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WARNING: The following is a work of erotic fan fiction, the events of which are completely made up and did not happen, and is no true reflection of the models, movies, people, places, etc depicted or referenced within. Fantasy is legal. This material is unsuitable to be viewed by those under the legal age limit of viewing pornographic material in your current country of residence. I do not own any of the movies, trademarks, actresses etc referenced in this story.

Starring: Anna Kendrick, Sean Lawless

Celebs Meet Porn Stars: This Ain’t Pitch Perfect XXX

An erotic celebrity fan-fiction story.
Based on an idea/series by Cadeauxxx

Written by DaxG2001 ([email protected])

Codes: Cons, MF, Oral.

* * *

The video starts up with what looks like a typical bar setting, most likely one that’s been hired out for the shoot, with a full length bar with pint pumps, and countless bottles for mixers and shots in the back along with glasses and the other usual items. Even a couple of stools in front of the bar as well.

Standing at the bar, clad in a suit, is the seasoned porn star known as Sean Lawless. A phone up to his ear acting like his in the middle of a conversation. “Yeah, and make sure to order it all in. This gig has got to go off without a hitch, OK?” He says as he turns around from the bar itself, his attention going to someone off camera. “Hold up. I’ll, uh, get back to you in a bit…” He says, starting to smile as the sound of high heels approaches as he ends the call.

The woman in question being the gorgeous comedic actress and singer Anna Kendrick. Reprising a famous role as ‘Beca Mitchell’ and even clad in an outfit similar to that she wore in the films. A short, tartan skirt that showed off her long, smooth legs and rested nicely on her hips. With short sleeved black shirt-like top that was a little small in size, but showed off her slim and stunning frame nicely. Her long brunette hair currently down over the shoulders too, but not hiding her rounded chest.

“Uh, excuse me? Mister?” Anna went right up to him as she played out her part as ‘Beca’. “Yeah, you’d better end that call. I’ve got a bone to pick with you, Mister!” She said, boldly pushing his shoulder with an annoyed finger.
“Oh, I think I’ve got some time for you.” He chuckled as he looked her over. “What can I do you for, Miss…?”
“It’s Beca. And yeah, you’d better make some time for me. Me and my girls!” Anna said, putting her hands on her hips. “You’re the owner of his bar, right? So you wanna explain to me why you’ve banned us from performing here any more?” She demanded with an annoyed tone.
“Oh, so you’re part of those screaming bitches who have been ruining our karaoke nights?” Sean countered, making Anna’s jaw drop at the insults. “You college chicks can take that yelling back to the dorm rooms into your hairbrushes. We’ve had damn noise complaints from the pizza place next door, let alone from my regulars fed up with you broads screeching like tires.”

“Excuse me?! Who do you think you are?” Beca said, scanning him over with a shake of the head. “We need to practice. We’ve got an important competition coming up and the more places and more time we get to sing? Then the more ‘Pitch Perfect’ we’re all going to be.” She claimed, arching an eyebrow slyly at the intentional words she used there.
“Listen, honey, I don’t really give a flying shit about why you need to sing. I got a business to run.” Sean says, staying in character. “And you and your warbling witches are costing me it. So? If you want you and your gals to keep being allowed here? You gotta pay up.”
“Seriously? You want me to pay to be allowed to sing at your karaoke nights?” ‘Beca’ looked unimpressed. “What, I got to dive into my loans and fork our to you as well?”
“Well, babe… You’re a college student, right?” He smirked now, looking her over. “Chicks like you know of a way to ‘pay their way’ through their studies, right? So if you ain’t got the damn cash to give me? I’m sure you can find the ‘fun’ way to convince me to lift that ban…” He bluntly says, and his tone making it clear he’s more talking about a quick cash for an hour plus worth of work on camera sort of deal.

“...Oh.” Anna lifts her head slightly, figuring out his meaning as she gives him a look over. “...Is that all? Well, you should have just fucking said so in the first place!” She started smiling, stepping up closer to him.
“Huh… Didn’t think you’d go for it.” Sean claims as he watches her lower herself down to her knees, as her short skirt rides up a bit.
“I am kind of a rebel after all…” ‘Beca’ says as she reaches for his belt. “Plus, you know… This will help the old ‘oral skills’ out with some practice… I’m sure that will help my singing.” She added with a cheeky wink.
“Yeah, sure babe… Be my fucking guest.” He didn’t argue against her jokes as his pants were lowered down so he could step out of them. Showing off his hardening, and fittingly long and thick porn star cock.

