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Author Topic: Final Fantasy VIII: Soldier for a Sorceress (Edea Kramer)  (Read 880 times)


Final Fantasy VIII: Soldier for a Sorceress (Edea Kramer)
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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the videogames, characters, developers, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own Final Fantasy VIII or any of its characters etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Edea Kramer (Final Fantasy VIII)

Soldier for a Sorceress

An erotic videogame fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, FemDom.

* * *

Headmaster’s Office, Galbadia Garden.

The two Galbadian soldiers stood nervously. Even though both were clad in the standard issue blue uniforms with silver armour and helmets, the worried shifting and the slight tremble of lips showed that both men would rather even be deep in the heart of a life and death battle than to be summoned by the feared Matron of their army.

And for good reason as the cold, cruel gaze of the Sorceress known as Edea Kramer stared a hole through them both as she sat on a huge, lavish throne that allowed her to look down at the men, in more ways than one, thanks to height of a mere couple of steps. The dangerous woman, unknowingly to the men actually possessed by an even stronger force, was clad in a skin tight purple dress with feathers along the open, deep cut that showed off her large bust and hugged nicely to rounded hips. Her dark hair short as she wore an expensive and lavish helmet with discs and on one side fearsome, monstrous horns.

“Explain yourselves… Before my patience wears thin...” Edea demanded with an already bitter tone as she kept her cold look over the two men.
“Lady Sorceress! There was nothing we could do.” The older of the two soldiers stated as his voice cracked already. “The operation was almost completed, but we were caught off guard by SeeD! They managed to...”
“Enough excuses!” She snapped, making the two men back off a step. “You are supposed to be my soldiers! Carrying out my commands in my name and honour, for the name of all of Galbadia! You disgust me and disgrace me by your pathetic failures… Now get out of my sight! And if you come to me with failure again? Then you’ll wish those scum of SeeD and Balamb Garden had taken your lives!”

The two men performed salutes, turning to leave in great haste. “Not. You. The young one stays.” Kramer suddenly spoke up as the men stopped and looked back. “I have no use for some worthless old dog. He can go tell his fellow men of why they should disappoint me.”
“Good luck, kid… You’ll need it.” The older soldier whispered under his breath as he resumed leaving the room.
“You… Solider boy...” Her coated in dark purple lips pressed together as she looked over the younger man. “You may approach.”
“Y-Yes, my Lady.” The man stammered as he slowly walked to the bottom of the small steps up to her throne.

“I can tell from your voice that you’re barely an adult… I’m wager merely in your twenties, yes?” Edea assumed as the soldier nodded to confirm. “You’d probably be hardly missed if some terrible fate happened to you. At least with some age there would be people to mourn you...” She mocked, making the man gulp out of fear of this dangerous, wicked woman. “...I can taste your fear from here, boy… It’s rather delicious...” She added as her lips curled in a small smirk. “Indulge me, boy… Why would one so young be willing to throw their life away so eagerly?”

“Y-Your highness, I signed up to protect my homeland.” He said as already a drop of sweat was running from under his helmet down his cheek. “A desire to defend my people and country… A-And for the love of my life waiting for me back home.”
“Oh?” A slight tilt of the head from Kramer as the last part caught her attention. “And here I was thinking you were going to bore me with a standard army speech… The young pup has a lady waiting for him, hmmm?”
“That’s right, my Lady. She’s...” He was about to explain further.
“Quite unacceptable if you ask me.” Edea cut him off as she brought a hand up, stroking the feathers of her dress. “After all, I am the Ambassador of Galbadia… If there’s one woman to serve, worship and give your life for? Then surely it should be your Matron.” She claimed, clearly using and abusing her power to make such a claim.
“I m-meant no disrespect to you, my Lady!” He quickly said, sounding more worried than ever now.

