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Room Service (with Joan Collins)
« on: January 01, 2022, 07:51:16 AM »
Needless to say this is all fiction, it didn't happen and there is no suggestion it would happen - it's a fantasy! I've always had a thing for Joan Collins since I first started masturbating!

Room Service featuring Joan Collins

 I was working in a hotel about 30 years ago, a young 18 year old in my first job out of school. It was a posh hotel where the majority of the clientele were complete arseholes. Rude, arrogant, stuck up and they looked down on a young lad carrying their luggage.

The tips were good though. These people had far too much money that they thought nothing of giving me 5 or 10 pounds for showing them to their rooms. They were demanding, always requesting the right sort of sparkling water or specific food for their stupid miniature fucking dogs.

I worked hard and was normally exhausted by the end of my shift. We were put up in staff quarters which were nothing like the hotel rooms. They were fine and most nights I'd fall asleep quickly after wanking over some of the stunning women who I had shown to their rooms during the day. I fantasised about fucking them hard from behind and pounding on their pussies to make up for their rudeness.

Quite often there would be magazine interviews, photoshoots and events taking place in the hotel. I'd often have to clear up the rooms and tidy all the rubbish away at the end of events. If I was lucky I'd catch a glimpse of a model, tv or film star or popstar in various states of undress and I loved wanking over them later that night.

One day Joan Collins was carrying out some interviews in one of our suites on the top floor. I'd seen her entourage enter the hotel as she was whisked up to the top floor. I caught a glimpse of her and she looked good. I'd always had a thing for her. Sure, she was much older than me but she was one of the first women I must have wanked over and I still regularly knocked one out over her.

I first wanked over pictures of her in the 80s - quite old but so posh and hot. I think it was the combination of age, experience, confidence, cleavage and stunning red lips that really did it for me.

I used to imagine stripping her naked and sucking on her tits and then being wanked off by her experienced hands. I imagined that she would fully take control and tell me what to do and found her such a turn on.

After catching a glimpse of her in the lobby I felt my cock instantly harden as she looked as good in real life as in the pictures I'd splattered my cum over. Big hair, bright red lipstick, high heels, stockings, cleavage on display. Yum. I quickly went to the toilet which was luckily empty, entered a cubicle and grabbed  my cock and started wanking furiously over her. It only took a minute or two until I shot a huge load for her as I imagined fucking her hard.


My day was pretty dull after that until about 5pm when the manager called me over;

"Chris, I need you to go and blitz the suite Joan Collins and her entourage were using - Miss Collins has asked for it to be tidied while she's there, she's decided to spend the evening". I couldn't believe my luck - I may see her in the room and I could have another sneaky wank after ogling her "Sure, no problem, I'll go up now."

I caught the lift and thought about seeing her up close. She was much older than me and had had quite a bit of work, I was sure, but I didn't care. I'd always loved wanking over her and remembered watching Dynasty in my room, cock in hand for whole episodes as I beat my cock furiously whenever she was on screen. I remembered sneaking copies of my parent's newspapers and magazines into my room whenever she was in them - they didn't get them back!

The lift bell dinged and doors opened and I stepped out aware of the bulge in my trousers. I approached her suite and knocked on the door, gulping as I did. "Yes" come the posh clipped voice of hers, "I'm here to tidy Miss Collins" I responded. "In you come" she responded, I opened the door "and make sure you lock the door too" she continued as I walked in, slid the door shut and scoured the room for her.

 She walked in from the balcony, the curtains blowing in the wind. What a sight she was to behold! I stared somewhat open mouthed as she looked almost the same as she had for a photoshoot I had worked my cock furiously over for most of last year! Her hair had been curled and was cascading over her shoulders towards her ample cleavage which was nicely on display in a tight black dress. She wore a necklace of pearls, the dress was figure hugging and clung to her legs where she was wearing stockings and high heels. Her mouth was slightly open and her lips were still a bright red.

Holy shit this woman was the whole package. I could feel myself staring and my cock hardening and I watched as she walked casually over to the chaise lounge in the centre of the room.

