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Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
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Freak Like Me
Starring: Nina Agdal
Codes: MF, Dirty Talk, Oral, Rimming, Anal, Facial

Disclaimer: This story is purely fictional. This is fiction, it did NOT happen. Fantasy is legal. Please do not copy this story to any site without my permission.

This story was written for my good friend Jack. Credit to him for the ideas.

Miami Beach, Florida

Blue skies were an all too familiar sight when standing beyond the sliding glass door, overlooking the waves of blue water splashing to the sands below. Birds chirping were audible, along with the sound of the wind and the water crashing through. Saturday had come, the first full day of the weekend swinging through after a flight touching down into the sunshine state yesterday. Bare feet brushed across the floor below as a slim but tall woman approached the black metal balcony railing. Light brown hair curled up into a high ponytail sway, lightly bouncing as the sound of her sighing could be heard over the ambience outside. A pink and blue tie-dye bikini top held a pair of impressive tits together, matching the bottom piece in color.

The perfect outfit to go enjoy a day on the beach, if only that was the woman's true desire in the passing hours. Nina Agdal found herself bored to start this casual Miami afternoon. Yesterday she had stepped off the plane, making her second flight to Florida within the span of only two weeks. The Danish swimsuit model had spent her thirtieth birthday in Miami but had now returned to begin what seemed to be a slow weekend. That was the cost of the single life, as she had been flying back and forth from Miami to Los Angeles between work with modelling shoots spread out in a busy portfolio. The highlight of her career was appearing on a cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, regardless that she shared it with other models for the fiftieth anniversary issue.

It was still a highlight nevertheless, though eight years had passed since then. Most of the friends she made among other models were now opening new chapters of their lives. Nina had befriended Kate Upton at seemingly the height of her career. The wild times they shared were now years gone by as Kate had a family and new commitments. Sometimes the cost of living single had been days like this, bored with no one to share any fun times with. Miami had been known as something of a funhouse town, at least that was how Nina remembered it. Far from the only model under her agency to spend free time dancing in the clubs and looking for excitement. Now at thirty years of age, Nina was not sure why she had taken this trip back to Miami in such a short amount of time. While standing there on the balcony, she glanced below to see the waves of water crashing up against the sand.

The day did not need to be long and slow like this. Come night time, that was usually when the city truly awakened. Nina spent her birthday at a dance club, sharing drinks with some friends and fighting off the urge to indulge herself in party favors. Some of those friends knew how to score coke as well as pot when they were staying in southern Florida. Nina did not see the need to snort anything up her nose or have a smoke, not right now at least. Maybe with the right companion she would have shared the experience alongside someone, but not her girlfriends. As of today, no one knew she had returned to Miami and Nina hoped to keep it that way. Sometimes it was better to fly solo, under the radar and out of everyone's social circles when you truly wanted some private fun. The amusement she currently craved however, needed to be shared alongside someone else.

Perhaps she could give Kate Upton a call. Once upon a time, Nina had shared affairs alongside Kate. She could still remember that one time, almost nine years ago when they flew into Miami and found themselves partying it up back at a hotel with some big time players. That was one wild night, spent shuffling among men in a 'private party' that ended with them both down on the floor. Drenched, sticky and dripping in cum. Nina bit her lower lip, closing her eyes momentarily as if to relive precious seconds gone by from that filthy memory. Those were the days, she thought to herself. Back when she could have some fun with Kate, no strings attached. If only the other model was still alongside her, Nina knew Kate would have connections across town for such fun, but as of now? That was a hard question, knowing Kate had moved on in life from her former wild side.

Back in her hotel suite, Nina stomped her feet while thinking of what she would do for this day. There had to be some better way to indulge herself in an erotic adventure without thinking about days gone past. No matter how hard someone reminisced on the past, the likelihood of those days coming back were slim to none. She understood this about life, now thirty years old and accepting her place as a single woman. The hardest part about finding the right kind of man for her taste, was knowing when to leave. No strings attached, that was how she wanted it for now. Just someone she could fuck and dump without having to worry they would be following her back to where she wanted. A road had been paved with the tears of broken hearted men in the past, back at the modelling agency where Nina was signed. It was a fantasy to many men to bed a famous model and along with it came a secret to share among the other models.

Once upon a time, Nina enjoyed sharing those stories alongside Kate. They both kept track of men that chased them in Miami and how many were lucky enough to go for a one night stand, only for them to forget their phone numbers afterwards. She smirked to herself, wandering around the living room and glancing to the white furniture. A matching couch and lounge chair sat across from one another with an oval shaped glass coffee table in the center of the room. Down below, a white rug covered what was dark wooden flooring. She studied the texture of the floor, all while quietly considering her thoughts. Nina had returned to Miami for a reason. All by herself with no one to interfere with a quick affair as long as there were no strings attached. This was how she originally wanted to spend her birthday week in Miami. Not around any other friends who would witness it and make up gossip back at the modelling company.

This was going to be her weekend, all to herself. Nina thought to herself the options she currently had. Maybe she could meet the right man back at a club later tonight, or perhaps here at the hotel. Then again, there was also the option to make some phone calls. Maybe Kate would know an old fuck buddy in town who could come over. That was probably the better option, to be able to trust someone else. Kate was known for not sharing her men on the side, but Nina felt their friendship could influence her. On the second thought, it was better to find someone herself. To go out on an adventure and into the unknown, Nina felt more daring than ever. There had to be someone here in town, a man who fit her right type. One man who had to have a wild side, regardless if he would recognize her as a famed model or not.