“Oh shit… Now someone’s a big boy, aren’t they?” Anna grinned, brushing her long hair back before she grabbed a hold of his dick in order to start stroking him off. “Think you can handle a hot, young, college girl slut huh, can you?” She teased, playing up her character as she looked up. Starting things off, aside from her pumping hand of course, with her tongue sticking out. Sliding across the crown to get a groan out of her co-star as she worked over the tip. A slow motion all around the top as she got the first taste of him. Easily getting him rock hard from the double team as her hand pumped and that frisky tongue slid around the head to begin to swirl a few times. A light dose of her saliva left onto him before her hand came up and worked it all down his meaty inches.

“Well let’s see if you can, Mister Big Boss…” She smirked before she leaned in. Guiding that big cock between her lips and showing off some talent far removed from singing as she started to suck him off. Keeping her hand on the base for a stroke every now and then but for the most part using her mouth as the main focus to dish out some pleasure. Moving her soft lips up and down as she groaned herself around his size. Having to stretch around the thickness as she moved along him already got her hair swaying a bit as she got into the groove of things. Her eyes locked up, slightly narrowed with a mix of desire and determination. Still staying in character for the moment but looking far hotter than any time on screen with a big cock already stuffed into her mouth.

“Mmmmm yeah… Fucking suck that dick… Mmmmm…” He easily encouraged. Moaning as her lips glided back and forth an impressive smoothness. Working more of her saliva onto his inches as she bobbed along his prick. Still holding the base as she took him into that soothing and talented in more ways than one oral hole of hers. Still groaning herself as she got to feast on a nice fat dick and gradually worked a little bit more of his tool further into herself as the time passed. “Mmmmm… Yeah, I guess I can see… Ahhhhh… That singing sluts like you know how to use your mouths…” He said between moans, adding into both the comedy and the sinfulness of his all. The saliva dripping downward as she unwrapped her fingers from around him so her hands could go to his hips as she concentrated again on showing off what her oral hole can do. Already not looking like someone who was unfamiliar not just with sucking some dick but taking on a long shaft at that.

“Mmmmmphh!! MMMMM… Hmmmmphhh!!” ‘Beca’ kept staring up, not fazed by the insults and looking like she was actually being turned on by the dirty talk as she kept bobbing away. Able to keep sliding her mouth over his rod as he used his hand to brush her back behind her shoulders to ensure a clear view of her dick sucking for the cameras to film. That pretty face of the Pitch Perfect series actress moving further down as she groaned around his dick. Her eyes widening when the fat head of his tool began to hit the back of her mouth but she still kept going. Her nipples hard and starting to poke through her shirt as the saliva began to drip off his prick. Hitting her top for a sinful stain visible even on the black coloured material she wore.

“MMMMMPHHH… Mmmmm! HMMMMPHHH!! MMMMM…” She lifted up, keeping the bell-end in her mouth as she turned her head from side to skilfully grind her lips against his tool for a moment. Pushing back down and deep to make the stud moan out as she impressed again by diving right downward until her nose touched his skin. Staring up with desire as she deep throated his thick length and kept herself held down. Even as she choked a bit with the saliva drooling down her chin. “MMMMMPHHH… GAAAAAAAAHHHH… MMMMMPHHH…” She moaned around him, dragging her fingers down his legs while she gagged but not even leaving marks on him from the naughty scratches. Lifting her mouth back up as he groaned but not to pull off. Enjoying another round of deep bobs onto his manhood to slobber sway and enjoy both the taste and feeling of such a fat dick stretching her oral tunnel out. Her tongue managing to lap at the underside as he passed in and out for good measure, further showing that she was far from inexperienced when it came to servicing some dick.

