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Massage Parlor Sins; Client 4 (Lauren Giraldo)
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Starring: Lauren Giraldo

The massage business was going very well for Justin. What started as a side job before his music career took off, had become much more than he ever bargained for. His step sister, Chloe Grace Moretz, helped him to get started. She wanted him to have something to do between gigs and a way to network with other celebs. What Justin didn’t know and what Chloe wanted to happen, but wasn’t sure would, was that the clients would ask for happy endings. You know what that is.

The thing is, that Justin was never looking to do that, not that he ever said no. It was odd to him that any woman would want it; he always thought it was more of a male thing. As it turns out, there have been a few females wanting just that, for varying reasons. Men want it for the sexual release, where as his female clients seemed to want it for reasons as varied as sexual release to revenge to curiosity and discretion.

Everyone has their reasons for needing a happy ending. This new client was going to be no different. Sure, he’s had more than a few that only wanted a massage, but those stories aren’t worth retelling. Justin isn’t only giving happy endings. If that were the case, then somebody would eventually talk and he would perhaps be facing criminal charges. Although, he felt safe that, with his higher end clients, would be very unlikely as their part in it would get out and ultimately tarnish careers or end them. After all, it was the women that sought him out. He never asked for it, they had to ask for it out right.

This brings us to Justin’s phone ringing and his next client.

“Justin’s massage therapy, how may I help you?”

“Is this Justin?” A female voice inquired.

“Yes, this is. How may I help you?”

The phone was silent for a moment and Justin thought he had dropped the call, so he pulled the phone away from his face to check to see that she didn’t disconnect. “Are you still there?”

“Oh yes, I’m here, sorry about that. I have something to ask you, but it’s not something that I want to do over the phone.” She sounded nervous.

“It’s okay Miss, no chance of anyone else listening to us. It’s perfectly safe.” He tried to reassure the potential client.

Justin started to guess what this was about. Not everyone wanted to ask for sex on the phone and he understood that.

“Well, ummmm…you see, it’s about your special.” She was not sure how to ask without directly asking. “I was recommended by a previous client of yours and she let me know of your special. You still offer it, right?”

“Yes, of course. I’m glad that I was recommended. I can meet you somewhere of your choosing. Just let me know where and when. I understand what you’re looking for and I understand the need to be discreet. I did not catch your name, by the way.”

“That is because I did not offer it. Lauren... Lauren Giraldo.“

“It’s nice to meet you, Lauren.”

“Do you know who I am then, Justin?” She asked him.

“Yes, I do. I am really curious as to why you need my services?” Justin was truly dumbfounded as to why these women needed his extra services.

“Let’s just say that I have a side project that I do not want the general public to find out about.”

“I completely understand that. Like I said before, I am nothing if not discreet Miss Giraldo.”

“Please, call me Lauren. No need to be formal, it’s not like I’m an old lady or anything.”

“I did not mean it that way, just in a professional manner is all.” Justin replied.

“It’s okay. I will text you where to meet me. Is tonight ok? Say around 9pm. I hope you are not against wearing a mask as there will be video. Also, I would like to ask you about how you do what it is that you do. I like to study things as I role play. You can learn a lot by asking a pro.” Lauren asked Justin, which made him even more curious as to what exactly she had in mind.

“I do have my own mask, believe it or not. The last client that I had asked me to wear one, client confidentiality of course.”

“Now that is a story that I’d like to hear, but I do understand your discretion. I sent you the address. I will see you then.” Lauren did not wait for a response as she hung up the phone.

Justin was a bit shocked that someone like Lauren would ask for his special, as she put it. She was a busty, voluptuous, 21 year-old YouTube star and a musician. Surely, she could get that kind of service from anyone. Why him? He figured that he would soon find out.

Justin gathered everything that he would need for a proper massage along with the mask that he was really curious about needing. He figured that it was going to be another sex video, but was it going to be for revenge? Each time that this happened, it was for a different reason and this time would be no different.

9pm came quickly and Justin was prompt. He made it a point to be professional by being on time. Nobody liked to wait for anything and sex was something that you really didn’t want the client to wait for in case they developed cold feet. In fact, since he had started to do this, he was always a little bit early. He figured that if someone wanted his extra services, then they would probably be impatient. Which, this time was no different. He rang the door and almost immediately an anxious looking Lauren answered.

“You’re early.” She said.

Lauren was in a white tank top and black yoga pants. Her large chest was being shown off for anyone with eyes to see. Her round ass was being contained by her yoga pants that seemed to be losing the battle to hold them in. She has large dark brown eyes that looked right through you and her dark brown hair ran down her chest to tickle her cleavage and down the middle of her back.