Outside the Trésor Tower suites, there was a whole property to explore connected to the Fontainebleau hotel. Having spent time in the public pool years ago, Nina did not share the desire to spend her Saturday back at the hotel property. Instead, she had a quick lunch all by herself and then prepared herself for a night out. The two piece bikini was discarded in favor of the one dress Nina had brought with her to Miami. The one piece was all black with thin straps to hug over her shoulders and offering an ample view of her perky tits pressed together. A zipper on each side allowed Nina to tighten it up, no need for a bra but she went with a matching dark thong to cover her snatch. The end of the dress brushed up past her knees, short and with her curves visible from the tightness. To complete the look, Nina broke out a pair of high heel pumps to slip her feet into.

The ponytail had been undone as Nina took precious time curling back her light brunette locks, revealing a few strands of blonde hair. Her hair sway beyond her shoulders, split down the middle and revealing a small but shiny gold hoop dangling from both ears. Nina made sure the lone piece of jewelry choice was going to stand out through the night. Only her purse had another piece of gold that would stick out, the chain dangling from her shoulder and connecting back to the red leather piece and matching GG Gucci brand logo. The purse contained her cellphone and other necessities including a can of pepper spray easily accessible from the side pouch, if she ever needed to use it. With pink lipstick, she completed her makeup with dark mascara around the eyes. Leaving the hotel around six, Nina took in a view of the sun sinking down into the ocean. The blue sky had faded into a hue of orange with the night slowly awakening.

In the following hours, the city would be all lit up through the black of night. The better clubs were across the bridge, back into the main part of the city. Out in Miami Beach, Nina had to explore and find a different place. Regardless which side of Miami she was in, to find a club with booming loud dance music was a simple task. A roll of the dice to pick a random place, she settled on a club close by the hotel under the name BeatBox Hours. A neo lit sign flashed in green and blue letters with an outline of an old style portable stereo unit. Nina expected to walk right in to a busy club with a DJ laying out tracks from the dance floor. Instead, it was a small bar fit with black and white checkered tiles covering the walls and floor. A lounge area had dark purple walls, closed off with a smoking area and music that played from a surround sound system.

Upon stepping through the front door, Nina glanced around. It was easy to become disappointed at first sight, but she decided to linger around this small club regardless. The bar had a black painted wood top, neon lights reflecting down upon it in an array of pink and yellow colors. Sitting on the stool, her eyes shifted at the bartender who was a bearded older man with a balding head of grey hair. Nina ordered a shot of Jack Daniels, figuring that once she had some whiskey flowing through her system the rest of the evening would flow easier. Not another soul sat at the bar, leaving the red stool seats empty. From the distance, she glanced back at the doorway when hearing laughter from a male voice. Grabbing her glass, Nina took another sip while watching a man enter. Black suede shoes were visible stomping down on the floor. They matched with the black pinstriped suit pants, fitting with the same style jacket unbuttoned to reveal a white shirt underneath.

"Right on time as always, Jimmy. You want the usual?"

The bartender greeted the man with a question, but Nina had recognized him before. A jolt elevated her heartbeat, as this was the last man she expected to see tonight. Jimmy Barnett had been an old friend she used to party with. A noted player down in Miami with rumors swirling locally that he was involved in drug trafficking and other things. It was easy for Nina to recall all the rumors she heard since three of her modelling friends had shared affairs with him. He stood tall, a gold necklace around his neck, visible with the jacket unbuttoned. A matching gold Rolex watch across his left wrist. Jimmy always had a trimmed black beard, his hair was brown and always slicked back at a short length. Those blue eyes scanned back at the bartender, giving him a nod. Nina stood up from where she was seated, prepared to greet her old friend.

"Yeah, you know what I want. Get that bottle of Jameson ready."

Shoes stomping across the floor, Jimmy made his entrance in style. Nina had quickly noticed that he arrived alone. Usually, the man had his partner along with him; a short younger man going by the name Alec. She had figured it up in her head years ago that Alec must have been Jimmy's bodyguard, as a man of his status in town would not be walking around freely without protection. Tonight seemed different, just for the fact he arrived alone unless Alec was back in the car. Jimmy turned and made eye contact, smiling at Nina as he easily recognized her.

"Hey Nina, it's been a long time hasn't it?"

"Not too long."

The man chuckled at her remark as he stepped over offering a hug. Leaning in, she felt his beard brushing against her face as she went for a kiss on his right cheek. Jimmy stepped away, looking over the bar as his bottle of Jameson awaited him with an empty glass containing a few cubes of ice. Nina watched him open the bottle and begin pouring the whiskey down into the empty glass as she sat back down.

"So what are you doing out here? I feel like I haven't laid eyes on you in years."

Jimmy spoke as Nina grabbed her own glass and finished it down. His eyes glared at her, awaiting her reply.

"I just had my birthday a few weeks ago. I guess I wanted to come back and maybe unwind myself for a weekend. Feels good to get away from everyone back in LA, you know?"

He nodded at her response, taking another sip from his glass. Since he did not reply immediately, Nina spoke again.

"This has to be the first time I've ever seen you traveling alone. Do you have Alec waiting outside or something?"

Shaking his head at her, Jimmy chuckled.

"Nah, Alec is out of town right now. He's been having some issues with his ex-wife over alimony. Makes me glad I've never been married before."

Nina laughed. Her glass sat there empty, capturing the attention of the bartender. She shook her head, quietly suggesting that she didn't want another refill. If she was going to swallow down anymore whiskey tonight, it was coming from Jimmy's bottle.

"Did you come back in town all by yourself too?"

She nodded at Jimmy's question.

"Yeah, I'm still single. This might be a little too on the point Jimmy, but I came here looking for someone."

"I doubt you were looking for me."

That response made Nina giggle.

"Honestly, no. You were among the last people I would've expected to walk in here tonight. But I'm glad it's you and not a stranger."