“Well you have… And on top of failing me with that mission? I think some… Punishment is in order.” Kramer decided for him as she cast her piercing eyes over him as he stood. “And I think a suitable punishment, all things considered, will be you paying in… Unfaithfulness.”
“I, uh…. Your highness?” Now while being fearful, he was confused by the statement.
“I see I will have to spell this out for you. As expected for some rank and file fodder.” Edea rudely said. “I am extremely frustrated with the current events with SeeD and the failures of my forces. And you, young boy? You will help relieve my frustrations. Do you understand now?”
“L-Lady Kramer! You don’t mean??” He stuttered again as a clear blush came over his cheeks.
“Ah, so the boy isn’t as naive as he seems.” Her hand moved down, and began to glow as she used her supreme magical abilities. “Well then, let’s see if you can serve your homeland, and your woman, by serving me for the night…”

The solider stood in shock as she used her powers to cut a line right down her long, tight purple dress. Allowing her to spread her legs and the material along with it as she showed off her smooth, long legs and her bare pussy to the younger man. Her folds already looking a little wet like she was getting off on the idea of making a noble male cheat on his beloved. She didn’t even know this man’s name or really anything about him, but she wanted to use him for her twisted pleasure and knew he couldn’t refuse for his own good let alone those of his fellow troops or his real love.

“You may approach now, boy.” Edea broke him out of his stare with a demand that had the tone of a clear order rather than a suggestion.
“M-My Lady! I’m flattered, really, but surely you...” He tried to protest against the clearly indecent proposal.
“I said approach!” She snapped with annoyance at his stalling. “Or I will personally seek out whatever lesser woman you’ve fallen for and then? Being defeated by SeeD will be the least of your worries! That I can promise you. Now… Approach. And. Kneel!”
“I… Y-Yes, my Lady...” He relented, knowing better than to refuse the wicked woman’s demands as he walked up the couple of steps. Moving down to his knees in front of her as she sat back on her throne.
“Next time? Do as I say, when I say it for that woman’s sake if not your own...” Edea warned as she smirked again. Sliding a hand down to just above her twat. “Now then… Let’s see if we can put that mouth of yours to a better use than begging for forgiveness… Worship your Sorceress. I do not need to explain this one now, do I?”

Reluctantly, the still fully dressed in his army attire Galbadian soldier slowly nodded as he shifted in closer and leaned his head in. Tentatively running his tongue up the slit with a smooth lick upward, getting a low groan out of the woman in front of him abusing her power in shameless fashion. Repeating the motion with the exploring motion as he licked up and down, getting a taste of perhaps surprisingly sweet juices from the Sorceress as he lapped at her pussy. Unable to bring himself to even look up at that cruel, smirking expression on her face as she stared down to watch him work. Trying to get through this with a least amount of effort needed since he truly wasn’t thrilled on being made to cheat on his girlfriend waiting for him back home.

“Oh now come on, boy… Surely that’s not how you worship the Ambassador of your homeland?” A leg seductively moved up, stroking the heel of her shoe along his shoulder as she wicked looked down at the man kneeling in front of her. “Put some energy into it… Like your life depends on it...” She suggested with more than a hint of threat behind her words. Picking up on that, he responded by sliding his tongue forward into her snatch for a deeper lick. That making her let out a twisted cackle before she moaned out as he lapped around inside of her pussy now even with just that slow, reluctant motion. “Mmmmm… That’s a little better, boy… I do hope you don’t treat whatever woman you’ve settled for to this sort of weak treatment...” She mocked as she continued to tease with her foot tracing over the metal armour covering his shoulder as she took his tongue into her snatch. Fortunately for him, she was getting more aroused by him obeying her commands than the timid tongue work she was taking as she was staying nicely wet.

“Mmmmmphhh! Mmmmmphhh...” Juices were being left over the young man’s lips as he munched on the older beauty’s pussy. His army helmet bumping against her skin above her crotch as he kept his face close up to her folds so he could eat her out. Yet even with his face covered, she seemed to know whenever he glanced up at her by raising an eyebrow to force his look back down to his work. Leaving him missing her cruel, small smile as she revelled in turning the man with noble intentions into a personal plaything. Showing that by the juices that were beginning to drool down his chin as he got up close to keep on dining on her twat. He might be still reluctant, but he agreed to it all so had to keep his tongue exploring around in the dangerous, powerful and beautiful woman’s pussy.

