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Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
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Vanity and Lust
Starring: Kelly Brook

Codes: MF, Oral, Titfuck, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Miami Beach, Florida

July 2020

The blinding rays of light from the sun above pierced through a typical clear blue sky on what made for a hot August day. The afternoon hours had rolled in by now with the clock just a few minutes beyond 2 PM. There was no wind to offer any sense of a relieving cool breeze through the summer heat. A shade was offered from the tall palm trees outlooking a nearly empty beach with waves crashing through the sand in the distance. It wasn't normal to see so few people on a beach, but so far this year had already proven to be an exceptional one for the history books. Despite the sizzling heat, at least a day like this provided for a good piece of scenery for a photoshoot. Standing in the grass in a pair of blue flip flops, a man adjusted his sunglasses while glancing forward at the paved walkway separating the park area from the sandy beach. He wore a white and blue striped collar shirt and beige colored cargo shorts.

Behind the man was Ocean Drive and the line of Art Deco themed hotels that usually resided a tourist attraction for Miami Beach. In a year of a hard pandemic, business may have been slow involving the hotels. Whatever the case, it didn't matter to Francis Johnson, as he had his own upscale home on Sunset Island Two. At forty-three years of age, he had lived the better part of his life working as a photographer in and out of Miami. His early career was focused upon filming fashion modelling with runway shows and professional shoots sold to premier magazines. That had changed nearly a decade ago when he financed his own studio and moved to work in glamour modelling. Francis had made his start with Blue Shot Photography by traveling to England and working alongside another company from within the UK glamour modelling industry.

It was from his time over the pond Francis had made several contacts involving the big names of the glamour industry, having the privilege to photograph many of them in the final days of a once booming business. As time had moved on and the glamour industry collapsed, he sometimes sat and reminisced over the fun times he shared alongside such women who were once household names thanks to appearing on Page 3 and having spreads printed in lads mags. Five years ago he returned to Miami and began working with up and coming glamour models from the U.S. who would make their names known through the use of social media. In the mean time, he returned to working fashion photo shoots and some runway shows to earn more money with his cinematography skills. In a hard year like this, Francis was fortunate that his business had not been hit too hard. The sum beamed down over his clean shaved face as his brown eyes shifted to the right, following the camera that was fixated on a special woman.

The camera had a view focusing upward at the vision of a buxom woman and her busty chest barely contained in a zip up, long sleeved leopard pattern jacket. Dark brown hair fixed up in a pony tail as big brown eyes gazed down at the camera. Her massive breasts bounced slightly due to the movement of her hand tugging down over the jacket. A black zipper down the middle could be seen dangling as she raised her right hand and nearly pulled back one flap of the jacket, teasing the camera with her blank expression on her face. Francis stepped back as the woman began to walk, heels clacking loudly over the pavement down below. The sun had made it's radiating appearance from behind her head when he was forced to adjust the camera upward, following her around in a clockwise rotation. She adjusted the zipper on her jacket once more, raising it up slightly as her breasts seemed that they would burst out from the outfit at any moment. As she raised up her hand and smiled, Francis used his free hand to signal her a quick thumbs up. Curving her lips in a grin, Kelly Brook flashed her pearly white teeth as she smiled back to the camera.

At forty years old, the legendary English glamour model had only aged into a goddess, as Francis enjoyed thinking to himself. With thicker curves and a heavier bust to her amazing chest, Kelly had quietly demonstrated a high level of confidence to still be participating in glamour modelling. Down below, her stomach was visible as she wore a pair of booty shorts that matched in leopard pattern. The final piece of her outfit was a pair of black high heels. She walked her way around Francis, sitting down over the small short concrete wall dividing the beach from the park. The tall palm trees above offered shade that beat the sun light away in the distance and offered for a good set piece of several shots from Francis' camera. He was still set for video recording as Kelly smiled at him, flashing her teeth once more. She used her right hand to whip her ponytail around, knowing that the camera was still filming her every action through the passing frames of seconds.

Francis had been privileged with knowing Kelly for the past six years, but this had been the first time he had the honor of working a photo session with her. When he worked in Britain in the past, he focused all his time with a number of glamour models who worked in and out of magazine publications. Kelly had always been known as a queen in the glamour industry, the one woman who had set the trends and bars of success at such a high level. All of that felt like a lifetime ago, back when Francis had only dreamed of working alongside her. It was an honor and a true career peak to receive her phone call last month to negotiate a photo shoot that would go into her 2021 calendar. Despite not working together, he had met Kelly many times, only leading him to think years ago they would potentially be working together on a set. Now he had that time, not far from his own home in Miami. As she gazed into the camera, he offered a subtle grin that she couldn't see from behind the portable black machine.

"Are you still filming me or are we ready to snap some photos?"

Her heavy British accent always sounded so cute to Francis' ears. He gave her a nod and then adjusted his camera by pressing a few buttons on the side.

"We can go ahead and start the photo shoot, if that's what you want."

Curving her pink lips into a subtle smirk, Kelly appeared to be most satisfied.

"That would be a pleasure. Let's begin, shall we?"

With only one outfit to spare so far in the day, Francis was confident Kelly would make the best out of it. She stepped around the paved walkway beneath the palm trees and then it was up to him to make the best of this scenery for snapping some photos. The wind quietly blew in the distance to rustle through the leaves of the tree. Kelly began by placing her hands onto her hips and offering a seductive smile back at the camera. With her hair curled up into a pony tail, all focus on her extraordinary 34E cup breasts begging to pop free from her tight outfit. Francis snapped the photo, followed by an additional three snaps for bonus stills. Once he was done, he gave Kelly a quiet nod, raising his hand to offer her a thumbs up. From there, she moved into a new position, offering a side view for the next set of photos to be snapped.

As the photo session proceeded, Francis began to wander his mind elsewhere. It was easy to become distracted when you were standing behind a camera and focusing the lens on Kelly Brook's amazing body. She undid her hair from the pony tail, allowing her long brunette locks to flow freely down the sides and draping beyond her shoulders. Her facial expressions were enough to tease Francis, reminding him of other British models in the past he had photographed. At her age now and a much thicker body, the man couldn't help but feel she had grown more beautifully over time. Any time he had a woman from his past like Kelly behind the camera, Francis remembered those fine times and good old days when he worked in the British glamour modelling industry. The more photos he shot of her, the longer he wanted to daydream back to those glory days.

