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Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
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Bass Slut
Starring: Demi Rose Mawby

Codes: MMF, Interracial, Dirty Talk, Oral, Tit Fuck, Anal, Double Penetration, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

Ibiza, Spain

Wind blew, rustling a row of palm trees outside next to the building. The sound of booming bass thumps were audible, even for one standing around waiting to to enter the club. Outside, a large pink colored neon lit sign in cursive writing read 'Gran Sonido' in a cursive font. An entry fee was required before stepping through metal detectors and past the two security guards standing outside the black doors for entry. On an average of Saturday nights, a line would follow outside the club and down the street block. Gran Sonido was only the most recent name in a long string of changes that had come for this specific club. Every few years, a new manager stepped in to purchase the building and push through with a renovation project to put their ownership onto it. Either way, one thing had remained the same regardless the club's owner. This was party city and that reputation had not faded.

Darkness greeted every person who stepped beyond the large metal doors. The walls were painted black, down below a checkered floor tile of white and black was visible. People shuffled beyond one another, making it towards the bar that was located on the left side of the building. A staircase with a sleek silver metal railing took one upstairs to get a better view of the dance floor. Most of the action was on the right side of the club with a massive round shaped dance floor and laser lights beaming from across the building. Beyond the dance floor was an elevated stage where the resident DJ made their earnings from working turntables and keyboards. The laser lights flashed an array of colors from green to yellow, blinding anyone that was gazing directly above the stage. For every step one took in the club, their ears were bombarded with the sound of hardcore bass beats.

Hardcore was the flavor of dance music that Gran Sonido was known for in it's short life as a club. It wasn't any different from the other clubs across Ibiza that also played heavy tempo fueled dance music. On most nights, the resident DJ was a twenty something year old man using the stage name of Captain Big Beat. The man had went from club to club over the past three years, trying his best to make a living with working the turntables and work station on stage. Tonight was a different night however, as the man was out for the weekend. Instead, a female DJ was in the house for an exclusive set for tonight only. Demi Rose Mawby stood in front of the turntables and work station. She adjusted the black noiseless earphone set over her ears while her eyes gazed down at pink colored vinyl on the turntable slowly spinning. A bright yellow cord was attached to her headphones, the coiled line going back to the workstation so she could hear properly among the ambience of the club.

Her long jet black hair had been fixed up into a pony tail extending down her back prior to when she took the stage. Demi curved her pink lips into a smile while moving her hands away from the headphones. She tapped her right hand fingers across an array of buttons to begin playing a low tempo of bass beats to go along with the instrumental track from the turntable. Her curvaceous body was only slightly hidden between a robe-like gold dress that hugged over her neck. A large V-neck split revealed her heavy cleavage, as she didn't wear a bra to go with this outfit. Gold high heels down below matched the robe, as anyone standing behind her would've took notice of her giant rump and thick hips visible from the outfit. DJing was a secondary hobby for the up and coming British glamour model. Times had changed with a collapsed industry, but Demi knew that Ibiza was an island with ties back to glamour modelling. Gone were the days of Lucy Pinder and Holly Peers shaking up rumors on the island, but the party scene remained alive and well.

Standing behind the model was a dark skinned man of Jamaican descent known by the name as Elgin. He stood tall in a black pinstriped suit, unbuttoned to reveal a white collared shirt underneath. The first few buttons were undone, revealing gold Cuban linked chains, matching the gold Rolex watch. In the day time, he covered his eyes with a pair of sunglasses, but tonight one could see the brown hue in his eyes. With a clean shaved face, his hair had recently been fixed up into short a Hi-top fade. At thirty years of age, he had given up his quest becoming a hip hop artist back home in Britain. Elgin had better success at production, working alongside up and coming hip hop artists for a few years before finding another avenue with DJ sets. He met Demi Rose when she was dating a rapper by the name of Tyga. Having a one night stand with the model years ago led to an affair and now a relationship between them.

He stood behind her, watching as her right hand fingers glided across the controls of the work station. She paid special attention to the spinning vinyl across the turntable. Demi had her own talents, but Elgin offered a guiding hand when she spoke of wanting to have DJ sets. The girl had spent the past few weeks practicing for this night between doing photoshoots that would be posted on social media. Demi had a way of getting all the gossip tabloid rags of England talking about her. Elgin had told her before, that if the glamour industry had not collapsed, she would've been the next Lucy Pinder. Taking in much pride with such bold claims, Demi knew that her body was desired. Her likes and reposts on the various social media accounts were enough to tell her that. Elgin took a better sense in pride, just knowing that he was sharing a bed with the woman who was currently the most famous model out of Britain. It made him feel better about his lack of stardom compared to rappers he had competed with in the past.

Backstage, another man was making his way up. Wearing a pair of khaki shorts that showed off his skinny pale white legs, Paul began to bob his head at the rhythm of the song currently playing. Wearing a black T-shirt with Metallica's classic 'Master of Puppets' album cover over the front, the skinny American man stomped his red Nike tennis shoes over the floor while brushing past a few security guards. His short brown hair was visible thanks to the lighting down the hallway, also illuminating the view of his arms covered in dark tattoos. A short black beard was visible from his chin, as the only bit of facial hair the man preferred. Paul was known as the American friend to Demi and Elgin. He had known Elgin for a few years prior, going back to the days that they worked in a studio together. An efficient sound engineer, Paul had traveled from Miami to London chasing a career in the music industry. Little could have guessed that by the age of twenty-seven he would find himself venturing through nightclubs helping with DJ sets.

Elgin had specifically brought Paul along to help Demi with the equipment on stage. Taking in the guess that there could be audio problems of sorts. In the past, they had all partied in Miami in the months prior. Getting to know Demi better, Paul offered to manage one of her social media accounts online. That began something of a working friendship, though he knew that his chance of slipping in bed with her was slim to none. A man like Elgin would surely leave him battered, bloody and blue if he would catch them flirting. It was difficult for Paul not to have such fantasies regarding Demi, not helped when he had access to her Instagram account. Sometimes, he just wanted to sit in bed and jack himself off when gazing at pictures of her titanic sized booty. There was so much to love about Demi's thick, voluptuous body. From that ass to her massive tits and cute face. While there were other models he could easily look at, there was something better about knowing her in the real world.

