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Author Topic: Massage Parlor Sins; Client 2: Toni Breidinger, Natalie Decker  (Read 3519 times)


Client 2: Toni Breidinger (featuring Natalie Decker)

“You really should try Justin out Toni, even though he’s new; he’s a really good massage therapist.” Natalie Decker said to her friend Toni Breidinger at the end of their workout session together in the locker room.

“I don’t know Natalie. I mean, so I really need a massage? I’m sure I’ll be ok without one.” Toni replied.

“Maybe so, but you haven’t had a massage like this before.” Natalie said with a grin.

The girls were finishing getting dressed after a hard workout. The two are up and coming race car drivers and are in constant training.

“Besides,” Natalie added, “with all the training we are doing, you don’t want to get injured because you’re too tense. It was better than I expected.”

“What’s so different about this new guy?” Toni asked.

Natalie looked around to make sure nobody was listening before she spoke quietly which made Toni look at her suspiciously.

“Promise not to tell anyone? At least that you didn’t hear it from me.” Natalie said.

“Yes of course. What’s the big deal; it’s just a massage, right?” Toni said as though it should be true. She saw a gleam in Natalie’s eyes; she knew it wasn’t just a massage now.

“Yes, well…that and you know, a little something extra.” Natalie nudged Toni.

“Seriously?!” Toni said loudly.

“Shhhhh! Not so loud.” Natalie quickly said. “Yes, seriously. I had heard from someone that he was, you know, big down there and that he would, you know, for a little extra.”

“No you didn’t. Oh my God, you did.” Toni whispered. “Are you kidding me? Natalie, seriously, you paid for a happy ending?”

“It’s not like that. Well, I guess it is, but it wasn’t supposed to be. Besides, he didn’t want the extra cash. He didn’t want to feel like a whore.”

“Now he knows what it’s like to be a girl in a situation like that.” Toni said. “So, come on, tell me. Details, how did it go down?”

“I was horny and it had been awhile and one of my friends suggested that I use him for a massage therapist and that it was a favor to him as he is new and then she tells me that he’s good in bed and if I wanted to, well, you know, just say something and give a little extra tip. I was shocked, I didn’t know what to do or say. I’ve never done this before, so don’t look at me like that.”

“Like what? I’m not judging.” Toni said defensively. “Go on. Now I’m curious, was it good? What did he do? What did you do?”

“Stop and I’ll tell you. Anyways, I’m totally nervous and I just sort of blurted it out, I don’t know. It was so quick and exciting. At first I felt so embarrassed, but then he was ok with it and you know, things happened.” Natalie was blushing.

“You’re killing me! How was it? What all happened? Now I have to know.” Toni was getting excited as well.

“His fingers are magical and his cock is mmmmmm.” She said with her eyes closed as if reliving the moment. “I sucked him and then he fingered me and we had sex. Slow, pounding, legs on his shoulders, sex. God, it was so good. You’ve got to try him. But promise me that you won’t say my name to anyone?” Natalie added. “I don’t want him or anyone else to get into any trouble.”

“Of course not.” Toni said.

“So you’ll try him?”

“I’ll think about it.” Toni said with a grin.

“Here’s his number.” Natalie handed Toni a card with his info. “You won’t regret it, trust me.”

Toni took the card and asked, “Will you use him again? I mean, the sex, yes, but I don’t want to have to pay for it.”

“You’re not. Like I said, he isn’t into the money for sex. He really just wants to give massages, I just gave him a tip, and I thought he was well worth it. Maybe next time I won’t have to, but I didn’t mind. I mean, with jobs like ours, it’s nice to have a side guy that you can count on. No strings and no friendship. No worries, trust me. F-buddies eventually turn into something more. This kind of thing is worth the price and I’m sure you won’t have to pay anything extra, just ask. Sometimes girl, you just need a big fat cock, a nice massage and some great sex. Damn it I’m horny now.” Natalie laughed. “Oh, one more thing. He was really nervous, but after I made him cum the first time, he was really relaxed and went right to it like a champ.

“Okay, but I think I’d feel bad if I didn’t tip extra since you did. The first time you made him cum, good Lord, Natalie. How many… never mind, I don’t want to know.” Toni shook her head.