"I think it's time for a new outfit. I don't know how you're able to deal with me just wearing this skimpy jacket so far."

Kelly's words were enough to snap him out of the fantasy world. She stepped away from the set and Francis offered her a nod before she spoke again.

"How about we go back to your place? We can use your living room as a studio."

The grin across her lips was enough to melt him. Francis couldn't believe Kelly would offer such a place. Giving her a nod, he quickly replied.

"I thought you'd never ask. Let's have lunch first and then we can get back to work."



Across the wall of the living room, Kelly stood in a matching lingerie outfit. The two pieces of a bra and thong were in a bright pink color. She stood against the wall with her right hand pushing down onto her hip and using her left hand to play with strands of her hair. Lips slightly parted revealing her pearly white teeth as she gazed back at the camera with this face of seduction. Francis snapped several photos while seated behind his camera station. The pink outfit was the final change of clothes after Kelly had went through. She had brought with her to Miami, a suitcase of outfits that she wanted for this calendar shoot. The pink lingerie was the final outfit and was handpicked by Francis himself after Kelly offered him a choice.

Once Francis had taken her back to his home, the two shared lunch together in the kitchen where they had engaged in conversations together. Francis was quick to remind Kelly of his nostalgia he had for the old glamour industry. From there, they talked about the magazines and a handful of other models Francis had worked with years ago. Kelly had teased him about a rumor she heard involving him and Lucy Pinder. Such a rumor had passed on through the years that another photographer caught Francis and Lucy partying in Ibiza. Maybe it was her best intention to see him blush and then try to deny it at first, but that only led to a discussion regarding a handful of other ladies. Kelly was not interested in hearing about new up and coming American models Francis had worked with. It seemed to him, that she had to remind the man that she still felt that she held a throne back home with the industry now completely gone.

Such conversations remained on his mind through the hours as they wrapped up the sessions for her calendar. Tomorrow would be a busy day for Francis as he had to upload all of the photos and begin contrast editing, all with Kelly alongside him at the computer. He thought about what awaited them the next day as she moved from the wall of his living room and came strutting her way towards him. Her massive tits bounced with each step she made. A subtle grin was all she needed for an expression, twirling her left hand index finger around her hair in a teasing manner. Kelly walked right over to the camera work station, placing her hands down onto her knees as she bent over. When Francis turned to his left, he was greeted with her giant boobs hanging towards his face.

"I love this one, but it's a little too bright."

Her British accent was strong in her voice. Francis glanced at her breasts, thinking for a moment how much he would love to be smothered with them. As he glanced back at the monitor screen of his camera, he replied.

"I can darken it a bit, maybe cast some shadows."

"Yeah, I'd like that. This room really is dark. You didn't use flash, so I don't know why it came out so bright."

"It's just the digital processing of my camera. We can fix it up tomorrow."

"That would be excellent."

When Francis gazed up, he saw Kelly flashing her teeth in a full smile. His eyes fell down slightly, starring at her breasts once more and then seeing her grin at him before she stepped away. He was left sitting in his small stool, tending to the camera once more as Kelly walked out from the living room. Francis was able to take a great view of her amazing ass from behind, with the thong tucked down the crack. All throughout the day she had worn various outfits that they photographed from his living room after leaving South Beach. He preferred a simple setting, keeping the entire focus of his snapped pictures to be over Kelly and her voluptuous body. The backgrounds and scenery were meaningless to both of them, though some photographers may have disagreed with his approach. All that mattered for Francis was keeping Kelly happy since she was paying for his services.

"I'm done for the day, if you don't mind."

She spoke while turning around and placing her hands onto her hips. Kelly teased him with a simple pose, now watching as Francis got up from his little stool. The living room was quite large with white furniture matching the plain color of the walls. Francis didn't take much for interior decorating, as all he did was buying a matching white leather couch and lounge chair. Not sharing his home with anyone else gave him an easy excuse to be lazy with his money. He got up from the stool, stepping away from his camera station. After they had made it back to his home, he took it upon himself to take his shoes off and change into a pair of a simple black lounge shorts and white T-shirt. Kelly offered him her hand and spoke.

"I wouldn't mind a tour of your house, since I didn't get one earlier."

Francis laughed at her, taking her hand into his. Kelly pulled him forward and began to wander out from the living room and back into the hall.

"Well, you didn't ask me for a tour when we got here."

"True, but we had to eat lunch, right? And then we had a photo shoot. Besides, all you've really shown me so far is the kitchen, living room and one of the guest rooms downstairs."

Standing in the hallway, Francis turned to face her and couldn't help but get distracted by her huge tits down below her face. It was already one thing to have Kelly standing in her lingerie, but now standing so close to her. His eyes shot back at her and he attempted to hide his grin as a response.

"Yeah, there's two guest rooms downstairs... but my bedroom is upstairs."

Placing her hands on her hips once more, she stepped backwards a bit into the wall. Biting down onto her lower lip below, Kelly waited before responding.

"Mmmmmmm, you're feeling a bit cheeky today, are you?"

Not wanting to blush again, Francis gave her a smirk and simply nodded to her.

"What can I say? We've known each other for more than a few years now and I've got you standing here in my house barely wearing anything. What do you expect me to say, Kelly?"

Without answering him at first, Kelly stepped away from the wall and moved forward to him. She had to have guessed his eyes would glance downward at her thick buttocks below. Her hair whipped as she grinned at him from across her right shoulder. Kelly treated herself, walking her bare feet down the hallway as if she was going to tour the house all by herself. Francis followed behind her and led her to a spiraling staircase that went upstairs. Moving to her left side, Francis pointed up the white painted stairs.

"Shall we go up? Or do you want a tour outside to see my boring ass swimming pool?"

Kelly giggled at his words.

"I take it you aren't in the mood to take a swim with me, huh?"

"You're not wearing a swimsuit."

