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Sweet Sticky Thing (Alexis Ren)
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Sweet Sticky Thing
Starring: Alexis Ren

Codes: MF, MMMMMF, Cheating/Affairs, Slut, Interracial, Oral, Tit Fuck, Blow Bang, Facial, Bukkake

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for The Jack and is thus dedicated to him.

Miami Beach, Florida

Lights cast a low reflection across the glass door, peaking on the outside world from within. The sun was hidden behind rows of clouds turning what was once a blue sky into an eerie grey overcast. If not for the blaring music downstairs, perhaps one would've been greeted to the sound of thunder rumbling in the distance. Rain was expected to come and go throughout the weekend, but this was no hinderance to Alexis Ren as she stood gazing back at her reflection and studying the miles of endless ocean from far across. The twenty-four year old model was in the mood to unwind and enjoy a private party for herself after a long, enduring summer of work. Last year had been rather unkind to her when it came to modelling, but business had picked up with a new year underway.

Clapping hands were audible from the other room, but it wasn't a noise that could distract her from stepping away from the glass door. White lining covered the door sides, leading out to a metal balcony with white chairs. With bad weather headed their way, it wasn't the type of day to make use of sitting out on the balcony. Before arriving in Miami for the weekend, she had spent money in advance for renting a private condo in North Miami Beach. The top floor offered a great view of the beach and never ending ocean in view. Coming along with Alexis on this trip was her friend with benefits, Ken Anderson. He was another model, replacing the one that Alexis had previously dated, though she didn't feel there was any real spark of long term stability between them.

Ken was useful when it came to partying and fucking, as Alexis seen no other way to view him. The typical man who fit the billing of a friend with benefits. He was tall, skinny with short wavy blonde hair that matched his blue eyes. His face was always clean shaved, unlike the friend he kept around. Evan was probably Ken's best friend, as far as Alexis could tell. The two men never left a city without one another. Evan Jones had a comfortable job with a film studio back home in L.A., courtesy of having a powerful family in Hollywood. When Alexis requested more people over for a party, Ken took it upon himself to invite Evan first. He promised that he knew certain people across Miami to put together what would be a booming party to splurge through several hundreds of dollars on booze and other party favors.

What he didn't tell Alexis was that all of his friends were men. Earlier in the day, Alexis was introduced to a five strangers she had previously never met before. There was Kevin; notable for his chubby chest and curly brown hair. He arrived in a black Spider-Man T-shirt and matching dark pants in an attempt to conceal his overall body weight. Alexis couldn't help but think of Kevin as something of a goof ball and the last one she expected to have a girlfriend among all of the men here today. After him, there was James. Another friend of Ken's, with a resemblance that was similar to Evan with dark hair and a matching short beard from his face. He arrived in a dark grey hoodie and blue jeans, covering a number of tattoos across his chest and arms that went with his muscular build. The other two friends that came along were Andre and Manny.

With a short dark afro, Andre made himself stick out among the rest of the men. His style was flashy, fitting for a man walking around with a gold Rolex watch across his wrist and matching Cuban link chain over his neck. The jewelry stuck out across his ebon skin. Manny stood out from the men, not only for having darker skin, but his muscular built body. A black mustache was above his upper lip, matching the slicked back dark hair. A silver necklace and a few tattoos on his left wrist, but Alexis couldn't help but be impressed by his physical stature. His body was visible beyond a black leather jacket unzipped to reveal a tight red muscle shirt and jean shorts. Speaking with a slight accent, Manny explained that he was a fitness trainer from Nicaragua. Business had picked up thanks to social media, landing him an endorsement gig for a gym in Miami.

Alexis figured with inviting these men, perhaps they would've brought along with them girls as dates. As the day began, she was puzzled that they came alone. When asked about this, Andre insisted he had brought a date by the name of 'Mary Jane'. All the men laughed at his corny joke before he went on to brag about having "the best fucking weed any of you fools are gonna find down here in Florida". Evan had arranged a certain flavor of party favors, eager to indulge with lines of coke drawn up across a metal tray back in the living room where the music roared. It was on Alexis to supply the alcohol for this event, as she was willing to overlook the drugs due to Ken. These were all his friends, but she was left out apart from mixing drinks back in the main room. The large stereo across from the television had a surround sound system powerful enough to drown out anyone's voice.

Electronic based sounds were the choice of music, with Ken bringing along a CD of tracks he had burned of a computer with 'New Retro Wave' artists. Alexis couldn't recognize a single song by ear, as it was all instrumental with synths replicating familiar sounds straight out of the eighties decade. The entire condo rooms were colored with white walls and grey tiled floors. Only the master bedroom had proper carpeting in a beige color. The guest room floors required rugs, with one large one in the living room beneath the coffee tables and furniture. Within a few hours, the smell of burning reefer was an overwhelming stench that was either embraced by a few men or loathed. Alexis wasn't one for drugs, as she avoided the cocaine and marijuana all together. Ken wondered if that was the reason she stepped back into another room and was now gazing out the window while the men were busy getting wrecked in the living room.

"Hey babe, thinking of going outside?"

Ken spoke aloud, prompting Alexis to turn around and see his smiling face. She smirked back at him, thinking to herself that neither he or any other man in the house could guess her true feelings. She shook her head before replying.

"No. Just expecting the rain to come at any moment. You know, it always rains when I'm in Miami."

"Really? I never noticed."

Quirking her eyebrows, Alexis smirked back at him.

"That's cause you rarely ever tag along when I wanna come here."