“It’s up to you; I did it also for the discretion, plus I did feel powerful doing it, like I owned him or something. I don’t know, I just did it. It was odd paying for it since I can get it for free at any time. Just something about the massage and him being there, it felt like the right thing to do. I mean, guys pay extra for it, so why not?”

“Yeah I guess. I’ve never had to ask for it before. Is this what guys feel like asking for it?” Toni asked.

“It was weird asking for it, but it did feel good. Maybe you should just tell him that you want something extra. I was the first, so I’m sure it will be more businesslike for him. Just ask for it, ok.”

“Yeah, sure, I’d like a happy ending please.” They both laughed at that. “Do I say please? To be polite, what are you getting me into this time Natalie?”

“Great sex and a good massage.”

That night Toni called. “Hello, is this Justin? Yes, hi, I’m Toni, a friend of mine said you’re a massage therapist and I wanted to see about a session.” The conversation continued, “My place if we can; yes, that would be great; tomorrow. I’ll send you my address and time; I’ve heard you’re great Justin and that you won’t disappoint and you’ll leave me satisfied.” Toni was trying to be straight forward like Natalie said, but wasn’t sure if she was.

Justin met Toni at her place. He didn’t expect another client two days after his first and he didn’t know what to expect since the last, especially since it ended in sex. He wasn’t expecting anything like that, he was professional and it was a onetime thing. He didn’t want to be a prostitute or anything like that, not that the sex was bad or anything, it just felt weird being paid extra for it. This was going to be a massage only.

Toni opened the door wrapped in a towel and already for him, she didn’t waste any time.

“Hello Justin, nice to meet you.” She shook his hand and welcomed him into her place. “I am rather busy today, so I hope you don’t mind that I’m all ready for you.”

“Not at all.” Justin said. “Where would you like me to set up at?”

“Over there is fine.” Toni pointed into her living room.

Justin set up table and was prepared to give Toni her massage. He was dressed in khaki shorts and a polo, very businesslike. But this was not going to be all business as he was about to find out.

Justin presented the table to her to let her know that he was ready to begin.

“Before we start,” Toni said nervously; she wanted to be straight forward as Natalie had said. “Ummm… I’ve never done this before, so don’t think bad of me.”

Justin looked at her quizzically, why would he think badly of her for getting a massage?

“I want the happy ending.” Justin eyes went wide and Toni felt panicked. “I will tip extra of course. I mean, if I have to that is. I’ve never done anything like this before, I was told be up front. Oh my God, she wasn’t lying to me, was she?” Toni’s face went red as a lobster.

Justin didn’t know what to say. As soon as he saw how embarrassed she was, he knew he had to say something. “No, no, no, it’s okay. She wasn’t lying to get me to say something stupid to embarrass you, it’s my fault, I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s not your fault, I shouldn’t have been so straight forward.” Toni looked ready to cry.

“It’s not your fault. Yes, I’ve done this before and you don’t have to pay anything extra if you don’t want. It’s not what I’m doing this for. I’m really sorry, I wasn’t expecting this to happen again. Now, I’m embarrassed.” Justin started to turn just as red.

“I am so sorry Justin, it’s just that I heard about you and what you did extra and I expected you to, you know, be ready I guess. Oh my God, I took it for granted and I’m terribly sorry.” Toni felt stupid for even asking now and all she wanted to do was go crawl into a hole.

“It’s not your fault, it’s okay really. Listen Toni, I don’t mind giving you your happy ending, I just wasn’t expecting it at all really. I’ll do it, I mean look at you, you’re gorgeous.”

Toni smiled, “Really? I’m just in a towel, nothing really to look at. Thanks, really, I mean it. Look, you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Seriously, I’ll just lay here and hope this was a dream and that this wasn’t real and then I’ll crawl underneath a rock and die of embarrassment.”

“You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of. It’s okay really, I’m good with it if you are. It’s just, you know, I’m new at this, it’s my fault really. I’ll be shocked if you’ll even want me to do anything really. I totally ruined this for you.”

“No, you didn’t ruin anything Justin, it’s okay. And of course I’ll want, you know and I hope you’re as good as advertised, then well, you know, I’m sure we will do this again, that is if you want to. You don’t have to, God, I feel like I’m pressuring you. Is it hot in here?”

“Take it off then.” Justin said without thinking. He knew instantly that was wrong to say. “I’m kidding, I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” He added with his hands waving.

Toni smiled and let the towel drop. “Shall we begin then?”

