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I started writing this before I learned of Kaya Scodelario's pregnancy and didn't want to change it.  So just pretend she isn't I guess...

The Great British Orgy

Part One

August 2021

Emma Watson stood before a full length mirror in the lavish master bedroom of her extravagant country home, adding the final touches to her evening attire.  The thin black dress she wore was short and skimpy, clinging to her body like a second skin.  Silky locks of beautiful nut brown hair spilled down over her shoulders, hiding the wire thin straps. 

Having toiled away at her varnished oak vanity for the better part of an hour, the actress’ make up was nothing short of flawless.  Strategic dabs of rouge gave her cheeks a healthy glow.  Dark mascara brought out the deep dark browns of her eyes and thickened her fluttery, long lashes.  While a carefully selected shade of red added extra volume to her already full set of lips. 

The starlet’s rural home lay deep in the forests of Kent, some 50-odd miles from the hustle and bustle of the nation’s capital.  A nine bedroom mansion surrounded by countless acres of rolling green field, Emma had nicknamed her country retreat The House That J. K. Built, for the multi-million pound property had been purchased with her earnings from the Harry Potter franchise.

It really was a sight to behold and since the start of the month, the actress’ people had been hard at work, preparing the enormous property for an end of summer blowout of truly epic proportions.  Furniture had been added, subtracted and carefully re-arranged, laid out across the sprawling grounds and to the homeowner’s strict specifications.  Food and drink had been ferried in by the truckload, ensuring that energy was high and inhibitions were low for what surely promised to be the party of the year.  Or maybe the entire decade. 

Emma had been hosting her annual get togethers for just five short years, and already they were the stuff of legend- a crucial calendar entry for any British celebrity.  Though, while Miss Watson’s parties were referred to as such in the midst of discussion and labelled so on the exquisitely designed invitations, anyone who had attended one of these exclusive events knew them to be little more than an uncontrolled, unrestrained and uninhibited orgy.  A safe environment in which to engage in any and every hedonistic activity that their hearts and libidos desired. 

Invitation criteria was simple and Miss Watson carefully hand picked her guests each year from the thousands upon thousands of famous women with UK citizenship.  No fewer than 50 female celebrities had been posted an invite, and over the course of the next four weeks, Emma had seen her inbox besieged by excited RSVPs at all times of the day and night.  Not everyone had been able to make it- advanced pregnancy, for example, had claimed the spot of TV presenter Rachel Riley, and with the threat of COVID still lingering in the air, a few others had declined as well.  But in spite of the snubs, there were still more than 40 glamorous women ready to party ‘til they dropped and fuck ‘til they popped in the solitude of south east England. 

Partygoers had been arriving in dribs and drabs throughout the evening and were granted admittance to the luxury abode by the starlet’s team of staff.  Attendees had descended upon the remote location from all across the country- from Sussex to Scotland and Bristol to Birmingham.  Some had fled the United Kingdom for the glamour of tinseltown many years before, but had no qualms about returning to their homeland for a night of unbridled debauchery. 

But this was no all-female affair by any means, and much to her guest’s delight, the actress had sought the services of some of the nation’s most popular high class escort agencies, packing her rural home with an equal number of the most robust and virile studs that the country had to offer.   

Teetering carefully on a pricey pair of spindly black stilettos, Emma dragged herself away from the allure of her reflection and began across her massive bedroom.  Fashionably late as usual, it sounded like the party was already well underway, and a marvelous cacophony of loud and erotic sounds greeted the world-famous actress as she stepped out into the hallway.  Moans.  Groans.  The squeaking of mattresses.  The rattling of headboards.  The crack of a riding crop.  All of these sounds and more stemmed from the starlet’s many luxurious guest rooms, and as she made her way down the hall, Emma couldn’t resist the urge to poke her head around a doorframe or two and see what her invitees were up to.

Sprawled out across the mattress in guest room one was popstar Rita Ora.  Already naked as the day she was born, the singer’s designer dress had found a new home on the bedroom’s hardwood floor, lying alongside a discarded pair of panties.  Pretty blonde head sunk deep into a pile of pillows, long strands of shiny golden hair ringed her like a halo as her face lit up in the midst of passion. 

Emma watched from the doorway, enjoying the sight of that gorgeous fit body wriggle and writhe across the king size bed.  Then, as her well-toned frame was seemingly sent into overdrive, one particularly violent thrash spun the singer’s head to the side and towards her enchanted spectator. 

“Oh, alright there, darlin’?” she asked, purring in a West London accent.

“Mmhmm.  Just enjoying the view,” Emma declared, strutting silkily through the doorway and across the well-furnished room.  “You ladies got room for one more?”

A head emerged from between the singer’s thighs and looked up at the new addition.

“I hope so,” said Dua Lipa, her smeared and sticky pink lips curled up in a devilish grin.  “We’ve got a fella coming along in a minute.”

She looked back at Rita and the two Kosovan-Brits shared a mischievous laugh.

“That a fact?” asked Emma.  “You don’t mind if I join you in the meantime, do you?”

“Not at all, babes,” Rita replied.  “The more, the merrier.”

Dua disappeared back between Rita’s thighs as Emma leaned over her supine body, kissing her hard on the mouth.  Their lips sealed shut as actress and singer alike chewed each other’s faces off, tongues practically tanged in a knot.  Emma felt a hand slide between her thighs, two dexterous fingers rubbing at the crotch of her undies.

“Take your knickers off, Em,” said Rita as their lips pried apart.  “Park that nice sweet fanny on my face.”

Emma didn’t have to be told twice.  Hiking her dress up to her flat little midriff, the brown haired actress peeled off her teeny, wet panties, tossing them uncaringly aside.  Climbing up onto the bed, she threw a leg over Rita’s head ,straddling her gorgeous face.  A tongue came out and found her clit, lapping at the stiff pink nub with faultless precision.

“Oh, yeah,” Emma purred, reaching back behind her and sliding her fingers into the nest of glossy blonde hair.  “That’s it, love.  Right there.”

Dua looked up at her from between those splayed out thighs, beckoning the actress to join her.  Emma accepted, forming a 69 atop the beautiful blonde singer and joining Miss Lipa between her thighs.  Emma settled on the popstar’s clit, licking her with delight while her fellow brunette moved down to her slizz, sliding her tongue between those twin pink folds. 

Coos and groans started to echo around the room, each voice muzzled by the sweet, warm pussy that their mouths so deftly explored.  Rita’s long false nails dug hard into Emma’s backside as she tongued her sensitive clit.  Emma reciprocated, clawing desperately at her tanned inner thighs and leaving marks on the popstar’s flesh. 

Tongues worked in tandem, flicking across those stiff nubs of pleasure with matching skill and ferocity.  Soon both women were on the verge of orgasm, licking and tonguing one another to higher and higher realms of pure, unadulterated ecstasy.  And Dua was happy to help, pushing her tongue deeper into Rita’s box with each swift bob of her head.  Two more flicks of those skilled red tongues and Emma and Rita came on the spot.  Bodies held tightly together, the women climaxed loudly, directing squeals of pleasure deep into each other’s vaginas.   

“Wow!” Emma gasped as she emerged from between her thighs, unable to utter even one more solitary syllable before Dua’s lips locked tightly to hers, cum-soaked tongue pushing halfway to her tonsils. 

Emma climbed down from atop the blonde songstress beneath her and rose giddily to her heel-clad feet.  Last year’s had been cancelled for obvious reasons, and she’d almost forgotten how truly expectational these parties could be.  She’d only left her bedroom some fifteen minutes before and already the gorgeous actress had been driven to an orgasm that was more explosive than any she’d had that year.

“Fuck!  I forgot how wild you two bitches are!  Don’t stay up here all night, whatever you do!”

“We won’t!” they echoed in unison. 

“We might be up here a little while longer though,” Dua declared, looking past Emma and toward the hulking figure now stood just a few feet behind.

Emma turned, gasping once more as she caught sight of the fine figure of man that had caught the singer’s attention.  Devilishly handsome and chiselled beyond belief, he posed in the guest room doorway like a statue on its plinth. 

“Err...yes,” she stammered.  “I’m sure you will.”

Looking down at his thick, hard cock, Emma was tempted to stick around a little longer herself, but thought better of it.  After all, she had a long list of host duties to attend to and a mansion full of guests left to greet.  But maybe she’d run into this ripped young stud and his huge fat dong again before the night was through.  She certainly hoped so. 

“I’ll leave you ladies to it,” said Emma, stopping in the doorway and stroking the young man’s cock.  She looked back at the ladies still sprawled out on the humongous bed.  “Have fun.”

“We will,” said Rita, giving the man her sultriest come-to-bed eyes as a single manicured finger beckoned him into the room.

Emma watched as the shredded hunk joined the two women on the bed, pulling her dress down as she continued across the hall.  The next room was likewise occupied, but again the door was open, indicating to other guests that they could come and go as they pleased.  In this room was actress Carey Mulligan.  Unlike the previous pair, the pretty blonde starlet hadn’t sought the company of any of her celebrity friends.  But that didn’t mean she was alone- no, sir- and accompanying her on the giant four poster bed was an ebony-skilled stud of almost impossibly muscular build.

Big, brawny frame laid intimately on top of her own, his huge black cock was deeply embedded inside her, the two of them already lost in the throes of lust-fuelled passion.  So much so, in fact, that Emma wasn’t even sure if they were aware of her presence.  She’d hate to break up such a heated embrace, so this time around the brown-haired beauty was content to just stand there and watch.  After all, whether they knew it or not, Carey and her chocolate companion were putting on a hell of a show.

Full, thick lips pressed firmly against her own, the light and dark duo were moaning deeply into one another’s mouths as their bodies intertwined.  One hand draped across his strong and sturdy back, the other clutched tight to his jet black buns as his powerful hips rowed with relentless vigour.  Each firm stroke sent his dick in deep, his dark brown bellend prodding at her g-spot. 

And as he pulled back, Emma got a nice look at just how big it was; envious that such a coal-dark wonder was being propelled into a pussy other than her own.  But she didn’t let her jealousy get the better of her, and happily indulged in a glorious sight that half the population would have paid a small fortune for.  The host was enraptured, so much so that a hand had made its way up the hem of her dress, nimble digits rubbing at the nub of her clit. 

Their lips came apart and Carey squealed up into the ceiling as the black man drilled her harder, putting the full weight of his big, brawny frame behind each hard, pitiless thrust.

“Oh, fuck!  Yes!  Give it to me!  Fuck me with that big black cock!”

A chorus of groans followed from the bed and doorway alike, as Emma’s painted fingers worked into a frenzy, strumming across her clit in a blur.  Emma knew an impending orgasm when she saw one, and the sounds emanating from the depths of Carey’s throat told her that she was well on her way towards one. 

Keen to get off at the same exact time, Emma frigged herself with wild abandon, leaning against the doorframe to steady her trembling form.  The screams grew sharper and increased in volume, nearly rattling the priceless art works on the walls as the gorgeous blonde was fucked into an incoherent mess by the tall, dark stud above her.

‘“Oh, God! Yes! I’m cumming! I’m FUCKING CUMMING!!!”

And she wasn’t the only one.  Emma’s orgasm was quieter but no less intense, hitting her quivering body one inch at a time and shaking her right down to the core.  Quaking pleasure finally subsiding, Emma exhaled, releasing deep puffs of breath.  Straightening herself against the doorframe, she took one final look into the room before departing.  Still lost in one another, Carey and her stud remained oblivious to her presence.  Rolling onto his back, he took the blonde with him, holding her body above him as the rutting quickly resumed.

Leaving the interracial antics of room number two behind her, Emma continued down the hallway.  Peering her head around the next oaken doorframe, the image that greeted her was markedly different from those that had come before.  Different, but no less enticing.  Occupying this particular space was TV presenter Holly Willoughby, her deliciously curvy form squeezed into an assless black catsuit.

Emma wasn’t sure if she’d come to the party dressed in such a manner or if she’d changed her attire upon arrival, but either way she looked incredible.  One part intimidating, two parts sexy.  Or maybe it was the other way around.  Men across the country had been waking up to that gloriously thick body on morning TV for over a decade now and would have been insanely jealous of the lucky bastard accompanying her, as he got thoroughly and intimately acquainted with it. 

Knelt behind her on the thick white mass of expensive shag carpeting, the young man was buried to the ears between her large and shapely, round buttcheeks.  A gloved hand gripped hard at the back of his head, ensuring that it remained right there for as long as she saw fit.  He didn’t appear to have any complaints (and why would he?), but whether the obedient hunk knew it was her ass that his face was inside was a fact known only to the two of them.

After all, a blindfold had been affixed to the young man’s head, tied so securely that every last slither of light was surely obscured from view.  What’s more, his wrists had been cuffed behind his back, leaving him entirely at the mercy of the potentially mysterious women and her huge, thick pair of asscheeks. 

“Yeah, that’s it, love.  Get your fucking face in there,” she instructed, flashing Emma a cheeky wink as she spotted her lingering in the doorway.  “Worship that big, fat arse!”

Emma watched for a while as she ground her butt against his face, practically using his skin as a sheet of toilet paper.  The desire to frig out another right there and then was almost uncontrollable, but she managed to contain herself.  Everyone has their limits- even her- and if the brown-haired actress carried on as she was, she’d be downright functionless within an hour. 

She needed to move on, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the next room she went to did little to quell her urges.  A tall, cropped-haired hunk was laid out across the bed and between his legs was former Radio 1 presenter and comedian Alice Levine, her full lips pursed around the tip of his rod.  And as she bobbed and dipped between his thighs, the host of popular podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno appeared to be shooting a porno of her own; the lens of a brand new iPhone 12 thrust into her cock-filled face. 

“Allow me,” said Emma, marching into the room and snatching the phone from the escort’s hands.  “Don’t go sharing this with anyone, Alice.  You know the rules.”

“Mmhmm,” the redhead replied, all she could manage with a dick down her throat.

Emma pointed the camera at the escort’s groin, capturing the action in crystal clear 4K UHD as Alice’s plump red lips slid up and down his pole.  Pulling up to the ridge of his crown, she popped the head from between her lips, unveiling the fleshy beast in all its rock hard glory. 

The phone’s recording capabilities were simply unrivalled, and as Alice dipped down low and gobbled up one of his balls, every detail of that big, thick monster of a cock was plainly visible on the clear, bright screen.  Every drop of spit trickling down his length.  Every smudge of lipstick left behind on the width of his shaft.  Every thick vein and juicy, throbbing capillary.  All of it made Emma’s pussy froth more fluidly than ever before, sticky, warm trails starting to roll down the actress’ thighs.

A ball fell from Alice’s lips and she licked slowly along the underside, kneading the head as she went.  She wrapped her lips around the swollen crown and her eyes flashed up at the lens, twinkling from between her lashes.  The camera loved her and she loved that big, fat cock, worshipping it tenderly as she returned it to her mouth.  Resting her hands on the escort’s thighs, she sank down low, taking him to the hilt without a moment’s thought. 

“Blimey!” the man squawked, eyes nearly popping from their sockets as those nice, soft lips kissed the skin of his groin.  “Fahk me!  You’re ‘ungry, ain’t ya, sweet’eart?”

Emma’s hand started to shake, now so horny she could barely hold the camera steady as that impressive vanishing act made her pussy purr with delight.  The big, hooded bellend pressed against Alice’s throat and she spluttered around the shaft, only expelling when her gag reflex told her to.  A quick pause to catch her breath and the redhead was right back to it.  Peeling back the foreskin, she rolled her slick tongue around his bellend, settling at the tip and lapping up thick drops of goo.
“Jesus!” Emma whispered from behind the camera, mesmerised by this auburn beauty and her skills with the schlong. 

“Room for one more if you fancy it, love?” the man offered, regarding the actress with a cocksure grin. 

“Baby, don’t tempt me,” Emma replied, turning the camera on herself as she pushed her lips against his and swallowed his writhing tongue. 

She handed the phone back to him and climbed down from the bed, hurrying across the room before lust got the better of her and she ate the young escort alive.  Continuing down the hallway, the Harry Potter star was almost indescribably horny and as she stopped in the doorway of room number five, the surge of arousal flooding every inch of her could no longer be ignored.

Another muscular man was sprawled out across the king size bed, a pair of gorgeous women squatted atop his hulk-like frame.  Perched on his face like a queen on her throne was Keira Knightley, enjoying the cunnilingus skills that the host of the party had paid so handsomely for.  Performing textbook squats atop the young man’s groin was Kaya Scodelario, the peachy, round cheeks of her ass clapping his against thighs as she bounced up and down on his dick. 

The two stars of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise were locked in a tender embrace, exchanging heated moans as they used the hunk for his hired purpose.  His tongue was quick and agile, swirling like a tornado around Keira’s throbbing clit and driving the brunette wild.  While his rod was as hard as steel, the perfect skin cylinder for the Brazilian-Brit to slide her pink pussy along.  Two strong hands had a hold of her ass, aiding Kaya’s movements and guiding her pink folds from the base to the crown and back again.

Lips separated, and as that incredible long tongue continued to work its magic, Keira spotted the voyeuristic figure lurking in the guest room doorway.

“Look, Kay,” she purred lightly, cupping the younger girl’s cheeks and planting small, soft kisses upon her lips.  “Looks like we’re attracting an audience.”

Kaya’s eyes flashed to the entryway, where an unspeakably horny Emma Watson had pulled up the hem of her dress and was masturbating furiously without shame or self-control. 

“So we are,” she replied, her voice light and breathy as she rode the escort’s wang.  “Looks like she’s about to cum too.”

“Hmm, is that true, Emma?” Keira asked, a teasing grin tickling her plump red lips.  “Are you gonna cum for us, love?”

Emma nodded, twin skilled digits working tirelessly across her clit.

“Do it then, Emma,” Kaya encouraged.  “Cum for us.  Cream that pretty pink pussy while you watch us fuck!”

Emma’s legs began to quake as she frigged herself harder, those usually stunning facial features screwed in all kinds of unflattering ways as her third climax of the night hit her with unwavering force, firing shockwaves through her tensed up body.

“Blimey!” said Keira, looking across at her fellow brunette.  “She’s really cumming, huh?”

She really was, and her body spasmed uncontrollably as she thrummed herself through her ongoing orgasm, one final convulsion and a sharp exhale of breath signalling that she was finally finished. 

“Wow!” Kaya exclaimed.  “Looks like we put on a pretty good show!”

“I’ll say.  She came so hard I thought her fanny was gonna burst!” Keira declared, much to her girlfriend’s amusement.  “OK, love, time to switch.  I need some of that dick!”

Emma adjusted her expensive dress and moved on down the hall, a discordant mix of loud, sharp cracks and heavily suppressed groans growing in volume as she approached the next room.  Peering inside, the actress was treated to the wondrous sight of No Time to Die star Lashana Lynch in a kinky caged leather body harness, its vibrant red colour contrasting nicely with her beautiful dark chocolate skin.  Strutting back and forth in a pair of thigh high boots, she tapped the tongue of a riding crop menacingly into the palm of her red-gloved hand. 

Thrust up in front of her with ball gags stuffed in their mouths, were two other stars of the James Bond series, Gemma Arterton and Rosamund Pike.  Hands cuffed high above their heads, both sported a bright and painful looking red ass from the seemingly endless string of merciless smacks that the pair of them had already endured. 

Trailing the tongue along the pale flesh of Gemma’s strong and sculpted back, Lashana drew the crop back behind her, slicing through the air as she brought it forward and struck her burning behind.  Gemma moaned underneath her ball gag and Emma gasped, astonished by the deafening crack that the collision produced. 

Lashana looked back, clocking her new spectator as she lingered in the doorway.

“Oh, ‘ello there.  Gonna join us, love?  This one’s feeling a bit left out,” she declared, strolling across to Rosamund and tugging at her golden hair.  “Aren’t ya, darlin’?”

Rosamund nodded, her pretty blonde head angled up towards the ceiling. 

Emma took a deep breath, edging nervously into the room.  Such activities had been commonplace at parties previous, but she’d always shied away from them, favouring the more vanilla stuff that happened elsewhere.  But after more than a year with nothing but a computer and Internet connection for company, her tastes had broadened somewhat and the world famous actress had since amassed a collection of bondage materials that was surely one of the largest in the country.  She just hadn’t gotten around to using it yet.

“She likes a flogger, don’t you, love?” Lashana asked, twirling strands of blonde hair around her latex-clad fingers.

“Uh huh,” Rosamund mumbled, nodding her head once more. 

“Yeah, you white slags love a good flogging, don’tcha?  That’s Brie’s favourite too,” the Captain Marvel star declared, clearly an experienced domme.

The cracks and groans continued as the host of the party crossed the enormous room.  Numerous floggers hung from hooks on the wall, all chosen and paid for by the homeowner herself, but yet to see the light of day.  Emma picked one and returned to her appointed sub.  For all her research on the subject, the brown-haired actress was painfully inexperienced and her first go with the flogger was a clear indication of that.  The leather tassels hit Rosamund’s ass with so little force that she barely even felt it.  Emma even heard her tut a little at the downright puniness of her first pitiful attempt.  It wasn’t a great start. 

“Pfft!” Lashana scoffed.  “You can do it harder than that, bitch!  Come on, fucking give it to ‘er!”

Emma struck her again.  It was a little more forceful this time, but still barely drew even the slightest flinch.


She hit her again.


And again.


And again.

“Jesus, why did you even buy all this shit if you don’t know how to use it?  Come on, you pussy!  Fucking hit her!”

Unable to take any more of the cruel and vicious taunting, Emma drew back the flogger as far as her arm span would allow and swung it like a club, the long black tassels cracking across Rosamund’s ass.  The blonde squealed as, at the sixth time of asking, the black leather marital aid finally left its mark.  Emma gasped, immediately struck by a pang of guilt.  Shocked that something she’d done had inflicted so much pain.

“Oh, God!  Roz, I’m sorry.  Was that too hard?”

“Fuck no, that wasn’t too hard!” Lashana snapped, answering for her.  “She likes it harder than that, don’t you, blondie?”

Rosamund nodded.

“See.  Now hit her again.  Harder.”

