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Good Girls
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This is a fictional parody of the NBC show Good Girls

Starring: Christina Hendricks as Beth Boland

Special Appearances by:
Mae Whitman as Annie Marks
David Hornsby as Boomer

(Summary: The series follows three suburban mothers, two of whom are sisters, as they struggle to make ends meet. The ladies come up with an unlikely plan to rob a supermarket, only to discover it’s a front for money laundering by a Mexican gang. Although their robbery was successful, the owner of the supermarket recognizes one of the women who happen to be an employee at the very same supermarket. The following scene takes place a couple of days after the infamous robbery. Annie’s sister Beth arrives at her apartment after she found out her husband has been having an affair. Beth isn’t the only unexpected guest that visited Annie that night. The story is a modified version of that night’s events)

Annie was settling in on the couch in her nightwear, which was a pair of boy shorts and a derogatory graphic t-shirt when she heard a knock on her door.

“Beth! If this is your sleazy husband, I’m telling him to kick rocks,” Annie shouted towards the back room.

Her sister Beth was in the shower trying to wash away and forget about her dirtbag husband Dean. She stood in the shower motionless as the warm water cascaded down her shoulder-length golden locks and voluptuous, naturally large breasted body. She knew after being married for over a decade and four kids that her marriage was loveless.  After the birth of their youngest daughter five years ago, the sex in their marriage came to a halt, and Beth couldn’t understand why. It wasn’t that much of a shock to her to find out her husband was having an affair with a younger, surgeon made blond Barbie doll. It made her angry enough to leave the house and head over to her sister’s to stay the night.

Annie opened the door to find her deplorable boss from the supermarket Leslie Petersen also known as Boomer at her front door.

“Now is not a good time. What the fuck are you doing here this late at night?” Annie said

“Make time, Annie. You may want to hear what I have to say,” her boss informed.

Annie was picking up some uneasy vibes from her douche bag boss. She could feel his little-perverted eyes looking her up and down. The nipples on her small breasts were transparent through her white shirt with a middle-finger graphic design on it, as she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“Alright, fine, but make it quick,” Annie agreed and allowed her Boomer into her apartment.

“What I have to say might be quick, but I can guarantee you, we’re going to be in for a long night,” Boomer said with smug confident.

“I don’t even know what that means, so just get to why you’re here?” an irritated Annie demanded.

“I know it was you who robbed the supermarket the other day, so cut the shit and confess.”

Boomer’s bombshell accusation shook Annie.

“First off, that wasn’t me. Secondly, don’t falsely accused me of a crime in my own home, and lastly, get the fuck out before I kick your ass and you lose the best damn employee you have,” demanded a fuming and in denial Annie.

Boomer chuckled, as he pulled out his cell phone and showed Annie a familiar photo of a tattoo.

“While you were robbing my safe, I recognized the lower back tattoo. Then while you dumb bitches weren’t looking, I took a quick snap of your tat on my phone. Only the work of unprofessional and sloppy crooks could be that stupid and careless,” Boomer informed. “Now if you’re thinking about rushing me and taking my phone so you can smash it, go ahead. I have the photo on a backup drive on my personal computer. I’m sure the police might be very interesting in this little piece of evidence I happen to have on my phone.”

As Boomer was making his way towards the door leaving Annie petrified and perplexed, Beth emerged from the back room dying her hair off with a towel and wearing her favorite pair of silk maroon pajamas.

“Oh my lord,” the scruffy supermarket manager indistinctly blurred out loud, as his eyes soaked in the sight of Annie’s voluptuous curvy sister. His cock started expanding in his jeans at the jaw-dropping sight of her Beth’s classic hourglass figure and mammoth swaying breasts.

Boomer knew Annie’s sister had extremely large breasts, but he has never seen them without the support of one of her heavy-duty industrial-strength H-cup brassieres. Beth’s breasts kept their full rounded bulbous shape, jutting proudly from her chest like a couple of torpedoes with a generous amount of sagging that confirmed they were real and heavy. He always lit up around Beth and went the extra mile to make her shopping experience the best and most memorable, in which Beth found very creepy. Afterward, he would lock himself in his office and jerk off with the mental image of Beth and her giant-sized melon-shaped jugs, hidden beneath whatever sweater or blouse she decided to that day to the grocery store.

“Is there a problem here, Annie?” Beth asked curiously.

Annie just stood frozen and appalled at her sleazy bag boss who just presented her with evidence of the supermarket robbery.

