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Author Topic: Burning Red starring Barbara Palvin, Taylor Swift, Hailee Steinfeld, and others  (Read 4326 times)


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All of the following is complete and total fiction. Not a word of it occurred, nor would it.

Burning Red starring Taylor Swift, Barbarta Palvin, Hailee Steinfeld, Tori Black, Abella Danger & Maitland Ward
(MFM, FFFFFF, MF, MFF, oral, anal, DP, double anal, cons)
By MaxwellLord

Barbara Palvin had seen quite a few thing during her modeling career. Many salacious, others not so much, but all of which she could find some sort of logical explanation for. However, as she stood outside a New York apartment building that was bustling with activity. There were yellow signs all around as well as security. The signs seemed to indicate something was shooting in the apartment complex, the one she was going to. It was upscale as the rest of the neighborhood and usually it'd be somewhat of a shock to see any kind of shoot to this scale going on. However, the shock wasn't there. Barbara figured out fairly easily what the shoot was for, or more accurately who it was for. It was, in all likelihood, for the person who she was going to see. That person? Taylor Swift.

Barbara didn't really know what she was doing there on any level. To the best of her knowledge she'd never even met Taylor Swift. She didn't work the two Victoria's Secret fashion shows Taylor performed at and couldn't think of once ever even meeting her in passing. Yet the previous week she got an invitation to come to Taylor's apartment and there she was, right on time. The envelope had been red with a black wax stamp sealing it. That had come in a far less conspicuous manila envelope, but the true envelope was certainly attention-grabbing. Once it was opened, the intrigue continued. Within was a hand written letter inviting Barbara to her place for a celebration. A celebration of what exactly wasn't made to clear to the Hungarian beauty. What was made clear was the time, placer and attire. Red. Red had to be the main color worn, dress preferred. Everything was up to her. The one other instruction was to keep the invitation.

So there Barbara was in a red dress and heels, covered by a coat on a chilly October night. With all the commotion around the building, which visually seemed to center around filming equipment being loaded out the apartment and security keeping anyone who wasn't supposed to be there at bay. Barbara approached one of the security guards, the one who seemed to be more focused on the outside of the perimeter than the inside.

"Excuse me," she said. "I think I'm supposed to be here."

The guard looked her over in a purely informational way. He was far too tired to be even remotely lecherous after keeping curious citizens away. "Yeah, you look the part," he said. "Let me guess, red dress under that coat?" His tone was disinterested and monotone. The only thought in his head was his bed at home.

"Yes." Barbara replied.

"You get an invite?" Barbara nodded and handed him the envelope. "Okay, head in. Go to the center elevator. If you hurry you might even catch the other one."

"Other one?"

"Yeah," he said, barely registering Barbara's confusion. "Go ahead already." He stepped aside and Barbara walked past and into the building. Sure enough, right in front of the designated area there was a woman dressed as she was. Not exactly, but a red dress was worn by the brunette ahead of her. She too was wearing a coat, or had been as it was now folded over in the woman's arm.

When she got side by side by the woman, one glance at the brunette's face and Barbara recognized her instantly as Hailee Steinfeld. While she barely knew her, having only ever run into in passing at premieres and fashion events.

"Um, hello again," Barbara said, getting the leggy starlet's attention.

"Oh hi!" Hailee said, a smile of familiarity on her face. "Well this is a surprise. I mean I figured I wasn't the only one invited but I thought I'd see another familiar face. Familiar to a Swift soiree at least."

"So this isn't unusual?"

"What, the cloak and dagger, secret agent moving about? The secret invites with instructions so explicit you're surprised passwords and magnetic keycards weren't included? Hardly. At least with Taylor. Though I do openly admit it's been quite a bit for me. I mean, you know how things are. People get busy, the world gets pushed to the brink of the breakdown. The same old song and dance."

Before Barbara could inquire what exactly that song and dance was the "ding" of the arriving elevator sounded in the lobby and the doors slid open.

"Ride's here," Hailee said before walking in. Already having gone this far, Barbara followed. Hailee, having the experience, pressed the corresponding button and the elevator moved up.

"So...what should I expect?" Barbara asked. "I've never actually met Taylor."

"One heck of a party," Hailee said. "Fact is I've found it's better to not try and guess what Taylor has planned. You won't do it. Just trust that every last detail has been planned out by our host."

That just created more questions for Barbara but once more the elevator interrupted her. Another ding and the doors slid open. Once more Hailee led the way to Taylor's apartment door. Three knocks, and just three, were made to the door and in moments the apartment entrance was opened and behind  was their host.

Taylor Swift was decked out all in red and calling her stunning was underselling it. She was flat out gorgeous and being a Victoria's Secret and Sports Illustrated alumna Barbara knew from gorgeous.

"Welcome," the blonde beauty said with a grin that was riding the line of warm and seductive. "Hailee, so glad you could make it." After a quick hug to the brunette, Taylor turned her attention to Barbara. "And Barbara, so nice to meet you. I'm very glad you could make it." Taylor went for a more casual handshake with Barbara, which the supermodel accepted.

"Nice to meet you too Ms. Swift," Barbara said. "But I am confused."

"Well, we can deal with that once you come in. And also, please, call me Taylor. This isn't a business meeting." Barbara nodded and followed Taylor in, the blonde shutting the door behind her.

Barbara could see the apartment was impressive. However, signs of whatever Taylor was shooting there were clearly visible and overpowering. Empty c-stands without lights and balance boards and white tarps on the ground.

"Sorry about the mess," Taylor said as she lead Barbara to the living room. "It will all be cleared out in the morning. I wanted the recording stuff out first and foremost."

"What were you shooting anyway?" Hailee asked from the couch as Taylor and Barbara entered.

"Oh, just promo stuff. Red, obviously. And this is a nice celebration of all that."

"Is anyone else coming?" Barbara asked.

"Of course." Taylor replied. "Not too many. This is going to be very....intimate." Taylor flashed a quick look to Hailee that Barbara didn't entirely catch but the Oscar-nominated actress had to grin at.

"Intimate?" Barbara asked. "Then I have to say I am truly confused. I don't even think we've ever met in passing Taylor."

"And I wanted to rectify that. I mean I did the Victoria's Secret Show twice and both times you weren't booked? That just had to be rectified."

"But why? Not that I'm opposed but..."

"Barbara," Taylor said, a gentle hand placed on the model's shoulder. "To put it simply, it's nice to have friends. I like having friends and I just thought why not?"

Barbara nodded, still not fully understanding it but decided to pack it away and just go with the flow of the night.

"Can I get you two anything to drink?" Taylor asked. "Non-alcoholic tonight. Because of the shoot." She walked towards the room's bar and walked behind it.