Lifting her head off, she let out a loud groan before licking her lips clean of her own spit. Admiring the mess she’d made all over his dick as she stood up. “I’m gonna guess an asshole like you wants more than just sucked off by a hot, young, student slut like me, huh?” Anna teased, playing up her role in a different way as she began to undo the buttons of her shirt top.
“No fucking shit…” Sean remarked, smiling as the actress pulled her garment apart, exposing those lovely, nicely sized and rounded tits of hers as she tossed the top away over the other side of the bar.
“Think you can handle me, huh? Want some of this, Boss-man?” ‘Beca’ sounded like she was challenging him as her skirt followed next. Sliding it down to show no underwear there with her pussy exposed, cleanly shaved and already wet looking as she stepped out of the clothing to kick it away to.
“If you’re like any other college skank I’ve had? Then I know this dick is gonna be perfect to slamming you silly.” Lawless stated, and that remark wasn’t just in character with his extensive experience in skin flicks.

“Promises, promises…” Kendrick teased, raising an eyebrow again as she moved to lean over the bar a bit with a leg raised up, resting a knee on one of the stool seats with the other high heeled shoe still planted on the floor. Her gorgeous body angled perfect to show off her pussy as the porno hunk she’s been paired with moved behind her. Likewise standing just to the side a bit so he doesn’t obscure the view of his fat, saliva soaked cock pushing into her twat from behind. The penetration making them both moan out as her head already tilted back a bit. Feeling her tunnel getting stretched out pleasurable by that thick pole she’s already deep throated without either of them even sweating yet.

“MMMMM… Yeah, you fucking like that? MMMM SHIT… That’s fucking big! MMMM! Fuck!!” She exclaimed as she looked back over her shoulder at the man taking a hold of her slim waist as he started to pump away into her. Those fat inches sliding in and out of her wetness, making him groan too from enjoying the tightness of some celebrity pussy all around his member. “Mmmmmm… Getting pumped at the bar by some… MMMMM! Big fucking dick… Ahhhhh… Feels fucking good, right? MMMMM…” ‘Beca’ licked her lips, already shameless enough with enjoying this action as got fucked while bent over the bar. Not just taking it however as she began to rock her body back and forth in time with his motion. Working her hot twat into his cock as he pumped in, helping to work him in deeper. Clearly showing she wasn’t going to settle with just having had him stretch out one of her holes.

There was no issues there as her co-star pumped firmly into her. Increasing the tempo now that they were both adjusted to the sensations as he banged her and helped keep her body angled with his hold on her waist. Staring down to see her ass rock back towards him as his length found a new home, and bareback no less, in her dampening snatch. Easily making him moan as even with his vast experience at fucking countless women, this fantastic feeling pussy was going to be one to remember. All the more reason to keep driving in and out as she shifted herself to take him. Showing off her own sexual ability by giving back as good as she was taking from that big cock. Her snug core replacing her saliva with her juices as they continued to form with evert thrust she happily took.

“AHHHHH FUCK… Trying to… MMMMM! Make me hit those fucking high notes, are you? MMMM SHIT!!” She grinned back, still looking over the shoulder as she occasionally had to toss her hair back to get it out of the way of her face. Her tits bouncing above the bar top as she stayed leaning over it, while the stool she was half perched on rocked a bit from the momentum of her meeting those stiff pumps into her snatch.  “FUCK!! Fuck that’s good… MMMMM SHIT! Come on! Fucking give it to me! MMMMM! Yeah, like fucking that! Come on! MMMMM…” The multi-time Teen Choice Award winner demanded as she stared back with lust, more than enjoying that big cock filling her up as she matched his motion with one of her own. Not surprising that soon enough her rounded ass connected off his muscular body as he fitting in deep to her love tunnel. The smack ringing out along with their moans but the action not stopping there. Still driving back now as she groaned out with her hands now gripping the edges of the bar at both sides for added support for her eager movement.

Lawless just moaned out, letting the action being filmed more than speak for itself and enhanced by Anna’s shameless dirty talk. Watching his crotch connect off her butt cheeks as he drove deeply in, able to fully enjoy how snug and damp her pussy was as even taking him to the hilt she was still gripping his prick from crown to base. All the more reason to keep drilling her from the back as she continued to dish out the same level of pleasure as she was taking. Matching his pumps so he could swiftly drive back into her just a moment after pulling a few inches out, just to have her pussy brought back firmly into his hunky body to get him balls deep once again into that needy, hot snatch.