“There doesn’t have to be, Beth. There doesn’t have to be a problem at all if you want to keep your little sister out of prison for armed robbery. That carries a 15-20 year sentence once convicted,” Boomer informed Beth.

“Pardon me? Are you accusing Annie of armed robbery?” said the curvaceous beauty, acting as if she didn’t have a slight idea.

“He knows Beth,” Annie confirmed and sighed. “And he has photo evidence on me. So this is my problem to deal with and handle. Just go sleep in my room for tonight.”

“Like hell, Annie. I’m not leaving you alone to face this creep,” defiant Beth. “I’m not going to let you go down for a crime you didn’t commit on your own.”

“I figured that was you with Annie robbing the supermarket. No amount of clothing you wear can cover up those big huge fun bags of yours,” noted Boomer. “Where’s the big fat one with the humongous tits? Her knockers put yours to shame, Beth. Though, your more my type of woman.”

“We don’t know. We forced Ruby to help us and threaten to kill her family if she didn’t. She’s completely innocent,” Annie explained, referring to her and Beth’s good friend Ruby, who was there that night robbing the supermarket.

“I’ll deal with her later. The two of you will be enough for me,” said Boomer.

“And what exactly does that mean?” a naïve Beth asked.

“I think he wants to fuck us, sis,” Annie bluntly answered.

“HA! Well, that’s not going to fucking happen,” Beth shrugged off.

“Oh, it better happen, or Annie goes to jail. I don’t have any evidence that you were her accomplice, but I’m sure the police can put two and two together. So either you ladies show me a good time tonight or big Bertha is going to show Annie a good time for the next 20 years,” said Boomer, with a very horny look on his face while explaining down his ultimatum.

“Wow. You are a real piece of shit, Boomer,” Annie replied. “You will burn in hell for this.”

“If I die fucking the two of you, then going to hell will be well worth it,” he responded with a slick reply.

Annie and Beth looked at each other with hopeless in their eyes. They saw no other way around the situation.

“Fine Boomer, you win. BUT, when this is all over, you delete all evidence that you have on my sister, deal?” Beth stated trying to compromise.

“Well, let’s see how the night plays out,” said Boomer.

“Either you take the fucking deal, or we kill you, risk the police searching your computer, and we go to jail for armed robbery and murder. The choice is yours,” spouted a furious Annie.

“Okay, okay, you have a deal. There’s no need to get violent. We’re all winners in this situation,” Boomer replied in a jokingly manner.

“If we have to fuck you, we’re not,” replied Beth.

“You never know, tits. You might enjoy it and not get enough of me,” the cocky ginger gloated.

“Let’s get this over with before I puke,” Annie replied, sick to her stomach at the situation.

Boomer wasted no time in taking off his jacket, followed by his work shirt, shoes, and slacks.

“HOLY SHIT! What is that???” gasped Beth, as her eyes bulged at the massive bulge in Boomer’s underwear.

“Did you steal a cucumber from work and stuffed it in your tighty whities to make you feel like a man?” mocked Annie.

“This cock is all me, bitch. I want your big ass mouth on my fat Johnson while your big titty sister over there let me suck on those big titties,” Boomer commanded.

Boomer plops down on Annie’s sofa and pats on the cushions for the two sisters to join him. With regret written on both of their faces, Beth and Annie sat on opposite sides of Boomer. His hands wasted no time in filling up Beth’s silk pajama top, fanatically groping her giant tits as if he’s never felt a pair of breasts before in his miserable life.

“Oh god! These are so fucking big and soft. I need a better look,” he groaned, and without warning, he rips Beth’s favorite pajama top open, and her gigantic, pendulous breasts flopped out enticingly in front of his horny face. He was speechless being up close to the largest pair of tits he has ever seen. He cupped the enormous bottoms of Beth’s tremendously fat milk jugs and reveled in how heavy and soft her breasts felt. Both bulbous torpedos were more than a handful as Boomer squeezed them like play toys. Her large areolas were a light shade of pink with almond-sized pink nipples that projectile towards his oversexed face. He seized one massive tit with both hands and sucked a mouthful of its thick meaty flesh between his hungry lips while his tongue lashed out on the nipple.

While Beth got her huge boobs sucked and toughen up by Annie’s sleazy supermarket boss, Annie pulled down Boomer’s underwear and out sprang the biggest dick she has ever seen.