Justin felt his jaw hit the floor. Toni just smiled at him like the Cheshire cat. She was simply gorgeous; 20 years old, her breasts were bigger than he expected, bigger than Natalie’s at least, and her body was perfect.

When Justin’s brain began to work again, he said, “Yes, of course, let’s begin.”

“Do you like what you see?” Toni asked.

“Why wouldn’t I? You’re perfect.”

“I’m glad, I hope I won’t be the only one naked.”

“You want me to give you the massage naked?” Justin asked.

“Yes and how else would we have our happy ending?” Toni smiled at him.

“Of course, right. Well…. You see, I ummm…. Wasn’t planning this in per se and I didn’t exactly bring anything with me to… you know.” He saw her look turn sad and he quickly added, “But, that doesn’t mean that I can’t give you a happy ending.”

Toni just stood there naked until Justin realized that she was waiting for him to undress too.

“Oh yes, right, you’re waiting for me to get naked too. Yes, I’m not as good looking as you, but I’ll do it for you.” He took off his polo and she smiled.

Then, he took off his khaki shorts, his boxers showed Toni exactly what he thought of her.

“Oh my!” Toni smiled and put her hand over her mouth dramatically. “You are as advertised.”

Justin blushed and removed his boxers with a spring like effect on his cock that left Toni giggling at the sight of it moving up and down like that.

“It’s not fair that you don’t have condoms Justin, you really ought to be better prepared next time.”

“Yes…next time?” He asked.

“Well, I guess that depends on if you do a good job of what I will ask of you. Hold on a moment, I have to grab something since you forgot to bring condoms.”

“Sorry about that, I really didn’t know what to expect. I will next time, of course.”

Toni walked away and left Justin naked and waiting for her return. She came back with a bottle of lube and a pink vibrator. She held one in each hand as if presenting them to Justin. “I assume you know what to do with these?” She asked.

“Ummm…. I hope.” Justin said timidly, he didn’t know how to answer her.

“You’re going to give me what I haven’t yet, do I need to say it?” She looked at him when she put the items in his hands. Then, she added, when he didn’t reply, with a sigh, “Anal Justin, anal, I haven’t tried it yet.”

“Ohhhh right. Okay, anal. Sorry, I wasn’t sure how to reply. Okay, good.” Justin looked nervous holding the pink dildo and the lube.

Toni sighed and shook her head. “Your cock, my ass. Pink dildo, my pussy, got it?” Toni said forcefully. She knew what she wanted and she wasn’t being shy about it. “You said you’ve done this before, right?”

Justin shook his head. “Yes, of course I have. I knew what you meant, I just didn’t expect….this. You’re very forward in a good way, you know what you want.”

“Yes I do and I can see you’re very nervous. She said you may need to relax first. Let me help, I need a good massage and an even better fuck, so I need you relaxed.” Toni took the lube and the pink dildo and set them down on the massage table. She opened the lube and put some in her hands. “This should help, I hope.”

Toni used both of her hands and began to massage Justin’s cock slowly.

Her eyes stared into his, his eyes began to roll in the back of his head as he moaned. “Oh Toni, damn, I’m supposed to be doing this to you.”

He didn’t know if he should touch her or not, his hands hovered over her shoulders. He wanted to kiss her and grab her and fuck her right there and then.

“Yes, I know, I need you relaxed. Enjoy, I don’t mind this, it’s fun. I love listening to a guy as I make him cum for me, it’s so hot and sexy, it turns me on.”

Her hands stroked him back and forth. One other the over in a hypnotic rhythm that sent chills down Justin’s spine, she kept smiling and watching his reactions.

Justin held her face and kissed her, Toni pulled away, her hands didn’t stop. “I’m sorry, I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

“No, it’s okay, relax. I didn’t expect you to do that, I’m sorry.” She smiled and this time she kissed him. His hands cupped each perfect breast and played with her nipples, they became hard for him and she moaned into his kiss. He felt himself nearing climax and he too began to moan.

Justin reached behind her ass and grabbed it, then smacked it hard.

Toni yelped and laughed, she knew he was about to cum for her, so she got on her knees and said, “Semen is supposed to be good for the skin, so cum on my face baby. Give it all to me, I need it.” Toni moaned her words.

