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An interview with...KMB
« on: July 05, 2020, 08:24:11 AM »
Our next interview is with the author of the legendary Harem series, KMB.

In this interview we will find out he got into writing celebrity erotica, who influenced him to write in this genre and other topics related to his writing.

You can view his profile here

1. Where are you from?

As you can tell from my rough and tumble exterior, I was born in the Bronx. I spent a few formative years in Virginia but for the most part I grew up in the New York suburbs. Still living on the East Coast now.

2. How did you come up with your pen name and is there any meaning behind it?

Itís pretty simple. These are my initials. I go back a long way in doing this sort of writing and I started off in 1997 writing VERY briefly under the pen name Lord John Whorfin which I ďborrowedĒ from the classic movie The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the Eighth Dimension. I chickened out very early from using that, assuming that people would assume it inferred some kind of bondage connotation or considered it too weird. Plus I was heavily influenced by the stories I read at that time from an author named MAW and I figured, three easy letter for him, three easy letters for me. It just stuck from there. Perhaps I should have chosen a pen name that doesnít point too close an arrow to who I am, but itís honestly too late for that at this point.

3. How long have you been writing celebrity erotic fiction?

I dipped my toe into it in 1997 while in college and then really picked up the pace in 98 and 99. Things didnít really get rolling for me though until 2001 when I took over writing The Harem. So to answer more succinctly Iíll say ďa hell of a long time.Ē People reading this site probably werenít even born yet when I began writing.

4. Who or What got you started writing erotic fiction?

I did not have a personal computer or internet access until I got to college (it was a VERY different time). And when I first started logging in I had this wonderful realization of ďWhoa, there are naked people online!Ē It was my first real serious exposure to porn and seeing what was out there I started being drawn to pictures of nude celebrities, looking for more of them and that led to me finding stories about celebrities. Back then there were not many of them and when I started reading them and wanting to see more it made me want to start writing them myself.
In the end what really got me going, was that no one was really specifically writing what I wanted most to see so I decided to give it a whirl and all these years later, here we are. For the most part I am writing the fantasies I want to see so as long as I can keep coming up with ways for hot celebrities to get naked and get it on with each other, I think Iím going to keep going.

5. Who would you say are your biggest influences as a writer of less than appropriate celeb fiction? Which authors, if any, would have inspired you?

I was first inspired by MAWís Hypno Celeb and Hypno TV stories that took famous celebrities or portrayed TV shows with a mind control fetish involved. That first got me introduced to this world. My first stories were very much in his style and it is frequently in the back of my mind that I want to go back to that genre again, just to dip my foot in the water perhaps. I miss writing mind control stories even though clearly in Harem I am reaching a broader audience.

Obviously Ghoulardiís initial four chapters of Harem really got my mind rolling. He inspired a lot of ideas in me so when he decided to step away, I was ready to take over because I saw so much potential in the series and I wanted to take things to the next level. I learned a lot from the other authors of CSSA. The work of Carnage Jackson had to have inspired so many (including me) but there are a lot of authors today that still push me and inspire me with their ideas like TRL (whose Just Natalie story about Natalie Portman is a goddamn masterpiece), AnistonAnarchis and voodoojoe as well as the new generation today like Cadeauxxx, MiamiLyfe, Noopster, John Connors, Blackjack, Dark Swordsman. I could keep going but I am sure I am forgetting someone. There are many authors doing a great job today and I am still learning and seeing what works for them.

I also believe I have been influence by authors who donít write celeb fiction anymore. Those who remember the early days of CSSA will surely remember Rich Wilson and Butch and they were both such huge inspirations for me to push myself and do and be better. I say it now and I will say it until I die that Butch is absolutely the finest, most creative writer I ever have seen.