Justin knew she was hot from the videos that he had seen of her before, but in person was a completely different thing altogether. Lauren was even more gorgeous in person. He would have to do his best to contain his excitement and not finish too early for her. That is why he started to make it a point to masturbate beforehand, so that he would last longer. At least most of the time.

Lauren was a different case. She had him harder than he anticipated as he tried to be a professional at this like she thought he was. It was just a massage and some extracurricular activities after. Nothing that he hasn’t done more than a few times before. It was no different than doing it with any other woman, yet Lauren was more than he imagined in his head. Justin knew that if he ever came quickly, that it would probably cost him any more work.

“Would you like me to come back later?” He asked, knowing the answer already.

“Don’t be an ass, come in.”

She looked around outside to see if any of her neighbors were looking. Her house was further in from the street and she knew that nobody could see, yet she felt the need to make sure anyhow. It felt like she was doing something devious that she didn’t want anyone to see. It was, of course, true. Lauren did have her secrets that Justin was about to find out. She lived in a nice comfortable upper middle class and unassuming part of town. Her place was perfect for her life style.

Lauren let Justin inside her home and he seen that it was nice and minimal. She had some pop art on the walls and sparse, but modern furnishings. In the corner were a few guitars and couple of mic stands with mics. She had some albums on the walls too.

“Would you like a tour?” She asked into his ear from behind him as she shut the door.

“This is my living space. Those are my favorite guitars and mics.” She pointed to the corner that he was looking at.

She walked him down a hall into a room that she pointed out was where she recorded her YouTube videos. Then, she took him into another room.

“This room is where I do my other videos, this is why I asked you here today. I have my own secret sex site. This is the reason that I asked you to come here tonight, literally and physically. Now you know my secret. Because of this I was able to pursue my music. I did this first and when I started to make money, I was able to do what I really wanted to do.” She explained it to Justin as she held her hands out to show off all of her things in the room.

“Music is my passion, this just paid the bills.” She added for him.

Justin just stood there in awe of it all. She had toys spread out and all kinds of kinks displayed. He was barely listening to what she was saying. He could not believe what he was seeing. He knew that a lot of women did things like this on the internet to pay for school or for extra cash. Justin just didn’t think that Lauren would be one of them.

“Earth to Justin, are you there?” She waved her hand in front of his face.

Justin snapped back to the present, “Yes, sorry about that. I was lost in thought about you doing this. It’s okay, no judgment, I think it’s awesome. Question, if music and YouTube are doing so well for you, then why continue this?”

“I love this too. I thought that I would just walk away from this as I got more famous, but I just couldn’t, you know.” She said as she thought he would get it seeing as what he did for a living. “Do you see yourself stopping this when the music takes off?” She asked the question that she thought she already knew the answer.

“I have not thought about that yet. Maybe you’re right, but have you given it thought what will happen if you ever were caught?”

“Yes, of course. Sex work is still work and if that ever happens, then I will do my best to advocate for it. Until then, I will just keep doing what I do in secret.”

Justin contemplated what she had just said. He guessed that she was right; if you like it and you’re making money, then why not? “Good for you. I hope it never comes to that though all the same. Maybe I can be of more assistance for you in the future.”

“Maybe. We will see how this goes. What I need from you now is to learn how do you do what you do, the massage part. I have a high paying client wanting me to give a happy ending to someone for him to watch live.”

They would have to set the table in front of the bed. She had a stand for the camera, so that was not a problem. She really knew what she was doing. The lighting was perfect and the room felt cute and sexy at the same time. The walls were the color of a light pink that almost looked white. Her bed sheets were a dark red and made of silk. Toys lined the walls for the camera to see for her clients to dream about their use. Lauren also had an open closet full of lingerie and latex just out of the camera’s view. There was enough space for her to change there without being seen if she chose not to be seen.

Justin could see why she loved it; the power and control she must have over men that were willing to pay anything to watch her naked had to be intoxicating. He felt that way when he was about to do what he was about to do shortly. Knowing that you had something they needed desperately and they would pay dearly for it. Sex was a powerful tool.

This time, however, he was going to get the happy ending. Fine by him. Justin explained as best he could, how he does his craft. Lauren was a fast learner. When he was finished, she handed him a script.

“I have a script that I want you to read over and feel free to improvise a bit as needed. The client wants it this way.”

Justin read it over with a few laughs.

“Seriously? This is really cheesy porn stuff.” He laughed.

“I know, right. It’s what he wants. So, you up for this?” She sighed.

“Yeah of course. You’re the client, I am just here to do as you ask."

