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Forbidden Lust starring Chloe Grace Moretz
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This one has a back and forth POV style, both characters giving their point of view

Starting with Chloe:

Justin had his hands all over my body, rubbing me down slowly and firmly. He felt so strong and so soft; so wrong and so right all at the same time. I asked him to rub sun tan oil all over me, his step sister, Chloe Grace Moretz. I could feel my muscles loosen from his touch. I could feel my lust burning for him. I wanted him to fuck me hard with that big cock of his. Itís all I had been thinking about for a long time and itís finally going to happen, I think, at that point he was reluctant, but then he started to do as I asked and he was good at it. He knew what he was doing, how to massage a girl in a way that would lead to sex. I thought he wanted me too.

You know where this story of forbidden lust is going. Donít act all innocent either because you know you want it. You know deep down that if you had the chance, that youíd fuck your hot step sibling. Be honest, youíve thought about it at least once. You dreamed of how it would feel or what they would look like naked. Maybe youíve even accidentally seen them naked and now itís your fantasy. So donít think youíre better than me. I just happened to live it out, over and over and we love it. We know itís not exactly the norm, but itís not like we are blood related. We have been living together for the past 10 years, since we were teenagers. Now, here in this part of our story, heís 24 and Iím 21, so itís not all gross or anything like that. Besides, donít you want to hear how it all went down? I know we both went down on each other at some point. Look at you getting all excited for me.


Justinís POV:

Chloe and I never really got along much growing up. We didnít hate each other or anything like that, we just were not close, but now we are both adults and now Iím putting oil all over her body. It feels weird, wrong even. She asked me to do it and I didnít want to really, but she insisted. She knows what buttons to push to get me to do things for her. Chloe does have an incredible body, donít get me wrong, but sheís my step sister. I canít do anything to her sexually. This isnít pornÖat least, at the time, was what I was thinking.

So how did we end up having sex you ask? Iím not really sure myself. It just kind of happened. She has a way with me that no other has ever had. Chloe can manipulate me; maybe itís my own fault, maybe she used me, but either way, we did it and not just this one time. I mean, once you do it and itís good, would you stop?

It started when it was her and I alone at home; our parents were out for the weekend. Chloe was outside sunbathing and I just had to want to go swimming. I had my trunks on and no shirt and she was wearing a very small purple bikini. She was lying on her belly with her round ass just sitting there for me to see. I didnít want to see it, but you canít help it.


Chloeís POV

I knew Justin wanted to fuck me for a while or at least I hoped. I mean, I couldnít be more obvious these past few months. The only thing I didnít do was to outright tell him that I wanted to fuck him. I started bending over for him to pick things up just so heíd see my ass. Or Iíd bend over in front of him so that he could look down my shirt. I knew he saw me at least a few times, but he never said or did anything. So I had to straight up ask for it. I even waited in his bathroom topless, like I was about to shower, just so that he could see me half naked.

He opened the door and his jaw dropped. He turned away, but I know he stared for a moment at me and it made me grin ear to ear. I told him that it was ok and that itís only boobs. Itís not like he hasnít seen a pair before and not to be all shy about it. He just said sorry a bunch of times and shut the door. I really thought that would be the time that we would fuck. Instead, I just had to masturbate since he wouldnít do it for me.

I mean, seriously! What the fuck else could I do to get him to do it?

How did this fascination start you ask? Well, let me tell you that Iím not some sort of freak, itís not like I wanted him since we were little. It started a few months ago when we were at home and he was wearing basketball shorts and I just glimpsed down by accident. I had seen that he was well endowed and I was very curious. Not in a sexual way at first. Heís my step brother after all, but in a general, curious sort of way.

I started to wonder what it looked like and if he was fully hard and why he was hard. I was wearing a low cut shirt, so I like to think he was hard for me, not that I was trying at that
time. I was at home because my boyfriend at the time stood me up for the last time. It was always that we would argue, and then fuck. He was an amazing lover, but there was always too much drama with him.