"Can I help you with anything Miss Collins?" I enquired. She didn't respond and sat down taking a glass of champagne from the side and relaxed onto the chaise lounge. She crossed her legs slowly and deliberately left a glimpse of the top of her stockings on display. She knew what she was doing and I was loving it.

She beckoned me over and cast her eyes over the bulge in my trousers. I nervously approached her

"Can I help you with anything you need Miss Collins?" I repeated.

"Well young man, I think I have everything I need, come a bit closer" she demanded, taking a large sip from her champagne glass and resting it back on the side.

I walked the last few steps until I was standing in front of her. She was reclining on the chaise lounge and my crotch was at her eye level.

"Now, what's your name darling? she questioned.

"C, c Chris, miss Collins" I stuttered.

"Call me Joan darling, I think you can call me Joan when we're going to be getting very close don't you?" she responded with a smile on her face.

With that she reached out and rubbed the bulge in my trousers. "Oh" I exclaimed "of course Joan, whatever you want" My cock was practically splitting my trousers and was desperate to be unleashed. "Oh Joan" I said as she continued to rub my hardening bulge "oh God Joan"

"Oooh do you like that Chris?" she purred as she stared at me while continuing to rub me as she grabbed my ass with her other hand. "Oh god yes Joan, you are wonderful".

"Oooh I like that Chris, tell me more" she purred as she slowly started to undo my belt.

"I've always liked you, you were one of the first women I really took an interest in!" I replied,

"What do you mean darling?" she encouraged

"You were one of the first women I wanked over Joan, and I haven't stopped ever since" I continued.

 She stopped undoing my belt and looked up at me with a disapproving look

"Don't say that word Chris, say masturbated, say you love masturbating over me".

"Oh Christ yes Joan, I love masturbating over you, I always have, god I love masturbating over you, you're so beautiful, you're the perfect woman".

"Show me" she demanded as she undid the buttons on my flies, "Show me and tell me what you're thinking" and she released my solid cock which pointed upright towards her. I wrapped my hand round my cock and started working the shaft as she licked her stunning red lips.

"I've always wanted you, you are so beautiful, I love everything about you" I began as I worked my solid shaft and continued to stare intently at her. "I love your lips, your eyes, your hair, your body, you look amazing" I continued as she nodded her encouragement "I've always dreamt of fucking you, oh God Joan, I can't believe I'm doing this," I went on and kept working my cock faster. It felt amazing having her watch me wank over her.

"Ooooh I like that Chris and I like your hard member, I need to have a closer look"  she said as she pulled me closer to her. She took my hand away from my cock, which twitched in anticipation and in one movement she took it in her hand, wrapping her perfectly manicured red nails around it and started to expertly work the shaft.

"Ummm I can see how much you like me, ooh this is very hard isn't it Chris. And so thick."

"Oh yes Joan, oh that feels good" I moaned as she continued to work on my cock, working the shaft up and down, slowly and meticulously pleasuring me.

"Chris, I believe you're getting harder" she laughed and I think she was right as she upped the pace on my throbbing pole, exposing the head and grinning as she did this. She paused and then slowly lowered her face towards my tip, her tongue darted out and licked the head as it twitched excitedly "oooh, you like that darling, don't you?" she enquired as she began to lick the whole shaft causing me to moan with pleasure "Oh yes, oh that's good Joan" I responded breathing heavily.

Her tongue ran all the way up my shaft from the base to the tip and then she opened her mouth wider, her bright red lips parting invitingly as she then took me in her mouth. Christ it felt good as she began to suck hungrily on my engorged member.

I couldn't help but let out a moan as she continued to work my cock in her mouth, working her way back and forth and sucking as she cupped my balls with her hand and gently massaged them.

"Oh god Joan, this is incredible, oh fuck" I exclaimed as she continued to take my cock in her mouth. She looked up at me as she sucked my pole, staring into my eyes which if it's possible got me even harder!

