanted to join so badly, but she decided not too. She then found herself, groping her own boob in excitement. She imagined that it was Elisha groping her boob as she watched her groping away instead of herself.

{So, you wanted me, didn’t you?} Elisha said in Scarlett’s mind.

{Oh yeah, both you and Kash} she said to Cuthbert, still in her mind.

Still in Johansson’s mind, Elisha was using her other hand to rub Scarlett’s pussy as she let out a small moan. Johansson then thought that Cuthbert was inserting her middle finger into her cunt as she let out a small moan. Scarlett was deeply lost in her little fantasy as she didn’t even notice that Elisha yelled something out loud.

“Ahhh yeah… right there… ohhh fuck, Scarlett!” Elisha moaned. Hayden and Sarah stopped as they took a long look at Cuthbert as she realized what she just said. The two kept looking at her as Elisha had an embarrassing look on her face. Hayden crawled backwards as she was now facing Elisha as Sarah was still on her knees, staring at Cuthbert.

“Shit, I pulled a Lacey moment there” Elisha said in her mind.

“Anyways, it seems that no one ate my pussy. Which one of you two wants to be the first one” Sarah said, breaking the silence as she then got onto the bed and lay down in front of the two. Hayden then got right back up as she sat in front of Chalke’s cunt as Elisha crawled towards Sarah and kissed her.

Meanwhile, back outside the room, Daniel and Lacey were watching TV as the two had their arms around one another. Lacey had her head onto his chest as she kept admiring him from her view. Daniel had his hand onto her shoulder, as he then rubbed her shoulder, seeing if he got her attention. Chabert looked up and saw his smiling at her as he then kissed her.

“Mmmm Lacey, you’re so… perfect” Daniel said to her.

“That’s so cheesy but I love you for trying” Lacey said as the two then did the Eskimo kiss.

“Hmm, Anywho, wonder where the others are?” he said to her.

“I know Jennifer and Kash are in the room with Allison, Erica, and Money but I have no clue to where ByD and Kristen are? Speaking of missing people, where are Elisha and Sarah?” Lacey said to him.

“Hmm and to think, we had a pool party set up for all of them and no one is around” he said.

“Bright side; I can show my true affections towards you without someone being queasy about it” Lacey told him. Daniel then kissed Lacey as he laid her down onto the couch as they still kissed. Lacey placed one hand onto his back as Daniel placed one of his hands onto Lacey’s butt cheeks as the two were making out on the couch.

Inside the room, Kash got up as Hewitt was standing around, staring at the nude Mack, Durance, and Money as the five talked for most of the time. “Well, I’m going to find Elisha and then got find Scarlett and sort out this whole ordeal once and for all” Kash said as he left the room. He walked into the living room as he saw Daniel and Lacey, still making out.

“Urg, get a room” Kash said as he laughed afterwards.

Daniel then flipped him the middle finger as Kash sat down on the kitchen chair and undid the hot dog tin foil as he grabbed a hot dog bun and ate the hot dog. He watched what Daniel and Lacey were watching on the tube as they made out. Jennifer then walked out from the room and saw Kash eating a hot dog as she turned her attention into the living room and saw the two making out.

“Uh ew, get a room” Hewitt laughed.

Daniel broke the kiss as Lacey looked over at Jennifer and said, “Quiet slut” as she laughed afterwards. The two resumed making out as Jennifer grabbed the burger tin foil and the bun and started to eat the burger as she joined Kash. Then, all of a sudden, Daniel broke the making out part as he looked at Chabert as she looked down and saw that he was having a hard-on.

“In front of them? In the living room? Are you fucking crazy?” Lacey said to him.

“We had a fivesome, so what is the different between that and now. Besides, I need to get something from the study room anyways.” Daniel told her.

“No, you stay. Let me go instead” Lacey said as she scooted from the side and got up and walked towards the study room as Chabert pulled her thong bikini down and let Daniel have a perfect view of her ass as she shook her ass around. She giggled as she left into the study room. “Goddamn that ass. And also, the papers should be in the drawers. Next to a black… ” Daniel said as he then realized that he hid something from her that he didn’t want her to find.

“Oh fuck, wait. Don’t look.” Daniel yelled as he ran into the room but it was too late as Lacey had the black box in hand as she opened it and found the engagement ring inside.

“Daniel, I’m speechless… I don’t know what to say” Lacey said as she was crying a bit.

“But I will say this, Yes… yes, I will” Lacey added with excitement.

“Uh, what was the question now?” Daniel asked with a chuckle as Lacey walked towards him with the ring in hand. She kissed him with authority as Daniel wrapped his arms around Chabert and started to kiss her back. “I love you” Lacey said with tears in her eyes as she passed the ring to him, wanting him to put the ring onto her finger. Daniel did as the ring fit perfectly as the two resumed kissing in the study room.

Back over to the three blondes…

Elisha was now sitting over Sarah’s face as Hayden was beginning to finger Chalke’s cunt while Sarah gave small licks onto Cuthbert’s pussy. Hayden watched Sarah lick Elisha as she imagined that Kristen replaced Chalke instead. “Oh yeah, lick that pussy” Elisha moaned.

“Mmm yeah, you naughty girl” Sarah said to her, in between licks.

“Oh fuck… this is a tight pussy” Hayden said as she pushed her fingers deeper into Sarah.

Chalke let out a loud moan as she instantly came. Sarah gushed out all over Hayden’s fingers as she pulled her fingers out from her and saw that three of her fingers were covered in Sarah’s cum as Elisha grabbed Hayden’s fingers and sucked them cleaned from the cum. “Uhh fuck… ohhh yeah” Sarah said with a sigh of relief.

Elisha then mounted down from Sarah as she was now on the bed, staring at the Heroes star. Then, all of a sudden, Cuthbert jumped onto the 18 year old as Sarah grabbed Hayden’s legs.

“What the? What are you two doing?” Hayden asked.

“Going to make you come, duh!” the two said as they kissed first. While the two kissed, Sarah moved her right hand and rubbed Hayden’s cunt as fast as she could while Elisha moved her left hand and rubbed the top of Panettiere’s pussy lips. Hayden let out a loud moan as she tilted her head upwards as the two rubbed her cunt.

“Ohhh yeah, rubbing a virgin for the first time” Sarah said.

“Actually, I’m not” Hayden said to Chalke as the two were shocked at her comment.

“You’re not?” Elisha asked.

“Nope, and lost it to someone special” Hayden told her as she then imagined that day. While Hayden was daydreaming, Sarah continued rubbing her cunt. Elisha then lowered her head down and started to lick Chalke’s breasts. Cuthbert ran her tongue around Sarah’s left nipple as Chalke let out a moan.

“Ahhh fuck… that felt nice” Sarah moaned. Elisha ran her tongue to her right nipple as Sarah moaned again in excitement.

Meanwhile, Scarlett snapped from her daydream as she heard the moans from the three. Scarlett quietly opened the door and saw Elisha licking Chalke’s nipples while Sarah fingered Hayden’s pussy a bit harder. Panettiere moaned louder as she turned her head to the side as she opened her eyes and saw Johansson at the door.

Scarlett saw as she quietly told Hayden to keep her mouth shut as she put one finger on her lips and told her to “Shh” as Hayden turned her attention back to Sarah as she was now licking Elisha’s nipples while still fingering her.

“Ohhh fuck… almost there… ahhh yeah!” Hayden yelled.

Sarah was sucking away at Cuthbert’s right nipple as Elisha had her arm over her head as she relaxing her arm while she was using her other arm to rub Hayden’s cunt along with Chalke’s hand as well.

“Uhhh fuck, suck my tits, suck it hard” Elisha moaned.

Chalke then moved her mouth away from Elisha’s right nipple and began sucking her left nipple as she sucked away like before. Sarah kept fingering Hayden’s cunt as she moaned loud enough for anyone to hear in the house as Johansson heard the moans as Hayden unexpectedly came onto Sarah’s hands.

“Ahhh fuck…. ohhhh yeah… uhhhh shit… whew… fuck!” Hayden moaned as her loud moans calmed down.

Sarah pulled her hand out from Hayden’s cunt and the three saw that some of the fingers were covered in her cum. Elisha grabbed Chalke’s hand and slowly licked her middle finger of the cum. Sarah watched in awe as Elisha licked upwards and downwards on the finger as she then took the middle finger into her mouth and sucked Sarah’s finger as if it was a cock.

“Ohhh yeah… suck that finger” Sarah said.

Hayden got up and kissed Sarah while Cuthbert sucked away at Elisha’s finger. While the three were doing each other, Scarlett saw the whole thing transpired as she quietly closed the door and started to masturbate again to the thought of Elisha licking her cunt with force.

Back in the living room, Kash and Hewitt overheard the moans as Kash got up and tried to find where the noise came from. He looked around the left side of room and found nothing. He went to the right side as he found the bathroom door where he and Elisha made sweet loving earlier. Kash was about to open the door until he heard someone calling his name out.

“Kash, come quickly. Good news” Hewitt said with excitement in her voice. Kash ran back to the living room where in the bathroom, Scarlett didn’t even notice that she was about to be found. Kash walked into the living room where he found the engagement ring he found earlier that Daniel had for Lacey.

“Ah, so you finally got engage after all the crap that went on today” he said to the two.

“Yeah, well… no one is perfect but I’m so happy” Lacey said with excitement in her voice as well.

“Oh my god, you need me to give you a wedding planner and I could decorate your entire wedding” Jennifer said to Chabert.

“OMG, you’re so right. Come with me, I have a few wedding sketches that I want to go over you then” Lacey said as she grabbed Hewitt’s hand and the two walked to her room, leaving Daniel and Kash alone in the living room.

“So… you tied the knot then” Kash said.

“Yeah… it happened so unexpectedly, dude” Daniel said to Kash. There was an awkward silence until ByD and Kristen finally came out from the room, wondering what all the commotion was.

“What the hell is going on?” ByD asked.

“Nothing, me and Lacey just got engage” Daniel said to the two.

“Really, where is Lacey?” Kristen asked with excitement. “Upstairs, going over some ideas for wedding plans with Jennifer” Daniel said to her as she ran upstairs to Jennifer and Lacey, leaving the three alone with the awkward silence once again. “Gears of War then?” Daniel asked. “I thought you would never ask” Kash said. “I’m game” ByD said to the two as the three grabbed the game controllers and started to play the game.

Back in the room, the three were in a threesome kiss ring as their tongues was out as their tongues met with one another. Elisha then pulled away as Sarah and Hayden kissed some more.

“As much as I would enjoy being around you two, I need to wash up” Elisha said. She got off the bed as she walked to the other bathroom door and grabbed the knob. She was about to find Scarlett in the bathroom, pleasuring herself to the thought of Elisha. She got a bit opened until Sarah stopped her.

“Wait, I was thinking that maybe instead of using our fingers, we could use something else” Chalke said to Cuthbert. “Like what?” Elisha asked.

“A cock?” Hayden questioned.

“Eh, not exactly, if you give me time, I could go and get it” Sarah said to the two.

“Sure, why not” both Elisha and Hayden said. “Great, oh and Hayden, would you mind coming with me to get it” Sarah said as she was getting dressed as she passed Hayden her clothes. Chalke passed Elisha her bikini but she refused to put it on. “No thanks, if you see Kash outside. Tell him to come into the room” Elisha said to them as she was biting her lower lips.

Sarah and Hayden left the room, leaving Cuthbert alone in the room as she then got back onto the bed and rested as she dozed off. Chalke then heard the gaming sounds coming from the living room. The two heard the chainsaw buzzing chopping and the screaming as Sarah told Hayden to stay put and saw ByD, Daniel, and Kash playing a game.

“Having fun” Sarah asked, looking at the blood and gore of the game as the three didn’t respond. She then bend down and whispered something into Kash’s ears.

“Elisha is waiting for you in the room next to the bathroom over here” Sarah whispered. Hayden then saw ByD as she immediately walked towards him but Chalke stopped her.

“Don’t do anything, just yet” Sarah whispered to her. “But… he… Kristen” Hayden quietly said. “Explain everything to me in the car” Sarah said as she was pushing Hayden out to the door, grabbing her keys as the two left.

Kash then realized that Sarah said something to him during the game as he was trying to remember what it was and as he was trying to remember, his character was getting drilled by the buzzsaw. Kash finally realized what Chalke whispered to him. “I’m done… I’m going to have me some more of Leesh” Kash said with eagerness. “There goes a dude who thinks about sex with one woman 24/7” Daniel said to ByD.

“Oh, ha, ha… what about you?” Kash said to him. “Dude, I’m getting married. So, it’s ok for me” Daniel said to him, laughing. “Goddamn it. Fuck you… Eh, whatever, Leesh is waiting for me. That’s important for me at the moment” Kash said as he went into the hallway and opened the door to find Elisha in the nude on the bed, waiting for him.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 8

“Elisha, what are you doing in here?” Kash asked. “Oh, just resting in the nude.” She told him. “Quite frankly, I don’t care if you are nude 24/7; I just want to know why you are in here alone?” Kash asked.

“No reason, so… you like what you see?” Elisha asked him in a flirty tone. “Uh, duh!” Kash said back as he went on top of her and the two kissed. Elisha instantly wrapped her legs around him and rolled them over so that she was on top.

Scarlett overheard the two again as she opened her eyes from her fantasy world as she stood back up and took a good long look at her nude body in the mirror as she walked out from the bathroom and into the room. She quietly opened the door and saw Kash and Elisha making out. Elisha was grinding her hips against Kash’s crotch making there be no doubt on whether or not he had a hard on.

Johansson snuck into the room as she got behind Elisha, who had her back arched and her butt sticking out and grabbed her butt, which shocked Elisha very much as her eyes opened wide with a bit of fear. She tried to turn her head to see who was behind her, turning her head just enough to see Scarlett there before Kash put his hand on the back of her head and pulled her face closer to his, placing her lips back on his as the two started to kiss again.

Scarlett pulled Elisha’s butt cheeks apart and lowered her mouth down and licked up Cuthbert’s slit, getting it wet with her saliva. Although Elisha never imagined herself ever doing anything with Scarlett, she always wondered what it would feel like being with her. Elisha started to grind her hips back, getting Johansson’s tongue into her pussy as Scarlett started to tongue her fast. Kash let go of Elisha’s head once he saw that she was getting into it and he reached down and tried pulling his shorts down, but with Elisha and Scarlett on his lap and legs he had no luck.

That’s when Scarlett saw what he was doing and she pulled it down for him, not moving her mouth off Elisha’s lower lips, when it was too far down Kash’s legs and near his knees, Scarlett used her feet to push them down the rest of the way and off him. His cock immediately sprang to life hitting Cuthbert on her clit, which Johansson used his penis to rub on Elisha’s clit while she tongued her now moist hole.

“Fuck!” Elisha moaned throwing her head back after breaking the kiss.

The foreplay was turning Kash on so much that pre-cum spurted out all over Cuthbert’s clit and Scarlett hungrily lapped it up. Johansson was squeezing Kash’s cock hard and she decided to push it into Elisha’s cunt. “Oh god!” Elisha moaned as she lifted her hips slightly to allow Kash to push his hips up and get his member into her moist hole.

“Mmmm… fuck” Elisha moaned as she started to ride him, but Scarlett pushed her hips down, stopping her from riding him and Kash started to thrust his hips up and down to fuck her as Elisha’s moans got louder with every thrust, Scarlett pressed the side of her face against Elisha’s big, round, pale ass and started to kiss her thick cheeks, flicking her tongue out, licking Elisha’s butt, moving her tongue closer to her butt crack as she parted her butt cheeks again.

“Oh shit! Yeah!” Elisha moaned.

