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Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
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Eternal Lust
Starring: Salma Hayek

Codes: MF, MMF, Cougar, Oral, Tit Fuck, Double Penetration, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story is dedicated to Jack. It was written for him and inspired by ideas he had.

Los Angeles, California

Flashing lights popped off with bright sparkles in the distance was only a part of the action that came along for red carpet premiers. Beyond the carpet leading into the theater were gated rows of screaming fans. Some wearing costumes, others bringing along their photos and other such belongings in the hopes of having an autographed signed across it. Behind the carpet walkway, limousines were lined up along with an army of security guards dressed in black pinstripe suits. Salma Hayek knew all about handling events like this. At fifty-five years of age and spending several decades in Hollywood, this was just another red carpet night for her. The only difference this time was sharing such an event alongside her new costars that were on screen together with her in Eternals.

She stood in a black pair of high heels and a matching black dress. The undergarments revealed a yellow color underneath on a shiny silk interior. Her long dark brunette was fixed properly split down the middle. Pieces of jewelry went along with the dark outfit, with a silver necklace and some rings. Salma radiated on the red carpet, smiling wide when she greeted the media who approached her with microphones. Her costar Angelina Jolie had been quite busy tonight with interviews. An hour had passed since the first photographers had lined up to snap hundreds of photos through a few minutes watching as the cast stepped into the red carpet for the first time. Salma couldn't conceal her smiles when she was greeted by the fans outside. They were gated off from the red carpet, but that didn't prevent them from snapping photos from their phones.

For her, it was witnessing female fans dressed as Ajak that had delighted her. Salma didn't get the opportunity to sign any autographs before Angelina came along to make sure she walked the carpet and met with the media reporters who were eagerly anticipating interviews with all of the cast. Salma couldn't wait to stand in front of the black backdrops to have her photos snapped. Her makeup artist and dress designer had put much delicate care into a Gucci style dress. She smiled with her full red lips, placing her hands onto her hips when the photos snapped. All those bright flashing lights in the background had once hindered her vision thirty years ago, but at this point in life, Salma was used to it. The dress hugged all her curves with heavy cleavage split down the middle in a V pattern from the shoulder straps to reveal her famous natural breasts.

Bigger than ever before, as Angelina Jolie had joked to her a few months back. In between filming Eternals, Salma and Angelina had become friends. They bonded over the fact they were both considered middle aged Hollywood actresses, both with a similar situation by this point in their lives. Salma still had her family and marriage, though Angelina was divorced. Together they shared some dirty secrets among one another, having a taste for a wild side that their older ages couldn't slow down. Salma was not surprised to hear rumors swirling her new friend who had a taste for younger men. Before October premiers had rolled around schedule, Angelina was tempting Salma to indulge herself in an affair. The young man was of twenty-five years of age and handpicked by Angelina herself based on how she thought he could please Salma.

Such affairs were not out of the ordinary for Salma. There was a reason she kept her personal life private and out of the tabloids, though it was funny to her that old habits did not change for Angelina. After her fifty-fifth birthday, Salma gave in and accepted Angelina's request. She met with the young man by the name of James. Angelina had informed Salma that he was a fitness model in Los Angeles and in the past, he had been her boy toy off to the side following her divorce from Brad Pitt. Not wanting to climb in bed with a stranger off the bat, Salma arranged a date with James and was eager to get to know more about the young man. Angelina had told her that was a waste of time. For some reason odd reason to the other woman, Salma wanted to learn more about the young man.

Tall and skinny with deep blue eyes, James kept a clean shaved face and his short brown hair slicked back. It didn't take Salma long to learn that he styled himself after the legendary Hollywood icon James Dean. The resemblance was uncanny when he showed her modelling photos wearing a bright red leather jacket and blue jeans. Salma didn't tell him, but he almost looked like a young Kevin Bacon when wearing that iconic Rebel outfit. On that first date, Salma was more interested in picking his brain. She could only guess a young man like him who had been sleeping with a once famous A list actress in Angelina Jolie, could have his own ambitions. Salma figured perhaps he wanted his own big break somewhere and brushing shoulders with women like her and Angelina would give him such a chance.

After two dates and the second one heating up, Salma was ready to indulge herself with James. He had proven to be polite, though at times during dinner he couldn't take his eyes away from her boobs. Salma had teased him and he didn't hesitate to tell her his preference for an older woman in the bedroom. The problem had risen with sorting out a date to get together and spend a weekend in a hotel. Salma had her own busy schedule, but James had left town for an emergency family situation. Not expecting to see him for the remainder of the month after some text messages relaying bad news, Salma had to offer her condolences. Since she was currently staying in L.A. for the premier and a number of press interviews, she texted him her hotel number across town in case he came back early.

With James gone, Salma had set her sights on another young man whom Angelina had recommended. Chris was another male model, but he had enjoyed a line of success so far in a six year career modelling designer name suits and other clothing. At the age of twenty-seven, he had enjoyed some success making a name for himself in modelling. Standing over six feet, he nearly towered over Salma's short stature. Tall and skinny but with an impressive muscular stomach to sport his pale skin. He had brown curly hair and a trimmed dark beard fit with a proper mustache. They had met two weeks ago and Chris was just enough of her type to break Salma's rule of not fucking on the first date. There was something about Chris that fit her type of man. A charming attitude fit with stamina to truly keep her up all night upon that first date. Salma would need to call Angelina and thank her for recommending this young man, as she was quick to snatch him up for herself.

She also considered calling her long time friend Blake Lively to tell her about Chris. If only the housewife needed some company between her own family time, Salma had the right man she felt could satisfy both of them. Back at the hotel, she kept Chris there along with the usual bodyguards that Salma kept employed. She had all plans of going back to the hotel after the premier and giving Chris the honor of taking off her expensive designer dress. After all, the most famous dresses were worn to be taken off. An afterparty was scheduled back at the hotel following the Eternals premier, but Salma had no plans of going. Angelina knew why and she had whispered into her ear on the red carpet to go back upstairs and enjoy herself in the company of her waiting young man. By all intentions, Salma was going to unleash her lust on him for another night together.

The stretch limousines were lined up in place with flashing lights reflecting across the black paint to all of them. Salma walked alongside her bodyguards who escorted her while hearing the roaring voices of the crowd. She turned to glance over her right shoulder, waving at the crowd with a full smile across her face. Gemma Chan wasn't far behind Salma, as she too was looking over the crowd beyond the gates and waving to all the fans. When Salma reached the limo, one of the bodyguards stepped past her to open the left side back door for her. She turned around and wanted to take one final look at all the fans who had gathered at the premiere. This had been a huge deal for her getting into Marvel, as Salma was now thinking back to when she first signed that contract and now witnessing the fans in gathering. When she finally turned around to enter the limo, she gazed forward at what was a familiar face grinning back at her.

"Hey babe! Damn, you look amazing. I saw you earlier on my phone, but had to see it in person." 

It was Chris greeting her from across the back seat in the limo dressed in a black pinstripe suit without the tie. Jacket unbuttoned revealed a bright yellow silky shirt that matched the inside color of her dress skirt.. He had shaved his face, grinning from ear to ear with a wide smile that almost looked silly to her. His eyes had looked at her face only momentarily before glancing down and becoming enlarged at the sight of her heavy cleavage in full view. Salma wasn't expecting him to be there as she got in the limo and quickly grabbed the door handle with her right hand to shut it.

"What are you doing here? You should be waiting back at the hotel."

"Yeah, I know you can't have a date out there, but I thought I'd surprise you coming back."

Salma had sat down next to Chris. He reached for her left hand, bringing it up and kissing her ring out of respect. All that did was make the older woman blush and giggle. Once more, Chris was gazing at her breasts, as Salma had caught his wandering eyes.