She certainly knew how to suck a cock and I revelled in the sight of her head bobbing up and down. I grabbed onto the back of her head and assisted her in keeping the movements regular, Christ this felt amazing, I thought to myself. She really worked my cock well, pausing every now and then to take a deep breath and look up at me with a smile - she got both hands round my cock while she did this and alternated between sucking me whole and wanking me furiously. I stared down at her and admired the view, taking it all in. She looked up at me as she took my cock out of her mouth and smiled at me.

"Now darling," she said as she released my cock and gave it a final long lick up and down the shaft "Time for you to get those clothes off and get on your knees" as she lay back on the chaise lounge.

 I quickly stripped and got on my knees in front of her as she lifted her dress up to her waist - fucking hell, she wasn't wearing any knickers, just stockings and high heels.

"Oooh fuck Joan, what a sight" I exclaimed and speedily began exploring her pussy with my hands. My fingers entered her wet hole as she moaned "yes, yes, lick me, I want your tongue on me" and I hungrily start licking her clit.

"Oooh Chris that is nice" she moaned as I worked my tongue over her engorged clit and finger fucked her hard. I quickly flicked her clit with my tongue and then munched on her pussy, she really liked this and started moaning louder and louder. This really got me going and I started wanking my cock while I continued to lick at her pussy. I love eating pussy and buried my face deep in her, licking and sucking her pussy lips and working on her clit to moans of pleasure from her " Oh god Chris, oh god yes, oh I want your cock in me" she exclaimed.

These words were like music to my ears "Oh yes Joan, I'll do whatever you want" I cried. We both quickly stood up, she removed her dress and bra and we embraced, kissing like our lives depend on it.

We broke our kiss and I took in the sight in front of her me. Considering her age she still looked good. Her tits were still pretty perky and her nipples were nice and erect. She was slim and although she must have had some work done it wasn't obvious.

We came back together and our mouths met, Our tongues explored each others mouths as my cock pushed against her. She wrapped her hand around my erect member and started wanking it hard once more. I pulled away and quickly took both her plump tits in my hands , sucking and licking them both, sucking her stiff nipples to a hard point while she stroked my cock.

"Come on Chris, get it in me" Joan said as we broke and she turned around and got her ass high in the air as she went on all fours on the chaise lounge. She looked amazing, naked except for stockings, suspenders belt and high heels, with her long curly hair cascading over her shoulders, with her pussy on display ready for me to enter.  I drank in the sight - wow, this is great I thought to myself.
Her ass was nice and pert and I grabbed two handfuls of it and then cupped my hands and slapped her rounded cheeks one by one

"Oooh darling" she shouted "oooh, do it again" she demanded and I slapped her cheeks a few more times. Her fingers went to her pussy while I did this and she moaned heavily as she rubbed her clit and I spanked her ass.

My cock was absolutely throbbing at this point and I knelt behind her as she continued to strum her clit and hit her cheeks with my large erect member. "Oh darling yes" she said" oh god, that cock feels good, I need it"

I took another look at her as I bounced my cock on her ass, teasing her as I moved it near to her wet hole. She looked over her shoulder  and angrily shouted

"Well, what are you waiting for? I want it in me now! Hurry up, come on get it in me and fuck me hard" she screamed.

Suitably admonished I didn't need telling again

"Oh yes Joan" I responded and I grabbed hold of her hips and steered my solid cock into her gloriously wet pussy. I slid in so easily into her damp pussy and she let out a big "Yes! Oh yes!"

 "Oh fuck" I shouted as my cock disappeared inside her "fuck yeah, oh god yes!" as I started thrusting my cock in and out, I couldn't do it slowly as I was so turned on so I started really pounding on her pussy, fucking her and working my cock quickly backwards and forwards as I revelled in the sight of fucking the legend that is Joan Collins..

"Fuck yeah Joan" I said "I've wanted to do this for years" as I continued to thrust my solid cock into her. "Oh fuck, it's better than I could have imagined" I panted, grabbing her hips and pulling her onto my cock. It was too, I couldn't believe how hungry I was for her, and with every thrust I tried to get deeper and deeper inside her. She loved it and kept directing me

"Yes, harder Chris, oh get it in deeper, oh fuck me, remember all those times when you masturbated over me, oh god yes".

