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Author Topic: Fucking Like (Magical Sugar) Rabbits [w/h Mizuki & Yuka Sakazaki]  (Read 366 times)


WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the wrestlers, promotions, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the wrestlers, trademarks, etc referenced in this story. All characters are 18 years or older in this story.

Starring: Mizuki, Yuka Sakazaki (both TJPW)

Fucking Like (Magical Sugar) Rabbits

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.

by DaxG2001 ([email protected].uk)

A Commissioned Story for [Anonymous].

Codes: Cons, MF, MFF, FF, oral, inter.

* * *

This story is set in the same universe as fics such as Fired Idol, Better Queen and Pleasing Lady Sakisama. Prior reading of those stories is recommended, but not required.

* * *

In a certain management executive’s office in Tokyo, Japan…

“Decisions, decisions…” Malcolm Laurence remarked, flipping through the pages of files that had been send over to him by the office of Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling. The women’s wrestling promotion here in Japan that he was now the PR guru of for a couple of their leading starlets. The mature, handsome African American however was much more than just a guy boosting social media reach or just getting his ‘clients’ names into magazines and the like. Unknown to TJPW, he had the likes of Maki Itoh and Lady Sakisama under his spell thanks to introducing them to the wicked world of mind blowing interracial sex with his big black cock. And to think, just a few months back he was merely just stuffing J-Pop Idols full with his dick, and now moving onto regularly banging stunning Joshis in steamy private meetings.

Currently, he was sat in his executive office. All the framed posters, sale award CD plaques and other items linked to his past and current successes on the walls or placed on shelves. Alongside his desk and chair, he now had a lengthy couch that, to those more familiar with Western terms, rather resembled a ‘casting couch’ in being black in colour but of a higher quality that the usual cheap porno ones. It was more than enough for him to lounge on in between meetings, calls and paperwork. His office wasn’t the only room he’d redesigned since taking more than a key interest in the beauties of this country. Down the hallway not too far away, a repurposed room turning into a dressing room fit for changing outfits and freshening up. Helpful for after slam fucking another piece of tight Japanese pussy and coating faces with jizz so they could clean up and not make it obvious that any talent meeting had just been a hook-up.

Although right now he wasn’t so much doing paperwork as he was just browsing the women of the TJPW like he was window shopping. Using his cellphone to type up a note of the particular women he would request to send an offer for a private ‘business’ meeting in the future. “There’s certainly some potential here…” He remarked with a smirk. His interest in the women not so much based on the talent, accomplishments or potential for super stardom. More on which of them would be a damn good fuck. So far, names circled as revving his engine from the looks alone included Yuki Kamifuku, Hikari Noa and Miu Watanabe. Which, either of them alone, would be an accomplishment to get a piece of. But considering who he’s nailed already from the roster, it’s no surprise that he’s wanting the chance to devour his cake let alone just eating it when it came to the Joshis.


Malcolm was left startled, dropping his papers when bursting into his office wasn’t just one gorgeous Japanese wrestler, but a pair of them. The reigning holders of the Princess Tag Team Championship of TJPW, the duo known together as The Magical Sugar Rabbits. As hyperactive as ever, the two women bounced into his room as they happily yelled out that ‘Happy Happy!’ slogan. Leaving him blinking at seeing the two beauties clad in their colour ring attires. The two being comprised of the Magical Girl, Yuka Sakazaki who had the short hair reaching to her neck, while Mizuki, known as the Popping Sugar Rabbit, had the flowing longer hair. As they bounced about, Laurence could enjoy they tight looking, sexy and slim bodies in their ring gear with Yuka having more a top and pants combo like a magical genie, while Mizuki’s gear was more Idol-like of a top with long skirt.

“Ladies, ladies!” Malcolm eventually said to try and calm the excitable duo down. Only finding that the two helped themselves to sit down next to him on either side. Unknowingly playing instantly into his hands. “I was told to expect things being a little bit ‘hyper’ with you two, but this is something else!” He remarked, speaking in the native tongue of the country he now lived and worked in.
“We’re just so excited to meet the important Malcolm-San!” Yuka said with a big smile.
“Super important!” Mizuki chipped in. “We’re very excited! Happy to meet someone who can help us make lots of people Happy Happy!”
“Ah, so that’s your game, is it?” He questioned as he helped himself to stretch his arms out along the couch. “Wanting to be a lot more famous than you already are?”
“We want to make as many people around the world as Happy Happy as we are!” Sakazaki stated, as her tag partner nodded eagerly in agreement. “We do that already in Tokyo Joshi, and to all the subscribers watching us. But we want to do more! More!! More happy, all over the world!” She said with a big smile.

