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Author Topic: Average Joe’s Hawaiian Vacation (Devin Brugman, Natasha Oakley)  (Read 7848 times)


Firsts posted on C-S-S-A.com in 2015

By Average Joe

Story Codes: MF, MFF, cons, oral

Celebs: Devin Brugman, Natasha Oakley

Disclaimer: This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal.

Average Joe’s Hawaiian Vacation: A Day with the Bikini A Day Girls

Chapter 1

I had been under so much stress in my life for the past few months and had the worst of luck. I had lost my job, lost my girlfriend, and lost some friends because of said girlfriend. Life sucked. I was in the liquor store planning to drink the sorrows away when I got a gut feeling to play the lottery. What happened that night? I won the fucking New Jersey lottery. I was the newest millionaire in the state.

After paying off my college debt, I was left with a still pretty sizeable amount of money. Enough to last me the rest of my life with the lifestyle I lived. But, I wanted to have at least some fun before I went back to my life.

So what do I do? I decided to get the Hell out of New Jersey. I packed by bags and took the first flight out to Hawaii. I chose the fanciest resort I could find by the beach. It was luxury in its finest form. This resort, which I’m not allowed to name for privacy reasons, is where all the celebrities go.

I recognized some faces while walking through the lobby. Some big names who would never give me the time of day and some that were like me, your average Joes and Janes.
I was lying by the pool when I heard the distinct clicking of a camera lens. I toss on my glasses and see a sun kissed blonde standing feet away from me photographing a stunning brunette in a barely there black bikini.

I recognized the two right away. While they aren’t truly celebrities by definition they are the queens of Instagram. Known as the dynamite duo of A Bikini a Day, there was the brunette, Devin Brugman and, and the sun kissed blonde, Natasha Oakley.
I am a huge fan of their work on Instagram so I stood up and walked up hoping to just get a selfie with the queens.

“Excuse me, Natasha, Devin.”

They break out of working mode and look at me.

“Hi!” They say in adorable unison.

Let me just say, I’m not used to such beautiful women being excited to see me. I am what you say, the definition of the average Joe. I’m about 5’11″, 200lbs, brown hair and eyes and glasses to boot.

“Hi, my name is Andrew and I’m a huge fan of you two on Instagram, I just wanted to say hi and congrats to you Natasha in your 1 million followers”

Natasha, or as Devin calls her, Tash lit up. “Oh my god! Thanks Andrew! You’re the first one besides Dev who had said anything!”

“Really? Well I guess with so many big names here 1 million followers isn’t a big deal,” I laughed.

“I know right, we’re like D lists here,” Devin adds in.

“Well, meeting you two has already made my entire trip worth it,” I said with a smile.

Tash moves closer and touches my wrist, “Well, we are going to lunch soon, would you like to join us?”

Obviously I stumbled for words after being touched by one of the most beautiful women in the world. Not to mention her Australian accent is so damn sexy.

“Yeah, um, sure, totally. Sorry, yes, I’d love to.”

“Great, we’re going to our room to shower and change, we’ll meet you at the bar,” Devin instructed.

I couldn’t help but stare as they both grabbed their things and walked away.

I was walking down the sidewalk by the private villa rooms when I heard a tapping sound. I stopped trying to figure out where it was coming from. I probably looked like an idiot crooking my neck to the side as I was spinning in circles. I finally stopped when I heard a laugh.

I turned around again to see a face in the window of one of the doors. I walk closer and laugh myself when I realize the face is Natasha’s.

As I come to the door she pops it open and walks away from me. She slightly turns her body and beckons me with her finger.

At this point I’m dumbfounded. What on earth is going on? Should I turn around?

I keep following her though, I can’t help it. She stops in the kitchen.

“Natasha, what’s goi-”

Natasha pressed her body up against mine and kissed me. Not just a peck either. She wrapped her right hand around my neck, opening her mouth introducing her tongue to mine.

“Natasha, what are you-”

“Andrew. Shh.”

“Seriously, wh-” and then I coughed. Natasha Oakley had just grabbed my cock over my bathing suit.

At this point I couldn’t speak if I tried. My inner porn star took over.

I took my hands, grabbed hold of her ass, scooped her up and put her up on the counter.

As she was rubbing the outside of my shorts I was kissing my way down her neck. I lifted the tiny pieces of material considered a bikini top off her chest and over her head. I kissed her C cup perky breasts causing her to let out a soft moan, “mmm Andrew.”

I kept kissing my way down her incredibly toned body. I undid the strings on her bikini bottom and slid them from underneath her. Just as I got within inches of her radiating pussy she stops me.

“No time. Fuck me.”

