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Backlot Adventures 1: Sandra Bullock
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Backlot Adventures 1 by Mikesommers14
Celeb(s) – Sandra Bullock
Codes – MF, Oral, Tit Fuck, Facial
Originally posted on August 25, 2002 at CSSA




These are the stories of one young man’s experiences while working as a gofer at a major motion picture studio, which shall remained unnamed. The man’s identity is unknown, and all celebrities mentioned in the following stories have (as guessed) denied their involvement. This first story appears to have occurred on the man’s first day on the job . . .

For most of my first day at the studio, it was pretty uneventful. I had pretty much just done nothing but go back and forth across the backlot: helping with the moving of film equipment, running messages around to different people (crew members, studio personal, other employees), lending a hand to the maintenance teams when they did their daily inspections of the tour trams, and that was about it. I hadn’t glimpsed a single star so far. But that was all about to change. I was about to come face to face with one of the biggest stars in the world.

I was helping out some crew members set up a lighting arrangement when I head someone call my name. I turned to see Janice, the production assitant on the movie that was being shot, coming toward me. “I need you to go get Sandra Bullock,” she said.

“What?” I asked in surprise. I couldn’t believe I was going to meet a star.

“We need to go over some stuff with her and make sure she’s okay with it. Just tell her to come over as soon as she can.” Then she added with a smile, “And if you’re nice, she might just give you an autograph.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. I was going to get Sandra Bullock, my favorite actress in the entire world, and tell her that she was wanted on the set. I would get to introduced myself, maybe even shake hands with her, and walk back with her. Janice told me where her trailer was, and I headed out on my personal little golf cart (something all the goers had) to bring the superstar back.

As a result of the previous day’s shoot being at Soundstage 15, I had to drive a short distance before I reached her trailer. A small panel attached to the door had the name “Sandra Bullock” stenciled on it. I took a deep breath and a moment to compose myself, to make sure I wouldn’t say something that made me sound like a complete and total moron. I knocked four times on the door, figuring that was a nice round number. “Yeah. Come in,” a voice called.

I opened the door and stepped into the trailer. It was nice and cool inside, the air condition running at a steady 74 degrees compared to the almost 97 it was outside. I could hear talking as I shut the door and looked down the length of the trailer. Sandra Bullock herself was standing in the small kitchen area, talking to someone on a cell- phone. She saw me and motioned that she would be right with me, then went back to her conversation.

I stood there waiting, having absolutely no idea of what to do. Should I sit and make myself comfortable, or just stand her patiently and wait? I decided to combine the two and leaned back on the counter edge near the door. On the countertop beside me was the script for the film, opened to one page. I saw yellow highlighter on the page, where she had marked some things for some reason. Maybe lines that she needed to work extra hard to memorize, because the lines that were highlighted were rather long.

“Then that’s tough,” I heard her say, rather loudly, and jerked my head up. It sounded like the conversation had turned bad. “I don’t care. No, I don’t. That’s it. No more. It’s over. It’s over, I said.”

Now I was really uncomfortable. This was obviously turning into a private conversation, if it hadn’t been already, and I didn’t know whether I should wait outside or not. I thought about it, and was just reaching to open the door when she said, “No, that’s it, it’s final. Goodbye,” and turned off the cell-phone, slapping it down on the counter. She stood there looking out the window.

I cleared my thought. “Um, Ms. Bullock,” I said, nervously. She turned. “This doesn’t seem like a good time, but I was just sent to let you know they’d like to see you on the set as soon as you’re ready.”

“Oh, okay,” she said, a pleasant tone returning to her voice. “Thank you. I’ll be right there.”

“I didn’t mean to overhear, but I didn’t know if I should leave or not.”

“Oh, no, that’s okay,” she said, walking down the trailer toward me. “It was just, well, it was just this guy I was dating, and . . . well, let’s just say things didn’t work out.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “Like I said, I assumed it was personal and was just getting ready to leave.”

“They need me for the next scene?”

“Well, Janice just said they needed to go over some things with you to make sure they were okay. I’m not sure what it is, exactly. I’ve got a cart outside to take you straight there.”

“Okay, I’ll be ready in just a minute. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable being here or anything. It was just a combination of this damn heatwave and all the trouble my boy–ex-boyfriend’s been giving me.”

“Oh. You want me to wait outside while you get ready?”

“No, no. It’s too hot out there. I’ll just be a minute.” She went to the couch nearby and sat down to put on her shoes.

“You know, I have to say, if I was your boyfriend, I wouldn’t be causing any problems for you.”