Emma did as she was told, striking her a second time and drawing a muffled scream that was even louder than the first.  A rush of excitement surged through the brunette’s body, starting at her heart and going straight to her vagina.  It was exhilarating and she hit her again without further prompting.  Then again.  And again.  And again, turning her ass cheeks a new shade of red. 

“Woah!  Woah!  Go easy there, nooby!” Lashana laughed.  “We don’t want to have to take her to A&E now, do we?  Not until I’ve used this bad boy, anyway.”

Somewhere in the midst of the excitement, Lashana had rooted through her toy collection and strapped something to her thin, little waist.  Jutting out from the black leather harness was a thick false cock of frankly ridiculous proportions.  A foot and change of chunky dark plastic, the length of that thing seemed to extend on for an eternity, finally ending at a moulded round bellend that looked bigger than an 8-ball. 

Emma’s jaw swung towards the carpet and she gazed in disbelief at the truly monstrous member attached to the woman’s waist.  She’d seen some big dicks in her time, both real and prosthetic, but this one was something else entirely.

“It’s a big one, huh?” Lashana smirked.  “I’ve got one with your name on it too, if you fancy it?”

And with that, she produced a second strap on cock of lighter colour but equally eye-watering size.  Complete with long, thick veins and a snipped pink bellend, the plastic rod was almost entirely anatomically correct.  And that wasn’t all.  As she looked closer, she noticed that her name was literally on it; inscribed along the base of the shaft in an elegant handwritten-style typeface. 

Emma was tempted but ultimately declined.  As much fun as it would be strapping on that huge fake dick and fucking those flithy Bond(age) girls until they couldn’t walk straight, there were more pressing matters to attend to.  Namely the scorching fire burning in her loins.  It was spreading fast and needed to be extinguished. 
“Suit yourself,” Lashana replied.  “Guess I’ll have to fuck them both then.”  She turned to the two women, still thrust up against the wall, and gripped her long plastic cock, stroking it with a menacing grin.  “Right, who wants it first?”

Emma didn’t stick around to find out.  In fact, by the time the decision had been made, the host of the party was lurking with intent outside room number seven, where beautiful dark-haired actress Michelle Keegan was being violently spitroasted by a pair of light and dark studs.

Resting on his knees behind her, the black half of the duo had his hands on her rounded hips, gripping them tight as he drove into her snug pink pussy.  At the other end, the ripped young white guy had a handful of her hair, holding it in a makeshift ponytail as he fucked her gorgeous face. 

“Yeah, that’s it, gel,” the white man grinned, sneering in an Essex accent.  “You like those big fuckin’ dicks, don’t you, sweet’eart?”

Emma watched from the open doorway, admiring the three fine specimens as they rutted on the guest room bed.  Both of their cocks were unspeakably large and the deeply muffled squeals of her fellow brunette told her all she needed to know of their talents in the sack.  She looked forward to sampling said talents later in the evening, but for now the Paris-born Brit was happy with a watching brief.

“Alright there, darlin’?” the black guy asked, directing his gaze to the host of the party.  “You’re lookin’ a little left out over there, love.  Sure this one won’t mind sharin’.  Will ya, babe?” he asked, smacking Michelle on the ass.

“Don’t mind me, boys,” Emma replied.  “I’m just here to observe.  You keep doing what you’re doing.”

The hem of her dress was back up around her waist in a manner of moments, nimble twin digits performing their familiar dance upon her hard and throbbing clit.  A great many people had gotten a tune out of that stiff, little nub, but nobody could get her off quite like the woman herself.  And what’s more, the steamy live sex show she was watching provided the perfect visual accompaniment. 

The two young men were going at the northern beauty with relentless tenacity, driving into that gorgeous body from one side to the other.  The big black dick bore deep into her pussy, stretching her insides and touching her darkest parts.  His hips rolled majestically, that strong black pelvis clapping her ass in a continuous rhythm.  At the other end, the white man’s balls were bouncing off her chin, flinging ropes of spittle this way and that as he tunnelled through her oral canal.  His dick was a ramrod, pushing her tonsils aside like they weren’t even there and jabbing at the back of her throat.

“Yeah, take that dick, darlin’,” growled the man from Essex, his teeth gritted with malice.  “Right down yer fuckin’ throat!”

Nasty wet, plunger-like sounds started to fill the expanse of the room, growing louder and sloppier with each passing second.  Emma stuck two fingers up her cunt and pushed them in deep, those gooey, wet squelches making lava of her innards. 

“Fuckin’ ‘ell, mate!  Look at this fuckin’ flithpot!” the white man laughed, watching the actress as she frigged herself rotten.  “Y’know, my dick’s a lot better than them fingers, love.  Say the word and I’ll be up there like a rat up a drainpipe.”

Emma simply smiled and carried on thrumming, sinking those painted digits right down to the knuckle and coating them in sticky, wet goo.  The tips went deep, bothering her g-spot as she strummed her aching clit.  The double stimulation had her cumming in no time and she fell back against the doorframe, shuddering violently as another powerful orgasm quickly overcame her.  Her eyes clamped shut and her head tilted upwards, mewling incessantly as jolts of pleasure shot through her body like electric current.

By the time she regained her senses, Michelle had turned, cleaning her juices off the black’s man cock while his light-skinned buddy got acquainted with her cunt. 

“Gotta say, love, you throw one ‘ell of a party,” the white guy said.  “Best fuckin’ gig I’ve ever ‘ad!”

Emma grinned and then left them to it, blowing him a kiss as she strolled off down the hall.  There was one last guest room to visit and in spite of the many earthly delights that had awaited her in the previous seven, the gorgeous actress had definitely saved the best for last.  Locked in a 69 were Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones; the two brunettes flanked at either end by two more of her hired hunks.  One, a sauve-looking Italian-Brit with bronzed olive skin and oily slicked back hair, was pounding away at Felicity’s pussy.  The other, a big, bearded man with numerous tattoos, was buried to the balls in Daisy’s behind.  The two men pumped in unison, giving it to the Star Wars duo with every sinew in their bodies.

Felicity gripped Daisy’s supple, round ass cheeks, nails digging into the flesh as she licked her swollen clit.  The beardy fella’s balls oscillated wildly, smacking against her scalp as he plowed through her girlfriend’s rectum.  Tongue outstretched, the younger brunette was returning the favour.  Spiralling it masterfully around her hard pink nub, Felicity’s inner walls contracted slowly, gripping the Italian tighter and squeezing his rod like a vice.

Emma watched in the doorway, biting her lower lip with desire as those two meaty cocks tore through her celebrity guests.  She’d given herself some truly mind-blowing orgasms already that evening, but it soon came clear that self pleasure, no matter how vigorous, was no longer going to cut it.  She needed a cock and she needed it now!

She pulled her dress up over her head as she marched into the room, locks of light brown hair spilling messily around her face.  Lust burning in her hazelnut eyes, she threw it aside and climbed up onto the bed.  Kneeling on the mattress beside her famous friends, Emma added a second pair of hands to Daisy’s soft, pale globes and spread them as wide as she could.

“Gimme that dick!” she growled, staring up at the guy with the beard.  “I want to taste that fucking arsehole!”

Emma pulled Daisy’s cheeks as the man withdrew, gaping her once tight sphincter like the Black Hole of Calcutta.  Steering his rod from one orifice to the next, his shaft was smeared with the juices of Daisy’s behind.  But not for long.  Wrapping her lips around the base, Emma sucked at that sticky, wet cock like she’d never sucked before, guzzling up her girlfriend’s fluids until the shaft was sparkling clean. 

Then, as the inked up stud pointed his cock back at Daisy’s asshole, Emma threw a leg over her plump, round bottom and climbed up on top of her.  Resting her luscious body atop Daisy’s sweat-soaked back, she added another tier to the two delicious layers already stacked on the king size bed.  Pushing his bellend against Daisy’s sphincter, the bearded man took one quick look at the two holes above it and quickly reconsidered.  Emma looked back at him and grinned as she saw his target change, then nuzzled into Daisy’s neck as she prepared herself for her first big cock of the evening. 

“Oh, God!” she sighed, features contorting as he pushed up inside her.  “Mmm!  Fuck, that’s good!”

It was just in her pussy.  For now.  Emma enjoyed anal as much as the next woman (and considering the next woman was Daisy Ridley, then that was really saying something!), but there’d be plenty of time for that later.

The man took hold of her hips and started thrusting, filling her hot pussy with his length.  She planned on sampling the goods of every man at the party during the course of the evening, but that first thick cock was always the best, especially after so long without one.  The way it felt as it stretched her out and throbbed inside her, the feeling of his precum as it leaked into her cervix.  There was nothing like it in the world. 

Then, as she grew accustomed to the feeling of that great, big thing inside her, a second, equally large pipe was thrust into her face, wet and glistening with the juices of her friend Felicity.  Emma felt like a kid in a candy store and she parted her lips, granting him admittance.  Daisy’s lips opened and she gobbled up one of his balls, sucking at it greedily and drenching it in spit.  Emma slurped and slobbered as she slowly devoured him, sliding her lips along the shaft, from the tip right down to the base.  She purred around his member as she was fucked from behind, the stifled groans adding some nice vibration to his veiny underside. 

Having spent so long in the warmth of Felicity’s snatch, the feeling of such a seasoned mouth around his delicate member was a little much for the trembling Italian.  Retracting in a spray of spit, he aimed his prick downwards and passed it onto Daisy, allowing her just a single solitary suck, before prying it loose and returning it from whence it came.  He repeated this manoeuvre many times over, moving his cock steadily from one brunette to the next, until an agonised groan from the bottom of the pile signalled a cue for his swift return. 

He stuck his dick in Felicity’s pussy and quickly picked up from where he left off, thrusting in time with his friend.  And so it went on, the fiveway fuckfest continuing for a good, long while.  The men swapped back and forth from pussy to pussy to mouth, enjoying each hole for as long as they could manage before switching to another.
Moans filled the room, spouted in equal measure by men and women alike.  Grunts and swears sounded loudly from both guys as the slick embrace of a drooling, wet mouth or the taut inner walls of a sweet A-list pussy hugged their members tight.  And the girls groaned even louder as the two experienced escorts showed just why their services were so highly sought after. 

After years of fucking hot women for money, their levels of restraint were through the roof and the rented hunks went at the famous trio for close to an hour before the warmth, tightness and moisture of their various orifices finally took their toll. 

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum!” yelled the guy with the beard, using Emma’s hips for leverage as he rammed into Daisy’s pussy.

Then, before any of the ladies even had a chance to respond, the inked up, muscle bound stud did exactly as he promised.  Sheathing himself to the hilt in that tight and gripping vagina, the escort let loose and fired without control, roaring to the heavens as he dumped what must have been close to a pint of burning hot splooge straight into the actress’ womb. 

“Oh, JESUS!” Daisy squealed, peeling her tongue from Felicity’s clit, eyelids a flutter as she felt that thick load simmer inside her body. 

“Mmm, push it out, Daze,” said Felicity beneath her.  “I want to taste that yummy spunk!”

Relaxing her pelvic muscles as much as she was able, a hot mess of off-white baby batter slopped out from between her labia, landing with a splat on Felicity’s outstretched tongue. 

“Don’t swallow, Flick,” Emma quickly warned her.  “I want to taste it too.”

And with that the three of them jumped down off the bed, gathering in a triangle on the guest room floor.  Emma put her lips to Felicity’s and the two started making out, thin drops of spunk trickling down both their chins.  Then Daisy joined in the action and that gloopy wad of semen was swapped back and forth from one pretty mouth to the next, sharing it out between them until each had an equal measure.  And as they closed their lips and swallowed them down, another huge cock was up in their faces, ready to gift them with a second helping. 

The women turned to face him and three soft hands were on him in an instant, stroking his trembling thighs or cupping his big, swollen balls. 

“Hmm, you got some more for us, honey?” asked Felicity as she gazed past his manhood and up to his twisted face.

“Yeah, come on, love,” Emma chimed in, squeezing his spunk-filled balls.  “Empty these things for us, would you?”

“Yeah, cum for us, baby,” Daisy begged softly, each passing syllable more sultry than the last.  “All over these pretty faces.”

No further encouragement was required.  Jerking his rod like a fiend, the Italian stallion unleashed an ear-splitting roar as his bellend erupted and a fiery jet of gloopy, hot semen spurted from the hole in his dick.  Pointing his cock at all three women in turn, he pulled his prong at a mile a minute, leaving his calling card on one gorgeous face after another. 

“Wow!” Felicity exclaimed, a thick line of splooge streaking her face from hairline to chin.  “That was quite a blast!”

“Wasn’t it?” Emma agreed, sporting a lengthy cum stripe of her own.  “I booked well with this one, huh?  Clean me up, please, ladies.  No way I can go to my party like this!”

“I don’t know, Em,” Daisy grinned.  “I’m sure there are girls down there looking a lot worse than that!”

It was a point well made, but the three had a chuckle and cleaned each other regardless, eagerly gulping down their second thick loads of the evening.  The women rose hand in hand and skipped out into the hall, the two recovering studs trudging wearily behind them.  The girls shared one final threeway kiss and Emma’s four companions went their separate ways.

Wandering into various rooms on the second floor, they joined in with whatever outrageous activities were taking place inside them.  Emma, meanwhile, headed straight for the staircase, finally showing her face (and now that she was sans clothes, the rest of her as well) at the party’s main hub.

End of Part One
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Enjoyed this part a lot. Looking forward to next parts! Hope Emma gets a lesbian gang bang for hosting it so well.
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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends)
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Enjoyed this part a lot. Looking forward to next parts! Hope Emma gets a lesbian gang bang for hosting it so well.

Thank you! You could be in luck ;)
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Part Two

As Emma Watson neared the foot of the long, winding stairwell, it was immediately clear that the all-star gathering was already in full swing.  Indeed, the soundtrack to the expansive ground floor made the noises from upstairs sound like a children’s tea party; so many voices screaming and clamouring over one another, it sounded like the walls were about to cave in. 

She was dying to get in on the action, to dip into the first of her many spacious living rooms and leap headfirst into a pile of guests.  But, gracious host that she was, Emma thought it her duty to take a sweep of the grounds first, to ensure her many, many party guests were seen to and satisfied.  In more ways than one.  And where better to start than out in the garden? 

With the next house over a mile away, there’d be no concerns about privacy and Emma fully expected there to be at least a few people congregating in her enormous backyard.  Night had fallen over South East England but the temperature was yet to drop.  Powerful LED lights shone brightly from every wall and pillar, casting the great outdoors in a warm and radiant glow; perfect conditions for some al fresco lovin’. 

Emma headed out through the large, sliding doors, and just as she’d predicted, there were indeed numerous party guests ‘congregating’ throughout her lush green yard.  As a matter of fact, the actress had barely set foot on the wood effect paving slabs of her long and furnished patio when she bumped into two people ‘congregating’ very closely on her cosy outdoor sofa.  So closely, in fact, that the man’s face had all but vanished between the woman’s thighs, and the coos and groans passing through her lips were a clear indicator that, whatever he was doing down there, he was doing it pretty damn well. 

The woman was Olivia Cooke, gorgeous brunette and star of Spielberg sci-fi epic Ready Player One.  Quite who the man was, Emma wasn’t sure.  But if he was able to give that much pleasure with the use of his tongue alone, then she damn sure wanted to meet him! 

“Hey, Liv,” said Emma, sidling up next to her and planting a kiss on her pink puckered lips.

“Ay oop, Em,” Olivia replied, speaking in a heavy Mancunian accent that years working in Hollywood had thus far failed to shed.  “You found a good one ‘ere, love!” she whined, combing her fingers through the escort’s hair.

“So it would appear,” Emma grinned, rolling her tongue around a nipple as she watched the man at work.

His technique really was second to none and the sticky fluids smeared copiously across his lips and chin were a clear testament to that.  His tongue circled her clit slowly and skillfully, rolling across the hardened nub in smooth and languid motions.  The kind of miracles that tongue was capable of performing were clear for all to see, but Olivia Cooke wasn’t one to just sit back and take it.  Her hand gripped tight to his hair, holding him firmly in place as she bucked her hips from the couch cushions and ground her pink pussy against his face.

The man didn’t object and would happily have allowed the dark-haired beauty to girate against his features until she creamed all over him.  Keeping his mouth open and his tongue nice and flat, he savoured the actress from bumhole to clit, moisture seeping forth and tingling his taste buds. 

“Oh, crikeh!” Olivia exclaimed, her northern accent seeming thicker than ever.  “Keep goin’, love.  You’re gonna make me com!”

Excited by the promise in her words, the man quickly took control, using his huge biceps to pin the brunette to the couch.  Shoving his face back between her thighs, his lips smothered her aching clit, that skilled tongue of his flicking across the sensitive nub.  Her head jolted upwards and a slew of swears flew from between her lips in true northern fashion as the stud for hire tongued her into ecstasy. 

“Oh, bloomin’ ‘eck!  I’m fockin’ comin’!  Crikeh!  You fockin’ bastad!”

Her thighs squeezed tight around the escort’s head and the string of cusses quickly descended into a series of incomprehensible grunts as he tongued her through the throes of climax.  Her quads loosened and one final gasping swear escaped her quivering lips as she collapsed in a heap on the sofa.

“Fock me!”

“That’s the idea,” the escort quipped, licking gooey residue from his shiny, broad lips. 

“I think she liked that,” Emma chuckled, looking down at her rented hunk as he emerged from Olivia’s thighs. 

“She’s gonna like this even more,” he smirked, planting his knees on the edge of the couch. 

Rubbing the tip of his member against wet and slimy pink lips, Olivia’s eyes popped open as he quickly pushed forward, spearing her on the length of his shaft.

“Oh, fockin’ ‘ell!” Olivia yelped as that thick fleshy tool filled her insides.

Emma laughed.  “Got a mouth on her, this one, eh?”

“Yep,” the man agreed, grunting lightly as he rowed his hips.  “Bet she knows how to use it an’ all.”

“I’m sure she does.  Show her a good time, won’t you?” said Emma as she hopped down from the couch.

“Will do, love,” the man replied.  “And when I’m done with ‘er I’ll come and find you.”

“I’ll hold you to that.  Have fun, kids.”

Emma blew them a kiss and crossed the humongous patio, heels clicking as she went.  A row of luxury recliners were laid out along the side of her outdoor pool, two of which were being put to very good use by an assortment of her distinguished guests.  Laid out across one of these expensive pieces of furniture was stunning blonde actress Lucy Boynton.  Head rested against the plush padded cover and legs spread as wide as they’d go, the better half of Bond villain Rami Malek was cooing into the warm night air as a second fair-headed beauty busied herself between her thighs.

Arms wrapped tightly around Lucy’s long and slender legs, Annabelle Wallis was acquainting herself intimately with the sweet little gooey pink treat that lay so invitingly between.  Sucking, tonguing and licking at the nub of her clit with equal and impressive efficiency, the star of soon to be released horror movie Malignant was using every trick she knew to drive her fellow actress wild. 

But this particular outdoor tryst was no mere party for two, and bringing up the rear was a fiendishly good-looking man of magnificent build and even more magnificent endowment.  Holding onto her nice rounded hips, he was steadily feeding the blonde starlet every single inch he possessed, bottoming out each time in her warm and receptive vagina. 

With the newfound difficulties associated with Transatlantic travel, Annabelle had been a little reluctant to leave the clutches of her partner, Chris Pine, and make the return to her homeland.  But within minutes of her arrival at the Watson estate she knew full well that she’d made the right decision, and the cock she was currently enjoying was well worth a stay in quarantine.  Long, thick and impossibly rigid, it touched places inside her she hadn’t even known existed, stretching her more thoroughly than her megastar boyfriend could even dream of. 

Taking a break from her tour of the garden, Emma stopped and watched for a while as the three attractive people fucked on her outdoor furniture.  Hips bucking at a furious pace, the handsome escort went at the gorgeous blonde with little care or concern, confident that a woman of such beauty and experience could handle his tremendous size.  A chorus of groans poured from between Lucy’s thighs, deeply muffled by the slick, warm pussy she was trying her utmost to pleasure.

Tugging lightly at her golden locks, Lucy directed her friend towards her sweetest spots, eyes fluttering as that long, skilled tongue worked wonders upon her clit. 

“Yes, that’s it, Anna,” the actress purred, enjoying the sight of those pretty blue peepers twinkling up at her from between her thighs.  “I’m close, love.  Don’t stop.”

Annabelle gave an excited groan and dug in deeper, thrilled by the prospect of making her cum.  Her tongue flicked faster and she licked her harder and with greater finesse, even as the hired stud kicked up to ramming speed behind her.  Soon he was going full pelt, giving her every last inch and spanking her landing strip with his big, inflated balls. 

Eyes rolled into the back of her head and Lucy gripped her tighter, keeping her firmly in place.  No words were spoken but the implication was clear.  She wasn’t going anywhere until she’d made her cum.  A few last swirls around her throbbing pink clit and she did just that, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as euphoria and ecstasy took control of her quivering form.  The dam burst in spectacular fashion and she gushed copiously, soaking her fellow blonde with a torrent of sticky sweet fluids.

The first orgasm seemed to spark a chain reaction, and as the last splash of cream trickled across her tongue, Annabelle gave into the powerful sensations that were rumbling through her entire body.  Finally emerging from between her legs, Lucy and Annabelle shared a lengthy spell of heated and unwavering eye contact as the latter of the two was ravaged by the seizing claws of a second tumultuous orgasm.

“Yes, Anna!” Lucy encouragement.  “Come on, love.  Cum on that big fucking cock!” 

Placing a finger under her cum-soaked chin, she angled her up to face her, staring deep into those ocean blues.  Squeals and groans poured from between her lips and Lucy loved watching her features change from their usually flawless arrangement as her body was rattled with raw, unadulterated pleasure.

Then, almost without warning, the man came too, and Annabelle’s own climax had barely ceased before hot spurts of seed were splashing her taut inner walls.  Roars boomed out from behind her and the man’s strong pelvis stayed flush against hers until he’d given her every last drop.  Emma watched as the man pulled out, a thick mess of bubbling semen slopping out after him, and the actress departed as the two women dropped to their knees, cleaning the remnants off his cock.   