From his response, Alexis placed her hands on her hips. She wore black pants, hugging every area of her slender legs right up to her ass. Above her pants, Alexis' perfect muscular toned stomach and belly button were visible, below low cut sleeveless crop top. The top had a U shape cut out, allowing her to tease the men with heavy cleavage that wasn't contained in a bra. With all eyes on her in a room full of men, that was how she preferred it, regardless if Ken was the man of the hour. He noticed Alexis' body language, trying his hardest not to look away from her chestnut brown eyes and glance at her cleavage below.

"You want me to get you another drink, babe?"

Alexis shook her head back at him.

"No, I've had enough for now."

"Really? I only seen you with two glasses."

"Are you trying to get me drunk so you can seduce me, Ken?"

He laughed, blushing at her while shaking his head.

"No, no! Trust me! I wouldn't-"

Cutting him off with a nod, Alexis spoke over his voice.

"Yeah, I know. If you really wanted me, you know how to get my attention."

Those words were the cue for Alexis to playing her games with Ken. He knew her over time between their adventures back in L.A. and the affairs they had off to the side. There was a time when Ken was stuck as the side man to another model back in in Los Angeles. One such lady who had achieved a high level of fame as Alexis had dreamed of, sharing the title of 'rookie of the year' in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. It wasn't on Alexis to mention that other woman's name, as Ken at least was her man to the side for now. At this point in time, she wasn't ready to commit herself to another long term relationship, hence why he made the preferred friend with benefit. Such benefits may have been the friends he had brought along. Alexis was ready to tease him and create a bit of a chase, as she wanted to make Ken squirm and run after her every step. Offering a subtle smile, Alexis stepped away from him.

"Alexis? Where are you going?"

There he was, standing with that dumbfound expression across his face, one such look she knew all too well from the past. Ken was so easy to play, as Alexis had done this to him before. Back in the living room, her nostrils were filled with the burnt stench of cannabis, as someone had finished a smoke minutes earlier. The lingering smell had yet to fade away, all while the music continued to blare from the stereo. Alexis didn't bother looking over the men sitting among the couch and with Evan bent over, snorting another line of coke. It wouldn't have been too difficult for her to divert their attention over to her. At least for now, Alexis had her focus on Ken but the temptations were there stuck in a party full of men as the only female in the condo. All this did was give her more daring thoughts.

The mischievous side within Alexis made her question her own abilities. Could she possibly seduce Ken amidst a drug and alcohol fueled party? Would the music be loud enough to drown out moans? Would any other man in the party become curious and wonder what room they had went off to? So many questions, but only answers could be made from the act alone. Smirking to herself, Alexis pranced down the hallway as she knew he had to be following right behind her. Outside the living room was a narrow hall with a bathroom door to the left side and then three separate guest rooms on the right side. The master bedroom was beyond a hall from the kitchen, not connected from this hall. Alexis went with the first open doorway, turning around to see Ken right behind her steps.

"What are you doing in here, babe?"

Smirking back at him, Alexis began to step backwards as she looked at Ken's face. The music was still heard in the distance, but in here the two could talk without difficulty of hearing one another. Behind her, the guest room had similar white furniture as the living room. A bed on black metal frames made up with all white pillows, sheets and blankets. The night stand was wooden, painted in black with a small lamp. Ken's eyes were focused on Alexis though and not the details in the distance. She licked her lips before responding.

"Maybe I just wanted to have your company all to myself."

"Are you sure about that?"

She nodded at him, reaching down below his T-shirt to the front of his jeans to give a playful pull. Alexis expected to catch Ken by a complete surprise, but he knew her moves well. Smiling back at her, he turned to glance beyond his right shoulder at the open doorway.

"You wanna do something in here? You don't think any of the other guys will walk in on us?"

Giggling at him, Alexis shook her head.

"No. Evan is too busy with a straw up his nose and your other friends have got to be dazed and confused by now from all the weed, wouldn't you think?"

Her hands pulled at the front of his pants with a sudden force. The sound of the front button popping was audible and clear. Alexis watched Ken's throat muscles clench as he quickly swallowed his breath. She had him right where she wanted the man, completely caught by surprise in the crossfire of her lustful desires. Licking her lips, Alexis' fingers found the zipper and tugged it down. Ken had already took his shoes off earlier in the day, standing barefoot now as he grinned at her. Those big brown eyes gazed up at him, offering a mischievous smile as Alexis slowly fell down to her knees.

"Uhhhhh, Alexis. You really sure about this?"

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be? Don't stand there and look at me all nervous, Ken!"

Rather than a choice of words to relax him, Alexis knew to tease him as that would create an element of tension between them. The daring experience, to take Ken right here and there in a house full of men was all part of the game to Alexis. Shoving his pants down to his ankles, she wasted no time pulling at the elastic band of his tight, white underwear. Pushing it down, his semi-hard cock flopped freely from his clothed prison. Licking her lips, she wasted no time wrapping her right hand fingers around his growing pole. Eyes gazing back up at his face, Alexis let out an innocent giggle. Her teeth flashed as she smiled, wanking that dick back and forth with her hand. Ken's face had dropped from that panicked look to now sporting something of a goofy grin.

