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Author Topic: 3rd Chromosome: Private Show  (Read 2445 times)


3rd Chromosome: Private Show
« on: May 19, 2020, 08:07:37 AM »
Comments and feedback are welcome, everyone is over 18 and celebs don't act like this. Enjoy!


“Microphone is ready, camera ready.” Hayley William ran down her checklist outloud. The petite redhead was going to host a livestream charity event raising money and everything needed to be perfect. Answer a few questions, sing a few songs, it was going to be simple.

It was not simple. The first few minutes were plagued by a gremlin in her computer that kept switching video. That was one issue that was quickly troubleshooted. The issue was much harder to control. Was it the skin tight clothing she was wearing, or the number of fans that were packed into her channel that was causing her to act this way? Hayley didn’t know why she was pushing her boundaries and acting more lewd as the stream went on. One part of her certainly approved. Her member was plumping up, thickening with each passing second. If she merely stood up her cock would be on display; 10 inches of girlcock fighting for freedom against her pants.

So that’s what happened. Hayley forgot about her predicament and abruptly stood up from her chair. That was all it took for the audible tearing of fabric as her member fought its’ way to freedom.  Hayley cried out in surprise. Not shock at the revelation that she was a 3C; That had been obvious from the beginning of her singing career and anyone who didn’t notice the mighty package swinging under her skin tight clothes must have been blind. No, the surprise came from the fact that her erection was now dominating the screen; the large veiny surface throbbing with every beat of her racing heart. Hayley was quick to cover her quivering member, yet after a second’s hesitation she stopped. 

The donation bar was growing exponentially at her sudden nudity. A wicked thought crossed her mind. Oh you perverts. “Oh boys, this is what you want?”

Hayley uncovered her member and started showing off to the camera. 10 inches long and several inches thick; it looked oversized on her small 5’3” frame despite being about average for a futanari. That wasn’t the best part. If her cock was oversized her balls were positively gargantuan. Each one nearly the size of a ripe orange; hanging heavy and low in an overburdened sack. Hayley normally wore a specially made support for her balls, but today she opted to skip it; resulting in her flamboyant nudity. To everyone’s surprise she was completely shaved, resulting in a decidedly feminine appearance to a wickedly lewd set of genitals.

The dyed redhead leaned forward, giving a shot of her still covered boobs, quickly grabbing the mouse and switching her stream to 18+. Hayley looked at the screen noting her viewership didn’t drop. Much like the donation tab the numbers were increasing. Hayley leaned back in her chair, her legs swinging wide and coming to rest on the desk. Her cock dominated the center of the screen; so proud and massive it hid her face. “You perverts. If this is what you wanted you should have said so.”

She pulled her cock to the side slightly and winked; her mouth curling into a smile. “Now when I start, I like to get an image in my head. So you naughty boys and girls, what should we start with?”

The chat flew by in a flurry of suggestions. Hayley’s eyes darted at the streaming wall of text, settling on one prompt; actually one of her fetishes. “Okay, TGame314, you picture a facefucking?”

Hayley slowly massaged her cock as she closed her eyes, settling into her fantasy. “I’ve facefucked a few people before. Guys, girls, and one other 3C. All of them had the same reaction as I unleashed my beast. I guess they don’t expect it from such a small girl like me.”

She giggled, giving her member long strokes with the right hand while the left started massaging her nuts. “First I like to bring them close, get them on their knees. It’s usually about the right height. Press their face against my tremendous sack; even if there’s a layer of cloth between them. By then my cock is bulging out obscenely. I can’t count the number of shorts I’ve destroyed when he comes out full size. Sometimes I’ll let them pull it down.”

Hayley let out a low hum, bringing her cock to her mouth and managing a lick. “I love that look they get when he bursts free; smacking them in the face. I force them back to my balls. Their tongue rubbing on my sack is just exquisite. One girl claimed to hear my oversized gonads producing cum. What do you guys think?”

The redhead grabbed the microphone and brought it close to her nuts. Those on the stream were treated to a gentle sloshing over the speakers; the sounds of her cum factories churning out copious loads of spunk. She returned the microphone. “I’m not a producer like that girl Arianna or Miley, but I’ve never had a complaint. Especially when the girls are treated right.”

Hayley massaged her nuts in earnest while still licking the top of her cock; coating it thick strands of saliva. The redhead was admittedly just average for a futanari at 10 inches, so she couldn’t self suck like some more endowed ladies. That didn’t stop her from being able to pop the plum sized head in mouth and leave it glistening. The coating dripped down her cock; aided by her hand and a mix of precum that steadily streamed from the tip.