“Mmmmm… You’re quite the eager servant, aren’t you? Mmmmm… You have some potential in you yet, boy...” Kramer remarked backhandedly as she shifted her hips. Forcing her pussy to glide against his probing tongue, making it slide in deeper into her so he in turn got more of her sweet fluids over his face and into his own mouth to drink down. “A good solider does know how to follow orders after all… Mmmmm… So make sure you obey your Sorceress well, and show me how devilish your hungry tongue can be...” She added, before she decided to turn things up a notch herself. Bringing those nicely thick legs up and around his helmet-clad head to make him groan. Squeezing his skull in a controlling, but not painful manner to force his mouth right onto her slick folds. Allowing him to ride his face with her hips still shifting up and down to rub her snatch over him as he groaned and continued to eat her out.

“Mmmmmmphh!! Hmmmmphhh!! Mmmmmphhh!!” He whined into her pussy but continued to work at a slow, steady pace as he was still reluctant, but knew his place and how willing he’d been to get into such a position. Dining on delicious, wet and wicked pussy as it was grinding into the exposed mouth that was the only sign of who the young man was with his whole body covered by military attire. How trapped with a headscissors, planting his face deep into her crotch as she bucked into him. Leaving the juices dripping onto his armour as he lapped away to try and please the older, cruel beauty seated in front of him. Whimpering himself whenever he dared to glance up and see that she was staring down with not just desire but a cruel glint in her eyes as she rode his face with his position. Making sure she got the maximum pleasure out of this even with him not being completely into this action.

“Mmmmm… A decent effort, boy...” Edea stated as she lifted her legs from off of him. “Had you given it your all? Perhaps I might have been satisfied...” She lied, knowing full well how not yet fully into this all her young solider was.
“Y-Yes, Sorceress...” The man said, gasping to take in air at last as he sat back. “I understand.”
“Oh, do you? We will see...” Kramer sat up as she motioned with a finger down at his crotch. “Well then, what are you waiting for? I am still far from having my frustrations, at you and your fellow troops failing me so often, being relieved.”
“You mean? Uh, O-OK...” He said, standing up as he reached down to his blue standard issue Galbadian army pants. Unzipping them slowly as, much to her approval as her eyes widened for more than one reason, his body had betrayed him to make his cock be rock hard already. Not only that, but he was packing quite the weapon in his own right with a nicely long and fat cock now sticking out at her.

“My my… Talk about standing at attention...” Edea said with a seductive laugh. “Such a good soldier… Is this the cock that’s been wasted on some lowly common woman instead of me?” She teased, looking up at the still half-covered, helmet wearing face of her young plaything.
“Well, uh I guess?” He squirmed a bit, unnerved by the older woman staring so shamelessly at his prick. “Me and my girl haven’t actually, uh, you know...”
“Saving yourself for marriage? How pathetically boring...” Kramer scoffed as she leaned back. Spreading her legs again. “Well then, let’s see if I’ll let you go back to give your woman whatever I deem fit enough worthy to return home… If you can even handle the Ambassador of your homeland of course.”
“I’ll… I’ll do my best for you, my Lady.” He offered. So caught up in the fear of disappointing the powerful witch and the shame of cheating on his own girlfriend that it’s not occurred to him yet that she hasn’t asked yet (nor does she care) for his actual name. Stepping forward to stand between her limbs as she rested back on her throne.

“Entering me without even using protection? How wicked of you, boy...” The powerful and cruel witch let out a mocking snigger as he lined up with her twat. But before he could protest, knowing she was the one demanding she be fucked even bareback, those long sexy legs of hers captured him with another wrap around his toned, young body. Pulling him in to make them both groan out as her tight, damp passage took his fat, long cock with impressive ease. The inner walls spreading a bit, showing she was built to take such a size of dick and hadn’t likely taken such a length in quite some time. Unsurprising, considering that the truth is her actions were because of an evil spirit actually possessing her. So little wonder that she was moaning from making a younger man cheat on his beloved by being taken deep into her pussy.