She stopped at the end of the row, where Killing Eve star Jodie Comer was perched between a pair of tall black studs.  Hands clutched tight to their sturdy dark hips, the actress’ shiny blonde hair brushed across her shoulders as she switched back and forth from one dark groin to the other.  Choking and gagging sounds carried across the vast outdoors as she swallowed each cock in turn, taking each thick ten incher all the way down to the balls with minimal fuss or effort.

“Fuckin’ ‘ell, mate,” said one man to the other, groaning slightly as that thick set of lips kissed his neatly-trimmed groin.  “These northern slags can’t half suck a dick!”

“Innit tho’,” his friend agreed.  “Scouse birds are fuckin’ filthy, bruv.  Why d’ya think I moved to Liverpool?  Weren’t for an Anfield season ticket, I can tell ya that!”

The two men laughed and a strong black hand grabbed her spindly wrist, a cock falling from between her lips as the northern beauty was pulled up onto her feet. 

“Up ya come, love.  Let’s get these cocks inside ya.”

Big, thick trunk-like arms wrapped around her slender form and she yelped in surprise as the man to her right hoisted her high into the air.  Large dark hands gripped hold of her asscheeks, holding her aloft as the beefy black escort aligned her sopping twat with the tip of his coal dark schlong.  Lowering her slowly, Jodie gasped as his huge black bellend split her pussy open, her inner walls stretching to the limit as it inched its way inside.  He slid her down until his balls sat flush against her taint, the swollen head nudging up against her cervix.

Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she held on tight as the second man stepped up behind her.  Pressing his sticky tip against her puckered pink sphincter, he gave a gentle push, splitting her open with his enormous crown.

“Oh, FUCK!” Jodie screamed, mouth open and eyes wide.  “That’s fuhkin’ huge!”

There was plenty of spit greasing his member, but entry was still something of a challenge.  Her whole body tensed, her asshole tightening instinctively and squeezing his crown like a ligature.   

“Fuck!” the second man cussed, wincing in pain as her stubborn backdoor gripped his mushroom tight.  “Relax that arse, love.  Don’t fight it.”

Jodie loosened her rectal muscles as much as she was able, allowing the bellend to slip inside.

“Fuck me, that’s tight!” the escort remarked, pushing with all his might and worming his way into her rectum.

Jodie felt her insides expand as his crown went deeper, sliding up into her colon.  Soon, a second pair of balls were squished up against the other, 20 glorious inches of raging, tar black meat packing her body to the brim.  Two sets of hands gripped her securely, one on her ass, the other on her thighs, and slowly she was lifted, all the way to the top of those long dark dicks.  Held there for a fraction of a second, the sudden empty sensation scarcely had a chance to register before she was dropped back down and filled to the hilt once more.

“Oh, SHITE!” she screamed in her filthy Scouse accent, unleashing a northern tirade into the darkness of the night as the action was repeated on a seemingly endless loop.  “FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK!  Those dicks are fuhkin’ MASSIVE!”

Jodie was powerless, arms wrapped around their big, broad shoulders and clinging on for dear life as they tossed her up and down between them.  Time and again the blonde was impaled, a foot and a half plus of throbbing black beef piercing her innards with each relentless motion.  She came over and over, soaking each schlong in fluid as they vanished inside her.

The two men threw her around like a ragdoll; back and forth, up and down, every which way but loose, spearing her repeatedly on those long, thick double dark dongs.  This went on for quite some time and didn’t stop until two sets of nails clawed at their thighs, nearly piercing their coal black skin.  The guys looked down and there was Emma Watson.  Squatted at their feet, her face was mere inches away from the two tight holes they were so violently penetrating.   

“These dicks look like they could do with a clean up, boys,” the actress declared.  “Why don’t you pop ‘em out of those holes so I can polish ‘em up for ya?”

Where she’d come from or how long she’d been down there, neither man was sure, but they accepted her offer all the same.  Gripping their dicks and prying them loose, they pointed them down at the woman beneath them, presenting each member for sucking.  Emma’s head swivelled on its axis as she stared back and forth from one cock to the next; both as long and thick and black as each other.  She opted for the one on her right, tasting Jodie’s asshole as she steered it inside, taking it straight to the base.  Slurping up her fluids, she wrenched it free and switched to the other, lubing each one for re-entry. 

Popping the second cock from between her lips, Emma watched as they were pointed up at the blonde in between them and promptly shoved back inside her.  Emma rose to her feet, giving one of the men a farewell stroke of the arm as she continued across the patio.

No part of her home was off limits, and with this in mind, two of the actress’ guests had opted to make use of her luxurious Olympic-sized pool.  Drifting slowly across the water on a large inflatable sunbed were a deeply chiselled man and a gorgeous brown-haired woman, bodies entwined as they shared an impassioned embrace.  The woman, actress Jenna Coleman, was already entirely naked, her two-piece bathing suit floating like flotsam across the deep, heated waters.  The man was clad only in a pair of Speedos, the elasticity of which was being tested to its limits as a carefully manicured hand groped at the package inside.

Emma watched from the side of the pool as her fellow brunette broke from the long, sloppy kiss and moved down to the young man’s neck.  Continuing south, she pecked at his shredded torso, from his two large pecs right down to the grooves of his six pack.  Licking teasingly along the outline of his shaft, she hooked her fingers under the waistband of his trunks and quickly whipped them down, his cock springing out like a jack-in-the-box. 

“Oh, my!” she said, eyes going cross as she beheld its phenomenal size.  “Emma sure knows how to pick ‘em!”

She pulled his trunks down his long, muscled legs and tossed them into the water.  Kneeling between his legs with her ass pushed high in the air, Jenna curled her fingers around the width of his shaft and gave it a tender stroke.  Peeling back the foreskin, her tongue came out and swished around the swell of his bellend, encircling it several times before settling at the tip.  The pool of precum gathered in his slit was almost as large as the one they were floating on, but the former Doctor Who assistant quickly took care of that.  Flicking her tongue across the tip of his rod, she lapped up drop after drop of sticky warm semen until the split was as dry as a bone.

Resting her hands on her partner’s hips, her shiny pink lips enveloped his swollen crown, rising and falling as she bobbed her head.  Each pass took her deeper, countless veiny inches vanishing between her lips.  Spit smeared across the shaft, warming his member and making it twitch.  The escort’s head tilted towards the stars and he gave an appreciative moan, enjoying the airtight suction that the orifice provided. 

“Oh, yes!  That’s it, pet,” the man encouraged, groaning in a Geordie accent.  “Reet doon to the balls.  Oh, that’s champion!”

The tip prodded at the back of her throat and she coughed and gagged around the shaft as her lips pushed down, puckering at the escort’s groin.  Jenna held him there for as long as she could before finally retracting, spit sloshing down the length of his rod.  She gripped it at the base while she caught her breath, pumping it several times with a tightly clenched fist before going back for seconds.

Emma watched as the cock returned to her mouth, sliding down her gullet with ease.  It was one hell of a sight and propelled the actress’ arousal up to levels that were simply intolerable.  She strode defiantly across the patio and back towards the twin glass doors, ready to grab the nearest stud she saw and ride his dick into oblivion. 

She barged into the nearest room, and as luck would have it, there appeared to be a dozen or so of such creatures gathered at the centre of it.  Perfect.  She had the pick of the litter.  Or so she thought.  But as she sauntered across the spacious lounge, she quickly learned that these men were not alone, and marooned in the middle of this ring of hunks was one of her celebrity guests. 

Quite who it was Emma wasn’t sure, but she could just about see her between gaps in the bodies, sucking and stroking until her heart’s content.  Emma pushed her way to the front of the crowd and there, with a dick in her mouth and one in each hand, knelt Anya Taylor-Joy


Anya looked up and a long black rod fell from between her lips as she spotted the aggrieved-looking host looming high up above her. 

“Oh, hey, Emma,” she said nonchalantly, moving her hands from one pair of cocks to another.  “How’s the party?”

Emma could have asked her the same question.  It seemed like the young blonde was having quite the little party of her own.

“So it’s you that’s hogging all the cock?!”

“Uh huh,” she replied, without shame or apology.  “Well, me and Lily.”

“What’s Lily doing?”

Anya grinned.  “You’ll see.  Anyway, you gonna join me or what?”

Emma didn’t need a second invitation.  Hell, she didn’t need a first invitation.  This was her party and she could do whatever the fuck she liked.  She marched into the circle of studs and dropped to her knees beside her friend.  The men pushed in closer and quickly she was surrounded, ringed on all sides by an army of long, thick cocks; dribbly, wet slits poking out at her from beneath their hooded sheaths. 

Emma parted her lips and the nearest rod was steered in between them, sinking to the base on the very first pass. 

“Phwoar!  Fuckin’ ‘ell!” the man exclaimed.  “You ain’t shy, are ya, darlin’?”

The actress grinned as she bobbed her head, sliding her lips along the length of his shaft.  Reaching blindly for a pair of cocks, she pawed at thin air until her hands were filled with meat.  Veiny slabs slapped down onto her palms, she wound her fingers around each thick rod and promptly started jerking.  Shuffling her knuckles from the bottom to the top, she synced each stroke perfectly with the long, deep pulls of her lips.

Swallowing his cock once more, Emma left the first man behind and quickly moved onto another.  This second dick was, quite possibly, even bigger than the last one.  Not to mention harder than a rod of steel and black as the ace of spades.  But Emma wasn’t perturbed, and she took that coal dark rod straight to the hilt, just as easily as she had the first.

And so it continued.  Anya and Emma worked their way around the circle from one fat cock to the next, enjoying the hefty array that had been laid out before them.  Some were thick, some were long.  Some veiny, some smooth.  Some white, some black, some brown.  But regardless of the colour and whatever it looked like, the dynamic duo of blonde and brunette worshipped each member with their own unique brand of loving attention all the same. 

Prying a big black cock from the depths of her gullet, Anya turned to her left where a Pakistani man with a beard and a manbun was patiently waiting his turn.  Guiding him between her lips, she sucked him slowly, savouring every inch that the Asian man possessed.  Emma, on the other hand, was a little more aggressive, attacking each escort with a ferocious and greedy blowjob style that few of them had experienced before. 

“Fock me!” one man remarked.  “This posh southern bird’s a fockin’ animal!”

“Rich girls are fuckin’ flith, mate,” another agreed.  “Always ‘ave been.”  Emma looked at him and he grinned back down at her, wagging his cock in her face.  “Come on, ‘Ermione.  Make this dick disappear!”

Emma obliged, performing a vanishing act on his penis that only the most talented of witches could achieve.  Gripping his strong, sturdy hips, she threw herself into him with reckless abandon, impaling herself on his long flesh spear.  Spit rained down from the underside, dripping from her chin and drenching her perky chest.

The man withdrew and another took his place, pushing his cock past her smeared red lips and filling her face anew.  Two large hands gripped tight to her head and his hips began to thrust, driving his cock into her mouth.  Every pass took him right to the hilt and she gagged obscenely as his big, thick bellend battered the walls of her gullet.  Her eyes turned red and inky black tears started to tumble down her cheeks, balls bouncing off her chin as he fucked her pretty face.

But the brown-haired actress wasn’t alone in her endeavours.  In fact, her blonde friend Anya was getting much the same treatment just a few short feet away.  Cute face pinned to a black man’s groin, the starlet’s mouth was taking a rather furious pounding of its own, all manner of nasty, wet gurgling sounds pouring out from between her lips. 

The man pulled out and another took over.  Then another.  And another.  And another; the oral assault continuing until someone behind her fisted those long blonde locks and gave an almighty tug.  A big, meaty cock popped from between her lips and her head was pulled back until she stared up at the ceiling.  A quartet pushed in close, wielding their cocks like truncheons and smacking them against her face.  Spit and precum peppered her skin and she squealed with joy as four fat cockheads struck her brow, thudded against her cheeks and bounced off her juicy red lips.

“Yes, I fucking love that!” the actress squealed.  “Beat me with those cocks!”

Sticking out her tongue, the man in front of her whacked his bellend against it before pushing it inside and shoving it down her throat.  Anya reached out and gripped the two either side of her, jerking them frantically as her face was abused.

And as one woman’s gullet was packed full of cock, another’s was swiftly vacated.  Emma’s lips opened as a big black, veiny number was wrenched from her throat, soaked in saliva from the tip to the base.  But the man wasn’t done with her yet, and as one oversized part of his intimate anatomy was pried from between her lips, another was quick to replace it.  Resting his rod against her face, he fisted his saggy ballbag and crammed his gonads inside.

“MMPF!” Emma yelped as her mouth was filled, cheeks bulging like a squirrel with a nut.

Two heavy balls churned against her tongue as she suckled them, and that fat, slimy cock slipped and slid across the starlet’s face.  Another man stepped up behind her, smacking his dong against the back of her head.  Then two more appeared, one on either side; wrapping strands of sweaty brown hair around their big, girthy shafts and furiously beating off with them. 

Head still tilted towards the ceiling, the man behind Anya took a step forward and pushed his cock between her lips.  Holding her chin to keep her in place, her nose was smothered by the skin of his nutsack as he thrusted down into her face.  Hands gripped her wrists and pulled them towards a big pair of cocks.  Fingers curled around each of the long, thick shafts and she jerked those monsters in tandem. 

The cock surfaced from down in her esophagus and his balls quickly replaced it, dipping between her lips like a teabag into water.  Anya felt those shaven orbs stir against her tongue as she sucked them both in turn, dousing each gonad in spittle.  But she didn’t stop there, and as his ballsack was retrieved, Anya limboed between the escort’s thighs, licking across his hairless taint until she found his asscrack. 

“Oof!  You filthy slag!” the man groaned, her slick red mouth organ slithering up into his sphincter. 

Anya lips puckered at his asshole as she pushed in deep, attempting a prostate exam with the tip of her tongue. 

“Wank me off, love,” the man instructed and Anya indulged him.

Gripping his rod at the base, she stroked it smoothly as she continued to rim him, tooting the trombone like she was first chair in the Royal Philharmonic.

Meanwhile, cock after cock was being stuffed into Emma’s mouth, prodding at her tonsils and leaking across her tongue.  Then, as the last man popped his crown from between her lips, another stepped up in hope of some seconds.  Though this time he wasn’t alone, and Emma’s eyes bulged almost comically as a pair of dripping pink bellends pointed at her smudged red mouth.  Lunging forward, the swords crossed in the middle as they pushed past her lips, stuffing into her cheeks and blowing them up like a puffer fish. 

The two big cocks bulged and swelled against each other, pulsing against her lips and tongue.  Both dicks were simply enormous, nearly tearing her lips and locking her jaw with a double helping of incredible throbbing girth.  Space was limited, but she lapped and tongued at that thick pair of dongs as much as she was able, drooling profusely and drenching both shafts in slobber. 

She grabbed two others and started jerking, precum trickling across her knuckles as she stroked them towards completion.  The girls had given these men a thorough going over, utilising every trick in the blowjob handbook as they sucked each one in turn.  The men had withstood all they’d had to throw at them and done so admirably.  But after nearly an hour of incessant sucking, tireless tugging and unrelenting rimjobs, the dozen or so studs gathered in the luxury room could hold off no longer.

First to pop was the man to Emma’s right, and the actress felt his dick spasm in her hand as she beat him off. 

“Ah, fuck!  I’m gonnae com!” he blurted suddenly, his accent from north of the border.  “Open yer mooth, hen.  I’m gonnae droon yer fuckin’ tongue!”

Dicks slid from her mouth and she turned to face him, gaping her lips invitingly.  Her strokes quickened, that long Scottish cock pounding like crazy in the softness of her palm. 

“Yes, do it, baby,” she pleaded softly.  “Gimme that fucking cum!”

One more tug and off it went.  A thick blast of searing hot jism shot forth from the hole in his prick, splattering across her tongue and setting her taste buds ablaze.  The jerking slowed and the Scotsman took hold of his dick, squeezing at the tip and pushing out the last few droplets.

“Aww, fuckin’ ‘ell.  Yes, come on, gel,” came a voice to her left.  “Keep wankin’ me off.  I’m gonna fill ya to the fuckin’ brim.”

Emma gripped his black cock at the trunk and held it steady, beating it violently with the other hand.  She felt it twitch and it too exploded, blasting her tongue with a second dose of spunk.  One more and her mouth was filled, three hot loads of cum bubbling between her lips like Hermoine’s cauldron.   

And she wasn’t the only one with a faceful of splooge.  Anya already had a nice, gloopy wad simmering away in her mouth when two big studs stepped up before her and added a couple more.  Pointing their cocks at her wide open lips, both men blasted at the same exact time, almost crossing streams as they splashed the inside of her cheeks. 

The girls locked eyes and closed their lips, gulping down their semen shandies in a single unflinching hit.  Lips sealed tightly together, their wet, slimy tongues slithered into each other’s mouths, sharing the taste of six thick wads of spunk.  It made for quite a sight and as the remaining half dozen stroked their big, fat cocks, one of them couldn’t help but get in on the action.

Pushing his rod between two plump sets of lips, he held their heads together and thrusted with savage ferocity.  His dick throbbed as it plowed through the slick red passage, two sprightly tongues lapping at the veins underneath. 

“Owh, bloody ‘ell!” he exclaimed.  “I’m gonna fockin’ blow!”

Retracting from between their lips, the trembling escort pulled his prong like his life depended on it.  Cheeks pushed together, Emma and Anya’s tongues flicked against one another as they gazed up at the man before them, four gorgeous eyes begging him for his cum.  A few more strokes and he gave them what they wanted; spewing savagely and splashing both tongues with his emission. 

His friends followed suit and it wasn’t long before both sets of lips were wildly overflowing once more.  Pushing them together, an ocean of splooge sloshed back and forth from one pretty mouth to the other.  A few stray drops spilled free, trickling along their chins and dripping down onto the carpet.  Two big swallows and the sea had been drained, six warm loads now swimming in the pit of their tummies.   

“Phew!” said Emma.  “Well that was fun, wasn’t it, love?” 

She used a finger to clean up the excess spunk splattered across Anya’s cheeks, then slid it between her lips for the blonde to suck clean.

“Mmhmm,” Anya agreed, quickly returning the favour.  “Though I’m glad you came along, Em.  Not sure I could’ve handled all those cocks on my own!”

“Oh, I think you’d have been OK,” Emma replied, rising to her feet.  “But I’m glad I could be of assistance.  Anyway, I better circulate.  Try not to hog all the cocks for the entire evening, OK?”

Anya smirked.  “OK, Emma.  I’ll do my best.”

A few of the guys helped her to her feet and led her across to the couch.  The group shenanigans quickly resumed and as Anya straddled one of the men and another took up position behind her, it appeared that her remaining holes were now on the menu as well.  Emma took one last look as her fair-haired guest vanished once more into a crowd of strong male bodies, grinning as she stepped through the doorway and back out into the hall.  A few of the guys followed behind, heading into various rooms or going to see what was happening upstairs. 

The screams and groans from the next room could be heard halfway down the hall (heck, they could probably be heard halfway to freakin’ London!), and as Emma poked her head around the doorframe it was immediately clear why.  Stretched across the room from one wall to the next was a squirming mass of naked bodies, the likes of which the actress had rarely seen in all her years as host. 

There were no guys (for now, at least), but the enormous group of women spread across the carpeted floor were clearly doing just fine without them.  Bodies interlocked in all types of inventive ways, this rampant flock of party guests looked like they were closing in on the record for the largest mass orgasm as they fucked and fingered, tongued and tribbed one another into a haze of tumultuous ecstasy. 

Emma took a quick detour to the kitchen and quickly returned, bottle of champagne, bowl of strawberries and tube of whipped cream in hand.  She entered the room just as the final orgasm hit, each exhausted looking woman cuddling up close to about five different people at once.  Emma set the strawberries and cream down on a nearby table, holding the bottle aloft as she addressed the room at large.

“Wow, ladies.  You’ve really been working up a sweat in here, huh?  Looks like you could do with a little cooling off.”

An ear-piercing shriek went up from across the room, so loud and shrill it nearly smashed the double glazed windows.  Emma shook the bottle of fizz as hard she could and quickly popped it open.  The cork fired across the room like a bullet from a gun, glass after glass worth of expensive champagne spraying out after it.  Cheers continued as she aimed it this way and that, dousing each woman in turn.  Some opened their mouths to catch, while others simply let it hit them, it’s ice cold temperature cooling their sweat-soaked skin.  But with so much champagne flying around, things were going to get sticky and each woman promptly turned to the lady beside her, licking her from top to bottom, whether she was drenched in the priceless fluid or not.

“And maybe a little re-fueling too,” Emma added, brandishing the bowl of strawberries.  “I know I could!”

She plucked a strawberry from the bowl and sprayed it with cream, drawing further cheers as she consumed the red fruit in the sexiest manner imaginable.  Strawberries were passed around and so was the cream, and just a few short minutes after their latest orgasms, that big pack of beauties were up to no good once more.

Elizabeth Hurley popped a halved strawberry between her lips, sharing it with fellow MILF Kate Beckinsale in the most intimate way possible.  Jameela Jamil laid claim to the tube of cream, dousing her large brown breasts with a mess of dairy goo for Imogen Poots and Juno Temple to obediently clean up. 

“OK,” announced Cara Delevingne, her loud, piercing voice somehow soaring over the litany of others, “which of you filthy tarts wants their pussy eaten first?”

“Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!” chirped Emily Blunt, answering before anyone else could.

“You again, Em?  Blimey, love, I’ve licked your fanny five times already!  What’s the matter?  Hubby not up to the job?”

“What can I say, Cara?  You’re just so bloody good at it!”

“Tell me something I don’t know.  Alright then, babe, you asked for it.  Bring it over here.”

Emily assumed the position and Cara crawled up between her legs, rolling out her legendary tongue and guiding it straight to the actress’ clit.  Her talents between the thigh were already well known to everyone at the party, but there was another clit licker of far less renown that was showcasing some rather special skills of her own.

Laying across the carpet, just a few feet to Emily’s left, was the gorgeous Kate Beckinsale, and parked between her lovely, long legs was Miss Naomi Scott, a prodigious young pussy eater who was clearly reaping the rewards of a recent celebrity friendship. 

“Oh, goodness!” Kate groaned in her familiar posh southern accent.  “Wow!  You’ve been practising, haven’t you, love?”