She looked up and smiled. “That’s very sweet. Thank you. Maybe I need someone different. I’m tired of rich Hollywood actors with their big mansions and their fancy cars and dining. I think I want just a plain and simple guy, you know. Someone who doesn’t let their life get in the way of things.”

“Well, that fits me to a T,” I said jokingly.

She stood and seemed to be examining me. “I think you’re right. You look like just the kind of guy I should be with.”

“Uh, e-excuse me?” I asked.

“Yeah.” She walked back toward me. “Someone who’s nice and has a simple life.” She put a hand on my shoulder. “Someone just like you.”

“Uh, Ms. Bullock, we really should get back to the stage. Your film, remember?”

“The film can wait,” she said, drawing closer to me and lowering her voice. “I think we should be together. Wouldn’t you like to have a girlfriend who’s a movie star?”

“Uh, yes.” I was so nervous, obviously.

“Well, then let’s get together,” she said, inches from my face.

And then I felt her lips cover mine, and she was kissing me. I probably should have pulled away, but I just couldn’t. It was Sandra Bullock kissing me. There was no way in hell I could or would pull away. I met her with an equally-passionate kiss, reaching up and putting my hand on the back of her head, the other around her waist. We kissed over and over, continuously, for nearly a minute before pulling apart and gasping for airing.

“Oh, my,” she said in excitement, smiling. “That was great. We really have to get together.”

“Are you sure?”

“Oh, absolutely.” She took me by the hand and led me down to the opposite end of the trailer, into the bedroom, where she sat me on the edge of the bed. I was already turned on, and it must have shown in the bulge in my pants. She looked at it. “Looks nice,” she said.

She dropped to her knees on the floor in front of me and unbuttoned my pants. My heart was racing. She unzipped them, and I lifted up a bit so she could pull my pants and underwear to my feet. My cock was half-limp, arched out like a bridge. She put a hand on it and began to gently stroke it. She glanced up at me. “My God. Is it always this soft?”

She took me in both hands and began stroking it faster. My cock slowly grew harder and harder in her hands until it was at it’s full 9 inch length. It was as hard as a rock and extremely thick, very beefy.

She took the head between her lips and sucked on it, looking up at me with only her eyes. “Mmmmm,” she moaned with her mouth full. The experience felt fucking incredible. She gradually let more slip between her lips until finally all 9 inches were in her mouth and down her throat. I put my hands on the bed behind me and leaned back, losing myself in the pure ecstasy. She bobbed her head up and down on my shaft, her lips rubbing my hardened flesh.

She spit saliva on the head of my cock and smeared it around with her tongue, then slipped it back into her mouth, sucking some more. I wouldn’t have been surprised if my
eyes rolled back in my head at that moment. It was an incredible experience. After several more minutes, she slowly pulled back from me, letting her lips slowly drag off my cock. Saliva hung between my head and her lip, and she lapped it up with her tongue, the tip just barely touching the tip of my cock.

She stood and said, “Enjoy the show.” She was wearing a pair of extremely tight jeans and
a red top. She turned and lowered her ass onto my cock, bumping on me, as if giving me a lap dance. Her jeans were so tight, it might as well have been Levi-colored paint coated on her legs and hips.

I put my hand around on her thighs as she continued grinding me, leaning her head back so we could kiss. Then she stood and turned, and began unbuttoning her pants. She took my hands in hers and used them to push the jeans down, making sure they rubbed against her ultra-smooth legs as they did. Underneath she wore a pair of lacey, black panties. She turned her back to me and pushed the panties slowly over her hips and down her legs, bending completely over and showing me her incredible ass.

When she turned back again, I could see her hairy pussy, trimmed neatly. I was glad to see she didn’t shave. I didn’t like shaved pussies. I liked ones that had at least a little bit of hair, and she had enough to make my mouth water. She grabbed the bottom of her shirt and lifted it above her hand, removing it to expose her bra-less tits. Her nipples where rather large, and dark.

“Do you like my body?” she asked, running her hands up her curvy thighs and to her tits.

All I could do was nod as I stared in amazement. I probably looked like a total drooling moron.

She took hold of my arms and stood me, then laid back on the bed, resting her head on the pillows. She bent her knees up and spread her legs, and I eagerly took my place between them. I flicked my tongue out and began licking her pussy, taking my time to let the lips loosen up. She moaned softly. Slowly, her pussy lips began to open, and I licked her two- inch clit like it was a piece of candy. That sent chills of excitement up her spin. “Oh fuck!” she moaned. “Oh God, yeah.” I could feel her writhing about in pleasure.

