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Author Topic: Rules:Read Before Roleplaying  (Read 2666 times)

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Rules:Read Before Roleplaying
« on: October 21, 2018, 05:41:58 PM »
This Roleplaying Board is limited to Celebrities, Comic Book and Video Game Characters. No real life people. Please.

Same rules apply here as apply to the rest of the site:

1. RESPECT OTHERS HERE: Do not act the dick to others. Be respectful to fellow members.

2. NO FAKES whatsoever. Post one and you will be banned. There will be no warnings or second chances.

3. ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERAGE CONTENT AT ALL.: Underage here means under 18 years of age. This includes, but is not limited to stories, pictures, gifs, fakes, videos or even discussion of UA celebs/non celebs. This forum is 18+ years of age in terms of content. Don't like it, don't join.

4. NO POLITICS OR RELIGION whatsoever: No political or religious discussion will be tolerated. This includes MRA/Incel/RedPill type talk. Again if you don't like it, leave or don't join up.

6. NO EXTREME CONTENT SUCH AS TORTURE, RAPE OR SNUFF: This includes stories, pictures, gifs, fakes, videos or even discussion of these topics. Again if you don't like it, leave or don't join.   

The golden rule here is...

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