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Rising Tide.0
« on: October 16, 2020, 01:24:44 AM »
Daisy was on vacation when the Avengers called her to their facility. What could they want to talk to her about? Could it have something to do with the string of scandals around the world? And who is behind them, to begin with? Could all this connect to Daisy somehow? And if it does how will she handle it?

I DO NOT own any characters that I myself have not come up with and the rightful owners are Disney. No copyright infringement is intended.

Chapter 1

A Quinjet flew over the countryside with one occupant who had just spent the last two weeks lounging on a beach for the first time since she found out who she really was. Staring at the hot guys and girls getting excited about a little fun in the bedroom that she really wanted...or needed rather. But now she was going to someplace she hated.

“I can’t believe they wanted ME here,” Daisy Johnson grumbled as she got out of Quinjet just after landing. She was walking up to the Avengers facility in Upstate New York. She didn’t want to be there either. Her and the Avengers didn’t get along. It was all thanks to Coulson.

Coulson was the reason the Avengers became the Avengers. He gave them their mission to fight for the Earth during the Chitauri invasion. And then they watched him die...only to find out over a year later when Natasha put S.H.I.E.L.D. secrets out in the public that he had survived thanks to an experimental drug.

By the time they found him he was working with Daisy. She was an Inhuman going by the name of Quake. She was so excited to meet them too. But the meeting went badly. They thought that Coulson knew about the drug all along and faked his death to get them to work together. She took the stance that he had thought the drug was shelved never to be used. So by the end, they hated her for trying to stick her nose in their business. And she hated them for doubting the man she had come to think of like a father.

And it never got better. Threat after threat that Daisy’s powers would have been great to have to face they refused to call her because they knew she wouldn’t give them the time of day. Coulson told her often to get over it, let them in. She was a hero, she could save the world if she joined a team like the Avengers. But she couldn’t let some of it go. And they wouldn’t or couldn’t get over it either with her like this. So she couldn’t understand what had changed. She still hated them. And they couldn’t get her to change her mind.

“Right this way,” Steve said, seeing Daisy.

“What the hell is this about, flag boy?” Daisy demanded.

“Still hate me the most huh?” Steve asked.

“Why shouldn’t I? Wasn’t trust and loyalty something they taught back then? And Coulson was the one person that had that. He looked up to you. You were the one that started his love for heroes. He died wanting you to sign his freaking card collection. And you and the other ‘heroes’ called him a liar.” she said angrily.

“We’ve all put that behind us. Even Coulson. He helped crack this latest case. And he was the reason why we called you in on this. He feels like you are the only person that can handle them.” Steve said.

“Of course Coulson forgave you sorry sons of bitches. He loved all of you. It killed him not being able to help you find Bucky. Or Thor with the elves. And the only thing he could do was give a helicarrier for Ultron. So him forgiving you doesn’t mean I will. And what the hell is ‘this’? And who is ‘them’?” Daisy asked.

“Daisy, leave it,” Coulson said, coming up to her.

“Coulson?” Daisy protested.

“A few weeks ago we found a secret base. I told you to take time off because of what we found. And yes I am ignoring your protests about working with the Avengers.” Coulson said as the three of them walked. She pouted a little.

“What we found was something we didn’t expect,” he said as Steve handed her photos. She looked at them and was shocked. She found photos of herself naked and in different beds with different men. Some she recognized as top guys in federal agencies, politics, and private companies.

“What the fuck?” she asked flipping through the pics.

“As you can see they are all of what we thought to be you,” Coulson said, turning a corner.

“Thought? These aren’t me!” Daisy yelled.

“We know these aren’t you Daisy. Within a few hours, I was able to confirm your location during the timestamps embedded in the files.” Coulson said.

“We wanted you off the case because these aren’t fakes. We had a team look them over.” Steve said.

“Looking to call Coulson a liar again, are you Captain Backstabber? ...I mean America,” Daisy asked.

“Skye!” Coulson warned.

“Who is ‘Skye’?” Tony asked Coulson as they approached a window covered by a curtain.

“Me, when we met I went by Skye. And I have a point, Coulson. Why would they look into these fakes? Because that has to be the case. I didn't pose for these and never met these men. And only recognized half of them through their exploits in the news.” Daisy said.