“I love to get someone into nuts.” She repeated, working a head of steam pumping her cock. At the same time Hayley spread her legs even wider, giving her viewers an excellent view of the massage she was giving her baby makers. “They’ll lick each one of my eggs until they're good and soaked. The best ones try to take one in their mouth. Mmmm only one has managed that.”

A brief spray of jizz shot out at that remark; landed on her shirt. The futanari pulled up her balls, no small task considering their size, and showed the lips of her cunt. “Of course, I still like my pussy played with. I am a woman after all. God sometimes I get really lucky, a guy that knows how to please me. I reward him of course.”

Hayley abruptly stood up, positioning herself so her cock dominated the camera view. Her audience got a first person look at the purple hued head, dripping with excitement. No doubt this was the view her lovers saw and anticipated the most. “Mmm they pull back, thinking the job is done, only to see this staring them down.”

She thrust towards the camera, mimicking a facefuck. “Any resistance they have quickly gets battered away; when this boy gets started, he won’t be denied. I love the feeling of a hot mouth around my cock. It’s so hot to watch it piston in and out, their body catering to my whims.”

The futanari pumped thrust her cock several more times, a single hand barely managing to control half of her monster before returning to her original position. She sped up her pumping “Most get used to it. I love a nice tight throat around my cock, every vein and curve being massaged. It’s so wonderful.

Eventually, I’ll bottom out. Everyone takes 10 inches.” She announced, playing with her oversized balls. “What happens then is up to them. If they’re good.” Hayley pulled her cock aside and stared into the camera. “And they better be. They’ll do more than act as a sleeve for my cock.”

Cum started to leak out at a growing rate. Her prodigious pumping helped spread the seed around the room. Not that she minded, even as batter landed on her cheeks. Hayley started to recount some past fucks, her ministrations growing more furious. “One guy...what was his name? Steve? Let’s call him Steve. Steve loved my sack. This fucker was buried down on my cock, mouth stretched so fucking wide on it. I’m facefucking him hard, slamming him into me. This boy is taking a pounding and loving it. Finally I’m ready to cum and he licks my balls. How the hell did he do it?!”

Hayley's thoughts raced back to that day. She had Steve’s brown hair in her hands, holding him tightly against her pelvis; cock buried to the hilt. He struggled slightly, his hands worked her balls, a stray digit occasionally pressing against her hidden pussy. This boy knew what he was doing, which is why she was surprised when she felt his tongue lap at her balls. It pushed her over the edge, his biology defying move gratified her need. Her balls tightened and released.

Back in the present, Hayley felt the same tightness overwhelm her. Her toes curled painfully as she tried to stave up just a few more seconds. Memories of Steve blossomed up and she could hold back no more. 

“Fuck, fuck fuck!” Hayley cried out once in her soprano voice and her cock uploaded like a cannon. Shot after shot blasted into the air splattering the surrounding area with seed. No surface was left untainted as cum continued to rain down; her overindulgent sack unleashed volumes of stored spunk in her wanton display. What felt like a minute of non-stop cumming blanketed her livestream; cock refusing to give up until every last drop of spunk was free from her nuts. Finally it ended; her balls dropped down to past her butt, mission accomplished. Hayley wiped away the layers of cum that coated her face; dropping it on her similarly painted shirt. She couldn’t wait to review the stream layer and see how much batter she splattered all over herself, and how it looked when she came. Call her an egotist in that regard. She let her cock drop down, hitting the table with a thud and causing her to wince.  “Looks like I was really holding back. How much was that worth to you?”

The futanari blinked once, then again before clearing her eyes once more before examining the total. The chat stream slid by like a river as everyone commented on her wanton display of self-indulgence. Any moderator in the channel had long given up trying to control the masses. Hayley didn’t notice that however, she was focussed on the glowing number at the top of the screen. Wow.


In the weeks after her impromptu masturbation stream, Hayley started to see clips posted of the sound her nuts made under a series of ASMR titles. Her favorite was ‘Calming Cum Cooperative’; a clip that stretched her few second sound byte to over an hour. Grinning wickedly, she dropped her pants and unleashed her member. She set the computer to record and leaned in. “Hello you naughty boys and girls. I’ve got a new single for you. I’ll call it, `Sounds of the Ocean’.”

Hayley positioned herself and draped her nuts over the microphone; covering the entire device with her succulent gonads. She saw the levels rise as the device recorded her baby batter at work; content to watch, she grabbed her cock and started herself off on another fantasy.
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