“MMMMM… Not finished yet, are you?” Anna teased when he pulled out of her pussy. Giving her a second to wipe some forming sweat off her forehead as she moved off the stool to stand.
“Far fucking from it…” Sean said, smiling as he used the hold on her waist to lift her up. Making her lay on her back along the top of the bar.
“Good…” Kendrick licked her lips, eagerly spreading her legs as her arms went back up behind her to again grab both sides of the bar she was now on. “I want to earn that ban lifting after all… That is what we’re still doing, right?” She added, fully self-aware of the lewd nature, far removed from the films she parodying here, of this skin flick she’s taking part in.

He just chuckled as he stood at the end of the bar. Pushing his fat cock back into her snatch before he held her legs with a hand on either smooth thigh, keeping them spread so that a well placed camera overhead could capture the whole length of her stunning, nude body. Along with her pussy as she once again took his dick and this time he was able to plunge in to go in balls deep right away much to both of their moaning approval. His pumps nice and stiff, making her body slide on the smooth top while her hair was sexily sprawled out around her. Moaning as she found the grip needed at the sides to keep her somewhat in place as she got pumped and this time she was more than happy to let him do all the work, more jolting back and forth than able to actually push down against that stiff and smooth banging.

“MMMM FUCK!! Oh shit, that’s even fucking deeper! MMMMM! SHIT!!” ‘Beca’ grinned across her body, licking her lips as she happily got her body jolted back and forth along the bar top as her back slid on the surface. Her rounded tits bouncing as she got fucked nice and deep as the slap of his crotch hitting off of hers cracked out each time he drove in to fill that hot, wet pussy up. “MMMMM!! Come on, big boy! Let’s fucking feel it! MMMMM!! Give this fucking… Hot… Young… College slut some good fucking dick!! MMMM!!” She encouraged, playing up the character she was parodying despite being currently in the fine, prime of her own career. Moaning as she got stuffed full. Her lower legs dangling to shake back and forth while her legs got held apart. Allowing for that smooth and swift slamming of her snatch to keep her shifting as the scene continued to be far from accurate to any film, but fittingly red hot for this skin flick edition she’s all too willingly taking part in.

The star of the Pitch Perfect films moaning out for some lusty ‘music’ sounding sweeter than any song she’s ever belted out. Her hair a mess and all over the bar around and behind her as she jolted away. Still gripping the edges of the furniture she was on like she needed to hold on to something, anything as she got banged. A thrill of being used for pleasure, yet still getting plenty herself, clearly a turn on as the sweat further formed across that stunning body. More than showing off her R-Rated ability by being to take not just such a long, thick cock like this. But this kind of repeated, quick and hard pace that would send a lesser woman, even those doing their first time in porn like she was, already into a screaming orgasm by now.

“MMMM FUCK!! Yeah, fucking give it to me! Come on! MMMMM FUCK!!! GOD!! Like you’re trying to… MMMMM SHIT!! Fucking split me open!!” She continued to grin as she was rammed balls full. Her tits jiggling sway and having to shake her head from side to side, flicking out her hair away from her face as she kept gazing across with need and lust for this big cock action. Loving that thick size sliding in and out of her slot, keeping her soaking wet and in turn leaving him more than coated already from her arousal. “AHHHHHH FUCK!! HARDER! MMMM!! Come on! Make this fucking slut cream! MMMMM!! Fucking stretch me out, you fucking bastard! MMMM!!” She  groaned out the demands, not even satisfied with the deep, stiff pumping she’s already been taking like her career has been more in these sort of films than any actual acting she’s done. Her eyes more than glancing down a few times at her own crotch, seeing that prick vanishing into her before soon reappearing to dish out a fresh pump to keep them both moaning out.

Lawless had to keep himself from smiling at the overly eager, filthy moaning coming from the gorgeous comedy starlet as he focused on putting her body through quite the workout. Keeping her shifting along the bar top but his hold on those smooth legs of hers ensuring she couldn’t rock back too far to escape his dick. Not that either of them wanted him out of that hot, wet box just yet as he carried on pounding away. The sharp slap of their bodies meeting ringing out to mix with their groans in the air. Making sure to stand straight so that the camera got to capture his prick ploughing home into that dripping twat. Showing off his own skill to give her and that stunning body the kind of fuck she deserves as he only began to lightly sweat himself.