“Well that’s quite a noble goal…” He said, smiling at their energetic attitudes as he looked between the two. “And certainly, as you already know, I’ve done wonders for boosting the attention that my current clients have. I think you two might be just who I’m looking for to add to my… Roster, shall I say, of Joshi wrestlers.” He had to stop himself from just saying adding to his collection as he smirked. “But I have to ask you two… How far are you willing to go to achieve that dream of global ‘Happy Happy’ as you put it?” He said, dangling the carrot as it were in front of these hungry bunnies.
“Super far! Very, very far!” Mizuki said, not catching his meaning quite yet. “We will go all over Japan. All over the world!”
He let out a confident chuckle at her predictable response. “Well ain’t that swell? But ladies, I’m afraid when I say how far are you willing to go? I wasn’t talking about travelling any sort of distance…” He said before he boldly put his arm around the slender waists of the two beautiful women. Pulling them close to his older, toned body to make the scene look like all that was missing was a camera on a tripod facing them to really make this a casting couch interview.
“W-What do you mean, Malcolm-San?” Yuka questioned, blushing slightly at the unexpected closeness.
“Well, ladies? How about I show you instead?” He said, moving his hands off of them just to bring them down towards his pants and belt.

The two beauties staring with their jaws dropping when he quickly shoved his suit pants down. Exposing a thick, long and already hardening black cock to the two cuties. The wonderful looks of cock-shock on them both a clear sign that, rather like the other Asian beauties he’s gotten a piece of in the past, neither of them have seen a cock of this vast size before in their lives.

“T-That’s a cock!” Mizuki gasped as she stared. “Big! Big, big cock!” She stated the obvious but with a clearly excited tone as she began to bite her lower lip.
“What kind of interview is this?? Is this really OK??” Yuka tried to question this sudden turn, but she too was just staring with a clear interest at that hardening meat.
“Of course it is…” Malcolm smirked, moving his hands up and putting one on the back of either woman’s head. “But you know, I try to conduct a very special, physical kind of interview…” He claimed as he used the edge of strength he had, even at his older age compared to these two beauties, as he guided their faces downward. “Besides, there’s two of you and only one of little old me… You can’t tell me the great Magical Sugar Rabbits can’t handle an old man, right?” He said like a challenge.
“I’ve never been with a man with such dark skin…” Mizuki said as she didn’t object to being lowered down towards his crotch.
“This is so sudden! But if Malcolm-San says it’s OK…” Sakazaki said, biting her lip now as likewise, she didn’t try to lift away when she saw that cock approaching.

The next thing the women knew, they were up on their hands and knees along the couch seating as they were at his prick as it was nearly rock hard already. Instinct rather taking over as Yuka was the first to make a move as her tongue flicked out for a soft lick at his size, groaning at the taste before Mizuki joined in with a lap at her side. The slight licks soon enough increasing in number from them both, making him moan in approval before they both moire fully ran their tongues up the sides of his tool. Making sure to look over at him, like they were making sure they were doing good with this sudden task. The result of their combined tongue work clear from his shaft being fully erect as they dabbed their saliva onto him from the licks up and down.

“Ahhhhh… The taste! It’s so strong!” Yuka said as she moved upward to the crown. “M-May I, Malcolm-San?” She politely, but with an excited tone, asked as he unsurprisingly gave a nod and a smile for her to proceed. Rewarded with her soft lips soon wrapping around his thickness, making her groan as she had to stretch to contain such a size of prick. Starting to slide her warm, wet mouth up and down his prick to make him moan as got an even fuller taste of his member. Mizuki shifting down at bit, still sliding her tongue against his shaft as she worked over the base of him. Leaving him being double teamed already by the reigning TJPW Princess Tag Team Champions as he groaned out in delight. Watching Yuka slurping slowly and smoothly on his dick while Mizuki happily lapped at his base. Getting a sign that these two women were not strangers to pleasuring a cock in their own individual right, just never with a member of this vast size.

“Mmmmmphh! Mmmmm! Hmmmmmphhh…” Yuka groaned around his meat, the already far from innocent cries bouncing off his cock as she slid her mouth smoothly up and down his prick. Her short hair swaying back and forth as she worked over his meat. Applying her saliva onto him as the former Princess of Princess Champion showed off some impressive oral skill with the steady motion she was using. Having no issue either with her best friend and tag team partner working over the same dick as she pumped her oral hole along his member. “Mmmmm!! Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmm…” She sucked on the upper portion of his length, getting a feeling of dark American meat with her soothing Japanese mouth. Unable to help herself from flicking her tongue out at his shaft to brush along it while it passed in and out of her lips. Tilting her head back slightly when she felt Laurence stroking his fingers through her locks in approval, but not enough so that his cock fell out from her lips as she sucked him off.

