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Author Topic: The Bod Squad Episode 14 (The Ohhh-Lympics)  (Read 12367 times)

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The Bod Squad Episode 14 (The Ohhh-Lympics)
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Author's Note - Okay Gang, The Squad Leader here. I'm transferring my works over from the old C-S-S-A to here so they don't get lost to history. One thing I'd like to say though is it is a little bit embarrassing and humbling to go back and reread these earliest works of mine. I've never had a job where I write for a living or anything like that I'm just a normal dude who enjoys writing smut. I'm quite proud of the creativity and the ideas I had but the sex scenes in this series and my earliest works are just so short and frankly not great. It wasn't until I started reading the works of writers such as Carnage Jackson and TRL and especially the king KMB who is not only the best smut writer out there but a great friend that I was able to start (pun intended) fleshing things out a bit more. Modern day writers such as MTL and Cadeauxx and so many others are keeping the great tradition alive.

I say these things not to be tough on myself but hopefully to be encouragement to any aspiring smut writers out there...You WILL improve if you just keep writing. I look at this series and compare it to my most recent works and I am vastly improved. Keep at it guys and gals!

The Bod Squad (Episode 14) – The Ohhh-Lympics

by the Squad Leader

Starring – Jennifer Love Hewitt, Britney Spears, Kirsten Dunst and Rachel Stevens
Special Guest Stars – Jamie Sale and Jessica Alba

The Bod Squad is a top secret team of four
highly trained, sexy young women, who in the tradition of Charlie’s Angels are led by their oft heard, but never seen director Jimmy. The members of the Bod Squad are Love: the oldest member of the group and their unofficial leader, Britney: the party animal with a killer body and a mean streak to match, Rachel: the British bombshell and Kirsten: the baby of the group who uses her sweetness and innocent looks to accomplish things the others can’t. Their purpose is to go undercover and use any means necessary to solve crimes and protect humanity.

Episode 14 – The Ohhh-Lympics:

“Are you sure this is going to work?” Tiffani asked Jessica as they pulled up to the curb at the Sacramento airport.

“Of course it’s going to work” she replied. “In fact, I’ll bet that Kirsten is already in Salt Lake City.” Tiffani just furrowed her brow and tried to smile, unconvinced that Jessica’s plot would work.

“It’s just that there are so many things that could go wrong” she said. “I mean, how do we know that they only sent Kirsten, and how do we know that they even got the note?”

“Trust me” Jessica assured her friend. “They got the note, and with Love gone, I know they would have sent Kirsten to take care of this one.”

“Ok, I trust you.” Tiffani finally said.

“Gotta go, my flight is leaving in a few minutes” Jessica said as she gave her friend a peck on the cheek before hustling into the airport.

Tiffani watched her disappear into the crowd, still unsure of things. Jessica’s plan was to lure Kirsten
to the Olympics with an anonymous note threatening to ruin the figure skating event. The problem was, she had thrown the plan together at the last minute, and was still unsure of how she was going to do so. But that wasn’t the main problem. The real issue was how she was going to kidnap Kirsten and get her back to Sacramento.

“Oh well, if anyone can come up with something it’s Jessica” Tiffani thought to herself as she drove away.

Salt Lake City:

Kirsten sat in her car outside of the ice skaters’ lodge in the Olympic village listening to the sound of nothing. It was close to midnight, and so far, there had been no sign of trouble.

“The calm before the storm” she thought to herself. Tomorrow night was the pairs ice skating competition, and Kirsten was determined that nothing unusual was going happen on her watch. It was just that everything was so…..quiet. She softly yawned and shut her eyes. “Just a quick nap” she thought to herself, but soon she was fast asleep. As she drifted into dreamland, she didn’t notice the small figure leave the lodge and start walking towards the ice rink up the street. It was none other than Jamie Sale who had decided to cure her case of the nerves by getting in one last late night practice skate. This was quite a bit of unfortunate timing though, because Kirsten wasn’t the only one keeping an eye on the lodge that night. Jessica checked to see that no one was watching her and trailed Jamie to the rink. As she got to the building, she grabbed her cell phone to call Katie.

“What’s up?” Katie answered.

“You’re not going to believe our luck” Jessica said.

“What is it?” Katie asked her.

“Well, it turns out that we may not need to bribe one of the judges after all” she began. “I just saw one of the Canadians headed to the skating rink alone. All I have to do is kidnap her, and when Kirsten comes looking for her, I’ll get the jump on her.”

“Great plan” Katie said sarcastically. “But how are you going to get the Canadian if she is on the ice. You can’t skate.”

“Oh contraire” she replied. “I just so happen to have been on the ice skating team my freshman year at Roosevelt High.”

“And here I thought you were just a dumb cheerleader” Katie joked.

“I didn’t hear you complaining when I did the splits on your face” Jessica retorted.

“Just call me when it’s done” Katie said laughing. “And seriously, if there is any sign of trouble, just fall back to the original bribing plan.”