6. Who are your favourite celeb sex story writers? Past and Present.

I think a lot of that is covered in the last question. I love what I see from Cadeauxxx and MiamiLyfe today and Noopster is a very, very creative writer. I think Dark Swordsman writes absolutely outstanding orgies. I think Blackjack does tremendous work too and when voodooejoe does write, itís always something worth celebrating. I will always remember the group I came up with though at CSSA, Carnage, Butch, Rich, TRL and more, Those days at that site with those guys are some of the happiest Iíve spent doing this.

7. Any favourite sex stories that you've read that made you think - "Wow! That's incredible!"

I think Kash The Priest did some incredible sex scenes in his stories. I always wanted more girl on girl action in his work but he did a great Rose McGowan story and so many other classics with a whole bunch of good Britney Spears scenes. Voodoojoe has some stories that I would love to be able to equal with the way they set the scene so simply and yet effectively. He can say in 10 words what it takes me 100 to get and heís done great Selena Gomez scenes. Anyone who hasnít read his Adventures in Radio series is missing out and his story with Taylor Swift having a drunken encounter with her brother is an all timer.

8. Which of your own stories are you the most proud of writing?

Thatís a very tough one because I am someone who goes through my old scenes and always wishes I could have changed a word or made adjustments. I have been posting my old Harem stories at my Patreon (which is at www.patreon.com/KMB if I may indulge in a little plug for myself). I look back at those early stories and I wish I could have done so much more but also admire how relatively simple they were. I do tend to be long winded in my writing so I would like to find a nice middle ground between too short and too long.

I tend to really gravitate toward my most recent stories. I am very fond of a lot of scenes in my last Harem story Keep Feeling Fascination (kudos with anyone with good enough musical taste to know the song that inspired it. I love the scenes I did there with Rose McGowan seducing Victoria Justice. I loved the scene I did with Reese Witherspoon for anyone with a pregnant girl fetish. I love Amy Adams succumbing to the desire sheíd been keeping pent up. It ended up being a very divisive scene among the fans but I really get a kick out of the scene I did of Hayden Panettiere with her brother. But there are past scenes I did that I am quite fond of. I love a past scene I did with Rose seducing Rachel Bilson (I think that was chapter 16 of Harem) and the scene in that chapter of Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, which is actually one of my favorite sistercest scenes. Going back further I  think ch 8 has a great Jessica Alba/Britney Spears scene which is Britneyís Harem debut. Thereís so many though that itís hard to pick favorites. Some of them are even kind of a blur where I have to go back and see them again to really remember them and appreciate them.

9. Which celebrities do you enjoy writing about the most?

Well anyone who knows me, knows I love writing about Rose McGowan. The real life Rose leaves me scratching my head a lot, especially lately, but the fantasy version of Rose that exists in these stories is still enormous amounts of fun. I love writing Jennifer Love Hewitt a lot and I get a real kick out writing celebrities who are now ďcouplesĒ in my stories like Kirsten Dunst and Eliza Dushku, Scarlett Johansson and Natalie Portman, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale and Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato. But the most fun I have come from writing Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. I can just go 100 miles per hour with them all the time, especially with Christina as I write her in full spoiled, hot tempered and perpetually horny mode. Miley Cyrus is also a lot of fun because she comes across as a hippie chick who loves to get naked, and thatís a lot of fun to amplify and write.

10. What type of sex scenes do you enjoy writing the most?

A: Obviously, Harem is 99.9 percent girl on girl so I would say that I like writing that the most by far. But when you do things so often itís easy to fall into a rut and thatís why spicing things up occasionally with some MF action is fun and Iíd like to see what else I can do to spice things up. I continue to look adding in a TS scene to Harem and see how it turns out.

