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Author Topic: CHRISTMAS WON’T BE THE SAME THIS YEAR featuring Lucy Pinder  (Read 140509 times)


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featuring Lucy Pinder
Written by hearsz
Codes: MF, masturbation, handjob, oral, titfuck facial, inc

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're underage or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.


Timothy looked forward to Christmas, more so than any other young male around his age. It was a time when his family would get together at their house to celebrate the festive season. But he had more reason than most to be in an excited mood, for it was Christmas Day, and a guarantee was that he would get to see his Aunt Lucy. Every Christmas for the past ten or so years, Aunt Lucy would show up without fail, and with each year that passed, Timothy would care even less about what she brought him as a Christmas gift. Being in his late teens, he couldn't help but be attracted to his stunning looking aunt, and he would easily get aroused at just the sight of her.

Even though he knew it was wrong, some nights he would lie in bed and play with himself thinking about his aunt. He would think about how gorgeous her smile was, her sparkling brown eyes, her curvaceous figure, and of course, her gargantuan sized breasts. What he would give to feel and squeeze them in his young hands. Timothy never knew his real father, so his mother raised him alone. That meant he had to learn about women through his friends, the internet, and of course, through dirty magazines.

It wasn't until a friend at school had loaned him a copy of "Nuts" magazine" a couple of years back that he saw that recognisable face of his Aunt Lucy on the cover. She also featured as the middle magazine spread, his stare one of disbelief as her incredibly naked body covered the two pages. But soon a simple attraction for his aunt became an obsessive kind of lust for her. Seeing her stark naked over those few shots made him increasingly more infatuated with her, especially those huge, meaty breasts.

Every time the family got together, Timothy looked forward to how his aunt would be dressed, hoping she would show off more than enough of her generous cleavage. Most years she did, and when that happened, he would jerk off to the image of fondling her succulent tits for weeks on end after. He would sneakily check out his aunt, mostly at her incredible rack. But sometimes he would sneak a perve at her sexy, toned crossed legs or juicy round butt whenever she happened to bend over.

At this particular Christmas gathering, Timothy helped his mother prepare the feast they had organised for the twelve or so family members that were due to attend. The word from his mother was that Aunt Lucy was going to bring her new boyfriend with her, much to Timothy's dismay. He at least would be able to take plenty of mental pictures of her when she arrived, so that they would be there in his mind for him to jerk over later that night after she had left.

At around one o'clock, family members and their guests started to arrive and make their way to the back garden, where all the food and drinks had been prepared. Everyone gave their hugs and asked how each person had been since they saw each other last, all the while Timothy eagerly awaited for his aunt to arrive.

Fashionably late, Timothy's eyebrows rose as Lucy walked through to the back garden where everyone had already begun partying, the glamour model looking as stunning and desirable as she had in her several photo shoots. The former Big Brother housemate wore a low cut red dress, the figure-hugging outfit accentuating her wide hips and luscious round butt. Her long stockinged legs looked completely divine, with her heels clicking across the floor as she moved toward him. Timothy watched in awe as his eyes travelled up towards his aunt's sumptuous looking tits, her tight top barely concealing her massive knockers.

She looked so gorgeous when she smiled, flashing those pearly whites in behind those soft pink lips. Timothy could feel his cock twitch just at the sight of her. Seeing her like this, he felt a completely different sensation as opposed to when he whacked off to nude pictures of her. When her aunt embraced his mother, it was at that point that Timothy realised that Lucy had arrived by herself. That was further confirmed when he overheard his mother ask where her bloke was, only for Lucy to roll her eyes and tell her "the less said the better".

She was clearly upset with him, even though his absence brought joy to Timothy's face. As the two sisters further discussed what they both had been up to, Lucy's eyes locked onto her nephew, who was making his way over to her.

"Hey there stud! My my, haven't you grown since last year!" Lucy said with glee, much happier to see her nephew than talk about her boyfriend.

"Merry Christmas Aunt Lucy" Timothy replied, holding his arms out for her to hug him. She lovingly did, and the young man savoured every millisecond of having his aunt's sexy body pressed against him, his head resting against the side of her large soft breast. When he finally did release her, his eyes were level with her deep cleavage, his aunt completely aware that her twin globes were having a big effect on him.

"My eyes are up here sweetie", she said laughing, pointing upwards from her heavy chest. Thankfully for Timothy, his aunt wasn't offended by his intentional gawking at her milky jugs.

Over the next few hours, Timothy was like a slave to his aunt's wishes, enthusiastically helping her and his Mum wherever he could, to make sure everyone else was having a good time. But it was also so he could spend as much time as possible in Lucy's presence as he wasn't sure when he would see her again after today. Even though his personal picture collection of his aunt was more than a thousand on his hard drive, a fair few of them topless, he was still beside himself as he took in exactly how astronomical the size of Lucy's breasts were. This was especially when her deep cleavage swayed hypnotically when she leaned down to retrieve a piece of cutlery that had fallen to the floor.

By the time the party was coming to a close, Timothy's heart began to sink when he knew that it was just a matter of time before his hot aunt would soon say her goodbyes for another year. He hugged her tight as she kissed him on the cheek, the young man doing his best to hold back his disappointment. He watched as his aunt headed for the front door, that curvy round rump swaying from side to side, the door closing behind her. Sometimes he felt like it was so unfair having such a hot ass aunt like Lucy Pinder, because he knew that he really shouldn't be having such improper thoughts about another family member. He felt like he was committing a crime every time a sexual thought about her invaded his mind.