"Just a mineral water for me," Hailee said, joining her at the bar and taking a seat. "Speaking of the shoot, is Blake here?"

"Sadly no. She just wanted to go home and unwind. Her loss though. And potentially our gain."

While those two spoke Barbara took a moment to gather herself. Something felt off. Not bad by any stretch, but off. It was as if there was a detail she was missing, a joke everyone else was in on but she was in the dark about.

"How about you Barbara?" Taylor asked, breaking Barbara from her self-induced trance.

"Mit?" she asked in response, slipping into her native tongue.  "What?"

"Would you like a drink?"

"Just a water would be fine." Barbara replied. Taylor brought her the glass in short order and just as Barbara took her first sip there was another set of three knocks at the door. Ever the attentive host, Taylor went to answer the door. This time behind it were three more guests and Barbara did not recognize a single one of them. Well...not exactly. One of them them, the older redhead she had seen before It was on a billboard in L.A., though for the life of her the model could not remember what was being advertised. The other two women however she was in the dark about. One was a drop dead gorgeous brunette who looked like she could have been a model as well. The other, slightly shorter one was also attractive, but in a different way. Every bit as striking though, especially with an ass so superb it was impossible not to notice it. However in the dark Barbara was, Taylor seemed to know them very well with how she greeted them.

"Maitland, wonderful to have you here," Taylor said, giving the pail redhead a warm hug. "Tori and Abella, you don't mind if I use your professional names."

"Not at all Tay," said the model-esque one which Taylor had identified as Tori. "Honestly we're all used to it. Save for Maitland of course as her actual name is her pro name."

"Lucky me," Maitland said. The redhead then scanned the room, eyes hitting both Hailee and Barbara. "This the rest of the party?"

"Pretty much," said Taylor. "A couple more are due any minute now. But until then, allow me to make introductions."

"Well, let's mingle," Maitland said. Taylor led the trio of new guests to the bar where Hailee was. The greetings were warm and Hailee seemed at the very least familiar with the women from Barbara's view. The Hungarian model also began to feel like she was perhaps a bit on the outside looking in and perhaps evenb coming across as stand-offish while she was still surprised at the whole event unfolding. Hoping to rectify even the possibility of that, she got up from her seat and walked over to the bar to make introductions.

"Hello," she politely said to the trio. "I'm Barbara."

"Oh I'm aware," Maitland said. "We all are. I mean I think everyone hear has worn something you've modeled and you have such a striking face. Hard to forget."

"Oh, well thank you," Barbara said, a bit flattered. The flattery came with noticing that Maitland had just given a her a quick look over and approving smile. "Haven't I seen you somewhere? You're on a billboard in L.A., aren't you?"

"That I am." Maitland answered.

"What is it for? I can't remember exactly."

"Oh, a movie," the red head coyly said, getting a giggle from the rest of the women.

"Really? Is it coming out?"

"Kind of. It's been released already. Kind of under the radar though. Online only."

"What, like Netflix?"

"Something like that," the brunette, Tori said. "The three of us kind of all do exclusively...online movies."

"Very exclusive," the peach-bottomed Abella added. This was all just confusing Barbara more, which made Maitland shift her attention back to Taylor.

"You really didn't tell her, did you?" Maitland asked her hostess, the redhead's mouth in a grin. A grin that was soon matched by the blonde master of ceremonies.

"What?" Taylor shrugged. "Surprises are fun."

"What surprise?"

"Well, for starters Barbara," Maitland said, softly grasping the supermodel's hand. "The movies that myself and my friends are in usually aren't seen in theaters. Well, respectable ones anyway." Maitland could tell from the look on Barbara's face she still wasn't quite getting it. So could Abella, who decided to stop being coy.

"The bush that everyone is beating around is me, Tori and Maitland are pornstars. And to be even more blunt, we fuck on camera for money."

"Oh!" Barbara said, a little surprised. "They have billboards for that now?"

"Well, it helps I was mainstream first," Maitland admitted. "But yeah. Not a bad way to make a living."

"Or relax," Taylor added before taking a sip. "Take it from me Barbara, these women are very, very good at what they do. As we all are."

"I'd have to say Tori is particularly good at her job," Hailee said, give a nod and wink to the brunette. "Good to see you again."

"The feeling's incredibly mutual." Tori replied as she got closer to Hailee. Everyone seemed familiar to each other, very familiar from the vibes Barbara was picking up. It made the mystery of what exactly was going on even more intriguing. However, things were about to come to a head with one last knock at the door.

"I think our little gathering is about to be complete," said Taylor before excusing herself one more time to go answer the door. Behind it stood two men, two men that Taylor seemed very familiar with from how she greeted them and the ease and comfort with which they entered her apartment.

Once more Barbara seemed to be an observer as everyone seemed familiar with these men. However, unlike with the three adult actresses where she at least knew Maitland from a billboard these men were a total mystery. Handsome, but mysteries nonetheless.

There was of course no reason for the Victoria's Secret Angel to know who these men were. For all intents and purposes, they were normal save for being favorite playmates of Taylor's. There was Antonio, a dashing young man from New Jersey with shoulder length, jet black hair. Technically his name was Anthony but he found that using Antonio and speaking with the slightest hint of his father's natural Italian accent drew women in like nothing else. Him being in his current position was proof of that. He wore a black leather blazer with an open red shirt with a black t0shirts underneath as well as black pants and shoes.

Victor's hair was a non issue, his head shaved bald, though he was sporting a Van Dyke. The handsome black man was a little leaner than Antonio but also slightly taller. Like Antonio he was wearing black pants and shoes, however on top he was wearing a red, v-neck jumper shirt. And both had smiles that were well on there way to making Barbara melt, even from a distance.

The model once again made her way into the conversation with a group of people who were clearly familiar with each other. The nerves she had were fading, though the curiosity remained.

Taylor couldn't help but smile as Barbara joined the group. "Antonio, Victor, I'd like to introduce you to Barbara Palvin. She's a model.."

"Oh I'm familiar," Antonio said. "Very familiar."

"Same here," Victor added. Barbara watched as they looked her over. Seeing that made it click in her head that so far, everyone in the room had looked her over in the exact same way. While she was starting to put the pieces together, Taylor had to make a small announcement.

"If you'll just excuse me for a few minutes," said Taylor, "But I've been in this dress all day and now that you're all here you can keep each other company until I get back." Taylor headed off to her bedroom while her guests spoke, in particular Barbara who was feeling much more comfortable.

"So, how does Taylor know you two?" asked Barbara.

"Casually," Victor said.

"Very casually," Antonio said. "Just kind of...bumped into her. She took care of the rest." The two shared a laugh, a joke that almost went over Barbara's head, though at best it just skimmed her scalp. "Casual but intimate though."

"So you're close with her."