She couldn't help but sit there and wonder what was going on his head. Was Ken really this nervous about getting sucked off in a room away from the other guys? Alexis had no way of knowing. Her hand glided down to the base of his shaft before she parted her lips and twirled her tongue around the head. Her eyes finally glanced away from his face to study the fat size of his meat pole. Parting her lips, Alexis shoved it into her mouth, keeping her hand at the base as she began to bob her head up and down. Sucking him nice and slowly, she let out a muffled moan before pulling her lips back to the head and releasing it with a popping sound. She was only just getting started, using her tongue to lick the underside of his long shaft and then carefully push the tip of her tongue down to his balls down below. At least for now, Alexis wanted to play with his mind as a way of confusing him. Ken let out a soft moan, but she didn't suck his balls. Instead, she shoved that fat dick back into her mouth and went back to sucking.

"Oh, fuck!"

When Ken cried out, Alexis decided now was the best time to kick her speed up a few notches. She moved her hand away from the base of his swollen rod, instead using both hands to push against his legs as she shoved the head of his cock to the back of her throat. Hearing him grunt and them growl out a moan behind his clenched teeth, Alexis continued to bob her head up and down. Shoving her lips all the way down to the base, she soon felt his hands in her blonde hair. Perhaps Ken was desperate for a bit of mercy with how aggressive Alexis had become within seconds. Expecting him to begin pulling her hair, she instead moved her head back and abruptly released his cock from her mouth with a loud popping sound.

"Ohhhhh, baby!"

Ken gasped after speaking aloud. When Alexis gazed up, she was met with his surprised face. Before she could resume sucking him, he cupped her face and pulled her up from her knees. Ken shoved his lips to hers and they embraced in a passionately kiss. His hands moved to her top as they began trading kisses. Alexis stomped her heels down into the floor as she felt him desperately pulling at her clothes to get her naked. Moving her hands to his shirt, Alexis returned the favor with a rough tug. They continued to trade kisses as she nearly stumbled into his arms. The top ripped a bit, as their lips pulled away. Alexis made one look at Ken before pulling her black top over her head and slinging it to the floor below. Their eyes met again, witness the hunger they had for one as they remained quiet, only hearing the blaring music from down the hall back in the living room.

Their lust had overcome each other, as Ken appeared to not carry himself with any nervous thoughts whatsoever now. Here he was stripping his body of all the clothes remaining while Alexis stood there topless for only a moment. She had to take her heels off, allowing her to slip her pants off and reveal a black thong down below. Her shaved pussy was nearly visible due to how low she wore the thong. Stepping out of her panties to leave them as a pile on the floor, Alexis got the idea to tease Ken. She gave him that same innocent smile from earlier while pushing her thumbs at the hip sides of her thong and pulling them apart. She stretched the thong, left and then right before dropping it all together to reveal her juicy wet labia. With a wink, Alexis anticipated his desire. While Ken was easy to play, his mind tended to wander from their past experiences. Stepping towards her, he pointed at the bed from behind.

"Come on, baby! Let's get the real party started!"

Surprised to hear him mention the word 'party', Alexis had to wonder if Ken was truly aware of the drug and alcohol fueled frenzy going on without them. Was he now playing along with the risky game she had in mind? Such a question she wasn't going to ask him in spoken word. Not while she was in need of having his cock pushed inside her cunt. Thighs drenched in a fresh dew of wetness, Alexis wasn't in the mood to beg for him. She knew that if she got in position, Ken would likely follow along. Turning her back to him, she bent over and used her hands to playfully spank her ass in a teasing manner. She could hear his faint voice letting out a moan at the sight of her booty cheeks smacking together. Stepping towards the bed, Alexis placed the palms of her hands down over the front of the bed while whipping her blonde hair around to glance from across her right shoulder. Legs spread, waiting for him to get behind her and begin fucking.

"You're not gonna make me beg for it, are you?"

"Of course not, when have I ever made you beg?"

Alexis giggled at Ken's question. He stomped his feet closer towards her as he moved behind her. Turning her head forward, she closed her eyes while feeling his hands caress her back.

"Mmmmmm, that's my man!"

He leaned to the side, brushing his lips against her neck while rubbing his cock between her thighs. She bit down on her lower lip, knowing he was going to tease her briefly before plunging that fat dick inside of her. Alexis raked her finger nails down onto the blankets of the bed below. Ken pushed his lips to her neck and began to kiss while sliding his hands down her sides. His left hand brushed across her rose tattoo beneath her boob, soon planting his hands at her breasts as he made the initial thrust into her pussy. Gasping and opening her eyes, Alexis bit down on her lower lip and moaned as she felt his cock slide in place within her.

"Ohhhhhhh, that's it. Just like that, honey. Mmmmmmmm, yeah!!"

Raising her neck up, Alexis moaned again. Her voice was soft and seductive, knowing just how to speak to Ken as he slowly began to thrust into her. His hands squeezed harder over her breasts as his palms were met with her hardened nipples poking into his skin. With his legs spread, the man took his time getting used to the feeling inside of her. That was something she had come to expect from Ken, as he always knew how to take his time. All throughout the sounds of their breathing and moans, Alexis could still hear the loud music from outside the room. The sound of male voices were somewhat heard over the synth keys and bass to the instrumental songs. It sounded as if Evan or another man were arguing over taking shots.

If not for such an easy way to seduce Ken, Alexis knew she could've teased Evan as a way of getting his attention. That man had desperately worked to pursue her into bed with him back home in L.A., something she had never told Ken. For Alexis, she enjoyed the attention these men gave her in life, as now her dirty mind was wandering to such thoughts while feeling a hard cock throbbing inside of her. She raked her nails across the sheets of the bed, feeling Ken began to thrust harder and faster. He remained quiet, keeping his hands on her breasts that were now slightly bouncing into his palms with each thrust he made. Over and over, he continued to buck his hips in a solid rhythm. Ken was fucking Alexis off the tempo of the music outside in what felt like a song that refused to end. Gripping the bed sheets, below she moaned and called for him.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhh yeah! Fuck me, Ken! That's it!"