“Ahhhhh… Me! Me me me! My turn now!” Mizuki demanded with a hyperactive tone as she moved up. Smiles exchanged between the tag team partners before they swapped roles. Mizuki getting now to sample the full flavour of that big black cock as she took his inches between her own soft and pleasurable lips. Leaving Yuka to happily now take over licking at his base but with a slight angle around as she brushed across his heavy balls to stimulate him. “Mmmmm! Mmmmmphhh… Mmmmmmphh!!” Mizuki now had her groans muffled by all that thick dick as she worked her mouth up and down, using a nicely smooth and steady pace that already had the man she was blowing moaning out. Thankfully this wasn’t a best cock sucker contest as both women felt equally good with how soothing and moist their oral holes were. Leaving him smiling as the combined spit was starting to drip down his length.

“Mmmmmm… Mmmmmphhh…” Mizuki bobbed up and down, and didn’t mind at all when he reached down to brush her long hair back over the shoulder for a clear view of her pretty face sliding along his shaft. Again, he smirked at the sensation of her tongue flicking once in and while at his length inside of her mouth. All too quickly adjusting to the thrill of interracial sex even within just minutes of meeting the man she was supposed to be just having a business meeting with. Or so she thought as she now helped to double team his dick with her title-winning tag team partner. “Mmmmm… Hmmmmmphhh… Mmmmm!” She continued to groan around his prick as she shifted up and down, making her hair slip down across her features from the sway only for him to brush it right back. All as Yuka below swirled her tongue around his ball sack, groaning at the flavour as she still looked up but didn’t seem envious at all at missing out at sucking on that big cock. Happy to share with her best friend as they both more than a sampling of their first huge dick.

Mizuki pulled off with a groan that had more than a hint of lust to it. Only to lean back in as now she and Yuka attacked his cock with hungry licks across the tip. Malcolm smiling not just at the wonderful feeling of two soft, wet tongues swirling over his fat bell-end but seeing that neither woman appeared to mind sliding and brushing against the other woman’s as they tasted his dick again. He took advantage of that with grip of the hair of both ladies. Making them pull up a bit to above his cock and having their lips press into one another. A slight opening of the eyes before the look was half-closed as they moaned. The Magical Sugar Rabbits not hesitating to exchange a lip lock, working the lips that had both been sucking some dick now against one another. Tongues peeking out to brush around for a kiss that was far from the first time they’d tasted one another from the moans they were exchanging let alone the spit, with some drips falling down onto his cock just beneath their chins.

“Guess that answers the question on how close you two are as tag partners…” Malcolm teased with a smile, letting go of the hair of both women.
“Ahhhhh…” Yuka pulled back, just to look to him with a wide smile as she sat up on her knees with her best friend following suit. “Of course, Malcolm-San! We can’t make everyone else Happy Happy if we can’t make one another happy!” She claimed as Mizuki quickly nodded in agreement.
“Oh, I never said it was a bad thing! In fact, it will make this even more fun for all three of us.” He said, using his hands to go to the backs of the women. “If you don’t mind? Step off for a moment.” He asked, and the women doing do as they stood on the floor. Allowing him to swing his legs over, and then lay down on the black couch. “How about one of you ladies… Oh! OK, then!”

He was about to make a suggestion when the Magical Sugar Rabbits made it for him. Some playful pushing as the two women got on top of him as Mizuki was the first to be able to mount his crotch, reaching under her skirt as she pushed down the bottoms underneath her attire. Leaving the shorts hanging on just one leg so she could lower her pussy down onto his big cock. Even without being seen thanks to her clothing, the feeling was there to make both her and the man she was about to ride moan out. In her eagerness, not even considering the consequences of doing this without protection on as she lower her tight and already a little wet pussy downward nice and slow onto that thickness.

At the same time, Yuka was sliding her genie-style pants down enough to expose her cutely rounded, nicely sized ass along with her pussy. Able to straddle the handsome face of the older man underneath her as he reached up to hold her hips now they were in view with her bottoms left down below his hands. His face leaning up as she pushed down so he was now taking on both of the TJPW Princess Tag Team Champions at the same time once again, but now able to give back as good as he was getting as took a ride from one and began to run his tongue up against the other set of lower lips being offered to him. Making Yuka moan out as he started off by running along her folds, sampling the wetness that’s already formed from her sucking and sharing his cock moments before.

