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Author Topic: SHE'S GOT LEGS featuring Maria Sharapova  (Read 15127 times)


SHE'S GOT LEGS featuring Maria Sharapova
« on: January 04, 2019, 11:16:31 PM »
featuring Maria Sharapova
Written by Hearsz
Codes: MF, cunnilingus, fingering, oral, anal tease, facial

WARNING: This FICTIONAL story contains sexually explicit situations. If you're under age or easily offended STOP READING!! Fantasy is Legal.


The day after the Women's French Open Final of 2014. A glorious day for some. Especially if you're the champion, which is exactly what Maria Sharapova became for the second time on that warm Saturday afternoon. As the leggy blonde paraded her trophy to several fans and paparazzi, with the iconic Eiffel Tower in the background, I, her lover was making my way to her hotel room.

It had been a tough month for us both. The media in Russia and in most parts of the tennis world felt she would never be able to recapture the form that had won Maria her previous five grand slams. Due to this kind of pressure, it was having a big effect on our relationship. We had only been seeing each other for a few months and due to her failed attempt at the Australian Open earlier in the year, she was starting to believe the talk from the media.

What made matters worse is that we hadn't even had sex yet. I adored her, thought she was mentally the strongest woman I'd ever dated. We'd fooled around a bit, nothing for than finger play and some oral pleasures. But unfortunately I hadn't been able to get her to moan like she did on centre court when she was involved in a tiring rally.

Due to the stress and the expectation that the French Open had caused her in the lead up, Maria suggested that I didn't travel with her to Paris with her. She believed that I might be a distraction, which I should have taken offense to, but I knew what the pay off could potentially be should she be able to pull off a miraculous win.

I knew she was capable, she worked pretty damn hard to get where she was, and knew how to win at Roland Garros. With every win, and progression to the next round, she called me as soon as she got back to her locker room with unbridled joy, thanking me for being so understanding for not being there to watch her continuous victories in the flesh.

It was difficult for me to get overly excited, since I was a continent away from her and hadn't felt her touch for a few weeks now. Though the shrieking noises she made during her quarter-final helped me get off, as did seeing the camera focus on her bent over behind when she waited to return serve. Plus there was her thirty-five and a half inch legs. They were truly two great gifts from God. Now when I say that I had orally pleasured her, unfortunately it was only the one time and it was part of a 69er. So I hadn't had the chance to lay face down upon her tender cunt, eating out that delicious Russian peach, and run my greedy hands up and down those long, luscious stems.

But with Saturday's victory, I was hoping for all that to change. I was so confident of her winning against her opponent, Romanian Simona Halep, that I booked a flight to Paris as soon as she was through to the final. As I sat in my Parisian hotel room, the television was showing live pictures of Maria posing with her trophy, a beaming smile across the Florida-residents face, but deep down a huge sigh of relief. She had called me last night after her win, wishing I was there with her to celebrate.

I asked her what she was up to after she had done her photo call on Sunday, and she advised me that she would probably head back to her hotel room to watch the Men's Final, before heading to the players ball later that night. With that in mind, I sought out her hotel, the name of which she had told me about when we spoke on the phone in the week. Maria had always used the same fake name when checking into a hotel. So this made it easy for me to find out her hotel room, once I had given the concierge that particular alias.

My heart was beating out of my chest when I entered the elevator. I was really hoping she'd be happy to see me, as I was dying to see her. As I exited the lift and made my way down the hall, a bouquet of flowers in hand, my knees started to go all weak the closer I got to her door. It felt like a blind date, where you don't know what you're in for or what to expect.

I hesitantly knocked on the door three times. It was the longest fifteen seconds of my life. But my fears were laid to rest when Maria's eyes caught mine, a smile as big as the one she had after her match finished on Saturday. She squealed my name and jumped at me, wrapping her arms around my neck, forcing her body against mine and kissing me deeper and more passionately than ever before. She sure did miss me.