"You want more, baby?"

He spoke low, almost whispering into her ear. As Ken planted his lips back to her neck, Alexis answered him back.

"Yes! Harder! Give it to me!!"

The touch of his lips at her neck soon began a slight bite as Ken began bucking his hips harder and faster. His hands squeezed her breasts, carefully sliding his left hand fingers to pinch after nipple. Alexis cried out in excitement, closing her eyes to embrace this moment.


Fop. Fop. Fop. Fop. The sound of their bodies hitting together repeatedly had created this odd noise, becoming louder than the music outside the room with each passing second. Ken moved his hands away from her breasts, grabbing at her hips to allow those nice tits to slightly bounce and shake from. Balling her hands up, Alexis made one last attempt at gripping and pulling the blankets of the bed. Would he continue to fuck her like this until she reached her climax? That was the question now lingering in the back of her mind. She was hoping he would not make this a quick fuck and get back to the party. Here they were, completely naked and without a care in the world of the other men in the building. Ken was heard grunting as he raised his head up and then began to slow down. Alexis' question was answered when he came to a full step and pulled his cock out of her cunt.

"Turn around, baby."

Calling to her in a soft voice, Ken snapped his fingers just to make sure Alexis was listening to him. When she turned around, she smirked before throwing her arms around his neck and leaning in for a soft kiss on the lips. He returned the kiss with a deep one, plunging his tongue into her mouth briefly before pulling away. Ken moved his hands to her breasts, giving them a subtle squeeze as he spoke aloud.

"I wouldn't mind a titfuck, if you're up for it."

"You're a predictable man, you know that, right?"

Ken chuckled as Alexis rubbed her breasts up against his bare chest. She wasn't going to neglect him of this pleasure, as she had a certain sense of pride knowing he gave her breasts such special attention after his past with another model. Moving her hands to the sides of her breasts, Alexis continued to rub them against his chest while lowering herself back down to her knees. Ken gripped his cock, holding it upward for her as she it between her ample tits. Licking her lips, she squeezed her tits around it as he withdrew his hand. Alexis glanced down before spitting on the head of his shaft and then she began to pump her tits up and down.

"Mmmmmm, yeah! I knew I was gonna have a cock between my tits today sooner or later!"

Alexis giggled as she continued to pump her tits up and down. Her pearly white teeth flashed as she gazed up at Ken's face. When in this position, she always found it amusing that his eyes never met with hers. Instead, the man focused his sight on the action below, watching the head of his cock poke up with each full thrust. As Alexis continued, Ken suddenly began to buck his hips, meeting with her thrusts. The head of his dick slammed up into her chin, causing her to finally break eye contact and tilt her head down.

"Suck it too, baby!"

Hearing his demanding voice, Alexis was happy to part her lips and allow the head of his cock to poke up into her mouth. Each time Ken thrusts, she either licked the head or sucked it between her lips. Panting and moaning, Ken began to thrust harder and faster, leaving Alexis with the fear he would waste his precious orgasm before giving her that sweet release. Raising her head, she felt inch after inch of that long shaft pumping between her breasts. Alexis pushed her teeth together, clenching them as she made her best attempt at giving Ken a slutty grin. Still squeezing her breasts around that fat cock, she spoke up.

"Don't waste all your energy on my tits like last time. I wanna ride this big fucking cock before we're done."

Her words were enough to influence Ken into slowing down to a complete halt. Alexis promptly let go of her boobs, allowing his hard cock to flop freely before she grabbed it with her right hand. Ken offered her a hand to raise her up from her knees as Alexis was ready to assume control while standing. Tightening the grip of her fingers around his shaft, she turned her back to him and walked towards the bed while tugging him along. Only letting go of that big cock to instead grab his hand and guide Ken to lay down onto the bed. Alexis awaited until he had positioned himself across the bed, now motioning with his hands for her to climb atop of him.

"You're a dirty girl, baby. You know that, right?"

Ken smirked after speaking as Alexis giggled at him. She had climbed onto the bed, flexing her knees while straddling him and reaching down to grab his dick.

"Mmmmmmmm, yes I am. Did it take you until today to figure that?"

Eyes glancing down, she narrowed her view while lining his cock up to her vulva lips. Ken swallowed his breath as his eyes scanned across her muscular tight fit body. Alexis slowly pushed his cock inside of her before came down, slamming her body onto him and sending that long shaft up her tight cunt. She let out a soft moan, feeling it back inside of her again. Taking her time with rolling her hips into a steady rhythm, Alexis began to roam her fingernails up his chest as their eyes met. Ken used his right hand to caress down her side and grip one of her ass cheeks from behind.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck! Should've spent the day doing this instead of having a party with these fucking clowns."

Alexis giggled at his words as she continued to roll her hips, driving that cock in and out of her. Ken pulled his right hand back, smacking her ass with it before he ran his hands up to squeeze her large breasts. Letting out a grunt, he looked her in the eyes as Alexis continued to thrust herself downward in this steady rhythm. The metal frame of the bed began to shake, clanking up against the wall but not loud enough to drown out the nuisance of the blasting stereo from outside the room. The party was continuing while Alexis and Ken were busy fucking. Raking her nails across his chest, she arched her head up and moaned.

"Ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhh yeah!"