“MMMMM… You know… I’m the bitch who is supposed to be… MMMM FUCK!! Earning that ban lifting… Right, stud?” Anna licked her teeth as she locked her lusty eyes up at him. Somehow managing to remember her character and lines even after this hot action.
“I think… Mmmmmm… I like the sounds of where this is going…” Sean stated the obvious, making them both groan as he pulled out of her snatch.
“Oh, you’ll fucking love this performance.” ‘Beca’ grinned, moving off from the bar just so that he could now move up and lay on the top. “No fucking singing either…” She added, climbing back up and this time mounting his crotch as she lined his cock up her entrance. “The pitch might not be perfect… But this fucking ride will be!” She said with a wide smile before she dropped right down to make them both moan.

Her hands going to his chest for support as he held her waist, allowing her to go to work as she began to raise and lower her hips, driving her pussy straight down onto his cock to send herself down to the base. Moaning out as she stuffed herself full and left her ass smacking down off his legs as she bounced. Flipping her hair back with a long, loud groan of approval as she fucked his huge cock with a rapid, energetic pace that would be expected of the college-age, barely legal girl she was role-playing as which technically was just half her current age. Not letting that fact stop her from putting on a performance seasoned porno starlets could take notes from as she kept her tits jiggling and her long hair swaying behind her as she dished out a steamy ride as she rode that meaty shaft.

“MMMMM FUCK YESSSSSS… AHHHHH GOD!! SO FUCKING BIG… MMMMM FUCK!! SO FUCKING GOOD!!” Kendrick moaned out, looking back over her shoulder as her own ass raised and lowered as she stuffed that dick in to the hilt. Her cheeks rippling from the contact as she bucked downward stiffly but didn’t show any signs of feeling even a sting of pain from the collision. “MMMMM!! YEAH!! FUCK!! FUCKING RIDING… MMMMM… A BIG FAT FUCKING COCK!! MMMMM SHIT!!” She gasped out as she stared back, and herself clearly saw the camera back there recording not just her experienced riding but the sight of her pussy smoothly gliding up and down over that thick dick. Getting so wild with her enjoyment of this that she didn’t care about the loose strands of her hair now left stuck across her face as she bounced away.

While the action was veering ever further away from anything close to the film she was parodying, the wide and sinful smile on her gorgeous featured showed she had no regrets about that. Nor about how she was bouncing away on a big cock with a man she barely knows, but has already been pumped balls deep by and deep throated over the course of this encounter. Yet even with the perspiration dripping off her desirable body she still had the energy to keep driving herself up and down on his length. Gasping out between moans as her hair continued to bounce behind her as she unleashed a pace like she was a lift car going haywire.

Proving more than a challenged for the veteran of skin flicks she was on top of as he moaned out. Gladly letting her do all the work as she pumped his inches with her dripping wet but still snug pussy. Not that he was just getting a day off either, even while laying on his back on the same bar he’d been fucking her over and on. Groaning as he had to keep his composure and enjoy the smoking hot ride while keeping his composure. A lesser man would have easily been driven to a premature finish by the feeling of such a soaking pussy expertly bouncing away on their dick. He was sweating himself, keeping a hold of her body so she could focus on just riding up and down to keep not just the pleasure strong for them both, but that clapping of her butt hitting his body ringing out whenever she sharply dropped down.

“FUCK… FUCK!! OH GOD!! YEAH… LIKE I’M… MMMM!! A FUCKING SLUT!! OH FUCK!!” She panted out, her head starting to hang down as the sensations built inside of her but trying to keep up the steady pace. Sending her twat right down to his crotch, keeping her snatch impaled with all that meaty cock that’s now extremely familiar with since this filming began. “MMMMM FUCK YEAH… OH FUCK YEAH… MMMMM!! MAKE THIS FUCKING SLUT CUM! MMMMM!! GONNA FUCKING CUM!! MMMMM SHIT!! LIKE A DIRTY! AHHHHH!! FUCKING WHORE!!” She still managed to grin even as she bounced away. Her tits matching the motion of her body as he stared down though her messy, long hair at her co-star while she worked away on his member. Acting like they’ve been lovers for years rather than the over an hour the multiple cameras had been rolling for.