“Didn’t expect you to. And no they weren’t trying to call me a liar Daisy. After a lengthy investigation started by finding one pic of you like this and showing these pics to some of the men, they all said similar things. They were seduced or paid for a woman that looks like you to have sex with them. Then would receive blackmail threats.” Coulson said.

“But these pics are a perfect match. 100%. There are no ifs ands or buts. That IS you, Daisy Johnson. Just not...well you.” Tony said as he pushed a button and the curtain slid aside. And Daisy stepped up to the window shocked by what she saw.

“JJ, would you stop trying to improve your powers!” Daisy heard her own voice yell.

“Violet we are free of that place and I want to use my powers in new ways. Not just for sex and blackmail.” ‘JJ’ responded in Daisy’s voice.

“We all want that. Well except for Rose or as I call her Sex Toy.” another said again with Daisy’s voice.

“Funny PJ. At least my targets left me with a smile for another reason.” Rose said as Daisy watched amazed even now seeing what she saw and hearing her own voice coming from inside the room.

“What the fuck?” Daisy asked.

“What is it Lily?” another Daisy voice said.

“Simple Holly...Daisy is here. She is behind the mirror.” the last vocal sound-alike said. And then all six girls stopped what they were doing and looked at the mirror.

And Daisy looked at each one. She was looking at six women that looked exactly like her. In every detail, she was staring into her own faces again and again. All six women in that room were a dead ringer for Daisy.

* * *

“What the hell? Why are there six women in that room downstairs that look like me?” Daisy demanded a little while later.

“It started when we first got wind of this case. A federal agent was caught trying to sabotage a case. After a few hours of interrogation, he gave the feds this pic.” Coulson said and a pic of him and a Daisy in the heat of passion came on screen.

“When they found a match to her face. It was yours. With no way to get ahold of you, they turned to us, the Avengers. We talked to him and he said you, Daisy, came on to him and seduced him into doing the deed. We tracked the pics sent to him as proof of his infidelity. And found a bunch more pics with a lot of influential men. Which is why we asked Coulson to send you away. So we could investigate this without you there in case you were involved in some way.” Tony said and several more pics appeared.

“Like we said as we lead you to them. We finally got some answers when we showed more pics to more men. One told us the blackmail story again. But this time it was a look-alike. The Daisy with the agent used powers making it believable the same for a few of the others. This one didn’t. But it was a 100% match for you. Most of the timestamps were when we could 100% confirm your whereabouts.” Steve said.

“We tried to track everything down to a physical location to get proper answers. And again and again, we got close to the truth but never able to get there fast enough. Finally, we got lucky. We found a base that had a different photo.” Coulson said and a pic of several Daisy’s standing in a row appeared.

“That’s way more than six,” Daisy said, looking at least twenty versions of herself.

“It took a while to find the base they were being held. But with all the files we found during this investigation we learned that this organization, whoever they are, had somehow gotten some of your DNA. They then cloned you using experimental techniques. From what we gathered they split the batches into two or three groups. Group A was the equivalent of hookers that would blackmail or reward their targets. Group B was all about murder for hire. And from what we can tell that group is more or less dead. And we think there was a Group C...that might have been pointless given how we feel about each other. It was a collection of clones built for gathering more samples.” Nat said going over what they had.

“But why a hero with powers?” Steve asked.

“That’s simple, flag boy. When I made the news for bringing down my...Jiaying…” Daisy began but stopped. Thinking about what her mother had done and what she had done to stop her. “Anyway, I was a target for everything from modeling to corporate espionage. The modeling stuck out for me more. They wanted everything from action shots of me using my powers to me posing naked. Some of them were very specific in what they wanted me to do. We are celebrities Captain Dumb-dumb. And people want to fantasize about us. Whether in fanfiction where we are taking out aliens/demons/governments or sexually driven fantasies where we are massive sluts for the dreamer. Usually both.

“And the truth is we are also the perfect people to target these people. 1. It gives the targets a thrill. He or she can arouse a hero that has saved the world/day. They would feel special and let their guards down. And...given my powers, they might be willing to fight for the feelings of fucking a walking vibrator. Believe me, I have thought about going there with my powers.” Daisy said.