Timothy knew there was nothing else to do now but head upstairs, fantasise about the last few hours with his aunt, and to knock one out. Once he reached his room, he closed his door, stripped off his pants, and got himself under his bed covers, dying to release some tension.

Unbeknownst to Timothy, Lucy stood out the front of his mother's house, shivering and waiting on the curb for her taxi to show up. She'd had quite a bit to drink at the party, mainly to forget about the troubles with her boyfriend earlier that day. But also to prepare herself to confront him when she returned home.

What made things worse was that Lucy was feeling ultra aroused, and as their argument had gone on for a few days leading up to Christmas Day, the glamour model had been deprived of a good hard fuck in all that time. 

"God I feel pretty drunk, and really fucking horny right now..." she said to herself.
Lucy placed a hand between her legs and rubbed her aching pussy, feeling like she would go home with the next guy that she spoke to if it meant getting laid.

A huge part of her didn't want it to be her boyfriend that helped fulfill her erotic desires on that very night. 
Standing in the cold shivering, Lucy was about to cup one of her large breasts to squeeze and tease her hard nipple,
when her sister called out to her from behind.

"Hey sis, where's your car? Lucy's sister asked her.

"Oh, I got dropped off here earlier. And I didn't want to trouble you for a lift home as I'm sure you wanted
to get everything cleaned up."

"No, it's alright. You should've told me you needed a lift Luce!"

"So, you can drop me home then?" the freezing cold model asked.

"Yeah I can take you, but I need a favour from you first. I have to take Mum home as she's missed the last bus for the night. Normally I'd ask Timothy if he would come with us but I know how much he hates long car rides. So um, would you be able to watch him whilst I'm gone?" Timothy's Mum asked.

Lucy did her best not to sigh, especially with her sister willing to save her a cab fare home.
It also gave her a chance to have some more to drink and work out exactly how to deal with her
partner when she returned home later that night.

"Well, I guess it would be okay. How long do you think you'll be?

"With Hampshire traffic this time of night, maybe an hour, hour and a half. Will that be alright?"

"Sure, I guess I don't get to spend enough time with my nephew during the year, so now is as good a time as any."

"Well then help me get Mum into the car, and I'll take her home now, so I'm not holding you up from being anywhere".

Once they had got their elderly mother into the back of Timothy's Mum's car, they quickly took off. After Lucy had waved goodbye, she headed back into her sister's house, removing her long coat jacket, and poured herself another glass of wine. She noticed that her nephew was nowhere to be seen, so she decided to head upstairs to see if he was in his room.

Meanwhile, the heaving teenager was fluently stroking his hard cock, jerking his throbbing boner to pictures of his hot naked aunt that were on display in an old issue of "Nuts" magazine. He was aided by a bottle of lube that he had purchased from the local supermarket a few weeks back, despite the strange looks he got from the cashier.
Timothy briefly saw images in his mind when he closed his eyes, seeing how hot his aunt looked at their Christmas party earlier that night. He imagined her leading him up to his bedroom by the hand, sitting him down on the end of his bed, stripping off her clothes in front of him to show off her naked voluptuous body. He didn't have to imagine what her humongous breasts looked like nude, because they were right there in the centerfold of his favourite magazine.

"Oh God Aunt Lucy, I really want to fuck those big breasts of yours until I explode all over them!!!" the young man moaned as the curled fingers around his shaft worked faster and faster. The scented oil helped him wank his six-inch penis much quicker than without it. But before he could bring himself to the edge, he was interrupted by a knock at his bedroom door. The teenager stopped dead in his tracks, hearing a familiar voice from the hallway.

"Timothy, are you in there? It's your Aunt Lucy", she called.

Timothy's heart stopped at the mere sound of her voice. He was in disbelief, as he was sure his aunt had left for the night already. Not wanting her to walk in on him to see him like this, he hurriedly pulled the bed covers over the lower half of his naked body and stashed his dirty magazine under one of his pillows. Composing himself, he called out,

"Yes, I'm here Aunt Lucy".

He had to hold his breath in deep as his gorgeous aunt entered his bedroom, the first time in several years she had set foot in there. The object of his many masturbatory fantasies was in his room, all alone with him. And just that thought alone was enough to make his naked boner twitch underneath the covers.

"You're in bed already? It's not even eight o'clock yet!" his aunt noted, seeing her nephew all rugged up in his double-sized bed.

"Yeah I wasn't feeling too well, think I might be coming down with something, a fever maybe", the teen lied.

His aunt however seemed to believe him, especially given the fact his forehead was dripping sweat and his face seemed all flushed. The model was completely oblivious to what her nephew had been up to only moments earlier, due to being slightly intoxicated.

"Oh, poor baby, I hope you haven't caught a Christmas chill", she said, sitting on the bed beside him, putting the back of her hand up to his forehead. Lucy instantly realised that her nephew felt quite warm, and his breathing was erratic.

"Anyways, I just wanted to let you know that your Mum is just taking Nan home, and she asked me to take care of you whilst she's gone. Should be about an hour or so."

Timothy couldn't believe it. He was all alone with his stunningly buxom aunt, in his bedroom, what he had secretly hoped for every Christmas. Lucy had no idea what her presence was doing to her nephew, the teenager's breaths coming more sharply now, and he did his best not to stare for too long at her wide open cleavage. His cock was throbbing like crazy, and he was doing his utmost not to think about it, as well as the number of times he'd pleasured himself thinking about his aunt in this very bed.

"Wow, it's been so long since I've been up here. This used to be my room you know?" Lucy said to Timothy as she stood up and walked around his room.