“Good. Give me a minute and I’ll get the laptop running and the camera ready. I’ll just message him and let him know we are about to go live.”

Lauren got everything ready and now all they had to do was wait for the reply and they would be shooting a porno. Justin was struck by that idea that he wasn’t just giving a massage with sex involved, but actually shooting a porn video. Sure, his last client had him video, which was porn, but it was revenge against her ex. This was different, this was recording for her client, this was actual porn. He never thought that he would ever be doing anything like this.

Lauren sat at her laptop waiting for the reply and thought to make conversation while waiting. “You’re okay with this, right?”

“Yeah, sure. Why not?” Justin responded as if it was no big deal what they were about to do.

“Okay, I just saw you looking a bit nervous is all. It’s okay, I’m nervous too. Look, just because I do this for a living doesn’t mean that I’m a porn star or anything like that. In fact, to be completely honest, you’re the first.”

Justin didn’t know how to respond, he looked at her with surprise.

“I have done lots of things to myself, but never with anyone else. I said no to this a few times before, but he’s offering a lot, so…I heard about you and since it was exactly what he was looking for, I figured I’d ask, you know.” Lauren said with a little bit of a blush to her cheeks.

“Why me? Why not your boyfriend or something?”

She laughed out loud, “Ha! Boyfriend. Yeah. Right.”

“You’re trying to tell me that you don’t have one?” Justin asked in shock.

“Is that so hard to believe, given the circumstances? Who do you think I would be with that? Wouldn’t say anything besides a porn star, who may still talk, other than you? Not there is anything wrong with you, you’re cute, actually.” Lauren said truthfully.

Justin knew she was right. Lauren was a big YouTuber and her music was taking off. She still loved sex and would do things for money, so who wouldn’t talk? It made him think about his own situation. Who other than Chloe could he trust?

“See? You know what I mean. You must deal with the same thing. How do you do it? I started it for fun and extra cash and I love it, but now what? How do I have a normal life? Let alone with everything else that’s blowing up for me. Not that it’s a bad thing, I love it, I do. It’s just…it gets lonely. You know what I mean.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I do actually. I never thought about it before. I have one person that helped me start this, but she’s my step sister. Other than that, nobody I could trust.”

They stayed in silence before Justin had a thought. “About the payment, I want my normal fee plus a cut of your take and maybe consider me for future projects. I think you’re hot too, really hot to be honest.” He said with a smile and red cheeks.

“Sure, of course and I’d like that. To do…you know…again. Let me ask you something, do you ever get nervous before doing it?” Lauren was curious.

“Absolutely, every time.”

“Every time, like now?”

“Yes, like now.”

“I couldn’t tell, you look like a pro. I feel like an amateur compared to you. I’ve only done things to myself in front of the camera. You’ve done this quite a bit already yourself. Oh, before I forget, you’re clean right? I am, definitely and I’m on the pill. I ask cause he wants to see a cream pie, if you’re okay with it.”

Justin grinned, “Yes, I get checked regularly now. I have the paper if you want to see. I bring it with me as a courtesy and also to help easy any doubts.”

“No, it’s okay, I believe you.” Lauren looked like she was getting really nervous. “Do you like, want to do anything before? I mean, it’s okay, you don’t have to. I’m just....nervous.”

“It’s okay to be nervous. I’m nervous too and if you want, I can get undressed to help you if you’d like, before we….you know.”

“If you want, you don’t have to. It’s funny really, I was all ready and super confident when I called you and when you came in, but now…. I don’t know.”

Justin took his shirt off and then his pants and boxers. He was semi hard and now stark naked before the hottest girl he’d ever seen. Lauren just stared at him.

“Well, I know now, you’re not nervous at all. Wow, they were not lying about you. Nice cock babe.”

Justin blushed, “I’m naked, doesn’t mean that I’m not shy. I’m just dealing with it.”

Lauren stood up and spoke, “I guess I’ll have to deal with it too.”

As she was about to take off her tank top, her laptop chimed; her client responded, “Now is a good time to start.”

Lauren paused and looked at Justin and nodded; he knew what it meant, it meant that he would see her naked on camera for the first time. Justin swore under his breath, this made it worse. He got his clothes back on and prepared for the scene. Lauren went into her closet and put a white button up shirt over her clothes and slipped on a pair of white pants. She got everything set up and put her mask on and pointed at Justin to walk in. He remembered the script vaguely now. It seemed like hours ago when it was really only minutes removed. He was so close to seeing her strip for him too.

Justin knocked and the door that he just walked out of to start and put his mask on too.

Lauren answered. “Hi, you must be Johnny. Nice to meet you, come in.”