Once again, she laughed at him. Kelly stepped towards the stairs and rubbed her right hand over the glossy wooden rail above the white painted bars. She raised her hand after a few seconds, motioning with him by bending her index finger. Once Francis stepped his way behind her, Kelly began to stomp up the stairs. Unfortunately for him, he would not be able to witness the shaking bounce of her breasts with each hard step she took. She began to speak as they walked up together, both of them clutching onto the rail.

"So... Since I brought everything to your place instead of calling a hotel, I guess now is the time for me to ask if I can stay in your mansion."

"Sure, you want a guest room?"

Once she reached the top step, Kelly turned around and smirked to him. She watched as Francis made it up the final step then began to walk backwards, as if to make him catch up with her. Yet again, his eyes shifted down below at her giant tits contained in that large pink bra.

"If I wanted a guest room, I wouldn't be searching for the master bedroom right now."

Still stepping her way down the upper hallway, Kelly's eyes glanced to a door on her left side. As she continued to step backwards, another door was to the right side. She smirked forward at Francis and spoke.

"So which one is it?"

"This one."

Francis spoke while pointing to her left hand side with his finger. She grabbed the knob and opened it, inviting herself directly into his bedroom and having a look around.

"Hmmmm, not bad for your favorite room, I suppose."

By the time Francis had stepped into the doorway, Kelly had not turned on the light. For there was little need with the mini blinds pulled back to allow the sunlight to beam into the room. Like the other rooms of the mansion, the walls were a simple white color though they appeared to be faded into a cream like aged hue. Her eyes scanned across the room, looking over how tidy the space was. A large bed with black sheets was in the middle of the room. Across from it was the closet and a small desk. Francis had a few framed portraits on the wall; all of them containing a model from his past. Such photographs were his most proud and cherished work. The frames were lined up on the wall opposite of the windows. Kelly stepped her way over, resting her hands on her hips as she looked at the photos and could easily recognize every woman in them.

"Ahhhh, It always slips my mind that you worked at Nuts and that other lads mag back home."

Kelly spoke up while glancing over the framed photos. A whole row of six, four of them containing the same girl and spaced out with a few in between. As Francis made his way towards her, she uttered more words.

"Lucy, Lucy... I think it's clear who was your favorite... before me."

A total of four framed photographers hung on the wall with Lucy Pinder in them. Francis couldn't help but smirk, as he was truly proud to have worked alongside her at the height of her career. He remembered the short conversation he and Kelly had back in the kitchen during lunch. She had already teased him about his affair with Lucy once, so he was expecting it to come again from her choice of words.

"Yeah, I had a lot of fun with her through the years. She was fantastic."

"Do you still talk to her?"

"No. I haven't spoken to Pinder in a long time now. Not since I came back to the U.S."

"Oh, really?"

She turned her head to glance at him, offering a smug grin. Francis continued on talking.

"Yeah, the last time I saw her was right before she retired. That was a rough time with all the magazines folding up, you know?"

"Oh yes, I remember..."

Crossing his arms, Francis gave Kelly a nod as he stepped back away from the wall.

"Why are you bringing her up? We already talked about her once today. You're in my house, she's not. What happened between us was years ago."

"Ahhh, yes. You are correct, I am still here while she is retired."

Turning to face Francis now, Kelly placed her hands onto her hips once more to tease him with a pose. Her deep brown eyes glared back at him as she spoke in a low seductive tone.

"I heard stories about you and her for years. You can deny it if you want, but to have a collection of framed portraits like that... I know there was something else going on with both of you."

"Yeah and what's it to you? I haven't spoken to her in years."

Kelly cracked up a sexual laugh in her heavy British accent. She moved her hands to her breasts, stretching out her fingers across the bra as she leaned down slightly and gave her tits a good shake.

"You're one of the many photographers that used to call her the 'Queen of Glamour', if I recall correctly."

With a smirk across his lips, Francis nodded his head. He almost wanted to bust out laughing at how Kelly seemed envious of a woman who was no longer modelling but he was willing to play along with her game. All he had to do was take one look down at her massive breasts and then he replied.

"Yeah... I also called her the queen of the boobs, if you're wondering."

Such an intentional choice of words had an effect to Kelly. She grabbed at the small pink shoulder straps of her bra and loosened them to come undone with a slight pull. Kelly snatched the bra from her breasts, allowing them to fallen freely with a slight slag. She twirled her bra along her right hand index finger and then used her left arm to shove them up a bit. With a smug grin across her face, Kelly glanced down to see the erection poking up through his pants while she teased him in this simple act of going topless. She continued to spin her bra in her finger before eventually dropping it to the floor and then using both hands to hold beneath her tits and tilt them up.

"What would you say about these boobs, Francis?"

The smirk across Kelly's lips glared with such a level of pride. Normally Francis would not find such an act of arrogance amusing, but this was different. It wasn't often he had a woman like her getting her tits out and teasing him. Once more her eyes glanced down to see the bulge now sticking straight up in his shorts. Kelly licked her lips, as he didn't say anything in response.

"Don't have anything to say? Well...."

Grinning at him, she flashed her teeth before glancing back down below at his bulging shorts.

"I think someone else has something to say, if you can't talk."

Kelly let out a sensual laugh, now juggling her breasts in her hands. She made them bounce up and down, the left after the right while teasing him. Francis continued to stand there, not saying a word as he watched Kelly raise her right breast up and then lower her head downward. Her eyes glared at him as she parted her lips and licked over her hardened nipple. She moved it down, now elevating her left breast and loudly slobbering over her areola. Francis was finally motivated to open his mouth and speak.

"That's quite a rack, I've gotta say. More impressive than I remembered it. You know I've been starring at your tits all day, right?"

"Mmmmmmhhhhhmmmmmm. Would you take me as a fool to not notice your curious eyes?"

"Nah, I'm happy you noticed."

Cracking up into a slow laughter, Kelly bit down on her lower lip, teasing him as she moved her hands away from her breasts and now pulled at the ends of her thong. She shoved it down to reveal her wet mound and freshly shaved cunt. The thong fell down to the floor and she carefully stepped her feet out of it, now standing naked before Francis' eyes. Still offering such smug grins, Kelly pointed at the photographs hanging on the wall behind her and spoke up.