"Barbara sweetie," Maitland interjected. "We're all very close with Taylor." Her voice was friendly, but there was a little heat hidden under every syllable.

"Well, I'm not," Barbara pointed out.

"Well, something tells me you'll be just as familiar as the rest of us before the night is through."

Before Barbara could press further on Maitland's statement Taylor re-entered the room in a very different outfit.

While red was still the predominant color, a dress no longer adorned her body. Instead was some very chic looking lingerie. A red bodice with black trim, red panties, a red garter belt attached to black stockings and red high heels to round it all out. It was breathtaking and attention grabbing. It was also the last piece of the puzzle for Barbara as to what exactly this gathering was for. And she wasn't quite sure this was her scene, though from the looks of things it very much was everyone else's. They were drivers stuck in traffic, waiting for the red to turn green. For Barbara however, that light was stuck on yellow and she was about ready to take the next exit.

"I...uh..I think maybe I should go," Barbara said. "I...uh...I didn't know that this was...well...this."

Taylor gave her other guests a smirk that turned into a warm smile when her gaze fell on to Barbara. She made her way to the nervous woman ready to make her case.

"Is everything all right?" Taylor asked. "Are you feeling okay?"

"Well, yes. It's just...is this what I think it is?"

"Well that depends Barbara. What do you think it is?" Taylor's tone was friendly and soothing.

"Well...it looks like this is a sex thing," Barbara said, her eyes taking another look at everyone in the room, especially Taylor. "Especially with you wearing something I modeled."

"Did you?" Taylor asked. "How does it look on me?" Taylor did a quick twirl, giving Barbara a look at how every inch of her body filled out the lingerie. "I mean I'm no model but how does it look?"

"It looks wonderful." Barbara replied.

"Thank you," Taylor said sincerely. "Red's kind of my color. And if you don't mind me saying so, very much yours as well. That dress is simply scrumptious. Really hugs those curves."

"Th-thanks," Barbara said with a smile. Her blue eyes met Taylor's own and she could almost feel herself falling under her spell.

"Now as to your guess...well, guilty as charged," said Taylor. "But really it's just a little fun between friends and Barbara, I think we are going to be great friends."

"It's just...."

"Just what? I'm listening. I mean if you want to go, I won't stop you. I don't think tonight will be quite as much fun in your absence, but if you really don't want to be here I won't keep you. I will answer your questions though if it'll help you stay."

"Well, it's just I have a boyfriend.."

"So do I," Taylor said. "No one here is single except for Hailee. That's not stopping us from indulging. But again, I totally get if that's a red light for you."

"It's not that..."

"It's not?" Taylor got a little closer to Barbara upon sensing an opening. "Good...because no one hear will say a thing. It's kind of a condition to even being invited. So if you're concerned about privacy, don't be. I'm very private and it's everyone's best interest if this stays private as well. Again though, the door's right there."

Barbara's eyes went to the door Taylor was gesturing to and everyone's else's eyes were on her, though she could only feel the blonde hostess'. Curiosity was ruling her mind. After all, despite the Victoria's Secret branding she wasn't exactly an angel. Group sex wasn't totally alien to her. She'd seen and been involved with more than a few wild things in her young life. Still, this felt different. This was sprung on her...but sprung on her by someone who clearly had a hunger for her and had control of the situation. And it was control that Barbara could trust.

"I don't think I'll be using the door just yet," Barbara finally said.

"Wonderful." Taylor replied. Her lips moved to Barbara's, hovering over them for a brief moment. "I'll steer you around the edges...and nothing happens that you don't want to happen. Do you trust me?"


"Good." Taylor's lips pressed against Barbara's sealing the deal and setting off the night. Nerves and resistance melted away in Barbara from the heat of Taylor's kiss. The blonde's lips left Barbara's the runway model watching, almost holding her breath as Taylor made her next move.

The songstress moved behind the model, her red-nailed finger tracing along her shoulder as she made each step. As this was occurring Barbara's eyes went to the rest of the gathering. While at first all eyes were on her and Taylor, by the time Barbara's gaze had turned on them dance partners had already been claimed. Maitland was on Hailee and they had claimed the couch, the brunette's dress already pulled down with the redhead lusciously sucking her nipples. Abella and Tori were on their knees in front of the men, Abella sucking Antonio while Tori's lips were wrapped around the onyx pole of Victor.

"Quite a sight isn't it?" Taylor said right into Barbara's ear, the hot breath creating goosebumps on her neck. Her hand went to one of the straps of Barbara's dress, pushing it off then did the same to the other. The top of the dress fell victim to gravity and her breasts were bared to the room. "Look at them...aren't you glad you showed up?"

"Yes," Barbara sighed as Taylor's lips kissed her neck and her hands reached around to caress her tits. The Hungarian hottie leaned her head back as more of Taylor's kisses littered her neck. Her sighs became moans as the hungry hostess' hands moved down her body, pushing the remains of her dress down as well.

THe dress soon lay crumpled around Barbara's feet. With the barrier gone, Taylor returned to Barbara's front ready to push things even further. Lips met again in another heated kiss, tongues meeting while Taylors hands moved all over the curves of Barbara's body.

"Angel is a very apt term to describe you Barbara," Taylor said, remarking on the model's status as a Victoria's Secret Angel. "This body is absolutely heavenly." As Taylor's hands moved down, so did Taylor herself, the blonde leaving a trail of butterfly kisses until she was on her knees, face level with Barbara's underwear covered crotch. Taylor's fingers delicately hooked around the top of the satin garment and began to pull them down, the wetness from Barbara's pussy making them cling for the briefest of moments before Taylor had them around her ankles.

Barbara sighed softly when she felt Taylor's lips press against the tender flesh of her thighs, kissing and caressing them before her blue eyes looked up at Barbara.

"Lie back," she told Barbara, and she did so. The stepped out of her under where and descended down, laying back. The moment she was on the ground Taylor began her exploration. She slipped Barbara's shoes off first, setting them down neatly next to her other clothes and began to slither up the super models' body. It started at such an innocuous place, right at her ankle with luscious kisses from the singer's full lips. A small lick of her tongue and Taylor zigged over to Barbara's calf, delivering pure passion with her mouth.

While Taylor made a happy trail up Barbara's legs the dazed beauty looked around the room. At this point Maitland was laid back on the couch, crying out in pleasure while Hailee was giving her the time of her life, the brunette's face planted firmly in the redheads crotch and from the sound of it doing a fantastic job.

Barbara was momentarily entranced by it. Watching Maitland's stomach rise and fall with every breath and cry of passion, both women glistening with sweat, watching at how Hailee's hands touched Maitland's body and the cherry on top was the mature woman locking eyes with Barbara, smiling as she moaned and begged for more from Hailee.

