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Advice To New Writers
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This was originally written in February of 2017 and posted on another site by myself. I am sharing it here and have updated it a little bit.


So you are reading stories that you like. You find authors you look up to and are inspired by them, but you don't want to write because you feel afraid you may not match their skills. This fear can create an anxiety and push people away from attempting to write out of fear that they could never live up to something they love.

Writing is art. Art is not a competition game. Within the realms of art and entertainment, everyone borrows ideas from one another. One little detail can spark inspiration. One good example is to look at music and how pop music over the course of decades embraced every up coming genre as the time went on. It's not a competition or a game to try and out-write one another.

If you are inspired by another author and want to write like them, you can. But do not feel pressured to the point that you have to live up to their standard. Everyone has their own style and their own way of writing and the pace they write with. What works for one, may not work for another. As a writer, you'll figure this out as it goes on.

You can always reach out to other authors and speak to them. Talk it out with them, discuss ideas and get to know them.


So you like a certain celebrity who others don't like. That's fine, write about the individual anyway. There will always be hate for Kim Kardashian on the internet, yet she is one of my favorites to write about. If you feel that you write too much about a certain celebrity, but you like the person, then keep writing about them!


Think about your favorite things you enjoy as entertainment. Weather it's movies, music, video games, literature, anything. You can find things you enjoy and use them for inspiration. It could be the slightest thing you want to turn into a story, but you can use these little details and make something out of it.

When thinking of ideas for a setting or any kind of theme, do not feel bad if you go through your old movie collection or TV shows and look for something you always liked. Maybe there is a certain car or a fashion look that you enjoyed from a movie or TV show. Don't feel bad to throw it in a story as a nod to whatever it is that you enjoy. Or maybe you really like a certain band or an album, or just a genre of music in general; don't feel ashamed to use that in a story as a reference.

It could even be something you like in real life. For example: if someone likes clubs, partying and music, it wouldn't be a stretch to write about something they love in a story. It could be anything you enjoy, and you tend to be the happiest when you are writing about things you enjoy.

Let this also influence your themes. I do not mean just sexual themes, but also story themes in general: romance, comedy, mystery/suspense, thriller, affair/adultery, crime, good vs evil, etc etc. All of these are examples just thrown out there as themes.


Following on from the previous topic of drawing inspiration, this is an important detail in writing. When it comes to writing erotic stories and focusing on characters.

If you are planning to write a series, it's an important subject to create characters that the reader can relate to and are fleshed out on their own. This can be your fictional made up characters, or celebrities themselves (you are using them as characters in a story).

Like the previous topic, a good recommendation to farm ideas for creating protagonists and characters in general is to go back to the things you love and draw inspiration from it. Do you really like Superman? Maybe you want to write about Superman in an erotic setting? Or if not, maybe use pieces of his personality to create a fictional character? This is just an example. You don't have to write about already established fictional characters, if you don't want to. It can be accomplished to create new characters by coming up with ideas inspired from various media with TV shows/movies and whatever you find interesting in general. What if you want to write a series about a rock star, but don't want it to be a famous name, yet inspired by various real life rock stars? This is another example.

The same goes for characters in series or even a story in general. Remember that one character in a movie you liked who is a total asshole? Maybe write a character like him to serve as an antagonist.

In the end, go back to the things you like and draw inspiration for your characters from there. Or if not, why not think about yourself? Writing is freedom. If you feel depressed, you can use yourself as a template to make your fictional version whatever you dreamed of becoming in life.


This is the big topic that is the beating heart for erotic writing. The sex is what you came for.

If you don't want to focus on themes or story ideas, then get right down to business with the sex. That's your choice.

On the other hand, if you are into the story, then the sex is the climax of characters bonding. A classic saying tends to be "came for the smut, stayed for the story". To create an emotional bond between sexual acts, it is best to build up your characters emotionally and over time, build up to the sex and lead up to it. If that is your goal, then a great focus is recommended to be set on the characters and celebrity (the celebrity is treated as a character).