"After I'm done with you today, I want my photo hanging up there... right in the middle. Cause I know I'm better than Lucy... and the other two tramps on the wall who's names I couldn't care less to remember."

"It's Rosie Jones and Holly Peers."

"Ohhhh, that second name sounds familiar and I knew I recognized her face. But what's it matter anyway? You've got the real queen of glamour and queen of boobs standing right here before you, Francis. If you think I'm gonna congratulate you for fucking those other vixens like you did Lucy, you're sadly mistaken."

Now Francis was the one busting up laughing. Kelly's arrogance was too funny for him, as he nodded his head back at her. Before he could say anything, her eyes glared back at him and she spoke once more.

"You want this body of mine?"

Her hands went back to her breasts, shoving them up to tease him. Kelly gave him a nod and then moved her right hand, motioning for him as she began stepping forward.

"Come and get it!"

Stepping forward, Francis didn't hesitate to reach out with his hands and smash them against her mighty tits. Kelly gasped her breath and took a step back, all before Francis predictably pushed his face down into her breasts. She moved her hands over them, proceeding to smother him with her tits.

"Ohhhhhh, yes! You want these boobs, Francis? Get 'em! Motorboat 'em for me!"

There was a certain funny feeling to hear Kelly Brook instruct him to motorboat her tits. If Francis wasn't enjoying the firm feel of her skin smothering him, he would've probably laughed. But instead he parted his lips and proceeded to slobber loudly as he shook his head around. Kelly moaned, keeping her hands on the side of her tits as she smashed them against his face, rubbing up and down. Francis moved his hands over her right tit, pulling his face back so he could flick his tongue across her erect nipple. He could hear Kelly exhaling deeply as he gazed up into her beautiful brown eyes and moved his mouth to her left tit. She let out a soft purring mouth as he licked across her left nipple while roaming his hand down her stomach and finding her womanhood down below.

Kelly bit down onto her lower lip panting as Francis had quietly found her clit and began rubbing it between his index and middle fingers. His eyes remained locked on her as he grazed his teeth across her left nipple. Little did she know the lustful hunger she had awakened within him from acting like an envious vixen in his bedroom. Taking a deep breath, Kelly glared down at him. He used his other hand to squeeze her left breast, finally pulling his mouth away entirely. When Francis moved his hands away from her tits all together, Kelly had free reign to smash them together with her hands and rub her own nipples. All the while, his right hand was busy down below, slowly playing with her clit. He teased her by dipping the tip of his finger past her freshly wet mound.

"Gonna moan for me some more, Kelly? Hmmm?"

She didn't answer him back, as Francis was now tempted to rub her clit harder and faster. As Kelly squealed, she bit down onto her lower lip once again. Flashing the top row of her perfect white teeth, Francis gave her a devious smirk and pulled his hand away all together. He was done teasing her and needed to pull his shirt out from over his head.

"Allow me to handle the rest of your clothes."

Her heavy English accent rang loudly through the bedroom. Francis could hear her knees hitting the floor below and soon feeling her hands tugging at the front of his shorts. When he had lifted the shirt up over his head and tossed it to the floor, Francis was glancing down at the sight of Kelly Brook awaiting his hard cock. She tugged his stretchy lounge shorts down, forcing them to fall to his ankles and then having his underwear all to herself. His cock bulged, sticking forward through the fabric of his white briefs. She licked her lips, pulling at the front of them and then shoving them down. As Francis' dick flopped free, Kelly didn't allow it to hang down below. She wrapped her right hand fingers around it and wasted no time beginning to stroke him up and down.

"Such a nice hard cock... and it's all for me today."

Kelly giggled after finishing her dirty words. She flashed her teeth like before and then made a smug grin as she continued to wank his shaft up and down. All Francis could do was stand there, gazing down into her eyes as she held his shaft directly below her chin in preparation for what he could only guess would come next. Parting her lips, Kelly licked them slowly in a counter clockwise rotation and then bit down on her lower lip. It was apparent to him that she was trying to play up her dirty vixen side, but all this teasing only made Francis more desperate to have his cock shoved between her lips. Luckily, he wouldn't have to wait much longer as Kelly quit stroking his meat pole and pushed her hand down to the base.

"Mmmmmm, nice. I think you're ready for me now.

"Or maybe you're ready to suck on something. I think that's more accurate, huh babe?"

Her big brown eyes gazed up at him after his remark but Kelly didn't reply. At least not in spoken words as she squeezed her lips around the head of his long thick cock. Only momentarily did Kelly look up at his face, as she soon closed her eyes and began to bob her head up and down the length of his dick. Francis took in a deep breath, moaning aloud as once again in his life, he had a British glamour goddess sucking him off.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck..."

As he moaned to her, Kelly slobbered her way down his shaft loudly. Pulling her lips back to the head, she released it with a popping noise and spit on it. Francis could only smile at such an action. A subtle way of her showing him that she knew all too well how to properly suck cock. Keeping her mouth open, Kelly pushed the head of his cock over her tongue and raised her eyes up to look at him. She began to stroke his cock, wanking her hand up and down and then using her tongue to playfully lick across the slit at the end of the head. As Francis moaned to her, she eventually came to a stop. Shoving her hand back down to the base, this time she teased him by smacking the head of his cock down across her wet tongue. Tap. Tap. Tap. The sound echoed lightly through the room.

Done with a small act of teasing now, Kelly squeezed her lips back around the head of his shaft and went back down. Devouring his shaft inch by inch, she closed her eyes and loudly slobbered and guzzled her saliva down his thick pole. Francis took a deep breath, moaning out to her. He watched Kelly move her hand away entirely, now using both of her hands below to play with his hanging ball sack. She aggressively gorged herself on his cock, sucking inch by inch. Francis was tempted to place his hands into her hair and take control, but not yet. Kelly pushed her lips all the way down to the base of his cock, forcing it to hit the back of her throat. Within seconds she gagged, choking on his dick and forcing herself to pull her lips back up and release it with a popping sound.

"Ahhhhhh, yes..."