Resting her head in the palm of her right arm, Nina crossed her legs and leaned over the bar. She watched Jimmy's wandering eyes, waiting for him to take a peak at her cleavage below. It had to be obvious to the man that she was posing for him, all in an effort to keep his attention. He glanced away, refilling his glass with the Jameson bottle after swallowing down the first round. Nina grabbed the bottle, figuring that would regain his keen eyes. Instead of pouring herself a shot, Nina raised the edge of the bottle to her lips and took a swig. She swallowed down the hot liquid substance and then set the bottle back onto the table as Jimmy smirked at her.

"What do you mean you're glad I'm not a stranger?"

Thinking to herself for a moment, there were many ways Nina could answer that question. The thought was currently roaming through her mind if Jimmy could live up to the expectations she would have for him in the bedroom. She heard the rumors from years gone by. Kate had supposedly spent a weekend at Jimmy's place some years back on a cheating adventure away from her future husband. Whether it was true or not, Nina had heard from the other models who had truly bed him. There was one he had left quite an impression with, noting that he was the rougher type. After several seconds of considering her response, Nina spoke again.

"I'm looking for someone I can spend the night with. I'd prefer it be someone I know rather than a stranger."

Jimmy chuckled at her words. He poured himself another round of whiskey, but replied before he raised that glass back to his lips.

"You're a funny girl. You always were, as I can recall."

Swallowing down the full shot in one gulp, Jimmy slammed his glass back down over the counter. He took another look at Nina, speaking again.

"Remember that time we met back at the yacht party?"

She gasped, pointing her finger back at him. An exciting memory flashed through Nina's mind.

"Yeah! That was back in twenty-fifteen!"

He laughed again before replying.

"Indeed it was. You were walking around in that yellow polka-dotted bikini that day."

Nodding her head slowly, Nina giggled.

"Yeah, I could've sworn you were snorting a line of coke off another girl's tits that day."

"What's the matter? Feeling bad that it wasn't you?"

His taunt made her blush and laugh. Jimmy had no shame, not even denying her memory regardless how long ago it was.

"I'll just say, that picture is burned in my mind. I figured, if a guy is a wild enough to do that, he must be a stallion in the bedroom."

Shaking his head at her, Jimmy flashed his teeth in an almost shark-like grin. Her words had come up strong, not subtle in the least bit.

"You sound like a poor woman who didn't get any dick for her birthday. So how old are you now, Nina?"

"I turned thirty and no, I haven't done anything wild in a while."

"Dirty thirty, huh? Quite the number. I hit mine six years ago."

Flashing her teeth back at him in a full grin, Nina nodded.

"Yeah. I didn't quite get a dirty thirty though. I was thinking, maybe I could make up for it tonight. I'd rather take my chances with you than a stranger. But..."

She raised her right hand index finger after uttering that last word. Biting down on her lower lip, Nina mischievously laughed.

"The question is, are you a freak like me?"

"You're looking for some kind of freak out here in Miami, Nina? Well, you know the old saying. The freaks come out at night."

Nodding her head, she watched him rise up from where he was previously seated. Jimmy reached inside his jacket, pulling out his wallet to count through some printed bills. He pointed over at her drink before slapping his money down on the table surface.

"I'm paying for her tab too. Keep the change as a tip."

"Leaving early tonight, Jimmy?"

Offering a smile back at the bartender, he replied while pointing his left hand thumb back at Nina.

"Yeah, this is an old friend of mine. I need to take her home before her boyfriend comes wondering who she's been with."

Laughing at his lie, Nina did not retort his words whatsoever. Instead she reached for his right hand, lacing their fingers together as she was now ready to walk back outside the club. Jimmy turned to her with a smirk, pulling her closer as they began to leave now.

"You aren't taking me home since I don't live here, silly man."

Jimmy opened the door, letting go of her hand and offering a smug grin. Outside, Nina could see the flashes of his vintage style Cadillac Eldorado car parked in the distance. The neon lights cast colors across the light yellow surface, briefly illuminating it in an array of green and blue hue. Before he could reply, Nina spoke again as if she were calling the shots here.

"Take me back to your place."



An expected trip across the Venetian Way and back to the main island did not come. Jimmy informed Nina that he had recently bought a new place around South Beach, up through the neighborhood of the Sunset Islands. A short trip away from the club in the back of a vintage Cadillac, Nina did not want to indulge in any conversation along the way. Something about his choice of car had reminded her of a movie, but not one that she could lay her finger on. Not wanting to delve into his business with any unwanted questions, Nina did not ask how Jimmy was able to afford a larger home than before. She knew the luxury that awaited her inside when the Cadillac came to a halt in the driveway beyond the black gate. Through the darkness of night, the house was lit up from the windows. White colors outside greeted their eyes until facing a large double swinging black door.

Such grandiose extravagance was nothing new to Nina's wandering green eyes. She had accomplished photoshoots in the past in such locations and stepped through the doors of Beverly Hills mansions across the US. Jimmy offered her a tour when they stepped through the foyer, marveling at a large white and gold trimmed staircase but He must have spent quite a fortune on interior decorating, Nina thought to herself. She tried to joke at Jimmy about this but once they reached the living room, he was ready to get into the mood. They began with a passionate kiss as he revealed his lust unto her. Moaning into his mouth, Nina shoved her body up against his and went to pull his jacket off. Once the kiss was over, he smirked and asked if she wanted another drink before they began. Nina shook her head before glancing around the living room and tossing her purse across one of the couches.

In the middle of the living room, two couches were arranged facing the wall with row of television sets. In the center of the room, a large golden Greek statue had been placed down over a crimson red carpet. It was an odd piece of decoration, but Nina didn't care. It wasn't her job to critique how Jimmy wanted to blow through his money. All that mattered was a staircase behind her, leading to the upper floors and connected to the railing from the foyer room they had departed from. She was curious where the bedroom was upstairs and if Jimmy would take her into his room or a guest room to fuck her. At least for now, they had begun their night of lust in the living room. After slipping her dress off, Nina stood in nothing more than her high heels and a thong. Jimmy got to see her touching her slender body. She squeezed her breasts, trailing her hands down to her hips and turning around. Not giving him much time to see her pussy.