The house was Lucy and her sister's parents' place, and Timothy's mother, being the older sister was granted the place after their parents moved out.

"Anyways, seeing as your Mum has asked me to look after you, is there anything I can do? Would you like some soup or something?" she asked.

"No I should be okay Aunt Lucy, I think I just need some rest."

As much as he had lusted after his aunt, he didn't want to make things awkward by having her find out exactly how attracted to her he really was. He had a very good relationship with Lucy, and he really didn't want to ruin that or for her to think negatively of him.

"Okay well, if you want to be alone, then I guess I'll wait downstairs for your Mum to get back", the model said, her nephew silently breathing a sigh of relief when she turned her face away from his, as though he expected her to leave.

Lucy thought that she might be able to go downstairs and lay herself down on the living room sofa,
using the hard plastic dildo that was in her handbag, and get herself off. This would be to help take care of the overdue climax that had continually been building up inside her these past few days. Her plan was to have another drink, wait twenty or so minutes until her nephew was asleep, and then she'd be able to fuck her pussy with her dildo to her heart's content.

But before she was about to exit the room, Lucy's eyes were drawn towards the corner of a magazine that peaked out from underneath one of Timothy's pillows. Without a word, she slipped a hand underneath the pillow, retrieving the dirty book. Her eyes lit up when she recognised not only the title but her own presence on the cover.

"Timothy, why do you have this?" his aunt asked, quite surprised at her discovery.

Turning his head back, Timothy's heart stopped for a few seconds, knowing that he had been caught red-handed by his aunt. The magazine that he didn't conceal all too well had given away not only why he looked in such an unhealthy state, but that he was sexually attracted to a fellow family member.

"I'm sorry Aunt Lucy, I just, I mean I didn't, I-I-ummm", the nervous teen stuttered, unable to come up with a perfectly good lie.

By this time, her nephew's body language had all made sense to Lucy. The sweaty brows, the flushed face, why he couldn't put a sentence together. And then on top of all this, she then saw the tent shape in between his legs along with his slightly raised bed covers.

Her nephew couldn't even look her in the eyes, which wasn't at all a surprise to her. But seeing him so vulnerable like this was starting to turn Lucy on. And rather than be mad at him, she was starting to entertain some incredibly erotic and taboo thoughts. Leaning in towards her nephew, Lucy had a stern look on her face, pretending to be cross with him,

"You know, I should really tell your mother about this?"

"Oh please don't Aunt Lucy! I promise I won't do it again. I'll give you everything I have on you. Just, please don't tell Mum", he begged.

"More magazines?" Lucy thought to herself.

She never thought a family member, let alone her own nephew would be this obsessed with her. However, she began to wonder just how many times he had jerked off to her, and how big his young cock was under his bedsheets. Seeing a box of tissues on each of his bedside tables, plus the bottle of lube he failed to hide overly well, made her figure that he had masturbated quite frequently.

"Maybe I should spank you to teach you a lesson?" Lucy said, her voice coming across more seductive now rather than strict.

"I'll do anything you want Aunt Lucy, please just don't tell anyone".

"Okay fine, but you need to be punished. I can't just let this go because as your aunt, this is really humiliating you must understand."

Hanging his head down, he nodded, knowing he had also embarrassed her, more so than himself.

This was Lucy's chance. She was all alone with her nephew, in his room, and she knew that he was highly attracted to her, despite his incestual feelings. But she was starting to feel it too and thought that he was growing up to be quite a good-looking young man. The alcohol that she had consumed at the party that afternoon certainly was contributing to her feeling like this. Her eagerness got the better of her, as she stroked his face, his eyes closed, his mouth quivering at her touch.

"Just relax Timothy, I want you to promise me that you'll never, ever look at pictures of me like that again. And if you have anything on your computer, I want you to delete them. Do you understand?"

In an ashamed voice, he replied, "Yes Aunt Lucy. I'm sorry Aunt Lucy."

The busty model loved the panic-stricken look on his face and decided at that moment to really mess with her nephew. Leaning in close to his ear, the teen could feel her warm breath on his lobe.

"Do you enjoy playing with yourself whilst looking at naked pictures of me? Tell me the truth now".

"Uh-huh, the teen hesitated before answering.

"Were you thinking about me before I came up to your room?" she said in a throaty kind of voice.

"Yes Aunt Lucy", he whimpered, his cock as stiff as a board at the sound of her sultry words.

She had to see exactly the effect she was having on him, so without further ado, she pulled back the bed covers, and out swung her nephew's six-inch hard on, Lucy's reaction one of contained delight.

"Hmmm, not bad. Not bad at all" she said to herself in her head, slowly licking her lips at the prospect of what she could do with her nephew's impressive package.

Timothy wasn't sure what was about to happen. The look of shock on her face did little to help his case he thought to himself.
He thought the worst thing that could happen would be that she might castrate him for being a disgusting little pervert. And now that his aunt could see exactly how much she turned him on, due to now being able to see his now exposed hard penis, it surely was only making things worse.

Lucy watched as his naked cock twitched in the cold open air, and how tortured her nephew's face had become. She didn't want to punish him, but she didn't want to leave him hanging either, especially as she no doubt had given him blue balls by disturbing him whilst in the middle of masturbating.

"Maybe I've been a little harsh on you. Plus I don't visit you as often as I should. How about we call it even and keep this between you and me. What do you say, Timothy?"

"Thank you Aunt Lucy. I promise you it will never happen again", the relieved teenager replied.

"Okay great. Now just one more thing, I forgot to give you your Christmas present. Close your eyes again, whilst I go get it.”