“Lick my asshole!” Cuthbert moaned reaching back and parting her ass cheeks for Scarlett, who started to lick her asshole. She tried to push her tongue in but found resistance instantly as Elisha’s sphincter refused to widen.

“Come on! Force it in!” Elisha said to Scarlett, almost yelling at her as Kash pounded her at a very fast pace now. Scarlett pulled her face back and sucked her finger, circling it with her tongue and getting it wet, then she spat on Elisha’s asshole using it as lube as she forced her finger into her tight shit hole.

“Fuck yeah! That’s it! Finger my asshole while I get my pussy fucked!” Kash leaned his head forward and started to suck on the gorgeous blonde’s lower lip as Scarlett continuing probing her ass with her finger.

“Oh God, that feels so good you guys!” Elisha moaned as Scarlett felt Elisha’s sphincter contracting and Kash felt her pussy tighten around his cock. They both knew that Elisha was gonna cum, so Scarlett continued to finger her at an unbelievably fast pace as Kash pulled back and Elisha’s hips bucked, her ass pushing out towards Scarlett and right off Kash’s cock.

“Uuuuuugggggggggghhhhhhhh!” Elisha let out a quiet scream, her mouth and eyes wide open as she came, her cum splashing all over Kash’s cock.

“Jesus!” Elisha moaned, her hips rocking back and fourth. Scarlett had her eyes glued on Elisha’s pussy when her juices gushed out onto Kash’s cock.

“That looks so hot!” Scarlett said as she pulled her finger out of Cuthbert’s ass and grabbed Kash’s cock that was covered in Elisha’s juices and lowered her mouth onto the tip. Kash couldn’t see what Scarlett was doing, but he could feel her breath on his cock and waited in anticipation as he felt Scarlett’s thick luscious lips on his cock head, working down his shaft.

“Mmm…” Scarlett moaned as she sucked hard on his cock head, savoring the taste of Elisha pussy and cum on his cock.

“You taste so good! Scarlett said in a low voice as she took her mouth off Kash’s cock and started to lick Elisha’s cunt, slurping her juices off. She instantly went back to Kash’s cock, sucking his cock head hungrily as she went faster with each stroke.

“Fuck! That feels so good! Yeah! Suck it just like that!” He moaned. Elisha started to kiss around his neck and rub the side of his thighs with her foot, curling her toes tight and gently scraping her nails against his skin.

Elisha wanted in on the action, but she seemed to be locked in this position and unable to move. She got an idea and moved the tops of her feet up his thighs and onto his crotch, pressing her toes against his nut sack, wiggling her toes that made him moan out louder. Johansson felt the soft soles of Elisha feet near her chin and she took her mouth off Kash’s cock and kissed the sole of Elisha’s foot, causing Elisha to moan out loud this time and curl her toes tight. Scarlett licked up her sole, taking her big toe into her mouth, biting her toe gently before sucking it hard.

Elisha raised her foot as Scarlett started to lick her toes, getting her tongue in between them and licking around all of her toes before moving them down, so that they were on either side of Kash’s prick. She pushed them together, squeezing Kash’s cock tight with the soles of Elisha feet and started to masturbate his pole with them. Johansson set the pace for Elisha and then let go off her feet as Elisha continued to stroke Kash’s cock with her feet and Scarlett placed her mouth over his cock head and just sucked the hard as hard as she could whilst pleasuring his whole cock head with her tongue.

Over across the tri-city area, Sarah pulled into a small little building as she parked the car and got out as Hayden wondered where they are. She looked around and saw the building had flashy signs of X’s as Panettiere was looking around; Chalke entered the store and saw an impressive collection of sex stuff.

“Are we in a porno store?” Hayden asked.

“No, we’re in a Burger King that is secretly a porno store” Sarah said as she rolled her eyes back. The cashier saw Sarah and Hayden as he greeted Chalke with a hug.

“Ah, Miss Chalke. So glad you returned and just in time, the new porno is in” the cashier said to her.

“Oh really, eh… but that would have to wait another time then. So, where are the toys?” Sarah asked the cashier. “In the back but first, is she 18?” the cashier asked as he pointed to Hayden.

“Yeah, I am” Hayden said to him as she flashed him her ID card as the cashier then told the two to follow him as they did. The three walked into a room where all kinds of sex toys could be found. Sarah looked around as Hayden was shocked that Chalke could be into toys as the cashier stared directly towards their asses in short shorts. He noticed that their thongs were sticking out a bit.

Chalke grabbed a few things as Hayden looked around and saw something that caught her attention rather quick. It was large; the color was purple, and quite big for a fake cock. “Hello” Hayden said as she grabbed it.

“You grab, you buy” the cashier said. Hayden now had a strap-on in her hands as she wondered what to do with it. Sarah grabbed a few more strap-ons and placed it into her travel bag as she paid for all five strap-ons as Sarah had a smile across her face. She then turned to Hayden who was slowly giving a devilishly smile at her thought of the sex toy.

“I think I’m going to enjoy this” Hayden said to Sarah.

Back over to Daniel and Lacey’s house, in the room, Elisha started to feel Kash’s cock start to throb ever so slightly. She knew he was gonna cum any second now, after all, he had just made her cum by fucking her and then enduring oral sex from Scarlett and was now getting his cock double teamed with her feet and Scarlett’s mouth, or should that be triple teamed seeing as though there’s two feet and a mouth involved.

“Fuck!” Kash moaned and Elisha stroked up and down his shaft as fast as she could, the fleshy balls under her toes squeezing hard. Scarlett could already taste his pre-cum and the way his cock head was throbbing, she knew he was close and took her mouth off and just watched Elisha’s feet pleasure his cock.

“I’m gonna cum!” He moaned as Elisha started to kiss around his mouth, his hips suddenly jerked up, his first load shooting up and landing on Elisha’s thick round cheeks, trialing down in between her butt crack. Scarlett pushed his thighs down and grabbed his cock, guiding his cum onto the soles of Elisha’s feet as Elisha spread her feet apart, allowing his thick white goo to cover the soles of her feet.

“God! That looks so fucking sexy!” Scarlett said as she watched load after load pump out on to Elisha’s soles, going in between the soft wrinkles of her soles. Scarlett found her mouth was starting to water from seeing that entire thick cum all over Elisha’s beautiful soles and she lowered her head down and licked up Elisha’s sole, taking in a mouthful of cum at the same time.

Elisha let out a little giggle as Johansson started to lick her soles clean, sucking her heels, digging her teeth in which caused Elisha to moan out loud and curl her toes so tight that the soles of her feet looked incredibly white. Scarlett had to force her tongue in between Elisha’s toes in order to lick the cum from in between them.

Once Scarlett was finished licking Elisha’s feet clean off Kash’s semen, Elisha turned around, laughing, mainly from Johansson’s tongue tickling her feet. She turned around and the two blondes engaged in a kiss as Elisha tasted Kash’s cum on Scarlett’s tongue. As the two slowly pulled away, they looked at Kash’s cock.

“Looks like we’re gonna have to get him hard again.” Scarlett said shaking her head. “I’m still horny as hell!” she added.

Elisha was first to take action as she enveloped her lips around his cock and started to work them up and down his shaft. Scarlett lowered her mouth onto his nut sack and took one of his testicles into her mouth and sucked it gently.

Kash could already feel his penis stiffen slightly. He looked down as he watched the two pale beauties working their lips and tongue all over his genitals. Scarlett waited for Elisha to work her lips up Kash’s shaft when she moved her mouth onto the base of his shaft and then up, forcing Elisha’s lips off and placing her mouth over his cock as she sucked his cock as fast and as hard as she could.

“My turn!” Elisha said as Scarlett stopped sucking and watched the Canadian go to work on Kash’s cock before she wanted another turn.

Cuthbert moved her mouth close to his cock and tried to get in on the action, but Elisha didn’t move her mouth off his cock. Johansson tried to do what she did before, but was met with resistance from Elisha. The two were started to get into an oral war on who gets to suck Kash’s cock when their lips touched. They both noticed it and felt a little awkward, which was a little humorous considering that one of them licked cum off the others foot.

They had a slight pause as their lips touched again and looked at each other. This time they did not pull away, instead they moved their lips away from Kash’s cock and started to kiss each other, the kiss turning more and more passionate by the second as they let their tongue roam around the others mouth. They started to hold each other as the kiss got more passionate and Elisha laid Scarlett onto her back, pushing her index finger into Scarlett’s wet pussy.

“Mmmm….” Scarlett moaned pushing her hips up, breaking the kiss. “Yeah! You like that don’t you?” Elisha asked as she started to finger her faster.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlett moaned, pouting her luscious lips. “Your fingers feel so good in my pussy!” She moaned writhing around.

“You want me to put another finger in?” Elisha asked, jamming her middle finger in without even waiting for Scarlett to reply, causing her to arch her back and thrust her hips up, her chest heaving up as she gripped the sheets underneath her with her toes, curling them tight.

“Yeah! You like that don’t you? You little slut.” Elisha said forcing a third finger in, this time not even asking her or giving her any kind of warning. Scarlett found her legs quivering as Elisha fucked her as fast as she could with three fingers.

“Look how wet you’re getting!” Elisha said as she watched her fingers go in and out of Scarlett’s cunt. Kash lay there on his back watching them and stroking his cock, whilst the two gorgeous blonde went at it. He felt like he was hard enough to fuck again, he was just waiting for an opening.

“OH GOD!” Scarlett moaned out loud as Elisha tried to get her pinky in, but had no luck, Johansson’s cunt was too tight. As she watched her own fingers working in and out of Scarlett’s tight pussy, she felt her mouth start to water and decided that she had to taste her cum.

“You want me to lick that pussy?” Elisha asked, so that it would seem like she did it because Scarlett wanted her to and not cause she wanted to.

“Yes!” Scarlett answered instantly. “I wanna feel your tongue inside me!” She moaned. Her hips writhing around gently as Elisha slowly pulled her fingers out. She got onto her knees in between Scarlett’s legs and lowered her head onto Johansson’s already wet cunt.

Meanwhile back in the living room, ByD and Daniel were continuing their game until Money, Allison, and Erica came out from the room, all dressed in their bikini as Money looked over to his side and saw the two playing a game as he then asked, “Gears?” as Erica and Allison went upstairs with the rest of the others. “Yeah” the two said. “Kash fucking Elisha again?” Money asked. “Oh yeah” Daniel said. “Girls going over wedding plans?” he asked.

“Yeah” the two said again, paying more attention to the game.

“I need beer then” Money said.

“In the fridge” Daniel said to him as he pointed with one arm to the fridge. Money walked over and grabbed the beer and burger as he ate and drank while watching the two kill each other in game form.

Back in the room, Kash saw his opening to get back in on the action as he saw Elisha on all fours eating Scarlett out. He got up and got into position behind Elisha.

“Look who’s hard and ready to go again!” Elisha said looking back at him. Kash said nothing as he rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her slit.

Elisha turned her attention back to Scarlett as she pushed her tongue back into Scarlett’s tight pussy, much to her delight. Elisha’s butt was sticking out quite a bit and that gave Kash a great view of her butt hole and he decided it was time to sample her ass once again as he used rubbed his dick up her slit, using her juices to get his cock head as wet as he could as he pressed the tip against her asshole and then pushed the head down.

“OH SHIT!” Elisha moaned, almost yelling as she tried to look back at him and try and stop him from trying to dry fuck her asshole, but Scarlett was so into the pleasure that Elisha was giving her that she grabbed the back of her head with both hands and forced her face back into her cunt.

This allowed Kash to force his big dick head past Elisha’s tight sphincter and allowed hi to thrust his shaft in, which to both his and Elisha’s surprise, his cock slid in easily. As Kash started to pull back he could feel that her asshole felt very sweaty, which he put down to both the heat and from all the sex, and the reason why he was able to get in so easily. Either that or cause he fucked her up the ass so much that she was use to his girth now.

Kash started to add a little more pace to his thrusts, working more of his shaft into her bowels. Elisha started to moan louder with every thrust whilst she had her tongue buried in Scarlett’s cunt. She found that she was unable to pleasure her with her tongue effectively; not with the slow ass pounding she was getting so she replaced her tongue with her fingers and moved her mouth onto Scarlett’s clit.

“OH GOD YES! KEEP FUCKING MY ASS!” Elisha screamed as Kash started to add pace to his thrusts and was now fucking Elisha’s ass at a pretty fast pace. Kash had already cum twice through the day and knew his third orgasm was gonna take a little bit longer and was now just enjoying the feeling of having Elisha’s tight ass around his shaft.

“OH MY GOD!” Scarlett all of a sudden screamed as her hips shot up into the air.

“I’M CUMMING!” She screamed at the top of her lungs, her thighs clamping tightly around Elisha’s head and Elisha struggled to continue fingering her, so she started to lick her clit as fast as she could, hoping that was enough to finish her off.

“Oh shit!” Scarlett moaned as her hips quivered as her orgasm came to a finish, leaving Elisha with a mouthful of her juices. Elisha swallowed Scarlett’s cum and licked her cunt clean of her juices. Kash had slowed down, trying to get a better view of the oral action.

“You tasted so good!” Elisha said to Scarlett, her eyes looking up at her. With those words, Kash felt like some pre-cum spurted out of his cock.

“And now…” Elisha said moving her hips forward and off of Kash’s cock. “It’s your turn to taste me.

“OK!” Scarlett said, with a smile on her face as she still had the taste of Elisha’s womanhood in her mouth. Elisha looked back at Kash, who looked quite annoyed at the fact that his cock was no longer in the warmth of Elisha’s rectum.

“Go on baby!” Elisha said to Kash with a sweet smile. “Give Scarlett another taste of me.” She said her eyes quickly darting down to his cock and back up. That’s when Kash realized what Elisha was talking about. He quickly made his way up to Scarlett’s head.

“What?!” Scarlett started to say as Kash pushed his dick towards her mouth. “But it’s been up…”

“And that still counts as tasting me.” Elisha said cutting her off as Kash pushed the tip of his cock into Scarlett’s mouth whilst it was slightly opened. He gently thrust his hips forward getting half his length into her mouth, his cock head rubbing against the side of her mouth, creating the shape of his cock on her cheek.

“Yeah, taste that ass!” Elisha said biting her bottom lip as Scarlett had a little disgusted look on her face and felt like she might gag.

“Yeah, that first taste of ass always has that effect.” Elisha giggled as Kash took his dick out of Scarlett’s mouth.

“But after a couple of times…” Elisha said grabbing Kash’s cock by the base. “It tastes so good!” She said taking the tip into her mouth and working it all the way to the back of her mouth as she worked her lips up and down his shaft.

“I can’t wait to taste your ass on it.” Elisha said looking at Scarlett with a wicked look.

“What?! No! No way!” Scarlett said shaking her head as she protested.

“Are you trying to say you’re an anal virgin?” Elisha gave a sly smile.

“No!” Scarlett said as if what Elisha said was ridiculous. “I’ve taken it up the ass before, just not one that big. Maybe if it was just long I’d be fine, but it’s way too thick.” Scarlett stated. It didn’t matter what she said, because all Elisha was doing was keeping her distracted while Kash went around behind them, getting on his knees in between their legs. Elisha had already position herself in between Scarlett’s legs and had her legs spread apart, which in turn meant that Scarlett’s legs were spread apart even more.

Kash held his cock as he pushed it in between Scarlett’s thick butt cheeks. “Wait! No!” Scarlett said as she realised what was happening and started to struggle. But Elisha was on top of her and had her pinned down which allowed Kash to force his cock head past Scarlett’s tight ring very easily, well, not very easily, had had to apply a lot of force to get it in, but had no resistance from Scarlett herself.

“Fuck!” Kash moaned as he grunted whilst thrusting his cock forward.

“AARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” Scarlett screamed as Kash thrust his unduplicated cock half way into Scarlett’s tight anal passage. He stayed still as he gave her a few moments to adjust to his girth, but her sphincter felt just as tight as it did when he first entered her anus.

“Is she too tight?” Elisha asked Kash, looking back at him.

“Nothing a little lube couldn’t fix” He replied. Elisha turned around, straddling Scarlett’s stomach with her back turned to her.

“Pull back, baby, but leave just the head in.” Kash did as Elisha told him as Elisha spat on his shaft and then started to rub it into his shaft with her hand. She spat on his cock again, this time using more saliva then the first time and let Kash just ram his dick into Scarlett this time.

“Oh fuck!” Scarlett moaned as she thrust her hips up against Elisha. Kash was eager to continue fucking her ass at the pace he left off when he was in Elisha’s ass.

“Too hard!” Scarlett moaned, trying to pull off Kash’s cock. Elisha got off Scarlett and moved over to her head, and re-positioned herself so that she was leaning against the headboard, with Scarlett’s head resting on her stomach, Scarlett’s back pressed against her pussy, putting her in the perfect position to give Scarlett encouragement.

Kash held Scarlett by the back of her knees, one in each hand as he pushed them up so that her knees were pressed against her ample sized breasts. He started to thrust his dick in and out of her asshole at a nice, slow steady pace that Scarlett liked and found enjoyable.

“Oh shit! Fuck! Oh! Uhhhh!” Scarlett moaned as Kash pounded her ass, getting faster with each thrust. Elisha grabbed Johansson’s ankle, holding one in each hand as Kash just pushed his hands down on the back of Scarlett’s as he watched his thick cock disappear and re-appear as he thrust his dick deep into her ass.

“You got very pretty toes! Elisha said as she pulled Scarlett’s feet closer to her mouth and sucked on her big toe, licking along the head of her toes as she started to suck them one by one. “Ah! Shit!” Scarlett moaned as Kash had built up to a really fast pace now. Elisha bought Scarlett’s feet together and this made her sphincter feel even tighter around Kash’s shaft.

Elisha rubbed the soles of Scarlett’s feet as she took both of her big toes into her mouth at the same time, biting down on her big fleshy head. Kash started to feel his balls start to tighten, the first signs of him blowing his load.

“I’m getting too close!” He moaned as he started to slow the pace down.

“Then finish.” Elisha said taking her mouth of Scarlett’s toes and rubbing the side of her face against Scarlett’s soles.

“I wanna lick that jizz out of her tight little butt hole.” Elisha added with a look of exhilaration in her eyes.

“Please!” Scarlett pleaded moaning. “My ass can’t take anymore of your huge cock. Just give me that cum!” It seemed unanimous that the two wanted him to finish, so he started to fuck her as fast as he could, going back to the pace he was going at before, this time even faster, his hips was a blur now.

“ARRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!” Scarlett screamed as his cock stretched her once tight little hole out.

“You’re tearing my ass apart!” Scarlett screamed, trying to take her ass off Kash’s cock again.

“FUCK!” Kash yelled as he thrust forward hard as his unleashed his first load deep into her rectum. He pulled back once more and thrusts deep back into her bowels as the unloaded his jizz into Scarlett’s rectum. Elisha sat there with a pleased look on her face.

“Now, it’s my turn to taste your ass.” Elisha said as she got up from underneath Johansson and went around to her ass, Kash’s cock still deep in her anus. She lay on her front as Kash slowly pulled out. Elisha licked her lips as she saw his cum coated shaft slowly pull out and with a ‘plop’ sound as he got the tip out.

Elisha had her mouth open and her tongue spread out in anticipation as Kash moved his hips and got his cock on her tongue. Elisha straight away wrapped her lips around the head and pulled his cock into her mouth, sucking the tip.

“Mmm!” She moaned out loud.

“That ass taste good?” Kash asked.

“Mmm-hmm.” Elisha replied, working her lips up and down his shaft. Once she got it clean she released his dick from her mouth and spread Scarlett’s butt cheeks apart and darted her tongue into her tight asshole, feeling Kash’s cum started to pour out of her anus and onto her tongue. She scooped some of his cum out with her tongue and swallowed, a satisfied look appearing on her face as she went back for more.

“Damn!” Kash said as he watched Cuthbert lick his cum out of Scarlett’s asshole.

“I think I got it all.” Elisha said kissing Scarlett’s ass cheek.

“I think there’s more… Kash got the first load quite deep.” Scarlett said. “Let me try and get it out.” Johansson added as she then strained, her asshole gaping as she started to push the cum out as soon as Elisha saw the white cum start to get pushed put, she placed her tongue at the bottom of Scarlett’s asshole and just allowed it to flow out onto her waiting tongue. Once Scarlett felt that her bowels were empty, she quickly sat up.

“Let me taste that cum.” Scarlett asked with pleading eyes. Elisha got onto her knees beside her and moved her mouth over Scarlett’s. She knew exactly what Elisha was going for and she opened her mouth, and Cuthbert did the same, allowing the cum to flow out and into Scarlett’s mouth, placing her lips on hers as the last of the cum flowed out. The two kissed, swapping the cum around in their mouths and Kash had no clue which one actually swallowed his cum in the end, all he knew was that it was one of the sexiest things he had seen.

“I guess we should head back out.” Elisha said. “Aren’t we here at a pool party?” Scarlett asked, almost forgetting why they were there. The three grabbed their swimwears and put them back on. While the three were getting dressed, Sarah pulled into the driveway as Hayden had her purple strap-on in her little travel bag as the two exit the car.

“So, you think that this might work?” Hayden asked.

“Hayden, calm down and yes, I will make it work” Sarah said as she opened the door, knowing that she left it unlocked and that the others didn’t even lock it after she left. Hayden and Sarah walked into the living room as they still found Daniel and ByD going at it in game mode as Money watched as Daniel turned his eyes around for a sec and saw Sarah as Hayden was hiding behind the wall.

“Hey, did you leave?” Daniel said. “What, you guys didn’t know?” Sarah said to them.

“Before I answer, what the hell is that?” Chalke yelled as she pointed to the backyard as the guys turned around and saw nothing which was a distraction as Hayden quickly ran into the room that ByD and Kristen were in.

“Ok, someone replaced Sarah for Elliot Reid instead” Daniel said laughing. “Oh ha…dee… fucking… ha!” Sarah said to him as she was about the smack him across the head until Lacey came down the stairs and stopped her.

“Don’t you lay a finger onto my fiancé Sarah” Lacey said to her.

“Oh my god! You’re engaged?” Sarah said with an exciting tone in her voice as the two were all giddy and such. The two began jumping up and down as their breasts in their bikinis were moving up and down as well while the three guys watched their breasts jumping.

“Anywho, where’s Kristen?” Chalke asked Chabert.

“Upstairs and the reason I came down was to find you. I want your opinion on my wedding” Lacey said to Sarah as the two ran upstairs while the guys resumed what they were doing. Then Kash, Elisha, and Scarlett came out from the room and walked into the living room and saw the three going around their business. Kash then grabbed his controller and got back into the game as Money then grabbed the fourth controller and joined in the game.

“Urg… Kash and his games” Elisha said out loud before laughing. “So, where are the girls” Scarlett asked. “Upstairs, going over wedding plans and such” Daniel said.

“Eh, better then watching Kash going around in circles doing nothing” Elisha laughed as the two left for upstairs.

Cuthbert opened the door and saw that the girls were really going over wedding plans as Hewitt, Durance, and Chalke showed some papers to Chabert as Mack and Bell went over the files that Lacey had. “Damn, you must have been planning for quite some time” Scarlett said as the girls turned their attention towards Johansson as Chabert and Hewitt gave her the look, leaving Allison, Erica, and Kristen confused.

“Oh right, about earlier. I want to say I’m truly sorry” Johansson said as Cuthbert grabbed Scarlett’s butt cheeks and squeezed them, showing to the ladies that everything was fine…

Well, almost?!


Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 9

Hayden walked around the room, waiting for Kristen to show up as Sarah told her to wait as Hayden had the strap-on in hand, slowly stroking the fake cock as she wanted to use it already. She looked around the room and saw that the time was heading into early evening time.

“What the fuck, Sarah” Hayden screamed in her head as she then took her phone out and text Chalke, typing the same thing she said in her mind.

Upstairs, the girls were still going over wedding plans as Sarah felt her phone vibrate. She answered it and saw Hayden sent her a text saying, “Where the fuck is Kristen?” as Sarah read it, Kristen saw Chalke looking at her phone. Kristen tried to get a peek but Sarah put the phone away.

“Oh come on, Zach texting you that he loves you” Kristen said with her smart-alecky sense.

“Ha, ha… very fucking funny” Chalke said to Bell. “Hey, you know what… could you get something from the room you were in earlier?” Sarah asked. “Yeah, what is it?” Bell asked.

“I left my… umm… little black book where I had important numbers and there was one that Lacey could use for her wedding” Sarah said to Kristen. “Ok, you remember exactly where in the room?” Kristen asked.

“Should be on the drawer next to the door” Sarah said to her.

Kristen left to grab the black book as Sarah then pulled the said black book from the back of her pockets of her shorts and gave a small but evil laugh. However, the rest of the girls overheard the evil laugh as Sarah was left speechless. “Oh frick, I did it again” Sarah said in her mind. “Eh… right… whatever” all of them said at the same time as they turned their attention back to the wedding plans.

Meanwhile, Kristen stopped in the middle of the walkway as she watched the guys killing each other in the game as the four pauses the game and looked up at Bell, who was thinking that the four might gangbang her right there and now as ByD then broke the silence in the room.

“Where are you going?” ByD asked her. “Oh to get something for Chalke in the room” Kristen said to him. “Alright” the four said as they turned their attention back to the game as Kristen resumed walking into the room.

Bell grabbed the doorknob and turned it and saw that the room was empty all around as Hayden was hiding in the closet, just before Bell came into the room. Kristen looked around and saw no black book as she continued to look around for the black book. Hayden quietly opened the closet door and came out slowly as she then closed the room door with force as she then locked the door.

Kristen overheard the sound force of the door, closing behind her as she turned around and saw Hayden standing between her and the door as she saw that Panettiere had a travel bag in her hand.

“Hayden, what are you doing here?” Kristen asked.

“I can ask you the same goddamn thing” Hayden said to her.

“Did you forget what we had plans for? You blew me off for him?!? What the fuck is wrong with you?” Hayden yelled at her.

“Well… he… umm… was… shit, yeah I screwed up our plans, but it was a pool party though, so I couldn’t say no to that.” Bell said to her. Hayden walked up towards Bell as she placed the travel bag down between their feet.

“Yeah, you did and now, thanks to Sarah, we can finally do what we planned for today,” Hayden said as she started to untie Kristen’s bikini top and began to grope them as Kristen watched. Hayden reached down and pulled her bikini bottom down.

“You really want to do this with them around?” Kristen asked.

“Oh please, they fucked each other around everywhere in the house. So, what’s the different between us and them?” Hayden asked. She then bend down and opened the bag and reached inside brought out the purple strap-on. Bell’s eyes opened wide as she saw the strap-on in her co-star’s hands.

“Like I said, thanks to Sarah, I can finally do what I wanted,” Hayden said to her.

“With that? Why not with your fingers and tongue instead?” Kristen asked.

“Again, thank Sarah for it and this fake cock, pumping in and out of your mouth, your pussy, and that ass… this is worth it” Hayden said to her as she then undid her bikini top as Kristen took a look at Hayden’s breasts. Panettiere then took her bikini thong off as she bend down once again to put the strap-on on her. Kristen looked down and saw the purple strap-on, slowly moving up and down in the air.

“Go on, touch it” Hayden whispered.

Kristen got down onto her knees and took another look at the strap-on as she slowly put one finger onto the fake cock. Hayden watched Kristen, looking at it as she was starting to get a bit impatient. Bell slowly wrapped her fingers around the strap-on and stroked it a bit hard as if it was a real cock.

“It’s not going to bite or kill you. So, suck it already!” Hayden yelled.

“Eh, live and learn” Kristen said as she opened her mouth and took the fake cock into her mouth as she started to suck it. Bell was slowly bobbing her head on Hayden’s toy cock as she was getting a bit excited with each suck. Hayden watched Kirsten suck the toy off as she placed her hand onto Bell’s head.

“You know what… fuck the foreplay action. Get your ass on the bed!” Hayden yelled to Kristen.

Bell obeyed as she shook her ass around for Hayden as she got on all fours on the bed. Hayden got onto the bed as she was now behind Kristen as she was looking in front of the room as Kristen turned around and saw Hayden was slowly pushing the strap-on into her cunt.

“Ohhh yeah… uhhh” Kristen moaned.

Hayden slowly pushed more and more inches of the strap-on into Kristen’s cunt as Panettiere grabbed Bell’s hips and got the rest of the fake cock into her co-star’s cunt. Kristen moaned more loudly as she turned her head around and saw Hayden working the strap-on into her pussy as she then looked at the door to see if it was locked.

“Don’t worry, no one is coming in” Hayden whispered into Bell’s ears as she started to thrust hard into Kristen’s cunt.

“Ohhhh yeah…. fuck me!” Kristen moaned.

“Mmmm yeah, you dragged me to all this trouble and it’s finally paying off” Hayden said to her.

Hayden thrusted with force as she held Kristen’s hips and pushed the fake cock deep into the other blonde’s cunt as Panettiere looked down and saw Kristen’s butt cheeks, smacking up against her stomach as she felt the smacks onto her. Bell moved one arm to her back as she grabbed Hayden’s hips as she moved her other arm to the back and grabbed the hips.

“Uhhh… ahhh fuck… ohhhh, right there” Kristen moaned.

“I can tell that you are still wet, am I right?” Hayden said.

“Very, keep fucking me… I’m so close!” Bell moaned.

“Somehow, you got way too excited before you came into the room, weren’t you?” Hayden asked Kristen.

Kristen wanted to tell her the reason why she was wet already but she still imagined the thought she had before she came into the room. Her alone, in the living room, with four guys, all over her but that was only in her mind. Hayden pumped with full force as Kristen moaned louder and louder as Bell felt that she was getting very fucking close to her orgasm.

“Ahhh yeah…. so fucking close!… so very fucking close!” Kristen yelled at the top of her lungs.

Hayden pumped faster as she wanted Bell to come already as she then grabbed Kristen’s hair and pulled back and pumped away into Bell’s cunt as she just moaned loudly. The moans were so loud that they could echo around the room as outside, the moans were a bit quieter then usual. The guys didn’t even notice the moans going on in the room in front of them.

“Ahhh…. I’m COMING! Ohhhh fuck! Uhhhh shit…. Ahhhh!!!” Kristen yelled out as she came all over the fake cock.

“Ohhh yeah, sweet relief. I made you come” Hayden said to her as she was about to pull the strap-on out from Kristen’s cunt but Bell stopped her.

“Uhhh… no more… not yet… ohhh fuck… I need a few moments to relax” Kristen said between breaths. Hayden was a bit pissed off but she was willing to allow her “Heroes” co-star recovers from her orgasm.

“Fine, but I’m leaving the toy inside you” Hayden said to her as she very slowly pumped the fake cock in and out of Kristen’s pussy as she moaned a bit softer now.

Meanwhile, the four ended their game as Daniel raised his hand in victory as Kash had a resentful look on his face while ByD and Money got up and walked to the fridge to grab a few cold ones. “Still the winner after those intensive battles, dudes” Daniel said.

“If I didn’t make that mistake at the end, I would have won!” Kash said.

“Could’ve, should’ve, would’ve, all that matter is the fucking win. Speaking of which, I need to see my winning bride-to-be is up to” Daniel said as he went upstairs as Kash and Money soon followed. ByD on the other hand, stood right where he was, drinking the beer he had in hand.