“AHHHHH! My Lady! AHHHHHH… I am just doing my duty, I… MMMMM! I insist!” The soldier groaned out as he was essentially being fucked here even with him standing and her being seated. Bucking her hips down into his crotch, sliding his prick in and out of her folds that were still coating his rod with the same juices that were dripping off from his mouth and chin. Making his dick pump back and forth into her tight, wet slot as they both moaned out. The Sorceress making this look all too easy as she casually laid back, still in her tight purple dress but making her large breasts bounce as she shifted on her throne down against him and his shaft. Her nipples hard and poking through as her arousal from taking the cock of a man likely half her age if not younger was clear as her dark coloured lips still were curled in that sinister smirk. Knowing how in control she was to make this soldier do whatever she demanded from him.

“MMMMM… You call this doing a duty? MMMM… I can barely feel you inside of me!” She lied to provoke him. Her love tunnel clamped around his thickness as his crotch was already close enough to almost touch hers as she kept bucking down into his shaft. “It might be enough to satisfy that… AHHHHH… Lesser wench you’ve settled for? But your beloved Matron… MMMMM!! Demands a lot more...” She seductively purred as she used a hand to run up his blue uniform up to slide over the upper armour and the drips of her juices from the eating out that remained there. “Now get to it, boy! Serve your Sorceress! MMMMM… And make love to me like your life… No, like your homeland depends on it!” She smirked, knowing how to push a man’s buttons. Even as she was already being pleasured greatly by his nice, fat, young dick stuffed deep into her wet and hot twat.

“Y-Yes, my Lady! MMMMM!! I will do my duty!” He groaned as he began to work his hips. Fearful to actually touch the cruel and powerful woman who commands the army he’s a part of, so he could only thrust his cock in and out of her slot to keep her groaning out. His toned body meeting her stunning, wickedly curved frame so the slap of their crotches colliding began to ring out around the Headmaster’s Office she used as her throne room. Her large chest now jiggling even more noticeably as her moans of desire got that extra bit louder. She wasn’t letting him be free to fully move on her own however as her legs stayed clamped around his body so he was thrusting quickly in and out of her slot. Only able to pull out a few inches before thrusting right back into the hilt then smoothly repeating the motion.

“MMMMMM… That’s it, boy! AHHHHH!! Serve me… MMMMM!! Give me all of that young, fat, delicious cock… MMMMM… So big and naughty… And now all for me! MMMMM!!” Kramer boasted as she let out a savouring laugh, knowing she was getting to fuck this slab of man-meat before his girlfriend had even gotten seemingly a taste of him. Her snatch leaving him coated in her juices as she still shifted herself back to meet his pumps. Making sure he was driving in balls deep into her with each pump he delivered. “MMMMM… Such a long, thick cock is just perfect for me… AHHHHH… You’re wasting this weapon of yours saving it for some lowly woman… MMMMM! Don’t you think it’s far better serving me like a good solider should?” She claimed, manipulating the truth of this encounter between her loud moans. Her smile not just for pleasure of getting a big dick filling up her snatch, but seeing that his pace was now a fraction quicker and firmer than it’d had been at the start of this all. Seeing her sinister corruption starting to set in as she made him feel still reluctant pleasure from cheating on his girl with another woman.

“AHHHHH!! My Lady! Please, don’t say such things! MMMMM...” He groaned, his blushing cheeks of shame just visible from the helmet visor and hood of his uniform he still wore. Easily wrapped around her finger as she made him pump away at a steady, firm pace to keep the smack of their bodies meeting ringing out. Sweat rolling down his face as he had to try and stay focused to give the woman who commands the forces he’s a part of the wicked pleasure she’s demanded from him. That taking a lot out of him as obviously such a powerful beauty needs more than just an average fuck to come close to satisfying her. “MMMMM… I am just doing as you commanded, Lady Kramer! MMMMM… For the sake of my homeland!” He claimed as he grunted from the pleasure of being so stuffed into such a wonderful and wet piece of pussy. Thankfully, for his sake and the lives of others, he’s not just equipped with a more than big enough cock to please her, but has the youthful stamina to deliver. Thrusting away to go balls deep into her twat as her juices were staining his blue army pants from the repeated close contact the two were engaging in.