I licked her clit for a moment longer, then sucked on before I locked my whole mouth around her gaping pussy and started sucking for all I was worth. I thrust my tongue into her pussy and licked all over. “Oh, fuck yeah,” she moaned, lifted her head to see. “Oh, suck my pussy, boy. Suck it long and hard. Oh, fuck.” I stopped briefly to dribble some saliva onto her pussy, then swirled it around with my tongue and resumed licking.

Her lips opened even wider as I continued to lick. I brought up my right hand and slowly inserted my index finger. I began to finger-fuck her. Her moans grew louder. “Fuck me with your finger. Oh, baby, finger fuck me. Finger fuck me.” Her pussy tasted very sweet as I lashed my tongue all over her lips and clit, shoving my finger in and out of her wet hole. I lost myself in the pleasure and began to increase my licking and fingering. “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.” After a couple more minutes of this, she gasped a warning that she was about to cum, but that she didn’t want to so quickly.

I reluctantly stopped and looked up at her through the V of her arched legs as I massaged the inside of one thigh, rubbing my hand over her pussy. Her skin was silky smooth. I lowered her legs and slid up her soft body. Putting my knees on either side of her and holding myself above her stomach, I put my hands on her tits.

Her tits, though small, were incredibly soft. Her dark nipples were a little rougher, and they stood straight and tall, pointy. I squeezed her tits gently, pinching the nipples between my fingers and twisting them ever-so playfully. Sandra wiggled underneath me. “Oh, fuck that feels good. Play with my titties. Play with my titties.” As I continued to palm her tits, she reached down and began playing with my cock. “God, your cock is so thick.” We both leaned our heads back, moaning softly as we pleasured each other.

I adjusted my position a bit and slide further up her chest. “Oh, yeah, tit-fuck me. Fuck my titties.” I rested my throbbing cock between her tits and held them over it, then began fucking. She put her hands on mine and squeezed her tits harder with them. I fucked her tits furiously. I could see the head poking out between the top of them. She lifted her head and stuck her tongue out, and licking the head of it each time it popped out. She looked up at me with a coy smile as I continued to thrust, touching her lips with the tip of my cock.

When I stopped I held her head up with my hands. She took me in her mouth again and sucked hard, savoring my pre-cum. Then I leaned down and kissed her. Her tongue stretched an amazingly-long distance into my mouth, but she never once made me gag. She was an expert tonguer.

That’s when she looked up, a drop of pre-cum on her lip, and said, “Fuck my ass.” She turned over onto her stomach and got up on all fours. I kneeled behind her and looked at her lovely ass as I massaged her cheeks with my palms. “Fuck me hard,” she said, looking back over her shoulder. “Fuck me raw.”

Taking hold of my thick, beefy cock, I gently slid it into her asshole. She was a tight fit, but I took my time, and it felt great as it slowly penetrated her. She threw her head back and moaned in pleasure. “Oh, fucking yeah! Fuck yeah! Fuck my ass!” I eventually worked it all the way in, and I buried my cock to the hilt. Gripping onto her waist, I started fucking.

I started off slowly, bumping my hips against her ass hard, making her cheeks giggle. There’s just something about watching a girl’s ass giggle as you fuck it that makes me even hotter. The slapping of my hips and her ass grew louder as I gradually increased my speed, watching my cock slid in and out of her dark hole. Sandra rocked back and forth on her hands and knees, moaning how good it felt, that she could feel my cock throbbing inside her.

As I ass-rammed her, I reached up under her and cupped her tits, squeezing them, teasing the nipples. She moaned. Keeping one in my left hand, I reached back and under with my right and began fingering her pussy. She threw her head back again and moaned loudly. “Oh, God, yes!”

Grabbing hold of her tits again, I lifted her up so that her back was against my chest. Continuing to squeeze her tits and fuck her ass, I grabbed hold of her long hair and pulled her head back, and we stuck out our tongues and licked each other’s. Our faces were sweaty, and she had strands of hair matted to her face. I dropped my hands to her thighs and rubbed them. I still couldn’t believe how unbelievably smooth her skin was. It felt great.

Eventually, I laid down on my back, and Sandra was now on top of me, my cock still deep in her ass. By this point, as best I could estimate, we had been at it for about a good thirty minutes or so, maybe a little longer. My hands still around on her thighs, I watched her ass bounce up and down on my cock, her cheeks giggling, slapping as they fell back down onto my pelvis. After nearly another six minutes of ass-grinding, she gently pulled off of me and repositioned herself on top of me, in the 69 position.