Maria still wore the same outfit that she had that afternoon (to my delight). Black high heels, and the sexy combination of a black and taupe mini dress with a patterned flared skirt, showing off the greatest legs in all of women's tennis. It was sure to be a great show for all those that were present at the photo call today. But now she had an audience of one, and with a bit of luck, she might just give me the opportunity to give them the love that I'd been wanting to, ever since I first met her.

"I'm so happy you're here, I've been thinking about you all day. And, I just couldn't help but think REAL HARD about you.." Maria said in such a sultry tone, lifting up her skirt, showing that not only had she removed her panties, but she had clearly been masturbating just before I had arrived.

"Oh wow," I gasped, not expecting to see her well trimmed bush, and exquisite pussy in all its glory.

"Come with me, let's have some fun," she said with a sexy little smile. Taking my hand, she led me to her incredible boudoir, the balcony overlooking the Parisian skyline. I took sneaky glances at the back of her long, long legs. They were responsible for nearly half of her hundred and eighty-eight centimeter height. And from what I saw underneath her skirt just now, they were sure to be the greatest trek up to tennis heaven.

Maria pulled me on the bed, so that I lying on top of her, making out passionately as her body writhed around beneath me. She kissed me deeply and ran her strong fingers through my hair as my hardening boner rubbed up against her and in between her thighs. The way she groaned as my clothed cock teased her skirt covered pussy told me she was horny as hell, and maybe this was the night we would finally fulfill our sexual urges.

"Oh God, I can't take it anymore. Please baby, eat my pussy!!" she begged. She may have been born in Russia, but she sounded more American nowadays, such was the clearness of her fluent English.

I knelt at the foot of the bed, her long fit legs hanging off of the edge, still clad in her heels. It made the scene all the more sexier, so I resisted pushing them up for now. Lifting one leg up, I kissed her right thigh and then all the way down to her ankle, teasing her so I could warm Maria up even further. Then taking the other, I kissed and prodded my tongue all the way up her left leg, the new French Open winner whimpering with each caress, as I got closer to her inner thigh. Parting her legs, Maria couldn't wait any longer, as she tantalizingly pulled up her skirt and again revealed her perfect Russian vulva, glistening in her juices.

Without missing a beat, I licked and sucked my way up her supple inner thigh, until my face was staring her wet pussy up close. Her legs rested on either side of me, and Maria used two fingers to part her beefy curtains, exposing her inner pink. I leaned in and kissed all around her mound, teasing her sensitive hole with soft licking, as her hand started to rub at her throbbing clit.

"Mmmfuck that feels good," she grunted.

I got a fair idea at exactly how wet and horny she was when I slipped a first, then second digit inside her velvet-like cunt, easily sliding both in to the second knuckle. I finger fucked her as my mouth moved over her horny pea sized clit, holding her waist down with my forearm to stop her from moving around too much.

"Ohhh God, please just eat my pussy!" she exclaimed in urgent need.

I removed my soaked fingers, doused in her womanly juices, licking them clean, then moved back in with my eager tongue. I started flicking my tongue along her moist slit, Maria letting out a sharp squeal with each wonderful prod. Whilst I dabbed my tongue deeper inside Maria's glorious honey pot, I ran my hands under her smooth calves, feeling up the amazing legs that all men would love the chance to do so if in my position.

I sucked and slurped on Maria's juicy snatch, the leggy blonde crying out in wanton lust as I tongue fucked her deeper and deeper. Her hips lifted up off the bed so she could push her cunt against my invading tongue, wanting it buried inside of her as deep as possible. Maria was dripping like crazy, her pussy getting wetter and wetter by the second. She then reached down to hold my head in place so my face would never leave its position in between her thighs. But the longer this went on, Maria knew she wanted something a bit longer and harder to penetrate her pussy much, much deeper.

"Ohhh God, give me your cock! I want it inside me!"