“MMMMMM… You dare lie to your Matron, boy? MMMM… I can feel your wicked, naughty cock making quite the… MMMM! Quite the filthy home for itself in my poor, tight, unloved sacred tomb...” She teased him in between her deep, long and lusty groans. Gradually, with each fresh thrust he had to make, the corruption of his noble mindset was setting further in as the pleasure began to overtake the need to just do a twisted form of duty for his homeland. Sensing that, her own enjoyment of making a man already in love with another woman (let alone one actually the same age as him) pound into her box was thrilling her even more. Licking her coated in purple lips as she locked onto where she knew his eyes were, even hidden behind the helmet he still wore as he fucked her. “MMMMMM… Don’t deny it, boy… It feels right to serve your Sorceress, does it not? MMMMM… It feels like your cock was naturally built for the task! MMMM… To fit so shamelessly deep and smoothly into my lovely little tight tunnel...” She added between lewd groans. She didn’t even know where this man specifically came from, let alone his name or what he actually looked like. It was more important, and sinful, or her that she was making him engage in this lewd act. Pumping away into the woman who controls the army he’s a part of instead of merely being out fighting on her behalf.

“MMMMM… It… It does feel right… AHHHHH… T-To serve you, my Lady...” The young solider groaned out as he pumped into her box. Sounding like he was starting to be corrupted by the sin and her controlling ways.
“Oh yes, it does feel right… MMMMM...” Edea smirked as she unhooked her smooth legs from that body that felt nicely toned, even as totally covered up by his uniform as he still was. “But it can feel even better, you know… That is, if you so desire it, boy?” She added, now directly tempting him to cheat even more than she’s lured him into doing so far.
“I… Y-Yes, Yes my Matron!” He nodded as he pulled out of her box. “Anything for you, my Lady!”
“Oh, this will be for me alright...” She licked her lips again, before she confidently stood up. Her hands easily shoving him down to tumble off the steps to the lower floor. “But I’m sure my new pet will get something out of this as well.” Kramer stated as she walked down with a sway. “Raise your hips!”

He’d barely composed himself as he rolled onto his back before Kramer grabbed his legs, forcing him into a submissive, curled up position with his legs held by the ankles, spread out as she mounted on top of him in a squat. Allowing her to stare down wickedly as she climbed up enough to ease her wet, snug pussy down onto his cock to make them both moan. Still holding him by the feet as she began to raise and lower herself onto him to bounce on his prick in the unusual but commanding position. Further treating him and his youthful, fat and long cock like personal playthings as she firmly dropped down so that slap of their bodies meeting out once again rang out around the room she’s now using as a throne room.

“MMMMMM! Yes, that’s a good position for you, boy! MMMMM… Knowing your place, squirming away like the little servant you are… AHHHHHH...” She taunted as she rode his rock hard dick with a smooth and swift up and down motion. Her huge tits coming close to spilling out of her dress from the way they were jiggling away as she worked over his cock with those sharp bounces. All as she stared down with an evil glare at the man half her age if not even younger as she used his cock for twisted pleasure. “MMMMM… Oh yes, you know your place… It’s serving me and worshipping me… AHHHHHH… Not some worthless wench waiting for you back home...” She continued to mock as she rode away with smooth skill and pace. Making sure her juices flowed down his fat inches as she bounced away. Not even breaking into a sweat yet, perhaps thanks to the fact she’s actually being possessed by a powerful force to make her so wicked, compared to the groaning man she’s on top off as his Galbadian uniform is getting soaked through as he takes this wild ride.

