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Taylor's Big British Bash

Chapter 1

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Selena Gomez’s brand new iPhone XS was clutched in her neatly manicured hand; the Latin popstar swiping at the crystal clear screen as she scrolled through the dozens upon dozens of apps stored on the expensive device. Finally, she found Whatsapp; the sexy singer opening the popular messaging software with a push of a lengthy nailed finger.

She began shooting a video, starting with a selfie shot of her cute face as she sipped from a can of PBR, before guiding the 12 megapixel camera around the interior of her friend Taylor Swift’s shiny black gas-guzzling SUV; the singer giving her viewers a tour of the plush interior as the luxury vehicle cruised down the floodlit California highway.

Ariel Winter was sat in the back; the dark-haired actress dumping the tobacco from a cigarillo and sprinkling the paper with a healthy dose of Purple Kush as she smiled at the passing camera. In the driver’s seat sat Taylor Swift; a can of Miller Lite rested in her retractable cup holder, a long, tightly rolled joint perched between her fingers as she clutched the walnut steering wheel.

The inside of the luxury car was lit up like the Eiffel Tower.  A series of powerful LED lights illuminated the plush interior, while all manner of brightly lit screens, from sat navs to built in iPads, mounted the wooden dash.  Taylor’s phone was connected to the state of the art stereo system; her pre-made Spotify playlist blaring out through the powerful surround speakers. The seats were a plush cream leather, while every surface was furnished with a lacquered walnut veneer. 

“Say ‘hi’, Taylor,” Selena prompted, smirking from behind her phone as she aimed the camera at her fair-haired pal.

“Hey, ladies,” said Taylor in a sultry, cat-like purr as she brought the burning joint to her mouth. “Hope you girls are ready for us,” she added, taking a puff on the jay and blowing the thick smoke into Selena’s camera lens.

Taylor handed the joint onto Selena; the Latin songstress clasping it between her expertly filed fingers as she turned the camera back on herself.

“See you soon, girls,” grinned Selena, blowing a kiss to the camera before stopping the recording.

She posted the video to the group ‘London, baby!’ and set down her phone as she took a hit on the joint.

“What time is our flight anyway?” asked Selena billowing a cloud of smoke into the already hazy, thoroughly hotboxed vehicle.

“4.15,” Taylor replied, draining the last of her beer.  She wound down the window, tossing the empty can out onto the LA highway.

Ariel Winter reached into the trunk, fetching two bottles of Budweiser from an ice-packed coolbox. She twisted off the caps and handed one to Taylor.

“I can’t believe we have to fly commercial,” Ariel declared; the raven-haired starlet turning up her perfectly formed nose at the last word, like it was some kind of disease.

“Yeah, what happened Taylor?” asked Selena, taking another puff on the long, thick joint before passing it to Ariel.  “Did you not get the cumstains out of the upholstery in time?”

She and Ariel laughed.

“No,” Taylor replied, “Paul and Ryan weren’t available.”

“What?!” barked Selena, nearly spraying a mouthful of PBR across the sparkling clean windshield.

“They said they were already booked,” said the blonde.

“Well, then they should have unbooked themselves,” Ariel declared, taking a swig from her Bud.

“That’s what I said,” Taylor replied. “They said it was a very important client and they couldn’t possibly cancel on them.”

“More important than you?!” Ariel uttered in dismay.

“Right?!” Taylor agreed.

“Well, I hope you fired them on the spot,” said Selena, finishing her beer and motioning to Ariel for another.

“Of course,” Taylor replied. “But not before I gave them both a very generous severance package,” she added, poking her tongue at the inside of her cheek and gripping an imaginary penis to simulate oral sex.

The car sped up; cruising to the speed limit and beyond, the girls laughing hysterically as they raced down the open freeway.


A loud ding from her cellphone woke Emma Watson with a start. Bleary eyed and hungover, she looked at the screen, a broad smile stretching across her cute face as she saw Selena Gomez’s post in their ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group. She watched the video, replying with a kiss emoji and locked her expensive phone.

Emma closed her eyes, rolling over in her luxurious king size bed. She groaned in a hungover stupor, her left hand coming to rest upon the rock hard pecs of a mystery stud lying supine in her bed. Curiously, the actress opened an eye; her pretty brown peeper focusing on the strange man’s handsome, chiselled face.

She propped herself up with an arm to get a better look. Her hazelnut eyes roamed past the young man’s pecs and down to the V-shaped realm of his heavily defined cobblestone abs, then bulged almost comically as they caught sight of the satin tepee he was pitching under her freshly washed bed sheets.  Emma grinned mischievously, her eyes feasting on the tall silken tent and picturing the sheer size of the long slab of man meat underneath.

“Good morning!” she said to herself.


Maisie Williams was sat at a polished oak table on the large balcony of her friend Sophie Turner’s penthouse apartment.  She wore little more than a pair of denim short shorts and a skimpy string bikini top. A pair of designer shades perched atop her pretty head as she basked in the morning sun.  Her phone buzzed and she picked it up, tapping the WhatsApp notification at the top of the screen. The brunette grinned from ear to ear as she saw Selena Gomez’s video and the emoji reply from Emma Watson.

The balcony door opened and Sophie Turner stepped through; the redhead every bit as scantily clad as her brown-faired friend in a floss-thin red bikini and matching sarong.  She carried two glasses of chilled fresh apple juice as she took a seat at the table. She set the glasses down and topped them up with a splash or two of Jack Daniels.

“The girls are on route,” said Maisie, passing her phone to her auburn friend.

“Hmm,” grinned Sophie, handing the phone back to Maisie and taking a sip of her drink.  “Let the fun begin!”

Maisie went to sit beside her girlfriend, taking a picture of their drinks alongside the half-empty whiskey bottle.  She posted the photo to the A-list WhatsApp group, then typed out a message;

Starting as we mean to go on!

She flipped the camera on themselves; kissing Sophie on the cheek as she shot a selfie of the pair and posted it after the message.


Natalie Dormer stuffed a big clump of Sour Diesel into the round bowl of her ice-blue bong and lit it with a silver Zippo.  The water in the large device bubbled like a jacuzzi and the blonde actress put her lips to the mouthpiece, inhaling the rich smoke as it filled the long glass chamber.  Her phone was buzzing like mad beside her as she hit the big blue bong and she picked it up, letting the thick smoke fill her lungs as she scrolled through the new posts in the all-star WhatsApp group.  She blew the marijuana smog into the lens of her camera, shooting a hazy selfie as she sat upright in her giant double bed. She posted it to the group, accompanied by the following messages;

Wake and bake, bitches! [followed by leaf and smoke emojis]

See you girls soon! [followed by two heart emojis]


Felicity Jones was laid out in her long porcelain bathtub, her shiny brown hair tied up in a loose bun behind her head.  A thick froth of foamy bubbles billowed up from the surface of the water, spilling over the sides of the bath and covering her breasts and shoulders.  Clutched in her soft, dainty hands was a champagne flute; the brunette actress sipping from a sparkling mimosa as she enjoyed her morning soak.

Her phone vibrated on the small wooden table at the side of the bath and Felicity dried her free hand on a white cotton towel before picking it up.  She read through the notifications on the WhatsApp group; the latest being a video from fellow actress Hayley Atwell. She pushed play.

Hayley was kitted out in figure hugging spandex workout gear, as she completed a set of jump ropes.  Her pink top was cropped just below her giant 32DD breasts, showcasing her midriff in all its taut, ab-lined glory, while her black pants clutched to her shapely, child bearing hips like a second skin, clinging tight to her crotch; her well-defined cameltoe damn near swallowing them whole as she completed her AM workout.

“Hey, girls,” said Hayley, panting slightly as she addressed the camera, her huge tits flopping rhythmically up and down as she did her exercises.  “Just doing my morning workout. Looking forward to seeing you ladies later. Safe trip,” she added, finally finishing her lengthy set of jump ropes.  She puckered her full, pouty lips, blowing a kiss to the camera with an exaggerated *MWAH* before the video cut out.

A loud buzz filled the expanse of Daisy Ridley’s large, lavishly decorated master bedroom.  The brown-haired actress was sprawled out atop her comfy king size bed; naked as the day she was born, the stem of a hot pink buttplug poking out from her tight, round asshole, a large vibrating wand held tightly to her throbbing pink clit.  All manner of mewling moans and groans escaped her pretty mouth as she frigged herself senseless with the big buzzing toy.

Daisy reached up to fondle her handful sized tits with her free paw; teasing her erect nipples as her legs started to shake in ecstasy.  She bit her lip; feeling the powerful surge of orgasm tearing through her hot nude body. The wand buzzed violently against her clit; her hands trembling, her lip quivering, moaning like a bitch in heat, until…



Emma Watson’s phone buzzed in her hand.  She opened the WhatsApp group and read the latest message.  It was a picture posted by Daisy Ridley; depicting her once pristine bed sheets soaked through with what looked to be a litre of her clear wet squirt juices.  The accompanying message read;

Whoops! I got a bit carried away! [followed by two water splash emojis]

Emma shot a photo of the stud beside her; a close up which captured the bottom of his rippling, ab-lined midriff and the tall white tepee he was pitching under her bed covers.  She posted the image with a message that read;

I think they call that morning glory! [followed by wink and eggplant emojis]

A flood of messages came streaming in; the Brit actress’ phone buzzing uncontrollably as her girlfriends replied to the tantalising pic.

Daisy: OMG!!!

Ariel: [Heart eyes emoji]

Sophie: Wow! What a stud!

Selena: Are all guys in England that big?!

Felicity: No, just the guys we know  ;)

And so on, and so forth.  There was no reply from Emma herself and before long the conversation lay dormant as the girls went about their days.  Then, 15 minutes later, a video was posted. It depicted Emma holding her phone in one hand, a girthy ten inch penis grasped in the other; her pretty pink lips roaming up and down the length of the shaft.  It was followed by a message which read;

Do you think he’ll like being woken up like this?

Another 15 minutes passed, when a selfie of Emma was posted; her pretty face lit up like the Fourth of July as she rode astride the big, fat cock.

He liked it!

After another quarter of an hour, Emma posted a second selfie; this time with her nose, cheeks and lips covered in streaks of thick, creamy spunk.

He liked it a lot!


Selena Gomez scrolled through the images and videos of Emma Watson sucking and fucking that oversized dick, hiking up her denim skirt to tease her moist pussy through the crotch of her scanty little thong.  Taylor looked across at her friend; lewdly playing with herself as she stared intently at her phone.

“What?” she asked.  “What did I miss?”

Selena showed Taylor the video of Emma deepthroating the ten inch cock; her bright blue eyes bulging at the sight of the gorthy schlong.

“Oh, wow!” she exclaimed as her eyes returned to the road ahead.

“God, that thing is enormous!” declared Ariel from the back; the buxom actress now laid back across the plush leather seats, her panties pooled around her ankles, a long black dildo sliding deep into her hot, wet pussy as she watched the clip over and over.