Words I'd be dying to hear for the past few weeks. In a flash I stood up, stripping off my pants, underwear and shirt so that I was without a stitch of clothing on. Having moved backward on the bed towards the pillows, I crawled towards her so that I could lay my body down flat upon hers. Her strong thighs clamped around my waist as we kissed, the tennis champion eagerly rubbing her barenaked snatch against my hardening erection.

Reaching down in between our sweaty bodies, I took a hold of my straining boner, directing it towards her sopping entrance. Holding her by the hips, I took a look into her awaiting eyes, took one hard thrust forward, and rammed my eight inch cock all the way inside Maria Sharapova's warm wet cunt.

"Unghhfff!" we groaned together, as my cock held its position all the way inside of Maria for the first time. Our hips were pressed together, thighs rubbed against one another, mouths open wide at what had just happened.

I slowly moved my hips, withdrawing my cock back so just the tip was left inside, then slamming it all the way back in, relishing the cry Maria made when my balls slapped against her ass. I picked up the pace, so we were fucking like rabbits, those amazingly smooth longs legs rubbed up against the back of mine, thanks to her curling them around my humping body.

Helping Maria slide her top down so that it was pooled around her waist with her skirt, her B-sized breasts were capped off with hard pink nubs, which I wasted no time in clasping with my lips. The Siberian siren moaned, closing her eyes as my shaft continued to piston in and out of her whilst I sucked on her sweet tit.

Her legs had curled up further now so that the bare soles of her feet were rubbing against my working buttocks. Showing her strength, the luscious blonde flipped me over, so she could be in control, mounting me. Maria took a hold of the clothing that was pooled around her waist, sliding it up her body, then over her head, so she was barenaked like myself. I grabbed her hips to stabilize her as she rode me, impaled on my thick cock. With her rocking body, face contorted, eyes closed and letting out moans of a horny angel - this was truly a sight to behold.

"Oh fuck your dick feels so good! Why did we wait so long to do this?" she asked, as I felt her pace quicken. She teasingly leaned her hand backward behind her so her nails could scrape along my sensitive balls, which only made me thrust upward, hard inside of her. Maria began fiddling with her clitoris which told me she was close to climax. I helped her along by raising my hips and fucking northward into her sopping Russian cunt.

"I'm so close, make my fucking cum," she demanded, her firm breasts bouncing as I felt her inner pussy walls contract and tighten around my cock. 

"Ughhhh! Aiiii!! Ohhhhh" she wailed as her juices exploded from within, soaking my cock and balls with her secretions.

When she came down from her incredible high, Maria fell down so her head rested on my chest, her breaths slowing down with each passing second.

"Ohhh God that was incredible," she cooed.

"Please, have your way with me. You deserve it baby."

"Stand near the dresser babe," I suggested, watching the long-legged naked tennis champion move off of the bed and make her way over to the drawer. God that ass looked incredible. Her legs were weak, as she tried to hold herself up when I approached her. I moved my face into her long blonde mane, inhaling her scent whilst running my hand up the back of her supple thigh, along her round ass cheek, and in between the back of her legs, Maria still dripping with her love juice.

Despite her towering height (she had removed her heels by now), I was fortunate that I was myself quite tall, otherwise this position may have been quite difficult to pull off. Lifting her right leg, she rested her knee upon the drawer, opening up her gaping pinkness. I took a hold of my throbbing shaft, rubbing the spongy head against her sopping entrance. With one hard thrust again, I was inside her all the way. To my advantage, I was able to see her face contort in heavenly bliss due to the mirror attached to the drawer.

I could see all of Maria's sexual faces as I railed into her, watching that lovely round ass of hers ripple each time I hammered into her. She helped further by reaching around by grabbing her big booty, spreading her asscheeks apart so I could watch my cock disappear inside her stretched pussy. I was also able to briefly gaze at her puckered little anus. My cock throbbed at the sight, and I briefly wondered if she would at some point let me have a go at her holiest of holes.