Demi had caught Paul in the past unable to look her in the eyes when she wore outfits that exposed her heavy cleavage. Over time, she began to tease him about it as a way of torturing the man. Maybe she simply enjoyed watching his face blush in a red hue, or perhaps Demi had a more dirty side within her. Either way, Paul didn't push the temptations as he knew that Elgin would beat him to a pulp if they were caught. As time progressed, he continued to fantasize about Demi. Upon arriving in Ibiza, Paul put those filthy thoughts to the back of his mind knowing he had a job at hand. Elgin was the one who did the negotiations to get Demi the DJ gig and now, Paul was returning from a quick bathroom break to step back onto the stage. When he opened the door, the music had become louder. Demi had switched songs briefly in preparation for a special banger that was to come.

The door shut behind Paul as Elgin offered him a nod. The two friends moved closer, butting their knuckles together before glancing at the woman standing in front of him. Both men glanced down at Demi's huge ass. The gold dress was shiny throughout the dark club while the lights above contracted into an array of differing colors. Pink and blue shined brightly across many faces from the dance floor. The vinyl had stopped spinning on the turn table, giving Paul the second-guess that she was about to put on a different song. What Demi had planned was a special song that she didn't have a vinyl for. The track was pre-loaded into the workstation of the club. All she had to do was take one look at the title of the track across the small laptop screen and that told her all she needed to know about this song. A soft grin curved across her angelic face. Gliding her hand across the various buttons, Demi pushed play.

Once again, the lights shifted colors. Pink became an array of red while the blue had faded into a purple. Dun-dun-dun-dun, the sound of bass booms began to pound through the stereo speaker system in the club. A few movers and shakers down on the dance floor came to a stop. This tempo was fast paced, unlike any other song that had been played tonight in Demi's setlist. She licked her lips, still smirking while moving her hands to adjust the headphones once more. Neither Elgin or Paul were familiar with this tune, but Demi knew it all too well. This wasn't the first time she had listened to the works of S3RL. Soft moans from a female voice were heard beyond the booming bass rhythm. Looking out into the crowd, she noticed a man in the sea of people throw his hands in the air and begin clapping them in pace with the beat of the song. Yes, this was that song, Demi thought to herself.

"Bass slut!"

A female voice called out the opening lyrics of the song. As the crowd began to move around following the beat of the song, the lights shifted once again. Blinking in a fast tempo in an array of changing colors, orange to yellow. Elgin quirked his eyebrows as the song continued.

"Big fat hard kicks!"

The tempo increased slightly with more instruments entering the mix of the song. Paul and Elgin glanced at each other for a moment, as this specific song had taken them by surprise. Demi knew what she was doing, as her hands moved to the controls of her DJ work station. It was time to turn the bass up even louder as the song's main lyric verse began to play.

"I'm a hard bass slut, I want the sound that gets me hot!
Play the noise again, again, I want the bass that makes me wet!
Dirty low frequencies, I wanna feel inside of me.
Big fat hard kicks! Oh my god, I want that shit!"

Raising his eyebrows, Elgin slowly grinned when he heard the full lyric verse. The song continued as he and Paul were left standing behind Demi with the funny expressions across their face. She had successfully taken the men by surprise with her choice of a banger song. After playing slow jams to start the evening, this song was her choice for kicking up the speed and getting the dance floor shaking and moving all around. Her hands moved across the controls once more as she started to tap a few buttons.

"Big fat hard kicks! Big fat hard kicks! Oh my god, I want that shit!"

Once again, Demi smiled now as she elevated her arms and began to throw them up, shaking left and right. After thirty-five minutes of playing through music, she was finally feeling the rhythm of the night. The coursing bass beats had only made her want to begin stomping her heels into the floor and twerking her phat buttocks. This song had quite the effect on Demi as it was putting her in quite the lewd mood.

"I'm a hard bass slut, bass slut, bass, slut! Bass-bass-bass-bass, BASSSSS SSLLLUUTT!!"

The break in the song began, echoing those same moans from the female singer. Demi took her head phones off and began to bob her head, whipping her long pony tail around from behind. Elgin stepped to her right side while Paul approached her from the left. She had forgotten all about her boyfriend standing on the stage behind her, now joined by their friend. For a brief moment, Demi thought of untying the ponytail holding her hair together and letting loose. The music continued with the thunderous beats even having an effect on the men she was between. Paul began to move his legs, banging his head as he lost himself in the groove. Demi moved her back towards Elgin and then began to rub her body up against his. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, pulling her thick body closer.

"I'm a hard bass slut, I want the sound that gets me hot!"

As the lyrics began to repeat, Demi bit down on her lower lip. She had the urge within her to start bumping and grinding her powerful ass up against Elgin.

"Dirty low frequencies, I wanna feel inside me. Big fat hard kicks! Big fat hard kicks!"

Hearing those last four words repeat in the verse, Demi couldn't hold back anymore. She felt Elgin's hands around her waist, rustling her gold dress. She shoved her phat ass up against his crotch and then began to rub it up and down. Not moving in tempo with the beat still playing, Demi just wanted to tease him. Her actions accomplished capturing Elgin's attention. He moved his lips in, breathing down the left side of her neck as his hands moved up the gold dress. He slipped his fingers in, caressing her skin while Demi gazed forward and continued to grind her booty up against him. She felt his fingertips brushing past her thighs, almost finding her vulva lips. Demi didn't wear a thong with this outfit, as she bravely went to the club knowing that paparazzi photographers would likely be there to snap photos and print in their tabloid rags.

When Paul finally stomped dancing and shaking his head all around, the man had turned from the side. He gazed forward to see Elgin kissing Demi's neck and her big brown eyes gazing forward at him. The V neck of her dress had pulled far enough that her massive tits looked as if they were about to pop out of the dress. Demi smirked at Paul, always noticing his eyes on her second most valuable bodily assets. Tonight was his lucky evening, as she felt more daring than before. Her tits were able to flop out of the dress, as a bra didn't contain them from bouncing around. Elgin's hands had loosened her dress slightly as he made a desperate attempt at rubbing his fingers at her thighs before. Biting down on her lower lip again, Demi quirked her eyebrows before winking at Paul. She moved her hands to the folds of her dress, pulling them back to give the man a quick flash before she stopped grinding onto Elgin.