"Oh Joan, fuck me. fuck this is amazing, I'm actually fucking the legend that is Joan Collins, my cock is inside her, oh god yes" I cried

"I'm fucking Joan Collins, I'm fucking Joan Collins" I continued to shout with each thrust of my cock into her. She really liked this and responded by grinding her pussy hard onto my dick with each thrust

"Oh yes darling" she moaned " Oh yes, you are fucking the wonderful Joan Collins. Keep going, keep getting it deep inside me. Oh God I love it" she continued as I ran my hands over her stockings, onto her hips and grabbed her tits with both my hands, massaging them and pulling her onto my cock.

"Oh keep fucking me, oh yes, yes, yes, oh god I'm going to cum, oh yes, fuck me hard" Joan shouted as she started to shake and tremble

This made me up my tempo as I was desperate to make her cum and I released her tits, grabbed her hips and came upright so that I could focus on piling my cock into her cunt and watch her whole body shake as I drove my solid pole into her.

"Oh yes, I'm going to make you cum" I shouted as I kept thrusting into her, watching her reciprocate my thrusts and pant as I brought her closer to a climax. I was grunting with the exertion but was determined to keep going as hard as I could to make her cum

"Oh god, Chris, oh darling" she panted, "Oh my god, oh God, Oh fuck, that is it, that's amazing, oh God, yes, keep going, harder, harder, harder" she shouted

"Come on Joan" I shouted as I grunted and fucked her hard, my cock was now a blur as it pounded in and out of her pussy at speed, "come on you fucking goddess, fuck, you fucking legend"

"Yes chris, yes oh god yes, I'm cumming, keep going, keep fucking me," she exclaimed as I speared her with my rock hard cock, "Oh god yes, yes yes yes yessssss!!! Oh fuck yessssss" she screamed as the orgasm hit her and her whole body shook as the waves rushed over her.

I slowed right down, stroked her ass and then grabbed her legs, stroking her stockings as she continued to moan. "Oh my god, yes, oh god darling that was good"

We were both glistening with sweat and I slowly kept working my cock in her pussy as she continued to shake and breath deeply. "Oh god, it's so good chris, keep going, oh god, I need to see you while you fuck me". 

"Oh god yes Joan, I want to look you in the eyes while I fuck you" I responded as I pulled my dripping wet cock out of her pussy. I loved the feel of my stiff cock covered in her juices. She turned over and lay back on the chaise lounge. She looked absolutely stunning, I love the sight of a woman in just stockings and high heels and the fact that it was Joan Collins who I'd just been fucking and had made cum was even better. 

She spread her legs wide and showed her wet pussy to me and started to play with her clit "Umm, I like the sight of you Chris, look how hard you still are - I'm 30 years older than you and look how much i turn you on!"

"Oh yes Joan, I've never been harder!"  I said as I started wanking while watching her play with her clit, my cock lubricated from her wet pussy.

"Get it in me again Chris, I want to see you fuck me" she demanded. I quickly lay on top of her and in one quick movement I entered her, my hard cock sliding easily into her hot wet cunt. She lay back with one hand above her head and looked up at me as I started fucking her again, holding myself up on my arms so that we could both get a good look at each other.

"Oh yes chris, I love watching you" she says "looking at a young stud still wanting to fuck me, go on, keep going, oh, it feels good, I'm going to make you cum".

I loved the sight and how much she was encouraging me - watching her tremble, biting her lip all the time while her eyes darted from me pounding into her all over her body until our eyes met and she encouraged me was just the best.

"Fuck Joan, you are amazing, oh god, I want to keep fucking you for ever, oh god". I'd really started really working hard again now and she closed her eyes and lifted her head backwards moaning with pleasure as I fucked and fucked and fucked her.

"Fuck Chris, you bad boy, fill me up with your cock, fuck me so hard , oh god darling, keep going keep fucking me" she screamed. "Look at you, ploughing into me, I love it, do it harder, more more more!" She kept screaming. "Fuck, you dirty swine, keep going, keep going, oh fuck yes!!" she screamed as I reciprocated.