“Skye!” Coulson said with a red face. Daisy laughed and even the Avengers had to smile.

“Daisy. And I’m a big girl Coulson,” Daisy said with a smile and a wink. He went even redder and she giggled at this. “And 2. They would believe they could leverage the hero. Turn the hero into their little weapon or soldier. Only to get played themselves. The guy who paid for a look-alike was he a bit more grounded in his personality?” Daisy asked.

“Yeah. He wouldn’t have believed the real you would be there for any reason that didn’t make perfect sense. Which would have raised all the red flags they wanted to avoid.” Tony said.

“So what are we going to do with my doppelgangers?” Daisy asked.

“Well, that’s the thing. They want to have the same freedoms that you have. They want to fight. But they don’t have true training or even a psych evaluation. We called you to oversee them and their early stages of this.” Steve said.

“And then what?” Daisy asked.

“We’ll figure that out together,” Coulson said.

* * *

“Uh, I, uh...Hello. You know who I am.” Daisy said.

“We should, we look at your face when we look into the mirror,” PJ said with a smile.

“PJ this is hard for her. I mean she couldn’t have known she would be meeting her clone hookers.” Violet said with a smile.

“Thank you...Violet?” Daisy asked.

“Correct sweetie,” she said with a smile.

“Look, I never thought I would be standing in a room with my clones. So we need to understand each other. And figure out how to tell each of us apart.” Daisy said.

“We can all tell each other apart. By now you should feel it. Each of us vibrates. If you pay close enough attention you can tell who is who. Feel me.” Violet said, taking Daisy’s hand. Daisy took her hand and did feel a vibration different than her own.

“And we took names for ourselves when we were fully developed. I’m the thinker of the group here, my name is Violet Johnson. The one who has the tough guy vibrations is Jasmine Johnson or JJ. The one who feels like she is a vibrator idling is Rose Johnson. The one that seems like she is playing some type of game somehow is Lily Johnson. The one that feels like she is continuously combing her hair is Holly Johnson. And the ironic one is the one that feels like a popcorn machine who is Poppy Johnson or PJ. All of us took your surname because...well we are you in many ways and someone else in others.” Violet continued. But Daisy was focusing on the hand in her hers.

She did indeed feel Violet’s vibration. And as she was introduced to the rest she felt their individual vibrations as Violet had described. But she also felt something she didn’t understand. She felt both giddy and nervous. She didn’t understand this feeling right off. She felt...horny. She was bisexual so being attracted to a woman wasn’t something new for her. But for her own clone? “Oooo. Daisy has the hots for Violet.” PJ said with a smile.

“Huh?” Daisy asked, taking her hand back.

“Let me explain,” Rose said with a smile.

“She is the best to explain that part of our powers,” Holly said.

“Shut it. And let's get this over with.” JJ said. But her face was a little red.

“These powers are a part of us. When we get aroused or excited it affects the vibrations we produce. And there is no hiding that from us. You became aroused by Violet’s touch.” Rose said.

“Now that we have that out of the way why are you here? Going to make us Avengers?” Lily asked with a bubbly personality.

“Lily she ISN’T an Avenger to begin with. They don’t get along, remember? And why would she start THAT conversation with how we can be told apart?” Violet asked.

“Oh yeah,” Lily said.

“Um, well if I hadn’t just changed my hair color to blonde we would all look exactly alike. How could Coulson be sure one of you hadn’t taken my place?” Daisy said, trying to regain her footing.

“Well, why not do the same thing for us? Change our hairstyle or color.” Violet asked.

“I call having sexy silver hair,” Rose said.

“I saw pics of you as a goth. I kind of liked it.” JJ said.

“Your blonde look is cool but I need more of a curl in my doo,” Holly said with a smile.

“I kind of like this older look,” Lily said.

“Short for me.” PJ chimed in.

“Well, I like darker hair. But I could do some blond highlights. Those purple highlights really suit you by the way.” Violet said to Daisy. Daisy blushed a little.

“So why ARE you here?” JJ asked directly.

“The Avengers want you all to go through some evaluations before we find a role for you to fill in the whole superhero world. They will be setting you up in proper rooms. Not just this room that is totally an observation room.” Daisy said. After that, the rest of them were shown to rooms. They were still going to be watched but at least this way they wouldn’t feel like they were still prisoners. Daisy watched each leave until there were just two. Violet and Daisy herself.