The naive young man did as he was told, though he found it quite strange that she wanted him to remain lying in his bed, with his naked erection out in the open like this. Meanwhile, Lucy was becoming increasingly horny, looking at his rock solid member, thinking of the many things she could do with it. She wasted no time peeling off of her blouse, skirt and also removing her high-heeled shoes.

Resuming her place on the bed to her nephew's side where he was before, she ran a hand upon his young chest, Timothy tensing at her touch. He somehow managed to keep his eyes closed tight during her tender strokes, and yet was still completely oblivious to what her intentions were.

"Open your eyes Timothy", she purred.


The young man thought he was dreaming, as his hazy eyes opened to see his very own aunt sitting beside him, wearing nothing more than a g-string, a large black alluring brassiere, and her sexy stockings. He had seen her look like this in many a magazine and on various websites, but seeing her like this, in the flesh, was almost too much to comprehend.

"Aunt Lucy..." he said, still not sure if what was happening before him was real.

"Yes Timothy", she replied, her chest rising up and down as her eye contact never left his.

"Am I dreaming?" the shaking teen asked.

Lucy answered him by raking her fingertips so elegantly along his sensitive nut sack, her nephew groaning out loud which coincided with some pre-cum bubbling out the tip of his throbbing cock. His eyes must have been deceiving him, as he never thought in a million years that his hot auntie would ever touch him like this.

"Does it FEEL like a dream?" she said seductively, as she continued to fondle his balls.

"Oh yes Aunt Lucy, an amazing dream!" he said, unable to contain his overall excitement somewhat.

"Well, I want to make your dreams come true. So sit back, relax, and do as I say, okay?"

The teen nodded as his aunt took a hold of his hard shaft, stroking him firmly, causing Timothy's stomach to hollow and expand at her touch. Her fingers around his dick, stroking it, felt so much better than when he did this to himself.
Lucy got a slick action going, with some of the lube Timothy had lathered his shaft up with still remaining along his skin flute. He had built himself up before she entered the room, so he knew he probably wasn't going to last very long.

"Wow... You're all grown up now aren't you?" she said, referring to how thick his erect meat looked inside the palm of her hand.

"Ohhh geez, Aunt Lucy… Unghh fuck!!" he grunted, his aunt now stroking his cock faster now, occasionally grazing her red-nailed fingertips against the soft spongy head. Her large breast pressed against his rib cage as she leaned against him. Seeing his open mouth and panting breaths as she played with him, she knew she had to put it to good use.

"I really need to remove this I think", Lucy said softly, taking her hand off his pulsing member for a moment, so she could reach around her back to unclip her lacy black brassiere.

Timothy had seen his aunt's naked breasts several times before in magazines and online, but nothing could compare to seeing them right before his very eyes, the huge cups holding in her massive chest puppies falling away. The young man's eyebrows rose and his mouth fell when his Aunt Lucy's huge naked tits were left to hang free on her incredible body. She could see the stunned look in his eyes, smiling to herself that she could have this effect on him, even though she was no stranger to the reaction her large twins had on most men.

"Do you wanna touch them?"

Her nephew didn't respond, almost paralysed to the point he couldn't move his head to nod. Taking the initiative, Lucy reached down and grabbed Timothy's hands, placing them upon her large but soft, pliable boobs. The flesh felt nice and tender in his shaking hands, disbelieving that he was playing out his dream of holding his aunt's mouth-watering rack, her stiff nipples pressed into the centre of his palms. He squeezed them gently, getting a good feel of them, showing no trace of any silicone within.

"Suck on my nipple Timothy, lick and bite me luv", she insisted, using her hand to pull his head forward, so he could feed her large teat to his open mouth. The teen was caught by surprise when his aunt laid her huge mammary over his elated face. His lips clasped onto the dark pink rubber-like nipple, Lucy moaning as she felt her nephew suckle like a baby on her huge tit.

"Mmm... That's it Timothy. Use your tongue and lips on my nipple!" Lucy said hotly, her nephew now cupping the bottom half of her succulent breast as he gnawed on her engorged teat, and firmly squeezed her plentiful tit-flesh.

Lucy soon returned to pumping his young cock whilst her nephew sucked on her large mammary, breathing hotly into his ear, begging him to cum.

"C'mon Timothy, cum for your Aunt Lucy. I really want to feel that hot cum all over my big breasts! C'mon, do it for me".

"Unghh, ohhh shit", the teen cried, releasing his slobbering mouth from her chest as he panted out loud, her slick hand bringing him closer to the edge.

The effect her working hand was having on his manhood was indescribable, and as soon as his aunt licked at his dry bottom lip, his back arched enough for his head to bury itself under his own pillow. He felt his balls tighten then release as his cum exploded out of the tip of his cock, spurting over the lower part of his torso, and all over his aunt's soft womanly hand.

"Ughhhhh, oh, Aunt Lucy, oh shit!!" he grunted as he came, his warm seed coating his aunt's hand and spurting in between her heavenly rack.

She milked her nephew's dick until every last drop of cum had been withdrawn from his drained ball-sac. Once he had caught his breath back, the teen had a look of unmatched bliss. Nothing would ever compete with the wondrous hand job that had been so perfectly executed by his gorgeous aunt. She knew what she had done was wrong, but seeing the vulnerable look in her nephew's eyes, was only making Lucy's pussy continue to further moisten underneath her now soaking panties. This prompted her to continue with her sinful ways.

"So how was that? Feel better?" Lucy asked, still stroking his softening dick with her cum soaked fingers.

"That felt incredible Aunt Lucy, so much better than what I'd imagined", resting his head against her colossal sized tits.

