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3rd Chromosome: Skate Park
« on: August 23, 2019, 10:20:35 PM »
So I’m trying something different here. Taking a risk really. Futa/male content ahead. Everyone is over 18. Enjoy!


Kiki Saitō slapped ineffectually against her nightstand; her hand trying in vain to silence her phone. Slow Rise, the alarm she decided was the calmest, blared out with increasing volume. With a sharp intake of air, she sat upright and turned off the offending alarm. Kiki brushed her dyed red hair out of the way and rubbed her face. What a fucking night. She thought. If only I could remember it.

Ahh fuck. Kiki pushed herself out of bed and stumbled her way into the bathroom. They’re leaking already. The woman’s breasts were large, far larger than her small frame needed, and engorged with milk. So much that a constant trickle leaked out. With practiced efficiency she pulled off her tank top, already transparent from her leaking mammaries, and put on her pump. With a whirl the machine sprang to life and Kiki felt satisfaction as she was drained. Not that it’ll do much good. A full draining usually lasted about 4 hours for the busty woman, but that well was never completely dry.

As the pump sucked out her milk Kiki considered her options for the day. While doing absolutely nothing was one choice, several days of rain had left her in a rather dour mood. Last night's partying helped somewhat, but she craved something else. I should go to the park. She mused. After several minutes the pump was complete, her breasts spent for the moment. Kiki disconnected the device and eyed the container. With a sigh, she upped the bottle and drank it down.

Running out of the bathroom she quickly donned her clothing. Loose cargo pants only held up by a belt encircling her narrow waist, a grey tank top slipped over her bra and a green tank hoodie went over that. Grabbing her keys, wallet, phone and earbuds she locked the door got her board and rode on.


Kiki thought she was quite a sight as she tore through the streets on her board. The product of a Japanese diplomat and a French woman she had inherited the best of both parents plus some extras. All the milk she drank probably didn’t hurt either. She stood around 5’4” with a narrow frame. Of course her boobs, F-cups the last time she measured, projected out from her rib cage. They sloshed with every bounce and step she made but Kiki didn’t care. Nor did she care how the pads in her bra absorbed her slight trickle of leaking milk. Kiki also had a sizable ass. It wasn’t record breaking, but large for someone of her heritage. More than once she heard a crash as she passed by a fellow skater; their eyes glued to her curves and not the road. Red hair flapping in the wind, she sped down the street, taking the turn that lead to the skate park. Her loose pants too helped disguise her curves.

As she expected the park was a riot of activity. First nice day. What else would be the cause. Kids from all age groups ran around on their skateboards, razers, and little bmx bikes trying to outdo one another. The shouts of playful competition, yelling and the skittering of wheels punctuated by the occasional curse was music to her ears. Kiki allowed herself a smile. It was home.

Except one kid. She was vaguely familiar with him. Black muscle tee with a heart and dagger on it easily identified him as a douche. Flat brimmed ball cap turned backwards and pristine Vans only sold his look further. Not to mention the dyed blonde tips and oversized sunglasses. What’s his name again? Chance? Chase. Chase Sieman. That’s it. He was a grade ahead of her in high school and always walked with a swagger. His hallway conversations consisted of bitches; who was one and where to get one. Kiki didn’t give a shit about him. She did care about his behavior though. Chase strutted through the park, longboard clutched in his hands. Along the way he nearly bowled over several kids, each time yelling at them to get out of his way. Kiki heard a set of wheels pull up.

“What’s up Liam?” Liam was a good kid, barely sixteen and was already quite talented. In a few more years Kiki suspected he’d be quite the lady killer as well.

“He’s back.”

“I can see.” Kiki sighed; adjusting a bra strap. “Should I play him?”

Liam grinned. Despite her figure, Kiki was a natural on a board and had a reputation at this particular park. “You’d do that?”

“Sure.” I just need to find the right time. As if on cue she saw her opening. One kid strayed too close to Chase and earned a shove. He went down hard and immediately started balling.

“Outta my way!” He declared, oblivious to the damage he caused.

That’s my queue. Kiki walked over and comforted the kid. “Are you okay?”

