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Wheel of Porntune (Anna Kendrick)
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Written as a commission for fenderdiesel. A big thank you to him for the story idea.

Wheel of Porntune

Celebrity Guest: Anna Kendrick

Special Guest: Brittany Snow

The bright spotlights flared to life; illuminating the gaudy and somewhat dated 70’s style game show set that filled the stage of a bustling TV studio.  Multicoloured lights lined every step, wall and surface; the bright bulbs blinking and flashing to such a degree they’d have epileptics across the land going into shock at the drop of a hat. 

A tacky, badly composed theme tune blared out over the studio speakers as a man in a garish and unspeakably tasteless purple suit bounded onto the stage.  His neatly parted brown hair had been slicked into place with what appeared to be an entire tub of hair wax, his chiseled features marked by a thick, though impeccably trimmed beard.  A packed crowd cheered and clapped enthusiastically as he did a kind of improvised jig across the stage; the handsome man beaming into the nearest camera as the theme tune reached its final notes. 

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen,” he announced, doing his best to discreetly read from an autocue as he looked into the camera lens, the feed from the camera projected onto a giant plasma screen above his head.  “I am your host, Perv Griffin, and welcome to Wheel of…” he paused, raising his hands as he encouraged the studio audience to finish the title.

“...PORNTUNE!!!” they screamed back.

“Now, I’m sure you folks at home have seen this show before, but if you’re one of the uninitiated then let me tell you how it works.  Tonight, we have four hopeful contestants, each of them looking to get down and dirty with this evening’s glamorous celebrity guest and all in the name of what, folks?”

“CHARITY!!!” the audience yelled; people across the land joining in from the comfort of the living rooms, tissues and lube at the ready as they tuned into their favourite show.

“That’s right, guys,” Griffin went on.  “All the money won in tonight’s show will be very generously donated by our celebrity guest to a charity of their choosing.  So, without further ado let's…”


The theme tune played out once more, the audience breaking out into rapturous applause as the show’s special guest, Anna Kendrick, stepped out from behind a poorly constructed wooden wall, smiling broadly as she crossed the brightly lit stage.  She looked nothing short of stunning in an indecently skimpy black dress; the hem of which barely extended past the delectable curve of her ass, the low cut top offering a breathtaking view of her perky B cup cleavage. Her pretty face had been done up with all manner of expensive cosmetics, her lightly curled, glossy brown hair hanging gracefully over her shoulder blades.

“Yep, that’s right, folks,” said Griffin.  “Tonight, our celebrity guest is none other than Miss Anna Kendrick.  Good evening, Anna! How you doin’ tonight?”

“I’m very well, thank you, Mr Griffin,” she replied.

“Good, good.  And thank you very much for coming on the show.”

“Not a problem.  Thank you for having me.”

“Not at all.  Now, Anna, every cent our lucky contestants win tonight is going to a charity of your choice.  Can you fill us in as to exactly which charity we’ll be donating to tonight?”

“Certainly, Perv,” said Anna, the camera cutting to her as she explained.  “For my charity I’ve picked the National MS Society. Earlier in the year I did a PA at a hospital ward for people with multiple sclerosis and saw first hand all the amazing things this wonderful charity is doing for the poor sufferers of this horrendous disease.  So I would like to give what I can so that these great people can continue their fantastic work.”

There was a pause as the camera returned to Griffin; the game show host with a rather blank look on his face as he looked up from Anna’s chest, it being clear to everyone watching that he hadn’t been listening to a word she said.  He’d heard the letters ‘MS’ and decided to have a go at filling in the blanks from there.

“Ah, Microsoft,” he replied.  “Yeah, they’re great, aren’t they?  I wouldn’t call them a charity as such but they do wonderful work, that’s for sure.”

Anna opened her mouth to protest but Griffin quickly cut her off.

“Girl likes her computers,” he grinned at the camera.  “OK, so that’s our celebrity guest taken care of, now it’s time to meet our contestants.”

A snippet of the theme tune accompanied Griffin once more as he jogged across to a spindly looking podium on the other side of the stage; four contestants stood in a row behind it.  Griffin stopped before the first participant; a man with a scraggy, unkempt beard, wearing a flannel shirt and a mesh hat. 

“And what’s your name, sir?” asked Griffin.

“Duke,” he replied, his voice carrying a pronounced Southern twang.

“Great to have you here, Duke.  And where are you from, my good man?”


“Ah, Texas man.  And what do you do for a living, Duke?”

“I’m a…” he began.

“Hang on, let me guess,” said Griffin, closing his eyes and putting his fingers to his temples like a clairvoyant.  “Brain surgeon.”

There was a cackle of laughter from the audience.

“Nosir, I ain’t no brain surgeon,” Duke replied.  “I’m a trucker.”

“Well, with a sense of humour like that you’d make a great comedian, Duke, I can tell you that.”

More laughter.

“So now we’ve gotten to know our first contestant,” Griffin went on, “Duke, would you like to spin the wheel?”


“Of course you would.  Come on down.”

Duke stepped out from behind the podium and followed Griffin across the stage.  Mounted on a wall at the far end of the set was a large, roulette-style wheel divided into numerous wedges.  Each segment had a sex act and a corresponding monetary value ensribed upon it in a bold, cartoonish font. A red arrow sat above the wheel in the 12 o’clock position to indicate the prize wedge. 

“So you know the rules right, Duke?” asked Griffin.  “You spin the wheel and whichever of these wonderful activities you land on you get to perform with the lovely Miss Anna Kendrick.”  He gestured across to Anna, looking her up and down lecherously as he did so. He turned back to the contestant. “You lucky devil, you.”

Anna smiled somewhat nervously as she read the numerous sex acts etched across the wheel; some of which she’d never tried before, others she hadn’t even heard of. 

“OK, Duke,” said Griffin, “take it away.”

Duke gripped the wheel by one of its many handles and give it a hearty spin.  The audience cheered as the wheel spun on its axis, quickly at first, before gradually slowing.  The wheel turned steadily on its axis; a number of enticing activities rolling tantalisingly past the arrow as it continued to ease up.  Blowjob ($50,000). Vaginal ($75,000). Footjob ($40,000). They all came and went. Everyone in the studio watched on with bated breath as the Anal ($100,000) segment crawled slowly, agonisingly so across the 12 o’clock position.  The wheel came to a halt, a loud groan of disappointment sounding out across the studio as the arrow pointed down at Duke’s prize wedge; Miss A Go ($0).

“Dang it!” Duke cussed.

“Ah, hard luck, Duke,” said Griffin.  “Don’t worry, buddy. You get another go.”