Naomi looked up and grinned, lips already shining with the fruits of her labour.  “You know how it is, Kate.  You pick up a few things when you hang out with Kristen Stewart.”

The remaining ladies took to the living room floor, forming a heptagram on the expensive carpeting and presenting Naomi and Cara with an all they could eat pussy buffet.  After Kate and Emily came Juno and Imogen, and with the sweet, sweet taste of their brunette starters still tingling on their tongues, Naomi and Cara settled in for the blonde main course. 

Arms curled tenderly around Juno’s thighs, Naomi’s tongue slid smoothly across her drippy wet slit, gathering the delicious nectar as it seeped out from between her lips.  To the surprise of no-one, Cara’s approach was a little more aggressive.  Staring up at Imogen from between her thighs, she didn’t break eye contact for even a fraction of her second as she worked her over, tonguing fiercely at her sensitive clit.  The techniques were different but equally effective, and in a matter of minutes both women were rewarded with a hot rush of fluids that nearly drowned the young duo alive.

Continuing around the circle, Jameela’s brown thighs parted like the Red Sea and Cara dove in between them, chowing down on her Asian cooze like it was the last thing she’d ever eat.  Meanwhile, Jameela’s sister in skin tone was preparing for a rather hearty meal of her own.  Crawling between Liz’s legs, Naomi licked her lips as she gazed forward at that delicious, ripe mature pussy, glistening between her thighs in all its seasoned glory. 

Poking out her tongue, Naomi was just milimetres away from her first mouth-watering taste when a finger on her forehead stopped the Indian-Brit in her tracks. 

“Uh uh,” said Liz.  “Not your tongue, darling.  I want to feel that pretty pussy against mine.”

Naomi had never been one to deny a woman what she wanted.  Especially one as prestigious and esteemed as Elizabeth Hurley.  Quick as a flash, she span around onto her knees, backing up her booty and slotting it between those nice toned thighs.  Liz gripped onto Naomi’s legs, holding her tight as that juicy young snatch ground against her own. 

She may have been 56 now, but the legendary actress could still cut it with the best of them.  May and December bodies clamped firmly together, the UK’s premier MILF scissored her heart out with a woman half her age, matching her stride for stride.  Hands clasped tight, two sets of equally perky breasts jiggled delightfully as they mashed their pussies together.  Bucking into one another with everything they had, both women came at the exact same time, directing a piercing duet towards the living room ceiling.

Jameela joined them, screaming at the top of her voice as Cara’s legendary oral talents sent her tall brown body into overdrive.  Six down, one to go, and if Jameela and Liz were the tasty desserts, then Emma Watson was the after dinner brandy.  And as Cara and Naomi settled side by side between her wildly splayed out thighs, it appeared that everyone else in the room wanted to wet their whistles as well.

The women gathered around her, pushing in close with as much longing and desire as the guys in the previous room.  Naomi’s tongue came out, setting on her clit, while Cara, ever the adventurer, moved a little bit lower, quickly finding the brunette's asshole.  Emily leaned over her, kissing her ravenously, while the country’s top two MILFs latched onto her lovely tits, suckling with greedy intent.  Removing her expensive footwear, Juno and Imogen licked and sucked on her painted toes, while Jameela trailed her tongue across her flat little midriff, kissing her toned abs and encircling her navel. 

Emma quivered from head to toe as eight amazing women explored her gorgeous body, stimulating every nerve and fibre.  Each and every tongue was nothing short of perfect; incredible in its own unique way.  Naomi’s tongue was light and agile, gliding across her clit in long, wet fluid strokes.  Cara’s was long and moist, splitting her sphincter open and pushing deep into her anal cavity.  Liz’s and Kate’s were smooth and seasoned, swirling around her nipples in concentric circles.  While Emily’s tongue was strong and aggressive, fighting and grappling with her own as it plunged into her gaping maw.

Emma groaned into Emily’s mouth as the women worshipped her, a familiar sensation building from within.  Breaking free from those suction-heavy lips, Emma mewled helplessly as eight magnificent tongues licked her to the point of climax. 

“Oh, God!  Don’t stop, ladies.  Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!”

No words were exchanged.  No conference was needed.  The response was instinctive and all eight women knew exactly what to do.  Naomi’s tongue flicked harder, faster; lapping at Emma’s bud like a viper.  Kate and Liz sucked harder at her nipples, feeling them grow between their lips.  Emily nuzzled into her neck, sucking on her soft, pale flesh. 

“Oh, fuck, yes!  Yes!  I’m fucking cumming, ladies!  YES!  YYYEEESSS!”

The women stayed huddled in close, prolonging the orgasm and enjoying the effects that it had on her body.  Jameela kissed along her tummy, feeling her muscles clench as the force of the climax hit her like a ton of bricks.  Juno and Imogen massaged the soles of her feet, still licking her toes as they curled between their lips.  Naomi kept licking her and didn’t stop until tasty, warm fluid gushed across the length of her tongue.  Emily returned to her mouth, blocking the final few squeals as the body-shaking pleasure finally began to recede.   

“Blimey!” Emma gasped, soft kisses peppering her neck, her tummy and the insides of her thighs.  “You ladies are incredible!”

She wasn’t lying.  The orgasm they’d bestowed upon her was one of the most intense she’d ever experienced, and Emma was scarcely given time to recover, before the women swapped places and set about giving her another.  Tongues roamed across her body, covering every inch and paying special attention to her many, many erogenous zones.  Lips left kisses on her collarbone and neck, forming airtight vacuum seals as they squeezed against her own.  Tits and toes were licked and lapped, slobbered and suckled upon.  Women crawled between her legs in pairs and on their own, making the party host cum again and again and again. 

Then, just when she thought her body might have run out of orgasms, a voice called out from beyond the wall of women, rising above all the dirty talk and her own euphoric screams. 

“Step aside, girls.”

Emma had been so lost in a haze of passion that she hadn’t even noticed that Cara and Naomi had snuck away from the group.  But sure enough, as Juno and Jameela moved from between her thighs, the light and dark duo were suddenly revealed, a pair of monstrously large dildos now strapped to their nice rounded hips. 

Cara’s, apart from it’s ludicrous size, was anatomically perfect, and had it not been for the feminine curves and mouth-watering mounds of her body, it would have looked like an extension of herself.  Wildly different but no less intimidating, Naomi’s fastened up fuckstick was a bright and garish purple, sporting a slender rubbery shaft and an oval-shaped head for g-spot stimulation.

Wearing a filthy grin that stretched from one side of her face all the way to the other, Cara’s fingers were curled around her big fake cock, the shaft already dripping with lube. 

“Methinks the lady doth need to get fucked!”

The women cheered raucously as the strapped on beauties marched into the centre of the circle, thick plastic pricks at the ready.  Hands gripped various parts of Emma’s body and dragged her to her feet.  Naomi took her position on the floor, that big purple cock pointing up towards the ceiling.  Emma straddled her and lowered herself onto it.  Sliding down the long rubber shaft, her swollen clit pressed against the leather harness, the large oval head already serving its intended purpose.  Naomi wrapped her arms around Emma’s back and hugged her close, kissing her hard on the mouth.

Cara knelt behind her and Emma moaned into Naomi’s mouth as the slimy tip of the fat plastic prong nudged up against the rim of her asshole.  The slightest of pushes and in it went, the incredible girth stretching the walls of her rectum.  Prying her lips from the woman beneath her, Emma’s features twisted violently as the big man-made member wormed its way inside. 

“Oh, Jesus!” she shrieked, clenching her shiny white teeth.  “Fuck, that’s so big!”

“Oh, come on, Emma,” Kate laughed, squatting before her and brushing locks of hair from her face.  “I’ve seen you take bigger ones than that.  They weren’t made of plastic, but still…”

The women around her cackled with laughter, all six of them now sprawled out across the carpet, fingering themselves and each other as they watched their host get plugged full of big fake cock. 

Half of her dildo now embedded in Emma’s backside, Cara gripped her hips and started thrusting, feeding her inch after inch.  Naomi joined her and soon both women were humping in tandem, boobs bouncing as the pace increased.  Emma was loving every second, her body ablaze as it wedged between her guests like the meat in a sandwich.  Lips sucked on her neck from beneath and behind, leaving telltale marks on her pale, smooth flesh.  Hands groped her breasts and ran along the length of her back.  Every so often, a loud smack echoed around the room as Cara raised a hand and spanked her hard across the ass. 

Each twin thrust sent their dicks in deep, bottoming out inside her with every two-pronged slam.  The design of Naomi’s dildo was nothing short of masterful, the big, thick egg-shaped head reaching in and touching every pleasure point.  While Cara’s girth was truly exceptional, stretching her ass like little had done before.  Another orgasm was budding within her, one that threatened to eclipse each of the dozen or so that she’d had so far.

“Oh, God!  I’m gonna cum again,” Emma declared, mumbling into Naomi’s neck.

Spine-tingling pleasure was coursing through her system, reducing her to a quivering mess.  She was getting fucked so good she could barely think straight, so when Cara snatched up a handful of hair and pulled her up onto her knees, the sudden sensation made her spasm from head to foot.

“What was that, love?” the model sneered into her ear.  “I didn’t quite catch it.”

Emma didn’t respond- couldn’t respond- and simply stared up at the ceiling above her as those two gorgeous women railed her into unconciousness. 

“Oi!” Cara barked, pulling extra hard and nearly tearing her hair from her scalp.  “I’m talking to you, darling.  Did you just say you’re going to cum?”

“YES!” Emma finally responded.  “Yes!  I’m gonna cum!”

“Well, come on then,” Cara replied, pushing her back down onto Naomi.  “Fucking cum, you dirty little slag!”

She bucked her hips harder, tearing into Emma’s rectum with ever increasing force.  Naomi followed suit and soon that oval-shaped crown was hitting her g-spot with unerring accuracy, igniting yet another thunderous orgasm that ripped through her body like an earthquake.

“Oh, fuck!  Yes, I’m cumming!  Yes!  YEEESSS!!!”

The women around her cheered as her body was overcome by violent convulsions, and she appeared to take leave of her senses as those two man-made cocks nearly tore the actress apart. 

Finally, the tremors subsided and Cara prised her plastic rod from deep in Emma’s rectum.  But it wasn’t over yet, and somewhere in the midst of her latest orgasm, the remaining women had rooted through the party host’s extensive toy collection and were now strapped up in wait of their turn. 

“I’m going next!” announced Elizabeth Hurley.

“Me too,” added Kate Beckinsale, and in a matter of moments both ladies were in position. 

Emma squatted over Liz as she took to the floor, shrieking at the top of her lungs as two of the most beautiful and inspiring women in the British Isles stuffed her body full of plastic.  Gripping her hair once more, Cara pulled the brunette towards her, giving her taste of her backside as she filled the last of her holes.

And so it went on, from one hour and into the next.  Emma’s body was ravaged from all sides, sealed up with prosthetic cock and pounded into next July.  She’d been involved in gangbangs (with men) at parties previous and the experience was remarkably similar.  The naked bodies around her.  The constantly spewed filth and the hollers of encouragement.  The non-stop orgasms.  The large phallic objects being viciously shoved into any hole they’d fit.  All that was missing was the bukkake at the end. 

Or so she thought, and once everyone in the room had taken a turn in either her pussy or her ass, the strap ons were swapped for big vibrating wands, and the women gathered around her, ready to shower her body in splooge.  The room was buzzing like a beehive in no time at all as eight of Hitachi’s finest were all powered up at once. 

Emma was handed one of her own and she turned it up to the highest setting as an army of others hummed and whirred all around her.  It wasn’t the kind of magic wand she was used to wielding, but the movie witch held it to her clit all the same, groaning along with everyone else as the powerful vibrations tickled her pinkest pleasure point.   

As most in the room had predicted, it was Cara who went off first, spouting some last minute dirty talk as her own stiff nub was thrummed towards completion. 

“Yeah, you want this cum, don’t you, love?” she sneered down at Emma, face and groin just inches apart.  “All over your pretty face.  Tell me you fuckin’ want it!”

“I want it!” Emma shrieked desperately.  “I fucking want it!  Drench me!  Hose me down with that hot, tasty cum!”

A typically wicked grin stretched across Cara’s face, and without word the big buzzing boyfriend-replacer was pulled from her groin, a thunderous jet of crystalline fluids bursting forth from her quivering mound.  Emma scarcely had time to brace herself before the hot, potent blast hit her full in the face, splashing across her tongue and wetting her nut brown hair.  Returning the wand to her clit, Cara fired off a couple more blasts before finally stepping aside. 

Jameela and Imogen replaced her, erupting at the exact same time and drenching her tits and midriff.  Liz was next and as she pried the wand from between her legs, the legendary actress fired her fluids with practised aim, arcing a thin stream of MILF juice straight between Emma’s lips.  Then someone else came, soaking her hair further as they doused the side of her head.  Then someone else.  Then someone else; nearly every inch of skin and hair now drenched in fiery fluid. 

Emma’s body was burning, inside and out, and as Emily Blunt stepped up before her and gave her one last load, the host of the party quickly returned fire, spraying her splooge across Mrs Krasinski’s wildly spasming cunt. 

Emma switched off her wand, shaking all over as she set it down on the carpet.  The ladies gripped her tremoring body and helped her up off the floor, holding on tight until they were sure she could stand by herself. 

“Ladies...wow!” she panted, steadily sucking in breath.  “That was...just...wow!”

Cara laughed, still wearing her devilish grin as she climbed back into her strap on.  “Fancy some more, love?  Me and Dickie here are always ready,” she said, looking down at her big fake cock.  “Aren’t we, mate?”

Emma chuckled.  She wasn’t aware that Cara had a name for her favourite dildo, but honestly it didn't surprise her in the slightest.  “Tempting, Cara, but I think I’ll pass.  I could do with some real dick now.”

“Suit yourself.  Anyone else?  You know I fuck better than those blokes out there.”

“You know I love that strap on of yours, Cara, but I’m sorry, love, there’s just no substitute for the real thing,” Emily declared, drawing murmurs of agreement from around the room.

Cara rolled her eyes, dismissing the comment with a sneering scoff.  “Pfft!  Whatever, slags.  I’ll go find someone else then.”

With that, the model-turned-actress marched off into the hall, the others following her in search of dick.  Some went outside, while others headed up to the second floor.  Some had barely left the room before they ran into a fella or two, and almost jumped them right there in the hallway.  Emma, on the other hand, continued with her sweep of the grounds, moving quickly onto lounge number three. 

End of Part Two
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Ah! Great chapter again. The lesbian gb was so well handled. Amazing story so far!
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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends) [Part Two posted]
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Part Three

Upon entering the room, Emma immediately dubbed it the Marvel Room, for the deluxe living quarters were packed to the rafters with stars of the MCU.  Though unlike the previous room, one of Emma’s hired studs was in there as well.  She could barely see him, but he was in there somewhere; buried under a pile of women. 

Knelt to his left was Rebecca Hall of Iron Man 3, head bobbing steadily as she sucked him off.  To his right was Black Widow’s Florence Pugh, the tip of her tongue tracing the lines of his pecs as she licked along his sculpted torso.  And between his thighs were Karen Gillan and Gemma Chan, each with their plump sets of lips enveloping a spunk-filled testicle. 

It made for one hell of an image, but the lucky man, whoever he was, couldn’t see a thing of it.  For looming over him from behind was the buxom frame of Miss Hayley Atwell, those whopping great tits of hers smooshed down into his face and obscuring his view completely. 

A naughty grin curled Emma’s lips and she strolled into the room, heading straight for the overfilled couch. 

“Ladies,” she said.  “Mind if I join you?”

“It’s your party, Em,” Florence replied.  “You can join whatever you like.”

She made a good point, and Emma didn’t object, kneeling on the couch beside Rebecca.  Locking eyes with Florence, she joined in her exploration of the escort’s torso.  The two little women worshipped his every inch, nimble twin tongues gliding across his midriff, and licking sweat from between his muscles.

A harsh gag sounded from Rebecca as her lips touched the base and she wrenched his member from between her lips, spit slopping down every thick inch as she angled it towards the host.  Emma pounced upon it, quickly and ravenously, taking it down her throat and vanishing it with ease.  She slurped hard at the drool-soaked wang as it throbbed against her tongue, adding another layer before popping it out and passing it onto Florence.

The blonde accepted it, the purple tips of her hair dusting the man’s abs as her lips slid down the shaft, taking him straight to the balls.  Her lips puckered at the tip and the crown sprung free, flopping back and forth before the crowd of enraptured women. 

“Fuck, Emma,” Florence sighed, brown eyes fixed on the fleshy behemoth.  “Where do you find these things?!”

Emma laughed.  “Well, that would be telling, wouldn’t it, Florence?”

The pair exchanged grins and both went for the cock in between them, lips pushed together as they locked around the base.  The two of them shared a mean dick, as many a crew member on the set of their movie could attest.  Saoirse wasn’t there to join them this time, but plenty of others were, and as their twin sets of lips climbed up and down his pole, a third wrapped snugly around the ridge of his bellend.  Rebecca’s tongue danced across the slit, lapping up the precum that pooled there in copious volume. 

The man groaned from beneath Hayley’s chest as five women tended to his nether regions, his lips eagerly suckling on a nipple.  The size and softness of those cans were like nothing he’d felt before, and he immersed himself deeply, gobbling and guzzling like an infant at feeding time.  The feeling of so many mouths on his genitals was almost indescribable, and no fewer than three A-list beauties felt the tremors as they reverberated through all ten inches. 

“Fuck, I need this thing inside me,” Florence declared, licking her drooling lips. 

Emma and Rebecca cleared the gangway, but Karen and Gemma remained right where they were, still sucking on the escort’s sack. 

“Here we go,” said Hayley, lifting her boobs from his face.  “Time for entry.’

The young man watched as Florence mounted him, sticking out that big, wide bottom.  He felt Hayley’s chest press against the back of his head, hands stroking his pecs as he wore her tits like a pair of earmuffs.  Emma took control of his rod, rubbing it teasingly against her girlfriend’s slit before carefully guiding it in.

“Oh, my God,” Florence gasped.  “So fucking big.”

She planted her feet on the couch cushions and started riding him, slowly at first, but quickly gathering momentum. 

“Yeah, get it, Flo,” Emma encouraged, delivering smacks to her pale white cheeks.  “Bounce on that dick, babe.”

The handsome escort simply sat back and watched, enjoying the sight of those meaty, round globes as they rose and fell above him.  But he couldn’t enjoy it for long, and soon soft hands were pressing against his shoulders, pushing him down to the couch cushions until all he could see was the ceiling above.  Then, with his head flush against the leather, his vision was suddenly filled by a second set of ass cheeks as Hayley Atwell squatted over him and sat down onto his face. 

Warmth touched his lips and his tongue came out, going straight for the actress’ clit.  He licked her smoothly and with practised skill, cooing into her folds as one of Marvel’s newest recruits bounced up and down on his dick.  Now the curvy blonde was sinking to the hilt, those nice juicy pillows clapping against his abs.  Karen and Gemma were still sucking on his balls, stretching the skin of his sack as they pulled them in different directions. 

Hayley gripped the top of his head and started to grind against his face, smearing sticky fluid from his chin to his nose.  He felt Florence start to tighten as she rode him harder, moans and groans increasing in volume. 

“Oh, fuck!” she blurted suddenly.  “I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Yeah, do it, Flo!” said Emma, smacking her booty once more.  “Cum on that fucking cock!”

Florence dropped to the base one last time and remained there as she climaxed, washing his wang with a flood of arousal. 

“Oh my God!  Wow!” Florence huffed, gasping for air as she climbed down off his dick.  “I’m taking this one home with me.  This dick is fucking amazing!”

Emma laughed.  “Not sure Zach will be too happy about that, babe.”

“Ah, he’ll be OK.  He likes to watch,” Florence revealed, returning a cheeky wink.

“OK, me next,” Hayley declared, moving from his face to his groin.

She gripped his dick hard and slid down onto it, taking Florence’s reverse cowgirl and giving it the full one-eighty.  She knelt on the pristine leather and rode him wildly, bouncing her bum off his thighs.  Hayley’s choice of position offered a fantastic view of her tits, and the stud’s jaw nearly hit his chest as those beautiful DDs flopped up and down before him. 

There was a quick shuffle of the pack in light of this new position, and the women assembled themselves with wordless telepathy.  This wasn’t their first rodeo, no doubt about that.  Karen remained between the escort’s thighs, licking from his balls, along his shaft and right up to Hayley’s asshole.  Emma and Rebecca flanked him from either side, smushing their lips against his one after the other and sucking his gawking face.  While Florence and Gemma knelt either side of Hayley and went straight for those nice big boobs, sucking on them as best they could as they bounced all around her chest. 

“Oh, blimey!” Hayley gasped.  “Fuck, that’s a good dick!”

A tit fell from Florence’s lips and she looked at its buxom owner, grinning from ear to ear.  “What did I tell you, Hayz?”

“You weren’t wrong, newbie,” Hayley purred.  “I might have to take him home with me instead.  You can have him when I’m done.”

Florence pouted.  She knew full well that MCU veterans took precedence in such matters and didn’t even bother to argue.  But it was disappointing to say the least. 

Meanwhile, and perhaps in response to being traded back and forth like some kind of precious commodity, the escort had taken the initiative and was driving his dick up into Hayley with tenacious vigour.  Each passing thrust was harder than the last, and the smack of his pelvis against hers sent tremors through every thick curve of her body.  His length was astonishing, touching her innermost spots and reaching depths that the chesty brunette had previously thought impossible.

“Oh, GOD!  YES!” she screamed, her features violently twisted.  “Fuck me!  Fuck, that dick is SO FUCKING GOOD!”

“Yeah, let’s ‘ear it, love,” the escort sneered, reaching out and thumbing the nub of her clit.  “Tell us ‘ow much you love this dick.  Show your mates what they’re missin’!”

The stud for hire threw his rod up into her with unwavering force, ramming home all ten inches with each hard, merciless thrust.  One more punch of her deepest pleasure point and she came on the spot, dousing his dick with a second helping of hot, creamy cunt juice.  The ramming slowed and Hayley remained perched atop him for a final few seconds, feeling that veiny beast throb inside her one last time before finally dismounting.  Florence and Karen were on it in a flash, licking his length from opposite sides and cleaning the various fluids.