When he nodded she turned to face his attacker. “Hey asshole!”

Chase immediately turned around. Oh good he knows his name. Kiki thought before advancing on him. “I don’t care who you think you are but you respect the other people in this park. Hear me!?”

He looked at her and the finger she was poking him before laughing. “Listen here sweet cheek sugar tits. I own the park. I’ll do what I want. Anyone gets in my way I’ll take them down. You probably can’t even skate can you?”

Kiki’s eyes narrowed. “I can throw down with the best of them. If you want bunny hops I’ll give you some, even stall out.”

Chase burst out laughing. “Listen Bitch! You don’t even know the terms let alone the skills. Alright, contest. Best moves win. And when I win I’m fucking your ass.”

Hook, line, and sinker. Kiki quelled a smile that threatened to erupt. “If that’s the stake then I’m fucking you when I win.”

“Haha, like you could.” Chase walked away, his distinctive strut brimming with confidence. Kiki adjusted her pants, smile now plastered on her face. Let’s see about that.


Word of a contest spread like wildfire through the park. It didn’t hurt that Liam announced it by shouting at the top of his lungs. Soon the park was cleared out, rows of skaters lined walls; anxious for the two competitors to begin.

“Ladies first.” Chase gestured.

“How kind.” Kiki kicked her board and slid to the edge. Her eyes scanned the course, mentally tabulating a route and tricks she could do along the way. With a nod to Liam she slammed the board down, hopping on before it hit the ground. Her legs pumped as she gained speed, performing a few ollies along the way. Kiki crested a low hill, letting her slam on the back of the board. It responded and flipped out from under her, rotating until it stuck to the ground; it’s rider back atop it.

Sliding up to one of the half pipes, Kiki skated up one; grinding down the edge before launching off, her inertia taking her to the other end where she bounded off the side. Moving faster, the red head went towards the end of the park. A long line of rails marked the end, and with one last kick Kiki pushed herself onto the highest rail. Her skateboard screamed as she grinded the entire length of the pipe. Kiki’s brow furrowed in concentration at the action, if anything her large breasts only helped with the trick.

At the edge, she double tapped the board causing her to recoil away. Her entire body flipped through the air before landing on the ground, her knees slightly wobbly but otherwise undamaged. The entire crowd released one giant ‘oooh’ that ran the length of the park. That should be enough.  She mused.

Her routine over, Kiki returned to her starting position. The busty woman sliced up the side of the embankment and at the top woman and board parted company. As Kiki hit the ground she reached out and snagged her ride from the air. She ran a hand through her wavy hair. “You’re up.”

“Show off.” Chase muttered, repeating Kiki’s actions up the line. If by happenstance, Chase’s routine mirrored much of Kiki’s. Albeit a little bit more uncertain and unsteady. Looks like he can handle a board. She thought. Somewhat. Kiki thought as he nearly stumbled to the ground, but managed to recover.

What Chase didn’t know, or didn’t realize, was that the end of the park ended next to a retention pond. Because of the rains it was a very full retention pond. Kiki thanked whichever higher power saw fit to punish Chase in such a manner. As he went up the side he was going far too fast. Maybe he was looking to show off, maybe he just didn’t know what he was doing. His body flailed as his board tapped the rail. Normally one would bounce back and ride down the pipe. Instead a 6 foot human douche canoe launched over the minimal fencing and catapulted into the pond with a resounding splash.

Kiki peered over the wall, desperately trying to hide her smile. “I believe that means I win.”

Chase floundered in the water. “Bitch!”


“In the shower.” Kiki shoved Chase into her apartment.


“I don’t fuck dirty men. You’re already pushing your luck.”

Chase grumbled and disappeared into the bathroom. Soon after she heard the shower running. Well that’s good at least. Kiki thought, commenting on his hygiene. While he was in there she grabbed his phone and unlocked it. Dumbass doesn’t use a password. For nearly 10 minutes she flipped through his life, noting his vanity and various profiles on dating sites. Judging by this he’s as successful as I thought.

He emerged from the shower, towel wrapped around his waist. “Good now?”

“I suppose. Get over here.”