“MMMMM… Big! So, so big! AHHHHH…” Mizuki moaned out, placing her hands on his still suit-covered chest as she worked her snug pussy up and down on his cock. Having to go slow and steady for the moment as her tightness was adjusting to the thickest, longest dick she’s ever taken. Leaving them both groaning as he enjoyed a vice-like grip around his pole as she moved up and down with a smooth bounce. Fitting half of his size up into her but looking to take in more as gradually, with each eager drop down onto his member, more of those fat, dark inches were getting stuffed up into the snatch of the Popping Sugar Rabbit. “MMMMM… It’s good! So good! MMMMM… I never knew a man could be this big! MMMMM!!” She added with a moan, further stating how she’s getting to take on the biggest cock yet in her life, and already going at this with more than just a willing nature as she lifted her clothed body up and down with a nice, steady rhythm. Her long hair swaying behind her as she rode him and kept them both moaning, even if his cries were more than muffled by some pussy.

“OOOOOOOH!! MMMM… Malcolm-San! Such a lewd tongue! MMMMM… S-So skilled!” Yuka was moaning out too as she enjoyed being eaten out from underneath by the stud she and her tag team partner were sharing. One arm outstretched, holding the wall just at the back of the couch for support as she rocked her hips back and forth. Moving her snug pussy against his probing tongue as he savoured the taste of the Magical Girl. “AHHHHH… It’s good! MMMMM… Yes, very good! AHHHHH… Make me happy, Malcolm-San!” She encouraged as she tilted her head back. Moaning when he pushed his tongue up into her slot to further explore her and sample the forming juices. Smiling into that tight twat and not just because his cock was being fucked at the same time. Hearing her groans and tasting away with his lapping tongue was encouragement enough to keep making the talented wrestler turn into a more horny state for further fun to come.

He just laid back, letting too younger women ride him at two points of his older, toned body with Mizuki bouncing away on his lap while he got Yuka’s slick pussy grinding down against his mouth as he pushed his tongue deeply up into her snatch. His lips getting nicely coated in her juices as he sipped them down with a smile. Moaning up into those folds as he felt another snug, hot pussy gliding up and down his prick. Groaning as he couldn’t see the motion but easily felt the tight grip all around his prick as Mizuki worked herself up and down. Dropping down deeper now and with a more firm, confident motion now she was adjusted to his massive length. While likewise, the swaying of Yuka’s hips were nice and smooth as she more than welcomed him dining on her tasty pussy. A good round of sex with his big fat cock always woke up the naughty side of wrestling beauties like these two.

“MMMM! Yes! Nice and big! MMMMM… So good!” Mizuki groaned, having to toss her hair back as she was deeply in the zone. Dropping herself down firmly before lifting right up to the midway mark on his dark shaft, just to drop straight back down with a groan as her crotch smacked into his crotch. The sight of the action covered up by the Idol-like skirt of her wrestling attire she still wore, but it was the feeling of her snatch being stretched out like never before that was keeping her moaning out. “AHHHHH… Y-Yuka-Chan! You must try this! MMMMM!! It’s soooooooooo good! MMMM!!” Mizuki said, looking across at her close friend as the two of them shared a man they’d only just met. Seeing her friend grinding down against Malcolm's handsome face and seeing glimpses of tongue from the hungry eating out being done to the other talented and beautiful Joshi. Like seeing her tag partner getting pleasured at the same time as her was almost the same kind of turn on as the huge cock stuffing her full right now was.

“MMMMM… Tagging out already? Don’t tire out now! AHHHHH… We mustn’t let our new friend down!” Yuka teased as she kept riding the dark skinned face of the man she was supposed to be here to meet for business, rather than sinful, shameless pleasure. Taking his tongue in deep, leaving her snatch nice and wet to be about the same level of dampness as her friend’s is from riding his cock. But even that pleasure wasn’t enough for her as she leaned across his half-clothed body. Capturing her fellow Magical Sugar Rabbit’s head and drawing her in for another lusty kiss. Moaning being exchanged as well as some spit as they started making out, wrapping tongues around one another. Impressively still carrying out their duties on their new lover and manager with Mizuki still shifting up and down on his dick as Sakazaki rubbed her slick lower lips against his probing tongue.

“Mmmmm…” Laurence moved his head back, taking in some air before licking his lips clean of juices. “You sure you ladies don’t need me?” He said, seeing the two Tag Team Champions smooching above him. “Ahhhh… Looks like you can handle yourselves pretty well.”
Yuka broke the kiss, smiling as she dismounted him. “Forgive us, Malcolm-San! We’ll make sure to make you feel extra Happy Happy!” She vowed as Mizuki agreed with a nod as she, with a bit of reluctance, lifted herself up and off from his dick.
“In that case…” He moved up off the couch to stand up. Taking a moment to loosen his tie. “Mizuki-Chan? Sit on the couch please…” He instructed, and used the break with her following the orders to take off his tie then his suit jacket. “And Yuka-Chan? How about you show me how close you are to your friend? Treat her to what I’d just been giving you…” He said, continuing to undress even with the women still mostly dressed themselves in their ring costumes.