He gave Duke a commiseratory pat on the back and the two returned to the podium.  Griffin moved onto the second participant; a young black man in a New York Knicks jersey.

“Contestant number two, what’s your name and where do you come from?”

“Yo, Perv.  Name’s Darnell.  Homies call me Big D.  I’m from the Bronx.”

“Ah, lovely part of the world,” said Griffin.  The audience murmured and he turned to address them.  “Oh, come on. It’s not that bad!”

They roared with laughter. 

“How do you rate your chances tonight, Darnell?”

“Oh, I’m feelin’ lucky, dawg.  Got my lucky chain on an’ er’thang!”

He pulled a thick silver chain out from under his jersey.  A large diamond encrusted pendant baring his nickname gleamed in the studio lights.  Griffin shielded his eyes from the blinding glow. 

“Yeesh!” he exclaimed.  “OK, Darnell, come on down and give that wheel a spin.”

Griffin led Darnell across the stage.  He gave the wheel a spin, the arrow eventually pointing the segment reading Blowjob ($50,000).  The audience cheered. Everyone applauded.

“Aww, hell yeah!” Darnell hollered, punching the air victoriously.

“Congratulations, Darnell,” said Griffin.  “You’ve won $50,000 for Anna’s chosen charity and, more importantly, a long, wet suckjob from the lady herself.  Ready, Anna?”

“Erm...yeah,” Anna replied a little timidly as she crossed the stage towards the lucky contestant.

She knelt before him as she prepared to give him his prize.

“Yeah, that’s it, Anna,” Griffin encouraged.  “Get on those knees.”

Anna reached up and undid his blingy belt buckle and unzipped his fly.  She slid her manicured fingers under the waistband of his boxers; the brunette whipping down both the checkered undergarments and his baggy jeans in a single motion.  A gasp of shock and awe sounded out across the studio as the camera zoomed in on Darnell’s crotch. A huge, jet black dong hung pendulously between his thighs, the large, dripping head stopping just short of his knees, a swollen set of plum-sized nuts dangling on either side like big flesh wrecking balls. 

“Wow!” said Griffin as he watched on from the sidelines.  “Now I see where your nickname comes from!” The audience laughed.  “It’s a big one huh, Anna?”

Anna merely gawped at the oversized wang as it swung between his legs.  The cameraman moved in for a close up; her glossy pink lips gaping open like she was catching flies.

“I think she agrees,” he quipped.  “OK, Anna, whenever you’re ready.”

Anna gripped the cock around mid-shaft; the actress still gawking listlessly as the long black prong drooped over her fingers.  She began to stroke it; the big African dong stiffening and growing even longer in her hands as she did so. 

“Yeah, that’s it, Anna.  Give it a good stroke,” said Griffin.  “Get it nice and hard.”

She spat a jet of saliva across the coal-black shaft; the dark wang growing harder and harder with each stroke.

“Come on, Anna,” Griffin encouraged.  “Get it in your mouth.”

Anna did as instructed.  She parted her lips and wrapped them around Darnell’s cock; the lengthy black dong continuing to grow in her mouth as she started to suck.  She worked her lips up and down the shaft as she gripped at the base; the brown-haired beauty feeding an additional inch of the veiny wang inside with each pass. 

“How does that feel, Darnell?” asked Griffin.

“Shit, man, girl can suck a dick!”

“It sure looks like it.  Right down to the base, Anna.  There’s an extra $5,000 in it for your charity if you make it disappear!”

Anna removed her hand from the base of the dong and placed it on his thighs; her long nails digging into his muscular flesh as she took one final plunge, all ten of his thick, girthy inches vanishing between her lips.

“Wow!” Griffin exclaimed.  “How about that, folks!”

The audience cheered and applauded.  Anna came up for air; thick ropes of sticky, wet saliva dripping from Darnell’s prick as she prized it from between her lips. 

“Don’t forget the balls, Anna,” Griffin prompted from the sidelines.

Anna angled Darnell’s cock upwards and dipped down to get at his nuts; his thick, meaty shaft pressing against her pretty face as he fed one of the spunk-filled gonads between her lips.  She sucked away on the spunk-filled gonad, dousing it in spittle before moving onto the next. With both balla dripping with saliva, Anna returned to the dick. 

She licked slowly, teasingly up the underside; the tip of her tongue trailing a thick, juicy vein that protruded from Darnell’s shaft like a blood-filled drinking straw.  She tongued at the slit; lapping up a pool of precum before sliding the dick back into her mouth; the brunette attacking the girthy dong with even greater drive and ferocity than she had the first time. 

She sucked it down to around midway and slurped greedily at the shaft; a dainty hand roaming up and down the remaining span while the other caressed the bulging balls.  The dick started to throb and pulse in her hand and between her lips; the winking tip leaking a steady flow of sticky prespunk across her tongue like the Missouri River. 

“Tell me, Anna,” Griffin enquired, “do you swallow?”

Anna retrieved Darnell’s dick from her mouth to answer.  “Nuh uh,” she said with a shake of her head.

“Oh, dear,” said Griffin.  “That’s not something we like to hear is it, folks?”

The crowd booed.

“Swallowing is something we very much encourage on Wheel of Porntune, Anna,” Griffin continued.  “Come on, girl. We’ll donate an extra ten grand to your charity if you swallow that juicy load.”

“OK, fine,” Anna sighed, feeding Darnell’s dick back between her lips and sucking greedily at the head.

The audience cheered with excitement.  Anna looked up at Darnell with her piercing blue eyes; the brunette running her skilled hand up and down his dong as she prepared to coax out his load. 

“Don’t forget to open your mouth when he’s about to blast, Anna,” said Griffin.  “We need to see that spunk fly!”

Anna parted her lips as she stroked Darnell’s wang; the thick black dong pulsing and pumping in her dainty hands and against her tongue he prepared to shoot his goo.

“UGHHH!!!” he cried, a thick torrent of creamy, off-white seed shooting from his tip and into her waiting mouth.

She held her lips open and the cameraman moved in for a close up as the murky nut pooled in her gaping mouth.  Anna closed her lips and swallowed, flinching slightly as she gulped the verile, strong tasting spunk down to her belly.  The audience cheered and applauded.

“Wow!” Griffin exclaimed.  “Well done, Anna! Did you enjoy that, hon’?  Sure looks like our contestant did!”

Darnell palmed his tender penis in his hands; the young black man panting like he’d just ran a marathon was he recovered from his explosive blast.

“How about a hand for Darnell?”

The crowd whooped and cheered once more.  Darnell pulled up his pants and flexed his biceps to the crowd as he returned to the podium.

“OK,” said Griffin as he crossed the stage, “let’s meet our next contestant.”