Justin couldn’t hold back any longer and with one long groan, he exploded; semen shot onto her cheek. She smiled and laughed which made her catch some in her mouth, she immediately closed her mouth and swallowed it. More semen shot out as her hands pulled it out of him, Toni put his cock onto her face to get the rest out, she had semen on both cheeks, her chin and her lips. Toni let Justin go and rubbed the semen all over her face.

“Are you relaxed now, so that I can get my massage?’”

“God yes! That was amazing!”

Toni layed on the table, ready for her massage.

Justin prepared to give her just what she wanted now that he was relaxed. First, his hands worked her neck, then, her shoulders and down her spine. Toni was practically purring, her muscles were putty in Justin’s strong hands, her muscles relaxed and her body melted from his massage. A finger went between her thighs and she moaned. Toni knew what was about to happen as he worked her thighs. He tickled her feet and she yelled at him while she laughed.

“Hey! Not my feet, you’re supposed to be massaging other parts of me.”

Justin inserted two fingers between her wet lips, Toni gasped and then her eyes closed.

“You mean this?” Justin said with a devilish grin.

“Oh God yes!” Toni moaned as Justin’s two fingers became three and then four. “Oh my God! Don’t stop, please. Fuck yes, oh fuck me.” Toni said as she bit her lower lip.

Four fingers buried themselves deep inside and his thumb was oiled up and slowly pushed its way into her ass. Toni gripped the table as her eyes went wide as her mouth did. In and out went his fingers and thumb with that wet pussy sound, over and over Justin worked her body. With his free hand he pulled on her hair. Toni rested on her arms and arched her back.

“Oh my God! I’m going to cum! Ohhhhhhh…..fuckkkkkk…..yessssss!” Toni screamed as she began to orgasm. Justin’s fingers were soaked.

He pulled out his hand and hopped onto the table and lubed up his cock. Toni looked back at Justin, her skin seemed to glow, she wanted to watch as he penetrated not only her body like nobody had done before, but her mind as well. Her body tensed as slowly, inch by excruciatingly sexy inch, his cock went where no other had before. She gasped, Justin pulled her ass cheeks apart to make sure he could see what he was doing to her, his hands moved to her hips as he used them to thrust into her body, he wanted to watch her face as he ravaged her.

Toni was on her hands and knees, Justin grabbed her pink dildo and began to shove it into her cunt as hard and as fast as he could. Toni could only gasp and moan, she was unable to utter a single word as everything other than this bliss, was void. She sat up and his free arm wrapped over her neck. Toni looked back and her hands reached back to touch Justin anywhere that she could. Toni wanted to taste his lips again, Justin’s hand was on her throat as his lips kissed hers. Toni came again as Justin’s hand went to grab her breasts and pull on her nipples.

Between the anal and the dildo, Toni was lost in the lust. Her body began to shake as they kissed, fluid was pouring down her legs and onto the table as she squirted, she was moaning and screaming into his kiss. Her body collapsed back onto the table as the lovers’ kiss broke.

“Okay, okay, okay. Oh my God, I’m done. Justin, I can’t, I’m done, oh my God!”

Justin kept pumping into her tight, slick asshole as he wanted to cum again.

“I’m serious Justin, I’m done, please, I can’t anymore.”

Justin paused and panted as his body was exhausted. He pulled out her pink dildo and slowly pulled his hard dick out of her ass.

Justin stepped off the table and Toni turned on her back and said, “Come here baby.”

Justin moved to her and as he leaned to her, she held his hands and kissed him again, when they parted she continued, “I know you wanted to cum, but I just couldn’t. It was wonderful, better than I could have imagined.” She smiled at him, “So I want you to finish, stroke it and cum on my boobs.”

“You sure?”

“You don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

“Of course I do.”

Justin started to masturbate as quickly as he could, which wasn’t very long as he was near cumming inside her ass not too long ago. His body stiffened as his sperm rocketed its way out of his shaft. Toni laid and held the table as she watched Justin masturbate for her, she really wanted his load on her breasts. He didn’t disappoint, semen covered her chest. Toni began to rub his jizz all over her breasts and her nipples as she moaned. Justin hadn’t been with anyone who loved jizz so much, and she didn’t even blow him.

She was really into the feeling of hot and sticky semen on her body. It was the hottest sex he had and he didn’t even really get to fuck her properly. For Toni, it was a fantasy come true in more ways than one. Toni tipped Justin well and thanked him for all that he did with a kiss goodbye.

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