"You like the dress huh?"

"Like it? I think that's an understatement. I love it."

The interior of the limousine was of dark red cushioned seats and carpets. There was enough room for a party of people to join in, but Salma had her own privacy to share alongside Chris for this short ride. For the time being, she was thankful that he remained in the car. It wouldn't be a PR nightmare for the tabloids to publish photos of her with a mysterious younger man as a date to such an event like this. Grinning back at Chris, she spoke up.

"I notice you've shaved."

She reached out with her left hand and rubbed at his chin, feeling the smoothness of his skin. Chris chuckled, as now he was the one blushing upon the touch of her fingertips.

"What's wrong? You prefer the beard?"

"No. I just wasn't expecting to see your face like that, let alone find you waiting for me in my limo."

"So, are we going to head back to the afterparty and join the others?"

Salma shook her head.

"Oh no, that's not my plan for you tonight, mister. We're heading back to my hotel. Since you love this dress so much, I'm giving you the honor of taking it off for me."

The smirk across her red lips and tone of her voice in that thick accent had made Chris' heart beat elevate at a rapid pace. He knew that look from Salma. When she meant business, he had to prepare himself for what could only be described as a lustful onslaught from a woman he deemed to be an active cougar who knew her prey. Older women like her were of his taste, but Salma had proven in the past that he needed to be on his toes at all times. Her lust had overwhelmed him the first night they were alone together in the bedroom. Despite her age, she had stamina and strength within to keep him up all night. Given the devious looks that she gave him from the back of the limo, Chris could only remind himself that he had to give her his absolute best. Once they got back to the hotel room, he had to give this woman all she could handle per her request.



Subtle exhaling of a deep breath was audible from within the living room of the hotel suite. Chris had went up to the hotel suite before Salma, both of them escorted from the many security guards who were under Salma and studio payroll. She wanted to catch up with Angelina one last time, sharing a word for their ears only before going up to the seventh floor where her room was. Everything had been paid for by the studio as this was part of the promotional events tied to Eternals. Chris had fixed up the living room after he and Salma spent the previous night enjoying takeout dinner and having glasses of wine. The interior design was of a beige color covering the walls fit with trimmed gold lining. All the floors were of dark red carpet, meshing well with the lighter colors that fit the walls and black marble table tops.

Of course, none of this interior decorating truly mattered when you had to travel, but Salma had a week's stay here alongside Chris. For him, he had not witnessed luxury in hotels so fine before in his past. The living room had a marble top, oval shaped coffee table surrounding two couches. The plush cushions were in that same beige color, matching with the walls. The bedroom had similar design, only with black sheets covering the bed and white pillows. So far, Chris and Salma had fucked in the bedroom twice. He had hoped to at least fuck her in every room of the hotel suite before they had to leave. Even the kitchen and especially the bathroom, as they had yet to make proper use of that large shower with the sliding doors. Tonight, Salma had already chosen the living room as they would be making use with another round of lustful deeds.

Back in the bedroom, Chris had already taken her dress off after Salma removed the jewelry from her neck, but kept on her giant engagement and wedding rings. She made a faint gasp and moan when he unzipped the back and slid those straps from her shoulders. Of course, Salma had easily guessed that his eyes would be glued at the sight of her legendary breasts springing out free without a bra or any piece of clothing to contain them. When Chris pushed his hands over those giant boobs and squeezed them, she moaned out for him. The dress pushed down, falling from her voluptuous body. Within seconds, the Mexican goddess of Hollywood stood before him in nothing but a black thong covering her front entrance and the black high heels from her outfit. Salma took the thong off, teasing him by twirling it around her index finger as he gazed at her wet vulva lips. A strip of black hair was visible just above her pussy.

It became his turn to put on a strip show before her eyes. Salma didn't have to tell Chris, as he knew how she liked to see him strip at this point. By the time he had taken that suit off, both of them had their expensive designer name clothes strewn across the bedroom floor. Salma grabbed him by his hardening cock and then, she walked the man out from the bedroom. Chris had a sight of her perfect ass in front of him. Plump cheeks rubbing together with each step. Salma wanted her man in the living room, as it was time to check that room off the list in a journey of fucking in every room of the suite before they had to leave. Chris was unsure if Salma would take him to another city in time for promo events or if perhaps Angelina wanted something to do with him again. He had kind of figured Salma would wrap him around her finger and claim him as one of her own men to the side. That was the impression he had right now as he stood tall and gazed down at her big brown eyes.

The faint exhaling breath came from both of them as Salma was eager to busy herself with bringing his hard cock to full length. It became clear to him quite early on just how hungry she was to indulge herself with his cock. Chris stood there, still looking into her eyes as her right hand jerked his cock up and down. This was how Salma always preferred to begin. A round of oral pleasures to start the night before moving on to the various positions for hard fucking. She pushed the head of his cock to her soft lips, darting her tongue out and twirling it around the head. Her hand shoved down to the base of his cock and then she broke eye contact to study his length. Satisfied at his hardness, Salma parted her lips and then slid his cock into her mouth. As she began to suck, Chris moaned again and then saw her eyes gazing back up at him.

He didn't say a word as she went slow with him, sucking the first few inches and then pulling her lips off with a popping noise. Chris could feel her breath blowing onto his cock as she exhaled and then began to wank his shaft back and forth again. Salma lowered her head further and brought her attention to his hanging ball sack. This was an act to surely catch Chris by surprise and it didn't disappoint. He moaned at the feeling of her tongue lapping across his hairy nuts. Using her left hand, she squeezed his balls before feeding them into her mouth, all while wanking his shaft with her right hand. Spreading his legs out further, Chris glanced behind him momentarily to see the couch. When he looked back forward, he used his right hand to gently caress Salma's long dark hair while hearing the sounds of her slobbering on his balls. She sucked one nut, then popped it out of her mouth before stuffing the other between her lips.

"Oh my god! Ohhhhh, man!"

As Chris cried out in pleasure, Salma didn't hold back her lustful attack. She began to wank her right hand up and down at a faster pace. Her reward for such actions was to hear his breathing become more frantic. Chris would have to find his own strength within, as this was only the start from the goddess. When Salma released his balls from her mouth, a string of her saliva was dripping from that hanging nut sack. She licked her lips and brought her head back up, smirking at him as she slid her hand down to the base of his cock.

"Mmmmmmm, I'm ready to suck you dry."

Her sexy accent had come out so strongly in Salma's tone of voice. Chris swallowed his breath, as he knew she meant every word of her speech. When Salma shoved his cock back into her mouth, this time she began to bob her head up and down as she sucked him at a moderate pace. Her right hand fell from the base, instead using both of her hands to push into his legs. 'Mmmmmmm', she let out a muffled moan, gazing up into his eyes while sucking.

"Ohhhh god, yes. Suck it, baby..."

Chris spoke to her in a low tone of voice, as he knew with any approaching second now, Salma would push him to the brink of no return with her mouth alone. She glanced away, closing her eyes as she began to take his cock deeper down her throat. Still bobbing her head up and down, she devoured his dick. Chris moaned as he stood there and watched, listening to the slobbering and sucking noises Salma made between her muffled moans. She slowed down and began to push her lips all the way to the base, burying her noise in his ball hairs while the head of his cock reached the back of her throat. With proper gag reflexes, she didn't choke on the entirety of his thick shaft. Salma opened her eyes, glancing up at him as she quietly counted to ten in the back of her head. She studied the scrunched up look on his face, knowing that she was doing her job at pushing him to the edge. Once those ten seconds passed, she pulled her lips back and released his cock from her mouth.

"Ohhhhh man, that... that was amazing."