Raising his left hand to his mouth, Paul made the attempt at yelling something at both of them. Elgin glanced back at his friend, but neither he or Demi could hear a word of what came out of his mouth. The music was so loud, it drowned out past any sound of voice. Paul tried to yell again, lowering his hand and then Elgin uttered something back. Only Demi could understand the voice of her boyfriend as a result of him being so close to her ear. He had removed his hands from her curvy body, allowing her to step forward. Shaking her head back at Paul, Demi knew it was useless to try talking over the loudness of the blaring music. She pointed with her right hand index finger to the backstage door. Paul got the hint and stepped his way there, pulling the door open as all three of them hurried out and shut the door. The music continued to blast, but Demi was distracted from her DJ duties right now.

"You're a bad girl!"

Elgin spoke up as Demi giggled at him. She threw her arms around his neck and pushed her lips to his. As they kissed, Paul was left there watching. Elgin had caught him from the corner of his eye, breaking the kiss as both he and Demi turned to look at Paul and that goofy grin across his face.

"You just gonna stand there and watch us?"

The smile on his face disappeared as Paul suddenly blushed. Elgin knew how to strike fear into the heart of his friend with his body language and demeanors. Demi pulled Elgin a bit closer, whispering something in his ear while her big brown eyes gazed back at Paul. She offered him a wink despite the fact he wouldn't know what they were discussing.

"I think it's time. Even though he isn't the ideal guy I had in mind, I don't think he'll leave me disappointed. Hmmmm, what do you think, honey?"

Elgin laughed. In the past few weeks, he had been discussing with Demi the possibility of inviting a third person to share time with them in the bedroom. He would've preferred a hand picked friend of his back home in England, but the man knew that only time could get in the way of such events. Demi was in a daring, dirty mood after swinging her curvy hips to that special hardcore song. The beat was still coursing through her, as she wanted to get back to the hotel and take her dress off. Tonight might just be Paul's lucky night as he stood there, looking back at her and Elgin.

"Maybe I should just ask him."

Once more, Demi giggled as Elgin nodded his head to make sure he had Paul's attention.

"Hey, you wanna fuck my girl Demi, don't you?"

"Wait, what?"

"You fucking heard me, don't play dumb!"

It was obvious from how Paul stood that he had been intimidated by his friend. Demi felt it was necessary for her to relieve the tensions now. She stepped past Elgin and approached Paul, speaking clearly in her heavy English accent.

"What Elgin is trying to tell you dear, is that I'm in the mood to try something different tonight. Would you like to join us and fuck me in a threesome?"

She offered that cute smile with her angelic eyes, still giving the man some look of innocence despite a question of absolute filth. Paul felt that his brain was about to explode. This question wasn't anything he anticipated from Demi's soft voice whatsoever. From the way she subtly flashed him her boobs to now this? Paul didn't know how to respond as he gazed back at her with a flabbergasted expression across his mug.

"You heard her right, man. You can fuck my girl, but you better not be kissing her."

Elgin's voice was enough to snap Paul back into reality.

"I wasn't expecting either of you to ask me about this."

"Oh, come on! You think I haven't noticed how often you stare at me throughout the day? I can take an easy guess what you do with my pictures in private."

Demi's words were enough to make Paul blush, his cheeks flushing red with such ease.

"I figured I wasn't your type of man."

She shook her head.

"You're not, but I get the impression that you would step your game up a notch in the bedroom. Besides, I've never had a threesome before. You should be honored that I'm choosing you. So is it a yes or a no?"

"It's a fucking yes, absolutely."

Now in agreement, Demi was ready to leave. She stepped in front of both men, feeling like a boss leading this show. In the past, she had explained to Elgin how she wanted to try a threesome. It was something she had never indulged in before, eager to satisfy her urges of fantasy deep down. Demi had to feel lucky that she was dating a man who not only was fine with it, but wanted to pick the right man. Elgin would've preferred another man with the same skin color as himself, but perhaps their friend Paul was a better match. Such a situation like this came down to someone you had to trust. She didn't care at all that she was leaving the club still with a DJ gig on going with an empty stage beyond the door. No care in the world for finishing the set. The music continued to play without anyone operating the work station back on the stage. As the men followed behind Demi, gazing down at her huge rump, she smirked to herself. Heels clacking loudly across the floor below, it was time for her to tease them with her voice.

"The bass slut is leaving to go after some big fat hard..."

Not finishing her sentence, she giggled.

"I think you know what I want."

"We both do!"

Paul spoke aloud, but Elgin didn't utter a word as they continued behind Demi. Off in the distance, they could hear that same familiar female voice uttering the repetitive lyrics to that song. It continued to play despite running past seven minutes and the DJ now leaving the building.

"I'm a hard bass slut, I want the sound that gets me hot!"



Leaving the club towards the end of her DJ set was a bit of a risk for Demi, but she wasn't too concerned. It was up to Elgin to negotiate with the club's manager of the night. He made up a quick and easy excuse, claiming his girlfriend had a sudden sickness and needed to leave quickly. Any complaints would be avoided entirely the next time they were in Ibiza, simply by avoiding the same club. Paul on the other hand had an inflation of his ego, just knowing that by the time they left the club he would be fucking Demi Rose Mawby. He carried himself with a smug grin that looked comical to both Elgin and Demi. The older man rolled his eyes and shook his head upon witnessing Paul's expressions. Demi found it cute and had a good chuckle at Paul. A bodyguard was waiting for them outside with the rented car, all prepared to escort Demi and her companions back to the hotel.

Those dirty words to the special song remained at the front of her mind when Demi sat in the back of the car and locked lips with Elgin. Paul was left there to watch them kiss, reminded a second time that while he would be fucking Demi, he was not allowed to kiss her. That seemed to be such an inane rule, but who was he to question her boyfriend? After all, this was a privilege to be chosen for such a special event to her. Paul had never been involved in a threesome before with another man. He wondered if Elgin had the same experience but no discussion about the situation carried over on the ride back to the hotel room. Demi just wanted to kiss her man and tease both of them with her thick body. She was in control, keeping their focus entirely on her when they got out of the car and stepped through the front doors of the hotel entrance.

Among the top floors was where Demi had a luxury suite. It was on a level that Paul was left surprised, knowing he couldn't afford a suite like this. In the past, he had accompanied her at hotels since he now worked in her management. He knew that Demi had plans for photo shoots across the island and modelling outfits for designer brands, but none of that was of concern when they stepped through the white door of her hotel room. Red patted carpet down below softened the sound of her gold high heels. The living room was elegantly decorated with white furniture. A large couch and two chairs, all in white color. Down below, the red carpet had a beige rug thrown over it with an oval shaped glass coffee table in the center of the room. This flavor of decoration was nothing important to the eyes of Paul or Elgin as they stood in front of the couch.