"Glad to hear it", she said, taking some tissues from his bedside table to clean his cum off of her hand and chest. She inhaled the scent of his seed from her wrist just before she cleaned it, liking what she had inhaled.

And seeing the semen that still coated his cock, Lucy suddenly got a thirst for it. She took a hold of his cock again, much to Timothy's surprise. She too was surprised at how hard he still was despite ejaculating only moments earlier.

"Now this I didn't expect, you're as solid as a rock Timothy!", a smile crossing her face as she felt his staff hardening and thickening in her working hand.

"Well what can I say Aunt Lucy. I've jerked off to you so many times, as much as six times in a day! You have that effect on me I guess".

Timothy didn't expect these kinds of honest words to exit his mouth. But his aunt seemed to be encouraged by his honesty, as her eyebrows raised, and she licked the inside of her sumptuous lips.

"I have another surprise for you", she said, reaching over to his bedside table to pick up some mistletoe that she had placed there intentionally when his eyes were closed earlier. She raised it directly above his head, the youngster looking up and wondering what she was intending on doing.

"So this is mistletoe, and as a rule, I would have to kiss whatever is directly underneath it. So, would you like to kiss your Aunt Lucy?" she said, her voice could not have sounded anymore sexy at that moment.

"Uh-huh", is all her nephew could respond with.

With a big smile, Lucy leaned in to place her full red lips upon her nephew's mouth, the young man keeping perfectly still as her soft mouth lay hot kisses upon his. He deeply inhaled her sweet intoxicating perfume, only heightening the arousal of the incredible passionate kiss he shared with his half-naked auntie. She continued to stroke Timothy's hardening member, the young man moaning softly at the sensation she was delivering him from within. Her thumb grazed the sensitive slit and then made him groan into her mouth when she slipped her tongue inside, massaging it with her nephew's. Timothy had a dazed look when Lucy retracted her mouth from his. But there was more to follow.

His aunt affectionately licked and kissed down his body, rubbing her lips and nose along his hard chest and soft stomach, still hanging the mistletoe directly above where she was caressing him. Timothy tensed up again once he came to the realisation as to where this was all leading.

"Ohh Aunt Lucy, what are you doing?" he asked, his body shivering, the lower her soft lips moved down his shaking form.

"I'd said that I would have to kiss anything under the mistletoe. And who knows, I may do even more than just kissing", she replied with a devilish little wink, continuing her glorious descent, now adding some tongue in between her soft kisses.

He could not wait for her to get into the position that all men would hope to see Lucy Pinder in. She pulled her nephew upright, so he was sitting at the end of his bed, the young man never taking his eyes off of her huge naked breasts and the large areola's around each of her hard nipples.

With the mistletoe now being hung above his parted thighs, Timothy could hardly contain his excitement as his breaths started to quicken, and his cock started to throb. Lucy took a hold of his upright shaft stroking his firm slick staff again, breathing hotly near the tip. Timothy's eyes were those of anticipation, staring at his heavily chested aunt who softly kissed the tip of his cock. She savoured the salty residue of his seed and decided that she liked the taste, intent on having more of it.

The young man could hardly believe his eyes, as he had imagined this very moment in his dirty little mind several times. He watched in sheer disbelief as Aunt Lucy kissed either side of his stiff pole, adding a little tongue until she was back where she started, hovering above the head.

"Tell me what you want Timothy. I want to hear you say it?" Lucy asked, the horny side of her becoming more vocal now.

Timothy's fantasy was about to come to life, and he was now free to act out his lewd fantasies.

"Suck my cock Aunt Lucy. Take it deep in your wet mouth and suck me until I cum", he said with urgency.

Lucy grinned with glee at her nephew's request and was sure that he would not be disappointed, as she thrived on giving good head. Dropping the mistletoe on the floor, she pulled the foreskin of her nephew's cock as far back as it would allow. The busty brunette leaned down, opened her mouth wide, and just about took her nephew's entire length inside her warm wet mouth, the tip grazing against the back of her throat.

"Unghhh!!" he wailed, the feeling of his aunt's soft, pink lips sliding up and down her erection the most pleasurable feeling in the world.

The teen salivated at having his aunt's gorgeous face buried in his lap, his cock lodged deep inside of her mouth. Her silky long hair dangled upon each of his thighs, as she bobbed her head up and down his saliva coated rod. Her enthusiastic sucking noises echoed around the room as Timothy ran his fingers through his aunt's hair, the former Page Three model sliding those plump lips along every inch of his pulsating pole.

He moaned as he felt her lean down to lick and suck on his young balls, almost trying to draw the cum directly out of them. Her lips pursed around one of his shiny globes, the model jacking his slippery cock as she did this. His aunt sucked fiercely on his testicles, the sound resembling that of a tennis player fiercely smacking the ball with a firm forehand. Timothy was in heaven, and he couldn't help but tilt his head back and thrust his hips upwards when she took his dick inside her mouth again, sucking harder and more impulsively than before.

"Oh God... Your cock is making me so fucking horny Timothy. You wanna fuck me don't you?" Lucy practically begged, on her knees looking up at him.

Timothy didn't think that things would get to this point. As far as he was concerned, he had figured that Aunt Lucy's Christmas present to him was to help him jerk off, and giving him some mind-blowing oral was just a bonus. But the thing he hadn't told her yet was that he was still a virgin, and he was almost too embarrassed to reveal this secret to her.

"Ummm, Aunt Lucy, I've never… Umm.."

"Are you trying to tell me that you're a virgin, Timothy?"