Again, Chris spoke in excitement but also a tone of relief in his voice as he stumbled out his words, nearly stuttering. Strings of saliva dangled from his shiny, spit soaked cock back to her open mouth. Salma curved her lips in a grin as she looked up at him and pushed her lips together. Slobbering sounds were audible as she sucked up her drool strings and then spit them over the head of his cock. Biting down her lower lip, Salma let out a sensual giggle and wrapped her right hand fingers back around his wet cock.

"Mmmmmmm, jou like dat, huh?"

Her accent came out in full strength, slurring her speech slightly. Chris could not get enough of Salma's sexy voice when she was in the mood like this. He knew what she was about to do, as she didn't show him any mercy shoving that fat cock back between her lips. Her hand locked around the base as Salma proceeded to bob her head up and down again. Like before, he used his right hand to caress her brunette hair from behind, but Salma wasn't going to stop this time. Over and over again, she bobbed her head up and down while slobbering and sucking his shaft.

"Oh my fucking god! I love how you suck me off, baby! Keep going, ohhhh man!!"

His moans were quick to become cries of heavenly pleasure. Salma let go of the base of his shaft and brought both of her hands down below to squeeze her breasts. She pinched her own nipples as she continued to suck her way up and down. Her big brown eyes gazed up at him as Salma began to slow down. Chris knew what was about to come as he witnessed her hands pushing those beautiful big breasts up. Salma always worked a routine with him when she was down on her knees. When she pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft, Salma gazed up at his eyes and winked. She released his cock with an audible 'ahhhh' and then held her breasts up.

"I know where my cock is about to go. Shove it between those big titties, baby."

Salma smirked before giggling at him after his silly words. She held her tits apart and licked her lips just before squeezing her breasts around his cock. Chris immediately let out a loud moan upon feeling every inch of his rod trapped between her amazing all natural breasts. They were bigger than ever before, swallowing up the entire length of his long shaft with the head poking up. Still grinning up at him, Salma moaned before she spoke up.

"A big cock like this was made for my tits. You know what to do, Chris. Come on and fuck these tits."

"Ohhhh, I'd be honored to."

It didn't matter that this wasn't the first time he had his cock between those legendary tits. Chris was excited as ever as he glanced down to see his shaft completely disappear between the folds as he began to buck his hips. Salma kept her eyes locked up at his face, adjusting her fingers beneath her nipples as she soon felt every inch of his cock pumping between the folds of her breasts. She moaned, loving every second of this as he began to groan and let out soft moans. Chris always started off at a slow pace, not wanting to overwhelm himself so they could both enjoy this pleasure together. He could only guess that tittyfucking ranked high on Salma's list of pleasures given how much she loved this act. Dropping her lower lip, she moaned and kept her eyes locked up at him as he continued to buck his hips forward and pump that cock between her tits.

"Don't stop, don't stop..."

Uttering her words in a low voice, Salma grinned flashing her teeth. This was on point for her to demand more as Chris moaned and slowed down a bit. Still gazing at her eyes, he spoke while thrusting between her tits.

"You love it when I've got my cock between your huge tits?"

"Mmmmmm, shouldn't I be the one asking dat!?"

Chris began to thrust harder and faster when he heard her accent coming out. Salma bit her bottom lip again before carrying on in her speech.

"Jou like how dat big fuckin' cock feels stuffed between my BIG TITS!?"

"Oh my fucking god, Yes! Yes I do!!"

The way she screamed those words at him, Chris could not control his excitement. Again and again, he thrust his cock as hard as he could between her tits. The head of his rod poked against her chin, causing Salma to raise her head up slightly further as she closed her eyes and grinned at this sensational feeling. he didn't stop, as she had successfully motivated him to fuck her tits at a fast pace.

"Yes, yesssss!! Jus' like dat! Fuck my tits! Yessssss!!"

Overwhelmed at this point, Chris couldn't slow himself down if he wanted to. He reached for her left shoulder, gripping it as he continued to buck his hips and fuck her tits. Salma eventually opened her eyes, glancing down as she watched his cock pup up and down between her busty tits. Again and again, Chris continued as he felt the lustful rush from within him. He didn't care that he was close to blowing his load. Salma always had a way of working him into a frenzy like this with the right words and elevating her tone of voice. Grinning back up at him, Salma called out to him.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! I love it when you go fast like dat!"

Once again, her accent slurred her speech, as Chris was attempting to slow himself down. Salma knew that move all too well from her first hand experiences. He was only trying to stop to hold himself back from blowing a load for her. Oh yes, such a predictable young man. She decided to cut him a small break, figuring now was the time to take control. Pulling her breasts apart, she freed his cock and then grabbed it with her right hand as Chris came to a halt from his body movements. He watched as Salma kissed the head and then gripped it tightly with her fingers. Those big brown eyes gazed up at him as she gave him the first order.

"Sit down on the couch."

Following her command, Chris did precisely that. He took one step backwards and then bent his legs upon feeling the cool surface of the couch across his buttocks. Salma didn't let go of his cock, but he had an easily guess for what she was about to do. She was in control now and once again, he would be at the mercy of a lustful onslaught, courtesy of her skills at hand.

"You gonna take me for a ride, babe?"

A pointless question, but Chris couldn't help but give her a goofy grin. Salma was smirking back at him as she stood up, still holding his shaft with her right hand. He could see the fresh dew that had developed over the pink folds of her pussy.

"I think you should know by now what I wanna do to you, Chris..."

Crackling a laugh, Salma surveyed his skinny muscular body as if he were her prey. She had Chris right where she wanted him in time to take control. They had their fun when she was down on her knees, but now it was time to put that couch to proper use with some old fashioned fucking. Straddling him, she bent her knees to climb onto the couch. Chris watched as her pussy hovered above his cock. Salma took her time, lining that cock up properly. She brushed the head across the lips of her entrance before sliding down. Closing her eyes, she moved her hands to roam them across her body while embracing this feeling of his cock sliding up inside of her. Chris gasped, letting out a hard moan as he moved his hands over her hips, caressing down to squeeze both of her ass cheeks at the feeling of her warm tightness within.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, man..."

He moaned out to her, pulling his right hand back for a playful spank across her ass. Salma moaned and then moved her hands to roam her fingers down his muscular chest. Their eyes met and Chris smiled back at her, caressing his hands up her curves and then cupping her face.

"You just can't get enough of me, can you?"

Salma spoke to him as she starred back into his dark eyes. Chris nodded at her before replying.

"No, you're the best I've ever had. I could never get enough of you."

Pleased with such a response, she began to roll her hips to drive his cock in her pussy. Panting and then letting out a soft moan, Salma closed her eyes. She raked her fingernails up to his chest and then raised her arms up. Chris was faced with her epic breasts, slightly shaking and wobbling as she began to ride him. He moved his hands away from her body, admiring the view as he began to buck his hips and thrust up in an attempt to match the rhythm in which she worked. All that did was make Salma begin to thrust herself downward at a harder and faster pace. She pushed the palms of her hands to the back of her head, flexing her arms out.

"Ohhhhhhhh, ohhhhhhhh yes! Yesssssss!!"

Eyes still closed, Salma moaned out to him. Chris kept his eyes locked on her shaking tits. He watched them bounce left and right, as he was fighting the urge within to reach out and grab them with his hands. Instead, he gripped her hips and continued to thrust upward, moaning at the feeling of his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Still watching those boobs jiggle and shake, Chris couldn't take it anymore and had to move his hands. Salma opened her eyes as she felt the palms of his hands smashing against her soft tits. She gazed down at his face and then she moved her hands to her breasts, leaning over well enough to smother his face with them.

"Show me how much you love these tits!"