A smile crept across Demi's lips as she had both men standing before her, ready to watch. This was one of the reasons she had such a fantasy about threesomes. It was all about having more than one man focus their complete attention onto her body. She felt in control, at least for the time being as she could now finally raise her hands up and free her long locks of dark hair from that pony tail. Tossing the plastic band down to the floor, she spread her legs and watched both of the men, their eyes scanning over her body. Elgin stood on her left hand side while Paul was to the right. Rustling the silky robes of her gold dress, Demi began to peel it off her full-figured body. She heard a faint gasp from Paul's American accent as he witnessed her dress falling to the floor. It was the first time he had visibly witnessed Demi nude before him.

"Holy, mother of god..."

Such a jaw-dropping statement as Paul stood there in awe. His eyes bulged as he scanned his view across her thick body. Perfect waist line with curvy hips and massive tits. For Elgin, he had witnessed Demi strip before him many times in the past. All that mattered was his hard growing cock within his pants. She turned around, stomping her heels into the floor to show her bare ass before both of them. Bending over slightly, Demi used both hands to spank her phat cheeks. She listened to Paul's shocked voice once more as he was starring into the immense size of one of the most famous asses in the world. Demi wanted to compliment herself. Best ass since Kim Kardashian? Better than any other model active in a scene, this she was confident in. Placing her hands down on her knees, she kept her ass pushed out and then began to roll her hips. Elgin clapped his hands as Demi began to twerk.

"There you go, baby. I know you was wanting to do this earlier in the club!"

Clap. Clap. Clap. Those strong ass cheeks pushed together in a solid rhythm. Unfortunately Demi didn't have any music to twerk to, not that it mattered. She remembered the thumping bass pattern to that special song, trying to match it in tempo as the two men stood there watching. Paul clapped his hands together as well, whistling for her.

"Woooo, that's it! Make it clap!"

Softly smiling to herself, Demi let out a giggle as she continued to twerk. Her long black hair sway down her back, slightly moving as her smooth ass cheeks were still smacking together. Demi let out a soft moan, still twerking as she called out to her men.

"When I turn around, you both better be naked. I want to see some big, fat hard cocks waiting for me!"

After she spoke, the sound of rustling clothes was audible and then Demi grinned to herself in satisfaction. Once more, she felt in complete control. Not only was their entire focus dedicated to her thick body, but they were following her command. Closing her eyes, she continued to twerk, listening to the men undress themselves. Elgin quickly took off his shoes first before carefully discarding the jacket and shirt of his suit. For Paul, it was easier to simply slip his shoes off and then stand in a pair of white socks while removing the rest of his clothes. Elgin was careful about folding his suit up on the left side arm rest of the couch. Paul on the other hand was in a panic to get nude as quickly as possible, slinging his clothes all over the place.

"You can turn around and look now, baby."

Elgin called out to Demi. She came to a halt, allowing her phat ass to shake one last time while leaning forward. Slowly, Demi turned around to look at the men. She placed her hands onto her hips, modelling in full frontal nudity. Paul's eyes glanced down from her huge boobs this time, noticing the wet mound that covered her shaved pussy. He bit down on his lower lip while Demi's eyes scanned down below. She had a big black cock awaiting her and a white one to go along with it. Grinning, she fell down to her knees and began to crawl forward. Paul eagerly stepped forward as she reached out with her right hand and wasted no time twisting her fingers into a grip around his pole. Demi glanced up at her boyfriend, winking at Elgin as her other hand wrapped around his long black snake.

"Mmmmmmmmm, two big cocks... all for me."

"You're in a dirty mood tonight, aren't you Demi?"

She nodded at Elgin while slowly moving her hands across both cocks. Demi licked her lips before breaking eye contact. Slow and steady, she moved her hands to stroke each pole. Eyes shifting to the right, Demi gave Paul a smirk while looking at that dumbfounded expression across his face. She had already blown his mind by the look he carried himself with. All she could hope was that he wouldn't blow his load too soon once his dick was shoved between her lips. Still wanking them at her slow pace, Demi wasn't going to suck either one until they were at full length. Her hands guided slowly as she tightened her grips, listening to the soft moans that both men made. Glancing back and forth between each cock, Demi felt satisfied with their sizes after another minute. Both men had a strong fat cock, with Elgin's only slightly longer. Shifting her eyes back at him, Demi winked at her boyfriend before parting her lips.

It was only fitting that she satisfied herself with the taste of familiarity to start the night. Paul stood there, watching as the beautiful model began to suck his friend's long black snake. She closed her eyes, sensually shoving her lips down to suck inch by inch. Elgin exhaled deeply, as he knew not to interfere with Demi's tenderness when she was sucking him off. As her lips bobbed her up and down, she tightened her right hand fingers around Paul's shaft and began to wank it back and forth again. 'Mmmmmmm', a muffled moan escaped her lips as she pulled them back to the head of Elgin's cock and released it with a popping sound. Shifting her attention over to Paul's cock, Demi looked up into his eyes while sticking her tongue out. Her hand shoved down to the base of his swollen pole as she twirled her tongue around his purple helmet. She wanted to tease him briefly before shoving that fat cock between her lips.

"That's it, baby! Suck him!"

Elgin called out to her with a direct order, but Demi wasn't focusing on him at all. Her small white hand gripped his big black cock, jerking it up and down as she began to suck on Paul's rod.

"Ohhhhhhh, god!"

Gasping for breath, Paul couldn't believe the reality that was unfolding before him. He had dreamed for so long and now, he was standing there with this angel sucking him off. Demi maintained eye contact as she bobbed her head up and down, slobbering all over his shaft. She sucked him slow and sensually, all while her left hand was busy jerking Elgin's dark meat back and forth. Pushing her lips all the way down, Demi closed her eyes momentarily before slightly gagging on Paul's length. She pulled her lips back to the head, releasing it with a popping noise. Demi let go of each cock now, lowering her head down to Paul's hanging ball sack. She used both hands, grazing her fingernails across his sensitive skin before licking at his balls.

"Oh man, yeah! There you go! Suck my nuts, Demi!"