He stopped before the third participant; a young man with gleaming white teeth, carefully styled, product-rich black hair and skin the colour of Fanta. 

“Welcome to the show, sir.  What’s your name, young man?”

“‘Ey, Perv.  My name’s Toni,” he said in a thick Northeastern accent.

“Don’t tell me,” said Griffin, “Southern boy, right?”

The audience chuckled.

“No, I’m from Jersey,” Toni replied.  “What’s with this fuckin’ guy?”

“There’s that famous Jersey charm,” Griffin quipped.

The crowd laughed raucously. 

“And what do you do, Toni?”

“I work at my pop’s club,” he replied.

“And what do you do there?”

“You know, usual stuff.  Mix drinks, clean the tables, get rid of the dead bod...I mean, take out the trash.”

The audience gasped.

“Yikes!” Griffin exclaimed.  “Remind me to steer clear of that particular club.”

More laughter.

“OK, Toni, ready to spin the wheel?”

“Sure am, Perv!”

Griffin led Toni across the stage and over to the wheel.  He gave it a spin, the crowd uttering a prolonged “ooooo!” as it eased to a halt. 

“Ooh, well aren’t you a lucky fella?” said Griffin.  “Bone a Friend! One of the best segments on the wheel.  90,000 big ones!” He turned to Anna. “So, Anna, you should have brought along one of your celebrity chums to assist you for this particular prize.  Who’s gonna be helping you out today?”

“Today, Perv,” Anna replied, “I’ve brought along my good friend Brittany Snow!”

The audience applauded once more as Miss Snow strolled out onto the stage; the actress every bit as elegantly dressed and dolled up as Anna before her.  She wore a short and expensive-looking baby blue dress, her bottle red hair flowing behind her in light curls as she crossed the brightly lit stage. 

“Hi, Brittany!” said Griffin, greeting the starlet with an embrace so warm it would have seen him slapped with a sexual harassment complaint if not for his line of work.  “Glad you could be here today!”

“Thank you!  Great to be here!”

“OK, so Toni here, just landed on the Bone a Friend segment of the wheel and you know what that means, don’t you, Miss Snow?”

“I’ve got a pretty good idea!”

“Yep, this young man gets to have a threeway with the pair of you.  And what do we call someone who lands on that segment, folks?”

“A LUCKY BASTARD!!!” the audience yelled back.

“That’s right.  OK, guys, do your thing!”

Griffin stepped aside and the cameraman moved in as Anna and Brittany approached the contestant.  They pressed their bodies against his; the Jersey boy reaching down and grabbing to handfuls of their equally round, equally peachy asses as Anna guided him down for a kiss.  He switched to Brittany, then she moved onto Anna; the two A-list pals locking lips and swapping tongues as every mouth in the packed studio fell slack like trailer park dwellers.

“Ooh, yeah!  Gotta love that girl on girl action, right guys?” Griffin declared, the host unabashedly stroking his dick through the fabric of his pants.

By this stage, many members of the audience were doing the very same thing, while some had even pulled their pricks through the zippers of their pants and started jerking it right there in the studio.  Those at home had been beating off in a similar fashion since the opening title card; some of the horny viewers working on their third load already as they watched on from the couch.

Back in the studio, things were heating up.  Anna and Brittany had dropped to their knees; the celebrity duo pulling tongue once more as they unbuckled Toni’s belt and slid down his pants.  His dick sprung out like a jack-in-the-box; the girthy eight inch member jutting from his crotch like a long flesh girder.

“Oh my!” Anna exclaimed, looking over at Griffin.  “I didn’t realise everyone was gonna have such a big cock!”

“Oh yes, Anna,” he replied.  “We don’t let just anyone on the show, you know!”

Anna and Brittany parted their lips and wrapped them around his dong; the pretty pair working their twin sets of glossed up dickpleasers up and down the shaft in perfect unison.  Anna moved down to the balls while Brittany handled the shaft; the A-list duo performing their respective tasks with the skill and expertise of seasoned pornstars as they shared his mighty junk.

Anna gobbled at his balls one by one; the brown-haired beauty slathering the spunk-filled pair in spittle as she sucked on them like boiled candies.  Meanwhile, Brittany slurped greedily at his shaft; the randy redhead dousing inch after inch of his girthy pipe in yet more sticky saliva as she fed it between her lips.  By the time they were done, Toni’s genitals were dripping with spit from the tip of his dick right down to the bottom of his sac. While they shared his junk, two teamsters appeared from the side of the stage and tossed a mattress onto the floor. 

“OK,” said Griffin, “who wants that dick first?”

Anna released one of Toni’s balls from her mouth with a loud *POP*, while Brittany retrieved his shaft from between her lips.  They looked back at one another.

“Well I think it’s only right that you go first,” said Brittany.  “You’re the special guest, after all.”

“Why don’t you lie down across the mattress, Brittany,” Griffin suggested, “so Anna can eat you out.”

“I can do that,” Brittany replied, shedding her dress and sprawling out across the mattress as instructed. 

Anna got on all fours before her and burrowed between her legs.  Toni kicked off his pants and knelt behind Anna; the lucky contestant lifting up the hem of her dress and pressing the tip of his dong against the opening of her slick pink cunt.  He gripped his dick at the base as he pushed forward and guided it inside. A groan escaped Anna’s lips; the impassioned coo muffled by Brittany’s drooling box as she busied herself between her thighs.  Toni began to thrust to and fro; the Jersey stud wrapping his hands around Anna’s slender hips as he worked his dick back and forth, an additional inch of his long, thick wang probing her snatch with each pass. 

By now, nigh on every man in the audience had freed his dick from his pants, some having already shot a load down the back of the seat in front as they worked on a second.  What’s more, some of the crew members had followed suit; duties from coffee-making, to camera operating to sound recording going neglected as a host of production staff pulled their pricks on the studio floor.

By this stage, Toni was going at Anna like a man possessed; his muscled ass little more than an a glowing orange blur as he plowed her from behind.  A chorus of coos and groans sounded out from man and women alike. A string of expletives escaped Toni’s mouth as he pounded Anna’s pussy; the slick, velvet-soft feel of her insides caressing every inch of his dong each time he fed it inside.  Anna groaned from between Brittany’s as Toni drilled away at her cooch, while Brittany in turn cooed like a ringdove as her A-list friend lapped at her dripping gash. 

Toni’s thighs collided repeatedly with Anna’s butt, his big, heavy balls smacking against her clit as he drove all eight of his thick, veiny inches into the depths of her snatch.  Every pass of his long, thick dong brought her closer and closer to the point of climax, his large, swollen dickhead probing her g-spot with each motion. One more pass was all it took, and as Toni buried himself ballsdeep in her snatch for the umpteenth time, Anna trembled from head to toe as a violent, earth-shattering orgasm tore through her slender frame.