Emma’s tongue was halfway down his throat, exploring the inner contours of his mouth, when he grabbed her assertively, handling the A-list host in the manner that she’d paid for. 

“Over ‘ere!” he spat, groping a tit as he pulled her in close.

Flipping her over, he rolled up onto his side, making her the little spoon.  A little fumble down below and he was all up inside her, giving it to her good and hitting all the right spots.  Lifting a leg into the air, his fingers dug into the soft flesh of her inner thigh as took her from behind, railing like a man possessed. 

Florence cupped his ass cheeks and spread them wide, burying her face in his crack without a moment’s delay.  Her tongue rolled out and slid past his sphincter, going in search of the young man’s prostate.  Rebecca dipped down between Emma’s thighs, finding her throbbing pink clit and tonguing at it with expert precision.  Gemma knelt beside the host of the party, stroking stray locks of hair from her face before the two rhyming starlets started making out.  Karen and Hayley were left to entertain each other, and if the moans and groans from the nearby ottoman were anything to go by, then they were more than capable of doing so. 

The escort’s lip was curled in a snarl as he dicked the host senseless, the tongue in his asshole rewarding each thrust.  His dick was like a battering ram, boring through her insides and punching her cervix repeatedly.  The tongue on Emma’s clit added to the stimulation and her pussy clenched and tightened, squeezing the escort harder as he rowed his hips. 

“You’re gonna cum, aren’t ya, love?” he asked, hissing into the brunette’s ear.

“MMHMM!” she returned, mumbling incoherently into Gemma’s mouth.

He gripped a fistful of hair and gave a sharp tug, separating them in a single motion. 

“Speak up, darlin’.  I wanna hear ya say it.”

“I’m gonna cum!” Emma squawked.  “I’m gonna cum on your big, fat cock!”

“Come on then, gel,” the escort growled, pounding her ever harder.  “Fuckin’ give it to me.  Cum on this fuckin’ dick!”

A few more thrusts and the rented hunk added another notch to his orgasm tally, sending violent jolts through the brown-haired actress that practically shook her entire body.  But unlike the previous two, Emma’s recovery time was pretty much nil, and before the final wave of pleasure had even subsided, he spun her around onto her knees and pounded her pussy anew. 

“Hey!” pouted Florence beside him, arms folded churlishly across that nice perky chest.  “How come she gets two positions and I only got one!?”

“You want more, love?” he asked, looking at her as he continued to rail.  “Well get up ‘ere then!”

He patted the small of Emma’s back and Florence climbed aboard, parking her lovely, big bottom on top of her friend’s.  And with such an array of heights and shapes all around him, there was definitely room for one more.  Standing tall at 5’10”, Rebecca was the obvious choice, and the escort guided her to the top of the pack, completing the trifecta.

Thrust out high on top of two others, Rebecca’s ass was the perfect height for him to stick his face inside.  So that’s exactly what he did, bathing her bottom in drool as he fucked her fellow brunette.  He went at Emma with little restraint, making her cum again in minutes before moving onto Phase Four’s finest.  Florence and Rebecca succumbed to his efforts in equally quick time, and as the woman at the summit drenched his junk in her arousal, a second three-tiered construction had completed itself just a few feet away from the first.

Karen was the tallest, so she was on top.  Gemma was on the bottom, with Hayley the thick hunk of meat in the oh-so-delicious sandwich.  With a cocktail of fluids dripping from the tip of his dong, the escort jumped from one tower and straight onto the other, fucking his way down it, one layer at a time.

Orgasms came and went, but the hired stud wasn’t finished quite yet.  Prying his dick out of Gemma at the bottom, he promptly returned to the top of the pile, wrapping his arms around Karen’s torso and burying himself inside her as he scooped her up into the air.  The towers fell and in the blink of an eye, the remaining women were converging on him once more.

Gemma knelt behind him, pulling his asscheeks apart and burying her face in his crack.  Rebecca and Halyey squatted at his feet, wrapping their lips around his massively inflated balls.  While Florence and Emma stood on either side, exchanging sloppy kisses with man and woman alike. 

Karen threw an arm around the escort’s shoulder, holding on tight as he tossed her up and down on his dick.  Holding her up by the thigh, he bounced her tall, slender body with consummate ease, impaling her repeatedly on nearly a foot of rock hard meat.  Each and every motion sent shockwaves through her body, making her tremble in his big, strong arms.   Sweaty strands of tousled red hair brushed against his face as she threw her head back, screaming into the living room ceiling.

“Awh, yes!  Fuck!  Fuck me, laddie!  Gimme that big fuckin’ dick!” she roared, firing off expletives like only a true Scotswoman can.

Pleasure coursed through every square inch of her body and her pussy contracted, squeezing him ever harder.

“Cor!  Fuck me!” he swore back, fumbling desperately and wrenching his cock from inside her.  “Blimey, love!  Gonna fire up ya fanny if you ain’t careful!”

He gripped his dick at the base and pointed it at Hayley, the shaft glistening with a fresh layer of arousal.

“C’mere, darlin’.  Get ya laughin’ gear ‘rand that.”

Hayley gaped her lips and swallowed up his schlong, taking it straight to the balls.  She sucked with ravenous greed, showing little concern for the escort’s predicament as she slurped up the sweet-tasting fluid.  Popping it free, his dick had been thoroughly polished, dripping with saliva from bellend to base.  Pushing the crown against Karen’s sticky pink slit, he promptly returned it from whence it came, thrusting up into the Guardian of the Galaxy with renewed and relentless vigour. 

This time he kept her still, holding her up by her flat and toned little midriff.  Emma and Florence offered their assistance, gripping her arms to help keep her steady while the chiselled god of a man drove his dick into her suspended frame.  A few thrusts was all it took, his big, swollen crown hitting her g-spot and sparking an earth-shattering orgasm that rocked every inch of her frame.

“OH, FUUUCCCKKK!!! YYYEEESSS!!!’ she screamed, pleasure reverberating through her until her body went limp in his arms.

He remained inside her, feeling her innards squeeze him before letting her down, woozy from the good, hard dicking.  Pointing at the couch, he told them to line up across it.  Emma and Florence helped Karen across the room, setting her down on the couch and kneeling on either side.  The others joined them and the escort stepped up to the plate, bat in hand and ready to swing.  A row of bottoms were lined up before him, so many that he didn’t know where to begin.  Should he go left to right?  Right to left?  Or start in the middle and work his way out?  The possibilities, as they say, were endless. 

After much deliberation, he went for the former; sticking his cock in Rebecca to his left and plowing away with very little self-control.  He made her cum in no time and moved on down the line, burying his rod in one beloved comic character after another and pounding each one into a coma.  Finally, he reached the end, with six fresh orgasms under his belt and in dire need of respite.  But as the women closed on him once more, it soon became abundantly clear that he wasn’t going to get any of that. 

Emma stepped up before him, fixing the stud with unblinking eye contact and ordering him down to the ground.  He complied in an instant and the women turned en masse as he dropped to the carpet, settling on his knees.  Sticking out their backsides, the escort quickly found himself surrounded by a ring of ass; supple, round cheeks pushing into his face from every conceivable angle.  Each one was differently, though no less perfectly, shaped; some bearing the red marks of countless smacks from both him and their girlfriends alike.

“MMPF!” he exclaimed as his face was smothered, features remoulded in comical fashion.

Linking their arms, they formed an impenetrable fortress from which no mere mortal could possibly escape.  The hired stud was left with no choice.  He’d have to eat his way out.  One pink asshole at a time.  A brief display of his oral talents and cracks started to show in the wall of ass.  Arms loosened and cheeks came apart, allowing him to fight his way out. 

Jumping to his feet in triumph, he promptly gripped onto the nearest ass, sliding his cock between the sweet, round cheeks.  Gemma gasped as he pushed up against her, teasing her with the size of his crown.  Back still arched and ass thrust out, she offered herself up on a plate, her womanhood ripe for the taking.  Resistance was minimal, and the softest push was all it took to fill the Asian beauty to the gills.

The thrusting began and he clung on tight to the curve of her hips, giving it to the future Eternal with all his remaining energy.  Gripping her long dark locks, he used them as a set of reins as he threw himself into her, rippling her ass cheeks repeatedly.  A hard tug pulled her upright and he wrapped an arm around her torso, pinning her to his chest as the railing continued. 

Gemma’s friends gathered around her, assigning themselves to a different part of her anatomy and working together to give the Chinese-Brit her most mind-blowing orgasm of the evening.  Maybe of her whole life.  Florence and Hayley were licking her clit, adding to the powerful sensations that raced through her towering frame.  Emma and Rebecca were sucking on her titties, nipples stiffening between their lips.  And Karen was choking her, a practice she knew she enjoyed from countless Marvel-themed orgies, both at home and in the States.   

“Come on, hen.  Cum for us,” Karen spat, staring straight into those nut-brown eyes.  “Cream that fuckin’ dick, ye dirty wee slapper!”

The escort could tell she was close and he drilled her harder, unleashing his everything upon the Asian goddess as she trembled in his arms.  The sensations firing through her were like none she’d felt before, heightened further by the lips on her nipples, the tongues on her clitty and the hand around her throat.  Karen egged her on as she choked her harder, inviting her to orgasm in increasingly profane and incomprehensible Scottish. 

She held out for surprisingly long, but as the choking intensified and the thrusts came harder, the fiery emotions engulfing every inch of her could no longer be withheld.  The resulting orgasm was an all time classic, and though the asphyxiation blocked out most of the screams, the quakes of her body could be felt by everyone around her.  A stream of burning arousal doused the escort’s rod and he didn’t stop pumping until the actress had run out of fluid.  Pushing her away, Gemma fell into her nearby friends, scarcely able to stand after the pounding she'd been given.

Lowering her to the floor, Gemma’s girlfriends gathered around her, forming a half-circle at the escort’s knees.  His rod was thick and throbbing, dripping copiously with the juices of all six women.  Rebecca went for it first, tasting the delicious cocktail as she swallowed it down, puckering her lips at the base.  Next was Karen, eager to prove that anything the English could do, the Scots could do just as well.  The tip pushed against her tonsils and she held it there as long as she could, finally retracting in a spray of saliva. 

Gemma was next and quickly went one better, poking out her tongue and tickling the balls as she made his dick disappear.  After Gemma came Florence.  She may have been the youngest, but what she lacked in experience she more than made up for in ferocity, taking him straight to the hilt and nearly eating the poor bastard alive.  Hayley, meanwhile, had grown tired of waiting.  Squeezing neatly between the escort’s thighs, she poked out her tongue and burrowed into his hairless crack, stabbing it deep into his retum. 

The expert rimjob added some extra thickness to his cock and it pounded incessantly as it was passed back and forth from one gorgeous woman to the next.  Florence to Emma.  Emma to Karen.  Then back to Emma.  Then onto Rebecca.  Then back to Florence again.  The man was on cloud nine, surrounded on all sides by stars of the highest grossing movie franchise that the world had ever seen, trembling like a leaf as his big cock vanished into one skilled mouth after another.   

Tongue sliding out through his sphincter, Hayley emerged from between his cheeks, grinning up at the rented stud as she jiggled her massive breasts.  No words were needed.  The escort knew exactly what she wanted and was more than happy to give it to her.  Shaft now dripping from countless wet, sloppy blowjobs, there was a loud splat as he gripped his pole at the base and slapped it down between Hayley’s tits.  Scooping up those big, ripe melons, she pushed them up around his shaft, sheathing his sword like it was made to measure.  He gritted his teeth and started thrusting, slicing like a knife through butter.

“Yes, that’s it, love,” Hayley purred.  “Fuck these nice big titties!”

She could feel him throbbing between them, that angry red bellend poking out from the darkest depths.  Her friends gathered in close and a mass game of Whac-A-Mole quickly ensued, a different mouth catching his crown each time it emerged.  Spit dribbled down the length of his wang and it slid about between her boobs as the thrusting quickened, wet balls slapping against her chest. 

Those swollen plums had been ready to unload for close to an hour, but the escort had resisted, keen to extend what was undoubtedly the pinnacle of his career.  He’d given one hell of a performance, and how he’d managed to last so long was a mystery that would plague the greatest minds.  But as his dick soared through that tight, wet tunnel, terminating in one drooling mouth after another, the rented hunk could hold off no longer.   

“Fuck!  I’m gonna blow!” he yelled suddenly, reaching into Hayley’s rack to retrieve his penis.   

He palmed his pulsing tube and wound his long fingers around it, stroking like he’d never stroked before.  The women were in a line, hands all over him as they begged him for his seed.

“Yes!  Come on, love.  Give us that cum!” said Rebecca, gazing up at him as she stroked his thigh. 

“Yeah, do it, baby!” Emma added, squeezing his bloated orbs.  “Empty these big fucking balls!”

“Drench us!” Gemma demanded.  “Cover these pretty faces with all that piping hot spunk!”

That was the final trigger, and the man let loose, firing off ropes in rapid succession.  The first went straight for Karen, leaving a gloopy streak of semen from her chin to her brow.  The man recalibrated and fired again, hitting Florence with an audible splat.  Then came Rebecca, and he kept on jerking as he doused her too, messing her forehead and hair.  Gemma got the next one, a particularly thick strand that splashed her cheek and covered one of her eyes.  Emma had her mouth open, her wagging tongue the perfect target for his next ferocious blast. 

Hayley was last, and while her gorgeous face was tremendously inviting, that heaving, great bosom of hers just could not be ignored.  Pounding his groin like a madman, the rented stud saved the best for last, dousing those huge cans in an ungodly volume of the thickest, most potent splooge that the women had ever seen.

“Wow!” said Hayley, jiggling her spunk-drenched tits.  “Look at all this cum!  Blimey, love, you fuck like a god!”

“Yeah,” Florence agreed, scooping cum from her flushed red face.  “I haven’t had dick that good since my initiation.  These ladies know what I’m talking about.”

There were murmurs of agreement from all around her and the weary escort scarcely had time to recover before he was bombarded with questions; inquiries about his schedule, his rates and proposals for two-for-one specials.  In the midst of all the clamouring voices, Emma managed to sneak out undetected, passing a few more studs in the doorway as she continued her tour of the house. 

The next room, much like the first, was chock-full of rented hunks.  Ten of them, at least, maybe more.  Gathered in a circle, their attention was drawn to the lithe, supple figure that lay across a white leather ottoman.  Emma fought her way through the masses, gazing upon the heavenly form that so enraptured her hired men.  Sprawled out across the leather in a diagonal fashion, Lily James’ head was tilted to the side, bobbing gracefully as she sucked on a long, thick cock.  A dainty hand was closed around another, sliding smoothly along the length of the shaft.  While a big, strong black man was between her legs, steadily sinking his inches into her tight and gripping vagina. 

“Well, well,” said Emma.  “I guess Anya wasn’t wrong about you hogging all the cock.”

Lily dropped the dick from her lips and took it in her hand, pumping the now wet shaft.

“I guess not,” she replied casually.  “Great haul this year, Em.  Even better than last time.”

“Well, you’d know.  I seem to remember you hoarding them all then too.”

A man stepped away and another replaced him.  Lily deepthroated him with nonchalant ease, releasing the crown with an exaggerated pop.

“What can I say?  The men, they flock to me.”  She turned to the man on her right and repeated the trick, popping the head from her lips with even greater theatrics.  “Come join me if you like.  There’s plenty to go around.”

“I’ll say,” Emma quipped.  “Looks like you’ve got a hundred grand’s worth in here.”

Lily grinned.  “Well, I’m happy to share the wealth.”

Emma rolled her eyes, scoffing under her breath.  Given that she’d hired these men herself she felt that it was her wealth that was being shared, but she accepted the invitation all the same.  Climbing up onto the ottoman, Emma knelt diagonally over Lily’s supine frame, forming a flesh toned X across the leather.  A cast of three assembled before her and Emma went straight for the one in the middle, gobbling up his cock while she jerked off another. 

A spongy crown pressed against her slit and Emma groaned around the cock in her mouth as she felt him enter.  He didn’t feel like the longest of the bunch, but boy, was he thick.  The thickest so far, the actress surmised, and she felt her walls expand as he rowed in deep, hitting her cervix with the tip.  He held her hips as he thrusted harder, clapping her ass with each stroke. 

A hand gripped tight to the back of her head and soon the man in front was thrusting along with him, dicks so deep they almost met in the middle.  Spit rained down from his shaft as he tore through her esophagus, puddles forming on the leather.  A third one throbbed in her hand as she jerked it off, growing harder and thicker with each stroke.  The others were pushed in close, keeping themselves stiff as they awaited their turn.  Emma was in heaven, enjoying the enclosure of so many men all around and sharing them out with one of her best girlfriends.  It was the stuff dreams were made of. 

The black guy in Lily’s pussy felt a tap on the shoulder and he promptly pulled out with a heavy dose of reluctance.  The men took a step to the left, rotating slowly around the furniture and the two gorgeous women assembled across it.  Lily’s filling went from chocolate to vanilla, and the light-skinned stud pushed himself into her with burning lust and boundless desire. 

The cock in Emma’s mouth was now in her hand, and she stroked it steadily, generating a * SHLICK * SHLOCK * SHLICK * from the coat of saliva.  Her free hand grabbed the big black one and she felt the warmth of Lily’s pussy as she stroked it in sync with the other.  A third man was in between them, enjoying the upgrade from her palm to her throat.  An Asian was behind her, gripping those slender hips and giving the grown up Hermoine Granger the dicking she so richly deserved.

“Phwoar!  Fuckin’ ‘ell!  Can’t beat a bita’ A-list fanny, eh, fellas?” he declared, agreement returned from all around him.

Emma kissed the groin of the man in front of her then pried him loose, taking a scan of the men waiting to fuck the stuffing out of her.  It only took two to make her cum, and the Asian man soon found his efforts rewarded with a balmy gush of fluid that drenched every inch of his junk.

“Oh, fuck!  YES!” Emma screamed, eyes rolling back into her head as he dicked her through the throes of orgasm.

“Yeah, come on, love,” the Asian man grinned.  “Gimme all that cunt cream!”

He kept on railing and didn’t stop until her orgasm had been and gone.  Her muscles relaxed and the man pulled out, another taking his place.  The cycle continued and the guys ringed around the ottoman in an orderly manner, switching from pussy to mouth to fist as regularly as clockwork.  Though with so many men in the vicinity and just two women to attend to them, it wasn’t long before a few started breaking rank.  All it took was the slightest hesitation and one of the hired studs might find his spot taken by one of his quick-thinking colleagues. 

“Oi!  What you doin’, mate?” one man complained as another nipped in before him, sinking deep into Emma’s snatch.  “I was next!”

“Keep ya wig on, fella,” the offender returned.  “These birds ‘ave got three ‘oles last I checked.”

And with that he wrapped his arms around the host of the party, cock falling from between her lips as he gripped her tight and hoisted her into the air.  A brief moment to rearrange himself and a fat juicy dong infiltrated her anal cavity for the first time that evening.  Fingers pressed into her soft inner thighs, spreading her wide as he held her in place.  A second cock nudged up against her pussy and Emma cried out as both orifices were stuffed full of big, meaty thickness.   

Three more men gathered around her, watching on and jerking off, patiently awaiting their turn as the gorgeous actress was sandwiched by two of their peers.  Arms draped across twin pairs of hulk-like shoulder blades, Emma hung on tight as two of her rented hunks finally gave her the hard double-dicking she’d been craving for much of the evening.  And if she was totally honest, much of the past two years as well.  Up and down they threw her, piercing her insides on 20 of the thickest inches that money could buy.   

But she wasn’t alone, and back at the ottoman, Lily’s beautiful body was being handled in much the same way.  Straddling one man in the cowgirl position, her loins were on fire as he drove up into her with the force of a pneumatic drill.  A black man was behind her, buried to the balls in her tight rear end.  A third was in her mouth, sweaty brown hair scooped up in his paws as he pumped into her face with unbridled ferocity.  While another was in each hand, tips dribbling profusely as they enjoyed the tight embrace of her dainty little jerking fists. 

Heat radiated through her, the temperature rising with each passing second.  And though the crowd around her had halved in number, the five studs were bathing her body in more unadulterated ecstasy than the actress could ever imagine.  Balls rebounded off her taint and chin as the men drove into her, seamlessly syncing each three-pronged thust.  Encouragement came from all around her, sometimes accompanied by a smack of her ass or a tug at her light brown mane. 

The men were masters of their craft, and each and every action and thrust was executed to perfection.  But Lily was no slouch herself, and the gorgeous starlet gave it back to the quintet just as well as she got it.  Asshole and pussy squeezed hard around their thick slabs of meat, nearly milking each member dry.  Her saliva glands were putting in a double shift, making a mess of the fat schlong that had embedded itself in her esophagus.  Hands jerked in tandem, occasionally assisted by a hand on her wrist when the fiery pleasure engulfing every inch of her body got a little too much for her. 
And it wasn’t long before she was completely overwhelmed, scarcely able to think as the hired studs nearly tore her body to pieces.  Her groans were louder, muffled almost entirely by the cock in her throat.  Only the three stood around her could see the expression on her face; a distorted mess of raw animal lust that few of them had witnessed before.  Every muscle was tensed, the pressure inside her swelling to intolerable levels. 

It needed to be released and as the three men rowed in deep, every one of them was met with the pleasing sensations of a body in the midst of climax.  Squeals rose from the deepest parts of her throat, reverberating around the slab of meat that was lodged so firmly inside it.  The cock in her pussy was drenched with arousal, thoroughly basted from the root to the tip.  While the man in her bottom was squeezed so tight that he nearly blew his wad straight into her colon.  But the two on either side weren’t so lucky, and as the climax hit her, Lily gripped so hard on their big twin dongs that it made their eyes water. 

“Oh my God!” she gasped as her body was evacuated, the unfathomable feelings finally beginning to subside.  “Emma, your parties are unreal!  Every year gets better and better!”

Emma enjoyed the praise but was in no position to reply.  In fact, she didn’t know what position she was in.  She thought she’d ticked off every stance in the Kama Sutra by this point in her life, but the one she was in right now was entirely new to her.  Laying on her side on a nearby couch, the brown-haired actress was curled up almost in the fetal position, with her knees tucked up to her chest.  Her ass stuck out over the edge, the perfect height for the two muscular men that were ravaging both of her holes. 