Sighing in frustration, Elgin simply shook his head. The last thing he expected was for Demi to give Paul this unwarranted attention. He reached down with his right hand, stroking his shaft while he watched and listened to her slobber on his friends balls. Carefully using both hands, Demi shoved one ball into her mouth and gargled it around. Her cheek inflated as she rubbed her tongue onto it from within her mouth. Popping it out, she used her hands again to suck Paul's other ball, giving it equal attention before pulling it from her lips. His nut sack was slick and wet from her oral talents. Demi reached for Elgin's big black cock, pushing it back into her mouth to suck him again. This time, she went faster, bobbing her head up and down while devouring that long black meat pole inch by inch.

"Suck it! Suck it!!"

He grunted while yelling at her. Placing his right hand on the back of her head, Elgin took control as he gripped Demi's hair. She pushed his cock further down her throat, bobbing her head up and down while grasping her right hand around in a desperate attempt to find Paul's shaft. Her hand missed, pushing against his leg until the man grabbed Demi's wrist and guided his cock back into her hand. Paul moaned as he felt her fingers tighten around his shaft all while Elgin proceeded to fuck her pretty little mouth. He began to thrust his cock between her lips, lightly bucking his hips.

"Suck it, baby! Suck it! Show me what a nasty slut you wanna be tonight!"

Closing her eyes, Demi concentrated on sucking Elgin's long fat dick while moving her left hand down below to squeeze his balls. Her right hand still gripped Paul's shaft, wanking it back and forth while her mouth began to make various slobbering and sucking noises. He only let go of her hair as a way of telling her that he was satisfied. Demi pulled her lips back to the head of Elgin's cock and released it with saliva strings dangling from her open mouth back to his dark pole. They broke off, as she moved her head to the right, eagerly prepared to suck Paul off again. Flicking her tongue, she spit on his dick before shoving it back between her lips. Like before, Demi used her free hand to jerk off the other guy while sucking the rod between her lips.

"She handles herself well man, right?"

Elgin spoke to his friend while Paul's eyes were fixated on Demi. Locks of her black hair sway beyond her shoulders as she bobbed her head up and down, sucking inch after inch of his fat dick.

"Ohhhhh, fuck yeah! This is amazing! Never dreamed she sucked dick this fucking good!"

"Oh no, you haven't seen anything yet. Wait 'till she's got it between her tits."

Those words spoken aloud from Elgin was enough to get Demi's attention. She pulled her lips back to the head of Paul's cock, releasing it with another popping sound. Moving her hands away, she quickly clapped them together and was ready to speak aloud.

"I prefer my men sitting down when I'm working my tits up and down."

Holding her palms up, Demi quietly motioned for both of them to go sit on the couch. Elgin stepped backwards, bending his legs as he sat down. Paul followed suit, as they were side by side. Demi remained on her knees, crawling forward as each man was properly sitting in the position she preferred for working her tits. Reaching out with her right hand, she gripped Paul's cock once again.

"You know what to do, baby. Don't make him wait."

Turning her head, Demi smirked over at Elgin.

"You do know that you're the one that is gonna have to wait, dear?"

That cute smirk across her face was enough to melt Elgin's heart as he grinned at her. Paul watched the glamour babe properly situate her self between his legs. He moved a hand down to the base of his cock, taking a slight grip to point it directly up. Demi let go of his cock, using her hands to reach down and pull her massive breasts up and shove them around Paul's big dick.

"Tell her she was made for that."

Once again, Elgin's voice called out. Neither Paul or Demi looked away, as the man sat back and watched her huge boobs swallow up his cock. The head poked up between them as Demi squeezed them around his shaft.

"Oh my fucking god..."

Paul was at a loss of words watching as Demi began to slowly pump her breasts up and down. The entire length of his shaft disappeared between the folds of her tits with only the head poking up with each full thrust. Her erect nipples were poking out, as he had to fight the urge from reaching down and pinching them. Demi's eyes never glanced away from his face as she softly smiled, speaking aloud in her strong British accent.

"My tits were made for big cocks, weren't they?"

Nodding his head, Paul swallowed his breath before answering her back.

"Yeah, you were built for doing this."

"Mmmmmmmm, I just love having a big... fat... hard dick between my juicy tits."

Moaning, she bit down on her lower lip and continued to pump her breasts up and down. Her English voice called out with a strong level of seduction. Paul eventually moved his hand away from the base of his shaft, giving Demi more room to work her tits up and down. Over and over, she continued to tittyfuck that cock all while Elgin sat there on the left hand side of his friend. He was impressed to witness Demi in the act of tittyfucking with another man, still rock hard at the sight while wanking himself. Breaking eye contact with Paul, Demi glanced down to look at the head of his cock poking up. She spit on it and then parted her lips, lapping her tongue across the head with each thrust.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, man! Wooooooooo!!"

Paul closed his eyes and threw his head back, as this pleasure was almost too much for him. For all the times he had fantasized about fucking her ass, little could he have guessed the heavenly feeling he would receive from having his cock between her breasts. Elgin snapped his fingers, getting Demi's attention as she glanced over at him. She playfully winked, as he had to know his turn was coming up next. Lowering her head, she flicked her tongue across the head of Paul's cock one last time and then let go of her breasts. His eyes opened, leering downward to see her let go of her breasts and free his thick shaft. Demi grabbed it with her right hand one last time, shoving her lips to the head and giving it a loving goodbye kiss.

"Come on, baby. Bring those big titties over here, you know what I want!"

Letting go of Paul's shaft, Demi giggled as she grinned back at Elgin.

"Oh yeah, I know what you want. You want your big black cock between my huge tits, right?"

Flashing his teeth in a grin, Elgin didn't utter a word. He quietly nodded as Demi crawled to the left side of the couch and situated herself between his legs. Paul closed his eyes, thankful that she had stopped before he could blow his load. He knew that if Demi continued with her titwank skills, he undoubtedly would've exploded between her tits. He exhaled deeply, swallowing his breath while listening to his friend moan. When Paul re-opened his eyes and glanced towards Elgin, Demi was hard at work with her big tits wrapped around that long black cock. The head poked up as she squeezed them together. Elgin began to buck his hips, pumping his cock between her tits.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! That's it, yes!"

Moaning out for him, Demi spit down onto the head of Elgin's pole. She didn't anticipate him to take control like this and do the work for her. The excitement was overwhelming to feel every inch of that long black cock pumping between her boobs.

"Fuck my titties! Mmmmmm, yeah!"