Bound and determined to use this position to get herself off, Alexis had no plans of getting off him until she had her climax. Over and over, she continued to ride Ken as he moaned and called out to her.

"That's it, baby! Keep going, keep going!"

Clank. Clank. Clank. The metal frame continued to beat up against the wall as Ken cried out to her again. Alexis moaned as his voice called out in desperation with a groan.

"Faster! Come on, baby! Ride me just a little faster!"

She couldn't help but wonder if Ken wanted this fuck session to be fast and over with out of fear of them being discovered by the other men in the party. Those thoughts remained in back of Alexis' mind, as she found herself feeling dirtier with each passing minute, knowing they were committing such a risky act together. Turning to glance over at the open door, Alexis smirked to herself before using her left hand to roam through her blonde hair. Tucking several locks beyond her shoulders, she continued to bounce herself up and down that thick cock, pumping it in and out of her out. Ken had moved his hands away from her breasts, once more using his right hand to pull back and smack her ass from behind.

"Come on, Alexis!"

Growing a bit impatient, Ken let out a frustrated groaning noise. To hear him make that demand, Alexis almost came to a complete halt as she slowed down. All she wanted was to tease him as she smirked and slid her fingers up his chest.

"What's the matter? You scared the other boys might catch us?"

"Dammit! Come on!!"

That question was enough to make Ken lean up and quickly wrap his arms around Alexis. Their bodies hit together, her nipples rubbing across his chest as he wrapped his arms around her and began to buck his hips. Alexis gasped as she felt him thrust inside of her once more.

"Ohhhhhhhh, yeah! Fuck me, Ken! Yesssssss!!"

With her head turned to the right side Alexis could see the open doorway from the corner of her eye until she closed them. Over and over, Ken continued to pump his cock into Alexis while grunting and panting. It was evident to her that he was working his hardest to bring them a bit closer to heaven, all in a frenzy of lust. Maybe she was correct, for he didn't want to alert the other men back in the living room. Or perhaps, Ken couldn't control himself from the urge to get his rocks off. Still pounding his cock into her pussy, he groaned and kept his arms wrapped around her back.


As he screamed to her, Alexis yelled at the top of her lungs.


Eyes opening with a hard gaze from her right side, Alexis bit down on her lower lip, muttering a few dirty words under her breath before closing her eyes ahead. She clenched her teeth upon feeling the sudden rush from within her as Ken had managed to finally fuck her into that much needed orgasm. He exploded within her, unable to hold himself back. Luckily before the day got started, Alexis had made sure to take 'the pill', as she referred to it in passing. It was always better to be on the safe side, as now she was cradled in Ken's arms and they both needed a moment to catch their breath. Off in the distance, Alexis was almost certain that she heard a voice that did not belong to Ken, but she wasn't sure. Raising her head, she gazed down to look in his eyes and share a soft kiss.

"Holy fucking shit, that was incredible!"

The sound of hands clapping together caught not only Alexis' attention but Ken's too. They broke the kiss as she glanced from across her shoulder to see Kevin standing in the doorway. A big grin across his chubby face as his arms flapped around, clapping his hands. Standing behind him was Evan with the most shit eating grin across his face. Alexis was shocked. Here she thought that she was having fun with Ken all under their very noses. To think that Evan and possibly the other men had been peeping on them in the distance was enough to truly surprise her. She began to rise up, getting off Ken to leave him there on the bed. His cock sliding out of her cunt as she stood naked in front of the two men who were gazing at her body in desire.

"Good fucking god, look at her..."

"I know, she's beautiful ain't she? You've probably never even seen a woman naked, let alone a fucking super model."

"Knock it off, Eva! Don't be an ass!"

Swallowing her breath while listening to the two men's banter, Alexis began to think quietly to herself as she grinned. It was one risky dare to fuck Ken amidst the other men partying, but what else filthy fantasies could she indulge herself in throughout this party? Alexis wasn't completely satisfied yet. Gazing down to see the bulge sticking up in the front of Kevin's shorts. Evan snapped his fingers to alert another man from down the hall to come and have a peek from beyond the doorway at the nude model standing alone. It was Manny who came around, stomping his feet and now having a surprised look on his face as he had a look at Alexis. She only had seconds to make up her mind, all while was starting to lean up from the bed with a disgusting look across his face to see his friends had invited himself.

"Hey guys, what the fuck? You could've at least gave us a bit of fucking privacy."

Evan laughed at Ken's whining words.

"Hey, the door was open. The fuck you expect me to do when I gotta go take a whiz and hear all this moaning?"

Giving a nod, Alexis pushed her hands together and rubbed her palms while speaking aloud. She was ready to take control of this conversation after making up her mind.

"You boys want a real party today or what? I know Ken can't be the only one who had his dick ROCK FUCKING HARD for me!"

Biting down on her lower lip, Alexis flashed the front row of her perfect teeth.

"I'm hungry for more... I know you boys are smarter than to say no to blowjobs, right?""


Kevin was quick to open his mouth and utter a response, but Alexis felt she had complete control of the situation now. Snapping her fingers, she called out to them.

"Go back to the living room, and we can start by turning that fucking music off."

Kevin led the way, stepping forward and then almost running down the hall in excitement. Evan turned around to look at Alexis who was walking with such confidence as her hips sway from left to right. Thinking deep down, she wanted to indulge herself in the most filthy fantasy that came to her dirty mind. Never before had Alexis sucked multiple cocks in a day and that was about to change. Back in the living room, Andre and Manny got up from the couch when they noticed the nude model coming out to visit. James was coming out of the kitchen with a beer in his hand when he stopped to see the movement into the living room. Alexis waved her hand, dangling her fingers at them.