As I stand up straight, she grabs my shorts and pushes them down to the floor with her feet. She pulls me closer and whispers into my ear, “Fuck me Andrew.”

She wraps her hand around my dick and guides it into her soaked pussy. I let out a sigh. Is this really happening?!

“Oh god,” she coos into my ear.

I start pushing deeper. I grab hold of her waist pulling her body closer to the edge of the counter. I thrust hard into her, fully inserting myself inside her wet pussy.

“Fuck!” Natasha lets out a muffled scream as she bites into my shoulder.

Hearing her moans and screams in her sexy Aussie accent just turns me on even more. I start fucking her as hard as I can while still trying to enjoy every second I have inside her body.

Suddenly, she pushes me out. I look at her like a confused child, but so full of lust, ready to just grab her again. She walks over to the table and bends over, looking back at me.

I walk up behind her and spread her just enough to allow me to push back inside. To say her entire body is beautiful isn’t enough, it’s perfect. She takes incredible care of her body. I admire the view for a moment before I run my hands down her back and settle on her firm ass. I give it a squeeze as I start plowing deep into her pussy again.

As the seconds go by, which felt like eternity, her moans start to become less inhibited. She isn’t afraid to hide anymore; after all it was just me and her, with Devin somewhere nearby.

“Fuck! Oh Fuck!” She screams as I reach up and pull on her hair. “Fuck me Andrew!”

I start groaning myself “Fuck Tash, I’m gonna cum!”

“Yes! Cum for me!”

Being raised a gentleman, I knew ladies should always come first in everything. I knew I was going to cum. But, I wanted her to cum from my dick first. I pull harder on her hair while I smack her ass with my other hand.

Apparently that was enough for her. Her pussy started clenching around my cock, almost pushing me out. “Yessssss!”

The added tightness gave me the last push I needed too. “I’m gonna cum!”

I pull out just in time. My first shot shoots on her ass and back. She quickly spins around onto her knees and opens her mouth. The rest of my cum then shoots onto her face and into her mouth.

I’m barely able to stand up when she uses her finger to scoop the rest off her face and into her mouth before she swallows.

She stands up and smiles. “Wow.”

I laugh a bit, “fuck.”

“Sit. Breathe,” she tells me as I take a seat at the table, my dick finally starting to get soft.

She walks over to the fridge and tosses me a bottle of water. She then grabs a marker and writes on the whiteboard on the fridge door.

“Come on. Let’s shower”

I stand up to follow her. As I walk by the whiteboard I see “Tash <3 Andrew ;) ” I can’t help but smile.

My smile doesn’t last long as I’m lead outside to a shower where I see Tash already under the water, but Devin is sitting nearby staring at me.

Chapter 2

“Hey there Andrew”

I choked a little, “Hey Devin.”

“What are you waiting for? Tash is waiting.”

I suddenly realize I’m still stark naked and go to cover myself.

Tash sees this little exchange and bowls over laughing which causes Devin to laugh.

“Andrew, relax.” Devin stood up and started moving closer to me.

Natasha and Devin are both beautiful. They both have perfectly toned bodies. Both look perfect in bikinis. Really, the only differences are the accents and they’re cup size. While Natasha is very small and perky, Devin has large DD cups that her bikini can barely contain.

“Andrew, isn’t it obvious?”

“I feel stupid, but no” I reply.

“Package deal!” Tash yells from the shower.

My dick quickly realizes what’s going on before I do and starts hard. But once Devin wraps her hand around my dick, my brain caught up.

She pulls me by the dick into the shower. She gets undressed herself and soon all three of us are wet from the overhead shower.

I’ll tell you, you don’t know true bliss unless you’ve had your body lathered up by two perfect women.

Minus a few kisses amongst the three of us, it was uneventful surprisingly.

Devin shut the water off and the three of us dried ourselves off.

“Weren’t we going to eat?” Tash giggled as she said it.

Devin adds in, “Yeah. Kind of forgot about that.”

I decide to try to be funny. “Well, personally, I see plenty to eat right here.”

However, it wasn’t funny. As soon as my sentence ended, their faces changed. It went from laughing and giggling to fuck the shit out of me.

Before I knew it they were pulling me quickly back inside the villa and into their bedroom.

Devin pushed me on my back onto the bed.

“Hungry?” she asked.

Before I could respond she climbed over my face and lowered her freshly shaved pussy. I grabbed hold of her legs and buried my tongue between her folds.

Let me take a second to toot my own horn for a second. Yes, I am the definition of average Joe. However, the bedroom is the only reason why I was ever to keep any girl interested. While my size is an average 7 inches with a slightly larger than normal girth for my size, I know how to use it. I usually last anywhere from 30 minutes to sometimes 4 hours. My oral skills also pretty damn good. I laugh at my friends when they describe their pitiful techniques.