“Right?!” Selena agreed.  “Damn, girls,” she added, “we’re in for one hell of a weekend!”

End of Chapter 1
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Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
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Chapter 2

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter


Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez stood facing one another in the busy walkway of Los Angeles International Airport’s heaving Terminal 5; the two A-list singers turning more than a few heads, both male and female, as they waited beside their designer baggage.  The attention was brought on partly due to their fame, but mainly through their breathtaking beauty, gloriously toned bodies and skimpy attire; the celebrity duo showing more skin than a pair of seasoned nudists.

Taylor wore a light summer dress- so light in fact that her puffy pink nipples poked through the sheer material like they were plotting an escape, the hem of the scanty garment barely extending past the tanned, spherical globes of her ass.  Selena, meanwhile, had opted for a white cotton top and a pair of almost indecently skimpy frayed denim short shorts; the bottoms of her peachy round buttcheeks poking out for all to see, their scanty attire showing off damn near every inch of their long, freshly waxed legs and slender, muscle toned arms. 

Both wore designer stilettos and were adorned with all manner of costly golden trinkets.  Their pretty faces were heavily made up with an impressive array of top of the range beauty products, their shiny hair washed and re-washed with a cocktail of expensive shampoos and conditioners, then styled meticulously with their extensive range of hairdryers, flat irons and curling tongs. 

“Jeez! What is keeping Ariel?” pondered Selena Gomez, the latin songstress checking the time on her priceless gold-plated wristwatch.

“I know, right?!” Taylor responded.  “We were supposed to check in ten minutes ago.  How long does it take to take a friggin’ piss?!”


A strange buzzing noise emanated from the middle stall in the ladies’ airport bathroom; the droning hum occasionally interspersed a light, breathy coo and what sounded like a deep, impassioned gasp.  A host of confused females stared quizzically at the locked stall while they washed their hands, wondering what on earth was occurring beyond then thin wooden door.

Inside the bathroom stall, Ariel Winter was sat upon the sparkling clean toilet seat, legs akimbo; the soles of her expensive Nike high tops pressed against the door.  The hem of her belt-thin micro-mini skirt had ridden up to her waist; her scanty white cotton panties tugged to one side as she held a large vibrating wand to her throbbing pink clit.  Clutched in her other hand was her iPhone XS; the clip of Emma Watson chowing down on fat hunk of pulsing, veiny man beef playing repeatedly on the crystal clear screen.

Ariel couldn’t get enough of it; every second of the homemade porn clip making her nipples harden and her pussy leak its sticky, wet goo.  The length and girth of the thick, throbbing cock. The plumpness of Emma’s gorgeous glossed up dicksucker lips. Her expert cockslupring skills; the way she swallowed the girthy ten inch wang right down the base, stroked the spit-slicked dong while she sucked on his balls and tongued at his drooling prickhole like a vicious python.  Every second of the amateur smut clip made Miss Winter wetter than monsoon season in the Amazon, and as she held the buzzing wand to her pulsing red bud, the buxom starlet could feel the surge of a thunderous orgasm building within her.

Her nipples tingled, her lower lip quivered, her legs shook violently making the stall door rumble in its hinges.  At the very last second she pulled the vibrator away; just as an earth-shattering climax tore through her thick young body; the curvy actress screaming out in ecstasy as she sprayed a jet of clear, wet girlcum across the toilet door.

“Oh, fuck!” Ariel panted as she came down from her orgasm; her mess of sticky squirt juices sliding down the wooden door.

She returned the wand to her luggage, adjusted her panties and tugged her skirt back down over her shapely round ass.  She opened the door and stepped out into the bathroom. A pretty young Mexican cleaner girl stood at the adjacent basins; polishing the faucets until they shone like diamonds.  She’d heard the tumultuous squeals of Ariel’s intense orgasm and saw the clear fluids, that could only be one thing, trickling down the cubicle door as she opened it. She looked at Ariel as she left the stall, the busty brunette grinning back as she crossed the airport bathroom, wheeling her expensive baggage behind her as she went.

“Clean that up will you, sweetie?” she said as she passed, gesturing back to her stall, a river of squirt juices dripping down onto the bathroom floor.  “There’s a good girl.”


“There she is,” said Selena Gomez, the latina spotting Ariel Winter as she finally emerged from the ladies’ bathroom.

“‘Bout time,” Taylor Swift replied.  “Hurry up, bitch,” she called out, loud enough for Miss Winter, and everyone else in the airport walkway, to hear.  “We’re late for check-in.”

And you thought Taylor and Selena had elicited a reaction from those passing by.  If the popstar duo had turned heads in their skimpy attire, then crowns were damn near twisting off at the neck as Ariel Winter dashed across the airport terminal in her own scanty get up.  Jaws dropped nearly to the floor as she ran by; her enormous 34D tits jiggling uncontrollably in her low cut, skin tight spandex workout top, the hem of her black mini-skirt riding up to reveal the bottom curves of her thick, spherical ass as she went. 

And it didn’t stop there.  In fact, what happened next seemed to have been plucked straight from a teenage boy’s wet dream.  Ariel didn’t halt her brisk jog as she reconvened with her two A-list friends, who then proceeded to run alongside her; the celebrity trio weaving smoothly through passersby as they raced across the busy terminal.  It was like a scene from Baywatch, only with more skin on show.  Shiny, expensively styled hair bobbed majestically.  Perky breasts jiggled left, right and centre- the girls so graceful and elegant as they dashed through the airport walkway, it looked to many as though they were running in slow motion.  And to some, they actually were, as iPhones were brandished on masse. Passersby filmed the girls hurrying through Terminal 5, slowing down the clips to half speed and plastering them across social media; some even placing the Baywatch theme over the top for good measure.


Finally, and no fewer than 20 minutes late, the girls arrived for check-in; panting heavily, though without a hair out place as they convened at airport security.  Then came the next issue. Passing through security with some of the...items in their baggage would be nigh on impossible, and Ariel and Selena voiced their concerns as they gathered at the TSA checkpoint.

“So what are we going to do, Taylor?” Selena asked.

Taylor was already surveying the scene and seemed to have come up with a solution within a matter of moments.  She spotted a handsome young security agent, by the name of Tanner, stood by a conveyor. He had the look of a high school quarterback; his thick brown hair tucked carefully behind his ears, his TSA uniform doing little to obscure the broad, barrel chest and thick, bulging biceps hidden beneath. 

“Don’t worry, girls,” Taylor replied, ushering them in the young man’s direction.  “I’ve got this.”

Taylor and friends approached Tanner’s station; the dashing TSA man smiling warmly as they approached.  “Morning, ladies.”

“Hey there, handsome,” Taylor replied, grinning flirtatiously at the strapping young agent as she parked her designer luggage by the conveyor.

“Just pop your baggage up on the conveyor, Miss Swift,” Tanner instructed, “and I’ll do the rest.”

Taylor reached across the conveyor, taking the young man’s tie in a dainty manicured hand as she looked up at him coquettishly.  Tanner gulped nervously.

“Let me level with you, cutie,” Taylor began, “me and the girls have a pound each of Colombian coke tucked away in our cases and another gram or so in our hand luggage,” she added, gesturing to her expensive looking Louis Vuitton clutch bag.  “If you were to look the other way,” she grinned, stroking his muscled chest through his light blue dress shirt, “we’d make it well worth your while.”

Tanner looked down at Taylor; the fair-haired songstress gazing back at him like she wanted to tear off his TSA uniform and ride him like a bucking bronco right there and then.  Then he looked across at her two friends. Selena had a lengthy nailed finger placed teasingly between her twin rows of perfectly straight, freshly whitened teeth, while Ariel gave him a flirty wave; the curvy actress even reaching up to jiggle her enormous breasts as they fixed the young man in equally sultry, boner-inducing stares.  Tanner grinned; a whirlwind of possibilities running through his mind as he eyed the celebrity trio.

“Right you are, Miss Swift,” he replied, trying his utmost to remain professional.  “Just place your baggage on the conveyor and I’ll have you out of here in no time.”

Taylor lifted her designer suitcase; her feminine biceps popping as she heaved the expensive luggage onto the conveyor.  Tanner watched as Taylor’s case passed through the scanner; an x-rayed image of her costly baggage appearing on the screen.  Sure enough, there appeared to be a pound and change of Bogota's finest nestled amongst her expensive clothes, alongside a brick of exotic green herbs and countless blister packs and pill bottles filled to the brim with a host of colourful tablets and capsules.

And the illicit items didn’t end there.  No- the x-rayed image showed the outlines of a number of exotically shaped objects that, even to the untrained eye, couldn’t be mistaken for anything but a treasure trove of plastic sex toys. Vibrators, butt plugs, anal beads, double ended dildos, Taylor had it all; her designer suitcase filled with more marital aids than the shelves at Adam & Eve.

Tanner’s mind whirred imagining all the wild and wonderful things the trio of A-list beauties got up to with this array of brightly-coloured fuck toys.  He pictured them feeding neverending chains of girthy round anal beads up each others asses, their peachy, tanned butts clattering together as they shared a double headed dong and drilling each other for hours on end with a plethora of prosthetic cocks.  The mental images had his dick growing and stiffening in his pants and before long the handsome security man was sporting a lengthy, cylindrical bulge in the crotch of his TSA trousers.

“Wow!” he exclaimed, as Taylor’s bag passed through to the collection point.  “That’s some cargo you’re hauling in there, Miss Swift.”

“I could say the same about you,” Taylor grinned as she eyed the thick lump protruding from his crotch.

“Oh...errr…,” Tanner stuttered, making a lame attempt at covering his hardon with his jacket.

“Well, you’ve seen to our luggage,” said Taylor, stepping forward and running a hand across his swelling cock bulge.  “I think it’s time we saw to yours.”

End of Chapter 2
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Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
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Fine work with these stories, appreciate you sharing them with us
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Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
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Haha yes!  Time to take this party abroad!  I'm very curious what will happen on the flight itself.   ;D
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Re: Taylor's Big British Bash (Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and co.)
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Love Natalie Dormer. Cheers for using her.
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Chapter 3

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter


Tanner leant against a row of sinks in the men’s bathroom at LAX’s Terminal 5.  Squatted at his feet were the celebrity trio of Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter; the blonde in the middle, her dark-haired cohorts flanking her on either side.  The ladies were already on the young TSA man like a pack of hungry wolves. Taylor pawed excitedly at his crotch; her soft, dainty hands tracing the outline of his cock as she made out with Selena.  Ariel unbuckled his belt, Taylor turning to lock lips with her as she tugged down his navy blue pants.

Tanner could scarcely believe his eyes.  As a handsome, well muscled and well hung young man in his early 20’s, the security agent was no stranger in the ways of the woman.  In fact, he’d racked up a roster of conquests that most men twice his age would be proud of, but even for him this was something else.  Three gorgeous women were gathered at his feet; kissing and giggling amongst themselves as they grabbed at his crotch, cooing like ring doves as they felt his length and girth through his pants.