“AHHHHH!! M-My Lady! It’s go good! MMMMM!! AHHHHH!!” The man gasped as he stared up through his helmet visor at the woman who commands the troops he’s a part off. Watching his cock vanish up into her wet, snug pussy when she drops sharply down onto his body to make his hips buck as he has to keep them raised off the floor as she demanded. Then seeing a few thick inches of his prick reappearing out of her when she lifted that mature, stunning and curvy body up along his rod. Just to repeat the motion again to slam right down with an erotic smack that left his body shifting as his lower half was raised off the floor. “MMMMMM!! Yes, I know my place! It’s serving you! MMMMM!! You above all else!” He groaned out as even with his eyes hidden behind his headgear, it was clear from the light rocking his head was doing that he was following the shifting motion her snatch was doing to pump up and down over his cock. Deeply entranced by her commanding, cruel presence and the sinful pleasure her wet twat is giving him as he falls deeper into the corruption of obeying her.

“MMMMM!! Oh yes!! MMMMM!! You worship me now… Just like the rest of the scum of this world will! AHHHHH!!” Her eyes were filled with a wicked glee upon hearing those submissive words from a man not only does she not know the name of, but knows full well he’s supposed to be in a happy, faithful relationship with another woman. Thoughts of protecting his homeland and the girl he loves far from his pleasure drunk mind now as the cruel beauty bounces away on his fat, long cock like she’s more used to handling big dicks than she is casting spells. “MMMMMM… That’s it, little boy… Moan for your Sorceress… Beg for me to let you pleasure me… I bet you wished you had worshipped my… MMMM!! My hot, wet lips with a lot more effort now, don’t you, boy?” She mocked. Using the reluctance that he quite rightly had earlier on against him now that he was a moaning, gasping mess underneath her as she rode his cock with this humiliating, dominating position. Keeping his legs spread apart as she lifted up and down with ease and all with a devilish smirk on her gorgeous, mature features.

“UHHHHHH!! YESSSS!! AHHHHHH… I need it, Matron! MMMMM!! Please!! AHHHHH… L-Let me honour you with my cock! I need it, m-my Lady!! AHHHHH!!” He groaned out, begging as requested as his head rolled from side to side on the floor while his shoulders shifted back and forth from how his body was jolting each time her stunning, curvaceous frame slammed down into his. Even though he was the one on his back, he was the one being put through his paces as he groaned out from how swiftly and stiffly she was driving up and down on his cock. Acting indeed like she owned him and in more than just body as she moaned out in between mocking dirty talk and cruel laughs at his squirming state. “AHHHHHH!! F-Forgive me for my failings! PLEASE!! MMMMM!! I N-NEED YOU, LADY KRAMER!! AHHHHH!!” He grunted out as the sweat poured down his exposed face even harder than the juices she was letting out to trickle down his cock and stain those blue army pants he still had on along with the rest of his armour and uniform.

The Ambassador of Galbadia was in a clothed state too, still clad in her long purple dress and her Sorceress headgear on. However, the long slit she’d cut at the front leaving her pussy clearly exposed so they both could watch as she took every fat inch of his prick. Her large tits jiggling away with each motion and almost spilling fully out with the hard nipples now having peaked out from the sides of the low front cut of her attire. The least of her concerns as she rode his cock in commanding and confident fashion. Only now was her body starting to shine from her sweating a little from the effort needed to just to put this young soldier under her lusty control, but to satisfy the lust of her own and the being possessing her.

“MMMMM… Yes, yes you do my little pet… You’ll do whatever I demand of you… Like a good little soldier should...” She wickedly purred as she stared down at him with almost crazed desire. Still keeping him curled up in that reverse piledriver-like position as she kept his legs spread out to the sides with her hands. Dropping her body down hard so the slap rang out in what’s supposed to be the Headmaster’s Office when she took him up to the hilt into her soaking wet but still snug pussy. Now not even using this room as her throne room, but as a personal sex dungeon as she kept driving up and down to force the younger man underneath her to howl out like he was losing his mind to the sin with every fresh bounce. “MMMMM… And I think you’ll show me how much you need to serve your Sorceress now… AHHHHH!! By giving me all of your young, hot, plentiful cum… MMMMM… The same cum you’d been saving up so selfishly for some unworthy, normal girl instead of me...” She decided for him with a lick of her smirking lips. Finding new ways to taunt and bring shame to this man who had only joined the forces to protect his homeland and the woman he loved. Now reduced to a sex slave for a wicked beauty who herself was only acting because of an even crueller force possessing her.

