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The Office: Fancy New Beesley
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In early May 2007, I packed my camera like at the end of every other day at Dunder Mifflin. But after tomorrow, I wouldn't do it for another three months. Tomorrow was our crew's last day of filming for the third "season" of this still unaired office documentary. And considering how Dwight Schrute was about to take over the branch at least until Michael Scott came back after inevitably losing a promotion it would require at least three full months of rest.

I was one of those filming at Dunder Mifflin while the others went to New York to film Michael, Jim Halpert and Karen Fillipelli for their interviews at corporate. The results were bound to shake things up for Jim, his new girlfriend Karen and long time "will they or won't they" partner/ex-best friend Pam Beesley. After last week's beach games "episode" where Pam walked through coals and confessed how much he missed Jim, he was bound to make some kind of life changing choice. But I wouldn't be filming it, as I was still here along with Pam, waiting for word on what happened.

This "season" had been harsh on the receptionist, as she was the one dealing with unrequited love for Jim now, and yet trying to move forward and change anyway. "Fancy New Beesley" was the cute catchphrase she coined for it which should catch on whenever this blasted project got on the air. Although I had to stay objective, I did hope she would be okay tomorrow.

She did seem excited for the start of Dwight's insane reign, but she was good at hiding her inner turmoil or pretending she was. Three years of filming her almost non-stop clued me in on these things. And you don't document people for three years without having some feelings about them. For my part, I hoped I would film some kind of positive payoff for Pam after this dark time.

I saw her struggle when Jim moved to Stamford after she stopped their big kiss, crumble even further when he came back with Karen, go through that brief reunion with Roy, and then rise back up by confessing a few things this time. Although she wasn't really appreciated by the office and not even by Jim that much lately I was squarely on Team Beesley and I wanted to secretly cheer for her tomorrow. Whether her triumph involved Jim or not.

But for tonight, I packed up like I said earlier, then went to grab a quick dinner. On my way back, I drove past Dunder Mifflin and glanced at the parking lot noticing that Pam's car was still there. Technically, I wasn't supposed to check this out, since all of tonight's footage for the show would come from New York. Yet since no one from the crew was filming at the office, I wouldn't be spotted if I checked on Pam.

I parked outside and headed to the building, using my special Dunder Mifflin key card to get in. Luckily for me, Dwight hadn't put in life-threatening safety measures yet, so I could browse through without being disturbed. That is, until I turned the corner to the office itself, running into Pam as she seemed to be locking up.

After we each gave startled yells, I repeated "It's okay" a few times to make sure Pam was calmer. "What are you doing here? Where's your camera?" Pam started. "I thought you were done filming tonight."

"I thought you were done working tonight, so I guess we're both off book," I tried to joke, although it probably wasn't the best opening punch line. "But seriously, I'm not filming. No one else is here either, I came alone."

"If you're not filming, why are you here?" Pam followed up. This was actually a good question, since I didn't have a real reason to be here. Since I wasn't filming tonight, what Pam did was her own business for once and she certainly needed time to herself right now. Yet I came here to....see her anyway? Comfort her anyway? Do something else to violate the documentarian's code of not getting involved?

"I wanted to get a last look at the place before Dwight tore it down. And before he tears it down trying to repair it when Michael comes back," I used as an excuse. This made Pam laugh, so I took that as a promising sign.

"That's pretty much what I was doing! Great and fearful minds think alike, I guess," she commented, which I had to agree with. Of course, I didn't really believe this was the only reason she was here. I wondered if she thought the same about me being here as well. "But I'm sure you'll turn our apocalypse into comedy either way," Pam went on.

"Well, go out doing what you know," I offered. "But I'm sure it'll be fine. Even if Michael gets the job, his messes will be too big for even Dwight to make worse. No matter what, I'm sure everything will balance out for the best."

"That's a....good way to look at it," Pam responded, making me think I didn't use the best choice of words. In case I didn't, I wasn't sure what my next move was or what I could say without getting in trouble.