“Hmm, Kristen has been gone for a while, maybe I will check around” ByD said in his mind, still drinking the beer in hand. ByD looked around for Kristen as he looked everywhere for her around the house as he then realized that Kristen went back to their room to grab something. ByD was turning the knob but it was locked.

“Strange… ok, Daniel and Lacey are so going to kill me for this,” ByD said as he rammed toward the door but failed to open it as the ram sound quickly caught the attention of the two blondes.

“Ow, ok, now maybe this will work” he said as he ran towards the door but instead of ramming, he kicked with full force of the run and was able to break the wooden part of the door above the doorknob as both Kristen and Hayden turned around and saw the hole in the door.

“Oh… Daniel and Lacey aren’t going to like that at all” Kristen said.

“Hell, I don’t like it right now!” Hayden said as she pulled the strap-on out from Kristen’s cunt. ByD reached inside with his hand and unlocked the doorknob. ByD opened the door and saw that Hayden was wearing a strap-on that was covered in Kristen’s pussy juice.

“Ok… now, I’m speechless” ByD said as he fell back onto the floor, thus knocking him out. The beer bottle fell onto the floor but didn’t break as the beer bottle was plastic made, but it indeed poured down onto the floor.

“Oh dear” the two said.

Upstairs, Lacey and Daniel were going over wedding plans together as Elisha and Scarlett snuggled up against Kash while Allison and Erica were each taking slips from Money’s beer bottle. Sarah however, was left with nothing as she went downstairs and saw that the bag with the strap-ons was missing.

“Frick… where the frick is it?” Sarah said.

“Looking for this?” Hewitt said as she walked from the hallway with the bag in her hands. Chalke’s face became bright red but Jennifer gave Sarah the bag back with ease. She patted Sarah on her cheeks as Chalke was left with some confusion in her mind.

“Wait, so you know was is inside the bag then?” Sarah asked. “Yes, and it doesn’t take a fucking genius to figure it out. You want to plan a huge orgy later on, don’t you?” Jennifer said to Chalke.

“Yeah, but why didn’t you rat me out?” Sarah asked. Jennifer took a long silence before speaking her answer to Sarah as she stood there, waiting for Hewitt’s answer.

“I want in!” Hewitt said to her.

“Why” Sarah asked.

“I want to use the strap-on onto Lacey while Daniel fucks her” Hewitt said. “So, what is the plan then?” Jennifer added as Sarah pulled her black book from her back pockets and showed Jennifer the plans for the orgy to happen as the two then had a huge smile onto their faces.

Meanwhile, back in the room, ByD woke up and found himself, staring at the ceiling while lying on the bed as Kristen was sucking his cock while Hayden watched. “I want to see what it is that Kristen finds amazing in you” Hayden said to him as she lightly kissed him. After the kiss, Hayden leaning over him, starting going down his body, rubbing her perky tits over his chest and pecking him on the neck. Now, Hayden moved to the side and slid down next to Kristen, who was still bobbing her head up and down ByD’s cock.

Hayden looked him straight in eyes, shooting him a sultry look before nuzzling up to Kristen and kissing the side of her face. This distracted Kristen from her blowjob-duties and the two blonde heroines had a saliva-filled tongue exchange. Hayden put her dainty hand on ByD’s dick.

“Well, this doesn’t look too bad for a cock,” she commented, stroking up and down, seemingly appraising it.

“Come on suck, it won’t bite,” Kristen said. Hayden stuck her tongue out at Kristen for that comment, gave ByD’s cock a couple of quick strokes and then tentatively took it in her mouth.

At first only taking the head in her mouth, she sucked on it gently. “It’s not so bad is it?” Kristen asked as she started playing with the cheerleader’s nipples, pinching them until the little eraser-sized nipples stood at attention.

Hayden took ByD’s cock out of her mouth to answer Kristen’s question. “A real cock isn’t so bad once in a while, I guess,” she said as she moved her cute face down between ByD’s spread thighs to lick his balls. Kristen immediately took this chance to get ByD’s cock back in her mouth.

With these two blonde beauties going to town on him, ByD’s headache was quickly disappearing. All he could do was lay there and encourage them. “You guys are so fucking hot,” he moaned.

“You can do something for us too,” Hayden said. She stopped sucking ByD’s balls and crawled over the bed. She swung her legs over his head and parked her young peach on his face, as she was facing Kristen now.

“Suck it, Dutch boy,” she yelled.

ByD grabbed her bubbly ass cheeks and squeezed hard, making Hayden squeal, before exploring her pussy with his tongue, darting in and out of the teenage superstar’s cunt. Kristen watched with glee as her favorite male and female lovers were exploring each other’s bodies. ByD buried face deep in Hayden’s crotch and Hayden roaming her hands over ByD’s chest, making nonsense patterns.

Kristen decided she wasn’t getting any pleasure right now, so she hopped on the bed and straddled ByD’s cock. Using one of her hands she guided the 9 inches of pure love into her hot snatch. Still amply lubricated from her earlier adventures with Hayden she easily accepted the fuckstick into her. She immediately started bucking up and down his cock fast and hard.

Hayden noticed what her friend was doing and leaned forward to kiss Kristen. Their hands rubbing each other’s tits, pulling on nipples, squeezing the entire mound, moaning into each others mouths.

ByD meanwhile was experiencing sensory overload. He concentrated all his efforts on making Hayden cum, focused on proving exactly what Kristen saw in him. He couldn’t stand the fact that two starlets so far had been mad at him for unknown reasons. He was going to show Hayden exactly what he was all about. He was going to go for a two-pronged attack. First he began rubbing her clit with one hand, eliciting the expected response from Hayden – she moaned and arched her back. Now for the surprise, with his other hand he pushed one finger up her ass.

“What the fuck!” Hayden exclaimed.

Kristen, distracted by her friends’ exclamation, paused her fucking for a moment and looked at her blonde companion questioningly. Taking advantage of the situation now began a full-on attack, licking her snatch, rubbing her clit and fingering her ass.

“Oh my God! Don’t… Don’t stop!’ Hayden yelled as she began buckling under the extreme pleasure.

After a few more moments of the assault Hayden began to have an orgasm. A large amount of liquid squirted from her pussy, splashing all over ByD’s face, which he eagerly lapped it up.

“Wow, no one has made me squirt before!” Hayden said “you might be right about this guy, Kristen.”

Kristen just smiled and kissed Hayden. Hayden left her position on top off ByD’s head and stepped off the bed. ByD used this opportunity to launch another surprise assault. He grabbed Kristen by her waist and threw her down on the bed, with him still inside of her. Getting up on his knees, he used this angle to penetrate her more deeply.

Beginning at a fast pace, he fucked Kristen Bell hard. Her modestly-sized tits wobbling on her attractive frame. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, eye closed, relishing in the fucking she was receiving. Hayden crouched next to the bed and started rubbing her friend’s clit.

“You like getting fucked hard, don’t you, you big slut?” Hayden teased Kristen. ByD could see Hayden rub Kristen’s little nub just above his cock sliding out of her tight wet cunt.

“Fuck yeah, almost there!” Kristen moaned.

ByD grabbed her legs and put them on his shoulders, pushing them forward so her knees were almost touching her tits. His fucking began increasingly erratic as both he and Kristen were reaching their climax.

“Yes, ohhh, you’re fucking me so hard!” Kristen yelled. Hearing Kristen yell out his name in ecstasy sent ByD over the edge, lucky for him, Kristen was cumming at the same time. Her cunt was tugging at his cock as her muscles contracted. He shot at least five loads of cum up her womb.

For a moment he looked worried. Kristen noticed through the pink haze of her afterglow. “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” she elucidated as ByD pulled his cock out from Kristen’s cunt and lay back on the bed.

“Hey!” Hayden yelled. “No fair! I want to ride his cock too!” She pouted like a little girl, betraying the fact that she was still only 18 years old despite being a celebrity.

“I have an idea,” ByD offered. Hayden and Kristen looked at him, intrigued.

“How about you girls make me hard again and Hayden, you putt on that strap-on I saw earlier and fuck Kristen up the ass while I do you in the ass?” he said, seeing that he had the two beauties here naked begging for more, he might as well push his luck.

Hayden stood up with a spring in her step and immediately went to the corner of the room where her discarded strap-on. Meanwhile, Kristen began tugging and licking at ByD’s cock. It instantly responded by growing to its full length. Hayden returned with the large purple monstrosity bouncing between her legs.

“It’s still wet with your juices, Kristen,” she said. Kristen pause her blowjob for a brief moment. “Good, means we won’t have to lube up.” Bell said as ByD moved off the bed and Kristen climbed up further until she was near the headboard. Kristen got on all fours, as she spread her legs and put her hands on the headboard.

“Let’s get this show on the road,” Bell said.

Hayden got on her knees behind Kristen on the bed. She positioned the faux-cock in front of the other blonde’s asshole. She grabbed her “Heroes” co-star by the waist and slowly began penetrated her bowels with the plastic invader. In the meantime, ByD stood behind them and enjoyed the sight, absentmindedly rubbing his cock to keep it hard.

Once the entire phallus was deeply embedded in Kristen’s anus, she moaned and grunted, hanging her head low, tightly gripping the headboard. “Fuck yes!” she exclaimed.

ByD crept up behind Hayden and put his arms around her chest, feeling her nipples prick into the sides of his arms. He kissed her in her neck. “We’re fucking, not making love,” Hayden said.

“Oh is that so?” ByD replied. He let her go and took his cock in his hand and went searching for her starfish, running his 9 inches along her buttcrack. This sent shivers down Hayden’s spine. Once he had found his target, he instantly rammed his full dick up her ass.

This shot Hayden forward and also pushed Kristen forward, embedding the strap-on even further in her. All three of them moaned simultaneously. Hayden was the first to start moving her hips, fucking Kristen. Kristen lost in the pleasure, narrowly escapes bumping her head against the headboard.

ByD on his part is enjoying the feeling of Hayden’s wonderful cheeks against his abdomen and of course the tight 18-year old ass was is in. The frenetic movement of Hayden’s hips however required him to move in accord.

Plunging his cock in out of Hayden, the tight sphincter providing ample pleasure to his cock. Hayden leaned forward, her chest smothered between her body and Kristen’s back, using this position to leverage a lot more dildo going in out of Kristen’s ass. ByD followed suit and soon there was perfectly synced mound of flesh fucking on the bed. Sweat dripped from their bodies.

Kristen was being pounded hard, her lithe frame bouncing due to the weight of two people fucking pounding down on her. She was in sensory heaven. Every single fiber in her being seemed to be alive and turned to pleasure. She didn’t realize it was possible, but she was about to receive her very first anal orgasm.

Overwhelmed by the sensations she had to sink her teeth into her balled fist to prevent biting her own tongue off. Her entire body shaken, it would be obvious to anyone that she was having an orgasm.

Just the visual of her friend having a mind-blowing orgasm triggered an animalistic response from Hayden; she upped the pace even further with her fucking. ByD who was by this point so much feeling and seeing and hearing as being, did manage to notice the increase in tempo and was hard-pressed to keep up.

Kristen had only just barely subsides from orgasm and another wave of extreme pleasure hit her, and another and another. Although each wave was decreasing in intensity, the intense feeling of having this wild sex with two people whom she genuinely liked did not subside.

ByD couldn’t keep up with Hayden’s tempo anymore and his dick flew from her ass, agitated, he quickly try to reinsert his cock and ended up in the wrong hole – her pussy. He didn’t really care. This sudden change of stimulation was a huge surprise to Hayden though, making her stop for a moment. This meant that ByD was now fucking her at an amazing pace, filling up her young tight cunt fast.

Hayden closed her eyes and let the feelings wash over her. She hadn’t ever been in such an intense sex act, her orgasm came quick and lasted long. It felt like sparklers went off in every single nerve ending in her body. Moans escaped her pursed lips.

ByD was nearing the end of his stamina too, seeing his celebrity crush having orgasm after orgasm, seeing Hayden Panettiere fuck Kristen in the ass, as he was fucking Hayden Panettiere in the ass.

“Shit, I’m going cum!” he announced.

Both girls quickly disengaged and crawled in front of his cock as both of their mouths working up and down each side of the shaft. Kristen fondling his balls, looking up at him with lust in her eyes while Hayden was now tugging on his cock. Kristen and Hayden moved slightly back and put their arms around each other, their heads next to each other, tongue held outward to collect their reward.

“Ahhh yeah…. ohhhh fuck… uhhhh shit!” he moaned as ByD shot his cum, all over their face. A few hit their tongues, but most of it ending up in their hair and dribbling down their chest. ByD finally stopped as he looked down and saw that the “Heroes” stars were cover in white sticky cum all over their face.

“Mmm, Better then saving the world” Hayden laughed as the two laughed afterwards.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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Part 10

“Oh Daniel, I love you!” Lacey said as she kissed him on the cheek as he went through the wedding plans, looking at the plans she had for quite some time.

“Seriously, how long have you been planning this?” Daniel asked. “Why does it matter, we’re getting married!” Lacey said with excitement as she then hugged him as the rest watched Lacey’s little love fest.

“I feel queasy now” Elisha said.

“Oh ha, ha… very funny” Lacey said to her.

“Hey, at least I didn’t cry out to me in the front yard where afterwards, we got into some HLA” Cuthbert said to Chabert as the rest gasped at what was said as Daniel and Kash were speechless.

“Wow that was going on while you, me, Money were having some time with Hewitt” Daniel said as Lacey giggled at him before kissing him.

“Wait, you screwed with another woman before proposing?” Erica asked Daniel. “Eh, may not have been a perfect propose plan but I love my Daniel way too much!” Lacey said to Durance as she gave Daniel an Eskimo kiss.

“Besides, that was nothing to compare to what happened after the fivesome” Kash said. “What happened?” Elisha and Scarlett asked Kash. “Me, Daniel, and Money watched Lacey and Jennifer go at it in the shower” Kash said to the two.

“Guilty as charged!” Lacey said with a smile on her face.

“So, everyone here probably saw one another have sex or watch one another” Erica said. “Yeah, pretty much” everyone said at the same time.

“Let me see… me, my beautiful bride-to-be, and Sarah in here” Daniel said.

“Then, me and Erica which in turn, me, Erica, and Allison” Money said after taking a slip of his beer.

“Me and Leesh in that small bathroom” Kash said. “Myself, Kash, Money with Hewitt in the study room” Daniel said.

“Then me and Lacey in the front yard” Elisha said. “Which in turn, came to be me, Kash, Money, Jennifer, and you” Daniel said to Lacey and the rest. “Me and Jennifer in the bathroom” Lacey said.

“Me, Erica, and Allison once again during that time” Money said to everyone.

“After that it was me, Sarah, and Hayden” Elisha added. “Wait, hold on… Daniel, you invited Hayden?” Lacey asked him.

“No, I didn’t even know she was here. Leesh, did you find out why she was here?” Daniel asked. “Hey, no one calls her that besides me” Kash said. “And Scarlett too if she feels like it” Kash added afterwards.

“I believe it was something about ByD and Kristen” Cuthbert said to him. “Right, then me, Leesh, and Scarlett afterwards, right?” Kash asked Elisha. “I believe somewhere between Kash and Elisha in the bathroom and before me, Kash, Money, Hewitt and Chabert, ByD and Kristen got it on” Daniel said.

“Hell, they could be getting it on right now as we speak” Lacey said.

“Wait, why are we up here? This is a pool party, so let’s go have some fun” Daniel said as everyone got up and walked downstairs as everyone saw ByD, Kristen, and Hayden coming out from the room.

“Well, I was half right” Lacey said out loud

“What is going on?” Kristen asked.

“Nothing, we are finally going to have that pool party now” Daniel said as the gang went into the kitchen and grabbed their respected food as Kristen stood there.