"Ooohhhh!" Barbara gasped as Taylor's trail finally met her thighs. Wet kisses and hot breath sent shivers through her body, shutting Barbara's eyes tight. She hissed in breathes, waiting for Taylor to get where they both wanted her to be. Her eyes opened, her gaze now on Tori and Abella who had moved far past blowjobs.

Tori was now riding Victor and riding it hard, slamming her her pussy down on him while she chanted "Fuck me fuck me fuck me FUCK ME!" in the gravelliest voice she's ever heard. Abella was laid back on an oversized ottoman, legs pressed against her chest and moaning in a smoky voice as Antonio took her pussy.

It was intoxicating, a visual aperitif of writhing, beautiful bodies moving and moaning in pure erotic lust to the feast for the senses she was hungering for from Taylor. Another moan escaped Barbara's lips as the feast was delivered to the table. She looked down and saw Taylor's face, a devilish smirk on her face as her fingers traced a trail up her thighs to her slit.

"I need you to tell me something," Taylor said, planting a soft kiss on her left thigh as her fingers began to delicately paintbrush Barbara's pussy lips. Barbara looked down, waiting to here it. Words were trying to come but stumbled and fell on her tongue from her anticipation.

"What?" Barbara finally managed to get out.

"It's simple really," Taylor said, following it with another kiss to the other thigh. "I need you to tell me...what you want me to do...tell me...just so I can be sure to deliver."


"Come on...get it out...how else will I know what to do?" There was a knowing look on Taylor's face that would have made Barbara fall to her knees if she wasn't already on her back.

"Mmmm-m-make me cum," Barbara gasped. "Please....please make me cum..."

"There we go," Taylor said, her voice almost a purr. Barbara's request was all she needed to start. The musician now heard Barbara add to the symphony of lust that surrounded them both. The soft, almost pleading moans escaping from Barbara's lips were music to Taylor's ears, the perfect tune to listen to as she teased the sensitive flesh of Barbara's thighs. A light kiss followed by and even lighter bite, making her mark on one before leaping to the other while all the time gently caressing the model's skin with her hands.

Barbara arched her back, a groan croaking out of her mouth when Taylor's tongue made first contact, delicately licking her most sensitive of areas. Teasing the Hungarian knockout before getting closer and closer to the on switch.

"Istenem!" Barbara yelled, slipping into her native tongue as Taylor began to work her clit. The blonde megastar hooked her right arm around Barbara's leg, placing her her fingers right in the lingerie model's neatly trimmed patch of pubic hair as Tayler took grip. Her left hand caressed Barbara's thigh and both hands feeling every quiver of Barbara's body.

Barbara whined,  gripping the white fabric she had laid upon tight as Taylor's magic mouth continued to enchant her. Her insides felt twisted and turned in the best way imaginable. She didn't think it could better until Taylor's left hand left her thigh and joined her mouth, three fingers entering her tight cunt and Taylor knew right where to get her.

"Yesssss!" shouted Barbara, the yelp ending in a hiss. Her hips were moving now, her body taking over as her mind was far too overloaded from Taylor's treatment as well as the small orgy she was smack in the middle of.  Taylor removed her mouth from Barbara's pussy, leaving the model confused for a moment. However, her fingers were still working away, and that confusion melted away. The melting went faster as Taylor kissed and licked her way up to Barbara's body to her face, taking a few extra moments to suck and tease her nipples.

Taylor used her free hand to caress Barbara's face as the other drove her wild. "You gonna cum?" Taylor asked. "Tell me."

"Yes...so close," Barbara gasped. "Don't stop...please Taylor...don't stop..."

The songstress wasn't planning on it, kissing her lover of the moment as her skilled fingers worked Barbara into a frenzy, the horny Hungarian feeling a nuclear explosion building up within her. Their lips collided again, Taylor hungrily sucking on Barbara's tongue. Even as it broke, the to women licked at each other, starved for even more contact.

"Just let it happen," Taylor urged. "Let yourself go and cum..."

Barbara was so very ready to give in to that. Taylor's fingering of her cunt sounded wetter, sloshing in and out as her moans went louder. She was seconds away from that release and Taylor was urging her on every second.

"You look so beautiful...cum for me beautiful...cum Barbara..."

"YESSSSSS!" the Hungarian howled, convulsing in Taylor's embrace as her orgasm wrecked her in the best way imaginable. Gasping for breath as she felt explosions and implosions all at once in her body, all while Taylor continued to play with her pussy. Just as Barbara started to come down, Taylor slowly withdrew her fingers and brought them to Barbara's lips mouth. The lust-drunk woman went to lick them, but was paused by Taylor just long enough so they could lick the fingers clean together before ending the tasting with a searing kiss.

Once more she didn't think it could be better and once more she was to be proven wrong, though this time not by Taylor.

"Excuse us Taylor," Maitland said, Hailee at her side. "I hope you don't mind, but may we cut in? I haven't really gotten to know our new friend just yet."

"Me neither," Hailee added. "And I pride myself on being very open to getting to know new people."

"I think I can allow that," Taylor said with a wink to Barbara. "Of course, my friend here should also have a say. So Babs...what do you think? New dance partners?"

"I think I would like that," Barbara said, her voice still a little shaky. With one last kiss Taylor got up and went to go join Tori in her fun and games and Maitland took her place between Barbara's legs, going right for her still very sensitive pussy while Hailee laid next to the Hungarian honey, caressing her tits and placing a soft but passionate kiss upon her lips, giving Barbara a taste of Maitland that still remained on the brunette's lips.

From lips to neck Hailee planted kisses on Barbara while her hands played with her tits, circling the model's nipples with her fingers before finally getting a taste, tenderly sucking her tits while Maitland ate Barbara's pussy. And while this did bring a bit of pleasure to Hailee, it was more the pleasure of watching than full on participation. Her lips departed Barbara's chest as she looked over to see Tori and Taylor had left Victor to stroke himself while they went at each other. To Hailee, that seemed an unfortunate waste of an amazing cock.

"I'll have some fun with you later," Hailee said, quickly kissing Barbara before leaving her to Maitland's wonderful devices going to go get herself a taste of chocolate.

There were no words to be spoken as Hailee had a better idea as to what to do with her mouth. She surprised Victor with a deep and hungry kiss, though the surprise soon faded as he returned the gesture. Hailee's hand finding his hard cock and pumping it aided in that immensely.

Hailee broke the kiss and guided him the couch where she'd made Maitland see stars and sat Victor down to give him his own celestial view. She was on her knees in moments and in action just as quick. This wasn't the environment for teasing, at least not prolonged teasing.

"Oh god damn!" Victor groaned when Hailee's full lips wrapped around his prick. Her tongue swirled around his cock, a furious tornado of erotic pleasure that lit up his brain like the fourth of July. More explosions went off when she started working his poll, really putting her wrist into it. The extra detail was greatly appreciated. "Shit...that's right girl...just like that..."