“When did you do that anyway?” Violet asked Daisy.

“Excuse me?” Daisy asked, trying to sound super-cool but sounding more like a school girl talking to her head cheerleader crush.

“Your hair. When did you change it?” Violet asked with a smile.

“Oh, uh, when I was sent away for them to investigate you and this whole mess. I hoped to find some romance and changed it for a little fun. But got nothing but this situation.” Daisy said with a smile.

“Let me rectify that,” Violet said with a smile.

Daisy didn’t expect what had happened next. Violet placed both hands on the sides of her face and pulled her into a kiss. Daisy never thought a single kiss could make her feel this way. She not only welcomed her clone’s tongue into her own mouth she started groping and feeling her own body.

“You know what the best part of this is?” Daisy asked Violet, regaining some confidence in the kiss they just broke. Both slightly out of breath and hungry for more.

“What’s that?” Violet smiled.

“I know that body so well that I know if I do this,” Daisy said with a smile as she started to vibrate her fingertips. So as she undressed her clone she could feel every vibration down to her core. “You will become my puppet and dance for me.” Daisy moaned, kissing her neck.

“I might, ” Violet sighed, unable to hide the lust in her voice as it quivered as she finally felt Daisy’s fingertips on her bare flesh. “Or I might return the favor.” Violet moaned as she did the same thing to Daisy.

“Fuck!” Daisy moaned as her eyes rolled into the back of her head.

“Payback is a bitch.” Violet said. Both of them were still trying to tease and play the other one with their vibrating fingertips.

“Well, this bitch is going to fuck a bitch better than she has ever been fucked before.” Daisy moaned as she pulled them down to the floor.

* * *

“That was...interesting,” Daisy said as the two of them got dressed.

“Just interesting? Not mind-blowing? Not the best sex I have ever had with another woman?” Violet asked with a smile. She was still on the floor naked looking up at Daisy.

“Oh, it was that too. Just having a little trouble understanding why you brought that out of me. I talked a big game with Coulson earlier. But I have never used my powers like that. I must admit I liked it. Both giving and receiving.” Daisy said with a smile and a wink as she enjoyed her handy work looking at Violet.

“One of the benefits of being a hooker with these powers is we learned the best ways to make a person cum harder than anyone else. And I have been with a few of your other clones that didn’t make it this far...and the real deal is so much better than a clone.” Violet said looking at her newest lover.

Daisy got down on one knee and kissed Violet again. “Okay lover girl. The guard outside will show you to your room. Now I am going to go get chewed out by Coulson for letting my sexual side take over when I should be an agent that won’t fall for their lust-filled desires with an unknown superpowered person.” Daisy said.

“I’ll stay here for a minute. You take a lot out of a clone girl.” Violet said. Daisy giggled a little as he walked towards the door. Before she left she looked over her shoulder and blew Violet a kiss. Violet sighed happily. Then the look on her face faltered a little. As she felt a special vibration that she had felt before. One only she could feel...or at least she hoped.

“Did you enjoy yourself?” she felt.

“You know how long I have dreamed of doing that,” Violet said softly as to not alert the guard outside, sending that message out too so she wasn’t just muttering to herself.

“I know. You were the only clone that wanted the original so bad that she would seduce other clones. I was surprised when she was turned on by you too though.” she felt.

“Me too, but it did make me wet. I almost lost the self-control I developed to control my vibrations.” Violet said with a smile.

“A girl could get jealous.” she felt.

“Don’t worry you are still my number one girl,” Violet said, finally getting up and dressed.

“Good.” she felt as she finished dressing and walked out of the room to meet the waiting guard unaware that the woman inside had just talked with an outside source.
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Re: Rising Tide.0
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Chapter 2

The sounds of moans and groans could be heard throughout this small part of the Avengers base. It was getting normal for there to be some sounds like this over the last two months after the Daisy clones came to Avengers Base. “Fuck...” Violet groaned as she felt another orgasm rushing through her body.