“Frankly, I’m a vegetarian so…” Kristen said before Daniel cut her off.

“Quite frankly, I was prepared for this for you and Sarah. So, I went out and got some garden burgers” Daniel said as he went to the oven and took out a plate of garden burgers. Kristen grabbed the burger buns and the garden burger and ate alongside the rest. Then out from nowhere, Sarah and Jennifer came into the kitchen and saw the gang eating away as Lacey turned around and saw the two.

“Mmmmm” Lacey said with her mouth full. “Dear, swallow and then talk” Daniel said to Chabert.

Lacey swallowed her food as she then said, “I prefer to swallow something that came from you” she said with a wink. “Anywho, what are you two up to?” Daniel asked the two.

“Oh nothing… just talking about stuff” Sarah said.

“Hmmm, well… food?” Daniel said to the two.

“Nah, we’re just going to the living room and talk again” Sarah said as she still had the bag in hand. The two walked on over to the couch as they sat down and talked as the rest ate their food.

“So, what are you going to do now?” Hewitt asked Chalke.

“Follow my lead” Sarah said as she took her bikini top off in front of everyone as Hewitt was doing the same, freeing her breasts once again. The gang looked over and saw Jennifer and Sarah topless.

“What is going on?” Lacey asked.

“What, we can’t take our tops off to free our boobies?” Sarah asked.

“Well yes, but why?” Lacey asked again.

“No reason” the two said as they were taking their bikini thongs off as both Sarah and Jennifer were now nude in the living room as the guys looked over, up and down on their bodies as the girls next to them got a bit jealous and started taking their bikinis off where they stood. All seven girls were now nude as the guys looked back and forth at the naked girls in the room.

“Did we really die while playing Gears?” Kash asked. “Maybe… or, this is really a dream” Daniel said to him.

“Who cares, naked women!” ByD said out loud. “So many titties, so little time” Money said.

“Well, the only reason we are nude right now is that we want you guys to look at us and not at them, you can but we are in relationships with you” Elisha, Lacey, Kristen, and Erica said at the same time.

“Sorry, but titties!” the four said with excitement.

“It’s working… should we go now?” Hewitt asked. “No, not yet… wait until the two have another argument” Sarah whispered.

“Oh Daniel, I should… overlook that fact and love you with all my heart” Lacey said as she kissed him once more.

“What the frick!” Sarah said quietly. “We need another plan, Sarah” Jennifer said to her. “Hmm, hey guys” Sarah yelled out as the guys turned around and stared at the two. Sarah then brought Hewitt in close for a kiss as the guys were shocked a bit but the ladies were curious at what is going on with the kiss.

“Right… Sarah wants something” Lacey said as the gang walked into the living room as they all stood there, watching Chalke and Hewitt making out.

“Umm, something you want to tell us?” Elisha asked. “Like why are you making out with Jennifer” Erica asked too.

“First, there is and second; because I want too” Sarah said as the rest were confused except for Hayden as she also knew about Chalke’s plan. Hayden looked around as her eyes locked onto Sarah’s eyes while Hewitt locked her eyes onto the both of them, leaving the rest confused.

“Hmmm, I’m going to where it’s not confusion and such” Lacey said as Hewitt stopped her as she grabbed her arm. Jennifer signaled for Daniel to come on over as he sat down right next to Hewitt while facing Chabert as Jennifer brought her downwards onto Daniel’s lap.

“Ok, what the fuck is going on?” Lacey asked.

“Oh, just a little something that me, Sarah, and someone here planned up” Jennifer said as she ran her hands across Lacey’s face as she was admiring Chabert and Daniel at the same time. Sarah walked on over as she sat down next to the three as she ran her hands across Daniel’s face while the rest watched at what was transpiring as Elisha and Scarlett sat down as Kash sat between the two while Money along with Erica and Allison sat right next to them and then, ByD, Kristen, and Hayden sat down last on the couch.

“This is feeling quite strange…” Kristen said to them.

“No kidding, but I can’t help shake this feeling something will happen” Allison said out loud.

“Sex?” Kash asked. “Quite possibly” Mack said to him.

Sarah was now licking Daniel’s face while Jennifer continued to run her finger around Lacey’s face as the two wondered what is going to happen. Daniel moved his right foot to the travel bag as he was trying to see what was inside as Sarah was too busy to notice what Daniel was doing as Lacey saw his foot across the bag.

“What are you doing?” Lacey quietly whispered into Daniel’s ears. “This bag might explain what is going on and I’m trying to open it without them knowing” Daniel said as then, Hayden got up and grabbed the bag, taking it away from him.

“Shit, I was close too” he said.

“Hayden, are you the third person that Sarah talked about?” Kristen asked.

“Of course, Sarah and I talked during the car ride but how Jennifer got involved, I don’t know?” Hayden said to all as Sarah and Hewitt stopped feeling Daniel and Lacey up as the got up and stood behind the nude Hayden.

“So, what is going on you want to know, don’t you gang?” both Sarah and Jennifer said as Sarah opened the bag and threw the strap-ons to each group as Hayden ran back into the room and grabbed the strap-on of hers. Hayden ran back as Erica had one strap-on, Elisha had another, Jennifer had one in her hand as Sarah had the last one in the bag.

“What fun is a little party without a orgy?” Sarah said to all of them.

“Well, ok… Elliot Reid has officially taken over!” Daniel said. Sarah dropped the bag as she took the strap-on out and put it on as Hewitt did the same while Hayden put her back on last.

“Oh god, you aren’t going to fuck me with that?” Daniel asked.

“Ew… no! Your bride-to-be is the perfect choice” Sarah said as she moved over to Lacey as she had a scared look on her face. Chalke placed one hand onto Lacey’s ass as she had the head of the fake cock right next to her ass as Hewitt walked over in anger.

“What the fuck! I thought I was getting Lacey’s ass first?” Hewitt said to Chalke.

“Hmm… oh, how about… we both team up in her ass” Sarah said with a huge smile on her face as Hewitt had also the same smile on her face. Lacey, however, had her face turned to fear as she could only imagine the pain of the fake cocks in her ass?

“Daniel… help me… please?” Lacey said.

“Ok, look…” Daniel said as the two pushed him down back onto the couch as Lacey was helpless as Sarah got the strap-on into Lacey’s ass first as Hewitt waited for her turn. While the rest watched, the guys’ cocks began to become a bit harden as the ladies noticed their dick being erected. Elisha moved her hand down towards Kash’s cock as Scarlett started to kiss him.

Erica also ran her hands down onto Money’s cock but Allison helped to jerk him off while Kristen grabbed ByD’s cock and started jerking him off violently as Hayden walked on over and ran her hands through her friend/co-star’s face as Kristen moved her other hand and placed it on the fake cock.

Daniel was indeed having a hard-on as Lacey looked down and saw his cock being at full attention. Chabert looked up at him as the two locked eyes and leaned in for a kiss as Lacey moved one hand onto his cock and slowly stroked him off as Sarah and Jennifer was slowly thrusting the fake cocks into her asshole very slowly for Chabert to ease in the pain.

“Mmmm” Lacey moaned through the kiss.

“Ohhh yeah… that ass” Hewitt said as she picked her pace up a bit.

“Uhhhh…. That mouth…. Ahhh yeah!” Daniel moaned as he placed one hand onto Lacey’s face as he then moved that hand up to move her hair to the side as Chabert looked up as the two locked eyes again as he watched Lacey sucking away at his cock.

“Ahhhh… ohhhh” Daniel moaned.

Sarah began picking her pace up as the two were fucking away at Lacey’s ass at a normal pace as tears came down Chabert’s eyes. Daniel saw the tear as he then wiped the tears off her eyes as the two locked eyes once again. Lacey began sucking Daniel faster as she placed one hand onto his dick while still sucking him off as she started to jerk him while sucking him off, causing him to moan louder.

“Uhhhh yeah…. ohhhh shit….ahhh yeah!” Daniel moaned louder.

Across from them, Scarlett mounted on top of Kash as Elisha had the strap-on on her as she positioned the fake cock right next to her asshole. Kash grabbed Johansson’s hips as he brought her down as she felt a slight sharp as his cock entered her cunt.

“Uhhhh fuck” Scarlett moaned.

Elisha pushed the strap-on into Scarlett’s ass as she let out a loud moan as well. Cuthbert grabbed Scarlett’s tits as she groped them while fucking Johansson with the strap-on. Elisha started to pinch Scarlett’s nipples for fun as the two leaned in for a kiss. Kash looked up and saw the two kiss.

“Ohhh, that’s hot… ahhh yeah, Scarlett!” Kash moaned.

“Mmmmm” both Elisha and Scarlett moaned through the kiss.

Scarlett started grinding her hips around Kash’s cock as the strap-on Elisha had in Scarlett’s asshole was also being moved around as Elisha placed both of her hands on Johansson’s ass cheeks. Cuthbert squeezed Scarlett’s cheeks as hard as she could while the two were still kissing.

Kash then started to slam into Scarlett’s pussy as he watched the two kiss. He felt Elisha’s fingers around the edges of Johansson’s cheeks as he moved his hands up and placed them on top of Elisha’s hands.

“Oh, take it, take it like you took anal earlier” Elisha said as she pushed the toy cock deep inside Scarlett’s ass.

“Ahhh yeah… fuck my holes… uhhh fuck…. ohhhh!” Scarlett moaned.

“Mmmm yeah… ohhhh fuck, tight cunt” Kash moaned.

“Oh yeah, come on Kash, fuck her harder!” Elisha said to Kash.

Kash thrusted away into Johansson’s cunt as Cuthbert fucked away at Scarlett’s asshole with the toy dick. Scarlett leaned her head downwards to kiss Kash as the two kissed. Elisha saw that as she moved her head down and kissed Scarlett on her cheeks.

“Mmm, you like this don’t ya?” Elisha asked Scarlett.

“Oh yeah… fuck me!” Scarlett moaned.

The three then moved in for a three-way kiss as Elisha and Kash fucked away into Scarlett as her tits were smacking around Kash’s chest as he felt her nipples were sticking out rather hard.

Next to the three, Money inserted his cock into Allison’s asshole as Erica had the strap-on into her as she pushed the toy cock into Mack’s mouth. Allison sucked Erica’s fake toy cock as Durance watched Mack work her mouth on the toy.

“Yeah… prove that you suck!” Erica said as she started to grope Mack’s tits.

Money pushed his dick deep into Allison’s asshole as Mack moved her right hand downwards to her own pussy as she began rubbing herself. Erica looked up at Money as the two leaned in for a kiss as well.

“Mmmmm” Allison moaned.

“Cover that fake dick with your saliva because I’m going to fuck you soon with it” Erica said as Money pulled her head back in for another kiss.

“Uhhh yeah… tight ass… ohhh!” Money moaned.

“Hey! I have a tighter ass then Allison!” Erica yelled to Money.

“Ahhh… fuck… ohhh yeah!” Money moaned.

Erica moved her body up as she placed Money’s face between her tits as she shook them across his face, With each smack Durance’s tits hit on Money’s face, Money fucked Allison hard and fast in her ass.

“Uhhhh…. Holy shit… Ohhhh yeah… fuck my tight ass!” Allison moaned.

“You want an anal attack?” Erica asked.

“I need… more anal… ahhh yeah!” Allison moaned.

Durance took the toy cock out from Allison’s mouth as Money grabbed Mack by her thighs and picked her up as he laid down on the floor back first as Allison was now on top of him as Erica bend down and inserted the toy into Mack’s stuffed asshole.

“Ahhh…. yeah…. fuck me…. Ohhh shit!” Allison yelped.

“You truly are a slut, aren’t you?” Erica asked.

“Uhhh …Yes… ohhhh!” Mack moaned.

Erica thrusted along with Money at the same time into Allison’s asshole as she tilted her head upwards as Durance grabbed a handful of Mack’s hair and pushed every inch of the strap-on deep into Allison’s asshole.

“Ohhhh god! Ahhhh fuck…. holy crap, fuck me… fuck me harder!” Allison moaned.

On the couch next to the six, ByD was moaning as Hayden was sucking his cock off while Kristen was laying on the floor sucking the strap-on from earlier as she bobbed her head upwards, taking every inch of the strap-on into her mouth.

“Ohhh… uhhhh fuck… what a mouth!” ByD moaned as Hayden then licked around the base of his cock. Panettiere licked downwards to ByD’s balls as she lightly licked them before putting her lips on his ballsack and sucked his balls.

“Mmmm fuck…. ahhh! How you could be mad at me and K-Bell, I’ll never know” ByD said moaning.

“Well… I’m making it up by sucking your cock, aren’t I” Hayden said laughing as she gave him a wink.

“Hell, keep this up and I will overlook that fact” ByD said to her.

“Hey, what about me?” Kristen said as she took the fake dick out from her mouth.

“What about you? You suck!” Hayden laughed once again at the little joke she made.

“Oh ha, ha, whatever” Kristen said before taking the strap-on back into her mouth.

Hayden resumed sucking ByD’s balls as he ran his hands through the blonde hair of the world’s greatest cheerleader. Hayden then stopped sucking his balls as she placed one hand onto the base of ByD’s cock and started to jerk him off as she licked the head of his cock.

“Ohhh… ahhh…uhhh shit!” ByD moaned.

“Mmm, you like this?” Hayden asked.

“Fuck that, I love it” he said to Panettiere.

“Well, should I make you cum already or just make you suffer?” Hayden asked ByD. “Surprise me!” he said.

Hayden started the jerk slowly as she made her choice as Panettiere went very slowly as a turtle walking on the sidewalk, just building him up. Hayden felt that he was about to burst out hard as she then stopped.

“Oh, you are suffering me, aren’t you?” he asked. “Oh hell yeah!” Hayden said as she slowly licked upwards on his cock.

“Besides, doesn’t Kristen make you suffer?” Hayden asked. “Not much because she just sucks!” ByD laughed as Kristen then flipped him the middle finger while she continued to suck Hayden’s toy cock.

Across from the nine, Jennifer and Sarah were standing on the couch, in front of Lacey as she sucked the strap-ons while Daniel began fucking Lacey’s cunt as Daniel looked up and saw Lacey suck the strap-ons and saw Chalke’s and Hewitt’s ass as the strap from the strap-ons was lost between their asses.

“Ohhh god… what a grand fucking view!” Daniel said as he thrust his cock into Lacey’s cunt.

Lacey took her time on one strap-on as she turned her attention to the other strap-on every few minutes. She was now sucking Hewitt’s strap-on as Jennifer pushed the toy cock deep into Lacey’s throat as she didn’t gag nor choke on it.

“Wait, you mean to tell me… that you don’t have a…” Hewitt asked Chabert as she shook her head yes. Jennifer then pushed the last few inches of the strap-on deeper into Lacey’s throat as the head of the fake cock hit the back of Lacey’s mouth as she took it all with ease.

“Holy frick, she can take it like that?” Sarah said.

“Uhhh… you should know… ahhh yeah! You saw her take it all of my cock earlier… ahhh fuck!” Daniel moaned as he slammed hard into his bride-to-be’s cunt.

Beads of sweat were pouring down Lacey’s forehead as Sarah wiped the sweat from the forehead of Chabert. Lacey looked up whilst sucking Hewitt’s strap-on as she took Jennifer’s fake cock out from her mouth and took Sarah’s strap-on into her mouth while looking at Chalke.

“Mmmm, good girl… keep doing that” Sarah said as she patted Chabert on the head.

Jennifer then smacked the strap-on across Lacey’s left side of her face as Chabert moved her eyes to her left side and looked at Hewitt who was looking down at Lacey. Daniel looked up as he saw the two lock eyes at each other as he started to lick Lacey’s tits.

“Yeah, you suck Sarah’s toy cock, you little Prima Donna” Jennifer said to Lacey.