“OK!” Yuka was quickly down on the floor on her knees right up close to the couch. Allowing her hands to reach up, spreading her best friend’s legs as her head went until the Idol-style skirt that Mizuki wore. Leaving Sakazaki’s rounded ass sticking out as her bottoms were down at the knees. Leaving her open for him to kneel behind with a smile, as he helped himself to push his thick, long black cock into Yuka’s snug, wet Japanese pussy that he’d just been dining on. More than warmed up for him to thrust nicely deep into as he gripped her slim waist from behind and started to work back and forth into her. Making her in turn rock forward as her mouth began to slurp onto the similarly moist twat of her fellow TJPW roster member as Mizuki began to moan out as well as this three-way turned intensely bisexual between the two women who were clearly more than just friends or tag partners.

“AHHHHH!! Y-YUKA!! MMMMM… You’re never u-usually this rough with me!! MMMMMM!!” Mizuki groaned out, her hand down and stroking over the curve of Yuka’s head that was created from her being under that skirt. So while Mizuki couldn’t see her pussy being pleasured, she more than felt that talented tongue working over her already slick folds to make her moan out. Showing off that clear experience with one another as Yuka knew how to probe deep and strike the right spots, and even more so here with being fired up by getting fucked from behind at the same time. “OOOOOOOH! So good! MMMMM!! Yesssssss… AHHHHH! N-Not that you weren’t good e-either, Malcolm-San!” She made sure to say as the woman who has been a champion in DDT, Gatoh Move and TJPW moaned out. Biting on her lower lip as she stared for a long moment across her tag partner’s body to watch the same fat, long cock she’d been riding a few minutes ago now drilling another snug snatch. Not so much a look of envy but just desire, and knowing that dick ploughing in deep was encouraging the top notch eating out she was getting to keep her pussy more than soaked.

“MMMM… No offence taken, Mizuki-Chan…” Laurence said with a smile, teasing the women by using the traditional, friendly greeting even in such a sinful situation. Thrusting his cock firmly and smoothly in and out of the snug, wet pussy of the multi-time singles and tag team champion in TJPW from behind. Seeing the back of her head bobbing slightly as his pumps helped fuel Yuka to eat out her fellow Joshi as he made her cutely rounded backside slap back against his mature, hunky body as he filled her up. “AHHHHH… I’m sure she’s far better at eating you out than I am, anyway…” He added as he stared down, watching his cock vanish forward into Sakazaki’s snugness when he pumped forward and he made her ass jiggle from the contact between his body and her gorgeous frame. A few inches reappearing when he pulled back and she rocked forward from the collision, only to push right back to meet his next, stiff thrust to make her be filled up impressively balls deep. Showing a natural ability of a Size Queen despite this being her first time taking on a big black cock like this with her tight, hot Japanese pussy.

“MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMMPHH!!” The Magical Girl moaned into the pussy her mouth was clamped onto as she sucked with a hunger. Leaving juices dripping down her chin and onto the floor as she kept shifting herself back and forth. Grinding her own lips into the folds of her tag partner while pushing her snatch back along the shaft drilling her from behind to keep her moaning. Not even bothered by her head being covered up by Mizuki’s skirt of her ring attire as she allowed herself to be sandwiched in this three-way. “MMMMMPHH!! HHHHMMMMPPPHH… MMMMMM!!” Her eyes were closed, focused on giving pleasure to the front and back as she send her ass clapping back into the older man from another land behind her, while still slurping away on the familiar, tasty pussy of her fellow pro wrestler at the same time. Her short locks swinging in time with the jolting she’s making her body do as sweat starts to form on her exposed skin, leaving a couple strands of her hair clinging to her cheeks as she munches away on some pussy while taking a big cock all at once.

“MMMMM!! AHHHHH… SO GOOD! MMMM… Y-YUKA!! OOOOOOOH!!” Mizuki groaned out, arching her slim and sexy body off the couch she was sitting on as similarly a nice shine of sweat was forming on her exposed arms and stomach along with that pretty face. Still clad in her wrestling costume but with hard nipples poking through her top as she had to shake her head to make her becoming messy hair clear out of the way as she got eaten out expertly by the woman she’s the Princess Tag Team Champions with. “AHHHHH!! MMMMMM… YESSSSSS…” She groaned out, bucking her twat against the slurping mouth clamped onto her lower lips as she offered up a more than plentiful amount of juices to her close friend. Helping to make the scene red hot as she moaned out without any shame as she got her pussy sucked and licked like the beauty between her legs was more familiar with lesbian action than she was with working pro wrestling matches.