My cock was still rock hard, still hungrily working on her pussy as she continued to moan, but it was starting to ache and I knew I couldn't last too much longer...

"Oh Joan, I love watching you, oh fuck you're amazing, " I shouted "fuck yeah, take it all, oh fuck" I took in the sight before me, Joan Collins shaking with every thrust of my solid cock, moaning at each movement as I continued to pound on her pussy.

"Oh Joan" I shouted "fuck I'm going to cum soon" as I knew I was close to the edge and was desperate to cum for her.

"Do it" she demanded " I want to feel you cumming inside me! Go on, pump your young spunk deep inside me"

This nearly set me off as I kept thrusting into her gloriously wet pussy. She thrusted back so I could get as deep inside her as I possibly could.

"Go on. I demand that you cum inside me - I want it oh god yes, I want it! Do it!!" She shouted at me.

"Oh fuck yes, Joan, fuck, yes, I'm going to cum inside you" I shouted as I stared intently into her eyes while I focussed on ramming my dick home inside her as fast as I could.

"Come on darling" Joan panted "Come on, do it, come on, Oh God, I want it, fucking do it" she shouted at me grinding her pussy hard onto my cock, eating my cock whole!

With a few final thrusts as I continued to fuck her as hard as I could, I felt the cum rising "I'm cumming" I shouted "fuck, here I go, I'm going to cum inside the fucking legend that is Joan Collins" I screamed as I felt my balls tense and I exploded, shooting my hot cum deep deep deep inside Joan Collins.

"Yesssss!!" I screamed as my cock exploded "oh yes, take it Joan, take it all!!!" I shook with the exertion as my cock pumped my spunk inside Joan and I buried it as deep as I could inside her again until I was spent.

"Ooooh yes Chris, oh god yes, you good boy, oh God, it feels so good, you dirty dirty boy."

 "Oh god yes, fuck, that was amazing" I sighed  as she looked me deep in the eyes and demanded that I kiss her. We shared a long deep kiss, sucking on each others mouths while my erection subsided. We parted, our tongues lingering together as our mouths separated and I took my cock out of her, drops of cum dribbling off the end onto her soaking wet pussy.

"Well Chris, the service at this hotel is amongst the best I remember. You really did a great job" she said "I do love being fucked by young men and you really fucked me well. I must remember that next time I come back here!"

 "Was it everything you imagined?" she asked "It was better than that" I replied "it was the best.

"Now i think you've done enough work round here." she said getting up and beginning to get dressed. "I think I may need some help a bit later after dinner, say 9.30. I demand that you return and give me another hard fucking then."

"I think I can manage that Joan" I responded as I got dressed already feeling my cock stiffen again. "I'm not sure if I can wait until then and I may have to wank, I mean masturbate over you in the meantime".

She gave me a look and said "good boy, I've taught you well. Oh and I'm having dinner with a couple of my friends who I was in Dynasty with, Stephanie Beacham, and Heather Locklear.  I'm going to tell them about you and I'm sure they'd love to join us!"

And she smiled at me and we kissed with thoughts of what is to come later in my mind, unsure how I was going to stop myself from wanking in the meantime!

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Re: Room Service (with Joan Collins)
« Reply #1 on: January 01, 2022, 03:52:36 PM »
I remember Joan from back in the day. It's really cool to see someone write a story about a vintage celeb like this and with a believable premise. You are an excellent writer, hope to see more from you in the future.
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Re: Room Service (with Joan Collins)
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I love seeing stuff like this with legendary babes.

Joan kinda reminds me of Raquel Welch, being this old bombshell from an era I didn't get to live.
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Re: Room Service (with Joan Collins)
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Wow, can't believe I just put Joan into the index directories.

Here's a name I would've never dreamed of getting to add.
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Re: Room Service (with Joan Collins)
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A welcome surprise to see Joan used in erotic literature. Good choice.
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