Bending over, Nina rolled her hips and made her best attempt at twerking. She expected Jimmy to shower her with compliments, but he remained silent. With no music to find a rhythm to move into, she leaned back up and then carefully pulled her thong down and stepped out of it. Eyes closed she took her time as he began to clap his hands and cheer her on. When she finally turned around to face him, Jimmy had quietly stripped himself of all clothes. He stood in nothing but a black pair of underwear. His muscular chest visible with new tattoos she had not previously seen. A tiger design was draped around the left side of his chest, extending up with a black and white sleeve design with various drawings. A skull and wolf were visible but their meanings were lost to her. Nina did not see the point in breaking this moment of peace by asking him about his choice of tattoos. The only thing that matter was the bulge poking up in the front of his pants.

"Are you gonna get down on your fucking knees and show me how much you want this?"

Snap! His fingers crackled as Jimmy snapped his fingers with his right hand and pointed down below. Nina expected him to peel off his underwear and reveal his waiting cock before her, but since he did not, that was now her job. She flashed her teeth in a grin, almost wanting to taunt his stern voice with some filthy words of teasing. Instead she quietly fell down to her knees and then breathed heavily. Raising her hands up over his stomach, Nina bit her bottom lip and purred a soft moan.

"Mmmmmmmm, you know what I want."

Her voice was low, almost sensual but with a flare of her dirty side ready to come out in full strength. Jimmy placed his hands onto his hips, nodding at her. When Nina grabbed the elastic band of his underwear, she tugged and then glanced beyond his underwear. Her big green eyes took a quick look down at his semi-erect pole that awaited her and then she grinned back up at him. Shoving his underwear down, Nina gasped watching his cock spring free. She wasted no time wrapping her little hands around it. Wanking at a slow pace, she could feel it enlarge between her fingers. Jimmy stepped out of his underwear, leaving the pair discarded on the carpet floor below. Nina moved her left hand, now using it to give his hanging ball sack a quick squeeze.

"Ready for me to suck it right off?"

She blew air across the head of his shaft. Teeth barred, eyes locked on him as Nina continued to stroke it back and forth. Making sure that his shaft was at full length before sliding into between her lips, Nina began to giggle.

"I'm gonna suck your dick so good, you'll want to fuck my mouth later tonight. Trust me on that."

Giggling after uttering her dirty words, Nina watched Jimmy's face, hoping that he would at least smirk but he refused. Instead, he took a deep breath, possibly anticipating the moment for her to begin sucking on him. Licking her lips, she finally shoved her right hand down to the base of his shaft. Flicking her tongue across the head, Nina locked her eyes on Jimmy's face as she shoved that cock between her lips and began to slowly suck on him. All he did was exhale a deep breath, moving his hands away from her hips as she began to slowly suck him inch by inch. Breaking eye contact with him, Nina shoved her mouth far enough to meet with her twisted fingers around the base. Still sucking at a slow pace, she bobbed her head up and down, pulling back only to release him with an audible popping noise.

"Mmmmmm, I'm just getting started."

Nina spit across the head of his cock, Once again, she lapped the head with her tongue, now using both hands to stroke him. Her spit made up for the lack of lube. Biting down on her lower lip, she softly purred a moan while wanking his cock up and down.

"Yeah, I can tell you've got the mouth of a cock sucking whore, Nina."

She laughed loudly at his words. Releasing her left hand grip, Nina jerked his cock harder and faster with her right hand.

"Ohhhhh, yeah! I'm quite a freak, you're gonna learn that real soon!"

Sliding her hand back down to the base, Nina shoved his cock back into her mouth. This time around she did not hesitate, ready to show the full hunger she had for his meaty pole. She removed her right hand, now pressing both palms into his legs as she devoured his cock. Bobbing her head up and down, she sucked at a fast and hard pace. Jimmy let out a loud moan.

"Ohhhhhh, fuck yeah!"

His right hand moved to the back of her head, further encouraging her to deepthroat his entire length. Before he could curl up a grip with locks of her brunette hair, Nina slammed his cock to the back of her throat. Taking it deeper, her lips shoved down into his bushy ball hair. Jimmy grunted, now gripping at her hair but hesitating. Maybe he wanted to test her gag reflexes, Nina thought to herself. Several seconds passed with her feeling the head of his dick at the back of her throat and then Jimmy snatched her hair hard, stepping back and pull his cock from her lips. Nina breathed in with saliva strings now dangling back to his shiny, spit soaked cock. Jimmy moved his other hand down, now with both hands gripping her hair as they made eye contact. Purring out a moan, Nina spit on his cock and then spoke up.

"Mmmmmm, yeah. You like that? Wanna fuck my pretty little mouth with that big fucking dick?"

He didn't respond so Nina attempted to spit on his cock again. The saliva string broke, dangling out from the right corner of her lips. She sucked her spit back up and began to loudly slobber on it, poking the spit in and out of her mouth while her eyes studied his face. When feeling his fingers tighten the grip in her hair, that was when Nina knew he was about to take control. She opened her mouth wide for Jimmy to feed his long shaft back in. Closing her eyes, she braced herself as he began to buck his hips.

"Suck that fucking cock!"

Jimmy grunted after yelling at her. Nina kept her eyes closed, feeling inch after inch of that hard cock now slamming to the back of her throat. She gargled her spit as her mouth began to generate slobbering and sucking noises.