Kelly spoke in a low, seductive tone of voice. Saliva strings dangled from her open mouth back to Francis' shiny, drool covered shaft. She flicked her tongue and then spit on his cock. Exhaling deeply, she gritted her teeth while glaring up at him with an expression of lustful hunger. Kelly was done slobbering all over his cock, at least for now. Francis watched her lean her head down below and soon felt her tongue lapping across his hairy nut sack. He responded by moving his right hand down to the back of her head. Patting her on the head as if she were a loyal pet.

"Go ahead, baby. Suck on those fucking nuts. Come on!"

A loud slurp was heard after his words as Kelly used her hands to aid herself in stuffing his balls into her mouth. Francis couldn't hold himself back from lightly gripping her hair and now taking control. As Kelly sucked and slobbered on his nuts, he let out a loud moan.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yes. There you go, that's what I want!"

She continued to suck on his nuts, gargling them in her mouth while Francis lightly gripped her hair. He felt that he had her right where he wanted her all through the day, directly under his control to pleasure him. Popping his nuts out of her mouth, Kelly licked at them, lapping her tongue from the underside on up. When she finally stopped and moved her head back, Francis didn't pull her back down. Instead he gazed down into her eyes and saw the mischievous grin she had.

"You're not gonna stop me from indulging myself with your cock some more, are you?"

Francis chuckled upon hearing her British accent. He gripped her hair tighter with his hand as he replied back.

"Not if you're gonna let me fuck me your mouth."

"Mmmmm, go for it! Fuck my face!"

Kelly offered a quick grin before opening her mouth as if to dare him now. Francis spread his legs out further and then thrust his cock into her mouth.

"I've been looking forward to doing this to you for a long fucking time!"

Gripping her hair from both sides, Francis grunted while slowly pumping his cock into her mouth. He could feel Kelly's lips squeezing around his thick shaft as he began to buck his hips to drive his cock into her mouth. She moved her hands away from him entirely, now bringing them down to hold her breasts up as if to tease him with the view down below.

"Suck that fucking cock, Kelly!!"

He screamed to her in a commanding voice. Francis groaned, gritting his teeth as he moved harder and faster. As he thrust his cock into her mouth, Kelly's big brown eyes glanced up at him while her mouth began to generate slobbering and sucking noises.


Strings of drool began to dangle from both corners of her mouth, eventually falling down below to her giant tits. Francis continued to fuck her mouth, throttling his shaft in and out from her lips. Gripping her hair tighter, he pushed her all the way down to watch his cock slowly disappear between her lips. When her lips met at his pubes, Kelly choked loudly.

"That's it, baby... Just like that."

Once again she choked, eyes watering up as drool strings began to leak out the corner of her front lip while her eyes watered up. Francis took a deep breath, holding Kelly there and counting to himself in his head. Down below, she continued to hold her tits up, giving him an idea of what he wanted next. Finally, after counting to twenty seconds in his head, Francis stepped back and pulled her hair to release his cock from her mouth. Kelly gasped for air as multiple saliva strings dangled from his cock back to her gaping mouth. They broke off, falling down to her tits below that were already glistening with broken strings of drool. Kelly gazed back at him with her eyes as Francis commanded her now, moving his hands to the side.

"Hold your tits up. It's time to use 'em for what you're built for, baby."

Kelly grinned, flashing her full teeth as she let out a soft moan and pulled her tits apart.

"I knew you wanted to have your cock between my boobs today!"

She spoke enthusiastically, shoving her huge natural 34E cup breasts around his cock. Francis watched his entire length disappear when she squeezed them together with only the head poking up at the top. Kelly moaned again, softly speaking again.

"Mmmmmm, you should've told me sooner that you wanted to tittyfuck me."

Francis grunted as he made the first thrust between her tits. Kelly had  grit her teeth together, glaring up at him with one of those slutty expressions he knew all too well from glamour models. It was 'that look', with the sharp eyes, smug grin and gritted teeth. No matter how hard her eyes looked at him, Francis had his vision locked on the action below. He watched the head of his cock go down like it was tunneling through a hole and then pop back up. Kelly moaned again, talking to him once more.

"What did you say about about my boobs again?"

"I said this is what you're built for, Kelly. Your tits were meant be fucked. You're stacked and built for this."

Right after he spoke, Kelly leaned her head down and spit onto the head of his cock as it poked up. Francis went slow, taking his time as he wanted to enjoy feeling every inch of his long cock pumping between her massive tits. Kelly Brook was one woman from the glamour industry he had long dreamed of having his dick stuffed between her breasts. Now he was experiencing that fantasy, regardless if it was years after the fact. With one more final slow thrust, he came to a halt as a way of testing her. Kelly didn't disappoint him as she re-adjusted her hands over her breasts and began to slowly pump them up and down. Still gritting her teeth, she glared up at him and spoke in a low voice.

"You like that? Mmmmmmm..."

Francis licked his lips, remaining quiet as he stood there and embraced the feeling. His eyes still watching the action of his cock disappearing between the folds of her massive tits and the head poking back up. Kelly uttered more speech in her low seductive tone.

"Feels so good between my boobs... Mmmmmm, it's been so long since I've had a big fucking cock between my huge... boobs."

Her British accent called out to him so strongly, begging for a reply but Francis didn't want to speak. He remained standing there, now watching as she dipped her head down below and parted her lips. Each time the head of his cock poked up, Kelly flicked her tongue across it. Watching her continue at a slow pace had only encouraged Francis to begin bucking his hips again to turn up the speed. Kelly raised her head, exhaling deeply as she moaned and called out to him.

"Fuck my titties! Fuck 'em nice and hard, Francis!"

Leaning down slightly, Francis moved his hands over hers onto her tits. He gave her a nod and replied in a stern voice.

"Move your hands."

Obeying his command, Kelly moved her hands away from her breasts to allow Francis to cup them now. As he squeezed her breasts together, he began to buck his hips forward. Kelly moaned as she felt his cock pumping between her boobs now. To play along with his dominant style, she folded her arms behind her back as if she were handcuffed.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah!"