"You know, if you are feeling bad and you don't want to show it to the cameras, you can get it out now. I don't know if that would make you less likely to cry tomorrow, but if you tried it, I wouldn't blame you." Great, creepiest advice ever....

"So you don't want me to save my tears for the cameras?" Pam asked without seeming creeped out. "Wouldn't you get in trouble for asking that?"

"Well, they have no way to prove I did....unless you didn't cry, I guess," I semi-joked. "Okay, this isn't as funny as I wanted....so I'll just say straight up that it's okay to cry over Jim. Not, not that you'll have reason to cry over him, we don't know that for sure!" Great, craziest and stupidest advice ever...

But again, Pam just laughed a bit and didn't look like she was crying. "Wow, filming Michael for three years has rubbed off on you." That was more disturbing in a few ways than Pam crying. However, she went on to say, "Really, though, I'm fine. I'm not feeling my best, but I'm okay. I mean, I said what I had to say, it's out of my hands now, and I'll....have to take the good with the bad tomorrow. Whatever that might be."

"Well....I guess that's logical," I conceded. "I mean, it wouldn't make sense if you regressed at the end, after all you've overcome this year. The audience wouldn't be satisfied either....at least that's what they'd say if you had one yet." Pam chuckled for a second before I went to backtrack. "Not that you should do stuff for people who might never see this! I mean....well, for people who are watching, like me, we'll be glad to see you're okay before we leave for the summer."

"You will? I thought you guys had to be objective," Pam reminded me.

"We have to act objective, but we don't have to feel it. I mean, we're fans of you guys too. I'm even a fan of Michael and Dwight, of old school Jim, of Oscar and Kevin and Stanley and Phyllis...and Angela, Kelly and Andy sometimes! And I'm a big Pam Beesley fan too....both the fancy version and the old one. So I look forward to hearing happy vacation stories from you when I get back."

I ran through the dozens of reasons to feel embarrassed, stupid and crazy for saying that at least until Pam smiled at me. "Thank you....it's good to know we have the cameraman demographic on our side." She laughed heartily before going back to being genuine. "Really, that....does mean a lot."

I smiled back, relieved that I wasn't dying of humiliation yet. But a bit more of me was just happy to see Pam smile, which hadn't happened as much this year. It was sad that we didn't catch her smiling whether it was a sneaky smile, a bemused smile at Michael and Dwight's insanity, or just a genuinely happy, pretty smile. Wait....

"So you really are a fan, huh? Even from when you first got here?" Pam asked to thankfully? interrupt my train of thought. "Well, I didn't say I was a super fan, did I?" I said, more confident that she would take it in jest.

Pam reopened the office so we could sit down, as I went on the couch next to her receptionist desk, which she naturally sat back at. Although it wasn't even her ideal place to sit at during work hours, she still endured it to chat with me. I gave her my accounts of all the moments I filmed, and I made sure she knew about the non-Pam moments I didn't film before I gave my behind-the-scenes take on them.

But inevitably, she had to ask if I was the one who filmed the "Casino Night" kiss and aftermath with her and Jim almost a year ago and I admitted I wasn't. Again, I went out of my way not to upset her with these sensitive subjects, yet she went into them anyway.

"Really, I'm on my way to being fine....even if I'm not all the way there yet. If I learned anything this year, it's that I can't define my own success by other people....well, not as much. I did that with Roy and look how that turned out. Then I did it with Jim and that finally collapsed. I mean, if I'm Fancy New Beesley, I have to take charge on my own sometime, right? As soon as I work out the right way to do it, I'll be good," she assured.

"I'm glad to hear that....both as a fan and a documentarian. It should give me good stuff to watch next year in both areas," I predicted.

"Yeah....I mean, I couldn't even do that fashion show at lunch last year without being nervous. Not that I'd be comfortable doing that in this office again. But maybe I can show off like that somewhere else," Pam exclaimed.

"I know you'd make quite an impression if you did. I filmed you in that dress last year, so I should know," I stated just before I saw how that might be interpreted. "That is, um, in an objective way. Not a Kevin or Creed way either." Not too much better either.

"Well, whatever way you meant, thank you," Pam compliment "I'm not used to the other ways that much."