“UGH! SWEET JESUS!!!” she screamed, lifting her head from between Brittany’s thighs, her usually gorgeous facial features screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as she cried out in ecstasy.

“Wow!  You came big time there, huh Anna?” said Griffin.  “I think that was one of the best orgasms we’ve had on the show.”  He turned to the audience. “Wouldn’t you agree, folks?”

The crowd cheered enthusiastically in response.  Or rather, some of them did. The others were in the midst of an orgasm of their own.  Indeed, people in the crowd were blowing their beans left, right and centre; the excited spectators shooting wads onto the floor beneath them and out into the aisle as they stroked themselves to climax.

“OK, Brittany, your turn now,” Griffin went on, his dick throbbing in his pants like he was about to blow a load of his own straight down his leg.

The two celebrity guests and the lucky contestant changed up formations.  Now, Toni was laying back on the mattress; Anna perched on his face as Brittany sat on his dick.  Anna and Brittany cooed in unison; the celebrity pair facing one another as they straddled their respective body parts.  Anna was sat on Toni’s face like a queen on her throne; the brunette reaching back and gripping a handful of spikey waxed hair as she forced him further into her crack.  Toni tongued at her asshole like there was no tomorrow; the slick red flesh probing deep into her rectum as he ate her second hole. 

Meanwhile, Brittany was bouncing up and down on his dong; the horny actress performing perfectly executed squats atop his muscled frame as she rode him like a bucking bronco.  She worked her tight pink pussy lips right up to the head of his cock before dropping back down to the hilt; her shapely buns clattering repeatedly with his thighs as she rode his dick. 

By this stage, people were jerking off every which way across the studio floor.  A number of cameras went unmanned as their randy operators pulled themselves to climax.  Boom mics, clapper boards and all kinds of production apparatus were tossed aside as crew members of every role and rank blasted their goo in all directions.  Even Griffin, who managed to stave off the urge to shoot his wad during every recording, was beating this throbbing meat with the rest of them. 

Unlike many of his colleagues, Griffin had the good sense to leave the stage to relieve himself, but had done so in such a hurry that he’d neglected to switch off his microphone.  As such everybody in the studio and everyone watching back home was treated to a surround feed of his powerful eruption; his orgmasic cries roaring out through the studio speakers as he emptied his swollen balls.

“Ugh, fuck!  FFFUUUCCCKKK!!!” he cried as he shot his wad.

When he came back on stage, everyone from the crowd, to the crew, to those onstage (with the exception of Toni, whose face was still buried under Anna’s ass) were looking in his direction. 

“Oh, err…” he stammered, his face redder than a prize tomato, “sorry about that, folks!”

Back on stage, things were continuing to heat up.  Now, Toni had two handfuls of Brittany’s supple round asscheeks; the Jersey stud holding his A-list counterpart in place as he drove his drove his cock up into her.  He was going at her like a jackhammer, her shapely ass rippling delightfully as he drilled her with his dong; his pulsing crown reaching the deepest recesses of her hot pink snatch with every pass he took. 

Anna was leant forward atop Toni’s frame in a 69; the brown-haired beauty tonguing at Brittany’s clit, while Toni, in turn, licked her dripping box.  Before long, all three were on the verge of orgasm. Steady streams of mewling, impassioned coos escaped Anna and Britany’s twin sets of pouty pink lips as Toni worked magic tricks on their respective private parts with his dick and tongue alike.  Meanwhile, his balls were churning with a fresh load of creamy, hot spunk, his dick throbbing like an athlete’s ticker each time he thrust into Brittany’s cooch. He held off until he could no longer; a muffled remark emanating from beneath Ann’s crotch to signal his intent.

“I’m guh cuh!” he groaned, his voice suppressed by the peachy ass smothering his face.

“Hmm, did you guys hear something?” asked Griffin, cupping his ear at Toni as he addressed the crowd.  “Sorry, Toni, I didn’t quite catch that.”

“I’M GUH CUH!!!” he uttered once more, louder this time, but just as unintelligibly.

“I’m still not getting it,” Griffin replied.  “Any idea what he’s saying, guys?”

“HE’S GONNA CUM!!!” the audience yelled back to a man.

“Oh, he’s gonna cum,” said Griffin.  “Well, I think you better get off him then, girls, before he shoots his load up Brittany’s cooch!”

Anna and Brittany did as instructed; the celebrity chums climbing down from atop his person and kneeling down beside one another on the mattress.

“Right, I think this calls for a thick facial blast, don’t you, folks?” asked Griffin as he looked out at the audience.

They cheered feverishly in response.  Toni rose to his feet and stood before Anna and Brittany, stroking his twitching cock as he prepared to blast his goo.  Anna tongued at his dickhole, while Brittany fondled his balls. A camera guy moved in for a close up as he jerked off wildly and shot his gloopy wad.

“UH! FUCK!” he bellowed, as a creamy jet of piping hot seed blasted from his tip; the thick splooge of off-white man mess splattering across Anna and Brittany’s flawless features in equal measure.

It went everywhere; across their cheeks, over their lips, in their eyelashes, in their hair, the lucky contestant drenching the A-list duo in an ungodly volume of his creamy, hot goop as he drained his heavy balls.  To wrap up, Anna and Brittany took hold of Toni’s cock and passed it back and forth as they sucked at the twitching head; the celebrity pals coaxing the last few drops of spunk from his urethra and swallowing them down. 

“Well, that was quite something, wasn’t it, folks?” said Griffin.  “Hope you guys at home enjoyed that as much as we did here.”

They had.  In fact, many of those watching from their living rooms had stopped just short of spanking themselves into a coma; the horny viewers working their way through more boxes of tissues than a Nicholas Sparks marathon. 

“OK, everyone, give it up for our contestant Toni and our special guest Brittany Snow!”

The audience whooped and applauded.  Brittany gathered her discarded dress and marched off the stage, blowing kisses to the crowd as she departed.  A PA ran on with a pack of wet wipes and handed some to Anna. Toni pulled his pants back on and followed Griffin across the stage, returning to his place behind the podium.

“Right, shall we meet our next contestant?”

The crowd cheered.  Griffin moved down to the third participant, a young, heavily tattooed woman in a white Misfits tank top.  Her hair had been dyed darker than the ace of spades; the jet black locks buzzed short at the sides and neatly slicked back on top.  She wore matching black lipstick and nail polish, her pretty face more metal than flesh. 

“Contestant number three, what’s your name?”

“Alexis,” she replied.

“And what brings you here today, Alexis?”

