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Kamen Rider W AU: Kamen Rider Clay
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Have you ever thought about what could have been? What if Shoutarou was able to save Wakana? What if she then went on to be her own Kamen Rider? Kamen Rider is owned by Toei Company, Ltd. I own nothing but the idea.

Chapter 1

“SHROUD!!” Hidari Shotaro yelled for the mother of his aibō. He had just found out that his partner Philip was going to disappear after they would become W again. All thanks to his father merging him and his sister. Philip had already given up and was willing to end it as long as they saved his sister Sonozaki Wakana.

But Shotaro couldn’t give up. He had to find a way to save them both. He couldn’t lose another person close to him. Not like he had his mentor Narumi Sokichi. He couldn’t, he just couldn’t. He fell to his knees. If he couldn’t find the only person that could save them all was lost. And he punched the ground in frustration.

Then he saw her slowly walking up to him in the forest that she would always be found in. He quickly got to his feet tripping as he did. She has to have the answer, she just has to. he thought to himself. “Shroud is it true? Is Philip going to disappear?” he asked her, hoping that she would tell him that it was all in his aibō’s head and that he wasn’t going to disappear or that there was an easy fix to stop him.

She just shook her head yes.

“Isn’t there any way to save him? Please tell me.” he pleaded with her. She didn’t answer him right away. He grabbed her by the collar

“This isn’t a joke. This was the biggest case the boss entrusted in me! But now…” he said to her.

“The one who hired Narumi Sokichi to save Raito was me,” she said using Philip’s family name Sonozaki Raito.

“You’re the client?” he asked her.

“And he has been saved. Raito is no longer data reconstruction. It’s thanks to you.” she said to him.


“After plotting and planning all I could do as a mother was to come up with a plan that would make him able to smile as he disappeared without any worries,” she said looking away from Shotaro. Shotaro started to cry as he felt her giving up too.

“That’s selfish of you!” he yelled as he turned to run away.

* * *

“Where have you been? The party is almost over.” Queen said as she and Elizabeth were dancing.

“We waited as long as we could. But everyone wanted to send Philip off with a bang.” Narumi Akiko said standing next to a worried-looking Philip and Terui Ryu. He had been gone longer than they had both thought he would be after finding out that he was going to disappear after the next fight. But he just walked past both of them.

“So that is what you came up with for telling them that Philip is going to disappear?” Shotaro asked quietly.

“Yes. And Shotaro...I have this present for you too. It can wait for after. Please open it.” he said looking at him worried as he turned away from him. Shotaro didn’t say anything just looked at the wall. Thinking about what was going to happen the next day.

* * *

“Chief, we are going into the enemy’s factory. It’s too dangerous for you.” Ryu said as they left the sleeping party goers in the office.

“I’m going. This might be our eternal parting,” she said sadly looking at Philip.

“Don’t leave my side,” Ryu said as he and Shotaro put their gear on when they rode their bikes.

“Of course!” she said looking at him. She had fallen in love with the police officer/Kamen Rider. But this wasn’t about that. She just wanted to be there for the last time she would see her friend Philip-kun henshin into Kamen Rider W.

After the bike ride to Charming Raven, they made their way inside punching out any guard that they found. Until they were met with Masquerade Dopants. They fought through them with relative ease. “This way,” Philip said to them as they went with him leading the way. He had looked up this building in the Planet’s Bookshelves so he knew where his sister was being held.

They came across a balcony. “Wakana-neesan is this way,” Philip said leading them to her.

“This is super handy! A Wakana-hime radar!” Akiko said as she followed him.

“Hidari, leave this to me,” Ryu said seeing more Masquerade Dopants chasing after them. Shotaro chased after Philip and Akiko as fast as he could. Still thinking about what he was about to do.

“HEN-SHIN!” Ryu said as he henshined into Kamen Rider Accel. And started to fight the Dopants sending one flying off the balcony immediately and then another after a short fight.