"Hello boys! Who wants to shove their dick in my mouth today? Don't waste any time, I want someone to turn that loud shit off and start taking their pants off! Come on, I'm in the mood to suck some hard fucking cocks!"

At this point, Alexis truly felt in control of the situation, prepared to guide this men for her own filthy pleasures. In the center of the room was a large glass table. She didn't care that it had a metal pan and plastic straw that was previously used for snorting coke. Nor was she bothered about the beer bottles, shot glasses and a few wasted joints shoved into a glass ash tray. The table itself was in her way, so she shoved it forward for an easy move. Now in the center of the living room. Alexis fell down to her knees, carefully shoving her hair beyond her shoulders so it wouldn't fly into the way. Raising both hands up, she motioned for all the men to come closer while hearing the stereo shut down and the sound of clothes rustling. Buttons popping and zippers sliding down was a delightful set of noises for her listening pleasures.

"Can't believe she's gonna suck me off today! Damn I'm lucky!"

Kevin called out while stepping his big feet out after taking his shorts and underwear off. Evan went on and stripped completely naked, followed by James who was giving Alexis quite a show with his  muscles and artistically covered skin. She didn't have time to study his tattoos, not while she felt the surging appetite within her, calling for a serving of fresh meat.

"Come on, I don't wanna keep this nasty bitch waiting."

It was Andre calling out to the rest of the men as he stood with his pants and underwear removed, revealing his long black cock all for Alexis. It took a few more seconds for the rest of the men to get undressed and begin approaching her. Before Alexis could blink, she was surrounded by cocks, swarming towards her. Long inches of untouched meat soon dangled above her face as she didn't have enough hands to reach out and take control before she was overwhelmed.

"I knew there was something slutty about you! Can't act all innocent and pretend you aren't a fucking whore when the clothes come off!"

Manny called out to her, causing Alexis to giggle as she had to quickly make her mind up which cock would be shoved between her lips first. With five to choose from, she reached out with her hands on both sides, gripping Kevin's fat shaft and James longer pole. Each man's cock had some level of uniqueness to, separating them from Ken who she had already sucked and fucked minutes earlier. Now he was left alone, discarded all by himself in another room while Alexis had made the party all about herself. Starring up at Andre's long black cock in front of her, she made the choice by parting her lips and inviting him to slide it on him. She squeezed her fingers around the cocks in her hands as she began to suck that gorgeous black meat.

"Ohhhhh, fuck! Look at her go!"

A man called out, but Alexis couldn't make out his voice. When she closed her eyes, she felt two cocks beating against her cheeks, but that wasn't enough to distract her from indulging in the taste of Andre's long dark shaft. She sucked it inch by inch, all while wanking her hands back and forth to jerk off the cocks she had gripped.

"Damn, look at her! She knows how to suck dick! Maybe she should've done something else besides modelling!"

"Hey idiot, shut the fuck up, will ya? Just fucking enjoy it while you can!"

It was Manny's heavy accent audible as he told Kevin off. In the distance, Ken stood in the hall, crossing his arms over his chest as he had put on some underwear and was now watching with an expression of disgust on his face. All this time, he thought that Alexis was playing a game with him for some fun, but now the tables had turned and she was the center of attention to every other man in the room. Though he was angry, he stood there and watched, listening to the moans that were much louder than her sucking noises. Coming off Andre's cock, Alexis turned her attention to Kevin's thick and veiny shaft. Since he couldn't stop talking, it was now his turn.

"You've been waiting for a blowjob for a while, huh? Don't worry, you're getting one now!"

Immediately after speaking, Alexis shoved Kevin's fat cock into her mouth and moved her hand from the base. Reaching out to grab another one, she felt one man shove his pole into her waiting left hand. She closed her fingers around it while she began to aggressively bob her head up and down Kevin's rod.

"Fuckkkkk!! Ohhhhhhhhhh, man!!"

The men started laughing at Kevin's reaction, but Alexis was hard at work bobbing her head up and down his pole. He didn't have the length of the other cocks, but his rod made up for it with the thickness alone. After a while, she pulled her lips back and popped them off his shaft while unwrapping her fingers around the two shafts she cradled in each hand.

"Mmmmm, who's next?"

"Right here, you dirty girl."

Manny called out to her, as Alexis easily recognized that distinctive tone of voice. Shifting her eyes at him, by now four of the men surrounding her were busy wanking their cock all by themselves. Manny motioned with his fingers, coming off slightly impatient as he didn't seem to want to wait to have his cock shoved into her mouth. Alexis gripped it from the base and then parted her lips, twirling her tongue around the head before going down on it.

"Ohhhhhhh, yeah. That's it, suck it... Suck that fucking cock, babe..."

He let out a series of moans as she bobbed her head up and down his length. 'Mmm, mmm, mmm', Alexis let out muffled moaning sounds as she continued to suck that long shaft. Moving her hand from the base, she lowered her right hand and squeezed his balls. That resulted in Manny letting out a sharp moan. After pulling her lips back to the head and releasing it with a pop sound, he stepped away. James clapped his hands, getting her attention as Alexis turned her head to the right side.

"My turn. Show me what a nasty fucking whore you are!"