The pair plunged into her with flawlessly synchronised thrusts, separated only by a thin layer of tissue as they plowed through her tight twin tunnels.  Another man knelt on the couch cushions, his dick between her lips as he humped in time with his buddies.  One hand clasped tight to the backs of her thighs, the other was free to tug and pull at the huge black cock that hovered over the arm of the sofa.   

This new exotic position allowed for particularly deep penetrations, the kind that left women senseless, howling and screaming for more.  Which is exactly what Emma was doing.  Not everyone knew it, as her mouth was so filled with cock, but they could feel the sensations racing through her that turned her tight frame into jelly.  Another orgasm was building inside her, and she spat the dick from her mouth, crying out in ecstasy as the pleasure took over, controlling her entire body.   

“Oh, fuck!  Yes!  I’m fucking cumming again!  YES!  YEEESSS!!!”

Her voice was hoarse and high-pitched, her face unrecognisable; contorted and violently skewed.  She was caked in sweat, locks of brown hair plastered to her forehead and cheeks.  The makeup she’d spent so long perfecting was all but a distant memory; a smear of lipstick and two dried rivers of mascara was all that had remained. 

A quick change of positions and the man that had been in her mouth was now perched on the couch beside her, big dick soaked with saliva. 

“Come ‘ere, love,” he growled, pulling her up onto him.  “Gimme that tight little arse.”

Emma set her feet down on the leather and lowered herself onto him, his slimy bellend pushing up into her rectum.  Her cheeks touched his groin and he gripped her thighs, pointing her feet towards the ceiling.  A big black cock pressed up against her pussy and moments later she was filled completely, stuffed to the brim in both of her glorious holes.  She gripped two cocks and jerked them furiously, her mouth free to scream and cuss and mewl as she was dicked into another dimension. 

Thrusts came hard and fast, plunging in deep and hitting her darkest innards, giving the host of the party exactly what she’d been missing.  She enjoyed being the centre of attention, the object of lust and desire for so many well hung men.  She loved the way they manhandled her and adored the throbbing in her hands and up inside her body.  There was noise all around her and she relished each animalistic grunt and every deep and muttered expletive. 

Again she lost control of her senses and any actions on the brunette’s part were entirely instinctive.  Dirty talk spewed from her lips on a near continuous loop, egging the men on to pound her ever harder.  Hands roamed up and down the cocks on either side, popping them between her lips occasionally to keep them nice and slick. 

Turbulent feelings were raging within her once more and the black man in her pussy grinned down at her as she gripped his girth, a throbbing in her clitoris that was hard to ignore.  He knew a squirter when he saw one and the dark-skinned stud pulled his dick from inside her, leaving the actress to fire at will.

“OH, FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she shrieked, her voice so loud that everyone in the house could hear.

Fat cock still tearing through her rectum, liquid spouted from her slizz like water from a hose, spraying all in the immediate vicinity.  No wands required this time; those thick twin rods had done a fine job on their own, and the liquid explosion that the two men achieved was the most violent they had ever seen. 

Recovery time was minimal and Emma’s pussy had barely stopped spurting before another man was thrusting up into it and pounding the actress anew.  And on it went.  Minutes turned to hours and still the giant 10-on-2 gangbang showed no sign of slowing down.  There were so many men in the room that each of them could go on for hours.  If a pussy was too warm or an asshole too tight, he could take a short break, a host of others just itching to take his place.  And when he was good to go again, there were ten textbook pleasure givers for him to indulge in.  Vaginas, assholes, mouths, hands.  The options were endless. 

But all good things must come to an end, and after what must have been close to three hours of non-stop of fucking, the telltale signs of imminent eruption were starting to show themselves.  Lily was wedged between two black bodies, a long dark dick in each of her holes, when the man in front of her finally succumbed to the tight, gripping feel of her twat.  The ferocious snarl he’d worn for much of the evening finally softened and the actress revelled in the sight of his cum face as he detonated inside her, splashing her cervix with spunk.  Emptying his ball sack of every last drop, a thick dollop of cum oozed from inside her as the man pulled out, trickling across her taint.

Lily sat up straight atop the man underneath her, feeling his girth expand as she rode his dick.  The walls of her rectum had been hugging his girth for fifteen bliss-filled minutes and he repaid the gorgeous actress the only way he knew how- by painting her tunnel a fresh coat of white. 

“OH, YES!  THAT’S IT!” she squealed, cumming once more as hot, scolding nut butter was pumped into her anal cavity.  “KEEP CUMMING FOR ME!  EMPTY THOSE BALLS IN MY ARSE!”

Mouth open wide as she cried out in ecstasy, a third man climbed up onto the ottoman, stuffing the last of her holes.  A few hard thrusts and he too erupted, dumping an impossibly thick load straight into her stomach.  Two men lifted her and set her down on the leather, a warm sensation tingling in her abdomen.  Lifting her legs, she spread herself wildly as Emma crawled up before her, grinning from ear to ear.

“Mmm, come on, Lils.  Push it out for me,” the host instructed.  “Gimme all that tasty cum!”

Gripping her ass cheeks and pulling them apart, a thick mess of hot, gooey jism sloshed out from the starlet’s sphincter.  Emma caught it between her lips, licking her friend from asshole to clit and gathering the remaining residue.  Lily joined her on the floor and their lips formed a watertight seal, swapping the spunk back and forth until each had an equal share.  Brown eyes locking as they swallowed them down, three young men stepped up before them, fat cocks pointed at their faces. 

Kneeling together on the plush white carpeting, thigh to thigh and cheek to cheek, both women gazed up at the trio of studs, hands working tirelessly as they pulled themselves off.  Emma reached up and cupped a pair of balls, feeling them empty in her hands as the dick it was attached to exploded all over her face.  The blast was thick and copious, messing her hair and forehead, and covering one of her eyes.  The man beside him followed, just a split second later, leaving his load across her nose, lips and chin.  Lily got the last one; a burning wad of semen that struck her face like spilled wall paint, dousing her cheek and hair. 

Pushing out the last few drops, the three men left a final gooey streak across any stretch of skin that took their fancy.  Stepping aside, the trio were quickly replaced, and Emma and Lily found themselves staring down the barrels of a big pair of twitching cocks, mouths agape in wait of the hot spurts of cum that were destined to follow.  Both men went off at once, filling their mouths to capacity.  Turning to face one another, Emma and Lily pushed their lips together and a second cum-sharing kiss quickly and messily ensued. 

Now there were just two left, and the remaining eight men gathered around Lily, getting their knobs polished one last time as the final duo helped Emma Watson to her feet.  Scooping her into the air, Emma shrieked towards the second floor as each enormous member found a home in her tight little holes.  The two men moved in close, careful to avoid the ropes of cum still plastered across her face as they clamped her body between theirs.

Arms wrapped around their shoulders, the actress held on tight as they started pumping, taking the brunt of each two-pronged slam.  Emma could feel them throbbing as they thrust up inside her, and knew it wouldn’t be long before both holes were flooded with the juice of their bulging loins.

“Come on, boys,” she squealed, head swivelling from one straining hunk to the other.  “Give it to me!  Fill me up with your burning hot cum!”

The response was immediate, and both men swelled even larger inside her, spouting copiously into her womb and colon alike.  She could feel the warmth inside her as it splashed her inner walls and she groaned in delight as the two beefy studs voided themselves in her darkest regions.  After what must have been close to a minute, the spewing finally ceased and the men pried themselves free, cum dribbling from both her holes as they lowered her to the ground. 

Dropping to her knees, Emma took both cocks in her hands, sucking out the last of their loads. 

“Mmm, fuck!” she murmured, enjoying the taste of their splooge.  “God, I love these parties!”

“Right?!” Lily agreed, still surrounded by the remaining eight.  “Fuck, Emma!  I don’t know how you arrange these every year.  You deserve a fucking damehood!”

Emma laughed.  “Tell me about it!  I’m sure if Queen Liz stopped by one year she’d award me one like that!” she declared with a click of her fingers.  She looked up at the two men, dicks still stiff in her palms.  “OK, fellas, I’m gonna have to love ya and leave ya.  Better make sure these crazy bitches haven’t torn my house you shreds!  And you,” she added, looking over at Lily, “go find some girls to share these dicks with.  I hired them for everyone, you know!”

“Fine!”  Lily replied, grinning as she rose to her feet.  “If I must.”
The girls clasped hands, skipping across the room and out into the hallway.  A quick kiss on the lips and the pair parted company.  Night had turned to morning by the time they left the room, but still the party was in full flow and the noises carrying through the house from front door to back were as loud and vivacious as ever. 

Emma had partaken of nearly every sex act known to man over the course of the evening, experiencing the full spectrum of feelings and sensations along the way.  She’d sucked more dick and eaten more pussy in just a few short hours than most people manage in a year, and had been fucked into incoherence more times than she could count.  But she wasn’t done yet, and with the sun starting to peak over the Kentish horizon, there was one room left to visit and a whole realm of sexual enterprises just waiting to be explored. 

End of Part Three
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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends) [Part Three posted]
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Oh man, this definitely made the Emma month better. It had been somewhat of a drought with Emma stories recently and you have more than made up for it, I think. The latest chapter had one of my favs - Lily James. And you didn't disappoint. I just can't wait to see what you have in store for the final chapter. Again kudos to you for this amazing series.

Also loved that you included Jodie in this. Her brief appearance was really great. I just wish more people wrote about her. She is a complete package.
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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends) [Part Three posted]
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Oh man, this definitely made the Emma month better. It had been somewhat of a drought with Emma stories recently and you have more than made up for it, I think. The latest chapter had one of my favs - Lily James. And you didn't disappoint. I just can't wait to see what you have in store for the final chapter. Again kudos to you for this amazing series.

Also loved that you included Jodie in this. Her brief appearance was really great. I just wish more people wrote about her. She is a complete package.

Thanks man, really appreciate that. There are a plethora of underused/underappreciated celebs in the UK and Lily and Jodie are chief among them.
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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends) [Part Three posted]
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I saw this posted at Literotica. Nice work. I have posting Emma Watson stories diligently there for the past 12 months. I just uploaded a couple of my compilations here in the celeb series which features a few un-used English celebs. Be sure to check them out as I plan on deleting them once Emma Watson month here is over
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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends) [Part Three posted]
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Part Four

Nudging open the door to lounge number five, Emma was met by a cacophony of sounds, and a balmy ocean of sweaty, naked flesh that chopped and writhed across the expanse of the room.  If the Marvel room was a regular fixture of her annual get togethers, then this one was an absolute mainstay.  The Game of Thrones Room.  Or the Sunset Kingdom, as she liked to refer to it; an exotic realm that was every bit as wondrous and fantastical as the dominion itself.  The activities taking place within its famous walls had to be seen to be believed, and hushed rumours of unspeakable acts had been swapped back and forth by curious partygoers ever since the event’s inception. 

Emma crossed the threshold and made a beeline for Emilia Clarke, as the gorgeous brunette was fucked from both sides on the carpeted floor.  But that was merely the tip of the iceberg, and if the vast array of sexual activities taking place within the room were anything to go by, then its legendary status was more than justified. 

Sprawled out snugly across a nearby couch, Sophie Turner was enjoying the oral talents of a dark-skinned stud that was slotted between her thighs.  Knelt beside the ravishing redhead was Maisie Williams, her on-screen sister, who was adding to the blissful sensations with a hand around her throat.  The pair had romped together on numerous occasions, both with others and on their own, and the brunette knew just how much pressure to apply to whip her best friend into a frenzy.

Next to Maisie was Nathalie Emmanuel.  Perched carefully on the edge of the couch, the half-black beauty was flanked on either side by a pair of light-skinned hunks, the tightly-curled ringlets of her kinky dark hair swishing across her face as she switched back and forth from one white cock to the other. 

Admission to the GoT room was not given lightly, and any man summoned considered himself incredibly fortunate to be ushered into the inner sanctum.  But of the six invited, the man on the adjacent sofa was undoubtedly the luckiest of all.  Closely surrounded by a trio of gorgeous women, the hired stud was in the midst of a threeway blowjob, the likes of which he rarely received, even in his line of work. 

Between his thighs was Hannah Murray, a pretty blonde who was tending to his large pair of testicles, suckling each one in turn and coating them in sticky saliva.  Knelt on either side of him were Natalie Dormer and Lena Headey, both women taking turns to swallow his ten inch cock. 

Lena, to his right, had been the series’ resident MILF and sucked dick like only the most seasoned women could, putting 30 years worth of skill and experience into every pass she took.  She sucked smoothly, steadily; lips sinking deeper as she bobbed her head.  He could feel the spit swirling around her mouth, trapped inside by the tightness of her lips. 

“Yeah, that’s it, Lee,” Natalie encouraged, admiring her girlfriend’s handiwork.  “Suck that dick, love.”

Lena’s lips puckered as she took him deeper, sliding down the shaft until there was nowhere left to go. 

“Owh, FUCK!” the young man cussed, tilting his head back in delight as she kissed his stripwaxed groin.

His rod was basted, drenched in saliva from bottom to top, and his leaking tip pressed against her throat.  Lena held him there for as long as she was able, nose pressed against his pelvis.  Coughing and spluttering around the width of his wang, her lips finally loosened and the spit came slopping out, leaving a sloppy, wet puddle where his pubes should have been.  Her gag reflex defeated her and her lips made a hasty retreat, sliding up past the swell of his crown.

Spit dripped down his dong and Natalie was on it in an instant, picking up where her friend left off.  Her style was different; more feisty and aggressive, and she attacked the escort’s rod with ruthless tenacity, unperturbed by his enormous size.  Spit bubbles started to form at the base of his schlong, and the filthy, wet blowjob sounds grew louder by the second.  Her approach may have differed but the outcome was the same, and in just a few short minutes, the hired stud was shaking where he sat as a second set of lips puckered at his hairless groin. 

“Phwoar!  Fockin’ ‘ell, Nat!” Lena exclaimed.  “Leave some for the rest of us!”
Natalie laughed.  Or at least that’s what it sounded like.  The escort’s cock was wedged so far down her throat that responses were hard to discern.  Drops of spit seeped from between her lips as she held him there, trickling down the ballsack that her fellow blonde was so heartily sucking upon.  A harsh gag from deep down her throat and Natalie retracted, pulling back to the ridge of his crown.  Hannah followed, spitting out a swollen testicle and licking along the length of his shaft, cleaning up the drool left behind by her former co-star. 

The head popped from Natalie’s lips and the two gorgeous blondes lapped at the wide open tip.  Lena joined them and the escort groaned as a trio of tongues swiped and swished across his bellend, licking up all the precum and spit.  Lips pushed in close and soon all three women were making out with one another, with the escort’s rod in the heart of the action. 

 “My turn, girls,” Hannah declared, splitting from the threeway kiss. 

Lena and Natalie hopped down from the couch and Hannah replaced them, going straight for the hired cock.  With a third woman came another unique blowjob style, one that was every bit as impressive as the first and second.  She may not have been as experienced as Lena or as tenacious as Natalie, but what the cute blonde did possess was a truly exceptional tongue; one of the best he’d come across in all his years on the job.  She started by swirling it around the head, slowly and tortuously, driving the escort wild.  Then she took it between her lips, tongue lapping at the underbelly as she guided him inside.

And while Hannah was giving him her full repertoire, her two friends were settling on the thick shag carpet, turning their attention to a different part of the escort’s anatomy.

“Legs up, hun,” Lena instructed, pushing back on the young man’s thighs.  “Nat wants to lick your arse.”

“Pfft!  Like you don’t!” Natalie returned, and the two of them shared a giggle. 

He lifted his legs, sticking out an ass that had been waxed smooth for the occasion.  Lena went first and stuck out her tongue, licking slowly across his sphincter before pushing inside. 

“Yes, Lee!” said Natalie, clawing at the escort’s thighs.  “Tongue that arsehole, love!  Get in there nice and deep!”

Lena’s head bobbed gently as she fucked him with her tongue, puckering her juicy pink lips and kissing his rim each time.  The extra stimulation had his dick throbbing harder than ever, and Hannah could feel the arousal pulsing through his veins as she sucked him. 

Lena emerged from between his cheeks and her friend took over, firing a thick glob of spit at the escort’s asshole and shoving her face in his crack.  Attacking him with her usual zeal, Natalie’s tongue probed deep into his rectum, nearly touching the young man’s g-spot.  Her tongue was long and stiff, jabbing up his backside and sinking a little deeper each time. 

In the meantime, Hannah had followed in her two friends’ footsteps, taking his dick to the base with the kind of effortless ease that the escort had come to expect.  But she didn’t stop there and as her lips stretched around the width of his rod, Hannah poked out that incredible tongue of hers and started licking his swollen balls.

“Oh, you filthy cow!” Natalie exclaimed, sliding her tongue out through the escort's asshole.

Hannah smirked, prying the cock from her throat.

“Says you with your tongue up his arse!” she quipped, gasping a little as she came up for air.

“You ready to com yet, love?” Lena asked, stroking his muscled thigh.  “I want a big, thick load on me face!”

“Uh uh,” said Natalie, wagging a manicured finger.  “Not yet, darlin’.  Not until you’ve fucked my mouth.”  She cupped his scrotum, giving it a hearty squeeze.  “You’re not emptying these balls ‘til you’ve bounced ‘em off my chin.  Got that?”

The escort nodded, accompanying it with a nervous gulp.

“Good,” the actress grinned.  “Up you come then, love.  Stick that cock down my throat!”

She gaped her lips and the escort stood, filling her mouth with his girth.  He gripped two handfuls of hair and bucked his powerful hips, plowing through her oral cavity until he reached the back of her throat.  Her lips touched his groin and he held the blonde in place, listening to her gurgle on his big, throbbing beast.  Then the thrusting resumed and he used her face like a fleshlight, testes rebounding off her chin, just as she’d requested.  A few more thrusts and he pushed her aside, leaving her coughing and gasping in his wake as he moved onto Blonde #2.

Gathering her hair in his knuckles, he slotted his cock between Hannah’s soft pink lips and promptly started thrusting, not stopping until her eyes turned red and mascara was dripping from beneath them.  * UK * UK * UK * UK * UK * came the sounds as her throat was impaled, each and every pass taking him right to his oversized balls.  He hammered away until he could no longer, the tightness and warmth of her mushy, wet mineshaft quickly getting the better of him.  His balls were fit to burst, but he had one last face left to fuck before those giant gonads could finally be deflated.  He gripped his rod and extracted it carefully, knowing full well that one false move could set it off in an instant. 

Lena was up last and he steered his rod past her lips, thrusting into her face with a rampant fury that only impending eruption can bring.  Thick ropes of spit started to drip down the brunette’s chin, adding a wetness to each thud as his balls slapped against them.  Those big, churning nuts seemed heavier each time and she felt his dick growing fatter as he forced it down her throat.  She knew what was coming next, and while her show was famed for its disappointing ending, the climax to this threeway blowjob was sure to be anything but. 

“Owh, fuck me!  I’m gonna fuckin’ blow!” he roared in predictable fashion, prying his rod from down her throat and jerking it furiously.

“Mmm, yes!  Come on,” Lena purred, fondling his swollen nutsack.  “Drain these big fockin’ bollocks for me!  All over me fockin’ face!”

The ladies squeezed in tight, jostling for position as he pulled himself off.  Three sets of eyes stared up at him, silently pleading for the reward they’d so diligently earned.  His cock spasmed and exploded in his hand, unleashing a creamy deluge that struck the MILF in front of him, streaking her gorgeous face.  He turned to the right and fired again, hitting Hannah in the cheek and hair.  Then to the left, where Natalie got the last of it; a thick, viscid stripe that stretched from her lip to her brow. 

Then, before he had time to even catch his breath, he was gripped at the thigh and hauled down onto the sofa, quivering all over as Natalie climbed up after him and mounted his muscled form.  Further along the couch was the blonde’s near namesake, Nathalie Emmanuel, who was getting the reverse Oreo treatment from a pair of ripped white studs.  Straddling one in the reverse cowgirl position, the other was knelt before her at the edge of the sofa, both men balls deep in her beautiful half-black body. 

Arms wrapped around her torso, the man below her was buried beneath a nest of curly dark hair as he pinned her body to his, ass bouncing off the couch cushions as he drilled up into her colon.  While the man in front had a hold of her ankles, spreading them wide as he drove into  her pussy with everything he had. 

But Nathalie was well-versed in the art of double penetration and took each thrust with aplomb, groaning and grunting in an endless refrain.  Each joint thrust hit harder than the last, sparking sensations that the mixed-race beauty hadn’t felt in forever and a day.  Her body quaked as they plunged in deep, and her tight twin holes gave each large member an appreciative squeeze as they disappeared inside her.     

“Oh, fahkin’ ‘ell!” she squealed, in an accent that was pure Sahfend-on-Sea.  “Yes!  Keep goin’, fellas!  Fuck, you’re gonna make me cum!”

Her intentions were clear and the guys responded appropriately, kicking up to ramming speed in a fraction of a second.  The man in front was hammering her g-spot, hitting it repeatedly until hot, molten fluids soaked his rod from the base to the crown. 

“Ah, FUCK!  I’m cummin’!” the actress screamed.  “I’m cummin’ on your big, fat cocks!”

Her asshole squeezed harder around the man beneath her, testing his impressive endurance.  But the boys didn’t stop, didn’t slow down, didn’t do much of anything expect rail the dark-skinned beauty like the five-star fuck machines they were.  Soulful brown eyes rolled up into her skull and the men kept going until her body went limp, thrusts still synched as they finally started to slow. 

The man in front pulled out of her pussy and took her by the hand, guiding her onto her knees. 

“C’mere, darlin’,” the escort said, gripping his rod and wagging it in her face.  “Clean this fockin’ dick.”

Nathalie stared at the cock in his hand, glistening with slick, sticky juices.  She’d made one hell of a mess, but that pretty mouth of hers would take care of that.  She lunged forward with wide, gaping lips, practically gobbling the whole thing up.  Her lips touched base and she started sucking, slurping up her vaginal fluid.  She smacked her lips around the helmet and turned to the left, where another was ready and waiting. 