“MMMMM… I knew I saw potential in you two ladies… AHHHHH… The moment I saw your files…” Malcolm claimed with a grin, as he knew his words had a double meaning to them. Despite them being talented, two-time tag champs of TJPW, he was more interested in how superb their snug, wet Asian snatches felt clinging to his meaty American length. Finding that out himself as he continued to drive balls deep into Sakazaki’s tight pussy from behind, making her rock back and forth against his piston-like motion and the twat of Mizuki in front of her. “MMMM… And believe me, I always make sure to take care of my clients… MMMMM FUCK… And their needs…” He added, and showing that right here and now with his brisk, stiff pumping of the woman who has competed for AEW in the past. Keeping her moaning into Mizuki’s pussy as the juices drooled off her chin, and he felt his cock coated in Yuka’s erotic juices as well to show that she’s just as down for some with the same gender as herself as she is taking on some big black dick.

As much as he would have loved to just stay in this position for the rest of this sham of a meeting, he wanted a full sample of them both. Pulling out of Yuka with a smile. “So I think a little tagging out is in order again, don’t you?” Malcolm suggested as he stood up.
Yuka poked her head out from her friend’s skirt with a smile. “Of course! We both make you Happy Happy, and make ourselves happy too!” She said as she got up as well, deciding to properly shove down her pants and step out of them.
“Sure! How will we… Ahhhh! Y-Yuka-Chan!” Mizuki gasped as her best friend took a hold of her, and made the Idol-dressed of the two lay down on the couch now. Not letting her get up as Sakazaki then moved up and mounted the gorgeous features of the other half of the Princess Tag Team Champions.
“Guess this proves the ‘Magical’ part of you two being Sugar Rabbits… Because you two are reading my mind!” He shakes his head as he sees the eager, horny women getting into exactly how he wanted them, without even needing to convince them much. Leaving him free to move up to kneel on the couch and spread Mizuki’s legs so he could shift in, hiking the skirt up and pushing his cock back into that already familiar, snug and soaking wet pussy of hers.

“MMMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!!” Mizuki moaned out as she got her pussy not just filled up, but stiffly rammed as he went into her roughly balls deep with the first motion. Getting right to work banging her as she lay on her back on his couch while being pinned down by her close friend. Leaving Mizuki to get to work herself and reach up, holding Yuka by the thighs and bringing her face up to start munching on the fellow Joshi’s dripping wet folds to instantly drink down delicious juices. Rewarded by that snatch grinding down into her tongue and mouth while she felt that big, long cock sliding in and out of her snugness. Stretching her out to a limit she never knew existed before as she showed a newfound, eager desire for interracial sex to go along nicely with her already clear love of some lesbian fun.

“AHHHHH… Mizuki-Chan is hungry today! MMMMM!! OOOOOOOH…” Yuka smiled as she moaned out. Getting the full sensation of her tag partner’s tongue lashing at her twat as she rocked back and forth on that gorgeous face underneath her. Returning a bit of the pleasure with her hands being down on Mizuki’s chest, giving a light grope to the modest bust of her fellow pro wrestler. “AHHHHH… It must be the feeling of Malcolm-San’s… MMMMM!! Big, dark cock! Making her feel so good! MMMM!!” She added with a groan. Able to stare across the other woman and watch that long black dick driving in to the hilt into that snug and soaking snatch she’d just been munching on, and a prick she’s already taken herself similarly balls deep earlier on during this lusty threesome. Licking her lips as her head cutely bobbed a bit to watch the strokes being delivered as the older man pumped in and out of Mizuki’s still snug pussy again and again.

“MMMMM… Like I said, Yuka-Chan… AHHHHH… I have my ways of motivating my clients…” He smirked, and quite rightly as despite being old enough to be the father of either of them, he’s only now just starting to sweat from being balls deep in some tight, hot and dripping wet pussy. Ploughing away with a swift and stiff series of pumps into the slot of the Popping Sugar Rabbit. Making her in turn jolt back on the couch as she shifts up and keeps eating out the similarly dripping twat of the Magical Girl mounted on her face. “AHHHHH SHIT! MMMMM… Just never usually with two lovely ladies like yourselves at the same time…” He claimed, stretching the truth a bit as this wasn’t even the first time he’d had a threesome in his office before. Not letting something like the facts get in the way of enjoying some wild action with a couple of young, gorgeous and hyperactive babes like this. Stuffing his dick nice and deep into one snug love tunnel and getting to watch some girl-on-girl going on across from him at the same time.