“GOOD GOD! He’s hung like a fucking elephant,” exclaimed a shocked and bewildered Annie. Boomer moaned with a mouthful of Beth’s massive milkers in agreement.

His cock was quickly rising as he fondled and sucked on Beth’s mammoth funbags. A white substance began flowing from her rock-hard nipples into his nursing mouth.

“Ahhhhhh, fuck… I’m lactating,” moaned Beth, as Boomer sucked on her pale fat titty for dear life and, a torrent of delicious warm milk was his reward.

Annie cautiously took her boss’s monster cock between her lips, starting with the fat mushroom tip and eased her way down the thick, lengthy member. His crotch stunk of a funky unwashed smell that made Annie’s eyes water and made her want to vomit. She threw up saliva all over his rock-hard prick as she bobbed her mouth up and down the veiny shaft. She cupped her boss’s rather large hairy, filthy ball sack and fondled them in her palms as she scarfs down a good portion of his enormous throbbing cock to the back of her throat.

Boomer groaned and moaned with his mouth full of Beth’s breastmilk that leaked out the corners of his mouth. He released the plump breast he sucked on to a wet audio pop and switched to the other. He sucked her large areola and nipple into his ravenous mouth, drinking down her sweet milk that only her children have ever tasted.

Beth’s pussy was on fire thanks to this short, ginger-headed man nursing on her H cup-sized hooters that she detested. She hasn’t lactated in years, and she couldn’t believe her sister’s creepy boss was able to get milk out of her flesh melons. After that focus on Boomer aggressive sucking and disgusting slurping sounds, she watched her sister give his big dick a slobbery suck job. Beth was never good at sucking cock, so she and her husband would skip the foreplay and go straight into sex. Beth hasn’t been satisfied with sex since she had her first child several years ago. Her husband’s penis wasn’t half the size of Boomer’s ten and a half inch beast that her sister was trying her best getting nice and wet.

“Oh shit!” Boomer moaned with a mouthful of milk spilling out between his lips. “Chubby little Annie knows how to suck a mean dick. No wonder God blessed you with that big ass mouth. Hmmm, suck it, bitch. Hmmm.”

Annie rolled her eyes and continued sucking further down the biggest cock she ever had between her lips. Her ex-husband was a good 7 inches rock solid hard. Annie had no idea her sleazeball boss had a cock as big as a pornstar. Besides her slurping sounds, Annie heard the way her boss was sucking on her older sister’s knockers. Annie felt a little guilty being Beth into this blackmail considering what type of marriage her sister had and the affair that could completely end her marriage. On the other hand, Annie felt Beth could use some dick and take this opportunity to get even with her cheating husband.

“Ohh god, Beth. You’re huge tits taste amazing. You’re milk taste better than mom’s,” Boomer praised. “Your sister got my cock all nice and wet. Why don’t you slide down there and wrap these big meaty jugs around my cock.” Boomer gave Beth’s huge boobs once final squeeze before she got off the couch and kneeled between his legs. Annie released his massive cock from her slobbery mouth and observed as her busty older sister enclosed her boss’s filthy huge cock between her milk-laden udders. Her hard milky nipples pressed into his hairy thighs, as she began titty fucking his throbbing member.

“Ohhhh dear God oh mighty, praise the heavens!” Boomer cried loudly, as Beth bounced her enormous funbags up and down his lubricated cock. It was one of the most sensational feelings. Boomer has ever felt. Beth’s giant H cups were big enough to swallow his entire member excluded the swollen mushroom head that peaked up from her milky white cleavage. “Lick and suck the tip of my cock.”

Beth followed his orders and licked and sucked the top of the mushroom head while his pulsating shaft was smothered deep between her soft, voluminous milk tanks. To her surprise, Boomer began thrusting his hips up, pushing his engorged cockhead completely between her lips as he fucked her gargantuan breasts at the same time. After a few seconds of Beth’s mouth and tits, Boomer couldn’t hold back his orgasm any longer.

“Ohhhhhh FUCK!” he groaned, as thick ropes of cum launched from his cock like a geyser, spraying Beth’s face and hair. Annie looked on astonished by the amount of spunk her loser boss was spewing out of his large balls. His thick semen spattered all over Beth’s face and the tops of her heaving breasts.

“Christ man! When was the last time you jerked off? That was a shit load of cum,” Annie admired, as she watched her boss’s cum drip down her sister’s face and chest.