Smooshing her lips around the head, she tasted her asshole as they slid down deeper, not stopping until her gorgeous face was flush with the young man’s abs.  Spit sloshed around in the confines of her mouth, and all it took was a few good sucks before the second fat cock was sparkling clean. 

“Gimme that arse, love,” the first man instructed, sporting a wicked grin. 

Nathalie did as directed, dropping to all fours and backing her ass up behind her.  A thick pipe slapped down between her cheeks and she felt the spit-smeared head press up against her puckered sphincter.  The slightest push and he prized it open, guiding his bellend inside. 

Nathalie squealed as she felt him enter, the noise blocked by the raging boner still stuck in the depths of her throat.  He started thrusting and quickened with haste, giving it to the part-black beauty exactly how she liked it.  He spread her ass cheeks and pushed in deeper, invading her backside one thick inch at a time.  Soon he was going balls deep, the muscles of his pelvic region sending ripples through her light brown buns.

A hand disappeared into that thick mass of curls and soon both men were thrusting into her in perfect unison, nearly touching tips at the actress’ core.  Both of them were going full pelt, tearing through her various tunnels with little control or restraint.  Big sets of balls swung back and forth, both in front and behind her, smacking against her clit and bouncing off her dribbling chin.  Fingers dug into her supple round cheeks, prying them apart as the dick popped free from her anus.

“Phwoar!  Look at that!” the man exclaimed, taking a moment to admire her pink insides.

But the man in front took no such pause and kept on pumping as her asshole gaped, seemingly intent on fucking the Essex accent straight out of her drooling mouth.  Easing back inside, the man behind wrapped his arms around her taut, little midriff, taking the actress with him as he settled down onto the couch.  The dick came free from her lips and stud number two got into position, aligning his big hooded bellend with her sticky, milk chocolate slit. 

A tiny push and he was all up inside her, combining with his buddy to give the dark-skinned starlet a big double dose of dick.  Hands from beneath gripped onto her thighs, spreading them apart as they held her between them, going to town on her beautiful body.  Thick white dongs sunk into her from above and below, large pink helmets vanishing up her colon and jabbing at her cervix.  Matching sets of gonads swung to and fro, cannoning of her taint like four fat, spunk-filled wrecking balls.

“YES!” Nathalie screamed, drawing the attentions of all in the room.  “Oh, God, yes!  Fuck me!  Pound me with those fat fahkin’ cocks!”

The men were throbbing and swelling, fighting the sensations that had been building within them for what felt like an eternity.  Nathalie felt their dicks expand, going at her ever harder as they succumbed to the bubbling in their oversized balls.

“You gonna cum, boys?” she asked, a taunting smile tickling her full set of lips. 

Responding only with a pair of grunts, the men kept on railing, faces askew as fiery lust spread through their big, muscled forms. 

“Cum then, fellas!  Fill me up!” the actress squawked, grinning in delight as her tight, gripping holes milked the two men dry.

The guy in front was first to fall, sheathing himself to the hilt and flooding her womb with a tidal wave of boiling hot baby batter.  Then came the man underneath and Nathalie felt his rod stiffen even further up her backside before he blasted her walls with spurts of gooey, thick splooge. 

“Oh my God!” Nathalie purred, eyelids aflutter as the scolding fluid simmered away inside her.  “You boys nearly made me burst!”
The two men grinned, exchanging nods of respect and recognition, congratulating one another on a job well done.  And speaking of jobs well done, the man on the adjacent couch was on the receiving end of a two way blowjob that had been executed to perfection.  Though given that the two women performing it were practically joined at the hip and shared a mental connection that was almost telepathic, it shouldn’t have come as a surprise.

To his left was Sophie Turner, her juicy pink lips wrapped snugly around his thick black shaft.  Maisie Williams, the redhead’s onscreen sister, was knelt on the opposite side, providing her with the kind of hands on assistance that only a best friend can.  Clasping tightly to her long red hair, the younger Stark held those formerly blonde locks like a length of rope as she pulled her up and down his dick.  Spit spilled down the length of his pipe, pooling at the base as she kissed his groin repeatedly.

Sophie loved sharing dicks with Maisie more than anyone else on the planet.  She’d twosed up cocks with all of her former co-stars, not to mention X-Men colleagues Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain, but nobody divvied up dong quite like her BFF.  While others had reputations as something of a cockhog (Jennifer especially), Maisie Williams was nothing of the sort, and actually seemed to enjoy watching Sophie suck dick more than she liked doing it herself.

“Yeah, suck that dick, Soph,” the actress grinned.  “Get it nice and wet for my tight, little arsehole!”

Maisie pushed down on that pretty red head and pinned her face to his crotch, smirk growing wider as she gagged on the coal dark schlong.  A tug on her locks and she was let up for air, leaving a thick, gooey mess to drip down the escort’s dick.  Maisie’s lips pushed against her mate’s and they shared a nice, sloppy kiss.  She gripped the escort’s rod, stroking it as their tongues intertwined. 

“Ooh, yeah,” the brunette purred, retrieving her tongue from her best friend’s mouth.  “Look at that.  Nice and slippery.”  Her hand slid along the black man’s pole, jerking from base to tip.  “Right, I want it in my bum.  Ready, big boy?”

The man nodded and she spun around onto her knees, sticking her butt out behind her.  Rising to his feet, the escort got into position, dick aimed at its intended target.  Sophie moved in close and gaped her lips apart, ready to suck his big black cock straight out her best mate’s ass.  Tip touched sphincter and he guided it in, splitting it open with a delicate nudge. 

“Mmm, yeah,” Maisie groaned, her pretty face glowing as he slid up inside her.  “That’s what I wanted.”

Sophie watched as he started thrusting, admiring that tar black beast as it pushed into her girlfriend’s rectum.

“Wow, Maisie!” the actress gawked.  “That big black dick looks so fucking good in your arse, babe.  God, I’ve missed watching you get fucked!”

Maisie giggled.  “I’ve missed getting fucked!”  An image of her boyfriend popped into her head, the first since her arrival at the Watson estate.  “Properly, anyway.” 

Sexual frustration had clearly taken its toll on both women over the lockdown period and the cancelation of last year’s party had been nothing short of devastating.  Sure, there were women for whom being locked in a bedroom with a loving partner for months on end sounded like heaven on earth.  The ones who’d had nothing but a vibrator for company, for example, would have killed to have a man by their side.  Especially the kind of rich, young, handsome ones that these two had on their arms.  But for two women accustomed to being fucked by the best, those lesser mortal loved ones of their’s simply weren’t cutting the mustard.

Restrictions had since been lifted, of course, and both had sought the services of many an experienced pro when their partner’s were out of town, even sending one another a well-hung gift or two on birthdays and special occasions.  But with an ocean between them and a litany of travel regulations still standing in the way, both had been missing the third dimension of mind-blowing sex that their very best friend provided.   

Strong black hands holding tight to her hips, the chiselled escort drove into Maisie’s rectum with powerful strokes, giving her ten thick inches as he bottomed out each time.  Enjoying the sight of that dick disappearing, Sophie slid a hand beneath the brunette’s midriff and started strumming on her clit, adding her own personal touch to the vigorous sensations that enveloped her every inch.

“You gonna cum for me, Maisie?” the redhead asked, watching her body tremble as that huge black dick drilled through her anal passage.

“YES!” Maisie squealed in response.  “Oh, God, yes!  I’m gonna fucking cum!”

The thrusts came quicker and Sophie kept the pace, thrumming her girlfriend’s clit at the perfect tempo.  She felt her shudder and a deafening scream launched forth from the bowels of her throat as a tumultuous orgasm shook her down to the core.

“Ooh, yeah,” Sophie grinned, looking down at her onscreen sibling as the last few tremors shot through her quivering frame.  “There’s that sound.  That’s what I wanted to hear.”

She turned back to the escort and eyed his long black rod, still half- submerged in her best friend’s bottom. 

“Gimme it,” she demanded, licking her slobbery lips.  “I want to taste that big black dick.”
The escort was happy to oblige and swiftly retracted from the brunette’s colon, presenting her friend with a huge, thick cock that was smeared in her rectal fluids.  But Sophie made light work of that, taking it deep and slurping at the shaft until his dick was clean as a whistle.  Sliding her lips back up to the head, she paid special attention to the hooded cover.  Pushing her tongue underneath it, she tasted the pungent mixture of sweat and precum that lingered on the sensitive tip. 

“Mmm!  Fuck, I’ve missed these!” she shrieked excitedly, retrieving her writhing tongue and pulling at the skin with her lips.

“What?  Black ones?” asked Maisie, settling on her knees beside her.

Sophie chuckled.  “Foreskins!”

“Oh, yeah!  I forgot you don’t have those over there.”

“Yeah,” Sophie replied, returning a playful pout.  “But yeah, I’ve missed black ones too.”

The two of them looked at one another and shared a tittering laugh.  “Well, I think it’s time we put this black one in that pretty little arse of yours,” said Maisie.  “Don’t you?”

“You read my mind,” the redhead grinned, already assuming the position.

The position for her was good old fashioned missionary, her legs spread wide and ass thrust out to allow for backdoor admittance.  The escort loomed large over her long, leggy frame, resting his knees against the edge of the sofa as the tip of his dick made contact with her anus.  There was some initial resistance but she quickly took care of that.  Reaching down and gripping her ass cheeks, she spread them as wide as they’d go, splitting open her tight little sphincter.  The man took this as his cue, pushing gently forward and squeezing his large crown into a pink round slot that looked far too small to receive it. 

“Oh, fuck!” Sophie gasped, an interesting mixture of pleasure and pain etched across her face as the dark-skinned stud laid claim to her skinny backdoor.

She hadn't had anything in there for quite some time- or anything so large, at least- and it took some effort from all three parties to facilitate such a gruelling entry.  Sophie’s fingers dug deep into her peached-shaped cheeks, the tips turning white as she spread herself as wide as she could.  Maisie licked at the threshold where sphincter met shaft, adding extra lubricant to the already slick rear entrance. 

While the escort simply pushed with all his might, wincing slightly as her ultra tight asshole hugged his enormous girth. The thrusts were slow at first but he quickly found his rhythm, venturing into depths that hadn’t been touched in a very, very long time.  Hands pushed down on the backs of her calves, the dark-skinned stud leaned over her lanky frame as he drilled her harder, spanking her ass with his nutsack.  Sophie’s head flew up from the couch cushions, sweaty red hair spilling around her face as she stared ahead, making intense, unwavering eye contact with the powerful black man that was owning her tight rear end.

“Yes, Sophie,” Maisie encouraged, nuzzling into her neck and licking sweat from her glistening skin.  “Take that dick, babe.  Right up your arse!”

Hands pushed harder on those long, long legs, pushing them down almost to the leather and nearly taking Maisie’s eye out with the heel of a shoe.  Sweat was beading on the escort’s brow and he bared his gritted teeth, pearly white wonders that contrasted magnificently with the tone of his skin.  He was giving her everything now, every single inch he possessed.  Sinking to the hilt with each hard thrust, he terminated somewhere in her large intestine. 

“Play with your pussy, Soph,” Maisie instructed, purring into the redhead’s ear.  “Fire that fucking cum for me.”

Sophie did as her best mate told her, reaching down between her legs and frigging herself with thunderous zeal.  Her squirting ability was known to all her friends and the auburn beauty had showcased her talents numerous times during the course of the evening.  But her newest climax was far, far wetter than any that had come before.  Thrumming her clit with fingers ablur, she gave a sudden shriek of warning as gallons of clear, warm fluid sprayed forth from her spasming twat. 

“Yes!  Go on, Soph!” Maisie gushed, looking mightily proud of her suggestion.  “Spray all that cunt juice, you dirty fucking slag!”

Sophie obliged and kept on firing, spurting out jet after jet.  Reaming the gorgeous redhead throughout the whole ordeal, the dark-skinned stud saw his chiselled form soaked again and again and again, countless drops of crystalline fluid dripping from his pecs to his groin. 

Maisie gasped.  “Jesus, Soph!  You went off like a fucking firehose!  I think we’ve got a new record, girls!”

Laughs and whoops were returned from those able, and a curious expression formed on Sophie’s face, somewhere between a blush and a grin. 

“Right, I think it’s your turn now, love,” Maisie declared.  She looked up at the squirt-soaked hunk, still pounding away at her girlfriend’s rear.  “Shoot your cum up that tight, little arsehole!”
No more needed to be said, and with Sophie still reeling from her latest cum-squirting orgasm, the big strong black man buried himself to the base in her ultra-constricting rectum, unleashing a potent blast that nearly filled her colon completely.

“Phew!” said Maisie, her eyebrows raised, her pink lips puckered in a perfect O.  “That looked like a lot!”

“That felt like a lot!” Sophie added, feeling the hot jism bubble inside her bowel. 

“Pop that thing out and let me taste it,” Maisie instructed, leaping down from the couch and squatting on the expensive carpet. 

Prying himself from her colon, Sophie’s asshole quickly returned to its previous aperture.  But not before a hot mess of goop spilled out from her burning bottom, pooling neatly between her best friend’s lips.  Sophie joined her and their mouths sealed shut, sharing the spunk that had filled her anal cavity. 

With the sun climbing slowly in the Kentish sky, the scene in the Game of Thrones room had descended into chaos.  Men bounced around the room from one gorgeous woman to the next, delivering violent penetrations and deep, volcanic eruptions into any tight orifice that took their fancy.  Guttural screams filled the enormous expanse as one violent, cum-spraying orgasm was quickly followed by another. 

Everyone in the room was awash in a sea of lust, hopelessly lost in a haze of unbridled carnality.  And nobody more so than Emma Watson and Emilia Clarke, who had been furiously pounded on by a pair of light and dark studs for the better part of an hour.  Twisted and bent into every position imaginable, both women had been dicked hard and deep in every single hole they possessed.

Stradling the black one with her feet planted firmly on the couch cushions, Emma worked her snug pink asshole up and down the escort’s dick, bouncing her bottom off his chocolate-coloured abs.  Laying atop the white guy with her body pinned tight to his chest, Emilia clung desperately to his big, broad shoulders as he drove his dong up into her, filling her anal passage with every pitiless stroke. 

“Oh my god!  Emma!” yelped the TV queen, reeling intensely from her latest limb-shaking orgasm.  “You’ve outdone yourself this year, love.  These blokes are fucking incredible!”

“Aren’t they?!” Emma laughed from across the couch.  “And you know what, Emilia?  I reckon a girl like you could handle both these boys at once.”

“Pfft!” Emilia scoffed, rolling her emerald eyes.  “Oh, please, Emma.  I’ve handled both these boys ten times already!  Haven’t I, fellas?”

The men nodded, returning affirmative grunts.

“I know, love,” Emma said with a chuckle.  “But have you handled them…together?”  She did a quick mime using two of her fingers and suddenly the meaning was clear.

“Oh,” said Emilia.  “Together.”  Her smile faded and even the raging cock tunnelling through her colon couldn’t shift the look of anxiety now stretched across her beautiful face.

“Yeah,” Emma grinned.  “Together.  Wanna try it, babe?  Should be a doddle for a tart like you.”

Emilia was conflicted.  After all, the cock in her ass was one of the fattest she’d ever seen, and the other one looked even bigger!  How on earth was that going to fit in there too?!  But this was what Emma’s parties, and the GoT room in particular, were all about.  Pushing one’s boundaries.  Testing the limits of one’s sexual scope and seeing just how much hedonism one person can handle.  Those bounds had stretched a little further with each passing year and it was within these hallowed walls that the gorgeous brunette had licked her first vagina, popped her anal cherry and done her first DP- all of which were now staples of her sexual repertoire.

“OK,” she finally agreed, apprehension and excitement filling her in equal measure.  “Bring it on!”

“Yay!” Emma shrieked, hopping straight down off the black man’s dick.  “You’ll love it, babe, I promise.”

The escort climbed down from the couch, positioning himself behind The Dragon Queen and pointing his thick dark rod at her already taxed backdoor.

“We’re gonna need a lot of this,” Emma declared, squeezing at a bottle of lube and applying it liberally to schlong and sphincter alike.

Emilia clung to the torso of the man underneath, her body on red alert as she braced herself for entry.  She felt the second tip press against her hole and her eyelids flew open, pretty green peepers nearly springing straight out of her skull.

“Oh, JESUS!  Emma!  It’s not gonna fit!”

“It will, babe,” Emma replied, squatting at her girlfriend’s side.  She stroked a glowing cheek, brushing locks of hair from her strained and sweaty red face.  “Just relax.  The more you tense up, the harder it’ll be.”

Emma nodded at the black man and he gave a gentle nudge, wincing slightly as his oversized head slid past her stretched out ring.

“Oh, GOD!  It hurts!” Emilia squealed, the throes of pain twisting her delicate features. 

“I know, babe,” Emma replied, soothing her as best she could.  “It hurts a little at first.  But when they’re both in there…God, there’s nothing like it!”

Progress was slow, but Emilia could feel the dark rod worming its way in, testing her endurance as it stretched her asshole to the breaking point.

“Oh my God!  Fuck!  Fuck!  Fuck!” she cussed, breathing through the pain as countless coal-black inches were forced up inside her. 

“Yes!  That’s it, Em!” Emma encouraged, coaching her through the whole ordeal.  “You’re doing great, babe.  Just a little more.”

Baring his gritted teeth, the escort pushed with everything he had, feeling her rectum expand as he slotted in on top of his buddy.  One final push and he was buried to the balls, squeezed and enveloped by one of the tightest backsides he’d ever had the pleasure of entering. 

“Ahh, FUUUCCCKKK!!!” Emilia cried, nearly bursting Emma’s eardrums as her bottom was packed with 18 inches of grade a British beef. 

“Yes, Emilia!” Emma screamed back, positively beaming with pride at her girlfriend’s achievements.  “I knew you could do it, babe!  How does it feel?”

The feeling was indescribable.  An extraordinary sensation that mere words could never do justice.  So Emilia didn’t even try.  She simply basked in the wonder of it all, relishing the feeling of those two phenomenal organs throbbing against each other inside of her anal canal.  Then, just when she thought the feeling couldn’t possibly be topped, the two hired studs gripped tight to her curvy body and promptly started thrusting.

A constant string of swears flew forth from between her lips, the volume increasing with every two-pronged thrust.  It was, without a doubt, the most intense sensation she had ever experienced.  Those two thick rods were base to base and tip to tip, twitching and pulsing as they pushed in deep, stretching her insides like they were made of elastic.  Emma watched her friend intently, enjoying how her expressions changed- looking less like pain and more like pleasure with every passing second. 

The pace quickened, and groans and grunts were swapped back and forth from men and woman alike.  Alternating thrusts, the guys were like a pair of pistons, sinking one fat cock after another deep into her darkest parts.  They didn’t even seem to mind their dicks rubbing together, and probably would’ve had a full on sword fight if it meant getting a crack at Emilia Clarke.

The queen was on fire, radiating heat from the inside out.  Her pussy was sodden, leaking out  creamy, hot lava that trickled across her taint, adding extra lubricant to the two thick rods stuffed into her anal cavity.  She’d cum in a matter of seconds and the orgasms hadn’t let up, hitting her with full force and increasing regularity.  She had so many that she quickly lost count, but she knew it must have been close to a dozen, doubling her tally for the evening. 

And the guys were loving every second of it, relishing the feeling of her tensed inner walls as they hugged their members tight.  The fact that there was another dick in there was wholly immaterial.  It was a world class booty, and both men would happily have pounded away at it for hours on end, now matter how many cocks had been squeezed inside it.  But their genitals had other ideas, and as her skinny rectum hugged both dicks to the point of bursting, the inevitable outburst of a man on the edge came roaring out from underneath her.

“Oh, fuckin’ ‘ell!  I’m gonna cum!”

The black guy pulled out as the man beneath her sheathed himself to the hilt, pinning her ass to his crotch and yelling at the top of his voice as he fired a heat-seeking missile straight up the actress’ colon.

“Oh, FUCK!  AAAAAHHHHH!!!” she screamed, cumming yet again as her insides were splashed with the contents of his swollen ballsack.

Perky chest heaving as she caught her breath, Emilia stayed perched atop the escort’s groin, basking in the warmth of his eruption until a tug on her hair signalled that it was time for another.  Dropping to her knees, the fat black cock was up in her face, twitching and spasming in his large dark mits as he furiously beat himself off.  It went off in seconds, spurting out ropes of gloopy, hot semen that splattered across the actress’ face, coating her features with a single load. 

“Wow!” Emilia gasped as the man stepped back, too dazed and disoriented to say a lot else. 

“See,” Emma grinned.  “Told you you could do it!”

“Blimey!” came a voice from the doorway.  “That was quite something, eh, ladies?”

The group turned en masse as a troupe of naked figures appeared in the open doorway- males and females alike.  Cara Delivingne was stood at the front, receiving murmurs of agreement from the people behind her.

“I’m not too big on dick,” the model went on, “but taking two up your arse?  I’ve gotta say that’s impressive, Em.”

“Err…thanks,” said Emilia, still too drunk on dick to register what was being said or even who had said it.

“Don’t mention it.”

Cara strolled into the room and the rest of the group trailed in behind her.  It wasn’t every guest, but it must have been close to half, with an equal number of clothesless studs dotted in amongst them.  Crossing the border without invitation was strictly prohibited but nobody in the room was in any state to object.  Besides, as far as they were concerned, with the amount of men they had in tow, these ladies could go where they liked!

Cara took a scan of the room, focusing her gaze on one worn out woman after another.  All of them were drenched in sweat, exhausted from their various endeavours and looking like they needed an entire month in which to recover.  A wily grin formed on the model’s face, continuing to grow as she addressed the room at large.

“Oh, come on, ladies.  You’re not done yet, are you?”

Cara didn’t wait for an answer and waded into the sea of supposedly spent bodies without any invitation.  Pushing Emilia down onto her tummy, she buried her face between those plump, juicy cheeks and gave her sore asshole a much needed licking.  A shriek went up from her remaining guests and they promptly got in on the action, diving between the nearest legs or onto the closest cock without a moment’s pause. 