Salma beat her big breasts up against his face, smothering him as they slapped against his cheeks. All Chris could do was continue to thrust his cock into her cunt. Bucking his hips forward, shaking his head around to motorboat them. Salma moaned, moving her hands through his hair as she kept his head shoved between her tits. The sound of their bodies smacking together was soon audible with each thrust Chris sent into that tight pussy.

"Oh yeah! Ohhhhhhh, yeah! Give it to me, yes!!"

Smack. Smack. Smack. The sound became louder with each passing second as Salma moaned and called for him. She pulled herself back from him, gazing at his face as she threw her arms up. Chris didn't stop, as he was still pumping his cock in and out of her pussy.


Gritting her teeth, Salma growled that last word, but he didn't stop. Still thrusting into her, he watched those giant tits bounce and shake before leaning up. Chris couldn't help himself, he had to wrap his arms around her and pull her down. Their lips met and he kissed her passionately. Salma moaned into his mouth as he had finally stopped thrusting in her. Feeling her great big tits shoved up against his chest was a wonderful feeling. She returned the kiss with a level of tenderness that could've melted him and made him explode inside of her right then and there. When the kiss broke, Salma leaned up and began to rise from the couch.

"We are just getting started, come on! I wanna get down on all fours and have you give to me some more! You gotta fuck me from behind like you did the other night!"

Letting out a moan, Chris watched as she carefully got up and pulled his cock from her juicy cunt. Salma gripped his shaft, as if to pull him up. She only let go of his cock when her high heels hit the floor. Chris immediately leaned up, standing as Salma had got on all fours in front of the couch. She faced the right side, as if to stare off into the doorway that led into the kitchen. As Chris moved behind Salma, he took a moment to admire her thick, plump booty. Much attention was often rightfully fixated on her world class breasts, but her ass was also a force to be reckoned with. She may not have been known for having the most famous booty in Hollywood, but Chris loved Salma's ass.

"Don't make me beg you for it, Chris. When I wanna be fucked, you know what I want!"

Long locks of her dark brunette hair sway as Salma glanced across her right shoulder. Chris wasn't looking forward, instead he was gazing down at her mighty rump. Pouting at him, Salma figured he was a bit distracted. He caught her by surprise when he slapped his right hand down across her ass, watching the shaking ripple across her skin. With his right hand, he gripped one of her ass cheeks, giving it a subtle squeeze.

"Are you gonna spank it or fondle it?"

The tone of her voice was enough to tell Chris was growing impatient. Salma moaned and spoke again.

"I ain't gonna beg you for it. You know what I want Chris. Fuck me!"

Letting go of her ass, he gripped his shaft and began to rub it between her thighs. Salma turned her head forward, biting down on her lower lip to let out a soft, muffled moan. He teased her, rubbing his shaft against her pink folds. As the palms of her hands and knees were pushed into the carpet, Salma began to pout. She refused to beg, instead she had demands to give him in spoken words.

"Fuck me! I need jou to fuck me right now! Give me dat big fuckin' cock!!"

Sighing, Chris grinned to himself. He could've stalled time just to hear her sexy accent come out in full force a little longer, but he knew better than to keep Salma waited. Any time she made a demand, he delivered and now he gave it to her by thrusting his cock back inside of her. She moaned in relief, soon feeling his hands roam up her curves. Chris gripped her hips and began to thrust inside of her.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah. That's it, that's it..."

Closing her eyes, Salma swallowed her breath and moaned as her breasts began to shake from underneath. Raising her head up, Salma moaned as Chris began to find a rhythm in thrusting his cock into her.

"Yes, yessss!! Jus' like dat!"

With the sound of her slurring speech, Chris let out a groan and began to buck his hips harder and faster. His balls smacked across the undersides of her powerful ass with slapping noises. Her great big tits started bouncing and shaking from underneath as Salma panted and cried out in pleasure.


Her screaming voice echoed through the room, but nothing could stop Chris. Over and over, his cock pumped in and out of her tight pussy. Salma spread her fingers across the carpet floor, eyes still closed as she felt her body rocking. He gave her everything he had, fucking her at the right pace she preferred from this younger gentleman.

"You're the fucking best, Salma! Ohhhhh god!!"

Chris groaned and screamed out to her, still bucking his hips and pumping his cock in and out of that tight pussy. He gave her everything he had, eager to please the woman as he continued to fuck her. Drawing back his right hand, he smacked the palm down across her right ass cheek.


Spank! His hand struck her ass again, then a third time before Chris groaned from the stinging pain on his palm. Again and again, he continued to buck his hips, fucking Salma before he spanked that ass again. Slowing down, he felt that he couldn't go anymore without blowing his load soon. Salma's hair flipped as she glanced from across her right shoulder, biting down on her lower lip with a grin.

"Mmmmmm, are you about to cum for me, yes!?"

Smiling back at her, Chris swallowed his breath and let out a grunt.

"God, you read me like a book!"

"Let me turn around and give you helping a hand!"

Taking a step back, Chris pulled his shaft from her cunt and then watched as Salma quickly turned around to face him. It didn't matter that she had yet to reach her own height of pleasure, he knew that this woman liked to drain his balls at any given time. Once Salma was facing him, she wasted no time reaching for his cock with her right hand. Wanking it back and forth, she gazed up at his face while smirking.

"I bet you wanna cum all over my face again, right!? You didn't get a chance to drench me last night!"

"Oh god yes!!"

Before Chris had a chance to properly reply, Salma looked away. She parted her lips and slid the head of his cock back between them. As she began to suck the first few inches of his rod, she used her right hand to wank further down from the base. Her lips and hand worked in perfect sync as she jerked and sucked his cock back and forth. Chris gritted his teeth and let out a growling groan.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck!!"

He didn't know how much more he could handle before he blew his load but what cum he had for Salma, Chris was confident it would be enough to drench her gorgeous face. He had learned early on from his affairs with Salma that she liked to get sticky and wet with cum. It was an easy way of justifying the need to get into a shower or bath tub. Once more, his mind was wandering to when they would be making proper use of that shower, perhaps soon he thought. Salma pulled her lips back to the head of his shaft and released it with a popping sound. She let go of his cock and instead moved her hands to those famous boobs. Chris gasped in excitement before yelling out.

"Between those tits, oh yeah! Put me back there again!"

Unable to control himself, Chris gripped his shaft, guiding it to the tunnel Salma offered when she pulled her tits apart. He removed his hand as she squeezed those tits back around his cock. A big grin ran across her soft red lips as she gazed up at his face.

"You better give me a lot of cum after you fuck these tits again! Fuck 'em real good!"

Salma knew how to push all of this young man's buttons. Chris was far from her first man who served the purpose of fucking off on the side. Time and time again, she ran a master class on teasing and using her body for unlimited pleasures. Just like that, the right words were enough to get Chris bucking his hips and thrusting that fat cock between her tits. He was so close, there was no better way for him to finish. Salma moaned as she felt every inch of that cock thrusting forward, looking up at his face to scream words of encouragement.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhhh yeah! There you go, that's it! DAT'S IT!! FUCK MY TITS!!"

Gritting his teeth, Chris grunted as he continued. He didn't thrust as fast as he did before, as he tried to hold back from reaching his climax. Salma broke eye contact with him, tilting her head down and flicking her tongue across the head of his shaft each time it poked up. Feeling her tongue lap across the head with each thrust was only driving Chris closer and closer to his climax. God, he wished he could hold back, as the pleasure of pumping his dick between those wonderful tits was almost too great of a sensation. After a few quick and final thrusts, Chris pulled his cock from her tits and Salma knew what to expect in the following seconds. Holding her tits, she elevated her head and closed her eyes while screaming.

"Yes, yes! Cum on me! Cum on me, Chris!!"