As Demi continued to moan out to him, Elgin placed his hands on the sides of her head. He tilted her head down and Demi opened her mouth so the head of his long black shaft could slip between her pink lips with each thrust. Paul watched as he began to jack himself off at this wonderful sight. Pop. Pop. Pop. The sound of Elgin's cock popping out of Demi's mouth came with a steady rhythm. Paul wanked himself while watching this. Over and over, Elgin bucked his hips, making a desperate attempt to fuck her tits and mouth at the same time. He let go of her hair, allowing Demi to elevate her head back up and look into his eyes. Still thrusting his cock between her tits, he groaned as she smiled.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! Mmmmmmmm, I love when you do this to me!"

Elgin grunted as he came to a sudden halt despite Demi desiring more. When he stopped, that only made her begin pumping her tits up and down. Her body lightly shook as she fucked his long black cock with her giant breasts. Up and down, she pumped her tits, listening to him moan and cry out.

"Ohhhhh, god! Fuckkkkk!!"

Despite his commanding words earlier, Demi knew how to shift control back over. She easily overpowered her boyfriend with the might of her juicy breasts. Paul got up from the couch, stepping around as he wanked his cock. The slight movement from the corner of her eye alerted Demi as she began to slow down and then glance over to him. Shifting her eyes back at Elgin, she grinned at him while letting go of her breasts. With his cock free, she grabbed a hold of it, squeezing her fingers tightly around it.

"You know what I wanna do now, honey?"

"Tell me, Demi."

Grinning back at him, she used her free hand to grab his cock. Now with both hands, Demi stroked that long black dick while slowly rising up from her knees.

"I wanna get up on top and ride your big black cock..."

Turning to glance over at Paul, Demi continued.

"While you get behind me and pound me up the arse."

Paul's lower lip fell as his eyebrows quirked up. Did he hear her right? Was this curvaceous British babe truly asking him to take her buttocks? Oh, how he had always dreamed.

"You're kidding me right? You want me to fuck your ass?"

Demi nodded her head.

"Yeah! What's the point of having a threesome if I'm not gonna get two cocks in me at the same time? Dirty low frequencies aren't what I wanna feel deep inside of me. I want big fat hard dicks!"

"You're a real fucking bass slut, Demi!"

Paul's reply back to her twisting those dirty lyrics was enough to satisfy Demi. She gazed forward, looking back at her boyfriend as he raised his hands to help her up. Spreading her legs, Demi straddled him as she bent her knees on both sides of the couch and continued to hold that big black cock forward. She wanted to carefully line up before sliding down and feeling Elgin enter her. Paul had stepped behind her, watching and then hearing her gasp when she slid down and pushed that shaft into her warm cunt. From where he stood, Paul had a great sight of her titanic sized booty. Cheeks split revealing a crack as Demi leaned forward. She gazed into Elgin's eyes, offering a soft smile as he cupped her face and pushed her lips to his for a slow tender kiss. His hands caressed her skin, founding her breasts that he gave a subtle squeeze to.

"Mmmmmmmm, that's it darling."

She spoke in a low voice, almost whispering before softly kissing Elgin once again. Even in the act of utter filth, Demi knew how to play her sensual hand with care and passion. His hands squeezed her breasts once more, prompting her to lean forward and grab her breasts to smother his face with them. Demi's long black hair whipped as she glanced from beyond her right shoulder to see Paul standing there with a dumbfounded look across his silly face.

"What are you waiting for, you bloody wanker? Get over here and shove that cock up my arse!!"

There was something about her choice of words and strong English accent that made Paul's heart rate go up in speed. The other reason he was almost stammering, had to do with the fact of seeing her mighty booty on full display as she begged for his cock. Swallowing his breath, Paul stepped forward, gripping his shaft as he pushed one foot up on the couch and began to climb over her. Demi closed her eyes, feeling Elgin's tongue slathering over her her breasts as he squeezed and licked them. Paul had to balance himself with his feet pushing into both sides of the couch, but once he was ready, he slid his cock up the crack of her mighty ass. Rubbing it back and forth as he teased her, Demi pouted and called out to him.

"Don't tease me, just give it to me!"

She closed her eyes, already embracing the feeling of Elgin's long shaft shoved into her pussy. There was nothing for Demi to fear as she knew her body was about to be tested in the act of double penetration. For so long she had dreamed of this and thought about it. The real thing was always better than substituting a throbbing hard cock with a toy. When Paul finally pushed his dick through her dark little hole, Demi gasped and raised her head. Elgin's dark eyes glared at her, his face still shoved between her boobs.

"Ohhhhhhh, man! This ass is fucking tight!"

Paul cried out while taking the first thrust into her ass. Demi's ass was so big, so thick that it was quite a sight to behold as every inch of his cock was sinking into her dark back door hole. He gasped as each man soon heard her cry out and then scream.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, FUCKKKKKKK!!"

Elgin moved his hands away from her breasts, bringing his left hand down her curvy hips and gripping one of her ass cheeks. Paul may have been allowed to join in this act, but Elgin wanted to subtly remind the other man that Demi Rose's ass belonged to him. Sinking his fingers down into her plump ass cheek, he gave it a solid squeeze while gazing up to see the expression of pleasure across her face. Demi whimpered and then called out for them.

"I'm ready! Come on! Come on and give it to me! Fuck me hard!"

Letting out a grunt, Elgin called out to his friend.

"You heard her, man! Pound her real good, Paul!"

Pulling his hand back, Elgin smacked that ass before sinking his fingers back down into her smooth booty check. Paul reached for her hair, snatching a tight grip that pulled at Demi's neck as he began to buck his hips. As his cock pumped into her ass, Elgin also bucked his hips, fucking her cunt.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! Pull my hair too! OHHHHHHH!!"

As Demi's loud English accent screamed aloud, the men grunted. Over and over, Paul thrust his cock into that supreme ass while Elgin was bucking his hips and pumping into her pussy. They worked together in unison, meeting thrust after thrust. Her breasts began to bounce, rubbing up against Elgin's chest as Demi gritted her teeth and let out a growling moan. Eyes popping open, she was overwhelmed in a bliss of pleasure.


Her voice echoed throughout the room as Demi felt both cocks pumping into her simultaneously. Paul snatched at her hair harder, using his left hand to spank the other cheek of her ass. He watched it flip around as his balls smacked against the undersides of that massive booty. Upon hearing the echoing spank noise, Elgin planted his other hand onto Demi's ass and squeezed it with both hands as they continued to thrust.