She waved him inside. Her mask was purple felt, his was black with silver around his eyes. Masquerade masks hid their true faces, only their characters could be seen now.

“And you must be Laur…” He almost said her actual name, her eyes grew large. “Lucy, right?” She looked relieved.

“Yes I am. You can undress for comfort, all if you want or only some, it’s up to you. I know what I prefer.” She said over dramatically.

Justin looked at her and took his clothes off. Compelled to take it all off, he looked at her and said, equally over dramatically, “Like this?” His cock was fully erect now.

Lauren over acted every action. Her hands went to her mouth in mock surprise. “Oh my! Johnny, you didn’t have to do that.”

“Do you like what you see?” Justin looked down and then back up at her.

“Well, Johnny, I am a professional and I’m not at liberty to say.” She winked, “Please lay on your stomach and I’ll begin the massage.”

He did as he was asked, she hoped that her client liked what was happening.

“Sure thing, Lucy. I really need this happy ending.” Justin felt stupid saying such ridiculous lines.

“Now, Johnny that is not what we do here. We are a professional massage parlor, we are not like that at all.” She winked again at Justin and at the camera.

Lauren, aka Lucy, put oil sloppily all over his back and then began to use her hands to work his back muscles. Johnny, aka Justin, began to moan loudly.

“Whatever you say Lucy, I want the special, please; the works.”

“Sure thing, Johnny, anything you say. You asked for the works, coming right up.”

She worked her hands down his neck and he moaned loudly and across his spine. What he received next was a complete shock and definitely not on script; Lauren slipped a finger into his ass.

Justin yelped. “Hey! What are you doing?”

“The works, Johnny. Now relax, I know what I’m doing. You ever have a prostate orgasm before? You’ll love it. You’ll cum without any touch, it’s hot.” She said it seductively into his ear.

Her finger worked in and out slowly. He relaxed and started to seemingly enjoy it.

“If you say so. It’s not my thing, but you’re the pro, right?”

Justin didn’t know what to do; he was completely caught off guard. One hand worked his balls now, while the other was busy working his sphincter. He started to feel fluid building up his shaft, it felt like something was being pushed out.

“It is perfectly fine and totally hetero, Johnny. You’ll have a good time, I promise. Relax, baby, it’s okay. Let Miss Lucy work her magic. Now roll over.” Her voice was totally erotic, low and slow.

As Justin rolled over, Lauren adjusted her finger to continue its work. His hard cock pointed straight up. Everything was on camera. She had no idea if he liked it or not, but he did already pay to her account. She hoped he did and that she could do this with Justin again. She found him surprisingly attractive. Maybe because they shared the same life style, maybe it was his charm or his long, thick cock, maybe it was all of it. All she knew was that she liked him a lot.

“Are you going to cum for me, Johnny?” She asked. Her fingers worked his ass and her other hand worked his balls and up his shaft. He thought he was going to explode already. “Cum, baby, cum. It’s okay, you’ll get hard again real quick for the rest.” She kissed his chest and bit his nipple. Her tongue licked his chest all over. Lauren was damn good.

Justin had never experienced anything like this before, it was strange. He felt it working its way up his shaft, it was close. His breathing was getting heavy, he was not acting any longer. “I think I’m about to cum. Fuck, what are you doing to me?”

“The works, remember?” She smiled.

She squeezed his balls and Justin was spent. Semen slowly poured out, the orgasm was intense and as more and more semen was pushed out, the climax continued. He wasn’t even completely hard and he was cumming, it truly was amazing.

“Oh my, Johnny, you’re cumming already. Naughty boy must have been really horny for me. Look at this mess, I’ll have to clean you up.”

“Holy fuck, Lucy! You’re amazing! I’m still cumming.”

He began to shake, none of this was acting. It was like semen kept pouring out, which made his body tense up from the longest lasting orgasm of his life. Lauren used her tongue to clean him up, she opened her mouth for him and the camera to see all of the jizz before she smiled and swallowed it. Justin gripped the table, she pulled her finger out and cleaned off her hand with hand sanitizer.

“The works has only begun, Johnny.”

She stroked him and he was completely erect, it was incredible. He just came and he was still hard.

“It’s like magic, honey; the things I can do and will do.”

Lauren grabbed four pairs of cuffs out of her bag. Justin just stared at her. She cuffed each extremity to the table. Justin was now without any use of his body. Lauren was in complete control. She used a finger to flick his dick to watch it swing back and forth.

“The works.”

“The works.” Justin moaned.

Lauren moved dramatically onto the table and eased herself over his needy cock with her 32D breasts inches away from his open mouth.