“That’s what I want to hear.” Chase smirked and advanced on her; hands ready to wrap around her narrow waist and lips puckering. Kiki stopped him with a finger.

“I’m fucking you. Got it? I’m in charge here.”

“Or else?”

“I destroy your existence.” Kiki waved his phone around. 

Kiki discarded her shirt before reaching behind and hooking her bra. The relief was palpable as her breasts sprung forth, no longer confined to their prison. Even though she had drained herself a few hours earlier Kiki was leaking again. She wasted no time in directing him to her engorged nipples.

“Mmm yes honey, drink my milk!” She moaned as Chase latched onto a teat; a constant dribble of her sweet nectar leaking forth. Even as he sucked, more and more started flowing soon overwhelming the boy. After several moments she directed him to other breast where he continued to gulp down her milk. Finally she stopped him. “On the bed.”

“Now we’re talking!” He declared only to get slapped.

“I’m in charge here. Remember that.” Kiki’s eyes narrowed into slits. “You don’t have to call me mistress now but you will be by the end of the night. Now on the bed and shut up.”

Chase, wide-eyed, laid down on the bed and the redhead sprang up after him. Her hands gently coasted up his legs to where the towel wrapped around his waist. Already his member was half masted; making a rounded hump where it pressed against the towel. With a single tug Kiki pulled the garment free and his cock bounced before settling on his gonads. “Cute.”

“Cute?” He spared a glance as her hand wrapped around his half staffed member; almost immediately it hardened under her tender touch.

“Yep.” She slowly jerked him off. “It’s impressive for a boy.”

“Oh, you’re one of those.” Kiki ignored his remark, brushing it off to the side. It was well known that 3Cs tended to be more endowed than a 2er. Yes, I am one of those. More than you know. She masked a smile by speeding up her handjob.

“Do you like that?” She asked. Chase’s eyes were shut but he managed a nod. Kiki leaned over, brushing an oversized tit against his dick. She gently rolled the tip of his member around her breast, letting his pre coat the underside of her full bust. He moaned in response. Kiki kept up her actions; pumping his cock, her fingers slowly dripping with cum, and rubbing the sensitive head across the expanse of her bust. It didn’t take long for Chase to let out a long groan.

His cock surged, pulsing as his balls spilled out a meager payload of cum. Milliliters of cum barely cleared cock, spilling down onto her hand as she extracted what little spunk he had. As a token show of respect, for not blowing his load in the first minute, she cleaned off her fingers; swallowing down the cum he had. She could tell he was a carnivore.

“I think it’s my turn now.” Kiki moved around the bed until she was standing above his head. The busty beauty pulled at her belt, loosening the restraint before dropping her pants. Chase’s eyes widened as a slab of meat struck him in the head. Not just any slab of meat, but a cock; massively thick with large pulsing veins that criss crossed the entire surface. It felt heavy as it drooped across Chase’s surprised face. Involuntarily his mouth opened and he licked it. Kiki sighed, “Going in for a taste already?”   

“You’re a...you’re a…” Chase started to rise only for her to stop him with a surprisingly strong grip.

“Mmmhmmm. A 3C. Now, you started your job, you’re gonna finish it.”  Her meaty member swung in front of his face. “Let’s put that big mouth of yours to good use. Lick it.”

With some hesitation, Chase complied. His tongue darted out and slowly licked the shaft. It was a little salty, but not unpleasant. As he swallowed, he got a deep taste of her musk; heavy and sexual, it made his cock harden. He couldn’t see, but just below her cock rested two disproportionately large balls. Each one as big as a tennis ball and laden in an oversized sack.

Chase slowly fell into a rhythm; hypnotized by the ponderous cock. He licked and licked, coating every inch with his tongue. His body crying in satisfaction as it tasted more and more of the sweet muskiness that was Kiki’s 3rd Chromosome. Maneuvering her member around, Chase found himself staring at her overdeveloped gonads. He stared blankly at first, until Kiki lowered one nut across his face. The testicle was far too large for him to take into his mouth, the duo had to settle for him lavishing praise on each ball in turn. The taste was exquisite, her musky odor, her essence only more so, and Chase felt himself eagerly lapping at each nut as she brought them to bear. Soon her entire sack was glistening with saliva.