"I don't see why that is, you're a knockout." Oh fuck....no way to misinterpret that in a better way. Yet I tried anyway. "Fuck, wait a minute, I.....dammit! You'd think I'd know better about sexual harassment in offices by now!"

"Hey, that wasn't even in the harassment top 10 around here," Pam assured.

"Yeah, well I'm probably on thin ice already just talking to you. Let alone talking to you in more....suggestive ways," I reminded.

"It didn't sound like you were hitting on me. All you said was I'm a knockout....did you mean it?" I tried to think of my next words very carefully, since they could shape the night in many ways. Only a few of them were good....and only a few of those were relatively consequence free. So while I could, I tried to think with a level head.

"The simplest answer is absolutely. I'm just not sure it should be my final answer....depending on how you react to it," I attempted to clarify.

"Could you explain more before you make it your final answer?" Pam requested. Seeing how her reaction defied my expectations again, I finally chose to see that as a trend. Therefore, I relaxed a little bit and spoke more freely.

"Well, I already said you're a knockout....that's plenty descriptive. I guess very attractive and very beautiful can work as well. I mean, you're the classic plain but surprisingly, and yet not surprisingly, sexy girl next door. You might as well hear it now before America keeps telling you." Maybe the sexy part went a little far, but I started to figure I'd only be going far when Pam slapped me which she didn't seem close to doing.

"Wow....you make it sound surprising that I don't hear that more often," Pam finally got out.

"It technically is." I figured I should stop now before I said that Jim knew too. The second I brought him up, this would get dicey although she was likely already thinking about him.

"I certainly didn't hear it since Jim left....or since he came back, too. I just had a few dates and Roy, and they didn't say that stuff. And I guess Jim is saying that stuff to Karen now in New York...." Now the dicey part was here.

"I think I should stop right there. I didn't want to remind you of Jim and what he did or didn't say. You shouldn't....do anything based on that." I certainly didn't want to be blamed if she got drunk at Chili's, or was more inspired to act out tomorrow, or did something like drive to New York and/or call Jim. That could actually be heartwarming, but if she did it because of my words, I'd get in huge trouble for shaping the climax of our biggest storyline.

There was another option....one which inspired a lot of different emotions in me.

"I'm not basing it on Jim, I'm basing it on me. I'm just starting not to stand around anymore....I should have done a few more crazy things already!" Pam declared as she stood up and looked at me. "Maybe I should have noticed there were people other than Jim and Roy....people who are already fans."

"Okay, let's pause it right there," I said before I knew what I was doing. When I got a slightly better idea, I kept going. "There are a few ways you could be going with that. If you're going to forget about Jim by using stand-ins...."

I paused and just looked at Pam, as she waited with curiosity, concern, anticipation....and a kind of seductive tint in her eyes that surpassed my fantasies. I had used those fantasies a few times during our second year here, imagining myself as Jim as he confessed and....did more things with Pam. When that got too creepy, I just put myself in place, which was....creepy in another way, but hotter. Then this year, I fantasized a few more times about making her feel better....in a few more ways. And if I took this a few steps further, one of those ways might be coming true....

I did want to get intimate with Pam Beesley not enough to disrupt my work or the various love triangles, of course. But she was a beautiful, even gorgeous woman with entrancing eyes, a great smile, an enticingly shaped body that even those plain office clothes showed off, an even more enticingly shaped chest, and an undeniable inner beauty to top it off then and now. Given how innocent she appeared to be, it certainly spawned a lot of innocent girl/secretly naughty girl scenarios in my fantasies....which one of them might be true in real life?

Yeah, I wanted to find out. But I had to double check first. "If that's where this is going....I can live with that." Yep, I could even live with her using me as a Jim substitute though I wouldn't agree to play Jim in bed, as even I had limits. And I stated a few more by saying, "But I can't live with it if it would make you feel guilty the next day. Or if you can't face Jim, or if it makes being here even harder for you. Or if there's some other way you'll regret this that I can't think of yet."