With her tits held up, Chris had a clear canvas consisting of her beautiful face and one of the greatest racks to ever grace screens out of Hollywood. Gripping his shaft with his right hand, Chris pointed it forward as his hand furiously wanked up and down. He began to pant, groan and take deep breaths. If only he could hold himself back a little longer, but that was impossible at this point.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhh god! Take my cum, Salma! FUCKKKKKKK!!"

Her eyes remained closed as he groaned and slid his fingers down to the base of his cock. Chris could almost wail like a banshee, screaming at such a high pitch as he watched the first rope of cum squirt from his cock. It splattered across the right side of her face, closer to her nose and beneath her eye. Salma adjusted her head for him, receiving another wad of cum that covered her chin and lower lip. Yet another wad came out as Chris grunted, drenching her left cheek closer to her chin. Her hands held her breasts up from underneath and Chris could not resist the temptation to aim his cock further down to properly drench those tits. Salma blinked her eyes, opening them as she bit down on her lower lip and moaned.

"Mmmmmmm, that's it... Give me all your cum, querido..."

Teeth barred, Chris grunted again as he continued to wank himself, firing off more strings of cum that landed onto Salma's giant boobs. She kept her tits pushed up, moaning at the feeling of his warm, sticky cum coating her skin. Spurt after spurt of cum fell onto her tits, properly drenching those amazing breasts with strings and droplets of cum. Some of Chris' load shot up far enough to give her a pearl necklace combined with the cum dripping from her face. As he squeezed his shaft for the final drops that fell, Salma's eyes wandered upward and she gave him that loving grin that only she could do. It was that look of tenderness that always made him melt along with her sexy accent and use of a Spanish word.

"You made quite a mess, huh?"

Still grinning, Salma giggled as Chris was panting and had to sit down on the couch. It was clear to her that he was slightly exhausted. She glanced down at the mess on her tits as he laughed.

"Yeah, but you wanted it!"

"I ain't complaining!"

They both laughed together after Salma's response. Sitting there on the couch, Chris watched as Salma got up from the floor. Her cum covered tits shook slightly as she stood in her high heels and at long last, pushed her feet out of them. It was apparent to her that he needed a bit of time to recover and prepare himself for another round. Chris was already thinking about fucking her in the kitchen or finally taking it to the shower. He had yet to give her ass the proper pounding it was built for, so maybe they could do that in the shower, he thought to himself. Salma left him there in the living room, quietly strutting her hips as she walked back to the bedroom and went to the bathroom. She had to clean herself up and get ready for another round.

Chris still had yet to make her cum, but that was fine by her. Salma managed to hold herself back for good reason, as she planned on tiring this young man out throughout the night. So far they had accomplished much in their lustful appetite, but she wanted more. This was one of the reasons she liked Chris and kept him around for the past month. He had the stamina and strength to keep her up all night when she needed a man like that. Angelina knew how to pick the right men to keep on the side and Salma knew she would have to thank her in the future for this. After cleaning up the cum from her face and tits, she slipped on a black robe and tied it around the waist. She figured Chris probably left the living room by now and slipped on his pair of underwear. Or maybe not, he sometimes would stay naked until falling asleep.

"Hey babe, you wanna get some wine or something?"

He yelled at her from the kitchen. Chris stood naked, grabbing a bottle of water for himself. As Salma began to walk out of the bathroom, she yelled back at him.

"No! I don't want any tonight. I'd rather have some water instead."

"Alright, I'll get you a bottle of water outta here instead."

Silly man, Salma thought to himself. Chris seemed to always want to go for a glass of wine after they took a break between fucking. With the robe tied properly around her waist, Salma roamed her hand through her long dark hair while stepping out of the bedroom. She found Chris standing naked in the kitchen with two bottles of spring water in his hands. Salma took the one from his left hand, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek.

"Thanks, I guess I am a little thirsty after sucking you off."

Chris blushed at her choice words. He watched her unscrew the cap of the bottle and take a quick drink. After swallowing down the cold water, she threw her left arm around his back and leaned in to kiss his lips. Outside the kitchen, the door bell suddenly rang outside. Salma pulled back and spoke.

"Did you call room service already?"

He shook his head at her.

"No. I would've asked you first before doing that."

Taking another sip from her water, Salma screwed the cap back over the top and then set it down over the kitchen counter as she wandered off. If it wasn't room service behind the door, she figured it had to be Angelina or maybe someone else back from the party coming to check on her. Stepping through the living room, she made her way to the front door and grabbed the knob. Twisting it to pull open, Salma stepped back and gazed up to see a familiar face she did not expect whatsoever.

"Hey Salma, it's been a long time."

James stood there from the hotel hallway. His big blue eyes gazed back at her face as he softly smiled. Wearing his red leather zip up jacket, he had a black T-shirt on underneath and blue jeans below. It was similar to that outfit she had seen from his modelling photos, mimicking James Dean's Rebel Without A Cause look. But once again, Salma felt he looked more like a young Kevin Bacon rather than the legendary actor from an era gone. In his hands, he carried a bouquet of a dozen red roses wrapped up. A small gift for her. Salma gazed back at him in absolute shock. James was the last person she expected to be visiting her, let alone on a night like this. She had not spoken to him in over two weeks, not since sending text messages to check up on him.

"James... Wow, what are you doing here? I... I didn't know that was you."

She stammered, almost stumbling over her words. It was evident to him that he had taken Salma by surprise. Seeing the robe covering her curvy figure, he could only guess that she had just slipped that on after having sex. Grinning back at her, James replied.

"I just got back in town earlier today. I saw you on TV from the local news. Big premier you just had, huh? I wanted to come up and say hi, it's been a pretty hard month for me. I take it you're having a good time without me though." 

Tapping the flowers in his hand, he offered them to her as Salma grinned. She knew Chris would be curious to know of the company outside the door and the last thing Salma wanted was to have two jealous men fighting over her. Taking the flowers from his hands with her right hand, Salma smiled back at him and then reached for the collar of his shirt with her free hand.

"You didn't have to come, but I'm glad you did."

Taking the man by complete surprise, Salma tugged his shirt, forcing him to step forward as she pushed her lips to his and kissed him passionately. This was enough to shock James who lunged forward and kissed her back with such force, Salma was almost overwhelmed by him. When the kiss broke, she stepped back, carrying the flowers as she let James enter the hotel suite. Chris had moved from the kitchen, standing naked in the living room and seeing another man. Deep down, Salma had to pray that this went well between the two men and didn't become a jealous scene of brewing testosterone that could lead to violence. Looking at Chris, she set the flowers down over the coffee table in the living room and began to speak.

"Chris, I want you to meet James."

She turned to look back at the other man.

"James, this is Chris! Shut the door behind you if you wanna come in and stay!"

Chris swallowed his breath, in shock that another man had entered the hotel suite. When James shut the door, he turned around as Salma continued to speak.

"Look, I don't want any fighting between you two guys. There's no need to compete with me. I met both of you through Angelina, so if anything you two should be friends I think."

James grinned over at Chris and then shifted his blue eyes back to Salma. She walked towards Chris and then reached out with her right hand to grab him by the cock. Her finger tightened around his pole as she grinned across at James, showing him her gritted teeth.

"I'm in the mood to get hot and dirty with not one... but two of my hot guys."

She winked at James who slowly began to curve his lips into a devious grin. Perhaps there was a bad boy within him behind the whole rebel aesthetic he played up for an image. When Salma turned her head to look back at Chris, she clearly shocked him with her statement. His eyes widened as he replied.

"Oh my god, we're about to have a threesome!?"

A relief to hear that he wasn't jealous of the other man in the room, Salma nodded with a soft smile. She then turned her eyes back to James before replying to Chris.

"As soon as James get his clothes off and becomes completely naked like you."

"Oh yeah? How about you take that robe off and let me see your sexy fucking body?"