“MMMMM!! AHHHHH!! YES!! YES, MY LADY!! AHHHHH!! W-Whatever you need! It’s yours!! AHHHHHH!!” He replied without even stopping to think of the potential consequences as he groaned out. Like he was a junkie needing a fix, desperate to satisfy his leader no matter what. His prick already pulsing at the idea of giving her what she needed as he gasped out, reaching his limit. The irony being that she’d teased him about being bareback in her at the start of the proper sex earlier on, and now she’s making him want to blow deep inside of her instead of doing it to the woman he’s supposed to be in love with. “UHHHHH!! You can have my seed! AHHHHH!! ALL OF IT!! MMMMM!! I-IT’S ALL YOURS, MY L-LADY!! AHHHHH!!” He howled out as he squirmed underneath her. Her bounces still making his upper body shift against the cold floor he was laying on while his legs shook as the lower part of him rocked from her dropping down again and again. Using his body like a sinful seat as she plunged her pussy all the down to smack into his crotch, and barely lifted up a few inches before repeating the motion over and over again.

“MMMMM!! Then don’t just say it, boy! Do it!! AHHHHH! MMMMM!! Cum inside of your Matron’s sacred hole! MMMMM!! Fill me up like the good little solider you are!! MMMMM!!” Her sinister grin grew wider as she felt the pulsing in her love tunnel and revelled in his groaning obedience. Scratching an itch both of her own and the unnatural force within her as she used his toned body and fat, long cock for twisted pleasure. Not lifting her hands off his legs for a moment to even to slip her rounded, large breasts back into place as they jiggled free from out of her dress. “MMMMM!! Give me your seed! Not the woman you love, but the one you now worship!! MMMMMM!! SUBMIT!! SUBMIT TO ME, BOY!!” She screamed like it was a life or death order as she glared down. Her own peak approaching as she moaned out, but needing one last trigger before she was at last satisfied. Let alone that moment would confirm the corruption of a man who walked in as a noble soldier of the Galbadian forces, and would be leaving with more than a side job as a sex slave.

“LADY KRAMER!! L-LADY KRAAAAAAAAAAMERRRRRR!!” That limit soon hit as the soldier, who she still didn’t know even the name of, tilted his head back as he deeply groaned. His spunk shooting out and up deep into Edea Kramer on top of him as she moaned loudly in delight. For a brief second almost losing her composure with a twitch of her lips and her eyes glancing up before locking back down onto her new plaything. Savouring the feeling of a man half her age blowing a large, thick load into her snatch. Leaving her insides splattered with so much spunk that he even before he began to go limp the spunk was oozing back down his cock. The leaking seed helped by the fact she wasn’t stopping her bouncing motion until she’d drained his aching balls and made sure that this now corrupted man was worshipping her above all else.

But it wasn’t just the wild, shameless sex that set her off. But getting that moment of submission. Denying the man she was riding of being able to save himself for marriage and give his true love a night of passion that, from this amount of cum, would have easily knocked a normal woman up with just the first blast. Knowing she’d corrupted him was what allowed Kramer to orgasm herself as she groaned out. Rather tamely compared to the squirming mess underneath her as her juices flowed down, helping to ease more of his spunk out of herself but leaving a vast amount sticky inside of her and over her inner walls. Not even allowing this nameless man to realise he’d achieved the near impossible to make a possessed Sorceress cum.