Hearing that gave Sean all the motivation he needed, not that he wasn’t encouraged enough already by that stunning, still snug snatch sliding along his shaft. Gripping her waist firmer as he began to fire his cock upward. Actively thrusting now after letting her take a long turn doing all the work as he made her howl out in pleasure. The slap of his crotch hitting her skin ringing out like gunfire as he rammed upward and groaned himself. Try as she might with this fresh pace, she was left more jolting on his dick than able to push back but the grin on her pretty face showing she wasn’t too sad about not being able to give back. Her moans loud and as shameless as they’ve been since the start as she tossed her hair back, sending more sweat flying as her fingers once again dragged across his muscular chest without even leaving a mark.

“OH FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!” She yelled out as her eyes went half closed as the pleasure flowed through her. It had felt good enough to just fuck that big cock but now getting pounded from underneath seemed to be different thrill let alone position the actress wasn’t quite used to. Quickly adjusting to it though as her frame shifted back and forth as she got drilled nice and hard. His balls hitting off her skin when he sent his dick up like a piston into that still needy hole of hers. “OH GOD!! FUCKING YES!! AHHHHH SHIT!! FUCKING FUCK ME!! MMMMM!! LIKE A… GOD… DAMN!! FUCKING… SLUT!! MMMMMMM!!” She panted out, gritting her teeth and nodding a couple times as her head hung down. Like it was taking everything she had to keep it together and not just lose her mind to the sin even with all that dirty talk. Knowing full well there was a slight element of truth to it all, considering she was oh so willingly agreeing to be filmed fucking on camera like this. Even hotter with the action elevated on top of a bar as she stayed impaled on a huge cock she’s already been riding, taking and gagging over.

Eventually though, the fun started racing towards an end when the body of ‘Beca Mitchell’ started to stiffen on that shaft. Groaning out loudly as her snatch managed to find a new dose of tightness to clamp around that pumping dick as Anna started to cum hard. Sending more juices dripping down over those fat inches, leaving it soaked down to the balls as the liquid dripped onto the bar top, adding to the sweat already staining there. A wide smile across her face as she jolted on top of the hunk. A long lick of the lips in approval from her as he made sure to finish her off right. Pumping away so she got to experience every moment of that peak. But also to make sure that the cameras got to capture it all as well as the talented actress was slam fucked through the hardest orgasm of her life so far, and from her grin it wasn’t even a close call compared to past lovers.

“MMMMM… Oh fuck me!! Mmmmmm…” Anna gasped when she was lifted up and off that cock as he felt himself start to pulse. “You fucking know how to help a slut… Mmmmm… Hit those high notes…” She teased as she, although tired, moved down off of him and bar. Using hands on a stood to catch her breath for a moment. “Oh, right… Guess it’s only fair, huh?” She smiled again as he guided her quickly down to her knees as he rapidly stroked his cock off.

Kendrick opened her mouth up, but didn’t even have time to brush her hair back so that when he started to unload, thick shots of spunk hit across her forehead, cheeks and nose to catch across the stay locks over her. With a bit even catching into her hair at the sides for good measure. However plenty of his plentiful load hit the mark, filling her more than talented for jokes and singing oral hole up with hot, creamy goodness. Making her groan as she got filled up and the seed dripped down her lower lip and onto her chin. By the time he pumped out the final drops, she’d already closed her mouth up and used a single, greedy swallow to drink it all down. Gasping afterwards as the sound indicated she more than enjoyed the taste before, still in a lusty state, she even leaned down and used her tongue to capture the last drips from his slit. Making him groan as she went the extra mile and cleaned up his cock, even at the expensive of tasting her own orgasm from off his dick in the process.

“Mmmmm… So, Boss-man? We got a deal?” ‘Beca’ impressively, even with spunk across her face and her recent mind blowing orgasm, still remembered her character and her lines. Even as she swirled her tongue around his dick for a moment. “You gonna let my girls come sing at your bar now? Or…” She smirked, kissing the tip of his softening cock. “Is this fucking college slut gonna have to fuck you every night to earn that ban being lifted?” She said, raising an eyebrow as she sat back to stay down on her knees.

And it’s with that sight, zooming in on the thick money shot starting to drip of Anna Kendrick’s face, that the video started to fade out to black. The video production notes, credits and copyright notices following to being another film of when Celebs Meet Porn Stars to a fitting conclusion.

* * *

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