Victor sat back on the couch and let Hailee get to work. She ventured further down his pole, her rhythmic sucking and stroking making all of his muscles tense. He reached down to hold her dark brown locks back. Victor needed to see her face as she blew him, her cheeks billowing as she sucked his cock. And those eyes, those beautiful almond eyes looking right up at him full of sweet sin.

The starlet knocked him for a loop when she took his bishop to the root and held him there. He was speechless, Victor unable to even get a peep out as Hailee's throat job melted his mind. After an eternity that ended all too soon she withdrew her mouth from his cock, breathing in deep gulps of air while her exhaling on his soaked prong sent shivers up her current lover's back.

When Hailee caught her breath she brought her mouth back into the orbit of Victor's cock, extending her tongue and starting to lick the crown like an ice cream cone on a hot day. Slow, luscious licks that made his eyes roll back in his head like a man possessed. Those slow licks turned into furiously fast flicks of her tongue, the combination of both producing a tear of precum to ooze from his cock. Hailee licked that up and swallowed, followed by a big grin. That was a sign he was ready if she ever saw one.

"Lay back," Hailee told him as she got to her feet. Victor did so, the look on Hailee's face told him the move was going to be a good idea for the both of them. Besides, it was a Taylor Swift party. He knew everyone there had the same objective.

Hailee climbed on top of Victor, her sopping cunt hovering over his stiff rod. She gazed at him, a sensual smile on her face as she reached down to grab his pole, stroking it a little before bringing it to her slit. Then she teased them both by rubbing the crown against her pussy lips which made them both moan softly.

"Tell me you want it," Hailee said. "Say you want me."

"Oh damn," Victor said. "I fucking want you baby...want that pussy so fucking bad."

Hailee smiled and licked her lips then sunk down on his throbbing member. "Fuuuuck I love this cock," she moaned, eyes shut as she sunk down to the hilt. "Mmmmm," she moaned savoring the fullness for a few moments. It wasn't just the interior, though that was the majority of it. She loved feeling Victor's hands grab her ass, squeezing it tight and giving it a couple good smacks.

Hailee leaned forward, gripping Victor's shoulder and began to move, and she didn't start slow. She worked her hips, popping her pussy on his cock like a twister, a twister any sane man would love to be caught straight in the middle of.

Her nails dug into his shoulders but if Victor could even feel it he didn't sell it. It seemed no other feeling in the word mattered more than what Hailee's paradisial pussy was doing to his cock. She rode him hard and fast, bouncing and grinding on his cock.

"Fuck yeah...fuck me," Hailee gasped. "Gimme that cock...just like that." She released her grip on his shoulders and leaned back, bracing herself against his legs. Victor responded in kind, gripping tight on Hailee's rump and putting some effort into this, thrusting up and giving the leggy brunette one hell of a bumpy ride.

"YEEEEeeeEEEESSSS!" she cried. "Just like fucking that!!!!" Victor kept his hard and heavy pace as he sat up to make contact with her petite breasts, hungrily sucking her pert nipples as she bounced and writhed on his pleasure pole. His hands departed her ass and ran all over Hailee's tight body and her own perfect long legs wrapped around Victor's waist, pulling him tighter as Hailee began to push back on his cock to meet him for every thrust.

It was quite a scene to view and hear and gave Taylor a hunger for some cock of her own, despite how lovely Tori tasted.

"Not that this isn't simply wonderful," Taylor said, taking her mouth away from the pornstar's pussy, giving her thighs one last pair of dual kisses. "But I think I'm craving a bit of cock right now." Taylor continued to soften her news with gentle-yet-rough caresses on Tori's skin. "How about you go get Abella and have fun with the newbie?"

"I think I can swing that," Tori asked. She got up from the floor and kissed Taylor goodbye before collecting Abella from Antonio, which left him to Taylor's devices. She got to her feet and approached him, pushing him against the door and gave him a taste of Tori via her lips and tongue before dropping to her knees to get a taste of Abella.

"Oh god damn Tay," Antonio moaned. The blonde seductress ran her fingers delicately over the underside of his raging cock, pressing it against his stomach as her mouth went to his full and churning balls, sucking the orbs into her mouth. His fingers trembled, almost balling into fists before Taylor released his sack only for those fists to form as she licked the underside of his dick from based to top. Taylor moaned as she did this, savoring the remnants of Ms. Danger before flicking her tongue against the sensitive tip.

The next sounds to emerge from the Jersey boy's mouth were simple moans of ecstatic pleasure as the Taylor's ruby-red lips wrapped around the tip of his sceptre. As her tongue slowly swirled and suckled her hands got busy as well with her left cradling his balls while the left jerked his cock. It was light at first, a phantom grip he could barely feel, a ghost of pleasure that he wanted to break through to the other side.

The phantom grip soon became more corporeal as Taylor's luscious, lustful lips ventured further down on his cock, pulling back a little each time before she took him to the root, holding him there and pushing his stamina to the limit. She'd sucked Antonio off enough to know how to push him to the limit and how well he could hold back. He wouldn't be here if he didn't have the will power to cum when she deemed it.

Taylor pulled her mouth back, swirling her tongue on the head before pulling off with a pop. She looked up at him, eye brow cocked and a sexy smirk on her face before her lips parted once more to slobber on his dick some more. It was sloppy and frothy but intricately skilled, Taylor's tongue touching every sweet spot she knew was there and discovering a few more. It was fast and sensual at the same time and beyond any other blowjob Antonio had ever experienced. In his mind there were novices, pros, and Taylor Swift.

Once more Taylor pulled back, hot breath on Antonio's wet cock making him twitch. His cock was fit to burst. Taylor couldn't have that, not yet at least. She got back to her feet and looked right at him, her ocean blue eyes burning red hot into his brown. She smirked again, though now her ruby-red lips were smudged from the oral pleasures she'd just delivered. She began to step backward, crooking her index finger at Antonio to follow her.

Taylor led him to the bar, with her now the one with her back to something. Antonio approached, his hard cock pointing at her, a missile locked on to its target. Soon he was on her, his rigid rod against her thigh as he got his first taste of Taylor for the night, starting with her full lips. The kiss was as hungry as the embrace, full of passion and lust. Their tongue wrestled with each other before Antonio's mouth moved to Taylor's breaths, tasting the magnificent mounds and making the beautiful singer purr.

While Antonio's kisses felt delightful, especially with the added tease of his teeth pulling her nipples, Taylor wanted more and her eyes falling on the amazing fucking Hailee was receiving as she bounced away on Victor's cock only heightened her desire.

"You know what you're here for," Taylor said. "So take it...fuck me...take me however you want...do it."