Down farther, Shotaro fought off two more Masquerade Dopants that was guarding Wakana’s unconscious body. “Wakana-neesan!” Philip said seeing her lying on the bed.

“Wakana-hime,” Shotaro said looking at her wondering if what he was about to do was the right thing.

“Neesan?” Philip said getting to her side.

“Raito-” she said in her sleep.

“Let’s get her out of here,” Shotaro said sure that the time for the henshin was drawing near.

“Wait,” Philip said seeing a computer chip on her forehead.

“It’s some type of measuring device. But what is it measuring?” he asked looking at her.

“It quantifies her abilities.” Kazu Jun said as he walked into the room.

“Kazu!” Shotaro said seeing the man that had just the day before kicked their butts with his Utopia Gaia Memory.

“Let me make a comparison,” he said holding up a device and they turned to see the chip merge into her forehead. “If ClayDoll Extreme was 100...then right now…” he said looking at the device. “...she is at 43 percent,” he said looking at them.

“You are going to use Nee-san as a program, aren’t you?” Philip asked him.

“Just what you expect from the original data human. Your comprehension is swift,” he said with a smug smile.

“This isn’t a joke,” Philip said to him.

“Is this the face of someone who’s joking?” he asked coldly. He held up the Utopia Gaia Memory and pressed the button.

“UTOPIA,” it said. And he dropped it and it found its way into the drive around his waist. And his powers were brought forth and they started to float around the room. As he transformed into the Utopia Dopant.

“Shotaro! It’s finally time. Let’s defeat him!” Philip said looking angrily at Kazu. “After that...take care of the rest,” Philip said referring to getting his sister out of there.

“You’re right it is time...I just hope that chip doesn’t throw this off,” Shotaro said pulling out something that he had hidden inside his jacket all this time. It was a brand new driver but it wasn’t like their W Driver where it had two slots for Gaia Memories. Or like the Lost Driver that had only one slot for a single Gaia Memory. But it had three slots. For THREE Gaia Memories.

Philip looked at him as he strapped it around not his waist but the waist of his sister. And as he did it also appeared around both Shotaro and Philip’s waists. “CLAY.” the driver said as a Memory just appeared in the center slot. It was like her old ClayDoll Gaia Memory but it was streamlined like theirs.

“What are you doing?” Philip asked looking at him.

“Trust me aibō,” Shotaro said with a smile. As he held up his Joker Memory.

“Always,” Philip said with a smile, holding up his Cyclone Memory.

“CYCLONE. JOKER.” their memories said as they both pressed the buttons on their memories.

“What are you doing?” Kazu asked looking on as both of them placed their memories into the two slots on the side.

“Saving a family. HENSHIN!” Shotaro said smiling as he pulled open not the driver that he was wearing but the one on Wakana.

“Where am I?” Wakana asked wondering around a vast white space. She had been inside the Planet’s Bookshelves many times this place didn’t feel like that place. But it somehow felt similar.

“This is the place where we go when we henshin into Kamen Rider W, Nee-san,” Philip said to her.

“Philip-kun...I mean Raito,” she said seeing him.

“Yes. Your okaa-san hoped you would start to return to your old self.” Shotaro said.

* * *

“That’s selfish of you!” he yelled as he turned to run away.

“Are you going to give up as easily as I did?” she asked him as he started to walk away.

“Never. He is my aibō. I won’t give up on him. Because he won’t give up on me.” Shotaro said angrily at the mere question.

“Good,” she said handing him a box.

“What’s this?” he asked her.

“Open it,” she said looking at him through her covered face.

He reluctantly opened the box. And inside was a new Driver.

“That is the Triple Extreme Drive,” she said walking away from Shotaro a little.

“A long time ago I was naive and hopeful. Spending time with that man brought that back I guess. You see I was childhood friends with your Boss.” she said looking at him. He was stunned by this news.

“I went to him when they first started to produce Gaia Memories. I gave him the Lost Driver. A driver that I made. I also gave him the Skull Gaia Memory and made all the things that you now use.” she explained.