Closing her eyes, she let out a moan. Her long brunette hair began to sway from beyond her shoulders as Francis grunted. He didn't hold back at all, as he pumped and thrust his cock between her tits as hard as he possibly could. With each full thrust, the head of his shaft pumped up, nearly hitting her in the chin when she leaned her head down slightly.

"Fuck my titties, ohhh, ohhhhhh yeah!!"

Kelly moaned, calling out to him in her sexy accent as Francis continued. Over and over, he thrust his cock between her boobs. She kept her hands behind her back, glancing down to watch his long dick pumping between her massive tits. The head finally poked into her chin and Kelly let out a loud moan. When Francis began to slow down his movements, her big brown eyes gazed up at him and she smirked. It was evident to her that he had enough, at least for now to hold back his orgasm. By the time he came to a complete stop, Kelly moved her hands out from behind her back. Francis had moved his hands away from her boobs, allowing his cock to flop freely out from the middle passage he had been pumping into. Kelly gripped his shaft with her right hand and used her left arm to hold her breasts up from underneath.

"Good fucking god... I could fuck your tits all day, every day..."

She bust up giggling at his naughty confession. Like all the times before, Kelly flashed her teeth as she smiled up at him. Francis watched as she shoved the head of his cock up against her left nipple. Kelly bit down on her bottom lip as she began to smack his cock up against her boob. Smack. Smack. Smack. The loud echoed through the room. She adjusted herself and then moved his cock to her right boob and rubbed the head against her erect nipple. Like seconds earlier, she slapped his cock up against her nipple and gazed into his eyes the entire time. Kelly was not satisfied with her act of teasing foreplay, not until she squeezed his cock with authority and lowered her lips down to lovingly kiss the head.

Her eyes glanced up at him as a silent cue for moving into a new position. Francis stepped out of his underwear and shorts, leaving them as a pile on the floor. He offered both of his hands to pull her up from her knees, but Kelly had begun climbing up on her own. Seeing as Kelly didn't want his help, Francis waited until she had risen completely on her feet and leaned in to finally kiss her. It was almost funny to him that between these early acts of lust, they had yet to lock lips. That changed when she shoved her breasts up against his chest and their lips met. Kelly moaned into his mouth while Francis moved one hand to the back of her head, kissing her passionately. As they kissed together, Kelly moved her hands down below to play with his cock. Francis could feel her fingers of both hands squeezing around his thick length. After breaking the kiss, he attempted to pull back from her while pointing over at the bed.

"Come on, we need to get up there."

"You want me on the bed now, huh?"

Kelly smirked at him. She moved her left hand away from his dick and began to wank it back and forth with her right hand. Francis held his chin up, then motioned by tilting his head and speaking again.

"On the bed, let's fucking go."

She finally moved her other hand away from his hanging pole. Kelly stepped in front of him and bent over to climb onto the bed. At last, Francis had a moment to admire her back view and see her phat plump ass. He bit down on his lower lip, smirking to himself as she climbed up on all fours onto the bed.

"I know I've already informed you that you're stacked with a pair of tits built for tittyfucking, but... that ass? Now that's something else."

Pushing her hands down into the blanket of the bed covering the sheets, Kelly glanced over at him from her left shoulder. From where Francis stood, her entire side view was on full display in a pose to him. She witnessed the mischievous grin painted across his face and then laughed.

"Are you trying to tell me that you want to fuck me up the arse next?"

To hear her strong British accent utter such words and phrasing in reference to her buttocks, Francis let out a soft chuckle. He began to climb onto the bed, standing with his feet lightly sinking down into the blankets and sheets below. Kelly glanced beyond her shoulder like before, noticing him right behind her. She smirked and pushed her ass back a bit, rubbing up against him as his dangling cock was forced between her thighs.

"Mmmmmmm, I would've never guessed you would be a butt man."

Francis responded to her words by raising his right hand and bringing it down for a hard spank across her bum. Kelly let out an exaggerated moan. Again, she pushed her ass back, now rubbing it up against his skin as she began to slowly grind her hips.

"I'm not, but what can I say when I see a booty like this? I don't wanna neglect it."

"I sure hope you know how to truly pound it, that's all I'm gonna tell you, dear."

Once more, he answered her speech by raising his hand and bringing it down hard on her ass. The spank echoed loudly across the room as Kelly moaned. She had sunk the palms of her hands down into the blankets below, raising her head up and closing her eyes. Francis gripped his shaft and moved it up the crack of her thick buttocks. Cooing a soft moan from her low voice, Kelly bit down on her lower lip as Francis began to tease her. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of her ass, moving his hands to her plump cheeks where he squeezed them together. Up and down his cock rubbed, hot-dogging her ass cheeks for a brief moment. Kelly finally gasped and called out to him.

"Enjoying yourself back there, Francis? Ohhhhhh, I thought you were gonna stick it up my arse and give me a proper pounding. I didn't know you were gonna play with my ass."

"Oh, shut up! You're fucking spoiled, I can tell you that."

She cracked up laughing at his words but Francis gave in. He let go of her ass cheeks and gripped his shaft once more. Kelly bit down on her lower lip and purred as she felt the head of his cock pushing into her ass hole.

"Mmmmmm, that's it... Nice and slow, get that cock up in there."

Francis groaned upon feeling the tightness of her ass. His cock pushed into her back door tunnel, now taking in a deep breath as he moved his hands to her hips. He went slow, pumping his cock into her and listening to the British glamour goddess begin moaning in her adorable accent. Kelly lifted her left foot slightly and then called out to him in a whispery voice.

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhh yes... That's it, give it to me... Nice and slow for now."

He continued to thrust his cock into her ass, but Francis was now tempted to move his right hand. He softly caressed her right ass cheek, squeezing it and listening to her continue to moan. Kelly bit down on her lower lip, slowly curling her toes of both feet and clenching her fingers. This time she called out to him in her full voice.

"More... I want more..."

"What did you just fucking say, Kelly!?"

His voice answered her back sternly. Francis reached forward with his right hand and grabbed at her long brunette hair hanging down her by. As he tugged at her hair, Kelly moaned some more.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it! Yes!! I want you to pull my fucking hair and slam that cock right up my arse."