“Well, Perv, I’m a lesbian and…”

“You don’t say?” Griffin quipped.

The audience chuckled.

“I’m a lesbian,” Alexis went on, “and I’ve come here today for the same reason as everyone else; for some hot A-list pussy!”

“I like it,” Griffin replied.  “Straight and to the point. Well, gay and to the point.”

More laughter.

“OK, Alexis,” Griffin continued, “come on down and spin that wheel.”

Alexis stepped out from behind the podium and crossed the stage.  She stopped at the wheel and gave it a spin. The audience whooped and hollered as the arrow pointed down at her prize segment; Vaginal ($75,000).

“Oooh, Vaginal!” Griffin exclaimed.  “Well, you know what that means, folks.  Alexis here is gonna require some apparatus.  So, let’s…”


The camera cut to a conveyor on the far side of the stage.  A woman with bleach blonde hair and humongous fake breasts stood beside it, beaming at the camera lens as a number of custom made Wheel of Porntune strap ons scrolled across the screen; each one larger, more colourful and exotically shaped than the last. 

“Go ahead, Alexis,” Griffin prompted, “choose your dildo.”

“Hmm,” Alexis pondered, “I think I’m gonna go for the black one.”

“The black one,” Griffin parrotted.  “A very fine choice, m’lady. Candy, the dildo if you please.”

The busty blonde woman fetched the strap on from the conveyor and placed it on a small red velvet cushion.  The crowd cat called and wolf whistled as she crossed the stage; the chesty assistant ferrying the big plastic dong across the studio like a queen’s tiara. 

“Thank you, Candy,” said Griffin, taking the dildo from the cushion and handing it to Alexis.  “Ready, Anna?”   

“Mmhmm,” she replied. 

“OK, Alexis, over to you.”

Alexis walked towards Anna and placed a hand at the back of her head; the actress’ lustrous brown locks flowing through the gaps in her black-tipped fingers as she pulled her in for a kiss.  They kissed wildly, passionately; Alexis looking as though she was attempting to eat her A-list counterpart alive as she plunged her tongue down her throat. Alexis’ hands roamed across Anna’s body; the horny lesbian pawing at her breasts and cupping her ass cheeks like an excited teenager as she appraised her luscious form.

Then, without prior warning, she span Anna around, pushing her up against the studio wall.  Anna placed her hands on the wall, peering back at Alexis as she thrust out her ass in her direction.  Alexis dropped to her knees; the young dyke lifting up the hem of Anna’s scanty black dress and buried her face in her ass. 

“Damn!” Griffin exclaimed.  “Not shy is she, Anna?”

“Uh uh,” Anna groaned, her face lit up like the Fourth of July as Alexis tongued at her tight pink cooch.

She certainly wasn’t.  In fact, Alexis was feasting on Anna’s twat like it was her last meal; the gorgeous brunette’s sticky, wet cunt juices smearing across her lips and dripping from her chin as she ate her out.   Dicks were brandished once more and, soon enough, nigh on every member of the studio audience was pulling himself senseless as they watched the all-girl action unfold. A team of production assistants were working their way up and down the studio steps, distributing tissues and bottles of lube to the randy viewers like food vendors at a sports game.

Meanwhile, back on stage, the live lesbian show had kicked into second gear.  By this stage, Alexis was tonguefucking Anna’s pussy like her life depended on it; the young dyke bobbing her pretty head as she worked her tongue back and forth in Anna’s snug cooch.  Anna reached back and prized her asscheeks apart as Alexis licked from her pussy up to her butthole and delved her tongue inside. 

“Uhh, fuck!” Anna groaned, looking down at her sapphic partner as she tongued her tight pink ass.

People were beating off every which way in the busy studio; audience members, crew and contestants alike pulling their prongs as they watched in awe.  By now, Alexis had fed two fingers into Anna’s pussy; the raven-haired beauty guiding her skilled digits deep into her snatch as she licked her asshole. 

“Oh my God!  She’s gonna make me cum!” Anna mewled, her lower lip trembling as she was tongued into ecstasy.

“Hear that, guys?” asked Griffin, the host wiping a mess of spunk from his dick as the camera returned to him. 

He handed the scrunched up, jizz-coated tissue to an unfortunate PA, who held it arms length with the tips of her fingers like some kind of radioactive substance as she scurried across the studio floor. 

“She’s about to cum,” Griffin went on.  “How about a little encouragement for our celebrity guest?”

The crowd broke into a chant; the excited audience members joining in a mass clap (those, that was, whose hands weren’t otherwise occupied) as they willed their guest to orgasm.

“Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum! Cum!”

Alexis responded to the noise of the crowd; fingering Anna’s pussy harder as she lapped at her anus.


The volume increased; the remaining contestants, production staff and even Griffin himself beating their hands together as they chanted along with the audience. 


Then, as those watching egged her on, Anna did just that.

“FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed; an intense look of unbridled lust stretching across her gorgeous features as she was brought to orgasm.

“Wow!” Griffin exclaimed as he addressed the audience.  “That was quite a climax, huh guys?”

The crowd cheered in response. 
“How did that feel, Anna?”

“Incredible!” she gushed, her voice soft and breathy as she came down from her orgasm.

“Sure seemed like it!  How did that pussy taste, Alexis?”

“Mmm!” Alexis murmured, licking up the mess of girlcum smeared across her dark lips.  “Delicious!”

“I’ll bet,” Griffin smirked.  “Now I think it’s time we put that dildo to use, what do you say?”

“Mmhmm,” Alexis agreed, unbuckling her skinny black jeans and sliding them down. 

She slid the strapon’s jet black harness up her legs and fastened it to her waist.  She rubbed the tip of the thick plastic wang against the opening to Anna’s pussy and slipped it inside. 

“Uh, sweet Jesus!” Anna gasped, her bright blue eyes bulging almost comically as the girthy strapon wang invaded her cooch.

Alexis bucked her slender hips; the randy contestant working her prosthetic prong back and forth in Anna’s snatch.  Alexis whipped off her top, showcasing yet more body ink and a pair of pierced nipples; the young lesbian eliciting a loud whoop from the audience as she tossed the garment aside.  She wrapped her hands around Anna’s waist, her perky tits jiggling delightly as she drilled her from behind. Alexis’ strapon was plunging into the depths of Anna’s cooze; the large black head hitting her g-spot with every motion.  Alexis gripped a handful of Anna’s hair; the raven-haired dyke using her shiny locks like glossy brown reins as she plowed her from behind. By this stage, Alexis was driving her strapon dick right down to the hilt with each motion; every pass of the girthy, jet black wang making Anna’s pussy purr in response.