“But at first my plans all were met with my own skepticism. I doubted every move I made at first. That’s why I also gave the Weather Memory to the man that would go on to kill Ryu’s family. This was all to save my family. But I gave up on my earliest plan to save them because of Saeko.” she said with a sigh.

“I had planned to have my three children fight their father together. Winning them over with the help of Sokichi. But then I saw how my oldest daughter was so much like her father. And how she was trying to change my little healing princess to be like her.” she said. Shotaro looked at her.

“She got her stage name from me. I had always called her that as a baby. Because she healed her father when she was born. He had been growing distant and when she was born, he came back to us. And with that, I gave up on saving my girls. Hoping that they wouldn’t be pulled too far into this but knowing that they would be.” she said looking at the ground.

“Than you got the W Driver and not Sokichi. And you passed every one of the tests that I thought that you couldn’t pass. And if you two could beat my husband than I knew that you could bring balance to my two youngest children and become Kamen Rider W Triple Extreme. That is if you have what it takes to ride with TWO devils.” she said looking at him.

* * *

“With me here acting like a filter I am bringing balance back to you two. So the Wakana bits go to Wakana and the Philip bits go back to Philip. And also rechanneling your extreme data into the driver itself so we are as one. She also hoped that because of this you would return to be her healing princess.” Shotaro said to her as she started to tear up.

Philip went to her and hugged her. “Thank you, Shotaro,” he said looking at him.

“I had a case to complete and save my clients’ sister,” he said trying to look cool.

“Half boiled as always.” both of them said at the same time and then started to laugh. Even Shotaro who looked a little annoyed smiled at the two of them.

“So you have the courage to ride with TWO devils?” Philip asked him.

“Do you have to ask?” Shotaro said with a smile as the three of them stood side by side.

“I’m getting the feeling that it’s going to be fun working with you,” Wakana said with a smile as the henshin was complete and they were floating in front of Kazu.

“I didn’t hear anything about this,” Akiko said looking at the new Kamen Rider in front of her. It looked like Kamen Rider W Extreme but instead of a shiny white center, there was a brown center that also had coils around both arms.

“Who or what are you?” Kazu asked seeing them.

“We are Kamen Rider W Triple Extreme. Now count up your sins.” all three of them said together.
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Re: Kamen Rider W AU: Kamen Rider Clay
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Chapter 2

As everyone looked at the new Rider Kazu fully transformed into Utopia. “What happened to Wakana-san?” Kazu noticed that only two people were floating around the room. And only Akiko looking like she wasn’t in control.

“I knew you were a baka man. This is why I never liked working with you.” Wakana’s voice said as the red cat’s eye jewel in the forehead glowed with each word spoken by Wakana.

“Where are you Wakana-hime? We came to help you.” Akiko said looking around and under the bed that Wakana had just been in and not finding her. Probably because she was spinning around trying to look under the bed.

“Aki-chan. She’s right here.” Philip said with the right eye glowing as he talked.

Wakana laughed as they looked at Akiko spinning. “Wakana be nice,” Shotaro said to her with the left eye glowing as he talked.

“I can’t help it. She is funny.” Wakana said again with the cat’s eye jewel glowing with each word.

“She’s inside there?” Kazu said looking at Kamen Rider Triple Extreme.

“Very good.” all three spoke at once.

“This form was the form Okaasan had in mind for us taking out Otōsan. But Philip-kun and Shotaro were able to prove Okaasan wrong and were able to beat him without any of her plans.” Wakana said.

That was when Akiko realized it. “Eh?!?!” she said freaking out and then almost immediately calmed down. “The center jewel glows when Wakana-hime speaks. Just like when each eye glows when Shotaro and Philip-kun speak. Is that a way to tell which one is talking?” Akiko asked holding her chin as she spun.

“It took you this long to figure that...never mind. Now that we are one. There is something that you need to know.” Shotaro said looking at Kazu.