Finally, with some sadness, she pulled back until the plum sized head rested on his nose; a small bead of precum, ambrosia to the enamored boy, steadily dripped into his open mouth.

“I’ll go slow,” Kiki stated as she stroked her rod. One hand didn’t even come close to encircling the girth, but it was enough for her to tilt and aim the member at Chase’s agape mouth. “Keep that mouth open, and if you bite me you’re done.”

Kiki slowly slid her cock inside, letting the inexperienced man get used to her throbbing meat as it forced its way in. Remarkably, he didn’t gag as the 12 inch long, 4 inch thick shift bulged out his throat. If there was any resistance on his part, she didn’t feel it. Kiki let a moan escape her lips. “No gag reflex? Oh you’re gonna be a perfect slut for me. Come on now baby, take it all in.”

With each passing second more and more cock slid inside until Kiki bottomed out in his throat. Her balls pressed into the frosted tips of his hair; the spikey locks providing added stimulation. She slowly withdrew her member until only the head was resting within his mouth. Kiki slid her fingers through his gel-laden hair and latched on tight. She had the power to do whatever she wanted and gracefully filled the man to the hilt; his tonsils working overtime to cuddle her throbbing veins. Chase could hear the slobber pouring downward every time Kiki plunged her gigantic cock down to the base. She loved the sound of her own tennis balls clapping into his head, a testament to the fucking she was unleashing on him. It fueled her desire to coat this man’s belly with her creamy cum.

For moments the onslaught continued, Kiki roughly pounding Chase’s throat with her cock. His throat expanding as it slammed in with every stroke. Her slick cock felt no resistance as she battered him mercilessly. Kiki felt an orgasm building up. It started with a tingle in her toes that moved up her legs before focusing in on her nuts. She could feel them creep higher as they prepared to release her potent seed. So much so that they were now smacking Chase in the forehead with every struck.

“I hope you didn’t eat today cause I’m about to....” Her entire body tightened up. Her cock swelled even larger and Chase’s eyes dilated. “...cum.”

Kiki thrust her hips slowly as she came, using his innards as a vice to milk every drop of splooge her balls were willing to release. Through half lidded eyes she saw his throat bulge obscenely as 3C seed pumped into him. She could only imagine how he felt as his stomach filled with her ambrosia.

Mercifully, her orgasm ended. Not before copious amounts of cum, best measured in liters, blasted out of Kiki and into Chase. She held on for a moment longer before releasing him; slowly withdrawing her cannon from his abused mouth. It wiggled free with a satisfying pop. Alarmingly, it did not soften in the slightest.

Chase groaned as he coped with her orgasmic release, his hands clutching his stomach. He finally spoke, his voice coming out hoarse and breath flavored of cum. “That was a lot.”

“Eh, not too much.” Kiki grinned, her hand now polishing her slick cock. “You’re not beat are you? That was just a warm up.”

The futanari moved back to between his legs. Oddly, Chase’s cock was rock hard, a small dribble of precum beading at the tip. He offered no resistance as she flipped him over, nor when she forced his legs to support his body. She admired her handiwork; Chase’s butt was staring at her, ready for her next step. Kiki ran a finger along his tight buns. “Mmm, nice.”

She leaned forward until her breasts dangled onto his back and whispered in his ear. “Now don’t resist me honey, that’s just gonna make this so much harder.”

Licking his ear, she moved back into position. Her hand stroked her cock, coaxing a little cum out and onto his butt. With a smirk on her face, Kiki pushed; her massive meat easily brushed aside Chase’s meager resistance. Even as he howled in protest, or was that delight? More of her thick cock slipped inside. His insides were tight, virginal even, and her battering ram mercilessly violated them.

Kiki continually pressed inward, her hands grabbed his waist; the leverage necessary for her work. Inches slowly disappeared as she thrust inward in short steady bursts. After 15 minutes of agonizingly slow pumping, Kiki finally bottomed out in Chase’s ass; her balls loudly smashing into his exposed butt. She leaned over him again. “Hold on baby, this is where the fun begins.”