Once more, people were beating off wildly across the audience; both in the studio and in their homes, viewers across the land stopping just short of spanking themselves into intensive care as they watched on from the couch.  By now, Anna and Alexis had switched up positions. Anna was laid out across the mattress; the horny actress strumming her throbbing clit as Alexis knelt before her, drilling her with her strap on. Alexis had her arms wrapped around Anna’s legs, the brunette’s expensive stiletto heels pointing up at the studio ceiling as her dark-haired counterpart went at her tight pink pussy; the female contestant driving every inch of the thick plastic wang into her twat with each motion.   

“Fuck!” Anna cussed, every pass of the strapon dick making her titties jiggle like jello on a plate; the girthy round head probing her aching g-spot with each pass.  “I’m gonna…, I’m gonna…”

Alexis knew exactly what was coming next.  Quick as a flash, she pulled out of Anna’s cooch, retreating from the line of fire as a forceful spray of clear, wet girlspunk jetted from her urethra.

“AHHHH!!!” Anna screamed as the violent ladyload shot from her snatch; the randy starlet frigging herself wildly as she prepared herself for another.

A cameraman moved in for a close up; the overzealous videographer getting a little more than he bargained for as a second blast of sizzling girlcum blasted from her cooch, dousing not only the man himself but his expensive camera in a torrent of lady liquid.  Little droplets of squirt juice trickled down the lens, followed by a loud hiss from the body of the camera as the spray of girlcum fried the motherboard.

“Uh oh,” said the cameraman, as the camera buzzed ominously in his hands.

Those watching at home heard a hiss, a fizz, then the loud drone of static; the unfortunate few on the verge of orgasm found themselves shooting their loads to a score of elevator music and picture of a grinning Perv Griffin, the words ‘technical difficulties, please stand by’ written over his head.   

By the time the home viewers got their pictures back, a dazed and somewhat disoriented Anna Kendrick was climbing up off the mattress, walking gingerly to avoid slipping in the puddles of girlcum soaking the stage.  Alexis was back behind the podium, re-dressed with a shit-eating grin stretched across her face, having just made an A-list actress squirt like a fireman’s hose across the studio floor. Perv Griffin was stood centre stage, addressing the replacement camera as the show returned to the air.

“Welcome back to those watching at home,” he said.  “We apologise for the technical issues we’ve just had in the studio.  Something of an inevitability, I’m afraid, when there’s this much fluid flying about.  Well, folks, that was our final contestant on today’s show, but we believe we have a participant who has unfinished business with this here wheel.  So, Duke, come on down and give it a spin.”

The audience applauded once more as Duke crossed the stage and span the wheel; the crowd willing it on as it turned on its axis.  A near-deafening roar went up from the studio audience as the arrow pointed down at the wheel’s most sought after segment; Anal ($100,000). 

“YYYEEESSS!!!” Duke screamed, punching the air in victory.

Griffin shook his hand and patted him rigorously on the back.  The camera cut to Anna who applauded the lucky contestant, smiling somewhat awkwardly as she did so. 

“Well, how about that, Duke?” said Griffin.  “Was that worth the wait?”

“YYYEEESSS!!!” he cried once more, his voice loud enough to puncture an eardrum.

“I think he’s happy with that one, folks,” Griffin grinned.  “OK, Duke, the floor is yours.”

Griffin stepped away as Anna strolled towards Duke and dropped to her knees before him.  Her jaw dropped as she caught sight of the outline of his dick; the extra long member snaking down his pants leg like a Burmese python.  Duke looked down at her lecherously as she unbuckled his brown leather belt and unbuttoned his jeans. She slid her fingers under the waistband of his y-fronts, whipping down both the tight white undergarments and his stonewashed jeans in one fell swoop.

Duke’s dick shot out as if spring loaded; Anna’s pouty pink lips forming a perfect O of shock as the giant prong flopped up and down before her face.  Duke’s cock was simply gigantic; the Southern stud putting even his fellow contestants to shame with the sheer size of his manhood. It was a foot long, with girth to make even the most hung of pornstars blush.  Dark brown, visibly unkempt pubic hair plumed at the base. Anna gripped it at the hilt, the brown-haired beauty still staring in disbelief at the oversized wang swelling in her hand.

“Big fella isn’t he, Anna?” asked Griffin, observing from the sidelines as Anna started to stroke Duke’s cock.

“Uh huh.”

“Think you’re gonna be able to fit that thing in your ass, Miss Kendrick?”

“I don’t know,” Anna replied, appearing quite nervous at the prospect.  “I’ll try.”

“Good girl.  Why don’t you get it a little wet first?”

Anna wrapped her lips around Duke’s cock and bobbed her head, guiding them up and down his shaft as she blew him.  She looked up at him, stroking his dick with one hand as her lips roamed along the shaft, the actress slathering it in spittle as she went.  She worked him over for some time; stroking and jerking, slurping and sucking, choking his enormous cock right down to the base in spite of its phenomenal length.  By the time she was done, his dick was literally dripping; every inch of the girthy, thick wang doused in her sticky, wet saliva.

“OK, that oughta do it, don’t you think, Anna?” asked Griffin, peering down at her as she stroked the spit-slicked dong.

“Mmhmm,” Anna replied.

“Ready, Duke?” said Griffin.

“Oh yeah,” he grinned in response.

Anna dropped to all fours on the mattress; her peachy, round ass thrusted out at Duke as he positioned himself behind her.  He pressed his tip against the puckered rim of her butthole and pushed forward.

“AAAHHH!!!” Anna screamed, her eyes nearly popping straight out of her skull as Duke attempted entry.

Anna’s sphincter, however, clearly had other ideas.  Indeed, Duke had managed to fit only the very tip of his giant schlong inside her anus before it would go no further.  Anna clenched her teeth, her pretty face screwed in anguish as Duke tried to push his girthy cock up her ass. Griffin, spotting the predicament, offered some pointers and words of advice as he watched on from the sidelines.

“Come on, Anna.  No pain, no gain.  Relax those glutes.”

Anna was doing that and more.  In fact, she’d relaxed damn near every muscle in her entire body as she tried to fit Duke’s dick up her ass, but all to no avail.  Griffin soon accepted that no amount of loosening or slacking on Anna’s part was going to result in even another inch of Duke’s junk probing her rectum and realised that his celebrity guest was in need of some liquid assistance. 

“I think we might need some lube here,” he announced.  “What do you think, guys?”

“YES!!!” the crowd called back.

“Candy, the oil, please.”

Griffin’s assistant sauntered back across the stage, this time with a small bottle of Wheel of Porntune lubricant laid out across her red cushion.  Candy’s eyes crossed as she looked down at Duke’s giant wang; his girthy shaft clasped in his hand as he readied it for Anna’s asshole.