Antonio grinned as her took her invitation, taking Taylor by the hips and spinning her around, the leggy blonde giggling with glee as she was bent over the bar. He then ran his hands up her part thighs before getting to her dripping pussy, diddling her clit for a few moments before grabbing his cock and guiding it inside of paradise.

"Mmmmm god damn yes," Taylor purred, smiling as the cock she was craving filled her up. "Fuck me...fuck me good baby..."

"No problem," he said, brushing the hair from her neck aside to kiss it as he began to pump inside of her. Her tight and hot pussy was a slice of paradise Antonio could never get enough of. It didn't take long for him to go full blast, his thrusts fast and and hard and just what Taylor wanted from him. This wasn't his first round with the superstar and from her howls of pleasure he was pretty damn sure it wouldn't be his last.

"Right there right there right there," she chanted, almost laughing with sheer joy at how good his thick cock felt in her quivering cunt. Gasping, cooing growling in pleasure. Crying out for more or groaning his name, it was all mixing together as pleasure wrapped over her like a warm blanket. Everything felt just perfect. Antonio's hands were just right with one gripping her shoulder and the other at her hip, pulling Taylor back to meet each of his mighty thrusts. She was bent over just right, her eyes looking at the reflective surface of the bars wall and seeing the mirrored view of the debauchery at hand. Antonio pounding away at her with a look of pure satisfaction on his face, Barbara being smothered in lust by the trio of porn stars and Hailee with her back now to Victor's face slamming her pussy down on his black cock, taking a moment to grind her hips and make him cry out of with thunderous roar.

Just when Taylor though it couldn't get better Antonio grabbed her right leg and lifted it, resting on on a nearby stool. With her legs open wide Antonio got even deeper, slowing his thrusts as he went deeper and at a new angle. He ground his hips, working his cock inside and stunning Taylor into silence. Her mouth was agape as her started hitting her sweetest of sweet spots. The blonde beauty's eyes were wide open as well, glazed over with pleasure. With every stroke Antonio was proving exactly why he was always on Taylor's VIP list for these kinds of gatherings.

Of course, with her eyes open they once more fell on Hailee, focusing on the thick cock she was riding. Taylor wanted it...but also didn't want to give up Antonio so much as give him a new option.

Before Taylor could make any kind of switch up, Antonio did a switch up of his own, grabbing both her forearms and pulling them back and Taylor up. He hammered into her waiting cunt with every last bit of strength, making the singer cry out with repeated chants of "YES YES YES!!!!" Before he slowed down again, having come too close to blowing.  Taylor took this opportunity to pitch her idea.

"Hey Antonio," she said in a breathy voice, "I'm thinking three's company, how about you?"

"I think that's pretty appropriate." He replied, licking her shoulder before pulling out of her pussy. Once Taylor was back on her feet, she went over to the couch where Hailee was still bucking her bronco. The ride slowed down as Taylor approached. Once the blonde was in that pair's orbit her lips met Hailee's in a gentle kiss.

"Mind if I borrow your black stallion?" Taylor asked, smiling as she caressed Hailee's face.

"Mmm not at all," Hailee replied, kissing Taylor's palm. "I've been meaning to get reacquainted with Tori, after all." Hailee dismounted Victor and turned around and bent over to give him a goodbye kiss, and Taylor took the opportunity to give Hailee's ass a good spank which made the brunette yelp and turn to face the hostess with a sexy smile before walking off to join the Sapphic love fest section of the party.

"Get ready Victor," Taylor instructed. "I'm feeling in the mood for a bit of a lust triangle. It's kind of like a love triangle without all the hang-ups." Taylor climbed on the couch and on top of Victor. She wasted no time in mounting his prick and Victor was much the same in putting his hands on Taylor's body, letting them raom from her hips to her tits and back again as the bombshell began to ride his cock.

"Fuck yeah...that's right girl...fuck that cock baby...fuck yourself with my cock," growled Victor, squeezing one of her tits with one hand while the other loudly smacked her ass. "Use that fucking dick!"

"No...mmmm...fucking problem," Taylor replied, slamming her pussy down on Victor's prong hard and fast. She was just as eager to push him to the limit as she had Antonio, he was sitting back and observing. His stamina was rebuilding and at this point he was just waiting to re-enter through a whole new entry point.

The view of Taylor riding Victor was wonderful along without the sounds that with went it. The other visual treat was all the wonderful girl on girl action to be viewed as well. The newbie, Barbara Palvin was the meal for Abella Danger who had found a cozy place to rest her head right between Barbara's thighs. Barbara wasn't going hungry  herself with Maitland sitting on her face.

Just beyond them Hailee was laying back on a mountain of pillows legs wide with Tori snacking on her delectable pussy and making the starlet moan with an ear to ear smile on her face.

Antonio's eyes ping-ponged between the girl on girl action and Taylor's wild cock ride. His view then went right to Taylor's wonderful ass and he was ready to jump back in to the action. He made his way back to the couch. Taylor seemed to sense it, looking back and whipping her sweat-soaked blonde locks over her shoulder as she did it. Her smile was the only invitation he needed, but Taylor was just as happy to deliver so aural stimulation as she was oral stimulation.

"Come on over," she said. "I have room for one more." Antonio did just that. With every step he took Taylor ride slowed until she was still, her asshole waiting for his entrance. Taylor wouldn't wait to long. Antonio climbed on the couch and got in position. He took hold of Taylor's shoulder once more with his left hand while right guided his cock against her tight little starfish.

Taylor tensed up momentarily as Antonio pressed his pussy-slicked cock through her tight hole. The moment he was in relaxation overcame her body. "Take it slow boys," she said. "Build it...take your time..."

Victor and Antonio were good at taking instruction, their cocks slowly pushing in and pulling out of Taylor's holes. Antonio was using all his willpower to not speed up too quick, the wonderful tightness of Taylor's asshole tempting the animal within.

That temptation was in Victor as well. Not only because his cock was deep inside of one of the finest pussies he'd ever had, but he got a view of Taylor face as she got used to both of her holes being filled with cock. From tense to pure pleasure, from grit teeth to licking her lips and fluttering her eyelids. It was a sight to behold.

"Mmm harder now boys...fuck me...fuck my holes...come on...take me..."

With the starter pistol fired the duo increased their double dicking pace. Taylor's howls of pleasure were a clear sign they were very much on the right path. Victor was the perfect anchor to Antonio, jackhammering Taylor's asshole, the wild animal being let off the leash.

'Yeah...fucking take this cock!" the Jersey boy yelled, slapping Taylor's rump. "Deep...take it all the fucking way!"

"Give it me...fuck...just like that...don't...stop...both of you...fucking...don't stop!!!"