“God Tash, he’s so fucking good,” Devin told her friend.

I had totally forgotten Tash had come in with us. I was quickly reminded.

“Yes. Yes he is,” Tash claimed. While my eyes were looking up at Devin grabbing her own chest as I pleasured her, I felt a mouth slowly envelope my cock.

“Holy shit,” I said into Devin’s pussy. Natasha Oakley was sucking my dick. She was fucking good at it too. She started at my balls and licked her way to the tip before taking it all in her mouth. She was massaging my balls as her head bobbed up and down.

Every time she’d stop and lick the head I let out a deep moan into Devin’s pussy which caused her to let out what was close to a long growl.

I could tell Devin was getting close to orgasm. I switched from licking between her folds to sucking on her clit. Her moans immediately starter getting louder.

“Fuck Andrew. That’s it. Right there. Keep going. Yes. Yes. Fuck!”

Devin started shaking as her juices poured out of her and into my mouth. She finally collapsed onto the bed as her orgasm ended.

“I’ve never seen her have one like that,” Tash said as she stopped blowing me.

She stood up and came over and took Devin’s place. Natasha tasted just as sweet as Devin. She must have been waiting patiently because as soon as my tongue hit her slit she let out a long drawn out moan.

Tash’s moan must have awoken Devin up from her stupor because she started moving to the end of the bed.

Tash was more aggressive than Devin. Devin just enjoyed what was given to her. Natasha though wanted to do some work herself. She started grinding her pussy against my tongue. “Oh Fuck Andrew. You’re so good. Don’t stop!”  In reality I was just keeping my tongue out until she slowed enough to let me suck on her clit.

Devin was now at the edge of the bed. I could only assume she would start sucking my dick. I was really surprised when she reached one hand underneath Tash and ran it along her pussy to get it as wet as possible. She then took that hand and started jerking me off.

Once my dick was covered in Natasha’s juices Devin took her large breasts and put my cock between them.

I was titty fucking Devin Brugman. The sounds of her tits clapping against my body and the moans of Tash set me off. Before I could say anything I was shooting my load all over her massive tits.

“Yeah! Cum all over me Andrew! Fuck that’s hot!” Devin yelled out.

Hearing Devin must have set Tash off because she screamed and rolled over onto the bed. What caught me by surprise was she started squirting.

She was rubbing her pussy like a crazy person, “Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck!” It wasn’t a lot but because of her fast rubbing it splashed all over her body.

“Holy shit Tash, that’s so fucking hot!” Devin said to her best friend.

I was spent, but I couldn’t help but be turned on by this sight. Devin crawled over to Tash and started licking up all of Tash’s juices. Once she was clean, Natasha took Devin’s breasts into her mouth and cleaned up all of my cum.

“You two. Fuck!” I sat there. Unable to say much else.

“So? Dinner?” They both said, laughing.

With that, as if none of that just happened, they stood up and walked away.

“Go get dressed!” Tash yelled from somewhere in the villa. I took that as my cue to go. So I tossed on my shorts and went to my room.

Chapter 3

I showered and got dressed. It was only about 30 minutes, but it felt like hours. I replayed the entire event in my head. Did that all just happen? My hard cock says it did.

Since they never told me where or when we were going to dinner I decided to start heading back to their villa. Sure enough as I came in eyesight of it, they came outside.

Natasha was wearing a simple white sundress and Devin was wearing short jean shorts and a black tank top.

“You two look beautiful,” I told them while smiling ear to ear.

“Aww thanks sweetie,” Tash said as she gave me a kiss on the cheek.

I took both of their arms and we walked our way to the beachside restaurant.

Sitting there as the sun set over the water eating food by candlelight was as good as life gets. All three of us were talking and laughing. The night was great until Devin said, “we leave tomorrow.”

“What, no. I just meet you two. You can’t leave now. You live in California, I’m from Jersey,” I whined.

“Welllll, once you’re back home in New Jersey, and realize you need a change, we may have an opening of some sorts at A Bikini a Day,” Devin said while touching my hand.

“Yeah, we’d find something for you to do. Sales, security, something,” Tash said as she took my other hand.

“I mean, I’d love to. But it might take a while to get my things out there, and I’d have to find a place to live.”

“Umm hello. With us.” Devin started laughing.

“Well.  Count me in!” I kissed Devin and then Tash. I then felt a hand each on both my knees. The two bombshells were sliding their hands up my knees. I tried to distract myself from getting hard by looking at the famous celebrities around. The only one to make eye contact with me was the famous teen gymnast, McKayla Maroney, who winked as she saw me jump as their hands reached my now rock hard cock.