“AHHHHH! YESSSSSS… MMMMM!! PLEASE! MMMM!! Make us… Ahhhhh! Happy Happy! MMMMM!!” Sakazaki more begged than just simply asked as drops of sweat rolled down her face. Her short hair already messy while she took the pleasure from the more than determined licks of the tongue from the other half of the TJPW Princess Tag Team Championship team she’s a part of. Keeping one hand still on Mizuki’s chest to grope her but the other onto the back of the couch for support as she grinds her twat down firmly onto that slurping mouth. Leaving Mizuki’s mouth and lips more than coated with juices from both of their super energetic motions on the other. “OOOOOOOOH! MMMMM!! SO GOOD! AHHHHH…” She added between her loud moans, making it a wonder that this office room fuck hasn’t been caught in the act with how anyone passing by would surely be able to hear even the muffled sound of cries of sinful delight from within. That not a concern in her now sex-drunk mind as she enjoys not just being eaten out, but watching the fat dark dick that’s already been drilling her now filling up her best friend over and over.

“MMMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM!! MMMMMM!!” Mizuki’s wrestling costume was clinging to her body now, sweating harder than she’d even done during even a title match as she was sandwiched between her tag partner and the stud from another country she’s only met today. Giving back about as much pleasure as she’s taking as she keeps her tongue darting up into the pussy being rubbed down onto her oral hole, while her snatch takes a deep, swift pounding from the longest, thickest cock either woman in this have ever taken in their lives. “MMMMM!! MMMMM!! MMMMMMM!!” A smacking of her hand on the thigh of the woman she was eating out was all the signal she could muster before Mizuki groaned deeply into Yuka’s delicious and dripping snatch. Cumming hard over that big black cock as it kept ramming in and out of her, leaving her with no choice (as if in her new state of lust she’d ever dream of turning down such a wonderful feeling) but to ride out all that intense pleasure rippling through the Popping Sugar Rabbit. Malcolm moaning with a smile, as even with her snatch finding a renewed tightness as she took that strong orgasm he managed to last inside of her. Easing up on the pumps so that he could wait until she let out muffled groans, coming down from the peak as he pulled out and admired the dripping state of her juices all over his cock and dripping down onto his couch both from off his rod and leaking out of her now gaping twat.

If he thought he was getting a break however, he was mistaken as seeing that cock was now free to be used, Sakazaki moved down to lay on top of her tired best friend. Giving him a big smile as she all too willingly spread her legs apart in inviting fashion. No need for words in either of their native tongues to be said as he promptly went from fucking one piece of tight, wet Japanese pussy to another with big thick American dick. Making both him and Yuka moan out as he pushed in firmly to be balls deep inside of her once again. This time gripping her thighs to keep those legs spread and start giving it to the Magical Girl as she moaned out with a look of steamy desire across at him. A sight even hotter by the fact she’s resting on top of her tag partner in order to take this fucking.

“AHHHHH!! MMMMM!! Malcolm-San! SO GOOD!! MMMMM YES!!” Yuka groaned as the force of his pumps left her shifting back and forth, sliding her back still wearing her wresting top against the similarly covered chest of Mizuki behind her. That sensation and the ticking of the short hair swaying ‘waking’ up the other beauty from that post-orgasmic bliss as Mizuki reached up and around. Making Yuka groan out even more with the feeling of one hand on her own chest, and the other down between the legs to brush across her folds. “MMMMM… Mizuki-Chan! That’s not fa-AAAAAAAAAAAIR MMMMMM!!” She tried to plead, only to moan out when her sensitive clit was attacked by those skilled and obviously familiar fingers of her best friend. Not being allowed to get away with just taking a cock as this threesome continued with another dose of lesbian fun. Even Yuka’s modest and perky breasts getting tended to by a groping hand as Mizuki smiled and showed that she wasn’t going to let the other half of the Magical Sugar Rabbits down even after taking a more than intense orgasm herself.

There were no complaints from the older hunk involved in all of this, enjoying the lusty turn of events as he could have his fill of sights to enjoy and stare at. Down between the spread legs of Sakazaki to watch not just his big black cock stuffing in deep into her snug, wet Asian twat but seeing a hand rubbing back and forth to make that pussy be double teamed for Yuka’s pleasure. Then up further for a look at some chest fondling, and then up at the lusty gaze both women were sharing. Leading to a collision of lips between the two tag team partners as they made out while one of them took his long, fat cock. Swapping spit and exchanging moans with half-closed eyes locked onto one another. He’d almost feel like a third wheel involved in their own desire for one another if it didn’t feel so damn good being balls deep in one of them during all of this.