Shacking from head to foot she then kiss Daisy who just smiled as she kissed her back. They had been sleeping with each other for the last two months. Daisy was in love with her clone and loved these moments with her. She looked forward to them and found it hard to help the other clones train with their powers when all she wanted to do was kiss her new girlfriend.

This was driving Coulson crazy. He didn’t want Violet to leave Daisy heartbroken. He had seen that happen once already and he didn’t want it to happen again. And like any father fearing that their daughter might be making a mistake he worried. And would keep worrying until the situation would play out.

Her smile was short-lived tho. Soon she was brought back by thoughts of a meeting that she had had a few hours before and the mission she was about to embark on because of that meeting. And she worried about the outcome. As she got untangled from her lover she was thinking about everything that she was told and what she knew to be true in her own heart.

While training the psych evaluations started to come in. She was looking forward to the end of them she wanted to do the one thing that Coulson had said that she needed to do. She wanted to turn these clones into a true team. She had been thinking about that for the last month. Training them was making her sure that they could do it. But something was brought to her attention as they finished. Something that she hoped would end better than her worse fears.

“What is it, baby?” Violet asked seeing Daisy walking slowly around gathering her clothes.

“I have a mission. If this mission goes wrong...I don’t know what will happen here.” Daisy said finding the last bit of her clothes. She quickly put her panties and bra on and quickly left the room looking worried.

Violet stared at the door her lover had just walked through and wished she hadn’t left at all. “You love her don’t you?” she felt the vibrations hitting her as they always did when she wanted to talk to her.

“Fuck I don’t know...I love you.” Violet said thinking about the woman she was talking to through her vibrations.

“And I love you. And I want your happiness. Because your happiness is my happiness. Besides you know how I feel about the real deal...Maybe she will help us?” the vibrations asked.

“No. She’s my hero for a reason. She would never help A.I.M. even if it was for love.” then Violet looked up into the ceiling and a tear formed in the corner of her eye. She thought it was going to be so easy to do her mission here. And finding out Daisy was turned on by her was like finding out that Christmas was tomorrow and not months away.

But now she was kicking herself for playing Daisy. Kicking herself for cheating on the woman that she was longing to live the rest of her life with. Then she saw her friends that she had made among the clones in her mind’s eye. She was stabbing them in the back with her actions here. “God, when can we be fucking free of all this? When can we be happy?” Violet asked hating that she went from a sexual cloud nine to despair and wishing for a normal life.

“Soon, baby. Soon.” she felt.

* * *

A couple of days later Violet was thinking about everything as she worked out with the other clones. She was more a thinker than a fighter. But she was only getting lost in her thoughts right now. So she thought some physical training was going to help her get out of this funk. Maybe even figure out a way out for them. Where she could live with her two great lovers and be happy.

She heard a QuinJet landing somewhere nearby and knew that someone was here and hoped that it was Daisy to have something better than sparing with JJ for a distraction. Daisy marched into the base with a woman in cuffs. The clones noticed who this was right away. “Daisy caught Ishii Yura,” Lily said looking at the face of the head clone scientist.

“N-No way...” Violet moaned and looked into the eyes of Yura. Daisy handed her off to someone else and went up to Violet. Everyone knew that they were a thing. So many of the girls wondered if Daisy was going to kiss her girlfriend after helping the clones find the person that had made them.

But she didn’t kiss her...she slapped her. “THAT’S FOR LYING TO ME, ” Daisy said to Violet, shocking everyone. And then she did it again. Violet slowly turned back to face her lover after the second slap. “ AND THAT’S FOR LYING TO THEM!” Daisy said.

“I-I can explain.” Violet stuttered.

“You better. But before I take you to the interrogation room for you to do just that why don’t you tell them who your girlfriend really is.” Daisy said to her.

“YOU! You are my girlfriend.” Violet said to Daisy.

“No one else?” Daisy asked with a snide smile.

“T-There was someone...” Violet said.

“Who?” Daisy asked.

“It’s compli-” but Daisy slapped her again before she could finish her sentence.

“SAY IT!” Daisy demanded.

“...Ishii Yura,” Violet said trying not to look anyone in the eyes. Everyone was shocked hearing this.

* * *

“Sit,” Daisy said dragging Violet into the room and shoving her into a chair.

“I’m sorry baby,” Yura said to Violet who had tears forming in her eyes.