Again he groaned, now fucking her mouth harder and faster. The entire time Nina could feel the pulsing sensation of her wetness leaking from her cunt down below. This was the kind of hard fucking she was ready to endure. Her eyes watered up as spit began to leak from both corners of her mouth, breaking off and falling down her neck and breasts below. She placed her hands on her perky tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples.

"Suck it! Suck it you fucking slut!!"

He showed no mercy as he was now fucking her mouth as if it was a pussy. If only she could have a moment to speak, Nina would taunt him as she wanted to tell him to skullfuck her. Over and over he thrust into her mouth before finally slowing down. Before he pulled out, Jimmy shoved her lips all the way down to the base. This time, Nina audibly choked on his entire length. Eyes watering, mascara smeared around the corners of her eyes. She listened to him grunt and then pull his shaft out of her nasty mouth. Drenched in her spit, the strings of drool dangled back to her open mouth. All Nina could do was laugh after taking in a deep breath, feeling his hands release the locks of her hair.

"Mmmmmmmm, yeah! That's what I like! I'm a freaky little slut who likes getting her mouth fucked!"

Pushing her lips together, Nina began to blow bubbles of her spit, teasing him as he remained standing there. Jimmy observed her every move, softly smirking as he watched her freaky side surfacing in the heat of this moment. Finally, Nina spit on his cock but she was not ready to suck it again. Instead, she wrapped her right hand around it. Now her grip easily glided across his length due to the wetness. She lowered her head, placing soft kisses down onto his hairy nut sack.

"Suck those fucking nuts while you're down there."

Jimmy called to her in a strict, stern voice. She could hear him taking in deep breaths but Nina was not distracted. As her right hand pumped his shaft back and forth, she used her free hand to help shove his balls into her mouth. Gargling on one of them, Nina made an effort to stuff both of his balls between her lips. It was difficult for her to achieve with her right hand busy wanking him, so she stopped. Sucking one nut, and then popping the other between her lips. Jimmy spread his legs further, reaching down with his hand to grip her light hair. Nina was not finished toying with him just yet. Jimmy's grip in her hair was loose, not enough to pull her back so she quickly made an attempt to crawl between his legs. Still holding his cock with her right hand, she squeezed it hard.

"What in the fuck are you doing!?"

Hearing him call out to her, Nina began to stroke his cock as she glanced up from between his thighs. The crack of his ass was visibly in her sights. Nina wasted no time parting her lips and snaking her tongue up the crack. She heard Jimmy gasp, panting as he realized what she was about to do.

"Oh fuck! You... You... Ohhhhhh!!"

He seemingly lost his train of thought, unable to finish his words upon feeling the pleasure of her tongue circling around his dark little hole. As Nina proceeded with rimming his ass, she began to wank his cock back and forth with her right hand. Jimmy was caught up in the simultaneous effort she made to pleasure him. All the man could do was stand there and take her lustful onslaught. Nina was bound and determined to prove just how much of a freak she was tonight.

"You're a fucking crazy bitch, I gotta say that."

To hear him call her a 'bitch', Nina stopped rimming his ass and let out a soft giggle. She was ready to crawl back between his legs, but Jimmy stepped around and moved until he was facing her again. She let go of his shaft, watching it swing back and forth and then feeling his right hand grip the back of her head. Jimmy nudged her head forward, but when Nina parted her lips, she was unable to slip his cock back into her mouth. He had to use his free hand to guide his shaft back between her lips. Once it was in place, the man planted both hands over her head and proceeded to fuck her mouth again.


Teeth gritted, he began to growl his moans while bucking his hips forward. Over and over, Jimmy thrust his cock between her lips. Nina smashed the palms of her hands over her breasts, feeling her erect nipples poke into her skin while closing her eyes and embracing this moment. The slobbering and sucking noises became louder with each passing second, creating incoherent noises.


Slowing along slightly, Jimmy fucked her mouth in a rhythm where he could hear those sloppy sounds in succession. Spit began to leak out the left corner of her mouth, breaking off from her chin with a thick string of drool that fell down to her breasts. Nina began to wonder if he was going to fuck her mouth to the point he was ready to blow a load. The question would be where would she receive that sticky reward? Down her throat or splattered across her face? If it was up to her, the second choice was preference. Jimmy came to a sudden halt and that was when Nina expected him to pull out and give her a sticky reward but instead he slowly pulled back until his cock released from her mouth with an echoing pop sound.

"Oh my fucking god. How come you never told me years ago that you were a professional cock-sucking slut?"

Jimmy smirked at her, teasing with his words of filth. All Nina did was giggle before spitting on his cock again.

"You never asked me. Maybe if you did, I would've sucked you off back then!"

As she went to grab his cock, Jimmy pulled away and offered a hand to pull her up from her knees. Nina did not require his held as she was able to rise up on her own. Standing face to face again, she threw her arms around his neck, leaning in for a hungry kiss. Jimmy wrapped his arms around her, roaming his hands down her back and finding her ass. Nina moaned into his mouth upon feeling the hard squeeze he gave her buttocks. When their kiss broke, she pulled away from him and stepped back. At long last, Jimmy had a view of her womanhood down below. Freshly shaved without a single piece of hair in sight. A fresh dew glistened to reveal her moist heat. Only for a few moments did he study her vulva lips, giving Nina enough time to reach down and wrap her right hand fingers around his cock. She turned around, ready to walk him up the staircase she now faced.

"Come on, you can tell me where the bedroom is. Or whichever room you wanna fuck me in."

Pulling him by the cock, her high heels boomed loudly into the floor. For a moment, Jimmy went along with this. Allowing her to walk him by the cock as if she were in control. The staircase had a gold painted metal rail from the right hand side. Once Nina reached it, the grip on his shaft loosened, offering a chance for Jimmy to regain control. He grabbed her wrist gently, pulling it away from his shaft. Nina giggled, turning around to face him as their eyes met and he moved in for another kiss on the lips. She leaned back, offering him enough space to roam his hands over the front of her body. Jimmy squeezed her breasts, pulling away to pinch her nipples as the kiss broke. Nina took this as a chance to reach down and wrap her right hand fingers back around that cock. Her green eyes glared at him when she rubbed the head of his shaft across her clit.