I stood up “let’s go make this last night count.”   I again took them in my arms and we went back to their villa.

Once inside, it didn’t take long for the action to start. As soon as the door was closed Devin pushed me against it as she put her tongue in my mouth. Tash undid my shorts and slid them off. I was already hard as she took my cock into her mouth.

As Tash was sucking me off, I pulled Devin’s tank top over her head. I kissed her neck as I unleashed her breasts as I popped her bra off and let it fall to the floor.

“Mmm shit,” I said as I looked down at Tash spitting on my dick before taking it back into her mouth. I bent down a bit as I put my face to Devin’s tits and kissed her nipples, alternating between the two.

I undid Devin’s shorts and slid them along with her thong to the floor. I reached down and started fingering her.

“Fuck!” Devin screamed. Natasha looked up and started sucking harder with every scream.

“Fuck Andrew! I want you to fuck me!” she screamed again.

Tash then stopped her amazing blowjob. “You heard her baby.”

I took off my shirt and turned to Devin. I scooped her up, slammed her against the door, she wrapped her legs around me, and shoved my cock into her pussy.

“Holy shit! Fuck! Yes!” Devin screamed as I was pounding into her. Her ass was banging into the door. Tash stood up and leaned in and started biting and sucking at Devin’s nipples causing her to scream even louder.

“Fuck! Harder Andrew!”

I did as I was told and adjusted my grip on her ass. I kept thrusting into her. Devin started digging her fingers into my back before she let out a guttural scream “fuckkkkkk me!!!” As her pussy got so tight it pushed me out.

“Fuck!!!” She screamed out one last time as I carried her over to the couch and laid her down.

Tash looked and me and smiled.

“Take a seat Andrew,” Tash said sweetly

I sat down on the couch looking to my right at Devin trying to recover.

As I turned back to Tash she began straddling me. She kissed me softly as she guided my dick inside her. “Oh Andrew.”

She began grinding her body against mine. I wrapped my arms around her and kissed her neck and collar bone.

“Oooh” she moaned. I looked over at Devin and saw she was now fingering herself. Tash saw the same which made her pick up her pace. It amazed me how much these two work off each other.

Tash was now bouncing on my cock. I threw my head back and moaned. “I’m going to cum soon.”

Tash slowed down her pace, “Not yet.”
She stood up. I was so confused. I sat there as she helped Devin down to the ground. Devin laid on her back and Tash then laid on top of her, kissing Devin’s breasts and then slipped her tongue into Devin’s mouth.

I went down to them and pushed my dick into Devin first. The short break gave me a second wind. I fucked Devin harder than before which made her moan into Natasha’s mouth. Just as Devin was hitting a high, I pulled out and pushed myself into Tash.

I went back and forth for a few minutes until I pushed inside Tash and she let out a scream that told me she was close to orgasm. I smashed myself into her hard and fast. Devin reached down and started rubbing Tash’s clit. I felt Tash’s body start shaking as she screamed “Fuck yes Andrew!”

Tash began to squirt and not a small one either. She squirted all over my cock and lower stomach leaving me soaked. Once she finished I went back to Devin’s pussy and started pounding her. All of Tash’s juices mixed with Devin’s let me fuck her tight pussy even harder. The sound of the extra juices swishing around turned everyone on.

Within seconds Devin was hitting her orgasm and she started screaming, “Oh god!”

Hearing both their screams sent me over my edge. “I’m gonna cum!!!”

They both found the energy to pull their faces up as I covered them with my cum. Devin still shaking from her orgasm.

“Holy Fuck” I said falling onto my back.

I looked up to see them kissing each other clean of my cum before they came down and laid their heads on my chest.

We must have laid there for long enough that we all fell asleep from pure exhaustion. I finally came to when the sun was coming through the window and hit my face. There was a note lying on my chest.

“Thank you for the best day we’ve ever had Andrew. We really did mean our offer of coming to California. Message us on instagram- Tash<3 and Dev<3

I couldn’t believe they were gone. But, that was only the first day of my trip. I still have 6 more days to go. Maybe I’d get lucky again?
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Re: Average Joe’s Hawaiian Vacation (Devin Brugman, Natasha Oakley)
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2021, 01:22:30 PM »
These two ladies are beautiful and what a funny story.
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Re: Average Joe’s Hawaiian Vacation (Devin Brugman, Natasha Oakley)
« Reply #2 on: April 28, 2022, 01:54:27 PM »
Well chosen celebrities!

I love these women especially Devin. It makes you want to go and spend your holidays there with them. His journey is cool. It's a good story, I like the chemistry that comes out of it. It was super sexy and kinda funny at the same time.
Thank you 😊


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