“And what’s that?” Kazu readied his staff. Not sure what this new Rider was capable of but knowing that there was nothing that he couldn’t handle. He had the power of Utopia on his side.

“We have the full power of the Earth on our side,” Wakana said as they came rushing at Utopia hitting him with both a right and a left hook. Kazu didn’t expect to have someone hit him like that. He could control the gravity around him. Stopping the momentum of anything he wanted. He could send people flying into the air with a flick of the wrist. But he was just punched twice.

“Not bad,” Kazu said looking at Triple Extreme. “But I’m better,” he said, sending the bed at Triple Extreme. It hit them and sent them through the wall and into the next wall causing them to shatter.

“Philip! Shotaro!” Ryu said seeing this and went in to protect Akiko and defeat whomever just killed his friends.

“I told them I was better,” Kazu said smugly.

“But who said we are dead?” they heard all three voices say. That’s when they looked over and saw three red jewels flying in the air.

“Is that...?” Ryu asked realizing what he was looking at. It was the eyes of Kamen Rider W Triple Extreme. All three of them in the exact right place for them to be in the helmet. And then they reformed just as Wakana used to back in the beginning.

“That was strange,” Shotaro said shaking a little after they reformed.

“You get used to it,” Wakana said with a smile you could hear.

“Don’t forget Shotaro that I am a data human. I have been losing my body more times than you Wakana-neesan.” Philip said.

“How?” Ryu asked.

“Simple detective,” Wakana spoke. “I am a part of the henshin now too. And I brought some powers from my old ClayDoll Memory,” she said as she shot out several energy blasts at Kazu who blocked a few but some had gotten through knocking him back a little.

“And thanks to having the full power of the Earth on our side now we can use some of the powers of the other Gaia Memories that we possess too,” Wakana said holding up the Luna Memory.

“ LUNA. ” the Memory said as they pushed the button on it. Triple Extreme held up their hands and stretched out their arms and started to punch and slap Utopia around. And then started doing the same with her feet. Kicking him around like he was a football.

“Or this one,” Shotaro said holding up the Trigger Memory.

“ TRIGGER. ” the memory said and a gun appeared in front of them. And they started to fire the gun at Kazu. Who just managed to block most of them.

“Not bad but what if we mix the two?” Philip asked holding up the Luna Gaia Memory pushing the button for it while still firing the gun. And the bullets started to spin and twirl around Kazu hitting him in his blind spots.

“ PRISM. ” the Prism Gaia Memory said as they pushed the button.

“And we also have some of the old favorites,” Shotaro said pulling out the CycloneJokerXtreme’s Prism Sword. But this time inserting the Clay, Cyclone, and Joker Memories into it.

“But even that has some new twists thanks to Wakana-neesan,” Philip said as they held up the Luna Memory and started to swing the Prism Sword. But it acting more like a whip more than a sword. And it kept slashing Utopia even with him blocking some of the slashes. Because just as he would send it back the sword would twist with a flick from Triple Extreme’s wrist and go in for a slash.

“Argh,” Kazu said as he fought off this sword...and losing. With each slash that got through to him, he was losing more and more of that composer that he had been showing since he came to Futo. “I...will...not...LOSE TO YOU!!” he yelled as he tried to block every slash but then a series of slashes got through to him and he was sent flying into the wall of the room were just a few minutes before he thought he was going to be in control of this fight.

At this point, Triple Extreme walked back into the room. Slowly stepping over rubble and debris from the fight so far. Accel and Aikio looking on in awe of what was being done to a man that was giving them so much trouble. At this point, Saeko came to the scene knowing that W wouldn’t be able to take on Utopia and for some reason, she felt like she needed to save her baby sister. Only to find Utopia on the ground.

“Hello Saeko-neesan,” Philip said to his sister seeing her there.

“H-How?” she asked as Kazu tried to stand.

“We’ll explain later, Oneesama,” Wakana said as they pulled the Prism Sword back to its standard form.