Selena and Ariel tugged down Tanner’s trousers, Taylor licking up and down his shaft through his boxer briefs as they did so.  His pants pooled around his brogues and the girls moved onto his underwear. Taylor and Selena got to work on his boxers while Ariel watched; the buxom brunette lightly grazing his muscular thighs with her long, manicured nails. 

The girls tugged down Tanner’s smalls; his thick, lengthy cock revealing itself inch by inch.  First came the base; the girthy root emerging from a neatly sheared bush of pubes like the trunk of a might oak, a pair of heavy, low hanging balls dangling beneath like big flesh pendulums.  The ladies carried on down the 11 inch shaft; a complex network of thick, pulsing veins running up and down his dong, protruding from his pole and criss crossing one another like train tracks.  Finally, the girls reached the well-defined boundary of Tanner’s large, swollen cockhead, and with one final tug his dick sprung out like a freshly cranked jack-in-the-box.

“Oh, wow!” Ariel gushed, the chesty actress gawking listlessly at the giant wang.

“My God, that’s a big dick,” Selena added.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor agreed.  “We’re gonna have some fun with this one, girls!”

Without further ado, the girls got to it.  Taylor grabbed the shaft; the randy blonde tonguing avidly at his leaking prickhole as her friends took care of the balls.  Tanner was on cloud nine; the TSA stud cooing and groaning as no fewer than three A-list beauties tag teamed his oversized genitals.  Taylor was licking ruthlessly at his dickslit; the horny singer lapping up the stream of precum that flowed from his tip like the River Nile.  Meanwhile, Selena and Ariel were sharing his balls; their twin sets of plump, glossy pink dicksucker lips wrapped around his swollen gonads as they drooled and slobbered over the spunk-filled pair. 

Taylor enveloped his bulging cockhead with her lips; the fair-haired beauty moving her hands down to his thighs as she started to bob her head pretty head back and forth on his dick.  Meanwhile, Selena moved from his balls to his shaft; the lusty latina wrapping her lips around the side of his dong. Before he knew it, Tanner had two pairs of pouty pink lips working his throbbing cock.  Taylor Swift was sucking hard at his swollen dickcrown; coaxing yet more watery, thin prespunk out through the gaping tip, while Selena Gomez handled the shaft; the Hispanic hottie lapping wildly at the veiny underside as she went.  And if that wasn’t enough, Tanner had a third set of lips working his balls; Ariel Winter sucking and gobbling at the oversized pair like they’d been dipped in honey.

Taylor’s lips were roaming up and down Tanner’s cock like a glass elevator; the randy blonde sucking down an additional inch of thick, girthy man meat with each pass she took.  Before long, Selena returned to the balls; leaving her galpal with a free rein of Tanner’s dong as her plump, bee stung lips edged ever closer to the base. One more pass was all it took.  Taylor’s lips wrapped around the base of Tanner’s wang. Her cute little nose nestled amongst his neatly trimmed batch of pubes as she held all 11 of his fat, veiny inches in her mouth; the randy singer drooling and slobbering over the long, thick cock like a dog with a bone.  Finally, and with much reluctance on her part, Taylor came up for air; her glossy pink lips leaving behind them thick trails of spit as she released the giant dick from her mouth.

“Damn, Taylor,” Selena gushed.  No matter how many times she’d witness them, her girlfriend’s cockslurping skills never ceased to amaze her.  “You sure know how to suck a dick!”

“Yup,” Taylor smirked in agreement, “I sure do.  Here, why don’t you share it with me?”

Taylor fed the cock to Selena; the blonde songstress allowing her Latin pal one solitary suck at the swollen prickhead before retrieving it and passing it onto Ariel.  This went on for some time. Taylor passed the oversized dong back and forth between herself and her two friends; the celebrity trio taking one quick pass each on the fat, lengthy wang before it was moved on elsewhere.  It went from Selena, to Ariel, to Taylor, back to Ariel, onto Selena, then back to Taylor; all three of the A-list hotties sucking hard at the bulging cockhead and releasing it with a loud *POP* sound and exaggerated pucker of their glossed up dicksucker lips.

Next, Selena took her turn on Tanner’s cock; the Hispanic gripping the oversized dong at the base as she guided her shiny pink lips up and down the thick, veiny shaft.  Taylor turned to Ariel and met her for a kiss; the pretty pair stealing teasing glances up at their ensnared stud as they locked their luscious lips before him.

“You know what I want to see?” asked Taylor, as they broke from their kiss.

“What’s that, Taylor?” Ariel replied, licking the excess gloss from her thick, beestung lips.

“I want to see,” Taylor began reaching down to cup Ariel’s huge, heaving tits, “these beautiful breasts wrapped around that big, fat cock!”

“Hmm,” Ariel grinned, “I like the way you think, baby!”

A loud, audible gulp escaped Tanner’s throat.  As if three sets of glossy pink dicksucker lips wrapped around his dong weren’t enough.  Add a pair of bulging, creamy white titties into the mix and he feared his dick may actually explode at the point of eruption.  The ladies, however, had no such concerns. Or if they did, they didn’t let them put a halt to their fun.

Ariel joined Selena on Tanner’s cock; the buxom starlet sucking the bulging head while her friend worked the shaft.  Taylor circled around behind Ariel; the randy blonde looking up naughtily at the trembling security hunk as she groped her friend’s breasts through her skimpy track top.  This alone was nearly too much for Tanner to take. The sight of Ariel’s cavernous young cleavage bulging as Taylor felt her up, the muffled feminine coos escaping her mouth as she sucked his swollen dickhead.  It almost had him blowing his wad right there and then, but he held strong; the TSA agent preparing himself as best as he could for a threeway team titfucking so wet and wild it would have even the most devout of homosexuals spewing their beans in a matter of seconds. 

Taylor pulled up Ariel’s spandex workout top; the singer having to use every ounce of feminine muscle tone in her fitness model arms to tug the skin tight garment past her girlfriend’s heaving D cup chest.  Finally, and with her biceps popping from the force exerted, Taylor tugged the top up to Ariel’s neck; her enormous, milky white titties spilling out like melons from a grocery bag. Ariel removed her top; her epic rack already under siege by a legion of male and female hands before she’d pulled the snug fitting garment over her head.   

Tanner had reached down and cupped an excited handful of her jiggling breast meat, while Taylor and Selena were similarly enthralled; the security stud’s long, thick cock almost entirely forgotten about as Ariel’s perky set of weighty milk jugs hung in perfect pertitude above the rest of her curvaceous frame.  Taylor swatted Tanner’s hand away so she could take her turn; the randy blonde feeding one of Ariel’s erect nipples between her glossy pink lips as Selena took the other; the A-list duo feasting on their galpal’s big, bulging breasts like a pair of hungry newborns. Ariel cooed and groaned; the busty actress stroking Tanner’s cock as her celebrity girlfriend’s sucked on her huge, lily white funbags like infants at feeding time. 

“I think we better get these titties nice and wet if they’re gonna take that big cock between ‘em,” Taylor declared, jiggling her designated breast up and down like she was weighing a sack of flour.

“Hmm, good idea,” Ariel agreed, smirking like a wily fox as she placed a hand at the back of Taylor’s head and, without a single word of warning, plunged her pretty face into the depths of her heaving chest.

“MMMPFFF!” Taylor exclaimed as she was smothered by two mounds of bulging, milky white titmeat.

But Taylor didn’t let little things like her limited breathing ability spoil her fun, and the horny blonde immersed herself in the epic rack; kissing and licking any stretch of moisturised, silky smooth titflesh her restricted movement would allow.  Finally, Ariel loosened her grip on Taylor’s head; the fair-haired songstress emerging from her cleavage for a mere fraction of a second before plunging into the depths once more.

Taylor was having the time of her life; the singer giving whole new meaning to the term ‘funbags’ as she played with Ariel’s big, bouncing breasts like a new set of toys.  She squeezed them, fondled them, jiggled them, poked them; thick bulges of smooth, creamy white titflesh spiling through the gaps in her lengthy nailed fingers as she worshipped the whopping great pair.  And Taylor didn’t stop there. In fact, she was just getting started. She licked and sucked on Ariel’s nipples, drooled, slobbered and spat between her cans, tongued, slurped and motorboated; the randy blonde readying her bulging bust, and then some, for the titfucking of a lifetime.

Selena fed Tanner’s cock between Ariel’s breasts and so it began.  Ariel clasped her big, jiggling juggies around the spit-slicked dong and guided them up and down the length of the shaft; the wet undersides slapping loudly against his pelvis with each pass she took.  While Ariel worked the shaft, Taylor and Selena took care of the head, the celebrity duo playing Whac-A-Mole with the swollen pink crown; taking turns to suck on it each time it emerged from the depths of their girlfriend’s bust.

Before long, Taylor had circled around behind Ariel; kissing her swan-like neck as she took control of her weighty funbags.  She bounced the big, milky mammaries up and down the length of the dong; Selena catching the head between her lips like a performing seal and taking every opportunity to spit and drool into Ariel’s already slippery, wet tit tunnel.  With her hands now free, Ariel reach down to fondle Tanner’s balls; the stacked starlet craning her neck to make out with Taylor as she rolled the spunk-filled gonads around her velvet smooth palms like big flesh marbles.

By this stage, Tanner was hanging onto his ejaculate for dear life; the TSA hunk’s usually handsome face contorted in all manner of unflattering ways as he fought to withhold the thick, creamy spunkwad churning in his oversized balls.  Selena had been drooling and slobbering over Ariel’s tits for the better part of ten minutes, and by now Taylor was utilising every sinew in her feminine muscle toned arms to keep Tanner’s cock between them; her hands slip-sliding across the epic fucktanks like Bambi on ice.  And still they kept at it. By now, Ariel and Selena were both tonguing at Tanner’s dickhead as Taylor worked the shaft with the brunette’s rack; their tongues flicking and brushing against each other as they leaked yet more warm, sticky drool over the fat, veiny cock and between Ariel’s tits. 

Tanner cooed and groaned like a wounded animal; every caress of his big, cum-churning balls, each lap against his pulsing, spunk-leaking dickhead, every pass of Ariel’s bulging milktanks up and down his long, throbbing wang bringing the chiselled young stud closer and closer to his impending orgasm.  He’d held strong amid a ruthless onslaught from three pretty pink mouths and one set of epic, lily white fuckjugs, but finally, after some 30 minutes of world class team sucking and titfucking, the ripped security stud was ready to blow his load.

“Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” he blurted out, prizing his dick from the depths of Ariel’s spit-slicked bust and pointing the winking tip at her colossal chest mounds as he beat his pulsing dong.

“Yeah, come on, big boy,” Taylor purred.  “Shoot that creamy load all over these big fucking titties!” she added, giving Ariel’s breasts a jiggle as she begged the young man for his cum.