“MMMMMM!! MMMMMPHH!! MMMMM!!” Yuka groaned out into the mouth of her best friend, as the former Princess of Princess Champion lustfully made out with the woman she is reigning Princess Tag Team Champions with. Being left sweating hard so her genie-style top clung to her breasts as she was still getting groped. Sliding up and down against the similarly slick and clothed frame of the woman she was laying back on. Naughtily looking to the side at the stud who was banging her balls deep as kept making out with her more than just close friend. “AHHHHH… MMMMM!! MMMMM!!” She moaned out as her eyes stared rolling upward as the pleasure continued to build. Raced along by Mizuki showing the great familiarity she has with the other beauty. Knowing the weak spots to attack as she kept her free hand roaming away over Sakazaki’s dripping pussy to further stimulate.

So despite not even being a wrestler himself, Malcolm got to enjoy the feeling of another snug, wet piece of Joshi pussy clamping around his cock. Making the Magical Girl cum nice and hard over his thick, black dick as he kept plunging in and out of her to make sure, just like he’d done to Mizuki, she got to experience every moment of that intense to say the least orgasm. Leaving her groaning into the other woman’s mouth as they kept making out and Mizuki left her fingers sticky from the constant rubbing of that twat as Yuka came. Pulling out when the lip lock was finally broken and Sakazaki panted for air as the two beauties just stayed laid out for a few moments as he enjoyed the ‘art’ he’d created at the expense of the equally stunning women.

“I think I know a way to make you both super Happy Happy after all of that…” Malcolm said as he moved off the couch to stand up. Not done with the pair of them quite yet as he reaches down, letting both women sit up on the edge of the furniture he’s been banging them on while he stands in front of them. Stroking off his fat, long cock as it throbs in his grasp. Even as worn out as they both are, they know what’s about to happen as they look up and even open their mouths in anticipation for the finale.

That arrives with a loud, deep grunt from him as he begins to paint the stunning, already sweat-coated features of both members of the Magical Sugar Rabbits. The first couple of shots hitting Yuka, landing up her cheek and nose as the top of the blasts hit into her hair across her forehead for an extra sticky mess. Mizuki getting a similar painting over her gorgeous face, with stray shots hitting into her longer locks at the side of her face and across the forehead. Switching between the two so he’s not even playing favourites with dishing out his thick, hot spunk. Making sure both women get a generous amount to leave the jizz dripping off their cheeks and chins to drip down, landing on their wrestling tops and even with the white colouring of their gear the load still stands out on them.

“Mmmmm… Malcolm-San! That’s so much!” Yuka said with a laugh as she looked up as he let go of his spent tool.
“I never knew a man could shoot out so much!” Mizuki says, sounding in awe of the load across her and her friend’s faces even after he’d brought them both to powerful orgasms before painting their features.
“I’m happy I meet your approval…” Malcolm said with a smile, taking their words as a compliment. “But you know, we still should have that little business meeting between the three of us. That is, if you’re both still interest in having me be your new manager, so to speak.”
“Of course we will!” Sakazaki said, as Mizuki eagerly nodded in agreement. “We were interested already before… But Malcolm-San showed he can really match us to make us both be Happy Happy! So then we can go show the world how to be Happy Happy too!”
“Well, in that case? If you ladies head down the hallway a little bit… There’s a marked room where you can clean up and freshen up. Then feel free to head right back here and I’ll have the contracts all ready for you.” He said, and at least on that point he wasn’t being economical with the truth about still wanting them both on his roster of clients. Just with some very physical benefits to go along with all the business perks too.

The two stunners nodded as they pulled up the lower clothing to complete their attires, before they headed out of his office, even with his load still over their faces, and quickly made their way down to the green room with as eager bounces and skips as they’d made when bursting into his office in the first place. Leaving him smiling with a shake of the head as she reached down for his shirt, starting to collect his clothing. “These Joshi women are something else… I’ve heard of Rampant Rabbits but that was on a whole new level!” He thought out loud as he laid out his clothing on his desk. Seeing which parts he can get away with just wearing again and which he’ll swap out for the spare suit he has in cases like this in the storage cupboard.

Pausing only to reach down and scoop up the pile of papers from the TJPW offices he’d been browsing through before this all kicked off. “Then again, a test like that was what I needed… Considering how some of these ladies look like they could make a killing in porn if this wrestling stuff doesn’t work out for them…” He said with a laugh. Already setting his sights, and thinking with his dick, on other women ever after scoring with two already today. After all, a true enterprising man like himself knows his work is never done… And when there’s benefits of getting hook-ups with stunning, hot Japanese babes? Why stop at just a couple clients when he could rack up more notches on his ever growing bedpost!

* * *

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