“Yes mom” she said and hung up the phone.

Inside the arena:

Jessica slipped into a pair of black tights and a sweatshirt before lacing up her skates and heading out to the rink. When she reached the ice, just as expected, the only person she saw was Jamie, who gracefully glided about on the smooth surface. Jessica watched in awe for a few minutes before Jamie skated over to her.

“How’s it going?” she asked Jessica.

“Pretty good” she replied. “I guess you couldn’t sleep either huh?”

“No, it’s pretty nerve wracking, what with competition tomorrow and everything” Jamie said.
“Speaking of which, what country are you from? I don’t believe I recognize you.”

“Oh, I’m from Antarctica” Jessica stupidly blurted out immediately thinking her cover was blown. But Jamie was either too tired to notice what she had said or just didn’t feel like questioning her.

“How nice” she said, extending her hand. “I’m Jamie”

“Jessica” she replied as they shook. “You know, my partner isn’t here either, so if you want to work on some moves together, we can do that.”

“Sure” Jamie replied in a bubbly voice.

“Is that what you’re wearing tomorrow?” Jessica asked, referring to the gray skirt and top Jamie had on as they skated towards the middle of the ice.

“I think so” she replied.

“It looks really good” Jessica said. Jamie just smiled. Was this woman hitting on her?

They went through some basic moves for about 15 minutes, and while she was the best skater in her freshman high school class, Jessica’s moves were quite clumsy and awkward compared to Jamie’s. Nevertheless, there was quite a bit of sexual energy between the two as Jessica had her hands all over Jamie’s body during their ice dance. Finally, after tripping Jamie for about the fifth time, Jessica could sense her partner’s frustration.

“Wanna call it a night?” she asked.

“I guess so” Jamie said. The two headed back to the locker room, where Jessica planned to kidnap her new friend. “But first, let’s see if she’s interested in a little play time” she thought.

“Still nervous?” she asked Jamie as they took off their skates.

“I think I will be until the competition is over” she answered.

“I may have a way to release some of that tension” Jessica said with a wicked smile.

“Oh yeah, how?” Jamie asked innocently.

“Like this” Jessica said as she pulled Jamie over and started kissing her on the lips. Jamie resisted for a second or two, but then realized how bad she wanted Jessica and started to kiss her back. They sat straddling the bench, facing each other and kissing for what felt like hours. Jamie soon straddled Jessica’s lap and worked her tongue down the hot brunette’s throat as Jessica just ran her hands all over Jamie’s butt and legs.

Jamie reached down and lifted Jessica’s sweatshirt up over her head, exposing her bare breasts. Jamie had never seen a woman with breasts as beautiful as these, and she hungrily attacked them, pushing Jessica onto her back in the process. Jessica’s nipples stood erect in the cool locker room as Jamie slurped away at them. She playfully pinched both of Jessica’s nipples and rolled them between her thumbs and index fingers as Jessica moaned in pleasure. Jamie slowly made her way down, kissing Jessica’s stomach on the way to her pants. She peeled down Jessica’s tight spandex pants and admired her freshly shaved pussy before straddling Jessica’s face in the 69 position.

As she started to run her tongue over Jessica’s clit, Jamie felt her panties being removed on the other end and heard Jessica softly moaning.

“Oooooh yes! Ohhhhh!” Jessica cried as she tried to concentrate on pleasuring Jamie. Damn, could this girl eat pussy! She softly lapped away at Jamie’s slit, burying her tongue in the warm flesh. Meanwhile, Jamie had quickened her pace, and was now sliding her fingers in and out of Jessica’s honey pot while she nibbled away at her clit.

Now Jamie was the one making all of the noise with her cries as Jessica expertly worked her tongue in and out.

“Ohhh! Fuck me! Fuck me! Yes!” she cried as she climaxed. All of Jamie’s love juices came spilling down on Jessica’s face, and she tried to lap up as much of it as she could. Soon, it was Jessica who was coming, as Jamie was fingering her so hard that her arms were starting to cramp.

Jamie turned around and laid on top of Jessica, softly French kissing her as their breathing began to resume its normal pace. Jessica was trying to decide what the best way to knock Jamie out would be when they heard a knock at the locker room door.

“Jamie, are you in there?” came a man’s voice. It was David Pelletier, her boyfriend and skating partner.

“Shit, it’s David!” she whispered. “You need to hide!”

“Why would he care, you two aren’t dating are you?” Jessica asked.

“We are, and that’s none of your business, Miss Antarctica” she scolded, letting Jessica know that she knew her cover story was bullshit. Jamie quickly put her panties back on and went out to meet David, leaving Jessica naked and pissed off.

“I guess it’s back to plan B” she said to herself.

The night of the competition:

On the night of the competition, Jessica and Kirsten watched from opposite ends of the crowd. Jamie and David took the ice and nailed a perfect routine. Many of the spectators commented that Jamie had never looked more relaxed than on that night. However, when the scores were handed out, it was the Russians, and not the Canadians who received the gold. All over the world, people were outraged. How could this be? Is there no justice? This is figure skating damn it! If travesties like this can happen in figure skating, then nothing is sacred!