Part of me hated acting this noble especially after I said 'harder' and my erection made that painfully ironic. However, I could still remember that my job, an important person in my job and the very show that made up my job could all suffer if I made one wrong step. And if I still remembered that, Pam needed to as well.

"It's a risk, I know....but I've been taking more of those now," Pam reminded. "Jim or no Jim, I need to see if I can be that person in the long term. The kind of person who has fun in tough times, trusts herself not to feel icky the next day....and notices guys who notice her more than she imagined." She capped it off by standing in front of me as I sat on the couch and we both knew I could look down her shirt if she bent down. "Anything else you want to notice?"

It wasn't hard to notice her face in my hands as I bent it down to my level. And I kind of noticed her lips on mine a second later, as well as the taste of her lip gloss all over my mouth. Her tongue got my attention moments later, followed by her hands on my chest and my hands trailing down her face to her shoulders. Just as they dared to go lower, Pam broke and said, "But....then again, it'd be too weird to do it in here, wouldn't it?"

As much as my brain was shorting out, I had to nod my agreement after all, I had to film here all day tomorrow and Pam had to work here. True, I wouldn't come back here for three months after that, but she still had to work here every day barring some big summer plot twist. "I might have a better idea, though," Pam finally got out before heading out of the office.

I managed to get up and get her back in my sights, following her towards God knows where. But I did figure it out a few seconds before Pam arrived at the women's bathroom door. I smiled in recognition and congratulated, "Nice call, Beesley" as she bowed playfully although I found it more hot than playful in that moment.

Nevertheless, Pam opened the door and led me inside the ultra fancy, visually stunning women's bathroom that we first filmed a month ago. The big couch was still there, which was just perfect for us. Sex in bathrooms wasn't new for me, but this was the nicest bathroom-fucking setting I'd even been in by far.

I went to sit on the edge of another couch as Pam returned to standing in front of me. Now that I wasn't plagued by indecision, I could better appreciate the view as I eyed Pam's body up and down. I knew Pam wasn't used to being admired that way and wasn't conscious of being admired like by Jim for years, at least while he was doing it. So she met my admiring smile with a flattered, somewhat enticed smile of her own which further inspired me to start unbuttoning my shirt.

I hoped to set an example, and I was glad to see it worked as Pam removed her shirt back. I got my upper clothing off first, giving her time to admire my chest at least that's what I hoped she was doing. I was the same age as her and I had about a four-pack, so I hoped that'd be enough. Yet her shirt was now gone, so that was good enough for me.

While she still had a pink bra, a skirt and whatever was underneath it on, I didn't wait for her to take off any more. I pulled her towards me again, and this time I let her get in my lap as we made out again. I then leaned back and laid on the couch while Pam settled on top, with my hands going down her nearly bare back and her still-covered breasts pressed on top of my chest. My mouth soon went down to her neck as my left hand buried itself into her hair and my right approached her skirt.

"Oh God," Pam groaned out as I suckled her neck then remembered she couldn't have any hickeys show on camera. But it wouldn't detect any hickeys on her tits the New York cameramen would probably get that from Jan and her implants tomorrow. However, as.....interesting as those were, Pam reminded me that natural boobs still had their place. And it was exactly as perfectly round and supple as I imagined, if her cleavage was a clue yet I wanted to solve the rest.

I leaned back up and got Pam back on my lap, then tried to unhook her bra. As I ultimately got the hang of it, I bent down and put my face in between her tits, suckling the exposed flesh as I took the bra down. This got me warmed up to go down to the nipples, starting with the left one while my hands went underneath both tits.

With Pam starting to writhe in my lap, I started devouring her perfect breasts with my mouth, in between squeezing and bouncing them against my face. Finally I pulled back to actually get a good look at her full jugs, and looked up a bit more to directly tell Pam, "Jan's boobs don't have a thing on these."

"They're not gross and covered by Michael's hands, so that's a plus," Pam actually quipped. I laughed at her ability to joke even now, and at the joke itself, then gave each of her breasts a deeper, slower suckle. "I mean it, these things are hot...they were teasing enough in those cardigans, work shirts and those fancy dresses, but they're even better up close."