“Ahhh… ohhhh fuck… uhhhh!” Daniel moaned with each thrust he took into Chabert’s cunt.

Daniel has both hands on Lacey’s cheeks as he then spread them apart as he made her asshole open wide as Lacey let out a very loud moan when he did that through her stuffed mouth.

Sarah was now getting inpatient for her next turn as she told Lacey to open her mouth as she did. Chalke inserted her strap-on into Lacey’s mouth along with Hewitt’s strap-on in her mouth as well. Lacey started to suck away at the strap-ons at the same time now as Jennifer and Sarah high five each other before the two smacked each other’s asses.

Scarlett was now on all fours on the couch as she was sucking away at Elisha’s strap-on while Kash was inserting his cock into her asshole. He grabbed her hips and with one thrust, he got almost every inch of his cock into Johansson’s ass.

“Uhhh… fuck!” Kash moaned.

“Come on dear… don’t tell me you are getting a little resistance of Scarlett’s ass, are you?” Elisha asked Kash.

“Not that, it’s just… ohhh fuck… I willing but the body isn’t” Kash said between breaths.

Elisha leaned in for a kiss on Kash to give him another get-go as it worked as Kash began thrusting his cock back and forth inside Scarlett’s ass as she sucked away at Cuthbert’s strap-on. Elisha ran her hands through Johansson’s hair as she grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed the toy cock deep into her mouth as she quickly gagged on the toy dick.

“Hmm, can’t take it like Lacey can” Elisha said.

Scarlett just moaned as Elisha and Kash pushed deep into Johansson as Kash started to smack her round ass. Elisha then spilt the handful of Scarlett’s hair into pigtails as she took both pigtails in both hands. Scarlett’s mouth was opened a bit as bits of saliva dripped down from her mouth as everyone could hear the gagging noise Scarlett was making.

“Take it bitch!” Elisha said to Scarlett.

Tears came down from Johansson’s eyes with each thrust the two took into Scarlett as she loved being taken over by the two as Johansson started to rub her own cunt in excitement.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhh fuck… mmmm, Scarlett!” Kash moaned.

“Mmm, ready for a little double penetration?” Elisha asked.

Scarlett shook her head yes as Elisha took the strap-on out from her mouth and laid under Johansson as Elisha grabbed the bottom half of Scarlett’s hips and brought her down as the fake cock was inserted into her wet pussy.

“Ohhhh fuck… ahhh yeah!” Scarlett moaned.

“You like getting DP, don’t you?” Cuthbert said to Johansson.

“Uhhh… fuck… just goddamn fuck me!” Scarlett moaned as Kash and Elisha pounded away into Scarlett’s holes. Kash moved both hands over Johansson’s mouth as his fingers were inside her mouth as her moans were quiet down a bit.

Erica slammed every inch of the strap-on into Allison’s asshole as Money pulled his cock out from her ass as he got up and waved his dick around Mack’s face as she took it into her mouth and began sucking Money off while Erica on her back slammed into Allison’s ass.

“Fuck yeah…. Mmmmm, ohhh your ass” Erica moaned.

Allison moans were muffled by Money’s cock in her mouth as he pushed his dick deeper into her throat as she was gagging on his cock like Scarlett was gagging on Elisha’s strap-on earlier.

“Hmm, another one” Money said.

Mack then bobbed her head back and forth on Money’s cock as her gag sounds intensify until the sounds became a bit of choking sounds instead. Money pulled his cock out from her, allowing her to get her breath.

“Uhhhh… fuck me, Erica… ahhh yeah!” Allison moaned.

“Yeah, you like me fucking your ass?” Erica yelled.

“Yes” Allison moaned.

“What was that?” Erica said.

“Yes” Allison moaned again.

“I’m sorry, I must be hearing the wrong thing. Now, what did you say?” Erica said.

“Uhhhh fuck… yes… goddamn it… ahhh shit!” Allison moaned.

Money then shoved his cock back into Mack’s mouth as she instantly gagging on his dick while Money held her head up as he had his hands under her chin. Money pushed his cock in and out of her mouth as his balls was now hitting her chin.

“Yeah…. mmmm… ohhh… tight little ass!” Erica said as she then grabbed her ass cheeks and squeezed them as hard as she could.

Allison started to moan louder as Money then held his cock in her mouth without pumping his dick back and forth as the head of his cock was hitting the back of her throat as he then closed Mack’s mouth as her moans were muffled a bit but still loud to hear.

“Ohhh…. Allison…. Ahhh yeah, suck my cock!” Money moaned.

“You think we should give her another treat?” Durance asked Money. “Only one way to find out… Let’s see if Allison is up for it then” Money said.

ByD’s cock made its way into Kristen’s asshole as Hayden was waiting for Bell to mount down on ByD as she guided the strap-on into Kristen’s cunt. ByD placed both hands onto Bell’s hips and dragged her downwards onto his cock as her ass was now touching his balls.

“Uhhh yeah… you two fuckers!” Kristen moaned.

“No matter how much I fucked you, Bell… your ass is always fucking tight!” ByD moaned.

“Yeah, I’m glad I crashed this party” Hayden laughed.

Kristen then brought Hayden’s face closer as she kissed her friend as ByD began thrusting his cock into Kristen’s tight asshole. While the two kissed, Hayden began pushing the fake dick in and out of Bell’s cunt.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhh fuck!” ByD moaned.

“MMMMM” Kristen moaned.

Hayden now had both hands on Kristen’s hips as she felt ByD’s fingers on her hips as well. The two pushed deep inside Bell as she moaned louder through the kiss as the two still locked lips.

“Uhhhh… tight fucking ass… ahhh god!” ByD moaned.

ByD looked up and saw Kristen’s hair waving around all over as he looked down and saw her ass cheeks smack up against his pelvis area as he slammed his cock into her ass while Hayden pulled away from the lips of Bell.

“Uhhhh…. Fuck….. Ohhh god…. my ass!” Kristen moaned.

“What? You can’t take it up there?” Hayden asked.

“No not that… I just love fucking anal!” Kristen told her.

Hayden paused for a second as she stood there as she then took the strap-on from Kristen’s cunt as she stood there as the fake cock was bouncing up and down a bit as Panettiere looked down and saw ByD’s cock pumping in and out of Kristen’s asshole.

“Well… get ready for more anal action” Hayden said as she mounted down a bit as the head of the toy cock made its way into Kristen’s stuffed asshole as she moaned loudly.

“Ahhhh….. God… ohhh fuck!” Kristen moaned. “Yeah, you liked getting anal” Hayden said as she pushed more of the toy cock into her friend’s ass.

“Uhhh…. Ahhh god…. holy fuck…. ohhh holy shit!” Lacey moaned.

“Yeah, your little sweet ass getting pounded by our strap-ons” Sarah said as the two now had the fake cocks back into Chabert’s ass while Daniel kept fucking his bride-to-be’s cunt.

“Uhhh yeah… ahhh Lacey…. Ohhh fuck!” Daniel moaned.

Daniel looked up as he saw both Chalke and Hewitt on opposite sides in front of Lacey’s ass as the heads of the toy cocks were fucking her ass. The two were taking turns pushing the strap-ons into Chabert’s ass as Sarah was getting into the action at the moment.

“Mmmmm, little fucking Prima Donna!” Sarah said into Lacey’s ears.

“Ahhh fuck… yeah…. uhhhh fuck!” Lacey moaned loudly.

“You think she likes this?” Hewitt asked.

“Fuck, I love this action” Lacey said through her moans.

“Well, Sarah… I think it’s my turn now” Jennifer said to Sarah.

“Oh, I want to keep fucking this little Prima Donna” Sarah moaned in sadness. “Fuck her mouth then. Her mouth seems to always talk and not wanting to get some action” Jennifer said laughing.

Lacey then flipped Jennifer the middle finger as Hewitt lightly smacked Chabert’s middle finger before grabbing her hands as she began licking Lacey’s fingers as Sarah then pulled her strap-on out from Lacey’s ass and got back on the couch.

“Oh, I have two words for you…” Sarah said.

“Suck it?” Lacey asked.

“Deep throat!” Sarah said as she then with full force pushed the strap-on deep into Lacey’s mouth as she took it with ease as tears slowly came down Chabert’s eyes as the tears dropped onto Daniel’s chest as he looked up and saw Lacey gagging on Sarah’s toy cock.

“Fuck… I need some pussy to lick” Daniel said as he then moved his hands up and grabbed Sarah’s hips and brought her down as he began licking Sarah’s cunt through the strap.

“Ahhh…. fuck… ohhh Daniel…” Sarah moaned.

“Sounds like someone wants to get fucked next” Hewitt said with a smile on her face.

Kash and Elisha are standing up as Scarlett is between the two as Kash still had his cock inside her ass while Cuthbert inserted her strap-on into Scarlett’s cunt. The two slammed deep into Johansson as she had one leg over Elisha as she held onto her leg.

“Ohhh yeah… ahhh!” Scarlett moaned. “Ahhh…. fuck” Kash moaned.

Elisha began licking Scarlett’s big round tits as she watched Cuthbert lick away at her tits. Scarlett then looked over behind her and saw that Kash was looking down at her ass as he thrust with every ounce of energy he had.

“Ohhh…. Fuck… I don’t think I could hold it back any longer” Kash moaned.

“Uhhh… please, try to do so… keep fucking my ass” Scarlett moaned. Kash tried his best as he was slowing down a bit but enough to fuck Johansson’s ass.

Scarlett turned around to her front as she saw Elisha was now licking around her nipples as she then licked her right nipple before Cuthbert started to suck the nipple. Scarlett then rested her arm around Elisha’s head as she sucked away her nipple.

“Mmm yeah… Leesh… suck my nipple” Scarlett moaned.

Kash overheard that as he moved his head upwards and saw Elisha sucking Scarlett’s right nipple as he then kissed Johansson on her cheek for some reason but then all of a sudden, Kash pulled out from Scarlett’s ass as he got back on the couch.

“Ohhh…. If I continued, I would have cum inside your ass” Kash said between breaths.

“Well, we wouldn’t want your cock to go to waste, just standing there now” Scarlett said as she whispered something into Elisha’s ears as she then pulled the strap-on from her cunt. Scarlett got down on all fours in front of Kash as she was facing his dick.

“Mmmm, Leesh tasted my ass from this cock… now, I’m going to taste my own ass from this cock” Scarlett said as she took his cock into her mouth. Elisha crouched down as she pushed the head of the toy cock into Johansson’s red gaping asshole.

“You are a fucking anal freak now! Aren’t you?” Elisha asked as she got more of the fake cock into Scarlett’s asshole as she said yes with Kash’s dick still in her mouth.

“You shouldn’t suck dick this easy then” Elisha said as she grabbed Scarlett’s hair as she got the final few inches into her ass as Scarlett moaned.

“I’m a fucking anal freak… I need cock… I love sucking cock… I’m a cock sucking whore as well” Scarlett said. “Should she continue sucking you off?” Elisha asked Kash.

Kash then grabbed Scarlett’s head and pushed her down again to his cock. “Oh fuck yeah… ahhh!” he moaned afterwards.

Money was still on the floor with his cock still in Allison’s ass as Erica was fucking Mack’s ass as well with the strap-on as the two pumped in and out as Allison moaned.

“Uhhh… fuck… uhhhh shit!” Allison moaned.

“Ohhh… Money is right… you are tight!” Erica said as she then moved her hands towards Allison’s breasts as she started to grope them while fucking her ass.

Money placed both of his hands onto Erica’s ass as he used the extra support to push deep into Mack’s stuffed ass. Money looked around and saw that everyone was deeply into the orgy.

As Money was looking around, Allison looked up behind her as Erica planted a kiss onto Mack’s lips as the two were making out. Mack then ran one hand across Erica’s left hand that was groping her left breast as the two were now moving their fingers with each others.

Money turned back to Durance and Mack as he continued to slam into Allison’s tight asshole. He lifted his head up to kiss Allison’s face while fucking her ass. Erica saw the two kissed as she then started to smack Mack’s butt cheeks.

“Ohhh fuck… look at that ass!” Erica said.

“Uhhhh yeah… ohhh shit!” Money moaned.

“Ahhh fuck… keep fucking me…. Uhhhh shit!” Allison moaned.

Erica and Money kept fucking Allison’s asshole while Durance smacked Mack’s cute ass as Money then started to kiss Allison’s tits as they were moving around under his face.

“Fuck…. ahhh… ohhhh yeah… uhhhh shit…. Fuck!” Mack moaned.

“Time for another something, something…” Erica said as she pulled the strap-on from Allison’s ass as she crawled on her knees to Mack’s face as she took the fake cock into her mouth as she began bobbing on the toy.

“Yeah… suck it… just like you do from time to time” Erica said as she ran her hand through Allison’s hair.

“Ohhh fuck… ahhh yeah… uhhh shit… tight ass!” Money moaned.

Money then crawled out from underneath Allison as he got up onto his knees as he began thrusting his cock into Allison’s asshole as she moaned louder with the strap-on in her mouth as Money’s balls smacked up against Mack’s wet cunt.

“Ahhh… ohhhh goddamn… fuck!” Money moaned for the last time.

ByD was still lying on the side of the couch as Hayden pushed the strap-on deep into Kristen’s ass as ByD then pulled out from her ass as he got on the couch as he cock was hanging above her face.

“Is that for me?” Kristen asked.

“Just suck it” ByD told her as Kristen took his cock into her mouth as she moved one hand underneath his balls as Bell grabbed his balls and ran her hand around his sack.

“Ahhh… fuck…. yeah!” ByD moaned.

Kristen raised her head up and down on his cock while Hayden kept fucking her co-star’s ass with a toy cock. Hayden then moved her hand down towards Kristen’s cunt as she slowly began rubbing her clit.

“MMMMM” Kristen moaned.

“Oh yeah, you like this even more, don’t you?” Hayden said.

“Fuck… at this rate… she would love to do everything” ByD said moaning.

Hayden watched as Kristen was sucking ByD off as she also saw Bell’s small but perky tits move upwards a bit as her nipples were becoming stiffed.

“Yeah, she’s getting way too excited over this” Hayden said.

The two then locked eyes on each other as ByD and Hayden both leaned in for a kiss on each other as the locked lips and kissed as Hayden pumped her toy cock into Kristen’s asshole while she was sucking ByD off.

“Mmm… I guess I was completely wrong about you then” Hayden said as she broke this kiss.

“Eh, what are you going to do?” ByD said.

“Fuck Kristen out?” Hayden said laughing.

“Well… aren’t we doing that right now?” ByD also said laughing.

The two kissed again as Kristen then moved her left hand downwards towards her own cunt as she felt Hayden’s fingers still rubbing her pussy as Bell started to rub her own cunt alongside with Panettiere’s hands.

“She really wants this… really fucking badly” Hayden said to ByD, once again breaking the kiss.

“Ohhh fuck….” Sarah moaned.

“Stay still… This will only be a second” Hewitt said as she was pushing the strap-on into Sarah’s asshole while Chalke had her strap-on into Lacey’s cunt as she was sucking her groom-to-be’s cock off.

“Ahh… goddamn… uhhh fuck!” Daniel moaned as Lacey was bobbing rather quickly on his cock. Lacey looked up with her eyes as the two locked eyes once again as she didn’t move her eyes away from her view on Daniel while sucking his cock.

“Uhhh fuck…. ahhh yeah!” Sarah moaned.

“You wanted this as well, don’t ya?” Jennifer asked.

“Oh… everything is going according to plan” Chalke told Hewitt.

Sarah began pumping the toy cock in and out of Lacey’s cunt as Hewitt also began pumping her toy cock in and out of Sarah’s ass. As the two pumping in and out, Daniel looked down at his bride-to be as a bit of tears came down her eyes.