It didn't take too long for the frenzied trio to hit the apex of their shared lust. Both cocks pistoning inside her with wild abandon and Taylor going off the deep end into the land of dick drunk, her head feeling both electric and dazed at the same time.

It was a sight most people would kill to see...if they weren't already occupied with their own pleasure or giving it.

Hailee Steinfeld being one of them. However she was quite distracted due to Tori Black eating her pussy. It was a distraction anyone could understand.

The leggy starlet moaned and writhed, her back arching as the pornstar gave her pussy the professional treatment. Hailee's stomach felt like she was on a rollercoaster, going up down and all around and through every loop-to-loop and then going backwards through a tunnel with everything Tori did. The sweet sucking of her clit, the gentle caress of her thighs with one hand while the pornstars fingers worked inside of Hailee's snatch.

"Right there!" Hailee squealed as Tori's fingers grazed her g-spot. It was like lightning had struck and her nerves were lighting up like Times Square. With the way Tori was attacking her clit and working the starlet's velvet goldmine those neon lights were getting fit to explode.

"Cum," Tori said, passing the bulk of the work to her talented digits. "Cum...I want to taste your fucking pussy when you cum...cum for me! Fucking cum for me!!!"

"Hooooolyyyyy shit!" Hailee cried, thrashing her head and squeezing her thighs tight around Tori's head as the porn legend returned her mouth to Hailee's wet cunt and rocketed her off to planet pleasure. "C-CUMMING GOD DAMN IT YESSSSS!!!!"

Hailee's pleasure cry was enough to get Barbara's attention, the Hungarian hottie lifting her head up from between Maitland's legs to look at the scene. Maitland couldn't blame her, she just had to look too. It was quite a sight, with Hailee in a post orgasm haze and Tori slithering up her body to deliver a kiss to the actress' hungry lips. As the kiss broke Abella joined in in, pulling Tori away for some one on one fun of her own while Hailee basked in the afterglow.

"That's really hot," Maitland said before returning her gaze to Barbara. "How about you finish doing the same to me?"

"I'll certainly try," Barbara earnestly said. While she was far from savvy in Sapphic sex she was very eager to do her best, and judging from Maitland's reactions so far she was doing a damn good job.

"Ohhhhoh-oh....." she moaned. "Right...right fucking there....good god why aren't you in the industry?" Barbara had no verbal answer for her, as her mouth was otherwise occupied. Her technique was gentle, sucking sweeting and softly with her tongue provided gentle brush strokes in contrast to the precise surgical strikes that Taylor had used on Barbara that propelled her to orgasm.

The soft treatment seemed to work on Maitland with flying colors, giving the professional the kind of pussy-eating she hadn't had in far too long. Tender and sweet and with the most tender of touches from tongue to finger, light as a feather but hitting Maitland with the weight of a sledgehammer.

"So close...." the redhead chanted, right on that edge, teetering until she was pushed over with the slightest of glides of Barbara's fingers within her. The right spot at the right time and Maitland came hard, Barbara lapping up her lust as the adult superstar's world was rocked and her body writhed. And Barbara didn't stop, but instead simply began to slowly turn down the heat until Maitland was dazed and pleasure drunk. Not so dazed however she didn't pull Barbara up to her face for a thank you kiss.

"That was amazing sweetie," Maitland said, brushing the hair from  Barba's face. "We should keep in touch. Right now though, I think I'm going to go have a little fun with Abella if you don't mind."

"No, not at all," Barbara said in a haze of her own. Maitland gave her a quick kiss before making her way on wobbly legs over to Abella. Meanwhile, Barbara's eyes met Taylor's. The model's jaw dropped at the sight of two men fucking the superstar singer and her pussy became downright sopping knowing that Taylor ad been watching her. She would have never imagined this before stepping foot into this apartment but now she couldn't imagine a world without this feeling.

Barbara got to her feet and walked closer to Taylor and the men. They were working in perfect unison, two cocks pistoning out of Taylor orifices and the blonde moaning and begging for more, urging them to give her everything she wanted and more, demanding they make her cum and the men were all to happy to comply.

Barbara sat down across from the couch where all the action was going down and began to play with herself to the scene. Though she was only touching herself it added so much more to Taylor's experience, knowing beyond a doubt she was getting someone off by getting off herself. It was the last piece of the puzzle.

"That's it boys," she gasped, feeling the spark ignite. "Make...me...fucking...CUMMMM!!!!!! FUUUCK YESSSSS!" Her voice signaled the crashing of her body, muscles tensing as the songstress cried out in pleasure, the sinfully sweet sound the best way of saying "thank you" the gentlemen had ever seen. Of course there was cost to the treat of having Taylor Swift cum on their cocks, and that was the simply heaving feeling of thrusting into her convulsing cunt and constricting ass hole. It took a tole on the men but they held it together. They knew how Taylor liked for this little parties to end and it was a lot more explosive.

When the blonde's body had finally begun to calm down the men slowly pulled out of her, savoring every inch before they were free and let her lay on the couch, basking in the afterglow. And while she felt like she hadn't slept for days, Taylor was still very awake and looking right at Barbara with a smile.

"Want to play with my toys?" Taylor asked. Barbara nodded. "Good. I think you might want to clean them first." Once more Barbara nodded and slithered down to her knees almost as if she was in a trance. There was no more hesitancy, just hunger. Victor and Antonio approached her on either side and Barbara licked her lips, ready to clean them up just so they could get dirty again.

Victor got the first round with her mouth. Antonio was fine with this. He'd been fucking Taylor the longest and after that last round in the singer's ass he once more needed a breather. Not that Victor didn't either, but he was just to horned up to care. A face like Barbara Palvin's ready to suck his cock? He'd risk losing it early.

Much like the way she ate pussy, Barbara was a bit more gentle. She slowly ran her tongue in circles around Victor's black bishop. She licked a whirl on his glans, making the fear of popping right now become all to real before she thankfully stopped to take more of his girth into her mouth. All hands free, for the most part. Her left hand was fondling his balls while her right hand wasn't occupied. At least, not until Antonio grabbed it and brought Barbara's hand to his cock where she began to stroke him upon first contact.

Deliciously slowly Barbara built a rhythm in sucking Victor's prick. Up and down, paint-brushing his prong with her hot saliva until she took him in to the root, making him wince and hold his breath until Barbara mercifully pulled off of him, his cock throbbing and looking as if it was fit to burst if he'd been in their a moment longer. Now it was his turn for a breather and Antonio's turn to get back in the action.

Now Barbara was sucking Antonio while stroking off Victor, keeping her onyx lover ready to go while pushing the buttons of the Jersey boy. She was a bit faster on his cock which suited him just fine. Fondling became massage and gently pulling on his balls as drool began leak from Barbara's busy mouth. She almost forgot this wasn't about tasting their cum, at least not yet, but getting them ready for her. Fortunately she was about to get a reminder.