One golden rule to always remember with writing sexual scenes is that details drive the act. You can never not have enough details. If you're worried that the details are too much during the heat of the moment, do not worry. More details, the better.

Think about your fetishes with sex and do not feel afraid to use them in stories. No one here is going to judge you, we're all perverts. The story is your work, so it's about what you like. Remember that.

if you are having trouble finding inspiration for sexual acts, look no further than the internet. Search engines are your friend. Look at videos, gifs, anything. Let your fantasy be influenced and come out in writing a story.


Remember, the story is your product. Work at your own pace and by the way you're the most relaxed and can get work done.

If you feel stressed or exhausted writing one story yet have other ideas, it's OK to set the current story down. You can start another one with fresh new ideas and go back to the other story another time.

It's OK to come back to stuff later on. If you want to write a series or a sequel story, it's totally fine if you wait long extended periods of time before writing the next part. It's also OK to stop writing a story in general and to come back to it later.

There is no pressure. While there are trolls and mean spirited people on the internet, our community here is built on positive output and we will pick each other up when we are down.


This is probably the most important advice one can ever give to aspiring writers: ask for help.

Many times an author will fall into a trap of their own writing and not reaching out for help does you no favors. We extend our hand here for you to reach out and help you in anyway we can. There are many hands offering to help pull you up. Talk to authors on here, talk to people in general for help. Never feel afraid to reach out to us.

This advice also goes to established authors. There are times when you may write a story and it get hundreds, if not thousands of views yet not get a single comment of feedback. That's okay, reach out and ask for feedback. Communities are there to help people in general and that's what we are here for.

if you need advice or help, talk to us. Talk to authors who are inspiring you, share ideas with them and discuss. This is a healthy community that will pick people back up as they fall down.


The internet is loaded with assholes, that's the bottom line. Always remember this.

Regardless if you post stories on other sites or not, you're probably going to eventually have to deal with trolls or a negative comment in general. The internet works like this, but you have to learn to ignore it and not to let it ruin your day.

It's easy for one to be discouraged and to focus on negativity. You can get a dozen positive comments, but the one negative one might ruin your entire day. That's why you should ignore it and do not focus on it. If 12 people say yes, but 1 person says no, don't be influenced trying to win over that one person. You're not going to win over every single person as a reader, but who you do win over, that's who matters the most.

No matter how much a negative comment may bother you, don't focus on it. Stay positive and keep the thought of all the positive things around you. Don't let one troll on the internet discourage you from ever picking back up on writing.

On the other hand, this is not about constructive criticism. I am specifically referring to attack comments or negativity in general. Constructive criticism can be helpful pointing out ways to get better at writing.


This is something I cannot stress more to established authors looking to gain new readers.

I highly recommend sharing your stories on Literotica. Why Literotica, you ask? Literotica is the most popular erotic fiction site on the net. What stories may not attract readers on here, are sure to grab hundreds if not thousands of views on their site. The more content you post on there, the larger of an audience you can potentially draw and bring in new readers for your content.

If you are to post on Literotica, I strongly suggest that you ignore any anonymous troll comments. The site is troll friendly due allowing anonymous comments. They can be turned off if you would like, but if you keep them activate, do not let negative comments get you down. It's the nature of the internet for people to be assholes to each other online.

There are other sites for celebrity stories, I also recommend submitting to C-S-S-A and it's sibling site T-S-S-A. C-S-S-A is the longest ongoing celebrity fiction site on the net, so your contributions will be going to a site that has withstood the test of time.

Spreading your work to other sites is the best way to attract readers from other areas. The more you share your stories out, the larger an audience you will gain.


Always remember this in the end. Writing is supposed to be fun. if you're not having fun, then something maybe it's time for a new idea and a fresh start. Always write for fun, it's not a competition. Remember that you want to have fun!

Hope this helps! If I missed anything, please let me know. I'm here to help!
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