Such a filthy demand from James' commanding voice. Alexis gave him one look in the eyes before spitting on his cock and then reaching out with both hands in an attempt to grab at the other men. With each hand gripping a cock, she went down on James' shaft and began to suck it. What Alexis didn't anticipate was him placing his hands onto her head, roaming his fingers through her blonde hair to capture a firm grip of her locks. With a grunt, he clenched his teeth and began to thrust his cock into her mouth.

"Suck it, you nasty fucking bitch! Suck it!!"

Bucking his hips forward, James began to drive his cock into her mouth. Alexis eyes enlarged as she came to the quick realization she was in the process of getting face-fucked. He began by pushing her head down and slamming his cock to the back of her throat. Closing her eyes, Alexis instantly gagged while feeling his balls rub against her chin.

"Holy shit! She CAN deepthroat! Look at that!!"

As predictable as ever, it was Kevin gasping and screaming in excitement like a fool. James spread his legs out as he began to pound his cock down her throat.


Eyes watering up from the pressure within, Alexis withstood herself as she sucked inch after inch of that strong dick pumping into her mouth. James groaned and grunted before pushing her back down for another round of deepthroat action. Shoving her lips all the way down, Alexis choked. She gagged on his length before James pulled back and released his cock from her lips with thick strings of saliva dangling back to her open mouth. A devious smile crossed her face as the saliva strings broke and landed down her neck. Alexis couldn't help but let out a sensual laugh.

"I want more. I know there's one last cock that hasn't been in my mouth yet. Where the fuck is it!?"

"Right here, babe. I think you saved the best for last huh?"

Evan called out to her as James stepped away. The men were all busy wanking themselves like before as the final man approached her and held his cock directly above her face. Alexis giggled, flashing her teeth as she quietly thought about this situation. Here she was about to suck off Ken's best friend after he spent all of last year trying to bed her. In the distance, Ken remained standing there in the hall, still in his underwear with his arms crossed and that deflated look on his face. Alexis parted her lips and then spit on the head of Evan's shaft. He gripped the base and began to rub it against her lips before pulling it away unexpectedly.

"I hope she wants some more, cause she sucks so good, I know I want some more!"

Once again, Kevin ran his mouth while standing there and flapping his chubby arm while wanking his cock furiously. For now, Alexis concentrated on sucking Evan's long shaft. When he finally pulled his fingers from the base, that allowed her to push her lips all the way down. Sucking him inch by inch, she pushed her lips all the way down to quickly slam the head to the back of her throat. Pulling back up, Alexis worked in a steady rhythm, bobbing her head up and down while using her hands to cradle his hairy ball sack down below. She massaged his balls, squeezing them hard while sucking slowly. All the while, Ken remained standing in the door way, only now his underwear was pushed down to his ankles as he was jacking himself off. Evan grinned and moaned aloud before Alexis pulled her lips off the head of his shaft with a popping noise.

"My turn! My turn!! Please, suck it again, Alexis!!"

One could always count on Kevin to speak loud and clearly, but Alexi ignored him. With all the men still gathered around her, she was preared to take turns sucking one cock after another. She went back to Andre's big black pole, sliding it back into her mouth as she bobbed her head up and down. Reaching out with her right hand, she grabbed Kevin's dick finding that giving him even the smallest bit of attention would shut him up. Once she had enough of Andre's cock, it was time to alternate and suck another cock. Over and over, Alexis worked her way into a random pattern like this. The men moaned, often muttering words from under their breaths while all five of them continued to stand there and allow the model to work herself over with the talent of her lips and tongue.

Licking his lips, Ken couldn't help but get turned on at watching this. It was a humiliating experience as he considered Alexis to be his girlfriend. She had went through all of his friends one by one, saving his best friend for last. Despite such a display of what an utter slut she could be, it still turned Ken on. He groaned and moaned, listening to her lips make popping sounds each time she pulled a cock out of her mouth. Alexis was only slightly fatigued as she continued to work each and every man to their breaking point. Anticipating the sticky splash that would await her from five cocks ready to explode, all it did was motivate her further. Every man had been inside of her mouth at least four times by the time Kevin began to step back. It was evident that the man who ran his mouth the most was the first to reach his breaking point.

"Oh shit! Ohhhhhh, fuck! I'm cumming!!"

Hearing Kevin call out, Alexis had popped her lips off Evan's cock one last time. He stood in front of her while Kevin was to her right hand side. She turned her head towards Kevin, gazing at his scrunched up face right in time for when his cock erupted. Thick strings of cum went flying in the air before falling down across her face. She gasped and blinked her eyes, feeling the strings of cum splatter onto her forehead and streak into her hair. He gritted his teeth, still wanking his cock as a few more droplets of cum went to her face. The other men backed up as if they were afraid that Kevin would misfire and hit them. Alexis moaned.

"Ohhhhhhh, that was fucking good!"

"I'm ready now! Look at me, bitch! I'm gonna cum all over your pretty fucking face too!"

James called out to her from the left side. When Alexis turned her head towards him, semen rained towards her. She giggled upon feeling the droplets splatter across her face, dripping down her right cheek and down her neck.

"That's it, that's it! Cum all over my fucking face! Give me your hot load!!"

Giggling again, Alexis flashed her teeth and kept her eyes shut while feeling spurts of cum rain down onto her face. A thick wad went into her closed right eyelid, dripping down like a thick spunk filled tear drop.

"Stay right there, I'll give you an even bigger load!"

Manny was the next man up. He stepped directly in front of Alexis. With Kevin and James finished, they sat down on the couch side by side exhausted and watched the action unfold. Ken had stepped through the doorway and was coming around, still jacking himself off while Manny was facing Alexis with his hard cock aimed directly at her cum-soaked face. Wanking his cock back and forth, he grunted as he began to explode.