"I wasn't trying to tease you," Pam said in between her moans and my suckling. "But....mmm, imagine what'd happen if I did it on purpose...."

"Did you imagine? I mean, Fancy New Beesley must have had some fancy fantasies," I inquired, knowing I was risking bringing Jim up again. "Did you imagine your tits being eaten like this?"

"Kind of....can't compare to the real thing, though," Pam conceded. "Wonder if that applies to you, too...." Before I asked further, Pam leaned down and put me back on my back, then started kissing me again. She then went down to my neck, not lingering too long before her lips reached my chest and her hands got to my belt.

"Okay....yeah, I imagined you made quick work of that," I stated as Pam removed my belt. "Then you pulled down my pants and got a good idea of what you did to me."And several seconds later, Pam saw that good idea straining inside my underwear. Or at least she did when she removed my pants, got off the couch and got on her knees next to my legs.

"What are you looking at? Were you able to say it in your mind?" I tested, wanting to test how graphic we could both get. Pam studied my bulge, stuck a finger out and put it on my covered shaft, which made me involuntarily gasp. "That's your cock, isn't it?" she said suddenly, which made me nearly laugh and burst out of my undies.

But Pam made the last part unnecessary as she took the undies down, freeing my rock hard 7.5 incher. I figured it was big yet not too big enough for Pam, and she didn't seem to complain as her palm went on top of my cock. I sure didn't complain either certainly not when her whole hand wrapped around my shaft.

She kept holding it as she put her head down and placed the tip of her tongue on my cock. After briefly going into my slit, her tongue covered my head and started rubbing on it. It then circled my shaft and licked from side to side, while my hand grasped the couch and I tried to keep control of myself.

"I've had a lot of time to imagine doing this," Pam cleared up. Of course, I knew she wasn't picturing my cock all those times yet it didn't stop her from putting her lips around my cock head. She just suckled on the head and then started to bob up and down lower, with her hand sliding down towards my balls. Pam's other hand then grabbed the bottom of my cock while the other palmed my balls and rolled them around, as her tongue batted my cock around in her mouth.

"Oh, your mouth is so hot," I let out as Pam simply sucked my cock, fitting as much as possible in her silky mouth. "I'll never hear.....Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam....the same again...."

"I like your mouth too," Pam complemented after popping off my dick a minute later. "I loved it on my tits....I bet I'd like it in other places, too."

"I'm willing to take that bet," I said, although it killed me that this brought an early end to her blowjob, However, this would stave off my orgasm and help me last until the finish....and now I could help her near the finish too. Pam got up and sat on the right of the couch, and this time I sat in front of her on my knees. She unzipped her skirt and started wiggling out of it, and I pulled it all the way down with my right hand while my left immediately went to her panties.

I saw the arousal on her panties fairly quickly, then bent down to lick it. After licking the already soaked front of her panties, I pulled them to the side and licked the soaked area behind them. "Check out Pam's pretty pussy," I muttered, popping the p's right against her vagina and making her moan/growl.

"Eat it too while you're at it," Pam all but demanded, which I quickly obeyed. I placed my left hand against my mouth and tongue, as it worked on her pussy where they couldn't. I even took some of the juices and pre-cum and smeared it on her panties, then pulled them up just a little bit. Pam raised her hips from the semi-wedgie, which let me place my hands directly on her ass and squeeze, even as she sat back on them.

I nibbled Pam's pussy with my teeth while squeezing her ass with my hands, teasing her from both sides. Finally I removed my hands and pulled her panties off, allowing me to look down at her entirely naked body for the first time. "Fuck yes," was what I chose to say it all for me, as I went back down on her and slid my hands over as much of her body as I could.

"Oh, fuck yes, indeed," Pam called out as my tongue went deeper in her. As I expected, mousy Pam having a dirty mouth was a huge turn on especially since she already dirtied it with my cock. But I did have to bury my cock in another sweet, delicious and tight hole at some point. Fortunately, I had eaten Pam out long enough that my dick would last at least a little while.