Those last few lewd words of encouragement were all Tanner needed.  His dick erupted on the spot; a thick jet of creamy, off-white jism blasting from the tip and splattering across Ariel’s chest like spilled wall paint. 

“That’s it, baby,” Selena grinned.  “Drench these juggies with all that piping hot cum!”

“Uhh! Fuuuck!” Tanner bellowed, as yet more warm, virile seed shot from his dickhole and plastered across Ariel’s bust; the thick, gloopy spunk dripping over the curves of her breasts and down onto the floor.

Once Tanner’s eruption had finally ceased, Selena and Taylor took their mouths to Ariel’s rack; the randy duo lapping up the spilled cream like thirsty kittens as they licked the spunk-covered titties clean. 

“Mmm,” Selena murmured, licking her full pink lips as she swallowed a mouthful of cum.  “That was fun, huh, girls?”

“Mmhmm,” Ariel agreed.  “Maybe flying commercial ain’t so bad after all.”

“It’s certainly growing on me,” Taylor grinned, licking a final drop of spunk from Ariel’s erect nipple.  She squeezed the other breast with her hand, catching a glimpse of the time on her designer wrist watch as she did so.  “Oh, girls, we better get going,” she said, swallowing down the last of the cum. “We’ve got a flight to catch.”

End of Chapter 3
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Your threeway suckjobs are the best.  The titty-fucking was a nice touch.

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Chapter 4

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Emma Watson was stood before a full length mirror in the master bedroom of her luxury West London home; taking final inventory of her look as she applied the finishing touches.  After a heavy night in London, and an even heavier morning with the lucky young stud she’d brought home, Miss Watson hit the local gym; working up a sweat in an effort to flush out the intoxicants of the previous evening.

After a gruelling two hour workout and an hour’s sweat in the nearby sauna, Emma was feeling right as rain and she returned home, hitting the shower before she readied herself for the day’s festivities.  She’d picked out an ultra skimpy outfit for the occasion; a tight fitting white top, so thin it barely concealed the piercing buds of her puffy pink nipples, a frayed denim mini-skirt that did little to hide the bottom curves of her peachy, beach bronzed ass and a pair of stilettos, so spindly and garish they wouldn’t have looked out of place on a Vegas stripper.

And she hadn’t finished there.  In fact, Emma had pulled out all the stops; the Brit actress ensuring she didn’t look but a penny short of a million pounds for her celebrity get together.  Her hair hung gracefully about her shoulder blades; the silky brown locks shinier than a model in a Pantene ad, while her pretty face had been dabbed, blotted and otherwise made up with a small suitcase worth of expensive beauty products.

A long time follower of US popstar Taylor Swift’s infamous online activities, Emma was buzzing with excitement as she imagined all the wild and wonderful things she and her transatlantic pals would get up to when their plane touched down at Heathrow later that evening.  In fact, Emma had been too excited to wait and she’d organised a little gathering for herself and her girlfriends at her plush London home before they headed off to the airport to meet Taylor and co.

Upon returning from the gym, Emma was greeted by the most expensive (and therefore best) catering team in London, waiting patiently between shiny sports cars in her large, lavishly landscaped driveway.  She invited them inside, and once she’d showered and spent the requisite hour getting ready in front of the mirror, Emma’s luxury living room had been kitted out for an afternoon gathering that would put the garden parties at Buckingham Palace to shame.

Two ceiling high speakers had been wheeled in, Emma’s chosen Spotify playlist already blaring by the time she’d made it downstairs.  Her bar had been stocked and re-stocked; bottles of whiskey, rum, vodka and everything in between lining the polished surface, while a cellar’s worth of vintage wines lined the shelves beneath.  And that was just the beginning.  Countless bottles of the finest French champagne lay in adjacent mini fridges, while more still chilled in ice buckets throughout the plush living space.

What’s more, her long, banquet-ready dining table had been draped with silken white cloths and stocked to near collapsing point with plates of prawn, smoked salmon and cucumber sandwiches, halved scones, tubs of clotted cream and bowls of fresh strawberries.  Not to mention carefully arranged displays of lemon drizzle cake, banana eclairs, cherry and almond bakes and every other sweet English dish known to man, all rounded off with countless jugs of freshly mixed Pimm’s.

In short, it was an afternoon tea fit for the Queen herself and as she surveyed the handiwork of her hired catering team, Emma got out her phone and opened WhatsApp.  She shot a video of the magnificent spread before turning the camera on herself and showing off her skimpy outfit for her lucky viewers.  She blew a kiss to the camera and posted it to the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group with a message that read:

All ready for you, ladies! [followed by cake and champagne emojis]

Moments later her phone started to buzz uncontrollably as a barrage of messages came streaming in.

Maisie: [heart eyes emoji]

Hayley: Hottie! [flame emoji]

Daisy: Daaayum gurl! [tongue out emoji]

Natalie: Mmm! That looks good enough to eat. And the food doesn’t look bad either! [wink emoji]

This was followed 15 minutes later by a second flood of messages; pics and videos of Emma’s A-list chums riding in the backs of London cabs, showcasing their own scanty getups as they journeyed to her luxury home. 

En route, ladies! Read a message from Hayley Atwell, the post followed by a tantalizing selfie; the shot framed perfectly to include her phenomenal cleavage in the skimpy white vest top she wore.

Whoops! Followed a message from Felicity Jones.  I left in such a hurry, I appear to have forgotten something!  The post accompanied by an upskirt shot snapped by the actress herself, revealing that she had neglected to put on underwear for the afternoon’s festivities.

This was topped moments later by Sophie Turner, who posted the message; We may be a bit late.  We’re a little...busy!  The post followed by a POV video of Maisie Williams licking the redhead’s tight shaven twat between the covers on her luxury king size bed.

Finally, and a good hour behind schedule, the ladies arrived at Emma’s home; the brunette greeting them one by one with a warm embrace as they flooded through the front door.  The girls convened in the living room; sipping from Pimm’s cups and sinking glass after glass of expensive champagne, chatting amongst themselves as they grazed from the luxury spread.  They discussed a wide range of topics; everything from work to working out, but as they took to Emma’s five piece suite and the booze continued to flow, the conversation headed in one direction and one direction only. 

“Emma,” began Daisy Ridley as she sipped from a glass of champagne, “where did you find that stud from those videos?” she asked, the enquiry met by five additional murmuring voices; each one desperate to find out where their celebrity friend had picked up such an endowed young hunk.

“Somewhere in Mayfair,” Emma replied, taking a swig of her Pimm’s.  “I’m afraid I can’t be any more specific than that,” she added, this statement met by a chorus of groans from her encircled pals.  “To be honest, I didn’t remember bringing him home until I got a message from my local cab company,” she went on.  “Apparently it took them three hours to clean the cum off the backseat and I owe them £200.”

The girls fell about laughing.

Emma grinned, holding aloft a bottle of vintage Moet as she called above the hysterical cackling.  “More champagne, ladies?”


Taylor Swift sat in her plush leather seat in the first class cabin of United Airlines Flight 84, her iPhone clutched in her hand as she ran through the recent posts in the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group. 

“Looks like the girls are having fun,” Taylor observed, her lengthy nailed index finger scrolling through the dozens upon dozens of pictures from Emma Watson’s all-star London bash.

The slideshow started off innocently enough; girls linking arms as they downed flutes of champagne, feeding each other strawberries and kissing one another on the cheek as they mingled at the five piece suite.  But as Taylor scrolled on, the images grew raunchier and raunchier.  Before long pictures and videos appeared of the girls making out, some sharing strawberries topped with cream and swapping pills back and forth from tongue to tongue as they did so.  Natalie Dormer and Felicity Jones.  Sophie Turner and Daisy Ridley.  Emma Watson and Maisie Williams.

Before long, the feed looked like it had plucked from a teenage boy’s wet dream; the all-star WhatsApp posts enough to have any red-blooded male beating himself into a coma in a matter of minutes, and it didn’t stop there.  Soon enough, Hayley Atwell had removed her top; her A-list pals seemingly clambering over one another to get at her magnificent 32DD tits.  Pictures began to emerge of a whole host of famous British beauties motorboating her epic rack, tonguing at her stiff pink nipples and snorting bumps of coke from the lilywhite tops of her bulging, canyon-esque cleavage.   

Taylor was insanely jealous.  Not of the cocaine of course, she’d hoovered up more than her fair share of that.  In fact, the fair-haired songstress had paid so many trips to the first class bathroom it looked as though the inflight meal had wreaked havoc on her bowels.  And the intoxicants hadn’t ended there.  Indeed, the plane had barely levelled out in the cloudy California sky, when Taylor had tossed back a medley of colourful pills, chugging them down with an entire vodka miniature to bemused looks from the surrounding passengers.

“She’s a nervous flyer,” Selena Gomez helpfully explained.     


“More champagne, Miss Swift,” came a voice to her right.

Taylor looked up from her phone as a pretty young flight attendant stood in the aisle; a half empty bottle of vintage fizz clutched in her manicured hands. 

“Please,” Taylor replied, holding out her empty champagne flute.

The air hostess had barely finished pouring before Taylor had downed the expensive champagne, the empty flute appearing before the astonished flight attendant once more in a matter of seconds.

“Fill her up will you, sweetie?” Taylor grinned
The flight attendant stared in disbelief at the empty flute for a few moments before pouring another glass. 

“Selena,” said Taylor.

“Mmm,” replied Selena, absentmindedly from the next seat over.

“I said ‘looks like the girls are having fun’.”

“Mmhmm,” Selena murmured in response.

“What’s distracting you?” asked Taylor.

She peered over the seats in front as a handsome young flight attendant poured champagne further down the aisle.  He had the chiseled features of a male model.  His sharp jawline was marked by a crop of neatly trimmed designer stubble.  His thick brown hair was tied back in a bun, while his tight fitting grey shirt and black waistcoat did precious nothing to hide the bulging biceps and broad, slab-like pectorals hidden away beneath. 

“Oooh!” Taylor exclaimed.  “Where’s he been hiding?”

“I think he’s the reason Ariel’s so worn out,” Selena declared.

Taylor looked over at Ariel; the busty actress fast asleep in her seat across the aisle.

“Oh yeah,” said Taylor, “I was wondering where’d she’d got to.”

Selena exchanged flirty glances with the flight attendant.  “Damn, we’ve lucked out today, girl.”

“Right?!” Taylor agreed.  “First a cute TSA guy, now a straight flight attendant.  This is a frickin’ gift from the Gods!”

“I’m gonna use the bathroom,” Selena declared, rising from her seat.  “Maybe Mr. Hot Flight Attendant can assist me.”

“Go on, girl,” Taylor replied.  “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t.”

“Pfft!” Selena razzed.  “Come on, slut.  As if there’s anything you wouldn’t do with that hot hunk of manmeat!”