Anyways, I was pouting and I was really horny and I looked down and seen Justinís cock through his shorts while he was on his phone. I knew he wasnít looking and I really just wanted to ask him to show it to me, out of curiosity, nothing else. Who knows what would have happened if I did ask then.

After that I was trying to catch him getting dressed or undressed. The first time I saw him was when he was in the bathroom peeing and I opened it up and just acted like I didnít know he was
there. He couldnít stop peeing, so I just looked at it with a shocked look on my face.

He was embarrassed and said, ďOh shit! Fuck!Ē

He was all stumbling around trying to hide it while peeing. It was cute really. He really was big and I knew then that I had to try it at least once. Plus, the whole porn thing with the step brother and sister thing is kind of hot, so why not?

Anyways, then he was all like, ďHey! Chloe, get out!Ē

I said that itís just a cock and Iíve seen them before and that he had nothing to be embarrassed about. I think I even said that itís nice or something while he was too busy telling me to get out.

So I closed the door and asked through it if he needed a hand to shake it or anything. I didnít hear him say anything, so I teased him and told him to rub one out for his dream girl, Elizabeth Olsen. After that time, I would sneak to catch him. I did too, a few more times before him oiling me up. I really wanted to catch him jerking it off, which would have been hot. Iíll have to ask him to do that for me next time. Oh yes, there will be a next time.

I caught him once when I cracked open his door and I saw him getting dressed. It wasnít hard, but I could see how big it could get. I could tell these things. Then, another time, I think after he was jerking off, I cracked the door open and seen him hard as fuck with a tissue on the head of it. Yes! I thought; it was big, not crazy big, but big enough that I knew that I had to try something soon. Hence, the oil rub down. It had to work, what guy could resist?


Back to Justinís POV:

Iím not sure how this all started, the sexual tension between Chloe and I, but I started to notice her bending over in front of me to show me her ass or her breasts. I didnít want to see, but how could I not see? Sheís hot for sure, but sheís still my step sister. I canít lie and say that I didnít think about her sexually from time to time when she started to show off like that, but I just put it away as something wrong. Dirty sex, something I shouldnít even think about, but I did anyhow and more than once too. Iím almost ashamed to say that I rubbed a few out to her. One time I swear I heard someone at the door. I thought I was busted, but when I cleaned up, there was nobody around. I figured I was being paranoid.

Chloe kept rubbing up against me and touching me here and there. It was unbearable after a while. I wasnít sure if she was really flirting with me or if I was imagining it and I didnít know how to approach it. Do I ask her, ďHey Chloe, are you flirting with me?Ē

How stupid would that sound? Iíd sound like a real creep. And if she said yes, then what? Itís not like we should even be thinking about it, like at all. Fucking porn; I was watching it, and it made me want her even more. Lately, before the oil rub, I was doing it a few times a day. In fact, I was going to again after seeing her in her bikini after I swamÖat least I was going to before IT happened.


Back to Chloe:

ďJustin would you please be so kind as to rub that suntan oil on my body.Ē I was going to try to jump start this sexual relationship.

He looked nervous and didnít move or speak. ďPlease.Ē I asked in my cutest way. ďItís just oil Justin. Itís not like Iím going to bite you.Ē And with that I laughed and he smiled and grabbed the oil.

At first he was just smearing it around like he didnít even want to touch me and I figured it was because he was too nervous to actually do what he wanted to do. Again, I had to push him to do what I know he wanted and what I wanted.

ďRub it in like Iím a hot girl and not some gross pig or something. Itís like you donít want to touch me. Am I that ugly to you?Ē I knew what I was doing and I knew what his answer would be. It was all to try to get him to relax and get into the moment.

ďOf course youíre not ugly Chloe. Itís just thatÖ. wellÖ. youíre my step sister. And yes youíre fine looking.Ē

ďOh.Ē I said like it hurt me. Just to continue my push to get him to relax. ďJust fine, huh. I thought I looked better than that.Ē I gave him my hurt look and he bit.