“Pain or pleasure?” Daniel asked Lacey as she took his cock out from her mouth.

“Pleasure… ahhh yeah… right there… ohhh fuck yeah!” Lacey moaned before she deep-throated Daniel’s cock once again.

“Ohhhh… yeah!” Daniel moaned as he moved his eyes to the back of his head as Lacey took his entire cock into her mouth.

“Mmm, look at this action in front of me and yet, no one is behind me” Hewitt said pouting.

“Ahhh yeah… fuck my tight asshole” Sarah moaned.

Jennifer then started to kiss Chalke’s shoulders first before heading up towards her face as Sarah opened her mouth and the two swapped tongue with each other while Sarah kept pushing the strap-on into Lacey’s cunt.

“Uhhh…. Fuck!” Daniel moaned again. “Fuck me… fuck me hard… ahhh shit… ohhhh” Sarah moaned.

“Uhhh…. Fuck… holy crap… fuck me until I’m sore!” Lacey moaned as she took Daniel’s cock out from her mouth for a moment before taking his dick back into her mouth yet again.

“Goddamn it… I need someone to fuck me already!” Hewitt said out loud.

Scarlett was now rested next to Kash as Elisha took the strap-on off and mounted on top of Kash as he watched her big round ass come down onto his cock as the head of his dick made its way into Cuthbert’s asshole.

“Ohhh yeah… after a while, the pain doesn’t even bother you anymore” Elisha moaned as she started to bounce up and down on Kash.

“And I found the root of my anal addiction” Scarlett said as she grabbed the strap-on and sucked the fake cock as Johansson watched Elisha ride Kash’s cock.

“Uhhh… fuck… ahhh yeah” Kash moaned.

Scarlett kept sucking the strap-on as she also watched the two as her left hand was making its way down to her cunt as she began rubbing herself to the site of the two next to her.

Kash looked over as Scarlett was getting lost in her own little world as he moved one hand over to Scarlett’s right breast as he rubbed his hand around her breast. Scarlett opened her eyes and saw Kash groping her right tit.

“Ohhh fuck… ahhh yeah, Leesh” Kash moaned.

“Mmm, you like my big round ass smacking up against you, don’t you?” Elisha said before moaning.

“Ahhh fuck… I love… that… no, screw that… I love you!” Kash moaned as he felt that he really couldn’t hold back any longer as he came inside Elisha’s asshole as he kept slamming deep into her ass.

“Fill my ass up, you fucker” Elisha moaned.

Scarlett heard the commotion as she stopped with the sucking and rubbing herself as she got down on her knees in front of Elisha and Kash as he kept slamming into her as he knew he was finished for now.

“Let me see, let me see how much Kash got inside you” Scarlett said to Elisha.

Cuthbert mounted off of Kash as some of his sperm was still on his cock as Johansson started to suck his dick clean. Elisha was pushing the cum that was inside her ass out as some oozed out as the cum dropped onto the couch.

“Ahhh… fuck… that was a big load” Elisha moaned.

“Mmm, ohhh fuck… how fucking lucky can I get” Kash moaned once again. “Because you’re stoned” Daniel yelled out across to him as Kash flipped the middle finger towards his bud as Daniel laughed.

Allison was still in the doggy style position as Money kept slamming his cock into her ass while Mack was sucking Erica’s strap-on. Erica started to grope her own tits in excitement as Allison closed her eyes and took the entire inches of the strap-on into her mouth as the head of the toy hit the back of her throat.

Mack was making an intense gag sound as she opened her eyes very wide as bits of saliva dripped from her mouth.

“Oh Ally cat… fuck, you are taking this quite well” Money moaned.

“She’s wants to prove that she is the biggest slut then me” Erica said.

“Well, do you think that she surpassed you yet?” Money asked Durance.

“Hmm, she needs to do a few more things before I think that” Durance said.

Allison overheard Erica’s comment as she then held the strap-on deep in her mouth as she didn’t move her head or mouth as the gagging sound was intensifying rather harder then usual as tears came down Mack’s eyes.

“I think she wants to win that little challenge then” Erica said.

“Ahhh fuck…. ohhh shit…. Uhhhh yeah” Money moaned as he continued to thrust his cock into Mack’s ass.

Money’s balls were smacking hard up against Allison’s cunt as she moved one hand to her own cunt and started to rub her own pussy. Allison felt Money’s balls smacking up against her fingers as she then inserted her middle finger in and pushed the finger in and out of her cunt.

“Goddamn, she must really want to prove herself” Money said. “Ok then, you, over here” Erica said as Money pulled his cock out from Allison’s ass.

Erica pulled her strap-on out of Allison’s mouth as she quickly gasped for air as Durance crawled on her knees to Mack’s ass as Allison was licking the head of Money’s cock first.

“Mmmm yeah” Money moaned.

Allison took his cock into her mouth now as she began bobbing on his cock like she did with Erica’s strap-on earlier. Mack bobbed rather fast as Money’s balls were smacking up against Allison’s chin. Durance then inserted the strap-on into Allison’s already very sore ass as Erica saw that Mack’s asshole was a very brighten red color.

“Goddamn, you really can take it after all!” Erica said as she started to pump the strap-on in and out of Mack’s ass.

Hayden was now riding ByD while she still had the strap-on as Kristen mounted down onto the toy dick as Bell began riding Hayden while riding ByD’s cock. ByD started to pump his cock into Hayden’s cunt as Hayden was pumping her fake toy cock into Kristen’s cunt as well.

“Giving that ass a rest” Hayden said.

“Ahhh yeah… fuck me… uhhh!” Kristen moaned as her eyes opened wide.

“Ahhh Bee… uhhh yeah” Hayden moaned.

“Fuck…. ohhh shit… fuck yeah, Hayden” ByD moaned.

The pressure of the two mounted down onto ByD’s pubic area as he couldn’t pump his cock as hard as he wanted into Hayden but enough to do so anyways. ByD felt his balls smacking up against the 18 year old’s asshole

“Mmm… yeah…. ahhh fuck” Hayden moaned.

“Less moaning and more fucking me… uhhh shit… ohhh!” Kristen moaned.

“Ohhh… yeah…. ahhh!” ByD moaned.

The three were piled on top of each other as then, Kristen fell sideways as Hayden felled sideways too as she was still behind Bell as ByD turned around on her side and then, took his cock out of Hayden’s cunt as he inserted his dick into her asshole.

“Ohhh…. Holy shit… ahhh!” Hayden moaned.

“Stick that toy cock back into my ass!” Kristen yelled out to Hayden.

She did as Hayden pushed the toy dick into Bell’s asshole once again as Hayden started to pump the strap-on slowly in and out of Kristen’s ass as ByD was doing to the same to Hayden.

“Ahhh yeah…. phew, ohhh fuck… tight ass!” ByD moaned again.

“Hey, I have a pretty tight ass as well!” Kristen yelled out.

“But I’m younger though, so my ass is tighter then yours” Hayden said laughing.

“Oh ha… dee… fucking… ha… just keep fucking my ass” Bell said to Hayden.

Hayden then placed one hand onto Kristen’s ass cheeks as she rubbed the right cheek before rubbing the left cheek. ByD saw Hayden rubbing Bell’s ass as he then started to rub Hayden’s ass cheeks as well.

“Ahhh fuck… tight legendary ass” Daniel moaned as he was now behind Hewitt as he was inserting his cock into her legendary ass.

“Mmmm fuck me already… goddamn it!” Jennifer moaned.

As Daniel was fucking Jennifer, she was still fucking Sarah in the ass with the strap-on while Chalke removed the strap-on from Lacey’s cunt and with one thrust, got half of the strap-on into her ass.

“Uhhhh god… ahhh fuck!!!” Lacey moaned very loudly

“Ahhh… ohhh fuck… yeah, moan… Prima Donna!” Sarah said moaning.

“Ohhh yes… I’m a fucking Prima Donna… I over fucking reacted… fuck me… ahhh shit, I’m coming” Lacey moaned.

Lacey gushed out onto Sarah’s thighs and onto the couch as well as she began rubbing herself in pleasure. Chabert rubbed as fast as she could as she felt her orgasm was the hardest one she had.

“MMM… fuck… ahhh yeah… ohhh” Lacey moaned with a sigh of relief.

Chalke then pulled out of Lacey’s ass as she then wiped Lacey’s girl cum with the strap-on as the head was covered in Chabert’s cum as Sarah re-inserted the strap-on back into Lacey’s ass.

“Uhhh…. Goddamn… ahhh, holy fuck!” Lacey moaned as she rolled her eyes to the back of her head while she kept rubbing herself after her orgasm passed.

“Ohhh yeah… fuck!” Sarah moaned.

“Ahhh shit… mmm yeah… uhhh” Jennifer moaned.

“Ohhh… fuck yeah… ahhh fuck!” Daniel moaned as he kept slamming into Jennifer’s ass.

While Daniel was fucking Jennifer’s ass, he moved his hands over to her big tits as he started to grope them as Jennifer then moved her hands to Sarah’s tits as then, she moved her hands onto Lacey’s tits.

“Goddamn, must be an anal/groping frenzy” Daniel said.

“Ahhh Daniel… uhhh… technically, you started it” Lacey moaned.

“Uhhh yeah… don’t fucking start or else” Daniel said to his bride-to-be. “Well, ahhh yeah… what are you going to do about it?” Lacey moaned with a smile afterwards.

Elisha and Scarlett were taking turns jerking Kash off, trying to bring him back to full attention as he watched the two kiss his worn out cock at the same time. He then relaxed his arms onto their backs as he began rubbing their asses with his fingers.

“Ohhh fuck yeah, ladies” Kash moaned.

The two were lost in their kiss as they didn’t respond to Kash. He then looked straight ahead of him as he saw Daniel pulling out from Jennifer’s ass as the two pulled their strap-ons out as well while Lacey was resting her head on the couch.

Daniel then inserted his cock into Lacey’s ass as Sarah scooted underneath Chabert as Daniel moved to the side as Jennifer inserted her strap-on into her former Party of Five co-star’s ass as Lacey had a big smile on her face before that smile turned back into moaning.

“Hmm, I guess that’s what Lacey wanted in the first place” Kash said to himself.

Scarlett broke the kiss as she leaned upwards to kiss Kash as Elisha was now violently stroking Kash off as he moaned louder.

“Ahhh Leesh… a bit too hard now” Kash said.

Elisha looked up as she then said, “Well, too fucking bad… I want your dick really fucking badly” as she then took his cock into her mouth and started to suck him off.

“Here, want some pussy?” Scarlett asked as she then stood above him as Johansson lowered herself down a bit as Kash began eating Scarlett out.

“Ahhh yeah, eat me, you fucking stoner!” Scarlett moaned.

Elisha then moved one hand down to his balls as she started to squeeze his balls very hard as he felt the pain for a bit before resuming eating Scarlett out. While Kash was eating her out, she moved her hands towards her own breasts and started to grope herself.

“Mmmm yeah…. uhhh fuck” Johansson moaned.

While nearly squeezing the life out of his balls, Elisha started to bob her head faster on his cock as she make some rather small gag sounds as bits of her saliva made their way out from her mouth while bobbing hard on Kash.

“Ohhh fuck… Leesh, goddamn!” Kash moaned.

Elisha was taking her time now on his cock as he went back to eating Scarlett out. Cuthbert then let go the grip she had on Kash’s balls as they were swollen up just a bit as she moved her head upwards and placed one hand onto his shaft as she began sucking and jerking him off at the same time.

“Fuck… ahhh yeah… fuck… again, more fuck!” Money moaned.

Allison was doing the same thing Elisha was doing to Kash as she stroking Money off while sucking the head of his cock. Money ran his hands through his hair before leaving his hands behind his head. Once he did, he watched Mack go to work on his cock.

Erica was still slamming the strap-on into Allison’s very sore ass as Mack was still rubbing herself as Erica then spit directly onto the strap-on, making it a bit lubed up.

“Holy fuck, I will admit that you really can take it in the ass but I won’t admit that you surpassed me yet” Erica said.

“MMMM HMMM” Allison moaned.

“Oh fuck… I’m going to cum” Money moaned.

“Hold on, don’t cum in her mouth… come back over here” Erica said to him.

Money then pulled his cock out from Allison’s mouth as she was pouting a bit as then, Erica pulled the strap-on out from Mack’s ass. Erica told him to go back into Allison’s ass as he did.

“Uhhh fuck… my ass!” Allison moaned.

“Well, your ass have been through a whole lot and it’s only fair that your ass is fucking sore after all you been through” Erica said as she walked to Allison’s mouth once more as she began sucking the strap-on quick.

“That’s right, lube it up a bit… good girl” Erica said.

“Ahhh yeah… ohhh shit” Money moaned as he began pumping his cock into her asshole once more.

Money slammed with force as he had both of his hands onto her hips and with each thrust; he was re-building himself back up. Erica watched Allison suck the strap-on like she did with Money’s cock just a bit ago.

“Come on, you sucked Money off quite hard just a few seconds ago, so why are you slowing down now?” Erica said teasing Allison.

She looked up at Erica with her eyes as Durance watched her suck the strap-on while Allison was looking up at her. Erica then looked up and saw Money closing his eyes as he was thrusting away into Mack’s ass.

“Uhhh… uhhh… uhhh yeah… ohhhh fuck!” Money moaned.

“Ohhh fuck… I’m going to cum soon” ByD moaned as he thrusted away into Hayden’s tight ass.

“Yeah, come all over our faces again” Hayden moaned.

“Uhhh yeah… keep fucking my ass” Bell moaned.

“Ohhh yeah… ahhh Bee” Hayden moaned.

ByD sat right back up as he was pumping his cock into Hayden as she was still lying down on the couch alongside with Kristen as she was still pumping her strap-on into her Heroes co-star’s ass.

“Mmm, yeah… Hayden… ohhh fuck yeah!” Kristen moaned.

“Tight fucking ass, holy shit… ahhh fuck!” ByD moaned.

“Come on, Dutch boy… fuck my ass!” Hayden moaned.

“Ohhh fuck… ahhh yeah… uhhh… uhhh… I’m going…” ByD moaned as he quickly pulled out from Hayden’s ass as he was now in front of her face as Panettiere started to suck his cock.

While sucking ByD off, Hayden was still fucking Kristen’s ass with the strap-on as Bell then unexpectedly took Hayden’s strap-on out from her ass as she turned around to face the two.

“Mmm yeah… total déjà vu all over again” Kristen said as she kissed Hayden’s cheek while watching her suck ByD off.

“Hey, let me suck my man off” Kristen said with a pout as Hayden rolled her eyes to Kristen as she saw her pouting. Hayden took ByD’s dick out from her mouth as she stared at Bell.

“And yet, you talk about me pouting?” Hayden said laughing. Kristen gave Hayden the look as she took ByD’s cock into her mouth and began sucking him off.

“Uhhh fuck… I can’t take it… ahhh, must hold it back a bit longer” ByD moaned as Kristen sucked him harder, trying to make him come already.

“Ohhh fuck…. uhhh god… ahhh fuck!” ByD moaned as he pulled his cock out as his load shot out onto Kristen’s face as some dropped down onto Hayden’s face as she was waiting with her mouth opened. Some of his load dropped into Hayden’s mouth as the last drop hit Kristen on the nose. Bell then leaned down and kissed Panettiere as the two swapped spit with each other.

Erica made her way back to Allison’s ass hole as she re-inserted the strap-on into Mack’s ass while Allison was getting fucked in the ass by Money. Erica pumped away into Allison’s stuffed ass.

“Uhhh fuck… ohhh holy shit… goddamn… fuck me!” Allison moaned.

“Question is… can you take Money shooting his load into your ass with my strap-on still inside your ass as well?” Erica said, revealing her plan.