“Bitch!” Taylor grinned, sipping from her glass of champagne as her girlfriend departed.

Just then, Taylor’s phone began to vibrate.  She looked down at the screen; seeing that she was receiving a FaceTime call from Emma Watson.  She held the device aloft, swiping to accept the call.

“Hey, bitches!” said Taylor, her phone display filled with the pretty faces of Miss Watson and her celebrity pals; the band of British babes gathered on her plush four seater sofa. 

“Hey, Taylor!” the girls shrieked in unison; champagne flutes and glasses of wine clutched in manicured hands, long, tightly rolled joints clasped between fingers.

“How’s it going over there?” Taylor asked.

“Yeah...good,” Emma replied; her naughty gang of A-list pals doing anything and everything to distract the brown-haired beauty from the ongoing call.

Natalie Dormer had circled around behind her; the mischievous blonde kissing her neck while she squeezed and fondled her perky B-cup tits.  Joints appeared from offscreen.  Bumps of coke were held up to her nostrils.  Pills were damn near forced between her lips, with shots of sambuca tipped down her throat to wash them down. 

“How’s the flight?” Emma asked between tugs on a long, thick joint.

“Oh, you know, boring,” said Taylor.  “I’ve done about a gram of blow since take off just to keep me from falling asleep!  There’s a hot flight attendant though,” she went on.  “I think Selena’s sucking his dick in the bathroom as we speak!”

A loud chorus of tuts went up from the nearby passengers, some looking back at the popstar with disgust as she carried on with her obscene phone call.

“Yeah, she is,” said Felicity Jones, the brunette pointing her phone at the lens and bringing up the latest post from the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group; a video of Selena Gomez chowing down on the flight attendants fat, girthy cock.

“So, when…MMMPF!” Emma began, her question cut short by Sophie Turner sticking her tongue down her throat.  “So, when do you girls land?”

“10.45, your time,” Taylor replied.

“OK, we’ll meet you...MMMMMPFFF!” Emma’s reply once again cut short as Hayley Atwell grabbed the back of her head and buried her face in her cleavage; the buxom starlet damn near smothering the Harry Potter star with her giant DD cans.

“Sorry, Taylor,” said Hayley, angling the phone up to her pretty face and grinning into the lens. “She’s a little busy right now.”

When Hayley finally released her from the depths of her bosom, Emma drew in a sharp breath. Her face was red, her hair disheveled.

“We’ll meet you at the…uhhh,” she groaned, the actress interrupted once again as one of Daisy Ridley’s hands disappeared below the frame.

The brunette aimed the camera down at Emma’s crotch; revealing that one of her dainty mits was rubbing avidly between her legs, then pointed it back at her face. Emma’s cute features were lit up like a Christmas tree as Daisy rummaged between her thighs; the Star Wars actress grinning devilishly into the camera lens as she nibbled lightly on her pierced earlobe.

“Hey!” snapped Taylor Swift, her voice carrying the tone of an angry parent.  “You girls behave over there!” she warned, wagging a finger playfully at the camera.

“Or what, Taylor?” asked Daisy, standing up and thrusting her peachy round ass in the direction of the camera.

Emma turned the phone towards her fellow brunette, pointing the lens at her shapely apple bottom.

“What you gonna do? Spank us?” Daisy continued, looking back at the camera as she gave her ass a firm slap.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor replied. “I’ll fetch the paddle from my suitcase and give you each six of the best if you carry on.”

“Oh yeah! Spank us, Taylor,” said Maisie Williams, appearing from out of frame, her pretty face pressed against Daisy’s ass as she gave the round, muscle toned cheeks a hard smack.  “We’ve been bad!”

“You’re being very bad,” Taylor agreed. “I may even have to use my riding crop at this rate.”

“Oh yes, Taylor, we’re being so bad!” Maisie replied, her voice cooed and breathy as Daisy knelt beside her in front of the camera lens. “Look at all the things we’re doing without you,” she added, puckering her lips as she met Daisy for a kiss.

They locked lips; the British pair swapping tongues like vintage baseball cards as they made out for the camera.

“You like that, Taylor?” asked Maisie, grinning into the lens as she pulled up Daisy’s tight fitting vest top.

“Uh huh,” Taylor groaned.

“Are you playing with yourself?”

“Mmhmm,” Taylor replied, pointing the camera at her crotch to reveal that she did, indeed, have two fingers rubbing avidly between her beach bronzed thighs.

“Despicable!” came the voice of a woman from across the aisle.

“Yeah, that’s...that’s something alright,” said her husband weakly as she looked at him for conformation.

He waited until his wife had returned to her book before peering across the aisle at the phone screen and Taylor’s wandering fingers; the middle aged man stroking his own measly four inch pecker through the fabric of his corduroy slacks as he watched her strum herself in the middle of the cabin.


Meanwhile, back in London, things were hotting up.  Daisy Ridley had removed her top; baring her almost impossibly perky, handful sizes titties for the camera as Emma Watson aimed it at her gorgeous B cup chest.  Maisie Williams had mounted her supine friend, grinning naughtily into the camera lens as she kissed her neck and collarbone.

Emma took a quick pan of the room before returning to the action; revealing that many of her A-list guests were also playing with themselves as they watched, some even removing their clothing to better tease their sticky, wet vaginas.  By now, Maisie was licking one of Daisy’s breasts; the young starlet grinding her thigh gently between her legs as she tongued at her erect nipple.

“Oh, fuck!” Taylor groaned, her fingers rubbing mercilessly between her thighs as she watched the live sapphic action unfold.

Maisie kissed teasingly down Daisy’s flat, toned midriff, unbuttoning her jean shorts as she tongued slowly around her navel.  She tugged down her shorts as she continued down between her legs; the Game of Thrones star kissing past the waistline of her girlfriend’s skimpy cotton panties and down to the moist crotch.  She tongued at Daisy’s vagina through the fabric of her panties; the garments so fine and her pussy so wet, she could taste her though the thin material.

“Take those panties off, Maisie,” Taylor directed from aboard the soaring jet. “I wanna see that tight pink pussy.”

More tuts and disgruntled mutterings sounded out across the first class cabin, while long suffering husbands, whether in eyeshot of the steamy girl on girl action or not, stroked their cocks through the fabric of their pants; some even producing suspicious looking stains that would need to be explained to their better halves when they touched down in the UK.

Maisie did as instructed; the randy brunette tugging down Daisy’s underwear and holding them to her nose, closing her piercing grey eyes as she inhaled the sweet scent.

“Mmm, yeah,” Taylor groaned. “Eat that pussy, baby.  I wanna see you lick that sweet cunt!”

“Nuh uh,” said Maisie, grinning devilishly at the camera.  “Not ‘til you get here, Taylor,” she added, balling up Daisy’s panties and flinging then at Emma’s phone.

The skimpy undergarments covered the expensive device.  The screen went black and the call ended.

“Hey! What the fuck?!” Taylor growled, stabbing frantically at her phone with a manicured finger.

The outburst woke Ariel from her sleep and she groaned wearily from across the aisle.

“What’s up?” she asked with a yawn.

“Oh, nothing,” Taylor replied.  “How did you sleep?”

“Good,” said Ariel.  “Fuck, that flight attendant wore me out big time.  Where’s Selena?”

“Sucking your pussy juices off his dick by the looks of things,” Taylor quipped, showing her buxom friend the video of Selena blowing the lucky steward.

Just then, Selena emerged from the airplane bathroom, wiping her lips suggestively with her lengthy nailed fingers.

“Ooh, speaking of which,” Taylor went on, “looks like it’s my turn.”

Taylor crossed the aisle as Selena returned to her seat; the blonde reaching the restroom just as the flight attendant appeared from within.

“Hey!” she said, pushing him back into the bathroom and following him inside. “Where do you think you’re going?”

End of Chapter 4
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Chapter 5

Starring: Taylor Swift


Taylor Swift strolled into the small airplane bathroom; the blonde singer grinning like a sly fox as she locked the door behind her.  She approached Jesse, the handsome young flight attendant and pressed her hot, slender body against his.  She threw an arm over his broad shoulder blades, her spare hand caressing one of his thick, bulging biceps as she guided him down for a kiss.

The pair locked lips; their mouths meeting in a passionate exchange of tongues.  Jesse allowed his strong, manly hands to wander over Taylor’s alluring curves, while she in turn slid a dainty, velvet soft mit down his midriff; her expertly manicured fingers exploring every groove and contour of his barrel-like chest and ripped, well-defined six pack. 

Taylor reached down to Jesse’s crotch; the horny songstress avidly fondling the girthy, snake-like bulge protruding from within.  Breaking from their kiss, Taylor dropped to her knees; gazing up longingly at the burly young stud as she unbuckled his leather belt.  She licked teasingly up the outline of his cock; the fair-haired singer feeling the lengthy fleshpole twitch through the fabric of his suit pants as she did so.

She unzipped his pants, tonguing naughtily at the outline of his dickhead.  She slid two fingers under the waistline of his boxers; the randy blonde whipping both his skinny suit pants and tight fitting undergarments down to his ankles in a single motion.  His dick sprung free; the girthy, ten inch member hard as a rock, the leaking tip pointing at her pretty face like the barrel of a rifle.

“Oooh, wow!” Taylor exclaimed, her blue eyes bulging upon sight of the oversized wang.  “That is a pretty dick!”

She stuck out her tongue and lapped at the dripping slit; the singer licking up every centilitre of sticky, diluted precum that seeped from the open tip.  Then, she fed the swollen crown into her mouth; the popstar bobbing her pretty blonde head, guiding her pouty pink lips up and down the length of the oversized dong as she did so.  She slurped and sucked, drooled and slobbered; the fair-haired songstress slathering every inch of Jesse’s thick, veiny schlong in her slippery wet spittle as she worked him over with her mouth.

Taylor placed her hands on his thighs; the horny blonde digging her lengthy, brightly coloured nails into his tanned, muscular flesh as she pleasured him.  She worked her way down his shaft; the singer choking down his long, girthy cock like an expert sword swallower, accepting every thick, veiny inch with the skill and grace of a seasoned pro.  Before long, she’d made the entire thing disappear; her dainty little nose nestling in his neatly trimmed batch of pubes as she sucked his dick right down to the base. 

Taylor held the cock in her mouth; the randy songstress reaching up to cup his balls and pressing the bulging, cum-churning gonads against her chin as she lapped and tongued at his pulsing dong.  Jesse cooed and groaned; the handsome flight attendant clinging to the sparkling clean bathroom sink as he was sucked six ways from Sunday by the A-list slut. 

After some time, Taylor released the cock from her mouth; spitting a thick jet of slippery wet saliva over the already spit-slathered dick as she stroked it with her hand.  She angled the cock upwards; the horny singer dipping down to get at the balls while she jerked the drool-slicked dong.  She fed one of the swollen testes into her mouth; the blonde suckling on the smooth, hairless gonad like a large boiled candy, glazing it in saliva before moving onto the other one. 