“Oh let’s save your fucking love affair for last shall we?” Daisy said angrily. But there was something that she had to do. “So Yura, it better be fucking fine for me to call you that considering that you cloned me, you developed cloning for A.I.M. and you decide to clone me,” Daisy said to her throwing files on the table showing both of them pictures of the first class of clones.

“So let’s start at the beginning. I already know where you got my DNA sample.” Daisy said to her.

Yura’s eyes widened and looked into Daisy’s eyes. “You remember me?” she asked shocked.

“Yes, I do. You and I had a weekend together just before I started dating the loser I was dating when Coulson found me,” Daisy said to her. “And I left my wet panties with you because you had turned me on that much and...I kind of wanted it to continue. That’s why I left them with you anyway. But I came here to work for S.H.I.E.L.D. and you went to work for A.I.M.-” Daisy started.

“I DIDN’T JUST GO TO WORK FOR A.I.M.!” Yura yelled. She was so happy when she heard that Daisy had wanted something more from her back in the day.

“Then enlighten me. Tell me why you were the head scientist for this project?” Daisy asked.

“My mom…” Yura said and tears started to flow. “My mom had cancer...they promised me that I would be able to use their research to help her. And they lied,” she said.

“Surprise surprise,” Daisy said looking at her.

“The research they gave me wasn’t what...it was an experiment for other things,” she said, and then she couldn’t keep it in anymore and slammed her fist on the table. “THEY TURNED MY FUCKING MOTHER INTO A FUCKING LAB RAT!” Yura yelled as tears started to fall down her cheeks. Daisy didn’t melt but passed her a tissue. “I trusted them. And I didn’t know what we were doing...and I watched as my mother slowly died,” she said as she dabbed her eyes.

“And that leads you to make an army of my clones?” Daisy asked her.

“After my mother’s death, I needed comfort. I needed a release. So I co-opted a failed experiment they had done...and I made Violet.” she said looking at Violet.

“Violet?” Daisy asked looking at her.

“I-I’m the oldest clone ever made,” Violet said. “I was made to please Yura. Sexually, mentally, and emotionally. It’s why I’m so smart. She made me that way to be her match intellectually.” Violet said looking at the picture of the class of clones. She had seen them born...had helped her lover make them. And watched as most of them died.

“And so you decided that one wasn’t enough and had to make an army of me to please you?” Daisy asked her.

“NO!” Yura then looked at the table and into the faces of all those that she wished she could have saved. “I kept all of it from them...but not for long. They took my research and made me clone you again and again. They trained the first group of clones as soldiers...so many were killed fighting in wars as cannon fodder. I...I watched them kill you over and over again. Violet was a sex clone in their eyes couldn’t be trained to kill. She was my lover and assistant...so they left her alone until...” Yura said and the look in her eyes said that she was reliving those years.

“They started to blackmail men,” Daisy said looking at Violet.

“They demanded that I do that and another cast of clones were made. Some of which are watching us right now in that room behind the mirror.” Violet said unable to look at the mirror as the other clones watched this interaction wanting to know why they were created and shocked by this.

“Then when Jiaying did what she did...we found out that the clones that we were sending off to die in pointless and stupid ways could be superpowered. All they needed was a way to get some of the Mist your mother unleashed...” Violet said thinking about what Jiaying had done.

Jiaying was an Inhuman just like her daughter. But she had gone nuts over the years thanks to a HYDRA attack just after she had given birth to Daisy. That’s when it all went so wrong. Jiaying had become the monster that people might fear. She killed her husband when he had saved her. All because he had left their daughter with friends.

When Daisy found her after she went through Terrigenesis. She tried to teach her how to use her powers. And Daisy was so happy...until she found out what her mother’s secret plan was. May came in and fought off a bunch of Inhuman guards to tell Daisy that her mother had made a T-Bomb or Terrigen Bomb. It would blow up and release Terrigen Mist into the air.

Terrigen Mist was laced with the metal that would kill normal humans. She had denied that this was true and sent May flying. Then the two made their way to a small island in the South Pacific. The closest island was Japan several hundred miles away and had a population of 14 thousand. Daisy could still see the bomb’s explosion and hear the cries of the survivors as their families were turned to stone.