“Thanks, doll,” he said, flashing Candy a wink as he gathered the lube from the cushion. 

Candy remained where she stood; the buxom blonde gawking in disbelief at the sheer size of Duke’s manhood.

“Ahem, Candy,” said Griffin, everyone from the contestants, to the crew, to the audience waiting for her to exit the stage so the show could continue.

Candy didn’t notice, however; her attention absorbed by the mammoth dong swelling before her eyes.

“CANDY!” Griffin said again, louder this time; his voice finally cutting through the haze and into her consciousness.  She looked up. “Off the stage, darlin’.”

Candy plastered on her best TV smile, her eyes barely leaving Duke’s massive wang as she finally exited the stage, the big titty blonde bimbo walking straight into a light stand and knocking an expensive piece of equipment onto the floor as she went.  Duke flicked open the lid on the bottle of lube and gave it a squeeze; thick drops of the greasy fluid trickling from his shaft as he dripped it across his dick. He squeezed an extra dose over Anna’s asshole and tossed the bottle aside. He pointed his tip at her butthole once more pushed forward.

“MMMPF!!!” Anna murmured as the head split her anus open a second time, the swollen crown, on this occasion, venturing into her anal cavity with a good deal more ease than on the first attempt.

“There we go!” Griffin exclaimed.  “Guys, we have liftoff!”

The crowd whooped and applauded.  Duke began to rock to and fro; the Southern stud guiding his fat prick slowly inside.  Anna looked back at him as he worked his cock back and forth, the oversized dong still causing her a little of discomfort, but more than a little pleasure, as it snaked through her colon.  Before long, Duke was driving his cock in ballsdeep, his big, heavy balls slapping against Anna’s clit as he pounded her backdoor.

“UHH!” Anna groaned.  “FUCK! YES! FUCK ME!!!”

By this point, Duke was showing his A-list counterpart little mercy; the lucky contestant giving the brunette all he had, his long, thick cock tunnelling into the depths of her rectum.  He gripped her ass cheeks; his fingers digging into the round, supple orbs as he pumped her from behind. Griffin was watching on from across the stage; the host once again feeling himself up through his pants as he observed. 

“How does that dick feel in your ass, Anna?” he asked.

“Oh, fuck!  It feels incredible!” Anna groaned in response; her face an odd mixture of pain and ecstasy as Duke’s girthy pipe invaded her rear entrance.

“How about you take that thing out and give it a taste?” Griffin suggested, his pants now pooling around his ankles as he pulled himself off. 

“Eww, no!” Anna protested.  “It’s been in my ass!”

“There’s an extra $20,000 in it for you, if you do…”

Anna sighed.  “OK, fine.”

Duke retrieved his dick from the depths of her rectum, his member glistening with a thick coat of her ass juices as he prized it free.  Anna span around so she was facing him, parted her lips and took his cock inside. She sucked greedily at the oversized dong, slurping her fluids from the girthy shaft like she was cleaning it for inspection.  By the time she was done, Duke’s wang was dripping with a fresh glaze of saliva. She returned to her previous position, peering at him over her shoulder as she thrust her rear end at him once more.

“Get that fucking dick back in my ass!”

Duke didn’t have to be told twice.  He fed the head of his prick into her butthole once more and thrusted; this time driving his dick right down to the base on the first pass.

“UHHH!!!” Anna cried, Duke’s swollen dickhead mining through her insides and reaching depths she hadn’t thought possible.  “FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she screamed, every collision of Duke’s body with hers making her ass ripple and her titties jiggle as he plowed her into next week. 

By this stage, Duke was clinging to his load by but a thread; Anna’s snug pink asshole squeezing his dick to near bursting point each time her thrust inside.  His balls were brewing and churning with what felt like a week’s worth of piping hot seed; the heavy, spunk-filled orbs smacking against her clit each time he plunged into her rectal depths.  He held off for what felt like an eternity; every thrust making his dick throb like mad in the darkest recesses of her colon.

“Fuck! I’m gonna blow!” he blurted out, his face screwed like he’d chewed threw a batch of stinging nettles as he prepared to shoot his load.

“Do it inside me,” said Anna, turning to face him as he reamed her backdoor.  “Shoot that creamy, hot spunk up my ass!”

That was all the invitation Duke required.  Anna had barely finished her request when the southern stud buried his dick down to the base; roaring like a Congo lion as his oversized wang erupted like Mount Vesuvius, blasting a tidal wave of gloopy, off-white splooge deep into her colon.

“Ohh! FUUUCCCKKK!” Anna groaned, the feeling of the boiling ball batter heating her rectum igniting yet another orgasm from within; the thunderous climax tearing through her slender form like a California earthquake.

Duke pulled out of her asshole; a thick mess of murky man juice gushing from her gaping orifice like Niagra Falls as he prized his dick free.  Duke and Anna remained on the mattress for some time; celebrity guest and contestant alike panting like they’d ran a marathon, having just endured the most frantic, ferocious fuck session of their entire lives.

Griffin returned to centre stage.  “Well, how about that, folks? Wasn’t that incredible!  Please, ladies and gentlemen, a round of applause four our amazing contestants!”

The audience rose to their feet, some with their pants still pooled around their ankles and their dicks at full mast as they applauded the lucky participants.  The contestants joined in too; clapping one another and patting each other on the back.

“And for our beautiful celebrity, Miss Anna Kendrick!”

The clapping rose even further in volume; the applause interspersed with catcalls and wolf whistles, while numerous pairs of cum-stained underpants landed on the floor beside her, having been launched stageward by various members of the audience.

“I hope you’ve enjoyed the show today,” Griffin continued, “but don’t go anywhere ‘cause it’s not over just yet.  Now we come to my favourite part, Double Your Money, in which our celebrity guest has the opportunity to- yep, you guessed it- double her winnings from today’s show.  So, Anna, your winnings for your chosen charity currently stand at $350,000. Would you like to play our special bonus round for a chance to double that amount?”

“Hmm, I dunno…” Anna pondered, seeming a little skeptical.

“Come on, Anna,” Griffin replied.  “$700,000 straight to the Microsoft Corporation.  Just think of all the tablets they could design with that!”

Anna smiled nervously, still appearing somewhat hesitant and unconvinced. 

Griffin turned to address the crowd.  “You think she should do it, right folks?”

“YEAH!” they screamed back, before breaking into another bout of raucous chanting.  “DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!”

Griffin turned back to face Anna, chanting along with the excited crowd.  She looked around the studio as everyone from the contestants to Griffin’s assistant, to the camera crew, and even her fellow guest, Brittany Snow, joined in with the boisterous rallying call. 