I bought more time by trailing my tongue up the top of her pussy and beyond. I soon kissed up her body, left my left hand on her pussy and let my right hand fondle the rest of Pam. But I dipped my tongue back down to collect more of her juices, letting them hang on my tongue before licking them onto Pam's stomach and lower chest.

"You like that?" I made sure to ask as I tasted her juices and her smooth skin all at once. Pam nodded and groaned some more as my tongue reached the bottom of her breasts. "Tell me what else you like and I'll fit that in."

"You first," Pam tried to tease. But I teased back by all too briefly tapping her nipple with my tongue. "Uh uh, you wanted to take charge, remember? So put me to work, to coin a phrase." Pam thought it over, then looked down below and saw my cock still ready for action.

"I want that....I've been missing that for a long time." I rewarded her by briefly biting and then suckling on her right tit. "I want a nice, big cock in me instead of my fingers....and I want to feel someone's cum other than mine." I rewarded her by sliding a finger all the way inside her and leaning up to suckle her ear and to hotly whisper, "Good thing I'm tired of my hand standing in for your pussy, then."

"I am, too..." Pam growled out. "Fuck me with that nice, big cock....give me something to go on for the summer...." With that, I laid her down on the couch, got on top of her and gave her something to go in. Given the wetness I already created, it wasn't hard to slide in, despite how tight she was anyway. I looked down at her to make sure she was fine, but she nodded her head and I pushed in further before thrusting.

Being inside Pam, and having her pussy take my cock in deeper than her mouth did, made me rev up in a hurry. I thrusted hard and fast for several moments, before remembering to slow down and make this last longer. Therefore, I started to fuck slower, but I went in deeper to make up for it. After getting in all the way, I pulled out almost all the way and then went back all the way in, repeating the process over and over before steadying my thrusts again.

Once I pulled almost all the way out again a minute later, Pam slid her hips down my dick before I could thrust back in. She started to fuck herself on my cock more than I fucked her, which clued me in on something. "You want to ride me?" I asked, and the glare from her eyes and the movement of her hips gave me my answer.

I pulled out and leaned on the other side of the couch, allowing Pam to climb up and hover upright over my dick. She sunk herself back in and I held her hips to help her out, although she seemed to be doing fine. But I just wanted to hold onto her hips and ass as she started to bounce them up and down my erection.

Pam clearly had a lot of alone time to develop more sexual techniques although the reality was obviously different for her. She hadn't 'accidentally' called me Jim yet, so at least she was keeping it to herself for my sake. As long as there were no costly side effects tomorrow or over the summer, I could let it slide and do my part to help her and fulfill fantasies for both of us as a side effect.

The one with Pam riding my cock, her gorgeous tits bouncing with her, and her round, pleasingly plump ass filling my hands was paying off nicely right now. I thrust my hips to meet her, but she was doing most of the work. While I easily could have laid back and ogled Pam until she made us both cum, I still wanted to play a part at the end.

"Turn around," I requested after a few more minutes. Pam took this in, then took me out before turning her back to me. She was getting ready to sit on me again in the reverse cowgirl position, but that wasn't quite what I had in mind. So I slipped away, sat up behind her and had her get on her hands and knees on the other side of the couch. Once she did, I admired her ass being level with my groin, then sank back in her pussy so her ass could press right against my groin.

I squeezed her ass with both hands as I went back to work from behind, then moved down under her hanging breasts as they swayed back and forth. Finally I grasped them by the nipples and bounced her tits into my hands, drawing additional groans and "Yes" calls from Pam. I then went on my hands and knees above her, placing my hands on top of hers and putting my mouth on her ear.

"I'm not there yet, but you're too tight and hot for me not to be soon," I hissed. "Where do you want it when I'm ready?"

"God....mmm, inside me sounds good," Pam groaned. "But I wouldn't.....fuck....mind it on me and in my mouth too. I, God, imagined all three pretty good these last few months...." Pam trailed off and moaned again as I plunged deeper.

At the least, imagining how I would cum helped distract me from actually cumming too soon. It was a miracle I'd lasted this long, so I'd take any delaying tactic I could. But if I had been building up this long, I would have a lot of cum built up....so I could fit in more than one option.