11. Do you have routine for how and when you write?

I try to write first thing in the morning. My real job also involves a lot of writing and I find to do this kind of writing I need to be focused with no distractions, no music or anything going. I need to try and get a flow going with it and thatís hard to do when your mind is at work. So I try to write my celebrity smut first thing in the morning when my mind is freshest and my energy level is highest. I am pretty much written out by the end of the day so itís very hard to do at night. These days I am in my chair writing all the time since I am working from home due to the coronavirus so itís a lot of the same thing. But the most critical thing is just getting that good flow going and not having any distractions. I always try to follow the Stephen King method of 2,000 words a day but when I have the pedal to the metal for Harem I really try to push myself to 10,000 words a day and that is not easy at all.
I must confess I am pretty tired a lot of the time. Between my job, my Patreon and Harem I am almost writing all the time and thatís why itís best to do it in the morning when my focus and energy level is at its highest.

One thing I also always try and do is reread my work before I send it out. I have a proofreader I use and he is excellent at catching so many things but I also find mistakes or can make improvements myself by rereading my work.

12. Do you sketch out a plan on paper/word/notes or write off the cuff with a basic idea and let it flow from there?

I always try to sketch out my ideas first in a notebook so I know what order to do scenes in and what I want to try and get to most in those scenes. Thereís a lot of logistics to go through in Harem, especially in orgies so you remember who is fucking who. So itís critical to get things down on paper first, especially so you donít forget things. I remember scenes Iíve done where Iíve completely forgotten to put in a celebrity I meant to have in there. So Iíd like to apologize to the lovely Jewel Kilcher for pulling that boner a few times with her. One time I even did it with Jessica Alba and she just disappears from the story.

I do like working off a sketched out series of notes. It helps keep me organized.

13. Apart from hot celebrities, does anything else influence your writing? Music, Fashion, TV etc.

I am rarely influenced by fashion unless I see an outfit I want to have one of the women wear so she can be stripped out of it. But music can be very inspiring. I donít listen to it when Iím writing usually because it can be distracting, but I always listen to it when I edit and I always listen to music when I plan out stories. I typically like happy songs that inspire joy and love and passion because honestly thatís what I want Harem to be about. I want it to be a joyous series. I think the story suffers sometimes because I donít like to write conflict and therefore there are typically no higher stakes in a story than will X celebrity and Y celebrity fuck, but I just want everyone in it to be happy so much.
TV and movies can be an influence too because there are a lot of times when I can be pretty meh on a celebrity until I see her in the right role and then after watching her TV show or movie or even just the right picture I am all on board.

There are a lot of times when I am inspired by a picture of a beautiful woman. It doesnít have to be a porno scene (though those can be an enormous help when it comes to sketching out how a scene is going to work and how everyone is going to be positioned). It can be a girl in a bikini with just the right amount of flesh exposed. Or it can be something nude but not necessarily sexual. Finding pictures online of public nudity or topless or nude beaches can be very inspiring because I love the innocent, casual nature of that kind of carefree nudity.

14. Any projects you are working on that you are excited about?

Financial circumstances have forced me to start a Patreon and do custom stories. This has been a big success so far but it also has left me very little time to actually work on Harem. I do have a passion project for Harem I have wanted to do for years where each segment is based around a song and it all ties together as a multi-chapter story based on music I love. Iíve really struggled on how to properly put it together but I have a lot of it sketched out and if I can just find the time to do it, I think it could be really great.
I do want to dip my toes into other things too. Iíd like to do something other than Harem and write mysteries or thrillers and try something new. But itís all a matter of finding the time.

15. Any tips for readers that may want to start writing celebrity erotic fiction?

The best advice I can ever give is write what you want to see, The main reason I got into this was that I was not seeing the kinds of stories I wanted to read. In the end no one is going to do your fantasy better than you. No one knows what you want more than yourself and no one can express your ideas better than yourself. Donít worry about what others might want to see. Write what you are passionate about and you will find people who feel the same way. Nothing brings about fans better than writing stories you are invested in. So write the kind of scenes with the kinds of celebrities you want to see and everything will flow from there. If youíre not finding what youíre looking for out there, thatís the best way to make it happen.
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Re: An interview with...KMB
« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2020, 09:51:43 PM »
This was a lot of fun and I hope everyone enjoys reading it!
Thanks for the opportunity for me to yak away!


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