She took my cock in her mouth, and I took her pussy in mine. I started licking her pussy. The lips were still lose, so I had no problem shoving my tongue in. She sucked my cock hard. I could feel her lips moving up and down my shaft as she pumped it with one hand, tickling my balls with the other. She licked the head and the shaft, then my balls, then returned it to her mouth, swallowing every inch of my rod.

Her pussy was extremely wet, and I lapped up the juices with my tongue as I continued to lick. I gave her clit a few upward licks, then took it between my lips and sucked. I felt her stop sucking me momentarily to moan loudly when I did that, and I could feel her body shuddering in pleasure. Then her mouth returned to my cock, sucking up and down, harder and harder, faster and faster. I don’t think my cock had ever felt harder, thicker.

After several more minutes, she crawled off of me and rolled onto her back. We had now been at it for a little over an hour. I spread her legs as I came closer to her on my knees. I grabbed her waist with one hand, my cock with the other, and slipped it between her pussy lips, enveloping it into a warm, silky wetness. I lowered myself onto her, and we began kissing as I rhythmically pumped my pelvis against her snatch.

We tongued some more as I grinded against her, licking each other’s lips and tongues. I spit onto her lips and pressed my lips against her, smearing the saliva. She licked her lips as I pulled back to look into her eyes. “Fuck me,” she said, her voice hoarse. “Fuck me like the world’s coming to an end.”

I sat back and lifted her legs over my shoulders, and I fucked like I had never fucked before. I was moving my pelvis so quick it was just a blur. She was moaning loudly, rolling her head side to side, squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples so hard they almost turned white. “Oh yes! God, yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! God, oh, yes, fuck me!”

A minute later, I felt her body shudder convulsively as she reached orgasm, and she screamed, “Oh, God! Oh, fuck yeah! Fuck yeah!” I heard squishing sounds and looked down. My cock was glistening with her juices as she orgasmed. Her pussy contractions only heightened my own sense of pleasure, and her orgasm lasted for a good fifteen seconds or more.

Leaving her no time to catch her breath, I continued to pour on the speed as I thrust my cock in and out of her gaping hole. A couple minutes later, I could feel my own orgasm reaching the breaking point. She looked down between her legs as my cock pulled in and out of her hole. We looked at each other as I worked my pelvis against her. “Okay, I’m gonna cum,” I said. “I’m gonna cum. I’m gonna cum.”

She was propped up on her elbows as I pulled out of her, jacking off as I quickly slid up her body on my knees. And I made it just in time. I continued to jack off as I squirted. My cum came out in thick spurts, splashing onto her face. She opened her mouth and took some in, savoring it briefly before swallowing. A glob landed on her cheek, another on her forehead, a third right on her chin, running down either side. I pulled my hand away as she gripped my cock with her own, jacking me off as if to keep milking me for more cum. One of the final spurts was a thick drop that splashed on her lips. Her face was coated thickly. I took hold of my cock again and smacked it against her face, smearing the spunk around and spreading it over her lips and cheeks.

Her hand again grasped my cock, and she slipped it between her lips, sucking on the cum- covered rod. The pleasure hit me like a hammer, and I threw my head back and moaned loudly. She sucked slowly, savoring the warmth and stickiness of my cum. She pulled back, slowly dragging her lips along the length of my shaft. As it came out of her mouth, a couple of thick long strands of cum dangled between my cock and her lips.

With her tongue she licked the underside of my cock, dragging it up its length and licking away the cum strands. Clenching her teeth but leaving her lips open, she squished the cum between her teeth, letting it slowly glide out and begin running down her lip and chin. By now some of the other globs had run down her chin and onto her neck.

We were both clearly exhausted, having went at it for well over an hour. I laid down beside her as she continued to fumble with my cock, which was slowly beginning to soften again. “That was fucking fantastic,” she said.

“You’ve just made my dream come true,” I said, out of breath. I also continued to massage her tits, her nipples still hard. “I’ve been dreaming of a moment like this ever since I saw SPEED.”

We just laid there for a few moments, still playing with each other in our hands. “You know, we should get back to the soundstage,” I said. “They’ll probably be needing you pretty soon.”

“You’re right. Should I go in like this?” She looked at me, her face still covered with cum. She looked so beautiful with my thick, warm white jism all over her face. “Let’s just keep this as our little secret.”

“No problem there,” I said.
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