Then, Taylor licked up the underside of Jesse’s cock; the girthy schlong twitching like an epileptic at a disco as she trailed her tongue across the veiny surface.  Before long, she’d reached the summit; the lusty singer tonguing once more at the oozing slit before returning the lengthy, thick prong between her lips.  She attacked the cock once more; the randy popstar showing her male counterpart little mercy she she lay siege to his pulsing wang with every trick and technique in her blowjob arsenal. 

She rubbed the head against her puckered, shell pink lips, slapped the swollen crown against her tongue and encircled it with the slick red flesh.  She lapped greedily at the underside; her tongue slapping against the girthy shaft like a dog with a bone; the blonde kneading his bulging head and caressing his oversized balls all the while.  Taylor sucked and slurped, stroked and jerked, drooled, slobbered and deepthroated.  She guided her soft, dainty hands and plump, overly glossed dicksucker lips up and down the length of Jesse’s dong in perfect unison; the big, thick wang throbbing in her palms and against her tongue as she did so.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna blow!” Jesse panted; his eyes clamped shut as he did his best to withstand the pornstar-grade dickslurping skills from his A-list counterpart.

The flight was but five hours old and already the muscular young steward had been sucked to within an inch of his life by two world famous popstars, not to mention drilling Ariel Winter’s tight pink pussy into next week with his girthy 10 inch cock.  He’d already cum three times is an many hours and, by this stage, being set upon by half the women in the Victoria’s Secret catalogue wouldn’t have caused as much as a stir in most men’s tender, red raw nether regions.  Jesse, however, wasn’t like most men and after a mere 20 minutes of world class sucking from his opposite number, his dick was throbbing uncontrollably once again.

“Mmm!” groaned Taylor, the singer excited by the promise in his words and the ceaseless pulsing of his long, girthy cock.

She sucked like she’d never sucked before; one paw stroking his spit-slicked wang while the other fondled his balls; a thick, creamy spunkwad brewing in the giant testicles as she squeezed them lightly in her hand.  She felt his dick throb in her hand, his bulging crown swelling as she sucked him off.  His tip winked lewdly inside her skilled mouth; precum leaking profusely from the slit and streaming straight down her throat.  Taylor sucked harder and stroked faster, the randy singer clasping Jesse’s balls so tight it appeared as though she was trying to squeeze his spunk right out of the oversized pair. 

“Uh, fuck!” he groaned, the strain in his voice and throbbing in his cock letting Taylor know that a thick load of warm, rich jism was close at hand. 

One more stroke was all it took.  Jesse’s dick pumped like a fireman’s hose as he fired a torrent of creamy, verile spunk straight down her throat; the hot, gloopy man mess warming her from inside as it slid down into her belly. 

“Mmm,” Taylor murmured, the horny blonde licking her lips as she released Jesse’s cock from her mouth, “now that’s what I call an inflight meal!  And now it’s your turn,” she added, as she sat down on the toilet seat.

Taylor whipped her panties down, spreading her legs apart as she gazed across at the endowed young flight attendant. 

“Get over here and eat this pussy,” she ordered.  “Come on, I’m not finished with you yet!”

End of Chapter 5
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One on one with Taylor in an airplane bathroom.  Perfect.  Can't wait to see what she has in store for him next!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 4

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell and Daisy Ridley


Emma Watson was stood before a full length mirror in the master bedroom of her luxury West London home; taking final inventory of her look as she applied the finishing touches.  After a heavy night in London, and an even heavier morning with the lucky young stud she’d brought home, Miss Watson hit the local gym; working up a sweat in an effort to flush out the intoxicants of the previous evening.
End of Chapter 4

Really enjoyed catching up on the story (and Emma back in London) can't wait for the next Chapter!
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Shout out to Slyguy for the ending idea!

Chapter 6

Starring: Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez


Taylor Swift was laid back on the toilet seat in the first class bathroom.  She clasped her toned, beach tanned thighs with her manicured hands as she prized her legs apart; the fair-haired singer cooing like a ring dove, her pretty face lit up like the Fourth of July as the handsome flight attendant Jesse busied himself between her thighs. 

“Mmm!  Yeah, baby!” Taylor groaned, reaching across to strum her pulsing clit.  “Eat that fucking pussy!”

Jesse, it turned out, needed little encouragement in this department.  In fact, he was feasting on her sodden gash like it was his last meal; the ripped young stud bobbing his head as he tonuefucked her tight pink hole.

“Ooh, fuck yeah!” Taylor purred.  “Come up here and lick this clit,” she instructed, splitting her glistening lips apart with her fingers, her stiff red bud throbbing like an athlete's ticker as she spread herself open.

Jesse did as directed; the muscle bound hunk lapping at her erect clit like a thirsty kitten.  Taylor was leaking like a sieve; her hot, sweet snatch oozing its sugary fluids across Jesse’s lips and chin as he ate her sopping twat.  Then, he fed two fingers into her pussy; the vice-like grip of her snug pink cooch clasping his digits like a Chinese finger trap as he guided them back and forth.

“Yes!  That’s it, baby!” Taylor cooed, placing a hand on Jesse’s head; the randy blonde holding the chiselled flight attendant between her thighs as he scoffed at her dripping gash.

Jesse worked his fingers to and fro; the tips of his dexterous digits probing her g-spot with each pass.  Taylor reached down with her spare hand and slid a finger up her butt; the volumes of slick juices leaking from her twat easing the entry as she slipped the lengthy-nailed digit inside.  She guided her finger back and forth; plunging the dexterous digit right down to the knuckle with each pass; the extra stimulation bringing the blonde beauty to the verge of orgasm in minutes.

She gripped a handful of Jesse’s hair; the horny singer clasping the thick brown locks so tightly she almost pulled them free at the roots as he munched on her dripping box.  He licked and sucked, lapped and slurped; the burly young stud fingerbanging her tight pink gash as he tongued at her clit. He worked her over like a seasoned pro; each lap of his skilled tongue and every plunge of his long fingers bringing her closer and closer to the point of no return.

“Fuck!  I’m gonna cum on your face, baby!” Taylor groaned, quivering from head to toe as she was eaten into ecstasy by the chiselled hunk.  “FUUUCCCKKK!!!” she screamed, her pretty face screwed in all manner of unsightly ways as a violent, earth shattering climax tore through her toned frame.

“Oh, wow!” Taylor panted, finally releasing her firm grip on Jesse’s hair as she came down from her orgasm.  “Fuck, you eat pussy good, baby!”

“Uh huh,” said Jesse, sucking in air as he emerged from between her thighs.  “I sure do, Miss Swift!”

“Hmm,” Taylor grinned, lightly strumming her aching clit as she looked on at the shredded young stud before her.  “How about showing me what that dick can do now?”

“Oh, yeah?” Jesse replied, gripping his dong at the base.  “You wanna try this dick do you, Miss Swift?”

“Yes!” she barked.  “Gimme that fucking cock!”

With that Jesse leaned over the supine singer, sliding his thick, bicep-laden arms under her fitness model back and scooping her up into the air; the handsome flight attendant hoisting her up like she weighed the mass of a box of pillows. 

“Oh my!” Taylor gasped, throwing her slender arms around his hulk-like shoulder blades as he lifted her up; the randy songstress unprepared to be handled in such a manner by her opposite number.

Jesse gripped her ass with one hand, the other finding his cock and aligning its bulging head with the entrance to her twat.  Then, without a single word of warning, he dropped her down; the chiseled hunk spearing the popstar on all 10 inches of his thick, veiny prong. 

“Uhh, fuck!” Taylor groaned; her bright blue eyes popping nearly clean from her skull as Jesse’s long, girthy cock disappeared inside her.

But the young hunk showed his A-list counterpart little in the way of mercy, and no sooner had he plunged her down to the base of his dong, had he lifted her back to the top once more, holding her in place for a fraction of a second before dropping her down yet again.   Before long, Jesse was tossing Taylor up and down like a ragdoll; every inch of his oversized wang vanishing into the depths of her twat with each motion.

“Yes! Yes! Fuck! Yes!” Taylor screamed, using every bounce on Jesse’s lengthy dong as a pace setter for each passionate cry.

Taylor brought her mouth to his; the pair kissing wildly as he slung her up and down on his prong, his thick, swollen dickhead hitting her g-spot with each pass. 

“Jesus!  I’m gonna cum on that fucking dick!” Taylor cried; the randy singer clinging onto Jesse’s neck for dear life as he slung her up and down on his junk.

One more pass was it all it took.  Jesse dropped Taylor down to the base of his dong once more, this time holding her in place; her hot pink twat squeezing his dick to near bursting point as she came a second time.  But if Taylor thought two thunderous orgasms in under 10 minutes would earn her a moment’s respite, she was very much mistaken. In fact, no sooner had the fair-haired songstress cum over Jesse’s cock, had chiseled stud gotten straight back down to business.  He cradled Taylor in his big strong arms; holding her aloft with two hands on her peachy, round ass cheeks as he drilled his dick up into her.

“Oh, shit!  Yes! Yes! Fuck me! YES!” Taylor shrieked, throwing her head back and staring up at the ceiling as Jesse drove every one of his fat, girthy inches into the depths of her sodden cunt.

Jesse was going at Taylor like a jackhammer.  His well-muscled ass little more than a beach tanned blur as he pounded away at her pussy; the handsome flight attendant pulling his dick back so only the head remained, before driving it down to the hilt once more.  Taylor was on cloud nine; the randy blonde screaming at the top of her lungs as the bulging head of Jesse’s mammoth 10 inch wang hit her g-spot repeatedly. 

“Yes! Fuck me, baby!” she squealed, lust burning in her ocean blue eyes.  “Pound my pussy with that fat fucking cock!”

Her orgasmic cries carried through the plane, from the cockpit to the hold; the high-pitched, potty mouthed screams waking sleeping passengers left, right and centre, not to mention drawing a chorus of tuts from a troop of middle aged women and a forest of withered hardons from their unfortunate husbands. 

Before long, Jesse had Taylor on the verge of orgasm once more; the horny singer trembling from head to toe as the chiseled stud drilled her balls deep with his giant prong.  Jesse, however, was holding strong; the shredded young hunk stoic and business-like as he went about his work, looking like he could plow away at her tight pink twat until the plane landed.

“Fuck!” Taylor screamed.  “I’m gonna cum again!”

And then she did just that; her pussy clenching his cock like nobody’s business as a third intense orgasm ripped through her body. 

“Oh, fuck!  Sweet Jesus!” Taylor panted, kissing Jesse once more before clambering down off his cock.