“OK, I’ll do it!”

“She’s going to do it, folks!” Griffin yelled at the top of his voice.

A cheer went up from all four corners of the studio, louder than ever before.  Members of the crew were hi-fiving each other. People in the audience, some still naked from the waist down were embracing one another in delight.  Griffin pulled Candy towards him and dipped her at the knee like they were dancing a tango; giving the buxom blonde a deep, celebratory kiss on the mouth. 

“OK,” Griffin went on, “like I said, this is my favourite part of the show, and why’s that, guys?”


“That’s right, ‘cause I get to join in too.  And for this final part of the show, it’s not just the money that get’s doubled, but the penetrations as well.  Oh, yes. For anyone watching for the first time, this is the part of the show where our glamorous celebrity guest takes myself, and our lucky contestants, in every hole in her body!”

The crowd whooped and hollered once more.

“Ready, guys?” Griffin asked, the camera cutting to the contestants as they lined up behind the podium.

“Oh, yes!”


“Fuck, yeah!”

“Ready, Anna?”


By the time the camera returned to Griffin, he was nude as the day he was born; the handsome presenter laid out across the mattress with his big, fat cock clasped at the base.  “Then let’s do this thing!”

Anna was staring in disbelief at the once smartly dressed host, now entirely in the buff, long, veiny prick at the ready, when the four contestants scooped her up into the air and carried her towards him.

“Yeah, that’s it, guys,” said Griffin.  “Set her right down on top of me.”

The contestants did as instructed; aligning the crack of Anna’s supple, round ass with the tip of Griffin’s wang as they lowered her onto him.  Griffin pointed his dick at Anna’s tight pink asshole; splitting it open with his thick, bulging crown as the four participants set her down on his frame. 

“Ahh, fuck!” Anna exclaimed, Griffin’s swollen dickhead tunneling into her rectum as she adopted the reverse cowgirl stance atop his supine body.

The contestants gathered around; dicks both real and artificial clasped in their hands.  Darnell took up position between her thighs; the dark-skinned stud stuffing her full of veiny, thick meat as he buried his cock in her pussy.  The remaining participants surrounded her, groping her tits and placing hands at the back of her head as they fed their dicks between her lips. 

Before long, Anna was handling the host and all four contestants at once.  Darnell was pounding her pussy while Griffin was balls deep in her ass. Toni was fucking her mouth as she jerked off Duke and fingered Alexis.  People were beating off every which way across the studio, while others had climbed up onto the stage and crowded around the celebrity guest in hope of getting in on the action.

Darnell pulled out of Anna’s pussy and another guy entered.  Soon enough, a line had formed before the brown-haired beauty which stretched halfway across the studio floor; men of every age, colour and ethnic background stroking their dick as they awaited their turn.  A seemingly never ending train of horny men stepped up to the plate, stuffing Anna full of cock and pumping away until their heart's content. Some were contestants, some were part of the crew, others were members of the audience, but whoever they were and whatever they were doing there, Anna accepted their dicks with grace, spreading her legs and beckoning them inside.

Before long, nigh on every man in the studio had taken a turn, and it didn’t end there.  One man, who’d been stood there jacking off for the better part of an hour, had grown impatient, and as Anna was filled airtight with three oversized pricks, he climbed in front of the man before her and stuffed a second cock in her snatch.  Anna groaned around the thick, girthy cock in her mouth as the second veiny prong stretched her pussy to its limits. By now, Anna was handling no fewer than six of the big, meaty cocks at once; the gorgeous brunette sucking on one and jerking off two others, while she had a pair in her pussy and another in her ass.

And on and on it went.  The guys picked Anna up and passed her around; putting the actress in all manner of exotic positions as they took turns in all three of her holes.  At one stage, her face was buried in Alexis’ ass, while she pulled off two cocks, took one in her pussy and two in the butt. At another, she had two dicks in her mouth and one in each hand, while Alexis fisted her tight pink cunt. 

Some time and numerous configurations later, the guys were ready to cum.  Some went off in her snatch, others in her asshole, while more still jerked off into her mouth.  Once Anna had a belly full of spunk and multiple creampies oozing from her ass and pussy alike, the remaining men circled around her and pointed their cocks at her pretty, disheveled face as they jerked them to eruption.  Three went off at the exact same time; every one of the veiny, thick dongs blasting a creamy jet of off-white man goo across her upper half; splattering her face and chest and streaking her shiny brown locks in equal measure. 

Dicks continued to erupt in their twos, threes, even fours, and before long the celebrity guest had been glazed like a Christmas ham; her face, tits, hair and the top of her head plastered with semen.  Her lips were coated coated, her chin was dripping, her eyes practically glued shut by the countless loads fired at her person. But she wasn’t done yet and as the men stepped away and pulled up their pants, Alexis appeared before the brown-haired starlet, strumming her clit and firing a torrent of girlcum that hit her full in the face like the blast of a water cannon. 

In the midst of all the comotion, one of the few cameramen who was still doing his job, somehow found Perv Griffin among the sea of semi-nude males; the host pulling on his trousers having just dumped a gloopy wad of jizz into Anna’s aching pussy.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, buttoning up his shirt as he addressed the camera.  “Well I’m afraid that’s all we have time for today! A big thank you to all our contestants, our celebrity guests Brittany Snow and, of course, Anna Kendrick, who has generated a staggering $700,000 for her chosen ‘charity’,” he made air quotes with his fingers, “the Microsoft Corporation.”  The camera cut to Anna as she lay in a pool of spunk; the brown-haired actress too exhausted to even correct his mistake. “Join us next week, when another celebrity will see if she has what it takes to tackle the wheel. We’ll see you then on Wheel of…”

Just as he had at the beginning of the show, Griffin raised his arms, prompting the studio audience to complete the name of the show.  This time, however, the host received no response and as he looked out across the studio it was clear that the members of the crowd (those who weren’t re-dressing themselves on the stage behind him) appeared to have slipped into some kind of masturbation coma.  As, indeed, had millions of people watching at home across the country.

“...Porntune,” he said, the host left with little choice but to finish the title himself.  “Goodnight!” He waved at the lens and as the cameraman prepared to take one final pan of the chaotic studio before the roll of the credits, Griffin turned to his celebrity guest.  “Anna, my dick’s still hard,” he yelled across the stage. “Think you’ve got another $100K in you?”

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Re: Wheel of Porntune (Anna Kendrick)
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2019, 05:10:07 AM »
Excellent, it really deserves a sequel with actresses giving it back for Charity!

How about Daisy Ridley and Emma Watson to start the ball('s) rolling.
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