The young man had his head down, unable to even look Lucy in the eyes. He had already accepted that his aunt wouldn't go through with it knowing that he was completely inexperienced, whereas she had probably had sex hundreds of times. She could see his look of despair, knowing that losing one's virginity at his age was a really big deal. She comforted him, lifting his face up and said,

"Would you like me to be your first?" she said softly.

Confidence began to vibrate throughout his body when she offered herself to him.

"Oh yes, I would! But I'm not sure what to do exactly?"

"Shhhh... Just lie back, and let Aunt Lucy take care of everything", she assured him, getting him to lay back down on the bed. Lucy stood before him, then dipping her thumbs inside either side of the waistband of her panties, she slowly slid down her panties, revealing her bare naked slit, with a landing strip of dark hair just above her glistening wet pussy. Lucy took a couple of fingers and put them into her mouth, lathering them up with her saliva and then dropping them down between her legs to further moisten her excited pussy. Not that it was really necessary, as she had been dripping wet pretty much all night.
Lucy spread her cunt lips apart to give her nephew a glimpse of her inner pink, the young man in disbelief that this was all really happening.

Lucy hopped on top of her nervous nephew, sitting on his thighs and bending down so her huge breasts pressed against his chest as she kissed him softly.

"I promise it will be special Timothy, a night that you will never ever forget".
"Do you have any questions before  we start?"

"Yeah I... It's just, we're not using any protection."

"Don't worry about that sweetheart. Just let me know when you're about to cum."

Just hearing her say these words made goose pimples break out upon the young man's skin, as was the realisation that he was going to lose his virginity to his aunt, his ultimate sexual fantasy.

"One last thing Timothy. You can't tell anyone about this. Not your friends, and especially not your mother.
She would kill me if she ever found out. Do you understand?"

Timothy knew it would be difficult to keep this secret, and he would probably have a hard time believing all of this actually happened come tomorrow morning. But he knew he had to take this moment to the grave.

"I do Aunt Lucy. I do..."

"Good boy..." Lucy leaned down, placing her manicured hands against his chest, her huge titties against his stomach, kissing him one last time before she leaned back upright and prepared herself for a much-needed lay.

The moral side of Lucy's brain had switched off as soon as she eyed her nephew's rock hard member. The glamour model had done some things she had regretted with guys and even girls in the past, but nothing as taboo as what she was about to do with Timothy. She was well aware that she might be corrupting him, but at that moment she did not at all care.
All that mattered to Lucy was that she was helping him lose his virginity, and she was going to get a deep dicking on Christmas. As far as she was concerned, it was a win-win for both of them.

Taking a hold of her nephew's rigid cock, Lucy rubbed the tip against her buttery slit, getting him all lathered up until she positioned it against her warm opening. When she was ready, she made sure to look down at her nephew when she used the muscles in her thighs to press down against him, watching his face contort when the head of his no longer virgin cock was enveloped by her inner cunt walls.

"Unghhh… Ahhhh!!" the teenager cried out, feeling the warmth and homely feel of his aunt's velvety pussy close around his dick for the very first time. Seeing Lucy gasp each time she pushed down to impale herself further upon him, was doing wonders for his libido.

Lucy moved her hands to his shoulders now, slowly riding his dick as inch by wonderful inch buried inside her dripping cunt, until she felt her nephew's cock slide all the way in till their sweaty thighs were pressed against each other. Once she felt Timothy's balls resting against her ass, Lucy pulled the covers over the both of them as she lay upon him, her massive knockers mashed against his chest. Lucy smiled, kissing her nephew to help relax him further. As they made out, she forcefully began to ride his aching cock, her large tits hypnotically jiggling in front of his face.

Lucy still didn't feel guilty about what she was doing. She loved sex, and making her nephew feel good was the only agenda she had right now. When his mother had asked her outside their house at short notice to look after him, Lucy had contemplated heading to a bar in town, and to go home with the first good-looking man that came onto her. It wasn't something she would normally do. But it was Christmas, and her stupid soon to be ex-boyfriend spoiled what would have been an incredible night of holiday sex, which she had been looking forward to all week.

But where one door closed, another one had opened. And it happened to be the door of her horny young nephew. Lucy had no intentions to completely corrupt him. This was going to be a one-off. She just wanted him to see how much fun sex could be, and how good it could make him feel. As opposed to jerking off to pictures of her online or in magazines. By this time the teenager was kneading his aunt's massive tits, instinctively tweaking her rock hard nipples which only turned her on more, and made her gyrate her hips more frantically.

"Uhhh keep doing that Timothy, you're going to make your aunt cum!" she moaned, her nephew treating her tits so lovingly.

"Ohhh Aunt Lucy, you feel so good. My penis feels so good inside you", he said, the size of her twin globes easily overwhelming his young hands as he started to massage them firmly.

"Nothing hotter than having your aunt riding your big dick huh?" she said cheekily, slamming her hips sharply against him just to see the pained expression on his face.

Lucy was now starting to moan in ecstasy, her nephew's hard thick cock hitting her in all the right places. Timothy could only watch on in awe as his aunt tilted her head back, running her fingers through her long, silky brown hair and watching those hypnotic bouncing tits of hers as she rode his cock like a woman possessed. Her eyes closed and her mouth wide open, her pussy continually soaked his soiled member as Lucy rocked her hips upon him faster and faster.

“Ohh fuck, just like that… Your dick feels amazing inside my pussy honey” Lucy wailed, saying words her nephew thought he would never ever hear.

Slowing her hips down soon after, Lucy stopped and asked her nephew,

"Just remember to let me know when you're close to cumming, okay?"