ďNo, not like that. Yes, youíre hot. Is that what you wanted to hear?Ē He replied.

It was exactly what I wanted to hear. I gave him a big smile.

ďIf you feel that way, then start to rub me all over like you mean it.Ē He did too and it felt so good. His strong hands worked my shoulders and I began to make noises that I think made him a bit uncomfortable and aroused. I kept looking at his trunks to see any movement and he was starting to come around. Then, he started down my back.

ďCan you do my legs and my ass please?Ē I practically moaned it. I donít think that I could have been any more obvious if I tried. He froze for a moment.

ďUmmmÖ. yeah I guess.Ē He was being so shy. Again he was just slapping oil on like he didnít want to touch me.

ďOh come on Justin.Ē


ďJust fucking rub my legs and my ass like a real man, donít be so shy. Iím your step sister and not your blood related sister, so act like it. Please, it feels so good, donít stop now.Ē I was practically begging him to fuck me.

He started down my legs. Then, he worked over my ass and I spread my legs apart for him.

ďYes baby. Get me all oiled up. MmmmmmÖ. yessssÖ. work it baby.Ē I could see him becoming more aroused. I knew he wanted it, but he seemed afraid to start. ďRub it between my legs, you know where.Ē That couldnít have been more obvious, unless I said fuck me now.

ďWait, what!?Ē Justin seemed surprised. No way was he blind to all of this.

ďI know you want it Justin.Ē

ďWant what?Ē he asked confused.

ďReally? Do I have to spell it out? I can see you want it. Youíre hard as hell.Ē

ďWhat?! Sex?! Are you crazy?! We are step brother and sister, we are practically blood, we canít do it.

ďWhy not? Give me one good reason.Ē I knew he couldnít. The look on his face let me know what he wanted. It was his stupid way of thinking getting in the way of us fucking.

ďYou canít, can you? I know how youíve been watching me lately baby. Itís okay, nobody will have to know, just us. Whenever you want me, you can take what you want. I know youíre curious, I can see it through your trunks. Look at that huge cock.Ē

I smiled at him and I grabbed it and pulled him closer to me. He had no choice now. He was now hard as steel. I was going to get what I wanted and give him what he desired, even if I had to force him. It felt like it too, he was being so stubborn with stupid rules that society makes up.

I looked up at his face and bit his cock through his trunks playfully, then I said, ďSo, are you going to fuck me or not? At least let me suck that big cock of yours. Iíve been wanting it for a while now and I know youíve wanted me too, ever since you saw me naked.Ē I let him go to see what would happen next as I stared into his soul.


Here I was rubbing her down. I didnít want to be all pervy and do it the way I would with another woman. I was easy with it. Then, she asked me do it better as if she was a hot girl. I knew she was and she knew it too. It felt wrong though. Yet, here I was, rubbing oil over her body like I wanted her. All I could think about was how I wanted to spread her legs and just finger her and then shove my cock in her pussy.

Chloe asked me to do her ass and legs. I couldnít, it was too far, I didnít know what to do. Then, she practically begged me to do it. Fuck! Her ass is so perfect and round, I thought. Next thing I see is that she spread her legs. I couldnít go any further. What if she didnít want it? What if I went too far?

Chloe asked me that question? Did I want to fuck her?

It was all too fast. My cock was throbbing; her hands gripped it and pulled me to her. My heart was pounding. All I wanted to do was to fuck her rotten, treat her like a whore. She put her mouth on it, and then she stopped. Thatís when she asked that question. Iím not sure how, but my trunks hit the floor and I was forcing my dick in her mouth,
my hands were on her head. She was muffled and her eyes were wide. Her hands were frantically reaching to touch me all over. I wasnít sure why, but I just wanted to fuck her more than anything else in the world right then. I could feel her relaxing and sucking it, her tongue wrapped around my shaft and I thought I was going to explode. She stopped and all I remember was untying her bottoms on each side and then she was naked. It was a blur.