Ever so slowly she began to piston in and out of Chase’s ass. He offered no protest as she pulled her cock out until only the head remained. Kiki repeated the process several times only his rear was slick and ready, still tight but properly prepared for the fucking he was about to receive. She placed a hand on the small of his back; pressing down, she forced his back to arch. “There you go. That’s better.”

Properly aligned, she started pistoning harder, her bucking hips slapping against his ass while her balls thudded against his thighs. Each one now working overtime to produce even more sticky futanari cum. Cum she was going to spread all over his innards. As Kiki thrust in, she pulled on his waist, increasing the tempo and increasing the volume of their lovemaking. There was no doubt anyone in the vicinity knew what was happening, especially with Chase yelling. “Oh god, oh god!”

He panted, his entire body shaking as Kiki roughly battered his ass. His full belly quaked with every thrust and his dick dangled against the bed. All he could manage was a long stream of obscenities and a death grip on the bed. Kiki was now plundering his booty so hard Chase could take off and be knocked into the next apartment. Kiki’s boobs shook merrily as her hips clashed against Chase’s. A small stream of milk escaped each teat; splattering on her hapless partner before being absorbed.

“God yes!” She cheered. “Feel that! That’s a real cock battering you down. Not that little dick you have. You’re so tight! I bet you never thought you’d get fucked in the ass. Especially not a 3C!”

Kiki poured all her strength into her actions; deep thrusts that send 12 inches of rod ramming straight into her partner. The bed shook and slowly began to travel across the room; the flooring offering token resistance to the 3Cs lust induced strength. Between Chase’s tightness and her own lust, she was quickly being put over the edge.

Kiki howled in delight as she came. Cum blasted out of her massive member and shot deep into the helpless Chase. His eyes were rolled back and tongue lolled to one side as jets of white hot cum dumped from oversized balls. Kiki was correct earlier. Her nuts were not even close to being finished after they emptied shot after shot of spunk down his throat. The volume and intensity only increased as they seized up; releasing buckets of ambrosia into his backside. The pure amount of cum was too much and streams escaped around his plugged up ass. For several long arduous moments her cock vibrated until her nuts were empty.

Finally done, Kiki held her pose; relishing in the power she held over Chase. Her fingers dug into butt as she withdrew her cock; the twelves inches of fuckstick fighting her the entire way like it didn’t want to leave it’s resting place. With a final shove it came free from Chase. Unfortunately for him, the action sent him tilting forward and landing straight on his belly. He gave another groan and bits of spunk leaking out of his gaping ass. Kiki smiled at the sight before she stood up and went to the bathroom and wiped her cock clean. Still hearing no response from her partner Kiki turned on the shower and stepped inside.

For nearly 10 minutes she luxuriously lathered herself clean; rinsing off the coating of sweat her activities had accumulated. Kiki stepped out, died herself off and returned to the bedroom; ponderous cock swaying with every step. Chase was still present in her room, in the time passing he regained some semblance of normality. She sat next to his lucid form and kissed his cheek,  “Have a good time dear?”


Kiki sat on the bench, content to let the kids have a go with their skating antics. As for her, she was just enjoying the sun, or as much as her hoodie would allow her to get. Interestingly, Chase hadn’t appeared in the park since their little encounter. Was it humiliation or some other force that kept him at bay? It didn’t matter to her. With him out of the way the younger crowd didn’t have a shadow looming over them.

Out of the corner of her eye Kiki noticed a familiar figure moving towards park. Chase had made an appearance. There was something decidedly different though. There was no swagger in his step. If anything it was more a waddle. He also clutched his board tightly to his chest. Another thing was his behavior; Chase stopped and waited for people to pass him by. No longer marching recklessly towards a single destination. Kiki felt him loom closer until he was standing over her. Disguising her smirk, she looked up at him.

“So...umm….” Chase started, “Are you free Friday?”

“I don’t fuck on the first date.”


So what did you think? Did you enjoy this tale? Please let me know. What do you think of Kiki? Should there be more adventures of our buxom 3C?
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Re: 3rd Chromosome: Skate Park
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You already know that I want more Kiki. Absolutely can’t wait for the next one.


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