"I don't think I wanna wait any longer before we get to a room."

Nina smirked after finishing her words. She watched Jimmy glance downward and witness the moment as she rubbed his cock against her clit a second time, then brushing it across the wet lips of her opening.

"Why don't you just fuck me right here on the stairs?"

Jimmy smirked at her.

"Fine by me."

With those words spoken, Nina let go of his cock and then stomped her way up a few more steps of the stairs before sitting down upon one. Each step was draped in a red carpet, matching the flooring from the living room. From this position sitting on a step, she was certain that Jimmy could fuck her as he stood facing her. He had to take a footstep down, just to meet with where she was. The stairs had proven to be a difficult place for them to do this act, but Nina did not care. Jimmy did not seem to mind either, as they both wanted this experience together. Spreading her legs out, she moved her hands over her perky breasts, squeezing them as she watched him begin to slowly push his cock into her juicy cunt.

"Ohhhhhh, yes..."

Gasping, she let out a sharp moan upon feeling his cock enter her. Nice and slowly, Jimmy made his move while planting his hands onto her shoulders.

"Damn, this pussy is so fucking tight!"

She did not reply to his words of praise, instead closing her eyes. Nina moaned again, moving her hands from her breasts as he began to slowly thrust his cock into her pussy. Doing this on the stairs was proving to be more difficult than Jimmy originally believed. His hands moved away from her shoulders, instead gripping her hips. Nina slid slightly, her buttocks firmly embedded into the step as she kept her legs spread out. He began to thrust into her harder and faster.

"Ohhh, ohhhhh god yes! Ohhhhh, YES!!"

Screaming at him, Nina hoped that would get the point across that she wanted more. She threw her arms around his neck, leaning up as Jimmy then began to thrust into her harder and faster. Her breasts began to shake around as they both exhaled deep breaths and then Nina hollered for more.

"Fuck me, Jimmy! That's it, fuck me! Ohhhhh, yeah!!"

With his hands on her hips, Jimmy made an effort to pick up Nina. It did not take her long to realize what he was trying to do and she wrapped her legs around him. His hands slid down to cup her ass cheeks, holding her up while feeling the edge of her high heels poking into his buttocks. As he stood holding her, Jimmy continued bucking his hips to drive his cock in and out of that juicy pussy. He could feel Nina's hands running up the back of his head, rustling through his short hair as she leaned her head back. Jimmy planted his lips at the right side of her neck as he then made an attempt to walk up the stairs, all while he was still fucking her.

"Keep fucking me! Ohhhhhh yeah!!"

For a moment, Nina felt herself wobble around within his grasp. She squeezed her legs tighter around his waist, worried that he may fall backwards down the staircase. Jimmy stepped forward, climbing two more steps until he reached the last one and then he leaned down and carefully lay Nina's back onto the floor. They were on the second floor of his home, but that did not matter to her. Her elbows and back hit the floor as she gazed up at the high ceiling, moaning at the feeling of his cock pumping in and out of her pussy. Her long brunette hair pooled down across the floor surface. Jimmy lay down over her chest, breathing into her face as he continued to buck his hips. Now it was easier to fuck her in this position. Nina closed her eyes, teeth gritted for a moment as she began to cry out to him.

"Ohhhhh, ohhhhhh, ohhhhhhhhhhh... FUCK!!"

The final word uttered from her lips was screamed at such a pitch, her Danish voice echoed along the halls. Jimmy could not stop. He felt her hands roaming over his back as he pushed his palms down over her breasts. Those hardened nipples poked into his hands with the feeling of steel bullets. Again and again, Jimmy thrust his cock into her pussy. Nina was so close to reaching her climax, she yelled to him once more.


Gritting her teeth after the sudden screams, Nina fell into silence with only the sound of Jimmy's hard breathing audible for the next passing moments. With each hard thrust he pumped into her cunt, she drew closer and closer. He knew she was almost to her breaking point, desperate for that sweet release. Her fingernails raked across his back, scratching and breaking the skin when she reached that long awaited climax.


Legs shaking unfortunately, Nina opened her eyes and began gasping as she watched Jimmy quickly climb off her and pull his cock from her pussy. He tried to react fast, only feeling her inner walls tighten up around his shaft for a few moments. He ended up rolling to the right side as her juices splattered out from her pussy and flooded the hard wooden floor with a trail. The man had made a serious effort to get off her, all to prevent his own orgasm from reaching yet. At least for now, Nina was not concerned about Jimmy. She had experienced her first sweet release, requiring her to lay there and catch her breath. She turned to glance at the side, watching him lean up and then stand back up. Shoving her elbows into the floor, she too leaned up and made eye contact as he stood in front of her. His right hand reaching to grip his mighty cock.

"That was some good fucking, Jimmy."

Speaking between exhaling her breaths, Nina watched him nod back. Down below, she noticed a few drops of her love nectar dripping from his lengthy pole.

"Yeah, I could rail you for days, babe."

She giggled at that response. Swallowing her breath, Nina spoke again.

"You must've held back from blowing your load for a reason. That's twice now I expected you to cum for me. Figured you would've glazed my face earlier, then I expected you to cum with me just now."

Jimmy smirked, slowly wanking his cock back and forth. He began to step over Nina as he replied.

"You're getting fucked by a real man tonight, baby. I know how to hold myself back from blowing a load. I think you know that by now, huh?"