Turning her head, Demi glanced back at Paul from the corner of her eye. Those innocent expressions she made earlier in the night were gone, replaced with hungry eyes of lust. Over and over, he thrust his cock, pounding her up the ass. Elgin's hands squeezed her ass once more as he continued to buck his hips forward, pumping that cock into her pussy. Breasts shaking all around, Demi grazed her fingernails up Elgin's hairy chest. Rearing his right hand back, Elgin spanked that ass while still thrusting his cock into her tight pussy. Paul let go of her hair, moving his hands to her shoulders and giving them a subtle squeeze. It was difficult for him being unable to spank her booty while pounding his cock into it. Grunting, Paul began to slow down as Elgin was studying the movement of his friend. Demi was drawing closer to her orgasm as both men slowed down almost to a complete halt.

"I want that booty right now!"

Elgin screamed aloud, prompting his friend to step his feet off from the couch and begin pulling his cock out of her ass. Gazing back at Demi's face, Elgin gave her a nod to make sure that he had her attention before speaking.

"Think you can handle more?"

She nodded her head, slowly catching her breath. Demi looked as if she were about to pout and complain, but not about taking it up the ass.

"I know I can handle more! But I'm so close..."

Turning to glance across her shoulder at Paul, she offered him a cute grin.

"I guess it's on you to make me cum."

Those words were enough to make Elgin sigh in frustration. Just knowing that she was picking his friend to give that privilege to, he almost wanted to scream at the girl. Demi knew how to play the men back and forth now, as she raised herself up and began to slowly climb off. Elgin's big black cock slowly slipped out of her pink folds before flopping against his chest. Demi turned to stand facing Paul who was grinning wide.

"Remember what I said. You can fuck my girl, but you sure as hell aren't gonna kiss her."

A stern reminder spoken off from Elgin's commanding voice. Paul was left wondering quietly what he meant. Was that something about swingers? They agreed to threesomes but the other man couldn't kiss the girl? Whatever the case, Paul knew better than to open his mouth and complain. Demi gazed back at him as she used her right hand to touch his chest.

"Just remember, do not cum inside me. You think you're about to blow, then you pull out fast."

She turned to look back at Elgin and smirked.

"Same goes for you, honey. If you can, save your load cause I got an idea."

"What do you mean by that?"

Still smirking, Demi bit down on her lower lip. Her teeth flashed before she finished speaking.

"I want your spunk all over my face, and his too."

Turning to look at Paul, she winked at him before speaking aloud again.

"I've never had more than one cock to blow a load all over me. But two? Mmmmmm, I'm gonna be a sticky little slut."

"A sticky bass slut."

Paul corrected her as Demi smirked at him. Her words of filth describing an epic facial were enough to motivate Elgin to rise up from the couch. He stood behind Demi, as she faced Paul. The standing position was one that Elgin and Demi had talked about, as they planned to do this. All he could hope for was that Paul knew his place and didn't try to kiss her.

"Come on, help me pick her up."

Speaking out to Paul, Elgin moved his hands to Demi's hips. She knew what was coming as she spread her legs and soon had both men helping to pick her up off her feet. She moved her hands to Paul's shoulders, finally face to face with him again while wrapping her thick legs around his waist.

"Remember what I said, don't you try to kiss my girl!"

"Stop worrying about that and let's fuck her!"

Paul's reply got Demi to giggle as she shoved her breasts up against his skinny chest. A look of pride covered her face as the girl was anticipating the moment that both men shoved their cocks into her holes. From the way they had picked her up, Elgin's long black pole was already shoved up the crack of her mighty booty. It didn't take much effort for him to find her dark little hole and slowly push in. Paul on the other hand had a slight struggle finding her cult down below. He rubbed the head of his shaft against her vulva lips, causing Demi to moan before he pushed it in.

"Yes, that's it! Mmmmmm, there you go!"

At last, she had a cock back inside of her to finish her orgasm. Demi moaned, closing her eyes as she tilted her head to the left side. She quietly invited Elvin to push his lips to the right side, soon feeling his breath blow down her neck.

"Come on! I want to get FUCKED!! Big fat hard dicks, that's what I wanna feel deep inside of me!"

Demi's heavy English accent screeched and echoed throughout the room when she screamed that final word. She could hear the grunts and groans from each man. Both of them gripped at her hips, as Paul was trying his absolute hardest not to have his hands touch over Elgin's. Together, they bucked their hips simultaneously to thrust into her holes. Demi gasped, her breasts beginning to shake as she felt her body trembling.


As she screamed aloud, her fingernails dug into Paul's flesh. He grunted, gazing down at her amazing breasts as they began to wobble and shake around. Elgin grunted as he moved his hands down to cradle her smooth ass cheeks against his palms. Exhaling his deep breath, the man began to speak aloud to her.

"This body was made for getting fucked, baby! Ohhhhh, fuck! You like that, Demi!? Huh!? YOU LIKE GETTING FUCKED BY TWO GUYS AT THE SAME FUCKING TIME!?"

Paul grunted while Elgin screamed at her. Demi didn't immediately respond so Elgin pulled his right hand back and gave that ass a good under-handed slap. Her body shook again as Demi belted out a loud scream to him.


Her words had an effect on each man as Paul and Elgin both gritted their teeth and continued to thrust. Hips bucking in unison at a steady pace, they fucked the buxom British model into a frenzy of lust. Gasping for breath, Demi curled her toes up from with in her high heels. She spread her legs out as they shook, unable to wrap them back around Paul's waist. Up and down her giant boobs shook and wobbled with power. They didn't stop, as Paul and Elgin were caught in the heat of the moment willing to give her everything they had, inch by inch.


Closing his eyes, Paul's face scrunched up as he continued to pump inch after inch of his long cock into Demi's cunt. Her voice had cried out so loud, echoing throughout the hotel suite as Demi opened her eyes and began to gasp. Biting down on her lower lip, she whimpered while the sound of all three bodies smacking together created a solid rhythm mixed in with a chorus of heavy breathing. Demi moved her hands away from Paul as her inner walls began to collapse. All it took was one final thrust and finally, she met her climax.


Eyes widening, her legs shook with such force from curling her toes up, Demi's gold high heels slipped off and fell to the the floor with the sound of a double thump. Paul gasped as he felt her juices flooding his cock from within.

"Set her down, man! Set her down!"