Luckily, there was a freedom fighter on hand that night, and her name was Kirsten. She managed to unearth the dastardly plot that had been hatched earlier that day in which one of the judges scores had been bought. A quick anonymous tip to the IOC later, and a full scale investigation was on. In the meantime, she had some questions of her own to ask. Kirsten combed the streets of the Olympic village that week asking if any of the competitors had seen any of the women in the pictures she showed them. Five or six of them pointed out Jessica as someone they had seen lurking around which confirmed her suspicions. Now, if she could only talk to David and Jamie, but they were so busy with all of the interviews they had that she couldn’t get to them. Finally, on Thursday, the day the pair were awarded with gold medals, she met with them in their hotel room.

“Have you seen this woman?” Kirsten asked, showing them a picture of Jessica.

David said no, but Jamie blushed and asked “Who are you anyway, the cops?”

“No, I’m the person who gave the tip that led to you getting your gold medals” she replied, slightly annoyed at Jamie’s attitude. “We think this woman may be responsible for this whole ordeal.”

“I’m sorry” Jamie said. “Yes, I’ve seen her around here.” As she gave a detailed account of their meeting, David stood there looking shocked but not angry.

“I didn’t know you were into chicks” he said to Jamie.

“I didn’t know I was either” she said. “It just kind of happened.”

“Thank you for your time” Kirsten said as she started to leave. David quickly looked at Jamie and smiled.

She stepped in front of Kirsten and said “At least let us thank you for your help” as she put her hands on Kirsten’s waist.

“That sounds fair” she smiled as she and Jamie began to kiss each other passionately. David looked on, eyes wide before coming up behind Kirsten and lifting her shirt off.

“What are you doing?” she asked.

“I thought we were thanking you?” he said.

“Yeah, it’s cool. But aren’t you…..gay?” she asked.

“Why, just because I’m a figure skater?” he said.

“Well……Yeah!” Kirsten giggled, and with that they all started laughing. Jamie quickly got things back on track as she kneeled down and slid off Kirsten’s pants while David removed her bra. She then stood up and took off her own shirt and running pants while Kirsten turned around, pulled down David’s pants and started sucking him off. She slowly worked her lips up and down his engorged shaft as Jamie yanked Kirsten’s thong to the side and worked her tongue into the young woman’s pussy.

David looked down and saw Kirsten sucking away at his cock while Jamie worked her tongue up from Kirsten’s pussy to her asshole, flicking away at it with fervor.

“Mmmmm, Yeah!” Kirsten moaned as Jamie continued to eat her asshole and work her fingers into her pussy. Jamie continued to lovingly rub Kirsten’s clit with her fingers, and soon she came all over the young Canadian’s face.

David stepped back for a minute as Jamie wriggled out of her panties and laid on her back, spreading her legs wide open. He started to work his way over to her, but she nodded at Kirsten and said “I want to watch you fuck her.”

Kirsten agreed, and soon David was pounding away at her, doggie style while Jamie masturbated on the floor next to them. She slid her fingers into her moist cunt and fingered herself, listening to David’s nuts slapping rhythmically against Kirsten’s ass. David continued to work his dick into Kirsten’s vice like pussy until Jamie said “Fuck her in the ass.” She watched Kirsten’s face as David slid his cock into her ultra tight asshole, and it turned her on more than she could stand.

“Ohhh yeah! Like that!” Kirsten moaned in a pleasure/pain mix. Jamie was moaning as well, watching all that was going on and timing her fingering with David’s thrusts and Kirsten’s moans.

“Oooooooh! Ohhhhhh!” she cried as she finally rubbed herself to an orgasm. Meanwhile, David felt his orgasm coming on, and Kirsten wheeled around just in time to catch it in the face. Jamie rushed over and the two girls passionately kissed as the come stuck to both of their faces and ran down their chins.

Several hours, and several fuck sessions later, Kirsten finally got dressed and headed towards the door.

“Call me if you hear from Jessica again” she said. Jamie and David just nodded, too spent to answer. They had gotten quite a workout today.

Kirsten shut the door behind her and headed down the hall and out into the snowy night. She never heard Jessica sneak up behind her and inject her with a tranquilizer, quickly stuffing her into her rental car before anyone noticed. She picked up her cellphone and called Katie.

“Mission accomplished” she said. “I’m coming home.”


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Re: The Bod Squad Episode 14 (The Ohhh-Lympics)
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Fantastic end of the series, really enjoyed that.
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Re: The Bod Squad Episode 14 (The Ohhh-Lympics)
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Hey thanks for all of the feedback Cadeauxxx. I do have a few more chapters of the Bod Squad I just haven't gotten a chance to transfer over yet though. I'll hopefully get to those today. It was a lot of fun to write as my first foray into the celebrity story game.
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