“Oh man, that was fantastic! I haven’t jerked off since I found out you two robbed the supermarket. I had a feeling you would agree to my terms which isn’t over yet. Time to get naked,” Boomer announced with a shit eating grin.

Beth used her favorite pajama top to wipe Boomer’s cum off her face and chest. She then joined her sister Annie in getting naked by taking off her pajama pants and red panties until only wearing a pair of black crew socks. Her pussy was lightly layered with a sandy brown patch of hair while Annie’s cunt was completely bald. Boomer finished undressing and stood in front of the sisters naked and his hung cock swinging between his hairy thighs.

“My cock isn’t going to get itself up, ladies,” Boomer pointed out.
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Re: Good Girls
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The sisters got down on their knees in front of Boomer, staring at his disgusting fat cock and big balls hanging beneath it. They put their lips on opposite sides of his prick and started moving their mouths up and down his thick shaft.

“Oh shit,” Boomer groaned in pleasure, as the sisters worked over his enormous cock with their mouths. It was an unreal feeling having two sets of lips dragging up and down his dick. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as this small moment of rapture enlarged his cock to full erection.

Annie engulfed the swollen tip of his mammoth phallus and a portion of his veiny member between her juicy lips and sucked as if she was going to suck the skin off his penis. Beth worked the bottom half of his rock-hard dick, sucking up and down his shaft and swirling her tongue around the root of his shaft.

“Get those balls, Beth. They need love too,” Boomer moaned.

Beth has never put her mouth on a pair of balls, and unfortunately for her, Boomer had the biggest pair of balls she has ever seen. She slowly kissed her way down to his hanging fat scrotum and used her tongue to lick around each hanging nut sack. After giving his fat sack long strokes with her tongue, she scooped one into her mouth. The huge meaty testicle filled her mouth up to full capacity, more than anything she has ever had in her mouth. Beth sucked on it for several seconds before releasing the fat nut with a pop sound and drenched in saliva. She moved her mouth over to his other hanging testicle and repeated the oral process. She had to endure his filthy wet balls dragging over her face as she orally alternated between them.

Boomer never fantasized in his wildest dreams that he would have Annie’s busty sister Beth on her knees licking and sucking his balls. He reached down and squeezed one of her gigantic boobs, compressing milk out of the nipple and onto his feet and the floor. He tugged and pinched on her swollen dark pink nipple to coax out more of her sweet breastmilk. His other hand held the back of Annie’s head, pushing it up and down his massive cock until his fat cockhead reached the back of her throat. Annie gagged and threw up saliva each time her boss’s nasty long tool traveled down her throat.

“Give me these fat tits,” Boomer moaned, as he pulled his saliva-dripping cock from Annie’s mouth and once again slipped it between Beth’s titanic-sized melons. He clutched overwhelming handfuls of the enormous bottoms of prodigious breasts and started diving in and out of her cleavage with rapid-fire thrusting, hitting her chest plate with the bulbous mushroom head of his phallus with each time. Beth’s breastmilk gushed out of her dark nipples each time they slammed against his thighs from Boomer’s drilling his huge cock.

“Ohhhh god! I love these divine tits, Beth!” Boomer moaned as he squeezed her heavy knockers tight around his fast thrusting cock. “But it’s time to fuck that fat pussy of yours.”

Boomer removed his cock from between Beth’s pillowy fuckbags and sat down on the sofa with his blistering red cock standing at attention. He instructed Beth to sit on his cock with her back facing him.

“Be careful Beth. Dean’s cock has nothing on him,” Annie warned, as she watched her massively top-heavy sister hover her bush-covered pussy over Boomer’s giant cock and slowly slides down over his thick shaft until it vanishes and she’s sitting down on his thighs with both feet planted on opposite sides of his legs. She let out a colossal yelp as this big mammoth cock invaded her most intimate private area. The only penis Beth has felt inside her for years was her husband Dean’s until after their last child was born. She was left with dildos to get her off.

“Holy shit, what a pussy,” Boomer grunted, as he reached around with his hands and frantically groped Beth’s colossal jugs. “Bounce on this hard cock. Hmm yeah, just like that, baby.”

Beth steadily slid her wet pussy up and down the biggest and fattest cock she ever had stuffed in her tight pussy. She moaned loudly, as Boomer groped her oversized pendulous funbags until his heart was content. He squeezed her huge boobs, figuratively milking them and squirting milk out of her nipples straight toward and all over his hands. She bounced and pounced harder on his cock, sending her gigantic breasts flailing and flopping out of Boomer’s greedy hands.