Taylor dropped to her knees and took Jesse’s dick straight into her mouth.  She sucked it right down to the balls; sucking and slurping, drooling and slobbering as she cleaned up the thick coat of girlcum that glazed the monstrous wang.  She bobbed and dipped at his oversized crotch for what seemed like an eternity; guiding her glossy pink lips from tip to base with each pass, groping and fondling his huge, spunk-filled balls as she went.  Finally, she came up for air; the popstar spitting a thick jet of clear, wet saliva across his shaft and jerking his dong as she gazed up at him longingly from her squatted stance.

“Get this cock back in me, big boy!” she growled.  “I wanna cum again on that thick motherfucker!”

Taylor rose to her feet; still gripping Jesse’s cock at mid-shaft as she turned toward the bathroom sink.  She looked at herself in the mirror; her gorgeous facial features twisted with animalistic lust as she rubbed the seeping tip of Jesse’s dong up and down her slick pussy slit, before feeding it inside. 

“Uhhh! Fuck, yeah!” Taylor hissed as the cock invaded her once more.

She placed her hands on the sink, Jesse holding her shapely hips as he quickly refound his rhythm.  He worked his dick back and forth; pulling it back to the well-defined boundary of his bulging, leaking head before thrusting forward once more, feeding his wang deeper into her hot, wet snatch with each pass.  Before long, he was going at her balls deep once more, wrapping his hands around her body; one fondling her perky B cup tits, while the other rested on her flat, toned midriff. 

Taylor threw her arms back in response; interlocking her hands behind Jesse’s head as he plowed her tight pussy.  Jesse moved his hand down to her clit; the burly young stud strumming her pulsing bud with his skilled hand as he went at her hot pink hole.  Indeed, the handsome flight attendant was humping away behind her like a man possessed; his broad, well-muscled body clattering against hers as he banged her out from behind. 

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! FUUUCK!” Taylor cried; each loud, foul-mouthed outburst interspersed with the sharp collisions of their toned, athletic frames.

Taylor turned to make out with Jesse; their tongues doing battle in their conjoined mouths as he plowed her pussy with his cock. 

“You gonna cum for me, big boy?” Taylor asked, staring into Jesse’s eyes as they fucked like mad in the airplane bathroom.  “I want all that hot, thick spunk on my face!”

Jesse pounded away at his popstar counterpart, feeling his balls swell and churn with a fresh load of piping hot seed as he went at her sodden gash.  Indeed, the shredded hunk had held strong amid a vicious onslaught from Taylor’s drooling, slobbering mouth and tight, gripping pussy alike but, after 30+ minutes of endless rutting, he was ready to shoot his wad. 

“Shit!  I’m gonna blow!” he blurted out, his voice strained as he kept from losing his load right in Taylor’s cooch.

Taylor took that as her cue.  She dropped down to her knees and placed her hands on Jesse’s thighs; tonguing lewdly at his wiking tip as he pulled his pulsing dong. 

“Come on,” said Taylor, reaching up to fondle his balls and feeling the warm, creamy jizzwad brewing therein, “paint my face with your cum!”

“Fuck, here it comes,” Jesse panted, jerking his dong like a madman as he pointed it at her pretty face.  “FUUUCCCKKK!!!”

His dick erupted like Mount Vesuvius; a thick jet of piping hot spunk blasting from the open tip and splattering across Taylor’s features like blood on a bludgeon.  It went everywhere; over her cheeks, her nose and across one of her eyelids, while more of the gloopy, off white seed dripped from her chin and streaked her blonde hair. 

“Wow!” Taylor gushed as she looked up at Jesse; her face drenched with his cum.  “That was quite a load. Well, I better get back to my seat,” she said, pulling her dress over her head and  fetching her discarded panties from the floor. “Thanks, hon,” she added, blowing the flight attendant a kiss as she turned the lock on the door. 

“Err...Miss Swift,” said Jesse, stopping the singer in the doorway, “aren’t you gonna clean up first?” he asked, gesturing to the bathroom sink.

“Oh, no, that’ll smear my makeup,” Taylor replied.  “I guess I’ll have to leave it.”

And with that she was gone.  Heads turned en masse as Taylor Swift emerged from the airplane bathroom.  And if her fellow passengers had been shocked by her earlier antics, they were positively aghast as the fair-haired songstress marched down the aisle; panties in hand, face splattered with semen as she returned nonchalantly to her seat. 

“Looks like you had a good time,” said Selena Gomez, grinning naughtily as her friend sat down beside her.

“Mmhmm,” Taylor replied, gathering her phone in her manicured hand.  “I think I could get used to flying commercial, you know.”

Taylor pointed the camera lens at her pretty, cum-streaked face; the other passengers watching on in disbelief as she shot a selfie-style video for her friends.

“Well, as you can see, girls, the flight certainly picked up!” she said, scooping up a dollop of spunk.  She slipped her finger into her mouth and sucked it clean. “Mmm! Yummy!”

Taylor blew a kiss to the camera, stopped the recording and posted it to the ‘London, baby!’ WhatsApp group.  By now her band of decrepit detractors had gone from tutting to gasps; some looking as though they were going to have a heart attack right there in the cabin as she suckled the glob of cum from her finger tip.  In fact, the gasps and murmuring drowned out a loud chorus of spurts as the sight of the spunk-streaked singer caused a number of their long-suffering husbands to blew their watery, middle-aged beans right in their boxer shorts.

“Hot towel, Miss Swift?” came a voice to her right.

Taylor turned to see the same cute blonde flight attendant who had poured the champagne earlier, this time brandishing a small, pristine white towel in her dainty hands.

“Ah, thank you, dear,” said Taylor, accepting the towel and using it to wipe the cum from her face.  “That’s just what I needed,” she added, handing the towel back to the air hostess.

The flight attendant took the towel from the popstar, immediately dropping it to the floor in a very badly staged ‘accident’.

“Whoops! Silly me!” she said.

She leaned down before the A-list songstress; the hem of her ultra short grey skirt riding up to reveal not only the bottom spheres of her peachy, beach bronzed butt, but also the crotch of the white cotton panties bisecting them.  She remained in her bent over position a good deal longer than necessary; ensuring Taylor got a good view before returning to her upright stance.

“Anything else I can help you with, Miss Swift?” she asked.

“Hmm,” Taylor grinned, leching at the pretty young flight attendant like a piece of meat, “why don’t you meet me in the bathroom in five?  I’ve had my inflight meal, now I could use a little dessert!”

End of Chapter 6
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HOT!  HOT!  HOT!  Wish I could have been on this flight!

Image Made By MaxwellLord
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Chapter 7

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


United Airlines Flight 84 touched down in London on time and on schedule.  Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Ariel Winter fetched their designer suitcases from baggage reclaim, bribed their way through airport security and headed for the pick up zone of Heathrow’s Terminal 2.  The girls waited at the terminal entrance; waving and blowing kisses at the procession of drivers honking at the A-list trio as their shiny vehicles crawled on past.

“They’re late,” said Taylor, glancing down at her expensive silver-plated wristwatch.

“Oh, come on, girl,” Selena replied.  “You saw what they were getting up to at Emma’s.  Are you really surprised?”

“No, but…,” Taylor paused.

“You’re horny?” Selena asked.


“Well there’s a surprise.”

“Ooh, girls,” Ariel chimed in.  “That looks like them up ahead.”

She pointed to a long gleaming white stretch limo as it pulled into the parking lot, music blaring through the tinted windows as it approached the terminal building.

“Oh, yeah,” Taylor grinned, “that’s them alright.”

Just then, the sun roof slid open and out popped Hayley Atwell, bottle of expensive champagne clutched in her hand, tight white top pulled up to her shoulders, exposing her huge DD tits to everyone in eyeshot.  Phones were brandished en masse; dozens of lucky passersby shooting videos and snapping pics of the buxom Brit as she bared her ample chest to the world. 

“Hey, bitches!” she shrieked, dousing her bosom in champagne as the car pulled up to the curb.

“Hey, girl!” Taylor and friends screeched in response, as the limo driver clambered out from the front seat and stacked their luggage in the trunk.

“Woah, woah!  Hold up there, buddy!” Taylor exclaimed, stopping the driver as he hauled her D&G suitcase into the trunk.  “I’m gonna grab a couple things from there first, if you don’t mind.”

“Certainly, Miss Swift,” said the driver, popping her case back on the ground.

Taylor unzipped her luggage and reached inside; the fair-haired singer removing a seemingly never ending chain of brightly coloured sex toys and handing them to everyone in her reach.  Soon, Selena was holding a string of anal beads in one hand and a huge purple strapon in the other, while Ariel had a Hitachi wand and a double ended dildo clutched in her manicured mits.

By now, some of the encircled crowd had moved to the back of the limo and trained their camera phones on Taylor Swift.  Even Hayley Atwell angling her large, booze-soaked fucktanks up to her lips and sucking them clean couldn’t regain their attention, as the voyeuristic spectators filmed the blonde songtress funneling an endless sequence of plastic marital aids from the depths of her designer suitcase.

“Hold this for me, will you?” said Taylor, as she took a long, girthy black dildo from her luggage and handed it to the driver.

He looked at it quizzically, then, when Taylor wasn’t looking, gave the round, bulbous head a sniff, inhaling the sweet scent of whichever A-list babe had had it inside them last. 

“Thanks, dude,” she grinned, flashing him a wink as she retrieved the dildo and joined her friends in the back of the limo. 

“Jesus!” the driver sighed, puffing his cheeks as he closed the door behind Taylor.  This could be quite a journey.

The driver returned to the front seat and the limo pulled away, Hayley Atwell waving goodbye to her new fans, still pointing their phones in her direction as she ducked back into the vehicle. 


The stretch limo crawled through the streets of suburban London; the girls winding down the dark tinted windows and flashing their bare ases and even barer breasts for passersby between sips of champagne, puffs on joints and lines of Colombian coke.  The ladies were sat across the plush leather seats; laughing and joking amongst themselves as they cruised through West London, discussing all things sex-related from toys to tribbing, oral to orgies. 

Before long, the ladies grabbed the nearest dildo and displayed their deepthroating technique for anyone in eyeshot; their surrounding friends whooping and hollering encouragement as they sucked the long, fat fucktoys right down to the base.  Sophie Turner went first; the redheaded beauty clasping a girthy black 12 inch dildo in her dainty hand and sucking it right down to its large plastic balls like it measured the length of a cocktail weenie. 

Ariel Winter and Natalie Dormer quickly followed suit.  They shared a think double ended dong; their twin sets of glossy pink lips pressing together as they lodged all 20 of its smooth plastic inches in their conjoined mouths.  And the lesbian lip locking didn’t end there. In fact, famous beauties, both English and American, were pulling tongue left, right and centre. Taylor Swift and Daisy Ridley.  Emma Watson and Felicity Jones. Selena Gomez and Maisie Williams were busying themselves with Haywell Atwell’s breasts; the A-list duo soaking each of the fantastic DD funbags in a glass worth of champagne before frantically sucking them clean. 