“MMMMMM… I suppose that well do, boy...” Edea claimed, putting him down even after putting on a performance that would have made a regular red blooded woman cum twice if not even more. Lifting herself off from him as she stepped off, with jizz dripping down her inner thigh now.
“T-Thank you, my Lady...” The solider groaned, slumping down to lay on the floor. “I-It is my honour to serve you...” He added as he gasped, sweating in her uniform.
“Of course it is… And you shall be serving me from this day on.” Kramer scoffed as she all too casually walked back up the steps and onto her throne to sit back. “And I mean that. I shall have you transferred to serve me here directly at Galbadia Garden as one of my personal servants. I assume that’s acceptable?” She ‘asked’ as she raised an eyebrow, knowing full well the broken man had really no choice here.
“Y-Yes, my Lady! I live only to s-serve you!” He all too quickly agreed as he struggled up to his feet, even forgetting his cock was still out.

“Then be off with you! And tuck yourself away, boy!” Edea snapped with a dismissive wave of her hand. “That cock is only to be seen by me from now on. Now be gone!” She ordered as the man nodded quickly. Scrambling as he put himself away and rushed out the door as quickly as he could in his tired state. “Hmmph… Little wonder that solider failed to stop SeeD if all he’s good for is to pleasure me… But he shall be lucky that I will spare him, and whoever that common girl he is fell in love with… Or used to love in this case...” She said to herself before letting out a wicked laugh as she brushed a hand down, watching the cum seep out of her well fucked pussy with a cruel satisfaction.

* * *

A few months later...

“But the war is over, I wonder why I’ve been summoned here...” The young soldier thought as he knocked on the door into a meeting room at the barracks. Pushing in before his jaw dropped. Seeing the now former Sorceress Edea Kramer clad in a more modest, form covering black dress. “L-Lady Kramer!!” The man instantly dropped to his knees submissively in front of her. “It’s been so long! Please, allow me to...” He began to say.

“Oh, please! No, there’s no need for that.” Edea, with a far more kind and caring tone now that she’s no longer possessed. “There’s no need for any of that now. I’m no longer a ruler or Ambassador of the land.” She explained, blushing at his act of worship. “I’m actually not even a Sorceress any more to be honest.”
“L-Lady Kramer?” The man still had some corruption in him from that fateful day. “What do you mean?”
“I’m here to well, say a personal apology to you for what I did...” Kramer looked to the side, embarrassed by what she did even while not under her own actions or thoughts. “Well, actually I’ve wronged a lot of people but someone like yourself and what I did to you? I wanted to say sorry face to face.” She said, smiling softly as she looked to him. “I do hope you can forgive me… You and your beloved girlfriend.”

“O-Oh! Oh, yes...” He slowly stood up, scratching the back of his head. “Yes, that’s uh… Things between me and her are a little, uh… Complicated. But we’re working on it.” He said, giving the hint that being a plaything to Edea while she’d been controlled herself had put a spanner in the works to say the least.
“Oh dear… I do hope things work out.” Edea bit her lip. “But if there’s anything I can do to make things up for you then please let me know. I can’t offer too much now that I’m no longer in power, or have the sorts of powers I did before when I wasn’t myself… But anything that I can do, I will try my best.”
“...Anything?” The man, who she still doesn’t actually know the name of, asked as his interest was perked.
“Well, within reason I suppose that...” Kramer started to say, but then saw the man’s helmet-clad head bob up and down. Clearly showing he was eyeing her up. “Ummmm… Would that ‘anything’ perhaps involved sex?” She asked with a fresh blush. He quickly nodded his head in agreement. “Oh my… Well, ummmm, in that case? I’m afraid that there’s quite a long, ah, waiting list shall we say before that...”

Edea said, shifting on her heels. Motioning for her to follow as she knocked lightly on a side door before opening it. The solider then seeing several of his fellow Galbadian army troops, including those in higher ranks to himself, in the room. The men all instantly dropping down to their knees in submission with lusty eagerness. “I’m afraid that the old me picked up quite a few ‘playthings’ during her reign.” She explained as she blushed at the hungry eyes all over her. “As in maybe a few hundred...”

* * *

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