Annie had a front row seat watching her sister’s pussy stretched over the immense fat cock of her sleazy asshole of a boss. Her pussy started to over lubricate at the thought of the same cock widening her vagina.

“AHHHHH GOD! Don’t milk my breasts! Ohhhhh GOD!” Beth cried loudly, as she succumbed quickly to a powerful orgasm. Her pussy felt like a waterfall as she came all over Boomer’s fat solid steel erection. Boomer took over control and started thrusting his massive dick up inside Beth’s cum-gushing pussy, balls-deep. His cock and heavy ball sack were left dripping in her womanly fluids.

After her orgasm subsided, Beth climbed off his pussy-soiled manhood, weaken by her orgasm and lied down next to him. Annie took a deep breath and climbed up on top of his elongated phallus, slowly lowering her bald cunt upon his towering wet shaft, facing him and getting a whiff of his breast milk-smelling breath.

“FUCK, you’re cock is unnaturally enormous,” Annie gasped, as her pussy engulfed the entire length of his shaft. She started grinding their crotches, as Boomer leaned his head down and sucked one of Annie’s large bullet nipples into his mouth. He tugged and nibbled on her enlarge teat with his teeth while planting his hands over her flat ass and spanking it a few times as motivation.

“UGGGGHHHHH FUCK! HOLY FUCK! FUCK! UGGHHH, I hate YOU! I seriously hate you and your fucking horse cock!” Annie cried out, as she rode the biggest cock she ever felt stretching her wet snatch. Boomer ignored Annie’s small tirade and continued sucking on her small jiggling breasts.

Boomer used his adrenaline and deadlifted Annie off the couch. He held Annie tight in his arms just as her short legs wrapped around his waist and started to jackhammer his hard cock inside her cunt. Her small breasts jiggled up and down his hairy chest, as he madly kissed her neck up and down. After a few minutes of fucking Annie standing, Boomer collapsed to the ground with her and kept his giant rock-hard member deep inside her pussy. He plopped her legs over his shoulders, bent her knees towards her chest and started fucking her bald soggy cunt hard and fast. His huge balls repeatedly slammed against her ass with each thrust.

Beth sat up and watched with an enamored look in her eyes as the short ginger-haired man fucked her sister like a ragdoll in his arms. Her pussy was still sore from having his gigantic hard cock stuffed inside.

“You’re such a terrible fucking employee, Annie. Every time I see you, I wanted to whip my big dick out and fuck the living shit out of you,” Boomer admitted. “Hmm, I’m going to enjoy making your pussy hurt.”

Several months of pent-up frustration released as Boomer rammed his oversized cock harder and deeper inside Annie’s swollen snatch. His balls violently flopped against her ass with each pounding thrust. The extreme fucking became too overbearing for Annie, and it was all she could take. She started cumming as her vindictive boss continued to roughly plunge his enormous hard rod deep inside her hot pussy.


The feeling of his employee’s pussy losing control all over his enlarge phallus was enough to send Boomer over the edge. After a few more powerful jabs, Boomer had reached his climax.

“Holy fuck, bitch!” he grunted, as he quickly pulled out and cum exploded massively from his cock and all over Annie’s torso. The high velocity at which his thick cum was shooting from his cock landed onto her chin and neck. The insane bucket of gooey cum Boomer unloaded on Annie’s torso was mesmerizing to Beth. She licked her lips and felt a burning sensation surging between her legs.

Boomer collapsed onto the floor next to a messy Annie, exhausted and sweaty. His cock was still large in its limp stage.

“This was one of the best nights of my life ladies,” Boomer moaned. He closed his eyes to rest for a bit when he was suddenly startled by a warm mouth over his sticky cock. That warm, sensual mouth moved up and down his cock steadily. He opened his eyes and saw Beth between his open legs with 4 in half inches of pussy-cum covered cock between her lips. Beth tasted her sister’s pussy juices as she sucked and slurped his prick back to hardness. She cupped and fondled his giant balls for extra stimulation.

After Boomer’s huge cock was back to hard as steel, Beth lifted her whopping udders and dropped them on his thighs, encasing and smothering his cock between the softness of her overwhelmingly large breasts and started titty fucking him in a progressively fast pace. Milk flew out of her tender nipples each time she smacked her heavy boobs down onto his pelvis and thighs. Beth draped one of her arms across her mammoth jugs to keep the dirty ginger-haired man’s cock trapped between the heavy mass of bouncing breast flesh.