It was James' deep voice calling out. Salma kept her right hand fingers wrapped around Chris' cock that was now hardened back to full size after the hard climax he had earlier. With her left hand free, she used it to untie her robe. Only to pull the robe off, she momentarily let go of Chris shaft and then stood naked before both of them. James gasped as he witnessed her figure in complete nudity for the first time.

"Holy shit!"

Salma shook her breasts stepping to the side and then turning around to shove her phat booty out to tease James.

"Like these big tits, huh? Are maybe it's my ass that you wanna get a piece of?"

With her left hand, she spanked her ass from behind at the sound of James' clothes ruffling. He was in a mad rush to get his jacket and shirt off, followed by his white sneakers. All Salma could do was turn back to Chris and grin. The shocked expression was gone from his face, replaced by a devious grin that almost matched the look James previously had on his face. She waited before turning to look in the other direction, as Salma wanted to see James standing naked before her and she was not disappointed. His muscular skinny body was enough to match Chris, apart from being completely clean shaved with no public hairs down below whatsoever. When he stepped closer, Salma reached down with her left hand and wrapped those fingers around his cock.

"Mmmmmm, I think we're ready for this, gentleman. Let me tell both of you... it's been a long time since I've had a threesome."

Stepping forward, Salma had James' cock in her right hand and Chris in her left. She began to wank both of them before falling down on her knees, facing the couch and near the coffee table. Her hands worked back and forth, stroking each cock as she had to make sure James had got up to full erectness before that pole was properly prepared for her lips. With a smirk across her lips, Salma raised both cocks up towards her face, admiring the size as they were both hard and ready by now. They were both of equal size with Chris' rod having a bit more thickness while James had a long erect pole. Chris could feel her breath blowing across the head of his shaft while James let out a chuckle before speaking up.

"It's been ages since I've been able to fuck a proper MILF of a woman. I wish I would've known I'd be walking in on something like this earlier today."

Hearing him refer to her as a 'MILF', Salma turned her head and James and replied as she continued to wank each cock.

"A MILF huh? Is dat what jou call Angelina too!?"

His eyebrows quirked up when Salma's accent came out in full strength, slurring her speech. James couldn't help but flash his teeth as he smiled. Chris stood there in silence, thinking to himself that he would've referred to Salma as a cougar, but she was a MILF. Maybe this guy seen things eye to eye with him and they could work together in this situation of taming the wild goddess, Chris quietly thought to himself. Salma eventually slid her hands to the base of each cock, ready now to begin sucking. As he could've easily guessed, she started out with James first. Gazing up at his face, Salma fed his cock between her lips and began to suck while her right hand started to wank Chris' hard dick.

"Ohhhhhh, god yes... Suck it, Salma. Show me what a nasty fucking MILF you are."

Words of filth came from James, showing Chris that he didn't slowly built up and unleash his dirty side like him. Salma bobbed her head up and down, gazing up at James face as they both made eye contact, all while her right hand squeezed around Chris' shaft and wanked up and down. Salma continued to suck James cock, tasting him for the first time before pulling her lips to the head and releasing it with a pop noise. It was now time for her to suck Chris again. Salma didn't hesitate, shoving that other cock between her lips and now using her right hand to jerk off James as she sucked Chris.

"Damn, that's fucking hot... She sucks like a pro, I swear."

Once again, James was the one speaking up as he watched Salma bob her head up and down sucking off the other man. Chris let out a moan and replied.

"She's the best, man! You have no idea what you're in for with her."

"Oh yeah? She ever let you fuck her face?"

The question made Chris' heart beat elevate in pace as Salma was sucking him inch by inch. Her left hand wanked James' hard shaft up and down, before she pulled her lips to release Chris' shaft with a popping sound. Turning her attention back to James, she smirked up at him.

"Wanna fuck my mouth, huh? I love sucking dick when I've got two hands planted on my head. Go ahead and give it to me."

"Don't mind if I do!"

She let go of James cock, bringing her left hand down while her right hand fingers were kept in a grip around Chris' pole. As Salma enveloped her lips back around James shaft, he moved his right hand down over her head and spoke in a commanding low voice.

"Look at me."

Eyes gazing up at James' face, Salma made a concentrated effort at locking onto him and then he began to thrust his cock into her mouth. She continued to work her right hand, still wanking Chris' cock as James was quick to take control and fuck her mouth. Inch after inch of his long pole pumped between her lips as Salma began to make gagging and slobbering noises.

"Yeah, suck that fucking cock!"


"There ya go! Just like that! Suck it hard!"

Faster and harder, James thrust into Salma's mouth, loving every muffled noise that she made. His balls began to smack against her chin below all while her right hand continued to furiously wank Chris' hard rod. The two man remained standing there with Chris watching in amazement, feeling her hand glide up every inch of his dick. Taking one full thrust to shove the head of his cock to the back of her throat, James came to a halt and waited to hear Salma choke on his length. She didn't, revealing she had better gag reflexes than he expected. He stepped back, pulling his shaft from her mouth to let her breath as saliva strings were now dangling from his cock back to her open mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmm, yeah! I can take it if dat is what jou want!"

Once again, her accent slurred her speech as Salma grinned up at James and then turned her head back to Chris' cock. It was his turn for another round of sucking and she didn't hesitate to shove his rod back into her mouth. This time, Salma aggressively devoured that cock, removing her right hand so she could properly bob her head up and down the further inches. She didn't bother reaching for James' dick with her left hand, instead letting it hang and her drool dripping from it.


More muffled slobbering and sucking noises came from Salma's mouth before she pulled her lips back to the head and released his cock with another popping sound. Like before, she alternated to the other cock, but this time all she did was lick the head of James' pole and kiss it. Placing her hands back up to grab each dick and wank them, Salma grinned up at the men.

"I'm ready to take you both on in... another position."

James shook his head at that moment.

"Seriously? I haven't got to fuck those tits yet and you already want us to both pound your holes?"

She let go of both comes, bringing her hands down to those famous breasts as Salma then wobbled them in her hands to tease him.

"Ohhhhhhh yeah? Did I hear dat right? Jou wanna fuck these tits!?"

She teased him with her voice slurring her words slightly. James had already moved his fingers to the base of his cock and was shoving it between her tits. All Salma had to do was pull them apart and quickly squeeze them together.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck!"

He groaned, calling out to her while pulling his hand back. All she could do was grin, flashing her teeth. Salma knew how to handle a man like him, getting the best out of James as he was now bucking his hips to thrust his cock between her wonderful tits.

"Yes! Yessss! Fuck these tits!!"

Yelling at him, she kept her eyes locked up at his face despite James not making any effort of eye contact at all. He watched his cock disappear between the folds and thrust back up as he fucked her tits. For a moment, Chris was left out from the action. He let out a sigh and began to step around Salma's right shoulder. Gripping his cock, he dangled it in front of her face to see how she would react. Without uttering any words, Salma turned her head to face Chris and opened her mouth, awaiting him to feed that cock to her lips. He did it, groaning as she enveloped her lips around the head of his pole. James continued to thrust his dick between her perfect tits, surprised at this sight of her multitasking skills.

"Damn, she's done this before."

James spoke to Chris as they both stood there, enjoying every moment of this pleasure. James continued to buck his hips at a moderate pace, fucking those tits while Salma closed her eyes and slobbered all over the dick belonging to Chris. This positioned remained until Chris snatched his cock from Salma's mouth making a popping sound. That was a silent gesture to James to stop fucking her tits. Though these two men were strangers to one another, they had to work together for her pleasure. Salma moaned, letting go of her breasts to free James cock while Chris offered her a hand to pull her up.

"Mmmmmm, we're just getting started. I know both of you are about to make me scream."