I was shoving my cock into her pussy as hard as I could. I was holding her shoulders and pulling her hair and smacking her ass. I stopped when I heard her beg me not to cum inside her. Thatís when I pushed it into her ass.

Her pussy felt like magic, like I was meant to fuck her. So tight, I could feel her squeezing me inside her. Her moans and screams sounded angelic. I was full of sperm and I needed it to be released right into her ass. I donít know why I did it. I have wanted to try it before and I knew that I should have used lube so I grabbed the oil and lathered my cock and her ass.

Chloeís ass was perfect. She was trying to grab me to sit up. I reached and grabbed her boobs and pulled on her nipples. Her breasts are B cups at best, but they are so pretty, I remember how perfect they felt. I remember pulling on her hair to expose her neck and sucking on it. I remember putting my hands on her throat, not to hurt her, no, not at all, but sexually. She was making sweet sounds and all I wanted was to punish her ass. I wanted to fill her with my seed.

She begged me to cum on her chest. I knew I was close. I was relentlessly pounding her. I think I even smacked it a few times as I looked and seen it was red. I donít remember when I did it.

Her pussy lips were pink I saw as I fingered her and made her taste herself. Then, I tasted it also. It was all a blur. The sex was incredible, like nothing ever before. She was only my second girl, but something felt right. I felt like a porn star, it was like my body was taken over, I was like an animal finally released from a cage.

As I was about to cum, I pulled out and turned her around and kissed her, it was intense. Then, I pushed her on her back and unloaded onto her chest. She was rubbing my semen all over her breasts. It was the hottest thing Iíve ever done; I thought it would be the hottest thing Iíd ever get to do.



Justin fucked me like an animal. Iíve had sex quite a few times, but nothing as intense as this. It was like he was let go of his cage and free for the first time. He used me and abused me, not in a rape kind of way, but in a fuck me like an animal sort of way. It was everything I wanted and then some.

His cock was forced down my throat. I didnít think he would be this way, but I loved it. I was shocked at first. I was trying anything just to grab him. I was choking on his cock and he didnít
stop. Once I was able to gain control, I was able to ease back a little to use my tongue and to do what I loved to do. I can suck a cock like a mother fucker, but I didnít want him to cum just yet. I thought he had to be like 8 inches and it was all in my mouth at first and it was too much. Then, I eased it to about 5 or more. I could hear him moaning for me, I loved to watch his body react to me. I cupped his balls and slowly went up and down on his spit soaked shaft. I loved to hear his moans as my tongue slithered all around his thick shaft. He was so rough as he was holding my head and face fucking me. It made me choke repeatedly, it was so hot. I never knew Justin would be so animistic. I could sense that he was near climax so I had to stop, but I had to grab his hand to let him know to stop.

Justin got behind me and untied my bikini bottoms then my top. This is what I wanted, granted, I wanted him to use a condom as I didnít want to get pregnant by him, but I let him do it until I felt he was going to cum. I wanted to edge him, to get him to near climax then stop for a moment. His cock looked like it was raging, super hard and his veins were throbbing.

I felt his hands squeeze my ass and spank me, fuck it hurt and I loved it. I yelped and he did it again and again, it was raw passion. He was pulling my hair as I felt his huge cock being forced inside me. I wasnít fully aroused yet and he didnít care, he just forced his way in anyhow. Iím not sure that he even cared at that point. It was like all of his sexual tension was being released all at once and I was taking the wonderful punishment. Iíve never been fucked like that and thatís why we still continue to fuck whenever we meet.

