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Author Topic: Christina Hendricks: Porn's Ultimate Whore series  (Read 254 times)


Christina Hendricks: Porn's Ultimate Whore series
« on: December 29, 2021, 11:51:15 PM »
As we come to the start of a new year, I wanted to get the idea out there to start a series chronicling Christina Hendricks' imaginary illustrious porn career. Chapters would essentially be scenes from established series or websites of that time with corresponding talent joining her. Maybe at some point the chapters can be put in chronological order but that's way down the line. I envision most these scenes are going to be straight to the point of trying to emulate the style of whatever scene portraying but there is room for behind the scenes interactions and whatnot.

The first movie idea to start this series off right is "C for Christina." Cadeauxxx reminded me of CHlp's idea for Lucy Pinder and I'd love to start off this series with lots of crazy intense action.

For this first scene, I'm thinking of setting the clock back to somewhere between 2010 and 2012. Those were her prime years in Mad Men coinciding along side with the porn industry's height.

Scene 1: Oral/Tit Fuck with Winston Burbank and Jonni Darkko

The scene would start with a pan up her curvy figure while that iconic house bass pulses in the back. She would rub herself while she tells the audience how well she is going to take cock down her throat and let her mammoth tits get fucked. Winston would be first up and generally he is just more a stunt cock just being there which is fine. Christina would work at her own pace letting herself get a bit sloppy with some deepthroating. Then once that part is through, Jonni would come in and control the pace and speed of the throat fucking and what not. Spit dripping off her lips down to her massive tits as he splits time between her mouth and boobs.

Scene 2: Double Penetration with Danny D and Mandingo

Most of these scenes are going to start off with a brief narration by Christina of what she's going to do and how she is going to do it. Christina's massive tits need an equal opponent and why not let it be two of the biggest cocks in the industry at the time. I'm open to seeing a change in talent but these two have the equipment to satisfy our mega-titted redhead slut. Oral, anal, titty fucking, vaginal, spit roasting, etc. all happen culminating with a few different double penetration positions.

Scene 3: Blowbang

I'm not entirely sure on the casting of this one but I believe somewhere in the range of 10-15 guys is the right amount. This scene is all about her oral talents of course along with her swallowing down all these guys' cum. Having her in an inverted position to throat fuck will be the main attraction here along with her being a patient little whore waiting to swallow down all the guys' cum at once. For the cumshots she would be handed a whiskey glass to hold under mouth to collect the cum in.The guys would aim for her lips and mouth and she would periodically spit that into the glass for the finale. During so she would occassionally take sips just to get the flavor of it back in her slutty mouth, gargling it and whatnot, before spitting back into the glass.

Scene 4: Bukkake

Pretty much a group of nameless bodies come and shower Christina's face and tits as she basks in it. There would be dirty talk galore while she maybe let's some of the guys cum in her mouth before spitting it all over her tits. Maybe the scene ends with a fade out as she pushes the come near her mouth into her mouth. Don't know the numbers but the more the merrier.

Scene 5: Gangbang

I haven't fully got a roster for this one yet so I'm open for suggestions/ideas. Lex Steele has a spot for sure and I believe five others would max out the party for her. For this scene Christina would be ravished and loving every second of it. Double pussy, double anal, and the two styles triple penetrations all happen in this final scene along with all the easier positions and penetrations that lead up to them. The marquee moment is when Christina is taking three cocks amongst her two holes while blowing another guy and jerking the other two off.

I'm open to possible additional scenes for this one movie but these five scenes cover a lot. If you are interested in writing on this idea feel free to message me here. I already have Cadeauxxx interested in writing the first scene of this movie and I'm looking for other CH fans to work with to get this done.


Re: Christina Hendricks: Porn's Ultimate Whore series
« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2021, 03:21:10 AM »
This sounds amazing!  Would be happy to help here if you need any.  All of the last 3 scenes are in my writing zone, tell me how nasty you want Christina to be.
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Re: Christina Hendricks: Porn's Ultimate Whore series
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2021, 04:57:47 AM »
Awesome to hear! I think that attitude and demeanor that would fit best for Christina would be a nastier, more sophisticated version of Gianna Michaels. When she isn't getting throat fucked she's egging on guys to fuck her harder. Gianna had that fighter attitude and that personality is an open challenge for the guys to give her the fucking of a lifetime. For some of the dialogue before the gangbang she can mention this is her first time doing either of the triple penetrations as sort of a career milestone moment.

In terms of actual action and abilities, she can be a sloppy deepthroat anal queen. I'm thinking she's a classier Adriana Chechik in this case and she would try to keep her composure more in-line instead of becoming the ravenous fuck slut that Adriana is. The action can be hard, rough, and sloppy with her. I'd love to see her in some of the less used positions like piledriver and such.

For the blowbang, the inverted throat fuck portion would be like a main event of the scene. Christina would do her best to manage the amount of slobber that is trying to run down her face. She would do well before she hits a critical mass from one of the guys staying in deep in her throat a bit longer than she's ready for. A scene cut for a make-up touch up may even be noted before she is presented her whiskey glass.


Re: Christina Hendricks: Porn's Ultimate Whore series
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2022, 01:19:24 AM »
I like the title.

I know next to nothing about the men you named.

Do you have any ideas for a lesbian/FF themed chapter?
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Re: Christina Hendricks: Porn's Ultimate Whore series
« Reply #4 on: January 03, 2022, 03:40:29 AM »
"I like the title."

Thanks! I'm trying to get Christina Hendricks featured in a bunch of x-rated naughtiness and it seems to fit as an all encompassing title.

I know next to nothing about the men you named.
That's absolutely fine. They were either stunt cocks/directors for some of the porn industry companies at the time.

Do you have any ideas for a lesbian/FF themed chapter?
Not at the moment but I'm all for it. For this group of five scenes/stories I didn't have one planned but I did have ideas to have her get lezdommed in scenes down the line. If there is a female pornstar(s) you'd want to see her paired with I'd love to hear names, ideas, and what you'd want to see them doing. 

The first lesbian scenes I was going to suggest were her being an anal slut getting dominated by MzBerlin, Bobbi Starr, and Ariel X for Everythingbutt.
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