The young man simply nodded in reply.

"Do you wanna be on top?" she asked, tiring a little of this position and also wanting to allow him to be in control for a while. This way, she could teach him a few things as well.

"S-s-sure, that'd be awesome!” he said with excitement.

Lucy hopped off her nephew and lay to his side, allowing her nephew to hop up onto his knees. She lay down on his bed, getting herself comfortable and spreading her long toned legs, watching Timothy's cock bounce as it reacted to the sight of her incredible naked body and more importantly, her puffy dark pink cunt lips there before him. His aunt still had her stockings on, which he somehow didn't manage to notice until now. They were black sheer stockings, with imprints of several Christmas trees printed on them. Timothy knelt before her, salivating at the sight of her completely hairless slit. Just knowing that his penis had been inside there just a few moments ago was still hard to believe. What was even harder to comprehend was that he was about to be inside there again at his aunt's request!

He lay upon her, his eager face in between those massive chest pillows of hers, rubbing his thick member against her sopping entrance.

They kissed briefly, before he raised his hips up to grab his cock, and guide it to her well-lubricated hole. Once he had positioned it in the right place, his aunt reacted,

"Right there! Hold it there. Okay, now push sweetie. Push that wonderful cock back inside your Aunt Lucy".

She wrapped her arms around her nephew as the young man kept his focus on pushing his dick forward. He thrust forward once, and then on the second attempt, he felt the incredible sensation of his aunt's tender cunt devouring him whole once again. Lucy wrapped her sexy stockinged legs around him, the young man savouring the feeling of being inside his aunt and being able to see her gorgeous face react to his cock deeply penetrating her warm wet pussy.

"Fuck me Timothy. Start slow and then pick up the pace. Okay?"

"Y-y-yes Aunt Lucy", he replied, withdrawing slightly before sliding balls deep inside her with slow hard strokes. He must have been doing something right as he watched his aunt slide a hand down in between their bodies to start fiddling with her clitoris. He leaned up slightly, so he could get a good look at her playing with her pussy, plus watching his thick member juicily slide in and out of her dripping twat again and again.

"Oh Aunt Lucy, it feels so good. Your pussy is incredible!"

"Fuck me Timothy, Give it to me!! Play with my titties… Fuck your aunt harder, HARDER!!!", she exclaimed, feeling her nephew's thick young cock graze against her g-spot.

Timothy grabbed two hands full of tit-flesh and massaged them with his fingers as he plowed into her deeply, watching his aunt writhe around on his dick like she was going to self implode. The heavy chested model orgasmed and climaxed all over her nephew's thrusting shaft, drenching his cock and balls. She pulled her nephew down so that his face rested upon one of her enormous breasts.

"Oh my... Well done Timothy, that was... Incredible. Your cock felt amazing. It was just what I needed", she said, still trying to catch her breath.

As he lay upon her with his aunt stroking the back of his head, it took her a minute or so to realise that he hadn't cum this time. She wouldn't be able to let him cum inside her, and she figured he wasn't quite ready for anal yet. And looking over at the clock, she deduced that they had about twenty minutes to wrap this all up before his mother returned home. Lifting his head up, Lucy asked her tired-looking nephew,

"So what else have you fantasised about doing to your aunt Timothy? How would you like me to help make you cum again?"

Deep down, the teenager wanted nothing more than to have his way with his aunt's incredible breasts. But he was unsure of how to ask her. He had read so much about the wonders and incredible friction that tit-fucking a woman could give a man. Add his Aunt Lucy into that particular situation, and the sheer joy it could bring would be like no other situation he could ever possibly experience with a woman. A simple glance down at them gave away to Lucy just what was on his mind.

"Oh, I see. Good choice!" she said, a glint in her eyes.

"Well hop up, we haven't got long before your Mum gets back. Come up and sit on my stomach".

The teenager did as he was told, his semi hard penis hardening when he watched his aunt take her gargantuan knockers in her hands, and part them in anticipation for what was about to unfold. He straddled her chest, and waited for what to do next.

"Now lay that beautiful cock of yours in between my tits, and hold still sweetheart".

He complied, resting it in-between Lucy's incredible jugs, some pre-cum trickling out of the tip and along the curve of one of her magnificent tits. When she squeezed her breasts together, the young man grunted as he felt Lucy's large, soft tits close around him, forming a pocket around his meat. With his shaft still coated in her juices and her chest slightly sweaty, he was lubed up enough to slide back and forth without the need for any further lubrication.

"Fuck my tits Timothy. Just like when you were inside me, start slowly, and then work your hips faster. Fuck my big soft titties until you cum. I wanna feel you explode all over my breasts".

Just hearing his sexy aunt say that made the young man's head spin. He held himself together long enough to start thrusting back and forth, the friction of her breasts tightening around his cock was indescribable. Lucy kept a firm pressure on his working shaft, watching his face in a state of focus, and the bulbous head peeking out from her chesty mounds every time he thrust forward.

Lucy took one of his hands to replace the one that was holding one of her tits, moving her now free hand around, so she could caress his firm buttock with her soft manicured fingers.

"Ughhh god yes!!' Timothy grunted, not just at the feeling her breasts were having upon his cock but also the added caressing his aunt's tender hand was having on his behind.

Lucy reached down lower and under his thigh until she could tenderly tickle his swaying balls. The teenagers thrusting now moved into overdrive, and he knew that he was getting close to climax. Lucy took a hold of her twin globes again, as Timothy leaned forward so his stomach hovered above his aunt's face. To further tease him, she moved her head upwards to lick and probe at his belly button with her tongue.