More drops of her juices fell from his wet cock, landing down onto her stomach. She slid her right hand index finger to scoop it up, then licking the tip of her finger clean as he replied. Jimmy had stepped over her to the point she leaned up, now in a sitting position to slobber all over his cock again. He let go of his cock, watching as she replaced his own hand with hers and then shoved it back into her mouth. Sucking off her own juices, Nina moaned a muffled sound while swallowing the creamy substance. Jimmy appeared to be pleased with her actions, standing there in approval as she began to slowly bob her head back and forth, sucking his cock once again. 'Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm', she made those same muffled moaning sounds yet again before pulling her lips back to the head. Nina released his cock with a loud popping noise.

"Mmmmmm, so good..."

Leering up at him with her big green eyes, Nina smirked before parting her lips again. She twirled her tongue over the head of his dick, circling it in a counter clockwise motion. Before she was done, Nina kissed the head of his cock and then spoke up.

"I was hoping we weren't done yet tonight. You know, you've still got one more place to shove this big... beautiful..."

She gritted her teeth, still speaking.

"Hard... fucking... dick."

Chuckling at her remarks, Jimmy nodded.

"Yeah, I know. Is that your way of telling me that you're a kinky slut who takes it up the ass?"

Her teeth flashed in a full grin as Nina slowly nodded. Jimmy stepped back, snapping his fingers at her.

"Get up from the fucking floor then."

"Are you ready to finally take me in a room and fuck my ass?"

Nina called out to him as she began to rise up from the floor. Jimmy offered her a hand and this time, she let him pull her up. He pointed forward with his right hand index finger.

"Pick a room. They're all the same."

"Oh yeah? I guess that means they're the guest rooms. I was hoping you'd take me back to your bedroom and fuck my ass somewhere special like that."

He snapped his fingers.

"Start walking them! Forward! End of the fucking hall!"

Jimmy spoke aloud in that same stern manner from earlier. Nina began to strut her hips, stomping her high heels along the floor below. Boom, boom, boom. Her heels loudly echoed throughout the mansion, all while he walked behind her. There was a black door at the end of the hall, fit with a shiny gold knob. Nina glanced beyond her right shoulder, flashing the front row of her sparkly white teeth to tease him. She could see Jimmy's right hand wrapped around his cock, as if to slowly wank himself in preparation for when his cock was shoved up her dark little hole. Upon reaching the door, Nina grabbed the knob and turned it open. She quickly thought to herself that this would be more fun to make Jimmy chase after her, rather than assuming a quick position to continue the night. Turning around, she flashed a full grin at him.

"Come and get me, Jimmy."

Winking at him, she raised her right hand finger and inched her index finger to give that 'come hither' beckoning. Nina then quickly turned around to glance at the master bedroom. The large space was fit with a leopard pattern blanket covering a king size bed. Black rugs covered the floor while a similar tiger pattern décor covered a lounge chair. She did not look over the other furniture upon stomping through the doorway. Off to the right side of the room, Nina noticed the glimmer of gold from the corner of her left eye. Turning to look, she was quickly reminded of Jimmy's profession with a framed display of gold plated pistols on display. Ignoring the walls, she turned to see a doorway leading into the personal bathroom. As Jimmy stepped through the door, her heels were heard stomping onto a white tiled floor in the bathroom.

"If you wanna fuck this ass, you better come and find it!"

He laughed hard at her words.

"Oh yeah? I don't have to look far, baby."

Gazing around the bathroom, Nina took a dee breath. She expected the room to contain a sliding glass door shower. Instead it had a traditional bathtub across the room, but large enough to contain at least three people. That was the last place Nina wanted to be on all fours and fucked from behind. Off to the left side of the room, there was a black marble counter with a sink. A massive mirror covered most of the wall from there. She turned around to see Jimmy standing right in the doorway with a smirk across his face.

"You like my bathroom, Nina?"

She shook her head at him while leaning back against the counter.

"No, it's not my type. I'd rather have a shower than a big tub."

Before he had a chance to choose where to take her, Nina turned around. She took a quick glance at her reflection across the mirror surface. Sliding her fingers across the marble top surface, she gripped the edges, her hair draping down her shoulders. She watched Jimmy move behind her from the reflection in the mirror. His height nearly towering over her now that she was bent over. His eyes scanned her ass, then she felt his left hand caressing her skin before pulling back.

"You like my ass?"

Spank! His hand smacking across the left cheek told her enough about how much he liked it. Once again, Nina glanced beyond her right shoulder and then she moved her hands back from the counter. She used them to pull her ass cheeks apart, showing her dark little hole that awaited his cock.

"You know where I want that dick."

"You want me to fuck your ass, Nina? Maybe you should tell me again. I wanna hear you fucking say it, so speak up for me."

Whimpering to him in an exaggerated moan, she called out.

"I want you to fuck my ass, please."

Nina moved back her right hand when she felt the length of his cock sliding up the crack of her ass. She bit down on her lower lip, turning to gaze forward back at the mirror. Jimmy's eyes were concentrating downward as he thrust his cock between her firm ass cheeks, watching every passing second. He took his time, teasing her as he thrust forward up the crack. Nina was quietly bracing herself, hoping she would not have to wait for long to feel his cock shoving into her ass. When Jimmy came to a stop, she opened her eyes and began to study her reflection in the mirror. Dropping her lower lip, she moaned at that all too familiar feeling.

"Oh god! Yes, that's it!"

Slowly, his cock pushed through her dark little hole. Jimmy drew his hand back and smacked that ass a second time upon feeling the tightness of her back door hole. He exhaled a deep breath before groaning.

"Fuck! This is so damn tight!"

Letting out another exaggerated whimper, Nina bit down on her lower lip, curling it into her mouth. She still had her left hand planted firmly across one ass cheek, keeping it pulled apart while her right hand was now gripping the edge of the counter.

"I wanna feel that dick, pounding me in the ass nice and hard."