“Oh, sweet Jesus! Oh, sweet Jesus!” Boomer chanted, over and over again, furiously lunging his large cock between the largest pair of titties he has ever had the pleasure of enjoying.

Annie recovered quite a bit of her strength after being fucked mercilessly hard and ducked her head down to suck on one of her boss’s nipples while her fingers toyed with the other one. She felt the hairs on his chest were sticky wet from the amount of sweaty fucking he endured.

“Ohhhh Annie, you little fucking cunt,” he groaned, at Annie toying with his nipples.

After a five minute fierce tit-fuck, Beth released Boomer’s steel-hard phallus from captivity, moved her head down and started licking and sucking on his large balls feverishly. His monstrous cock towered over her face, leaking pre-jism while her mouth orally worked over his big cum-filled ball sack.

While Annie took turns sucking on Boomer’s nipples, one of her hands reached down and clutched his massive cock and steadily began stroking it. His loud moans filled the tiny apartment and found himself on the verge of cumming.

“Don’t cum yet, big boy. I want this big thing back inside me,” Beth commanded, as she relinquished one of his large balls from her mouth. She turned around, still on all fours, and wiggled her curvaceous ass at him.

Annie released her tight grip on her boss’s big dick, as he got up on his knees and kneeled behind his employee’s voluptuous big-breasted sister. He toyed with the wet entrance of her pussy and clitoris with his cockhead before pushing his massive cock between the folds of her cunt and began thrusting. Boomer increased his speed with each thrust, pushing more of his hard raw cock inside Beth’s piss-soaked pussy until he was penetrating the depths of her fat hairy snatch, balls-deep. Her ginormous jugs flopped obscenely beneath her, slapping against each other and her chest.

Boomer pressed his sweaty body against Beth’s back, passionately kissing her neck, and grabbing handfuls of her swinging knockers, as he gave her pussy a thorough pounding. His fingers pinched and pulled at her aching milky nipples, squirting breastmilk all over his hands and the floor. Annie watched in awe from behind as Boomer’s giant balls slammed against her sister’s pussy and her sister’s ass in returned slammed against her boss’s pelvis with a jiggling impact.

“OHHH GOD! You big dick bastard!” screamed Beth hysterically. Her overly lubricated cunt was being stretched to new limits by Boomer’s meaty phallus while his hands and fingers mauled her milk-laden boobs. Beth has waited five years for a pounding this hard. Never in a million years did she think that her sister’s boss would be the one to satisfy her sexual craving. Her juicy pussy surrendered to the merciless assault given by Boomer and his massive pussy pleaser.

Boomer leaned up as he felt Beth cumming, still thrusting his enormous pulsating spear inside her and started squeezing and slapping the cheeks of her wobbling ass.

“You ready to take this load, slut?” Boomer taunted, as he held onto Beth’s flushed ass cheeks tight and delivered a few long, hard plunges into her cum-drenched cunt. He let out a feminine yelp and quickly pulled out of Beth’s drippy snatch. His body figuratively trembled as he unleashed the biggest load of gooey cum he has ever produced all over her ass and back.

After he finished jerking the rest of his cum out of his balls and onto Beth’s ass, an exhausted Boomer collapsed on his back next to Annie. Annie reached over and started stroking his semi-limp cock.

“You can’t be done already? The night is still young, and we’re just getting started,” Annie teased. She continued stroking his fat dick and moved down next to his thigh and took the throbbing mushroom head into her mouth. She stroked one half of her boss’s enormous cock while the other was on the receiving end of a sloppy wet suck job.

“I don’t know if I can go another round just yet ladies,” Boomer moaned. His reddened face was then bombarded with a mountainous avalanche of tit flesh from Beth, as she repeatedly swept her gigantic melons over his face. Her raw billowed nipples leaked and dribbled milk all over his face.

“Don’t you love my big titties, Boomer?” Beth taunted, as she continued beating and slapping his face with her oversized milk-laden boobs. “Here, have some more milk.” Beth clutched one of her breasts with both hands and fed Boomer’s mouth her swollen nipple and surrounding flesh. His cock was soon back fully erected between Annie’s sucking lips.

Annie relinquished his giant prick from her slobbery warm mouth and climbed on top of it. She let out some ear-splitting yelps, as her hairless wet cunt engulfed the entire thick length of his shaft.