And that was just the beginning.  It didn’t take long for panties to be shed; the ladies tossing each other’s underwear out of the window like fabric missiles, the skimpy, girlcum-soaked smalls quickly scooped up by lucky civilians and taken home as mementos.  With their panties removed, an all-star oral extravaganza quickly ensued. Indeed, women were going down on one another throughout the luxury vehicle; pretty heads burrowing between thighs every which way as the limo crawled through the London streets.

Natalie Dormer was laid back atop her leather seat; her smoothly-waxed legs splayed wildly as Sophie Turner scoffed at her dripping twat.  Taylor Swift was laid out nearby; the blonde songtress reaching between her thighs and strumming her pulsing clit as Emma Watson perched on her pretty face.  Daisy Ridley and Maisie Williams were 69ing, while Selena Gomez and Felicity Jones scissored violently beside them. As the orgy kicked up a gear, some of the girls got out their phones; the naughty celebs shooting videos of their famous friends in all manner of exotic positions and plastering them across social media in their dozens. 

And it didn’t stop there.  Soon enough, the girls were ganging up on one another like schoolyard bullies; A-list beauties teaming up on their celebrity chums in their threes and fours as the all-star female fuckfest raged on.  At one stage, Sophie Turner was 69ing with Daisy Ridley; the redhead’s peacy, milky white ass thrust up in the air while Selena Gomez tongued at her tight pink butthole. At another point, Ariel Winter was sat back on her seat; Taylor Swift and Natalie Dormer flanking her on either side, the fair-haired duo sucking away on her big, jiggling juggies like babies at feeding time, while her fellow buxom babe Hayley Atwell munched wildly between her thighs. 

Orgasms were igniting like sticks of dynamite across the plush interior.  Girls were cumming in all directions; the randy celebs screaming like banshees as they licked and tongued, lapped and fingerbanged each other to a sequence of intense climaxes.  Before long, the orgasmic cries began to rise above the near deafening volume of their music, the high-pitched shrieks so loud they were picked up by the driver in the front seat. 

He wound down the tinted screen in double quick time; the limo driver keeping one eye on the multitude of sapphic sex acts reflected in his rear view mirror.  He nearly crashed numerous times as he weaved through the nighttime traffic; a whole host of girl-on-girl trysts distracting him from the job at hand. Selena Gomez went down on Emma Watson.  Maisie Williams tribbed with Felicity Jones. 

Sophie Turner was fingerbanging Ariel Winter; the redhead fucking her dark-haired friend’s snug, warm snatch until she sprayed like a water cannon over those on the adjacent seats.  And the squirting didn’t end there. In fact, it wasn’t long until the scene resembled some kind of X-rated water fight; the ladies jetting volumes and volumes of clear, wet girlspunk over one another as they were fingerfucked to ecstasy by their celebrity pals.   

Several minutes and countless jets of squirt juice later, the limo pulled into Emma Watson’s driveway and, after watching for a while and filming on his phone, the driver climbed out from the front seat and circled around to open the back door.  The ladies grabbed any articles of discarded clothing they could find to partially cover their modesty as they filed out the back of the limo. 

They lined up by Emma’s front door; some making out and rubbing each other down below as the brown-haired actress searched for her keys in the depths of her designer clutch bag.  The driver returned to the front seat; stroking his cock as he watched the girls fool around in the landscaped driveway. He remained there until he came; the limo driver spanking himself into a como as the ladies filed inside, his hand roaming up and down his dong at a frankly alarming rate as he pictured all the weird and wonderful things the band of celebrity beauties were getting up to inside the luxury home.


Across the Atlantic, a handsome, heavily muscled man named Cody was trawling through Instagram on his phone.  Dressed in nothing but a pair of tight white briefs, the crotch of the thin undergarments was being tested to its limits as his long, thick cock grew and stiffened inside them.  All of a sudden, he sprung up from his seat, the waistband of his undies sagging down to around mid-shaft due to the unfathomable length of his giant dong. 

Cody crossed the large, luxury room and opened the door; stepping out into a second chamber, even bigger and more lavishly decorated than the last.  He stepped over the bodies of famous women and 20-something men, with muscles and endowment even greater than his, as they fucked furiously on the carpeted floor. 

Across the room, a beautiful naked lady was sat on a black leather armchair, a glass of champagne clutched in one hand, a thick Philly blunt burning away in the other; the woman looking like a queen on her throne as she surveyed the scene around her.  Cody approached and stood before her, the chiseled young stud holding out his phone as he addressed the woman like one of her royal subjects. 

“She’s in London, ma’am.”

Cody scrolled through the pictures on his phone; each of the high-res images depicting world famous popstar Taylor Swift as she indulged in a number of wild, crazy sex acts.  In the first, the blonde singer was laid out in the back of a stretch limo; her pretty face lit up like the Eiffel Tower as Daisy Ridley tongued at her tight pink twat. In the next, her legs were splayed lewdly, Natalie Dormer pulling no fewer than four fingers from her pussy as she sprayed what looked like a litre of girlcum from her pulsing urethra.  And so on and so forth; the depicted sex acts growing filthier and filthier with each passing pic. 

“So she is,” said the woman, a wily grin stretching across her gorgeous face as Cody flicked through the images for her perusal.  “OK, book me on the next flight, will you?” she added, taking a sip of her champagne. “And pack me a suitcase. All the usual stuff.”

“Certainly, ma’am,” Cody replied, lowering the phone and turning on his heels.

“Hang on,” said the woman, stopping the young man in his tracks.  “Haven’t you forgotten something?”

“Oh, yes,” said Cody, dropping to his knees before her.  “Sorry, ma’am.”

She spread her legs, bringing a hand down to her crotch and spreading her pussy lips apart.  “Not gonna lick itself now, is it?”

End of Chapter 7
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Chapter 8

Starring: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, Ariel Winter, Emma Watson, Maisie Williams, Sophie Turner, Natalie Dormer, Felicity Jones, Hayley Atwell, Daisy Ridley and ?


Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and their celebrity pals reconvened in the plush living room of Miss Watson’s luxury West London home and quickly picked up from where they left off; the ladies breaking out a treasure trove of plastic sex toys and putting them to use as they gathered at her five piece suite.  Sophie Turner and Ariel Winter were sharing a double ended dildo; creamy white chests both perky and ample jiggling in unison as they bucked and writhed on the twin headed toy.  Felicity Jones was plowing Emma Watson with a long black strap on; the Rogue One star pulling her fellow brunette’s silky chestnut hair as she took her roughly from behind.

And that was the mere tip of the iceberg.  Indeed, additional sex toys were being brandished seemingly by the second, each of the plastic marital aids larger and more exotically shaped than the last.  Before long, Emma’s lounge resembled the set of an all-girl group sex fuck film as the Brit actress and A-list chums went at each other with a vast array of colourful prosthetic dongs.  Hayley Atwell was using a Rampant Rabbit on Selena Gomez, while Maisie Wiliams watched on from the sidelines; fingering her asshole as she held a large vibrating wand to her clit.  The all-star orgy continued to hot up and soon Miss Williams wasn’t the only one graduating to a spot of anal play as the wild celebrity bash cranked up to fifth gear.  Indeed, A-list sluts were slathering one another in lube and pushing sex toys of all shapes, sizes, types and colours into any tight pink rectum that took their fancy.

Taylor Swift was feeding a seemingly endless string of thick round anal beads into Natalie Dormer’s ass, while Daisy Ridley reamed Sophie Turner’s peach round butt with a long pink strap on.  And it didn’t stop there.  In fact, the rampant all-girl orgy appeared to have only just begun as the girls went at each other with a wide range of plastic fucktoys for hours on end, occasionally taking a break to browse the re-stocked buffet, neck a shot or two, hoover up a line of blow or snap a photo of their still fucking friends and post it to social media.

Indeed, exclusive images of the unbridled all-star bash were being uploaded in their droves and, before long, the folks at Twitter and Instagram were putting in double shifts as they attempted to delete them; the X-rated snaps being reuploaded to a multitude of parody accounts by the second.  One such picture was uploaded to the account @wellhayley.  The image depicted the Brit actress herself plunging a girthy black buttplug into fellow busty brunette Ariel Winter’s snug pink ass; the caption reading; ooh, that’s a tight fit! [teeth baring emoji] @arielwinter.

Another graced the feed of @emmawatson; the brunette caught mid-squirt as Selena Gomez went at her ass with a thick black strap on.  The wetter the better! [two water splash emojis] read the accompanying caption.  And Miss Watson wasn’t the only one jetting her ladyload after a furious bout of all-girl ass fucking.  In fact, the host and her celebrity cohorts were going off left, right and centre, and no sooner had one A-list beauty fired a jet of squirt fluids from her throbbing urethra, had another followed suit; the ladies soon drenched from head to foot in a cocktail of sizzling, wet girlspunk. 

Felicity Jones and Maisie Williams were sharing a double ended dildo; their shapely round asses clattering together rhythmically until they both came, the dark-haired duo shooting equally powerful jets of sticky clear squirt juice over one another in the process.  Taylor Swift and Sophie Turner were sprawled out opposite one another on the four seater couch; twin pink buttplugs embeded in their assholes as they held giant buzzing wands to their clits, the A-list pair hosing each other down with violent sprays of hot wet fuckjuice as they came in perfect unison.     

And on and on it went.  Eventually, after fucking non-stop for 4+ hours, acheiving countless intense, ground-shaking orgasms and spraying an Olympic swimming pool’s worth of sticky clear girlspunk, the girls started to tire.  Two by two and three by three, the ladies slinked off to Emma Watson’s many luxurious guest rooms; the A-list beauties falling asleep in each other’s arms and dreaming pussy-moistening dreams about all the X-rated shenanigans they’d get up to the following day.


A woman was sat in a comfy leather seat in the first class cabin of United Airlines Flight 69.  She wore a tight, figure hugging dress that scarcely contained the thick, voluptuous curves of her body, not to mention the bulging, jiggling mounds of her ample, beach bronzed bosom.  She sunk the final dregs of her double JD and coke, her state of the art iPhone clutched in a manicured hand as she scrolled through the multitude of X-rated images that had taken Instagram by storm over the past four or so hours.  The woman shook her glass; the clinking of half-melted ice cubes drawing the attention of a nearby flight attendant.

“Refill, ma’am?” offered the handsome flight attendant; a bottle of Jack Daniel’s already poised in his large, manly hand.

“Why, thank you…,” smiled the woman, pausing to encourage the young man to offer his name.

“Jesse,” he replied as he poured the strong drink.

“Nice to meet you, Jesse,” the woman grinned, practically tearing off his flight attendant uniform with her eyes.

“Nice to meet you too, ma’am.  Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“Hmm, you know, there was something else I had my eye on,” the woman purred, stroking the outline of Jesse’s girthy 10 inch cock through the fabric of his pants.  She downed her drink in a single go, wiping her full, pouty lips with the back of her hand.  “Bathroom in five?  All this talk’s making me hungry!”

End of Chapter 8
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