His thick cock forced my lips to spread and it hurt, but in a good way. I was screaming and yelling and he was moaning and groaning, hair pulling and ass slapping. It was pure sex, raw emotions unleashed. Once his cock was pounding me with a sexual rhythm, a hard, slamming, forceful fuck, he hooked his arm through mine to pull me to him and his other hand grabbed at my breasts. He pulled on my nipples and sucked on my neck and screamed in pleasure. His hand went up to my neck and he held me there. My entire body was shaking, I felt soaked and exhausted almost. I know I just came for him and I could feel him slowing as if he were about to cum and I begged him not to cum inside me. Justin let me go and pushed me down roughly. He put his hand on my head to keep me there and the other to lift up my ass. He used his knee to spread me, and then he lifted his knee into my pussy. Damn, it felt so fucking good and almost painful. Again he did it, each time I moaned and groaned. He held me down and I let him.

I felt oil being poured on my ass and I knew what he was going to do and I wasnít sure if I wanted it, but I wasnít going to stop him either. He was using me like I asked him. I tried to hold back my screams as inch by thick inch; my ass was forced to accept his cock. I felt his fingers go inside me and I think I came instantly. I really donít like anal, but the way he did it was so erotic. It was exhilarating and exhausting. Justin grabbed my hair and held me down like a beast of a man. He was punishing my ass for all of the teasing Iíve been doing to him I heard him growl the words with each thrust of his cock into my ass.

ďThis is for teasing me, you fucking whore.Ē

It was the hottest thing that was ever said to me during sex.

All I could do was beg him not to cum inside me. I felt like all I did was whimper it. My ass was starting to get sore. He pulled out and turned me over and straddled my body while squeezing his cock. Once he let it go, warm semen sprayed all over my chest. He used his cock to paint it all over me. I wanted it in my mouth, I was wide open, but he denied me. I tried to grab his cock to taste it, but he grabbed my hands and held them down. He used his body to paint me white, I loved him for it. Then, while still holding me down, he tongue kissed me full force, it took my breath away. I knew I needed more, but I needed to control it somewhat.



After the kiss I remember her taking me by the hand in to the house and sat on the couch. We were completely naked and she was dancing for me. I remember her doing a lap dance and making me hard, very quickly. Chloe was rubbing her ass on me and touching me and eventually sucking me again. Her breasts were in my face and I let my hands be still like it was a lap dance, until she was riding me. Iím not even sure how it got to that point either.

Chloe was sitting on my lap and slowly going up and down and working her hips like a pro. I remember how she felt so light and so perfect. I can still remember the way her breasts would brush against me and my hands grabbing to suck on them. Her nipples are so pink and hard. I mean her boobs were small, but I could still hold them in my hands, so, it was enough. Also, she was so flexible too.

Her legs were up on my shoulders as I was lifting her up and down on me. The way sheíd lean back and just sway back and forth was hypnotic. I have no idea how long it lasted, but it didnít matter. All that mattered was her and I. The more I was doing it with her, the more it felt right. I didnít feel the guilt, I just wanted to please her and we have several times since. Probably every time we see each other, which is hard, since we are both seeing other people. Not that it matters, we just do it for the sex, thatís it. Not everyone gets it.

Anyways, I was enjoying her riding me and then she sat up and spread her legs and held my cock and just stared at me. She had the oil and poured it onto my cock. She wanted anal again and I wanted to please her. Oh, and I almost forgot that I was sucking her breasts. Yes, I forgot I came on her and she rubbed it in and I sucked her boobs and she held my head. I guess it wasnít all that bad, not something I wanted to do, but I did it for her. I could tell she liked it by how she held me close and her moans. Ohhh! Her moans are like angels singing; at least thatís how I imagine it.

She slid onto my cock and her ass swallowed all of it up. Her eyes closed and she held onto my arms tightly. I had to lean back to get it into her ass. Then, she started to enjoy it and ride
it slowly. She moved her hips while we kissed and touched all over, I even fingered her again. This time she pulled my fingers out and sucked on them. Next thing I know, sheís fingering herself and cumming. I wanted to taste her, so I pulled her hand out and sucked her juices, she tasted like sweet nectar, the sweetest Iíve ever had, it was pure bliss.