Spank! His right hand slapped across her right ass cheek. Jimmy was now gazing forward at their reflection in the mirror.

"What did you just fucking say, Nina? You want me to do what?"

Gritting her teeth, she growled her moans out to him.


To hear her scream so loudly, that was enough to motivate Jimmy. He began to thrust hard and fast, bucking his hips to the point he had to reach out and grab something. He planted his hands at her hips, all while Nina had to move her left hand, still gripping her own skill to keep that ass cheek pulled back. Feeling inch after inch of his cock pumping into her ass. Her breasts began to shake, bouncing around with her hair swaying.

"Oh god! Ohhhh god, yes! YES!! YESSSSSSSS!!"

Her yelling voice was almost deafening, echoing throughout the bathroom. His balls were slapping down to her thighs with each full thrust. Nina bit down on her lower lip, then gasped as she still felt the length of his dick pounding her in the ass. This was precisely how she wanted it. Over and over, Jimmy continued. He began to grunt and groan, enjoying this pleasure while also trying to hold himself back. Nina did not care however, for she was getting what she wanted.


She could hear his groaning becoming louder with each passing second. Jimmy still gave her all he had, slowing down but still pumping his cock into her ass with such impact that her tits shook again with each thrust. Nina knew he had to be close to finally reaching that impending breaking point. Jimmy was thrusting almost to a complete stop when she began to call out to him.

"Are you ready to finally cum for me!? Ready to give me some CREAMY HOT CUM!?"


His voice called out in a level of desperation, Nina knew he was not going to last much longer. This was her moment to decide where she wanted his cum, a decision she had already made before they reached the bedroom.

"I want you to cum on me! Cum all over my fucking face!"

Stepping back, Jimmy did not waste another passing second as he snatched his cock up with his right hand and carefully pulled it out of her ass. He snapped his fingers, stepping back again to give her enough room.


"Speak my language, Jimmy! You know I love it when you talk to me like that!"

Nina quickly turned around and fell down to her knees on the cold floor. Smiling wide, she flashed her full teeth while watching him begin stroking his cock before her. She was not done sucking it for one final time and parted her lips. Sucking on the head, just to prove in this final act that she could go from ass to mouth. Jimmy only allowed her to suck the head momentarily, pulling it out from her lips with a popping sound. He resumed jerking it as she laughed mischievously. Once again, Nina curved her lips into that devious grin he had to know by now.

"Are you gonna cum for me? Gonna make me look like a nasty cum loving slut?"

Placing the palms of her hands down on the floor, Nina spoke in a low voice. Not once did she break eye contact as his hand continued to pump his cock back and forth. His face became scrunched up, all while Jimmy took deep breaths. Finally, Nina parted her lips and stuck her tongue out with an audible 'ahhhh'. Huffing and puffing, Jimmy continued to wank that cock until he finally screamed.

"Ohhhhhh, SHIT!!"

His teeth clenched together, growling as his cock finally erupted. Nina blinked her eyes, feeling the first string of cum splatter down the front of her forehead. It streaked into her hair and dripped down her nose. A second string followed behind, painting from the forehead down to her nose again. She opened her eyes, only blinking when the third string of cum also slathered up her forehead.

"Here's that cum you wanted! Fucking take it! Take it all!!"

Jimmy called out, still wanking himself as more cum squirted out of his cock and landed on her tongue below. He made the easy decision to shove the head of his shaft over her tongue. Nina enveloped her lips around it, milking the remainder of his cum into her dirty mouth. The warm taste of his seed gushing was one lovely reward. With her lips squeezed tightly around his dick, Nina proceeded to suck. Slowly bobbing her head up and down as the cum dripped from her face and she listened to Jimmy cry in pleasure. The poor man was at her mercy, nearly exhausted from all this fucking they had accomplished together. Reaching down, Nina squeezed his nut sack, as if to make sure he did not have any last drops of cum for her. She released his cock from her mouth and leaned up, revealing the puddle of his seed coating her tongue.

"You're a freak, baby. I know I've had one hell of a night with you. I could live happy with you sucking me off every day."

Gargling his cum in her mouth, Nina made loud noises before trying to blow some small bubbles with his cum. After a few attempts, she finally closed her lips together and swallowed his load down. Re-opening her mouth, she had to make sure Jimmy saw that her mouth was now clean. With a soft giggle, she responded to his words.

"That's cause you're a freak like me, Jimmy."

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Re: Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
« Reply #1 on: April 11, 2022, 03:31:40 AM »
This story is a pure wonder. A new sexy star extra and this Jimmy is pretty good very good.

I love it when it's in Miami, the place is perfect for Nina Agdal and well done for this idea. The whole set is perfectly well written and dosed with this dirty and perverse side of the two characters.
The action is superb, it's a great success!
Thank you ☺️
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Re: Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2022, 09:29:02 PM »
I love it when it's in Miami, the place is perfect for Nina Agdal and well done for this idea. The whole set is perfectly well written and dosed with this dirty and perverse side of the two characters.

At this rate, Cade has a full Miami-verse going lol
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Re: Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2022, 02:28:30 AM »
I love it when it's in Miami, the place is perfect for Nina Agdal and well done for this idea. The whole set is perfectly well written and dosed with this dirty and perverse side of the two characters.

At this rate, Cade has a full Miami-verse going lol

Lol there is something to find inspiration in this city with the right music..


Re: Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2022, 03:40:43 AM »
Music, fashion and the right babes. Only in Miami!  :))
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Re: Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
« Reply #5 on: April 29, 2022, 09:41:12 AM »
You are killing it this year writing model babes!
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Re: Freak Like Me (Nina Agdal)
« Reply #6 on: May 10, 2022, 12:37:46 PM »
Yes it's clear and it's always getting hotter and hotter. 🔥


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