“Hold on Boomer for the ride of your life,” Annie teased, as she began grinding their hot privates while his mouth was full of tit flesh and milk. Beth removed the breast he nearly drained and replaced it with her other heavy bosom, completely smothering his face with it.

“Oh, you like that Boomer. Do you like sucking on my sister’s huge humongous titties while I ride your big hard cock? Hmm, you like that you sleazy fucking asshole,” angrily taunted Annie, placing her hands on his nappy chest hairs, running her fingers through and riding him hard and fast. Boomer’s moans were barely audible with one of Beth’s massive tits stuffed in his mouth and suffocating his face. He drank as much milk as humanly possible from the bulbous boob scammed in his face.

“OHH FUCK, Boomer! Fuck me! Ohhhh yeah! Fuck me hard you big cock motherfucker!” Annie cried out, as she bounced on top of his massive rock-hard sphere. Her piss-soaked pussy started spamming over his cock. “I’m CUMMMING!”

Annie came to a halt to savior her orgasm while her pussy juices gush all over her filthy Boss’s throbbing man meat.

“Oh SHIT! You're still hard as fucking steel!” Annie cried. She looked at her sister Beth and nodded towards a liquor bottle on the table. Beth was confused as to what her sister was trying to tell her. She was in deep lust from Boomer sucking her big titties and drinking her breast milk.

To both sisters surprise, Boomer got free from the gorge of mammoth tit flesh that was smothering his face and pinned Annie onto her back with his blistering red hard cock still lodged inside her bald snatch.

“I’m going to fuck you real good and have you screaming my name, you little bitch,” Boomer taunted, as he pressed his sweat-soaked funky body against Annie’s and feverishly jack-hammered his massive rock-hard tool deep into the depths of her pussy. His enormous balls slapped aggressively against her pink asshole with each thrust.

Annie’s mouth was open without saying a word as she surrendered to another orgasm. While in the pinnacle of her climax, she was using hand gestures towards her sister Beth, pointing towards the liquor bottle. Beth got the hint and picked up the bottle of liquor.

“I’m going to fuck you so hard that you’ll be walking funny at work for the next few days,” Boomer ridiculed Annie, as he sat upon his skinny arms and continued to pummel his employee’s aching wet pussy viciously. “Ohhh, I’m about to cum inside this pussy and give your daughter a sibling.”

Just as Boomer was reaching his climax, he was knocked over the head by Beth with the liquor bottle. His limp body collapsed on top of Annie.

“Took you long enough,” complained Annie, as she pushed her unconscious boss off her.

“Well, you were thrashing your head around, so I figured you were letting loose,” Beth explained. “Well, he’s not dead, so what do we do with him?”

“I don’t know. Let’s get cleaned off and get Boomer dressed. I don’t think he’s going to stay knocked out for too much longer. We gotta stash him somewhere until we figure things out,” said Annie.

“I think I know just the place we can hide him for a while,” Beth suggested.

After the girls quickly cleaned off, they put Boomer back in his clothes and loaded him into Beth’s minivan. Beth drove back to her house where she knew her house would be empty from the kids and her cheating husband. The sisters removed an unconscious Boomer from the minivan and stashed him inside a tree house in Beth’s backyard thus the beginning of a brand new chapter in their lives as criminals.
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Re: Good Girls
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OH MY GOD, these stories are fucking awesome! You rock for these!

I looooove reading this wonderful tit-fucking and with Christina, it's a huge pleasure.

You are a great writer, thank you for posting these for us to read. Boomer is one lucky bastard, let me tell you that.
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Re: Good Girls
« Reply #3 on: December 21, 2018, 03:51:24 AM »
OH MY GOD, these stories are fucking awesome! You rock for these!

I looooove reading this wonderful tit-fucking and with Christina, it's a huge pleasure.

You are a great writer, thank you for posting these for us to read. Boomer is one lucky bastard, let me tell you that.

Thanks. That means a lot. I'm still new to writing stories about celebrities, so I am glad that you enjoyed it.


Re: Good Girls
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2018, 08:28:30 AM »
This was HOT HOT HOT.

I love how you write Christina Hendricks. I never seen this show before, but you made me a true believer.  ;)
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Re: Good Girls
« Reply #5 on: February 10, 2021, 09:32:46 AM »
How good and hot!
I love, I love Christina Hendricks, it can be easily understood ..
Good story, this duo is making sparks against Boomer!
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