"That looks fun," Taylor said. She'd gotten up from the couch and made her way over and behind Barbara. She was no kneeling behind her, caressing her body and whispering in her ears. "Yummy too. But I think we both know the three of you are ready for something so much yummier. Am I right?" Taylor's hand slid down between the model's leg to play with her pussy.

"Mmmm hmmm," Barbara hummed on Antonio's cock.

"Good...so tell them. Tell the men how you want them."

Barbara removed her mouth from Antonio and began to stroke him in unison with Victor. She looked up at them both. "I...I want you to have me....like you had her. Both at the same time."

"I think we can accommodate," Victor said. Both men helped Barbara to her feet. The moment she was up Antonio was laying down, his sword waiting to be sheathed. Barbara wasted little time in getting on top and mounting her steed. Victor hung back at first, watching the look of bliss wash over Barbara's face as she was filled with cock. Watching as the Hungarian beauty began to ride this new cock, savoring it it, softly moaning as she rose up and down on Antonio. Though the speed was slowly building up, it was still slow. Antonio was doing some savoring on his own.

And while the sight of a woman of the caliber of Barbara Palvin slowly riding and a cock and loving every second of it was a sight to behold Victor knew it was no time to get a piece of the action. He got in position behind Barbara, the starlet slowing herself down and tensing up as his cock pressed against her opening. She winced as he pressed forward, though Antonio playing with her clit helped immensely.

Soon Victor pushed through the threshold his cock was inside of Barbara's ass. It was eye-opening, both figuratively and literally. Anal wasn't something she was too familiar with. While she had done it, it was a rarity and Victor's cock slowly working itself in their was a wonderful refresher course as to how amazingly good it felt.

"Ohhhhh oh my gOD...." Barbara whined. Just as she had taken slow on easy on their cocks with her mouth, the men were letting her get used to the double dicking at her own pace. Antonio continued to played with her clit, softly thrusting into her pussy and Victor was being just as gentle. Barbara's eyes were shut, the model licking her lips and breathing heavy as any tenseness she felt melted away with each stroke the men made into her. A perfect rhythm was being made and she was giving herself to it moment by moment. It was an experience she knew she was never going to forget and it was only going to get better.

The three had gained an audience now. Taylor, Hailee, Maitland, Tori and Abella had gathered around, all still playing with each other while watching Barbara completely melt into the moment.

The pace had picked up a little. Neither man were hammering as they had with Taylor but they weren't going with a feather's touch anymore and Barbara was far from minding. She was encouraging it.

"Yes...oh yes....both of...both you just fuck me...please...feels good...too good...love this...love cocks...your cocks...oh just a little harder now...all the way in Victor...all the way..."

Victor, being a man of good manners, gave in to Barbara's request and plunged his rock hard rod balls deep into her ass. It was intense, so intense Barbara let out a low groan, mouth hanging open as he did it again.

"Oh yesss...yes yes yes yes!" she whined. "More...more..."

Antonio began to give her to same kind of power thrust, both men going hard and deep in their respective holes and driving Barbara to her breaking point...and to a thought she'd never even though of but now, on this night...she so no reason to not indulge or at least attempt to.

"More...I want more," Barbara said.

"You want it harder baby?" Antonio asked.

"Yes...but more...I want...I want you both...both in my ass..."

The words seemed to stun everybody but Barbara, who might have been surprised if she wasn't so dick drunk. However it wasn't a bad shock, especially not for the hostess, who smiled wide and decided to encourage it.

"Go on boys," Taylor said. "Both of you fuck her ass."

With Taylor's approval, it began. This wasn't remotely new to either men, not at a Taylor Swift party. Victor pulled out and Barbara moved slightly, now facing him with her back to Antonio. She lowered herself down, Antonio guiding her until her ass sunk all the way down around his cock. With that done, now it was Victor's turn to return, squeezing in alongside Antonio in the tight fit that was Barbara Palvin's asshole.

ONce again it began slow, everyone getting used to the tight confines. Barbara was again showered with physical attention. Victor covered her with kisses from lips to tits while he also played with her clit.

"How's that feel baby," Victor asked. "How's that ass feel full of that cock?"

"So...so good," Barbara gasped. "Keep going...please...make me cum...make me cum..."

The men were given a mission and were happy to carry it out. Barbara's was feeling things she'd never imagined before, eye shut tight and mouth open and moaning as the men dually fucked her ass. It was something she never thought she could take and now she was hoping it was never end. However she knew it would and it was just around the corner.

"Gonna...gonna..." Barbara stuttered, the words refusing to to fall from her lips and tumbling all the way back down her throat.

"Do it," Taylor said. The entire audience had gotten closer now, all lined up in a row. "Cum...cum with those big fucking cocks in your ass."

"Ahhhh...ahhhh...AHHHHHHHH!!!" Barbara's cry rang out so loud it echoed in the apartment for seconds after she was done. She was cumming harder than she ever had before, almost in tears from the immense pleasure that was rocking her body. She felt like she was being turned inside out, upside down and thrown around the world at lightspeed all at once and never wanted it to end.

"Oh shit!" Antonio said. "Gonna fucking cum!"

"He's not the only one!" Victor added.

"You boys know the drill," Taylor said. With that Victor and Antonio quickly removed themselves from Barbara's pleasure-wrecked body and scrambled towards the women, waiting for Taylor to put Barbara in position between her and Taylor. "Now boys," Taylor said. "Cum. Cum for us!"

Both men beat their throbbing cocks for a few moments before erupting on the women, ropes of cum splattering on them all with Taylor, Barbara and Hailee getting the lion's share of man's milk. Though with how long both men had been holding back Maitland, Tori and Abella weren't going to go thirsty.

Faces covered with cum the women were on each once more, licking up and swapping the cum with each other in kisses with Hailee, Taylor and Maitland giving Barbara all the protein they could spare to share.

Soon everyone was out on the floor, breathing heavy and covered in sweat and cum. Barbara's eyes were wide open, her mind racing just as fast as her heart. This was something she'd never seen or experienced before in her life...but she knew it wouldn't remotely be the last time.
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Some unusual choices thrown together in this one...and it totally works.  Great setup leading into some hot, dirty sex.  Excellent story!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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I am a little sad to such a great story from you Maxwell with so little feedback as you are among the best writers of celeb fiction that I have followed over the years.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to write a story juggling this many celebs, but you consistently manage to do it.

Also, I appreciate that you decided to feature Barbara Palvin as she is one of my favorite models and stories featuring her are incredibly rare.

My apologies for leaving this comment short, but I just wanted you to know that you have dedicated fans of your work and I hope limited feedback doesn't put you down.

Fantastic work, my friend!
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