Groaning aloud, his moans were drowned out from the sound of her laughing. Alexis giggled, feeling more cum splatter across her face. Streaks of it went into her golden hair, trickling down from the left side as droplets were now dripping from her left cheek and down her forehead. So much cum, and there were still more men to go. Manny could be heard panting and groaning as he stepped away from her and went stumbling out of the living room.

"She's a sweet sticky thing now, huh fellas? Look at that pretty face caked in all that cum. Don't worry baby, I've got some more for ya."

That deep voice belonged to none other than Andre. If only Alexis could open her eyes to have a look at his mighty black cock. He groaned while wanking himself, not unlike the other men before him. Soon, she felt more cum slathering across her face as Alexis was painted in yet another layer of that gooey white liquid substance. Andre had aimed towards her forehead with a straight hit, his strings of cum so powerful they splattered into her hair and down to the floor below. Once he was done, he stepped away while Kevin gasped and spoke aloud.

"Holy fucking shit. I ain't never seen a girl take so much cum in my life."

"Hey, shut up! She's probably the first slut to ever suck your dick, you fucking dumbass!"

The men erupted in laughter at Evan's roasting of Kevin. He was the last man of the full quintet lineup that Alexis had sucked. Stepping his way to her right side, he reached behind her head and was careful to grab at her hair to tilt her head up.

"Ohhhhh, who's cumming for me now?"

Alexis called out with her eyes still closed.


Evan wasted no time jerking his cock after replying. Off to the left side, his best friend Ken stood there glaring at him as he also was busy wanking himself. giggling and flashing the front row of her teeth, Alexis spoke aloud.

"Come on, come on! Gimme some more fucking cum!!"

"Ohhhh, I'm gonna give it to you, baby! You're already pretty filthy with a face covered in cum, but here's some more!! FUCK YESSSSS!!"

With his teeth barred, Evan grunted out his last words as he felt his cock unloading from the grasp of his hand. With her mouth open, a few droplets of cum fell onto her tongue with one heavy string blasting the right corner of her eye, splattering with droplets that went in different directions. Alexis giggled before screaming in excitement.

"Oh my fucking god! So much fucking cum, yessssss!!"

She continued to giggle as Evan gripped her hair, forcing out the final droplets of his cum that trickled down to her face. Once he was done, Evan swallowed his breath and let go of her hair before stepping away. Alexis raised her fingers to wipe out the corners of her eyes while she could hear some of the men laughing and uttering words from under their breath. She was absolutely drenched from a flood of cum. The feeling of the warm gooey substance trickling down her skin had only turned her on more. Little did she expect to open her eyes and gaze up to see Ken's stone cold face and large cock dangling over her forehead. He didn't look pleased as he studied her cum-covered face and wanked himself.

"Are you gonna cum for me too, Ken?"

He nodded before grunting his reply back at her.

"Yeah! I'm gonna cum all over your fucking face too!"

Alexis gave him a devious smile. She wasn't sure if she had upset the man or if he just wanted to be one of the other five guys to enjoy this moment. Either way, it was going to be an awkward conversation after this party and on the flight back home in L.A. Alexis had played him like a fiddle for all these other men and now he was the last in line to join the guys ready to blast her face in what would be his second load.

"Ohhhhhhh, god!"

Groaning, he wailed his voice crying out like a banshee. Alexis bit down on her lower lip, sucking up a few excess drops of cum and swallowing it as she closed her eyes and waited. Ken had already blew his load inside of her earlier in the day. Over and over, his hand glided across his cock while he grunted and moaned. The other men had begun talking while Kevin was clapping his hands and cheering Ken on.

"Go! Go! Go, man!! Cum on her face!! Give her that load!"

Laughter came out, as someone was giggling at Kevin's loud enthusiasm but Ken was focused on trying to force out a wad of cum onto Alexis' already sticky and dripping face. Only a few spurts came out of his cock, falling down to her tits below. Alexis began to blink, opening her eyes slowly as she curved her lips into a grin that flashed her teeth. Ken was exhausted. His second orgasm had no power as he stepped away from her and went to stomp off and grab his underwear from the floor. As Alexis sat there with the cum oozing down her face, the men began to clap, whistle and laugh at her. Andre raised his fingers to his mouth to whistle loudly and shout over the other voices in the room.

"Give it up for this nasty fucking slut! She's a sweet sticky thing!"

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Re: Sweet Sticky Thing (Alexis Ren)
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2021, 06:54:13 AM »
Messy, messy. I was waiting on Kevin to yell out something at the end about how he's never seen so much cum before lol.
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Re: Sweet Sticky Thing (Alexis Ren)
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2021, 04:31:32 PM »
Really glad how this turned out!
You took the simple idea of a blowbang with Alexis and took it to the next level.
Giving the guys some character and the chemistry between Alexis and the boys was real fun to read.
Kevin actually made me crack a laugh while reading  ;D
Thank you again for yet another work in the books! Its always a pleasure mate!
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Re: Sweet Sticky Thing (Alexis Ren)
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2022, 02:03:02 PM »
Truly a great story!

Alexis Ren is sexy dirty and hot. It's a hell of a naughty say-so in this beautifully written story and really dirty words as I like..
The photos are beautiful, the blowbang with Alexis developed really well to end in a great epic apotheosis! What a fantastic ending!

Kevin's character is excellent. Pure reading pleasure. It was great !
Thank you 😊


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