Elgin was so worried that Paul would screw up and blast his load inside Demi. That was a bad scenario going through his mind, second only to imagining him kissing her. Paul moved his hands away from her, grunting as he gritted his teeth and snarled. It took some effort for him to reach down and carefully pull his cock from her pussy. Elgin was careful about setting Demi down on her feet. Her body was trembling as she had to catch her breath from such a powerful orgasm. Excess juices from her cunt squirted across the room when Paul pulled his rod free. Elgin's cock slid out of her dark little hole, almost nestling a spot in the crack of her powerful ass before Demi stepped her toes down onto the carpet floor below. She turned to look back at Elgin as he cupped her face with one hand for a quick kiss. Once their lips were apart, she hurried down to her knees.

This was it. The epic final splash to finish a hard night of dirty fucking. Demi moved her hands to her hair, making sure that her locks were pushed beyond her shoulders. Swallowing her breath, she gazed forward as her eyes were met with the sight of each cock on both sides, frantically stroked by a hand to each man. Paul was on her left hand side while Elgin was to the right. She could not believe that she had properly endured two rounds of hard double penetration, but it was a reminder to Demi that her body was built for such fucking. Now she was prepared to demonstrate her cute face as an ideal canvas for two creamy loads of warm cum. Biting down on her lower lip, Demi gazed at Paul's thick white cock and then turned her attention to Elgin's beautiful black rod. Swallowing her breath again, she felt ready for this while moving her hands to her breasts. Demi held her tits up, pinching her own nipples as she begged with filthy words to the men.

"You gonna cum for me?"

A grunt was audible from Elgin's voice as Paul nodded and replied.

"Yeah! I've got a hot load ready to glaze your beautiful fucking face!"

Demi gasped, gazing up as she moved her hands beneath her large breasts to tilt them up. Closing her eyes, she grinned before replying with a lyric from that dirty song from earlier in the night.

"Oh my god, I want that shit!"


Elgin screamed as his hand jerked his cock, erupting before her. A thick wad of cum splattered across Demi's forehead with drops landing into her dark hair. Paul's cock began to burst from within his grasping hand. He groaned, watching string after string of cum layer across the right side of her face and onto her temple. Demi began to giggle, cracking up in laughter as she kept her eyes closed. She felt spurts of cum slathering across her face. Elgin grunted, watching a wad of his cum drench her left cheek and drip down to her boobs below. A few spurts missed her face, instead landing on her neck and to those big tits further down. Each man was out of breath, standing there satisfied as they let go of their depleted cocks and simply stood in amazement at the mess across Demi's face. Cum dripped from her right eyebrow, falling down like rain drops as she began to slowly open her eyes.


It was Elgin calling out to her as he centered his focus on her cum covered face. Demi had to swallow her breath, as no excess cum made it to her mouth at all. Instead, each man made a mess aiming higher up. She could feel strands of spunk in her hair, but she wasn't bothered by it whatsoever. Curving her lips in a grin, she looked up at him and nodded. Paul was breathing heavily as he spoke aloud to her.

"You're a fucking bass slut, Demi."

Quirking her eyebrows at him, she used her right hand to wipe a strand of cum from her face. Licking her fingertip, she winked at Paul before answering him back with a correction.

"A hard bass slut."

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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2021, 05:51:56 AM »
Amazing, Demi and 2 dicks, what a story!  Great work as always
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #2 on: September 01, 2021, 07:05:42 AM »
Wow, that was an amazing read Cade. Demi Rose and multiple cocks, a perfect combination.
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2021, 09:10:17 AM »
Amazing man.
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #4 on: September 01, 2021, 03:48:42 PM »
I'm honestly speechless at how good that was!
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #5 on: September 01, 2021, 11:44:59 PM »
Terrific story Cade, I enjoyed the music theme behind it (even though not my genre of choice).
I really thought Paul was going to break the rules at the end by kissing her, and Elgin was going to chase him out of the room with a gun!  ;D

You've done Demi and that ass justice mate  :Y:
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #6 on: September 02, 2021, 04:55:05 AM »
Oh shit.

He did it.

Demi MMF.  8#=D  8#=D  &|

Someone is carving this bootilicious babe a library of stories
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #7 on: September 02, 2021, 07:44:26 PM »
Thanks for the kind words everyone, been looking forward to writing this one for a long time.

Terrific story Cade, I enjoyed the music theme behind it (even though not my genre of choice).
I really thought Paul was going to break the rules at the end by kissing her, and Elgin was going to chase him out of the room with a gun!  ;D

You've done Demi and that ass justice mate  :Y:

Same here! It was a bit of a challenge to use music I don't necessarily enjoy, but that made it all the more fun as a slight challenge. Demi has long been overdue an MMF story from me!
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #8 on: September 04, 2021, 06:22:32 AM »
You're the king of MMFs and big booty hoes.

Demi was made for this kind of story.
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #9 on: September 06, 2021, 01:47:59 AM »
Feels almost like BBB spinoff story with a touch of Mr. Disco.

I liked the small bit of details where Demi's guy wouldn't let Paul kiss her. I've read about swingers doing stuff like that lol.
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #10 on: September 09, 2021, 06:44:20 PM »
I've been hoping you would write more of Demi.

I love the idea of putting her into an MMF scenario. Interesting characters fit for her.

Going by the pictures, I was expecting her to be wearing that runway outfit underneath her dress but I'm not complaining. I loved the tittyfucking side by side, that was my favorite part.
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #11 on: April 28, 2022, 02:59:06 PM »
The sound, the bass, the palm trees, the wind, the club... All that combined... Too good!

A grand Dantesque story by Demi Rose Mawby. It's great art, everything is perfectly mastered in this great sexy story. It's hot, the photos are ultra classy and then Demi DJing in Ibiza what.. What a crazy pleasure. The characters are all good, Demi's body was built for these kind of stories and trio. Her curves are clearly revered and exploited in this story. The anal is great like everything else the trio gives and goes wild until the explosive end especially for Demi lol.

This story is amazing, so good.. Great writing job, Demi was made for this honestly!
Great double penetration, I loved Demi Rose's story so much.
Truly unbelievable. Thanks very much
Thank you 😀👍👌
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #12 on: July 27, 2022, 10:45:12 AM »
wow cade this was beautiful loved the details in it and can you please do more of demi she is absolutely stunning i love her thick ass and tits are made for story like this…keep up the good work cade👍
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Re: Bass Slut (Demi Rose Mawby)
« Reply #13 on: July 27, 2022, 11:38:42 AM »
wow cade this was beautiful loved the details in it and can you please do more of demi she is absolutely stunning i love her thick ass and tits are made for story like this…keep up the good work cade👍

Thank you for the kind words! I do plan on writing more with Demi!
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