"Ohh fuck, harder, fuck me harder, I'm going to cum again," she pleaded as I had her completely bent over so her face was pressed against the wooden surface. She started grunting like she did on center court, as though she was in the middle of an intense enduring rally.

I too was close, and I figured she didn't want me to cum inside her, as she may not have been on the pill and a certain pregnancy would surely end her lucrative career, not to mention our relationship. So with that in mind I warned her,

"Maria, I'm close too hun."

Like a flash, the tennis champ got me to pull out, dropping her knees to the soft carpeted floor to put herself eye level with my long hard meat. She took it in her hand, stroking the slick rod before pushing it up against my belly, so she could suck on my sensitive balls. The suction was so incredible, that I had to tighten the grip around the base of my cock out of fear of cumming too soon. She lathered my balls up with her saliva and then pulled my cock down, so she could close her wide lips around the head of my soft tip. She sucked like a pro, devouring more and more of my maleness deeper into her working mouth.

I rested my hand on the back of her bobbing head as she hummed along my length, the leggy blonde stroking me up and down from the base as she sucked the tip so punishingly. She looked up at me with those gorgeous green eyes, begging me to cum with them. She tickled my balls with her free hand, and that's when I felt the boiling seed from deep inside me start to make its surge towards the finish line.

"Unghhh, here it comes Maria," I yelled.

"Cum baby, cum all over my face!" she said, egging me on.

Rope after rope of patient sticky goo exploded from my tip, coating her nose, lips and cheek as I plastered the French Open Champion with my load. She licked the underside of my spent head, as the last few droplets of cum dripped onto her extended tongue. Like the professional she was, she sucked my cock clean, flashing me a sexy grin at the hot session, complete with the cum shower I had splattered all over her. Maria cleaned herself and joined me in bed as we continued our sex session throughout the rest of the afternoon.

As the summer sun set on the French capital, Maria and I lay there facing the window, where I spooned her. My erection finally started to slowly deflate as I took in how good a weekend it had been for us both. With that lovely ass rubbing against my cock, I wondered if she would allow me to go to that one place that was yet to be investigated.

"So, what did you have planned for the rest of the week?" I asked, as I ran my hand in between her ass cheeks, and lightly over her anal passage, the Russian star tensing at my touch of her tight hole.

She reached back so she could grab at my semi erect pole, stroking it ever so softly.

"Well I have to start getting prepared for Wimbledon next week remember?" she said as she turned over, looking at me and knowing my mind was anywhere but focused on tennis.

"Oh. So I guess you'd like me to not travel to London with you then?" I replied, more as a suggestion. I figured this would give her a greater chance of winning. Just as it had done for the last couple of weeks here in Paris. She could see a look of some dismay on my face. But she also gave me something to look forward to as well.

"I tell you what. I promise you that if I win Wimbledon, I'll let you put it.. Maria said, taking a hold of my cock and rubbing the head over her puckered anus, and then continuing, "...in my ass..."

Bring on Wimbledon...

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Re: SHE'S GOT LEGS featuring Maria Sharapova
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2019, 11:28:46 PM »

Another hot fucking story from you, I am beginning to really enjoy your works.

There was a time when Maria used to get lots of stories but it's rare to see new ones these days. I loved the big facial at the end, that was the cherry on top of the sundae after some hot fucking with all the teasing.
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Re: SHE'S GOT LEGS featuring Maria Sharapova
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2019, 12:17:43 AM »
Nice story, my friend. Some time ago I got a request for Maria Sharapova that I hated to turn down. I think you did a much better job here than I ever could've.
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Re: SHE'S GOT LEGS featuring Maria Sharapova
« Reply #3 on: July 29, 2021, 08:21:40 AM »
It was fucking good, good Maria story, what the fuck do I like about her ass and her legs. I loved it, well written, good dialogue, I really liked this story. What a tease!
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