Pulling her hair some more, Francis rammed every inch of his cock up her ass. He was rewarded with the sound of Kelly crying out loudly and then giggling in the amazing tone of her English accent. His balls smacked down onto the undersides of her glorious booty. With one hand tugging a grip into her locks of her hair and the other hand gripping one of her hips, Francis spread his legs out slightly further. Now he was truly pounding his cock into her ass, giving every everything he had inch after inch.


Kelly screamed out as her hands desperately clutched at the blanket below. Beneath her, those huge tits were swinging and shaking from the sheer power of Francis' long shaft pumping in and out of her buttocks. She curled her toes up down below as her knees remained sunken into the blankets. Francis let go of her hair and pulled his right hand free. Spank! The sound echoed throughout the room as he smacked her ass hard with his palm.


"You like getting pounded in the ass, Kelly!?"


She gritted her teeth after snarling her reply and now growling to him. Every inch of his long shaft pumped into her ass again and again, but Francis began to slow himself down. He didn't want to waste his precious climax by filling her ass with his seed. In fact, he didn't plan on busting his nut until he had at least been inside her cunt. Taking a deep breath and grunting, it was time for a new position. Making one final thrust into her ass, he stepped back and began to pull his cock from her small dark entry tunnel. Francis stepped away from her as Kelly began to move about in her position. He nearly collapsed his back down onto the bed besides her. For a moment, he was able to gaze into her beautiful brown hues while smirking and motioning with his hands.

"Come on baby, I want you to get on top now."

"Ohhhh, you're gonna let me ride now? After you pounded my arse like a mad man?"

"Are you complaining?"

"No, what kind of a woman do you think I am!?"

Her response came with a flirty smirk which left Francis chuckling lightly. Kelly certainly had her way with words, knowing the correct time to tease him. As he lay there on his back, he watched her climb above him, still on all fours for a moment to give him a few moments of watching her giant breasts shake and wobble around. Kelly reached down with both hands, gripping his cock and holding it upward so she could gently lower herself down onto it.

"Ohhhhhh, yes..."

Francis let out a soft moan and then smiled as he felt his cock sliding up inside of her juicy wet womanhood. Kelly had come to a complete halt as he placed his hands onto her hips in preparation for what was to come next. Her long brown hair had wavered all around, covering her left breast. She raised her hands while gazing down at him and began to slowly curl her hair between her fingers. As she straightened her hair behind her shoulders, Kelly grinned down at Francis and spoke.

"You ready for this?"

"I don't think you have to ask me that, babe."

Like so many times before throughout the day, Kelly flashed her perfect smile and began to chuckle. She moved her hands down to his chest below, sliding her fingers through the hair covering his chest as she leaned slightly forward.

"Just warning you, I am not gonna stop until I cum. So you better be prepared and when I cum, I cum hard."

Gripping her hips, Francis smiled back at her.

"You say that like this is gonna be a challenge."

His hand roamed from behind and he gave her ass cheeks a nice squeeze as Kelly began to roll her hips. As his cock was now pushing in and out of her pussy, Francis moaned lightly. She was slowly working her way into a rhythm and preparing herself for this. All he did was lay back, taking in the lovely view of her huge tits in front of him for now. When Kelly pushed her hands down into his chest, that was a solid cue that she was now ready. Francis lay back and felt his cock traveling into her pussy and moving back and forth.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! Mmmmmmm, yes!"

She closed her eyes, raising her head up as the palms of her hands were shoved down hard into his chest. Kelly continued to roll her hips, grinding them in a solid rhythm as her breasts began to flap up and down and shake. Francis couldn't resist the temptation to move his hands and capture those swinging tits. He clasped his hands around them and began to squeeze them while Kelly pounded herself down harder on his cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Squeeze my tits!!"

"They're so fucking amazing!"

"Mmmmmhhhhhhmmmmm! That they are!"

Winking at him after uttering her words, Kelly bit down on her lower lip and continued to grind her hips in a perfect rotation. As she leaned forward more so, her hair began to sway slightly. Francis squeezed the palms of his hands against her breasts, feeling her nipples poking into his skin. He was so tempted now to take control and begin bucking his hips. As their eyes met, he could no longer hold back such lustful thoughts. He gritted his teeth, grunting as he began to thrust his hips to pump his cock into that juicy tight vulva.


Kelly gasped her breath while Francis adjusted the soles of his feet into the blankets below. He slightly lifted his knees to make the position better as he pumped his cock into her pussy. Thrusting forward at a fast pace, he could feel every inch of his length sliding in and out of her. She gasped again, raking her fingernails across his hairy chest.


Her voice called out to him so loudly, echoed across the room as the sound of their breathing and bodies hitting together were audible behind her voice. Francis moved his hands away from her tits, but not without using his hands to playfully slap at them a few times. He couldn't get enough of watching them bounce back and forth, moving in every direction. Kelly opened her eyes and gritted her teeth, letting out a growling moan in her sexy accent. When she leaned up a bit, Francis came to a halt in his movement. He seen the perfect opening now to reverse this position. As he leaned up, he planted his face between her tits and slobbered all over them. One last time did he smother his face between her famous breasts, but only momentarily. Raising his face back up, Francis grinned at Kelly.

"My turn now to get on top now, babe."

He bit down on his lower lip, still grinning as he shoved her back with his hands. Kelly giggled and wrapped her legs around him as she fell onto her back and Francis was now atop of her. Her giant breasts pushed up against his chest as he began to quickly buck his hips and pump his fat cock into her pussy once again. Now in this position they were face to face, gazing into each other's eyes while she moaned and called out to him in a low tone.

"Fuck me... Fuck me, dear... Ohhhhh, fuck me..."

She called out to him almost in a whisper, but that didn't stop Francis. For the time being, he was going to gaze into her gorgeous face while feeling her erect nipples poking up into his chest. Over and over, his cock pumped into her cunt. Kelly moaned and soon began screaming into his face.