“Ohhhh Aunt Lucy, it feels so good!!"

To try to quickly finish him off, his aunt had one more ace up her sleeve. She had him lean back up, and got him to slow down his thrusts.

As he surged forward, the UK Model reached forward and was able to lick the sensitive tip of her nephew's shiny cockhead, which brought a loud grunt from the teenager.

"Ohhh Aunt Lucy, you're uhh, you’re going to make me cum!!!"

Each time he thrust forward, Lucy polished his bell end with more intent, tasting some of his salty tasting pre-cum. He kept fucking her tits with force until his length slipped out from between the huge valley of her cleavage, and his mushroom-shaped tip was now engulfed by his aunt's soft pink lips. Lucy took a hold of her nephew’s cock at its base, sucking him hard and towards an inevitable orgasmic crescendo.

"Now Auntie, NOW!!" he yelped, feeling his jizz rise, a familiar tingle deep within his balls as he cried out in agony.

“Cum in my mouth Timothy” she called out, keeping a firm grip on her breasts as her soft lips released his ready-to burst shaft.

The first shot of his incestuous seed exploded into the back of her open mouth, the warmth of his cum dribbling down her throat. Timothy's eyes were clenched shut whilst he climaxed, not sure of where exactly his jizz was shooting. The next few spurts hit his aunt on the bridge of her nose, the side of her cheek, and the top of her lips.

When he came down from this incredible high, the exhausted teenager looked down to see his beautiful auntie, and her face covered in his thick warm semen. She sexually rolled her tongue around the inside and outside of her lips, savouring the taste of her nephew's cum.

"I'm so sorry Aunt Lucy, I didn't mean to…" he said apologetically before she cut him off.

"It's all right sweetheart. Your cum tastes so good. Hand me some tissues, as we need to get changed before your Mum gets home".

He did as he was told, handing her a few tissues to allow her to clean up the white mess he had left on her face.

Just as he was about to use some tissues to clean his cock, Lucy stopped him.

"Wait wait, let me get that", she said, rising so she could help clean him up.

But rather than use the tissues, Lucy took him by surprise by leaning her face down into his lap again and took his softening member back into her glorious warm mouth, her wet tongue licking around the tip of his highly sensitive dick.

“Ohhhh", the teen moaned, not expecting his aunt to clean him like this. His body jerked as she felt her suck and lick his cock dry of any remaining seed that was on his cock, polishing the head clean until she and her nephew were completely satisfied.

"You got your phone handy?" she asked.

"Umm yeah, should be under the covers somewhere Aunt Lucy".

The busty thirty-six-year-old reached around until she located it, flicking through his phone until she set it into camera mode. She extended her arm out in preparation to take a photo, taking the head of his cock back in her mouth before clicking on the side of his mobile to take some memorable snaps.

"Here's some pics you can have to jerk off to until I see you again sweetheart", she said with a laugh, taking pictures of him with his head in between her large chest, a close-up shot of her soaking cunt spread wide open, and finally one of them kissing passionately, with his aunt's tongue mingling with his.

Once they had finished up, the pair got changed, Timothy taking one last look at his naked aunt as she slipped her clothes back on. They looked at each other silently as they heard his mother's car pull up in the driveway. Lucy knew she had little time, taking her nephew's hand and kissing him deeply one last time, as she led him out of his room and towards the front door.

“I gotta admit, this was a lot of fun. I hope you enjoyed it too Timothy".

"It was amazing Aunt Lucy. You're the best aunt a guy could ever ask for!" he replied, clearly ecstatic at what had taken place whilst his mother was out.

“Remember now, this stays between us. No one can ever know.”

“I won’t tell a soul. I promise.”

Lucy smiled as she knew that her nephew would stick to his word.

"So… I was thinking I might ask your mum if we can organise for you to 'sleepover' at my place sometime soon? Clearly, I don't get to see you often enough!" she said with a cheeky smirk.

"I'd like that very much Aunt Lucy".

Lucy smiled once again, putting her arm around Timothy's shoulder as his mother opened the front door...


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« Reply #1 on: December 27, 2018, 09:08:10 PM »
Hot as fire, I love this story. Remember reading it some years back but you made it even better. Thank you for sharing it on here with us. Another addition to our ever so amazing Lucy Pinder collection! 
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That was one hot fucking story. I liked the incest theme to it. Great build up and it ended perfectly with a sticky award over her beautiful face.
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Great Story, loved it.  Lucy is so much fun to read about
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Wonderful build up to some hot stuff. It's great to see Lucy get a lot of love on here. For a while she used to have no stories and now she has a wonderful library.
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I know it's after Christmas, but wow! What an amazing story, had a lot of fun reading this one.
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« Reply #6 on: March 12, 2019, 06:08:21 AM »
You've done magnificent work to make me wish that the woman of my dreams was my aunt. Christmas in March over here, that was a fantastic read.
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HOT HOT HOT. This site has so many great Lucy stories and this one makes me wish Christmas was coming back soon. You write amazing stories and great details.
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This is one of the best stories I've ever read. Auntie Lucy I would do anything for.

Can we just skip Thanksgiving and have Christmas now?  ;D
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« Reply #9 on: November 22, 2019, 09:13:34 PM »
Great story with Lucy Pinder, cheers  :Y:
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« Reply #10 on: May 02, 2021, 05:42:23 PM »
Awesome story man. Hope there is a sequel.
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Well written and so hot, I also hope there is a sequel for Timothy and hot aunt Lucy.
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This is one of the best stories I have ever read. In fact, it was the first Lucy story I came across.
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