We both smiled and she pulled up like she knew I was about to cum and she squeezed it as not to let me cum. She started to play with my balls like she was teasing me. Her smile was ear to ear and she opened her mouth and went down on me. I came down her throat and she pulled up and let the rest go on her breasts.

With a mouth half full of semen, she held my cock and painted her chest with my sperm. She rubbed my dick all over her nipples and her breasts. Then, she grabbed my head and put my face in-between her boobs. I didnít want to, but I sucked her boobs again. When she let go, she kissed me with some jizz still on her lips and we kissed with raw sex. She even licked the left over semen off of my face and I wiped her face with my finger and she licked it off.

Thatís the hottest thing that happened. Something I didnít want, but I didnít say no either. It just happened and we enjoyed the moment. I donít let her do that to me very often anymore.

That was it; Chloe got up and showered and left me there and we didnít say anything about it ever. Yet, when we meet now, we just know and we find a place and a time. No words, no questions, we just knew.



Justin pulled me up and led me into the house. I knew he wanted more and so did I, but I had to take some control or else he would leave me very sore. He was new at this rough stuff. I did a sexy lap dance for him and he loved it. He kept his hands on his side as I twerked all over his cock and shook my breasts in his face. He even sucked the residual jizz off of them. That was so fucking hot that I had to suck his cock again. This time I took my time; I licked him from his balls all the way up his long shaft to the tip where my tongue slipped over his little slit. I was stroking it and playing with his balls until he was throbbing hard again.

I worked my magic on him. I love to dance for him when we meet, shaking my ass and dancing slowly to see his reactions. Heís such a gentleman; he didnít even hold my head as I was sucking his huge cock.

I spread over him and sat on his lap and took all of him inside me so deep that I wanted to feel it in my throat. He felt so good, so right. We kissed as lovers do and we touched allover each otherís bodies. I could feel his hands working up and down my spine and grabbing and smacking my ass. I could feel his tight shoulders so strong,his chest heaving with excitement. Everything about it turned me on.

I leaned back and pulled his cock backwards to make it bend until it hurt, he let me do it too. I twerked on his cock and made my ass dance while I watched his eyes. He was in love, or at least lust. So I wanted to try anal my way this time; I brought the bottle of oil with me as we left the pool just in case. I poured it onto his cock and eased him all the way in. Like magic, it went in all the way. My eyes went wide and my body was his, I lost control. I just stared into his eyes for a moment and then I was able to go up and down at my own pace.

He and I kissed with fiery passion and his fingers danced inside me and it made me moan into his kiss. It was so perfect, all of it. He made me cum and I needed to taste it, so I grabbed his hand and pulled it out and looked into his eyes as I sucked on his fingers. I loved how I tasted and I wanted him to taste it also. I had to pleasure myself and make him watch. I bent backwards and I made myself cum while he played with my boobs and pulled on my nipples, which sent me over the edge. When I came again, I pushed my fingers into his mouth.

I heard him moaning more and I knew he was about to cum. I lifted off and got on my knees and played with his balls while I stroked the semen out. Some of it went into my mouth and the rest I rubbed all over my chest.

I sat on him again and put his face into my chest and he sucked my breasts clean of his jizz again. It was so hot and then I kissed him. I know I still had some cum in my mouth and his tongue took it away. He even used his fingers to wipe up some off of my chin and made me eat it.

I loved it, all of it. I knew this was only the beginning, I wanted more and I knew he did too.

I left him there and I showered, knowing what had just happened felt like a dream. Yet, it wasnít, it was a dream cum true.

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Re: Forbidden Lust starring Chloe Grace Moretz
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Good work here. I like what you did with the back and forth POV style in first person, that was real creative.  :Y:
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Re: Forbidden Lust starring Chloe Grace Moretz
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Good work here. I like what you did with the back and forth POV style in first person, that was real creative.  :Y:

Hadn't seen any written that way, so I figured it'd be a unique way to do it. Of course I added part two, and gonna have a third part on the way which will be the most intense yet


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