“Please Lucy, let me suck them. I’m begging you, fuck me please. I need you.”

“Oh, you need me. Now, that’s nice.”

She held her breasts in both hands and shook them over his face as she giggled. His tongue stuck out to lick any part that he could touch before she stopped and held his face into her boobs. Justin loved it; he licked and sucked her nipple as she moaned out loud. Her plump nipple felt wonderful. His ass felt used, but the end result was intense. His body was in shock, he wanted nothing more than to cum inside her.

“Oh Johnny, suck me. Oh fuck yes!”

Lauren reached back and grabbed his cock and her eyes closed as his 8 inches of stiff man meat slowly penetrated her, it felt so welcoming. She wanted to feel his hot sperm shoot deep inside her. It was more than she hoped. Justin was acting as good as she expected and then some. He was taking it well, her fingers were not supposed to be in his ass, it was something she just thought about and she didn’t want to ask before in case he said no. His hot load tasted good too, she didn’t mind swallowing him. Her moans as she worked her hips up and down his long length were real. She almost forgot that they were on camera for a moment. Lauren twisted her hips in circles and up and down harder and faster. Justin was moaning as loud as she was. Exactly what her client asked.

“Cum inside me, Johnny, I need it. Please.”

“Give to me, baby. The works, Lucy. Fuck! I want to touch you all over.” He meant it too.

“I know, I know, but you can’t no touching allowed” Lauren moaned.

She was cumming now. Her moans were loud and Justin didn’t know if she was acting, he was too busy watching her perfect body dance on his. Her large breasts bounced up and down in a hypnotic rhythm, her hard nipples teased him. Her soaked pussy grinding on his throbbing cock felt warm and tight and just right. Her wet lips made a smacking sound every time she moved up and down, her ass clapped as well with each resounding slam back down.

Justin moaned with her and Lauren hoped it was real, she wanted it to be as real as hers were.

“Suck my big tits and cum in my pussy and my ass and all over my chest, Johnny. Do you have enough cum left for me?” Her lines were cheesy, but she wanted it to happen all the same.

“Yes, Lucy. I want to cum all over your fucking sexy body.”

Her boobs shut him up as he sucked and nibbled and pulled her nipples with his teeth, to his and her surprise, Justin came hard. Lauren’s eyes went wide open in shocked awe. She could feel his seed filling her up, before she remembered that she needed some in her now unlubed ass. She pulled out and held his cock tightly, so that no sperm would shoot out until she eased him into her ass.

Lauren squeezed her eyes and wished she remembered to lube up first. To her delight and relief, he fit her gently; it felt good, warm and welcoming. Even more semen filled her ass. She wanted to sit there but the last bit needed to be on her chest, she hoped he wasn’t spent. His cock spread her ass gently and firmly. She felt him filling her every need.

Lauren pulled him out of her ass and kneeled to put his cock between her 32Ds. A little bit more dripped on her breasts. She used her hands to control where it went. One boob then the other before no more jizz could possibly come out. It was an impressively massive load she thought, she painted her chest white with his load. His dick, the artists brush, a perfect tool in her hands.

Justin didn’t think he’d cum so quick once again. Yet, he was. He wanted to fill her pussy up, she felt amazing, like she belonged to him, it was perfect. Her body was perfect; her ass felt even more perfect as he pushed in, more semen shot out. He moaned loudly for the camera and for her. Then, she finished him off on her big breasts. He should be paying her for this he thought.

“Oh my God, Johnny, I’ve never seen so much cum. You’re a beast.” She growled.

Lauren meant it too, she knew he earned his pay. In fact, she knew why the others paid him for sex. She would have too. She wanted him to hold her and kiss her. Instead she left the table to bend over and show the mess to the camera.

“Do you see what you did to me, Johnny? I’m full of your hot and sticky sperm.” Semen dripped out of her ass and pussy for the camera, then she stood up and turned around to show the rest on her breasts.

She bent over to kiss him, their lips locked and their tongues twisted.

When she pulled away she said, “I am spent, I don’t know about you, I need a nap.”

She laid on her bed. Justin couldn’t see her, he was almost scared now.

“What! Are you serious?”

“I am joking, relax.” Lauren said, “Besides, I kind of like you this way; helpless and at my mercy.”

She sat up on the bed for him to see.

“Nice. You can uncuff me now, please. My job is done now.”

“But does our sex have to be?” Lauren asked.

It was a good question Justin thought as he was helpless as she said. He didn’t mind it now, he felt safe with her, but he was tired and sore.

That is where we will let this story end. The rest is a completely different story for another time.

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