After seeing Chris offer a hand, James did the same. Salma took hold of each hand and pulled herself to stand up. Since Chris had yet to fuck her ass, it was an easy guess that he would want that hole first, but Salma wasn't ready for them just yet. She reached down and grabbed each cock like before, twisting her fingers tightly around them as she leaned on her left side and kissed James. After a short kiss, she turned to Chris and began to kiss him passionately as her hands glided over each shaft, wanking them nice and slowly. She only let go of their cocks after pulling away and stepping towards the couch.

"Chris, I think you need to sit down. I'm sure I know where you wanna be right now."

"Up your ass, that's what we hadn't done yet when your other man arrived."

James smirked hearing that reply. He moved his hand to Salma's shoulder, only to make sure he had her attention.

"Guess I get to look at your face while you scream."

Salma grinned.

"That's only if you can take your eyes off these..."

Her hands moved back to her breasts as she shook and wobbled them to tease the man. James couldn't help but grin while Chris had already sat down on the couch. He let out a sigh while sitting there. Had James not showed up and turned this night into an event of a threesome, Chris figured he would've finally got to fuck Salma in the shower. There would always be tomorrow, granted if she wasn't busy. He wasn't going to complain however, as here he had the chance to experience something magical in the act of double penetration with her. Salma soon stepped her way over to him and turned around, giving Chris the sight of her plump booty on full display.

"Go ahead babe, I'm ready."

Chris spoke up while holding his cock upward. James was standing in front of Salma, right hand holding his shaft that he slowly wanked while watching her get into position. Turning to look down at Chris, Salma reached for his cock, just to make sure she could properly line it up forward. It slid up the crack of her ass, prompting Chris to moan as he moved his fingers. The head shoved to her dark little hole. James watched her gasp, witnessing the expression change on her face as she lowered herself down and sent that hard cock up her ass.

"Ohhhhhh, yes..."

Softly cooing, Salma set her eyes forward at the other man all while Chris began to groan in pleasure. She leaned back, soon feeling his breath down the left side of her neck. Chris moved his hands over her stomach, roaming them up to find her breasts and squeeze them while she spread her legs into an open invitation for James' waiting cock. His eyes glanced down, taking in the view of shiny glistening wetness on her vulva lips. After a moment of admiring her beauty, James stepped forward as Salma bent her knees, preparing her legs to wrap around him. She had moved her hands over Chris' fingers, aiding him as he squeezed her breasts. When James began to sink his cock into her pussy, Salma moaned.

"Yes, yes! Come on... just like that, ohhh, ohhhh, OHHHHHHH!!"

Gasping, her eyes became enlarged before she screamed at the feeling of having two cocks pumping into her holes. James was able to witness every passing second of her expression change, seeing the pleasure in her eyes.


Salma's voice had become so loud, it echoed through the distance. For anyone standing outside the room in the outer hallway, they may have heard her cries of pleasure. Chris began to buck his hips upward, pumping his cock into her ass while James waited and would thrust into her pussy following the other man. They worked in this steady pace together as Salma's curvy body began to rock. She closed her eyes, feeling her breasts slightly shake from within Chris' grasping hands.

"Oh my god! This feels so fucking good! Let me-"


As James attempted to speak, Salma's loud voice drowned out his speech. Over and over, she felt inch after inch of each cock pumping into her ass and pussy. Opening her eyes, Salma groaned as she continued to moan. Chris had moved his hands away from her breasts, wrapping one of his arms around her stomach and giving James free space to lean forward and grab those heavy tits with his own hands. Salma looked into his eyes when he made the move, wrapping her legs around him and curling her toes up.


"Come on man, let's fucking give it to her!"

Grunting, James called out to Chris as they were both thrusting into her from this position. He could feel the heels of Salma's feet rubbing against his buttocks as he attempted to thrust harder and faster. She gritted her teeth, letting out a growling moan before screaming to them.


Like before, Salma's accent came out in full strength at the height of pleasure. They didn't stop, as Chris and James soon found a rhythm, rocking her body. One after the other, they thrust giving her the sensational feeling of a cock pumping into her ass simultaneously with the other shaft stuffed in her juicy cunt. Salma's toes curled up as she spread her legs out, closing her eyes and embracing this feeling as they fucked her in unison. When she was ready for a new position, Salma opened her eyes and screamed at James.


"Alright, hold on!"

Chris let out a sigh in relief. As he sat there with Salma on top, he couldn't wait to move from this position despite how much he loved having his cock shoved up her phat ass. James stepped back, pulling his shaft out from her cunt and then Chris moved his hands to her hips. Salma pushed down on him as he helped her rise up. Glancing down, he watched his shaft slide out from her dark little hole and then flop against his stomach. Breathing heavily, Salma stood on her feet in front of James and then turned around. She motioned with her right hand for Chris to get up.

"Your turn to take me up front! I want both of you to stand up and like sandwich me in the middle."

With a smirk across his face, James looked over at Chris and quietly gestured. Whatever the man was trying to tell him, Chris wasn't sure. Maybe James had some experience in threesome situations, he wondered to himself. It didn't matter though as he stood up and Salma turned to face him. She shoved her big tits up against his chest, throwing her arms around him and pushing their lips together for a quick kiss. While their lips were pushed together, James pulled his hand back and smacked Salma's booty. She moaned, breaking the kiss to glance across her right shoulder.

"I always took you as an ass man, James."

He grinned, flashing his teeth and chuckling.

"Yeah, I guess you can say that babe. But I sure love those boobs too."

Salma smirked back at him, as if she were about to tease him with dirty words but instead remained quiet. Chris moved his hands to her hips, then took a look at James.

"Come on, help me lift her up dude!"

Gazing forward, Salma looked at Chris, as she felt four hands over her body now. James had moved his hands underneath her legs, almost brushing up to her thighs while Chris lifted her up from her hips. She let out a giggle as she felt her feet come up from the floor and then she reached down to grab their cocks.

"Ohhhhh, yes! It's been such a long time since I've been in this position!"

Truth spoken in words were enough to tell each man that Salma had more experience than both of them. Chris was slightly amused while James could only be turned on more from such an admission. James had adjusted his hands, using them to cup her ass cheeks from behind as he felt Salma's hand shoving his cock up the crack of her booty. It didn't take her much effort to push Chris' shaft to her tight pussy. She slid it in while James used his right hand to help her, soon finding her dark little hole as he began to thrust in.

"Ohhhh, ohhhhh yeah! That's it! I wanna feel both of these cocks back inside of me!"

Throwing her right hand out, Salma pushed her palm against Chris' back and elevated her neck up. She soon felt both men thrusting inside of her and then she gasped, gazing forward Chris' face. He couldn't hold back the desire to push his lips to hers and kiss her passionately, right as James made the first thrust into her thick ass. Salma immediately moaned into Chris mouth and pulled away.


Once again, Salma's toes curled up upon the sensational feeling of having a cock in each of her holes. This was all she wanted from the both of them and they didn't disappoint on delivering such expectations. Together, Chris and James thrust and worked in unison. As James would pump his cock into her ass, Chris would thrust directly after him. Salma gasped and moaned, raking her fingernails down Chris back as her body shook from the pressure of being sandwiched between both men standing up. She could feel James hands squeezing her ass cheeks as he sunk his fingertips down into that smooth booty.


Her body rocked as Salma was so close to reaching the height of her pleasure. All through the night, she had held off on reaching her climax but she knew that it was merely seconds away by this point. To be taken by both of them, she was only holding back with all the strength she had left. Again and again, Chris thrust into her pussy, right after James would pump his shaft into her ass. She could feel James breathing down her neck while Chris studied her face up front. From his experiences with Salma throughout the month, Chris knew that look all too well. She was desperately hanging on, but at least he had the honor of feeling her climax when that moment came. He continued to thrust within her, watching her close her eyes momentarily and then open them with a loud scream.