As hot as cumming inside Pam's sweet pussy would be, I knew I'd be tempting fate and probably see Pam with a baby bump when I came back as a result. Although we weren't filming a conventional TV show, that was just the kind of typical cliffhanger twist for this time of year. So with that settled, I refocused myself on fucking Pam and holding off a little while longer.

I wrapped my arms around Pam's waist and then sank to my knees, so that she would lean back against me while we fucked. This allowed us to kiss again and glide my hands up to her tits again, taking one more series of squeezes until I slid back to her filled pussy. Both my hands attempted to work on her clit, combining with my cock for a three way attack.

Pam groaned and cursed right into my mouth, seemingly ready to go off. I steeled myself, hoping the explosion wouldn't set me off quite yet. Nevertheless, I pounded harder to take her over the edge, and once she went, I clenched hard enough that I could ignore her juices drenching my cock barely.

I hid my face in her hair so she wouldn't see my comical faces and laugh while cumming. Of course, burying myself into Pam's soft curls wasn't helping me contain myself that much. So once Pam's cries died down even a little, I laid her on her stomach and pulled out as quickly as I could.

I waited for her to turn and lie on her back, allowing her to see my throbbing cock covered in her release. With that serving as lube and with her naked body flushed after her orgasm, I figured I needed just a few pumps to end this. I grasped my dick and started jacking myself off, analyzing her body one more time for an extra boost.

The fact that I was jacking off over Pam's body and about to explode from her wasn't just hot for me. I knew Pam would get an extra thrill and boost from it as well, which is why I wanted her to see this. Well, that and two other reasons.

The first was that when I finally started to cum, I was able to aim it on her tits and upper chest. The second was that I could take her head, bring it to my cock and have her suck me off as I came further. Unloading the rest of myself into Pam's mouth brought out one last deep groan, as I held on to her cheeks and all but fucked her face as I came.

Since I had let out a few loads beforehand, she was more easily able to swallow the rest. When I was finally drained, I laid back on the couch and still kept Pam on my cock anyway. Eventually I moved my hands and let her pop off of me, focusing on her so I wouldn't go to sleep on this comfy, yet defiled, couch.

Pam licked her lips, not trying to be sexy about it although I still saw it that way. "That was....different than my fantasies," Pam admitted. "They usually are," I tried to quip with the energy I still had left. "It's a good different....the kind I needed for a while. Maybe not the ideal kind....but it's not so bad that it wasn't. Not at all." I chose to take Pam's words the right way and smiled at her, as Pam gave a thankful, still flushed smile of her own.

Somehow, I had enough strength in me to get my clothes back on, check that there wasn't graphic evidence on the couch, head out without our goodbye being awkward, and drive away without being spotted. Of course, the bigger test would come tomorrow, as we both had to act normal during a day that would already be anything but.

And yet Pam came in and seemed to have the time of her life under the various circumstances needling Dwight and pretending to support his regime. For my part, I found it a little harder not to laugh and break character as she did it. But in the end, Michael came back to restore the little order he had, as he wouldn't be moving to New York after all although it seemed like a fired Jan would be moving here.

Yet the other loose end left was Jim and Pam, and none of us had heard anything about him getting Jan's old job. But Pam seemed resigned that he would get it, as she sat down for her last talking head of the day/season which I predictably had to film. However, any awkwardness there might have been with me appeared overshadowed by her Jim thoughts. It was relieving when it came to her and me, but not so much with her and Jim.

Still, she was just telling me and the camera that it was okay, and everything else would be okay until Jim came in and asked if she was free tonight. When she said yes, he replied "All right. Then, it's a date" before I turned the camera back to Pam.

And then I realized I was filming Pam as she gave the most beautiful, emotional and long overdue smile in our show's history. At least I could brag about that great accomplishment from the last two days in public.

As for the night before, it was officially just the final secret footnote to the climax of Pam's real love story. The other "climaxes" would remain deleted, endlessly rerun NC-17 scenes in my director's cut of the show which would screen every night in my head that summer.


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