“What?!?” Allison said.

“Without oozing his cum out afterwards” she added.

“You do all that, you are the biggest slut then me” Erica said, acknowledging that fact.

“Ohhh fuck… almost there… ahhh yeah” Money moaned.

Allison really didn’t feel like doing that but she said to herself to win the challenge she made with Erica earlier back in the day, which is better being fucked?

“Yeah… cum in my ass Money, ahhh yeah… right there… uhhh fuck” Allison moaned louder.

“Hmm, I doubt that you can take it but we shall see in a bit” Erica said with each thrust she did into Allison’s ass. The pain was starting to get to Allison as she wanted to tell them to pull out but she sucked the pain up and took it all.

“Fuck… uhhh shit… ahhh yeah!” Allison moaned.

“Fuck me ass, you fuckers… ahhh fuck… ohhhh yeah… uhhh…. Uhhh shit” Allison moaned again.

“Uhhh fuck… here it comes… ahhh yeah! Ahhhh fuck!” Money moaned as he was shooting his load into Allison’s stuffed asshole. Mack felt each hit of cum shooting inside her ass as Erica kept fucking her.

“In a bit… hold it…” Erica moaned. Money pulled out after the last drop as he moved to Allison’s face as she was sucking his cock once more, making sure he was spent. Erica then pulled out from Allison’s ass as some of Money’s sperm was on the strap-on.

Erica looked at Allison’s ass as a bit was oozing out but Allison sucked it up back into her ass as Durance walked over as Money pulled out from her mouth. Allison took Erica’s strap-on into her mouth and started to suck the strap-on clean.

“Hmm… fine, you win… but I’m not proud of it that much” Erica said.

“Oh, I love this cock… so much!” Elisha said before she slapped Kash’s cock onto her tongue. “Uhhh Leesh… you’re building me back up again” Kash moaned.

Scarlett was right underneath Kash’s balls as she sucked them as Elisha sucked away at Kash’s cock. The two sucked away at Kash’s private parts as he rested his arms on the couch and watched the two works their mouths on his parts.

“Mmmm…. Fuck… yeah!” Kash moaned.

Elisha then took his cock deep into her mouth as the head of the cock hit the back of her throat. Scarlett saw as she then put both hands on Elisha’s head, holding her down even longer.

“Yeah, you want Kash’s cock… take it, bitch!” Scarlett said laughing.

Elisha flipped the middle finger to her as she started to gag on his cock. Scarlett then moved behind Cuthbert as she started to lick her cunt slowly. Kash moved his hips up and down a bit, making Elisha gag a bit more.

“Uhhh fuck…. ahhh yeah!” Kash moaned.

“Mmmm, you were so turned on when you were fucking me with the strap-on” Scarlett said, noticing the wetness of Elisha’s cunt.

“Whew… ohhh fuck… its coming… ohhh god” Kash moaned as Elisha took his cock out from her mouth and told Scarlett to lie on the floor. Scarlett listened as Elisha sat right on top of Johansson’s face as she sat in front of Kash who stood up from the couch as Elisha placed Kash’s cock between her tits.

“Oh yeah… a good old tit fuck… uhhh yeah” Kash moaned. “Yeah, you like my big titties, don’t you” Elisha seductively said to him.

“Fuck, I love everything about you” Kash said as he began fucking her tits at a really fast pace. Kash was fucking Elisha’s tits as Scarlett was eating out Cuthbert as she was rubbing herself during the process.

“Mmm yeah… ohhh fuck” Kash moaned. “Ahhh fuck… come on… cum for me all over these tits” Elisha said to him as Scarlett got up right next to her.

“Hey, if he is going to cum over tits, it should be the both of ours” Scarlett said as she placed her tits right next to Elisha as Kash pulled out and jerked right in front of them.

“Ahhh god… uhhh fuck… here it comes” Kash moaned as his load shot right out directly all over Elisha and Scarlett’s tits. He smacked his dick over their tits before falling onto the couch.

“Fuck…. uhhh fuck yeah… mmm shit” Lacey moaned.

“Oh fuck… come on, Hewitt… fuck her faster” Daniel moaned. “Mmm, fuck Lace… you tired yet?” Jennifer asked.

“FUCK ME!!!” Lacey yelled out.

“By that, she isn’t yet” Sarah said as she pumped her strap-on into Lacey’s cunt as Daniel and Jennifer fucked Lacey’s ass.

“Uhhh god… ahhh yeah… uhhh” Lacey moaned.

“Ahhh fuck… like the guys… I’m almost there… ohhh god…. ohhh fuck” Daniel moaned as he kept fucking Lacey’s asshole.

“Oh… cum all over your bride’s ass” Hewitt said to him.

“Ahhh fuck… I’m almost there… uhhh fuck” Daniel moaned once again.

Jennifer then pulled out from Chabert’s ass as she walked to Lacey’s face as she started to suck Hewitt’s strap-on. “Mmm, fuck… you Prima Donna… suck that fake cock” Jennifer said to her.

Sarah pulled out as well as Chalke inserted her strap-on into Lacey’s mouth as well. Lacey was sucking both strap-ons at the same time as both Chalke and Hewitt kissed while Daniel fucked away at his bride-to-be’s ass.

“Ahhh… here it is… uhhh yeah” Daniel moaned, quickly pulling his cock out from Chabert’s cunt as he started to jerk right in front of his bride-to-be’s ass.

“Uhhh fuck… ahhh fuck” Daniel moaned once again as he shot his load all over Lacey’s ass as some landed onto her back but the most he shot over was her ass as some dripped down from right above her pussy.

“Ohhh yeah… and I’m done” Daniel moaned.

Jennifer and Sarah pulled their strap-ons out from Lacey’s mouth as they took their strap-ons off and laid them down on the floor as the two kissed Chabert’s cum covered ass. Daniel walked over to Lacey as the two kissed.

“Mmm, that was… oh god, there isn’t a word to describe this whole experience” Sarah said as some of Daniel’s cum was on her lips. Jennifer kissed Sarah right on her cum covered lips.

“However, I do have this to say…I love it when a plan comes together” Sarah said as she then kissed Hewitt.

Kash was sitting on the couch as Elisha and Scarlett licked the cum off of each other’s breasts. Kash looked over to his left side and saw Allison resting on the floor, trying to catch a breath.

Erica was sitting on Money’s lap as the two made out once more as Allison watched the two made out, knowing that she won. “Whew… oh god, oh my ass” Mack said as she was rubbing her ass to relieve the pain.

Kash then looked over to his right side and saw Kristen and Hayden kissing each other as ByD sat right next to him. He sat down, catching his breath as the two walked over and started to kiss ByD.

“Mmm… I love honey since we have a Bee here” Kristen said laughing.

“That’s not funny!” ByD said, trying not to laugh.

Kash then looked right in front of him and saw the four resting on the couch as Daniel and Lacey were locked in a passionate kiss as Jennifer and Sarah watched the two.

“Ew, I hate to think how the two will be once they are married” Sarah said laughing as the two gave Chalke the middle finger.

“So, Anywho… what now?” Sarah asked. The group then looked at each other, wondering what to do now.

“I don’t know but… whatever you want to do cause the party is over as of… well, about an hour and a half ago” Daniel said as he was looking at the time and saw that it was late.

“Whoa, well… we could stay longer” Kash said.

“Whatever, don’t care… I have my bride here. So, I’m good” Daniel said

Allison then got up and walked over to Erica and Money as the group was now all together. They all looked at each other, still wondering what to do.

“Hmm, well… like you said, whatever, we’re staying for a bit” Kash, Elisha, and Scarlett said.

“Us too” ByD, Kristen, and Hayden said as well.

“Ah hell, we will too” Money, Erica and Allison said.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
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“Like we have anything better to do” Jennifer and Sarah said.

“Great, so let’s start to clean up then” both Daniel and Lacey said as the others moaned in disappointment but still helped out to clean up and such as both Daniel and Lacey laughed.

The End?

DLZ’s note: Well, there you go. Hoped you all enjoyed as much as I worked on this. Trust me; this wasn’t fucking easy to do. Anywho, I would like to thank Kash the Priest, BeeWhyDee, and Money for being a part of this epic long ass story and with that, I end this story once and for all…

Or do I?

Nope, it’s not over yet, not by a long shot… *got you all, didn’t I?*

Special Bonus Part:

It was now 11 PM as Daniel and Lacey were the only ones left as the rest went on home. The two were still cleaning up as Lacey got the last of the trash bag. Daniel was taking the bags out as Lacey looked outside and saw the pool.

“Hmm, hold on a sec…” Lacey said as she turned on the lights to the backyard.

“Whew, man… what a fucking party” Daniel said as he walked back into the house. Once he got inside, he saw Lacey standing outside in front of the pool.

“Hmm, wonder what she is doing?” Daniel said. He opened the door to the backyard as he snuck up behind Chabert, surprising her in the process. Daniel wrapped his arms around her neck as he began kissing her neck.

“Mmm, that feels nice” Lacey said.

“So, what did you think of the party?” Daniel asked.

“Really good after my little Prima Donna fit” Lacey said to him.

“Speaking of which, why did you go all Prima Donna on all of us earlier?” Daniel asked.

“You know, I don’t know and let’s put that behind us and do something we were planning on doing” Lacey said to him.

“What, after all you been through?” Daniel questioned her.

“Yeah, why not? Besides, you know you want it more then me” Lacey said seductively as she moved his arms off of her neck and started to undo her bikini top, freeing her tits once again.

“Alright then” Daniel said as he lowered his swim trunks down.

Chabert then lowered her bikini bottom down and walked into the pool naked as Daniel followed behind her. The two met in the middle of the pool as they began kissing as Daniel then placed both hands onto Lacey’s ass cheeks.

“Mmmm, I love you… Lacey Chabert” Daniel said.

“And I love you too, Daniel” Lacey said as she then got down in the water and started to suck his cock in the water.

“Ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

Lacey bobbed her head back and forth in the water on his cock as he looked around and made sure none of the neighbors were spying on them. Chabert took his dick out from her mouth and came back up for air.

“Did you like it?” Lacey asked.

“Oh yeah, do it again” Daniel said to her as she went back underwater and resumed sucking him off.

“Uhhh fuck yeah” Daniel moaned.

Lacey then stopped as she got right back up as she was now standing behind him as she turned around as he then inserted his cock into her cunt.

“Ahhh yeah… right there” Lacey moaned. Daniel began fucking Lacey in the pool as the two stood above water as he started to thrust his dick into her cunt faster. As a result, some of the water splashed nearly everywhere around them.

“Ohhh Daniel… ahhh fuck” Lacey moaned.

“Mmm, Jennifer and Sarah did a number on your cunt then” Daniel said.

“Fuck… They broke me down a bit… ahhh, keep fucking me” Lacey moaned.

“Ohhh shit… oh yeah, Lace” Daniel moaned.

His thrust became a bit faster as the water splashed now all over them. Daniel grabbed Lacey’s hair to help thrust harder. The water was still splashing around them as they were now lost in their love making in the pool.

“Fuck… ahhh yeah” Lacey moaned.

“Mmmm yeah… fuck, tight cunt… as always” Daniel moaned.

Lacey then told him to pull out as he did as she turned around and wrapped her legs around his waist as his cock re-entered her cunt.

“Uhhh fuck” the two moaned as they were still tired from the orgy from earlier.

“How long do you… ahhh god… think we will… uhhh fuck… last?” Daniel said moaning.

“Ahhh yeah… hopefully, a bit longer… uhhh” Lacey moaned. Daniel was holding Chabert from her back as she wrapped her arms around his neck as the tow kissed while he was fucking her.

“Ohhh yeah… come on, slam down on me a bit harder, dear” Daniel moaned.

“Uhhh fuck… I’m coming” Lacey moaned as she came all over Daniel’s cock in the pool.

“Yeah… come for me… ahhh fuck” Daniel moaned again as he thrusted harder.

Daniel then dipped his bride-to-be into the pool as he was still holding onto her as she moaned underneath the water as her moans were popping up as bubbles.

“Mmm Lacey… ahhh… fuck… yeah!” Daniel moaned.

Daniel then dipped his head into the water to kiss Lacey while holding onto her. He didn’t lose any rhythm of his thrusting as his balls were smacking up against Lacey’s ass in the water.

Needing air, Daniel brought himself and Lacey back up as the two were still in their kiss. He was now walking back a bit to the pool steps as he sat down as Lacey began moving her hips around his cock.

“Ahhh Daniel… uhhh fuck” she moaned.

“Mmm… yeah, grind that cock” Daniel said to her as he began kissing her tits.

Lacey then kissed him on the forehead as she then looked down and grinded away at his cock. The water was moving around as Lacey’s ass was the cause of that. Daniel moved his hands onto her ass cheeks and squeezed them.

“Fuck Daniel… uhhh goddamn… ahhh yeah!” Lacey moaned again.

“Ohhh Lacey… fuck… almost there…. Ahhh yeah” Daniel moaned.

The two kissed again as Lacey kept grinding her hips around his cock as Daniel squeezed her cheeks. He them pumped his cock upwards into her cunt as she was now crouching on her knees.

“Mmmm Daniel… I love you… ahhh fuck… uhhh” Lacey moaned.

Daniel then got right back up with Lacey still around his arms as he laid her down gently on the cement floor outside of the pool as he thrusted away into her cunt like before.

“Uhhh… Lacey… I… know… ahhh fuck” Daniel moaned.

“Yeah, come on… fuck me… ahhh fuck!” Lacey moaned.

Daniel looked down and watched his cock going in and out of his bride-to-be’s cunt. He then looked at Lacey as she blew him a kiss and with that, Daniel leaned his upper body down to kiss his future wife.

“Whew… ahhh fuck… mmm… uhhh Lacey” Daniel moaned.

“Are you going to come?” Lacey asked.

“Soon… ohhh god… ahhh yeah!” Daniel moaned again.

“Shoot it all over my front body” Lacey said and with that, Daniel fucked away as hard as he could into Lacey’s cunt, wanting to please his bride-to-be.

“Ohhh fuck…. ahhh, almost there again” Daniel moaned.

“Yeah…mmmm, fuck… come on… uhhh fuck!” Lacey moaned.

With each thrust, Daniel was close to cumming soon. His balls were smacking up against Lacey’s asshole as he then placed both of his hands onto the cement floor as his hands were between Lacey’s face.

“What’s wrong?” Lacey asked.

“Nothing… just catching my breath” Daniel said as he continued to thrust away into Chabert’s cunt.

“Ohhhh god…. ahhh fuck… come on, Daniel… fuck me faster” Lacey moaned.

“Ahhh…. here it comes… ” Daniel moaned as he took his cock out quickly as he jerked above Lacey’s pussy as he shot his load all over Lacey’s front body as some managed to hit Lacey in the face. Some also landed onto Lacey’s tits as well.

“Uhhhh yeah…. uhhhh god… mmmm shit…” Daniel moaned.

“Mmmm yeah… ahhh, all over my stomach” Lacey said as most of his sperm landed onto her stomach.

Daniel jerked his cock once more to see if there wasn’t any left. He then smacked his cock above Lacey’s pussy as he inserted his cock into her cunt once more, just to pleasure her.

After a few seconds, Daniel took his cock out as it was worn out now. Lacey looked up at him with a smile as the two locked eyes once again.

“You think any of the neighbors heard?” Lacey asked.

“Nah, I don’t think so” Daniel said to her.

“But I can tell you this Lacey” he added.

“What” she asked.

“This was truly the pool party right here” Daniel said laughing as Lacey laughed as well as the two kissed once more.

The End.
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Re: Pool Party (Multiple celebs)
« Reply #12 on: July 08, 2019, 06:51:42 PM »
Really appreciate having this wonderful series on here, it's a classic.
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