"Scream for me some more baby, I'm gonna make you cum so fucking hard, you're gonna-"


With each word, Kelly's voice became louder and Francis knew that was only a sign that she was drawing closer to her orgasm with every passing second. He leaned up on her and lowered his right hand down below to find her clit. As he continued to pump his cock into her pussy, his fingers rubbed at her clit, pinching it and teasing her. She screamed, flailing her arms into the bed beneath them as she curled up her toes and clenched her fingers into fists. Kelly grunted, gritting her teeth as she was finally to her breaking point of release. Francis' cock stopped pumping into her pussy, but his hand continued to play with her clit. When she closed her eyes, he knew what was coming.


After loudly screaming, she paused and cried out her final word right as he felt the gushing warm juices from within her sweet cunt. Francis had to react quickly, leaning up and snatching his cock from her pussy as she squirted her love nectar across the dark blankets of the bed. Kelly swallowed in a keen attempt to catch her breath. As she exhaled deeply, her eyes wandered forward to watch Francis. He had went to great lengths so far to hold off his orgasm, for he wanted one last chance to fuck her tits. He couldn't hold back his desire, not with this buxom British goddess who he planned to give a sticky reward to. He sat down on her stomach and then watched her move her hands to her breasts as if she knew what he wanted.

"You wanna shove that big cock back between my boobs again, dear?"

"Yeah, that's exactly what I want."

"Mmmmm, so predictable."

Kelly laughed at him while holding her breasts apart, offering a passage right down the middle of her all natural beauties. As he positioned his cock down the fleshy tunnel, Francis responded to her quip.

"So predictable that you couldn't have guessed I would want to fuck your ass."

"Ohhhh, yes. You got me there, but where's your cock right now?"

She grinned at him with that goofy smirk he knew all too well at this point, flashing her teeth. Francis wasted no time beginning to thrust his cock slowly between her tits. Kelly glanced down to watch the head poke forward as she let out a soft moan.

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah... Fuck my tits."

"You know what's gonna happen after I'm done fucking your tits again, right?"

This time Francis' words were enough to make Kelly roll her eyes. She glared up at him, smirking as he continued to slowly pump his cock between her boobs.

"Yeah! You're gonna cum for me! This isn't the first time a man finished himself with my boobs."

Francis laughed at her snarky reply. He continued to thrust his cock back and forth between her tits while Kelly's eyes were locked up at him. She leaned her head forward, soon feeling the head of his cock poking beneath her lower lip.

"Fuck my tits! Fuck 'em good and cum all over my face!"

"That's exactly what I planned to do, babe. I'm gonna fucking drown your sexy face in cum."

Kelly moaned, still gazing into his eyes while he continued to fuck her tits.

"Ohhhhh, yeah? Give me a facial I'm never gonna forget! I want your spunk all over my face, give it to me."

Finally she opened her mouth to tease him, 'ahhhh', her voice called out before her tongue darted out. Each time the head of his cock poked up between her boobs, Kelly licked it. Francis had slowed him down, thrusting the head of his shaft into her mouth and hearing the pop sound when it slipped out. Kelly refused to break her eyes from him, as she knew the focused expression across his face meant he would soon flood her in his creamy semen. With one final thrust, Francis could no longer hold himself back with the final thrust forward.


His teeth gritted together as he snarled, watching the first string of his cum went flying into the air. Kelly momentarily closed her eyes before a few drops splashed onto the right cheek of her face and the rest landed into her hair. As she opened her eyes and giggled, the next spurt of cum shot up and splattered into her right eye. Kelly gasped, closing her eyes again.

"My god!"

Giggling again, she shook her head around. Kelly's sudden movement meant the next spurt of cum slathered across her left cheek with an excess of splattered drops going into her brown hair. She flashed her teeth, grinning as she couldn't stop herself from laughing.

"Got me right in the eye! So much cum, ohhhh!"

Right as she spoke, more spurts of cum shot from his cock, slashing onto her face. Kelly grinned wide, flashing her full teeth as she soon spoke again.

"Jesus, you're a cum machine Francis!"

He slowly smiled down at her, looking at the cum dripping from her face as he bust up laughing.

"A cum machine!?"

"Well, yeah! Look at me! You drenched my face and it's all in my hair...."

Unable to control himself, Francis laughed so hard hearing her words. The way Kelly responded to him with her lovely English accent, he couldn't help but feel she was complaining but in a playful manner. She too began giggling uncontrollably as the cum dripped from her face and streamed down her skin. They shared this final moment together in laughter, a true showing of Kelly's unique sense of humor, at least Francis considered quietly to himself. His mind wandered back to her thoughts about the framed portraits hanging on his bedroom wall. Kelly had indeed earned her place among the other girls. Too bad he wouldn't be snapping a photo of her sticky face dripping in his cum. Either way, this was a day he was never going to forget.

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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #1 on: April 07, 2021, 02:51:10 AM »
That was hot as hell, you really did Kelly justice!
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2021, 03:18:32 AM »
Simply amazing!  Kelly being a slut, what more could you want, and geat gif choices too
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2021, 07:51:11 PM »
Oh my god, that was HOT but funny too. Francis is a cum machine that went spurt, spurt, spurt for Kelly.

I liked the back story with Francis sorta reliving his old fun days from the glamour modelling industry and Kelly feeling envious over girls in his past. That was a cute little jealousy angle that paid off.

I agree with extreme, you did Kelly justice. The funny bits land at the right spots while still managing to be smoldering hot.
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #4 on: April 13, 2021, 01:20:46 AM »
Thanks everyone, appreciate it!
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2021, 09:01:56 AM »
Wow amazing story Cade. Need more Kelly
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #6 on: July 29, 2021, 08:47:58 AM »
Awesome Cade! It's fucking huge (like his chest), it was very well edited, written, directed. Perfectly perfect !
Miss Brook in all her glory, love it. How hot, hot and hot !!! Thank you.
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #7 on: August 06, 2021, 10:48:19 PM »
The familiarity between the two was great, making the sex hotter. Also, Francis The Cum Machine sounds like a possible erotic sci-fi parody series waiting to happen.
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Re: Vanity and Lust (Kelly Brook)
« Reply #8 on: August 21, 2021, 02:17:58 PM »
The familiarity between the two was great, making the sex hotter. Also, Francis The Cum Machine sounds like a possible erotic sci-fi parody series waiting to happen.

So sorry, I didn't see this comment at first.

That parody would be a fun write  ;D
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