“Wakana?” Saeko said seeing Triple Extreme lower the Prism Sword as they walked toward Kazu stumbling back to the floor.

“You know it is the Foundations fault that we have lost our parents in many ways,” Wakana said looking at Kazu. “They gave Otōsan the funding for the Gaia Memories.” she continued. “And while I was in that coma I was able to look through the Planet Bookshelves. And I found out that they tricked our Okaasan. They told her that if she didn’t help with the research that Philip-kun would disappear.” she said.

This surprised everyone there. Even Philip and Shotaro. “You caused my parents to fight and it affected all of us. Oneesama became like our Otōsan. Philip-kun used his brains to help the creation of these damn Gaia Memories. And me. You experimented on me. Turning me into something I wasn’t. Yes, it was Isaka Sensei that did it. But he was used because of what you put Okaasan through.

“You people took a family and tore it apart for the sake of a buck. Or for being evil. I don’t know what your reasoning is behind the things you have done here in Futo or around the world for that matter. But it needs to end. And end now.” Wakana said to him. He was standing up looking like he was about to fall over and die.

“Do you think I care? I have been cold. Heartless. And uncaring. Should I care that I tore apart a family? That I caused all of this. I DON’T! I am beyond such ideals. I am not a man. I am a kami to the lower classes. And you ‘three’ won’t stop that. I am beyond this. You have just been lucky.” he said trying to lift his staff. “And I will make that luck come to an end,” he said charging Triple Extreme.

But Triple Extreme used the Prism Sword and slash through the staff. It was easy with the power of three of them. “It is your luck that has come to an end.” the three of them said together.

“ CLAY MAXIMUM DRIVE. JOKER MAXIMUM DRIVE. CYCLONE MAXIMUM DRIVE. ” the Gaia Memories said as they activated all three Maximum Drives for their Gaia Memories. Then they jumped into the air.

“ Triple Meteor Impact! ” the three of them said as they split into three balls of fire. And each one came crashing down onto Kazu. As they passed through him an image could be seen in each one. A Kamen Rider giving what was clearly a Rider Kick.

The three balls of fire landed in about the same place and reformed Kamen Rider W Triple Extreme. They turned away from Kazu. He tried to stand up again. But he grunted as sparks flew and he fell over and exploded. As this happened the three of them undid their henshin and Wakana, Philip, and Shotaro split into three again. Shotaro looking like he was trying to be the hard-boiled detective again.

“You still look half-boiled,” Wakana said with a smile as Philip hugged her in the flesh and not in Planet Bookshelves. He smirked at Shotaro who just looked at the two of them.

“First things first. I wouldn’t want to trade either of my devils for anyone. But come here you two.” Shotaro said going after the two of them playfully. They ran around laughing as they did. Wakana still in her hospital gown from when she was in a coma. But she didn’t care. For the first time in her life, she felt like a weight was lifted off her. Like she was truly free. And laughing and playing with her brother and his aibō was perfect as everyone looked at the three of them smiling.

* * *

“Okay, there is one thing I don’t understand,” Saeko said with a smile. They were having another going away party. But this time it was for Wakana. She hadn’t told them where she was going or why but she did tell them now that she was free of the family curse she was going to need some time away.

And Saeko was there trying to shake the sins of her Otōsan and her past. She wasn’t sure she could shake either but she did want to send her sister off. She didn’t understand it. Her whole life she hated being around her sister. She hated how she was their Otōsan’s favorite. She hated how she went into entertainment over the family business. She hated the attitude that she had. But ever since she thought that she had died in the mansion she didn’t want to see her hurt or hurting.

“What’s that Oneesama?” Wakana asked her laughing as she watched her brother trying to show them Heaven's Tornado with Shotaro but he wouldn’t stand still long enough for him to even attempt the move.

“When you three did the Triple Meteor Impact there were three Kamen Riders. One in each ball of flame. I recognized Kamen Rider Joker. But who were the other two?” Saeko asked as Philip tackled Shotaro with Wakana laughing harder than anyone else.