Screaming so loud, Salma's legs began to shake as her inner walls collapsed and Chris felt the sudden warm rush of her juices flooding his cock from within. He gasped and came to a halt, as did James who pulled his right hand away from her ass cheeks to give it a quick spank. Christ stepped back and immediately began to pull his shaft out, causing Salma to squirt her juices all over his chest.

"Oh my god! So fucking hot!"

In a frantic panic, he called out as she was attempting to catch her breath. James had also reacted by stepped back, carefully pulling his shaft from her ass and setting Salma on her feet. Salma didn't hesitate to drop down to her knees, still taking deep breaths as she reached her hands up to grab each cock. Like before, they were back in place where they had began only this time Chris was on her left side and James to the right. Salma wanked each cock back and forth, listening to them groan and exhale deep breaths as she gazed her eyes up at them.

"I know both of you are ready to blow for me. Ready to make a big mess outta me, yes?"

Salma spoke and then she began to move her head back and forth. To the left and then right, teasing both men to make them think she was about to suck them off. James wasn't having any of this with her teasing act. As she continued to wank each cock, Salma began to pump them harder and faster with her fingers gliding back and forth. Chris' shaft was slick and covered in her juices, making her hand move at a faster pace.

"This is the second time tonight I'm gonna be covering you, babe."

Hearing Chris' words, Salma grinned up at him. Still wanking each cock, she laughed.

"Yeah, lucky you! Let's see if you can still cum that hard again!"

James snatched his cock from her, taking Salma by surprise. He preferred to wank himself, not let someone else do the work. Aiming directly at her face from her right hand side, Salma continued to jack off Chris as she closed her eyes and leaned her head up.

"Cum on me! Cum on me! I wanna get sticky! Not one load, but two!"

Licking her lips, Salma kept her eyes closed in eager anticipation for what she awaited. She knew she wouldn't be there waiting for long, not while hearing the panting and groans come from each voice of the men. Her left hand continued to glide across Chris' thick shaft, all while James continued to wank himself. He groaned and scrunched his face up while gritting his teeth and then screamed.

"Oh, FUCK! Take my cum! TAKE ALL OF IT!!"

James may have been the first to explode, but Chris followed merely seconds after. He pulled his cock from Salma's hand, just to get a better aim. Her eyes remained closed as ropes of cum splattered across her face. One covering each of her eyelashes, extending up to her forehead with drops landing in her dark hair. Gasping, Salma dropped her lower lip and pushed her teeth together. She could hear her every moan and panting cries that they both made. Over and over, Chris and James fired off wads of cum that splattered onto her face. A thick god covered her nose, dripping down. The left cheek of her face was completely covered by the heavy force unleased from James' orgasm.

"Ohhhh, man! So much fucking cum for her! Look at this!!"

Once again, James was the one yelling in excitement. He misfired, watching a wad of cum fly into her hair as Salma curved her lips into a grin and began to blink her eyes. The movement resulted in her witnessing the blur of a thick gob of cum that slathered across her forehead.

"So much cum, yes! Ohhhhh, yes!"

She could hear James giggling as he finished wanking his cock with a spurt of cum that fell down to her right breast. Chris was done, as his load had ended up splattered across the left side of her face and in her hair. He couldn't shoot off the sheer power like his first orgasm through the night, but it was still enough to satisfy her. All through the night, he had been managing to hold his ground against her lust unleashed at him. Now there had been another man involved, James who could say he survived Salma's onslaught of lust. They stood there, letting go of their cocks while she ran her fingers up to collect some of the cup dripping from her face. Salma licked her lips as she glanced up and fed her fingertips into her mouth. Sucking them clean, she moaned.

"Mmmmmm, what a wild night."

"Are you happy? I didn't know I was gonna walk in on something like this."

Nodding her head at James' words, Salma grinned with the cum still dripping from her face.

"Yeah, I'm happy. I'm not done with you yet though."

Glancing up at Chris, she spoke again.

"Or you."

There was nothing left for Salma to say. Once again, she thought about how she would be thanking Angelina for hooking her up with these studs. Both Chris and James had served the purpose, fully satisfy her lustful appetite that she craved for them. For Chris had already proven himself to her prior to tonight, but now James had finally had a taste. A chance surprise had led to this, though Salma couldn't have been happier. If she could have her way, she wouldn't be letting them wander their way back under Angelina's thumb, but that would be for another day.

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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2021, 09:08:24 PM »
Another hot story by you. More MILF/Cougars the better.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2021, 11:56:57 PM »
That was incredible!!!
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2021, 02:22:59 AM »
Another incredible Salma story from you! Loved it! Well done, my friend
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2021, 03:03:52 AM »
Just amazing, brilliant work.  Salma just gets better every year!
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #5 on: November 12, 2021, 05:38:42 AM »
This was awesome. It's been so long since you last write a proper Salma story and to play up her being a cougar was fantastic. She worked over those young men and taught them a thing or 2.

You have been on FIRE lately. So much epic content as of late.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #6 on: November 12, 2021, 01:41:44 PM »
You're a master when it comes to Salmasploitation!  8)

I liked that you base the story on current event (Eternals release), adding to the important semi-realism.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #7 on: November 12, 2021, 02:39:55 PM »
Brief (I always want more xD) but a perfect story! I love how she controlled the situation.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #8 on: November 12, 2021, 06:12:04 PM »
Another Salma story in the books Cade! Really happy how that idea turned into such a fun story!
Really loved how you had two different approaches to Salma with the two guys. Made up some fun interactions as soon as the second guy came into the picture.
You just know how to write Salma  :Y:

These cheeky name droppings tho  :))
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #9 on: November 13, 2021, 06:24:41 AM »
Wow, you have truly outdone yourself this time.

In the past you have written many excellent stories with Salma. I especially liked the La Caza Tales stories for how the threesomes were central theme of the plot, but I think I have a new favorite now. When it comes to her, you have written the best stories with her out there on the web.

I love the teasing between Salma and the guys. You really play up her seduction and in a fun way. All in the little details like her shaking her boobs at James to tease him and then using those tits to really drive him wild. This story had a great set up and you may want to consider writing a part 2 if you have time. The plot is so detailed that it's believable to see these men going back and forth from Salma and Angelina.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #10 on: November 15, 2021, 09:44:09 AM »
Hands down your best story of the year.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #11 on: November 15, 2021, 02:13:05 PM »
Wow, this was amazing.

You always do fantastic work with Salma, and as usual, it's always in the little details.

Her teasing them, playing up desire, the accent slurring her words, oh how I love that so much! It's so hot, I can just picture being taking someone by total surprise with her voice alone.
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #12 on: November 16, 2021, 04:08:59 PM »
Where can I get lucky like this with a lovely cougar like Salma? lol
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #13 on: November 18, 2021, 10:58:47 AM »
Thanks for the kind words everyone, as always, I appreciate it. Credit to Jack though, cause these ideas were his and I have to say, he had better ideas than I had. Originally I wanted to do an MF story with Salma, but he had the idea for an MMF and the cougar theme. This wouldn't have come to be, without his help!
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Re: Eternal Lust (Salma Hayek)
« Reply #14 on: July 18, 2022, 08:24:12 AM »
Sorry for the delay. Fabulous story of Salma Hayek!

It's incredibly well written, well paced and devilishly well staged with the right details. What a great class also to see her in this black dress low neck line Salma. A real bomb! Good use of cougar and MMF theme. The double penetration part and the Spanish branlette are crazy. The sense of detail is perfect. 👌
One can feel the desire and excitement that emanates from this good story. It was really amazing. A nice surprise thank you. 👍


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