Impressed by what she’d seen just a few short minutes ago, Imogen Poots marched straight for the nearest sofa, zeroing in on the big, strong black man that blasted Emilia’s face.  Still reeling from such a violent eruption, his recovery time was quickly cut short as the gorgeous blonde straddled his tall dark frame, guiding his tender schlong straight into her hot pink pussy. 

And he wasn’t the only one feeling the effects of a night of non-stop sex.  Indeed, every man in the room had blown his beans multiple times over and were close to running out of juice as the all-star orgy moved into its eleventh hour.  But that meant little to the celebrity guests, and the A-list beauties were sucking and fucking their opposite numbers with the same tireless energy that they’d had at the start of the evening. 

Everywhere the black man looked, one of his colleagues was being ridden into oblivion or giving it to a world famous actress with everything he had left in his tank.  To his left, Sophie Turner was perched on an escort’s lap, bouncing her ass cheeks off his abs on a seemingly endless loop.  On his right was Keira Knightley, taking a vicious pounding from one of his dark-skinned brethren as she was bent over the arm of the couch. 

But this was no all-penetrative affair by any manner of means, and women were perched on their knees from one wall to the next, showcasing their oral talents on friends and escorts alike.  Notable among them was pop star Rita Ora, who was taking an escort's dick further down her throat than any woman had managed before.  So too was Lucy Boynton, her lips puckered at a black man’s groin as she vanished all twelve of his thick dark inches.   

Though for some, one just wasn’t enough and all across the room celebrity guests were tending to the hired hunks two, three or even four at a time.  Black and white dicks clutched tight in each hand, Alice Levine’s fiery red hair brushed across her shoulders as she switched from light to dark with clocklike regularity.  Half-ringed closely by a cast of three, Maisie Williams had gone one better, vigorously jerking two fat, throbbing cocks while her face was fucked by a third.  Though she too was no match for Emily Blunt, who was surrounded by so many men that her friends could barely see her.  And when she finally re-emerged, the mother of two was covered in so much cum that nobody even knew it was her!

And so it continued, the all-out orgy showing no signs of slowing, even with the warmth of mid-morning starting to creep in from the bright outdoors.  Binmen, milkmen and postmen alike had already done their rounds, but the party guests continued regardless, quite unaware if it was eight in the morning or eight at night as they worked their way around as many of the hired hunks as the cramped conditions would allow.

Rosamund Pike was being ferociously spitroasted, knees shaking on the carpeted floor as her body was pounded on by two of the biggest cocks she’d ever had the pleasure of taking.  Lena Headey was eating out Emma Watson, moaning into her shaven snatch as she was savagely taken from behind.  While Naomi Scott had men literally queuing up, ready to run a train on the half-Indian beauty that would take her halfway around the country and back.  Even Cara Delevingne made a brief return to heterosexuality, and while she still preferred pussy, it was nice to be reminded of the bone-rattling orgasms that a big ol’ dick can provide. 

The room was filled with noise, sounds merging from all four corners.  There were moans and groans.  Slurps and sucks.  Shrieks of pleasure and piercing smacks of bodies colliding.  The volume increased as the rutting continued, building to a violent crescendo.  Each and every man was ready to burst, to unleash a gigantic volcanic eruption of truly unfathomable proportions. 

The black guy on the couch was first to blow, exploding so deep into Olivia Cooke that he filled her womb completely.  And once the first man toppled, the rest fell like dominoes, shooting their seed onto faces and tits, and into mouths and vaginas alike.  Nathalie Emmanuel took a load down her throat, Carey Mulligan got a blast to the chest.  Hannah Murray was struck by twin wads of spunk, so copious in volume that they covered every inch of her face.

But it didn’t end there, and soon cries of ecstasy and loud spurts of cum were all that could be heard as one dick after another detonated like a nuclear bomb.  Daisy Ridley was getting plowed from both ends when the two men erupted, leaving creamy deposits in her tummy and uterus alike.  While Natalie Dormer was in the midst of a mini-bukkake, cum splattering across her hair and face in vast and immeasurable quantities. 

Soon there were just two left.  One was going in hard on Gemma Arterton, clapping her juicy butt cheeks as he fucked her from behind.  Egged on vigorously by a group of her friends, he didn’t stop railing until he fired up the actresses’ back, leaving a hot streak of cum from shoulders to ass.  The women cooed, in awe of such a potent blast.  And as the stud that administered it attempted to regain his senses, their attention turned to the last man standing. 

A cast of five already gathered around him, the trembling hunk was being ruthlessly attacked from every conceivable angle.  Hands were all over him, squeezing his ass cheeks and stroking his thighs.  Thick sets of lips were wrapped around his balls and puckered at the base of his schlong.  While tongues were licking in every direction, trailing along the grooves of his six pack and plunging deep into his stripwaxed ass. 

More women joined and soon he was entirely surrounded, powerless to resist as he was tugged and pulled in a number of different directions.  Eight were lined up before him, taking turns on his dick and seeing who could vanish it with the least amount of fuss.  More were behind him, tonguefucking his sphincter with ferocious intent. 

It was too much for him.  Heck, it would have been too much for anyone.  He held off for as long as he could, but it quickly became clear that resistance was utterly futile.  He wasn’t sure how many women had gotten to his dick but it definitely wasn’t all of them, and his thick, throbbing shaft was lodged down Daisy Ridley’s throat when he finally admitted defeat.

Wrenching it free, he took it in his shaky paws and jerked like there was no tomorrow.  A line of beautiful faces were gazing up at him, his mind so scrambled he could barely tell one from the other.  Some from behind had come to join them, but at least one of them had stayed, and a long and slithery, wet tongue pushed far into his rectum as he tugged himself off.

Explicit pleas came from all around him, each one louder and filthier than the one that preceded it.

“Yes, baby!  Stroke that big, fat dick!”

“Don’t forget about me!”

“Empty these balls, baby!”

“Do it!  Cum on my face!”

“I want some on my tits too!”

“Drench me!  Cover me in cum!”

The voices continued but the escort soon blocked them out entirely, focusing only on dousing as many of these women as possible.  With a mighty roar, his bellend exploded, spewing issue at a blistering rate.  Aiming in every direction, he sprayed a gallon of seed at the mass of humanity that was gathered at his knees, leaving creamy streaks across faces, chests and hairstyles alike. 

His vision was a blur, but every so often a face came into focus, lit up in ecstasy as spurts of his jism splattered across their skin.  Naomi Scott.  Nathalie Emmanuel.  Maisie Williams.  Hannah Murray.  Olivia Cooke.  He kept on spewing, and it wasn’t until every face had been sprinkled with seed that he finally stopped, nursing his red raw willy and wondering if he’d ever want to use it again.  He’d had a distinguished career in the sex industry, but gave serious thought to hanging up his member for good.  Nothing would ever beat that. 

He stumbled towards the nearest sofa and promptly collapsed in a heap, looking like he’d need a week’s rest before he could even move again.  And he wasn’t alone.  In fact, every man in the room was looking a little worse for wear.  But no problem, the A-list party guests were more than happy to take care of themselves.  Particularly (yep, you guessed it) Cara Delvingne, who had been licking out any woman without a dick inside her (and even some that did) for an hour straight and didn’t look like stopping anytime soon.

Licking the cum from each other’s faces quickly turned into a big group make out session, which too evolved into quite possibly the largest bout of mass cunnilingus that the world had ever seen.  In fact, the women were so engrossed in each other’s vaginas that Emma Watson had managed to slip out unnoticed, going off in search of the second enormous orgy that her remaining guests were undoubtedly having elsewhere. 

One set of screams gave way to another as she passed through her luxury abode, and the volume increased as she drew nearer to Marvel HQ.  Just like the previous room, the MCU homebase was overflowing with naked women, many of whom had no connection to the movie franchise whatsoever. 

The closest Holly Willoughby had gotten to a Marvel film, for example, was when she watched one in the cinema.  But nobody in the room seemed to mind her being there, least of all the big, muscular black man that was pounding her legendary ass.  Michelle Keegan, on the other hand, had never seen a comic book movie.  But that didn’t stop her burying her face in Peggy Carter’s rack and motorboating until her heart’s content. 

Though it wasn’t all MCU novices that were getting in on the action.  In fact, the stars of the series were right in the thick of it, going harder and longer than their Marvel-less counterparts could even dream of.  Florence Pugh was getting plowed into next July, taking a huge black dick up her ass like only a true superwoman can.  Captain Marvel co-stars Lashana Lynch and Gemma Chan were 69ing on the couch when an escort joined them, adding a dash of vanilla to the chocolate-banana swirl as he buried his cock in the black girl’s ass. 

A filthy grin stretched across Emma’s face as she marched into the room.  Grabbing hold of three big guys, she led them across to the nearest sofa, positioning each man exactly how she wanted.  The black one she put on the bottom, sliding her pussy down his thick chocolate log as she straddled his muscular form.  Patting the leather of the couch, she signalled for the blonde one to sit down beside her.  Leaning over his towering groin, she dipped down low and swallowed him up, taking him to the balls in one fell swoop. 

The third one didn’t need any form of direction, and slotted his crown between her peached-shaped cheeks, pressing up against the ring of her ass.  Resting a hand on the small of her back, he drove forward without delay, filling her final orifice.  They held her in place and the thrusting started, synced to perfection from the very beginning.  Two huge cocks were drilled up into her, hitting her cervix and the back of her throat.  While a third one bore through her backdoor passage, peaking somewhere in the depths of her bowel. 

But she wasn’t alone in her efforts and similar two, three, even four-pronged antics were taking place in all four corners of Marvel HQ- equally huge cocks crammed into any hole they’d fit and in every arrangement imaginable.  There were cocks in each hole, cocks in the same hole, and nearly half the women in the room were filled to the brim in one configuration or another.  The rest entertained each other while they awaited their turns, making use of the plethora of sex toys that Emma had distributed at the start of the evening.

Jenna Coleman had a pair in her pussy, Anya Taylor-Joy had two in her ass.  Jameela Jamil had two giant cocks buried deep in her asshole and cunt, while an even bigger one was stuffed down her esophagus. 

But the main attraction was undoubtedly the host of the party.  She’d only been in the room a few minutes and already she was the focal point, drawing the attention of every man in the room, no matter how immersed he was in the holes of another woman.  Another guy approached, leaving the brunette with more cocks surrounding her than she had holes to put them in.  It really was quite the dilemma.  But, pragmatist that she was, Emma Watson had the perfect solution.

“Any more room back there?” she asked, prising the cock from between her lips.

The man took a step back, assessing the situation.  “Little bit.”

“Well, have at it then, love.”

That was all the invitation that the escort needed, and he squeezed himself into position, adding his rod to the plethora of others that were already inside her.  It meant sandwiching his body between two other men, not to mention rubbing up against one of them in a way that few would have found acceptable.  Though he didn’t seem to mind.  Pushing gorgeous women to the brink of their sexual boundaries meant squeezing himself into some rather uncompromising positions.  But, consummate professional that he was, he always did so without complaint.  Besides, if it meant sticking his dick in Emma Watson then it was totally and unquestionably worth it.

He went for her pussy first, pushing his head against the black cock already in there and carefully squeezing it in.  It was a fight fit for sure, but her twat was so wet that he managed to enter with relative ease.  His movement was a little restricted and he could feel the cocks throbbing both above and below as he pushed up inside her. 

“Oh, FUCK!  YES!” he heard as he came to rest, buried as deep in her double-stuffed cunt as her vice-like grip would allow.   

Once he was securely inside, the three men started thrusting, synching their movements as best they could.  There wasn’t much room to manoeuvre, but that didn’t matter.  Emma was stuffed so tight that even the slightest movement sent violent tremors rumbling through her at maximum velocity.  She came over and over, gripping the three men harder with each bodily explosion. 

And the orgasms didn’t end there.  In fact, women were creaming themselves silly in every direction, and barely a second passed without an A-list celebrity screaming herself hoarse as a thunderous climax assaulted every inch of her frame.  Soaring decibels launched forth from Rebecca Hall’s shiny, plump lips as pleasure overcame her, her rectal muscles squeezing so tightly around the two fat dicks in there that she almost broke them off at the base.  Jodie Comer followed in room-shaking fashion, screaming so loudly from her hard double-dicking that she nearly deafened all the people around her.

And on and on it went, the volume rising until Emma’s closest neighbour could have heard the screams of ecstasy over a mile away.  Someone broke out the Magic Wands and soon the fluid was flying as world-famous actresses squirted up a storm from one side of the room to the next.  Karen Gillan was getting furiously fucked in the ass, Hitachi’s most popular product thundering against her clit until she sprayed like a hydrant, drenching everyone in a four foot radius.

Guests moved freely around the room, from man to man and woman to woman, switching up partners like it was going out of style.  But even so, some of the women were getting tired of waiting.  Most notably Felicity Jones, who having gone a full five minutes without something inside her, grabbed hold of the two biggest strapons she could find and shoved them into the hands of the nearest women. 

They were Lily James and Annabelle Wallis, but frankly Felicity didn’t much care who they were.  She just needed to be filled with something phallic as soon as humanly possible.  Stepping into the leather harnesses, the two gorgeous women doused their new cocks in lube and did just as the actress demanded, stuffing her beautiful body with twenty inches of man made meat.

But in spite of everything that was going on around her, Emma Watson and her handpicked studs were still the centre of attention.  The string of orgasms ravaging the brunette’s frame was practically never ending, and accepting that they couldn’t possibly make her cum anymore times in their current formation, the four young men decided to switch things up. 

By the time her body had been fully evacuated, one of the men was back down on the couch, lubing himself for re-entry.  The actress mounted him, lowering herself onto his greased up helmet.  Feeling his crown push up into her rectum, Emma slid down the escort’s pole until her bum cheeks were touching his abs.  Gripping the insides of her thighs, he pointed her heels at opposing walls, offering up second dibs to anyone that wanted it.

The newest addition to the group again drew the short straw (or the long straw, depending on how you look at it), and quickly got into position, pointing his cock at an occupied orifice for the second time that morning.  Her second hole was harder to breach, but with a dollop of lube and a dash of persistence, the actress’ ring was stretched around the base of his dick in practically no time at all. 

A third man squeezed in front of him, filling her dripping pink pussy, and the black guy climbed up onto the couch, presenting his dick for sucking.  Then, once all four men had laid claim to an orifice, the thrusting quickly resumed.  Movement was limited once more, particularly for the two underneath, the grip of her sphincter generating friction like neither had experienced before.  But again it mattered little, and those four huge cocks when assembled this way, took her to even higher realms of mind-blowing pleasure than they had done previously. 

Screams continued from all around the room, violent sprays of crystalline fluid firing this way and that as the collective orgasm tally soared high into the triple digits.  But it had to end sometime, and after fourteen of hours of fucking, the celebrity guests were finally beginning to tire.  Streams weakened.  Volumes lowered.  Movements started to slow, and it wasn’t until the women in the room had seemingly run out of orgasms, that their male counterparts finally gave in to the searing sensations that had been building within them for two long, gruelling hours. 

A booming roar burst forth from the male contingent and the room was a wash with a senem tsunami that filled every colon or splashed any cervix that got in its way.  Two men went off inside Kate Beckinsale, blowing deep into her throat and colon, and flooding her digestive tract.  Another blew his wad over Kaya Scodelario, giving her a piping hot facial that soaked every inch of her skin. 

Loads came thick and fast, and ballsacks shrivelled as one set of gonads after another was emptied into the nearest hole.  Juno Temple took a load down her throat.  Dua Lipa was blasted deep in her large intestine.  One of the few at the party who had little need for birth control, Elizabeth Hurley happily took popshots up her pussy until she ran out suitors, filling her disused womb a million times over. 

Emma’s boys were the last to blow and as the hearty ripples of her final orgasm worked their way to her furthest extremities, she felt an empty sensation like never before as four huge cocks were all withdrawn at once.  Still riding the wave of what was basically a two hour-long climax, Emma got up onto her knees as 20 of her closest friends gathered in closely around her.  Someone handed her a wand and the actress held it in place, right on the sweet spot as the guys formed a crescent moon. 

Hands roamed across her body, gliding up and down her back and over her tight sweaty midriff.  Lips pecked at her shoulders and kissed along the nape of her neck.  Words of encouragement were offered from all around her, preparing the host of the party for what was sure to be the facial blast of a lifetime.

“Get ready for it, Emma!”

“Cor!  Look at the size of their bollocks!”

“You’re gonna get bloody drenched, love!”

“You’ll be glazed like a birthday cake by the time they’re done!”

Yet more women were stood up beside the men, fondling their oversized balls and whispering sweet nothings into their ears as they stroked themselves to the point of eruption.  One by one, the men began to blow, dousing the trembling starlet with four of the biggest, hottest, thickest loads ever to spurt from the tip of a penis. 

The first one struck her hard in the face, splattering each one of her flawless features.  The second hit her chest, striking her with so much venom that it stung her clammy, wet skin.  The third went a little awry, and while some of it landed in her nut-brown hair, most of it ended up over Gemma Chan who was knelt down beside her- an unexpected, though not unwelcome, surprise. 

The fourth was the biggest of the lot, and as the violent burst soared forth from his scrotum, the quivering escort fired it anywhere and everywhere that his slightly skewed aim would allow.  Some hit her face.  Some hit her chest.  Some landed in her hair.  Some went straight in her mouth.  Some hit Gemma on her right and Florence Pugh who was seated to her left.  Squeezing out the last few drops into Emma’s gaping mouth, the man staggered off in search of somewhere to recuperate. 

Big, buzzing wand still thrumming against her clit, Emma was quickly assaulted by an army of slick wet tongues, lapping up thick lines of spunk from her face, her tits and anywhere else it had landed.  Some shared a mouthful with whoever was closest, while others simply gulped theirs down, feeling it burn in the pit of their bellies.  Others ignored the man juice altogether, positioning themselves between Emma’s legs and waiting for an ungodly blast that would make those last four look like a thimbleful. 

A few seconds later and there it came, spraying from her snatch like a burst water main and soaking all in the immediate vicinity.  Dua Lipa.  Holly Willoughby.  Elizabeth Hurley.  Felicity Jones.  All these women and more took a vicious blast from the host of the party, catching it in their mouths or letting it splash across their face, tits or cunt.  Some even grabbed ahold of the nearest wand and fired straight back at her, giving the hostess with the mostest a final full-body dousing. 

One by one, the toys were switched off and a placid quiet fell over the house for the first time since the guests' arrival.  Nude men and women alike were sprawled out across the carpet, basking in the afterglow of what was sure to be the most incredible sexual experience that any of them would ever engage in.  The epic group fuck session had gone on through the night and continued for much of the morning, finally culminating at the ludicrous hour of 10.45am. 

Everyone in the house was utterly exhausted, having engaged in more sexual activity in 14 hours than most people manage in 14 months.  The women had cum more times than they could count, firing enough fluid across Emma’s various living rooms to fill an entire swimming pool.  And the men hadn’t been far behind them, blowing more collective loads than the Brazzers back catalogue. 

The quiet extended for what felt like an eternity, interrupted only by the odd deep breath or occasional contented sigh.  Finally, a voice spoke up, breaking the silence that had filled the room so completely. 

“So…” said Emma Watson, “did you ladies have fun?”

And suddenly the room was as noisy as ever as beaming responses were chirped at her from every direction.  So many voices were clamouring over one another that she only heard the briefest snippets, but the consensus was clear: this was the most crazy, debauched and incredible party that the actress had ever held. 

“It was bloody amazing!”

“Absolutely fucking wild!”

“Oh my God!  Those COCKS!”

“I haven’t cum that much in my entire life!”

“Best party I’ve ever fucking been to!”

After ten long minutes of endless praise, the voices finally ceased, allowing the worn out host to attempt a response. 

“Thank you, ladies.  Glad you enjoyed it.  Thank you again for coming and for making this year’s gathering such a roaring success.”

A loud shriek went up from the surrounding women and her sweat-soaked body was pulled into a bear hug by one gorgeous woman after another, countless sloppy kisses left behind on her flushed red cheeks.  Once the room had calmed a little, Emma addressed the issue of the next celebrity blowout, ensuring them that the following year’s bash would be bigger and bolder than any that had gone before.

After a two year wait since the previous party, Emma suggested that the next one be brought forward six months to make up for lost time.  It would be the middle of winter of course, but still there were few objections.  Heck, most of these women would have done it all over again the very next night if they could have.  And with all the transactions she’d overheard during the course of the evening, it sounded like some of them would be doing just that. 

With business taken care of, the partygoers willed their weary frames off the shag carpet floor and set off in search of their clothes.  Goodnights and goodbyes were swapped and exchanged, and the women finally dispersed.  Some headed out to their hired cars, while others retired to their rooms, most with a friend in tow, a man on her arm or some combination of both. 

Once everyone had been accounted for, Emma grabbed a couple of her own and headed straight for the master bedroom. She’d hired them for 24 hours and still had eight or nine left.  There might even be time for more in the evening if she didn’t oversleep.  Or even if she did, she doubted either would object to a couple hours overtime.

The two men followed her into her luxurious bedroom and she closed the door behind them, reflecting briefly on the past few hours and all that had transpired.  It truly was the most incredible party she- or anyone else, for that matter- had ever thrown.  The sheer scope of the thing was utterly exceptional, and there wasn’t a single attendee, either rented or invited, who hadn't had the time of their lives. 

Though nobody had gotten into the party spirit quite like the hostess herself.  She’d winged her away around every room in the house, taking every single cock in one hole or another, and eating damn near every pussy as well.  She’d shared a lucky guy with five of her greatest girlfriends, inspiring him to levels of sexual prowess that were almost superhuman.  While she herself had sucked 12 dicks to completion in less than hour, swallowing enough spunk to fill her belly to the brim.  Not to mention being passed back and forth by a big group of women and an even bigger group of men, getting stuffed full of dildos and dicks in every configuration imaginable. 

The entire event had been simply spellbinding, a night and morning of carnal excess that almost defied description.  Put simply, it was the wildest and most magical night of her entire existence.  A night of feats and emotions that went beyond the realm of human endeavour.  A night the world famous actress would never ever forget.  And in six months time, she’d get to do it all again.  She couldn’t fucking wait!

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Re: The Great British Orgy (Emma Watson and friends) [Final part posted]
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What an end! Superb end to an equally raunchy series. Kudos!
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