“That was what each of us would look like if we used the Lost Driver, Shotaro would become Kamen Rider Joker. Philip would become Kamen Rider Cyclone. And I would become Kamen Rider Clay.” Wakana said with a smile.

“I didn’t know it was possible for you two to henshin into other Kamen Riders,” Aikio said with a smile.

“Well I can but I would prefer not to. I am not a fighter.” Philip said with a smile.

“That’s my Philip-kun. He would prefer to be in the Planet Bookshelves looking up keywords.” Wakana said with a smile hugging him and kissing his cheek. He smiled looking at his other older sister.

“What are you going to do now Saeko-neesan?” he asked her.

She looked at him. Looking a little like her old self. “Honestly I don’t know. I spent so damn long trying to be like Otōsan I might not be able to shake that. But right now…” she said setting down her drink. “I want to try that Heaven’s Tornado with you Raito,” she said going up to him and them starting to dance with everyone smiling. But none more broadly than two people watching this. One was Wakana who started to cheer as they actually did it. And their Okaasan.

She watched them from afar. She loved seeing her children together and not trying to kill each other. For this moment they were a family again. And nothing could take that away from this moment. She started to tear up seeing the children she had left all those years ago at this party. “Sokichi, you were right again my friend. You picked a great successor. Arigato Shotaro-kun,” she whispered before she turned and walked away fading away as she walked.

* * *

“Are you going to tell us where you’re going Wakana-neesan?” Philip asked loading up a bike that he had worked on with Shotaro the night before. It was something like Shotaro’s but in brown.

“I debated whether or not to tell the two of you,” she said looking at her brother and Shotaro.

“Your going after Foundation X aren’t you?” Shotaro said.

“You aren’t brainless after all Half-Boiled Detective,” she said with a smile.

“But that’s dangerous,” Philip said looking at her.

“Philip,” Shotaro said putting a hand on his shoulder. As if to say that he needed to let her do this.

“I’ll be fine Philip-kun. I have this,” she said pulling out something from behind her back. It was the gift that Philip had left for Shotaro thinking that he was going to die.

“What’s that anyway?” Shotaro asked having never opened it. Wakana smirked as she opened the gift to show him a Lost Driver.

“While Philip-kun won’t fight by himself I think it is time for the Healing Princess to step up and fight her own battles,” she said with a smile.

“And if you get into a bigger pinch than you think then you have this too,” Shotaro said handing her the Triple Extreme Driver. She took it from him with a smile.

“I thought you might need it so I left it hidden in your desk when I took this,” Wakana said with a smile holding up the Lost Driver.

“We couldn’t use it. It was linked to you first. So you have to put it on first before it appears on us. But you knew that already Miss Planet Bookshelves.” Shotaro said with a smile. She smirked again.

“You better use it when you need it Wakana-neesan,” Philip said hugging her.

“I will if I need it,” she said looking at him.

“No! Promise you will use it if you need it,” Philip said looking at her.

“I will,” she said kissing him on the cheek. “I’ll miss you Philip-kun,” she said tearing up. She then turned to her bike. She took out the Lost Driver and strapped it to her waist.

“ CLAY. ” Clay Gaia Memory said as she pushed the button.

“Henshin!” she said as shoved it into the Lost Driver and pulled it down. And she was transformed into Kamen Rider Clay.

“See you around Half-Boiled Detective!” she said as she drove away to fight Foundation X all over the world. Hoping that she would be able to take them down one base at a time if she had to. But she knew that she was going down the right path again. And that she was going to live this life to the fullest.

When I first had the idea for this story I wanted to do more. But I decided over the last few weeks that while I like this. And I want to keep writing more about this Wakana. I might not have enough ideas for a full season past this moment. If I come up with something I might do a sequel story to this one. But I think for now I should leave it like this. I hope you enjoyed the ride.
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