Out of 14 thousand, only 500 survived. And Daisy had to kill her mother as FitzSimmions erected a barrier around the Terrigen Mist cloud as it drifted towards Japan. To this day they haven’t found a way to contain the mist or make it dissipate. Daisy hadn’t forgiven herself for attacking May even if she did forgive her. And Coulson from that point onward would push her to find a team to help her not take the brunt of every fight the way she had when she killed her mother.

“Did they breach the barrier?” Daisy asked with a clenched jaw.

“No,” Yura said looking at her. “They found the man that helped her make the bomb...and he gave them Terrigen Crystals,” Yura said.

Daisy hated hearing elements of her mother’s plans that they had missed. “Name,” Daisy said.

“Jackson Rivers. He lives on the Californian coast.” Yura said.

“So...why are the only clones we have found from the prostitute class of clones?” Daisy asked.

“They called all the buyers and told them about the chance of having an Inhuman weapon instead of what they had,” Violet said. “They jumped at the chance to have someone like you as their soldiers. But one of them went nuts after she was changed. She destroyed the facility and killed all of the soldier class. They had to destroy the facility with her in it. The cost was immense and the idea was shelved. They gave the, as you called them, prostitutes their powers...with...” Violet said.

“With the nanobots?” Daisy asked. Both of the girls were shocked.

“H-How did you-?” Yura asked as Violet was floored.

“We ain’t idiots. We were able to find the signals each one of you was sending off. And we found out that each one of you was rigged with a kill switch. We thought that we were being clever by shielding you girls while we figured out the off switch for those damned things. Then we found out that YOURS,” Daisy said slamming a chart onto the table to show that at times they would receive subtle vibrations. And Violet would send the same vibrations through her body.

“Yours were acting like a tuning fork telegraph machine,” Daisy said looking at Violet.

“I was getting and sending messages to Yura,” Violet said to her.

“We know. The project was pushed forward while I was gone so we didn’t lose the other clones because we were afraid the ‘shielding’ wasn’t really working thanks to those messages going in and out the way they did. But what pisses me the fuck off is: YOU WOULD FUCKING TALK TO YOUR GIRLFRIEND EVERY FUCKING TIME WE HAD SEX!!” Daisy slammed the palms of her hands on the table pissed at the woman that she was having sex with a matter of days before.

Violet looked into the eyes of the woman that she loved and tears formed. “I-I’m sorry...” Violet mumbled as the tears started to fall.

“Please forgive her,” Yura said as tears formed in her eyes too.

“Stay out of this,” Daisy said in a hiss barely able to turn her eyes away from Violet. “THEY want to know what your mission was here,” Daisy then forced Violet to look at her as she stared daggers into her new lovers’ eyes which hurt more than if she had hit her. “I DON’T CARE ABOUT THAT.”

This was scary for the other clones. They had never seen this side of Daisy. But Coulson had seen her like this before. She was betrayed by Jiaying and that cut deep. She hated being used after that. And if her girlfriend had been using her this was going to end poorly. “Were you using me and the time we shared to do whatever you wanted to do?” Daisy growled.

Violet had tears streaming down her face. “No...I fell in love with you Daisy. I-I never would use you...I needed you.” Violet said as Daisy let her go. “I still need you, baby,” she said pleading with her.

“What was the mission here?” Daisy asked ignoring Violet.

“The Avengers found out about the clones and...they needed a reason to not throw the kill switch on the clones. So I said let them capture the last of the clones. Worse comes to worst they would be able to kill them remotely. But Violet was to get the DNA of the Avengers and help make an evil cloned team.

“I know it was stupid of me to believe them after what they did to my mother...but it was the only hope I had for this to end. B-But if you can turn them off...” Yura explained.

“They said that they were going to turn off the nanobot kill switch?” Daisy asked looking at them. Violet shook her head staring at the woman that she had fallen in love with.

“Would you help us?” Yura asked.

“The nanobot shut down is done. When we are done here the girls will have their nanobots shut down and the Rising Tide.0 will be formed...I just don’t know what we are going to do with the two of you.” Daisy said picking up the files leaving the room rage still in her heart and anger about being taken in again by someone she loved. Violet looked into the ceiling and started to sob.


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